One Million Visits

Just a few moments ago this blog tallied its one millionth visit.  It has been about 8 months since we began bloggin in earnest.  Thank you to all of you who regularly participate. Your words reach many.

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  1. That kicks ass Marty! VWD!

  2. Marty, congratulations. You’re offering a product that people WANT and, factually, MUST HAVE. Amazing what can be done for next to zero money, a little bit of time and effort and lots of live communication and TRUTH. probably hasn’t had a million visits since its inception despite lots of advertising dollars, videos and much effort and HE&R. (Poor Gloria Idda; she deserves better.)

  3. 1,000,001 now . 🙂


  4. One million opportunities for change…

    Many eyes reaching for freedom; reaching for a final release…

    An invitation to personal integrity to take a stand.

  5. Wow! Thank you Marty and to your Queen deputy moderator too. Where would we be without this blog….

  6. Wow!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    This is HUGE!!!!!!
    It is going to even go bigger!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thank you so much Marty and all the participants.

  7. I am proud and honored to be part of this group.
    Thank you, Marty, for providing such a safe and theta blog, that also allows for multiple views. I am learning much here.

  8. Congratulations, Marty. Did you envision this kind of result when you decided to create a blog?

  9. Brilliant!!

    As it is for me, I just love to hang out in here.

    Thanks so much Marty for this dynamic, energetic, funny, informative, wisdomy and true blog. And mucha thanks to you contributer; I hear you daily.

  10. One million – cheers!!

  11. Mark Fisher

    Great job Marty!!!!

    The truth wins out in the long run.

    Eat it OSA and digest the truth and you will come out better people, living your lives in real freedom.

    This means you too Mike Sutter….

  12. Thanks Marty, Exilda and all of my family are sure glad to be part of this achievement. What a difference your blog and hard work have made. This is the Safe Space that has been needed and wanted and will hit two million even faster. Soon it will be like Mc Donalds “over a billion served”.

  13. Marty,

    I said somewhere else that this is a group committed to truth ,justice, and spiritual freedom for all. Thanks for making that possible.

  14. AlexMetheny

    Congratulations Marty!!

    Thanks for doing what you do.

    Thanks for your integrity!!

    Your friend,

  15. Something I posted elsewhere seemed appropriate here now:

    “Jeff and RJ are correct. C of S is, sadly, on the edge of a cliff and the person who took it there is David Miscavige. It is no longer safe or possible to speak out against outnesses in the tech, violations of policy or to question. Look around and you will find that there is other ‘truth’ than what dm forwards. In my earlier post when I said we were all responsible for what has happened, I was thinking of RESPONSIBILITY, DEFINITION OF HCO PL 2 MAY 85 (also issued as an HCOB, same date and title) “RESPONSIBILITY: THE NONRECOGNITION AND DENIAL OF THE RIGHT OF INTERVENTION BETWEEN ONESELF AND ANY BEING, IDEA, MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE, TIME OR FORM, AND THE ASSUMPTION OF FULL RIGHT OF DETERMINATION OVER IT.”
    Every day dm makes himself an intervention between Scientologists and LRH, their beliefs and truth by putting forth the idea that you are wrong to question. He cannot do that without agreement. He has only the power he is given. Me and others gave him that power for about 30 years. Times have changed.
    One becomes ‘Responsible’ then when you can recognize his intervention and take steps to remove him as such. That is what all independent Scientologists must do to get free of his suppression. One cannot operate in the presence of so much suppression, so we operate outside of it and are then able to be truly effective. Once you remove yourself from the suppressive environment it takes a bit of time to get yourself together. But each of us does, eventually, some sooner than others, but it does happen. That is what dm fears most, because he knows what it means for us all to join together.
    A group of fearless individuals is a formidable force and that is what we have become and each day we grow stronger, inexorable and that takes power from dm. That makes me very happy.”

  16. Congrats Marty.

    Blog request: “Where is Shelly Miscavige?”

