Reverse Indulgences – the final purges part 6


After escaping Flag and securing a rental car, Debbie and Wayne did like every self-respecting erstwhile slave has done for centuries, hightailed it north. They drove toward Debbie’s father’s place in North Carolina. They attempted to remain low profile. However, OSA spared no money in hunting them down. Debbie and Wayne were located in a coffee shop in South Carolina. While Security and OSA sources debate the truth of it, at least one of them insists that the OSA operatives on the scene used a car to block Debbie and Wayne’s in its parking spot in the lot. Kathy True (who ironically has lately taken to telling lies habitually) from OSA Flag entered the coffee shop and tried to convince Debbie and Wayne to return. They finally agreed to at least route out “properly” so they would not be declared. Debbie insisted her father was awaiting their arrival and they were going to see him first.

True received a brutal toasting for letting them leave South Carolina headed north. Consequently, True dashed to North Carolina and immediately began pestering Debbie and Wayne to return to Flag.

Debbie and Wayne only agreed to return under the promise that they do NOTHING but route out rapidly. They returned after True had accepted their terms as authorized by DM through his RTC Rep Flag.

Craig Jensen’s daughter got the assignment to sec check Debbie. She was an RTC sec checker, despite being a relatively green SO member, perhaps because of daddy’s elite IAS donation status. Debbie was put in “session” and was immediately interrogated. It was an out-tech dog’s breakfast, Nazi-style badgering ordeal.

When Debbie had finally had enough she threatened the RTC rep that if she was not out of custody by the next day that the Clearwater Police would arrive to release her.

Lo and behold, Debbie was finally speaking DM’s language. Suddenly, Debbie was being listened to. An OSA team came in and delivered DM’s life ring for Debbie and Wayne to avoid declares and lost hope of ever using or seeing Scientology at any time in the future. Some “bullet-proof” termination contracts were drafted by OSA attorneys. The contracts called for heavy monetary fines should Debbie and Wayne ever disclose the seriatum violations of State and Federal criminal laws they had witnessed and were subjected to. In order to make the contracts “binding”, they were given modest severance pay in exchange for their non-disclosure promises.

That’s right folks, DM’s latest “solution” to holding onto his precious withholds is paying people not to disclose them. I call it Reverse Indulgences, after the Medeival Catholic church practice of accepting money in exchange for exonerating folk for their confessed crimes. The practice was so abhorred it served as the primary motivator for the Reformation. DM’s Reverse Indulgences is a far more pernicious practice. He pays money (parishioner’s donations) to prevent folk from confessing his own crimes.

Now, our legal team (yes, we have quite a formidable one, all sub rosa for now of course) has done plenty of research on the matter. Their conclusion is that DM’s silence contracts are NOT enforcable for two primary reasons:

a) Contracts that silence the disclosure of felonious behavior are a violation of public policy and are thus unlawful.

b) The contracts we are familiar with so far dispense such a pittance in exchange for silence (and are entered into with a party who has no opportunity for legal representation) they are unenforceable contracts. For example, in the case of Debbie what do you suppose reasonable severance compensation would be for a Chief Executive Officer who brought in 1.75 Billion dollars during her tenure (yes One Billion, Seven-hundred and fifty million dollars)? Believe me, she got chump’s change. So did the other subjects of “contract tech.”

At the same time, recognize that Debbie, Wayne and others similarly situated are suffering from an intentionally created in terrorum effect. That terror is the knowledge that for all practical purposes they do have their backs against the wall because Miscavige WILL spend however many millions he has to ruin his opponent.

I call it the Time Warner effect. We sued Time Warner over their 1991 Time magazine cover story. After eight years of expensive litigation the dismissal of the case was affirmed by the highest court in the land. The press duly noted Time’s “victory”, while DM laughed all the way to the IAS patron’s ball. You see, we knew that Time had spent so much money defending themselves from our punishing over-litigation strategy that during the course of the litigation Time had exceeded their insurance coverage. First they had to dig significant amounts out of their own coffers to see the case through. Second, they had hugely increased premiums when they finally found a carrier after their then-current one dumped them like a plague infested rat.

DM literally giggled for years at how Time began to treat Scientology with kid gloves, steering clear of  any Scientology controversy. And while his mirth is more twisted and spasmodic of late, he still feels a measure of confidence with the TW boys.

So, if America’s largest media conglomerates can be made to kow tow to the menace, what do you think a single, middle-aged wreck, with no viable job history and no assets feels like?

Please recognize that when dealing with people who have been subjected to “contract tech” or Reverse Indulgences. At the end of the day, the more folks who step up to the plate the safer it will be for them too.

It puts me and some of my friends in a very tough and vulnerable position to carry on with the work we do. But, hey if life were fair what kind of game would we have?

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  1. Now, our legal team (yes, we have quite a formidable one, all sub rosa for now of course) has done plenty of research on the matter.

    “Oh, make no mistake. It’s not revenge he’s after. It’s a reckoning. ”
    Doc Holliday

  2. Larry Anderson, tries to get his money returned from the church of scientology. He accuses the church upper management of corruption.

    Take note of the reason he gives for that accusation:

  3. IF life were fair, I would hope that I had a bigger theta game to play instead of this planet earth bs. As much as I’ve always admired Debbie, she and her husband sold their souls to the Demented One. They have all of the tech at their disposal. They chose to partake in the insanity. Even though you have attorneys stating that the contracts are pretty much bogus, are you going to send her an email and let her know this? I’m just trying to wrap logic around this.


    • Wrong Target using to much Amo.

    • “IF life were fair, I would hope that I had a bigger theta game to play instead of this planet earth bs.”

      Poor you, Life is neither unfar nor fair, people are.

      “As much as I’ve always admired Debbie, she and her husband sold their souls to the Demented One.”

      Classic built up and than smashing them to the ground. Be glad they are OUT. Give them lots of hugs and cake.

      “They have all of the tech at their disposal. They chose to partake in the insanity.”

      On a high horse much ? Love, hope and fear keeps them in as lots of others. Top Brass gets untill the end of this year to get out. Debbie does not strike me as obne of the Sadists or Psychopaths surrounding DM. Having been DM-ed yes.

