Ordinary People Are Extraordinary


Hi Marty,

I just wanted to let you know I’ve sent personalized versions my “opt-out” notice, below, to the Scientologists I’m currently in touch with and to the Mission and Orgs that consider me a part of their field.  I’m also sending a copy to the MAA at KSW.com, in case there’s a count being kept.

 I don’t have any expectations or grand delusions about this having any effect, other than for my own health and well being.  Up until recently I was of the mindset that any kind of a public announcement from me, regarding leaving the Church of Scientology, would be of so little consequence that it wasn’t worth doing.  Why risk creating any ill effects when no positive effects could come from it – such a tiny pebble tossed in the water that any ripples created wouldn’t even be seen, let alone felt.

 See, I was just a member, just a parishioner.  Not a celebrity nor a big status donor.  Not a business owner, nor influential in any large circles of Scientologists, either public or staff, or non-Scn VIPs.  Haven’t witnessed any crimes or illegal malfeasance the CoS leadership would want me silenced about.  Not a creative writer, nor public speaker, who might be sought out by media.  Apparently, I am not in a position to be of any significance to the CoS.  Just a parishioner.  No threat = No value to CoS. 

There’s also no reason for anyone in the church to come try to keep me because I don’t command a big income, commissions, bonuses.  I haven’t received any inheritances nor been given any large monetary gifts that I’m “withholding”.  I’m in the latter part of my “income earning years”, and what $$ of any size I did have, I’ve already donated to the IAS, the local Ideal Org campaign, and paid for auditing or the purchase of shiny new replacements of books and lectures. I’m the “common-man” work-a-day gal.  As an ex-Sea Org member I’m not eligible to join staff and I don’t live close enough to the local Org to be a prime volunteer candidate.  Church loses nothing, based on its current values.  No potential big bucks or cheap labor = No value to CoS.

 I’m fortunate not to have any family left in the CoS and nobody where I work gives three figs about Scientology, one way or the other.  Although, I’m sure there will be some Scientologist friends and acquaintances that will choose to keep my “enturbulation” off their lines by disconnecting, the whole reason for sending this notice out is to get the BS behemoth’s enturbulation off my lines.  I’m disconnecting from them.  What a HOOT!  Quit calling, quit emailing, quit sending print mailers in epic proportions, and quit coming to my door.

 I step away with my values intact and I keep my eternity.  Life is Good.

 Thanks to you and the other bloggers, commentators, ex’s, non’s, and anon’s – it’s quite the little intervention and rehab gig you’ve got going!  

 Marta L. Willson


I’m sending you this email, not with the intent to create upset, but out of respect for our past relationship.  I don’t want you to be blind-sided hearing it from someone else.  And so that you can take whatever action you think is needed as a result of the information.  I’m writing to let you know firsthand that I am leaving the Church of Scientology.  I have been a Scientologist since 1969, completed through grade VA on public lines, and solo-audited to Clear and OT as a Sea Org member and executive – prior to 1980.  I have had personal gains in Scientology that words just can’t do justice.  But, it is my experiences and observations over the past eight years that bring me to this decision.

 I’ve always been a steadfast supporter of LRH and the Scientology philosophy, so I didn’t arrive at the decision quickly or easily.  Yes, there are an abundance of reasons for my decision, but I won’t go into them here.  Suffice to say, that my personal values and (in my opinion) the fundamentals of the Scientology philosophy, do not align with the current operations and practices of the Church as it is currently organized and managed.  What I see is that the Church is producing far more BS and self-promotion than any other product or service, and is leaving as a by-product a wake of toxic bad news and ill repute the half-life of which is anybody’s guess.

 Until there is significant reform in the Church’s organizational structure, management style, and operational practices – I’m opting out.


Marta L Willson 

To Marta and the rest of the extraordinary ordinary people among us:

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  1. Marta,

    A tasteful and well thought out message to your former associates in Scientology.

