Jim Logan story

The story at this link accurately recounts what I did to Jim and Annie Logan:


That Jim has unconditionally forgiven me speaks volumes to what a mountain of  a man he is.

Gary Morehead, Jim Mortland, and Amy Scobee are thanked for their courage and integrity in letting the truth be known.

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  1. Jim, My hopes are with you. Love conquers all. I think thats a line from the movie “The Princess Bride”, but it applies in this and in all of life.

  2. This is the best post ever in history.

    My God. I am absoulutely stunned.

  3. Jim,
    Thanks for the courageous story.

    I’ve known Annie for over two decades before and after this incident and was saddened to see that she was greatly changed after this horrendous experience and handling. I worked with her for a number of years. She seemed to not have the affinity in life and was numbed – I didn’t recognize that it was the same friend I knew.

  4. “What is personal integrity?
    Personal integrity is knowing what you know–
    What you know is what you know–
    And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
    And that is integrity.
    And there is no other integrity.” – LRH

    Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

  5. I used to know Annie’s parents, Jean and Don and they seemed to be very much out of the same mold as Jim Logan. They would take any punches and humiliations for standing up for what they believed to be right (LRH policies and tech). They were extremely good people.

  6. What a tragic story.

    Marty I guess Annie has some responsibility in this story, it wasn’t all you.

    Jim, I think you are a class act!


  7. Thanksgivingaroundthecorner

    Did JT fly that plane? Or another pilot?

    And why did Pat Broker blow?

  8. Jim, thanks for publicly telling this story. I knew Annie for years at the Int Base and always found her to be a voice of sanity. She is not allowed to leave the Base. I hope one of these days she is able to escape.

  9. Damn.

    I know the pain Jim and Annie must have experienced.

    Annie left the love of his life to do “The greatest good” surely.

    I think that Marty stopped her because It was his duty and “the greatest good” “at that time”. I don´t say this in a positive or negative way to Marty.
    It´s just a thought.

    Mr. Davis carries on denying everything because that´s the standard action of OSA and always has been.
    This is not new.
    He denies things he didn´t see or know; but even if he have seen that, he would denied that per reference.

    Pr series pointing out to “dead agent” all that is said of one are very usefull and true WHEN ONE HAS HIS HANDS CLEAN.
    Otherwise that tool fail his purpose and backfires on who uses it.
    At least Mr. Davis is far more brave facing acusations.
    Mr. Miscavige don´t have the courage needed to accept any wrongdoing in his whole life.
    A real Tweetie-Weetie story.
    Sad to see in hands of who the people inside Church of Scientology is.

    I have faced my own wrongdoings in the past when needed with the people affected.
    Im not pretending being perfect.
    Marty has accepted a lot of heavy wrongdoings publicly.

    Why Church of Scientology has never accepted a wrongdoing?

    Im not against Scientology as a subject. Im against the way Scientology as a subject is used to cover up things and hide cowards.

    I can fully predict with sadness that from now on people will drove off Scientology BIG TIME. Specially the new ones not reached yet by the spell of “Harmology” (Twisted, badly applied Scientology). New public or prospects would run away when hear the word “scientology”.
    Sad but true. So many lies have make a giant impact maybe non reversable.

    All this not for us, the independents, the anonymous or the pope.

    All this only for failing to apply scientology in a sensible and standard way. This comes from KSW #1 and Im convinced of it also.

    I can only wish the best for all in and outside CofS.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  10. Maybe Annie like Diana is trying to effect change from the inside out or then again Miscavige has gotten to her somehow.

    Miscavige may not be an expert on Scientology but is certainly an expert on mind control.

    Jimmy, I believe you knew her better than anyone else.

    If it’s not too painful would you care to speculate?

    Marty thanks for presenting the facts.

    I’m also glad that you and Jim have since been reconciled.

    Marty if I was your auditor I’d follow what you’ve told us with the “Power to Forgive”.

    Thanks again.