  17. This is for Patricia Curtis, in honor of One Million Visits to this blog.

    OK, the analogy of the mind from the Original Thesis.

    In the early days it wasn’t distinguished definitively where memory resided. It could be in the cells or somewhere else. The first definition of engram used was ‘a lasting trace on a cell’. Whatever the case was, by recounting traumatic incidents they would alleviate. If not, there was an earlier similar incident (s) which would when recounted, alleviate the whole similar ‘chain’.

    Very shortly after the publication of DMSMH and actually indicated as a new area of study in that book, the subject of the life force, elan vital, was researched much more extensively and was given the name of ‘theta’ as in the tradition of assigning Greek letters to variables in math and science.

    Life force was a ‘variable’, an unknown and as yet to be defined subject. As it progressed, it appeared that this theta was in fact the repository for the record of trauma and it retained it by facsimile, a picture, of what it experienced in living. The facsimile is created with theta energy particles. Later on, some time after the original recording of a moment of pain and unconciousness, the facsimile could be brought into play by a similar experience and then impinge itself on the body, adversely affecting it.

    The ‘trace on a cell’ was discovered to be actually a facsimile, a full three dimensional, full sensory copy of some life experience, made by a being which could affect the cell as well as the whole being in thought, emotion and effort.

    So, the original analogy of the reactive mind, rather than be some division of the brain, or even the mind, as a separate item located somewhere in some part of the head, is actually just the totality of the facsimiles of pain and unconciousness, the new meaning of engram, and the secondary engrams of severe emotional incidents, losses etc., and the less severe tertiary type of recording a ‘lock’ as it attached on top of the other two and it served to sort of ‘lock’ the reactive mind in restimulation.

    Dianetics as a subject evolved techniques to free the traumatic facsimiles from one’s life and so free them from adversely affecting one, emotionally or physically as they did.

    There, I’ve satisfied myself if nothing else, that I’ve relayed a fuller answer to Patricia from the earlier Free Heber thread.

  18. I wonder how many of those 1,000,000 have been from Miscavige and his OSA lieutenants!

    Thanks Marty and Mosey. This blog is a wonderful community and the entries and contributors have at various times made me laugh and cry, angry, sad and elated. But I always gain from it and learn something new. It’s a bit like the local pub but without the warm beer, and frequented with mostly decent bright people where you can make friends and talk freely and openly. Except that I wouldn’t generally go to the pub first thing in the morning. Come to think of it, it’s also a bit like public spaces in Orgs were once.

    I don’t think it is too grand or pompous to say you are making history here. In future years the 30-year engram of DM’s mis-rule of the Church will be studied as a kind of template of what can and does happen when a sociopath gets ahold of a worthy cause – the ultimate “demo” of the old maxim that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I had something of a cognition yesterday about what it is that DM does to the field, as opposed to the SO and those around him; he runs a must-have can’t have on the Bridge. He has managed to make it totally inaccessible while at the same time saying you must do it. When I look round at the wreckage that is the “local field” in my area, that is the result more or less. Few people actually moving on the Bridge, and those who are, not doing especially well – or waking up and leaving!

    Well, the times they are a-changin’ and this blog is no small part of that change. Thanks again for all the hard work, and thank you all you wonderful contributors whose insights and viewpoint have elevated my understanding and appreciation of…well, everything really.

  19. VWD Marty we are the Auditors!!!

  20. Bloody marvelous, Marty. What viable products!

    Not the least of which is this: and this is huge for me personally, whenever the subject of Scn would come up with a non-Scn, I would ridge up and go slightly oov. In most cases it was always a ‘handle’, a combination of outright lies, denials, half truths and, with a bit of luck, facts. That’s why I always hated disseminating – people kept wanting the straight facts and I had to keep lying.

    Well, guess what? I can now tell them the truth thanks to this site and Marty et al banging away

  21. (hit ‘publiish’ in error)
    banging away at the facts, month after month. It’s a liberatng feeling to say “yes” to the question “did your church leader really hit his own top executives?”

