Miscavige Meltdown and Tommy Two Tone

Tommy Two Tone knows only two tones and the gradations between them; 1.o and 2.0 (all within the lying band).  As such he will likely go all the way to the bunker with Little Adolf.  http://www.tampabay.com/news/article1090888.ece

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  1. Watching Eyes

    Great article and pictures. Loved this part, “Tommy Davis said that the executives were there as longtime friends and colleagues…….” Friends? That’s the best lie he could come up with? What a joke.

    Note to Dwarf: Great press you’re bringing down on your group. What are you going to do about this; buy up all the papers so nobody reads them? Too late.

  2. Much like “Baghdad Bob” at the beginning of the Iran incursion.

  3. Good on you guys for going to the press. Good on the press for printing the story. Good pictures. Well DM and Tommy I woud say your little escapade fired back on you. Will you ever learn? you are so finished, so done. so unbelievable. You look like the fools that you are.

    There comes a time when you need to pick up your marbles and go home and this is it.

  4. War and Peace

    I almost always 99.9999% of the time agree with you Marty.
    But in this case, I am guessing that Tommy Davis will flee to you in due course, rahtern than hunker down with little Hitler.

    No one can take that volume of insanity and be forced to lie year in and year out.

    Even Mike could not take it no matter how loyal to LRH and the Legacy.

    Tommy will need an extensive time to decompress…but it would be wonderful if he knew he had friends…..

  5. I think DM has met his match with Mike and Marty.

    The story as outlined by the Mestsavage flunky operatives is just plain stupid. Honestly, I am just amazed at how this is playing out.

    I expected some TA, but this is making the “meter melt”.


  6. Not a Scientologist

    Mr Rainer,

    I have respect for your beliefs, same as any other belief, but this is beyond comprehension to me. It is bizarre that your family would participate of this?
    forgive me but I can not understand that your current wife yells at your girlfriend? your girlfriend knows you are married? is your wife trying to stop you from starting a new relationship? why are you not divorced yet?
    Big executives yell at you and ambush you, but just happened to be there?

    And how is it that Tom Davis knows what happened when he was not there?
    This is enough to wonder what kind os stuff they are all smoking, it is just plain scary and I don’t try to say you are not entitled to your belief, but how can a belief create this? it is my understanding you defend Scientology and say most people in it are decent, but I can not understand that a daughter would yell at a father like this, a mother briong her daughter to confront her father’s new girlfriend? and big executives yell at you? and your brother needs permission to talk to you?

    No disrespect, but how can decent people do this? where is the dsecent part?
    I just have a hard time understanding this, trying to make some sense of this, it sounds like an incident from some drug culture, not a church or even justy decent people.

    Please don’t be ofended, is not my intent, but I just can’t understand this, is tehre something that I’m missing? I wish you luck, and I hope your family is well in the end, but I think you might be safer away from them, something is in their water, they need help, serious help.

    With all posible respect, but confused

  7. And the evidence keeps piling up. I can’t believe that OSA reads this blog, and they keep denying and denying! I can’t wait for this whole thing to be over! Seriously!! It’s just embarrasing!!!

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how low the church of miscinsanity will stoop.

    You would have to be a friggin moron to believe the BS coming out of tommy boys mouth.

    If these “executives” lie like this, can you really trust them to be making important decisions about the Clearing of the Planet??

    It is an utter disgrace!!

    Mike I am truly sorry you have to go through this, but in the end I foresee a very big win for you and Marty and the rest of us.

    I appreciate your honesty and integrity.


  9. Ah yes, Baghdad Bob, I mean Tommy Davis!!

  10. Another black eye for DM thanks to the SP Times spreading the word far and wide in the Tampa/St Pete area!

    Don’t be surpised if you don’t have more and more recruits showing up at your front door volunteering their help and support!!!

    Mark Fisher

  11. I don’t think that Tommy is capable of just simply keeping his piehole shut. Doesn’t that fool realize that the BBC has it on tape? Doesn’t this idiot read this blog so he can at least be briefed? OSA, you guys are in Liability at best. You have taken on the color of an enemy. Are you deliberately setting Tommy up to fail? My god, what is going on here? Well, there is only one person who can handle a PR flap of this magnitude now–DM himself. (With speechwriting help from Danny Sherman.) Tommy, Danny, it’s like a bunch of 9 year olds are running the show.

  12. And I had about 125 Scn ‘friends’ on FB disconnect within the past 48 hours because I added Marty to my friends list….LOL! And, I am supposed to be the ‘bad’ person here?

    What an embarrassment for any self-respecting Scn to witness such outrageous behavior on the part of ‘senior execs’. Appalling, now, there’s a word.


  13. Unbeleivable, the vicious devils!

    “Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis said that the executives were there as longtime friends and colleagues and that they left when Rinder indicated he wanted to talk to the family alone. ”

    Let everyone hear that BBC tape, then let everyone hear Tommy reciting, “they were there as longtime friends.” Right. Let’s let the world see their idea of “friends.”

    “They were there to see him and his response was to assault Cathy. . . . He shoved his daughter, and he assaulted Cathy and he broke his brother’s finger. They show up to see him because he won’t answer their communication, he won’t answer their letters, and his response is to be violent.”

    Right. Show the world those disconnection letters, dated way back when, then let’s replay Tommy Davy chanting that Mike wouldn’t answer their communications. I don’t necessarily have the best impression of the ambient intelligence level, but it’s high enough for the public to discern who is lying in this situation and who isn’t!

    The article is just about perfect. Cathy-the-fake-Rinder sounds like a crazy woman. Great image for an Int exec! And I love the ending — that Andrew would just love to see Mike, but only if the church would grant permission. And there’s no disconnection — right. No disconnection, but an OT 8 has to ask permission to have dinner with his own brother.

    As I said elsewhere, anyone presented with both sides of the story and the police report would come down on the side of truth. The outpoints of the C of M’ers are too blatant. They’re burying themselves in lies.

  14. What if we are all pawns in DMs plan of destroying the reputation of LRH. He could be using all of us to bring on as much bad PR as possible.

    DM’s like a little suicidal dog getting the big dogs upset and fighting eachother, ripping eachother into pieces, while the little DM terrier is planning for the next conflict.

    I believe that DM is pleased with the independents growing strong. Now the big dogs of the independents can get into the ring with the big dogs of the Sea Org, resulting in more bad PR.

  15. I’m looking forward so much to the moment when BBC comes out with the recording of the incident. I hope it’s going to happen soon.

  16. Unbelievable how tommy boy will lie!! I have know Mike for years and one thing he is not is violent. That is really to bad I have also know Cathy and Taryn for years and have never once seen them behave like this. dave is cruel and violent to go out of his way to turn otherwise nice people into psycho attack dogs.

    I am sure as I stated before the sole reason for this was to try and make Mike lose his cool. Again props to Mike for not letting them get to him.

    Again, I should not be surprised but I am. Just when I think MM can go any lower he does.

    I am not a violent person but if I saw dave or tommy on the street I might just punch them. I owe dave that at least.


  17. Well, that’s just another Streisand Effect trigger. They won’t learn, so you paddle their butts, huh, Mike?

  18. Priceless.

    Tommy is a man of ZERO integrity.

  19. Goodness. I go off line for a few days and when I go back on – a tsunami of events!

    First off, Mike – my utmost respect and admiration. Since Marty’s post about 6 months ago how Yingling & co tried, and failed, to buy you off I knew you would be the key to the end game. The public here in the UK remember you very fondly and will listen with great interest to what you have to say. (I still think the UK is your spiritual home!).

    Secondly, I’m beginning to feel a little sorry for John Sweeney. Just when he thinks he’s got all the material he needs for a good factual program, along comes another wall of info/events that needs putting in. No wonder the BBC show is delayed. He must have enough for an entire series by now!