  11. And if change doesnt occur Miscavige will continue producing stories like this.
    Jim, some people say LRH was a true friend to man, but they don’t mention he has and had his true friends too. You are right up there.
    From what I have seen, “What is Greatness?”, ask Jim Logan. In fact, just hear his story.

    And Marty you are doing (I assume) a fine job of a liablity formula. Without “white lies” and painting over the cracks. You say it how it was, yes at times it seems you were a bastard, but you are making up whatever you have done and have regained integrity. I am very glad you are here.

    I sometimes question what right I have to such personal insight into peoples lives as I read here, but I am forever greatful to have all the data, all the emotions involved to help me judge what has happened and the true consequences.

  12. Sinar,
    According to Robert Vaughn Young, Annie was “broken” in the spring of 1988 before being sent to the RPF. Any comments?


    A key element in the power struggle was Hubbard’s last message to the rank-and-file. Those who were in the cult back in 1986-87 will remember this incident. It was a message from Hubbard that was issued as a Sea Org directive. It said goodbye, wishing them well and establishing a new rank/position called Loyal Officer or LO. (The term is taken from OT3.) Pat was to be the LO1 and his wife Annie was to be LO2 and it basically turned the management of the Sea Org over to them. And since the SO ran Scientology, that meant they were at the top of the heap. DM was not mentioned in the directive. It was later was issued to all staff – with DM’s approval and authority – reduced in size and put in a small fram with a photo of Hubbard for the desk of every staff member.

    In the meantime, Pat began to slowly take control. I would often get phone calls from him. He would never identify himself on the phone, going back to his years of tight security, but merely would say, “Hi, it’s me.”

    I won’t try to give the details of the ensuing power struggle because I was in LA and it was happened at Creston, Newberry and Hemet. (I leave it to Jesse, who was there.) But the outcome was that Miscavige won. And typical of any political coup, there was a sudden purge as he consolidated his power. Anyone DM thought might be a friend of Broeker’s who would pose a threat were sent to Scientology’s equivalent of Lubayanka Prison or Siberia: the RPF, so I went. For 16 months and three escape attempts.

    Now here is where it gets interesting, folks.

    While I was on the RPF, a directive came out from Miscavige saying the supposed final message from Hubbard that named Broeker was a forgery by Broeker and it was being canceled. That same day, Annie Broeker appeared on the RPF. This was not the Annie I had come to know. What stumbled into the RPF was a completely broken person. She was pale and hollow and her eyes were empty. There was no mistaking it. She had been broken and only now was she being thrown away into the trash heap called the RPF. Even then, she was kept under guard, just to be sure.
    Copies of the documents he refers to are on this page (right column).

  13. This kind of activity is at the root of the current church of scientology. It harms people on such an intimate and personal level reaching into the very heart and soul of their lives.

    Scientology wants ALL of you; your time, money, effort, ability, your children, your very life and soul. ALL of you down to the last dregs and if you resist, if you defy, even if you simply chose to walk away, then you must be destroyed by any means possible.

    It takes some guts to own up to your own part in running this operation Marty. Jim’s capacity to forgive says volumes about his character.

    Your readers and the readers of the St. Pete Times need to know that this exact operation; the splitting apart of couples in love, is broadly and regularly done. And not just to Sea Org members or staff. This is done on public couples; aided and abetted not just by staff but by other members of the public who coerce, threaten and cajole husbands and wives into betraying each other and divorcing. It is absolutely unconscionable and the more this is brought to light the better.

    So thank you to the perpetrators for accepting responsibility and to the perpetrated upon for forgiving and to the print media and blogosphere for putting it out there in the world. This dark operation needed the light of day.

  14. Fishdaddy,
    Are you saying she is literally imprisoned and wants to escape?

    If that’s the case, why haven’t you reported it to the authorities? I think they would have to follow up, and probably interview her.

  15. Underground For Now

    I am right there with Martin Gibson when he writes, “what right I have to such personal insight into peoples lives as I read here”

    This story of Jim and Annie has left me with a sickened feeling at the pit of my stomach.

