Suppression of Truth and Freedom of Speech and the Press

Take a look at the chain emails C of Mers are sending around, and the uninformed, crass letters they are soliciting to bombard CNN with.  Now, recognize this.  Anderson Cooper’s investigation has been ongoing since July 2009.  The C of M has put him under unrelenting harrassment since. They have sent reams of paper and letters from high priced lawyers coast to coast. They are chock full of outright lies.  They are also chock full of threats. They have used their celebrities to pull strings with CNN and parent company Time Warner executives. They have run  a campaign to discredit Anderson and his producer. Both have worked far more than any two professionals should have to to report on serial felonies committed by a man who has collected 3/4 of a billion dollars by falsely portraying himself as victim of outside oppression. A man who spends those billions to have slick videos produced using children and unwitting celebrities to promote the church as a defender of Human Rights, while Miscavige himself violates Human Rights on a daily basis.  A man who has spent millions attempting to buy off  Anderson’s bosses with advertisement placement while hammering them with unending threats predicated on lies. A man who stooped so low as to have Tommy literally stalk Cooper in an attempt to intimidate him into silence.  OSA even began investigating and leaking lies and innuendo about Anderson to stop his investigation from airing.  I can tell you from personal experience that Anderson did a real journalist’s job. He didn’t just listen to me. He pressed me hard with every allegation the church made about me. He made me produce witness after witness to corroborate every fact. And now, Miscavige is having his Kool Aid drinkers telling Anderson’s bosses he is a bigot and tabloider?  If you have detected a hint of militantism creeping into my writing voice recently, it is this type of travesty that is causing it.  I don’t apologize for it.  If any of you feel you need to balance the organized lobbying that is going on by speaking up yourselves, I strongly suggest that you make your missives far more professional and informed than the garbage that C of M is attempting to make stick on CNN’s walls.

THE C of M campaign:

Dear Friends and Family,

Anderson Cooper is doing an bullshit “expose” on our church. I have
written the mucky-mucks at CNN a letter (see below). We must act on
this. I urge you to write your own letter about this disgusting
piece. In fact, here are the email addresses for you:

Send a copy to each of these guys. If you want to see what they are
doing the show about, here’s the link.…eadership.html


PS. Please send me a copy of your email so that I can forward it to

Dear Mr. Cooper,

I would have thought that you of all people would stay far away
from tabloid journalism. I found out today that you intend to run a
piece on my church that is by definition “tabloid fodder” and was
shocked by it, to be honest. I have always respected your honest
and forthright approach to journalism, and would never expect such
titillating type gossip to come from you.

Salacious reporting has no place in a newsroom. This piece that you
are doing isn’t news, it’s gossip that has been forwarded by ex-
members who are a bunch of cry babies and losers. Their ethical
standards did not live up the credo of our church as set forth by
its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. I am a parishioner of the Church of
Scientology, and was raised to be a Scientologist, as both my
parents are Scientologists. I have known life both inside as a
church member, and outside as a non church member. There was a
period of time as a young adult that I chose to take my own path
and see what other religions had to offer me. I was never
persecuted, or harassed, or followed or kept. I was wished well by
many very gracious and lovely people. My parents, both upstanding,
long-time Scientologists, did nothing but SUPPORT my decision, and
even encourage me to see what else was out there.

I had, of course, done many of the Scientology religious services
so I had a good picture of what Scientology had to give me. I
studied many religions, and even gave Agnosticism a try. But
ultimately, I came back to Scientology. In all my searching, I had
never and still haven’t found a group more open to accepting me for
ME, or more supportive of my thirst for knowledge. I found that
Scientology consists of a really good group of members who want to
help. And that is the group of people that I wanted to be a part of.

You go ahead and feed the masses your slops, they, I’m sure will
gorge on it. But know that you are not presenting the true picture
of Scientology. You can’t possibly know the life that a died-in-the-
wool Scientologist lives until you see one of us in action. Don’t
compare the honesty and integrity of true Scientologists to
lowlifes who are bitter and unhappy because they were booted out of
the group.

Thank you,

Jenny Good

153 responses to “Suppression of Truth and Freedom of Speech and the Press

  1. Virgil Samms

    LRH said in the HCO Manual of Justice (which is confidential and is a hidden data line) that if you are being investigated, do nothing because you should have nothing to hide. What LRH is saying is that we shouldn’t have anything to hide so let investigations roll. It makes total sense.

    OSA is not even following its own policy and if you guage the humongous knee-jerk from C of M you will notice that there must be something to hide. They are attacking the investigators because there is ALOT to hide.

  2. Barney Rubble


    I doubt the C of M will conquer this one, If just once: Miscavige would for one time admit he made perhaps, maybe a mistake and owned up?

    That yes he did hit someone like Norman Starkey or Ray Mithoff because he was MAD at that moment
    Then maybe perhaps, his overts/motivators would be acknowledged.

    But nah, that will never and ever happen. Sad but true….

    This is disgusting, I am done with this.

  3. I hope and postulate this expose comes out!

    I pray the C of M doesn’t bully them into silence.

    And If it does come out, you are damn right I will gorge on it!! I will revel in it!

    Serve it up please, I am starving!!

    When you as the supposed purveyor of truth and as-isness, lie to this degree….well…it sickens me.

    C of M, get your f—-ng ethics in!!!


  4. Marty,

    The group itself is just manifesting missed withhold phenomenon.

    The dear little kool or “kook” aid drinkers have an A=A going which is that Ernst Blowfeld Miscavige of SPECTRE = Scientology.

    Funny Ron says that “letters to the editor” is one of the least effective methods of “handling attacks” in the HCOPL Attacks on Scientology (addition). Yet there they are pumping them out like knotwurst.

    Who’s gonna read ’em?

    Except maybe the anticult nut crazies on the other side of the same coin.

    CNN if they have any smarts will dismiss them as the Looney Tunes they are and get on with the show.

    Just look at all you’ve accomplished and don’t worry about the opposition. The way things are going they’re not going to be around for too much longer.

  5. Silvia Kusada

    If you have the courage to admit to an overt, you half way out… but at those levels there is not-is DM, 1.1’s and below, have very sporadic moments of awareness, at which time they realize what they are doing… they get scared and pop back into their head and dub in in order to escape the crude reality.
    The solution would be simple. if DM would just admit to the arbitraries, and reform to the true tech, I think he would be surprise how many would support him. But he is a coward, lies are the lowest form of creation… used aboundantly by cowards…
    I do not thing that OSA at the moment is busy investigating… as it is busy making up and forwarding black PR.
    After all what LRH says that people that are attacking Scientology have crimes. Those people are not us. The people that are really attacking Scientology are the followers of DM’s Churches.
    They are attacking and destroying the true tech.
    They are the one with the real crimes, and have to make up ours…
    what a sick game.

  6. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Typical head in the sand “report” from someone who WAS NOT THERE!. Yes – S C I E N T O L O G Y has done good for mankind. I saw and see it. What I alsoWITNESED first hand was DAVID MISCAVIGE physically hit SCIENTOLOGY HIGH RANKING EXECUTIVES AND STAFF. I witnessed DAVID MISCAVAGE make 5 SCIENTOLOGY EXECUTIVES deficate into a clear plastic bag out in the broad open, make them shower by use of a garden hose in the broad open – male and female executives mind you AND I have witnessed DAVID MISCAVAGE execution of FAMILY DISCONNECTION. I know this because I witness it daily. My Sea Org mother has been mentally coherced to DISCONNECT from me and this has spread to the rest of my family. I met Anderson Cooper in the French Quarter in Louisiana at Cafe Du Monde to celebrate it’s offical re-opening after Katrina, had a coffe and Beignet with him. Very very nice guy who has an ear to listen to the world as it happens, not as he feels it happens but how he sees how it happens. I am positive Anderson will report just that SCIENTOLOGY is a good thing David Miscavage, to it’s own parisioners surprise, has proven himself to be a very very bad man.

    I can only hope Anderson promts for answers to the very obvious questions of WHERE IS THE WIFE OF DAVID MISCAVAGE – SHELLY MISCAVAGE. I know the world would ask where Michele Obama is if she went off the radar and the next question — WHERE IS HEBER JENTZCH… the honest, seriously educated about his own and other religions and true spokesperson for Scientology.

    One of my favorite songs chimes for ALL THE INDEPENDANTS who stood up, stand up, reported fact, nothing but pure fact… Man the truth feels great! To all of us and to those who follow……

    “Stood there boldly, sweatin’ in the sun
    felt like a million, felt like number one
    at height of summer, I’d never felt that strong
    Like a rock

    I was eighteen, didn’t have a care
    workin’ for peanuts, not a dime to spare
    but I was leanin’, solid everywhere
    Like a rock
    My hands were steady, my eyes were clear and bright
    my walk had purpose, my steps were quick and light
    And I held firm, to what I felt was right
    Like a rock

    Like a rock
    I was strong as I could be
    like a rock
    Nothin’ ever got to me
    like a rock
    I was somethin’ to see
    like a rock

    And I stood arrow straight
    unencumbered by the weight of all these hustlers and their schemes
    I stood proud I stood tall high above it all
    I still believed in my dream

    Twenty years now, where’d they go?
    Twenty years, I don’t know
    I sit and I wonder sometimes
    where they’ve gone

    And sometimes late at night, oohhh when I’m bathed in the firelight
    the moon comes callin’ a ghostly way, and I recall
    I recall

    Like a rock
    Standin’ arrow straight
    like a rock
    chargin’ from the gate
    like a rock
    carryin’ the weight
    like a rock

    oohhh like a rock
    the sun upon my skin
    like a rock
    hard against the wind
    like a rock
    I see myself again
    like a rock
    oohhh like a rock

  7. Marty, well said, well put, so true. You’ve Named That Tune, eloquently.

    you wrote:
    “They have run a campaign to discredit Anderson and his producer. Both have worked far more than any two professionals should have to to report on serial felonies committed by a man who has collected 3/4 of a billion dollars by falsely portraying himself as victim of outside oppression. A man who spends those billions to have slick videos produced using children and unwitting celebrities to promote the church as a defender of Human Rights, while Miscavige himself violates Human Rights on a daily basis”

    P.S. The link to the CNN show in your post isn’t working, needs to be fixed.

  8. If it weren’t so hurtful to so many persons, if it weren’t atrociously illegal and slimy, the C of M campaign and its thugs’ antics would be pathetically tacky.

