It is amazing how powerful Ethics tech is when used as a “personal thing” as originally prescribed in The Basics of Ethics.  I’ve experienced and seen quite a few “Chrisitan like resurgences” as described by LRH when you decide to figuratively “drink the quinine ” when suffering from spiritual malaria.  I came across a great artistic depiction of the initial pain of admitting your faults and the resultant resurgence back into insouciance. “You get what you give, it comes ’round full circle, and oooh I paid the price, ’cause I lost love so fast, I won’t make the same mistake twice.” Check it out.

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  1. Virgil Samms

    Nice Marty, Love the Willie. I love when he plays “trigger” – his guitar.

    As an aside, I audited Steven Tyler in 1974. Couldn’t keep him off of the weed long enough to get gain on him.

    Nce guy, though.

  2. martyrathbun09

    talented as all hell too.

  3. After leaving scientology as “the only answer” to all and every spiritual problem in life “that can ever come up” I came to realise that I have 2 (two) ethics going on inside my head at the same time.
    First is the one set up and discovered by LRH – ethics of gain, ethics of mind, ethics of rationality, ethics of a person who wants to live better.
    Second (the one I’m trying now to get the better grasp of – after having been indoctrinating myself with the first for the long time) is the ethics of my heart, ethics of Nature, ethics of being what I’m and not putting on any mask of being “an ethical person” (what my MIND dictates me to do).
    I like it beter being good perosn withing myself – no matter what Church (any Church) says about me that follow some “codes of behavior” or have my behavior fixed and structurised “for the good of”… (family, group, mankind).

    I’ve never liked to stand in line.

  4. Albert Schweitzer:

    Thought cannot avoid the ethical or reverence and love for all life. It will abandon the old confined systems of ethics and be forced to recognize the ethics that knows no bounds. But on the other hand, those who believe in love for all creation must realize clearly the difficulties involved in the problem of a boundless ethic and must be resolved not to veil from [humankind] the conflicts which this ethic will involve [us], but allow [us] really to experience them. To think out in every implication the ethic of love for all creation — this is the difficult task which confronts our age.

  5. Awesome, awesome video..thanks for sharing!!

  6. one of those who see

    Marty, This post says alot about your character. We have never met, except through this blog, but I have HUGE ARC for you. At one time, I went into Treason on a friend. He was being accused of something by some Sea Org Terminals. I started to defend him, but was told “You’re blind, you have overts.” I went into agreement and turned on him. Not in a big way-but, I definitely turned. The correct Sea Org Terminal was found to be the “who” on the cycle. And my friend was then considered fine. I however, felt like s—. Realized, wow – this is what Treason actually feels like. I did conditions to the friend and repaired the relationship. The conditions worked beautifully. AND – will never do that again! We are all growing as beings. Great Song too!!

  7. Wonderful song! Wonderful talents. This speaks to the universal truth about Recognition, Realization and Absolution.

    Once is Enough —> one of the greatest beauties of auditing, and one of the most sacrosanct things about it IMHO, i.e., the intact Beauty of the Being beyond “good” and “bad”, and the liberation of that beauty when one realizes, owns and distills experience into wisdom

    Through owning personal transgressions and personal responsibility as Cause (different from Blame and Fault), any aberration or misapplied solution can be viewed as-it-is, and the shackles are forever sprung, dissolved into realization of a greater truth than our condemnation.

    The final answer is NOT “you are evil” !

    I would say this very point, this very Holy of Holy aspects of the auditing room is one most violated by the ™ Churchoration today.

    The violation is committed by arbitrary Miscavage Caesar Salad practices of culling people’s PC (confessional) folders for personal information for bizarre, nefarious and arbitrary purposes such as: getting one up on weak points, finding buttons to control, blackmail material, 2D arrangements, elements to twist into slander fabrications. The egregious violation the Auditor’s Code and Tech is also perpetrated by the continuous umbrella under which staff are stultified, i.e. introverting communication, slapping, driving in anchor points, invalidation, accusations, cleaning cleans, forcing people to sign affadavits of “admissions” written by lawyers and speech writers…and the list goes on. Though staff gets the brunt, the “spirit” travels and permeates the public.

    The list of violations of Scientology Auditing sanctity by the Churchoration goes on, but can be boiled down to this: Restimulating people’s O/Ws. (and d’oh who doesn’t have em?! )


    Well, what is the Churchoration saying, really? and what is the message to staff and public treated as though they are incapable of observation and pandetermined ethical conduct?

