Heber Proof of Life

According to reliable OSA sources (excuse the oxymoron) DM has become apoplectic over being called out on his denigration and degradation of Heber. 

My guess is we will see either or both of the following knee-jerks from DM:

a) Heber signs some sort of statement that condemns Mike Rinder and I as his life-long nemeses, and that lauds DM as his beloved daddy, claiming he has been consumed in such important production at Int that he could not take two minutes to talk to his son or wife (now ex, since three years of  2D radio silence was enough to prompt her to fly the coop) for the past six years.

b) Depending on Heber’s state of mind, pull him out of the hole, groom him, put him in  a suit and have him show his mug at meet and greets and minor events so as to “prove” he is alive, well, and chipper as ever.

Further prediction.  I’ll say that’s not good enough. I am going to force the issue so that Heber has to address the conditions he has been living in for the past six years.  The public can then judge for themselves whether he has any self-determinism left in him – just as they did when they got a glimpse of the six who DM hauled out of Int to harrangue Anderson Cooper.   

In order to respond in a sensible fashion, Heber is going to have get briefed on what is happening out in the independent, real Scientology field. He’ll be the seventh behind the Berlin wall to get the briefing (no matter how lopsided and distorted, he’ll get a glimpse of what is really going on). 

If we stay on it,  before long the seed of the hope of Freedom will have been sown in the mind of every person on the base.

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  1. “According to reliable OSA effects……” —– Fixed.


  2. Martin Padfield

    Apoplectic eh? M/W phenomena anyone?

  3. This is so DM-like to try to use holees for his own good, but I think Heber might just backfire on him. From what I know of him, he has enough integrity left to see the truth and act on it.

  4. Virgil Samms

    Heber is strong. If he has any idea that he will have the presses ear he will give up DM. I think he is just waiting for a chance.

    A letter from Heber is not going to cut it. We want to be able to interview him and find out if he wants to split. He will go into comm if he sees the faces of people he knows.

    The next thing I expect to see is a video of Heber in a chair in a darkened room with a little short guy standing behind him with a ski mask on, AK 47 leaning on a wall next to him and the little fellow chanting Hebers crimes.

  5. Freedom Fighter

    apoplectic: Colloquially, particularly in the adjective form means furious, enraged, or upset to the point of being unable to deal with a situation rationally or diplomatically.

  6. That’s fair enough. If you accomplish that, then we can all see with our own eyes whether or not Heber is alive and well and in a maximum-security prison in his own mind.

  7. Virgil Samms

    I got a little lost – who is running the “Free Heber” campaign?

  8. Putting DM into apopexy is enough to keep us on it! Knowing we’re making inroads bringin”briefings” to the inside, is sweet indeed.

  9. Man that’s going to be a real mess when DM’s head explodes. I hope he has someone assigned to the deck, mop handy.

    But we do know for sure that Heber is actually alive and reasonably healthy then?

  10. By all means, lets stay on it.

    It seems clear to me that communicating into individuals at the base will be an effective way to keep the process running and thereby create understanding(s).

    I, like many others, will be very interested in what Heber says and how he says it…


  11. Just watched the movie 1984. Eerie similarities.

    Richard Burton’s party character is talking to a tortured Winston Smith, the hero: “The past is forbidden. Why? because when we can cut man from his own thoughts we can cut him from his family, his children.
    “There is no loyalty except loyalty to the party. There’s no love except love for Big Brother. All competing players we will destroy.
    “If you want a vision of the future, Winston, imagine a boot stomping on a human face.”

