Scientology Idle Org Strategy: a sad tale

by Mike Rinder.

Following are excerpts from a recent Church of Mest promo piece:

In 2006 we purchased the former Santa Ana Performing Arts building in downtown Santa Ana for 6.2 million dollars as the new expanded home for our central church in Orange County.  It is a home to service us and our families, friends and neighbors up The Bridge to Total Freedom and a new golden civilization for Orange County.


Thus we do have a building. But it is incomplete. It needs to be renovated to our Ideal Org standards. Why is renovation not started and completed?

At the time we purchased the building, it was stated that funding for our building was complete. Why? The plan was to sell our current building, This would provide the money needed to renovate the build to our ideal standards.

Times do change. Since then, the real estate market has crashed and the valid and available buyers reduced with the economy. The current church facility has not yet sold. Thus our purpose in creating a new ideal church facility is slowed due to a lack of funding. Also the Public Division spaces have been re-designed based on upcoming releases and testing of designs in current Ideal Orgs.

The evolution is complete and we have the go ahead. We need to go straight up and vertical and occupy our building so we have not an Ideal Org building but an Ideal Organization and all that it means. 

Of course, the outpoints are legion.

First – Orange County was one of the first SAINT HILL SIZE CLASS V Orgs. The decline of Scientology orgs – even the biggest on the planet – is clear for anyone to see.  Once, one of the showcase Class V orgs in the world , in one of the most affluent regions of the United States, Orange County is now incapable of generating enough funding from delivering services to RENOVATE the building they purchased 4 years ago!  4 YEARS to make the money the way LRH said to do it – with Dianetics and Scientology.  

And according to this promo, they just got the go ahead to put in the DM robot Div 6 system now that it has been “successfully piloted.” So, I guess that has been the hold up on all those other “Ideal Orgs” that have been shown at Dear Leader briefings over the years that have never materialized. Anyone remember Harlem? Sacramento? Stuttgart? Brescia? Cape Town? Auckland? Birmingham? Battle Creek? Kansas City? Vancouver? Caracas? ITD? Atlanta? Bulawayo? etc. etc. etc. Hype and forgotten.   

So, let’s get this straight:    This org has a 6.2 million dollar building in the perfect location in Orange County (according to them) that gives them double the space they currently have. And in 4 years they haven’t needed more space in the existing org, nor have they managed to set aside money to renovate the new twice as big building.  This is not management of orgs according to any LRH tech, with evals that find right why’s and programs that expand reach, sales and delivery. This is another Dear Leader patented “one size fits all executive C/S” that is so clearly an epic failure and yet so ingrained into the think of the sheeple that its all they talk about. And if you speak to existing public (and I have), they robotically tell you the wonderful success of this incredible program implemented by COB – and when you say “Have you been to any of the orgs – they are empty?” they respond with absolute certainty “that’s just black PR.” And yet its right in front of their faces. Like this promo piece!  But they are so packed with false data (lies) about the massive expansion created by COB that they are blind. 

Dear Leader said the why of Golden Age of Tech was “the blind leading the blind” – well, if that was true then the why for the current state of Scientology is “the liar leading the blinder.”  

But sadder still is how short the memory of the sheeple is.  Orange County is one of the orgs DM proudly showed at one of the first Maiden Voyage events where he began to hammer in his false data Idle Org campaign. Orange County’s new org was shown as a fly through with all the spaces depicted in computer graphic images to show how this was “really happening.”

Make no mistake, it would be wonderful if Orange County (and all these other orgs) was expanding and actually needed to move into new premises in order to meet the needs for delivery.  It would mean they were delivering standard tech and Scientology WOULD be expanding.  Today, no org on the planet can do that – they are so dispersed selling Basic Book packages to people that already have 2 or 3 sets, regging for their new building or renovations (“so you can attain your next status level” – Dear Leader believes status is the major motivating force on planet earth and he speaks from his reality) or regging for the IAS (next status level in the theater of the absurd – diamond studded excelsior maximus brown nosus) that they don’t put attention on getting in new people and delivering. And even if they did, the doors are blocked into Div 6 because they cannot handle the public individual in front of them, they HAVE to walk people around and show them videos and remain muzzled as part of Dear Leader’s brilliant handling for getting new public in. And if by a miracle they get someone in who wants to go up the Bridge they only have robot GAT auditors who chronically bypass F/Ns . And that presumes they can get them beyond the blanket orders to study the basics, or do 1000 hours of Objectives on every case or whatever the newest fad is that is presented as the newest “brilliant breakthrough from Dear Leader.”

And they really have been led to believe they “will expand” when they get a nifty new building so if they just get that done then all will be OK.  And like new OT IX and X – the promises this week are no better than the promises last week, last month, last year or last century. And the “future” is a false dream that has been sold to the sheeple with “something new” will handle the problem – “just wait for what COB comes out with next.” How long can you go on hoping?And how long can you continue to ignore what LRH says – solve it with Scientology. And do what worked before – because it WILL work again. And the Ideal Orgs and GAT and Div 6 videos – these are all Dear Leader’s NEW INVENTIONS. And they are epic failures. But they are presented as fabulous successes.  Wake up people!

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  1. Watching Eyes

    dear leader = psych

    psych’s product = no stats = enslaved people

    Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that the one running the “church” would be a psych? Can’t get any crazier.

  2. Yes – it is frustrating and disappointing that the average churchie remains so blind, in spite of YEARS of contraction. The evidence is right in front of their eyes and yet….

    The tech is simply not being comprehended nor used. The Ideal Org program is so flagrantly off-policy (LRH policy), but….if you say that out load, you’re “toast”.

    The acid test is this: Scientology relies on results, not faith and blind belief, so after this final shakedown, followed by zero expansion, I expect a mass desertion.

    This is Miscavige’s last hurrah.

  3. MissBridgett

    The Ideal Orgs all around the world would be beautifully renovated and open by now, it seems…if only the funds were not used for doing ‘Dear leader’s’ bully work…and chasing critiques all around the planet!

    I am fairly certain that the $ amount spent harassing JB alone…would be enough to at least have one Ideal Org. completed and up and running…staffed with happy individals who are properly being paid at least minimum wages for good work done…(as is required of all non-profit organizations)…and truly helping people…not destroying all these ‘supposed critiques’ lives…

    If the Catholic Church, Mormon Church, Presbyterian Church…or any other faith have defectors or critiques…they usually ignore them…and they eventually go away…So WHY then does the Bullyteam at Scientology’s helm not see clearly that what they are doing is not only getting them NO-where in this lifetime…but destroying Scientology and suppressing growth…causing things to go backwards rapidly!

    I think the adage applies here that “Power corrupts…and absolute power corrupts absolutely”…

  4. It’s a criminal waste of parishoner funds. As was the library campaign. How many libraries have a full set of basics? Few I wager. Libraries in my area have only a few older edition books.

    How much debt have the captive public been saddled with to buy this empty building?

    The captive public are the ones who just cant see anymore. Everything MUST be “OK”. If it comes from COB’s mouth at an event, then it’s the gospel. I was like that a year ago. It is a pretty convincing PR show if you have turned off your powers of observation and shackled opon yourself the unquestioning faith that prohibits you to ask questions or complain about outpoints.

  5. Back in the 1980s Orange County Org had an arrangement with the office complex across the street to use their parking lot during non-business hours, because the Org’s own parking would routinely fill up on weekends and in the evening before the course period started.

    A friend recently reported that there were only 8 cars in the Org parking lot on a Saturday morning. Assuming half of those belonged to staff, that leaves 4 public on paying services. And that income’s going to cover staff pay and Org expenses AND renovate a $6 million old building to Dm’s glitzy standards?

  6. “Dear Leader believes status is the major motivating force on planet earth and he speaks from his reality”….”next status level in the theater of the absurd – diamond studded excelsior maximus brown nosus”

    To the point of beyond ludicrous.

    “And the Ideal Orgs and GAT and Div 6 videos – these are all Dear Leader’s NEW INVENTIONS. ”

    If only it were as simple and innocuous as just The Flavor of the Month, but as you so clearly explain, Mike, it’s so much more.

    Such incredible Wrong Target. Targetting MEST as the product, rather than theta. Or targetting theta as Why, to remove it entirely from the scene and replace it with MEST.

    At some point even the most complicit and “true” must see and pull their support. Let this be, as OT VIII said “Miscavige’s last hurrah”, albeit already way too long coming.

  7. This is the beginning of the end. AND ITS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!

  8. I don’t know if anyone else spotted an article that appeared in recently. Anon protesters were assaulted by a non-scn in Halifax Nova Scotia. What is interesting is the official statement by the CoM spokesman to the Herald:
    Andersen has told police that she has no a connection to the Church of Scientology.
    And a spokeswoman for the Church of Scientology said Wednesday that Andersen is not a member of the church in Halifax and does not have any affiliation with it.
    “The answer is no,” said Pat Felske, a Church of Scientology spokeswoman in Toronto.
    “As a matter of fact, when the incident occurred, no one was at the church at all,” Felske said Wednesday.
    Note the last line… I wonder if Pat Felske has since been RPF’d. The church has finally admitted the truth to the press – “an empty org”. Oops. Or do they claim that Anon stage their protests at 3am or something?

  9. Virgil Samms

    Mike, great report. The retarded is actually leading the deaf and blind and this deaf and blind stuff is actually walking into suppressive reasonableness. I’m sorry, but that’s what it is.

    The reason for the new Division 6 strategy is because dear leader himself cannot confront people, so he designed a Division 6 where people don’t have to talk to people. Isn’t that clever? I thought I read all of the advices on Div 6 from LRH and I don’t remember that one. Hmm. Kiss Div 6 goodbye in all orgs.

    His Idle Org Strategy is that he did some sort of eval and “found out” that people stopped coming in for services because the buildings were ugly, so we put up new, expensive and posh buildings and now the people will come in. Ya, good evaluating. He knows for sure that it can’t be out tech. GAT is sound and his world-famous debug on “three swings” popped the whole scene wide open. So it has to be ugly orgs stopping people from coming in. Got to be, because the tech is good. What about KSW #1? Shaddup or you’ll get a fresh one and then the hole.

    Then in his real estate blunders he orders expensive idle buildings be purchased and expensive renovations done in the face of uncertain economies and loses tens of millions of dollars with these purchases when the markets collapse. Untold millions of dollars lost by dear idiot. But people watch and say “wow”.

    Sea Org reserves were supposed to hold enough $$ to support every org should the economy collapse. From the looks and sounds of it, he has depleted SOR and is working on depleting IAS slush. Like I say, suppressive reasonableness abounds.

    Too bad, a lot of people standing around watching while this is happening. And I don’t care if this makes me unpopular, but I say stand up and fight or lose it all. It’s that simple.

    ML Tom

  10. I’ve never before seen a piece of church promo that assigns “causation” to the economy, or anything else of that kind.

    This promo piece justifies the org’s failure to deliver what was promised over a period of four years, and points to the economy as The Why.
    This in itself represents a major shift in the entire culture of scienotology (and is in completely violates every LRH management policy I can think of). Surely it must occur to SOME one that out-management is the cause of this situation. There are enough people in O.C. who are savvy about the real estate market, who will read that and think (however dimly, however far back in the dark recess of their minds) “this whole cycle was mishandled from the start, by someone who doesn’t know the first thing about buying real estate).

    Just an aside, this is also sure to result in public experiencing yet more “cognitive dissonance” when their own inability to come up with more money for dono’s, “because of the economy”, gets them screamed at by a red-in-the-face IAS reg for being “out ethics.”

    I’ve seen a lot of “firsts” regarding the c of m over the last several months. But this piece of promo puts at effect point the entire organization of the c of m, its upper and middle management, its policies and programs and by association the entire body of LRH admin policy
    (which admittedly is not being used).

    They are ALL the effect of the economy, and no matter how much money the public has donated, how much crushing debt the public have taken on or how many bankruptcies, foreclosures, or wiped out retirement funds and college funds they have experienced, nothing could put them at cause. Sad. I remember when they used to use scientology for stuff like that.

  11. Very sad state of affairs. I am an old Div 6 guy from a long time back (1972-1986), and we got many thousands on the Bridge with the original LRH interview film, personality test and public lectures, and one on one regging – using TR’s, 2-way comm and ARC. And then those people would bring friends back to me to find out about Scientology, in part because of the comm cycle (LRH tech) we had. I guess this has been out for quite a while. I remember we in Div 6 would be frantically looking for FSMS or anyone to help us reg, as we often had more public than registrars. Those were the days for me. Thanks for your post.

  12. It *is* a sad tale. So many well-intentioned but misguided people thinking they are doing what is going to expand Scientology, but ignoring the tech right in front of their faces.