    It is saying One Thing: You are No Good.

    This environment — even if a person is squeaky clean in PT — restims wholetrack in people, and that’s worse because without standard auditing one can’t as-is that awful malaise, and it makes more withhold!

    The irony is…it works that way because beings are GOOD. And withhold themselves if they think they’ve committed an overt (real or imagined). And then putting someone on a withhold makes it feel like an overt, even if there is none!

    In fact, if there’s ever proof that we’re good, it’s the W/H !! We don’t ever want to do that or hurt that way again!!!

    So to knowingly, intentionally spin people into that, knowing this tech, is the pit of suppression. Period. It’s hitting at the basic goodness of beings. The basic, lovely, beautiful shining goodness that IS Theta and thetans.

    The most sacred duty of an Auditor is to make it safe for the pc or PreOt to view aberration in order to sort through and arrive and SEE that sparkling distinction: that we are not our aberrations.


    Once is Enough.

    Thanks for this beautiful song, Marty!

  8. Ouch Marty! Thanks for driving that home. I’ve been there and done that and I’ve paid the price. Now like many others I’m busy putting it right. The price of compromising with my own personal integrity and staying in the church so long was heavy. Somehow deep down I knew that I was losing my soul piece by piece, day by day.
    Thanks for shining the light and pointing the way out. I knew it was there but just couldn’t find it. You have no idea what you did.
    That circle is one hell of a life wake up call – everything comes round back to where it started and you have to fix it right where you broke it to make it right again.
    Ethics is no longer a dirty word as it was in the church of DM. Now it is the bright, clean and shiny road to sanity and happiness. Just as LRH intended.

  9. It’s so true Vad.
    Life can be confusing but when one does something wrong, we seem to all be quite adequately equipped to “feel” that.

    Listening to that voice, is strongly linked to integrity and if your integrity is in ethics aren’t a problem. Ehtics come into play once the integrity has lost the way.
    Or at least that is how it seems to work for me.

    I think there has been some advantage to those who would strive to grab power to convince us that our fellow man is probably not basically good.

    These are such interesting times though, every day it’s some jaw dropping piece of truth that comes out, most of it not very pretty.

    Man it’s messier than my clothes closet half way through my order v dis-order process haha.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Sam, I couldn’t have put it any better. Thanks.

  11. martyrathbun09

    V, Thanks for your beautiful expansion on the theme.

  12. martyrathbun09

    one of those…, Yeah – believe me, I know the feeling.

  13. I know that conflict you’re faced with, VaD. I think many of us feel the same.

    I have come to see that “ethics” of the church and the culture of scientology as a moral code,
    some of which I have gone into agreement with, but which I am now re-examining.

    The other, personal ethics code, is my real ethics code. I believe that ethics tech was always intended to serve that one. The other, the moral code, is kind of an unavoidable side-effect of belonging to a group. Learning to live as an ethical being in a group with a moral code that one is not necessarily in full agreement with is a challenge we face no matter where on the track we are, which group we are in.

  14. ♥ this, Sam!

    “Ethics is no longer a dirty word as it was in the church of DM.”

  15. Thanks for what you and the song are saying, Marty. Thank you for protecting what’s sacred.

  16. Ethis is a wonderful thing, I use to write O/Ws every few months… one time my sight went way up… by doing that.
    If many get over the idea that is a punishment as DM orgs use it or a way to justify lie, as OSA use it… If those get over that BPC created by the misuse of ethic they could discover to have a fantastic tool in their hands.
    Unjustified departure and the unwilligness to handle (refusal to 2WComm combine with criticisms) is still symptom of overts and withholds… beautiful tech, that does not make anyone wrong… but could create so much sanity.
    By the way… talking about ethic. I met with the City Attorney regarding Eric Wierman battery cycle and she showed me the deposition of the Church lawyer saying that the church support people to go to the police. Peter Mansel OSA, exact words to me were: “I cannot stop you to call the police if your life is in danger. However you know the policy that cover that in the ethic book….’. It sound like a Mafia person would do: “I’m not telling you what to do. By the way how is your wife? How is her health?”
    In his testimonial to the City attorney he also states that there a very isolated cases of violence in the church.”
    ha! ha! what a joke!! Must be only me…
    i think Marty we should start putting together all the testimonials of abuses. SO or not SO, every single one…. presenting thousands of them… would definetely mean something.