      “I’m just trying to wrap logic around this.”

      Translation: I am twisting the knife put in her back one more time.

  4. Marty, I am glad you decided to take on the task of rehabilitating refugees from the CofS.

    One of the recurring themes in the tales of Ex- SO departures is the willingness to be recovered and come back and route out “properly”.
    (The historical precedent is meekly getting aboard the cattle cars to Auschwitz and not making a fuss)

    EVERY ONE of the stories I have read so far involved out-tech interrogation which were brutal attempts to restimulate implants and terrorize the leaving party.

    If we get no other message across to people contemplating leaving the church, it should be:


    Do not pay your “freeloaders debt” it is an illegal claim and cannot be enforced.

    Do not allow personal contact.
    Do not return to the org.
    Do not allow phone calls.

    Handle everything by email so there is a record of everything said. Tell them you will be publishing threatening emails on the Internet.

    My org traffic dropped dramatically when I made org terminals communicate by email only.

    Bottom line: Once you decide to leave – don’t look back and don’t come back – ever.

    • War and Peace

      David ~~

      Very sound post. Very good coaching.
      The current C of S has FEAR in SO member departures because of what new horror story the person leaving can reveal~~ on the internet or better still at the St Pete Times.

      The entire mission of Hansuilli, Marion Dendui and Mike Sutter is to do some kind of damage control to those who have left, who have plenty to reveal as Time Marches On…..

      This Church request to “route out” properly now contains many BRIBES.

      1) Come back and route out ~~We will cancel your FREELOADER Bill.
      (an unenforceable piece of hot air)

      2) Come back and route out ~~We will let you have communication with your husband/wife/twin/kids
      (The arrogance that the CHURCH gives PERMISSION to talk to your own comm lines)

      3) Come back and route out ~~We will let you be in good standing and work in Scientology owned companies.
      (Like this is some kind of benevolence)

      David ~~Well spoken:

      Heck, Marc Headley made it a badge of honor to be BLOWN for GOOD.
      #1 Best Seller in Scientology category on Amazon month after month after month

      • Wins Mexico and Virgil Samms ~~
        Your blogs well received.
        Shipmates !

        My time track within C of S is very long. ( In since a teenager) Longer than most…

        I am horrified and aghast as to what Miscavige has done with this Church. I am in a position to know THEN vs NOW.

        David Mayo was an ASSET to the Church of Scientology. His brilliance in CSing saved FSO countless refunds, he single handedly managed the tech on the Flagship Apollo keeping GI coming in so that LRH has a safe and secure space on the high seas. On estimate, he probably CSed $3 million worth of VSD a year on the Apollo year in and year out.
        At FSO, he CSed 12 million a year of auditing year in and year out til he left to save LRH’s life.
        Mayo believed in training of auditors more than anything else.

        David Miscavige plotting his purges took Mayo out early by intense 3rd party and wild lies to the boss about Mayo. Remember Miscavige and Broker controlled the line as to what was fed to LRH.

        Earlier, Mayo was on an LRH order to sec check Miscavige. The sec check never happened instead Miscavige took Mayo out. First Mayo had to run around an isolated tree at 12 hours a day in the burning Hemet sun “Cause Resurgence Rundown” was used as a torture punishment. This went on for weeks.

        Mayo lost a lot of calcium (minerals drain from the body when you sweat). He lost a lot of his teeth.

        Here is an excerpt of what Miscavige did to him subsequently ~~

        DAVID MAYO’s exact QUOTE

        I was persecuted by INTERPOL, at the direction of David Miscavige’s RTC/Church of Scientology(tm). On August 4, 1994, our residence was surrounded by approximately 15 armed police, military and DNCD agents. I was not charged nor was I resented with any order but I was handcuffed. My home was searched for fire arms, drugs and money. No drugs or firearms were found. Nonetheless, I was taken to two police stations and eventually taken to Santo Domingo where I was put in prison with no charges, explanation or reason. I wasn’t allowed to make a phone call to anyone — not even to a lawyer, to my wife or to the American Embassy. That night, I was put in a small cell (about 12′ x 12′) stuffed with 10 – 12 other men overnight in abhorrent conditions — I had not been permitted food or water since the afternoon, there was no place to stretch out, the cell was filled with stench due to a blocked toilet and there were flies and mosquitoes. The next day I learned that it was INTERPOL that was investigating me at the request of Scientology(tm). I was released the next night, without being charged, but the incident was shockingly unexpected and intimidating. The harassment didn’t end there.

        “By its constitution INTERPOL is forbidden to undertake any intervention or activities of a political, military, religious, or racial character.” (http// The last thing it should have been done was to have my house searched without a warrant, have me detained at gun point, have me thrown me in jail under harsh and unsanitary conditions and interrogated at the request of Scientology(tm). Scientology(tm) purports to be a religion. For the Church of Scientology(tm) to get INTERPOL to persecute a former member and to take action against me for charges that they had failed to win in their extensive litigation against me and my church is clearly having INTERPOL interfere in religious matters.

        End of Quote.


        Using INTERPOL with trumped up charges against a 30 year veteran and a Senior CS INT~~who had saved LRH’s life by many who were there at W.
        Sarge will know more.

        You can’t make this stuff up. This is beyond Hollywood

        Read more ~
        and press continue for continuity of the write up.

      • War and Peace,
        David’s running around that pole lasted a long, long time.
        From David Mayo’s affidavit:
        “I was forced to run around a tree in the desert in temperatures of up to 110 degrees for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3 months”

      • Sharon,
        I ran around the pole for 3 months, starting in July. It was in the same climate as you mention, that is, a couple of miles down the road, so it was hot in the summer. We had a heat spell of 110 F for almost two weeks that year. I ended up in unbelievably good mental and physical shape. I highly recommend the Running Program at the appropriate place on one’s auditing steps.

    • Thought provoking

      This is sage advice, David.

      The perks of being “in good standing” become dimmer each day.


      • This whole “In Good Standing” Practice has got to be cancelled alsoo. It leads to nothing even when it is benign.

  5. I’m feeling less frustrated by this Debbie situation after realizing we could start a mission and start rocking out with WDAH and Student points, PLUS the blogs. All cylinders.

