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We’ve made a tremendous amount of progress in phase one of the game; that  is, de-ptsing ourselves from the dictator and his counter policies. I have sometimes made reference to DM’s GPM (goals-problems-mass), and advised we not get suckered into becoming part of it. There is a St Hill Special Briefing Course lecture (Attacks and GPMs) that I think supports this idea and is very applicable to the current scene.  Here is an excerpt that sums up some mechanics that you might find relevant to your current environment. You might  find it liberating or de-oppressing on one level or another.

 From: Attacks and GPMs, 21 Oct 1963:

     Now, the whole of life is an interchange if you’re going to live. It’s an interchange — an interchange activity. It’s putting out anchor points. And let’s look at the gradient scale of how you would go about this. Supposing you’re just there all by yourself. And there’s no limitation to your putting out anchor points, right? And you can put out anchor points. There’s no limitation to this. You can put out as many anchor points as you like, you see?

    Somebody else shows up and they say, “You shouldn’t put out these anchor points,” or “I want to make some of this — I want to have some of this space too.” And they put out anchor points against your anchor points, so you don’t put out anchor points quite so far, you see? — talking about the Factors, now.

    All right, and let’s supposing that every time you put out an anchor point, why, somebody else forbade you to put out the anchor point, and you complied and agreed and didn’t put out your anchor point. How big do you think you would be after a while? That’s about how big you are now.

    See, that’s practically the way you got there — the way you got there. There’s nothing quite as disturbing and there’s nothing quite so certain to throw anybody into apathy, is just continue to put out your anchor points. It’s the most disturbing activity that you can engage on. Everybody says, “You mustn’t put out your anchor points,” and you put out your anchor points. Then they give you lots of reasons why you shouldn’t put out your anchor points and you put out anchor points. They bring all sorts of duress to bear on you why you shouldn’t put out your anchor points and you put out anchor points. What’s going to happen to their morale? See?

    Now, sometimes it’s very difficult to continue to put out anchor points in this particular way; sometimes you just get cut to ribbons. And it’s those particular times that you got cut to ribbons you tend to remember as lessons not to attack, or lessons not to put out anchor points.

    Now, the gradient scale on the thing goes, put out anchor points — in other words, continue to create your space — to attacking that which is preventing you from putting out your space. Now, that’s also putting out anchor points, don’t you see? And you get down along low human levels, and what are you then involved with? You’re involved with attacking those who are preventing you from putting out anchor points. Attacking them.

     Now, you go down scale just a little bit further. You start defending yourself against attacks. This causes you to live good, to have good behavior, to have various socially acceptable characteristics — all sorts of things. These things are basically defenses against attacks, direct attacks. Now you can go down scale even further than that: You have the defenses against possible attacks. And this causes people to live in castles and you know, dig moats that nobody will ever think of ever charging against, you see? Invent weapons that have no particular use; invent social characteristics that are impossible to attack.

   This causes you, in other words, to go down scale a bit further. Now, there’s further down scale than that: is imagining you are under attack. That you are defending, answers itself out — answers itself out in this wise.

   That you are defending yourself — you understand, this is the — now let me point back to you the level of the scale just above this — possible attacks, see? Level — you know, possible attacks. You’re not being attacked, you’re simply preparing yourself to defend possible attacks. See, now just below that there is a point that because there are all these defenses, there therefore must be attacks. You see, it proves itself. Well, you got a moat dug all the way around the place! Obviously, there must be somebody going to ride across that moat.

   Some of the screens that a thetan puts up are terribly entrancing. These screens are very, very entrancing, because they leave them up forever. Why did they put them up in the first place? Well, they put them up against a lion. All right, the lion might still be there. See, you would have to take the screen down to find out. You don’t dare take the screen down because you’d be attacked if the lion were still there.

    This causes a very funny action. You can get a thetan, you know, a pc, and get him to find one of these black screens and get him to pick up one little corner of it and peek around it real fast and it reads — sometimes he’ll really have to get his nerve up to do it. And he will. He’ll see something like a mocked up lion or a snake or something on the other side of the black screen.