    Thanks, Mr. M and all you other fine, honest Scientologists.

  22. Watching Eyes

    That means one million headaches for the Dwarf.

    Note to the Dwarf: Are you starting to figure things out yet? Have you started to get the idea that more & more people don’t buy what you’re pushing any longer? Still don’t believe you’re losing control? Go look at your stats……the real ones. As I said in an earlier comment, the tipping point has been reached and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Look who’s at effect now. Take that!

  23. Marty & Mosey;

    Am I out of line when I say that this blog is in a condition of power.

    High 5 to both of you.

    I would love to see a graph from beginning to when, “Moving On Up a Little Higher” hit the million mark.

    I can tell my stats are up since I connected to this group.

    VWD to all involved.

  24. Marty, Mosey and everybody else,

    Thanks to all for your contributions here. This blog is a safe space where we can explore our agreements as well as our differences about Scientology, the CoS, and related topics. It’s become a community where some are finding much-needed help and support.

    I also appreciate that flaming is kept to a minimum here. Many thanks to all for the courtesies you extend to others. It makes the joint an even safer place to exchange viewpoints.

    Most of all, thank you Marty, for creating this site — actually, for creating it three times: the first time to get it up, a second time “to get it right,” and a third time to put it back up stronger than ever after OSA hacked it.

    With gratitude to all,

    Just Me

  25. Congratulations and thanks again for creating this blog Marty and to all who speaks out. This was one of the biggest help I had in years from Scientologists.
    I saw this video over and over at the time when it came out. It is heartbreaking .What a difference to the CoS nowadays. Making the video now I guess DM would be at the end instead of LRH.

  26. Congratulations Marty and Mosey!

    You have created a safe space for us to communicate and have inspired many of us to come forward and declare ourselves Independent Scientologists.

    I truly believe you have come to represent the ideals of What is Greatness for the independent field.

    Your openness and honesty do you credit and show us that we too can rise above our past misdeeds and survive to help our fellow men.

    I also appreciate that you are willing to flow power to those of us who joined in later with blogs and forums to spread the word about the true state of the church. I receive a steady stream of visitors because of the link on your blogroll.

    I am looking forward to being here when you hit the 2 million visitor mark!

    David St Lawrence
    Old Auditor

  27. WomanSetFree

    Thanks to Marty & Mosey!!

    Astounded, is what I continue to be. I am continually reminded of my mindset just a short 8 months ago. The difference between then and now nothing short of complete turnaround. I can talk freely, think freely, explain it to my kids, see the truth of the matter, pray accurately for my parents & those still ‘in’.

    For 20 years, since leaving the SO, I was very happy to have nothing to do with the subject. And then one day, God allowed across my path the rumor that Marty Rathbun had left the C0$.

    “It can’t be,” I said to myself, “I have to find out what is up with that. And btw where is Heber?”

    Thus began the divine string pull…

    I cannot thank you all enough for being here and communicating. My prayers are with you, each and every one of you.

    Isaiah 24:4 (New International Version)

    4 You have been a refuge for the poor,
    a refuge for the needy in his distress,
    a shelter from the storm
    and a shade from the heat.
    For the breath of the ruthless
    is like a storm driving against a wall

  28. That’s amazing Marty and Mosey, you’ve taken this thing so far in such a short time.

    The truth, honesty and huge helping of raw humanity you bring to bear are rare and valuable commodities in this world.

    More power to you!

  29. Marty, I can guess what LRH would tell you.
    Your a Genus! VWD, MLV

  30. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Awesome post Martin! And in honor of the millionth blog visitor.

    Especially your second to last paragraph says it beautifully. That is exactly what I observe in my area too.

  31. Wonderful Marty and Mosey!!

    The other night when the Free Heber article was posted – shortly thereafter a 7.2 earthquake was registered in Mexico with the shockwaves felt in HEMET.

    I couldn’t help but think how the potential of rage that filled so many of us, actually created a force in the earth.

