by Mike Rinder  There have been many comments in response to my original posting, including a great deal of support and many good wishes from friends too numerous to count.  I wish to thank you all.  It would have been literally impossible to respond to each person individually.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office completed their report about the incident last Friday and it contains some interesting information.  Cathy Neal/Rubio/Rinder/Bernardini told the sheriffs that it was all just a big coincidence.  Apparently she just happened to be driving around Clearwater with her friends (my brother from Australia, daughter, her and Sue Wilhere from Los Angeles) and in a stroke of pure coincidence saw me and decided they wanted to make the point to me that I should be communicating to my family.  Strange though that she omitted to mention that Jenny Linson, Guillaume Lesevre, David Bloomberg and two PIs were also present?  Or that the doctor’s office is in a secluded glade and can’t be seen from the road and is at least 10 miles away from the closest Scientology facility. There was also no mention of the fact that my brother had said after the melee that he had seen me the day before? Another coincidence?   Also strange that she claimed to be upset about me not communicating to my family when she was screaming at me to “leave Benjamin (my son) alone” (because I had gone to the Fort Harrison the week before to attempt to see him). Also strange that she was the one who wrote to me on 4 July 2007 when I had communicated to the Church that I wanted to see her, responding “Fuck You” and that the divorce papers would be forthcoming (they were and she was the petitioner, with Jeanne Gavigan In House OSA attorney filing the divorce).

No doubt, there will be more spin control attempted on this matter as the St Pete Times are writing a story following the release of the Sheriff’s report.  Of course, the Church will have to come up with some sort of justification for the insanity.  Based on what is in the sheriff’s report, their response is predictable: claim that I caused the graze on Cathy’s arm (the sheriffs took reports from everyone and concluded that her injury came about as a result of “incidental contact”), that I broke my brother’s finger (being the crazed lunatic that I am, out searching the streets for my family members so I can corner them 7 on 1 and launch an attack) and that this was all just a “family matter” (with Jenny Linson leading the charge accompanied by 3 other non-family SO members from International Management there?).  DM only has one response:  never defend, always attack even when the facts are plainly contrary.  

It is a foregone conclusion that they are going to shoot themselves in the groin yet again as whatever they say is going to be reported by the SP Times, even if it isn’t believable.  But that will leave the door wide open for the BBC to prove them liars once again. DM cannot see beyond today.

If the real purpose was to talk to me, it really would have been so simple for my brother to just call me – as he wanted to do but didn’t have “permission.”  Or my daughter.  If they honestly wanted communication,  why send nasty letters from the IJC address telling me that I am the worst kind of SP, have no concept of Scientology, make no case gain and various other nasty things obviously written at the prompting of others. And coincidentally (there are a lot of coincidences?) the first series of letters arrived after Monique Yingling’s failed attempt to silence me in Denver where I told her that communicating with my family was EXTREMELY important to me, but I would not let it be used as a method of control over me.  No doubt DM saw this as a “weakness” and has been trying to exploit it ever since.  The second round came right after the BBC interview (which was filmed by Church PIs) where I expressed the same sentiment.  Perhaps I should give those letters to the media and let the world decide whether the C of M really has any concern for the unity and well-being of my family.  I haven’t done so up to now because I don’t think my family acted on their own but are trying to protect their lives and families by toeing the DM party line as they know the consequences of not doing so. The unmitigated hatred that is displayed in those letters is not the brother, sister, mother, daughter or even ex wife I know.  It’s sad to see people who I know to be kind, decent and caring lose all humanity. 

But this shall all come to pass.  DM cannot continue to run an empire based on lies and operating through fear.  The more drastic the responses, the closer it is to the end.  A cornered rat becomes most insane and lashes out the hardest when the coup de grace is about to be delivered.


  1. Virgil Samms

    Mike, you have more fun that people should be allowed to have.

    DM is cornered. If he knew what we have in store for him over the next few weeks, he would have a complete bird and it is a doozey. Its going to be his biggest withhold exposed yet.

    ML Virg

  2. She’ll be right mate.

    Good on ya for taking a stand.

    Centurion (Aussie valence)

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  4. It would be nice if you could educate us more about raising kids in the Sea Org and what family life is like. I think it is so foreign to those people who are not SO. It is such a bizarre thing for the masses to understand why your family would act they way that they do. What most people probably don’t realize is the culture in which kids were raised in the SO and the lack of nurturing by two parents. (Parents were always on post, or off on mission).

    Keep up the good work. Truth will set us Free!