   See, one of his answers of confronting is cover it up so he can’t — won’t have to confront it, you see, black it out. There is the final — final mechanism of a defense. Permanent defenses lead to a belief that one is under attack. When you get way down scale, you — it’s — must be that you’re under attack because there’s the defenses. Somebody must be ready to launch the rockets at you any moment because, heh! Here are all these radars waiting to detect them. And of course, the more one defends the less one becomes mobile — one is less and less mobile. So therefore, actually, he never gets out to look.

    He never goes out to look, to see if there are any attackers. And I imagine there are nations on planets someplace in this galaxy, at this very moment, who have no neighbors but who believe implicitly that those neighbors are there with full armies ready to attack them; and that live a life of complete defense, complete immobility, never going abroad, carrying through all of the various survival activities, to them, to prevent an attack against nations which are no longer there, that have long since gone to dust.

    A GPM, in essence, is such a mechanism. One has a defense up against an area of confusion. He has a stable datum all arranged to take care of an area of confusion that has long since ceased to exist. Thetan eventually traps himself.

    The GPMs then are a long history of all of the things which ever attacked him, and those things might now be gone.

 Now, consider the flip side. I was out at the Int base a couple weeks ago. The most noticeable change since my residing there was this: about fifty feet inside the electronic, razor wired security perimeter fence, DM had built a ten to fifteen foot fortess-looking wall around his villas compound. That is where his living quarters and VIP guest quarters are now located. A fortress within a fortress. Interesting.

 I suggest our best direction is to just keep putting anchor points out.

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  1. Wonder if he used the same contractor that built the Fuhrer Bunker in Berlin?

    You know, for years when I was new to Scn I used to think that DM lived in a small apartment someplace, in the same kind of place that all staff shared.

    Has I known he was using funds to live a lavish, pop star life, I would have quit right then and there.

    I still think the majority of public in COS do not know how he lives, on their money.


  2. Marty you have a knack for putting out exactly what I need. Nice C/Sing job on the 3D engram. Thanks – anchor points nicely out 🙂

  3. WOW – fabulous reference.

    For me, so much of what this blog and others akin to it are doing are showing me references and reminding me of the truth of LRHs words.

    This is helping me reconnect with 20 years of my life that I had basically avoided looking at or buried.

    In order to reconcile what I perceived as so harmful within the existing dm structure to my earlier love of LRH – I had to make ALL of it “the enemy” and bad.

    ALL of the subject was thrown out by me. And over 20 years of my life was basically thrown out with the bathwater.

    This of course causes a huge divide in my mind. I’m assuming others as well.

    It would be wonderful, to me, if those who were part of scientology years ago, instead of being avowed enemies, would instead see that whether or NOT they even believe a word LRH said — it was part of their lives.

    And to make THAT an enemy — makes a part of their life – an enemy.

    Somehow – it has to become whole.

    Your blog is helping to accomplish that.


  4. Yeah, maybe the whole “handle the highway noise” was just an excuse to build a “sound deadening wall,” which also happens to be three feet thick and will withstand Saddam’s SCUD missles.

  5. DM’s additional fortifications are obviously to protect him against all those SPs he imagines are working at Int!


  6. Marty,

    LOVE this reference — always did. Puts one right at cause. It used to be in my collection of favorites, which I kept when on staff but then left behind. So now I have it back in my library. Thanks.

    Here is another one from LRH, which I just read this morning and it aligns with your posting — especially the last part about “dear leaders” big MEST fortress”. So I’d like to add it here if I may:

    “The MEST universe is terrifically interested in control. The theta universe is interested in freedom. It’s interested in aesthetics; it’s interested in creativeness. Your MEST universe is chaos.

    “The theta universe is very orderly. It has extra dimensions. And what you miss in the MEST universe is an ability merely to throw out your hand and have some aesthetic creation come into being. That’s theta universe. In the MEST universe you build and build and build and you make this great set very fancy, with great ardure, in a battle of gravity and conquering forces and so on. …

    “Well, that’s the difference. So what you miss — what your theta beingness misses, is that aesthetic ability to create — to create at will.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard
    Excerpted from the lecture How to Search for Incidents on the Track, 16 April 1952.

  7. Marty,

    What better defense than an effective offense! Putting our anchor points is a Thetanish method of being, creating, communicating, being, doing and having.