    Welcome to the world of independent Scientologists and non-Scientologists! I think you will find you are among friends here.

    If there is anything I can do to assist you, please send me an email.

    David St Lawrence
    Old Auditor

  2. Marta, I must respectfully disagree when you say you are not a creative writer, and when you imply that you are nobody important. Your withdrawal message was a thing of beauty, so well stated and with such basic honesty that I won’t be surprised if it serves as a template for others and launches a “movement within the movement”.

  3. Hi Marta,

    You ARE extraordinary.

    Thank you for posting this. You are among true friends.

    I wish you all good things.

    Love, Cathy

  4. Great article and a great way to start my day.


  5. You served in the Sea Org, made it to OT despite impossible odds in the Church of MESTology and wrote a most eloquent and dignified exit speech. You are far from ordinary. Welcome and thank you for sharing your EXTRAORDINARILY beautiful letter.

  6. Thank you for sharing your letter, Marta.
    It’s a right idea, well executed.

    Aside from the benefit you yourself will derive from having taken this stand, I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a bigger effect than you thought with this.

  7. Wonderful Marta.

    Did they actually take you off the mailing list? There have been very interesting tales on scio message boards of the difficulty in getting off org mailing lists and I was wondering if this is a successful action that can be repeated by others.


  8. Aeolus — absolutely true. Well written, concise and well intended.

    There isn’t anyone that isn’t extraordinary. You, Marta, are showing that truth …

    Each ripple adds to the what is becoming a tsunami!


  9. Dear Marta,

    in its humble simplicity your letter is so powerful that it makes me fall on my knees with unleashed admiration. Aeolus might be very right that it serves as an template for others to follow…

  10. Thank you, Old Auditor. You may recognize my usual (if infrequent) posting name “emldubu”. Your site is also among my dailies.

  11. Har-de-har. No, not off the mailing lists yet – just made the request in writing on Saturday and hold no expectations of it happening, since the addresso system hasn’t been able to correct sending multiple copies or names right. This out-admin goes WAY back.

  12. Hi Marta;

    Your letter takes my breath away…so on point…a powerful communication…you write like the pro you are.

    Welcome to this growing group of “Independent Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things.

  13. TheEmperorIsNaked

    You are still humble. I know you to be a caring person too. Both good traits in my opinion. This will have more effect than you may be able to predict at this time.

  14. Thanks all – it’s good to be here. The mindset of unimportance was (past tense) short lived and just a part of the process to this point. One of the illusions keeping me quiet and static. And so many here are such prolific writers, wits, and philosophers – I had to deal with some intimidation, to be quite honest!

    It’s the CoS that has instituted a class sytem amongst its parishioners, betrayed its connection to each spiritual being in membership, and long since lost its understanding of the true value of “one”.

    I really appreciate the comments, the welcome. Keep it coming, I’m humbed and heartened!Woot!

  15. Damn. Simple and brilliant Marta. It would impinge on a caveman. Add your name to the Indy 500 if you so desire. Almost at 100 right now.

    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

  16. Dear Marta,

    It’s soooo beautiful. Thanks for your Theta !

  17. “I don’t have any expectations or grand delusions about this having any effect, other than for my own health and well being. Up until recently I was of the mindset that any kind of a public announcement from me, regarding leaving the Church of Scientology, would be of so little consequence that it wasn’t worth doing. Why risk creating any ill effects when no positive effects could come from it – such a tiny pebble tossed in the water that any ripples created wouldn’t even be seen, let alone felt.”

    Bessie Stanley:


    To laugh often and much;
    To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
    To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;
    To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others;
    To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition;
    To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
    This is to have succeeded.”

  18. Marta,

    Your heartfelt message is beautiful and beautifully expressed.

    Just Me

  19. So there you are…

    I understand your (false) considerations about not being someone important.

    Each one of us is equally important.

    Nobody knows how much more can we do or will be up to.