  5. Mike,

    Of course this is easy for me to say, but I would encourage you to give your family’s letters to the media, as I think doing so would help hammer more nails in DM’s coffin. I would also tell the media that you don’t believe these letters reflect your family members’ self determinism, but represent the determinism of DM and his insane dictates.

    While I ‘m sure you have much more KRC than I do on the best course of action, it still seems to me that possibly a criminal action against that gang attack on you could be won. I mean, the magnitude of the outpoints in Kathy’s story and in all their stories is such that any judge or jury, given all the facts, and given the stories of both sides, would see the truth, I believe. And such an action would help to expose DM even more. But, as I said, you can evaluate this better than any of us can.

    At any rate, in the end DM will be gone and you’ll be back in comm with your family. I’m sure we all look forward to that coming era of greater sanity. Let it come fast!

  6. Man, What a show!!

    In a testy exchange at today’s Senate grilling of Goldman Sachs executives, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., confronted a former Goldman trader with e-mails in which another former Goldman executive described a mortgage-backed deal as “sh**ty.” ….

    Well DM, guess what? The clock is ticking … Tic, Tac, Tic, Tac…

    JUSTICE, 1. the action of the group against the
    individual when he has failed to get his own ethics in.

    15. don’t ordinarily put a head on a pike unless it’s the right head. But remember that there are times when it’s vitally necessary to put some head, any head, on a pike to quell rising disorder. Just remember that justice is an action to deter disorder and secure the public safety. But if you do put the wrong head on a pike, be sure to put it back on the body again as soon as the need for its being on a pike is over. Justice is not always the matter of an individual. It is a short-term method of bringing order and it is needed for all dynamics.

    PS: No worry with you pal (dm), we wont have to put your head back on… Because you are the right target!!

    PTS: Hooooo Sorry!!! the toasting was happening on ABS news at: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Business/goldmans-blankfein-fabulous-fab-testify-today/story?id=10479173

  7. Dear Mike:

    I support your taking the disconnect letters to the SP Times. I think that would be fitting.

    I am glad to see you are well. If you need anything you but have to ask.


  8. You are one SCARY dude! In a good way.

  9. Theo Sismanides

    Mike wrote:

    “The unmitigated hatred that is displayed in those letters is not the brother, sister, mother, daughter or even ex wife I know. It’s sad to see people who I know to be kind, decent and caring lose all humanity.

    But this shall all come to pass. ”

    I think this is what we are facing and this is the core of DM’s “power”. The implanting of decent beings to the point they lose all humanity.

    This is why I left C of M. I couldn’t agree with losing my humanity and thus lose my true OTness. In other words lose my true self.

    How do we de-hypnotize those beings? Well by communication, reality and affinity. It’s a process we are running, especially you Mike since all lights are on you now and how you are going to proceed. Whatever serves to de-hypnotize those beings serves a good purpose. And some times it could be too gruesome to confront so they come back to their senses. Sorry, to say. They only understand of force because of the DM Implant.

  10. Thanks for the update, Mike.
    I totally admire your ability to be 3′ back of this situation and keep a sane and clear view of exactly what is going on — with your family’s actions and the wrath that waits for them if they fail to act in this manner. Been there and done that.
    The rat is cornered.

  11. The SP Times is now running the story. Strange how Tommy boy is giving an account of what “actually happened” yet he wasn’t there.


  12. Mike,

    I feel the world needs to know how badly and why you want your own family back.

    I know it’s personal, but, along with the letters, you ought to provide touching family photos from years past to show just how out-of-valence they indeed are under DM now.

    In my humble opinion, that is.

    Best of luck in everything. Carry on! 🙂

  13. War and Peace

    Thanks Marty and Mike for keeping us briefed in real time.
    There is a repeated need for Law Enforcement and
    cop cars being called over and over, Riverside/Hemet police, Clearwater Police, LAPD…how does this tie in with a Religious image ? No Churches call cops like this !

    The whole animosity of Clearwater residents for many years was because the Church did not want to pay TAXES, property taxes and so on while generously using FREE services of police, Fire brigade, 911.

    A similar thing was using FREE medical County services while SO members claimed poverty and indigence. Of course the TAX payer paid, while DM put money in reserves for his $1 billion dollar slush fund.

    Mike and Marty, 14,000 unique visitors to this site in in 24 hours. That is double what they get to a Los Angeles DM INT event.



  14. Clearwater.Lawyer

    Looks like the St. Pete Times story will be on the front page of tomorrow’s paper! It is good that the story is being told to the public.


  15. Excellent point by point by point descrition of the outpoint and contradictory data.

    And … The Corporate $cientology assault in the parking lot is on record and taped.