    When we expand our reach, while removing our self-imposed barriers, we regain our own Freedom, in spite of threats from any Suppressive Persons. After all, they have imposed so many defenses around themselves (as has DM) that they are still fighting the same enemies that ceased to exist billions of years ago!

    LRH says they way to handle Suppression is the “handle or disconnect”. Your excellent reference, when applied by each of us, enables us to handle.

    Thanks to LRH for being there and communicating. And, you have inspired a lot of us, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, to peek around the curtain.

    Wicked Witches be damned! Let’s click our heels and get the Hell out of Kansas, Toto!

  8. Anchors Away! 🙂
    What I really appreciate is how often you keep things updated, Marty. It’s always very cool to go to your site and see something new, wise and helpful. Hell, I check your site before I even have breakfast these days. It’s my little shot of theta for the day. VWD!

  9. “And to make THAT an enemy — makes a part of their life – an enemy.”

    Wow. Nicely stated. I’ve felt that way as well.

    Marty is showing that actual scientology is more powerful than reverse scientology.

    Thanks, Marty, and to all who contribute their thoughts.

  10. Virgil Samms

    Nice Marty; Thanks for this reference. I was sitting here reading the LRH tape and I put out my anchor points ALOT further and bang, a ton of charge blew! Then I read the part about “he GPMs then are a long history of all of the things which ever attacked him, and those things might now lew gone.” and I blew about 100 of them!


    ML Virg

  11. Marty I love this post of yours… Thank you!!

  12. Thought provoking

    Great reference! I have never seen this one before. It totally puts the right perspective on where we are going and what is happening to those still in the church.

  13. Theo Sismanides

    Great reference Marty!

    Over ther ramparts guys!!! Get your swords out!

    This is an attack on Suppression. I am afraid the only thing that DM can understand is force!

    We keep putting our anchor points out now big time. And we are many.

    I put my anchor points out on the Internet back in the year 2000 when I left the Sea Org after I made sure Int Mgmt wouldn’t care keeping Scientology working and would persecute those who did.

    If you would be interested to read that write up of mine here it is.

    It’s 3 parts. This is a piece of my track in the Sea Org.

    I am really proud I did it 10 years ago. I was among a very few who dared speak what they had observed and speak it loud. Putting our anchor points out!!

    Now we are many more doing it and want to thank you for that. The 500 list at http://www.scientology-cult. com has just surpassed 100 and continues. Please keep putting your names there, it’s a big thing.

    I am re-putting my anchor points out together with you now. I am not alone. You are not alone. Let’s keep doing it.

    Over the ramparts!

  14. Thank you Marty!

    You mentioned “A fortress within a fortress” that DM is building. You are right his anchor points are getting smaller and smaller whereas ours are getting wider and bigger every day! 🙂

  15. Perfect reference to start the day with.
    What a lesson for application of the Middle Road (from the earlier article on your blog.)

  16. WH,
    That was a remarkable post, thank you for the life and reach you espouse.

  17. Please, let me know if I missed something (in the text). But I do not see anywhere in the text the possibility to a peaceful resolution. If we want to invade each other’s places by putting out anchor points, that leads to war. Peace is more valuable.

    “Everybody says, “You mustn’t put out your anchor points,” So, who is everybody?

    There is war only to the degree where understanding is denied.

  18. Thanks Marty,

    Excellent reference!

    Keep posting ’em and I’ll keep reading ’em!

    This one gave me quite a few mind blowing cogs about the scene and why we’ll eventually win.

    Keep up the good work!



  19. We must keep that road open that goes through that compound.

  20. Joe I heared that it were “Tom Cruise missiles aimed at Scientology’s Dessert Compound”

  21. Overdriver – actually the low scale way of dealing with people stopping you from putting out your anchor points IS eventually war.

    However, if you never agree to let someone stop you from putting out anchor points — you don’t get caught up in the attack syndrome.

    Take incredible painters as an example. Few agreed with Picasso early on. But he kept painting. Or Monet.

    How about composers? Beethoven, Mozart?

    The list is few ONLY because we humans tend to say — oh — you don’t like what I’m creating? OK. I’ll stop.
    Or we attack those who don’t like us. And stop creating and make attacking our creation.