    Later Winston is sitting in a cafe, broken, when Julia enters. Behind them the ubiquitous screen screeches on about war news that both former lovers know to be false.
    Winston: The news is disquieting–in extreme. It’s not just a question of losing Africa. For the first time the territory of Oceania is threatened by invasion.
    Julia: It’s inconceivable.
    (Later) Julia: I told them all about you. I’m only thankful they got me before it was too late.
    Winston: Yes, I told them about you, too. Thought crime. Sex crime. All your treachery.
    Julia (completely apathetic): I have a meeting.
    Winston (lifeless, in apathy and despair) : Yes, we must meet again.
    Cut to a large video billboard playing to a vacant field outside the city. Winston confessing.
    “I accuse myself of the following crimes: I have seduced party members of both sexes. I’ve been to the proletarian areas. I deliberately contracted syphilis to spread the disease to my wife (he has no wife) and other party members. Together with other agents I have counterfeited bank notes, wrecked industrial machinery, polluted the water supply, guided Eurasian rocket bombs to targets on (muffled) by means of radio signals. I stand here a victim of the influence of Emmanuel Goldstein (a person the Burton character admits is fabricated for party reasons). Guilty of all counts. I’m glad I was caught. I was mentally deranged. Now I am cured. I ask only for you to accept my love of our leader. I ask only to be shot while my mind is still clean.”
    Back at the cafe with this playing in the background, Winston sits befuddled before a chess board, unable to decide how to move his chess piece. Tears form in his eyes. “I love you,” he mumbles to the picture of Big Brother.

    Sound familiar? Fabricated enemies. False confessions. Etc.

    Chilling. The kind of world LRH talked about if the government misused Scientology.

  12. I’m sorry, folks but I don’t understand all that sigificance attached to “freeing Heber”.
    I suppose (from what I’ve read and seen) he is a great person. Thinking-for-himself person.
    What is he doing there?
    Why is he stuck there?
    Why does he allow himself to be looked down on by anybody?
    Isn’t decent person decent within himself and to others no matter what?

    I just can’t understand the comments implying “Heber is yet another victim of DM who can’t free himself without external help”.

    P.S. On FB I joined “Where is Heber Jensch???” Not because i knew him but for the cause of making some of scientlogy acceptable without denigrating the whole thing. Some of it helps.

  13. Ahhh yes, the idea is within the fortress. Smooth.

  14. Has anyone notices some of the interesting parallels in this situation with Heber?

    Today it’s “Heber Proof of Life” back in the early 1980’s it was “Hubbard Proof of Life”.

    Wasn’t Miscavige involved in that one too?

  15. How many months did Heber spend in prison in Spain? He talked about it like it was a great adventure. Maybe he is improving conditions for other prisoners in the Hole. Why would he want to leave the others, when nobody should be in the Hole in the first place?

  16. Theo Sismanides

    I sent Mike’s story to about 15 Scientologists in Athens via FB.

    I got some very good news today here in Athens. I cannot speak more as this site is monitored by OSA.

    Just by raising necessiry level because of Heber things are happening again.

    As LRH pointed out a good captain know how to create necessity level. DM of course creates disasters and accuses others on those.

    We just have to keep up the necessity level. People will be seeing the truth.

    Heber is strong, I agree. He won’t give up! He has his chance now. We should keep on.

  17. Watching Eyes

    Apopletic = MWH.

    That’s all it is. That and some terror thrown in worrying about who’ll be next to spill the beans.

  18. I think all should be gotten out not just one.

  19. The sentence of DM and apoplectic sounds interesting – has he now stopped beating his staff?

    Perhaps #B above would be more effective.

    Piles of affidavits as shown on AC 360 just doesn’t do the job.

    The next Event is May 9th, either at Flag or the Shrine. There seems to be enough time to change the script and do some event Videos for Heber speech.

    Also enough time to get Heber fattened up and slept so he would look good and say his lines well, unlike the Desperate Xwives.

  20. The thing that is bursting the veins of the little man’s head is the fact that you have relyable OSA sources! THAT, has him foaming at the mouth and spitting insults and vulgarities at all those that surround him. The truth is creeping in, across and around the razor wire and security sensors.

    A living hell of his own creation.

    Dave, you should not have messed with LRH’s comm lines.

  21. Kathy Braceland

    I agree Marty…we have to stay on it.

    “Courage could be summed up in one, being willing to cause something and two, going ahead to achieve the effect one has postulated against any and all odds. There doesn’t happen to be any such thing as failure. There just doesn’t happen to be any such thing. But of course, you all want to agree there’s such a thing as failure so that you can have a reason to fail so you won’t have to be cause. That’s another thing. But there isn’t any reason to fail. There’s no excuse for any failure that ever occurred anyplace in history, except this: There was just not quite enough carry-through and push-through.”