    The lies and outpoints are obvious. Their “alibis” have as many holes as a collander. It’s pathetic. Blatantly sick and pathetic lying. Most concerning …how they’ve justified these dishonest and callous (no conscience) actions.

  16. Mr. Rinder, I just have to keep stating this: I also have a family and your courage and TRs are nothing short of inspiring.
    Mr. Rathbun, thank you for providing a blog where we can freely apply “More communication is always the answer” (Dianetics 55!)

  17. Mike,

    Man—amazing isn’t it to see this show from the outside? I know it is for me, and this one with they
    slamming you must have been quite something.
    Thank goodness the BBC was on the line with you!

    I hope you get in touch with your brother, or he with you. I have a feeling he wants to hear your side. Great wishes you get them all out 🙂


  18. Yes, td frequently gives very concise details about things that happened where he wasn’t. What is that called again? Oh, yeah, fabrication.

    “But this shall all come to pass. DM cannot continue to run an empire based on lies and operating through fear. The more drastic the responses, the closer it is to the end. A cornered rat becomes most insane and lashes out the hardest when the coup de grace is about to be delivered.”

    There is a definite restless impending doom-like feeling quivering in the force…oh, yeah.


  19. Mike, I think the script was written before the “set up” took place. A classic frame up. The way DM’s mind works, as you know, would be to script the “evidence” he wants to use against you and then to set up a scenario intended to create that evidence out of thin air (since he lacks any credible evidence). He is most comfortable in a court battle as we know, far less comfortable in a media battle. I am almost wondering if (aided by OSA, attorneys, PRs and PIs) he might be crazy enough to try setting up something intended for a court room? In court, he relies on the kind of technicalities and loop holes that let even the most flagrant criminals flaunt the law (if they have the bucks).

    My main message, reading Tommy TooToo Two Timing asinine statements to the press, is I think the lines they’re feeding to the press were all written and approved before the ambush. It was not as random as we thought, but was totally staged with an exact product in mind.

    This is the kind of intelligence ploy that is concocted to take out politicians… right out of Mission Earth. Of course it misfired.

    I agree with others above you should go ahead and release the letters. I invite you to release the whole series on Scientology-cult.

  20. Hi Mike,

    Thought I would add a little to Idle Org’s suggestion. I have a Student to ethics routing form here and it specifically states at one point that if the student has a pts situation and is connected to an SP then he does a handling and if the student can’t handle then he disconnects from that person.

    I can scan it and send it to Marty if you think it may help. It is a church document and can’t be denied (logically anyway)…..maybe that with your letters could provide some more evidence that the church does mandate disconnection.

    I don’t know if this would help or not but thought I’d let you know just in case.

  21. Put that insignificant rat out of its misery already. It already has absorbed way more attention than it is due or deserves.

    There are way more important things to do and to have.

  22. I’ve seen a fair number of SP Declares, circa the 80s, which have included the line:

    “Any Scientologists found to be maintaining a line with, offering support to, or in any way granting credence to ________ and his actions or motives is also subject to declare and denial of any further services forever.”

    Saying that, however, I haven’t seen it on any more-recent versions.

    Nevertheless, it’s all there in the Ethics book and in policy. From HCO PL 10 Sep 1983 PTSness AND DISCONNECTION: “To fail or refuse to disconnect from a suppressive person not only denies the PTS case gain, it is also supportive of the suppressive—in itself a Suppressive Act. And it must be so labeled. (Ref: HCO PL 23 Dec. 65RA, SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS)”.

  23. In the lower reaches of the Tone Scale Truth receives her ‘finest drubbing’. Blatant lies, complete reversal designed to gain ‘maximal enturbulation’. Chart of Human Evaluation, Science of Survival.

    Those are the reaches DM inhabits. Those are the responses Tommy Below 2.0 manifests.

  24. Has anyone entertained the idea that Ms. Cathy Multi-Names’s injury was pre-planned?

  25. mjrinder, you silly goose, of course all that transpired was mere coincidence.

    When parallel but disparate universes collide, incidental occurrence (shit happens) takes place. Each universe is orderly and planned. The overlap causes unplanned consequences or accidents.

    If aware of the other universe, participants blame the unplanned outcomes on the plans of the other universe. Thetans love a plan and prefer to dismiss the concept of accidents.

    If not aware of the other universe, participants scratch their heads and make shit up to explain it all. Thetans love a good explanation. Explanations make it all seem planned, which, if I didn’t mention, knowing that things are planned certainly pleases thetans greatly.

