Jamie, Mr. T, and JB vs. Insanity

Thanks to Jamie and Mr T for taking care of my man JB.

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  1. I can’t get off this computer! AMAZING.
    Beyond amazing! Wow…!
    I am so glad I left!

  2. Tony DePhillips

    Great job Jamie and Mr. T!!!!!!!!!!
    That was better than any movie I have seen for a long time.

    The church of mestology is a total and utter disgrace. What a huge wate of paritioner funds. To save the world form suppression?? BULLSHIT!!
    Boy JB, DM must have really liked you a lot. You know?? A woman scorned!

    Great job everyone!!

  3. This is what your donations pay for!
    Great video…love the music!

  4. PS. I bet the PIs are scrambling for these Church of
    Scientology jobs…make lots of money chasing around uptone people who won’t throw things at you, call you names or hurt you. Cush job, huh?!

  5. Quicksilver

    Wow … what a waste of money.

    Great score … I was riveted !

    Well done, guys & gals!

  6. Very Well Done! You guys are amazing. Debbie Miscabbage is gonna love this. You guys are doing a fantastic job of documenting the crimes that dear leader is perpetrating. Thank you from all of us.

  7. unbelievable, great job! This would make an awesome movie. Who da thought!

  8. Cowboy Poet

    While this doesn’t fit the post, it does fit the occasion. There’s been a lot said about experiences with children, parents, that relationship, and the Church. No law, no government, no person, no group, and certainly no “Church” should ever get between a child and the love a father has for his child/children.
    It is my sincere desire that we should live in a world where nothing should come between that special relationship.
    Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers!
    (I am hoping DFB is inspired enough to put a bit of his magic to some of this but I’m afraid he’s non communicato right now, plus I didn’t give him very much time)

    The Hero

    I hope you do exceed your expectations
    With the power to achieve,
    your aims and goals.
    That you’ll always reach,
    whatever you go for.

    Cause I believe in you
    I DO believe in YOU.
    My faith in you,
    will always last.
    I’m the father with a hero,
    on my lap.

    I know you’ll never leave a comrade,
    when he’s down.
    That your word will last forever,
    honor bound.
    That the counsel that you keep,
    is yours til you grow old.
    That you’ll wish upon a star
    And be the hero,
    that you are.

    I believe you’ll stand alone,
    and never shaken
    When a trust is lost,
    or when you’ve been forsaken.
    That you’ll hitch your wagon,
    back up to that star.
    Cause you’re the hero in my lap,
    That’s who you really are.

    Cause I believe in you
    I DO believe in YOU.
    My faith in you,
    will always last.
    I’m the father with a hero,
    on his lap.
    Yeah, I’m the father with a hero,
    on his lap.

  9. Is this the new 007 movie????

    Looks like DM does not have anything else to do, he is SOOOO SCARE!!!!!

    Mr T you are good !!!!! and I love the music.

    hahaha the PIs are very stupidos that they broke the law!!! hahahaha.

    This is how DM is spending parishioners money.

  10. Whaahooooo!

    Dm has severely underestimated you guys – he must be spitting nails!

  11. Doc "Smith"

    This is amazing. What a pain putting up with this. Great confront of evil guys, I can see those PIs don’t have much confront of anything, just group think.

    BTW great sound track. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.


  12. Theo Sismanides

    Tiziano and Jamie definitely have a knack for filming. Great directorship, nice soundtrack and the story, wow. This is to be used for dissemination of Scientology. DM, you are a lunatic.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Cowboy, you out did yourself. Just straight genius.

  14. ExIntStaffMember

    Great job of counter-espionage! And well done for calling the police as soon as they broke the law! Just sorry that you have to go through all of that nonsense.

  15. Who knew that when we got into Scientology to improve our lives and make the world a better place it would come to this, right?

    GAME ON.

  16. DM,

    From me to you:

    It feels soooooo good to know you do not have any of my money to finance such foolishness against people who are no threat to Scientology, and in fact are better Scientologists than you will ever be.

    And, I am still in “good standing”. I go in and out of orgs at will, and I am watching, too. There is lots of room to stretch out in the course rooms, and lots of pressure to do everything except go up the Bridge.

    Well, my friend, something is coming. Something that will tip the scales. you will see.


  17. Jamie ,Mr T &JB / Vs Insanity This is becoming insane.

    It adds more evidence against DM, and a misuse of practioners funds.

    Some one asked recently on this blog what case level is DM.Does any one actually know what he has done on the bridge.?

    For some one who is surpose to be the leader of the Church he is a discredit beyond beleif and a traitor to LRH and Scientology and a enemy

    By the way some references from people that place comments on this blog use short abbreviations such like “The Hole at Building No 5o ” Clarify “Hole ” Please ! at the “HV ” and COB. Please clarify as not all will know what you refer to.

  18. Quote from Mary Jo’s KR;

    “I was told I had to give “everything” to the IAS, that I work for the Church and that I had to be there on the same terms as the SO and that COB needed funds NOW.”
    Another comment I read here not long ago mentioned they were told COB needed ten millions dollars immediately.

    At $50,000 a day in PI expenses I see wht now.

    IAS gloritorious members, dig deeper in your pockets! Don’t want the tires to go bald on the PI’s Bentley do you?

  19. Ne Obliviscaris

    Mr. T & Jamie,

    Great soundtrack!

    Great camera angles!

    Great drama!



  20. Tara-
    I don’t think these are PIs. They look like flying monkeys to me.

  21. Cowboy Poet

    Thanks, King Dude.

  22. This is probably the biggest box office drama to come out of Hollywood this summer: starring Jamie and Mr. T. DM is cast perfectly as the evil overlord bent on world domination at any cost…
    Thanks for the timely KR guys!

    Tiz, your editing and scoring skills are MAD! Love it. Jamie, glad you are safe.

    And for all the PI wannabees: EPIC FAIL!

  23. Well maybe they’ll call you names…but still…CUSH JOB paying MEGGA BUCKS…from IAS donations!

  24. Oh, and remember, this is just the Opening Credits…..LOL!

  25. martyrathbun09

    Cowboy and Mr T – Mr T is a gifted composer and musician of many genres. I’ve been telling Mr. T he ought to try country. I’m telling you Cowboy, if you could get him and Jamie down to your place for a weekend, I bet you could get him to catch the bug. Look at him. Put a cowboy hat and big, gaudy turquois belt buckle on – watch out Nashville. Watch out Austin. Watch out America. The Italian Stallion.

  26. His name is David Miscavige. He uses renegades.
    The renegades go PTS also , criminal PTS.
    These are not the only ones facing handcuffs.
    Up the bridge and on to prison for a few others as well. The District Attorney in Los Angeles sees everything in black and white. And I think given time to destimulate on a cot is going to bring some new best sellers to the marketplace.

  27. Thank you guys…this one is for my man JB, this was part of one of our many our post PIs escape soundtrack:

    Lauryn Hill – I Get Out

  28. martyrathbun09

    Mr T, SWEET.

  29. Does this sort of activity result in any proper EXPANSION? (as per HCO PL 4 December 1966 Expansion, Theory of Policy)

    Has it ever?


    Great video, chaps. (JB = Jason Bourne!?) 😉

  30. So beautiful!

  31. A “Patron” per day just thrown out the window — just abolish the IAS, so that kinda crap’s gonna stop!
    Good demo of the performance and accomplishments of the leader of leaders – Pathetic! Yuk.

  32. JB, please blow the vuvuzela as hard as you can!

  33. Expansion in the prison system. They have an arrivals stat too you know. Do you know how many people depend on crime for a living, from beat cops right up to Superior Court.

    And people out here wallowing in fraud, embezzlement, grand larceny theft, stalking, conspiracy to defraud the I.R.S., etc. etc. that still have under age kids to raise , have obviously departed from reason. I don’t care what their OT status and patron status declares them.