  9. Thanks for the addresses, Jen. How’s this (sent a few minutes ago)? . . .

    Dear Anderson and team,

    Please don’t be intimidated by the Church of Scientology or its members into changing, limiting, or curtailing your reporting on the church. It is far past time for the evil behavior of the church towards its own staff and members to be fully exposed. As a long-time Scientologist who is dismayed and disgusted by what the church has become under David Miscavige, I’m rooting for you to carry through with your series. I know that the church and its members (who have been directed by management to send you letters and told, more or less, what to say) is trying to characterize your reporting, which they have not even seen, as biased, unfair and tabloid in nature. They do this at every attempt by the media to expose what is really going on inside the Church of Scientology.

    A free society depends on the media to expose corrupt, unethical organizations that impact our culture and harm individuals. David Miscavige is a ruthless, heartless dictator who has done inestimable damage to the religion and philosophy of Scientology as well as to countless individuals and families. These individuals have done nothing more than to seek to help others, to improve themselves, and to put truth above the mandates and dictates of a madman “Chairman of the Board.” The best way to put a stop to this oppression is through journalistic efforts such as yours.

    So please don’t give in to the intense pressure I’m sure the church and its members are imposing on you in an effort to stop you from exposing the truth. Society needs this kind of reporting. Even Scientologists themselves need this kind of reporting.

    While you may be hounded by the church, you will be applauded by Independent Scientologists and by truth seeking individuals everywhere.
    Please persist.

    (Name withheld because the church’s policy of forced disconnection is real and alive in 2010!)

  10. I am sure MestSavage will do what he has to do to come out smelling like a rose.

    I am no fan of CNN, either.

    Let them anhiliate each other.

    Centurion ( no sympathy division)

  11. War and Peace

    Joe Childs and Thomas Tobin won this award for Investigative journalism ~~ see this link
    Winners of 76th Annual National Headliner Awards –
    Mar 24, 2010 … Spot news, First Place and Grand Award winner-news division: New York … Times, Thomas C. Tobin and Joe Childs, ”Inside Scientology: A …

    Marc Headley was selected as a Finalist for “Book of the Year Award ~~~ see this link
    Blown for Good – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Blown for Good was selected as a finalist in the 2009 “Book of the Year Awards”, by ForeWord Magazine. The Editor in chief of The Village Voice, … – Cached


    Marty describes what CNN and Anderson Cooper have been put through. I will willing to bet they will win an EMMY for this show, in the tradition of the above who told it like it is ~~ and Anderson Cooper personally for especially meritorious contribution should get the equivalent of a Lifetime Achievement Award…I am sure the laurel leaves will follow.

  12. Hang in there, Barney- we need you. I believe that DM will hang on to a thread and he will not let go until there’s a knock on his door. For as long as he physically can he will stay and he will use whatever means. This I believe. He need to be carried out and away. What do you say?

  13. The Church does free dissemination and promotion for all of us. Thank you Slappy.

    Lol Everything they intend to do these days backfires on them.

  14. Whoever wrote the letter, what a pity! Couldn’t distinguish a pig from an ape! Go Mr Cooper go!

  15. mucky-mucks, cry babies, losers, low-lifes.
    sob… she’s calling us names. Ow, It hurts.
    They booted me out?! I didn’t know that. How will I ever get a life now?
    I feel so bad.

  16. Marty,

    Do you have Jenny Good’s Email address so that we can send her a copy of our communications to CNN?

    I think that she needs to know about the strength of feeling that there is amongst former members of the CoS.

    Personally, I’m wondering whose side she is really on. Sending a link to the CNN webpage advertising a massive expose of the abuses committed by the ‘leader’ of her ‘church’, to all her friends is either the act of an idiot, or a subversive. Perhaps, deep down, she knows that there is something very wrong and wants others to know the truth as well?


  17. Anderson Cooper and CNN have high level of confronting the evil such as DM and his Kool Aid drinkers. But look at DM, he is nowhere to be seen or found but only at the events where he is protected by his kool aid drinkers.

    DM knows if he shows up in front of any camera at any news studio, he may end up being arrested after the interview and send behind bars.
    Evil (DM) in hiding proves our point.

    The world can not wait to watch “the history of violence by the Leader of the Church of Scientology” next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. “PS. Please send me a copy of your email so that I can forward it to OSA.”

    Thank Goodness. Where would we be without you OSA and your divine beneficence. You are almost like the Mother I never had.

    “Hush now baby, baby, dont you cry.
    Mother’s gonna make all your nightmares come true.
    Mother’s gonna put all her fears into you.
    Mother’s gonna keep you right here under her wing.
    She wont let you fly, but she might let you sing.
    Mama will keep baby cozy and warm.
    Ooooh baby ooooh baby oooooh baby,
    Of course mama’ll help to build the wall.” Roger Waters

  19. LOL….wut?

    ” Their ethical standards did not live up the credo of our church as set forth by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.”

    You mean this one, that says in part:

    “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;
    And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly. ”

    If ONLY they would follow their ‘ethical” standards.

    Oh wait…..DM IS god now……facepalm.

  20. Watching Eyes

    note to DM: The show on CNN will air. More shows will follow. More people will leave. Have you figured it out yet? You’re losing control.

  21. Typical C of S bull shit. Attack the messenger…

    The key thing to remember in all this, is that David Miscavige is a criminal and has a criminal mind. He will therefore accuse others of those things that he himself is guilty of, even if his accusations are being done on a via.

    Losers booted out of the church? Yeah right, the biggest loser has yet to have been booted, but it will eventually happen. In the end, truth always prevails.

  22. It’s quite possible that many of Ms. Jen Good Widmaier’s 705 FB friends wouldn’t have heard about this CNN expose.

    Many thanks to Ms. Good for promoting it.

    Sadly Ms. Jen Good went from Olympic Equestrian hopeful to – celebrity wannabe — all riding on the financial coat-tails of daddy, while in the valence of her ball busting mamma.

    She was once a sweet young thing.

    Look at what years of dm indoc will do.


  23. Marty,

    The truth of the matter is this letter writing campaign is another massive footbullet.

    For a reporter and producer who have been through as much as these two have to be accused of being tabloid trash without the writers even seeing the show proves the very point: Real Scientology is supposed to give you the ability to think for yourself. Mestology enforces “thinking” in lockstep, blindly following the latest dictates that emanate from the Machiavellian Midget.

    The people that write these letters are completely uninformed. I am willing to bet that Anderson Cooper goes out of his way to point out that everyone has a right to their own beliefs, and that he has no beef with Scn philosophy. I bet he won’t go into the Martin Bashir style ridiculing of space aliens etc etc. To call him a bigot for reporting on the abuses of Miscavige will only serve as confirmation that what he is doing is absolutely correct.

    Tommy and Dave are spinning. In those famous words of Tom Cruise “You can’t handle the truth”. And they can’t. So they continue to do idiotic “handlings” that only prove what is being said.

    The real interesting thing to see in this series will be how Tommy reacts on camera. Dave’s Pit Bull is looking more and more like Dave’s rabbit caught in the headlights.


    PS: It’s great that Jenny Good is promoting the show so well to Scientologists, should boost the viewership cos its kind of hard to alert people to do something about it and then they dont watch the show to see what all the fuss was about…

  24. How sad. Totally blind to all the outpoints in the C of M.

  25. Virg,
    The Manual of Justice is broadly published on the internet at this time and has been for years. It’s a wealth of amazing data which of course is more or less ignored by DM and his ilk.

  26. They will attempt to denigrate the messenger to deflect attention from the message. It’s a proven tactic, used time and again. So we’ll hear about Cooper’s sexuality and other personal attacks in order to deflect from the facts of his story.

  27. Fellow Traveller

    Dude (Marty) or should I say Mr Cajones:

    I had a whole set of LRH to bring to bear on this — axioms, code of a scientologist and some ethics pl references.

    You do not need them.

    I do. Others might. So when I finish posting, I will write to CNN and Mr Cooper. I saw yesterday that this action, my writing to the media, could be a small bit of support or fuel for the lamps currently but dimly illuminating the road to truth.

    I intend to note how the reaction to the story by the CoM is almost a bigger story than the one to be reported on and that that would also make for one helluva investigation.

    Again, thank you (and the rest of the troops) for that thing or those things that you do.

  28. I remember when it was said by representatives of the COS, “any publicity is good publicity”! well DM what are your feelings now? You are a tyrant that needs to be stopped perhaps this will drive you into a box and the box will seal itself shut. You are not above the law. You have put staff and public through enormous amouts of pain and suffering and it is your turn. How does it feel?
    It is your actions that have put the church
    danager or below not Anderson Cooper.

  29. I believe the girl writing the e-mail request, Jenny Good, is the daughter of Joava Good and Bill Good, last known by me to be living inUtah outside of Salt Lake City. Joava Good was once a very close friend of mine, many years ago. Does anyone have any data or knowledge about their whereabouts now and what they are doing? I know that Joava had some severe medical problems with her teeth, and was off Solo Nots for some time. Bill Good had written a book about telephone solicitation of prospects for the stock market, and had a company training account execs at Merrill Lynch and other big stock brokerage firms in prospecting. Any PT data would be very much appreciated.

  30. Truth will out.

    — From Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of
    Venice”, 1596 :

    LANCELOT: Nay, indeed, if you had your eyes, you might fail of the knowing me: it is a wise father that knows his own child. Well, old man, I will tell you news of your son: give me your blessing: truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man’s son may, but at the length truth will out.

  31. martyrathbun09

    You are absolutely correct. I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it. But, today’s post in a way is an explanation of why I posted Il Maestro’s piece. Having gone through what we have in the past seven months has informed me of this simple truth, to the degree DM keeps suppressing the truth, forms of communications like Il Maestro’s are not only necessary they are inevitable.

  32. Ha ha – good call WH
    Go Jenny – forwarding the enemy line!

  33. Fellow Traveller

    Anderson has this story posted on his blog as of today:

  34. If you have a FB account, type in Joava Good — you’ll get a picture of Joava and Bill … you could always send them a private message via FB. Of course, depending on what you say — you could find yourself visited by PIs or less scary — outted on FB.


  35. I would sure love to have Jen Good’s email to give her another long-time Scientologist’s view of this whole situation.

    Bravo to Anderson Cooper and CNN! And thank you Marty, for letting us know how unrelenting Cooper was in interviewing you. Let us hope he maintained that same level of searching and digging for the truth from everyone he interviewed, and that by the end of the series, the atrocities of Miscavige come clearly forward.