    Much love,


  26. mjrinder,

    When in doubt…

    Those letters are part of the truth, even if they contain lies. Sometimes looking at what embarrasses us allows us a better understanding. When you’re auditing someone and they’re telling you a bunch of crap, you don’t let them hold onto the crap, you get them too honestly look at it. They may scream at you; they may burst into uncontrollable tears; they might even leap up and try to leave. Keep them looking and they get through it and have a cognition.

    No one benefits spiritually from holding onto a lie. Criminals benefit. But not spiritually.

    The only way to free your family is with compassionate persistence in helping them examine the truth. Violent dramatizations are irrelevant. Protests against your actions are irrelevant.

    Being there and caring enough to tolerate all the shit…? That’s relevant. Caring enough to get someone to look at what they don’t want to? That’s relevant.

    No one is saved by being blind.

    No one is saved by being ignorant.

    No one is saved by being fearful.

    Much love,


  27. Dear Mike,

    The parking lot incident was really amazing! You seemed to have handled it really well, and I along with so many others, feel sorrow over your family being used against you in such an offensive manner, but at least you got to see your daoughter and brother.

    It is my opinion that DISCONNECTION is the glue that holds this horrible scene with Scientology together. How many Scientologists have written in to this blog saying they would leave the Church if they were not afraid of losing children, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc? I’ve seen quite a few, and how many others feel the same way and don’t make comments here? Probably hundreds, if not thousands. I believe DISCONNECTION is used as COERCION, and to some degree, EXTORTION, when KR’s are written on people because they don’t go to IAS Events where of course, they will be asked to donate money. (I saw the KR written on Sylvia Kusada on her website, and frankly was shocked that Ethics had sunk to such a low level, especially at the Flag Land Base.) My belief is that if there was enough public outrage at DISCONNECTION, (enforced), then a lot of things would change. I discussed the subject with Childs from the SP Times some months ago, but at the time “disconnection” was not a hot subject. However, now it appears to be. An “expose” on this subject , especially one asking for people to come forward with their stories, would probably put an end to this practice, or help the process along. As mentioned in previous comments on this blog, I have 4 disconnection letters from my son, three of them written as a minor child, all detailing that the condition for us to get back in comm is handling my “situation” with the Church of Scientology. I believe that pressure put on my son as a minor child to disconnect from me constitutes interference with parental rights. I do not know about the laws in the state of Florida, but in Oregon, the lawyer I consulted was shocked and appalled at the idea of disconnection, and said that this did not in any way affect my rights as a parent, and my rights were intact. My son was going to Delphi in Oregon at the time. This same attorney, one of the best in the United States, and a member of the Oxford Round Table, told me that this reminded him of stories he had heared about the Nazi’s where children were separated their families, and it was this remark that caused me to say in an earlier comment that DISCONNECTION is our (Scientology’s) HOLOCAUST.

    If you feel that it will not do too much emotional damage to your family to publish their letters in the paper, I think doing so would give the public a reality on the fact that the Church does have a disconnection policy, (despite Tommy Davis’s claim that there is no such policy), and the public outrage would be so vehement that the Church would have to do something about this. Of course, only your best judgment of the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics would have to be employed, but when this subject is fully aired in the media, I think the scene will unravel, and will encourage the Scientologists who are afraid, to express their true feelings to the Church, and maybe then Church Management will listen to them.

    Whatever you decide, you have my best wishes and postulates for an optimum resolution to the problem of communiction with your family.

    Oh by the way, we must be getting TA on this subject. My son and I got in comm on Sunday, and have spoken for many hours on the phone!!! This is a HUGE WIN for me, and I have to say that support from people I have met on this blog, especially from Natalie, who encouraged me to keep communicating to him no matter what, has made the difference. I have also begun to express my real views on the state of abuse of LRH Technology to Church management, something I was always afraid to do before. What are they going to do, declare me? (Joke… I received my “burn notice” in 2001!) So yes, things are changing, this blog and the people on it are having an effect on the environment, and REAL COMMUNICATION is finally occuring. This is not a condemnation of others, because I have been afraid to say what’s on my mind for years, but I can honestly say that it really feels great to speak up, and when you do, you get a feeling of relief like nothing else I have ever experienced. LRH did not define integrity as “knowing what you know and having the courage to say what you know” for nothing! You do feel whole, and complete, (look at the derivation of the word integrity) when these withheld communications are finally put forth. I realized that these things I was unwilling to say were really WITHHOLDS, and saying them makes me feel like I used to feel after a good Catholic confession, or a really good comm with an auditor getting withholds off. It is good for the soul!