    Theety-wheety? I don’t think so. We all agree to theta, to having moments of telepathy, to postulates etc.

    Quantum physics is bringing more and more evidence of theta/elan vitale/life force. LRH was, as Jim Logan, pointed out in his post above – one of the first Westerners to codify this.

    With that in mind – in celebration and acknowledgement of one million visitors I would like to propose the following, taken from a Tibetan Buddhist practice and done within my community to help those who are suffering …

    With Heber in mind (or any of the others locked inside the Int Base) — breathe IN their suffering, the claustrophobic feeling they are experiencing, and breathe OUT towards them — a feeling a freedom, joy, happiness.

    IF we could all remember to do this practice for a few minutes several times a day —

    WHO KNOWS how Heber’s now locked-in mindset might lighten.

    And WHO KNOWS — he just MIGHT jump over that 12 foot high fence.

    OR perhaps just come uptone enough to use his stellar powers of 1) persuasion 2) analysis to come up with a full proof way to walk OUT THE DOOR.

    Remember — breathe IN the suffering, breathe OUT freedom — (with Heber or others in mind)

    (Tonglen —


  32. What an excellent explanation.

  33. Martin

    Thank you for your post. The “must have, can’t have” is true and real to me. It feels so good to have started to rise out of it.


  34. Damn Marty!! Excellent! Truth is winning! Theta is winning! Absoultely beautiful!

  35. Congrats to all Independents!

    To celebrate, I’m posting some stories of LRH as told by Dennis Stevens. Stevens was into LRH from his pulp fiction days and he even arranged to receive a first edition of Dianetics airlifted to London the moment it was released.

    Stevens was on the first HBA course that was held in one of his friends flats!

    Get some hot chocolate, and listen to a Grandpa figure with some good stories to tell about his love of LRH and what he feels happened to Scientology and why. Recordings are from 1994.


    [audio src="" /]

  36. Dear Marty and all the real scientologistst please check my latest pictures on panoramio, there is one dedicated to all of you.

  37. P.S. the location selected is just simbolic.

  38. Virgil Samms

    Exactly Jack, we are in a condtion. An operating state of Power. Now it is time to apply the Power Condition Formula:


  39. Jack,

    couldn’t agree more on all points and aspects. What a stat!!
    Thanks Marty and Mosey, what a beautiful and wonderful couple you are.
    My very best, Fidelio


  41. Yes, Martin. DM proves the workability of Scientology principles, by demonstrating them, e.g. must have – can’t have

  42. Congratulations, Marty! And thank you for the safe space to listen, learn, and communicate with others. Spiral up, up, UP!

  43. Tremendous!
    Actually, I think many of those visits are from me. Your blog is my #1 source for Scientology news and I check it more than daily. As a by-product, you’ve helped me as-is some residual angst and I’ve reconnected with a few old friends. Your blog and the contributors to it provide a great service, Marty, Thank you.

  44. WH, Beautiful. I have a prescription from my Naturopath for 10 min of deep breathing each day. I’ll face toward Hemet and add your suggestion, with the vision of folks walking out the gates. Love it.

  45. WomanSetFree,

    Yes! The difference between now and last September for me is still a bit startling, and I rehab more each time I look back in wonderment at the difference.

    In addition to refuge for the poor, etc. Marty is facilitating a garden and playground for theta!

  46. Very Well Done Marty! I look forward to the time when the midget is removed permanently and we can all be free again!

  47. Wonderful Marta.

    The combination of bringing heaven (theta/7th Dynamic) along with the tangible physical universe actions of Marty, the others on national media and those of us here on this blog —

    Seems unbeatable —

    “There is no goal vast enough to absorb your total capabilities. Because your total capabilities are so vast that they make goals.” LRH PDC Lecture #40


  48. I am neutral myself but I find your blog enjoyable. Pometheus-thanks for your article the other day- is too busy enjoying life. Loki, well she busy raising children currently. And Odin AKA Zeus- was next body on probably I believe. Well you already have the tech. I hope everyone is getting in thier enhancement time and getting TA (good gains)
    He who wielded the sword ( Excaliber) also wielded the hammer.