    Anyways regarding the article:
    The intel web is huge it seems. We got legal now. It’s getting to be quite a formidable combined force. Debbie, read the previous thread all about the old missions and remember how it was back then. ED Indie mission? We could be based in Indianapolis for laughs.

  6. War and Peace

    It is my perception that DM has gone down down down the tone scale.

    There was a time where departures, or threat of departures and blows triggered Drachonian-like punishments.

    (Reference incarcerations in Old Gilman House at INT base for simply asking to leave.)

    In earlier times, like just discussed in last blog Mission Holders were threatened with jail sentences and blackness in eternity. DM was riding high with his sense of POWER and DOMINATION.

    As more transparency occurs, targets are bought off, purchased, or offered money (Mike Rinder for example who would not be bribed to shut up.) But offering money is propitation. (Gifts, money offerings, presents is PROPITIATION= Science of Survival.)
    DM is off is high horse of leashing out venomous Declares. He is running scared.

    Debbie was apparently given a pittance for $1.75 billion revenue, but in earlier times she could have had a vicious declare. I found the SP declare on David Mayo declaring him to be “Darling of the psychs” a vicious ultimate DM act of criminality on a 30 year Top Notch Veteran.

    If David Mayo had been sent to Creston Ranch, LRH could well have lived a few more years.
    David Mayo really knew LRH’s case.
    Jellyfish wimpy Ray Mithoff would not have had David Mayo expertise.
    Witness how Ray Mithoff permits DM to change the definition of an FN. Cowered and Wimpy he cannot speak up.

    Yes, the man who brought LRH back to life from a comatose state in 1978 was a psych !
    Give me a break.
    The man LRH appointed Senior CS on the Apollo and at Flag Land Base for years, was the “darling of the psychs.” This is saying that LRH was so blind, such a poor judge of character, that he would choose someone in the psychiatric camp to be Senior CS INT !!!

    Minerva has a few screws loose and is so off survey, he/she will be a no mention hit in Alexa Stats in the next 100 years.

    I salute David Mayo.
    I spit on David Miscavige.

    • David Mayo.

      Another chapter in the history of scientology that could help if cleared out.

      I agree in the point he know a lot and couldn´t be on LRH lines so much and be undetected as an SP.

      I don´t buy that SP declare.

      But; why in the name of all the hobbyhorses in the planet he never speak again?

      Silence like a grave.

      So many stories arround him that one ends not knowing what to believe.

    • W&P, you make some excellent points. One of the many subjects I un-brainwashed myself on after leaving CoM over a decade ago was David Mayo. He was – and is – one of the good guys, in fact one of the very good guys. I only wish he was part of the dialogue today.

      • War and Peace

        Maurice ~~~

        David Mayo brilliantly held Senior CS Flag, Senior CS FSO and Senior CS INT for well over a decade.

        ####Under Mayo’s watch, no OT 7 or anyone in the OT band emptied a gun into the head of an employee
        click here ~~

        #####Under David Mayo’s Watch as Senior CS no “clear” took off all her clothes and walked naked on Fort Harrison Avenue
        click here ~~

        Under David Mayo’s Watch as Senior CS there was no exodus of OTs who were”done” with the Church.

        Under David Mayo’s watch there was no such thing as “Gang Bang Sec Checking” to overwhelm
        This is an abusive Miscavige invention.

        Under David Mayo’s watch there will little to no Type IIIs needing “baby watch” or Introspection Rundown.

        Mayo CSed millions of dollars worth of Bridge.
        What CSing has Miscavige done ?

        Mayo made tons of auditors.
        Miscavige has brutalized tech terminals within FSO
        Miscavige cancelled auditor certs and enforced Golden Age of Technical Bullshit, causing most Field auditors to depart.

        David Mayo observed the very basics of the Auditor’s code
        1) You audit a pc that has had sufficient rest
        2)You audit a pc that has had sufficient food.

        ###### I personally, was brutalized up at INT base, hauled out of bed in the middle of the night multiple times (so was DAVID MAYO by Jesse Prince) and like many others tortured by hours of paranoid sec check questions over no sleep, no food, violating the very basics of the auditor’s code.

        Miscavige is the ultimate squirrel.

        I am sure you get the point ~~

      • Could he be somehow included? Does anyone know where he is? Can anyone contact him and coax him into the discussion?

  7. I don’t understand why Debbie would even go back for a “proper” routing out? Didn’t she know better?
    And even now she is in “good standing” with all the on-lines Scientologists on her FB page!?

    I really hope she regains her self-respect and integrity soon so she is no longer in fear of DM and his minions.

    • Perhaps going to back to route out properly was for her personal integrity and not for others?

      Somehow I cannot envision Debbie Cook as being in fear of anyone. If she had a lack of self-respect and lack of personal integrity she would still be there and under the same suppression others remain in. By all indicators she saw and experienced the degradation and it seems when she saw no strategy to handle it from her position she didn’t stay; says a lot.

      Let’s let her get her “sea legs”. She is an incredible person and true friend to all of us and to LRH.

      • FreeAndClearNow

        “Let no pleasure tempt thee, no profit allure thee, no persuasion move thee, to do anything which thou knowest to be evil; so shalt thou always live jollity; for a good conscience is a continual Christmas.”
        — Benjamin Franklin

        “What is personal integrity?

        Personal integrity is knowing what you know –

        What you know is what you know –

        And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.

        And that is integrity

        And there is no other integrity. ”

        – LRH

        I look forward to Debbie showing she is a true friend to LRH Dagny.

    • Do not underestimate Debbie Cook Baumgarten.
      That is one tough, dedicated, trained/hatted exec. She was manipulated and tricked by the devil incarnate. My guess is, she didn’t like that one bit and that we’ve not heard the last of Debbie Cook.
      I suggest you stay tuned and watch.
      Popcorn anyone?

  8. Where is this data coming from if it was paid not to be disclosed? How is this known in such detail? Debbie isn’t talking right? This is only fair to ask, no?

  9. I think it would be great if we could all work together and build a legal juggernot to whip up on the CofM!!

    Alex Metheny

  10. Sorry, just read it over again and I get it more clearly now.


    Count me IN.