    Keep us the good work, Mike.

    Love always,
    Lady Minn

  28. Tory — you’ve been a steady voice for years. Speaking out against the lies, the abuse and the disconnection.

    Through these years I’ve always read your post on the other board, simply marveling at the change. Watching how you seemingly have gone from intensely angry (justifiably) — to a calm spokesperson, keeping your eye on and reminding us of the inevitability of deception.
    Tick tock …

    Moreover, having been at CC LA in the early days, we know each other, so I look forward to giving you a hug
    soon and letting you know that how sorry I am that you’ve been so badly mistreated.

    AND to mention — Bill Yaude is a opportunist. Always has been – even in the VERY early days when he showed up at CC LA — a schmoozer — I mean, can you really trust someone who knows the # of tons of concrete for each baseball stadium? AS IF — that’s important? 🙂 🙂


  29. You’re in the driver’s seat, Mike.

    You know exactly how this game is played.

    It is a time for reckoning, and God, Karma, The Winds, or Whatever has placed you in the exact point in history to make things right.

    You write very well, and I have seen things in what you have written which give me hope.

    As long as you end this abusive game for the benefit of anyone who is, or might ever be involved in Scientology, then I am behind you 100%.

    Keep up the great work.

    Allen Stanfield

  30. Virgil Samms


    Good point.

    It is true that no religion has the mess we have right now where cops are getting calls every other day.

    It is really a pain in the ass that these pesky Sea Org members get sick. So they then have to go out to Olive View hospital (county – free) to be treated with, in some cases, extreme bouts of PTSness that could result in death if not handled right.

    They have to wait there like third world citizens along with the Los Angeles bums while third world doctors and nurses attend.

    Meantime Davey dons his 2nd $3,000 suit for the day.

    I know people who almost died out there at Olive View. Not that it is a bad hospital, but they are swamped with LA riff-raff.

  31. Dear Mike,

    You’re the right person for that problem.
    If I would be you I wouldn’t accept it that you’re not aloud to speak to your ederly mother.
    I just would take the next plane, visit her and tell her my love, not taking care about what the stops are.
    It would make you very strong. One never knows.



  32. I have never had a group of family and PI’s who were “just driving by” stop their car to shriek at me in a parking lot.

    The “Doctor’s Parking Lot Attack” has turned into a Little Big Horn for DM and his hapless followers. DM sent troops into a fight for which they were ill equipped. A group of people screaming at a lone individual in public does not work. It looks like rage disorder and cultic behavior to the public.

    When “Command Intention” is insane, it can only result in insane displays. People use to say in the early days of computers: Garbage in/Garbage Out. For DM, the line is: Insanity in/Insanity Out.

    DM take note: This world is full of parking lots, cell phones, video cameras, and media. The MEST universe likes to record you and your Fail Patrol at work!

  33. Thank you for that, Lady Minn.

  34. You can also request help from your Congressman to set up a meeting with your family members.

  35. Jenna Miscavige has had a crappy deal like that.

  36. “But many Scientologists say the church enforces the practice by pressuring people to disconnect from friends and loved ones. ”

    It looks like the media is picking up that there are Scientologists outside of the church.

    Miscavige you are obsolete.

  37. Tory nice to see you here, KKS

  38. Lady Minn, yippee for great chats with your son! Every renewed and strengthened family and friendship bond tears down the walls of disconnection. I’m smiling with you.