    Just keep being YOU. And keep creating. If someone hates it, they’ll change their mind eventually if you keep creating.

    Think “over night success”


  22. Oh, yeah, Marty. I, for one, am just starting to get warmed up!

  23. You and thousands of others, IO. Morning routine: 1. Wake up. 2. Stretch. 3. Brush teeth etc. 4. Check Marty’s blog. (Repeat in reverse at day’s end).

    On the subject matter, I do believe now that Dear Leader actually thinks of himself as a saviour and the “only one”. I’m sure others have had this cognition, but it seems as if he genuinely thinks he is doing a sterling job, only constantly betrayed by pesky worthless underlings that can’t be trusted. I wonder if he gazes adoringly in the mirror in his bathrobe, scotch in hand, a legend in his own boudoir, and congratulates himself on being the Chosen One who is saving scientology.

    It also occurred to me – belatedly again – that if you evaluated his behaviour against the 12 characteristics of an SP how many traits would NOT be exact matches? I can’t think of one.

  24. Really, really love this post, Marty — and this little essay by LRH on puttin’ it out there. It makes me smile. Reminds me to be unserious. Makes me feel all playful. So simple. Ahhh!

  25. Great Reference on anchor points, Marty.

    Perhaps there are tons of copper clad grounding rods sunk deeply into the ground and bonded together to handle all that charge within the great wall of the new luxury suites.

    We wouldn’t want lightning rage around and to make a mess of the place.

  26. Kathy Braceland

    I agree. Keep putting anchor points out.

    As I read this post of Attacks and GPMs, I thought of a policy that might be helpful as well. This is an excerpt from HCOPL OT Orgs:

    “A stuck picture or a motionless org are similar. Each has behind it a failed purpose.


    “That law (it comes out of OT VIII materials) is so powerful it would practically revive the dead!

    “It applies to orgs.

    “It applies to cities or nations.

    “When you diverge from a constructive purpose to ‘stop attacks,’ the purpose has been abandoned. You get a stop. The real way to stop attacks is to widen one’s zone of responsibility. And pour the coal on the purpose. Thus all attacks one makes should be in THE DIRECTION OF ENLARGING ONE’S SCOPE AND AUGMENTING BASIC PURPOSE.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  27. Thanks Marty, great reference.

    Ron also says (paraphrasing) the best way to handle suppressives is to ourselves Flourish and Prosper.

    Flourishing and Prospering means putting out anchor points. 🙂

    I like the letter from the lady (from one of the previous posts) who wrote to terminals about opting out communication.

    And what Christie has done on NYT and ABC news is definitely putting out anchor points.

    Yes, putting our names on the Indie 500 name list is putting out anchor points.

    We are doing fantastic putting out our anchor points by speaking up, refusing to be quiet etc.

    After I left the Church last month, it took me a while to get used to just be free and not ‘worried’ about what the church will say.

    I have sank to the lower levels which Ron has mentioned in this reference — trying to have socially acceptable behaviors- I also understand why so many people do not dare tell IAS reges or Idle Org reges to go to hell – everyone is trying to come up with some sort of a story to fend off the reges while being a ‘nice’ (but fake) Scientologist.

    Our anchor points are definitely pushed in at the church.

    Now I understand how to use this reference further — keep on putting the anchor points out there. Keep on communicating, keep on being uptone and keep on insisting on flourishing and prospering. 🙂

  28. Great quote and I agree, keep putting out anchor points.

    Overdriver whatever restores standard tech is needed, and that it’s done peacefully is optimum definitely. “Whatever it takes” is the senior datum. Otherwise it’s endless future conflicts inside and outside Scientology. I have faith that Management is strong and wise enough to see this through the fog and act correctly, but when?

  29. theystolemychurch

    Love this post!

    How the hell did you get in and then OUT again?

  30. “The MEST universe is terrifically interested in control. The theta universe is interested in freedom.”

    That’s a perfect reference to illustrate that the C of M is mainly MEST, and the independent field is mainly theta.

  31. Valid. One has to define the Gameplan and the rules. What ARE anchorpoints in this Case. I say taking back space the C of $ falsley and unconstitionally took from you and the public.

  32. LRH developed the Ls in 1970-2 in order to dismantle the GPM case.

    These rundowns are very effective and very important steps on the road to OT.