    LRH — PDC lecture 13 December 1952, Standard Operating Procedure.

  22. War and Peace

    Heber is a beloved OL.
    I just hope he does not make a fool of himself stating how warm and fuzzy it is up there in hell at the INT BASE.
    If he is not briefed on what the public already know from 50 different whistleblowers ~~ he could lose all credibility if he defends DM.
    This could backfire badly on them.
    One unpalatable truth from him, and he will “dead agent” everything else he says subsequently.

  23. I’m so sorrym=, but where is the commitment to Keeping Scientology Working? As the #1 policy in virtually all courses and levels, where’s the appeal to those who should be enforcing it, which is everyone! (No offense to your efforts here, but I’m distressed that so many still online while allowing KSW to be so blatantly violated. It comes down to — not only who really loves LRH more — but who respects his works more. It’s sickening what’s happening.

  24. AlexMetheny

    I just got this idea: WE are CAUSE and now DM is EFFECT of us. It may appear otherwise, to the Kool aide drinkers inside, but it is looking like the truth to me, that we are now running DM to a large degree.

    Jedhi mind trick: DM, route yourself out of Scientology and do A-E and you will feel much better. You have alot of money saved up, so you should be ok. We will handle your ethics a lot better than you handled others. We won’t even “enforce” disconnection on you and your “friends”.


  25. AlexMetheny

    Hi Marty,
    What ever happened to Ivan Obelenski? He is not on the Indie 500 either.

  26. We will stay on this until Heber is free! I completely agree with you, Marty and support you in any ways I can.

  27. As long as we keep communicating the stories, directing people to this site, or print articles from this site to mail to Scn friends we know, we will create erosion into the wall that DM has tried to build up to shield his hideous acts from the average scientologists.

    The independent Scientologist numbers are growing every day while the church memberships, and staff and SO members are declining.

    Stories about Heber, about Debbie, about anyone who have suffered on staff are too many to be ignored.

    Stories of public not able to move up the Bridge to OT unless donating big money are repeated too often.

    FSMing is done one on one. And that is how Scientology grew under LRH.

    And now, to bring DM down, we can achieve incredible inroads by just communicating one on one to the people we know. And to news agencies, local authorities etc.

    There is nothing DM can do, nothing at all.

    He may silence his victims through blackmail or just using vile ways to kill the victims off completely, but whether Heber or Debbie or some other well-loved management staff revealed his suppressive acts or choose to not reveal them, it will not matter anymore.

    The tide has turned and it will never turn back.

    More attorneys, more afidavits, more telling staff to lie, will not stop the turning of this tide.

    So Mr DM, I have already begun telling people what you have done: by communicating one by one to the people I know.

    And you will never be able to stop this snowball effect.

    I suggest that you prepare to run. It is over.

    You have totally underestimated the power of ‘word-of-mouth’.

    You live in your own world and is totally blind to see how the tide has changed.

    And no, people are not so easily ‘silenced’. They are not that stupid either. ( Remember, processing and training and reading LRH makes people smarter!!)

    Staff and public may be confused temporarily by your smoke screen but you know, for those who are very ‘confused’ and who cannot get past Doubt, you may keep them. 🙂

    The bright and able ones have left and will keep on leaving.

    ( just look at the tremendous amount of public no longer in the course rooms anymore- yeah, they are staying away in droves.)

    You will never win at this game of controlling Scientologist with Scientology – you thought you have had the upper hand in the past, but that is just another of your blindness and might I say, immense stupidity.

    Your ‘upper hand’ is not due to your competence and ability but rather by the popularity of LRH with Scientologists.

    Scientologists love LRH.

    But your vile acts are hated by all the moment anybody find out about it.

    Ok, enough time spent here to write you this note. I have work to do: contact more friends to tell them about your mis-management.

    ‘Word-of-mouth’ – don’t underestimate it.

