Ok, a final thought on Health Care

by L. Ron Hubbard (6 June 1955):

“A society is sick as it has sick people within it. The way to make it well, however, is not necessarily to work only upon the sick and make them well. If the members of that society were sufficiently well and able themselves, they would never apprehend the slightest difficulty in pulling out of the mud any fallen fellow. Pulling people up and back into the ranks is not a function of an organization, it is a function and responsibility of Man himself. Pulling people back up into health and good fellowship and the game is not dependent upon a group of specialists. It’s dependent on Man.

“And when helping one’s fellows becomes a specialized action to be performed only by the annointed, to be performed only by somebody who wears the right star, badge or sign — Man is dead!  Because the best of Man comes into being when he is willing to aid and assist any of his fellows and is permitted to do so.

“We allow any dog to come around and sympathize with us when we’re hurt, and even in a cave society they let a dog lick the wound to help heal it. But not in this society! And when men are made to feel that they do not have the right to aid and assist their fellows but that Joe or Bill or somebody down the street is the only one who should be permitted to wave a magic wand or rattle a magic healing crystal, somebody had better look at the society real good, because it’s not a well society. Do you see that clearly?

“Now, it does not immediately presuppose that because a person has a right to heal that he is able to heal. That doesn’t immediately follow, does it? But today we are at a level of understanding in Scientology sufficiently good that almost any human being alive could be put into possession of enough of that data to make anyone around him better and happier, including himself. And that is the goal toward which we are trying to win. And we are winning, using some of the artificial supports of the society which already exist. And one of those supports is organization.

“But I would be a very sad man to realize, after years of work, that we had created not a greater freedom in the society but a stronger and more powerful organization in place of existing organizations…”


38 responses to “Ok, a final thought on Health Care

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  2. Looking good!

    We too have animals that look after us when we are not feeling well.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Marty,

    I’m happy to see that you took what appears to be a mellow day off.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Old Auditor, what kind of animals?

  5. You got my vote!

  6. very true quote by LRH. such great intelligence and wisdom. most illnesses are psychosomatic and so as most treatments treat mechanics, they fail miserably (both for doctors and patients!) to bring relief. thoughts create realities.

  7. Beach therapy! I’m a believer.

    Thanks for the quotation. Where is it from?

  8. Giving true LOVE and receiving pure LOVE is the best healing that we can have.

  9. ** Because the best of Man comes into being when he is willing to aid and assist any of his fellows and is permitted to do so.***

    Super post!

    YEAHHH! Truth is simple and dogs know it! :-)) LOL!

  10. You know there is a burn ban in Texas, right?

  11. You where you sick?

    Your health care plan is not grilling the dog, is it?

    C of S churchies often indicate that all other doctors except psychiatrists are okay. Not my experience. I avoid ’em all.

  12. And a little bit of dancing around that camp fire may be helpful as well!

  13. This is a super post. Love the LRH quote here, thank you. And of course your humor! I am with you on the beach, fire and dog thing. My dog (beagle) makes me laugh every day. And don’t forget laughter therapy. Works wonders…

  14. Now that is a Health Care Plan I can totally dig 🙂

  15. I second that

  16. Yeah, I sleep on a dog too and it puts my neck back in every time.

  17. Concerned Citizen

    Oh boy, I was going to skip this subject all together because I prefer not to get into politics in general, because I disagree with the health care bill, I’m not an Obama supporter, and never did like Bush, (But I can and do acknowledge those things they did right in my opinion)

    I’m not a democrat, I’m NOT a republican, I’m definitely not a libertarian, though I probably agree with them more than with the other 2. I’m and always have been an independent, an independent Scientologist, independent politically and an independentin every other regard. I feel every issue should be evaluated on the gradient scale of rightness or wrongness, as should every politician.

    And I did not want to get into this, but I feel you all must know where I stand to understand what follows, The Economist post from last article prompted me to say this:

    I don’t understand those “balanced” “rational” people who cannot tolerate a divergent view point. You see? I might not agree with Marty, and I can see that it may upset some people who otherwise agree with him, to have him call their some of their ideas “ right wing”

    But to completely abandon the blog because he says something you disagree with?!!!!! I mean, to just completely classify the whole thing and even him as no good based on a single disagreement?

    Instead of ridging, getting offended, upset or throwing tantrums, how about agreeing to disagree? Or see what he is actually trying to communicate and pass up his particular political ideas? I agree the Church should stay out of politics. And maybe Marty should stick to pointing out the violations without getting his own ideas into it. It may be a more wise choice, but it is HIS choice and prerogative.

    I happen to know a great deal of very wise, honest and sane democrats, republicans and libertarians. Not one can be generalized as every other. Unless the world suddenly changed into only one shade of white and one of Black.

    And if it is all to be black and white only, how miserable.

    I mean it becomes “you agree with me 100% or you disagree with me 100%.”

    Well that kind of think is Miscavige personified. No shades of gray, no diversity, no tolerance. In other words – no real reason, no real freedom. That is totalitarianism.