  12. War & Peace;

    I really like you. I find myself scanning ahead of each posting to see if you posted a comment. Your viewpoints and the eloquence in which you present them titilate me.

    Today you come busting out with Mayo being saluted. I would never have even entertained that thought, but now since you post what you did, I have reason to look at Mayo in a new unit of time.

    It’s kinda like the conditioning of the 50’s and 60’s where we are supposed to hate communists and “all Russians are Commies” To this day when I meet a Russian I ridge at him.

    Same with Mayo. Middle management was totally convinced he was bad because of the completelness of the propaganda on him.

    Thanks for being there. Keep up your comments, they really do help.


  13. Marty, will you name your source for this?
    Have you spoken with Debbie since she left?
    If DM took Debbie to court for breach of Reverse Indulgences contract that would be great for the cause and followed avidly by media and ‘stuck-in’ scientologists. I doubt DM would take this risk.
    The questions are: would Debbie like to go public with what really happened? ; or is she too complicit?; or is she too ‘stuck-in’ to know what is out at this time?

  14. “So, if America’s largest media conglomerates can be made to kow tow to the menace, what do you think a single, middle-aged wreck, with no viable job history and no assets feels like?” Large conglomerates have no soul and a large amount of greed. A middle-aged wreck, with no viable job history has not much money to lose and lot to gain by being sued for money by DM.

  15. Personally, I think you grant Miscavige way too much power Marty.

    If it wasn’t for Moxon, Kobrin and Yingling, not to mention the elusive and mysterious Lenske and his special “friends” in the Neo-Nazi cult of InterPol who distributed that disinformation pamphlet on the “Scientology Religion” on his behalf or CIA’s H&K who softened up their paper of record founded by their most vocal agent of influence Henry Luce and the IRS, who like the DEA they had philosophical difficulties regarding their scrutiny of their Laundry facilities such as BCCI and Nugan Hand Bank.

    Miscavige would just be considered another useless High School drop out with a bad attitude, if he wasn’t useful in some way being the “Leader” of an influential religion or cult depending on your perspective.

    So I conclude that Miscavige like many organized crime figures who end up on the Government’s payroll, serves some kind of purpose that makes him untouchable which is why he is never prosecuted for the litany of crimes he commits.

    Also I think the arrogant little bastard knows this which is one of the reasons why (other than the fact that he is a L1 R/Ser) he continuously commits overts.

    Then again I could be wrong and maybe you’re right.

    However, I’d hate to think that the Church of Scientology. An organization that stood up against some of the heaviest hitters on the top ten of planetary suppression was taken out by a pint sized retard who doesn’t even know that Pearl Harbor wasn’t attacked by suicide bombers or what an F/N actually looks like.

    I mean the guy makes Forrest Gump look like fricken’ Einstein!!!

    Nuff said

    • RJ,

      Well said !

      Have a good day !

    • I take great exception to that character assassination, RJ.

      Forrest Gump is perhaps the most theta, highest-toned character in the history of film! He played the game by postulates, not “thinkingness”. (You think it was an accident that all those good things happened to him?) The guy was constantly exterior and saw the beauty and fun in Life.

      Miscavige, not so much.

      • Huckleberry, your affection for Forrest Gump makes me smile. Now, there was a guy who made things go right. And he kept things simple. Absolutely lovely!

        Just Me

      • Er…sorry.

        Didn’t mean to besmirch Forrest….sigh…

        But it’s hard to find someone dumber than Miscavige. Unless it’s an inanimate object like a toaster…

        But then toasters are useful items…


    • You know, I remember that mention of “suicide bombings” in the letter released by COB after 9-11. I was a bit stunned that such sloppy recounting of history was in evidence. As a student of history I knew that the Japanese pilote were NOT instructed to suicide themselves unless forced to surrender. Only one plane crashed into a hanger on purpose, but only after it had lost fuel due to tank damage. The remaining planes flew standard bombing runs.

      I am glad I was not the only one who remembers that embarrasment. But then again, the leader of the CoS is a high school dropout.

      Remember Pearl Harbor. Forget DM.

      • “member Pearl Harbor. Forget DM.”

        As long as DM pulls the strings he is in our sights. After he is gone I am happily to forget about him, but untill than:

        Never Forgive, Never Forget, DM should Expect Us

      • Unfortunately his ignorance of history is only out done by his ignorance of Policy and Tech!

        Either that or it’s willful misapplication (I noticed that high crime has been carefully redacted from the current Ethics Book) or a combination of the two.

    • Theo Sismanides

      Yes, I agree with Forrest Gump being very theta guy and maybe exterior all the time.

      Why don’t we play it like Forrest Gumps here and start our own movement? Ha ha!

      I mean I kinda tend to agree with RJ, there is more to this than just DM. The whole planet is going down, the real suppressives are doing a great job with globalization, cutting down salaries and bonuses of poor people, creating crisis and grabbing the opportunity to become more rich by buying at lesser prices, infiltrating every single decent movement on earth… and we just think of how to get rid of Miscavige?

      Of course he is supported, as Sarge says LRH would be accused for spitting on the sidewalk and now DM gets away with tons of “spittings”.

      But he is not our game finally, our game has been the planet and to the amount we fail to increase our sphere of responsibility to that degree we fail.

      There is a new game. We are many more now. All we have to do is create a fairly tight ship again. Just by caring and organizing our folks. Just that. Just a new game. Just keep that postulate. Now we can do it.

    • Another “prayer warrior” perhaps?

      He certainly fell right in line on prop eight in California. That’s just the latest glaring example.
      hese large organizations are top priority when controlling a populace.

      Us stragglers area bit more trouble:)

      • That’s scary!

        Er…thanks Victoria.

        This is like the Unification Church on steroids!!!

        Moral Rearmament on full throttle drive!!!

        In short something that would appeal to Miscavige and his underwriters!

      • Sarah Palin is an upstat, doesn’t follow the rules or toe the party line, so she is 3P’d, by both parties. Look at the stats and products, not the rhetoric that lots of money and media is being thrown at. Regardless of politics–look don’t listen. Who does it benefit and whose toes does she step on?