    Thirdly – DM. Oh David. Oh dear oh dear. We met twice. The first time you helpfully told me I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing. Those words look kind of ironic now in the light of the desperate and destructive actions you are engaging on now. You really don’t get it do you. It’s over, finished. It’s time to face up buddy. Walk away before things get really ugly.

  20. It shows the level of arrogance that is rampant amongst dm’s group —

    They think by saying something over and over, it makes it true.

    They think by spinning the facts their way, the rest of the world is too utterly stupid to see through it.

    It is this level of arrogance, lack of kindness, complete belief that they are without “sin” that is their undoing.

    Can’t happen fast enough for me. I have friends I wish to hug, a family I wish to see standing next to each other and joy re-entering into the hearts of so many.

    Thanks Marty and Mike for all that you do.


  21. MostlyLurker

    It was obvious that Mike’s daughter and brother where part of the gang to give to the gang some fake legitimacy, and surely enough here we have Tommy Lying Davis stating it was a “family reunion” . But by ordering them to be part of the assault, David Miscavige exposed them to a truth that maybe they weren’t aware of: that the Church is lying and the Church is violent. And no matter how much justifications they have been feed to accept it, down in their heart I bet they know it was an ill behaviour and was wrong, and that will snarl in their heart and soon or later will make them question the Church.

    Also, this attack seems to be a direct consequence of Mike wanting to see his son Benjamin and an attempt to manufacture fake evidences. You are creating an effect and is driving the dwarf crazy. Please Marty and Mike, stay safe, but don’t stop what you are doing.

  22. Watching Eyes

    Wow, 125! That’s what I call a thorough housecleaning. You’re well rid of them. Now you’re left with your true friends. Sounds good to me.

  23. Joe,
    I think they are operating on the principle that if you tell a big enough lie long enough and with enough conviction people will believe you. Reason isn’t any part of this. Just ramming home an idea with enough force to make a “reality.”

  24. R2-61: Good and evil; a lecture given on 21 October 1954:

    “And right above that you quite commonly find one of the more evil people, 1.5, being so confuoundedly mean and evil because they´re trying to make everybody good. You know, that´s just a complete mixture, you know.
    They´re doing all these evil things because the end justifies the means, because in the end everybody and everything will become good.

    Hitler ran on this computation exclusively. And all his acts were good and necessary, and that was why he had to burn all the Jews in lime kilns, you know? And that was why the Schutzstaffel, and so forth, had to exist, and…You know I mean, it just runs out in this idiotic, insane patter of “We´ve got to do all these evil things so as to make everything good.”
    You know?”

    “…And at 1.5 we have an utter, tumbling confusion of good and evil.”

  25. I have to wonder if Guillaume Lesevre is in this country legally. It sure seems odd that he hightailed it out of there before the Sheriffs arrived.

  26. There are times when this all seems surreal. When I see with my own eyes, people claiming to be Scientologists behaving in very non-Scientology like ways. This is not the Scientology I know. I was never in a crazy cult, not like this.

    I read the comments in the SP Times and even they confirm the church is contracting, the streets are deserted and businesses are closed. Some laugh at bullbaiting the guards to get them to draw their guns.

    DM has and continues to sully the good image of Scientology. It will take much damage control to repair that. Although more an more Scientologists are becoming aware of the difference between Scientology and the church, many of the public don’t discern that yet, especially in Clearwater.

    It is sometimes difficult to stand proudly in my beliefs because of all the psychodrama involved, sounding more and more like a Springer show. It is hard to explain DM’s behavior to non-Scientologists because it just seems too unreal that someone legitamately is that whacked and somehow connected to my life.

    There is still part of my life that others can’t understand. My main support being an understanding of the quality of my character and for whatever reason, I support Scientology. I have gained a great deal from the tech and I know what I know. I know that it is worth fighting for without question. I know the church is no longer delivering it and in fact is very calculatingly destroying it.

    When I hit those points of no understanding, I always know that I can come to this blog. Here is where it is real. Not only is the “Springer show” documented factually but the understanding of why we do what we do, for Scientology, is present.

    Mike, your tenacity is admirable. It is a great defense upon the insanity that has infiltrated my church. For everyone who communicates on this blog and who has stepped up in some way against the monster in charge, thank you for keeping it real.

    As the truth comes out, it will probably get even more crazy…using the tech on ourselves and others that we come in contact with will be our greatest strength.

  27. Eleanor Gehrig

    A friend sent me this excerpt from today’s LA Times:

    “For the second year in a row, Weasel of the Year was awarded to Church of Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis. Davis did not attend the ceremony, which was attended by such celebrities as Snooki of “Jersey Shore” fame, Charlie Sheen and soon-t0-be-ex-Dodger co-owner Jamie McCourt, but fellow nominee Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa accepted on Davis’ behalf.”

  28. There are just so many aspects of the philosophy, theories, policy and technical data of Scientology that are not in use by DM as manifested in this episode in CW, that are in fact contradicted, ignored, violated and reversed that it leaves one sort of dazed. In disbelief that this has actually occurred. But it has.

    OSA, I’ve been told by one yours that DM is the ‘Mate’ in the Flag Order ‘A Sad Tale’. That issue describes the ship about to go on the rocks and an officer, the Mate starts to bark at others orders and directs them to their stations as they are in a tizzy and dispersed in fear. They respond and the ship is saved. Afterwards they rebuke the Mate for upsetting them. DM was characterized as the Mate in this by the OSA staff writing to me.

    DM is not the Mate. He is the one steering the ship on to the rocks. He will take down the ship and many aboard in his own succumb. He is taking you down.

    One of you, several of you, all of you, recognize this latest episode, now in the public view via the St Pete Times and soon to be aired in the UK on BBC and thence the world is in fact ‘Using Scientology (or perverted and alter-ised tech and calling it Scientology) harmfully so as to bring about disrepute to an organization, group or Scientology itself.’

    That is a Suppressive Act. DM and now these persons he coerced, has committed this. You are a party to it unless you take responsibility for it and do something effective. What can you do?

    Call a Committee of Evidence. DM is a member of the Church of Scientology International. He is subject to its Code of Offenses and Penalties. He is not immune, above, outside or ‘corporately’ protected (whatever that means?). He can be Comm Eved by Sea Org members such as yourself. Do it. There’s the cancer on the group. It’s David Miscavige and it’s malignant and has spread.

  29. MissMyFamily

    My family disconnected from me years ago. I’m not even a scientologist, never was. They disconnected because of something they say my father did over 20 years prior.

    Want to blow the doors off DM’s dictatorship? Mr. Rinder and Mr. Rathbun should contact Oprah. I’d love to see that. Everyone in the same room: TD, DM (though he’d be too busy to show), Rinder, Rinder’s son and brother, Rathbun. I’d like to see TD deny disconnection and tell everyone Rinder can have a relationship with his family. And that they are free to have a relationship with him, without any repercussions.

    I’m completely serious. This is an Oprah show in the making. Come to Chicago. I’ll tell my story also.

  30. Of course, Davis would say Mike Rinder hurt his wife. Of course, the lie is further complicated that if he did grab his wife like that, how would he have still been able to hold the phone? Come on, Davis! At least you could have tried to hand out a convincing lie. It is my supreme hope that the BBC got all of it on recording and will air it. This will light up the fact that Davis is once again lying his a** off.

    Nice that the doctor gave her version of events too. Very good.

    Now maybe people will notice that Davis is nothing more than a two-bit liar, anything that comes out of his mouth is a bald-face lie.

  31. Ray Randolph

    Headline: “Scientologists Deny Abusing Former Executive. Make argument by publicly Abusing Former Executive.”

    To quote the great philosopher Bugs Bunny, “What a bunch of maroons.”

  32. Tommy is a man of ZERO integrity.


    How dare you disparage the leader of Anonymous. I’ll have you know that since Tommy took over he has almost single handedly achieved more in the last six months than all our pickets, poons and pamphlets combined.