  28. I think Heber will come out as brainwashed as the rest of them… however truth has a funny way of taking root wherever it lands. DM’s stooges are reading these words daily. It all comes under the heading of an idea being the only weapon that can penetrate 16″ armor plate. When the idea also happens to be truth, then it can penetrate a solid mile (the density of anyone’s skull bone after DM has worked his reverse Scientology on them).

  29. Wow. The culture DM has created isn’t too far from this!

  30. Becaues whatever he may be doing on the inside, he could do 100 times more effectively on the outside. With DM as a resistance to any positive change at Int, it must be like pushing against a stone fortress to try to affect any improvement at all. Out here actions count a great deal more as one is pusing against free space, not a stone fortress.

  31. That’s the goal, of course. Heber is a rallying point.

  32. As long as Heber is still in the SO, he can’t admit publically to any of DM’s crimes or any of the sordid conditions at Int. Let’s at least hope he won’t lie for DM.

  33. Alex, Ivan is #19 on the list, right after Mosey.

  34. AlexMetheny

    Thanks, missed that…

  35. AlexMetheny

    Sounds right Thoughtful!!

    Thanks for keeping it real.


  36. becomingAware

    Personal Integrity, Focus and Persistence – the tools of change.

    Marty your focus is good and the current action also well chosen for many reasons. Remember when Walter Cronkite used to end his newscasts with the number of days the hostages were in captivity? Persistence.

    Now on a slightly different angle – When Mike Sutter comes to his senses COB may have pause or maybe a break . . .

    I thank all involved for keeping this blog on purpose, on Source and effective.

  37. I don’t claim to know how to answer your questions.

    You say you don’t understand, well that’s understandable:)

    He is obviously well loved by so many.

    I think that’s why we’d all like to just hear from Heber…

    That way we are not put into the position of speculation and mystery in regard to what’s going on with him.

  38. In Marc Headley’s book he mentioned that the “John and Ken Show” was talking about the cult of Scientology. I listen to their radio show a lot and if we could get them to look into where Heber is, they would be relentless. These two radio hosts are like aren’t afraid of anybody.

  39. PlanetaryClearing

    Dear DM,

    Would you please set up an interview with CNN? This would be a great opportunity to present your side. At the moment you may be right or wrong, done the things you are accussed of or not. Only those with direct experience and observable truly know. But the fact is that you are at the centre of arguably the biggest Out-PR situation the CofS has experienced and it is now your responsibility to handle it. If you can’t handle it you are creating it. So what’s it gonna be? Are you gonna be a piece or a player Dave?

  40. PlanetaryClearing

    Dear Dave,

    Did you get my message?

  41. “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth.
    Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

    “You can kill a man but you can’t kill an idea.” – Copy to Clipboard

    — Medgar Evers

  42. I agree with Fancy – get them all out.

    Are we so used to DM being cause? Should he be dealing the cards in this game? Is he still able to put a scare in people? Are we still worried that he could stop us from reaching freedom if we really managed to stop him from hurting others?

    I’m sure some of you are thinking that it’s easy for me to sit here on my ass in Europe and be bold and loud, but I just want to tell you how I feel about this. Get them out, please! Have the sheriff knock on that Int door.

  43. Great post. >> If we stay on it, before long the seed of the hope of Freedom will have been sown in the mind of every person on the base.<<


    Liberation of Scientology is occurring now in the society.

    I'm thinking of how Anderson Cooper spelled it out very clearly on CNN 360 last week, that his show's investigation was not about the philosophy, practice or teaching of Scientology, rather it was about the abuse by management.

    That's epic!

    That's the correct Why!

    When I heard Anderson Cooper speak those words, I knew it was Marty's work to clarify that distinction. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I guessed it was the only condition that he would appear on he show, i.e. the condition that Scientology was not attacked. The condition that only the outpoints by management, those things that contradict Scientology, would be investigated.

    And I cheered — because I perceive it as Marty still being on post: saving the subject of Scientology from the heinous ™ Co$ abuse and perversion which has hijacked the purpose of Scientology and locked it up/inverted it into a cash cow good ol' Spiritual Oompah club.