  17. Thanks Marty,

    Great Aerosmith song! If you missed some of the words – the lyrics are:

    Been lucked out
    Broke a woman’s heart
    With only myself to blame
    Fate ran its course
    I suffered a loss
    I learned a lesson in pain

    Cheated, lied
    I took love for granted
    Oh, I paid the price
    I won’t last a night
    I won’t make the same mistake twice

    Once Is Enough, it’s one time too many
    The changes are rough, oh, Once Is Enough

    Love went trough such sudden change
    Taken a turn for the worst
    The joy turned to fear
    The pain got so severe
    Lord, I thought I was cursed

    Get what you give
    It comes around full circle
    Oh, I paid the price
    Love so fast
    I won’t make the same mistake twice

    Once Is Enough, it’s one time too many
    Changes are rough, oh, Once Is Enough
    Changes are rough, oh, Once Is Enough

  18. Argee, great talent and insouciant those two.

    Ownership of cause and responsibility can test us at times but fortunately we have the tools of ethics and processing to help.

    We have all had our personal Ethics and Qual blinders that have lead to uncomfortable and even painful times. But each of us started as Statics in a near perfection of native states and at some point choose blinders once, then again and again, then on automatic under certain circumstances.

    I believe after ethics brings one back up to cause and confront one can look to handling the prior confusions connected to these areas in question. That trip down time track lane accompanied by a skilled, loving and caring auditor may reveal some of the mechanisms that got us to these undesirable states we’ve experienced at which point we can be free of their restimulative effects.

    And let’s not forget to get our personal Qual department in while we’re at it. Ok?

  19. “I won’t make the same mistake twice.”

  20. Virgil Samms

    MOQ – this is your baby. You are going to need an army of FDSerzs to clean this one up. The false data on ethics is of epic proportion. Think of the false data on the subject. This is just a fraction of it:

    Ethics conditions are not for you, they are for your senior.

    Your ethics conditions have to be “approved”. WTF is that??

    The MAA has to approve your liability formula before you ask permission to re-enter the group.
    Another WTF.

    What is an upstat? Someone whose stats are up? Or is there more to it? Lots of FD here!!

    If you are Kha Khan you are going to be declared (Michael Silverman) or blown off of post (John Axcel), (Ron Norton). Beware of that label.

    Upstats have ethics protection (really? where?).

    I was told my ethics files went from floor to ceilign 9 times – 1 week after an amnesty.

    What is an MAA for? To put your ethics in.

    Stats determine the condition formula to apply. Except for when someone else has an axe to grind.

    I could go on all night, but there is a lot of FD on this subject alone.


  21. Nice video. Aeshetics always drives the point home nicely.

    Ethics in the church of Miscovology is the “now your supposed to’s”. You are supposed to donate a lot of money to be “good”, you are “supposed to” join staff to be “good”. Etc, etc.

    If the church just let people “BE” and let them work things out themselves it would be a lot more theta.

    Can you imagine if the church didn’t pressure you to be “good” and just let you live life and get auditing and have your own cognitions how cool it could be? Let the own native goodness of the thetan shine through?

    It is like the church of M has decided that the thetan is basically “BAD” and they need to “show you” what is good.

    I have a friend in Las Vegas and he told me that they had 2 people in the theory course room at the Idle Org when he checked it out.

    Another friend told me that in Seattle, where they are “manning up” the Idle org that they have FOURTEEN RECRUITERS!!! Well if it takes that amount of effort to man it up, that tells you the amount of counter intention present.

    I hope the C of M decides to get out of the effort game and back into the theta game at some point, I won’t hold my breath.

    You have not converted a man because you have silenced him. ~ Visount John Morley


  22. War and Peace

    Super video Marty thank you.
    Love Willie Nelson.
    There is an LRH quote….can’t put my hands on where he said it ..which says
    ONE OUNCE OF PR is equal to ONE TON of ETHICS

  23. Sounds great! 🙂 I’m for that!

  24. Silivia, I personally know of 2 cycles, one involving child molestation where the mother (then on staff) was threatened if she availed herself of her legal recourse as a citizen, and the other of felony embezzlement/fraud. As witness to the cycle, I was “reminded” that these things should be handled with WISE because Scientologists don’t go to t hose awful wog legal defense systems, it would be “suppressive” to do so.