    I’m on the Sacramento Org email and call-in lists. They had a big event a few weeks ago, when they apparently met their renovation fundraising target, but for some reason since then they are trying to raise even more money. Their calls and emails all emphasize “status” and “moving up to your next status.” One of them even said the Ideal Org is the first step to building “a new civilization.” It’s effing nuts!

  13. I don’t think it qualifies as a strategy. Its a dramatization of having to have before one can do.
    A big one.

  14. Pirate's Wife

  15. UnDisturbed

    The Idle Org strategy is the classic ‘field of dreams’ postulate, “If you build it they (the public) will come”. That is, of course, nonsense but apparently it works on some public Scientologists to keep them funding this impossible dream.

    Sooner or later those public, who have dug down deep in their pockets for funding the Ideal Org strategy, will rebel. How long they can remain tricked and deceived I don’t know, but at some point they will recognize the folly of this strategy.

    It is also the classic ‘going on hoping’. Like the field of dreams strategy, you go on hoping these beautiful MEST buildings will attract the public in. One thing I’ve gotten from reading LRH policy is he never went on hoping. He found the why and a solution and got it implemented. Too bad the current management will not implement the LRH strategy for building Scientology in the neighborhood.

  16. crashingupwards

    Mike, thank you for framing the situation in terms and examples easily understood.

    By ones and twoes and fives and tens the lights are going on and the Scientologists are seeing it and becomming Independent of all this.

    If you ever bought a forgery, the more you paid for it the less liklely you are to believe it is a forgery. And so some will never be able to see the light on their own. But the vast majority will see it as time goes on.

    Your efforts are yielding results daily. With the internet search engines full of the reality as you express it, the exodus will continue even if you never spoke or printed another word.

    After all the years you devoted to Scientology and all you have been through, its stunning and impressive to see and have you taking a point position on this matter. Your LRH’s man to the core.

    I highly commend you, not that you need it.

  17. Concerned Citizen

    The first barrier to study-learning is thinking one knows it all already.

    In other words, it is impossible to fill a cup already full.

    I have noticed that the bigger (fundamental) problem is that the misuse of the tech acts as suppression with all the attendant consequences. Well after MUs of course.
    Some highly trained, normally supper smart people I have spoken with, have these strange concepts floating in their heads which they think are Scientology. To them is like some test of confront and toughness, throw in endurance in the mix.

    The great majority of those so blind as to dismiss everything stated here as black PR, will be found on further inquiry, to have no understanding really, of scientology.

    I mean, these people really don’t get it, they actually can not really apply it, they do not understand the concepts but they think they do.

    One of the first things I noticed early on was a certain arrogance that characterizes many Scietologist – and yes I’m said to admit, I was infected with it. This arrogance dismisses almost anything else as inferior and or Psych ridden.

    It is not unusual to find conversations about how virtually every system of knowledge has been infiltrated and “tainted” by “psych think” Whatever that means.

    The blindness is a complex phenomena with many layers- MUs, lack of confront of evil, stable data and confusion (the safe solution) ser facs and overts, etc. But I theorized as I read this, that under all of that is the suppression.

    A PTS person gets stuck with uncertainty- derived from constant overt or covert invalidation and the thought process gets muddy.

    There is also the phenomenon of stuck at doubt. All of these combine gives of the hell that has become, Scientology and present day, pinned down the bridge idle org strategies. So long as people depend on another view point, expect others to do their thinking for them, and accept suppression, this blindness will result.

  18. DFB – since you’ve very obviously and wonderfully woken up – could you share want caused you to start to LOOK – you mentioned being “pretty much” like those still IN only a year ago?

    We should use your wakeup moments/tools as successful actions.

    Since you are still under the radar change the specifics to generic happens.

    I’m sure it would still be helpful.



  19. Chairman Blighe unfortunately is totally stuck on “Controlling Bodies” and any anchor points he wants
    kept in his version of his universe.

    The “blind leading the blind” wasn’t just a statement
    of Der Maniacal’s ephiphany, it was his postulate!


  20. Geez! Mike great write-up. I was just thinking about this and could not for one single moment find a justifier for why anyone would continue to contribute to the madness.St. Pete’s times published a “letter to the editor”, in which Joannie Seigle (Seagle?) wrote a letter denying all that the church has done. Hell she doesn’t know and she won’t look like many who are still hanging on.

    I will tell you what…I can only imagine how the MV is doing. I can see it now, you have all been csed to redo your entire bridge. During the life saving drill I’d be putting on my life jacket and lowering the lifeboat like real fast. Those on that ship will not leave with one thin dime left!

    Wake up people is correct.

  21. Mike Henderson

    OC Org was a delivery center for many WISE groups, who wanted their professional clients handled with a certain flair. The transition from business improvement to personal improvement was handled at OC a certain way. My wife came in through Hollander, who trained her at Portland, then she was routed to OC Org. She travelled there many times for auditing to Clear, despite living in Ft. Myers, Fl. only a 2 hour drive south of Flag! OC went St. Hill size because WISE groups were feeding them pro-PCs from all over the US. That ended when it was determined it was cutting the proper income of the persons’ local org. The OC Org has never since attained that affluence. Now, Flag is cutting everyones throat by delivering Grades! Go figure.

  22. Blatant off-policy. And why current members don’t see it, I’ll never know. There’s even an HCO PL that talks about NOT doing what they are doing for the “Ideal” orgs.

    Are people really just this blind? reasonable? ignorant? stupid?

    What truly offends me, TRULY offends me, is the number of FEBC grads that I knew back in the early 90’s who are still on-line, on staff and going along with this joke, KNOWING what they know.

    When everything is said and done, when DM is out and order is being restored, it’ll be time to go back to basics: Ethics, Tech, Admin. There’s gonna be a lot of word clearing to be done on conditions formulas just to pick up the pieces and start all over.

    Long row to hoe, as we say in the south.


  23. Mike,

    I once told our long-time E/D that the word-of- mouth reference by LRH should be what leads, ultimately, to a booming org, based upon good works rather than endless fund-raising (which, of course, is a total bypass).

    Said E/D literally chuckled rather arrogantly at the LRH and stated “That will never work.”

    I pushed him a little harder on the outpoints of the Idle Org strategy and, fully expecting him to take my head off at that point, he instead sat in a chair, put his feet up, sighed and said “I’m just following orders”.

    This leads me to believe (to know, actually), that DM’s tactics have, over many years, driven long- time staff down to uncertainty that the actual tech even works anymore.

    And so, they begin clinging to unusual solutions, such as Idle Orgs. And they cling for dear life, totally willing to toss long-time “friends” under the bus for making them nudge up against the truth.

    Org staff today are doing anything they can to prevent the truth from entering the scene. I have eyes and ears at our local org and seeing the truth is apparently enemy number one.

    Nobody wants to be wrong or to have their stable data turned upside down. Too painful.

    But, throwing one’s friends under the bus and/or using them as a shield (as JB mentioned recently) seems to be pretty popular at the fear-bot orgs.

    Thanks for this report!


  24. IO — You nailed it.

  25. Many years ago I spent six months of my time helping the local org find a new building and working through staff, with BIC, (LRH’s Building Investment Committee), which was located at Flag.

    It was a 35,000 square foot building in absolutely the BEST LOCATION, one could imagine. It still is the best location that an org could have. Sometime after the purchase of the building, John Woodruff, the then ED of Orange County came as the guest speaker to an event for the org. If my memory serves me correctly, Orange County had just won the award for becoming St. Hill size. He spoke of the incredible location that this org had, and that it should be one of the biggest in the world due to its fantastic location and proximity to over 50,000 college students — some of the best and brightest minds in the country. He said his staff would give their eye-teeth to have a building and location like the one this org had acquired.

    This particular org is not slated to have a new builidng, it is supposed to renovate the one that it has. The building was purchased in 1979. Recently, I have been observing traffic to this org. It appears that the Day organization has 3 to 5 staff members, and as far as I can tell, no public. The foundation org has 5 to 7 staff members and a few public. So after 31 years, this org is still small (in terms of staff and public)and delivery is minimal.

    Yes, in real estate the maxim is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. In the world of commercial real estate, beautiful buildings are quite the thing, if you want good credit-worthy tenants.

    So here is an org that John Woodruff, the then ED of the biggest org on the planet, said had one of the most prestigious and ideal locations on the planet in a beautiful building on one of the busiest corners of the city, and it has never even begun to reach the delivery of the small run-down building that the org had had previouly. One time in that old building an Annex had to be rented, and the Annex was one big room, probably 10,000 square feet, with bathrooms, and it was filled with new public doing the Comm Course! That was back in 1972, 1973. During that time I got audited in a tiny bathroom the size of a closet, and my auditor sat on the commode with the auditing table between us and my back to the door. It was the only space available in the whole building where I could be audited!!!! Later, I rented an apartment where my auditor was assigned to me and we audited my expanded grades to completion, after going Dianetic Clear, as I was commuting to get training and auditing.

    The point is: the org has never again reached the staff size and delivery that occurred in the early 70’s in an old rundown building that was really an old house, in a location that had not even 1/100th of the traffice the current building has. For 31 years they have had a very nice upstat commercial building in the best location one could possibly conceive, and have just a handful of public. It truly is DELIVERY OF SERVICE AND MATERIALS that makes or breaks an org, and all the beautiful buildings and locations in the world will do nothing for the org if the standard delivery of Tech is not being done.

    BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS are a WRONG WHY. And they just drive the stats down even more, by making the orgs unviable with rent payments and utility bills that they cannot afford!

    The RIGHT WHY IS 100% LRH STANDARD TECH, delivered to the public. That is the only thing that makes orgs grow! This universe has never had the technology to handle minds and spirits, and yet this is ignored so that beautiful buildings can be had?

    WAKE UP PLEASE, BEFORE YOU LOSE THE TECHNOLOGY, and the MEST you have accumulated (through bankruptcy). There is no question in my mind that funds of the Church of Scientology public are going to dry up, being unable and/or unwilling to fund this madness any longer. This already has to be happening, or why would there be so much pressure, now from the top Ethics terminals on the planet, to call in public and threaten them with Ethics action if they don’t donate?

    The End Phenomina of the original LRH OT V was “Freedom from fixated introversion into MEST”. This is in one of the original Books of Basics, Scientology O -8, one of those little slim volumes. Looks like we need to re-instate that, don’t we? LRH had it there for a reason, and now we see what happens when you delete some of his technology!!!!!!!

    Hope this isn’t too sudden, but I have been sitting on this communication for a long time, and even though it might be long and boring for some of you, thanks for letting me say my piece!!!! It feels good!!!!

  26. You missed a few sylabils, Psych-o-path.

    🙂 fixed that for you.

    And most “psychs” never even heared of Scientology , and that is the honest truth.

  27. Origin

    This arose as a quotation by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902). The historian and moralist, who was otherwise known simply as Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

    Another English politician with no shortage of names – William Pitt, the Elder, The Earl of Chatham and British Prime Minister from 1766 to 1778, is sometimes wrongly attributed as the source. He did say something similar, in a speech to the UK House of Lords in 1770:

    “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”

  28. C/Up — you are totally right. The more you pay for a forgery the harder it is to admit you were taken. And with the C of M it is not just the money — it is the investment of yourself that is way more valuable than the money. Nobody wants to admit they have been duped. Admitting to being wrong doesnt come easy. Thank you for your acknowledgement. I shall never forget your kindness and camraderie all those years ago — and you havent changed a bit!

  29. Brahman — You’re right. He calls it a strategy. I should have use quotation marks and a big fat raspberry when I used the term

  30. I read this incredible article, and my pulse picked up. I started to get pretty angry about it. And then I took a few steps back.

    How would one go about closing an Org? Its pretty hard to just up and announce that such and such org is closing its doors for good, since its quite clearly considered a suppressive act, regardless of circumstances. But what if you mock it up so it doesn’t really need all too many staff. Make it so, no matter what happens, it still shines, no matter how dead it is. And we’ve seen first hand what happens to Idle Orgs. The get staffed for the full week, and then bam, empty. Essentially, shut down.

    Seems like a pretty clever way of systematically closing down orgs, one after the other. It may not be the sole intention, but it most definitely is the product.

  31. I went to an event in this cool old building a couple of years ago-the first Scientology related thing I’d done in over twenty years. The building itself is wonderful, but the event was pure bs. The featured speaker, Sharron Webber, was a no-show. A few dozen folks were in an upstairs meeting room being lectured by a very bland fellow. Nobody looked very excited; I left after just a little while. One thing that really stood out was how dark and gloomy the meeting room was. I wondered if they were having trouble paying for adequate lighting. The building is in the older part of Santa Anna btw, and not a place I’d want to go at night. It all looked pretty disheartening.

