UK Observation Mission Report

There appears to be plenty of pretty MEST and a derth of Scientologists in the C of M UK.

St Hill

          Independents on base on Monday reported the car park was less than a 1/3 filled and that years ago when delivery was humming it was packed regularly. The org was sparsely p0pulated. However, the next day when Tommy and Jessica Davis (ne Feschback) showed up to tour a non Scientologist writer, dozens of faux students and pcs, and happily mingling public were bused in for the show. While DM has the UK SO staff eat gruel his boy Tommy is reportedly staying at the five star Claridge’s in London.

London Test Center.  Quite apparently posh as can be. Tuesday night during prime time we found it literally empty.  Flashy flat screen videos rolled, with not a soul watching them. Wednesday morning between 9:00-9:30 as thousands streamed by the Center, the lone person in sight within was a staff member standing stiffly behind the closed front door.

London Test Center Morning Prime Time - Empty

 The Celebrity Center London was similarly bereft of people mid morning on Wednesday.

Celebrity Center London - Empty

The London “Ideal Org” had no sign of life on Monday evening. On Wednesday afternoon only one soul schlepped in the door during the forty-five minutes we observed the entrance. 

Mike and Marty in front of empty London "Ideal Org"


Of course, the two private security chaps in vintage Miscavige black outfits  standing at the front door made entrance appear to be a risky proposition.

Knuckles and Bronco barring public from entering London "Ideal Org"

     Summary: It appears that Miscavige’s neutron bomb strategy has been quite effective in the UK.  Buildings unscathed while all signs of life have been annihilated.

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  1. Hey guys! Looks like you’re having a great time together. What a mission! Thanks for the update and keep em comin’ …

  2. Marty, I hope you are enjoying your trip to England.

    When I was a regular at St Hill about 3 years ago, it was advisable to get there early (before course started) as parking spaces were at a premium. Last summer, I went past and the car park was half filled with staff minibuses and shipping containers and there were still spaces available. I estimated that the public vehicles were down by as much as 40%. And this was on a Sunday afternoon – the busiest time!

    When I left the CoS, St Hill Foundation was in a pretty bad way. They had hardly any income coming in and they had the crippling burden of paying for part of the IAS rally each year. Staff would often go weeks without ANY pay. I dread to think how they are suffering now.

    I just hope that enough Scns (public and staff), can see the truth for themselves and find the courage to do the right thing. Once the exodus starts, there will be no stopping it.


  3. Regarding you meating up with Mike.

    Henri Nouwen:
    When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving much advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a gentle and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.

  4. I had to LOL with Knuckes and Bronco! Body bouncers instead of body routers!

    But really, nothing like the power of observing the obvious- obnosis.

    How sad is this, the Church of Mestology in full bloom.

    I suggest you do a world tour! And you guys must be stopping traffic, you look so bright and alive!
    I also look forward to more updates-

  5. Wow. A “Church” with bouncers!

    Like the barbed wire at Gold Base, I am a bit confused….is it to keep people out, or in?

    Me thinks there might be some trouble with a “faith” that has to rely upon MEST force.

    I look forward to the obs missions next report.

  6. Nowadays the Tech comes up in the most unlikely of places, but I guess that’s to be expected since it’s not welcome in DM’s halls. The other day when I was getting my tattoo (a piece based on PKD’s book “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep”) done the artist asked me what other sci-fi writers I liked so once I mentioned LRH the inevitable Scientology question came up. So I spent the next 2o min explaining the Tech, answering questions and telling her all about the Indepentdent/reform movement. While getting stabbed thousands of times with a needle haha

  7. I would be much happier to see the Church “flourish and prosper” by protecting human rights and rather helping people not making enemies of them. “Free Guillaume Lesevre”!

  8. HCO PL 24 February 1964, “Urgent, Org Programming”:

    “If the Org slumps: Don’t engage in ‘fund raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money. Just make more income with Scientology. It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed. For Orgs as for pcs ‘Solve it With Scientology.’ Every time I myself have sought to solve finance or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that Org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund raising Barbecues.” — L. Ron Hubbard

    For once, I hope LRH was right.

  9. martyrathbun09

    You nailed it with the “Church of Mestology”.

  10. Wow, Mike and Marty are the only happy, friendly smiling faces near the Orgs!

    You guys would be much better body routers than Knuckles & Bronco!

    Enjoy the land of Pubs, fish & chips and Afternoon Teas!

  11. “Summary: It appears that Miscavige’s neutron bomb strategy has been quite effective in the UK. Buildings unscathed while all signs of life have been annihilated.”

    Yes I guess that pretty much sums it up 🙂

    Here in LA it’s pretty much the same story.

  12. Very nice view of you guys. By the way Marty, are you ever going to post me on the independents list?

  13. Looks like a great process for the two of you… to stand outside symbols of the institution you were once immersed in until you have insouciant grins that can’t be stopped.

  14. I think they should ask Mike and Marty to stand at the doors – definitely more inviting than Knuckles and Bronco. Those boys definitely appear most unwelcoming.

  15. Wonderful to see your bright smiley faces.

    Just in case those of you reading this blog might be unfamiliar with Claridges in London. It’s a five star hotel where kings, queens, celebrities etc have stayed for over a 100 years.