    Since seeing the SP Times videos and starting the journey to unravel the truth and outpoints, I have been winning in new levels and new heights than ever before (since Native State, of course;)

    We read person after person saying the same thing here. "Marty, Thank you for giving me back Scientology."

    I've personally disseminated and opened the reading and application of LRH materials to various people recently. I cut to the chase. I say, "Don't listen to the Cult crap. Go for the data. Go for the Tech. Read LRH." The organizations are corrupt, under corrupt management. Just go for the gusto. No additives. No substitutes. And have fun!

    So, yes, we'll stay on it! As well as within the society of Earth, the idea of Freedom is being sown within the Walls of the Compound.

    And the idea is this: Scientology does not belong to David Miscavage. Souls do not belong to David Miscavage. YOU do not belong to David Miscavage. He does not hold Truth and freedom and eternities hostage. It is an illusion that was perpetrated by trickery, domination, nullification and under the pretense of the Code of Scientology. And — above all – you are not evil.

    The world has witnessed Tommy Davis blatantly lie. Over and over again. The world has seen David Miscavage the coward. The world has seen the intimidated PTS (under suppression) trained "character assassins" sent by DM as his best shot at defending against the cries for justice of well-meaning people.

    The comm about us and the Independents to the public is 1.1. They want to "help" people from the "awful SPs" actually *delivering Scientology*. They "care" about those being led astray (and receiving auditing and training and winning). That "care" is contrived and is as fake as the barking implants that come out of Tommy Davis, the puppet of a sick little man stuck in a Julius Caesar implant.

    Let freedom ring. Beings are good. We love LRH,We love Scientology. We love Marty! And Mosey! And the world!

    We shine the spotlight on the serious, delusional, avid, robotic corporate pig that the ™ Co$ has become. It is *out of comm* with the world and the spirit of humankind.

    Heber, you are a social being. The ™ Co$ is not Scientology anymore. It is 100% playing another game entirely …one of shooting down and find the SPs, and "they're everywhere."

    Yes — you can take it. We can all take night's without sleep and abuse and responsibility and duress and making it go right. And we all have transgressed and committed overts enough that getting whacked can seem deserved;) …but it's a lie.

    So, I love you all and here we are, embracing our beautiful dynamics, ALL of them. and the tyranny, the solid seriousness of OOmpah Holier Than Thou Give Me Your Money spirituality is done.

    The secret weapon that gets through any wall…?


  44. martyrathbun09

    V, If only Heber could read you words.

  45. Precisely tone 41

  46. There is that qoute I was looking for.

  47. What is your point? Your comment seems incoherent.

  48. “Have the sheriff knock on that Int door.”

    The sherrifs at Hemmet are big fat corrupt slobs on the payroll of the C of $. But keep at it. They either are willing to go down with DM or wake up and save their missarable jobs. One just have to keep hounding them. Actually the DA is more at fault.At some point he has got to move on it.

  49. I really cannot muster words when my thoughts turn to Heber and the emotional and spiritual torture that he surely has to endure daily.
    A moment of silence then must suffice.
    To you Heber with all my love.

  50. In Phillidelphia Doctorate Lectures, tape 20, Hubbard mentions that 1984 would be the ‘the palest imaginable shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence’.

    Interestingly enough that quote is no longer there.

    I wonder why….

  51. This is fascinating. On the CoS payroll?

    This group has been talking about the end of DM it is now almost real in our universes, but just almost real, I think. It’s not quite there yet.

    I believe after DM there will be chaos. He’s been a stable datum, like a crazy lighthouse for all these years and when the lights go out there will be ships colliding and a big mess. This too has to be confronted – the after-DM. I expect it will not be like rowing in a pond with aunt Elizabeth. Are you prepared for it?

  52. Stephan,
    If you have been paying attention, after DM the turmoil shoud cease. DM is Source for black dianetics within the church! His Cross orders and off policy have caused the current demise of the church, He has instituted policies that are driving the parishoiners out by the thousands! Without DM the Church would actually have a chance to return to what worked! and Staff might actually get enhanced instead of beaten and fed rice and beans.