  32. Mike, Hi,
    I was there when DM anounced the “Blind leading the Blind”. I was stunned. I don’t recall if it was live or vid, but it impinged. Right after I querried it, how can that be? the pat S.O. response, “you have out-tech”, my Q, how can that be? LRH entrusted the S.O. with THE correct TECH and its standard delivery, how can that be? SO, “there was out tech, we have it corrected now, my Q where was Qual? LRH set up Qual to correct and run the org, where is/was it? We have it now, was the SO member’s response. OMG, personal inval, wrong indication, nullification of total DN-SCN past, followed by more wrong indications, followed by more nullification, of all of the SO, and of all SCNists, all based on one man’s statement. It swung wide open the door to HIS agenda as the game totally had to be played on his field, by his rules and was/is closed to any possible thought, or preception that varied from “Command Intention”. Play as I say, or go. My point is, sheeple are not able to wake up and see, until each realize the actual truth that knocked them into the state they agreed to, and are continually agreeing to be in. Slavery, being postioned in another’s time and space…..Social Machinery, action without awareness…

  33. Lady Minn — None too sudden, none too long and none too boring 🙂 You speak sooth. What is odd is how many people know exactly what you know and ignore reality under a black cloud of false data that they have been force fed for years.

  34. Wow, re: Church of Mest – the current scene sounds like the ultimate stat push – being regged for money to buy “bigger and more beautfiul” empty buildings and glossy promo pictures. I saw the beginnings of this before I left the SO in 1986, with IAS reg cycles getting in the way of reg cycles for auditing and training. The sick irony is that back in the 70’s and 80’s, there was Black PR out there, with the lie that all Scientology wanted was your money, when we KNEW that we were selling courses or auditing and the product was spiritual freedom and self-determinism.

  35. Ze office iz unter ze lovely Parc me zinks.

  36. When DM referred to the pre-GAT era as “the blind leading the blind”, I’m sure he was referring to himself.

    I’m so glad I’m no longer part part of the CO$ psychosis.

  37. Cowboy Poet

    The Real Why for all this insanity?
    Cranial Rectal Inversion

  38. Tony DePhillips

    wow!! That says a lot right there. Scientology doesn’t want to show their books. I can only imagine why. This is a great video clip for those who haven’t seen it.


  39. Another example of mocking up realities electronically, hhmm, why does that sound familiar?

    The other advantage to electronic mock-ups is mentioned below*.

    The rest of it hinges on the big lie and other logical fallacies.

    No matter how much I study it or observe it in real life this blindness does not make sense to me. But it is easy to see in DM’s speech patterns all the big lies he seeks to implant. Can you say “the blind leading he blind” over and over for thirty years? The blind leading the blind indeed, that specifically named those of us that could SEE. Just take note of the repetitive dronelike talking points and those are the soft implants. It’s so freakin’ obvious it’s almost embarrassing.

    NEWSPEAK; George Orwell 1984:
    The ability to blindly believe anything, regardless of its absurdity. Orwell’s blackwhite refers only to that caused by fear, indoctrination, or repression of one’s individual critical thinking . A true Party member could automatically, and without thought, expunge any “incorrect” information and totally replace it with “true” information from the Party. If properly done, there is no memory or recovery of the “incorrect” information that could cause.
    * This ability is likened to the total erasure of information only possible in electronic storage.*

    The phrase was also used in a report prepared during the war by the United States Office of Strategic Services in describing Hitler’s psychological profile.

    His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.
    Take this you’shack dweller:P

    An argumentum ad crumenam argument, also known as an argument to the purse, is a logical fallacy of concluding that a statement is correct because the speaker is rich (or that a statement is incorrect because the speaker is poor).
    (On Promotion Of False Doctrines)
    Pope Pius IX

    8. Also well known is the Catholic teaching that no one can be saved outside the Catholic Church. Eternal salvation cannot be obtained by those who oppose the authority and statements of the same Church and are stubbornly separated from the unity of the Church and also from the successor of Peter, the Roman Pontiff, to whom “the custody of the vineyard has been committed by the Savior.”
    This practice can be observed in the use of political slogans, and the distribution of “talking points,” which are collections of short phrases that are issued to members of modern political parties for recitation to achieve maximum message repetition.
    Similiar to the golden rule, he who has the gold, rules.
    and peaking of electronic erasure, this from the village voice recently;

    The aricle is new new double good doublespeak proclaiming the church ommitted the chapters for the benefit of the public to save them from the woman hating attitudes of LRH.

    The chapter titled “A Womans Creativity.”

    Ron knew all too well what the feminist movement was all about. Look back to Frueds evil little nephew Bernaise, who while working for the tobacco companies enticed an entire generation of women to start smoking, to refuse to be “surpressed by men” and even organised marches of protests with women smoking LIBERTY TORCHES.

    Yes ma’am, little Davet has been busy reading everything BUT LRH.

    End of rant!

    The 2007 edition, which retails for $30, leaves out 17 of Hubbard’s original chapters

  40. Watching Eyes

    No, I meant what I wrote; a real, honest to God psych has taken over.

    Go into your tech vols and read up on psychs; what they do, their intentions, etc. etc. As you’re reading one word will consistantly come to mind: DWARF.

  41. Anonymous for now

    I am sickened – I was on Div 6 lines for years. I thought The Robotic Orientation Film was damaging enough, but this screen strategy of “Dear Leader’s” is sure to put the final nails in the coffin for these orgs. My guess is in one of his hissy fits he ordered all OEC Vol 6’s burned. Are staff so brainwashed that they just take any order? In that case I guess the OEC Vol 0 was also ordered burned. I think it’s more like they do whatever they are told so they don’t get declared, and are FORCED to disconnect from everyone they know.

    What happened to showing the LRH Div 6 Films, selling books, OCA ruin finding, book one sessions, assist processes, FSM’s & Free Lectures. This is what created booms in orgs. I remember Diana Hubbard giving staff seminars about Div 6 lines, how to get people in, and caring enough about them, to SALVAGE them.

    I am sure Dear Leader knew that Hollander was the major feeder line for OC, because he systematically destroyed Wise after OC went Saint Hill Sized. When I was in the SO at Wise Int, Steve Wills was the CO, there was a big meeting at ASI and Wise was forced to send all funs in the bank accounts to ASI for “Back Loyalties Due”. Then the org board for Wise was changed it became less membership orientated and more like an enforcement body for Wise Members and Consulting Groups. Staff did not really have posts that produced products. Crazy membership and book selling quotas were assigned to staff who contacted the members directly from Wise INT, totally bypassing the conts started. The moral at Wise Int went totally down the tubes. I left shortly after Steve was busted from post, I am sure for not agreeing to all the destructive cross orders coming down from RTC. The decline in Wise members and refunds at OC were blamed on the famous TIME article, but behind that smoke screen WISE was being dismantled.

    So now that Dear Leader destroyed the successful WISE feeder lines, he is sealing the door shut on anyone possibly coming in by destroying any and all routes onto the bridge.

    Staff need to Wake up and we need to get rid of DM. NOW!

  42. Thanks so much for your post. It reminded me of my beginning days back in 1971-1972 at the Santa Clara Mission, a courseroom so full of comm course students that sometmes we were out in the hallway or the parking lot behind the building. When I got Life Repair, the auditing room was so small that I had to kind of squeeze around the auditing table to sit down. Glorious and beautiful.

  43. Cowboy Poet

    And it pains me to think of the ring around the collar on those over-priced Egyptian made cotton dress shirts.

  44. Go get ’em Tiger.

  45. jim cherkas

    One hears of Miscavige last hurrah and declining Orgs and on and on for years! All that is not proven, its made up. What is true scientology has big money and power and influence and lawyers and public that donates hundreds of millions a year. They have huge bank accounts off shore. When they have the yearly events the numbers are the same. All this crap of orgs are empty has not been proven at all! You are just delusional to think scientology has or will ever go down!

  46. That promo piece is not per Scn policy.

    It’s heartbreaking for someone who was one of the treasury people at OC — like me.

    For one thing: given the apparent size of OC’s current field and needs, the existing building they’ve had since the 70s is fine. The grounds are great. The koi pond is marvelous.

    The parking lot (right before a recent Anonymous visit, around 10 a.m. on a Saturday when it’d have been full in OC’s heyday) is empty.

  47. The Cof$ have so many tradmarked copyright incorporated “entities” I have always suspected that the real estate holdings are somehow completely protected when it all comes crashing down. Thus the Idle Orgs.

  48. Cowboy, You sure cleaned that up nicely but
    I agree.

  49. Oh, and here’s a pic of the new OC facilities (second pic of this two-page promo). Soulless downtown building by comparison.

  50. LadyMinn,

    Your’s is not an isolated story, Pretoria Org has almost the same story to tell (except for a visit from John Woodruff :-)). I’m sure there are more orgs that followed the same route and have the same result.

    In the late 70’s/early 80’s Pretoria Org was in a small set of offices off a side street in the CBD, and it was booming. When I joined in 86 they had moved a block away to even more downstat quarters – storage space right at the rear on the top floor of a mall owned by an upstat OT. And the Academy was full, lots of Levels and FPRD students. It moved in the late 80s to the adjacent mall – a fantastic location with tons of body traffic moving past a mall-front Div 6 regging space. Book sales went through the roof. Moved again to rented quarters in 93 and again to purchased quarters in 99. So several moves, each time to bigger and better and more upstat quarters. The current org is walking distance from a very large university and the men’s dorms are 2 blocks away. Well-handled university students doing Div 6 courses was always a very successful source of public in this org – they stick around and continue up the Bridge when they graduate and get real jobs.

    But the stats didn’t rise proportionately. True, there were affluent periods (all preceded by very good booksales to raw public – invariably DMSMH), and one period of about a year around 2002 when Hungary discovered Scientology and didn’t have a Class V Org. The course room and HGC were full. Of Hungarians.

    We mustn’t invalidate these stats – the org had the highest trained Snr C/S on the cont – Permanent Class V Grad and 2 Flag trained course sups. I know them all well – I lodged at the C/S’es house and one of the sups officiated at my wedding and my son’s Naming Ceremony. But the stats never got close to the dingy quarters in the 70’s.

    I know this for a fact. Because I personally and by hand drew stats graphs for every GDS and major sub-stats in 1990 going back 10 years. A while later I redid it on a computer.

    I haven’t seen the stats for a few years now but the graphs I do know tell the same story you told.


  51. jim cherkas

    I was around at that time you claim they followed LRH but the staff pay was minimal even then. Why cant scientology pay min wage or better if they were upstat?

  52. We didn’t just use the parking lot across the street, we also used space across the street. This is after Masek and Associates (long an OC tenant) had to move across the street because OC Org needed the space.

    I linked to a Saturday morning picture from January down thread.

  53. Very factual posting. Thank you.
    These promo pieces, the regurgitation of the lines fed to the ED, then the EDs to the public ad nauseum are summed up by my favorite poet, Dylan:
    “I can see that your head has been twisted and fed with worthless foam from the mouth.”
    Of all people, the Scientologist should be able to spot when somebody lays some worthless foam on them. But sheeple can’t quite spot it can they?

  54. Mark Fisher

    Brilliant analysis Mike. You hit the nail right on the head in my opinion.

  55. jim cherkas

    Flag always delivered grades! Flag always said they were the best of the planet even LRH said that!

  56. I know some Scientologists who are so blind to what’s going on it’s unbelievable. How hard can it be to just look? They think Scientology is so important it can’t be criticized in a sane matter.

    I’ll repeat an important axiom (my own): Truth is always senior or equal to Scientology.

    Scientology is great, but it should be used in a sane way.

  57. Jim,

    If you’ve got numbers to share, please do so! I’d love to hear how many people are showing up for DM’s really big shows.

    Lay it out for us.

    Just Me

  58. Thanks for this piece, Mike. And thanks, Lady Minn, for that wonderful trip back to 1972 in what I think is Austin, Texas.

    Back in 1972-77 I did my HAS, HQS, Student Hat, HSDC, and Class IV courses and lots of co-auditing in that same ratty old building, annex and bathrooms. Those were good days. Of course, we were young and wide-eyed and didn’t require a lot of creature comforts. But if something that good was available in a rathole near here, the location wouldn’t stop me at all.

    The fact that there are so few new public coming onto CoS lines these days actually speaks pretty well for the common sense of common human beings. That I do understand.

    However, it’s the public Scientologists who won’t get off the Kool-Aid who have me befuddled. I used to think it was SO staff at Int, especially the ones in the Hole, who were worst off. Now, I’m not so sure. I cannot fathom how a public person could put up with all the money grab and crappy delivery anymore—not to mention how down-tone everything in the neighborhood must feel. For me, that last part would be the grabber—the ickiness of it all. Not everybody who’s “stuck” there has family who would disconnect from them or business connections “too big to fail.”

    I guess there are many layers of appreciating how trapped people have become inside the Church of Scientology. I’m just meditating this morning on how bizarre that scene still is.

    Like WH said above, it would be good to learn even more what the recently awakened experienced as they stretched and yawned and awoke. Everybody, please keep sharing your stories. I would like to understand better. I have several dear friends I want to help leave, and will benefit from knowing what helped you have the courage to look and leave.