  33. Virgil Samms


    Good thought, but I, for one, seriously doubt it. DM is not that organized. And don’t forget, an SP connot complete a cycle of action.

    If DM were that organized he would have at least some semblence of management under him.

    Sorry to say that all he has left to operate with now is Tommy “Baghdad Bob” Davis, Jennifer “Pit Bull” Linson, Cathy “I don’t know who I really Am” Rinder, Guillume “Crasp, How Did I Get Myself Into This” Leserve, and Tom “I got so many movies working right now, I can’t hang Dave” Cruise.

    This is all he has left. Except OSA and right now I am sure OSA is in the condition of Doubt. They would have to be unless they are drugged.

    So, if that’s what he’s got, he’s got nothing.

    ML Virg.

  34. I know I said this before but I still think DM figured if he sent Mike’s daughter, brother, ex-wife to confront him that it would be a ” win win” situation. An “in your face” show of power. “Look what I can make your family do. They love, respect and are loyal to me. Not you!”
    So, what’s the worse thing that could have happened? If Mike caved and wanted back in the COS, then DM would still win. (not bloody likely but we’re not dealing with a logical, sane human being here.)
    He just didn’t bank on the BBC being on the line during the whole mess. Probably didn’t bank on Mike being able to handle that many people attacking him either. One has to wonder if he is actually capable of predicting outcomes in any given situation.

  35. Ehi listen to this. The Freewinds has fired The HAS on a mission to Italy to recover OT8s!!! I bet he’ll fail miserably and get RPFed if he’s lucky.

  36. Lies Lies Lies yeah ~ they’re gonna get ya!
    The insanity of the CofS blazes through the words!
    Great writeup, gotta say!

  37. No kidding! The BBC is just to juxtapose his stupid comments against the recording! Absurd!!

    One question I wish AC asked Tommy…”How would you know it never happened when you were never there?”

  38. wow, that makes sense Stefan !
    So the only target that we have is dm. nobody else.

  39. The best revenge is to grant beigness to David Miscavige. He has done so much to destroy the Church that he and Tommy Davis are the best persons to bring it down.
    Each time he does some thing bad, or lie, it is all over the internet.

  40. David LaCroix

    DM & Tommy caught on video planning their response:

  41. Concerned Citizen

    I just saw the New GM commercial, I’m impressed.
    Whitaker starts out by admitting that many Americans did not think GM deserved a second chance. He said he can respect that and so he is here to announce how they repaid their government loan, are creating jobs, etc. He makes the “we’ve made serious ethics change” abundantly clear, he then invites people to look at the “new GM”

    It is a dam good piece, and I who was not a GM fan found myself rooting for them. I couldn’t help to think of our Church, if DM had any sense at all. He would NOT WASTE another second and start changing course, but sadly, since he is textbook SP, he cannot and will instead be right till the end, and his dwindling fan club will follow him.
    I think Stefan has a good point, I think DM does dream of a destroyed Scientology and an irreparable damage to LRHs reputation, what he did not anticipate is that his own reputation would be so tarnished, and though he blames the independents, he is tarnishing it all by himself.

  42. OSA has been neutered by its master. It has been reduced to cur dogs chasing the fire engine on its way to the burning building.

    That bit in the Times piece about the 7 just being in the area and “by coincidence” saw Mike in the parking lot… with lines (lies) like that, who needs an emetic!

  43. LOL! Well, at least tommy’s personal form of greatness is being recognized by the rest of the world. We on this blog have long felt that td is the biggest weasel around, and now that’s been validated.

    Congratulations, tommy. Your mom must be so proud.

  44. Concerned Citizen

    My friend, you are confused, because what happened has nothing whatsoever to do with either belief or family, it is simply a mob like attempt to intimidate someone, orchestrated by a man whose decency is nonexistent and followed by a combination of automatons and people who feel they have no other option, than to obey the dictator.
    German people are smart, as a people, they are some of the most efficient people ever. Yet they fell for the non sense of Hitler. What these 2 groups have in common is fear, they were both ruled by fear and demands for blind loyalty. People in fear lose their common sense.

  45. TD’s non-sequitur accounting is so beyond being what a well trained PR would utter, even if attempting to cover up by lying. The lies have no semblance of similarity to what Mike experienced, even when Tommy referred back to the Ft. Harrison encounter which was all on tape to the contrary!!

    TD: “It (FH)was a staged event. He (Rinder) showed up with a bully (Rathbun), a person with a camera . . . and tried to force his way in.” What force? It was as calm questioning. I watched the beginning again to be sure I hadn’t missed the force being applied by Mike. Cracked me up seeing it again juxtaposed to TD’s statement. What a hoot!

    I think Tommy has made a decision to now speak independent of what DM is telling him to say. Perhaps he’s planning on leaving this whole mess and going out with a final blow to the solar plexus. Only conclusion that fits with this level of being so openly off the mark. Could this be his last hurrah?

  46. Ain’t that the troof.

  47. For a time back in the early 90s Cathy Rinder worked in RTRC. She was recovering from some physical problems (I forget what exactly). I got to know her then and came to consider her a friend. She could tell some hilarious stories about her upbringing on the streets of New York. She was kind of a street punk until she found Scientology. None of you will believe this but back then she was a hell of a lot of fun to be around, very dedicated to LRH and the tech and a very genuine person.

    The Cathy Rinder I saw on AC 360 or read about lately has morphed under DM’s wizardry into some kind of zombie/robot hybrid. There’s an actual soul buried in the middle of those dramatizations that I used to know. It helps to be able to spot source.

  48. Love the shout out to OT Bunny. Now there’s a real OT, full of life, emotion, good humor and freaky-cool solutions to the problems of living in a dangerous world. Bugs is someone we can all emulate.

  49. Hi Martin,

    Just curious as to the context of DM telling you that you didn’t have a clue as to what you were doing?


  50. Yes Blip, all hail to Tommy who provides us on a stable dïet of footbullets.

    All hail to Tommy Davis the “leader” of anonymous

    I’ll take some of that Ceak of your hands, nomnonnom delicious.

    Tommy we love you man.

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  52. We call that type of a person a ZOMBOT as opposed to a FEARBOT or a DMBOT.


  53. Ophra’s main button is childabuse. To battle that she will even drop TC and JT.

  54. Moving Forward

    Great quote. This is exactly what’s happening.

  55. C. S. Lewis:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

  56. Dude, rent “The Manchurian Candidate” and watch it.

  57. Moving Forward

    Agreed, the way Tommy ‘explained’ it was so bizarre, too: Tore a sheet of skin off her arm by squeezing it? How is that even possible???

    Aside from the fact that Cathy exposed herself as a liar by saying that it was a coincidence that they saw Mike, while police determined through interviewing the others that it was a planned confrontation.

    Any Scientologist who reads this will know that this story about how they were just trying to be in comm with Mike because he was ignoring his family is a blatant lie. It’s too bad that not enough will read it.

  58. For Tommy Davis, the Church Executives, The OSA spies and reporters, I can only pass on advice written by wiser ones than myself, that I have found useful.

    Hubbard says injustice always recoils on those that deal in it. He may have forwarded that on from Napoleon, who said ” See how injustice and bad faith ever recoil upon those who are guilty of them.”

    Napolean also said war grows out of the desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow man. A leader is a dealer in hope.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Said an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

    And a major contributor of the biblical publication suggests bearing false witness is a sin and I think that is based on the injustice behind it.

    False reports to your fellow man via the media is still false reporting, bearing false witness, and swimming with injustice.

    Budda said you will become what your thoughts are today.

    For Cathy Rinder I can only offer this quote up from Napoleon:

    Bloodletting is among the ingredients of political medicine.