    The great mayority of scientologists are people like you.
    Did you know this?

    You are great and important. You are one of the few in this world who are being honest with themselves.

    Recieve a theta kiss and my admiration.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  20. Thanks.

    Beautiful quote.

    It inspires and clarifies a lot.

  21. Marta,

    Wonderful expression of sentiment. There will come a time when those still playing the “Hotel California” version of “Scientology” (“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…”) will realize that the music has stopped playing, and the rest of the world is stopping to stare at their collective group agreement. Kinda like that pivotal moment in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor%27s_New_Clothes)
    where the little child cries out “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”


  22. Well done Marta! Nothing’s better than being able to think for yourself, eh? 🙂

  23. Marta,
    ‘WOW’. You did good! Does anyone know if its
    possible to OD on too much Theta? Hope not.
    Welcome! MLV

  24. Marta,

    Beautiful. So very well written. What a powerful message to the powers that be if they would sit still long enough to listen.

    Thank you. Here’s to getting the enturbulation off YOUR lines because the fact that you would think yourself insignificant in the eyes of the church because you don’t have money, aren’t a celeb or big donor, aren’t near an org, etc. is the whole big problem with this church in the first place.

    You are the reason the church exists and losing you is a BIG deal.

  25. Marta,

    Welcome to the Independents, perhaps your ordinary seems extraordinary to me.

    It is amazing how liberating it is in taking that extra step to Opt out, and how much of oneself is regained from removing oneself from the toxic control of Mestology and it’s version of eternity.

  26. Marta,

    Need to clear my throat and collect myself now..

    To me you are stepping out with no baggage and painfully honestly. I admire of who you are.

  27. Marta….Namaste, as you said previously!!

    I’m delighted to see the loving soul (aka “emldubu”) behind the suggestion to Christie in the previous NYT article blog post, presenting this idea to the board is you!

    It’s in the simplicities, simply stated and sought after, where the real power of truth and tremendous release from all conflict resides.

    Very nicely and simply stated, your post and letter. Please keep us apprised of the responses you receive, if you choose.

    PS. And WH, is that a new blog you’ll be starting and contributing to, that’s linked to your name, “windhorse”? http://windhorsegallery.wordpress.com/
    I for one am hopeful. I love your stuff! 🙂

  28. Theo Sismanides

    Marta your voice today resonated across this Universe! And the ripples of that echo are still expanding!

    This letter of your’s which exudes so much humbleness and at the same time so much admiration as already pointed out (yes, I did feel admiration for the “average Man and the work-a- day gal” and all those Martas of Scientology) is a most astonishing and impinging communication.

    It bears so much force in it that it can shutter Suppression just by itself.

    And let me say that the only Value, true Value, Scientology ever had was you Marta. The average man, the work-a-day gal, the simple man as most of us on planet Earth. Thank you for speaking on our behalf, the simple men.

    Now, I don’t know what you are saying about not being a good writer or anything but let me tell you that you hit a bull’s eye with that comm.

    You hit a common denominator there. The simple man who wanted to go free and honestly and humbly served for so many years but now is awakening once again but now against the tyranny and travesty called “church of Scientology” run by DM.

    Thank you Marta, the work-a-day gal for whatever you have done and for what you are going to do from now on for true Scientology.

  29. OMG!! Yes — that is my future-maybe-one-day-if-I-get brave-enough blog 🙂

    I had NO idea it would be “public” — I figured I would invite people to read it.

    My next challenge is figuring out HOW this blog world works. (another excuse to procrastinate)

    I had started to write my memoirs (sounds so formal) and found that too often I just don’t write (like most of the time) — and perhaps a blog – something more informal would work.

    Thank you though for the kind words.


  30. Marta you are certainly no ordinary person. I hope more people follow your extrordinary courage. This sure is the Public standing up and saying NO.

    I was instantly taken off the mailing and emailing list within 48hours of my public resignation…so they can be quick when they want to.