  33. So cool.

    I love just doing the drill “I can be here.” 🙂

    I thought of it after reading this post. All the times I’ve pulled in my anchor points and instead of putting out anchor points, pulling back to defend the “incoming.” LOL

    So really, you know, any place I am (with the exception of , of course, trespassing into someone else’s place) …well, I BELONG there.

    I can be here.

    What a peculiar thing anyone telling me I can’t BE because isn’t that essentially what comes after the decision to be, occupying space?

    I’m going to sttttrrrreeeeeetttttccccchhhhh out now, if ya don’t mind. ( Even if you do mind ye petty henchpeople of the world;)

    SO COOL! THANKS for the great post.

    But what is David Miscavige’s fortress about?? :-0 That is seriously scary, is he like preparing for something awful?

  34. Great reference, Marty! I learned something valuable.

  35. I have to admit the concept of anchor points, at a time, baffled me. But somewhere, I got it. Some where… along the line, it hit me.

    If I understand it as I always did; We have these to hold us up. There are anchor points that are just in front of your chest, behind your back, they are in your arms and legs.
    They push you forward, and hold you up, or still.

    Everyone uses them, all day long…usually tight and secure. Intimately. For the lay-man, the simplicity of the basic concept, escapes them easily. Yet, they do and can stretch into infinity.
    In a bad way or good way.

    The Anchor Point, LRH talks about, was never left unexplored. The Technical point goes easily beyond walls and galactic space.

    For me, the simplistic basic hits home. And that is: (I’ve used this analogy many times)
    Nothing brings it home like reaching for a door knob, and passing through a door. You can’t estimate the distance of a door knob, with-out first putting out an “anchor-point” on it. You see. So swift and easily, every thetan has done this. It’s remarkable. Out the door, yanked wide open, pushing anchor-points in ones chest forward feet to fallow, smooth and easily. Happens all day long.
    Yet shift this a bit. Say we are using a public wash-room, it’s happened to me a few times. …We all know this to happen too; just at the time we reach for the door, someone else is coming in or out, at the exact same time. And your knuckles get rapped. Odd isn’t it? Ever get your anchor-point altered?? By someone else?

    Well; passing through a door, makes a strong point.
    Handled with ease. No big deal. But what actually happened there boggles my mind.

    Let’s go over that once gain. You reach for a door-knob. You estimate where it is, you have to postulate your intention; estimate it’s exact location and reach, with success your out the door. Nothing mysterious about that.

    Now I’m the first to admit I’m a bit unusual, I’m not sure why it is, but I cant’ watch people eat chicken. It’s a total aside point; I Just don’t or want to. If I watch people closely ripping meat off bones, like chicken; Especial large groups….my anchor-points go right out the window. It exteriors me.

    Very basic LRH. That’s all I got. Basic Fundamentals. (That is all I got).

    Over the ramparts?? Theo…It’s hard to image, (huge smile), there are motes nor walls to stop us!

    I’ll through my anchor-points in the ring. Alright.

    The one in my fore-head says; Legally, DM is done like chicken.

    DM is done. I get my knuckles rapped on, where
    we go from here?

    All I can think of is EXCHANGE.

    So I’ll put out an anchor-point. In simple exchange.

    Marty, I need your PayPal account. Right now.

    “It is EXCHANGE which maintains the inflow and out flow that gives a person space around him and keeeps the bank off him.”
    Ethics 4 April 1972

    (Bust your knuckles.)

    Don’t make me come down there. Have AND publish your PayPal account. For god sakes!

  36. Over the ramparts?? Theo…It’s hard to image, 🙂 There are NO motes nor walls to stop us!

    (simple to see in them, is what I meant).

  37. Boyd H. — sadly I have almost zero confidence that management is strong and wise. I’ve seen no evidence in recent years of wisdom, nor strength.

    How all of this is going to end up, I really haven’t a clue.

    It’s going to change, that is for sure. The outpouring in the media is just too much to stop now.

    People are just voting with their dollars and willingness to be IN the orgs. Dollars will dry up. Big hitters will not carry the church singlehandedly.

    By the beginning of summer — it will be a completely different landscape.

    Just watch.