  59. Huh? Cathy still calls Mike “her husband” although he’s been gone for 3 years and obviously considered an SP. So why is she still holding onto him? There OBVIOUSLY is no reason for their connection. And knowing the swiftness of disconnection at that echelon of mgmt, I can only assume she is still connected purely to have access to him,harrass Mike and “get away with it.”

    Also, who said Fair Game was cancelled? It’s in full force-justifying blatant lying to media,etc.

    I just saw The Insider.I highly recommend it. See what happened to the whistleblower and how a smear campaign was launched; hopefully the St. Pete Times will not abandon its whistleblowers and sources.

  60. In addition, to the Executives of the Church and Scientologists enableing them in false reports and injustice.

    You are all still part of the group of mankind.

    False reports to your fellow citizens = doubt.

    Although you envision yourselves on a higher level and a beacon of hope for your co earth members, your actions of false reporting to the other members of this group indicate that you have in fact slipped into a lower condition of doubt as a member of mankind. I am assigning you ALL a condition of Doubt as a member of mankind.

  61. What the current CoS is doing is NOT very much scientology. I wonder how long until people realize that DM is actually trying to bring everything down with him, as it looks like.

    DM: “It’s not an option, not if you’re a real Scientologist.” My message: A real Scientologist improves the world and bring everybody up.

    If he leaves, make sure he doesn’t get any money with him. These stubborn psychopaths… be aware when you see somebody being so single-minded in the future. Just by looking at the LRH death announcement video you can already there hint the Miscavige single-mindedness.

    Every fanatic is dangerous, no matter the subject.

  62. I am so glad to see that Christie’s doctor shared her first hand data with St. P Times.

    DM’s time is over and he knows that.

  63. That’s because fucking JoJo Zawawi takes it as her personal mission in life to send facebook messages to people all day telling them who should and who should not be on someones Facebook pages. If you want to be reported to OSA as disaffected, just TRY not answering her. It’s sad. But for those of us not prepared to disconnect, watcha gonna do?

  64. You know, I re-read parts of this blog and re-read “The Truth Rundown” by the SP Times. I also re-read the recent article. I really think Marty is correct to say DM has mounted his own height among Jim Jones. This is exactly what DM is doing minus the kool-aid dry runs preparing them for the day when it would be laced with poison. I think the poison here is Black Dianetics, which is what DM really is doing. The frightening thing is what is DM going to do next with his “loyalists”? What is going to do next as the Puppeteer? How far is he really going to go? All of this is very dangerous. I’m not sure we can do anything as Independent Scientologist except preserve the tech for the day the church comes crashing down. And it will come crashing down…Jim Jones chose to end his church members lives to show their dedication to “the cause”. DM is slowly killing their spirituality and destroying the tech little by little. It’s a frightening aspect. Be prepared to welcome Scientologists in the CoM who are casualties of DM to the Freezone and the fold of Independent Scientologists. It is coming.


  65. I agree. Tore a “sheet” of skin off her arm is such a huge lie it’s amazing he even uttered this as PR man.

    I do wish more would read it. I do hope that those who do read it are awakened to the truth.

  66. MissMyFamily

    Hmmmm. Well – kids in the S.O. may qualify. And forcing kids to disconnect from parents, family, etc. qualifes too. Just a thought.

  67. Tommy davis is telling the truth for once (’bout ze intrawebs)

  68. Jim Jones had some very ugly people behind him. He started out sincere but he was somehow taken over.

    I think DM doesn’t know who his own puppetmaster is.

  69. This is exactly what DM is doing minus the kool-aid dry runs preparing them for the day when it would be laced with poison.

    I too thought things were getting a little over dramatic myself. I was talking to an ex scientologist friend of mine who told me an interesting tale. When she was living at Flag a muster was called for no reason. Everyone present was required to roll up their sleeves and receive an injection. Everyone complied. Without question.

  70. I wonder if that divorce ever did really go through? They may not have finalised it in order to keep a measure of legal leverage on Mike via Cathy.

  71. Redneck Thetan

    My question – if they claim they saw Mike pull the skin off her arm, why did half of them leave the scene of a possibly felonious assault? Leaving the scene of a crime is illegal.

  72. I would like to extend my positive thoughts to Mike R. I worked with you a few times while at CMOIXU. A very nice and on purpose guy. When I made it to CST the only people that I had contact with on a weekly basis were Norman and COB. My weekly report had to go to them, hand routed. Mr Starkey was allways very nice and polite. COB was allways very distracted and at times seemed to be overwhelmed. I could not imagine getting daily orders from him. I trust what you and Marty are mike. There is no doubt that only one person runs the church. COB even ran CST, with daily IM’s to the CO of CST and the D/COI and D/COE. It is not an easy position that you two are in. For what it is worth, you are not to blame for following orders and doing what you had to do. I think mike and marty are more than making up the damage done. Above and beyond the call of duty! you have my support.

    Sorry if this was all over the place. I really only meant to give a quick thumbs up.

  73. Meisha:
    It is true. He is coming down. Several missions and orgs are up for sale. He is getting mad, and is doing more stupid things. We just need to continue to shine light of truth on his acts.

  74. Theoracle,

    Excellent point!

    Plus DM if I’m not mistaken put all public (“even if they didn’t know it”) on the Org Board at one of his, alter-is, events.


  75. Not a Scientologist: you asked “what am I missing?” what you are missing is everything that happened in between.

    The people who accosted Mike Rinder – have spent many many years inside the scientology community.

    Women who are physically abused by their spouses (or men who are abused) were not beaten up on their first date. No — it took clever wearing down of their self-esteem, their support system (family), their spiritual beliefs (religion), their livelihood and their finances.

    Everyone who currently behaves beyond what you consider sensible — have slowly shifted their FREE WILL from sane decisions to allowing their free will to now make abhorrent decisions.

    You cannot be made to do something you wouldn’t do UNLESS you are no longer the same person … by virtue of becoming a different person, different moral code, different choices.

    These people are not who they once were.



  76. Tommy boy (spokesperson extraordinaire) expects us to believe that International Senior Executives of the Church of Scientology, are joyriding around with members of Mike Rinder’s family?

    What is the weather like on your planet Tommy?

  77. If DM decides , one day, that the jig is up and he can no longer pull off his destructive, sp crap and he decides to pull a “Jones Town” or a “Waco”, he will have, IMO, dealt a possible death blow to Scientology. Or, at least, to the name of Scientology. I say “possible” because I don’t have the ability to see into the future. (probably because I’m not really Clear or OT3. That’s what I’ve been told anyway) How do you rebuild the church or even the name of Scientology with something like that in the public mind? There has not been an attempt, that I know of, to revive either of those religions. It would be unthinkable after what happened. This is my greatest concern. I shudder whenever I think of what he might do to what remains of his “flock” in the last moments.
    Most of you on this blog have some personal knowledge of DM. I’ve been offline for 34 years until I started coming here. Maybe someone can give me some kind of re-assurance that this won’t happen??? Or, at best, it’s unlikely to happen??? Reality check….I’m I being to dramatic?