    Marty, I got your point, I don’t like the healthcare bill, but I get what you are saying, and as Volatire says: “ I might not agree with what you say, but I will defend to death, your right to say it”

    My opinion of you is not changed, my ARC is not diminished, my understanding of who you are is not colored, just because we don’t agree on everything. And I know if I take the time to look into your ideas and why you think how you do, ie. duplicate your viewpoint, I might come away with some increased knowledge and understanding.

    Once again thank you my friend for your efforts and I think those who storm angrily because of your views, have quite missed the point of not just the post, and the blog, but frankly Scientology.

  18. We have cats who are notoriously indifferent to us most of the time, (except for feeding time) but who will stay with whoever is bedridden when an illness occurs.

    I have a collection of pictures showing our cats attending us while recovering from surgery. As our bodies get older they break in various ways, and our recoveries has been materially aided by the attention and support we receive from these cats.

    It is amazing how much attention a cat can put into your body in an effort to see what is going on. Like any assist, it stimulates one to look for himself and clear things up where possible.

  19. martyrathbun09

    Old auditor, if you have a couple pics you could email we’d love to see them.

  20. Marty, your joy radiates from the photo!
    Your quote is brilliant and perfectly applicable to the health care question. Putting the two together illuminates for me the wish that all beings could experience the kind of keyed out joy that makes life so wonderful.

  21. Old Auditor and others,
    I’ve been watching the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. You gotta check this OT able guy out. He’s got comm lines that are real to other species. Utterly cool. Not only that, he is about as rational a person as one could find. Check it out!

  22. Marty,
    This quote and idea conveyed goes to the heart of the matter for me. I just want to say to any and all auditors, thank you for what you do to live the ideal LRH communicates here. Same to all decent individuals.

    No organization can do this. Individuals can and do. That we band together as individuals and operate is the True Group formed.

  23. Thought provoking

    Definitately agree, pet therapy is wonderful. They use it regularly with patient rehab after surgery, etc. I wanted to share a little piece of my “pet” therapy.

    I had a cat “Blackjack” adopt me. I worked the schedule of a dedicated Scientologist (when I wasn’t working, I was sleeping). I didn’t have time to care for a pet. But Blackjack wanted to be with me and he really didn’t want much in return, just a warm pillow by my head and a bit of food now and then. We got along just fine for a few years.

    My departure was more opportunistic than planned and I didn’t have time to arrange for Blackjack. I knew that he would be cared for as I had two staff living with me at the time. Good for now and I left with my conscience in tact.

    As part of my personal independence, I evicted the staff members so that I could sell my house before it got repoed on me. But, I still stayed out of the area for the time being. I worried about my cat and felt some comfort, knowing that there were several neighbors who left out food and he could get in through the cat door.

    After a month, I came to attend to emptying and cleaning the house. I allowed for a weekend and accomplished it in a day, thanks to some friends I met a Home Depot! Unfortunately, the cat did not make an appearance while I was there. We carpetting throughout made sleeping there unworkable. Again, I left without him…still comfortably sure he was well, at least I hoped.

    About a month later, I had gotten a new job and was asked to do some job training about 100 miles from where I used to live. I secured an extra day’s leave and set off on my trip. I was very hopeful that we’d connect. When I drove to the house, I couldn’t see him anywhere but persistently called for him. After an hour, it started to rain. I decided to wait fifteen more minutes…and he came out a few minutes later. We spent a few minutes catching up and saying hello, I carried him to the car which resulted in a Major ARCX and him hiding under the seat for the 3 hour trip home. It took twenty four hours for him to forgive me for the car ride but we eventually got in comm. He and I will always have our theta connection.

    That was the first of many adventures for Backjack, who we now just call “Baby” who is now completely pampered and treated like a king.

  24. Marty;

    In your photo you and your dog demonstrate the definition of the word: “Insouciant”.

    Webster’s New World, College Dictionary, 4th edition:

    …calm and untroubled; carefree; indifferent.

    Very well done!!!

  25. If you bear with me. I am a big fan of Dolphin Theraphy. Could they be natural therapists or may I dare say “Auditors”


  26. Old Auditor,

    Having read this great story about your cats, I’ve just got to put in a general plug for the whole species. In my opinion they’re amazing creatures with considerable theta abilities and powers. Cats, I believe, can be telepathic, and are very perceptive of theta flows and theta comm. People who think cats are aloof (as a species — of course there are a few who really are aloof) are just not perceiving and connecting with a cat’s theta and ability to communicate. It’s worth doing, as the rewards of theta communion with a cat are considerable.

    And Jim, I haven’t seen the Dog Whisperer, But I’ve seen a woman (named Victoria, I think) who handles problem dogs on an Animal Planet show, and I’m always amazed at her ability to handle both dogs and their people with consummate ARC and 8C. She’s worth watching for an education in good control of any species. 🙂

  27. martyrathbun09

    Cornelius, Thanks for the link. We’ve got some very communicative dolphins here.

  28. Awesome photo Marty!! Oh my…and I’m on the exact same health plan as you!

  29. Kathy Braceland

    Great reference Marty. Well, that pretty much sums up the health care issue.

    What an awesome photo! Now there’s a fun visual of happiness. Ahhhh dogs…gotta love ’em. I never met one I didn’t like. I had a little trusty sidekick for years and we were inseparable. What’s your puppy’s name?