  34. Wow, this is simply an amazing art particle. I was dazzled.

  35. Cowboy Poet

    I’m not particular as to genre but I could sure as the Hell see why C&W might not fit the mood that the dog and poney on the video shows!
    Nice work Mr. T and Jamie–Wish I could have been there with you!

  36. I had heard about PI’s harrassing people like Marty, Mike, and Marc,etc. But until now I didn’t really understand how insane it actually is.

    Following me into the supermarket, the gym- I mean what did they actually think I was gonna do?

    I tell you one thing though. DM picked the wrong people to screw with. We won’t be silenced!

  37. By the way the OSA line on this is that anonymous are behind the PIs (and financing them) to make the church look bad.
    In this case fiction is even stranger than truth.
    Cue for all anonymous members to sit with jaws dropping on the floor

  38. Exciting video! Probably done in a days time on a shoestring budget. Compare that to the piece of crap video of the Golden Era spaces void of people complete with background muzak done in those multi million dollar studios.

    Some people may think the music for that “other” video was done by Peter Schless. I don’t think so. I think Peter is being kept under wraps and worn out after too many years of having to have his music “approved”.

    I can only imagine the great things he could be doing if he was cut loose like Mr. T here.

  39. Unfuckingbelievable!

  40. Wow – its a good thing the “church” doesn’t practice Fair Game any more…..

    DM is one desperate little criminal sociopath.

  41. Well, we’re getting a reaction so we’re doing something right. A fleet of PIs means a nerve was struck. Keep up the great work.

    And that video was fantastic, incredible editing.

  42. I guess in Hollyweird these PIs are a dime a dozen.

    Are these subs that Talon bigger cheeze PIs hire, to intentionally try to distance this provacative surveillance from Scientology?

    Is Talon sub hiring these PIs do you think Mike Rinder?

    Is Moxon and company hiring Talon, and Talon does the sub hiring do you think?

    I’d like to get leads to feed media and some allies that are ex cops and do media today.

    I’d be nice to see just how prevalent this type of PI snooping surveillance stuff is in Hollywood area, since this does seem excessive and coordinated.

    I like to name names, it adds to these PIs’ career client list, and SHOULD embarrass them from taking money that Scientologists DID NOT intend for their Scientology money to be used for!

    OSA Int gets their budget from the OSA Int cut of money from the FSO, correct?

    So absolutely, this money trail, money into the pockets of these Hollywood area PIs, truly unfortunately is something that SHOULD embarrass the consciences of these PIs!

    David Miscavige’s financial irregularities list is so ridiculously long, he hasn’t enough earth years left to do all the RPF time that he himself would issue to be done by himself, if he were some other Sea Org member committing these financial irregularities and waste of church (FSO donations) funds!

    Are these Talon sub hired PIs do you think Marty?


  43. Cowboy Poet

    Like “folk inspired rap”.
    Very nice.

  44. These PI’s don’t realise that they will be pushed harder to get “creative” with their jobs. DM will happily let them take the hit.

    He’ll make some announcement about how they’ve been dismissed, after they are behind bars.

    These dudes think they are clever but actually they are putting themselves at a high risk.

    If they read this blog during the slow hours, while they are sitting in their cars all night peeing in bottles, I ask that they rethink their careers.

    It seems like cushy money, but dudes… it’s not worth your future.

  45. Wow Centurion, you must feel like James Bond, huh? I envision you oh so slyly observing and obnosing the true scene. Awesome ability these days! 🙂

  46. I was rivited to my screen watching this entertaining and exciting video documenting the illegal use of COS parishoners’ donations.

    This video made me wonder, what the hell does JB know about the day to day workings at INT? What does he have on Dear Leader for this large PI firm led by its owner to document the daily movements of JB on the streets in and around Hollywood.

    I keep saying to myself, I have to stop reading this blog and get some work done…I have actually gone two days without looking at this blog. No that’s a lie…10 hours tops!!!

    Marty reading “Moving On Up a Little Higher” is becoming for me a daily compulsion. I think I have learned more standard LRH than I did in the BASIC course room. I have experienced the top and the ulgy bottom of the tone scale reading all these stories.

    Special thanks to Jamie, Mr. T, JB & Marty for this post. Now I’m going to promise myself to turn off my computer for at least 12 hours.

    LOL to all.

  47. Fantastic video!
    WTH is DM’s logic in all this? The man has gone completely over the deep end . Does he think by doing this that JB is going to crawl back to him begging forgiveness?
    DM has not woken up to the fact that, with the internet and near instant comm, no who leaves the Church is alone anymore. We are a unified team and when you mess with one you mess with us all. Not only that but many of us are still in good standing and in comm with the entirety of the field and most staff.
    Keep shooting DM, but I suggest you get bulletproof boots!



  49. I ought to become a P.I.

    Good pay, travel, and plenty of time to sit in your car, reading the Basics!

  50. My God. This is getting really crazy.

    This should really be the subject of a movie.


  51. Wow. How appropriate! The lyrics are awsome.

  52. Thought Provoking

    WOW, great tribute to JB and so much of what she sang about could be applied to the current scene with the church. Those who experience it, those who go into doubt, those who are brave enough to walk, telling the rest…just get out!

  53. Mr. T, Jamie and JB. This is un”effin”believable.
    This would be hilariously funny if it wasn’t happening for real. JB I’m glad you got people watching your back man and they sure picked the wrong guy to mess with Mr. T right there. That camera work is awsome. You need to shop that around to the media. How much longer can they keep this up?

  54. What an arbitrary, irresponsible and delusional use of funds by DM — this is what the IRS and others are condoning and supporting?! Harassing and intimidating good people who don’t want to play the ponzi scam game any more.

    It’s really outrageous and a violation of civil liberties. This clearly constitutes harassment — and now he has PIs flipping off the people they follow!?! That’s against the law, isn’t it?

    I would not put anything past the mental condition of someone squandering enormous amounts of parishioners money on imaginary enemies. Step inside the head of someone ordering and footing the bill on this type of surveillance/harassment … on artists!!!

    Wow. I’m still in shock that this is condoned … in the USA?!

    Any details on the arrest of the PI in this footage?

  55. one of those who see

    Another song perfect for the “free people” of Scientology.

  56. ★ ! how perfect are the lyrics!?!

    ♥ ! Mr. T. , Jamie and JB

  57. When I see what goes on in situations such as this and the suppression that Marty and others have experienced and documented, I feel revitalized by the strength of will and determination that free beings with good intentions possess.
    No matter how often we get knocked down, we get back up again! You’re never going to keep us down,DM!

  58. I found this video quite interesting, though tactically I’m wondering whether the way you were going about it isn’t kind of pointless, like getting into the face of these PIs all the time.

    This very obviously *is* a noisy investigation. DM *wants* you to see and notice the PIs and that you get mad at them. After a while you start to see PIs everywhere, even in people that aren’t. Obviously I haven’t been in the same situation, but wouldn’t it be a better course of action to ignore the PIs to the extent possible? I don’t know what they’re doing other than tailing and observing you. What was shown in the video seemed rather harmless. I mean let them cruise around in their rental cars.

    Also, the official line that “anons” paid these investigators is pretty laughable. I would have bought that the prank phone calls were from anons, but this waste of money? It’s just ridiculous.

  59. martyrathbun09

    Doctor of what?

  60. Thought Provoking

    Okay, I just started watching Lost and I am about half way through the first season. What great writing, very much done in Hitchcock style in terms of suspense.

    Although this clip above is just as suspenseful, it is real life! The madman in charge is getting more and more insane! Over the past year we on the outside have just started to hear what many have lived for the past 20 years of being connected to DM. Twenty Years!!! If I hadn’t been watching it unfold (over the past year) in front of my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

    This is not a movie, although it plays like it. Tiziano, you are the master of sound. Not only do you capture the scene but you get the emotion too.