    Just Me

  59. Jim — You are great entertainment!

  60. I thought it was minimal too, at least until I compared it with money earned by other staffers at other orgs!

    Here’s something I wrote up for the Australia inquiry, note that by 1988 I mean the end of 1988 when OC was St. Hill Size:

    As example numbers, and from recollection, the amount I made each week when Orange County was a mission averaged $70/week (around $1/hour; the minimum wage was $2.90/hour). In 1984, it averaged $110/week (I had a different schedule, so this worked out to be around $2/hour; the minimum wage was $3.35/hour). In 1988, it averaged $150/week ($2.70/hour; the minimum wage was $4.25/hour).

  61. Thank you Mike for the great comm.

    It will be hard to rationalize giving money to the CoM so that Dear Midget can have his dazzle and glitz. I find it also hard to swallow that someone out there is going to be stupid enough to sign a check over to renovate a building that is not necessary. Of course, Dear Midget will do whatever he can for more money, which is sad.

    Like I said before…it’s a house of cards tenuously built on a three legged table. The time has come that the table can’t stand on it’s own and the house of cards will fall inevitably.



  62. Virgil Samms

    Nice find. Is this in vogue? If so this is a Foot Atomic Bomb. COSRECI is not even set up professonally. They use the address of a house in Adelade that we don’t even occupy for the HEADQUARTERS of UK and EU. It’s like DM is trying to get everyone shot.


  63. Why else would the stop training anyone on the FEBC? Using another new idea combined with a “have to have before we can do” that the new OEC is done and so we’ll stop training people on the “old” OEC until the new ones are released, and we will also move ITO to PAC, but we won’t release the new OEC until ITO moves and ITO won’t move until the PAC Base is renoed again, but we’ll tell PAC they have to fund the renos from their FP, which is impossible because the SO orgs in PAC are barely solvent.

    All this adds up to “If I don’t train people on policy and keep invalidating the policy that is freely available, no one will know how off-policy my regime is”

  64. Tom,

    “Suppressive reasonableness”?

    These are big words and I am not sure you are the right source to make such an evaluative judgement on all those who do not do like you do.

    Here is a piece of LRH that I am sure a lot of people on this blog are following:

    “Now, when you have to explain all of your motives to somebody, you realize that you really shouldn’t bother. Because if your motives are not visible to them when you don’t intend to hide your motives, then an explanation of your motives are not very likely to do very much to them, because their level of awareness of you already doesn’t exist. Do you see?

    “It almost comes down to it that he—a thetan could make a hard and fast rule, only he never should make hard and fast rules—but it’s a good one to observe, is never explain. Be as obvious as you please and be as plain as you please and as straightforward as you can be. And if the ordinary evidences which lie around then don’t justify your actions and so forth, there’s no sense in explaining it to the person who is challenging them, for the good reason that he wouldn’t be able to understand them anyway.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

    Food for thought tom.

  65. Yes, but now there’s a Flag consultant selling Flag’s grades at OC, which wouldn’t have happened before. Search ESMB on the terms +flag +grades +tustin for several threads about it. One includes the text of a promo piece sent out to OC’s public.

  66. Jim, it’s about promoting literally doing your grades at Flag instead of your local org because “it’s faster”, and massively promoting this, is the difference. Flag has almost always delivered grades from what I know, but they’ve never tried to take down Scientology in the process, up till now. LRH would facerip DM into Skeletor if he were here. Do you want me to go to my inbox and find 40 flag promo emails saying it’s faster at flag so do it at Flag instead?

  67. Just me, Was that sudden?

  68. I fully agree with what you’ve written here. I’m in touch with several people who left the SO, but are still good “churchies”. Some held admin posts, some were auditors, but with each one there seems to be missing the fundamental knowledge of LRH’s data. What these particular individuals have come away with is the “third dynamic” viewpoint that whatever DM says must be right. They believe that, even though the promises have materialized as yet, that the necessary ground work is being done and we will see the results when it all comes together. One of these ex-SO told me that there are a number of pilot programs (such as the way the grades are being delivered at FSO) that need to be completed before all the announced expansion will actually come into being. This particular pilot program was also given to me as the reason why FSO is delivering the Grades instead of Cl. V orgs, “because the orgs aren’t set up to deliver them yet.” — another ongoing pilot program at FSO (leaching money from the Cl V orgs while “training” their auditors and C/S’s on DM’s version of floating needle, etc.)

  69. I would say the Truth Rundown. That and the realization that my Org didnt care if I made it up either side of the Bridge anymore and had virtually stopped delivering Scientology. 20-25 years ago this was a big org and now there were a handful of captive public studying their Basics on a somewhat enforced basis.

    The Truth Rundown video interviews were the first thing I have ever seen as a Scientologist that were convincing . I think theres a lot of disinformation, nattering and just plain made up crap about Scientology and LRH out there.
    Marty was not lying. For some reason Amy Scobee stuck out too. Like I said before- I can tell when someone is acting or lying and the people in these videos were not.

    I wish I could make a DVD of select videos and information that could be handed out. I know you can email the SP Times videos. I wonder if they would OK using them like that- in a DVD form to hand out instead of email.

  70. Like I said, their heads have been twisted and
    fed with worthless foam from the mouth.
    They are “full of it” so to speak.

  71. Correction: They believe that, even though the promises have NOT materialized as yet…

  72. Hi Chris!

    Are you the same Chris Baer from CC? We were on staff together! Great to see you here…and I totally remember those amazing Div 6 days when you were on post!

    Sherry Many Katz

  73. The Muffin Man

    IMO, the best successful action in waking people up is the almighty Word of Mouth. Wildfire has nothing on the speed of Word of Mouth.

    That’s how I got woken up. A friend called me and said, “Did you hear about Mark Headley?” That was the spark that ignited my search. I’ve used that “Did you hear” with a few of my friends and has worked amazingly.

    Once you convince someone to think for themselves and look at ALL the data (not just the BS PR the C of M puts out), it’s impossible to disagree with the facts.

    Not to mention, try as they might, there’s no way to truly stop people from talking. Especially when that talk is about Truth.

  74. The Muffin Man

    OMG! I remember that! We even had a few office spaces rented out to hold the org’s CF. There was also another building next to THAT one that held the Folder Archives, until it was moved to a further away warehouse. And the Bookstocks was a HUGE warehouse solely dedicated to the Church.

    Plus, the org was busier than a swap meet on the weekends, especially Saturdays.

    Oh, how far downhill things have gone…

  75. Concerned,
    I agree with you. Before one gets their Ser Facs run out they fight tooth and claw to keep what they have in place. “I must be right and the other wrong.” Given the fact that most staff are low on the bridge and kept that way is it hard to understand the Org Ser Fac. Add to this the third party pushed by command intention and we have the makings of the blind being led by the bad.

  76. pockita-pockita

    Something that few realize is that many (if not all) of these buildings are bought at much higher prices than their appraised value. One example is the Stevens Bldg in Portland which was purchased for a reported price of over $5 million but had an appraised market value of less than $1 million.


    Another example is the Braley Bldg in Pasadena which was purchased for a reported $9.8 million when it was assessed at less than $5 million.


    There are other examples.

    The question is why are they paying way over market value for these buildings and where is the overage really going?

  77. I’ve wondered about this, too. What is DM really after? By all appearances, he is systematically shutting down Scientology within the CofS. The question is, to what end? Is it all about the money? Does DM personally (through some sort of trust fund) own the ideal org real estate? If so, does he own it alone or are others (various names come to mind) in on this whole scheme as well?

  78. At this point who cares that the robots are bleeding of their money! They are going down with the ship as you say. All the money I have “donated” apart from my auditing and training money is gone in any case. Not in my pocket nor can I access it, even if the church weren’t corupt. What I have and we have is our case gain, our knowlege and our tools to help others. When the ship goes down kerplunk we are still here and can still use LRH’s gift!

  79. Jim,
    True, but did Flag always insist that the ClV Orgs only deliver Objectives and to send their Grades PCs to Flag? Somehow I don’t remember that. Old age and all that!

  80. Chad Lane: ED St. Louis
    Another FEBC with Cranieal Rectal Inversion


  81. Quicksilver

    Great writeup Mike & Lady Minn.

    I just received a promo from Flag … a new ‘ability gained’ for Nots:

    “Do you know what the ability gained is on OT V per the Grade Chart?

    Completion of New OT V Rundowns and ready to begin Solo NED for OTs.

    That’s right. The incredibly powerful OT level of NOTs, OT V, with all of its gains is the set-up for New OT VII”

    The promo goes on to say (and this will be a real treat for those of us who did OTV 2 times after being assured that every garage, attic, etc. was checked)

    “This brings me to another point; I have been asked by some OT Vs, I completed OT V a few years ago, do I need to do new NOTs Rundowns? The answer to that is absolutely, categorically NO!”

    What a mess .. so much altered it is mind-boggling.

  82. I’m guessing OEC/FEBC trained execs went out of the window along with the GAT robot auditors. Any exec worth spit should have been able to throw out ‘The Why is God’ along with numerous other data series basics on that bullshit eval.
    Here I was thinking that DM was the dark lord of evil only to realize he’s actually a TOTAL moron.
    And we were ever fooled by that? Insulting. I’m embarrassed for myself 😀

  83. I remember in the good old days in our org when there was a Qual. His job was finding the right piece of LRH to fix any thing in the org or Org’s product. he was great at it and we always bounced back and expanded! One of the first major programs DM instituted was the distruction of Qual at the very top so that he couldn’t be fixed!

  84. Quicksilver

    You’re right, Jim …

    Scientology will never go down, but Miscavige’s version of it sure the hell will.

    I watch for the day that he is led away in cuffs.

  85. I am an Anon, although I do acknowledge the heavy shit Psychiatry was doing condeming the whole field is out of date.

    I would rather whip out a PAB13 I believe ? something about the Anti Aocial Personality.

    Excerpted from The Scientology Handbook, a comprehensive guide to practical wisdom you can use to better your life and the lives of others.


    The antisocial personality has the following attributes:

    1. He or she speaks only in very broad generalities. “They say…” “Everybody thinks…” “Everyone knows…” and such expressions are in continual use, particularly when imparting rumor. When asked, “Who is everybody…” it normally turns out to be one source and from this source the antisocial person has manufactured what he or she pretends is the whole opinion of the whole society.

    This is natural to them since to them all society is a large hostile generality, against the antisocial in particular.

    2. Such a person deals mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression.

    “Gossip” or “bearer of evil tidings” or “rumormonger” once described such persons.

    It is notable that there is no good news or complimentary remark passed on by such a person.

    3. The antisocial personality alters, to worsen, communication when he or she relays a message or news. Good news is stopped and only bad news, often embellished, is passed along.

    Such a person also pretends to pass on “bad news” which is in actual fact invented.

    4. A characteristic, and one of the sad things about an antisocial personality, is that it does not respond to treatment or reform.

    5. Surrounding such a personality we find cowed or ill associates or friends who, when not driven actually insane, are yet behaving in a crippled manner in life, failing, not succeeding.

    6. The antisocial personality habitually selects the wrong target.

    If a tire is flat from driving over nails, he or she curses a companion or a noncausative source of the trouble. If the radio next door is too loud, he or she kicks the cat.

    If A is the obvious cause, the antisocial personality inevitably blames B or C or D.

    7. The antisocial cannot finish a cycle of action. Any action goes through a sequence wherein the action is begun, is continued for as long as is required and is completed as planned. In Scientology, this is called a cycle of action.

    The antisocial becomes surrounded with incomplete projects.

    8. Many antisocial persons will freely confess to the most alarming crimes when forced to do so, but will have no faintest sense of responsibility for them.

    Their actions have little or nothing to do with their own volition. Things “just happened.”

    They have no sense of correct causation and particularly cannot feel any sense of remorse or shame therefore.

    9. The antisocial personality supports only destructive groups and rages against and attacks any constructive or betterment group.

    10. This type of personality approves only of destructive actions and fights against constructive or helpful actions or activities.

    The artist in particular is often found as a magnet for persons with antisocial personalities who see in his art something which must be destroyed and covertly, “as a friend,” proceed to try.

    11. Helping others is an activity which drives the antisocial personality nearly berserk. Activities, however, which destroy in the name of help are closely supported.

    12. The antisocial personality has a bad sense of property and conceives that the idea that anyone owns anything is a pretense, made up to fool people. Nothing is ever really owned.

    Wich is in sink with the “WOG”Anti social personality disorder” or Psychopath.

    I have him pegged for a Narcassist

  86. “Not everybody who’s “stuck” there has family who would disconnect from them or business connections “too big to fail.””