  39. Awesome Mike!

    Somebody said something about putting a head on a pike, and it brought back some memories…at Gold in the early to mid nineties to present time – there has been “heads on a pike”, which translates to being subjected to a new horrible, degrading positions. Whether that meant to have to pull algae from the leech-infested lake day and night or as a group be subjected to the most psychotic, sleep-deprived boot camp ever, that lasts for weeks to cleaning out the swamp by the OGH to cleaning out the shit ponds in 100 plus degree weather all while being bullbaited by the rest of the crew for weeks. Standard ethics and justice be damned. LRH meant justice to ve very fast so that individuals do not have to suffer, but even going beyond that 99.9 percent of these heads on pikes style of prolonged Miscavige justice have been totally uncalled for innocent hard working individuals made to do unthinkable and degrading things, at times even made to wear badges that said things like chronic liar or pervert – (I wish I could remember the other ones) and made to sleep on floors restricted to an office, made to eat beans and rice for months at a time, no pay – shower in the garage, if this isn’t torture what is? It is sad that we all as a group couldn’t wake up then. Put someone in a position where you are tormented 100% of the time, even by people who are your friends – 3rd party is perfected at the Int base and you can’t rely on anyone there because they will turn on you. Including 2Ds. I had this happen to several people whom I loved – and let me tell you, nothing hurts more than to have your 2D abandon you because you were the latest DM “head on a pike” – all stemming from a bad comm cycle. (By the way, for those who were there – I don’t know of anyone there with a worse comm cycle!!) In (very) short, I think head on a pike concept needs to be retired. Instead ARC and sunshine…I think the Int base should be open for.people to come over and sanity restored. I still have family in there. I’d love to see them. Also days off, they need to be made so that they’re mandatory and where no CSW is necessary to take vacations or days off. I mean, yeah I’ll be over for dinner type sanity restored. For those who read these posts this is what we’re talking about – DM made it unthinkable and almost impossible to take a day off. At Gold, one had to write a CSW that had to be approved by eight to ten people all the wat to the CO Gold and so on. Ensuring most CSW’s to be disapproved. And on those once in a few year exceptions it was still somehow restricted, like be back at dinner muster. This is while DM has all kinds of time off living more luxuriously than most rich people. These injustices make my blood boil and to think most of the work done was for squirrel-assed events that produced no expansion! But reverse Scientology makes spineless zombies. We were all brainwashed and it took me years to decompress or more poignantly to de-PTS myself to a position where I am now awakened and mad as hell!
    I might be off topic, but I feel it’s important for readers to understand the big picture.

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  41. Mike, as a non-scientologist and someone who has an avid interest in the scientology faith, I read these blogs regularly and find that pretty much all the members including Marty and yourself are very peace minded, philosophy driven folks with an ideology set towards a world without violence, without fear, without struggle, and where we can all unite as one and fight the good fight for all of mankind. I must say, at first I was skeptical, I didn’t understand much about Scientology as a faith but I was very well aware with the things that go on behind the scenes. I truly have nothing but respect for what you are doing by exposing the truth to the masses to see and hear with their own eyes and ears. Also to Marty, you have set nothing but a positive example to Scientologists around the world who feel like the current system needs reform. Your knack for getting through to people in dyer need is something truly special and should be celebrated as you continue your quest to ensure that the faith is studied and perceived as it should be, through the foundation of which all that is good.

    It is truly a tragedy when an organization can bring about seperation and hate so easily amongst it’s own members, high ranking or on the bottom of the totum pole. Realizing that your past is not your future is the first step in attempting to solidify your present, and if the people behind the scenes aren’t allowing you to communicate with your own family, then by all means shall you alter your present to create a future that is substantial and sufficient enough to smile again. I know you’re smiling now, because you rid yourself of the infested virus that is plaguing the faith, yet close minded people will never truly open their eyes to the wrongdoings of the people up top until they have a revelation of their own kind. It may take something dramatic and heart wrenching to get certain people to see the light, but truth will always prevail above all else. Your truth is that which is engraved in your heart, you and Marty and the rest of the folks here who share your sentiments. You have a strong will and are a soul survivor.

    When the day comes that you are reunited with your family, let that be a day where you can enjoy what life has brought you, through the learning process of your most dark days, and the sun shining bright for you to embark on the brightest of. Faith aside, as a human being in a world filled with varied personalities, mankind need not mind only a happy median, but happiness that is unfiltered, infinite, and passionate to the core of one’s deepest heart. You have all the time in the world to make everything right again Mike, and for all good people such as yourself, swaying right will be a testament to your strength. Thank you Marty, Mike, and all others here who have opened the eyes of those who may have once been naive and now see that the people who practice the faith want peace and tranquility for all, with an added incentive to reform what is now a broken system. Thank you.


  42. Mike,

    I couldn’t believe that your ex-wife claimed that she, your daughter, Sue Wilhere and your brother (who had just happened to fly all the way from Oz) just happened to be driving past, saw you and decided to have a nice, friendly chat!

    Then I remembered that we are talking about the Church of Scientology here. Have the remaining staff totally lost their grip on reality? Do they honestly believe that anyone would buy that story?

    All it does it show them up to be severely deluded and compulsive liars. But this is the problem now facing anyone in the CoS who speaks for them publicly – so many lies have been told, they have to pile more lies upon lies to try and keep the game going.

    Publishing some of the disconnection letters and SP declare would make for some interesting reading as well as proving that Tommy Davis is lying about the church enforcing disconnections. I hope you will consider doing this.

    Keep up the good work, and please, please, please have a video camera ready for next time. Another incident like this would make for compulsive viewing.