    Jamie, Well Done on keeping your TRs in and using your legal recourse. You guys are both doing an incredible job documenting all of this. You hold your position in space so well and I am honored to know you. You are freedom fighters, for real.

    To all of the fence sitters,
    Every one of the whistle blowers, bloggers and posters that you read/hear about came to Scientology for the same reasons you did. The particulars might be different but they all wanted to move up a little higher in life.

    All of these years I thought I was part of Scientology, part of a group that could improve conditions in life. Not just for me but for mankind and it made me feel really good about myself. But, that isn’t really true anymore in the church.

    I would gladly accept my blind stupidity in buying into the false PR and party line for the past 30 years than give the church one more dollar or one more minute of my time in support of DM. In DMs church you are paying for enslavement. In return, you go broke and lose your integrity.

    LRH gave us this tech for truth and freedom and helping man. I support LRH where your integrity is everything and it only requires that you are truthful to yourself and others.

  61. one of those who see

    Cowboy Poet,
    Beautiful Poem! Keep em’ comin’

    You also said: “No law, no government, no person, no group, and certainly no “Church” should ever get between a child and the love a father has for his child/children.
    It is my sincere desire that we should live in a world where nothing should come between that special relationship.” HEAR, HEAR!

    Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads! And you too, Marty for being there for all of us. You deserve a bar-b-que too!

  62. I would be the same in that situation, maybe even take a leak against one of their pretyy car.

    But as you say Dr. Faust you and I have never been in that crazy and absurd situation. It reminds me of a Stanley Kubrick movie.

  63. ✩!!

    “When I drive myself, my light is found…
    Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there
    with open arms and open eyes, yeah.
    Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there.”

  64. ✩!
    I get up again, they’re never gonna keep me down!
    ARGH!!! 🙂 ✩ 😀 ♥ ❀ ♫ ☺ ❀. ♥ ♪ ☼ ♪ ☼ !!

  65. Or listening to them.

  66. Another Layer

    Cowboy Poet,

    What a beautiful homage — feels like love times infinity all gathered up!

  67. I think it would be highly amusing to carry around big boxes wrapped in black paper, call up to make rendezvous appointments with friends then hand off the boxes at all odd hours. This would give the PIs something better to do than sit behind the wheel of rental cars and pig on pizza. Of course, the blackwrapped boxes are empty…but….a good game Pass the Object is always fun. And a mystery object…hmmm, who cares if it’s meaningless, it’s as good as a sandwich.

    Well, if DMs antics weren’t such outrageous violations, waste and detriment to the peace (and welfare of good people) it would be funny. well, I can see it both ways simultaneously … funny, but I’m not blinking on the core evil behind the dispatching of intimidation and criminal invasion of privacy.

  68. Well said Marty!
    Uh Doc… Wasn’t Faust a german who in legend sold his soul to the devil for unlimited knowledge and wealth?
    It is readily apparent to myself that JB, Jamie and Mr. T have turned the tables and are noisily investigating DM’s gunslingers and thus exposing his dirty tactics to the world.
    Not sure why i’m explainin’ the obvious ????
    Please just run the curser over the link below to view my reaction to your comments…

  69. >I tell you one thing though. DM picked the wrong people to screw with. We won’t be silenced!

    Yee-harrr!! You guys are frikkin’ awesome. Be safe and do well! 🙂

  70. LOL!

    Prot: Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. How many doctors are there on this planet? (K-PAX)

  71. martyrathbun09

    One of my favorite movies – but I’m sure you’d know that.

  72. Cowboy Poet ✩! beautiful verse, carrying truth!

  73. martyrathbun09

    And that comes from a poet with some serious cred.

  74. Not really. I just observe, and what I see is that Scientology orgs are NOT booming.

    Now, we all know what LRH said about orgs that are not expanding, right?

    Yes, the ability to observe without feeling that you are going to be invalidated for what you see, is terrific.


  75. good idea send this to 360 Anderson Cooper and he can interview some IAS beggers and ask them how they spend the parishioners money.

  76. LOL
    Good one Veritas!
    I would also allow them to obtain one of the Boxes and in it I would leave a message in complex code which would take 100’s of man hrs to decipher. What would the message say when they finally decoded it?Ssomething revealing and diabolical like…”Miscavige, you are a big fat pooh head”

  77. Watching Eyes

    This sounds like stalking. You’re an actress, right? In LA I know the law doesn’t take it lightly when actresses are stalked and for good reason. Maybe you can get on Larry King and show the country what’s happening. Larry King can invite the dwarf to come on and explain his actions. Of course we know the coward wouldn’t show up but maybe his sidekick, Baghdad Bob aka Tommy Davis would. Oh, what a show that would be.

  78. They can use that line until someone is in front of a judge arguing a defense. And says, “I was pressured by my Church”.

    How many times is this going to be on court records before someone figures out people may have a point?

  79. For Jamie and Mr T and JB—Great video! This truly shows the deep insanity DM runs. Think of the $$$ wasted, when there are people forking it over, truly believing (within C of S) that it’s “saving mankind”. To lurkers—this IS where your “IAS” $$’s go to, as well as other legal situations.
    Also, to the Cowboy Poet: Love that! Happy
    Father’s Day to all Dad’s, and to those acting as Dads for the many who need one, and don’t have one. Cheers 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  80. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Mr. Hopper and all others who are reading, DAVID MISCAVIGE has no case level. He forfeited that long ago. What he DOES have is a CASE LOAD…… cases and cases of self inflicted litigation. Speaking of litigation and what you all have seen in the video… myself and some others were very recently subjected to very high priced CSI and RTC attorney’s for hours on end in effort to discredit our creditability and GUESS WHAT.. each one of us sent the legal scum running…. literally but that is a story for another time. Now, everyone who has now seen the stark steel reality of what DAVID MISCAVIGE does to “protect the church – (himself) are most likely still in shock and awe and are saying to themselves ” I can’t believe it’s butter, I can’t believe it’s butter!. Well folks IT IS BUTTER – ALWAYS HAS BEEN since the little 9 fingered twerp “took over”, and I hope that NOW this serves to you as the readers & observers, this is factual reality that DAVID MISCAVIGE DOES in FACT hit people, forces them to use their bare hands to scrape and shovel human excrement, places his own dedicated staff into a room and has bars installed on the inside of the windows so they CAN’T GET OUT / CALLS THEM SEXUAL PERVERTS, turns his own staff against themselves, FORCES ABORTON’s upon women, DISCONNECT’S FAMILY’s, PHYSICALLY BEATS SO MEMBERS – did I mention DAVID MISCAVIGE HIT’S and PHYSICALLY BEATS SEA ORG MEMBERS, etc, etc, etc, ad-infinium. I have to admit that anyone who see’s this wonderfully documented video and actually IS SHOCKED but has themselves been posting, lurking or simply reading this and other blogs for more than 1 day and claimed to be shocked by the atrocities of DAVID MISCAVIGE before today then I don’t believe you believed it before. Marty, Mike, Marc & Claire, myself, Amy, Matt, Silvia, TDV, Tom M, Jeff, Shelly, Jan, JB, Janis, Jimbo, Dan, Sherry, Chrissie, Mareka, Hayden & Lucy etc & etc… SAW – WITNESSED IT – ENDURED IT REPEATEDLY- endured it for as long as we could because we believed it wasn’t really happening but once we realized that it in fact IS happening, we left and we now are doing something about it. We have informed you. We have informed you of what we WITNESSED or was FORCED TO assist in and convinced that we must CARRY OUT the crimes created by DAVID MISCAVIGE. I ask for your support, SCREAM IT OUT LOUD, pass the word along, communicate beyond these pages and persist to do so until ETHICS CHANGE OCCURS. TECH WILL NOT GO IN UNTIL ETHICS DOES in the CofS. Thank you Jamie and Thank Tiziano for stepping up to the plate and helping my good dear brother JB and for having the confront towards the evil Miscavige has thrown at your beautiful life! Thank you all for reading and listening to my “mouth”. I went “sudden” seeing how much they were f**king with Jamie, T and JB. — Jackson

  81. A bit off-topic perhaps but I’ve been getting calls from staff, in preparation for our Idle Org in the last 24 hours.