    I keep thinking, somehow or other, doing the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics has, some how or other, in the hands of sea org management turned into doing the greatest harm for the greatest number of dynamics.

    All of this evil and destruction being delt to so many hard working and caring OT’s, who have gone into agreement with this insanity.

    As I read more and more about the abuses of DM’s organization my head wants to explode.

    The “INDEPENDENTS” at large need to find a solution…..FAST.

  16. martyrathbun09

    For one, she can be counted upon to say and do as DM tells her or has convinced her is right. That is what compels her to stay there. There is 101% chance that she will toe the white line in the event of any law enforcement intervention. Fishdaddy is right, in her heart of hearts she wanted to go with Jim. “Duty” trumped that desire. It kept her there for another 17 years. If there were ANY chance of her saying something other than “Of course I want to stay here and I am being held captive” she would have left on any number of the many days that have transpired since 1992. If law enforcement were to act on such a report that you suggest, the “mistake” would be exploited mercilessly by the Church in such a fashion that would be used as an absolute defense to any real case (with a victim who is willing to break the censorship) that may arise.

  17. I’m so sorry Jim, a truly heartbreaking story. Let’s collectively pray/postulate for Annie’s freedom soon.

    Re: “Independents need to find a solution.” Tell everyone you meet about the inhumane treatment SO members are living with and the insanity in the current “church” .

    2 years ago I met a very well known screenwriter — the subject of Scn came up and I filled him in with what I knew to be true as well as what was then rumored about DM.

    I saw him a few days ago at a convention in Canada. He immediately remembered me and said that while watching the recent expose on Night Line he told his wife, “someone told me about this 2 years ago.” He knows Paul Haggis and I said – next time you see him, tell him to get going on a screenplay … and if he doesn’t then I said he should consider doing one.

    You couldn’t dream up a more poignant, heartbreaking story of betrayal and broken lives.

    So — just keep talking. Tell everyone. Get it into the conversations with acquaintances/friends. You never know where the “tipping point” lies … just keep talking.


  18. Dave A,
    When this happened I was confronted by the circumstances of the ‘prior confusion’, plus what was at that time the most restimulating time of this life. It’s not my style to heavily push sympathy buttons, or have them out for myself, but the excruciating pain I experienced let me know that what LRH talks about, the unknown and overwhelming force of the case that sits below the surface was very, very real to me. THAT is what the Bridge is all about, handling that.

    If I hadn’t stepped out over that rampart and charged into what I didn’t know then, I don’t think I would appreciate what we face and what Scientology really handles. Despite all that I’d gone through up to then, it was ‘social veneer’ compared to what hit me in the fall of 92.

    In the midst of that I applied what I’d learned on ‘solutions’ to the confusion. I could have easily formulated a new ‘solution’, a ser fac, an evil purpose and believe me those thoughts crossed my life daily. But that is exactly what Scientology training allowed me to understand.

    Something I knew, that in a low tone I’d relish, but when looking from an exterior view and with understanding realized was ‘inevitable’ following the agreed laws of living and the principles of Scientology, was that the violence and destruction sent my and Annie’s way, craved a return. I felt an enormous draw from the beings involved to ‘give them a motivator’.

    It was then I began to understand what LRH is saying in the What is Greatness article. I began to understand what Jesus’ message really was and what is meant by ‘forgive them, they know not what they do’.

    I felt the overwhelm of the intolerable burden beings on earth are subject to, just beneath that surface of ‘civilization’. I realized, we do this to each other. We demand it be paid back. This is the cycle and the misery.

    I let it go as much as I was able and continue to this day when it comes up.

    I took no great pleasure in knowing what had been directed at me would return to those who sent it. I knew it would.