    One person I know who fits this category does see outpoints, but it isn’t effecting him personally, so it doesn’t matter to him. His only direct interaction with the CofS is through a small mission where he now and then receives auditing. He doesn’t give any money to the church for anything else. As long as he feels he gets gains from his auditing, he plans to continue. He’s read some of the press, but mostly doesn’t look as it might add additional cost and time to his auditing. Most of his close friends are in similar situations. They don’t have any personal reason/interest in confronting the outpoints, so don’t bother. He told me that, short of a video proving DM is doing something illegal, he’d continue with the church. In other words, for people in this category it’s all about the 1st Dynamic. As long as there are perceived personal gains, they will stay connected to the church.

  87. Muffin Man, true! We used to have to park blocks away (which wasn’t all that convenient when doing banking, frankly).

    Based on what you say, I’m sure we knew each other; you’re free to email me (as are other ex-OC folks) at [myfirstname]@[myfirstname].net

  88. Yeah !
    Nice to hear all those people that know how it works !
    Wow ! Long time ago in Munich Org we had a PES that was so fond of Diana as C/S 6. He was run by her. Our HE with prps in div6 was 130 people routed onto the Has Course (real products). This was 13th march 1975. We run out of chairs, of space and everything but it was fun and it was great to see all those people doing trs at any available space in the Org., was so crowded.

    LRH says somewhere (still can’t google it) that people that are PTS or out-ethics are prone to accept false data, so to justify their weird condition they are in.

    And it’s true that the basic problem in C:O:S is study tech being out.
    The basics have no practical drills, no mass to confront and handle. Just theory……
    No more primary rundown, no more conceptual understanding, just robotic learning.
    Any university or school today has more practical and masses to offer than the basics in an academy of the C.O.S.

    There is one thing of great importance that I would like to get confirmed from somebody who knows it. Most people think that the ideal Org will be the property of the local Org and thus no rent has to be paid and thus the staffs will get good salaries.
    Imagine their feelings when they hear this isn’t the truth, but normal rents have to be paid to the management.

    Some weeks ago we were invited for dinner by a Scientologist that is newly back on OT7. Before he was such a nice guy, now he is completly nuts. I could write about 10 pages from his crazy monologue of 5 hours, it was like a weird nightmare. Just some examples:

    – He is ill since being on the level, the doctors can’t find anything wrong with his Body, and he’s doing slowly better while auditing.
    – he was unshaved, looked very tired, lyed in his sofa, with a to short shirt so his fat hairy belly was no nice to look at.
    – he talked like a fanatical priest
    – real Scientology never was delivered in FSO or in any org on the world. This is done only since one year at Flag.
    – he had confidential Briefings at FSO with following data:
    – DM was personally trained by LRH on 15 different hats for about 9 years.
    – One hat is finder of lost tech.
    – lrh has put together a list of points how civilisations get destroyed and at the end of that list is a point of no return. Earth is near that point.
    – the reason why the planet is doing so well is because of all OT7 auditing (?????)
    – Dm has a written advice from LRH about the plan how to handle the planet. One of the steps is Ideal Orgs (the third), then comes the next step etc..and the planet will be handled.
    – Tampa Org makes 40 starts per week on dianetics seminars and do recruit about 8 Staffs per week from those starts. And tampa Org was a very little Org, just nothing (i can remember when it was one of the biggest long time ago).
    – the ideal Org in chicago has 200 new publics coming in alone per week. the staffs dont talk to them but just let them look at the panels. A high percentage of those peoplse people come back some time later and want to talk.
    – Somebody has calculated that it only needs 10 000 people on Solo Nots to handle the planet.
    – he can’t say what he is causing with his auditing like other people, but something does happen.
    – he talked about ritalin given to kids and he knows kids in the neigbourhood taking it. We asked him what he did about it ? He meant he is talking about planetary level and did nothing in this case.
    – we gave him an example of ours when we raised hell when a customer told us his kid will recieve ritalin. We interrupted a course with 5 customers going on to handle that guy and some weeks later we got flowers and a gift from him as the physician found out his kid had body troubles to get handled and doesn’t need ritalin.
    – we didn’t get an ack to it but he just changed the subject
    – he told me about that he had falsely attested to states that he thought having subjectively reached but he found out objectively not.
    – he told about an OT3 that did his grades in 6 Intensives at Flag (didn’t realise we knew the person made the Ot-Levels some years ago) and then continued.. and I did… (he realised what he was going to say), then changed the subject.
    – When we aked him abou if he has seen the references from LRH, he meant yes but it is confidential and we asked about the hidden data line , he had only a laugh for us poor souls and meant there are flag orders you never have seen and lots of advices from Lrh that are confidential.
    – any critic is only because of O/Ws, any.

    Do you want to hear more ? I’m tired. We never experienced such a crazy talk and had continously our attention on his fat, hairy belly that he presented to us. His wife sat there for 5 hours in total apathy and said not one word.
    At he end we asked his wife why she doesn’t go back onto the level, she meant first he has to finish it. And why they didn’t disseminate to their kids (they have a lot). Ooh, they have to pay it themselves and its their decision. Apathy in its purest form.
    The guy went from an uptone successful businessman to a psychotic, bodily ill, failing businessman in just about 9 months while being on OT7.
    We couldn’t believe it.
    Each time we brought up some good arguments by quoting LRH, he just changed the subject.
    He used to be very critical of the church and I’m sure in about 1 or 2 years he’ll be one of the greatest critics in our region, when he finally will realizes how he has been fooled.
    My win was that I was able to keep my trs in with high arc and wasn’t enturbulated.
    We had a cycle some weeks ago where I totally exploded into a face of an OT and was shouting at him what a Slave and ptser he is, where I had a Monologue of 1 Hour with full blown Bpc.
    I’m improving, I still have to work out step 2 of the dissem drill on those OTs, but I’ll get there.

    Thanks for listening.

    have a nice day.


  89. It was a working strategy when the Church was flying under the radar.

    It alsoo is sheer arrogance.

    I am sure Miscavige was laughing about the silly “wogs”and how they could never find the headquaters. I geuss his laughing days are over now.

    Alsoo I think it’s hella funny.

  90. Also, about the ideal org program in general and the above promo piece in particular:


    Any tendency of Accounts to use “we’re poor” or “we’re in an emergency” to turn down POs or explain to tradesmen why bills are not paid reverses the emergency formula (1) Promote (2) Change (3) Economize and (4) Deliver. Crying poverty is a violation of the formula, to say nothing of being a sour postulate. All you have to do to really fail in an emergency is to use the wrong sequence in the formula. If you use economy in the name of “promotion”, the whole org is threatened and may collapse.


    For example, a politician recently destroyed his country’s credit abroad by howling “economic money crisis” instead of promoting England. Saying to somebody, “You cannot have this Purchase Order because we’re broke” is sometimes a social falsehood, told to escape having to tell the applicant that the Purchase Order is silly. One doesn’t downgrade the org’s credit to make an extravagant staff member stop blowing our money. One says, “Maybe if your department made more money, you could have this. Until your department does, you can’t.” It’s really a matter of they are broke, not the org. If the department is doing well and still submits a wasteful Purchase Order, just say so. Say, “We aren’t making money to be silly with it. We need what we make to expand, not to buy ” whatever the PO calls for. The criterion of all POs is, “Is this PO for something that will increase our ability to expand or is it just somebody’s got-to-have?” That’s the judgement in signing a Purchase Order as OK. Some items actually retard expansion, consuming more time to us than they save.

  91. Yeah Jim,

    and the Orgs deliver “NOTHING”, they just reg for Flag 🙂

  92. Thanks DFB. But, when someone is IN, taking that FIRST almost terrifying heart stopped step to LOOK at an “anti-website OR newspaper” takes something.

    Some crack in the illusion that “all is OK and explainable”

    Just wondering if you might remember when pushed you to take that look …

    Something came before you looked …

    Just wondering if you could put your finger on it. Maybe someone said something? Then you looked.

    Just Me mentioned having friends that are still stuck — me too. So, any insights would be great.

    Getting someone to read the Truth Rundown and watch it is a BIG LEAP from where these people are.

    I’m looking at what might have come before – and it could be a common denominator.



  93. martyrathbun09

    The only thing the point of no return is Miscavige. He is making these “advices” up. It was precisely what Bill Robertson and Pat Broeker did when the slipped into madness; start invoking some hidden data line to LRH. Yes, the only thing past the point of no return is Miscavige. Those influenced by him – no matter how close to the brink, like this fellow you’ve debriefed on – can be returned. Miscavige, no.

  94. martyrathbun09

    I’ll add, this is precisely the kind of insanity that I told the SP Times over a year ago that I wanted to prevent by speaking out. This kind of “end of times” shit is DANGEROUS. Always has been, always will be.

  95. Speaking as a licensed Realtor (c), commercial properties are rarely appraised on the tax rolls for their true value. Local taxing entities have a hardtime gauging value due to non-disclosure of sales information. In the state of Texas, almost every residential deed will read,” For the sum of $10 and other consideration, X sells A property to Z person on this date. Yada yada yada.”

    Often times, you will see commercial property selling for far more than appraised value. That “value” is nothing more than an arbitrary number at which to tax a property. Tax them too high, the property becomes cost prohibitive and no one will want it. Tax it too little, and property owners scream foul.

    It’s totally arbitrary and, in my humble opinion, not the red flag at all.

    You want something to gripe about, where the hell did they come up with millions of dollars to purchuse said property to begin with? The local church can’t afford to pay staff minimum wage, yet they have millions for a new building?

    The answer is through fundraising, and there are specific HCO PL’s that say such fundraising is a complete and total No-No. That RTC is mandating it, there’s your tiger that leads to the sherman tank. Or, as Deep Throat might say,”Follow the money.”

  96. Virgil Samms

    Thanks for the quotes and the food – ah what did you say your name was again?

    ML Tom

  97. I believe whoever wrote this promo piece is telling pork pies (lies). Lucy and I were still at Flag Management when the Orange County building cycle was going down and there was no mention of “selling their building to fund renos”. It was a Melbourne Org scenario.

    Melbourne Org’s existing building was a church owned building. Melbourne wanted to sell that building which would give them enough to fund the renos of their new building plus some, but Dear Leader wouldn’t let them. He wanted his cake and wanted to eat it too – he wanted the public to fund the new Melbourne building purchase as well as the renos, then he could sell he old building and pocket the money and have the bright shiny new Idle Org asset to boot.

  98. Sounds like insanity due to heavey stress. He snapped.

  99. In before Marty asks if I am dr. Phil

  100. theystolemychurch


    Why don’t you get back to us after your “hundreds of hours of objectives”? Maybe that’ll make you feel betta!

  101. I loved what you say Mike. It is really the
    liar leading the blind.
    So wise and it is the truth.

  102. Marty, thanks for this, a very important point which should be repeated and repeated.

  103. PS.

    Further data from Lucy:

    Orange County has millions of dollars in their Building Fund Account, put there by years of org public contributions, but Dear Leader will not let them use this money either.

    No prizes will be given for guessing the main LRH purpose of the Building Fund Account as described in his policy of the same name.

    Mind you there’s no question of discrimination here because Dear Leader will not let any org on the planet use their Buidling Fund Accounts. The public have to be sucked dry of new money.

    Haydn & Lucy

    PSS. Lucy held Anzo Cont Programs Chief for a time so knows all about the Melbourne org situation.

  104. Verbal data
    False data
    Hidden data line
    Out-Comm cycles

    The product of D.M.