    There must be hundreds of these infractions by the corrupt Churchoration against the right to a peaceful, happy, lawful life, as part of society. Come to think of it, more like *thousands*.

  25. VERY touching, my beautiful Veritas!!!:)

  26. Nice!!!Keep rocking Marty and Mosey!!!

  27. Marty, every post you write, makes me more and more proud of you and all you have done in such a short period of time with your blog and your Ethics presence. You are a true definition of Ethics, passion and honesty. Thank you for being true to yourself and helping many to recover from their emotional suffering under DM’s dictatorship.

    Beautiful song!
    BTW, I love Willie Nelson’s hair! 🙂

  28. I cried watching it.

  29. Ethics is a very difficult subject.
    The one who difines what „in ethics“ is has the power.
    Inside Scn ethics is more or less correctly applied.
    But the concept of being „in ethics“ had been changed.
    There is no universal every time valid definition of
    what in ethics and out ethics is.
    Maybe I am wrong, but at my low level of knowledge I cannot see that definition.
    Then some might fall into the direction to replace „in ethics“ with being good.
    But there is also no universal all time valid definition if what good or bad is on the dynamics.
    Then one could solve this by „good is following the greatest good for ..“ you know the rest.
    But what about my onw goals then? Not the implanted, my ones.
    I have been EO once and I tried to be a good one.
    But ethics is a very difficult subject.
    If you make too many mistakes the whole operation suffers.
    Bad auditing can make you sick maybe. Bad ethics destroys faster than any other tech.

  30. Woman Set Free


  31. VaD, wouldn’t it be nice to live in a culture where the two merge and become one and the same? Let’s face it, if we all got back to native state and didn’t change a thing we’d be right back here again When the “necessity” of enforcing group mores becomes senior to personal ethics we all suffer.

  32. So did I…really moving, thank you for sharing.

  33. Hi Georg,

    I think keeping it simple is the solution.

    Ethics is a personal thing.

    Have some basic rules of common sense to keep suppressive elements out of the organization.

    Apply good tech to people in order to help them.

    And apply ARC as the senior datum.


  34. I believe what was once a simply wonderful definition of ethics by LRH — “reason and contemplation of optimum survival” has become twisted and convoluted.

    Now it’s something like — “I’ll reason and contemplate FOR YOU what I consider (as CO, MAA, Chaplain, your best friend, your husband et infinitum) to be optimum survival FOR ME and thus you need to tow the line”

    Ethics truly is simple. The conditions are tools to help but the basic part is ARE YOU BEING AUTHENTIC (new age buzz word MEANING … IN VALENCE!!)

    I found that once I shed my terror of being OUT of the group, cast aside and asunder — and stepped INTO the world kinda raw, exposed, tender and vulnerable … learning to fail and get up again, I developed courage/integrity.

    Ethics is really only all about me — and since man/woman is basically good – IF I am being ME, then my actions will be good for others. Simple.

    And when I trip or falter — having been me, I can FEEL the difference and therefore use conditions to get back to ME.

    In any case, not until going through my own “dark night of the soul” — did any of this make sense. Certainly not while being forced into various conditions by MAAs etc.

    (google – dark night of the soul — good explanation and certainly can be used when one, as I did, completely loses what was before an unshakeable trust in scn …and slowly makes his/her way back)

    (further note — which is not to say that I am now considering myself a scientologist rather I now embrace all the wonderful growth that really DID occur while in scientology — while being able to discard without fear – those aspects which are NOT scn/LRH or perhaps things that HAD LRH lived longer, he would have changed)


  35. Great post, Veritas! You hit it on the head exactly. This one point is especially real to me.

    “Well, what is the Churchoration saying, really? and what is the message to staff and public treated as though they are incapable of observation and pandetermined ethical conduct? ”

    Having been declared for blowing staff in 2006 I followed the disconnection party line by not talking to Scientologists, except in strictly legal matters. My ex had tried a last ditch effort to recover me when we had our divorce signing in 2008. So I was hugely surprised to find that less than a year later he was writing on another site and had also left the church. It was this point of invalidating one’s ability to put ethics in on oneself that was the final straw for him.