    Mike (Rinder), were you interviewed and/or did you answer written questions?

  36. And here’s Cooper’s new quote about the emails:

    “I have already received a number of emails from church members complaining about the series, and accusing me of attacking the church, its beliefs, its membership, and its activities.

    Given that the emails are all very similar in content, I assume this is some sort of organized email campaign. None of those writing the emails have seen the series, but I appreciate hearing from all concerned viewers, and I certainly understand any church member, of any religion, being concerned about the portrayal of their beliefs.

    For the record, I just want to point out that this series is not about the beliefs or activities of the Church of Scientology. It is not about the religion or the vast majority of Scientologists. This series simply has to do with what some former high ranking church officials say went on within the upper management of the church, and what happened to them when they left the church.”

  37. For years Miscavige has refused to pick up the cans for fear his crimes would be exposed. Now they are being publicly exposed and he is screaming like a stuck pig via his legal and PR puppets. While he might not be able to make case gain, I know it is blowing charge and creating case gain for others.
    Continue the progress as there is still plenty of TA
    motion to be had.

  38. She has a FB page — you can privately email her there.

    Jenny Good Widmaier


  39. I have always found Anderson Cooper to be an excellent journalist. He does some great reporting and he is thorough. And no doubt he has been seriously harassed. Please everyone, you all need to contact CNN and express your views when the show airs. Your comments matter. Don’t underestimate the power of your voices. So give CNN a big shout out for their work.

  40. “Shout, shout. Let it all out. These are the things I can do without.”
    Add your voice to the fight against crime.

  41. For a safer world.

  42. Wow! Mr. Cooper is so sane and rational, let’s vote him in as the next COB, after we oust the old one!

  43. Thank you Jackson. The description of your observations sickens and angers me. How dare it be allowed for people to be treated in that fashion. It is gross beyond belief and as you might be able to tell, I am pissed all over again. What I wouldn’t give to be within fist’s range of miscavige.

    Perfect song too. Hang in there guy…justice will come round and bite that jerk wad in the ass.


  45. Jackson,

    That is totally disgusting story. And I totally believe you.

    The person who ordered that punishment is a sexually sadistic creep who shouldn’t be on any church’s staff, much less the person who is at the highest position on the org chart.

    That story makes me so angry I can hardly type.

  46. “anticult nut crazies” is the oposite of “sane cult lovers” ?

  47. Thank you Jenny for giving me the email addresses of those ‘mucky-mucks’ – I did indeed send them a letter, and I attached yours to them as well.
    Here’s what I wrote, it’s kinda like what you suggested but a little different to “make it my own”:

    Dear sirs/madam:

    You have most likely been bombarded by emails from member of the Church of Scientology. I have copied below the letter that members in the LA area are sending out to other members.

    I am writing to you to show my support. Clearly these people haven’t even seen the show but already know it ‘bullshit’. You have allowed Anderson Cooper to delve into an organization that will spend an unlimited amount of time and money to attack back. Many in the media are more than a little reluctant to take on this church because they will do everything they can to tie you up with legal and other attacks. I am sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know and I imagine this endeavor was not taken lightly.

    I want to express my extreme gratitude for the courage it takes to expose this organization. Of course I also have not seen the program but I trust that Anderson Cooper has the integrity to show both sides fairly. If the church was so squeaky clean, if they were completely innocent of these accusations then why would they care so much? And since the first reports of violence by the St. Petersberg Times last summer, the leader accused, David Miscavige, has been in hiding. I hope to hear his side on your show otherwise I’ll have to wonder what he’s so afraid of.

    CNN and Anderson 360 will now be my go to news source. I like a news organization that has a spine.


    Dora Namity

    See below letter making the rounds:

    I then included Jenny’s email to ‘friends and family’

    Jenny – finally you’re almost famous!

  48. The goods are still living in Utah. They own Bill Good Marketing company. Their other daughter Nikki lives in McMinnville, OR who runs a bed and breakfast that was paid for by Bill and Joava or some sort of a joint partnership between all of them. Bill and Joava have both been on 7 and on and off for many years. Joava is one of the most calculating, manipulating scns around. She is the queen of positioning herself in the middle of the dramas to make herself look like the person who saved the day. She was very involved with Haiti and of course had no problem promoting how she saved the day. I don’t think she has finished 7 because she keeps getting into ethics trouble, doing illegal stuff, etc…. Oh and yes she got onto 7 after all of her teeth problems. However I think since being on 7 she has had more health problems, falling down stairs (literally), etc…

    Bill stays out of the limelight, but has himself been in a heap of ethics trouble, trying to get onto 7 and staying onto 7. I don’t think he has finished 8, but not 100% sure.

    Their company has been through lots of up and down using LRH tech, scn staff members, etc…. I think they have downsized like most companies in this economy.

    Jenny has always been the chosen one in the family, and yes daddy supports her all the way. She was very involved in equestrian activities and tried to get into the Olympics but failed at that. She lives in LA and has tried to assert herself as her mother does into anything with drama. I have no idea professionally what she is doing, other than being a “Good”.

    I once heard from a non-scn that worked with them that Bill and Joava and family are some of the most hypocritical people they know. Not very good PR for outsiders who observe how Scientologist live and behave in the real world. They have created a lot of enemies over the years, and never stopped to look back at the impact that has on the church or their sphere of influence.

  49. Marty,
    Thanks for the posting. I admire the stance that you and others have taken against Miscavige and what you are doing to stop him.

    At times I’m frustrated and wish I could do more to help in this effort. I’ve been working with others here in my area to support those of us who are out and to get the truth known to those who still are unable to confront the obvious outpoints.

    At the least, I will continue to communicate to others, including Jenny Good that there is an independent field…. where Scientology can be practiced, without the insanity of the current COS.

    Ron Minor

  50. Guys, don’t forget, Anderson has NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. CNN is tanking. This is Anderson’s shot at something big. He would LOVE for the church to come after him. It would keep him relevant. My point is, NOTHING will stop him from taking this to the mat. There is no downside for him.

  51. Redneck Thetan

    Anderson Cooper is an excellent journalist and has no fear. And if the comment posted on another forum is true, Anderson told someone after his interview with TD that they left Tommy alone with him for way too long. That can only mean good things. Kudos to Anderson, CNN and Time Warner, and I hope they continue to keep their backbone through the inevitable legal threats they are or will be receiving from the church lawyers.

  52. Gary, your story enrages and saddens me so much. DM is so perverted, it’s quite sickening.

  53. Thanks Martin for the Pink Floyd reference. That album and movie are Masterpieces!

  54. CD,

    Go and find a Dictionary of American Idioms and clear the the phrase “two sides of the same coin”.

  55. War and Peace

    Gary ~~
    “I witnessed DAVID MISCAVAGE make 5 SCIENTOLOGY EXECUTIVES defecate into a clear plastic bag out in the broad open, make them shower by use of a garden hose in the broad open – male and female executives mind you ”

    Sick, absolutely sick.
    I felt I already knew what went on up there and then another INT base horror story emerges……there is no end in sight.
    The intention to humiliate by exposing private parts in very private moments.
    Defecating in public is actually an illegal act under lewd conduct.
    Marty and Mike both stated it kept getting worse at INT base.
    This is beyond Hollywood.
    The conduct of a religious leader.
    You cannot make this stuff up

  56. War and Peace

    AX ~~

    Here it is ~~
    From: “Jenny Good ”

    Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 19:25:52 -0700
    To: Jenny Good <
    Subject: FW: Anderson Cooper's "expose" on Scientology

    Dear Friends and Family,

    Anderson Cooper is doing an bullshit “expose” on our church. I have written the mucky-mucks at CNN a letter (see below). We must act on this. I urge you to write your own letter about this disgusting piece. In fact, here are the email addresses for you:

  57. In the scathing form letter to CNN, Jenny Good probably meant to write “dyed in the wool” (the color of wool when it is still on the sheep).

    instead, she wrote: “died-in-the-wool”

    quote –>” You can’t possibly know the life that a died-in-the-wool Scientologist lives until you see one of us in action.”

    Hmm. Died-in-the-wool. Maybe she has inadvertently coined a new term, ironically accurate for wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    That approximates much of what the corrupt management is doing … died-in-the-wool wearing the wool disguise.

    I feel sorry for those staffers and public really wanting to do a good job and believing they are fighting off some general “evil.”

    I was once there, in that mindset of lumping every complaint in the “defend Scientology and LRH” category. I recognize both, the subject of Scientology and the man responsible for perceiving, piloting and bequeathing us this technology, have given me so much.

    Ironically, I am still willing to do anything to defend them, and that is the illusory irony that goes with this universe sometimes — that is precisely what I continue to do with one difference: the ability to discern differences & similarities between valid information and abuse.

    Jenny Good’s mass mailing form letter further admonishes:
    “Don’t compare the honesty and integrity of true Scientologists to lowlifes who are bitter and unhappy because they were booted out of
    the group.”

    Jenny, that is not factual. I, for one, was not booted out of the group. And some of the people who were booted out, were targeted for the very thing you believe you are doing: defending Scientology, the delivery and training and delivery and training of the actual subject.

    I hope you see this. I am not picking sides between “The Church” and “The Independents”. I am on the side of application, training, and delivery of standard Scientology.

    Here’s another irony … for years I grappled with the coercion and threat of “a horrible eternity” if I didn’t toe the line, if I so much as dared think a thought or have a question. I’ve had fantastic wins , got trained and audited up the Bridge simultaneously.

    BTW, I highly recommended that to anyone — from my personal experience, I had a blast interning and auditing the grades and DN as an auditor, and receiving the auditing. What a blast, comprehension, all flows!

    But I digress…
    When I finally knew what I observed and informed the Church/WISE/RTC of my decision, that I would not return until they cleaned up their act.

    Despite attempts to flatter me, condescend to me, tone scale me and other manipulating contrivances, I stood my ground and embraced my integrity (did not splinter myself) I assigned the Organization a condition.

    Basically, like a lot of independents who broke away from all the gobblygook fabrications that the Church has become, I remained willing to die (in terms of my eternity) for a matter of principle.

    Pinciple…from the Lation Principio, which means first. First things first.

    I said, basically, one day the Church will get it together, the humans will evolve;) and at least Scientology is expanding, and someday they will have the cog, and if I physically die in the meantime, I will have my integrity, and I am SURE I will find the biggest pocket of free theta possible and work it out from there;)

    But I stood my ground, and refused to jump through nonstandard hoops for the carrot.