  49. AlexMetheny

    Interesting points Ceileen.

    While on Solo Nots trying to get at “cause over life”, the biggest thing I could not get cause over was what was happening in my own church. The rest of my life was going good. I just couldn’t get my wits around the out-points inside of the church.

    I came to realize that they didn’t really know how to make true OT’s. They are making clones.



  50. AlexMetheny

    That’s great Kingair!

    I had a cog related to this one you had: You cannot do the dissmenation drill if you are not willing to listen to someone’s hostility toward Scientology. The handle step of the dissem drill addresses this. So now for me,when you have all the data of what is really going on in the church, it is easier to say ” the church has a lot of out-points but the philosophy can be very beneficial.”


  51. Rory Medford

    Congrats Marty!!!! Keep on truckin you are making a BIG diference and thx

  52. “Bait and Switch”

  53. Doc Holiday

    Too bad you couldn’t have DM do a special announcement with an elaborate video production and mandatory attendance for all Scientologists to announce the milestone that you’ve achieved. Oh that’s right – he doesn’t like you! Well, I just guess you’ll have to bask in the sunlight without his personal endorsement. What a shame!!!! VVWD!

  54. Kathy Braceland

    YEE HAW! Now that’s a whole lot of communication going on! Wonderful Marty. Absolutely wonderful!!!

  55. Amazing! and congrats!

  56. Martin,

    I had a similar cog yesterday except mine was the must have, can’t have being run on staff in regards to true Scientology expansion.

  57. In 1993 DM utters the phrase “In times of War” It seems he believes he has been at War from the start of his reign.

  58. UnDisturbed

    Your Blog has helped me to call myself a Scientologist again.


  59. Dear Marty and Mosey,

    My life had completely changed for the better since participating in this blog. Just yesterday I had a cognition due to a post on your blog that completely changed my viewpoint on Scientology and the orgs and what has happened to me. It gave me freedom from all the upsets I have experienced, and is allowing me to experience Scientology the way it was meant to be: From Creation of Human Ability: (older version before the words “nor is it a religion.” was edited out) “Scientology had opened the gates to a better world. It is not a psychotherapy, nor is it a religion. It is a body of knowledge which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual.”

    When I read that I realized that all this organizational stuff ( the entheta misapplications) stands in the way of just using the body of knowledge to give one freedom and truth. It was so simple that all the other stuff, 40 years of various upsets with personalities and various wierd evaluative eithics cycles were realized by me to be just Dev-T. All of that was developed and unnecessary traffic!!!! Every gain I have had, has been the application, by myself, reading and studying, with or without a Course Supervisor) or with an auditor applying the tech derived from “the body of knowledge”. And once you have that knowledge as a concept, it goes with you for eternity. So for me, this blog helped me discover the real Scientology, and helped me to AS-IS all the accumulated lies, which were not Scientology. As an aside, being “declared” when your stats are at a 30 year “highest ever’ IS NOT SCIENTOLOGY.

    Thank you Marty for helping me back to the TRUTH of what is the REAL SCIENTOLOGY. And many thanks to all who post here and give all of us your valuable viewpoints.
    VVWD!!!!!!! on more than one million visits. A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!!!

  60. Marty (and Mosey),

    One million…that’s Awesome!

    For the last four years I had tucked Scientology into a box and put it into storage along with my books. I could never part with it/them completely and was waiting until I could confront knocking on the door of the church to be let back in.

    This blog has allowed me to communicate with Scientologists who were not necessarily ARC broken with LRH’s tech but had the courage and integrity to say what they observed in the church, really differentiating Scientology from the church.

    I have learned a lot of truth. My confront has come way up. I have dePTSed myself. Comm with my family regarding Scientology has become much more favorable. I have been able to tell them the truth about the church but still keep the philosophy in good light. I’ve made a lot of quality connections with other bloggers and have discovered some really cool people who like me, want to preserve LRH’s tech.