  78. This event adds to my notes of outpoints, out tech, off policy actions.

    My Notes:

    Outpoints = generated chaos and/or confusions
    1. Pat and Annie Broker – contradiction; LRH allowed this to happen so easily?
    2. Mission Holder debacle – Effect worldwide
    3. Int finance Police? What policy? Why not enforce existing Policies. Police for fear?
    4. Bridge prices spike. Hundred thousand to get through OT levels?
    5. Mass Declare of ED’s and executives – New Era of Management? Any better now?
    6. Dave Mayo – Declared SP after so many years, LRH personal auditor? No handling?
    7. The way to happiness was all wrong? Specifics?
    8. The IRS Tax exemption – Hidden Data line DM can’t say how he handled the IRS
    9. R & D volumes – incomplete cycle of action
    10. Org renovations – The new level needed to attract public? Any improvement?
    11. GAT – Makes expert auditor right out of the academy yet they have no real experience, Hype? False? Extended Runway?
    12. Linda McPherson – Flap! Hugh flap! Beginning of insanity?
    13. The blind leading the blind? Inval of all trained on LRH Tech and of LRH himself.
    14. Invalidation of all tech certs. Are there more auditors today? More Clears?
    15. Super Power being released shortly PR?
    16. You must run all the processes of the grade regardless. Out Tech
    17. Disconnect policy as used. True/False?
    18. New World Corp to make OT staff. False PR? Hype? Incomplete cycle of action? Unattainable target?
    19. Saint Hill size Orgs? Incomplete cycle of action? What happened? Are there any still?
    20. New World Executive Corp? What happened with that?
    21. 10 Mission around each org. What happened with that?
    22. Volunteer Minister Course for all Scn – All Scn off the bridge. What was its effect? Any?
    23. PTS/SP Course for all Scn – All Scn off the bridge. What was its effect?
    24. IAS – reged to death, eval, inval and threats
    25. Fundraising – to death, eval, inval and threats
    26. Ideal Org – reged to death, eval, inval and threats
    27. Yellow Tent crusade – reged to death
    28. The classics Lecture – reged to death
    29. The Congress Lectures – reged to death
    30. The Basic books – reged to death, diverted or forced off the bridge
    31. The Basic Lectures – reged to death
    32. Library campaign – reged to death
    33. The ACC’s – push
    34. Omitted Objectives? Culling folder for people to do more objectives. Wrong Why?
    35. Marty and Mike – PR flaps, failed to handlings.
    36. Events – Public over-run, costs drain orgs, staff off post to setup and tear down
    37. Int Management – musical chairs, disappearances and declares. Who and where are they?
    38. Wrong why; must have 10,000 OT-7s, – to begin to see the results
    39. Wrong why; must have Ideal Orgs – to begin to see the results
    40. Wrong Why; need OT 9 and 10 – to begin to see results
    41. Wrong Why; need SuperPower – to begin to see results
    42. Flag promoting Quickie Grades – lower grades in 6 intensives, False PR? By-passing Orgs? Promotes Org poor delivery.
    43. Degradation of SO and personel
    44. Scn. Worldwide negative PR
    45. Number of Scns bankrupt or have filed bankruptcy

    Plus Points = stability and/or certainty
    1. Translations of Materials – glad to see, good job
    2. Digitizing of Materials – good to see
    3. Tax Exemption – Good to have, nice stable datum and cost effective
    4. Creation of Hatting materials – always good to be able to hat staff
    5. Tech Films – nice work, visuals help increase understanding

    What next?

  79. It’s beyond absurd. “Sooooo, a handful of senior int execs and a couple of public Scientologist were all driving around together minding their own business about 3000 miles away from where any of them are supposes to be…..” Are we to believe that they were just trying to see how many int execs could be crammed into the back of one Volkswagon beetle???

  80. There could easliy be more but I need a break.

  81. Thank you Maria! We have to continue shedding light of truth on him and we have to continue our vigilance. I honestly believe the end is near. I hope more people see the light and come out of the CoM darkness.

  82. The fact that an OT 8 would ever need to be recovered alone should serve as a wake up call to those still hiding their head in the sand. Obviously these people didn’t walk away from a $300,000 investments for SMALL reasons. .

  83. Maybe you can help clarify something for me. It is my understanding that technically CST was a senior org to RTC. Is that incorrect? I thought RTC owned the trademarks, ASI owned the copyrights, CST for some reason owned the TWTH marks and that somehow CST was set up as a senior body to RTC to create yet another level of corporate protection for the Church. What part of that do I have wrong?

    What lies behind that question is my lack of understanding of why Russ Bellin to take orders from COB, and how he could ever remove Russ from post.

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  85. Virgil Samms


    You’re being dramtic.

    We live in a world where the public love drama. They will watch this like a Ridley Scott movie and root for the underdogs (us) and then once we win, we will, once again, have to position ourselves as the underdog against the world opinion or something like that. But we have to stay in the limelite from here on out.

    We just need to hire one of those Ad Men who resurrected a big company and we’ll be right as rain.

    ML Virg

  86. Type in maps.google.com in your browser then hit the get directions on the left side of this page.

    In Box A type this address: 210 S. Fort Harrison Clearwater, FL 33756

    In Box B type in this address: 28467 U.S. Hwy 19N. Clearwater, FL 33761

    Click on the Get Directions box just right of box B.

    This is the Google map from FSO Bldg. in Clearwater to where Mike was standing in front of Dr. Holly Johantgen’s office. U.S. 19 is a major 6 lane 55 mph highway, not a road for a leisure drive. Be sure to zoom out so you can see the 10 mile route from A to B.

    Don’t forget you cannot see this doctors office from the highway. Of course we all know ex-wife’s have special powers to find their ex waiting for his “very young & beautiful girl friend”.

    Please…………..Look don’t listen.

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  88. > This is exactly what’s happening.

    This is what’s been happening for years. Haven’t any of you people checked out the archives of xenutv.com?

  89. >What if we are all pawns in DMs plan of destroying the reputation of LRH.

    Come on — really? Why would DM want to bring down the Church? It’s making him rich and providing him with a comfortable living. DM may be stupid, but he’s not *that* stupid.

  90. Not a Scientologist,

    One thing I’d like to add that you might be missing is that Mike has been separated from Kathy for years. He thought they were divorced, but it’s possible that the church attorneys who were supposed to complete the divorce process (at the demand of church executives) didn’t send in papers. It’s not that Mike has a new girlfriend while still in another relationship. There is no current relationship with the woman he believed himself to be divorced from. Kathy is screaming that she’s “his wife” only to try to make life difficult for him.

    This might help to clear some things up for you.

  91. Jack,

    This makes me laugh. I love how you cut through the b.s. I look forward to meeting you one of these days.

    Just Me

  92. Hi Because,

    That was well done, thanks!!


  93. Because,

    Thank you.

    Here are some more outpoints:

    – OTs dying of cancer and other ailments.
    – DM self elected leader (no issue no turnover from LRH, nothing)
    – Fishy circumstances of LRH’s death
    – DMs sabotage of LRH’s atopsy
    – alterations in the newly released basics
    – invalidation of Clears
    – invalidation of OEC/FEBC graduates
    – reports of violence at the Int Base
    – DM extravagence

    This is what comes to mind. The final DM SP declare will be a horror book when published.

  94. Concerned Citizen

    Jojo is following dear leader’s orders through OSA ofcourse. Since she wants to be let onto the OT levels, she complies

  95. I believe there are only a select few in OSA and RTC who read the entire blog. Most the OSA crew are fed censored and altered versions of this blog to manipulate their thinkingness. I am saying this because when I had a conversation with an OSA handler, the person did not know some of the points of this blog yet told me that they were reading the posts.

    Hmm, if they would read all that is being said here I doubt they would not see an ounce of truth. I mean you would have to be totally screwed in the head to not see the outpoints.

  96. “You can read just about anything on the internet” another Tommy Davis nonanswer.

    How many times did he drill giving that nonanswer to divert and evade so he won’t be “caught” lying?

    The org looks like an implant station…just enough truth to get you in there, then … Gotcha.

    I wish they were delivering Scientology. I wish they were honest. I wish they were on purpose.

  97. Freedom Fighter

    “Johantgen, who called deputies, said the Scientologists’ behavior changed in front of law enforcement.

    “They were all so nice: ‘Yes ma’am. We totally understand. Of course. No problem’ — after they were going to rip my head off.”

    I felt like I needed to take a shower after reading this part. Ick!

    This reminds me of similar treatment I’ve experienced from registrars — only in reverse. Lick the dirt off your boots, they will, as long as you’re perceived to be a reg cycle. Once you fork over the dough, you’re cast aside like a used rag.