    Code of Honor
    # 9. Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.

    But here’s another irony — all those YEARS that I did not have processing, and would not go to groups that were doing variations of Tech — well, I have had more wins in the field lately than I would have had within the Church.

    So, the point is: Staff should be trained and audited. Public should practice, utilize and receive the relief of the Tech.

    The Church is being Bypassed. Rightly so.

    With all due respect: Clean up your act, beeatches.

    The way to get up the bridge is not to stay with a group that keys people in to be obedient followers. I see staff who haven’t receive any processing or training and I’m incensed and heart broken at once. I see the years I and so many other have been duped by **a BIG FAT MUST HAVE/CAN’T HAVE** on the bridge, with the # 1 goal preceding that : To Milk Every Possible Penny Out of the PC In front of Me.

    I am not bitter. I am a joyous, happy person that makes life and people better everywhere I walk. Even when I doubt myself, the stats reality check tell it to me.

    whoopdy doo… Since I was just a little idealist who dangerously (according to the Regime) communicated too well but gave all her money to the Church, therefore not so “important” anymore — I since went on to figure out Earth speak 😉 own property, at least a million or so people know me & my work … but you know what? big WHOOP! because those who truly care about me do so whether I owned 2 pair of shoes (which I have as a struggling artist) or 100.

    and I LOVE teh staffers stuck in the Church, and I LOVE the public who really believe we are going to build a true civilization. and I LOVE LRH. And I LOVE the Tech. and I love LIFE. and I LOVE anyone, even if they disagree with me, as long as they are not trying to harm me or my friends.

    I believe in people. I believe that the majority of people on this planet are basically good.

    Let’s get this party started! Let the conversation begin.

    If you got this far, thank you for listening:-)

  58. Hi Jackson,

    That’s one of my favorite songs too!

    Good ol’ Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

  59. “another irony — all those YEARS that I did not have processing, and would not go to groups that were doing variations of Tech — well, I have had more wins in the field lately than I would have had within the Church.”

    To sum this up, you can receive and deliver standard Scientology auditing without the must have/ can’t have hoops and additives and delays and out tech. And sorry, I didn’t wrap up my full point:

    It is a shame that anyone has to make a choice between this/her own personal integrity and “Scientology” — such as many have been forced to do when they left staff or the Chruch for various (valid) complaints that were not recognized, addressed and handled terminatedly.

    But — the real clincher is: We Never Have To Make That Choice Again.

    I believe that is the point to which LRH alludes when he says the work was free, keep it so. FREE as in “no strings”. FREE as in “no compromise”. FREE as in “no other agendas”. FREE as in “no entrapments (must have/can’t have).

    Not free as in no money or no fee or no exchange. Exchange is wonderful and keeps us all sustained. That is the purpose of exchange. Life on Earth is a pot luck, we all bring a dish.;)

    Anyone know the reference for the LRH definition of power that I recall and love: Power is doing what you’re doing when you’re doing it.

  60. Veritas,

    I got that far, and I listened, and I think you’re cool!

    Thanks for that post.

    Just Me

  61. There is no need to oust David Miscavige as COB RTC dictator and potentate magna cum laude, etc. from the C of $.

    After all the beings with thetan balls have left, he will be stuck with nothing but the “crybabies” and “losers” who won’t lift a finger to save their own Eternity or anyone else’s.

    Michael A Hobson

  62. Regarding getting auditing in the field, I just heard the Trey Lotz interview on KSW radio, it’s real good . The first 15 minutes are bad audio but it smooths out.

  63. One of my favorites too

  64. I have no idea if this is true or not re: CNN tanking.

    I have never had access to CNN – UNTIL TODAY — my cable company came and got me all set up so I’ll be front and center on Monday.

    So — CNN — it’s already working. May your stats go out the top and may Cooper Anderson win an Emmy!!

    (btw – Oprah is usually not too far behind — she doesn’t like to scoop but she does like to make a big deal of exposes where others went first )


  65. First, I have no idea where you get your data, but why would Anderson Cooper, arguably the most respected and well-loved news anchor on the planet, need attention from a small, unpopular, corrupt religious cult to stay “relevant”?

  66. WomanSetFree

    Correction Mike, the quote is from the Jack Nickolson character, Col. Nathan Jessep to Tom Cruise, cocky military lawyer Lt. Daniel Kaffee:
    Kaffee:*Colonel Jessep, did you order the Code Red?*
    Judge Randolph: You *don’t* have to answer that question!
    Col. Jessep: I’ll answer the question!
    [to Kaffee]
    Col. Jessep: You want answers?
    Kaffee: I think I’m entitled.
    Col. Jessep: *You want answers?*
    Kaffee: *I want the truth!*
    Col. Jessep: *You can’t handle the truth!*
    Col. Jessep: Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Whose gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinburg? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago, and you curse the marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

  67. The next topic that should be brought to light in the near future is Celebrity Center Int’l!!! Many talented artists have abandoned their dreams and goals for the cult!
    So sad to see so many amazing, actors, musicians, singers, photographers, writers get coerced to abandoned their careers in order to join the Sea Org. Such a waste.

  68. two sides of the same coin:
    different but closely related features of one idea Rewards and punishments are two sides of the same coin – both are used to control people, and neither works very well.
    Related vocabulary: the other side of the coin
    See also: coin, same, side, two
    Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2006. Reproduced with permission.

    -“anticult nut crazies” is the oposite of “sane cult lovers” ?-

    An oxymoron (plural oxymorons, or sometimes the Greek plural oxymora) (from Greek ὀξύμωρον, “sharply dull”) is a figure of speech that combines normally contradictory terms. They appear in a variety of contexts, including inadvertent errors such as extremely average, deliberate puns like same difference, and literary oxymorons that have been crafted to reveal a paradox.

  69. Veritas, I’ve just added you to the list of posters here who I hope I can meet one day or at least know your identity and be able to communicate with you openly. Really wonderful post.

  70. Joseph Conrad:

    The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.

  71. Veritas,

    I got that far, I listened. And, as always, I thoroughly enjoyed you!

  72. Good point TRAVIS! As an artist I can say….GOOD POINT!

  73. Marty,

    Personally, I enjoy a good Revolution once in awhile. Militant activism is essential when fighting suppression!

    Your newly militant tone might suggest that you should change the name of your Blog to “Buns of Wrath” 🙂

    Anyway, to paraphrase the infamous Marie Antoinette, “Let them drink KoolAide!”

  74. Jeff,
    Whoa, dude, chill man. I’m in that ‘cult’ and you are supposed to be a respectin’ according to you.

    I don’t consider myself small, upopular, corrupt and I’m relevant, whatever the f#$k that means 🙂

  75. CD,
    Shhhhh, keep that up and guys will lose repect for me, Beelzebub, Lou Cipher, well just shhhhh.

  76. veritas

    I loved loved loved this post, and the one prior.
    You are a whirlwind of theta light and energy – you are just emanatin’ and radiatin’ the stuff all over the damn place!


  77. “The Church is being Bypassed. Rightly so.”

    Awesome point.

  78. Well Fishdaddy, I can see you’re upset, although over what I what I don’t know. I do know however, that you missed BOTH points. First, CNN is in last place amongst all news channels / shows / programs. It would have taken you less time to do a Google search than it would have for you write that sentence. Here’s a link you go to though:

    Second, I never said he needed attention FROM THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY to remain relevant. It’s the attention he’ll get FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD when the Church tries to tell everyone on all channels available to them what a criminal, bigot they think Anderson is.

    But even that was not the point of my comm. The ONLY point I was making is that it doesn’t matter how much heat DM or TD or anyone else try to bring to Anderson or CNN….it’s only going to help their efforts to bring this story to as many people as possible. There’s nothing for them to worry about.

    “Relevant” in this case, would mean “in front of the public. Appearing in the day-to-day conversations of human beings.”

    CNN is not a relevant network. But the more stink the Church wants to make about this story, and the more they want to stop it, the more relevant the story becomes. It’s win-win for Anderson. He cannot be intimidated.

    Class dismissed. 🙂

  79. Oprah might be sorta tight with TC, but she’s REALLY tight with JT. She’s not going near this thing with a 20-foot pole…oh hell no.

  80. Yes CD “sane cult lovers” would be oxymoronic for sure!

    Speaking of morons!

    I wonder if he and OSA are monitoring this board right now?

  81. Fish,

    Obviously, the “small, unpopular, corrupt religious cult ” you’re referring to is the c of m, and not the subject of scientology itself. And I second that, by the way.

    Anderson Cooper will bring attention to the sit with the church from people who probably know nothing or little of it so far. This subject, though very important to us, is not on the lips of the rest of the world, for the most part. I think
    it will be given more importance just by Cooper
    covering it. And while what people are going to take away from the report is still to be seen, my faith in Mr. Cooper leads me to believe it’s going to be pretty much what we want people to know.

    I cannot wait to see what happened when “they left (Cooper) alone with (Tommy) too long!”
    I am SO looking forward to this!

  82. Good for you Dora. What a pitiful attempt (Jenny’s and OSA’s). I’ll bet the letters and emails CNN is getting from Independents and Exes are far more original and thus more meaningful. Didn’t “form” letters used to be frowned upon? Or did that only apply to registrars?

  83. Folks here is more proof that the ‘liberal’ media is just out to attack churches and religion. A recent post on the website screams:

    “Vatican says No Cover-Up in US Priest Molestation Case, Claims Campaign to Smear Pope”

    How dare the media try and smear the Pope! When will it stop! Time to get angry and make sure the news media is silenced to stop this type of reporting. This is probably being forwarded by the same ‘cry babies and losers’ who are attacking Scn. Let’s get those emails out to the Vatican to show our support!

  84. Just Me, you made me smile, and I’ve listened to your posts, too.

    Joe Howard, thank you so much. My identity is known to some and I would like a way to make it known to you and others also. (I’ll always use an avatar when communicating on the net, for various reasons. )

    Hello Marta, I enjoy our exchanges dearly.

    Hi Deidre!

  85. I knew Jenny when she was just a spoiled kid of wealthy parents. Her parents and brother got me into Scientology. Daddy had her bridge paid for when she was young. She sounds like Sean hannity, she speaks Enough truth that you don’t see the lies.