    The conditions formulas are a wonderful tool that has been so thoroghly corrupted and misaligned in the church. How many times have you heard about someone completing a formula that had been written for the church’s benefit rather than the individuals. How many have been told that your blow isn’t good enough or that you haven’t done enough ammends (by the ethics terminal) and so can’t distribute your formula. A properly administered condition formula can be case changing. I did an enemy formula once that blew so much charge, I was exterior for days. Any conditions formula that I have ever completed per LRH and done as a personal thing has been highly successful.

    I think that is one of the reasons that people who blow get a release at the same time. Although they feel terrible that they failed Scientology in some way or another, the freedom to be and think for oneself gets reestablished and their integrity comes back.

    I remember my very first ethics cycle. I was on the comm course and had misduplicated the drugs/alchohol policy. I thought you couldn’t do either 24 hours before course and went out and got high over the weekend. I was so green that the EO just walked me through the conditions. In plain everyday language I started and completed a doubt formula in less than an hour, just like that. Ethics was so light touch during the time that ethics terminals really understood their jobs.

    A few years later, now on staff, I blew after a bizarre ethics handling and post removal. Contrary to the five reports written on me, I knew that I had done nothing wrong. It was a wrong indication. At someone’s request, I went it to see the EO…ready to do battle. The EO simply said, “We were wrong and the person who instigated this has been declared.” I tell you it was instant ARC, VVGI’s and ready to get back into the game. The correct indication blew the charge completely on all sides. How often do you hear of this type of ethics handling?

    The sheer magic of OW tech, in any application, speaks for itself. The wins on this are too numerous to share.

    Ethics tech, when applied correctly, expands Scientology. After all, the PURPOSE of ethics is to get the tech applied.

  36. “Your ethics conditions have to be “approved”. WTF is that??”

    Cult-Ethics = Obedience

  37. The little mistakes or rather compromisess one makes over time are eroding in nature. The little compromises are the tricky ones.

    They are part of the overal Mistake but those are the ones you make everyday living in an Enviroment that expects you to forget your humanity.

  38. “And let’s not forget to get our personal Qual department in while we’re at it. Ok?”

    personality, character, uniquness, qualities

  39. veritas,
    You’ve nailed it.

    Question for you;’churchoration’?

  40. Freedom Fighter

    “If there is any saintly quality, it is not to forgive. ‘Forgiveness’ accepts the badness of the act. There is no reason to accept it. Further, one has to label the act as bad to forgive it. ‘Forgiveness’ is a much lower level action and is rather censorious.

    True greatness merely refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one – and a truly great person loves his fellows because he understands them.” — LRH, What is Greatness?

    Additionally, the cool thing about the Condition Formulas is that, if done correctly, they seem to as-is the situation and release the perpetrator from any guilt and the offended from any need to forgive.

  41. one of those who see

    Alex said “I hope the C of M decides to get out of the effort game and back into the theta game at some point, I won’t hold my breath.”

    Little story: Was in one of the higher orgs. Already bought basic book package, but a family member already had the lectures, so I would not spend the $$. Once I had the money, my intention was to buy more auditing. So, being regged and regged and… Being told I am the only body in the building who hasn’t bought the lectures etc… Then, had a cycle with an old timer. (Nothing to do with the basics) Just 2 way comm on a particular subject. And he had me look at something, and it was a piece of data I had known, but had forgotten about. I started laughing & laughing. Then, he suggested that I go and watch a particular video and read or listen to a bit of a book. I think it was the next day that I watched the video and went to the bookstore and bought the item he suggested. Guess what! He didn’t even need to 8C me there. All he did was apply Scientology to a win.

    from HCO PL 26 Oct 1975 Gross Income/Corrected Gross Income Ratio
    Failed Cases and Failed Students

    “…It’s as easy to deliver real service as to eat ice cream. The only tough thing to do is NOT to deliver. Then life gets very hard.”

  42. Freedom Fighter, there’s great truth in that.

    I think understanding is greater than forgiveness, and forgiveness only truly occurs when understanding occurs.

    I personally loved this video because it shows the Hostilities and Sufferings of the human condition. It shows that a being’s repentance and agony over committing transgressions is more than gut-wrenching, because an aching soul has no limit.

    It shows that once you get off an overt in a sacred ritual, the most heinous possible thing that can happen is the BETRAYAL of that trust (as happens in Dms Churchoration) — in which a person is intentionally hammered to and stuck to his/her trangressions or confusions for the purpose of control.