  98. – Alteration of Scientology technology

    – obstruction of auditing and training

    – Rewriting LRH

    – Misrepresenting LRH

    – sending corporate agents onto social media to slander people and the same slandering avatars abuse of the name LRH and Scientology with adverts

    – Lying to the police

    – Lying on international media

  99. Jack, I love it– just the facts.

  100. That’s terrible and dangerous. Thanks for the comm!

  101. Actually, he literally put “the whole world” on his org board … if that wasn’t a big red flag, then I don’t know what is.

  102. Sounds to me like JoJo has gone into the SP valence of the thought police, the ARC police; the monstrous valence of DM himself. She has become him. V ery sad.

  103. We gather here and blow charge and find company, and my life (which is wonderful to begin with) has taken a rocket up sweep since meeting Marty and since embracing this community.

    It is nothing short of amazing, and the losses, wins and joy we share are life itself and blossom out affecting all in our reach.

    People who haven’t opened a Scientology book, who had been struggling on despite being so thoroughly invalidated, are using the tech again, and winning.

    Right “Whys” are blowing mass and confusion all over the place on a global scale.

    The web of obstruction that Suppression so carefully use to introvert and confuse has lifted, and the scene and reasons and outpoints becomes lucidly clear.

    I personally unpacked all my books and internship course packs for the first time in ten years.

    Personally, I feel very very joyfully grateful.

    At the same time, today — as the events of what transpired with the assault on Mike Rinder in the parking lot, and the indisputably blatant diversion of the truth by the corporate “Church” personnel when describing the incident to law enforcement officers — my heart sinks with concern that embraces more than myself, my friends, my community and my core goals and purpose for Life as I zero in and really really really see ever more clearly actions rotten to the core perpetrated by hypnotized zealobots.

    As piece by piece of deception and abuse fit together, and the whole picture and scope of its reach bring the reality into crystal focus, I am chilled — and I mean *chilled* as shuddering at the reality — by the amoral dishonesty in action by DM, and the poison that is being injected systemically, even abusing law enforcement.

    Read the account of the doctor, an objective disinterested party, who witnessed the DM thug squad burst into her office, screaming, yelling vile things, then …flip…as police came, suddenly calm “yes sir.”

    Once someone told me that a way he was able to finally conceive of evil was by looking at humans who abducted and brutalized children. It seemed *incredible*, so incredible that this is the very word that spills out of people’s mouths when seeing headlines or hearing about an atrocity. “Incredible.” Yet there it is.

    As the incredible continues to peels off the charade of the corporate “Church” for me, I am thinking, wow, there it is. You better believe it.

    All the signs are there. Thousands of incidents. Thousands of complaints. Thousands of events. And those are just outpoints, pieces, small parts of something we’re seeing. They are symptoms of the disease. we are looking at something that is really, really … yes … evil.

    We tend to discount the word “evil” as something mythological or biblical. Look at it with the dispassionate eye of a scientist.

    For those trained as auditors, we know the components of evil without the myth, without the significance of horned boogy men. Like a mechanic fixes a thrown rod in an engine, we known what to do, with our own versions of evil, and even know what to do with those who are barely present as free theta.

    We know that facing evil does not make us evil. we know that recognizing how it happened in us, and our own confusions, does not make evil what and who we are … on the contrary! It is proof of our life and rightness.

    For those who are not trained as auditors, I personally implore this invitation: Look. Learn how to look. What is the face of evil? It often has a human face. It is most often a pitiful, stupid, common face. We assume …because it looks human, it has a heart and a conscience, as we do.

    I will never forget when I first exercised my theta bicep of making myself *look* at someone who was beseeching and giving me a line. .. my heart wanted to leap to embrace and accept it. But I knew what I knew: The events; the repeated, intentional, indisputable actions. I looked. I saw the actions. and I *bypassed* my heart, and engaged my intellect as a scientist does when observing effects.

    Evil is sad and pitiful and stupid. It cannot be underestimated. It is not alive. If a tree is giving you lies and havoc and damage and destruction and mayhem … you *know* it is not a truth and life and fun and love tree.

    It’s that simple. Look at the fruit. You will know the tree.

    Evil embodied as humans has the advantage that they can cover up and spin, and hang fake fruit on the branches. But there is no question, when you take a bite of plastic fruit, it is a sham.

    I am concerned. I am very concerned for the disruption of lives and rampant abuse of law enforcement and our society that is taking place daily by the DM empire of packaged religion under the guise of Scientology. It paints a face of good. It even offers little theta tidbits at the door when you come in. You get admiration and duplication…at first.

    Because if Evil greeted you at the door with its own face…no one would be lured in.

    Law and government must not let the abuses and lying and abuse of media continue to go unchecked.

    Sorry for the ramble, I hope I haven’t gone on too long. I guess I’m voicing here the urgency I’m feeling today to do more about it. So, that’s what’s on my mind. How to DO more about this.

    Thanks for listening. And thank you again, Marty, Mike Rinder, all of us here … and an enormous gratitude to the amazing reporters and the St. Petersburg Times for journalistic integrity and courage.

  104. p.s. apologies I didn’t proof my post, I see some typos and errors hope it’s not too clumsy to read

  105. “Tommy Davis said that the executives were there as longtime friends and colleagues…….”

    As his stupidity advances from lie-telling, he is not even aware that the world has the facts that spotlight the utter, blatant falsehood of this statement.

    I don’t know about you, but people who stalk and ambush someone in secluded parking lots (when they think there are no witnesses) chanting, “You’re going to die. Stay away from your family. You’re evil” are arguably the opposite of what I call a friend. Geez. With “friends” like those, who needs enemas :-/

    “No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.” ~Abraham Lincoln

  106. “Tommy Davis said that the executives were there as longtime friends and colleagues…….”

    As his stupidity advances from lie-telling, he is not even aware that the world has the facts that spotlight the utter, blatant falsehood of this statement.

    I don’t know about you, but people who stalk and ambush someone in secluded parking lots (when they think there are no witnesses) chanting, “You’re going to die. Stay away from your family. You’re evil” are arguably the opposite of what I call a friend. Geez. With “friends” like those, who needs enemas :-/

    “No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.” ~Abraham Lincoln

  107. 8Lunar,

    Nice…very nice..


  108. becomingAware

    You are correct. It was done to us all the time at Gold. I’m ashamed to say that under the duress, lack of sleep and constant pressure the brainwashing does work. One only looks to see that he has complied with the most recent order and hopes against all odds that perhaps he can see his family for a few hours a week, perhaps.

  109. That’s even more disturbing.

  110. That’s rich..DM is the “mate”…hardee har har!!

  111. DM is applying KSW literally, win or die in the attempt.

    I guess this is his version of “winning” or he is trying to kill himself and others off. It’s probably the latter and the former is his justification.

  112. Hi ,
    Exilo, Veritas and Because.

    I am saving this list of out-points so I can assess them on people when I get in com with them and take up the longest read and 2wc it to f/n VGIs.


  113. LOL!! I hear ya FF!!

  114. 8Lunar,

    Perfect quote for the situation. It really nails Missavage and what drives him.

    And, by the way, great nickname!

  115. I’d be surprised if he’s not here legally, but he’s clearly a coward (along with Jenny the Shrew) who would prefer to let others take the heat while he disappears from the scene.

  116. “We just need to hire one of those Ad Men who resurrected a big company and we’ll be right as rain.”

    ML Virg

    Or do something real. That alone would be a huge change.

  117. We need a GOOD pdf of all these points combined tightly.

    Perfect for sending back in postage paid envelopes.

    I just got off the phone with a staff from the CLO, calling from AO. Sounded like an all hands in the background.
    She was fishing, umm I mean “verifying my address.”

    A young girl younger than my own daughter, very sweet. When I asked how old she was or how long she had been in there were long pauses and funny answers.

    But she did know that they have the psyches really, really upset and that there might be a lot of bad PR out there.

    I reminded her that I had established myself as “not a psyche” but a mother of kids older than her.