    Because of the blog, I have been able to be truly honest with myself regarding Scientology and have been able to move through a doubt condition that I had been stuck in for the past 4 years and I have come out of hiding.

    So Marty, that’s just scratching the surface of what I have gotten out of your blog, probably more than was originally intended by you. You see, what started out as a simple communication and offer of help has now resulted in rehabilitating a bunch of guys and bringing Scientology back to life. VWD!

    Mosey, you too are to be commended! You are mostly behind the scenes but your power is well known. Thank you for being the pillar that has allowed Marty to do what he has done and will continue to do.

    Viva la Scientology!!!

  61. one of those who see

    Muchas Gracias WinsMexico for the “We Stand Tall Video.” I am sitting at my desk with tears.
    Congrats, Marty on the 1,000,000. I totally understand the 1,000,000 because you and everyone here have given me back my Scientology. People flock to real Scientology!

  62. Thanks Marty and Mosey. This blog has helped so many including myself. I am doing great and thank you.

    Love Carol

  63. Patricia Curtis

    Jim, thank you for elaborating on this topic. I see where the sticking point is for me and I will take advantage of your email offer to take it up with you there. Thanks so much!

  64. I have been off-lines for 37yrs. My then , husband, and I were just one of the casualties from Bill Frank’s witch hunt at AOLA in 1973. We are both OT’s and received a lot of training. We were absolutely devestated and have never talked about it to anyone since then. I didn’t want to tell my story for fear it would look bad for COS. (still loyal during all those years) Besides, who would believe us?
    Some months ago I was advised to look at this site. For the first time in 37 yrs. I can own that I am fundamentally a Scientologist. I don’t have words for what that feels like after such a long time.
    Also, I have been back in comm with my former Pearlman family. Huge bonus that…
    This is a healing, charge releasing, theta comm place for me to come to and sometimes put in my two cents worth.
    Lastly, Marty, I want to tell you how much I have wanted to know if Heber is safe, or even, alive. He was a good friend to me back in the day. I miss listening to him tell about what his life was like in a polygimist, Morman family.

  65. Thank you! The photos are lovely and your cat plays/sleeps like our cats do! Looks like a wonderful place to confront one’s case…Vicki

  66. I see you, Ignazio.
    You look terrific and I am happy to see you looking so well. Enjoy!

  67. Dear Marty and Mosey,
    One million is a huge number! I think we sometimes forget that in the world of trillion dollar budgets…This has been such a valuable service and has rehabilitated so many in their purpose to train and audit. I now understand why the Church got so weird. I love coming to the site and reading the latest posts. I learn so much from all of you! Thank you!

    I was on staff for a bit and had some understanding of life in the SO but this site has certainly brought my reality level up on what truly goes on in the SO. Again, I don’t think most parishioners really have much of a clue about the treatment and conditions that most SO members endure. And how terrible to have to leave when your purpose is crushed in that environment!!! This is a true tragedy for you all…and certainly explains the rage that is sometimes expressed here. So this wonderful success hopefully helps eliminate that loss and rehab your magnificent purpose.
    ML always,

  68. Theo Sismanides

    This is amazing, just about 6.000 positions in rank behind in the U.S.

    I mean this is awesome, thanks Elizabeth.

    And my hat is off to you Marty and Mosey for having done so much for all of us and for the truth in Scientology.

  69. Theo Sismanides

    Karen, Martin, also run on Standard Tech, you much reach for standard tech but you can’t really reach for it.

    This must reach, can’t reach is the definition of insanity.

  70. Theo Sismanides

    Jack, my stats are up, too, since I connected to this site. I have back my sense of self respect and re-gaining my responsibility. Like re-connecting type. A sense of completeness coming back. I guess it’s… theta re-uniting!

    But through the… web? Ha ha. Oh yea! It permeates the computer screens, amazing!

    This is a safe place to talk. All Scientology was/is/will be is a SAFE place to be and communicate.