  53. The Hemmet Sherifs department sure behaves like it does the bidding of the C of $.

    .: The Valley Chronicle :. Hemet, California

    “John Pingel has been named commander of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Hemet station. Pingel was appointed captain at the same time.”

    Qoute from anon:

    “This could be significant; not because of who Pingel is, but because of who he has replaced.

    Sergeant John Morin was the former commander of the Hemet station, and this is where Anon Orange eventually landed.

    Suffice it to say that Sgt. Morin’s “service” to AO was not in keeping with the law, and complaints were made farther up the food chain.

    Could it be that there will be an effort to scrub the taint of (Corporate:red)) Scientology out of the Riverside Sheriff’s Dept? I’d like to see this as an initial effort; however, until Deputy Forester, the fat jokester who told us to move our operation down to that vacant lot, who was laughing around with the security goons, and who made the determination to arrest AO while refusing to view any of the video evidence is kicked to the curb, I won’t get my hopes up too far.

    Note: Captain Pingel used to work in Internal Affairs. He’d know the stench of a corrupt cop if anyone would.”

    Most of the Chaos will be in peoples heads. Those who keep their cool can aclomplish much in a situation where people are confused. I hope level headed people will steer the situation towards good.

    You and your fellow Independants can be the stability needed if you stand tall and offer them the gift of you. Meaning your help , understanding and love.

    It is easy you onley have to will it to be so.

  54. I am not trying to be a smart mouth, but I just imagine DM holding his hands over his ears, screaming “I’m not listening!”. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t give a rat’s tail end what anyone thinks. I’m very sorry. The people that have put years of blood, sweat, tears, money, hope, and dreams into COS deserve someone that should have handled various situations over 10 years ago.

    And in keeping in line with current topic, I hope to see Heber grace a tv screen or any screen very soon. A picture would be nice. I would like to know how his physical condition is.

    If it’s anything like Uwe Stuckenbrock had to go through, I will probably cry. Int is like a horrible oubliette, or at least it appears as such.

  55. Read my entries again, NCT – I agree with you, I want DM out more than anything right now. I am an independent Scientologist gone public.

    I am pointing out that when DM is gone there will probably be a period of chaos. I think we should be prepared for it.

  56. I hope that DM does spiff him up and let him do some meet and greet. The chances of impinging are greater and any time Heber can spend in a more relaxing and rehabilitating environment is good.

  57. Thank you Cat for this insight. It confirms the idea I got from watching american movies. I didn’t expect this.

    Thank you also for the good advice.

    When I was looking at the removal of DM I got this picture of after-DM. It was not peaceful at all. It’s not that I want to alarm you, but I think we should be able to confront this coming new situation and know something about what to do.

    In my country Sweden I perceive there’s already preparations being done for the situation to come, like you would expect a farmer to prepare for spring.

    Here we have this thirst for sanity, good news, real tech, OT-wins etc. There will be no more Church of Obedience, that’s for sure.

  58. War and Peace

    The Internet has put ethics in on DM.
    Too much exposure.
    Beatings do not occur in present time.
    Lots of tweeking and changes up there and visits from a Sheriff would not produce a result.

    No one is in the SP Hall.
    Since the St. Pete Times revelations, much has changed and cover ups have occurred.

    No one is thrown in the feces pond.

    It is blogs like Marty’s that changes the conduct up there.

    The “Severe Reality Adjustment” that DM so much liked to enforce on others, is now occurring with him.

    Every new blog of Marty’s, Steve Halls etc is an SRA to DM.

  59. M. Scott Peck:

    “The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.”