    She said she liked mothers a lot… good.
    I told her that *I* wasn’t so sure what was going on in there, and that things she was not aware of were happening out and about. She said she knew all she needed to know about psychiatry and how they were trying to lure the world into their trap and give everyone drugs, and that she is trying to save those people.

    I congratulated her and thanked her for her noble work, and then I explained to her that a mommy lecture was forthcoming. She didn’t seem to mind.
    I told her that she is a very valuable human being, and that she DOES have a first dynamic and it’s an important one, because she is trying to save those people.

    I told her never to forget that she deserves warmth, rest, nutrition, a Dr. when she needs it or a dentist.

    She had very little conventional education. Didn’t know what the abbreviation for my state meant and other trivial things I threw out there.

    That is how it has always been with the children in there though, my friends sister was born SO and got out when she was 14…she seriously did not even know how to make a phone call.

    Kat said she had plenty of data.

    Sweet sweet girl, but I am possibly naive, she asked a lot of questions and I am thinking OSA wants to crunch my info all up in their big database in the sky, or underground or wherever it is.

    She mentioned that L.A. org had gone ideal just last weekend and all these thousands of people came.

    I asked her what an Ideal Org meant and she said “Oh the refurbish is done and well, it’s beautiful.”

  118. Great idea, MissMyFamily. That would really up the ante on exposing the crimes of DM and his band of DM-lights.

    And CD, as MMF said, there’s plenty of child abuse happening in DM’s territory that Oprah could be enlightened about, if that’s her big button.

  119. Concerned Citizen

    I rather think he is not stupid at all, but brilliant in the most evil way possible, if the actual technology were properly used, it would not be possible for him to do what he does. So in short Scientology is a threat to him, but if LRH’s rep is tarnished and he is known as the “savior of Scientology” then he has the promise of Scientology to hold people down in a cult of his own making. Now I don’t think he is trying to keep people from joining the church, he does not care so much, he has a good number of blind loyal zombies, that shell out the big bucks, that is what he cares about, that and their adoration. These people specially shell it out, if “scientology is under attack” So yes, highly profitable to create an unfavorable image, most of these people are condemned if they ever even dream of looking at unfriendly reports, or believe anything he does not approve, so quite simply a profitable game in which real Scientology plays no part, in fact real scientology is a huge threat.

  120. Maria,

    I know about the Portland org Idle Org building being up for sale, but what are the others?

  121. It is possible that DM has had enough of all of this and plans on leaving soon. He has bilked nearly everyone for as much as he can get. He might not really care as much about the Church of Scientology as he promotes. It may very well be part of his master plan to take the money and run.

  122. CC,

    I was also impressed when I saw that GM commerical — until i found out that GM paid off their government loan with . . . government money! Uh, sort of like a big hoax.

    Totally agree about DM. If he were a social personality it would not be too late to save the church. He could go on national TV and take full responsibiity, like Whitaker pretended to do. Unfortunately, he’s a true 2.5%er who will, as you said, be right until the end, while destroying everyone in his path.

  123. That is extremely bizarre. Do you have any further data about this? When was it? I’ve never heard of such a thing in the church, and can’t imagine wht they could have been doing.

  124. Brilliant comedy, First! I try to translate your post to my wife and burst into laughter!

  125. This is touching, Joe. There are so many good beings in the Sea Org and I don’t believe in treating them with disrespect, no matter what they did. There’s not one living on this planet who didn’t make them.

    Maybe if we remember them for what they were before they joined up with DM, we can tear down some of this wall that is building up.

  126. Alex,

    Standard tech only please.

  127. Exilo and veritas,

    invalidation of Clear, Ouch.
    obstruction of auditing and training, a heartbreaker

  128. Theo Sismanides

    Joe, I have watched it, it is an amazing movie. I think it is not just science fiction what happens to the President. I would like to hear your views on that.

  129. Theo Sismanides

    Stefan, I think it is not just DM who wants Scientolgoy down. Where are all those pharmaceutical companies’ attacks? Where is the government? Why did they silence and stopped attacking? Because Scientology now belongs to the System, the Thought Police Society they are creating.

    The IMF has come to Greece. Those who actually took all of our industry and turned an agricultural society to a tourist resort for Europe and a heave buyer of luxury cars (Greece is number 2 in worldwide in Porshe Cayan cars) and other electronic devices none of which are manufactured here, are now getting the IMF here to bail us out.

    The Conspiracy against Mankind is in the Making.

    Globalization and DM’s Going Global (a project on translations squirreling LRH translations tech) go hand in hand.

    There is more that the naked eye can see. Scientology is the religion of the future. Now it belongs to them. DM is a key person in all of this. They are happy to see DM is continuing to keep the stats down and the Scientologists Working. No need for them to attack an impotent organization now. The more controversy about Scientology even if from the Independents the better it is. They don’t need to do anything anymore. The whole thing has gone down.

  130. Excellent post, Veritas.

    I imagine those same feelings are why I stayed on the phone for over half an hour with that CLO girl tonight.

    It was so strange, I sort of mothered her which she loved but I could tell she really thought I was just a wog.

    Sad and funny …that.

    I gave them everything for their database. They’ll get sick of listening to me quick enough I imagine, haha.

  131. WTF?
    No shit you really can read what’s actually happening on the internet.
    Tommy telling the truth? Blow me over, haha.

    Maybe that little CLO girl that called tonight really does know what’s happening, the “psyches”…etc. except the truth is flipped.

    I think we all got warned about those games on the PDC.

  132. Veritas — a brilliant post.


  133. Not a Scientologist, I fully understand your perplexity. I’ve pondered the same thing about Hitler.

    How did Hitler convince the German people to follow him?

    It obviously can’t be true that all Germans were evil. His main strength was an Ideology: Making a difference in creating a better world. There were posters of healthy, idealistic youth. Order. Prosperity.

    Eventually, Hitler’s words and purported ideals became so divergent from results — people having to step over dead bodies to go to school in Berlin and cities bombed to rubble While the country was being bombed — that hindsight told the German people: “woops. we listened. we didn’t Look.”

    Hitler’s rhetoric was : They are bombing us because we are so great! and the world was all…SPs if you will. Plausible. It’s been known to happen.

    The pattern is the same with what has taken over Scientology. Add to the mix religious zealotry. I define zealotry as the justification of crimes against one’s very ideology to support the ideology. In effect, that’s just plain nuts. What is the state of insanity if not self-defeat?

    With the current “Church” we don’t see dead bodies strewn in the streets (although arguably some deaths are attributable to insane leadership) — however, the ravage and damage to a soul via the abuse of powerful ideologies and techniques, though invisible to normal human eyes — is none the less tangibly real and tragic. On the other hand, the many cases of the “Church” material destruction to people’s lives via creating financial rubble through manipulation and coercion is physically measurable.

    Speaking for myself, when I experienced the great benefit achievable through Scientology, I extended the trust and enthusiasm for the subject to all those involved in it, and particularly had great respect for leaders, executives and supposedly “enlightened” members. This as misplaced in a few instances. Imagine when it’s misplaced in the person running the whole show.

    I thought any critics were “sour grapes” or “unenlightened” or “Low toned” or SP. While some critics indeed are those things, there is a sharp dileation between a “rabid criticism” and a “valid complaint.”

    Because it is such a core principle of Scientology for an individual to assume responsibility for one’s actions, that precept is abused against members as a way to control them from actually identifying an exterior cause to their anguish or problem.

    It’s also misapplied to pressure people to overspend. Don’t have the money? Be responsible, you are cause.

    (Finally I figured out, Damn right I am and I’m not going out FP, financial planning!)

    The party line that the “Church” is saving the world and doing so many great things also fed in to the second most abused party line: any “problem” has to be with me, or the member — even in those instances where I observed things that were not right.