  105. There are many outpoints about Orange County Org and their building. I live in Orange county and drive by the exit on the freeway to get to the Org everyday when I go to work. When I moved down here from LA I figured OC would be my new org. I had reached a few times but no one called me back. Thankfully I discovered this blog, and did not get involved. Secondly, I have a friend who is staff there, and once I went to pick her up for dinner after her post time, having never step foot in there as a public(SO, yes) I was shocked that there wasn’t even a receptionist to greet me for all they knew I could have been a raw public interested in Dianetics. Apparently the HAS holds that post from above, and answers calls from their office. To give them credit it was about 10 mins before 6pm Saturday night, and the church was ready to close for the day, I am sure the last thing they were to expect was a new public to just walk in. So I waited in reception for about 15 minutes without seeing anyone except a few public and staff leaving at 6, no one stopped to say hi, or ask me if I needed any help, until my friend came out. I’m not sure if that scene has changed.
    Just recently I was kind of bored on Wednesday night, and decided to drive to the org to see for myself how full the parking lot was, since that would be an indication on how it was doing, and yes there were very few cars. In 2006 when the OC org bought the building, there was a little row over it by different people, the spokesman from the church told the press they needed the building because they needed more space for their 1500 parishioners, which may not be completely false, as I am sure their CF has over 1500 names. But I don’t think there are 1500 people on course/auditing, or if they can even get 150 people to their events.
    I do get emails from OC org almost daily, some are tech/book related promo, most are various form letters which end up in my spam box about the ideal org. Apparently the Church has ignored the form letter policy, as they are not the only ones guilty, among other Class V orgs, I get form letters from Flag, AOLA, CC int, and ASHO. A couple emails from OC were very interesting.
    First off during the August/September of health care debates last year, OC org seemed to take the position of how bad healthcare reform was, and sent me a couple emails about an IAS event given by Fran Andrews to explain how the psyches were pushing this reform to create a socialist society similar to the book 1984. The emails seemed to come directly from Glenn Beck talking points. And it was pretty obvious an attempt to appeal to the Orange County conservatives. I am a Republican and joke around to my friends that the reason I moved to the OC is because I am a political refugee from LA, but this email did not rub me the right way, because I don’t think the Church should take political positions, in fact I remember reading a PL where LRH said Scientology was not political and stated any references to political references were cancelled. The second email I received in March was for a St. Patricks day celebration/fund raiser. The thing that turned me off on that email was that they actually had the nerve to ask me and other people to bring their old jewelry, and gold for donations. Apparently it would be melted down(probably from the cash for gold folks/scam), and the money gotten from this would get credited to what you donated to the building. This seemed desperate, and weird for a church to ask people to bring in their valuables to be melted down.
    I am sure the staff are just following orders, having met the ED of OC in my Sea Org days, I think he is a good guy as he seemed to help me with whatever I needed. I also think that OC org gets micromanaged a little to much, since it is only about 45 mins from the CLO and PAC, and seems to be doing better than many of the LA area orgs. Their public get cherry picked quite a bit, I remember having to convince OC org public to come to LA for our event rather than OC simply to make our stats better(usually OC org events are a week after LAs). And also know SO recruiters frequent that org, public are regged to come to LA for services in LA rather than OC org. I could go on but I am sure those sort of things would probably ARC break the staff, and public in addition to the large sums of money that must be gotten for the IAS and Building.
    Thank you Mr. Rinder for this article it was very good.

  106. 1.COSRECI has filed unaudited financial statements in the United Kingdom each year up to and including the year ended 31 December 2008. For the 10 years to the end of 2008, the following gross receipts of COSRECI were disclosed:

    Gross Receipts

    1999 $5,704,655.00
    2000 $8,610,042.00
    2001 $8,531,462.00
    2002 $8,353,743.00
    2003 $10,129,646.00
    2004 $9,822,963.00
    2005 $10,311,696.00
    2006 $11,424,607.00
    2007 $20,987,594.00
    2008 $12,958,196.00

    General upward trend. Stats show growth. I wonder how much financial damage 9000 worldwide protesters can do.

    2008 $12,958,196.00

    Ouch. $8,029,398. In just one country.

  107. Nightmares Getting Less

    I’m commenting here without a chance to see prior comments are making the same remark I am here.

    The OC Idle org building is not in an ideal location. It is in an absolute shit location.

    It is in downtown Santa Ana, a place you don’t want to be out at night. Probably the worst crime area of Orange County. People joke that Santa Ana is “Santa Smella”.

    Also this building is a joke in itself. They should sell it and find a new one or use the funds they raised to reno their existing building.

  108. Jim Jerkass
    Shut the f**k up!
    OK, Just proving the point that I don’t need to re-do my grade 0
    Marty – will totally understand if you censor – it felt good anyway.

  109. In fact you probably should pull it. That was beyond sudden!

  110. Hmmm… wasn’t there an LRH policy that was quite specific about outside forces having nothing to do with the success and/or stats of an org?

    I suppose that policy might have gotten lost in a garage somewhere.

  111. Thanks,
    you’re totally right.
    Seems to be one of the oldest tricks in this universe to capture free theta.

  112. crashingupwards

    Bigawatts, your so right.

    You said that : “it isn’t effecting him personally, so it doesnt matter to him”

    I dont know of ANYONE who left solely because things were not “right” on the 3rd dynamic. It takes something, or many things on a personal level to get someones attention. Then the questioning begins.

    And at one time or another they will ALL get burnt. Thats why laying out and making available the truth and planting seeds is so important.

    In the past, they just left, either as a public or staff. Some have never looked back to this day. Some became critics, but most just headed for the hills. But now, they just need to adjust their 3rd dynamic a bit if they desire to stay connected to the subject. Thats the benefit of the Independent movement. There is a choice. And that choice needs to be well publicized.

  113. “It has been proven continually that orgs
    which function on policy deliver and prosper.
    Periods of decline have been preceded by
    gross omissions,
    unwarranted changes
    or destructive actions
    which obstruct or distract from delivery.”

    HCO P/L 29 December 1971RB, Flag Representative, Purpose of (OEC Vol 7, p. 1407)

  114. (sorry again for the length):

    I never had a Christian upbringing, only occasional Sunday school. After some college and a couple years of being a hippie I became a scientologist and rapidly a Sea Org member. God was never discussed.

    Years later, I became a buddhist. Not a theistic religion.

    However, there are moments when I feel touched by something greater, something outside myself. Some universal longing perhaps.

    I am not a singer, not a poet, nor a musician.

    I had to find someone else to tell you all how deeply I love you. How I will miss you for the next three weeks as I embark upon the beginning of the Vajrayana path of buddhism. On a retreat in the mountains of Colorado with many new and old friends.

    Without a cell phone, internet or any of you.

    But, you’ll all be in my heart and my own prayers with the wish that we look within ourselves to find the faith to always carry on, to spread love, never hate.

    I love you all.


    (sorry for the commercial at the beginning of the video – I don’t know how to cancel it)

  115. What can we expect? I have never seen an L.R.H. reference on “Landlord” and “Int Landlord” and “real estate investor course pack” or “real estate tycoon” full hat.

    These guys should have been sent to “Rich Dad Poor Dad” real estate seminars if they wanted to become real estate tycoons and big time realty investors.

    Getting the staff and public to buy these buildings, then renovate them, raise money for the renovations, then move in, and then pay Int Managment rent to use the space, was a scam so far fetched a ninth grader would have fled. I would have objected to that as a fifth grader because I was good at math.

    The Sea Org members and staff that have been tortured and blown off the bridge over real estate project interests of DM’s is staggering!

    YES! People have been knocked right out of Scientology and off the bridge to freedom over bricks and wood and tile issues and construction over runs.

    That should illustrate DM’s priorities.

    Anyone should be able to do the math on that.

  116. I too am excited about the inevitable demise of DM, and all the back story revelations that will be attendant to it, and the true restoration and healing of Scientology, like a child waiting for Christmas.

  117. Bozz, the specific PL is Urgent Org Programming, excerpted in OEC Vol 3 as “Solve it with Scientology.”

    There is NO LRH reference on paying minimum wage. Even OC in its heyday couldn’t have afforded it: the policy on how much to set aside for pay simply wasn’t enough to pay minimum wage with the emphasis on adding staff at all costs, even when those staff were not able to be used productively.

  118. And he posts it! You’re killing me! OK, I did make an attempt to behave but now as the moderator and last line of defense you’re an accessory to the crime. ROTFL.

  119. Excellent piece.
    I’ve started this and left and come back more pissed than I started and haven’t read comments but I have a rant to dispose of!
    When do you finally quit pretending? What’s the final straw?
    My case wasn’t screwed up yet, though it was in- progress or targeted for ruin at that point (right Bill Yaude?)
    But “How long can you go on hoping? And how long can you continue to ignore what LRH says – solve it with Scientology. And do what worked before – because it WILL work again.”

    I would start by saying you have to overlook your own overts of commission or omission – so what if you have overts! Get the fluck over yourself goddammit! What makes you so important and god-like and special and infallible?! Welcome to planet earth. If you even have the slightest bit of LRH in your pocket, you’re light years ahead of the planet and it’s your responsibility to apply LRH and purely LRH to yourself and your life and your group!
    If you know a 13-year-old has been raped by an 18-year-old but you did nothing, I can only assume it’s because you have something to hide. So fucking what? I don’t particularly want my Os published in the NYTimes but hey, to protect a kid…go for it!!
    Agreement that it would bring shame on the CofS or some of its players~of course it would! And it should! Prove that the child has shitty parents~it would do that too! And it should! Expose the criminals~it would do that too~as it should!
    Quit covering up the crimes you KNOW are being committed because what goes around comes around! We all know that by now.
    I’m pissed! (in case you can’t tell)
    I don’t give a shit what your overts are or how embarrassing they might be to you. Do the right thing now! Right now! It’s never too late.
    And if you’ve already done the wrong thing…so what?! Get over yourself, I’ve said it again, and dosomething about it! You just aren’t more important than an innocent kid is!

    ~Now I’ll read some comments.

  120. Big hug. Enjoy.

  121. Oooh! oooh! my turn!
    Cat Daddy – Flunk for self coaching 😀

  122. The Muffin Man

    It’s so funny you reference the Field of Dreams, because that is EXACTLY what it is! They USE that!

    I was talking to a current staff member about how the Ideal Org strategy is totally off-policy and that’s what she said! “If you build it, they will come.”



  124. Accessorizing your crimes is fun Sam!

  125. The Muffin Man

    Spot on!

    About a year or so ago, there was apparently a TV ad that was created by Gold and “piloted” in a small, select location in the goonies in Alabama or something like that. Apparently, the local org was flooded with public after it aired.

    So, if that were actually true, why not air that everywhere? I’ll tell you the reason I was given by a DM-bot: Because the orgs are not equipped to handle that much inflow.

    Call me crazy, but I recall an LRH policy that says, roughly paraphrased: “You do not bring your dissemination down to your level of delivery. You bring your delivery UP to your level of dissemination.”

    Of course, it’s probably better at this point in order to prevent new public from being exposed to Miscavology instead of the true Scientology.

  126. This lady speaks the truth.

  127. “suppressive reasonableness. I’m sorry, but that’s what it is.”

  128. While I was still at OC, there was pressure to get a new building at enormous cost. It was in Santa Ana, near the Bowers museum, and I remember the arguments about it. It wasn’t affordable. It was a bad deal. It would have been owned at the non-local level and we’d make more in payments than we owed monthly on our mortgages.

    And yet, it seems fairly obvious that even that was a much better deal than the current Idle Org.

  129. Ooh Sam, I think I felt that one 😉

    “When you can be your own best audience and when your applause is the best applause you know of, you’re in good shape.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  130. I was shocked that there wasn’t even a receptionist to greet me

    I suspect its to discourage protests.

    Fran Andrews to explain how the psyches were pushing this reform to create a socialist society similar to the book 1984.

    This reform has long been in Canada and most of Europe, and I have never heard anyone complain of Psychs. Must be yet another lie to extort another buck.

    had the nerve to ask me and other people to bring their old jewelry, and gold for donations. Apparently it would be melted down(probably from the cash for gold folks/scam), and the money gotten from this would get credited to what you donated to the building.

    The scavenging is unbelievable. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if they created an “IAS Money Mart” to take even more cream off every parishioners financial transaction in life. IAS pawnbrokers?

  131. Deirdre,

    You have touched on a subject that could consume multiple posts. I mentioned it in one of the earlier posts I did.

    In 1979 LRH directed that staff pay was an international why for lack of org expansion. It has never been solved. Dear Leader messed around with it for years and years, rejecting every work out that anyone ever did. He then put out a sytem that was an epic failure (though he likes to make himself out to be the savior of Scientology — in truth he is the master of disaster). Of course, as the time, he made this out to be his latest wonder — and of course he presented it as if he had worked day and night for months putting this together to help out all the poor staff. When it inevitably accomplished nothing, he then ordered investigations into who was “CI” to HIS finance system! Interesting that no mention f this appears in his internet hagiography — everything else is made into the most astonishing feat (I guess they knew how many staff would revolt if he claimed his handling of their pay as another of his remarkable single-handed world saving accomplishments).

    Deirdre, if you were ons taff, I am sure you are familiar with LRH ED 339R. In it LRH talks about orgs being above the make-break point. That is St Hill Size (what OC once was — or at least was promoted as, and it was a big org). Also included in that definition was that above that make-break point staff would be paid a little more than what they would be paid in the outside world for the same job. In other owrds, the Org Receptionist should be earning a little more than the receptionist in a local business office. Can you imagine how many Scientologists would be on staff if this were true (setting aside for a moment the out tech, crush regging, off Sourceness of current orgs)? It would be the thing to do. And it would mean massive reach — the only way you wouldnt have huge productive orgs would be if staff were not correctly allocated, posted and hatted.

    This is aanother massive Scientology High Crime sitting on Dear Leader’s doorstep. Which by this time has brown bags full of dog shit piled higher than the flowers in front of Buckingham Palace for Princess Di. (That was for Sam 🙂 )

  132. Nightmares Getting Less

    Yes, their old building more than meets their actual needs, and has for decades. Doesn’t meet dm’s needs for glitz, square-footage and the apparancy of expansion. Nice thing about that
    new org in the crappy locale is that the neighborhood doesn’t show in those shots used at the events to reg more donos for more idle orgs.