    And they aren’t running an cheap specials. A room for 2 tonight costs — $893.00 dollars. Which is the best price per the internet but they can go up to $5,466 for a two bedroom suite.

    Think Tommy and sidekick have decided on a 2 bedroom? I’m guessing — yup!!

    Wonder if it’s mommy’s dime, or daddy feshbacks dime OR SO money.

    In any case, it shows how sadly out of touch these people are with the world they are supposed to by managing.

    Thanks Marty and Mike — may we continue to shine the light!!

    ( I did mission in NYCity way back when. We stayed at a scary hotel/aka flop house — honest — it was scary but it was close to the org and within our mission budget — as the ensurance missionaire I was always watching the budget) boy, how times have changed.


  16. Marty & Mike,

    You have always been forwarding LRH’s legacy and making sure Scientology expands even when you were under the suppression of DM. It is so awesome to see you are both spear heading the Independent Scientologists movement and getting Ethics in on DM.
    Your presence in UK is definitely creating major effects, inside and outside the Church of Mestology.
    Thank you for being there and communicating to the world. Surely more people will join us, that will include Knuckles & Bronco!

    Keep us posted. This is really exciting! 🙂

    Have a fun trip!

  17. martyrathbun09

    Notsaware, shoot me an email. I must have got mixed up on this. Sorry.

  18. Thought provoking

    I like the concept of touring all of the ideal orgs.

    It’s good to see that you are enjoying your photo journalism project as much as we are.

  19. “Knuckles” and “Bronco” in “vintage Miscavige black”… I’m dyin’ ovah heah!!! 😉

  20. That’s absolutely beautiful, Cat Daddy.

  21. Wow, I am so impressed (this doesn’t happen often).
    The two of you are so bright and shiny compared to those massed up guys with failed purposes in front of the Org.
    I would be sad to see that if I didn’t know there is new hope.

    I wanted to comment to a commenter on another post here regarding calls from the Church. I spent years trying to get off the CofS call list, but at some point the tables turned and I was actually happy to hear from them. Every call that came in was my chance to salvage someone. And that is what I set out to do, to tell each one that it has gone corrupt, has been taken over, it’s rotten at the top but the core I feel is still there. When they call I tell them “Obviously you have my phone number and let me give you my e-mail address, please call me back or e-mail me so I can help you through this”…well my phone stopped ringing.
    But you guys who have not been taken off the list, please take the opportunity to inform those who call.

    We know who they are… they are on the phone, they are convinced they are serving the highest purpose. These are the best of the best and they are trapped in a net. Well that is how I see it. And why it is so fine what is happening, right here, right now. Thank-you Marty and Mike.
    know there is new hope.

  22. Mark Twain:
    In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.

    Autobiography, 1959

  23. Underground For Now

    Mary & Mike;

    You two make my day.

  24. Fellow Traveller

    The photo of y’all — from Trading Places —
    Louis Winthorpe, III: Looking good, Billy Ray!
    Billy Ray Valentine: Feeling good, Louis!


  25. What a beautiful description of friendship, Cat Daddy.

  26. Any chance of you guys doing an interview with the BBC’s John Sweeney while you’re there? 🙂

  27. Cat Daddy, Henri Nouwen is one of my heroes. Thank you for the quotation.

    Marty and Mike, I love the idea of you guys hanging out near the old haunts and the new “Idle Org”. I smile to myself as I imagine you holding signs saying “Rathbun and Rinder blew! So can you!”

    Whatever you guys are up to, I wish you well, success and a lot of laughs.

  28. There’s progress for you – when people are ASKING to be “outed”.

  29. So great to see two happy, smiling faces in London. You’re more welcome here than Knuckles and Bronco that’s for sure. Last time I saw Mike was at St. Hill in 2006 and he smiled at me when he walked by but I could tell something was up. So glad to see him back in London doing well. And great to see Marty here. Sirs, you’re a couple of inspirations!!

  30. St. Hill used to be so much fun 🙂 Best times of my life:)sorry to hear how times have changed.

  31. My dear Mary; Knukles and Bronco seem to have some introversion or at least some personal issues per the photo.
    A clear example of the life improvement power of current CofS.
    No wonder why no new people in.
    Can someone be so stupid to got them daily in the door with a face like that?
    A mood drill would do miracles for them!
    The photo of Marty and Mike is a bit diferent.
    Both photos can be named as…
    Before and after CofS.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez.

  32. veritas.veri.v

    Hey Marty and Mike!!! You are so bright, alive, shining with life.

    The bouncers at the door are more than wearing black, they look massy and glum.

    Appropriately solid for a Church of Mestology… but those chaps look out of place at a Life improvement center.

    Where’s da Life? !

    It’s glowing off you guys. Pure Life. Unmistakable.

    And Tommy Davis is in a 5 star hotel? How is that budgeted when staff sleeps with roaches?

    If it makes you feel like crap, it is NOT Scientology.

    Ohhhh…. all the happiness just waiting to start happening. The kind that fills up parking lots.

    Godspeed. Life is with you. And as always, thanks.

  33. When I was renovating st hill back in 1988, they put up trailers for us to sleep in down near the pond. I wish I’d known about Claridges, I’m sure we couldve gotten someone to spring for a room. The sponsored a 4th of July party for us complete with BBQ grill, softball equipment and fireworks. God only knows why I rejoined the SO after this, they even took away my radio name, Ramrod.