  43. Lady Minn I am happy you connected again with your son YAY !

  44. Redneck Thetan

    NeI find it interesting that TD doesn’t know enough to estimate how many Scientologists there are worldwide to Nightline, but he knows every last detail about individual Scientologists. Way to micromanage and lose focus, guys.

  45. Lady Minn,

    That’s fantastic news about your son and you being back in touch. That’s a wonderful story.

    I wish the same for Mike and his family soon, too, and for everybody else in that boat.

    Just Me

  46. I don’t know if I quite agree with your observations that people were “made to do things”. Like the degrading work you descibe. People elected to do those things instead of walking out the front door. Sadism exists and is acknowledged by Hubbard as just another place on the tone scale. Situations you may find deplorable are pleasurable and exciting to other people. And as long as those are people exploring sadism and masochism on their own accord and by their own election frankly, you have no right to interfere with them. There are countries who have it as part of their culture to publicly stone people to death. And if you send an American into that country to change the system he will be attacked and viewed as disruptive. This is a CULTURE we are talking about, not actual Scientology. But this culture exists in the Sea org and when you tamper with it you stir up more case. Mostly, witholds.

  47. Mike,

    Keep in mind “Always attack, never defend” was policy written by LRH. So was Fair Game and Disconnection. Let’s not forget the creation of the RPF! So, DM is sick, there is no question, but he had a good teacher!

    Just some food for thought

  48. theoracle, it’s easy from outside to realise that people had a choice to leave, but at the time and in all the circumstances, these very abused people may have believed that they had no choice or no real choice. Battered wives and victims of human trafficking may not have physical chains but they have chains nonetheless.

  49. That “food for thought” went stale and spoiled long ago. Try something made fresh from fresh ingredients, hmmm?

    Michael A. Hobson

  50. O.K., I won’t pretend to understand it because I really can’t. It’s not Scientology or about Scientology I know that. I guess they shifted into a green on white world and then shifted off of that into some self invented culture. The Sea Org was not about Scientology when I was in, except for the few public that were paying for service. In fact any staff who was interested in auditing or training was scorned. Whatever..I am glad I explored that arena but I was not put in any position to suffer myself. Except for all the men I wanted to sleep with and did not.

  51. Lady Minn,

    It’s great to hear that you and your son got back in comm. That’s one more nail in DM’s coffin, a win for you and your family, and a win for all of us. 🙂

  52. Berj,

    I just wanted to acknowledge you for this wonderful post. You are right that Scientologists are “peace-minded and philosophy driven.” So, it’s easy to see that DM and his gang of thugs are not Scientologists.

    People like you add light to the world. Keep on shining. 🙂

  53. Concerned Citizen

    Is your son in the SO? I’m interested in further details. Is he in an executive position. I’m really interested

  54. Concerned Citizen

    “A group of people screaming at a lone individual in public does not work. It looks like rage disorder and cultic behavior to the public”

    Could it be that these appears cultic because IT IS SO?

  55. Concerned Citizen

    Actually, it’s not just I don’t agree I’m gone. It really is not if you have hopes of salvation, staying in touch with loved ones, or just that your life meant something.

    When Tom, Mike, Dan, Steve, Jeff, Amy, Mat, Mark H and Marty did walk off, they renounce a lot more than a position, and while I’m glad, the misconception that you just walk out or say know is liable to occur from hearing the story in part only.

    Russ, Peter, Coldwell, and a large number of others, did not even elect to leave, but were simply tossed out and declared en mass, for the suppressive act of having been offloaded from the Int base.

    Some escaped that fate, but most people at Int are under the very real Threat, if you leave you are declared, with all attendant consequences, and that is an even bigger threat because MD is constantly threatening to off load people. I doubt he will do that again though, I can guarantee you that anyone from the Int Base, IXU or FLO, deciding to leave, will be unable to do so unless actually insane. (which if they can’t get you the change your mind they will try to do with their squirrel sec checking/torture practices as described in Carmel’s account)
    I promise you many people would have left long ago, were it not for these threats, chief among them the very possibility of losing your eternity. He holds the power of eternity over you (he claims and you buy it) it is far more effective than prison guard and bars ever will be.

  56. No CC, I have no son in the Sea Org, but at this point in time I count every young one that is in there as kittens to be saved.

    If I had a son in the Sea Org in an Executive position I would worry he would not do terrible things to others. Because doing that can twist ones soul.

  57. Ken Urqheart took ownership of the creation of the RPF although signed of by the founder it was a continuance of earlier Programms.

    More to the point would be how people used it to justify blatent abuses no one excluded top to bottom.