  38. Great reference Kathy.


  39. All of this reminds me of homeland security and how America itself seems to have lost sight of it’s original purpose, (which I thought was freedom?)

    It’s Davy once again dramatising the macrocosm. I suppose it’s because all petty tirants have certain characteristics in common.

  40. Oh David, now you have stopped me! I can’t get my intentions past that brick and mortar wall you’ve put up…NOT, haha.

  41. “Whatever it takes” is the senior datum. (Boyd H.)

    Can’t agree with this either. Although I’m hopeful you aren’t saying — the ends justify the means and therefore whatever it takes is important.

    For me — one of the most valuable lessons I’ve been learning since having left scientology, is that the ends do NOT justify the means. Which seemed to be the battle cry all too often in the SO.

    Actions have consequences. Always. It’s what is known as karma.

    Which doesn’t have an opinion — it just IS.

    Create enough bad ACTIONS and the consequences (Karma) will be bad.

    Create enough positive ACTIONS and the consequences (Karma) will be good.

    Let’s remember here to work hard at the creation of positive actions. (which are of benefit to everyone, even those who are harmful — ((because we help them stop continuing to harm others))


  42. I understand what you’re trying to say, Freetobe, but not “everyone” is coming up with nice stories to fend off the reges while being “nice” (but fake) scientologists.

    In addition to those who are outright “Out” of the church, there are still those of us who are on a “program” to be fully out, who are being overt in our disagreement with the church and dm. It is earning us some unwanted attention from Flag, OSA and various org terminals and their minions, offers (threats) of “special handlings,” the loss of previously close friends, and some business, but we are not hiding our disagreement. And perhaps because of our “noise” others are willing to look, to question, and gaining a little courage of their own. They are at least warned that the time will come when they will either have to take a stand or be “disconnected”by the church from more of their loved ones.

    So let’s ack the people who are standing their ground, and not assume that if one is not a declared Independent that the only other choice is cowering, bowing and scraping, and hiding.

  43. Very interesting things are happening !
    Above reference is exactly what we need to apply now.
    The last 3 weeks I’d very moving experiences and gradually I understand more and more what is happening.
    Some weeks ago we went to an IAS event. Just to see it again that they lie. It was very weird, really. The speakers with no Trs and shouting down their scripts. A weird show.
    The newest cognition of ias was:
    ” The Ideal Orgs are empty because of the suppression on 3rd and 4th Dyn. we need more money to handle the SPs, then the Orgs will be filled up.” It was just unbelievable.
    ” make your next status, you’ll have lots of wins and you’ll do better in life then !” grh….
    A staff that I knew well, asked me to escort him to his car, so that it seems he’s busy and the others don’t realise he already goes home. On the way to his car, he asked me how I liked the event .I told him (it took all my courage) its all bullshit and lies. He very calmly answered:
    “OH, I know there is something very wrong, it doesn’t make any sense. Thanks for the help have a nice Wekkend”. I was surprised and had a little win.
    Then a public aked me if I also donated. I answered no. He wanted to know why, so I explained to him that the Internet stats are all Lies etc… he instantly started to apply the handling step of the dissem drill. I explained him that if one looks at one can have an idea of the real stats. So he wanted to know if is a reporter and how I would know if the data they give is true etc…I tried to explain it but the guy just went tilt, like as robot. He didn’t confront me anymore for the rest of the event. Then my supervisor wanted to handle me to donate. I told him also that all is a bunch of lies etc…and i’ll not support that out-tech. He also went tilt, like a robot and walked away.
    I was in awe and didn’t get it. Like if I have shut off their analytical mind. I asked myself If I’ll get some reports. None…
    You can tell them it’s all lies and nonsense and they just walk away. Somebody has to reprogramm them !
    Some days later, a friend that is since long time in the sea-org called me to get me started on my next service. For over one hour I explained him the reasons that i’ll not come, and as soon as the Management is back on source I’ll come. It was a monologe about all the off policies action re. ideal orgs, ias, the basics etc….He listened very well to it and had nothing to say against, but kept doing tr 3. Nevertheless we finished with high arc and he didn’t write a report about all the ennemy lines i fed him. It was very strange and somehow confusing as he had no arguments to proof the contrary. After this talk I felt somehow confused, bad and thought of having hurt that dear friend, that is such a long time dedicated Sea-org member. I doubted everything then, perhaps DM has a strategy that I can’t get and their are right ?
    One of the problems we would have if we officially would join the indies is our stepson, as he has some family on staff.
    So, I also talked to him and explained my experiences to him and that perhaps I get out of the C.O.S and this could cause troubles to him. He just laughed at it and meant there wouldn’t be any problems with it.
    He explained his view. he can’t understand why the old-time Scientologist are so upset about every outpoint they see. He doesn’t care, already as a kid he realised how nuts they are in the orgs and laughs at it, he never has seen it in another way. Once he signed a Sea org contract after a 3 hours interview, he knew they wouldn’t let him out if he doesn’t sign. They told him to sign and then he can go home. He did it so that he could go home and just laughs at it, as he knew that he was a minor and it had no validity. When he goes into the org, he doesn’t care about the craziness around him, but just has the purpose to improve himself and that’s it. If some relatives would disconnect with him because of me, he thinks then they are total nuts and went on to tell me all the weird stories that his father (also a scientologist) has told him asout LRH that he had from the internet.
    Now, I was even more confused and my head started to spin.
    Nevertheless, on all those comm cycles I felt how charge blew as I just was as-ising and telling what I think.
    Then, another Sea-Otg member called me to get me back onlines. I thought that he was very uptone, caring and charming and had a nice Tr3 and Tr4, the way I would like all Scientologists to be. Again, this time for over 2 hours, I explained to him how criminal the orgs are and all this points. The guy even agreed on that orgs are criminal and on lots of other points too, but kept on Tr3ing I should take on gradient some responsibilty for it and should go back on lines.
    Now, I was totally confused and in doubt about everything.
    I didn’t sleep to well that night.
    In the morning suddenly it came over me and I realised that in the last 30 years I confused 1.1 with 4.0 and that I wanted also to be so 4.0(1.1) as all my scientologist friends are. Very hard to confront but what a relief, i became very calm and got about 70 % of my analytical mind back and it all makes sense now.
    My anchor point are way out .
    Here I come !
    thanks to you guys for your support in our struggle.