  34. Rinder looks like he’s de-aged about 10 yrs.
    Guess it’s the air of freedom.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing your observations and report. Just further confirmation of the gross off-sourceness, squirreling, and suppression of the current regime.
    LRH would not stand for this and neither do we. The curtain will fall, it is just a matter of time.

  36. Marty, it is great to see you and Mike working internationally. I also note that Tommy came from money and married into money. How do you think personal wealth skews Tommy’s reality on CoS?

  37. Marty and Mike, both you guys seem to be going Benjamin Button on me since last time I saw you. Thanks for your DR. Carry on with your MOs!

  38. Marty….what I’m wondering – is there a Mission 3rd person? Who took da pic of ya’ll???

    Curious minds want to know!!

    You two do indeed look younger and happier.

  39. Thank you very much for the photos and report, so we can eyewitness this remotely. I was one of 4 people that started CC london in the late 80s. I was 18 at the time, came especially from Paris which already had a large CC. We were full of the spirit of Scn. We did an opening event with a “CC Band” and by week 2 we had over 40 BIS and a lot more bodies that just liked to hang around with shopping bags and all, per Magic of Good Management. I wonder if they even have this now, over 20 years later. At the start, the only management we had was a tlxed BP answer from CCI on Friday morning. So long as it remained so, we did good. Intervention, stops, arbitraries and all in all squirrel management killed it later.

  40. Hmmm… not one but two hired security guards? What are they so worried about? Nobody has tried to storm the London org. A few reporters have gone in there undercover, though, so maybe they’re frisking people for hidden recording devices.

    Seems like there’s a whole lot of unwarranted paranoia going on at orgs everywhere these days. Here’s a pathetic recent example from Minneapolis.

  41. Saturday 12 December.

    Main HQ, Queen Victoria Street, from 11am
    Life Improvement Centre, Tottenham Court Road, from 1pm.

    Anonymous will be there.

    Will you, Marty?

  42. Roberto, these security guards are not Scientologists, they are just doing a job. I don’t think they are normally there but have been brought in to deal with the perceived ‘threat’ from Marty and Mike. But the truth is, no security is required as all the protests in London have been entirely peaceful. But this just shows the state of mind of those still in the CoS. They are seeing enemies everywhere.

    At the last protest I went to at St Hill, during the IAS event, there were numerous security guards but they were all non-Scns from an outside company. The CoS sent all communications via these security guards and not one single Scientologists was allowed to even talk to us.

    So here we have the ‘masters of communication’ being unable to even confront a handful of people who oppose them.


  43. Victoria,
    Well said.

  44. Someone Else (?),
    Did you just get a nerf gun for Christmas? I bet you did:-)

  45. Marty and Mike might also enjoy meeting Hartley Patterson and Jens Tingleff, two Old Guard critic chaps who have regularly enturbulated the London orgs for years before Anonymous arrived on the scene.

  46. It’s obvious Rinder is miked up in the photo of the two of you in front of the London Org. for a interview piece. (Look at his jacket lapel) So who are you doing interviews with over there? I don’t think you guy would let something like that slip by on accident, so do we have to wait to find out or can we get another hint?

  47. Eldon,
    You really don’t get Marty and Mike.

  48. Sharon and Heather I felt like being tottaly nice an non-critical. When friends meet heaven is having a little party.

  49. Just wondering: Has anyone stopped to think that the hemorrhaging of raw meat bodies from Scn might have something to do with the masked dancing fools outside the orgs every month?

    You’re welcome…

  50. Whats going on inside those Orgs?
    In the absence of that troublesome thing – the public to train and service – they’re winding each other up about how suppressed Scn is in Europe. How the psych supression has arisen again (and this after all those IAS handlings a few years ago)- and this new suppression is responsible for the ‘slight fall’ in public that we can all plainly observe. There’s a big push to get funds for Opening an new International Org in Bussels – like yesterday. Staff are diverted from all over Europe to train up (in Copenhagen) for this new Brussels Org, and public everywhere are fleeced ‘to handle the suppression’. DM thinks that having an Ideal Org in Brussels will somehow gain them influence in the European Parliament, which, we’re told, is heavily infulenced by psychs.
    Question for Marty & Mike: (esp Mike)
    Did you ever uncover evidence, (I mean real evidence, not just the hearsay & rumour we get from the Orgs) that there IS a PT psych conspiracy to suppress Scientology. I mean Mike you must have come across something in all your time at OSA?

  51. You’ve got to apprecïate the uptone jist of that Invitation Jim. I am sure Caek(deliberate misspelling) will be aranged. It seems fitting to the hollidays coming up there should be some Jolly times to be had. I must however ask you Jim how you ment that since I do not get the meaning of the American Expression you used.

  52. This is great! Thanks for your observations guys. I am sure it would be similar a similar scene at any one of these “Ideal Orgs”.

    No matter how critical one is of CofS “critics”, one has to observe the fact that this is a huge move to put ethics in on church management. Whether it is intended to or not, that is exactly what is occurring.

    The invaluable philosophies and technology of Scientology exist and it is absolutely criminal that it is being suppressed from broad distribution due to lousy PR and mis-management of orgs and missions. London, the most important city in the world, and the orgs are empty???