  16. “if life were fair what kind of game would we have?”

    Thanks Marty.
    The things that you share with us are very valuable.
    Many of them validate inhibited viewpoints some of us have.

    It´s helpful to know all this details.
    3D de-aberration.

    I hope this leads at the end to even more.
    I wonder how you know all this details.
    (No need to answer)

    Good to know you have many comm lines; more than CofM would like.

  17. Barney Rubble

    I hate to say this, but this situation with Deb Cook, looks like it has taken a turn for the worse.

    Yes of course, nobody knows the real data or the current situation.

    But, it’s a bad scene. Very disapointing….

  18. Theo Sismanides

    Marty thanks for these revealing facts about Debbie. It’s a pity how she and her husband believe that such contracts may be valid. They aren’t and you and the legal team are right.

    On the bright side we have a legal team, hurray! This is awesome. The work you do and your persistence alone is a stable point for all Scientologists. And I mean all. Never in my 10 years outside of the so called church have I experienced such a relief. Just the fact that we operate together with a BIG R now on WHO and WHY has cleared so much charge.

    That we are a few after all doesn’t matter. Remember the 300s, the Spartians against the Persians. They had the heart of a lion and this is who we are. We might not even be 300 who put out their names. It’s OK. I know there are many more who are here not yet decided to step out of line. That’s OK. There are always the front people. And this is who we are.

    What we are into here is so important that I am sure that little by little more and more folks will realize that more need to step out of line as we lose people like Debbie.

    The stronger WE get the better for Mankind.

    This is not a joke or a pompous statement.

    This is OUR resonsibility now that the chains are gone.

    No more excuses, the way has been found, Scientology is free once again.

    The question What did you do, applies. Sorry, folks, including me, myself and I.

    If Helmut is running missions in Far East and Marty is building up a network of people to safeguard what’s left of the technology and if people still apply Scientology outside of the church to help people then we also need to do something to back them up. And if Debbies decide to go the other way it’s also their responsibility. We have now our own way and it’s based on our Reality, Agreement on the Tech.

    Marty we hear you!

  19. I sure hope Debbie and Wayne read this. Can someone who knows them send them the link?

    About this: “Debbie was put in “session” and was immediately interrogated. It was an out-tech dog’s breakfast, Nazi-style badgering ordeal.” . . . This is what’s being done these days with LRH’s tech. DM, via OSA, has used such interrogations, loudly and intentionally violating every line of the Auditor’s Code, to drive people crazy.

    Literally. They drove Nancy Many to a psychotic break with such interrogations, reverse-Scientology style. The evilness of this regime is staggering.

    Marty, the best thing that’s happened to the independent movement is that you got yourself out and got yourself back together, reverse indulgences notwithstanding! And well done on cracking the legal nut DM uses to protect his withholds.

  20. Ironically, the allegation by (admittedly failed) EEI, posting anonymously on the anti-Rathbun site, is that it was Marty who was conducting these Nazi-style Sec Check interrogations and that he’d always do them when Miscavige was away from the base!

    I am so reminded of Inglorious Basterds …

    The positioning will change from DM because he knows his game’s up.

    Rather than punishment and harrassment from PIs, dissenters will get payouts and legal contracts (you are correct that they’re not worth the paper they’re written on because they stipulate a witholding of evidence in criminal matters).

    There will also be a New Reasonableness in dealing with Independents.

    It will take the form of admissions that things aren’t perfect within CoS and mistakes have been made, etc etc, but will come with pleas that this is OUR church and WE need to stick together to make it go right.

    I would imagine Debbie Cook has this viewpoint as we speak. It’s hard to abandon the loyalty of a lifetime.

    I probably would have it, too, if I didn’t know better and understand that it’s just the newest evolution of the Miscavige power grab.

    • Huck,
      In the long run, it is OUR group. We do need to assume full responsibility for the whole thing.

      When I decided to openly communicate and post on the internet, it was preceded by a fully conscious assumption of any and all randomities and aspects of the entirety of the impact of Scientology on the world around me, just as it says in the Code of A Scientologist. That was a milestone for me personally, to be willing to assume responsibility for the works. Even if it was for me a form of Rising Scale processing, hell, it worked and it works.

      You know this; it really is a pair of boots that we ALL have to assume to make the grade. May as well break them in.

      • Very true, JLo. It is our group and that’s why I won’t play the game of making those still in the CoS wrong. Miscavige has created enough OppTerms for us all.

  21. Marty, Thanks for speaking up for all of us. You always tell it like it is, while also bringing great insight.

    BTW, I believe further legal disqualifications rendering said contracts void are (c) Victims are persuaded to sign under intense coercion and not of their own free will (certainly true in my case). (d) The church failed to provide the victim with a copy of the contract. This last one seems to me particularly telling. “Did you get a copy of the contract?” ought to be enough to make anyone see the light. Name any other circumstance where someone signs a contract and is not given a copy. Both parties ALWAYS receive a copy. (e) The church hasn’t tried to enforce a single instance and won’t because if they do, guaranteed we will be “telling all” before a judge and you know DM (Dust Mite) doesn’t want the truth to come out.

    • martyrathbun09

      Thoughtful, you are absolutely right on all counts.

    • Theo Sismanides

      Yes, I attest to that Thoughtful, now that I remember I also had signed such an “agreement”, haha.

      I had forgotten about it completely and never paid attention to it.

    • Thoughtful, you are correct – signed a bunch of papers – non disclosure mumbo jumbo which Kirsten Caetano brought. She assured me 2-3 times that I would get a copy and of course lied to my face. There was no intention of doing so.

  22. Barney, a little more specific please?

  23. RJ, It seems Nixon is still alive and presented DM with a big Silver badge . Where is all the government activity that was there when LRH
    would get accused of spitting on the sidewalk?

    • Theo Sismanides

      Hi Sarge, what do you by “t seems Nixon is still alive and presented DM with a big Silver badge” ? Probably you are joking but since I am a foreigner I am not sure I get it. Pls explain.