    I put a link on Old Auditors blog that I think anyone still wondering if they are in a cult or not should watch this totally excellent aussie documentary.


  31. Marta, I read your letter of disconnection and thought you undersold yourself greatly.

    I was reminded of the man who stopped the tanks in Tianamen Square in 1989.

    An ordinary man who simply had enough.

  32. Dear Marta,

    I applaud your action!

    I too joined Scn in 1969. and went up the Grade Chart to OT VII while an exec in the S.O. during the 70s. In this moment, we are merely victims of our own failure to Keep Scientology Working, to the degree that current circumstances, i.e. the illegal takeover and destruction of LRH tech by DM, and his minions, have stolen the Bridge from Mankind.

    Recently, I find myself asking, “What would Thomas Paine have said about the correct estimation of effort required to handle a suppressive regime?”

    I think he would say the same thing now as he did in 1776. It was his publication of the pamphlet, “COMMON SENSE” that roused the Founders Fathers to start shooting red coats in defense of Freedom for Mankind!

    I quote Thomas Paine:

    “Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not YET sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favour; a long habit of not thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason.”

    and further,

    “The cause of America (and LRH Technology) is in a great measure the cause of all Mankind. Many circumstances hath, and will arise, which are not local, but universal, and through which the principles of all Lovers of Mankind are affected, and in the event of which, their affections are interested. The laying a country desolate with fire and sword, declaring war against the natural rights of all Mankind, and extirpating the defenders thereof from the Face of the Earth, is the concern of Every Man to whom Nature hath given the power of feeling; of which class, regardless of party censure, is the author.”

    What did our Founding Fathers do, when standing at the edge of the Abyss?

    Are we any less accountable for the state of our own Freedom? Is our blood any less precious?

  33. Marta,

    You take an incredibly important step and set a example to others which if followed would see Miscavige ousted in short order.

    He believes that power is the fact that people listen to him. So only we, in our silence born from a fear of consequences can keep the traitorous Macbeth on his throne.

  34. Marta,

    “What I see is that the Church is producing far more BS and self-promotion than any other product or service, and is leaving as a by-product a wake of toxic bad news and ill repute the half-life of which is anybody’s guess.”

    This is so eloquent in its statement of the essence that we all recognize. You could not have written it better, and you could not be more important. I can’t imagine this not impinging on anyone who reads it, except those like DM who are too far out of valence for any evidence contrary to their own delusions to impinge on them.

    This is beautiful, Marta.

  35. Thought provoking


    It is my opinion that communication which comes from the essence of one’s being produces the most vast amounts of theta.

    Your simple and honest communication really touched me. As I read your words the room filled with theta which grew exponetially as I read the responses from the other posters.

    It is this exchange of theta that inspired me to join staff in the first place. When I began to see that it was irreversibly being squashed into non existence, I left the church. I was able to find it once again when I started reading these blogs, as you have just demonstrated. This is the Scientology that I remember well.

    Marta, I was intrigued by your connection to India and am even more so finding out that you are also an old timer. I have always had a special affinity for those who have been around during some of the earlier years.

    I am honored to meet your humble self, welcome you to the free thinking independents and I hope to hear more about you in the future.

    Highest ARC,

  36. Kathy Braceland

    Nicely said Marta. Straight from the hip. It’s a great pleasure to have you with us. Yes, life is good…life is very, very good….

  37. Marta All I can say is thank you for being the voice of so many.

  38. Kathy Braceland


    I’ve had absolutely no problem getting off the church’s mailing list. I used to get a minimum of 15 a day…no kidding. I responded to every single email (including all promo emails) that I received from the church. In a nutshell, I explained that I won’t be doing any services until David Miscavige is no longer in power over the church. Some of my emails were very detailed, some not.

    They couldn’t get me off fast enough.