    As for Tommy and Jessica; they have always had money – before the Sea Org and throughout their SO careers. I would love to see them survive on $50 or less/week SEA ORG pay. That would be a joke. They are not on a par with other SO members.

    Please keep up the reports!

  53. Loved the ‘neutron bomb’ comment. Most astute metaphor I’ve seen online in a long time.

  54. P.S. you guys look happy and healthy 🙂

  55. Navajo Code Talker

    “If an enemy has alliances, the problem is grave and the enemy’s position strong; if he has no alliances, the problem is minor and the enemy’s position weak.”
    Sun Tzu

  56. martyrathbun09

    Since at least 1981 psychiatry as an organized body of individuals has wanted to steer as clear from Scientology as possible.

  57. Django,
    You’re welcome…

  58. You know what it is about that pic of Mike and Marty? +Ethics Presence+.

    Isn’t it ironic, and telling, that the “heavies” at the door in black, and the pulpit pounding snobbery heavyweights carry no weight at all? No ethics presence — in fact, the effect is just the opposite.

    Marty’s and Mike’s lightness of being is the ethics presence that drives crims crazy.

    Juts looking at them, those kind of indicators cannot be faked!!

    Of course it makes sense!! Tone 40 is theta, Life, elan vital. No amount of black clothes, scowls, self-righteousness or force can imitate it. The current regime are impostors, the inversion is complete.

    There has to be a way for those still caught and entrapped in the illusion of theta to be presented with the facts!

    **LOVE YOU GUYS** !!! Power to you.

  59. Identifying cause is important. But masked dancing fools would never have kept me away from the real thing.

    It wouldn’t be very Org-like to place responsibility for lower stats on the masked dancing fools outside the orgs every month anyway.

    The cause for driving people away is pretty sure bet within a few individuals in the Organization that is pretending to be Scientology.

    There are no “dog PCs” 🙂

  60. P.S. Also, Jane makes a good point:

    —> “No matter how critical one is of CofS “critics”, one has to observe the fact that this is a huge move to put ethics in on church management.”

  61. I am traveling from Calif and am briefly in Denver. I would really like to talk with Mike Rinder while I am in Denver since I have heard that he is here. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with him? I would love to speak with him to find out some truth about what is occurring. Susan

  62. Marty –

    You’re funnier in England.

    Keep it up!


  63. Marty,

    Is the security guy with a shaved head, outside the London org, the same guy in the first picture outside the testing center who is walking pass the center, he is right in the front?

    If so, he must have been following you guys to get some theta from you and Mike! 🙂

  64. This makes me sad. This makes Anonymous sad. This makes Indenpedant Scientologists and Freezoners sad.

  65. These guys are private security guards earnin’ ’emselves a few readies, so let’s not overkill in comparing two OTs to them.

    It is deplorable, however, that people are flocking away from Scientology, which I get from your comm, Marty.

    Tommy and Jessica aren’t hurting for a buck to pay for Claridge’s and maybe she’s got a Feshbach account to tap into at will. It seems outrageous that they’re on CoS dime but given the financial out-ethics that have been reported, maybe it’s been approved.

    I’m driven to anger about the financial impropriety because so many good people gave up everything they had and were worse off than dogs in a famine because they thought they were fighting the good fight. And all the while a billion dollars was being stashed and used to build friggin ship replicas in the desert.

    JLogan, as always, your perceptics are in.

  66. Kathy Braceland

    I love the photo of you and Mike. I hope you guys are having a great time!

    I’m sorry to hear that the orgs are bare but of course, they would be.

    You know, I feel very fortunate to have started in Scientology back in ’73. LRH was alive; the tech was pure; truth prevailed and ARC was high. Students, pcs and staff were winning and orgs were full, buzzing and expanding. We waited excitedly of news that LRH made new discoveries which meant new HCOB’s, more truth, more to learn. The Bridge was simple and streamlined and progress was effortless. We couldn’t wait to help the public with whatever they needed, we couldn’t wait to get on course, couldn’t wait to take our pc’s in session. We lived and emanated the same kindness, love and care that LRH felt for us.

    Miscavige the Terrible continues his purpose of destroying all that and I really feel for the staff and public that have been deprived of the joy of truth and standard tech. And I feel for the one’s who have had the wind knocked out of their sails to make the joy they did have, a distant memory.

    My wish for the rest of this year and for the New Year, is that staff and public will step back and look, not listen. This will help crumble Miscavige’s tyrannical reign. I want all of them to have nice Christmas’ and a spectacular 2010.

    Thanks to all for continuing to communicate the truth. The walls of lies and suppression are crumbling….

    This is going to be the best Christmas ever! Until the next one of course….

  67. Speaking of “Ideal Orgs”, watch this!

    Hip, hip hooh-ya!

  68. P.S. Recognize any of the people in this piece other than Jim Meskimen and Nancy Cartwright?

  69. I second that. point blank.

    Ya know, there is reality. Then there is an OT reality.

    A Second reality. It’s not with everyone. Those who catch it, get it.

    Oh, best of friends, have it.

    But these are the very very few. It is in near death, you realize, the game is true.