      • I believe is a reference to Elvis Presley meeting with president Nixon about joining the war against drugs. That day, Elvis presented the President with a gift: a gun. It was a big flap since everybody in security missed it. In turn, Nixon presented Elvis with a badge making him a marshal or something.

    • Roger that Sarge.

      Just picture Davy on the right of this picture:

      Also picture his name on this one:

      Yeah the Gov sure hounded the Ol’man which is why we had to have relay offices, dead drops, counter surveillance and other tradecraft essentials.

      Personally, I don’t think the CIA ever forgave Ron for blowing their Mind Control Op back in ’51.

      Ron was definitely not a friend of big government.

      Unlike the self proclaimed “heir apparent” who now proclaims that the Government is “our friend” and sucks up to anyone in the White House, the Senate and Congress like a high priced call girl.

      Not to mention his “moon lighting” job working for the IRS on CCTC as chief Tax rat.

      I don’t know which is worse getting audited by the IRS or one of those new “Golden Age of (out) Tech” auditors!

      All said and done Sarge. I personally think the ignorant little twerp has “friends ” in high places.

      Ask yourself “who’d like to see Scientology fail?” and you can pretty much figure out who they are?

      • Here’s a better question, RJ. Who’s got secrets they think Scientology will find out about?

      • That’s a good one too, Huck.

        Funny that Scientology’s *quote* Spiritual Leader *unquote* hasn’t been in session since ’94.

        Maybe he just got tired of looking at a persistent R/S when he picked up the solo cans.

  24. I still can’t get over how much some people love getting played by this guy. I have to believe they love no hope, apathy, persist no matter how stupid computations. I’ve had that before too but I won’t take it to the extreme of where you knowingly persist in sending the stats down.
    All of you that love Miscavige, that’s fine. Just don’t complain about what’s coming to you because you knew and you decided to love your chains. YOU are sending the stats down.

    I talked to a staff member a year or so ago and we were talking about staff members in general for some reason. They said something like “holding the fort” till it gets better. Man o man, Scientology was exploding before Miscavige took over.

    Lots of us don’t understand inflation and a police state creeping in I guess. The best living standards in the history of Earth have been since Dianetics was published. How in the hell is this downtrend going to be turned around when it’s that much harder? The only solution is for us to offer cheaper services and real services.

    There’s no way we’ll turn this around with a bunch of people that LOVE being suckers. I swear to god most of these people won’t admit it to themselves but they have a death postulate with admiration holding it there.
    This is the circuit:
    “Bend over with me and take it! Isn’t it great to DIE and take down everyone with me! I love my masters! Lets all be suckers forever! I will die before you get better than me.”

    Just like lots of people LOVE to work 3 months of the year solely to enrich a couple hundred families with the federal income tax, and they love free trade with 3rd world countries. I’m talking about the ones that know all about this stuff but love it because it’s tearing things apart.

    When you have crabs in a bucket, whenever one of them tries to crawl back out the rest will pull him back down. They could easily crawl out but none make it, everyone’s gotta die. Miscavige and his inner circle are trying to keep us down, they fear missions being opened more than anything I betcha. There’s plenty of people that don’t want to tear everything down, we’d get sooo much support.

  25. Great Article Marty!!
    I just listened to a great lecture from the Clearing Course ‘VIOLENCE’ by LRH

    “If you wanted to set man free, at large, it would be necessary to change his mind on the subject of what he should obey. And if he should obey good sense, good control, if he would obey orderliness, he would continue to be free.

    But if he continues to be indoctrinated into the idea that he should obey violence, he will again become very unfree.”

    • Theo Sismanides

      wow, great quote, thanks Silvia!

    • “If you wanted to set man free at large, it would be necessary to change his mind on the subject of what he should obey. And if he should obey good sense, good control, if he would obey orderliness, he would continue to be free.

      How can a man be free if he must also obey?

      • Dear Blip,

        Example: your wife wants you to put the laundry into the laundry basket. If you don’t obey you’re not free and have troubles.
        clear the words ! 🙂

        have a good day !

  26. And what about the government? Would it even be possible to get control of the church back when it is owned by the government already, including all the OT Levels?

  27. Debbie if you read this I hope you and Wayne come forward. Your voices would help stop the insantity. For me the fear and so-called terror stopped when I said to myself so hey what are they going to do to me? Boy if something like this does not make you stronger I don’t what will. One day you will wake up and say enough!
    Love Carol

  28. Hello everybody,

    Found that on, where Laurie Hamilton answers people questions about Scientology (link: )
    “Ron’s crown jewel third dynamic is the Sea Org. Its members are heavily insulated from risk, the group provides all of their survival needs including food, lodging and transportation, they are offered merit bonuses and advancement, but only offered basic wages in proportion to how the ENTIRE organization does, out of funds which are centrally controlled. Group assets far exceed personal assets. It is very top-down organized and socialist in terms of the general welfare. As a single-purpose group, it is highly efficient, very productive, and group morale is high.”
    “socialist in terms of the general welfare”

    Seems that debbie fleed from that socialist paradise.

    have a good day !

    • Socialist is an interesting viewpoint. I would’ve thought Indentured Servant was more like it; or like the serfs in Tsarist Russia, where you can work as hard as you can and never get more than a roof over your head, potatoes and vodka. Except there’s not even vodka in the SO.

    • Yeah, socialist all right, but North Korean socialist, not Scandinavian socialist. There’s a big difference.

      Last summer I happened to see a documentary on Swedish TV about 5 American soldiers who defected to North Korea in the 50s after the hostilities ceased and I was struck by the similarities between the Int Base and life in North Korea, except North Koreans had more freedom. I kid you not.

      The next day I went for a bike ride through the Swedish countryside where the health care and education are free, parents are paid a monthly stipend for each child, income taxes are the same as here in the US and they haven’t been in a war in more than 200 years despite being 100 miles from Hitler’s Germany. How many Americans would like those benefits?

      Everybody at the Int Base, for sure. Especially the part about war. They are at war daily with each other. You have no idea how much stress the people there vent at each other. When I worked in CMU I literally cut down my ability to hear because of Laura Marlowe screaming at Tom Paquette about getting his org mag done so I could concentrate on getting some copywriting done. This is one thing I realized hasn’t been discussed much about Int: the daily level of HE&R was off the charts. It blows my mind to straightwire it now. (Apologies for free associating here.)