    Have a good day !


  44. LO. Wow do you have an own Blog ? This is worthy of a post all in itself. Maybe you could post it on ESMB, Geir Isenes page or the Freezone websites. Maybe cult

  45. WH, A sweeping logic in any direction isn’t going to deal with the reality. Management needs to come through and I’ve never understood why the ends wouldn’t justify the means. I think that’s axiomatic that they would justify the means if it’s indeed the greatest good. However I’m not talking about something besides the situation of Miscavige at the top of management, so don’t take it too broadly. I’m also not talking about taking down Scientology to take down DM, It’ll won’t get to that point and I don’t think that’s survival. I posted in the previous article yesterday about the only thing that can kill Scientology, that’s where I’m coming from.

  46. Actually it’s possible management doesn’t come through but it’s still pulled off by the Independents.

  47. Great post Lo. If you’re having that many comm cycles about it then by all means stay under the radar, you’re doing a lot of good.

  48. Actually one sweeping logic that’ll work is attacking in a positive direction when you need to attack as covered in the article and in HCO PL OT ORGS which is quoted further down.

  49. Cat daddy and Boyd,

    Thank you for your acks, it’s good for my soul. No I don’t have a blog, never thought of that. What I wanted basicly to convey is that there can be open communication – don’t withhold –
    You’ll not believe , but I got a total new life !
    My whole thinking changed, I’m totally calm and analytical in my Life as I never have been before. My crashing false datum was:
    – Ots, sea org mambers and other Scientologist must be very uptone and I went into their Valence and was in the last 28 years 1.1 and thought this is 4.0. My god….can you imagine how foolish my life was ! Thanks to you guys I went through a lot of staff and I found the light.
    Here I come !

    Will write some more stuff in the next weeks !

    Have a nice birthday celebration !



    P.S: i do not intend to stay under the radar, but will take my human right in my own hands. Nobody can stop me to communicate what I think. Not even God !

  50. Anchor Points,
    Thank you for this reference. It explains a lot. GPMs are tricky little buggers, aren’t they?

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