    Dam you Rathbun, you reported Late…

    I say this with a crowd; laughingly and jokingly…

    But you did. (make me worry like a sick dog)

  70. Jim, I get one thing that Marty is up to in general: a PR strategy that might be called “tease and gradually reveal” –as exemplified by his three-part serialization leak of the Paul Haggis letter to Tommy Davis.

    Not that I find anything inherently wrong with that. But I don’t think you get Marty and Mike either, because there is a lot they aren’t saying.

  71. veritas,
    What is currently “Org-like” is for some individuals to get freaked out and occasionally assault one of the dancing fools.

    A French critic, Nono Le Clown, is sort of a neighborhood fixture in the area where Paris CC is located. With a little help from his friends and the org staff, he has made a local laughingstock of Scientology.

    He was physically attacked in the lobby of the Paris courthouse during the criminal trial, right in front of security guards! On another occasion, he took a picture of a stress test table on the street, and one of the guys snatched his camera and destroyed it. Of course, he is pressing charges.

  72. Nerf gun? Not so much, and you’d probably get arrested for carrying one, these days, anyway. Besides, we leave the violence to those in the Org (apparently, assaulting 15-year-olds is Policy, now…)

    I was just commenting that the MRs might like to see our merry band in action. Anons, exes, OG, FZ, it’s quite a mix, and everybody goes to the pub afterwards.

  73. Forget auditing and training. It’s real estate will clear the planet! 😉

  74. Something radically changed at SH in late 2006. Things were moving fast and it was kind of fun until the IAS event of that year. It got pretty serious after that point.

  75. The last half of this pitch for Ideal Orgs is a FEAR INJECTING IMPLANT.

    Waking up and hating yourself, or your husband on some mornings, is part of life. Walking out into the world and seeing other people with different values than yours – is LIFE.

    Scientology, and Scientology Ideal Orgs, will NOT “handle that” for you. It will only drive you further away from life, and into a service-fac-filled little cult that fears and degrades your existence on this planet (the only planet we have) and the people in it.

    The Church of Scientology will give you a safe, limited, pinheaded little life: A life where you can hide yourself away and make everybody else wrong.

    After 16 years of Scientology, I have found that that is no way to grow as a human being.

    Scientology Ideal Orgs are for fear-minded people who are unwilling to face life, and the reality of themselves.

    Some people need that.

    But do you?


  76. Marty and Mike, why have you gone to Britain and who’s picking up the tab? Is it a media gig you’re on? What’s the end game?

  77. We understood LRH left. He was killed or left of his own accord never to return (of course that requires the concept of either dead-for-ever or so out the top he couldn’t give a toss). Buddha determined the “middle-way” was the way to go. In the middle (see “Games” on the tone scale = 22.0) you have interest and possibility.

    When I was on staff it was often rumoured that LRH was Buddha. A golden haired man who would be the Buddha was predicted to return about now.

    Recall ‘Hymn of Asia”? It was addressed to a congress of Buddhists in the mid 50s.

    Say if LRH didn’t leave but switched bodies? Or something like that. It makes sense to me that Buddha/LRH would not have made so much progress on this cycle of how to get ‘man’ free that he would then abandon it and watch it go down the plug and betray the hopes of so many.

    The orientation of people here should be the rehabiliaton or recovery of your condition (which you always had) of ‘free’. Then you will know what Ron intended for Scientology to achieve. It can be done and people are doing it now.

  78. Alanzo,
    I pretty much agree with you. I’m reminded of something I heard a psychotherapist say one time: “My job is to put myself out of business.” In other words, to help clients resolve hangups or traumas and toss them back into the maelstrom of life as a “completion.”

    I think the lower level stuff in Scientology is efficacious. After Power or R6EW, I become skeptical. My confidence pretty much decreases inversely relative to the development timeline. Yes, the upper levels produce interesting effects. So does Voodoo. So what?

    But I don’t think Scientology is worth getting involved with in the first place, period, if it’s going to create ongoing dependency. That’s what the current Cof$ is designed to do, and things weren’t radically different back in the 1970s except at some highly successful missions.

    I wish independent practitioners well, as long as they avoid running a cult game and manage to put themselves out of business by finishing the job at a reasonable point.

  79. nono la patate

    is that you marty last evening going out of the celebrity center in paris
    wearing a base ball hat and there was an invoice paperplane at your feet in the lobby ??
    I ‘ve got a short video

  80. That is not exactly correct. Several years ago I, along with a few other SP’s spoke at in “invite only” seminar held by the APA. Yes that’s the American Evil Psych Association. The present and the top APA people, including the President of the APA listen while I showed (power point) Hubbard policies on psychs and explained how Scn views them.

    While Scn has been promoting that the evil psychs are on the run and trying to “steer clear” of Scn, the psych have considered them as important as a pimple on a horse’s ass.

    All that anti psych crap pushed by DM is just more of the lies that one uncovers when they go and truly find out for themselves what is really happening.

    Talking to the” top evil SP’s on the planet” was just another peeling of the onion like layer that is the known as the Scn indoctrination. These people couldn’t care less about Scn and were only interested because Tom Cruise came out and was attacking them and they were interested in finding out what all the fuss was about.

    LOL! So much for DM and his crew having any real effect on them. It’s just more of his outrageous lies and PR.

  81. Eldon the stats were up in the 70’s, that’s radically different.

  82. Marty is not going to break OpSec (Operational Security), if he some non-obvious purpose for being there he has not yet revealed.