  133. Yeah Kurt, when are you going to come to your senses? eh too?

  134. This idle ord stuff is just yet another promise of a huge Scientology boom.

    In the last decades I have seen several “bright promotion strategies” including books for libraries, tv spots, newspaper ads, way-to-happiness campaign etc etc. Their impact, the resulting expansion ? virtually nonexistant.

    I remember the alledged G.A.T. was to bring about a major increase in auditors. But in fact some auditors left because they didn’t want to pay again for their G.A.T. training. And the number of auditors in existing orgs has certainly not increased in my area.

    I recall the extraordinary promise of “getting rid of psychiatry within 1 year – worldwide”. That was in 1995 I think. And what happened ? CCHR got a few criminal psychs busted. 99,9999 % of psychiatry are alive and well.

    I could continue with a few more of these fairy tales. But they are just boring. However they are a major source of wasted funds, added time and disappointments.

    Now these are harsh words but the action definition of a “C of S” member seems to be : one who swallows everything that COB spits out.

  135. rory medford

    DM is destroying SCN and will continue to do so with WILD ABANDON!!!! He will fold, all cowards do. Be patient and continue to observe his actions.
    LOOK don’t listen to or read his promotional lies. The BLIND leading the BLIND was meant for him. LOL

  136. I personally started “waking up” upon receipt of the “DM edition” of Freedom Mag. I skimmed through it on first look. It just seemed so bizarre! I hadn’t a clue who “Kingpin” et al. were, nor was I even that interested.

    Being relatively active online, I kept coming up against references to some mysterious “Truth Rundown” series but, again, I wasn’t really that interested. I’ve come up against so much crap in my time regarding both Scientology and the CoS that I dismissed it as more of the same.

    A couple of months passed. I can’t remember why, but I randomly pulled out Freedom and thought I’d read it properly (without being too coarse, I may even have just wanted something to read whilst on the toilet…!) Anyways, whatever the reason, I read it. Cover to cover.

    When I finished reading it (and remember I had absolutely NO clue what any of this was about or in reference to) all I wanted to do was find out! (It was puerile! I couldn’t believe this was Freedom (a mag I actually had a lot of respect for). The mere fact that juvenile “nicknames” were used rather than actual names was especially lame). And so I thought “oh, what the hell!”, and LOOKED.

    I eventually found the “Truth Rundown” site and started reading (and watching).

    What KEPT me reading, in hindsight, was the fact that there was NO criticism of LRH, no tired, hysterical accusation of “brainwashing”, no OTIII hoo har, etc. etc. This was not about Scientology. This was something else…

  137. Tony DePhillips

    I have heard the Field of Dreams reference also. It appears that Org staff are getting their hatting from movies now.

    I wish they would start watching Scarface!

  138. I thought this “news program” was pretty poor stuff.

    This kind of tabloid journalism is a huge boost to the church and Miscavige. Believe me, this kind of incessant pounding on the church where truth is the first victim and snide comments abound will have the opposite effect with the general public. It’s actually free advertising. Scientology had its biggest period of expansion during and right after the biggest and longest shellacking in its history at the hands of the British press, back in the 70s, all done in a similar style.

    The opinions expressed are not even heart felt or genuine. I mean what does an Australian senator care whether the C of S pays taxes in the UK? Australian taxes would be a different matter that would be something resembling his job. So it just looks like what it is — showboating and something to fill air time.

    Even if it resulted in the Australian government closing the legal loophole the church will re-incorporate in a heartbeat.

    With all the money Miscavige has I am sure he couldn’t care less. In fact, all this will be a welcome distraction for him. He loves it when Scientology takes a pounding in general because Scientologists close ranks around him and he just nods and says: “yes, they are trying to destroy your church”.

    As for the annual receipts, they do not show an uptrending stat as far as orgs are concerned, these accounts have to be correctly interpreted
    which I will do in Part Four of my series on the UK.

  139. Virgil Samms

    Tara – you get the rant of the day award and I stand right next to you all the way!


  140. Thanks for the pressie 😀

  141. Tara, hey girl you nailed it!

    Love Carol

  142. Right back at you. It is also nice to know that someone else at CCLA in the mid-70’s and ’80s is posting and commenting here.

  143. Tom, sadly my rant is based on facts that I just found out on Monday and I – ME – I have to do something about it now! Geez, thanks huh?! It sure would have been nice to know 5 years ago when it actually happened, so I could REALLY get my bitch on!

  144. Tony DePhillips

    Here’s another training movie for the Org staff!

  145. “I mean what does an Australian senator care whether the C of S pays taxes in the UK?”

    It is Pan-determinism lol

  146. Alsoo breaking down tax exept aint small potatoes

  147. Yes, I consider Suppressive Reasonableness as a bigger enemy than DM.
    It is possiby even the WHY for the whole current situation.
    LRH said that the why must be something you can do something about.
    A lot of people went reasonable with DM. In the field a lot of people went reasonable with the squirreling of Bill Robertson, David Mayo and others.
    I am not really sure that the why can be stated as suppressive reasonableness as that in itself must have a source. But its a big string to pull.

  148. Namaste, WH.

  149. Tara – Oh yeah, baby!

  150. As a Scientologist I take offense at the snide comments leveled at L Ron Hubbard, someone I consider to be a friend, and Scientology in general.

    The reporter/presenter concerned swore he respected religion and peoples beliefs — I guess he lied and it seemed to come real easy.

    How was that house “the house of L Ron Hubbard”? LRH didn’t set up the corporation. The GO did and the reporter knew the exact story behind it because we spoke about it on the phone but I guess the real truth and the real story got in the way of a good show.

    I grew up in England with this stuff, “Tabloid” decribes it perfectly.

    Pan determinism? Now that is funny.

  151. PS.

    Removing tax exemption? Wrong target.

    Hurt the staff? Wrong target.

    Ridicule L Ron Hubbard? Big mistake to the point of being pro Miscavige.

  152. Haydn,

    With all due respect, what may have been a boost to the church in the past isn’t necessarily so today. There is a very different climate now, especially after the economic meltdown.

    The piece positioned the CoS as another Ponzi scheme of epic proportions as well as and an organization that deliberately misuses their trust “using the letter of the law”. Showing that it takes ongoing advantage of people, with blatant disregard and disrespect for the countries and communities it operates in.

    IMHO this may very well have more detrimental effect than positive – especially in the onslaught of bad press.

    And, I don’t give a fat rat’s ass whether or not Miscavige cares less. It is the people who are paying into the phoney charade, each person whether through taxes or donations, that need to be awakened by any means. This is whistle blowing as I see it.

    Who knows, if nothing else this info might just be the one thing that breaks the dyke for some folks on the fence or laying low.

    And, agreeing with Cat Daddy , I alsoo think it’s hella funny.

  153. Marty, I think you have a great confront of evil which I think is THE ONLY thing which will recover Scientology for us.
    Over my years of auditing – 10 in the CofS and 28 outside, I have come to see that we all have a long way to go.
    In looking at my own track I know that I have committed far worse overts in terms of human abasement than DM has commited in this lifetime.
    I do see DM as the major obstacle in our current advance toward spiritiual freedom.
    I do not agree that he is, in the long term, the why or the who.
    I think LRH wanted us to study the subject in such depth that we owned it ourselves.
    My current opinion is that we need to create a community of Scientologists commited to lifetime after lifetime of dedicated work toward creating sanity. After spending nearly 40 years auditing myself and others I have come to the conclusion that it is a work requiring several lifetimes. I have not yet concluded how many. I am guessing that for the brightest it might be 10 lifetimes or 20. Given the amount of time we have perpetuated insanity I see a thousand years as a speck in the ocean compared to how long it took us to get messed up.

  154. Thank You for sharing that video, that performance is Awesome. Really touches your heart.
    Have a fabulous time on your retreat.

  155. Hey I’m all for honesty. If the agenda is to destroy the church then come right out and say it because that is what it looks like to me. Tear it all down, use any means, the end justifies the means, even lying tabloid journalism, what’s it matter if the truth gets in the way, hell that sounds like someone I know.

    The exact truth is the only weapon we have, once we lose that we are just a rabble.

  156. That is one of the cheesiest, slimiest letters I’ve read in a long time. LEGION outpoints is right.

    I need to reply to a few in case anyone who can benefit is listening:


    Thus we do have a building. But it is incomplete. It needs to be renovated to our Ideal Org standards. Why is renovation not started and completed?

    At the time we purchased the building, it was stated that funding for our building was complete. Why?

    Yeah. Why?

    The plan was to sell our current building, This would provide the money needed to renovate the build to our ideal standards.

    Oh. OK. You lied.

    The funding was i>not complete. It was gonna-if-when-will be-complete if-when you could sell another building. Thank you for telling us that.

    Times do change.

    Lame justifier.

    Since then, the real estate market has crashed and the valid and available buyers reduced with the economy. The current church facility has not yet sold.

    No sh*t. And not only that … property “values” have crashed over the past couple of years — up to 50% in some areas — due to the out ethics lending-building lending and inflated “value” run on citizens.

    Not only has the building you were gonna sell not sold, it willnot sell for the (overinflated) price you were banking (all innuendos applicable) on — spending money that was not there yet. And misrepresenting it to people (fraud: “it was stated that funding for building was complete.”)

    So how many “million$” are all those zinging atoms “worth” now?

    It’s called being upside down in value.

    Interesting metaphor. You could’ve had a Bridge.

    Thus our purpose in creating a new ideal church facility is slowed due to a lack of funding.

    D’oh. slowed? you mean screeching crash. With egg on your face from the chickens you counted that weren’t hatched.

    Also the Public Division spaces have been re-designed based on upcoming releases and testing of designs in current Ideal Orgs.

    translation: Ok, also, by the way, we need gob$ more money to be “Ideal”, i.e. slickify dazzling marble and trivial embellishments.

    The evolution is complete and we have the go ahead.

    Sayyy what? Huh. Hold on there, Nellie. You’re not slipping this one past me. What the h*ll does that mean? What “evolution”?

    We need to go straight up and vertical …

    Try a jet pack.

    … and occupy our building so we have not an Ideal Org building but an Ideal Organization and all that it means.

    Hmm. Straight up and vertical will take you out of the stratosphere, not into occupying a building… except maybe some Pie in
    the Sky.

    I think you are going “straight up and vertical” where the sun don’t shine. And trying to send this smoke letter up the same of your “followers”. And this Co$ “PR LETTER” is blown straight out of your Gluteus Maximus. No matter how “meritorious” you gild it in gold leaf, it’s crap.

    I am so grateful the rest of us have real Scientology … I’m truly saddened to think about the people driving through the fast food McScientology golden arches 😦

    You want ketchup with that?

  157. This really says it all:

    Since then, the real estate market has crashed and the valid and available buyers reduced with the economy.

    In other words…”valid and available buyers” have “dried up” (like a commodity/object) … and no honest DELIVERY and expansion is happening to bring income in!

    But it’s also a bogus justification/fabrication, because
    buyers” a have not “dried up.” There are always buyers out there. They are just not buying at ridiculous overinflated prices!!

    And thankfully more and more people are not buying what the sham C0$ is “selling.” It is not Scientology, that is for certain.

  158. Nightmares Getting Less

    Also note, wiping out the Universe Corps was a final blow to staff hopes. Ref: HCO PL Cases and Morale of Staff. Was the final nail in the coffin.

  159. Cowboy, I think we should compare notes here.

    My diagnosis of DimMunchkin and his contagion is actually “Terminal Cranial Rectosis”.

    What do you think?

    ΘTater :)—- (it’s good to be me). LOLOL

  160. Victoria,
    A wonderful Rant!! Very Well Done!! And some food for thought.

    Thank you 🙂


  161. LO,

    Whoa! That is great information. Love the specifics. Keep that guy talking. He’s a hydrant of intel.

    DM’s definitely telling the big lies now. So now he’s the finder of lost tech. That’s nothing but a license to print lies by the bushel.

    Any chance DM’s a long-term gonorrhea sufferer and the little thingamjigs are eating through his brain?

    Just Me

  162. (blush … little bit)

    Just Me

  163. Anonymous for now,

    “I think it’s more like they do whatever they are told so they don’t get declared, and are FORCED to disconnect from everyone they know.”

    Fear of losing your future track is the “whip” that Field Marshal Miscavaige uses to suppress all those S.O. and staff and public. God what a MONSTER he is!!!!!!


    Hey DM, remember that scene in Frankenstein where the villagers were carrying torches and pitchforks? Guess what!

    WE’RE the “villagers” and YOU’RE the MONSTER!!!

  164. Sam! Sam! Sam!

    You are beautiful, man!! :))))))))))


    P.S. jim cherkas, Where is your F*&^%King postulate?