      • TomP has survived there this long? He must have no hearing left at all given all the yelling he was subjected to.

      • Regarding that last paragraph, Joe, I can attest that the HE&R was pervasive in my Org and at Flag as a means to “get the product”. Like a disease, I too fell sick with it and passed on.

      • I remember when Cine was gearing up to shoot again, c. 1982. DM came down to “coach” the then shoot crew chief Felix Hackenburg on how to run the shoot crew.

        It was a non stop screaming fit about everything and everyone. It was engramic for everyone that had to endure it. And DM had this smirk on his face between tirades.

        Felix subsequently tried to “apply this tech”, but since he is a social personality, it was much watered down, although still a miserable way for a group to try to get anything done.

  29. Last week at a protest in DC an anon was talking to four OSA handlers about the large number of Scientologists who have left the CoS in the past couple of years. He mentioned Debbie Cook and they practically said in unison “She hasn’t left!”. He asked them how did they know and they said they’d received information stating that fact. Although, they did seem somewhat tense about it.

  30. Pro Tip – Snide, critical, perverted, ruthless, or contemptuous personalities are always out of valence. Shallowness is another symptom of out of valence, as a heavily overcharged case will F/N too quickly to be processed well.

    Let’s not miss on this one anymore.

    • Tom,
      Brilliant reference! I know this from the Aug 69 LX Lists bulletin.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Ref please? Been looking for it so if you have it I will appreciate immensely

      • CC,
        2 Aug 69 HCOB, LX Lists :”Quite ordinary cases are out of valence. If their folder gets too fat you can assume they are out of valence. Perverts, suppressives and critical, snide, ruthless, arrogant or contemptuous personalities are
        always out of valence. A person who is in treason on the 1st dynamic is always out of valence.”

  31. crashing upwards

    I can understand Debbie Cook going back to route out. She believed that one should and probably for years encouraged others to do so when faced with similar situations amongst her staff.
    I can understand her taking money as well. Though others leaving arent offered it, as they should be. And for that reason, though I can understand it, its truly a moral trap. Its blood money if it reinforces your silence.
    Hopefully she can somehow apply the right ethics condition to her situation and find a useful role to further her religion and not be a party to its destruction by her silence.
    Is she is as able and moral as some suggest, she will. She can look at Mike Rinder as an example of somone who would not be kept, bought or silenced. No one was more invested in the safeguarding of the Church and as dedicated to it as Mike Rinder. And he still is. As far as I am concerned, he is still the official spokesman. And there are others whose efforts are truly selfless. Its a tough act to follow, but maybee Debbie has what it takes as well.

    • Maybe I am missing something here, but the information regarding Debbie and Wayne is pretty goddam detailed. And it’s all after Marty left. Does anybody think Marty is just pulling this out of the ether?

  32. “It puts me and some of my friends in a very tough and vulnerable position to carry on with the work we do. But, hey if life were fair what kind of game would we have?”

    Marty the lensman, I can see the glint in your eye and feel the lightness of heart of someone up for the challenge. You can’t hide your signature playful spirit.


  33. Dear Marty, I make a deep bow to you. If there are guys who will lead a group of OT’s to make a new and sane civilization here, on Earth, you are definitely one of them.

  34. Theo, In the early 70’s president Nixon was at
    war against the’ stop the war flower children’ and he gave a badge to Elvis Presley as a special
    agent to help fight for the american way.

    • Sarge,
      We really are kindred. Smoooooch!

    • I have that photograph, Sarge, of Elvis stoned out of his mind being made a special officer of the Drug Enforcement Agency by Tricky Dicky! Serves to remind me just how insane governments can be.

      btw, I was at Graceland and saw Elvis’s “shooting range”. It was hilarious. He’d stand about four feet away and empty cartridge after cartridge into these targets. You couldn’t miss if you tried.

    • Theo Sismanides

      Got that Sarge and saw the picture too by RJ! Haha, it was late for me and missed the point. Thanks for clarifying.

  35. When I left I had to sign documents that basically said that I would not speak about the things I knew of in the SO. I received 500$ severance pay. This was not even enough to cover my airfare and had I not saved a few hundred dollars in the past years from the 20$ to 46$ a week pay, I would have been really screwed and probably homeless.

    At the time I thought that the 500$ was all the org could afford. Knowing the FP, things were always tight. We never had enough money to pay for basic stuff like food, medical, even pay was hard. I was always wondering what exactly they were doing with 1-2 million a week in payments to Flag. Flag management usually got around 40,000 dollars out of the 1-2 million a week to cover the needs of a crew of 500.

    The rest, I suppose was DMs pocket change to build palaces, $5,000 tailored suits, $500 Egyptian cotton shirts, the finest Italian leather shoes, fleet of cars, go to ball games, entourage of trainers, hair dresser, 5 star chef, personal steward, communicator, secreatry, etc. traveling only by private jet and getting payed 6 figure salary, taking diving vacations, tour de Scotland, etc. when the rest of the SO has to had a day off in years.

    • In the last 4 weeks I have received two hand written addressed letters, one from Flag and the other from AOLA. They came without enough postage and the post office required that I pay or else I didn’t get them. Of course I looked at who they were from and said send them back. Is the financial squeeze really setting in? Do they not have enough money available for postage? Do they think that parishioners are going to pick up their messes and pay to get communication?

      All I can say is that this is another OUT PR sit that isn’t going to do them any favors.

      Also new deals coming out of AO on the acc’s. The prices have dropped to a ONE TIME only deal (I am laughing here), in the 7K range. The hitch is you have to have new monies, cash only. This is so out policy if you have money sitting on account already. I don’t know of one LRH reference that says new monies have to be produced if you already have unallocated monies sitting on account. What about basic exchange!

      All another desperate plea as thing are getting tighter and tighter.

  36. Marty, Thank you so much over and over for laying out the info so plainly.

    Right that these “contracts” are not legal for all reasons stated. This WILL trip up CoS/DM very neatly one of these days. Imagine trying to produce such “contracts” in a court of law. Whew. Pretty solid evidence, that’s for sure.