    If there is a media event evolved, I’m sure those parties will not be breaking OpSec, either. It is necessary that such operations remain cloaked until it is way to late for DM to try and stop them with abuse of legal process.

    Maybe the whole purpose of going over there is to remind DM he can no longer prevent either of these two from going wherever the fuck they wish, whenever they wish – whilst strengthening ties with non-members of the burgeoning W.I.N.S. non-organization 🙂

    Michael A. Hobson

  83. Met Marty tonight, and his charming wife, and also Axiom 142, known on ESMB

    who also came to meet Marty.

    I found Marty to be very strong, charming and charismatic. Someone I’d really like as a friend. We’ve had a few miscommunications of no great import and did the scientological thing, handling with communication. Our viewpoints are a little different here and there,

    but we both have total agreement that the tech is…. well miraculous at times, and worth

    supporting and promoting. I’m at the very liberal, even politically incorrect, edge of scientology. Marty is more orthodox, but not that orthodox! By that I mean he follows the 1959 essay by LRH on how and why one studies. Think for oneself. make it ones own or not.

    Marty has come under a lot of criticism, including a little from me. He has been criticised for not being more active re lets say justice action re Miscavidge. He commented that

    things may be going on out of public view. From his first post on ESMB he said there is a

    correct time and place for things. I took that at face value, and he has since been more

    forthcoming. And he said more will be coming down the line. My guess is that he has been meeting the BBC here in the UK. We shall see. 🙂

    So you take on the nastiest most litigious organisation in the western world, it may

    be pertinent to hold your cards close to your chest.

    Thank heavens he’s not in hiding!

    One question I asked, that I felt I couldn’t trust the data on, was whether LRH, SCN,

    were under serious attacks by governments and other agencies. There is much info from

    COS on this, and LRH, but they can’t really be fully trusted as a data source. I have myself found examples of the AMA sending info to who I can’t remember attacking LRH and dianetics from the early fifties. Being more interested in promoting the FZ I stupidly never kept a copy. Dunno if I can find it again. Marty it appears is the best source of data on this as he was involved in collecting data for the ” All Clear Unit” in his early posts and he verified the data re AMA and much else. He also commented that LRH was in military or

    naval intelligence.

    Marty has been under a cloud so’s to speak with regard to his high post in the COS

    and being over and involved with OSA. He was doing his best to defend the Church

    and the tech. Back in earlier times this may have been the right thing to do in some

    ways. He does have a somewhat different different view now, in particular with regard to

    attacks on Mayo. Not that Mayo is a hero of his, but he said he was a FAR better senior

    C/S int than Mithof.

    Some don’t like Marty’s comments on matters in Oz. He is though a gamekeeper

    turned poacher. His comments are well worth looking at. He is THE expert in this field.

    Its my view that Marty is completely honest in that he is telling the truth as he sees it.

    And he’s seen a lot.

    Also posted to FreezoneOrg, ESMB, WWP
    and Gier’s forum.


    The website for our internet Org.
    http://www.freewebs .com/techoutside thecofs/

  84. Good article Marty.
    The Div 6 why isn’t lack of large ground floor display centers. In fact LRH calls for a lecture played all the time in reception area I believe, can’t remember the reference but it’s well known. This should be done and not the additives of handling public in one fell swoop on Scientology as an “acceptable practice”. There’s videos on social betterment etc etc all in reception areas of ideal orgs. Much better to not worry about making Scientology acceptable by society and just make a new one, “skip the approval button” as has been said.

    In DM’s “eval” which called for upwards of a billion dollars in reno’s worldwide, and which is against HCO PL URGENT ORG PROGRAMMING to name one, this large div 6 ground floor space was the keystone. Public need to be able to come in and leave. That’s true they’re mustn’t be a must-have by div 6, but DM should have looked to what was in in the 70’s and out now. Mainly rigidity in Div 6, charging mission holders 40,000 for a “starter package” which doesn’t include the building, and which replaces HCO PL tech, and holding the line too firmly on them with heavy ethics, squashing origination.

    My Dad told me about a line Palo Alto mission had with Stanford U. or something. A couple of universities in the area. People would come in like Edgar Mitchell, and give talks in the mission. I’m not saying this is the called for in policy and speeches from non-scio’s needs to happen, but it’s an indicator of the license given to div6 dissem where anything goes. You’ve got to allow the bad in a little in order to let the good in until a perfect management is in place which knows how to strike the perfect balance with ideal programs. Palo Alto was of course booming as were many other missions in the 70’s. Smaller than most missions but bigger than most ideal orgs delivery-wise.

    If DM let the missions and div6’s run amock and do as they please then when something flaps or downstats enter, handle it after, per inspection after the fact, we’d be a lot further along right now.

    LRH let Wichelow shoot his mouth off in Pickadilly circus or wherever, for years, and praised him heavily for this.