    This despite the fact that I’ve been totally out for about a year and sent an email to HCO stating that I was all through with the off-LRH bullshit.

    The following is a perfect transcription, complete with pauses and ALL CAPS to emphasize certain things as the staff member did.

    Said staff member is a great old artist I have much affinity for but has recently become a staff-bot, tragically.

    The big question is, are they really that desperate to get me in or is it a set-up where they can declare me once I utter the words “Miscavige is nuts!” ???

    Names and numbers have been changed to protect the guilty. 🙂

    “JOHN! This is Jack Benny……uhem……God I haven’t talked to you for AGES! You ‘re off LINES for crying out loud! Anyway, uhh…….DAMN! We need to get you BACK!

    So uhh….you gotta come IN some time and get things HANDLED so you can get back on, uh….you know……on the RIGHT TRACK!

    Wanna help you all the way around…..we have a NEW ORG opening!

    Anyway, gee, you know I just, uh… lettin’ you KNOW as a FRIEND! It’s uhh…..well you can…….you can really HELP YOURSELF here!

    So, take some responsibility and uh……come on in. It would be a GOOD THING.

    Okay. Talk to ya later.

    Give me a call. Uh……123-4567. I’d…..I’d like to talk to you.

    Okay thanks! Bye”

  82. ha ha ha ha! thanks for the visual.

  83. Mr T,

    Nice ending of the video. Good guys go free and the black hats in the pokey!

    Looks like you had fun – Thanks for the show!

  84. Chuck,

    Mestology is one of the biggest contributors to the PI field’s financial recovery – giving greatly to the overall financial and economy stimulus plan!

    Retired LAPD, secret service, highway patrol and other agencies have to have lucrative jobs, no matter who they work for but through Moxon’s front too!

    I hope they do get “hazard pay” as it’s a dangerous job messin around with Indies and increases risks of getting blown and their faces exposed on YouTube and being arrested.

  85. Theo Sismanides

    Tiziano, that was cool. I like that we are independent on our aesthetics. The song was beautiful and I just the Just Get Out part of it. I couldn’t get all the lyrics but the tune and the voice and the naturalness of the singer’s voice is quite an aesthetic for me. thanks

  86. Bloody hell, I have heard it all now.

  87. Theo Sismanides

    Thank you Centurion for keeping our viewpoints fresh and up to date. With such multitude of viewpoints and such team spirti we are going to lose this fight this time. This is precious. Thank you.

  88. Yep, this blog is taking a lot of my time too.

    It’s been an amazing amount of case gain too. Unbelievable.

    All these comments are like having a houseful of company… shiny friends:)

  89. one of those who see

    Just watched the whole video. Stops and goes for me. I need to change my internet provider. With verizon now and we are too far from them. Any suggestions??

    Love Gary Oldman!!! Perfect choice of scene from The Professional – right??

    Well done for documenting. Because…. this would be really hard to believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DM can’t possibly think he will gain anything from this childish antic. Maybe at the next event he will report the stat:

    # of hours of PI surveillence worldwide.

    I believe Marty had mentioned that he may still have PIs watching Pat Broeker!

    Anyway, well done guys for being Cause over all this dev – t.

  90. Theo Sismanides

    Tom, never saw the video on this! That’s quite a song. 60s I guess.

  91. martyrathbun09

    You da man Indipendologo

  92. The video has been cross-posted to both the Ex Scientologist Message Board (ESMB) and Why We Protest (WWP), the home of Anonymous on the web, with appropriate links back to this discussion thread, in order to spread the word.

    ESMB Thread:

    WWP Thread:

    The cross-post to WWP is particularly appropriate because, as noted by Sam above (and also cross-posted to ESMB and WWP), “the OSA line on this is that anonymous are behind the PIs (and financing them) to make the church look bad.”

    Looks like DM is engaging in some serious 3P. I cross-post, in party, to prevent DM from accomplishing his 3P purpose.

    — Kha Khan

  93. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the TR-3 Gary!!

    We need it from time to time. I DO believe all that happened. But it still shocks me in a new unit of time just how f—ed up an individual can be!!


  94. martyrathbun09

    KK, like Anoynmous has 50k a day to blow over weeks.

  95. St. Petersburg Times staff writers Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin won the Gold Medal for Public Service from the Florida Society of News Editors for the series “Inside Scientology.”


    That wasn’t really Childs and Tobin though, it was probably Anonymous.

    Those people who appeared in the videos are not really ex-scientologists, they are Anonymous members.

    Marty, how did they find someone that looked so much like you I wonder?

    This new info about Anonymous really sets me free. They can probably afford those PI’s because it was Anonymous that extorted all that money out of the church members telling them it was for the IAS.

  96. Theo Sismanides

    Tiziano, thank you for this video. Really there was something to it, everybody saw that. I am very angry about what they are doing to you and Jamie. They have absolutely no right to do this. They are imbeciles but hey everything has a limit.

    Great job again and really good TRs from you.

  97. Now you’re talking, and you’re taking about some real Yorkshire grit here because this song’s from a band headquartered a mile from where I was born (Armley in Leeds). In fact, I think I know that pub.

    It’s about working class folk that won’t be kept down.

    I can’t think of a better song to dedicate to J, T and JB.


  98. From “Hey laddy la, hey laddy , We stand tall..”


    Hey laddy la,
    we’re goin to City Hall.

  99. Can you please stop slurring dwarfs. I have a weiner dog here.

  100. Mockingbird6

    Let’s see, there’s something in Science of Survival I think, about the guy who’s just trying to “help you out” with the statement, “I am your friend.” I think the next phrase is “Trust me.” Sounds like the words the MAAs use when they want to get you to spill all your “disagreements” pretending they’re going to do something to help, then use everything you say against you. Gotta love that kind of friendship.

  101. You Tube has been crappy today too though, Once Upon a Time.

    Maybe it’s not just your ISP.

    It could be anonymous trying to make your ISP look bad, haha.

  102. Tony DePhillips


  103. Tony DePhillips

    Idle Org, you are hillarious!! LOL!!

  104. Marty, I just had another thought on this.

    This could be a “shore story” for their own people — i.e., for current members of the C of M. DM and OSA may have no expectation that Independent Scientologists or members of the general public will buy this. They may have an expectation that current C of M “Scientologists” (i.e., members of the “official” “Church of Scientology”) will buy this story if the PI harassment of you, Mike, JB or any of the other independent Scientologists gets back to them.

    The OSA line may be something like the following: “So you have heard that [fill in the blank] has been harassed by PIs? No, of course it is not us. Why would we care what [fill in] is doing? No, the PIs are being funded and controlled by Anonymous. See what happens when you leave the protection of the Church? When people squirrel? When people join splinter groups? Obviously, you need to remain in theChurch for your own safety and the safety of your family. It is a dangerous world with Anonymous out there.”

  105. Idle,
    What’s keeping you from calling him back and filling him in, at least a little bit…after all he/she’s your friend!

  106. This video really shows where billionaire DM and his Church of the DM-bots has gotten to on the tone scale:

    4.0 Desire
    1.5 Enforce
    0.5 Inhibit <————–

    VVVVWD to Jamie and Mr T on your dogged efforts to document the suppression which culminated in getting the "we'll do anything for cash no matter how low because we lack any sense of ethics" W.P.G. crime-boss-wannabe ARRESTED.