    DM has no power except:
    1) Money – lots of it – to buy people, things, legal people, PI’s, etc.
    BUT, on reverse of that are his financial irregularties of magnitude – misuse of corporate funds, personal profit, co-mingling of funds, etc etc. A simple audit would expose these easily; by now, there have got to be way too many to keep track of and cover up easily – what a nightmare to him to imagine.
    2) Blackmail fodder on so many people, due to his use of confidential files and use of PI’s to dig up dirt on people.
    On the reverse, however, is exposing his gross use of penitent files (kind of threatens the basis of church) and the fact of the blackmail itself.

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more it seems that we have more on DM than he has on us – an interesting way to look at the situation.

    I remember old J. Edgar Hoover who stayed in power over the USA’s FBI for so long. He had blackmail fodder on so many people including every president he ever “served”. And the money to buy people to harass anybody he wanted to.

    Seems DM may only be a copy-cat – good likeness to Hoover’s methods anyway. Perhaps Hoover is one of DM’s heros, like maybe Hitler and who knows who else.

    DM has no real power. He gets the money from those he “serves”, and he has a lot in the coffers by now.

    But just like he did to Time Warner, sooner or later the whole thing will start to fall apart and he will have to spend money “allocated” to other interests, and finally, like a big Ponzi scheme he will keep regging new people to keep the old people shut up and finally, KABOOM! Actually I’d bet on a very small acorn toppling his tree when it comes down, and by God, I see a number of acorns rolling his way now.

  37. Cat Daddy: Thanks for your awesome eval and inval!! I might as well have commented to the Ethics officer at Flag. I feel so safe and welcomed here. Please give me a Flag sec check!! I don’t have to give any one cake and hugs, she chose to stay and sell out. Her FB friends list is all current member’s of SCN.


    • “Her FB friends list is all current member’s of SCN.”

      Perhaps disconnecting from her friends is abhorrent to her?

      Perhaps some peoples notion of selling out, is her notion of maintaining her own integrity, following her own truth?

    • I am not an Independent so you are safe amongst them. I am an Anon. Marty can kick me of Anytime. By the way Huck has “send me to Ethics too” so maybe I have a hidden grudge(lol). When the time comes those two people cut lines with the Church entirely one should rejoice.

      It seems they takes time to cut lines. I am sure many of you have been in this position. Don’t hate them but love them. They seem to me like wounded individuals. Try to stay in comm with anyone in the Church to get them out.

      And when they do there will be people waiting. Either it are Independents or Anons(We have cake and hugs).

      • Who would want to kick you out, Cat Daddy? You may not be an Independent, but you’re still a valued member of this group.

  38. Actually Dave, I thought about it prior to reading your comment, and after leaving mine. She has comm lines that she probably can not disconnect from and needs to operate on a gradient. I so HOPE this is her thought process. Second guessing her thought process again, I hope she’s applying conditions. Now if I could come up with another word to replace HOPE. ~

  39. Dragonfly
    No matter if it was said in a less than ARCfull way (god forbid any of us should be angry) I get you and don’t think you have anything to be sorry for.
    Debbie and Wayne know what happened to them and what happens to others.
    Debbie’s face book says the following:

    Time Period:
    March 1990 – September 2007
    Clearwater, FL
    I was the head of the Flag Service Org.

    She uses this to promote her business qualifications and remains quiet about the abuses and the circumstances under which she left.

    If she is afraid her friends will disconnect from her then she obviously has not yet come far enough up the conditions to know what friends and friendship are as her ‘friends’ will undoubtedly attack her and disconnect from her if she dare have enough integrity to right some of the wrongs and she is in a position to do it.

    Sometimes loving someone is loving them enough to say what is true even if it is unpalatable. I would respect Debbie and Wayne more if they spoke up. I don’t love them any less but I should like to be able to respect them again.

    “With great power comes great responsibility”
    – Spiderman’s Auntie 😉

  40. Sam,

    I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. She is in a position that could completely turn the tide here.

    Here is her personal post to her own wall a couple of weeks ago:

    Debbie Cook Baumgarten: Quality of a Genius # 22. INDIVIDUALISM. Do things the way you think they should be done, without fearing somebody’s disapproval. 25 February at 08:47

    Please be an individual. I will stand up too.

    I admire her greatly as do many, many others. If she came out with her truth this would make a huge difference to my husband who is having a very hard time with this right now.

  41. Sam: Thank you for getting my comm. I agree with your statement: “She uses this to promote her business qualifications and remains quiet about the abuses and the circumstances under which she left.” It’s the quietness of leaving the others that she knows rather well to rot in hell that is troublesome. I ask myself, is she that oblivious or in denial about the current circumstances ? Does she think it was all a bad dream? I just don’t get it. I’ve been through a lot of crap in my own life but somehow, somewhere I cognited on responsibility and what abuse is. Actually, I do know how and where but it’s a moot point here. Me saying she has comm lines that she needs to maintain is just me justifying her actions and lack of action right now. We all have comm lines in and out of the church. It’s how you maintain them to achieve this greater purpose of exposing the Demented One and what he has done to destroy the church and it’s people.


    • crashing upwards

      DragonFly- I think Debbie Cook justs needs time. When you have been a part of something for a long time and in high positions of authority, you have some ownership of it. She needs to position herself in a new place and time and if she is the person so many claim she is, she will at some point be amongst the independents, publicly or behind the scenes. Sooner would be better than later. Publicly would be better than not. But its her reality and the strength of her concience which will dictate that. I won’t judge her. For me it took decades and I am still just a voice behind a wall. But I will say that people of the stature of a Rathbun or a Rinder or a Cook march to the beat of a different drummer. I look forward to her first post.

  42. Debbie was important to me, she was my auditor before she became Captain, for the most important cycle in my life. And I remember she was right behind me during the “whats your crimes” march in Florida.
    I hope they come forward like Marty did, and give an interview.

  43. It isn’t just felonious behavior, but any contract where one bargains out of one’s statutory/constitutional rights. and would be unenforceable if one later relied on those rights. although lack of parity would probably make any contract null and void anyway.

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