  86. Hi Lunamoth! when light whirlwinds speak, I won’t interrupt them … or such a lovely thing you said. 😉 Nice to be in a sparkler community is all I’ll say lol

  87. I saw bill around town in salt lake when I was living there. I left July of 08. You can google “bill good marketing”. I worked for him in the 80’s. Joava was a piece of work. I would spend the weekends at his house and after a night partying bill would ask his son and I about our experiences and the girls. To get him to stop asking (the next part is pretty disgusting and graphic)… I held out my hand and told him to smell my finger. He never bothered us about that again.

  88. Titus Andronicus

    “If any of you feel you need to balance the organized lobbying that is going on by speaking up yourselves…”

    I’ll be writing for better or for nothing. I wrote Jon Klein every single week for months imploring him to fire the racist hate-monger, Lou Dobbs. Not even claiming that Dobbs’ ouster was owing to MY letters and emails but Lou Dobbs is gone just the same.

    Re Cooper and the rumor/smear mill on the part of C of M, what the heck are they gonna say about him — that he’s gay?! Being gay is a smear only to the homophobic C of Mers who are still in the mindset of the McCarthy era. Heck, even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is down with gays serving in the US military. They sure can’t say he’s a ‘socialist’, that fave polemic of the day.

  89. Hey MT! Good to see your name. There’s at least 2 of us with a little history concerning the Goods although mine ends around 1993. Bret was always concerned I was declared because joava tried to spread that about me. I know I wasn’t as far back as 2005 when I last heard from a freeloader reg.

  90. Veritas,

    I always read your posts in full and I’m always listening. 🙂

  91. I’ve sent Jenny an email. Here’s what I said:

    Dear Jenny,

    I saw the email you sent to your friends and family, as well as to the execs at CNN. I’ve been a Scientologist nearly all my life too (since the mid-70s) and so I understand the frustration you feel.

    Bottom line: there are far too many eye-witness accounts of the physical and humiliating abuse that Miscavige has engaged upon, and we need to stop defending him. His actions are indefensible.

    These eyewitness accounts come from more than a dozen Int execs, some of whom worked directly with and for Miscavige. They include Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Marty Rathbun, Jeff Hawkins, Gary Morehead, Steve Hall, Tom De Vocht, Marc Headley, Claire Headley, Yael Sherlock (Lustgarten), Shelly Corias, Jackie Wolff, Eric Knutson, Russ Williams, Mark Fisher, Bruce Hines, Sinar Parman, Don Jason, John Peeler, Dan Koon and many many others.

    Common quotes are: “I witnessed David Miscavige as well as other executives and staff at the base beat people up, slap others around, spit on people.”

    Or this: “What I witnessed first hand was David Miscavige physically hit Scientology high ranking executives and staff. I witnessed David Miscavige make 5 Scientology executives defecate into a clear plastic bag out in the broad open, make them shower by use of a garden hose in the broad open – male and female executives mind you.”

    These are not just isolated occurences stated by just one person. More than a dozen people have come forward now and made these statements independently, corroborating the other first-hand accounts. This type of behavior by Miscavige, from all accounts, has been going on for years. There is no longer any way or reason that Scientologists like you and I should attempt to defend Miscavige. We can no longer deny that these things happened or hope that Miscavige will suddenly get his ethics in.

    Miscavige has proven incapable of taking responsibility and ownership for his actions, and getting his own ethics in. Several dozen have tried unsuccessfully from the inside. Our only option now is to get Miscavige’s ethics in from the outside. Which means going public with his vicious behavior and illegal actions, in an attempt to force him out.

    I wish that there was a way to do it such that the reputation of Scientology wouldn’t be dragged through the mud at the same time, but Miscavige has made that impossible. He has warped LRH’s intentions for management of the Church, and has made himself an untouchable dictator — accountable to no one. The best we can hope for now is to minimize the impact on the reputation of Scientology, by pointing out that it was Miscavige’s doing, and has/had nothing to do with the creeds or philosophy of Scientology.

    Sincerely and with ARC,


  92. Old Cuff! Is that a knife behind your smile or are you just glad to see me?

    The Marie Antoinette double entendre gave me a bit of dense chills because she was beheaded. That wasn’t a veiled threat, was it?!

    I personally abhor beheadings. I can think of so many more interesting types of revolution, not so bloody and effort-based.

    Ah, these petty human foibles, such as greed and control and conquest and Egyptian cotton shirts and the like. And calling people names. And spreading nasty little rumors.

    I love the first line of John Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath”:
    “To the red country and part of the gray country of Oklahoma, the last rains came gently, and they did not cut the scarred earth.”

    I love that as a metaphor of Theta. It does not cut the scarred Earth, that’s how the theta evolution happens.

    Old Cuff, Marie Antoinette would not let her people have bread, while she glutted herself on fat turkey drumsticks and wiped her hands on her pet dogs, which she carried around as napkins and flea detractors.

    When her staff came to her and told her the people were starving, that they needed bread, the most basic of staples, she said, “Let them eat cake!” (as in refined crappy white sugar — we are not talking party cake). Hence the revolution.

    People revolt against oppression. It’s a violation of Power. One does not stay in power unless one Serves.

    Does this sound like a familiar scenario occurring within the walls of the Gorge -eous Orgs?

    You can only feed thetans cake so long but it’s not nice when pretending to deliver bread.

    SO…the good thing about things like spiritual evolution is: there’s plenty to go around. That’s what I meant, the revolution has happened. You missed it. We’re going free. We’ve gone free. A whole lotta freeing going on.

    Besides beheadings being messy, the truth of the matter is that the self-absorbed likes of Marie Antoinette sadly have no head to chop off, not really, not where it matters.

    No, we don’t say “Let them eat cake.” But…LET THEM AUDIT! LET THEM DO UNDILUTED SCIENTOLOGY. Let them keep ethics in on their FP. Let them have the wins. Let them shed eons of oppressive hogwash that they are evil and degraded.

    Wait…actually no…we’re not even saying that. There is no “Let them”.

    Thank you Marty and all contributing to saving the subject of Scientology — which is about uplifting Life through auditing and training. without arbitrary drama additives. That’s it.

    Now why would that cause “Sour Grapes of Psychopath”? oh, nevermind, I know the answer.

  93. Thanks, CD!

  94. Travis, sharing my personal decision to join staff, why and how, and I was a working artist in school at the time: I decided to join staff when I realized the level of art that is celebrated in our society. “Making it” in a loony bin violent society seemed less of an aspiration to me than freeing theta.

    So, even after I continued with my art, I felt I was honorary Sea Org in my commitment to freeing theta. Isn’t that what art does on many levels? Auditing cuts to the chase, but without the aesthetic endeavors, this planet and most people would be dense.

    I personally have a lot of respect and admiration for people in the Sea Org, and don’t regard the choice per se, of Sea Org over an Earth career as an artist, as a travesty if it is a personal choice.

    What IS a travesty is people not being true to themselves, being influenced or invalidated, and all the other kit & kaboodle arbitrary additives.

    Some of the greatest artists in our cultural history were endorsed by — sponsored by — their Church. In my personal opinion, art is a spiritual activity.

    The problem I had with Celebrity Centre was the “other agenda” of art events, i.e. get people to the registrar$.

    I embrace the same truths John F. Kennedy perceived and set forth in his eulogy at Amherst College for the US poet Robert Frost.

    Kennedy said: “When power narrows the areas of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of his existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses. For art establishes the basic human truth which must serve as the touchstone of our judgment.”

    And, “The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an intrusive society and an officious state. The great artist is thus a solitary figure.” (JFK)

    Comparing the scenario at CC Int with these basics truths about art makes the conflict plainly visible. It is a conflict when Art is used — as it is by the pony show celebrities and other nonsense in which Celebrity Centres engage — as a political manipulation.

    “We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.” — John F. Kennedy.

    I highly recommend finding and reading the entire speech.

    My personal story with CC Int is ultimately amusing in an ironic (if sad) way. Ultimately, my experience I observed they do not champion Art. Posers and the Rich are championed. Snobbery is championed.

    Art is used much like the Volunteer Ministers were used in Haiti — foremost on the agenda was press inches and photo ops.

    There is nothing wrong with that in and of itself — except when the real purpose becomes abandoned, secondary, or crushed by bizarre schemes justified by the end (“saving the planet”).

    What I find particularly gross about CC’s is that they do not serve as a refuge and nourishing center for Art, but for the new breed of fabricated Celebrity — which is, interestingly enough, FABRICATED personas for the purpose of selling clothes, jewelry, resorts, religion, you name it.

    The society has become contaminated, especially the USA, with that very toxic mediocrity.

    It’s amazing to think that a mere 80 years ago, poets and philosophers were rock stars of the day. Seriously, screaming throngs would gather to hear Mark Twain or Edna St. Vincent Millay. There was a uniqueness in stars, actors, dancers, musicians, and they shone on the society (instead of the sucking black hole phenomenon of piggery greed and vanity and demographically targeted empty “art product.”)

    CC has been holding up two or three actors as the pinnacle of Art! For decades. And invalidating artists by holding up POPULARITY (very often only lowest common denominator) as the ualifying mark of “Celebrity.”

    Excuse me, where is the vomitorium?

    In my opinion, per my observation, by the very toxic oppressive requirements of “OBEDIENCE” and MASSIVE MONETARY WEALTH, Celebrity Centres miserably fails to recognize, support and nourish artists of value to society.

  95. martyrathbun09


  96. martyrathbun09

    Veritas, Amen.

  97. Gary,
    Thanks for speaking out. Thanks for being here. Thanks to all who ultimately will not accept enforced wrong items and lies. Most of all, thank you for suffering all that to uphold the true purpose you were serving. That is amazing and stellar endurance. I am proud and privileged to know you and those here.

    The vision that we share as possible toward building a better world is not the illusion.

  98. Beautifully put, Veritas. How true.

  99. veritas…..just curious….were you around back in the early days of CC when Yvonne was the caring hand who warmly guided and supported ALL artists and was there for them with true intent? If so, you would have experienced the ideals of which JFK spoke.
    (Right WH??!! 😉 )

    What you described is quite a departure from that Ideal Scene for sure.

  100. Anticult nut crazies is an oxymoron too. It is not crazy to opose cults. Would you have said anti-religious….

  101. Marty, I have an important question for you: When do you see the Church of Miscavigology as having begun? Did it began after Lisa McPherson? Did it begin after the Golden Age of Tech? I completely agree that CoS is now CoM, but when did it happen and why? I ask you to please write a post in which you describe events that led to the CoM. After you post, I will give you my point of view on the date of when I saw it happen. It would be interesting for Independents and critics to compare notes on this and other subjects.