    Writing to Marty was a ‘no brainer’ (literally, for those who get that joke). He, as the truly decent courageous and wonderful being he is, told me in some of our first exchanges that it was uncanny how our stories paralleled. Of course they did, that was the inevitable. Handling our relationship was putting into life what I’d learned and ending the cycle. I would not hate. I would extend my hand and if I had the power, I would change this world to that degree and love despite all provocation to do otherwise.

    I knew this was the best answer, as it was truth, it was who we really are, and that would dispel the lies and the burden they impose.

    What I gained is a true friend and more real power and strength has certainly followed than I’ve known in countless aeons. It was this connection of beings that DM feared with Annie and I as we have it too.

    As much as I wouldn’t want any person to have to go through what I went through to get to a state I’d only dreamed about, I have to say, I’ve gained freedom by going through it myself. I’ve also found more true friends than I’ve ever known. Maybe, I’ve just found them again and this time we’re ready for a new future.

    Funny enough, The Princess Bride was a movie Annie and I watched and is an indelible pleasure moment. I do embrace the sentiment you’ve mentioned from that film. I’ll speak for her, she does too.

  19. martyrathbun09


  20. Sinar,
    Annie spoke very affectionately about you I recall.

    Someday this black chapter will be as-ised and we’ll see her back to battery. I’m certain. I’m certain you are a true friend and she knows it.

    She will have to confront what she isn’t right now.

  21. Alex,
    Yes, Annie has responsibility in this story. When she does confront that and we can actually openly communicate, this will go a long way to relieving her of the burden she imposes on herself for what occurred. That’s going to be a happy day for all. The sooner the better too.

  22. Jeff,
    She is trapped. Figuratively and as you and I and others know, actually.

    The first thing to be free from is the burden of lie that exists. Then the physical restraint is nothing.

    I hope she escapes the self-imposed barriers very soon and then we’ll see her together maybe, in Vermont say, with that R6 god fella and a cold beer. And LOTS of healthy, hearty laughter.

  23. RJ,
    Marty describes above pretty much what one would speculate about this. Annie is a Scientologist and she is aware of what we all have agreed to for the future of life with and in Scientology. It can be called properly ‘duty’.

    It is also just good sense. When one grasps the scope of this whole thing, then I’m afraid unless you stick your head back in that goop there is really only one sensible choice in whatever capacity and from whatever place or position.

    Accomplishing these star high goals will mean dealing with the SP David Miscavige and the sorting out of all the havoc he’s caused. Then we can get onto real survival over EIGHT dynamics, not just his ‘one’.

  24. Martin,
    Thank you for your words. I’ll do my best to live up to them.

    Marty’s doing a very fine job of walking his road to truth. He’s certainly helping me with mine. That goes for all of you wonderful independents out here!

  25. WH,
    You seem to me to be a damn fine man. From what you’ve learned you know I’m sure that Annie will be free when she frees herself from her own self-imposed restraints.

    Our prayers/postulates should be along the lines of helping her in the spiritual universe to do that by being there as beings who have risen to face those barriers ourselves and with understanding we provide the life force needed to let them be spent and disappear.

    Truth, live communication and postulates dispel the lies. This works. Works like a charm and is as magic as any magic that ever was.

  26. Dear Marty,

    I have been reading a book called “The leadership secrets of Genghis Khan. In it there is the following quote:

    Quote from “Good to Great” by Jim Collins

    “Strong charismatic leaders…can all too easily become the de facto reality driving a company. Throughout the study, we found comparison companies where the top leader led with such force or instilled such fear that people worried more about the leader – what he would say, what he would think, what he would do – than they worried about external reality and what it could do to the company.

    …The moment a leader allows himself to become the primary reality people worry about, rather than reality being the primary reality, you have a recipe for mediocrity, or worse. This is one of the key reasons why less charismatic leaders often produce better, long-turn results than their more charismatic counterparts. Indeed for those of you with a strong, charismatic personality, it is worthwhile to consider the idea that charisma can be as much a liability as an asset.

    And I instantly thought of David Miscavige.


  27. Eldon,

    Your faith in law enforcement is touching but misplaced.