  107. I think Anonymous should get together with JB. That way, they can together investigate how the $50K/day Anonymous is allegedly dropping on this noisy investigation is actually being spent.

    With video.

  108. That video is GRIPPING! Great choice of music by the way. You guys are pro’s.

  109. War and Peace

    Superb blog Jackson.
    Good job.
    Now of course we would love to hear how you sent
    “The legal scum running”.
    It sounds like you bullbaited those highly priced DM lawyers !

  110. War and Peace

    Super Video Mr T and Jamie.
    This blog is like watching “24”.
    Events rolling out in Real Time !
    Thanks for all you are doing.
    DM must truly fear what JB can say and do…

  111. It was a fair question, and respectfully put, Marty.

  112. martyrathbun09

    Heather, whose question was fair and respectfully put?

  113. So, Anons have money to burn, now? Most are as broke as the rest of the country. Only the conmen, like David Miscavige, would have that sort of expense account.

    I think if Anons had thousands of dollars to spend, it would get spent in more effective ways that “pretending” to be OSA-hired PIs.

  114. Kha Khan,

    I appreciate your efforts to share the information from various boards with others who need the info.

    Truly mean this!

    Just Me

  115. I think Marty is the one carrying on the “noisy investigation”.

  116. Freedom Fighter

    I would think who actually paid for this crap would be easy enough to trace by the authorities. With any luck, perhaps a money laundering charge will be tacked on to the long list of crimes that will send DM up the river for a very . . . long . . . time. Oh, DM . . . Bubba is waiting for you . . .

  117. Marty, Dr Faust’s question.

  118. Meaning – I’d be interested to hear the thinking in both directions. Better to let DM think you’re taking it in your stride or better to make good hollywood drama for the wider audience?

    (Not saying I know. Just interested to hear the discussion.)

  119. Have just gotten a chance to watch and comment – What a ride! Soooo well done for holding your positions and knocking them off theirs.

    Tiziano, you deliver the word “f*cking” with such cool, smooth, and quite appropriate umph! Do not mess with you and Jamie, is right!

    Thanks for capturing the action, for the creative editing, and for your ever so audacious verve!

  120. Thanks for the poem Cowboy Poet!
    Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there.

    And OSA if ur reading this- can you please tell my Dad, Irving Sorrentini that I miss him and I love him and I look forward to the day that I have my father back.

  121. Perfect! And we’ll sing it. Hoo-Whaaa!!

  122. At the end of the video were the PI’s getting arrested? What was the law they broke?

  123. Freedom Fighter

    This is dedicated to Mr. T and the rest of the Indie A-Team:

    You guys rock!

  124. I have several issues.

    I keep getting emails from the CoM. I keep reporting them as spam, but as soon as I do that I get a new one from a new address. They are trying to sell me a new Dianetics How To Kit. Again. I bought the first one, but now there is a new and improved one that will cost me 150 bucks.

    Now I ask you…where do you supposed that money is actually going? I bet Mike the Boss Man of the PIs knows. Or maybe its the guy in the Toyota. Maybe it’s the guy flipping the camera the bird.

    What class acts you have working for you DM. You waste money on following people and spying from a distance on someone’s home. You waste good money trying desperately to find some scrap of evidence of who only knows what. You know DM, you’re not a big man. You may smile and think you’re a big man, but when it all comes down to it you are nothing more than a midget. Men like you sicken me. You want so badly to be big, but all your life you will be nothing more than a worm.

    I don’t think I’ve ever despised someone as much as I despise this man. He is wasteful, paranoid, and disgusting. It’s a matter of time. Time is ticking away on you, DM.


  125. Dr Faust,

    The point here is not trying to be uneffected by the PIs.

    It is to DOCUMENT the illegal and wasteful use of Church and IAS funds. This documentation can be used in a number of ways; as documented proof when the media picks up a story; as legal proof when it is needed to dismantle
    DM in court; and just for a g-ddamned morale booster for us cheering on the sidelines. And finally perhaps it will stimulate some of us to ACTION!

  126. One more point.
    GOOD GOING GUYS ON RECORDING THE LICENCE PLATES! It makes the investigative reporters job easier and the District Attorneys!

  127. Bravo on all of you! There is a gradient process working here on the blog. We are all running at our own speed. First an ocasional lurk. Then a comment here and there, then light participation, then heavy participation. Then bright ideas on how you can help and so on. We have good leaders here and one gets inspired. The fun in the game is back!

  128. Wow, This video is truly amazing! Very, Very Well Done. Wonderful evidence of the fear that must exist of THE TRUTH COMING OUT!!! Actually it must be TERROR!

  129. Anytime someone uses footage from “The Professional”, you know you’re in for a good video.

  130. martyrathbun09

    Heather, Are you joking me? I ask the guy a question – a legitimate one respectfully – and you are going to enforce etiquitte on me? Look in the mirror Ma’am.

  131. I could say I’m a Doctor of psychiatry just for fun, but axiom38 already hit the mark. “Faust” is a character and as a matter of fact the title of one of Goethe’s most well known dramas. I got the idea to choose this name because you yourself referenced Goethe in one of your posts though I don’t remember where right now.

    Now to the text I was writing as a starter: I’m not saying “do nothing” against these PIs. It’s good to have some video evidence of what is happening. It just struck me that on the video some people seemed to be getting upset at the PI presence. This probably is exactly what the asthmatic dwarf Miscavige intends with his noisy investigation and I cringe every time this creep gets his way. I intended the first post in this spirit though in retrospect I realized it may have come across differently.

  132. martyrathbun09

    Dr, thanks. Quite the contrary, Miscavige continues to increase the PI presence, and impingement, sometimes for many many months as long as he thinks he is driving anchor points in as evidenced by quiet acquiesence. What he – and any two bit coward – cannot handle is to be confronted, even vicariously. If Tiziano used some harsh language, I commend him for keeping it so civilized in the circumstances.

  133. War and Peace

    Chuck and Sinar

    I am sure readers here understand how very much in hiding Miscavige the PUNK hides when Marty and JB visit INT Base. Same thing when Marty showed up with Amy.
    They flee into a lockdown. Not a soul to be seen.

    He can send hired PIs all over the place with parishioner $$$$$.

    But when Marty shows up, boy does he hide.

  134. To all those who are still in CoS, a haunting song from the late Townes Van Zandt. His lyrics are posted below the video:

    Well, won’t you lend your lungs to me?
    Mine are collapsing
    Plant my feet and bitterly breathe
    Up the time that’s passing.
    Breath I’ll take and breath I’ll give
    Pray the day ain’t poison
    Stand among the ones that live
    In lonely indecision.

    Fingers walk the darkness down
    Mind is on the midnight
    Gather up the gold you’ve found
    You fool, it’s only moonlight.
    If you try to take it home
    Your hands will turn to butter
    You better leave this dream alone
    Try to find another.

    Salvation sat and crossed herself
    Called the devil partner
    Wisdom burned upon a shelf
    Who’ll kill the raging cancer
    Seal the river at its mouth
    Take the water prisoner
    Fill the sky with screams and cries
    Bathe in fiery answers

    Jesus was an only son
    And love his only concept
    Strangers cry in foreign tongues
    And dirty up the doorstep
    And I for one, and you for two
    Ai’nt got the time for outside
    Just keep your injured looks to you
    We’ll tell the world we tried

  135. Not only IAS funds but american tax payers are chipping in millions and millions and I am sure we have noticed how generous all the working SOB’s in this country have been feeling lately.

    It’s also good to have for when people on the inside are ready to look, not listen.