  39. Nice post Marta…yes indeed you ARE a writer. Congratulations on your action and all the best to you.

    Might I suggest when you receive additional mailings that you ‘return to sender’? Make them pay twice. 🙂

  40. Freedom Fighter

    “Suffice to say, that my personal values and (in my opinion) the fundamentals of the Scientology philosophy, do not align with the current operations and practices of the Church as it is currently organized and managed. What I see is that the Church is producing far more BS and self-promotion than any other product or service, and is leaving as a by-product a wake of toxic bad news and ill repute the half-life of which is anybody’s guess.”

    Marta, my sentiments exactly!

    Don’t sell yourself short. The effects you create might just surprise you.

  41. Well, I gotta say – I am so honored by eaach of your responses. What an incredible outpouring. This feels so good I want to “announce” again! Honestly, you guys/gals are – well, I’m stumbling for words. Just like the early days when I couldn’t wait to get to class, to be a part of all that synyergistic theta. Woop!

  42. Oh, anonymous, I like your style. Playful and a little naughty. I’m going to take your advice.

  43. I’m sure Marta that this will have an effect beyond what any of us can imagine right now.

    Much like the beating of a butterflies wing in Asia causing a Hurricane as in the Chaos Theory.

    Personally I do not think you are ordinary at all.

    It is the current organization’s concept of what is considered “valuable”, such as the square footage of the latest empty edifice and whether the floors are done in Italian marble or not.

    Much like the kid who throws away the candy and eats the wrapper 🙂

  44. Hi Marta,

    Welcome Marta, all of what you said is what Exilda and I felt when we declared our independence. Its amazing how your thinking lightens up and you can confront more of life once you disconnect from the DOGMA of the Miscavige C of S. There are lots of us ordinary people, we are looking forward to being your friend. What area are you from Marta?

  45. ButterflyChaser

    Thanks for this, Marta. Beautifully written and I know that my husband and I will be following you soon. We’ve been talking about doing a letter like yours for some time. Thanks for the extra “courage boost”.

  46. Just beautiful Marta. Powerful in it’s simplicity. impinging in its message, hopeful in it’s look into your future. You shine girl!

  47. There’s also a link in very very small letters at the bottom of emails from orgs. You can click on these tiny links and opt to have them discontinue emails. It was a snap. When I requested no more emails with these links, they stopped immediately.

  48. War and Peace

    Marta ~~

    This is like the proverbial basic building block that ends up as the foundation for a great cathedral.

    Your voice is very important and you said it all graciously and factually.

    Thank you for posting this.

  49. Freetothink

    Awesome, you can’t even imagine the effects you are creating. Your comm has great value!

    Just curious, in your opinion was this a total surprise for your local Org or had they known you were heading this way? Any response from your friends so far?

  50. The pleasure is mine – really!

  51. Marta,

    An important person, VIP = A person with high integrity and self-respect. And YOU are definitely a great example of that definition in my universe.

    Thank you for speaking out and being truthful to yourself.
    I love you!! 🙂

  52. Martha,

    What a THETA BOMB, subtle, stunning and strong.

    Also liked “Opt Out”, nice ring ot it.

  53. I think their OT abilities of hindsight are just as clear as the rest of ours. Honestly, of the few who have responded directly to the email sent, just two admitted they weren’t surprised, some were gracious, one was a cloaked OSA rep, one was stricken nearly hysterical by the amount of entheta she thought I bombarded her with [me thinks she best toughen up or bury herself much deeper if she thinks that was entheta]. All except the OSA rep were before Marty’s post, though. Thank you for asking.