  85. Oh my god this video makes me sick. The “crusade”? Jesus these guys are lost. I am so sad to see it. I thought that at least one of the people on that video would have woken up by now. I know quite a few of them. Makes me so sad that they have just bought the “Church” mantra hook, line and sinker.
    Tragic really.
    But what infuriates me is people who I KNOW have never been on staff, refused to ever do that or join the Sea Org and really do something now telling other people to do that. FUCK THAT. I am sorry for the language but seriously, I know many people on this forum toiled in the trenches for years for NOTHING, NO PAY, NO LIBS N-O-T-H-I-N-G. And now these, NEVER have done anything but get special schedules, lazy, I’ll-just-donate-a-buttload-of-money people are gonna lecture Scientologists on how much more they should be doing. That is the biggest load of crap I have heard yet. These people are ACTORS. Of course they are convincing, it’s what they DO. How bout telling people what it really takes. People mortgaging their houses and going bankrupt maxing out all their credit cards and RPFers doing months of all nighters to pull off those “Beautiful” spaces.
    Do they think elves make all the furniture and install all the lights and everything. NO, REAL PEOPLE stay up for months working 24 hours a day to make that happen. And what do they get in return? 20 minute meal breaks with cold, substandard food that you wouldn’t let you or your kids eat, and $11.50 a week. Yes that is less than $50 a month. How much do you think each one of those people got paid to make that video?

  86. Yes I know everyone in that video except 3 people. So Sad!

  87. DM executed a major purge of the SH exec structure in late 2006. Nice handling, Davey. That really got things going, didn’t it? Woo Hoo!

  88. Patty,

    You have to be aware of being aware and I’ve not met many psychs who are.

    The Old Man merely saw their little bait and switch game (Help/Betrayal) for what it is – let me control, er … cure you by cutting into your brain – and called them out as a historically aberrated group which tends to return and play the same low-toned game over and over.

    It’s not that they’re always “dangerous”, because they’re not unless power is flowed their way. Curious they seem to really prosper and flourish in periods like the Inquisition, for instance.

    Who doesn’t love a bit of torture and punishment in the guise of spiritual cleansing?

    (Yes, I’m fully aware of the irony inherent in that last sentence.)

  89. I find it amazing, and not a little ironic, that the very LRH ED (102 INT of 20 May 1970) which bears DM’s rallying cry “The Ideal Org” actually spells out, unequivocally, exactly how an ideal org is to be built:

    “Such an ideal org would be built by taking what one has and step by step building and smoothing; grooving in and handling each of its functions, with each of its divisions doing more and more of its full job better and better.”

    But the Marcab Midget knows best and completely counters LRH’s clearly stated command intention.

    Also, let it be said that in my experience, and by my understanding of the tech, a thetan always actually intends the effect created. By that token, the effect aimed for by DM, and doggedly pursued by any means, is nothing short of the destruction of Scientology.

    To call DM a Marcab Midget may be partly in jest, but—observing the results—may well carry more truth that we should be comfortable with, for he may well have been placed here to accomplish exactly what he is accomplishing: ensuring Man does not get out of the trap.

  90. As for the Buddha rumor–LRH is quite explicit in the Hymn of Asia:

    “I compliment You all For Him Whom I have Met
    “And Who I am.”

    No two ways to interpret that.

    And I’m sure he has not abandonded his mission.

  91. Ex-RPFer, You took the words right out of my mouth. I was not sure if a Rant like that by me would be Aprecciated. I still want peoples thoughts on my Hypothesis that DM will leave the Church of $ in ruins and ensd up a REAL ESTATE Mogol. That would be a sound pension plan would it not ? He would be shaking the hands of guys like Donald Trump. Or do you think I think to highly of DMs thieving Skills ?

    Those Actors should get some letters and Emails or Anonymous Press Packs to inform them anyway.

    You share my Outrage. In the end DDM has set out a selfdefeating Strategy. We will hang in there untill the cancer is surgeally removed.

    Its the “As long as you pay You can’t go wrong”policy to the MAX

  92. I find it amazing, and not a little ironic, that the very LRH ED (102 INT of 20 May 1970) which bears as its title DM’s rallying cry “The Ideal Org” actually spells out, unequivocally, exactly how an ideal org is to be built:

    “Such an ideal org would be built by taking what one has and step by step building and smoothing; grooving in and handling each of its functions, with each of its divisions doing more and more of its full job better and better.”

    But the Marcab Midget knows best and diametrically counters LRH’s clearly stated command intention.

    Also, let it be said that in my experience, and by my understanding of the Tech, a thetan always and wholly intends the effect created. By that token, the effect aimed for by DM, and doggedly pursued by any means and minions, is nothing short of the destruction of Scientology.

    To call DM a Marcab Midget may be partly in jest, but—observing the results—as a moniker it may well carry more truth than we should be comfortable with; for he may well have been placed here by masters grim to accomplish exactly what he is accomplishing: ensuring Man does not escape their trap.

  93. Phil Spickler’s Palo Alto Mission was loaded with OLs from different fields including the San Francisco 49ers. John Brodie was the 49ers quarterback for many years and hurt his arm in 1969 and literally could no longer throw a football. He got audited at the mission and the next season won the league’s Most Valuable Player award. Several of the 49ers were on lines at the mission including Gene Washington and Stan Hindman among others. There were also OTs at Stanford who were often at the mission, Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff to name two. It was a happening scene in those days.

  94. Today the Palo Alto Mission is, by report, located in a U-Stor-It facility. Earlier in the year it was on the main drag through Palo Alto (El Camino Real) but downsized.

  95. Independent Spirit

    I wonder what Miscavige and Jentsch are doing on Crowley’s CIA-sources list?