    Because I am aware that beings are basically good and would welcome Tools with which to get out of the cycles of suffering, I find what DM has done — abusing Ethics and the sanctity of confessionals — abhorrent above any and all actions.

    Do I “forgive” SPs? NO …because I’m not motivating on it 🙂 No need to forgive anymore. After Understanding, I’m taking action. But also YES, because I’ve *let go*

    I like the word “for give” when used in the context of Understanding and being Magnanimous mag – Large anima -Soul

    But the only cheek I’m going to turn is the next auditing action:-)

    from merriam webster dictionary:
    For give 1. : t o give up resentment of or claim to requital for
    2 : to cease to feel resentment against (an offender

    For the purpose of Marty’s post, Once is Enough, I liked this video because it portrays how real our agony of eons is, and how important it is to *uphold and protect* the sanctity and purpose of Ethics.

    I love what you wrote here, and it’s the coolest thing to see in action! —>
    “Additionally, the cool thing about the Condition Formulas is that, if done correctly, they seem to as-is the situation and release the perpetrator from any guilt and the offended from any need to forgive.”

  43. -“If there is any saintly quality, it is not to forgive.-

    By that standard Anonymous would be “saintly” (never forgive, never forgert)

    – ‘Forgiveness’ accepts the badness of the act. –

    I beg to differ LRH goes past the fact that one can forgive the perpetrator and still be unforgivable about the act. (Hate the sin, not the sinner).

    “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

    -There is no reason to accept it.-

    This is an obvious truth but one has to accept it did happen and confront it.

    -Further, one has to label the act as bad to forgive it.-

    Granted, but some labels we all can agree on like that child abuse is bad or murder. Than there IS something to forgive or not.

    -‘Forgiveness’ is a much lower level action and is rather censorious.-

    I disagree but because Hubbard uses the word cesorious I know where he is comming from. Cesorious means highly critical.

    I think here Hubbards personal expierience cloud the issue.

    Forgiveness is the process of ceasing to feel resentment, indignation or anger against another person for a perceived offense, difference or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution.

    There is confusion about what is involved with forgiveness. Forgiveness is not saying that things are okay now, and then going back into an abusive situation. It is not letting someone off the hook by saying, “You didn’t do anything wrong.” Some people think that forgiveness is unconditional love with no boundaries or accountability. It is not. Forgiveness is not denial that a hurtful situation exists, and it isn’t denying the fact that your feelings are hurt. And forgiveness does not mean you accept the person’s behavior.

    This qoute needs further studieng.

  44. Churchoration… A portmanteau (blend of two words) of “Church” and “Corporation”. Sort of an oxymoron, opposing purpose$.

    Not sure what to call the current entity pretending to be Scientology!?

  45. Georg you are on the path to real thruth

  46. Ethics – a personal thing. Yes, it is.

    And it seems that while existing in this illusion, that many of us here have come to refer to as being the MEST Universe, I have often times found myself suddenly appearing at the crossroads cutting a deal with the devil. And for a brief moment, after the deal has been made, I soar. However, the deal was rigged (it was a lie) and before long life turns against me and I realize that I am now securely held in the clutches of misery. In order to regain myself I must return to the crossroads and challenge the devil to a dule. And if I win the duel I regain self and integrity.

    To me, the crossroads is a specific point in space and time where I decide to either stand true to what I know to be true or not. It is “the” point of ethics. Those times when I hold to what I know to be true for me are the times when I can walk away from the devil without any repercussions and freely play the game. But, if I instead choose to invalidate what I know, motivated out of some powerful desire to have something that I feel I cannot have otherwise, then the devil has me and I dance to his tune.

    Here’s to ethics being a personal thing and here’s to confronting the devil and winning! Please consider the following video to be my demo (youtube is my new best demo kit).

  47. Ahhh, churchoration. Merci, veritas.

  48. Moving Forward

    One comment I wanted to make about ethics in orgs is that LRH repeatedly talks about the fact that too much action in the ethics department is due to a lack of Dept 1, a lack of establishment. I wish I had access to a Vol 1 right now, but he says it over and over and yet this would get ignored repeatedly. I remember a mission to establish a big Dept 3 in an org that had only a PPO posted in Dept 1. Wow.

    I recall when the security cameras went up in the halls of the SO berthing in PAC and that was my very first thought: what an admission of failure to establish!

    I thought the same thing when I read that mail and calls were monitored at the Int Base. That in itself is SOOOOOO insane.

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