  102. Fellow Traveller

    Eponymous aesthetics.

  103. Awesome post, Veritas. Art is indeed a spiritual activity. Pope John Paul II wrote a pastoral letter to Artists in 1999 in which the dedication said “To all who are passionately dedicated to the search for new “epiphanies” of beauty so that through their creative work as artists they may offer these as gifts to the world.”

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  104. Old Cuff,
    I get the idea your references aren’t picked up the way you intend them occassionally. Even in spite of the emoticons. I took the comment above entirely differently than veritas for instance.

    The ‘buns’ one, well, that one I’m not too sure about so I can see this go either way.

  105. Nice letter Margaret

  106. Jenny Good – I wasn’t “booted out”…………I left of my own accord.

  107. Titus Andronicus

    What ‘liberal media’? Pretty much wiped out as far as I can see — Rachel Maddow’s program and ‘Mother Jones’ and ‘The Nation’ magazines are about it. Please don’t say the ‘NY Times’ is liberal — they are clearly not. William Kristol writes for them, to name but one ultra-conservative there.

    More, the news outlets that service the right are also carrying the same banner headlines re the pope and the accused priest. Here’s FoxNews’:

    And the beloved Drudge Report has it on their home page, as well.

    Please, one of the reasons I give thanks each for having left the SO and the CofM and the personal freedoms doing so afforded me was that I am now entitle to “think for myself” where my political beliefs were concerned. Whilst a member of the congregation and a duty-bound rank and filer, it was nigh onto an aberration to be progressively-minded, a so-called liberal, or even a registered voter who wanted to exercise that right. Anyone’s politics are their own personal ideology and belief and are not within the purview of religion (supposed to be, at least). I am frankly sick and tired to the point of near overrun in encountering the presumption that all or most of those who embraces, learns, employs, uses and loves LRH’s tech is a libertarians, conservatives, right-wingers, what-have-you. We are not. This is mutually exclusive territory.

    I would gladly sit and have a cup of coffee with you and in a decent mutually respectful manner argue political ideology with you.

    I don’t care who pounces on me for speaking up. I can only hope that the other 2.5% (‘cause that’s nearly how anyone who is progressive is viewed by the goose-steppers) of us ‘liberals’ who are also believers and know-ers and users of the tech see that they are indeed not alone.

    Sorry to go off. I live in the United States. Our constitution is founded on a separation of church and government, though there are so many that try to blur that separation. I’m just tired of it.

    Heck, Tom Cruise — before he was thoroughly under the thrall of DM — together with his former spouse, made a considerable campaign contribution to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s US Senate campaign, back in the day. I don’t think he was even a constituent of the State of New York!

  108. Great to see both MT and you here. Chad, if you want to – email me at so I can email you back privately. You know me.

  109. Nice letter. Please let us know if she responds.

  110. Dear Veritas,

    Hey, lighten up! We’re all on the same side here.

    I’ve spent 41 years of my life — 10 as a senior exec in the S.O. — working directly with LRH, and as a public person. I have two kids in the S.O. who are being betrayed daily by D.M..

    The C of S has been destroyed by D.M.. It is beyond repair, in my opinion.

    Anyone who has the integrity to apply KSW, and apply standard LRH tech to salvage beings is my hero!

    Marty, and others like him, are doing the work of revolutionaries. There MUST be a revolution, per LRH policy, to save the subject from permanent oblivion. Our only hope to our own action to apply Standard Tech, per LRH.

  111. When reading this thread, I couldn’t help but think how different the Church would be today if Heber had taken over in the early 80s, instead of Miscavige.


  112. Oh yes RJ. Oh Hi OSA you lot are probably more on the boards than I and that has to be an achievement yet you look but still do not see. don’t worry forces are working towards your salvation.

    Thank you for playing the Game.

  113. Lordi:

    You wanted power and you begged for fame you wanted everything the easy way
    You wanted gain without pain now your bill’s in the mail
    You got stronger but your mind got weak you made a promise you couldn’t keep
    You had it all you lost more it’s all there in the fee
    Via hell incorporated regeneration first you love it then you hate it you’re such a saint
    And now you’re never gonna make it bad situation get on get on down there’s hell to pay
    ’cause the devil is a loser and he’s my bitch for better or for worse and you don’t care which
    The devil is a loser and he’s my bitch runnin’ into trouble you skitch he’s my bitch ha ha ha ha ha
    You wanted riches and license to kill you got poverty and then you got ill
    You got poor and you lost your will all your dreams unfulfilled
    Wow I get my kicks when you blow your fuse no one got killed but that’s no excuse
    Hands up I let you know when it’s done I’ve got the only gun
    Via hell incorporated regeneration first you love it then you hate it you’re such a saint
    And now you’re never gonna make it bad situation get on get on down there’s hell to pay
    ’cause the devil is a loser and he’s my bitch for better or for worse and you don’t care which
    ’cause the devil is a loser and he’s my bitch runnin’ into trouble you skitch
    And there were no refunds just failing guarantees confess your sins son said the preacher on tv
    You got yourself some greasepaint ooh set of white and black
    Wow all you got was laughter and Gene Simmons on your back
    Hmm ’cause devil is a loser and he’s my bitch for better or for worse and you don’t care which
    ’cause the devil is a loser and he’s my bitch runnin’ into trouble you skitch he’s my bitch
    ’cause devil is a loser and he’s my bitch for better or for worse and you don’t care which
    ’cause the devil is a loser and he’s my bitch runnin’ into trouble you skitch
    Yeah runnin’ into trouble you stich aah runnin’ into trouble you

  114. Hal Turner thought he had a secure job, than Anonymous happened.

  115. I read Undisturbed’s posting as sarcasm … tongue-in-cheek. Did I read wrong?

    Anyway, I’m with you Titus … I watch all sides of the political spectrum just for the fun of it … and by far, Fox and the conservatives are the most hilarious. Even more so after my nightly dose of Jon Stewart.

  116. J. Swift, I would say full-on shift occurred in 1982 when the Comm Ev was called by RTC on long-term dedicated SO members of stature. I remember reading the Bill of Particulars and thinking to myself that we had been taken over. I was Class 5 staff, and the Ethics Order was mistakenly sent out to outer orgs. Or maybe it was cry for help.
    Some of Stacy Young’s essays would show the power shift started at Author Services in 1980-81.
    That is my take. Someone asked me recently what my take was on the Church, and I said the perpetrators of the 1982 injustices were never handled.
    As a note, I never saw Marty’s fingerprints on those early group engrams.

  117. ♥!

  118. Oh dear, Old Cuff, thank you for introducing yourself! I did indeed misunderstand some of your post and I apologize. That said, the content of my response stands — not directed toward you — but on the subject!

    Yes, we are r – evolutionaries. I separate the “R” because “revolution” ultimately means to go in a circle. lets kick up into a higher direction…..UP!!!!!

    I agree with you and have personally observed what you describe, what has happened to the C of S. It’s a pleasure and an honor to meet you! THANK YOU for your service and dedication!!!

  119. Heather G, that’s a wonderful quote. Pope John Paul II was himself a poet and writer. (I once got a letter from Japan telling me my poetry reminded the person of the Pope’s … I am nothing like a Pope so it led to look them up!;) I read that Placido Domingo going to record some songs inspired by the Pope’s poetry.

  120. Mickey, I never met Yvonne personally, but when I arrived CC was still aglow with her love and compassion and *inspiration*

    In late 1979 1980 – 1982 CC was still on La brea in LA. It was wonderful. There were “tapes Plays” where one could go in and listen to tapes for a couple of dollars. I would bring herds of poets, musicians, actors, producers in…we’d go in and do a “tape play” then go out, blown out of our heads, romping toward our dreams.

    I heard about Yvonne…often. It impressed me how, and I felt I knew by the warmth, admiration and enthusiasm that lit up every person who talked about her.

    I have the Celebrity Magazine issue dedicated to her. It has a poem to her by Heber. (I typed it in a comment when requested, a couple of months ago)

    WH, was it you you mentioned how cool it would be to scan it and put it up on a site?

    BTW I don’t always go back and reread all the comments so if I didn’t answer someone who posted a comm to me directly it means I did not see it.

    When I first came out to Los Angeles, it was on the wave of all those ideals. I had exchanges with LRH about art (when he personally signed the letters, and some I know were perfunctory assistant replies, others not, some jotted notes in his hand).

    It was a completely different scene than it has become. It was *breathing*, alive with soul, with spirit, with purpose, with dreams. It was light, not “heavy” with status, arbitraries and fabricated $$nobbery (i.e., false value) — although looking back I can see isolated instances that portended what was coming, starting around 1983, then after 1986 …pfffft.

  121. Margaret, wow, I hear that. The purpose is the true Life! And we have it. The renaissance is breathing again.

  122. In my view, things could have also been salvaged after 1993. If Miscavige didn’t have his head up his ass, a huge salvage campaign of the ARC broken field could have been undertaken.

    Instead, Miscavige went into a know-best, self-importance frame of mine, and decided that decimating the Book I marketing campaign and altering tech training with his know-best “why” was the way to go (i.e. GAT).

    And though the stats continued to plummet, his know-best took on a life of it’s own.

    And here we are today, with the former CoS completely morphed into the CoM … about 180 degrees opposite from LRH’s intentions for it.

  123. Heather,

    That quote from the pope is amazing.


    The wonderful, aesthetic scene you described was not just true at CC, it was also true at least in some of the missions. It was true in our mission, which was so theta a place, and so full of ARC and high energy, that local Scientologists hung around there even when they weren’t on services. That all changed in 1983, when our very theta mission holder, who created the place and got gobs of people onto the bridge, was declared. The mission was turned into an org, and that org no longer exists. And long before it closed, it was completely dead.

    And that progression symbolizes the history of the church, from when it was the C of S to its transformation into the C of M.

  124. Freedom Fighter

    Margaret, I’m sighing right along with you. I don’t know Heber like some of you do, but my brief interaction with him years ago left a lasting impression on me unlike any other. I’ve never met a more compassionate person who so genuinely cared about and was so geninely interested in other people. Hearing stories of his incarceration at the Int Base makes my blood boil.

    “Do not harm a person of good will.” — LRH, Way to Happiness

  125. 24-hours later … still no response.