    Thanks again Marty for doing the usual.

  71. Theo Sismanides

    and may I add:

    for doing the usual which sometimes is very hard for others to do.

  72. Theo Sismanides

    Yes, Marta this blog is MY Farmville. LOL.

    I am announcing this on Facebook where a lot play the Farmiville!!! LOL. A garden of theta. We might turn it into a game for FaceBook. FarmTheta or something! hahaha.

  73. Christie and everyone,
    Thank you all for your love and support! Thank you for being here and communicating! We have grown into quite an amazing group! I am very honored to be a part of it!
    Love Mosey

  74. Theo Sismanides

    Lady Minn, thanks you put that right.

    LRH says somewhere “Why do you need a church for a via?”.

    (If anyone knows that reference, Jim (?) please provide).

    When I first heard that, I knew that’s it. We are bigger than that, this is so true. It’s a body of knowledge to be applied without labels and special interests and… special directors. Of course those who still haven’t made the grade DO need a church for a via, it’s like needing (church) Bodies tone level, type of thing, I think that’s somewhere around SYMBOLS on the tone scale.

    They are not over SYMBOLS yet, and the church and Miscavige are symbols for them and must be respected even though not understood.

  75. Interesting video Amigo.

    I remember the original was done with DM and RTC staff. Mark Fisher was in front and so the video had to be re-done! Course room and auditing shots were shot in a studio with paid actors to fully show happy campers!

  76. You’re welcome Theo. The cool thing is that 2 weeks ago, Marty’s blog was actually ranking 4000 points AHEAD of! So, it really is rivaling that site but the fact that it is in the top 25,000 sites in the US is HUGE. Think of how many sites there are….that’s just huge.

    On the other side, it’s actually sad that isn’t doing better. It was also changed and now the front page of that site is all about Miscavige! Check it out. 😦

  77. War and Peace

    Congratulations Marty !!
    1 million hits in a few months !
    The prognosis is good…..
    Thanks for creating a 3d and community where one can speak freely.

    C of M can never replicate that…

  78. Congratulations!

    The one million mark just shows the momentum and order of magnitude this Blog has evolved to.

    Unlike the Mestology – idle orgs reasoning of “field of dreams” thinking of building big empty spaces in which tons of people will come in, the Theta in his blog makes people come here daily and repeatedly!

  79. Elizabeth,

    I took your advice and checked — and am gobsmacked!

    DM’s new bio is SIX PAGES LONG!?!?

    Nobody has a six-page bio on their Web site. Not Barack Obama. Or George W. Bush. Or the CEO of IBM or the managing partner of the world’s biggest law firm or even my oversharing niece on her Facebook page.

    DM’s bio begs, pleads, grovels for our approval and admiration.

    Well, bless his little ole pea-pickin’ heart.

    Just Me

  80. What a blast from the past. I remember the day we filmed that and Mark indeed was right in front. If things keep going the way they are, DM will soon be using only animated visuals.

  81. That “amnesty” is another example of how DM alters. At that exact time, I was in trouble for not offering to help DM put together the speech for that event, and for being late on some publications as I recall. I don’t remember all the details now, except that I was told that the amnesty didn’t apply to my situation because I had committed suppressive acts. As I said, I was in the Sea Org, in RTC, and I remained at the Int Base for another 9 (nine) years after being told that. What an SP I must have been to last that long! And then I finally decided to leave, and various HCO and Security people spent another half a year trying to get me to stay. Sound familiar?

  82. Thank you Marty and Mosey. I appreciate your site for too many reasons to list. First and foremost is that it stirs up the thought process, regardless of whether or not I agree with everything I read, it starts the wheels turning and that’s always leads to something good. Heck, one of these days I may conquer my “brain stew”.

  83. Incredible isn’t it? Just another indicator. People going to that site are looking for personal help. They are interested in solutions. It appears to be written for the disaffected rank and file vs. the new person. There is far less data about L. Ron Hubbard on this site.