    These PI’s are just mercenaries, like JB said… it’s all down to who would write them the check first.

    They as themselves are almost irrelevant, hired guns, no moral stance.

    I thought fucking piece of shit rather eloquently rolled off Mr. T’s tongue.

  136. Yeah, they get paid by “Big Pharma”!

  137. My last comment ended up in the wrong section, simply because I had two things to say at once, no wait three or four. It was in response to Fausts comment earlier.

    Jamie maybe you should give Mike the PI Boss-man an autographed photo of yourself and tell him that is all DM ever wanted and that he can go home now.

    But seriously be careful, those streets in the hills are narrow and I don’ doubt these guys would not mind at all causing an accident as long as they thought they couldn’t get tagged for it.

  138. By the way, Marty was not there and he did not make the video or the “Hollywood Drama”.

    So the suggestion was kind of wierd to begin with, since it was an alter source.

    Marty lives in Texas. This was filmed in California. Marty was not there and did not make the video.

    oooooh sticky….

  139. Also, I haven’t seen Marty yelling at P.I.’s.

    Are we reading the same blog?

  140. That was a quick sand.

  141. Concerned Citizen

    invation of privacy to start, trying to run a lady off the road, that is serious at te very least reckles driving wiith endangerment, but you could even call it, given the circumstances- asault or even attempted murder.

    What is this man willing to do to silence someone?

  142. Concerned Citizen

    Very theta, very appropiate.

  143. Loved the vid. My main advice: Don’t let them see you sweat. Exposing how poorly they do their jobs, or that they are even doing it on the parishoners’ dimes, is reward enough. Just make sure you pick the PI’s to annoy!

    Is it too much to expect those now expressing their outrage on the use of PI’s to be as outraged when the COS was doing this to Keith Henson? It was just as wrong as this.

  144. Instead of trying to watch a choppy video in real time, let it download (almost) fully first. Or download the *.flv file using http://www.keepvid.com and play it using the excellent VLC media player (both free of charge).


  145. So actually, I don’t think it was a “fair question”.

  146. Concerned Citizen

    I’d love to see Tommy explain this; there is no denying defectors are harassed in the extreme. Dave’s next move after stepping things up, is to explain how he knew nothing of these PIs and he never approved, but the bad guys were now located and removed. Only there is a new wave of bad guys, since PIs are not going away.
    Dave, it is really simpler and easier to get honest and straight, recognize we have a right to both disagree with you and to practice our religion freely. Recognize that human rights do apply to your staff and parishioners, recognize that confessing to illegal inurnment, policy violations and any other crime, instigated, abetted, tolerated or perpetrated by you is actually the easiest least painful road.
    I know it is hard for you to believe, but the great majority of the people that surround you and the people you attack as enemies will not deal with you the way you would. We would have compassion and even give you a chance to change, if you stop invalidating everyone and all your suppressive acts and after things are straightened out. Because we know you are a being, in pretty much the same trap as everyone else, you may even find a willingness to help you do 180 degrees. We know it can be done. Really Dave, a lot less painful to come clean. It is an option, actually the only logical option…

  147. Tony DePhillips

    That’s logical.

  148. Tony DePhillips

    The Indies against DM.

  149. I thought Talon Security was busy protecting Halliburton? Private security firms protecting other private security firms.

    Guess no VM’s went down to the gulf, media blackout down there so what’s the use?

    These “firms” (I’d call them forces) have no legal authority whatsoever.

    But they get everywhere. It’s just another cancer.

    No cleaning up those oily birds, no tempting people to be free.

    Same job, Talon or not.

  150. UnluckyPatron

    I’m still pissed that I was born into a family that values this church over friends and family.

    How are we the only “suppressives” who see how crazy this is? This is nuts!!

    When you take a few steps back and look at the stuff this hobbit at the top perpetrates, it makes you want to puke.

    Dear DM: Go fuck yourself

  151. UnluckyPatron

    Also, maybe someone intelligent in management at the church will read this: Don’t you realize that the more we see this, the more vigorously and passionately we all are going to work to degrade your name and attack you? Just a thought.

    I know the Kathy True’s and OSA terminals of the world. Are you that retarded that you think you’re forwarding the aims of Scientology? You’re creating a chaos of psychosis mixed with self-righteousness. YOU’RE the ones who are suppressive.

  152. I did a screen capture of the PI’s notepad:

    Smurf on WWP did the work to track down the identity of the business at the address on the PI’s notepad:

    ” Originally Posted by Smurf View Post

    FYI. The address on the PI’s notepad: 1522 Fairfax is the address for this outfit.

    My Gal Friday

    1522 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles-Hollywood, California 90046 | BlockShopper Los Angeles”


    Information also cross-posted to ESMB in case it might mean anything to anyone there:

  153. I’ll take it up with you in person, Marty.

    But thanks for answering the question anyway.

  154. Theo Sismanides

    Sorry, obviously, meant to say we are NOT going to lose this fight.

  155. Theo Sismanides

    Jackson, we are doing something about it. It’s not just the auditor now who does something about it. It’s the Sea Org putting ethics in on DM that does something about it. With this suppression the auditors and the Tech have to have defense first and this is who we are: we are doing something about it. You are right, people should scream it out LOUD.

  156. Theo Sismanides

    Nicely put, gandiguy. Gradients and inspiration by good leadership, freedom of speech and ideas by everyone. We have moved on.

  157. KK
    Re: shore story
    You got it exactly!

    I have received information from a number of sources leading directly back to OSA whereby Anons are directly targeted and used to put current church members in fear. Even the fact that I have a couple of Anons as friends has been used by OSA to put Scientologists in ‘good standing’ in enough fear to disconnect from me (thereby preventing them from learning truth). It’s a deliberate tactic.

    Nice job pulling the string and even nicer job cross-posting so we’re all informed about the 3P.
    Obviously the bad guys are quite terrified of any alliance between the two groups 😉

    While I may not necessarily be in agreement with all Anonymous members, whenever I hear something ‘bad’ about them, I’m tending to find OSA in the background pulling the strings and I’m not interested in being played by a lesser intelligent life-form.

    Thanks KK – what you are doing (forwarding truth to both sides) is a very effective and potent weapon.

  158. Victoria
    Actually Anonymous is funding Marty and the Independent movement. The IAS regges are Anonymous plants who are secretly funneling the money to the Idies in a covert plot being run by Eli Lilly to bring down the church and take over the world.

  159. Totally compelling, Gary. This should be posted somewhere as a sudden R factor that anyone being newly introduced to the truth can read. I think this just might suddenly catapult a churchie into PT!

  160. Tony DePhillips

    That was good FF!!

  161. OMFG! If it wasn’t videoed, it’d be almost unbelieveable! I felt like I was transported to cuckoo-land!

    What an amazing trailer! When’s the movie due out? Love the score, too. Riveting, the whole thing. Thanks, guys. You got lots of support out here.

  162. Man loves MEST. Everywhere you look, he’s dramatizing it because he knows of no other identity, and alas, alleged Scientologists use Scientology, and are proud, to bolster and exalt this reverse vector dramatization.

  163. Marty,

    What impact do you think all this may be having on the staff that are still being kept at Int or locked up in SP Hall? Do you think DM’S trying to tighten his grip, installing more bars, motion detectrs, barricaded steel doors, rottweilers and dobies? Is he implanting tracking devices in the bodies of those that are left? I mean, all of this expose and all of this flourishing and propsering that is occurring out here on so many levels must be driving him batty, so I wonder what affect it will have on those around him now.

    Gawd, his antics so remind me of watching Lord of the Rings and all the looneyness of Mordor.

  164. And since when does Anonymous use the law offices of Moxon.

  165. Dear Unlucky Patron:

    Rather than being pissed … turn it to your advantage.