    One of the best t-shirts I ever saw read: “Oh Lord, please let me be even half as good as my dog thinks I am.”

  30. Maybe you could research alternative medicine throughout the world and rethink the Vitamines and Walks. In itself Walks are very good and Vitamines too. But it gets bad when the body can not regenerate. Can you get a panel together discussing when medical treathment can be benificial in cases of Autism , ADHD and Epilepsy. I myself are not a pill lover. But ritalin helps me. I understand that LRH objection to meds comes from the fact American soiciety is much to fast stuffing people that think differently with drugs. But when a person is born without a leg or in my case without impulse control one could discuss this.


  31. martyrathbun09

    Kathy, Chiquita.

  32. Cornelius,

    Ritalin helps you how? What is wrong that you take Ritalin? What are you trying to resolve?

  33. Church of Scientology ads Actually CCHR ads

  34. Redneck Thetan

    Love the dog picture. In an amazing bit of good fortune, I ended up rescuing a puppy that had been dropped on a relative’s farm this summer. He turns 1 on Christmas Day. Oreo has been such a help to me in dealing with life issues and illness, and while this sounds strange, one of my first wins was in developing a sort of theta comm with him. I’m so lucky that he has come into my life, because he makes me go outdoors and experience the world in new ways.

  35. Thanks for the giggle Cornelius!

  36. Eleanor Roosevelt

    The link below is a clean, safe link. It is a narrative and observations of the real side of the so-called health care debate, the place where the rubber indeed meets the road.


    Most American lacking health care are employed persons. Factually, the extremely poor are covered by Medicaid. Children are covered in most states by S-CHIP programs. For the millions who work and are above the federal poverty level, there is no net. Many of them are service and even health industry workers whose employers do not offer group plans which they could buy into, or are self-employed and cannot afford the extravagant cost of individual plans, their high deductibles and built-in exclusions. For women, this is particularly the case where individual plans are concerned. For example, women of childbearing age are considered ‘high risk’ owing merely to the possibility of pregnancy. This is the health insurance industry at work. Most of us would agree that these practices are criminal and that would be apart from the ethical questions raise regarding making profit and distributing shareholder dividends off the health needs of Americans.

    Another pool of people left in need are those who do wind up seriously ill and are denied coverage by the companies they have paid premiums to during the years of their health.

    And while it is indeed good spiritual therapy to enjoy to the fullest one’s dynamics like the beach and so forth, we do in fact exist in a world where our air and water are unclean, where even those foods we believe to be healthy and nutritious – like fruits and vegetables, unless organic — have been modified below the cellular level by the likes of Monsanto.

    I, personally, have been fortunate, for lack of better, with respect to my health despite the fact that my body is beginning to grow old. My postulate is that my health maintains this good state.

    I surely postulate that those reading this who also enjoy good health remain in that state, for all the right and decent reasons but as well in the event you do not have health care.

    I am upper case level. I am trained on the Academy Levels, albeit not on the later GAT checksheets. I served as an exec during my tenure in the SO. I am no ‘bleeding heart’ socialist.

    But I see what I see..

    People are, in fact, affected by their environment. This factor alone belies the rather offhanded or even possibly cold writing off the ill by the old ‘person is responsible for their condition’. This datum, too, can be extended into one’s dynamics, if one is really taking responsibility, and those other being who are part of those dynamics, which is, imho, part of attaining OT.

    Fiscally speaking, current health care reform in its present incarnation, in the upper chamber of congress, is not only deficit neutral, the Congressional Budget Office has determined it to being capable of deficit reduction. More, it brings competition to the market place of health insurance, which lowers everyone’s costs.

    Proposed health coverage reform is not a free ride many would like to have one believe. Most working Americans I speak to do not want a free ride – they just want something that they can pay for that is affordable.

    And current health care reform won’t kill granny. And as far as illegal pcs go, they have been being turned out by the psychiatric profession long before this was a topic of debate.

    We now are told by our President state that he intends to send 30K more troops to Afghanistan. Now, that is a costly proposal.

    The largest part of federal of government spending is, by a long shot, the DoD, yet few speak out against that actual form of waste or spending. David Walker, former Comptroller of the US and (former) head of the Government Accounting Office (GAO), once stated to the Senate Finance Committee that the GAO would be unable to express an Opinion, as Certified Public Accountants would of a company, on the financial statements of the US federal government owing utterly and completely to the DoD. The GAO, for example, found during the Bush years and its Global War on Terror that 2003 appropriations in the billions of dollars were spent but unaccounted for by the DOD. In Fiscal Year 2004/2005, expenses were double counted (not double entry accounting, mind) and materially overstated in the billions. Just a few examples.

    My disagreement centers around the idea and prevailing activity that money can be spent to kill and maim without a word except by the peaceniks who protest it, but to improve the physical well being of people, prevent hard-working people from losing their small set asides and meager ‘wealth’ due to serious illness, prevent deaths, and bring increased productivity enjoyed by a healthy nation is a different story.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Eleanor Roosevelt knows health care. For real. She is no mere critic or pundit. She is doing something about it.

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