  58. O RLY?

    Please forgive me if I’m a little skeptical – But there’s always a “next big thing” coming up. Sometimes it’s massive, like CNN, but often it comes to very little.

    Rest assured, I would love nothing more than for this next broadside to be everything you say. But I’ll believe it when I see it. I trust you understand (and, maybe, feel inclined to give a hint to get the OSABots in a tizzy?)

  59. ^^^^^^^
    So much of THIS

    Imagine if you’d been taping the whole thing? Then when the police arrived, and your assailants were lying, you could have played it back as evidence (this technique has been deployed successfully many times by Anonymous, as a way to defend ourselves from false allegations from a group who think nothing of lying directly to Law Enforcement).

    It would also have made for some fascinating YouTube footage (anyone remember Mary DeMoss and “What are your crimes”? We all know DM hates it when people fail to carry out his “amazing, infallible plans”)

    tldr – Cameras are your friends 🙂

  60. Hi Mike!

    What I don’t get:
    You say your family’s letters are staged and instructed by others, orchestrated imputations.
    Yet you don’t want to publish them.

    What are you trying to protect?

    If the letters are truly originating from someone else’s agenda, then there is no “family” to protect.

    Publishing them however, you would document the insanity in the contradictory accusations and demands against you – and you might even confront your family members to clean up their act and decide for themselves what their own position actually should be (or at least you would force them to confront the abuse they are actually already subjected to).

    However by not publicly documenting ALL aspects and withholding important parts of the general picture, aren’t you actually furthering and prolonging the duplicity of DM’s strategy?

    And publishing doesn’t mean to expose any real family statements included in those personal letters, violating your families privacy. But just presenting those parts that you clearly can identify to be directed and instructed, and that would actually reveal the weird contradictoriness perpetrated by DM’s party line – especially when contrasted against those other events and their reports filed with the police?

    So please make up your mind what you are actually trying to protect and what you are actually furthering by this ‘protecting’ – and then help to courageously and publicly document and disclose the real inner workings of “DM’s church” as you have started in the recent month.

    Best wishes


  61. Mike , Andrew is the guest speaker this Sat night at Melbourne Org. Excerpt from Mel Ideal Org newsletter below:

    This Saturday’s Ideal Org Countdown event is shaping up to be a big one! Our guest speaker OT Commitee Chairman Andrew Rinder just returned from a whirlwind tour of the LA Ideal Org, due to open in one weeks time, and he’s got all the specs on what it takes to shape up to international Ideal Org standard.
    There is so much that each person in the field can do to take us from where we are now to the goal of an Ideal Org in Melbourne, and we need your support. Please join us for a great night on Saturday.
    And don’t forget, prizes for the best and most zaney 80s and 90s costumes.

  62. Thanks Lise,

    Maybe someone could go along to the event and take a photo of his broken finger (Tommy Davis told the SP Times that I broke his finger when I was trying to prevent him from from taking the keys out of my car’s ignition). I believe there are some people in Melbourne who are less than convinced that the KoolAid should continue to be consumed — they may not otherwise attend the event, but someone might want to go along just for this purpose (of course, Tommy will probably be frantically calling him to tell him to get his finger in a splint for the event!)


  63. Chuck Beatty

    thankyou Mike for being public about all this.

    DM’s weakness is DM.

    So, now with JB out, and with on the ground fresh info that can hit the world about life at the Int Base under DM, RECENT info, THAT is bad news for DM.

    DM’s a sitting duck.

    I hope JB can speak relatively quickly to media.

    Thanks for what you’re doing Mike! And Marty.

    I think it is only the ex Int Base staff who collect their wits about themselves in hindsight, who can propose some immediate advice to those left at Int how to descend out of their mental predicaments.

    DM’s just a sitting duck though.

    You guys are doing some real good, if someone like JB finds you, and shows up so quickly after leaving Int.

    Thanks so much.

    Someday the maddening top ranks atmosphere has to be dealt with.

    I think it is you guys continuing to help expose it until it finally starts to change.

    Chuck Beatty

  64. @Michael:
    “That “food for thought” went stale and spoiled long ago. Try something made fresh from fresh ingredients, hmmm?”

    Since when does the truth go stale, hmmmmmmm??

    Congrats!! At least your post got through. I wrote a comment that said just about the same thing but just like all my other comments it seemed to get disregarded. I guess these guys think the truth just smells too much.

  65. Well shut me up!! They let one get through!! Thanks for letting me speak my mind Marty!!!

  66. Pingback: Mike Rinder: “Lady Killer”

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