    Figure out HOW having been born into your family just MIGHT help you understand supression and help others better.

    Who knows — it could be you who writes the book about being born into this type of family that becomes the next “how to” manual on what TRUE family is.

    Who knows?


  166. Dave, you can’t use 50,000 a day of church money to hide your 1000 high crimes. This is only an effort to protect revealing of your high crimes, not Scientology. Otherwise LRH policy would swiftly handle and none of this would be needed. It’s going to backfire on you in a whole new way which you’ll see soon.

  167. FAO /Gary Morehead /Jackson.

    Thanks for you description my comment is Disaster beyond beleif. It Really is.

    I wait to see what happens to G.Leserve,and Heber Jenzth if they get out alive at all or want to ! if any one knows if Leserve gets out please let me know

    Any one got any updates on the whereabouts of Diana , this has been asked before as yet no reply if any one has actual concreate proof her state of being PLEASE SHARE she needs to be cared for come on.aFTER ALL IF ANY ONE NEEDS SUPPORT ITS HER.

    A Breifing from Head Quarters obvioulsy promoter’s sent to St Hill England to promote Super Power has had some odd descriptions of process Running around chairs !!! The data is still being gathered. Whats this about !!

  168. Re: Anonymous — keep in mind that Quentin Straub – (not sure his post) went around the US on mission orders — gathered as many scienotologists on lines for a confidential mandatory briefing. Those in attendance were BONDED into secrecy.

    The mission — to brief all scientologists about anonymous. To let them know they are “criminals, perverts, have criminal history etc” —

    Even those scientologists were have now stepped outside of the church are STILL confused about anonymous and one friend of mine was reticent to speak with someone because he was siding with anonymous.

    dm has switched from psychiatrists are the evil force to
    1) Marty, Mike, and the others AND 2) anonymous.

    WOW —


  169. Chris Blac k

    Very good question What exactly does DM think this will handle , ZERO



  170. Hmm, that’s very interesting. So DM is now bonding Scientologists under agreements that keep them from revealing whatever (?) is revealed to them future dates.

    Man, that’s some anti-ARC handcuffs if I ever saw them. What’s left … holding their families hostage?

    Oh, wait … he already does that.

    Just Me

  171. LOL – note to self – don’t mess with Kha Khan!

  172. Namaste.

  173. BTW, I would really like to get my hands on one of those bonding agreements.

    This is the first I’ve heard of this tactic to keep public from blowing, other than completely silently.

    So now when DM and his registrar and ethics officer agents say, “We own you!” they really do believe they aren’t kidding!”

    (The weasel words there are “they really do believe ….”)

    Just Me

  174. martyrathbun09

    Just Me,
    Wait till you see Monday’s post – absent some other breaking news. He thinks he can buy anything.

  175. Thank you for this demonstration of the PIs “at work”. It most definitely adds mass and reality to the insanity I have read about, and now can see. I just can’t help but wonder what y’all know that DM is so afraid of having voiced, written, and known broadly. Stay tuned…absolutely!

  176. Maybe the PI’s were going to subcontract the spy job to Gal Friday. Gal Friday seems more proficient than the PI’s anyway.

  177. Yeah “Lives Well ”

    Good Question

    One has to Ask the question what the hell is this DM so afraid of and why is he so afraid of what Marthy Rathburn knows about him or for that matter Mark Rinder and others.It seems to put DM in a spinning mode to cover his crimes and tracks, but all its doing is making the obvious -obvious.

    The Guy is insane.

    What is DM dramatizing and trying to proof or acheive through this enslavement to those Members who are stuck there, either scared to say, do, move, or try to break free.

    There should be Messages getting in there some how from families outside to their Love Ones now grown up in there, and obvioulsy are in this enslavemnent and cannot speak out, but have Mum’s and Dads and families outside Those families should Come forward in Numbers to say where and what has happened and demand contact Now with them, and get them to speak out against this. It should be in lardge numbers and a Public out-cry needs doing wide spread.

    What updates are there On official lines as yet with the evidence of crimes against DM to bring him to face the courts.

  178. Thought Provoking

    Absolutely hysterical! LOL

  179. Yes, and the simple point is that this misuse of PIs IS a financial irregularity.

    Based on the behavior of ALL of these ex Int Base staff none of whom are doing anything illegal nor out of character of normal citizens who have been under tremendous stress.

    So the misuse of PIs is something that later down the road, for real, should absolutely COME OUT of David Miscavige’s own personal wealth he has accrued from being the dictatorial leader (again a position NOT sanctioned, and NOT in any of LRH’s final years’ private writings!!), so Miscavige honestly OWES to return to Scientology coffers this and all the rest of the money he has wasted.

    I am congenitally naively wooden in how I think in Hubbard policy terms.

    Factually, per policy scriptures, Miscavige owes to pay back from his accrued private wealth, BACK to the church coffers, these funds he ordered be wasted.

    I do believe this should be kept in mind, as events roll forward, and Miscavige’s final moments as the dictator that no one wanted and LRH did NOT order even be, are lived.


  180. Hey…info on the address.

    We drove to a party one night in Encino. I dropped off a friend of mine who is 14 years old. Picked her back up from that party at midnight and we took a friend of her’s home because he drank too much and couldn’t drive.

    The 16 year old guy now has 2 PIs following him 24/7, just for getting in the car with us.

    Strange, crazy, sad but true…

  181. I’m for getting some of these PIs who feel their guilty consciences to “speak up” about how it is such a cushy easy job “tailing” and “surveiling” ex top Scientologists, who are decent people, and these goddamn PIs I’m sure know that ALL of the ex Int Base staff and celebrity ex Scientologists are NOT gonna do anything “dangerous”.

    It’s a cush job, my view, for what these PIs are doing.

    They know this is not in the least any kind of dangerous surveillance work for themselves.

    So, I think the viewpoint should be to embarrass these PIs into recognizing what it is they are doing.

    Church (?) funds (what church hires this amount of PIs, none compared, another “first” for Scientology, or Miscavige’s version of it) wasted.

    Well these PIs’ consciences have to be played on.

    I used to advise signs for anonymous protests.

    I would say newly harassed ex major player Scientologists who get PI harassment, ought to consider making a few signs, for photographing when the ex Miscavige Scientologists film those PIs.

    I suggest signs like:

    ———–> David Miscavige financial irregularity hired Private Eye.


    Add the money this PI was paid to Miscavige’s Freeloader Bill!!!

    If you notice in those catchy signs anonymous protesters sometimes carry, they will have an arrow pointing to the culprit PI who shows up at protests.

    One sign was

    This man is carrying a gun!

    Well I suggest ANYONE getting PI stuff, who then goes to the trouble of running down the PI and standing next to the PI and confronting that PI, ALSO you might have a pre made sign like one of the above suggestions!

    This PI hired by David Miscavige, dictator money wasting leader of Scientoloy.

    here’s me with my own long winded, naturally, signs at an anonymous protest:

  182. Thought Provoking


    Make sure to get documentation on the PI’s stalking your friend.

    Just like threatened suicide is the fastest way out of the SO, stalking a MINOR is the fastest ticket to a jail sentence.

  183. LOL! The dots are now connected: The Texas Shack has got to be Anonymous Headquarters International! And Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder are the sekrit leaders everyone has been wondering about!

  184. Current official Scientology ARC Break Handling Program steps would be the right policy scriptures for them to follow, so their attempts are the correct thing.

    This is a Catch 22.

    Come in, help make this your own org and Bridge to Total Freedom safe island of sanity.

    (Fine Print: You’ll be managed by a leader of leaders, and eventually get the creeping suspicion that leader of leaders seems like Joe Stalin reincarnated.)

  185. It’s robotism, and these good people are blind to it. Following orders without question; orders to remove any obstacle or “enemy” whatever the cost. But in these actions, the saddest thing about it, is the ignorance of Policy.