  54. Thanks. It would be fun to put the “thumbs down” symbol on all return comm, too. I need a graphic, quick!

  55. earth mother


    Thank you for saying what I have been thinking and feeling for the past two years. I am anxious to write my own opt out letter, but it will be some months before I can do that. I have a daughter with strong ties to many ‘in good standing Scn’s’, and I can’t bear to ARC break her just yet. The time is coming though, and your words are truly inspirational. I just may use your letter as a template, as others have commented may happen.
    As for mail, what I have been doing is sending everything back in the handy postage paid envelopes provided, minus my address. I don’t dare shred and compost them as I fear they aren’t printed with soy based inks! I almost get physically ill when I think of how much paper the COS consumes in a day. When we (my husband is on the same page as me regarding leaving) do leave, we are going to send back our IAS pins, cards,and all the promo crap that has been sent to us for ages. I am in a quandry though as to what to do with all the books, lectures and emeters we have. Any ideas?
    Again, Marta, thank you so much for coming forward. The impact of your actions is creating a ripple effect that WILL become a tsunami! And no amount of VM’s will be able to”do something about it”!

  56. Hi Marta,
    Welcome to the Independent world! It’s so nice to have you here. Your write-up was so nicely written and just perfect. 🙂 I am looking forward to meeting you!

  57. Marta,
    Well done on your eloquent and powerful notice. It will give both voice and courage to others who want to do the same but are reticent.

  58. Marta, Your post moved me . You said it all. You described the *devaluation* of individuals taking place today in the regime that hijacked Scientology. You summarized the perspective of how public is regarded and disrespected.

    Your post is deeply poignant because it addresses and defies the forces that, under banners of “help”, erode, undermine and devalue individuals.

    I observed and went through a similar thinking process as you describe when I wrote my letter of resignation years ago, when it wasn’t popular. I watched the avid, intense flow and ebb of “care” that was directly — how odd — proportionate to how much money they thought I had in the bank. Or if a person is in a movie. Or if a person is related to someone famous. Or if a person can write a check. Whatever.

    I watched “Care” and “Compassion” get turned off and on, run hot and cold, like a water faucet. Toward me and toward others.

    You are the David standing up to Goliath.

    As you wrote that letter, waves of justice began to comfort the lonely cries of every “nobody” who has been wronged.

    Each of us thought we were stepping forward alone.

    In that integrity and solitude is where we become somebody — our selves!!

    In all the experiences I’ve read about members and dedicated staff leaving the current impostor brand Scientology, each did so standing with his/her own integrity, based on their observation. We each began to inspect. We each looked instead of listened. And we each took that step forward, alone!

    Well, in my book that makes you and everyone here the most amazing Somebodys I’d ever want to know or befriend.

    Thank you for your voice.

  59. I compare what the Organization trademarked brand Scientology has been morphed into to LRH auditing people. To his tireless devotion and care and research.

    Anyone know the story about when LRH was late for supper and Mary Sue found him auditing a guy? He was *sincere*

    He didn’t do all that for *any other reason* than a love of Life, a respect of Life, a love of truth, a passion for understanding the universe… and for you, and for me, and for all the “ordinary” somebodys. That is what real Scientology is about. That is all there is to it.

    Let freedom and Theta ring!

  60. Logic 17

    “Those fields which most depend upon authoritative opinion for their data least contain known natural law.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard

  61. Veritas- Talk about being moved! See, this is why I get myself a bit intimidated writing here. O.k., breathe, focus, talk to Veritas….

    First, thank you for the duplication and re-framing. Every time I read a post that resonates, I change, because I’ve duplicated another being. In that duplication I’ve looked through their viewpoint and I can see from there now. And I’m still here. The edges of us slip away but we are still individuals. Doing TRs I look at you and see me. In session we’re us. My husband and I have practiced and created this harmony for years. Some leadership teachings call it synergy when a group develops it – when the whole is operating greater than the sum of its individual parts. The Anons liken the power of the internet group synergy to a flock of birds, forming, breaking, re-forming.

    The Machine that the CoS has become cannot duplicate like you did. It can’t listen for the meaning, the roots of the story. The Machine completely misses that I am, you are, each of us IS the prize that we’re ultimately after. More me, more you, more us.