    What Marty says and for other reasons, “calling the cops” isn’t going to work despite overwhelming evidence of malfeasance.

    Look at CIA one of the biggest traffickers of drugs on the planet, yet I don’t expect DEA to be knocking on their door anytime soon.

  28. Jim and Marty, kudos to you both for keeping your Code of Honor in.

  29. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the relevant wisdom.

  30. UFN, the solution is to apply what you know of Scientology in the way you see it needs to be applied. We, the independent Scientologists, are the little islands of sanity LRH wrote about.

    Right now we may merely be bits of flotsam floating in waves of crazy abuses from one side in the currents of horrible PR from the other, but venues like this blog and the Scn-cult.com site are enabling us to come together and someday, like that huge patch of plastic forming out in the Pacific, we’re going to present an overwhelming problem to one and all. Hmmmm, not a very good analogy but you get the point. I’m going out for a bike ride to get my metaphors back under control.

  31. Marty,
    Listening to the video on the Times website and your description of what happened at Logan and that night and on the way back to Int it occurred to me that I understand the dilemma faced. I know I agree with the goals and purposes of Scientology and the S.O. and that was a very strong part of my relationship with Annie. Appealing to these I know she would lean toward going back and hope that I would understand. It was hard to but I’ve done what I could to do just that.

    Tommy Davis, albeit in his dispersed PTS fashion, alluded to this when he asked ‘how come after all this time is he speaking up?’. I answered that in part, but there is more to it.

    I’m speaking about this because of the false choice that was foisted on us by DM. Me or Scientology.

    Why were we put in the position of having to choose when we both espouse the subject and the aims of Scientology and the Sea Org?

    This dilemma was and IS, CREATED by David Miscavige.

    What isn’t directly stated in the Times article but is something that I wanted known is that there was no good reason for what happened other than intentional strife and hardship created by DM between two beings who shared common interests, goals and postulates and who simply loved each other and wanted to expand and survive on all their dynamics. We didn’t want to harm any valid actions of the Sea Org or Scientology. That’s why what you said to Annie was able to have an effect; she agreed.

    The destruction by forcing the choice between our marriage and Scientology is artificial and does not exist between us. It is this kind of intentional dilemma that DM seems to specialize in among his list of destructive actions. He’s doing it right now with the OSA trolls commenting on the story in the times. He’s CREATING a problem, an intention-counter-intention where none truly exists.

    There is NO attack on Scientology represented in the series of Times articles, on the blog or in various places where those of us who are communicating again are doing so.

    There is NO NEED for the isolation of S.O. members or Scientology public from a ‘hostile’ environment as represented on your blog, the Times and Tom Tobin and Joe Childs and so on.

    All this strife is intentionally created by David Miscavige. It doesn’t really exist. He’s the third party, he’s the SP.

    It’s such a freedom to know I can’t be ‘attacked’ to any success by any person. Tommy Davis showed this in his response to the Times over this article. It was feeble and had no effect in the face of the truth. I sure hope we soon see the day when Scientology public, staff and S.O. members can experience the same freedom we are now.

  32. Jeanette,

    Your post just reminded me of how severely that observation was and is still being acted out at the Int Base.

    If you took Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada and multiplied the anxiety levels about 5.4X, you’d have a good approximation of what it was like when DM would come around to your area.

  33. Thanks Jim,

    Yes that abstract concept known as “duty”. This is why I figure Diana and a few others are sticking it out. They feel it is their duty.

    They have dedicated their lives (literally) by pledge good or bad to the Sea Org.

    Also I think there is something else in play here expressed in the concept “that the devil, you do know is better than the devil you don’t”.

    Maybe we can consider them our “agents in place”.

  34. Jim,

    Speaking of life force I thought you might be interested in this quote from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche (spiritual head of Shambhala Buddhism):

    “In the Shambhala teachings of warriorship, this life force is called windhorse (Tibetan: lungta). Lungta is the unlimited energy of basic goodness, buddhanature, inherent wakefulness. Basic goodness is the most fundamental secret in any situation—difficult or not—and it’s something that we already possess.”