    Eventually one sorts out that as noble as one’s aspirations may be, and as grievously as we take our own shortcomings, there *are* other causes.

    When many staff and members drew the line in the sand against their personal integrity and left, they bore the brunt of this oppression, being the good, responsible souls they are …many in solitude and isolation.

    … until a movement expanded with more and more people who eventually started comparing notes. “You saw that too?” “That happened to you, too?”

    I witnessed and experienced actions within the “Church” that contradicted what I knew to be true Scientology. In the end, after being the target of intentional abuse of mind technology for the intent to procure money and control its members, I finally recognized and made that distinction: something is wrong.

    It took me years to sort out that actually Scientology was being usurped and misused to attack people, for the opposite purposeof its ideology.

    It was never Scientology that disappointed me — it was the abuse of an ideology.

    The executives who were trained and dispatched to assault Mike Rinder in the parking lot are under the spell of an ideology and believe they are saving an ideology that can help others as it has helped them.
    Some may not have training. Knowing staff schedules, they’re sleep deprived. A number of factors contribute to a state of robotism.

    Within the compound, people are given “wins” but with altered writings of Hubbard, or they are prevented from really getting training and counseling that will really wisen them up and make them able. There have been many cases of people achieving benefits, only then to have decrees come down from David Miscavige that they, in essence, they imagined it, and weren’t “all that” but had to redo everything (being the degraded nobodies everyone is to him.) Heinous abuse.

    So, under a combination of factors, some within the compound have not woken up.

    They are zealobots . Zealotry: the justification of crimes against one’s very ideology to support the ideology.

    Twisted. And add to that a truly evil puppet-master … who points staff as barracudas, intentionally targeting weaknesses to exploit and dominate whomever he deems– there you have crime in its most insidious form.

    The technology of Scientology was developed, researched and created toward the end of relieving people from oppression, bad control and suffering. It can do that.

    The knowledge of the human mind contained therein can also be used for the opposite, against people. Case in point, Mike Rinder’s brother who is supposedly OT 8 — the highest spiritual freedom sold by the corporation today — saying he needs to get “permission” to speak to his brother.

    Conversely, the good news is that many people are using Scientology in the field for the purpose for which it was created, and getting observable, demonstrable success, which is all manner of everything that is universally embraced by humanity … love, peace, accord, cooperation and more.

  134. Victoria you did absolutely well talking to that girl. This is why we protest. You did an amazing Job.

    Wish we could make a list of minors in the Sea Org.


    Factor 6 states that “The action of a dimension point is reaching and withdrawing.” In the beginning, these dimension points are what a thetan creates to extend in the process of creating life or his universe.
    When a being commits harmful acts against the agreed upon survival dynamics, he begins to obssessively withdraw himself, his perceptics and his A,R and C so that he can prohibit himself from committing more harmful acts. This is his innate and natural answer to his destruction of life, unknowingly. He does this by creating energy screens or barriers that then encase his beingness and his life. He bows out of life so he can protect it.
    When he takes the responsibility for these acts and gives up his withholding of them, he blows or erases this self-created “not-is” screen or barrier of energy and obssessive withdrawal, thus enabling him to reach and reestablish or rehabilitate his perceptics and A, R and C which reestablishes him as Cause or an operating thetan handling life by being cause over his mental image pictures, and thusly handling his life along the dynamics he had formerly harmed.
    Technology is basically the handling of life by an operating thetan but if his ethics are out and he has and is committing harmful acts against the survival dynamics, he then has to withdraw himself from the handling of life in order to strop himself from harming life. In this wise comes the truism that ethics has to be in before the tech can work, for a being stops the tech or stops his handling of life in order to protect it from himself and his harmful acts against it. This ethics technology and the responsibility in understanding and appying it frees him and his potential as an operating thetan to be cause over life. Overts stop life. A being stops life and livingness in order to save it but in so doing destroys himself and his ability to live. Therefore, no matter how noble, it all ends up down the drain because he destroys the one thing and only thing that can resolve the issue: HIMSELF!!
    This might well behoove those, who accuse the founder of this data and the data which is Scientology to be unethical, to understand and apply this data themselves.

  136. Veritas~Thank you for that!
    Victoria~Tuesday, I got a call from the “call center” at 3239533462 where a nice enough fellow said he was calling to verify my info, did so then passed me over to Nancy, who sounded more like a veteran. She asked me about materials I’d received, I called her back to confirm it then she proceeded to ask if I’d gotten the basic books. Nope, and I’m not going to. Oh, you’re cute, she says.
    (I am, but that seemed 1.1)
    I’m cute?!
    She didn’t know what to say, hem haw. I’ll send you some info and we can talk about it.
    Whatever…I gotta go! Bye.

  137. Virgil, “You’re being dramtic.”

    Thanks Virgil.
    Positive postulates from now on.

  138. Nicely put.does the last sentence go with the whole text ?

  139. Veritas,

    It’s not a ramble to me. More like comm from a really good friend.

    With regard to “How to DO more about this”. Well, just do the best you can with what you have at the moment, IMHO.

  140. Tara, the flow on the “you’re cute” comment is condescension.

    Weird, I saw Jenny Elfman use that very comment to reply to persons who disagree with her on social media. I wonder if it’s the “new TR4”.

  141. Fantastic post, Veritas! I too feel the urgency.

  142. Thank you for this post. I love the way you tied in the factors, ethics, OWs and ARC. That full connection created a little bonus as-isness for me and that’s always good.

  143. Tone 41

    Apologies for the delay, I wanted first to check with my friend about sharing the details. I also got some of the details wrong but here’s what she said:

    I have no problem telling you about that night.

    I was on the “Uplines clearance” auditing program to go to the secret Gold base when it happened. October 1987.

    One evening after dinner there was the usual muster of staff at the Gold recruitment office, we were all informed that an EPF er who had recently arrived at PAC had come down with hepatitus. Apparantly we were all at risk, living in such close proximity to each other.

    We were told to make our way down to the …….. building. (It`s the old one between big blue and LA org. Mainly used for birthing except for the ground floor which had a large hall.)

    We were all to make our way there in single file and speak to no one. Everyone…… No exceptions.!!! Unless you could provide evidence right now that you had been inoculated against hepatitus within the last 3 months. (Can`t swear to the exact number of months). I just knew I hadn`t, so followed the line out into the night.

    Didn’t need to march far before we were at the back of the line of hundreds of other S.O members. Being in a line of so many people who were silent made this whole experience unique and frankly quite spooky.

    Once I made it inside the building there were maybe 20 tables set up manned by Sea org members… People I recognized. They wore rubber gloves and had boxes of syringes and small vials of what one naturally assumed to be vaccine.

    Each person entering was motioned silently towards a table. What got me was the one I was sent to was manned by a spoilt bitch 18 year old British girl who had turned all Nazi once she got into her S.O. uniform.

    She was setting up the syringes with a pair of plyers and then handing them over to some woman I didn`t recognize who swabbed my forearm with disinfectant and then jabbed me.

    A small sticking plaster was them placed over the needle mark and I was motioned to fuck off.

    It was all so surreal. Not a sound came from anyone, lest they give someone an engramic command.

    I actually thought of Jonestown as I walked back through the crowds. How easily we could have been injected with anything at all, and no one would have said a word.

    The whole PAC base was dealt with that night.
    I estimate over 1000 people. I can recall the names of some of the people there who remember this, and will mention them is asked.

    Feel free to copy and paste this.

  144. Blip,

    I just saw this — thanks. It sounds like this was all done with very little ARC, that’s for sure. But vaccinating people against hepatitis 23 years ago doesn’t exactly sound like a Jonestown precursor. The way it was done, though, was definitely weird.

    Thanks for relaying the story.

  145. I am very interested in reading this blog but can not understand the
    ” letter” abbreviations. Please give a glossary of the terms. Always thought it was a cult-money thing. Come on now-ron l. hubbard?

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