    There’s a plethora of information and many conversations available on-line offering divergent views about the legitimacy of the Scientology philosophy, technology, Ron’s biography, sanity, et al. I’m still reading, learning, changing. I checked myself at your story about LRH missing supper – did he actually do that or was it just a story?

    You wrote:

    “He didn’t do all that for “any other reason” than a love of Life, a respect of Life, a love of truth, a passion for understanding the universe…and for you, and for me, and for all the “ordinary” somebody’s. That is what real Scientology is about.”

    Maybe he missed supper because he was auditing, maybe not. It’s irrelevant to what you and I see as his sincerity. Honestly, I can’t venture what Ron’s reasons were for the work he did. I like to believe that at least his intentions, if not every one of his actions, were altruistic. But, I know he was here having a human experience like the rest of us, not a machine; maybe an excellent synthesizer and a teacher, not my Messiah.

    So, for me, whether his reasons were a love and respect of Life or not, he reminded me that mine could be. Whether his reasons were for love of truth and a passion for understanding the universe or not, he reminded us that ours can be. I am humbly grateful that he caught my heart & mind, and reminded me again of my value, your value.

    A little fable: And then Ron wrote the reminders down as best he could. Laying the foundations for us to be better equipped for and more engaged in, than ever before, the creation of our future. We did TRs and looked and saw ourselves. We audited and created us. And when he died, we said the work was done and slowly ceased creating as a group. We didn’t need another beacon, but we were used to someone showing the way, commanding the day. And the sacred scriptures said so, after all. The work was done. Slowly, slowly, bit by bit, the structure hardened and the cocoon was built, until we have a mad man pointing as if to say “Look, look! Look at the bright shiny aims and goals!”, while he picks our pockets and sorrows our souls.

    Right now it looks to me like we’re waking up, shedding, evolving and changing into a new kind of group. Hopefully, it will be a group that will continue to learn and change and evolve; made up of individuals continually reminding themselves and each other of the real prize.

    At least that’s what takes me to the edge today.

    Thank you for hearing me.

  62. Marta,

    Good grief, woman! You are a soulful thinker and an astonishingly skilled communicator. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Please keep posting here.

    Just Me

  63. Dear Marta,

    and you wanted to make us believe you were not a writer? Marta! And what a powerful one you are!

    Love your posts and your opt out letter and that initial statement to Marty and….
    ML, Fidelio

  64. Just Me, Fidelio –

    Well, who knew? I’ve been a communicator a long, LONG, time and I guess with enough inspiration I can put the pen to paper, too. Take that, CoS. You lose again. Bwaa-ha-ha-ha!

  65. That’s what we’re talking about! Here we go!

    ML, Fidelio

  66. Marta, you’re welcome and thank you for letting me know and for the discussion.

    I went back and looked for this reply from you — saw your reference to it today in a later post, so went back and looked. Glad I did, and glad you mentioned it or I would not have known it was here.

    Yes, I get what you’re saying. There is a quote by Mozart that I like about genius, and I think it’s the reason anyone ever does anything well:

    ““Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    The only reason I speculated about LRH, and it is my personal speculation that he was driven by love, is because of the truth in that quote. Without Love, one can be driven by ambition, or greed, or whatever reason…but the work, the product never quite arrives at the genius of virtuosity.

    So I’m making the assumption about LRH by what I personally perceive as some pretty virtuoso breakthroughs in the arena.

    I also loved reading your contribution to the thoughts here and am with you. The chrysalis state may even be never ending, and ….interesting the cocoon looks most dry and ugly right before the butterfly emerges.

    Einstein said of himself that he had no particular talents beyond being passionately inquisitive. That, IMHO, is a from of Love…of everything around one. To want to see, to know, to understand…

    So I speak of love as a force, an ability more than a sentiment.

    I don’t know if you are going to come back to this post so I may also cut and paste this in the later post. I want you to know I valued this exchange with you, and benefited from your thoughts and talent of getting them over here 🙂

    To evolution!! Thank you for your friendship and courage.

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