    Indeed — there is magic is constantly connecting with this inherent basic goodness! And when you and others think of Annie, connect to her basic goodness – not the story lines, just to her.

    And I’m betting her self-imposed restraints will start to melt …


  35. Dear Jim,

    Thank you for your heartfelt story of you and Annie. You have a heck of a lot of courage and one helluva heart.

    It just never ceases to astound me, the complete arrogance of Davis and company: their cover up of the truth. The obvious truth is what you and all the others have said who were there to observe the events.

    Just as heartbreaking to me as your love story, is the internal chaos in those that would choose to lie to cover up the truth. They are the ones truly burdened within themselves…and what is more… they know it. A cryin’ shame.


  36. Since I see no other place to ask, I guess this will do since it relates to the St. Pete series. Marty, what is your feeling in regards to the OTIII/ Xenu story and the COS response to it? It seems they reside in this bizarre territory where they have 3 responses: Refuse to deny it outright, call it a gross manipulation of their scriptures, throw a complete fit if its even mentioned (storm off). Why? What does the COS have such a schizophrenic reaction whenever Xenu is mentioned? It would seem for PR purposes alone that one united response would be the smartest thing to do. Is the varied reaction (particularly of Tommy Davis) a result of some of the people who are asked about Xenu haven’t yet read the materials so really don’t know how to respond? I really hope you can shed some light on this. Thanks.

  37. Bringing all this out into the open is having mega beneficial effect on many, many people and society. me included.

    From former staff who gave their duty-driven best to serve only to be treated like the most *unvaluable* people on the planet, to the field who has been living under the crimping shroud of eval, cleaned cleans, and a general toxic attitude of suspicion, to the general public — let’s hear it for the Light of Day!!

    I personally have always loved the technology I found in Scientology. I have helped many people with it, tangibly, in life and in the chair as an auditor. I also personally benefited from the tech, which gave me a way to achieve relief and insights into Life (my raison d’etre!)

    Yet, I experienced the additives mixed in there — it was a gamut, from ‘something not quite right’ to ‘glaring outpoints’ — after multiple failed attempts to correct them within the standard lines, I made a decision to withdraw from the Organizations. On matter of principle and honor, and with a sad confusion (because I wanted others to benefit as I had, yet how could I in good conscience continue to bring the many people into that inevitable CRUSH once they “have” you after a win?) I have been out here and, though doing well in life, somewhat isolated for years.

    If a being is only as valuable as he/she can serve others (a tenet posted on org sites) then why are staff and auditors (the most valuable beings on the planet) treated with condescension, distrust and manipulative control? And aren’t all beings applying the tech to themselves and others to improve conditions, auditors?

    I have much to share and will. For now, suffice to say THANK YOU Marty, Jim and the others for giving me back the dearest dream I ever held, and I dare say it is shared by most: workable tools toward the freeing and betterment of life evolution.

    8C (control) and Tone 40 (command intention) are useful but can be mistaken for Love and Loyalty. I laugh now at the many “crush reg” cycles to which I was subjected where I said …”Hey, you don’t have to do this. I’m here because I WANT TO BE.” Then I realized some of the misapplication of tech was so bad, these so-called trained folks were looking at me but seeing an ashtray! 😉


    Here’s to the mischievous, playful, unruly, unique and basically good!

  38. To persons of honor, an agreement and duty are more cohesive than physical restraint.

    Although the Org management has resorted to physical restraint, the more insidious and despicable aspect of their crimes is the misapplication of a mental technology toward manipulating others.

    The misapplication condoned daily includes “slamming people’s buttons” (restimming them OUT of session) , embezzlement of funds (fraud), and essentially blackmail (the threat of public humiliation or job loss by divulging confessionals). The more insidious less obvious tactics include manipulating people into agreeing, then sticking them to the agreement (honorable beings care about such things).