  126. I did my small part today and posted the following on Anderson Cooper’s blog (and felt really good about it afterwards):
    I was in the Sea Org for over a decade, though not at the level of Int Management and I did not witness any physical abuse (except for a fair amount of sleep deprivation of the general staff, usually for the purpose of making sales and getting income stats up). What I did witness, though, was the tone and atmosphere worsening as time went on, with less and less personal freedom (even as to freedom of speech) and more and more aggressively arrogant treatment of staff. Eventually, I saw clearly that managment was a dictatorship (of staff and public alike) and also saw that the emphasis was on materiality, though I still believed (and do believe) in the philosophy/religion of Scientology itself.
    Thank you CNN for doing this expose. I feel it will be a tremendous service to so many people by contributing to a momentum for a much needed change.

  127. While I am pleased that Anderson Cooper is doing this series on his 360 broadcast and I certainly look forward to watching the program, after all I was an active member of the CoS for over half my life, I do not get why he’s even doing this report. Who is he doing it for?

    The only people that I know of (other than myself) that are interested in what is happening with the church of scientology; then, now or at some point in the future, are the people that frequent blogs like Marty’s, Leaving Scn, Scn-cult, etc., etc. In other words, you guys and gals. There is not anyone that I encounter in my daily activities whose ears would perk up at the mention of scn. In fact, just a few days ago I sent an email to each individual of a citizens activists group that I had started back in early 07′ informing them about the current scene in CoS. I decided to do this as, while this group was still in tact, I had consistently promoted LRH and many of his tools to them as well as myself being a member of the church and I thought they should know that such was no longer the case. I got a couple of “thanks for telling me that” in response but that was it. Just not much interest. However, if the subject of my email had concerned a troublesome situation occurring within the Catholic Church, they would have been all ears and clamoring for more data.

    Based upon my experience of living in the second largest city in Arkansas for eight years and not having encountered even one other scio living here or in the region…I have not observed any indication whatsoever that the subject of scientology is on anyone’s laundry list of interests.

    When I read Anderson’s quote where he said…

    “For the record, I just want to point out that this series is not about the beliefs or activities of the Church of Scientology. It is not about the religion or the vast majority of Scientologists. This series simply has to do with what some former high ranking church officials say went on within the upper management of the church, and what happened to them when they left the church.”

    …my first thought was WTF?! Why in the hell aren’t you addressing the activities of the church of scientology?! Activites like human trafficking, torture, enforced abortions, horrific ramifications around the practice of disconection, miserable living conditions and food for SO staff, continual labor abuses and on and on and on (all the many unconscionable activites described by the numerous individuals on this blog and others).

    It appears that this series of Anderson’s, as he’s describing it, is going to be nothing more than a repeat of ABC’s Nightline two nighter that aired back in the fall i.e., again referencing Anderson’s quote, “to do with what some former high ranking church officials say went on within the upper management of the church, and what happened to them when they left the church.”

    What is going on with the CoS and some of its ex high level execs is not a big deal in comparison to so many other horrific sits that are ongoing in this country and around the world. So again I ask… Someone on this blog please enlighten me. Please explain to me why he’s doing it? What’s in it for him and/or CNN?

    Also, to anyone…do people you know who are not scios and have never been scios, demonstrate any interest in the subject of the church of scn?

  128. That’s important because a lot of Scientologists will go to a CNN link like that.

  129. Finally watched this vid veritas…great vid! Always liked this song and it whenever I hear it my timetrack moves to May 85′ and the Battle of Portland. Shout was a song that was played many, many times throughout the crusade. Thanks much for adding it.

  130. Redneck Thetan

    To look at why Anderson would do this report and what he’ll probably do with it, think back a few years to when he started covering the Fundamentalist Church of the Latter Day Saints, and particular their “prophet”, Warren Jeffs.

    There is a LOT that could be written about and ridiculed by the public about the FLDS. The main one is that they practice polygamy in a big way. That’s the reason they broke away with mainstream Mormonism when they abandoned the principle of polygamy in the 1800’s. They also mandate a lot of things that sound almost Amish in nature. The women wear long sleeve, long dresses with even pantaloons underneath to preserve their complete modesty. They live in compounds throughout the West Coast and in Canada. And they are very, very secluded. Part of what they’ve been told is that if they associate with people not in favor with the Prophet, they will become tainted by the contact and won’t achieve godhood. Sound familiar?

    Anyway, while Anderson pointed out these things (so that people would see what the deal with with the dresses and the shunning) he stuck to investigating the main out-points of the FLDS. Namely, their prophet, Warren Jeffs, made it a habit of “eternally sealing” underage girls with much older men, creating a lot of abuse. Secondly, because there were so many young men who were competing against the older men for the young girls, he and other church elders would routinely kick the kids out of the community. That led to the “Lost Boys,” dozens of young men with no education and no knowledge of the outside world left to fend for themselves. Finally, women who wanted to not be married or to things that weren’t allowed by Jeffs were often badly abused and their attempts to leave were subject to SWAT-style manhunts. Once again, sound familiar?

    Anderson stuck to those points, talked to people who had managed to leave, groups helping the Lost Boys and the women who left, and attempted to talk to the leadership themselves, but were stonewalled. Because authorities in their main state of residence, Arizona, were beginning to clamp down on abuses, they built a new compound in Texas.

    To tl;dr the story down from here, Anderson kept doing the story despite much stonewalling and some criticism, and more and more people learned about the FLDS and their abuses. Warren Jeffs was indicted on a charge of marrying a young girl, went on the run, and was eventually captured and convicted. A couple of years later, Texas authorities raided the compound there and took all the children and possible underaged wives out. Eventually most of the kids went back, but many of the women ended up breaking off from the sect and taking their kids elsewhere. Several of the men who allegedly had sex with underage girls have been indicted, and one was convicted just a week ago.

    The basic premise of me writing this novel is to show that Anderson has done this before, done an excellent job and got results in the end. I’ve seen pretty much every report on this he’s ever done, and he never attacked the religious beliefs of the FLDS. The polygamy principle itself was never mocked, and while they showed how difficult it was to actually get a POV answer from within the group because of the shunning, they were reasonable about it. And after the Texas ranch raid happened, the group started letting FLDS members talk to the media and even let camera crews inside the Texas compound. Most of their reports were of the “clear roads, good weather” sort, but it did show how they lived together in such huge families.

    Finally as far as the “do you know anyone who is not a scio and has never been demonstrate an interest in Scientology,” I am one of those people and I am studying the tech. And I know I’m not alone. I hope down the road that there is at least one report about people who do study and learn the tech outside of CoS orgs and how relatively normal and healthy it is. Which, BTW, Anderson has shown with polygamous Mormons who live outside of the fundamentalist groups and are pretty mainstream, like the “Big Love” family.

  131. Redneck Thetan,

    Excellent analysis and excellent post. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Just Me

  132. Being able to use Scientology should be like being able to use Mathematics.

    Can anybody really own the truth?

  133. “Don’t compare the honesty and integrity of true Scientologists to lowlifes who are bitter and unhappy because they were booted out of the group.”

    Sea Org members who can’t take it any more escape the compound or ship and are chased and hounded to come back.

    Then they have the nerve to tell people they were “booted out”.

  134. Dear Monte,
    I had the same exact sentiments as you when I read the article! – as to the point of WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER STUFF? But then I decided maybe this was a matter of going for the jugular and getting DM himself under investigation and booted, so as to eradicate ALL the evil at its source. Also had a couple of other considerations: (1) maybe this is simply the correct gradient or (2) this is focusing on the WORST abuses going on and, possibly for Marty and others, a matter of not deserting comrades in need or in trouble as per the Code of Honor. Anyway, I appreciated your comments.

  135. Excellent point! Yes!

  136. Veritas that was a wonderful peek into your thoughts.

  137. Redneck Thetan thank you for your wonderful and insightful written piece.

  138. If they really atack coopers freedom to choose a partner than Anons will be joined in protests by the Rainbow Coalition.

    Oh please Slappy JUST DO IT !

  139. @ Redneck Thetan, thank you very much for responding to my query and for so thoroughly sharing your perspective on this matter. I found what you had to say to be most insightful.

    sidenote: Redneck Thetan, I’m curious…what’s your story? What brought you to studying Ron’s tech?

    @ marildi, thank you so much for adding your input in response to my expressed puzzlement about this upcoming story. I appreciate your thoughts. marildi, even though we had the same sentiments at reading what Anderson had to say about this report, I can see that, more likely than not, we do not share a reality on CNN.

    Here is the POV where I’m coming from and what was behind me posing the question I did…

    1) Things in general, agendas, intentions, motives, people, are rarely what they appear to be.

    2) Mainstream media, including mainstream news media and CNN, is owned and controlled by “The Man.” Whatever we see and hear on the media is meant for us to see and hear.

    3) IMO, mainstream media is the sheeple herder. It exists to direct and control the “herd” i.e., the population of planet earth. Of course, there is a plethora of other activities that have been being conducted by many different camps (but all controlled by “The Man”) for a very long time on the herd to help make them increasingly easier to manage.

    So, as you can see marildi, coming from this POV, I do not view anything that I see or hear that is coming from mainstream media like most other people do. I’m always looking between the lines so to speak. That said, I am of the opinion that this story that Anderson is doing, as Anderson has described it, is not about Scn at all but is just another step that has to be done out of the many that are included on a program of no small magnitude.

    We occasionally mention going through the “looking glass” and “down the rabbit hole” in our explanation of the bizzare and it’s certainly an appropriate analogy to use, but what I’ve discovered for myself is that the rabbit hole runs a lot deeper and has a lot more twists and turns than most people would ever begin to imagine. A lot of very aware people go down the rabbit hole and stop at the first den of incredibility and consequently become even more aware. However, many never realize that there is an extant maze of rabbit tunnels that lead to an enormous number of highly compartmentalized incredibilities.

    LRH and his technologies posed an incredible threat to “The Man.” And “The Man” did not comm lag in recognizing how much of a threat he was (read Playing Dirty by Omar Garrison). Hence, time was not wasted in “taking care of” LRH and his tech. The CoS and the many devoted scios have not been any ‘real’ threat to “The Man” for a very long time. Instead, the CoS and the scios have been being directed, controlled and used by “The Man” to help in furthering “The Man’s” agenda.

    Anderson Cooper’s “expose” may appear to be about the bad treatment of ex execs in the church, but IMO, it is not about that at all. However, it may very well be instrumental in helping to get many of our friends who are still ‘in’ out. And that’s a good thing.