  60. Joe Pendleton

    I don’t know Heber personally, but I am aware of his great contribution to Scientology over many, many decades. I remember him coming to my Org on a number of occassions in 1972 – 3 with his guitar and doing a concert (his signature song being “Old Blue” about a dog). He is one of the truly dedicated beings. At the same time, because of that, he is even more responsible for going into agreement with the doings since 1982. He is as responsible for his condition as I am for mine. The current SO “kiddie korps” is not going to give their masters any trouble. It is up to the old timers to speak up, and it is to my regret that I have to say (and I said this to the SO MAA who visited my home a couple of years ago) that I have found that generally speaking, there is no more courage and confront of evil among Scientologists as there is among the general population. I hate to say that. After all the PTS/SP courses, HCO Bs, Science of Survival, your average Scientologist (OTs and auditors too) fall in line easily and dramatize earth 3D craziness. My own solution (after some brutal ethics cycles of yelling, threatening, extortion, etc) was to realize that I was responsible for BEING THERE and PARTICIPATING in the cycle, and I decided not to do that anymore, and haven’t since. I had been on tech posts for 35 years and I went along with it for a while before I “came to my senses.” Now I wasn’t in the SO, so I had a place to live and some money in the bank. Heber is 76 now and we don’t know what kind of shape he is in physically, but HE will have to say “no.” HE will have to refuse to be imprisoned and take responsibility for having agreed to all this in the past 30 years and NOT having spoken out (or loud enough if he did speak out). And I say this will all due respect and admiration for what he has accomplished and for who he is.

  61. Thank you War and Peace, you bring good news. You certainly sound like you know how things are at the base and how they respond to the blogs.

    Do you also know if there’s a stop to child labor?

  62. One last question to you americans. This is happening in your country, so tell me:

    I believe that DM wants you to back off, more than anything. If you are made to believe now that things are better at Int, is this passed on to you so that you will back off?

    And a general question: I believe there is, so what do you say; is there any back off on stopping DM from hurting others?

  63. What we seem to be missing is, a vision of exactly how DM will pass from the scene.

    Wasn’t DM’s great “cognition” simply that “Power is assumed” ?

    Would that not make him vulnerable, and subject to the same?

    Isn’t that why he is constantly cutting everyone else off at the knees, because he lives in fear that someone will come in and do to him, exactly what he himself did?

    Could not a qualified group walk in, arrest him if necessary, and simply assume control?

    I believe that is why he does not dare to appear on TV, because he thinks he could be grabbed, arrested, and deposed from power.

  64. LFBD F/Ning VVGIs
    Thank You!

  65. There has to be a way!
    Otherwise it looks like free country is not so free (I mean US).

    If I were in US and wanted to see Heber< I would just complain to police or FBI and go with one or few of thm right through the gate – to see him and ask him simple questons, and watch his reactions… and ask appropriate questions (How're you doing?, Are you fed? Do you have difficulties?

    If he is not brainwashed to the bottom of his heart, he WILL snap out of it.

    We are the auditors, aren't we?

  66. Alsoo don’t forget about Shelly Miscavige

  67. I’d like to suggest that Marty and others with proper legal advise file a writ of Habeas Corpus (the civil right to obtain a writ of habeas corpus as protection against illegal imprisonment) with the Supreme Court to have Heber brought into Court to show that he is still alive and that the independent Scientologists have the opportunity to to talk to Heber without the interference of that arsehole Miscavage.

    If after talking at length with Heber and he understands what he has been told by Marty and friends, if he wishes to return to the Int compound on his own free will then so be it.

    I don’t know whether Habeas Corpus exists in the US but it is one powerful tool that can be used to prevent human rights abuses. Even Miscavage cannot ignore a writ from the Supreme Court to try to continue to conceal the truth of his pychotic existence. This would be contempt of court.

  68. I am almost as old as my old friend Heber and I want to see him free of his imprisonment to enjoy the few years he has left.

    But I feel that the likelihood of his leaving voluntarily is nil and that he can easily be persuaded to say that he has not been mistreated and will not act to free himself in any way.

    Unless there is compelling evidence to the contrary, it would appear that he has been so programmed that he might exhibit the behavior described by Robert Vaughn Young in this article: http://tinyurl.com/y33slda

    Any attempt to rescue Heber should take into account this all too real possibility. The article provides information that suggests ways to support Heber in the first hours after any recovery.

    The information in this article might be helpful in planning any future extraction activity.

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