    To understand how stories such as the shattered marriage of Jim and Annie can happen: Try to imagine, if you’ve never been through being thought-pummeled and ganged up on by people who one thinks are one’s friends and share the same goals. And then it’s even more complicated because the one’s ganging up on you believe they truly are being your friend, and doing it for the best possible cause!

    It comes from management down.

    Either way, that’s enslavement, the diametric opposite of the true purpose of the Tech.

    The beauty of it is, ultimately, logic and truth, when applied, prevail. It is joyful beyond words seeing true friends connecting up, renewed in their love of wisdom and improving life. Thank you again.

  39. EB,

    Anyone has to feel broken or be broken to do the RPF. She was OK after doing that first stint and coming out.

    Knew Vaughn well and was at the places he described, but you have to realize that Vaughn was also a very good writer and a writer has a to have a bit of drama to sell the story, and some of his conclusions are just that.

    As I said, she was greatly changed after being brought back and “handled” in that manner to a point where Annie was not recognizable as the gentle, warm person and good friend. Not broken, but just numb and insensitive.

  40. Riveting…I can’t wait for what appears to be the biggest bombshell to come from the St. Pete Times! Christmas has truly come early this year!

  41. Jim: all the posts I have read of yours have all been validative, kind, and full of wisdom.

    In my book you are the embodiment of what a Scientologist is.

    I salute you!

  42. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Jim,

    I don’t easily tear up, but your response made me do so. I had similar feelings, I realized that to play in to hands of the SPs, get enturbulated and going down tone or victimy them, would be in fact playing into their intentions. They would have won, I’d be miserable and destroyed. Instead I learned a lot from my experiences, grew up a great deal and those experiences, all the good and the bad I went through while in the SO made me who I am now, and I’m a very happy certain person.
    I’m glad life’s road made possibly us to share this. What you are and have learned is indeed great and it couldn’t be better. You are not playing Miscavige’s GPM game, you are winning in life. No hate, no wrong whos, or wrong targets, no generalizations, no ser facs or dramatizations to prevent you from getting what you join scientology to get in the first place. Now that is GREATNESS my friend and that is why this team is my favorite of all time. If it ever comes down to choosing between my friends in and this team, I’ve already decided it is this team, and believe, me there is no changing my mind. I just believe in many still in, too dam much to be where I can’t help them directly. But you and Marty and this team are the truest Scientologist I know. LRH would be so proud.

  43. “Although the Org management has resorted to physical restraint, the more insidious and despicable aspect of their crimes is the misapplication of a mental technology toward manipulating others.”
    You got it, well written.

  44. Me too, from one Canadian to another. I’d like to hang out with you someday.

  45. Joe I’d say pass!

    On getting your point across!

    However, flunk for lousy metaphor!

    Suggested cram:

    The collected works of James Joyce 🙂

  46. VeriV,
    The last line of your post reminds me of the definition of a thetan: Someone who can’t be killed but deserves to be.

  47. Jim,
    Thank you for sharing your story, and for all of your continued positive contributions to this cause. You set an incredible example for us all.

  48. Jim….with these words, “Our prayers/postulates should be along the lines of helping her in the spiritual universe”, you have spoken a truth that we all know in some form or fashion are so true, yet forget to remember them.

    On some level in various aspects of life beyond anything physical, we are all connected. Even the quantum world of science acknowledges this.

    I also note in the interview there was no affidavit or direct statements from Annie countering any of the story, unlike the several ones from ex spouses of other former Int level staff like Marty, Mike, etc. Perhaps she could not bring herself to outright lying under oath as the other ex-spouses did? And note in the letter from her attorney, there was no denial of the events either.

    I also find it interesting when you see statements like this — “Details of her life….have no place in the St. Petersberg Times. It’s an outrageous intrusion into her privacy” — what comes to mind is the datum of others accusing another of what they are guilty of doing. Not that Annie would do this….we all know who likely instructed “her” attorney however to write this.