  96. That list, ISpirit, is an urban internet legend. Those are members of a retired spooks organization circa mid-90s – or their mailing list – and some mischief maker created a great little story about where it had come from and added a few recognizable names, including DM and HJ.

    MRs, is it time to tell us what you were really doing in the UK other than drinking that warm beer and mocking up your own Pink Panther tale?

  97. Huckleberry, it is not a “mailing list” of FIOs. It is allegedly a list of former and possibly current CIA sources according to the following description :

    A source is not a paid agent but an individual who can occupy a position of influence, such as an international banker, a member of the print or television media, or a scholar or academic, who might be in a position to influence official decisions or supply necessary support for an official CIA position.

    The list was on cryptome, long before anyone promoted its relevance to the Scientology community, regarding M & J.

    What you have written is itself an “urban legend”.

  98. Wow. The only Ideal Org I have ever been in was the CC on La Brea (LA) circa, oh, 1977 or so. My boyfriend (and first FSM) took me in to see the place. It was not exactly teeming with public but it looked like a going concern. Moderate premises, nothing fancy. I met the CO Yvonne Jentzsch. She invited me into her office , served me tea, and we talked for about a half hour about all sorts of stuff, from spiritual, to family, to work, to hobbies, etc. She was genuinely interested in what I was into, interested in ME, having a laugh, building a friendship. She was polite, she was warm, and when I left, she said goodbye and “I hope you will come back and visit again some time”. No regging, no personality test, just “hope to see you again”. I signed up pretty much within days for the HQS. I became an FEBC graduate and I say that only to point out that I did not simply do a Div 6 course and quit. My first and most compelling experience in an org was with that meeting. I have never seen anything like it since. I tried as ED of my org, to have that same welcoming, no-agenda attitude, but I was so hounded with stats and pressure to sell and recruit that every time I let someone go with a “see you around”, I felt like I was committing some big 3rd dynamic overt. I had to quit. What a shame. I know this blog is not to just remember the good ol’days, but that really was an example of what I think LRH meant in the Ideal Org policy. Not buildings, not furniture, but true ARC. I haven’t seen or felt that way in an org for too many years. It makes me sad.


    RJ, it seems the cryptome founder himself sees the strangeness in all but 100 of those names coming directly from the publicly released membership of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. How are these guys – who were probably spooks themselves – to be seen as CIA sources?

    The remaining 100 or so names are the result of someone being mischievous.

    Ted Koppel and DM; you have to see the humor in that.

  100. Joe sounds like you might have been there. If you were you probably know my parents. They were friends with Brody and the 49ers, Mimi Rogers and one of the Feshbacks.

    Phil Spickler, with an incredible amount of willingness and origination, created all that. He was “purged” apparently. Don’t know if he was amongst the 20 something mission holders declared by DM and co. in one swoop, but I’m sure he was amongst the 100% of mission holders who realized it was extremely dangerous to disseminate, and that you’re probably criminal for opening up a mission, so don’t bother. (missions were 60% of Int GI reportedly, now they’re below non-E)

  101. Good points Robin. Also the price list for courses wasn’t a withhold back then. To reiterate an earlier point on this blog, WDC did an eval in 82 and found Scientology was pricing itself into oblivion. There are of course LRH policies ensuring prices aren’t fixed permanently so blue collar people can afford it, and Miscavige has ignored that, making the tech unreachable to many. It’s not like we couldn’t afford to lower prices right now with hundreds of millions pouring into the IAS and buildings.

  102. Who said CIA lacked a sense of humor 🙂

    However, Dan Brandt isn’t the founder of cryptome. He founded namebase.

    That said there are all kinds of people on the list that have, seem likely to have had some connection. Regarding Koppel ABC is owned by Cap Cities which has some pretty spooky connections:

    Also many of these FIOs worked for Mullen and Assoc. or H&K which again are two other fright nite fronts used by the Agency.

    Huckleberry, I don’t accept the list as gospel myself as I wrote “alleged” but I wouldn’t say it was totally concocted either or dismiss it entirely as you and Brandt apparently do.

    Come on Huckleberry Scientology’s connections to CIA are already well documented.

    How deeply these connections go is a matter of speculation.

    One thing’s for sure that whether Miscavige knows it or not. That is unwitting or witting as they say in the trade he is working on “their” behalf.

    Who they are is covered in Omar Garrison’s book.

  103. James MacGregor Burns:
    Divorced from ethics, leadership is reduced to management and politics to mere technique.

  104. Loping Wolf, when LRH says “And Who I am.”, my take is that the definition of buddha that applies is “one who has attained buddhahood or enlightenment. So he met Guatama, and he’s also a Buddha himself. That or they are of the same theta line; theta line being referenced in LRH’s lecture going over “Ai Pedrito!”, and in that theta line definition isn’t clarified totally. Or he could be Guatama.

  105. I had no idea of that eval, which is interesting since 1982 I recall as being one of the hardest periods for me to cope with as an org staffer, trying to make things solvent. And, prices being a withold is true even AFTER the fact! My sweet, hard-working, sensible, non-Scn husband STILL does not have a clue how much I have spent on services over the years. I think he figures it’s a few thousand… LOL. I can’t tell him because I’m sure he would think I’m NUTS and completely financially out to lunch. Yikes!

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