    “The organization then has all its policy rigged to expand. It takes many things to ensure expansion. Thus when you are interpreting policy, it should be interpreted only against EXPANSION as the single factor governing it. This can serve to clarify questions about policy. The correct interpretation always leads to expansion, not holding a level or contraction. ..So one interprets policy against proper expansion that is proper. Expansion which when expanded can hold its territory without effort is proper and correct expansion.” — LRH, HCO PL 4 Dec 1966 Admin Know-How Series 9, EXPANSION, THEORY OF POLICY

    Question to OSA: Is persistent use of PIs to harass supposed “SPs” your application of an LRH policy? If so, how does it fit with the above? I asked these exact questions elsewhere, but I will ask again: Do these activities result in proper expansion? Have they ever? Is the CoS expanding properly? WHAT DO THE STATS SHOW?

    “So black propaganda is not something one lightly instigates. For it recoils on the person who uses it. Let us see how it recoils. Too much venom put out stains one with venom. Too much black propaganda gets attacks in return. Black propaganda is essentially a fabric of lies. ..Sooner or later such stories are found not to be true. ONE false story can destroy the credit of the teller. Now who listens? Thus a black propaganda campaign is vulnerable. The attacker sooner or later is attacked – often by many.” — LRH, HCO PL 21 Nov 1972 PR Series 18, HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA

    Question to OSA: This is incredibly important data that continues to be overlooked. How many years have you thrown parishioner donations at these types of campaigns, only to pull in MORE and MORE attacks? Ask yourself.

    “But one, in removing the suppressive, has to be sure one’s own product and delivery are still correct and straight and in no way suppressive of anything but suppressives.” — LRH, HCO PL 4 Dec 1966 Admin Know-How Series 9, EXPANSION, THEORY OF POLICY

    Question to OSA: Are you certain that Scientology under DM is the same Scientology as that under LRH? Are you confident that the redefinition of instant reads and F/Ns, the violation of the No-Interference Zone for those on OT VII, mentions of Orwell, of MSH and others being edited from lectures, and even the new Basics routes for new public, are “correct and straight”, per the above policy? Is the invalidation of Clears, enforcing Objectives on OT VIIIs, IAS crush regging, and endless sec checking those who hold alternative viewpoints, to name but a FEW, “no way suppressive”? Ask yourself.

    Something to think about, perhaps.

  186. Awesome video!

    It’s a shame so much money is being wasted this way. I wonder how many lifetime IAS memberships were used for that?

  187. Tiziano,

    As Thought Provoking said, please document this with video and/or photographs if possible. I’ve cross-posted this to both ESMB and WWP to let them know about the situation. The threads are:

    Is the Church of Scientology now tailing and harassing a minor?

    Is the Church of Scientology now tailing and harassing a minor?

    I also made separate cross-posts to other ESMB and WWP threads concerning JB, Jamie and you.

    If you can provide any documentation (video, photographs, etc.), I’ll cross post such evidence to WWP and ESMB as appropriate.

    Sorry you, your family and friends are going through this.

    — Kha Khan

  188. Marty, I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the truth is finally out.

    Maybe it’s time to tell everyone about how Anonymous started placing sleeper agents in the Sea Org, oh, about 20 years ago now. We’ve been running DM ever since. If only he knew…

  189. For DM and those that have aligned themselves with Hubbard’s enemies:

  190. Thanks for the video.. love it! love it!

  191. Concerned Citizen


    I can tell you that the bonded agreements and briefings are a ploy, more than just to mislead. It seems in his madness, he actually had a lucid moment and realized that people were no longer “buying” the IAS briefings all by themselves.

    With these briefings, he restimulates James Bond sort if incidents, he gets these public to feel “trusted and special” (pushing self importance buttons ) so they are that much more willing to fork over money for this new dreamed -of war.

    One of the DA lines is “Why would you listen to a failed executive and self styled victims? Anyone wondering what the truth is should go directly to the source that is the only way to find the truth”

    I had to wonder does that mean we really shouldn’t listen to “self styled holocaust survivors? we should go to the Nazi party and get the truth about who they are, how benevolent they are and most of all how all those groups they oppose are actual bad!?

    People, don’t listen to the government, really go ask Kim Jong Ill what is the truth about his regime and how good he really is, only way to find the truth. Oh yeas, that murderer on trail, we should listen to what he has to say, not the witnesses and not the forensic people.
    Charles Manson. I bet there is a perfectly good explanation for the La Bianca murders; it was actually Anonymous financed by “Big Pharma and arms dealers and the ACLU…

  192. Jebidiah Bean

    Thank you to you, yours and David “Mini Man” Miscavige for a very entertaining video.

    Given the church has well over $6000 million cash reserves stashed away around the world I expect we will see more of this kind of thing for a while yet.

    Hey here’s one for the stat freaks, I wonder how this video compares to film production costs.

    $50,000 x 14 days = $700,000 production cost/ 10 mins running time = $70,000 per min

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (Most expensive film to date) cost $315m adjusted. Which is $1,875,000 per min. on 138 min running time.

    So Davy, you still have a long way to go before you beat that stat. Try Harder!

  193. Heather G / Note posted 21-6-10 /1:13 am makes a point of saying ” Marthy is it not time to let all know how anonymous started tracking church 20 years ago ” assume you mean inside ??

    Please clarify

    Question /Why then has it taken this long to get the score of the real situation the current inside made known when so many people have been leaving , Also see part 1-6 Hana Eltringham – Wheatefield claiming she and her husband have helped so many to get out . she talks at a conference in Hamburg Germany.

    I then have to assume this blog is part of Anonymous Marthy Yes ?

  194. martyrathbun09

    She was being facetious; thought that was clear.

  195. Stalking, surveilling & intimidating ex church members hoping to gather some much needed dirt via a dozen P.I.s is completely desperate and psychotic. It could not be mistaken as anything other than an admission of guilt.

    Somebody(s) has seriously blown a fuse. This is totally insane.

    DM is fraudulently using parishioners donations hoping to dead-agent his own crimes. And the only reason he’s getting support from Management is supposedly to save Scientology from destruction.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Well, if they are so sincerely concerned with saving Scientology, then why beat SOs, IAS bankrupt the field, squirrel the tech and a zillion other avenues to loot parishioners pocketbooks to the max?

    It’s pure fraud of the highest order. Nothing is what appears.

    I’m sure we are only seeing a glimpse of the CO$ apocalypse.

    By the way the OSA line on this is that anonymous are behind the PIs (and financing them) to make the church look bad.

    Sure, and they are using Dave’s legal firm too.
    I think its the other way around.

    And why point fingers and suppose who might be doing it if you are not guilty?
    Just deny it … you know … the way Tommy Davis denies everything.

    I’d say CO$ might be back-peddling.

    Public audit of all RTC/IAS/CSI/INT books will answer everything … just follow the money.

    After a while you start to see PIs everywhere, even in people that aren’t.

    Its hoped when done often enough, a person will go Type III, get some footage/evidence of that, use it for Black PR. Far more subtler forms also exist to effect that without using P.I.s.

    I was the target of such Intels once (not Scientology related) so I have very good reality on how its done.

  196. Thanks, Marty. Yes, I thought I’d made my comment sufficiently silly that it would be obvious. Didn’t mean to mislead anyone, but Anonymous isn’t running anything or anyone.

  197. Lady Lancelot

    How does the Church get away with blowing our donations this way? Totally nuts and not the Scientology I signed up for.

  198. So let me get this straight. DM is saying that we are taking the money that Bigpharma is paying us to protest and financing the PIs ?

    and people believe it. I don’t mean to sound like some kind of “religious bigot” but I find that a trifle delusional.

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