    Click to access tidman.pdf

    My spouse knew Annie, too and told me was reminded of many of the qualities Yvonne Jentzsch possessed. Loyal, kind, a gentle way of handling uncomfortable situations (like busting one from a post), never hearing of anyone EVER uttering a cross word about Annie.

    Stay strong. I have a gut feeling because of yours and those before and after you, the honesty and continued acts of telling and shining the light of truth upon this darkened history of our collective pasts will all work out.

  49. Windhorse,
    Thank you for the meaning of this word. I think it’s an appropriate name for you. I do appreciate the wisdom shared by that great being. You are right about the way to melt the restraints. Thank you dear man. Today this life is better.

  50. Unity,
    If you just said that word a whole bunch of times I bet you’d lose interest in it and you may find you can shed some light for yourself. Hint, that’s a tree, there is a whole forest being missed. Of course, you’ve got all the clues and still haven’t seen the forest. Another hint, read Windhorse’s quote above.

    I’ll tell you this much, if you sincerely seek enlightenment, you have a good chance of achieving it. Then you’ll have all the light you need and you’ll know whence it comes.

  51. VeriV,
    Thank YOU for hanging in mate. As you can see from his posts, Joe Howard is doing us all proud. Man, that guy makes me smile!

  52. Barney,
    Cheers brother. Hang out? June, spring run of Atlantic salmon. I’ve got the gear and know where they lie. Hope you like fresh air.

  53. Jim,

    Your positive outlook towards life is admirable. Thanks to Marty for exposing DM’s crimes and helping us all to see the difference between Scientology and DM’s cult organization.

  54. I was going through my notebooks from my OEC/FEBC training which I did when the OEC vols were being redone. So my reference packs were stapled together loose PLs rather than actual books. This may explain why I have my own written quotes from policy letters.

    I came across this in my notebook which I can’t find in my 1991 released volumes. It doesn’t even fit datewise into the Exec Series. Maybe someone can shed some light on it. It’s a great reference regardless. I, too, thought of DM.

    HCOPL 24 March 1981
    Exec Series 33

    A leader is somebody who can assume responsibility for his sphere of influence.

    In the presence of leadership, communication is possible.

    A leader must be able to give and receive communication.

    A leader must have the ability to have affinity for the people he is leading.

    A leader must be able to inspire some affinity in them for him.

    The goals and things he stands for must be quite real and they must be to some degree obtainable.

    A leader must be capable of a reality on the plight of the people he is trying to lead.

  55. DefinitelyScientologist

    I was wondering about DM. He is an unethical guy who is not corrected by any ethics officer with unlimited powers and sees himself as second coming.

    He had Annie Broker/Logan/ Tidwell on his motorbike backseat like a trophy, Larisse Stuckenbrock rests her hand on his shoulder indicating intimacy.

    What if Miscavige has affairs with those and more women and Shelly doesn’t know?

  56. Concerned Citizen

    An agent in place is what you may consider me.

  57. Jim I been through my own version of what you went though.

    I don’t know if I can find the forgiveness part myself but I hope I do.

  58. That is the result of being betrayed by the church and the breaking of an affinity by the church which I can duplicate myself.

    I been in this state for a while myself and I do art to keep on and work on my personal project.

    That is the result of a 3rd partied, broken affinity.

    Altered tech, Robot tech too in the church as well is cause.

  59. It was his plane no matter what and this tells me the stars know what is going on. I would not let my plane go anywhere if I had one to do a job unless I knew the whole thing behind it.

  60. Jim, I always wondered what happened to Pat and Annie Brooker. Now I know where Annie is. I once read that she has been assigned to the RPF for ther rest of her life. At least that part does not seem to be true. Have you ever made contact with Pat Broeker?

  61. Jim
    Your story touches me so deeply. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s one of the first I read on ESMB and it broke my heart then as it does now. You are one helluva special guy with a huge heart for forgiveness.

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