  140. Monte ever considered we all are “The Man”, wich makes you part of it too as in we are all in this together.

  141. veritas….you don’t cease to amaze with the messages in your postings or in videos you reach out and find in the etherized cybersphere! What a great production and journey of images within this song. SHOUTing indeed from the rafters of this and all the other boards over the years speaking out about abuses in CofM. “These are the things we can do without”!

    As I listened, I kept in mind rather than directing my attention towards abuses against humans in South Africa (for whom this project was done), but instead substituted the abuses against humans in South(ern) Calif. at the Int base and all SO and Scn staff in general, the intent of the message in the song carried right on through to those good folks as well.

    Thanks again Ms. v. 🙂

  142. Monte, I don’t think I was very clear about whose motives regarding the upcoming AC360 series that I was talking about. It wasn’t CNN’s or whoever may be controlling them – it was OURS, i.e. Marty et al. And even if there is a whole behind-the-scenes “Man in control,” the postulate would be that we will still achieve our aims even within this “control the sheep system.” I go along with LRH’s postulate that the power of TRUTH will win out – and he now he has the power of the internet to help expedite his vision. As to the rabbit hole of existence, the route of Scientology is all about navigating through that maze. Also, pardon my ignorance (like to blame it on too many years “sheltered” in the Sea Org and being out of the loop of the world at large), but who is “The Man” according to “Playing Dirty” or whomever? By the way, I commend you for always trying to read between the lines – it’s like the LRH definition of “price of freedom : constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back. There is no other price.” (Tech Dictionary)

  143. Monte, wanted to add one other thing to my last comment about ” reading between the lines …price of freedom” , which is that I believe at some point a person has to take a stance if they want to help ensure that things go right according to their viewpoint.

  144. Veritas, Beautifully said! You took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you for your post.

  145. Redneck Thetan

    Thanks so much to those who liked what I wrote about Anderson Cooper and the FLDS. To be honest, I spend a lot of time reading comments here and being blown away by the amount of amazing writing here. I’m glad I could contribute on some level, even though what I know about the tech is so minimal compared to everyone else. And I’m honored by Cat Daddy and Just Me, whom have been amongst those who have taught me a lot about being theta.

    To answer your question properly Monte, I’d be writing for hours. The short version: I read myself into the tech. I grew up with this need to study things for myself and a great love of studying religions. I came across Scientology through that and started reading leaked stuff, message boards, etc. probably five years ago. For some reason, even though there was a lot of things going on in the church that did not sound good and I knew pretty much immediately that I didn’t want to go to an org in the current church and jump on the Bridge, I could see things that really made a lot of sense and that, if they were true, could help with some huge issues I’ve had in my life with health, problems with communication, being a VERY reactive person, etc. I’m not a person who thinks in black and white terms, and despite all the Anonymous yelling I read, I couldn’t see LRH or Scientology as being all bad when its stated aims were so good.

    However, I didn’t think I had any hope of using it for myself, because even if I wanted to be part of the CoS, I was far too broke to pay for services at the current prices and thanks to the religion I was brought up in, I had an aversion to donating money for what I now call MEST but before called tacky gilt. Also, at the time I was a working journalist, and from what I’d read, journalists were basically automatic SP’s. There’s no way I’d quit my job because someone at a church told me too! Nor was the FZ as organized as it seems to be now, and I assumed no one would be interested in helping anyway. So I just kept reading and keeping track of things and considered myself to be stuck being a sympathetic wog.

    A few things finally got me on track as far as studying and moving toward hope. A big part of that is Marty’s blog, Geir’s blog and forum, and seeing that there were people who were using the tech, dealing with upsets both from the church and elsewhere, and flourishing. And in many cases, these people had every reason to turn their back on everything and be extremely bitter, but they weren’t. Instead they were helping each other without the aim of doing more than KSW. It was refreshing.

    Long story short, I got in comm with some very nice folks who treated me with respect even knowing my media ties (I’ve always made it a point to be transparent about that – no secrets, no lies, etc.) and told me things I could do. I started buying 75-cent copies of the Basics on eBay and trying to do Self Analysis lists, which have given some gains although I have yet to get the hang of how to do them by myself. Through my reading, I’ve been able to apply things I read, and they work! Honestly, nothing much in my life concerning religion ever really did THAT before.

    I also visited an org during a trip and had the free Book One session they offer, and in that one session I dealt with something that happened more than a decade ago that I now see has caused massive somatic ills, aberrations, etc. It was like a boulder was lifted from my heart and a major medical condition has gotten much better since then. I’m working toward hopefully getting auditing and training through indie means to continue. Knowledge that I already had somehow has been cognated, and to continue unlocking that is the key.

    And the thing is, I think in many ways my experience is one that could become that of future Independent Scientology converts. People who hear the stories on Gawker and in mass media reports, become intrigued, start reading and then find out for themselves that Scientology can make things better. Not by getting a stress test and being regged and spending tons of money, but by reading, finding answers and then a way to learn and do more.

    Oh, one more thing – as I said, I’ve been a working journalist and have worked in media outlets for a very long time. National media sources like CNN are very different from local news, but there are a couple of things I know for sure. They’re not run by “The Man,” because if they were they’d certainly not be happy with a lot of the stuff that is covered, and it VERY MUCH doesn’t have a “liberal elite” bias. The exact opposite, if any. And while it’s different in most newsrooms than on shows like AC:360, the people on the ground doing the work are far too busy to even have time to develop a bias.

  146. Redneck Thetan,

    Thanks for describing your use of the tech and your journey and for your sweet comment. Your own deep urges to find what is helpful and true for you will keep you on the path of integrity. Your willingness to say out loud what you see, whether others agree or not, is a thing of beauty.

    I too am a fan of ambiguity. I try not to require perfection from an idea, person, group or activity to evaluate its utility, since there simply is no purity of rightness or wrongness in anyone or anything. Strangely, as so many studies show, the degree to which we tolerate ambiguity may be something we just “arrive here” with.

    Like you, I grew up in a southern religious tradition and know the burden many people carry and inflict on others when they “just know what’s right.” Every religion, including Scientology, contains people who lean this way. Many of these poor souls hear the voice of God or reason or “group think” confirming their uncomplicated analyses and bigotry.

    Although constant re-evaluation is not for everyone, how else can we learn? How else can we “move on up a little higher”?

    It’s so nice to meet you.

    Just Me

  147. Redneck Thetan, I’m very pleased with myself for asking you that question because, otherwise, you might not of had a reason to tell your wonderful story! Thank you so much for taking the time to share. You’re talking about the tech in a way that I am very familiar with. In fact, your gains and wins were, in my experience, the norm not the exception while I was in the church (at least where I was in the church).

    Personally, my track in scn was most rewarding. I made great gains and had wonderful wins all the way through. The only damaging thing that I experienced because of my connection to the church and love of the tech was brought on by myself in agreeing to some insane reg cycles! I created so many problems for myself and others in my attempts to obtain more and more $$$$ for services. That said, I am now acutely aware of how much there was going on in the church that was not okay and right out in the open that I would not confront. Instead, I chose to dub-in scenarios that worked for me.

    While I don’t share your view of CNN RnT, I very much appreciate your POV on the matter. We’re just looking at the same thing from different vantage points.

    Again RnT, thank you so much for sharing your story. It is one that I have saved!

  148. Cat Daddy and marildi, my apologies for my tardy response to your posts. I actually did respond yesterday but when I hit the submit button there was a problem. Anyway, I saved my response so here it is…

    @ CD, if you are referring to the actual “Oneness” that we each are….yes, of course! But “The Man” is that part of me that is stuck in a very low and destructive vibrational pattern and needs to wake up.

    @ marildi, first let’s take a look at “The Man.” Here’s a Wikipedia definition…

    “‘The Man’ is a slang phrase that refers to the government, leaders of large corporations, and other authority figures in general. ‘The Man’ is colloquially defined as the figurative person who controls the world. The phrase is also often used to describe a racial oppressor, the boss of a blue-collar worker, or the enemy of any counterculture.”

    Read More:

    Now let me add a bit of Monteism to it…”The Man” might also be refered to as TPTB (the powers that be). “The Man” exists from the micro to the macro. Every entity that is being “The Man” has seemingly infinite other levels of “The Man” below them that they direct or in some way influence and above them that they are directed by. DM, for example, is seen by many here and elsewhere to be “The Man” with regards to the CoS but I assure you that DM has a hierarchy of “The Man” over him. There are no absolutes in the illusion only degrees of.

    In Omar Garrison’s book, Playing Dirty, published in 1980 and starting on Chapter One, a “The Man” is revealed.

    “On June 1, 1950, Dr. Austin Smith, then editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, sent a number of letters to doctors and medical societies throughout the U.S., asking for their help.

    “…a new book entitiled Dianetics; Modern Science of Mental Health had appeared out of nowhere to become a runaway best seller almost overnight.

    “Dr. Smith, a medical syndicalist who had his nose to the wind, perceived in the immense popularity of the book a threat to orthodox medicine’s claim to be the sole discoverer and practioner of new therapies, physical or mental.

    “In the letters to the profession, he solicited authoritative statements that would convince the layman that Dianetics was a new dangerous form of quackery.

    “Dr. Smith also sent a memorandum to Oliver Field, director of the AMA’s Bureau of Investigation, urging covert action against both Dianetics and its discoverer, L. Ron Hubbard.

    “As in other campaigns of the kind, the AMA’s chief ally was the various media, covering the full spectrum of reader interest, from the Southern California Clergyman to the Wall Street Journal.”

    Thus, “the machine” is kicked into gear.

    marildi, “The Man”, like the rest of us, has dreams, goals, plans and more. And, like the rest of us, the dreams don’t always materialize, the goals are not always attained and the plans cannot be executed. Why? Counter intention. We are counter-intention to “The Man” and “The Man” is counter-intention to us. “The Man”, in ‘real world’ terms, is STS (service to self) and we are STO (service to others). Obviously the two are at odds.

    Point is…we have our postulate about this expose of Anderson’s and “The Man” has his. And marildi, I totally agree with you…”at some point a person has to take a stance if they want to help ensure that things go right according to their viewpoint.”

    Well, tonight it begins i.e., Anderson’s expose. Looking forward to it!

  149. Thanks much for the definition.

  150. Thank you Monte for your pin-point response and rebuttal

  151. Veritas,
    I love how you can bring me up to your wavelength…what a fantastic ability!! From the replies from others, it looks like I am not the only one who benefits in that way. Thank you.

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