  84. Actually, there are links to a lot of data about LRH from this site. I stand corrected but still……!!! Too much Miscavige.

  85. Elizabeth,

    I just checked out the site and all I have to say is DM is one sick puppy trying to position himself above LRH like that. If that’s not a wake up call then I don’t know what is.

  86. Sinar,

    You mean that theta takes precedence over MEST? What a concept! 🙂

  87. Wow, Marcy, what a win to rehab your nature as a Scientologist.

    Very interesting that the witch hunts were going on already way back in 1973.

    I hope to see you contributing regularly. And I would love to hear your story.

  88. Isn’t that amazing? If only we can get the word to those still in the C of M that real Scientology is out here, not in there!

  89. CD,

    That’s very true. Dictators have to be at war in order to convince their subjects to support them. There has to be an enemy. This is true for all dictators, whether of countries or religions.

  90. Great pictures, Ignazio, thanks. The ones with the cat on his back look just like the usual scene at my house.

  91. Marty and Mosey,

    Just look at all the theta things happening here and in life as a result of this blog (as evidenced by the comments to this post). But I’m sure you already know this. 🙂

    It’s amazing what you can do for people just by allowing them to communicate freely, by telling them there are no Thought Police, by reminding them that their right to think freely is still theirs’, and that it should never be given away to DM or anyone else.

    I’d say your stats, and the stats of the Indies as a group, are definitely in Power.

  92. Martin Gibson

    Well done for the million, and thank you for the great intention and caring that caused it!!!

  93. ★ One million …. and COUNTING ! ★
    The beat goes on! ♥ 😀

  94. Dave Miscarriage is on “Must be confronted/Must be contributed to” on the Havingness Scale =EFFECT.

  95. Happy sigh 😀
    Word of mouth dissemination and effortless soaring stats. Boy haven’t seen that kind of theta around this joint in a long long time.
    Congratulations Mary, Mosey and all the amazing Independents and supporters who play this game.

  96. Just me, DM is an Exobisionistic Narcissist. He likes to show himself, himself and himself.

  97. Congratulations to you! This is an impressive accomplishment! Also, in response to Just Me’s comments about Scientology website: LRH wrote an advise about putting his “name up in lights”-obviously it’s being ignored. He has become a sidebar. So so sad.

  98. Thank you tone 41. I appreciate your words.

  99. Awesome! I am so glad to be a part of the New World Order. ~

  100. Moving Forward

    I’m a bit late to the game on this conversation… I looked at the Scientology websites some weeks ago when I first started looking into the abuse and such and what I found basically matched up with what everyone here was saying, that DM has co-opted Scientology. Seeing this was a definite nail in the coffin.

    On, LRH basically gets a page and a video, DM gets page after page extolling his great and mighty accomplishments. One thing I noticed was that the page entitled ‘LRH’s Trusted Friend’ is actually ‘LRH’s Most Trusted Friend’ in the URL. Hah.

    It’s even worse on LRH gets a rather poorly organized bio and only in English, yet DM gets an unreal amount of links in many languages. Take a look at this:

    And this:

    compared to the space given for LRH:

    The contrast is stark.

  101. Moving Forward

    Marty and Mosey,

    I just wanted to add my thanks to those already here. Your blog and the community here have been essential for me in finding my way as I have decided to become an independent. Reading not only your posts, but the comments, stories and insights of the others here has been invaluable to me as I pick up the pieces and start to move forward (hence the name!).

    Having been off the Bridge for about 10 years with a freeloader debt and feeling pretty lost and low, I found myself, for the first time in years, reaching for Scientology. No amount of calls pushing me to read “the Basics” got me anywhere (and I received a ton of those), but the other day I picked up Dianetics 55 and started to read it, really for the first time.


  102. martyrathbun09

    Moving Forward, In several advices and GO (OSA) Orders LRH remarks that people leave the squirrels in droves because they start downgrading LRH. Once again, the Old Man wrote sooth.

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