    P.S.S also remember “Wall Street”? They had all of the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Mike,

    Thank you for your post. You cut right to the heart of the issue.

    In the end, it is the number of Clears and OT’s that are made that will save this place.

    Idle orgs with high prices and other than Clear and OT production diversions that lead one to financial stresses that can destroy a person is not the way to make lots of Clears and OT’s. I know, I tried it and it almost killed me.

    I do not know of any other goal that Ron had other than making Clears and OT’s for our survival. If there are other senior goals for orgs that LRH had, please, let me know. I would love to get my false data handled.

    It is because of other-intentionedness that I found in the Church that I am no longer a part of it.

    That in itself, was case gain.

    Long live the Independent Field of Scientology.

    Sovereign Scientologist

  166. Have a wonderful retreat, WH. Enjoy, flow, be.


    Just Me

  167. And to quote the Captain of ASHO Day in his recent plea on behalf of Pasadena org:
    “But up until recently – with the creation of our Ideal Orgs – it has been virtually impossible to operate in a 100% Standard Tech environment, which makes it almost impossible for you to do your job as an auditor.”
    Thank you Jon.
    Having to have before you can do? Uh, yeah.
    To hell with the peoples of earth. Their ills can only be addressed in poshness.

  168. Veritas,

    “McScientology” golden arches…”

    Now that’s funny!

  169. Thank you for this great post.

    Mike, you were the “tipping point” for me starting to LOOK (windhorse asked, and I agree that it could be very important for many to share their stories about this – WH said:
    “Just wondering if you might remember what pushed you to take that look …
    Something came before you looked …”

    Well, here, in short form, is mine:
    It was the day a friend told me “Did you hear about Mike Rinder?”.

    There were no dealings of importance between you and me, so you have no reason to remember me. But hearing you were out had IMPACT on me. And that is when I LOOKED.

    I’d had things happen before that troubled me. Plenty of things under the surface and kind of nagging away.

    Notable to me were when I heard that a few people were out, it had started some stronger ripples in my unisverse:

    – Janis and Paul Grady (my thoughts were that something must have been really wrong for them to go). I had been in the SO for 10 years or so at that time.

    – Kenny Lipton (wondered about him all the time). I was still in the SO then.

    Finally, when my friend spoke of Mike Rinder, I knew it was time to look deeper and try to find out. There was just too much curiosity and pull to KNOW, and too many feelings that something was very very wrong. (I was not in the SO then). The feeling that I HAD to know outweighed the FEAR to look.

    So that was my turning point when I began to read info on the internet, subsequently finding Jeff’s “Counterfeit Dreams” and Marty’s blog, which I go to every day, and many other sites to get data. Which led me to hear about Amy Scobee. And that was it for me – not only had I looked, but I had evaluated for myself and decided.

    For me it was this: I KNEW these people were working HARD for “the cause” but not just for political kudos for themselves – I considered them ON SOURCE people who would keep trying and trying no matter what.

    So my Kool-aid stable datum: “Don’t attack the Church, to do so is suppressive” changed to a new stable datum: “Too much is discernably wrong with the Church, which is not working for L. Ron Hubbard any more”.

    I knew that attacking the church itself was listed as a suppressive action by LRH policy. But what if the Church was dragged so far off the rails that it was no longer an LRH sponsored entity.

    I don’t think LRH ever envisioned that an evil person(s) could triumph and steer the work LRH had done and twist it so much so into what it has become and make the actual Church itself suppressive. I don’t think LRH ever imagined that DM, whom he trusted, could be so brutal, so evil; I’m sure LRH really did not know how much power DM wielded. So LRH has written no policy for WHAT TO DO IF SOME EVIL MANIAC TAKES OVER THE COS. He simply never imagined it happening.

    So I figure we are on our own, with the one guiding policy point of “What would Ron do?”.

    And I believe that DM secretly thinks LRH was a fool to be manipulated, and a pansy for not applying much more force and control to people. I actually believe DM despises LRH for being too nice, and that the Church is best served by himself, DM, and not LRH.

    What a mess.

  170. Chris Black

    “We need to go straight up and vertical ….”

    What the hell is that? “Straight up and vertical”??? Redundancies abound and policy is lost!

    And not doing the usual? Looking for something new to solve the day? What the F?

    Oh, yeh, now I see it. As Mike points out, DM is creating a new man, not Homo Novis as envisioned by LRH, but Homo Maximus Brown Nosus, as dictated by DM.

    This is so much more fun than watching re-runs of Twin Peaks!.

  171. Hey Chris and Sherry,
    another CCLA mid 70s alumna here. Working on my coming out party. Good to see you guys here too.

  172. Tony DePhillips

    Hi T Paine,

    With all due respect I disagree with your general statement.

    I think it is obvious that the church is trying to avoid paying taxes and using an address that isn’t even owned by them is flat out weird. The church has so many overts now that they pull in motivators left and right. Just as annonymous may have people in it that are misguided they still play a part on getting rid of the SP. As will this and other shows. It may not be perfect, (absolutes are unobtainable) but it will take a lot of combined forces to put enough pressure on the line to get rid of the tyrant IMHO.


  173. Tony DePhillips

    Also it isn’t the high priests that we have to worry about it is the failure to apply our own technology, or something like that.

    That is the correct target. That opens a door to a handling.


  174. John Peeler

    Chris Baer from Celebrity Centre???!!! Wow, I remember you when I was a child running around the org – both La Brea and Franklin locations. Do you remember my mom Betty?

    We wondered what the hell ever happened to you? I hope you’re doing well these days. That was 30 years ago and I still remember you Chris. I remember you being a really nice guy too. You and Ken Farrara were the ultimate tag team. Blast from the past dude!

  175. Ne Obliviscaris

    I remember John Woodruff being sent to clean the bilges in the Engine Room immediately after his org was awarded St. Hill Size.

    I asked him what was going on and he didn’t want to talk about it. Very BI’s though.

    It stuck in the back of my mind.

    Speaking of minds…

  176. Ne Obliviscaris

    Lonely man, never alone.

    Footfalls unheard in the howling halls of insanity.

    Someone approaches.

    If I can just…

    I will finally have…

    The answer!

  177. Freedom Fighter

    Haydn, I know what you mean. We have to avoid thowing out the baby with the bath water here. Expose the crimes, yes. See justice served, absolutely. But burning the church down to rid it of rats is not necessarily the answer.

    This piece, while possibly exposing another in a long list of crimes has quite a different tone than what we’ve seen in pieces like the Truth Rundown or AC 360. Neither the Truth Rundown, nor AC 360 really contained attacks on LRH or Scientology. They were aimed at the correct target.

    I’m just as pissed off as the next person — hell, my life at the moment has changed drastically for the worst because of the flippin’ rampant out tech on my case, but I realize that, as much as I may fantasize about it at times, nuking the place and spraying my venom in all directions isn’t the solution. Keeping it focused on the target is.

  178. Sorry Tony but I don’t agree, we have to stay on target. Take the viewpoint of a regular public Scientologist for a moment, I don’t see how this program helped, I think it hindered. Perhaps Anon cheered but not me.

    The Truth Rundown, now that was something! And the more recent St Pete Times articles. They spoke truth and mentioned DM though that could have been better.

    The whole idea is to wake people up not give them a rallying point. General attacks on the church (and especially on LRH) will cause staff and public to close ranks around DM, god forbid. The line DM is running is that the Independents are just attacking the church and trying to bring it down or take it over (depending on which day he says it). This kind of journalism and support for it (which is even worse) does not help. A general attack does not help, unless the agenda is something other than, something wider than putting an end to abuses etc.

    As an Indie my agenda is to end DM’s reign and end the abuse. But different types of people blog here and some I believe have a much wider agenda, including simply stopping Scientology (period).

    I spoke to that reporter before the story aired.

    The story he showed is mostly fluff, bunk. But I care about that less than the fact it was too general. It attacked Scientology and L Ron Hubbard about something that happened in the 70s — that corporation in Oz was not set up ten years ago as reported. There was little truth in that report so I’m damned if I’ll let that pass because OSA will easily DA it and show it’s just a general attack. Indies supporting it doesn’t help — hence I’m distancing myself from it.

    Also there are other potential ramifications to this kind of thing. I have a lot of friends still on org staff, I don’t want to see them financially hurt any more than they already are.

    Regards to you.


  179. “The evolution is complete and we have the go ahead. ”

    From whom, the little invisible friends in his head??

  180. Too cute for words

    This is for Windhorse wanting to know what brings a person in good standing with the church to visit this site for the first time.

    For me, it was seeing Debbie Cook Baumgarten on FaceBook. A couple of years ago when I was at Flag I had asked an SO member what happened to Debbie. I was told she went to Int. So I was puzzled how an Int SO member could have a FB account.

    I, of course, googled Debbie Cook Baumgarten and was led to the Freezone site and took it from there 🙂

  181. T Paine, I think destruction just leaves a lot of debris lying around. I think attacking the church is the wrong target. I think exposing and communicating the exact truth and getting enough Scientologists to look at it will handle the problem without destroying anything.

    Attacking the church makes me imagine COB hiding behind all the SO, staff and public scientologists with an unimagineably huge warchest. If you can somehow battle through all that he will just skip town and leave the mess.

    Plus, taxes are supressive anyway, particularly in the UK.

  182. The original reference had to do with putting a courseroom there and it would be filled. That always went with the given that the tech is standard. What we have is unstandard tech which has proven itself to destroy gains. This is not what LRH meant!

  183. well your friend is getting GAT and that is out tech, that does not affect him?

  184. Well, somes likes it, somes don’t. Takes multiple viewpoints to make a dynamic community. S’all good.

  185. War and Peace

    The ” Field of Dreams” public did not Google key words like the public of today do.

    25,000 enlightened and awakened ex-Church of Miscavology and all their comm lines and all their efforts is a different scene entirely.

    Amazing amount of true data on the front (first) page of SCIENTOLOGY on a Google search including David Miscavige beating staff in Wikipedia info on the “Church.”

  186. John Peeler

    Well, at least we got to see Tommy “Footbullet Man” Davis again. His way of handling the press is spectacular! You don’t even need an e-meter to see what’s going on in his head. People who have never been in Scientology will watch this and literally say WTF?

    So what? The Co$/CoM eventually will get squashed like the bug that it is. You’ll still get to practice Scientology as you wish and believe in whatever you want. Why take offense? The crimes and abuses, at some point hopefully soon, will be no more. You have your personal POV about LRH, and many others around the world have a different view of him based on the information that exists. That’s just the way it is. You guys have a MASSIVE PR clean-up to do on aisle 10.

  187. Virgil Samms

    Sam, not totally. You see these OEC/FEBC trainees graduated and went home to their orgs. They were run by unhatted “Managers” who gave them streams of unintelligble orders that had nothing to do with LRH management. The managers did “weekly BPs” and sent them to the conts or the orgs and gave them weekly “marching orders” based on the weekly stat eval. Per LRH, Middle Management was supposed to manage on 6 week stat trends, but they reduced it to weekly and in a lot of cases daily stats. The EDs never had a chance to sit down, figure out how to build his org and get it to St Hill Size. This was the squirrel sytem set up by Int.

    If you’ve been into an org when they still had telex runs you would see 11 feet of telexes each day with DAILY orders to EDs to get this done or that done and it MAINLY HAD TO DO WITH EVENTS not expansion or growth of the org. EDs were pounded to get people in for events so they could see dear leaders face.

    What did all this have to do with the OEC vols or the FEBC? Nothing. FEBCs shouldn’t have even bothered because what they studied is not what they were run on. Two different things.

    These EDs are still waiting for the magic to come from Int that will help them get their orgs into shape. A lot of them believe it is the Ideal Org program. This is their last hope. That’s why the heavy stifling of this blog because if these EDs found out that the ideal orgs are failed, there will be a planet-wide mutiny. Hint, Hint.

    ML Tom

  188. Now, my comment above about somes like it was entered before Haydn’s most recent one. Just for clarity, I’d like to add..

    Haydn – I very much appreciate your additional information. The more information, good data, the better.

    Also, I think it’s a leap to imply that anyone that liked this piece for any reason is cheering for LRH bashing. That was certainly not my intent and I didn’t get the automatic idea that it was the case for the other posters, either.

    DM needs to go AND the organization needs to come clean, reform and be legitimate or come a cropper and begin again in new form. Still just my personal opinion, from my perspective.

  189. In one of the COB briefings to CLO crew, DM said that the current OEC was laid out all wrong and anyone completing it would not get it because because the PLs were laid out of sequence, bla, bla, bla. He then went on to say that he was working on releasing the new OEC. (This was about 6 years ago) Anyways, The effect this created was the invalidation of OEC grads besically saying that anyone who has done the OEC does not know policy anyways because the sequence of PLs in the OEC was wrong.

    The real reason why people can’t apply policy as written in the OEC is because so many arbitraries and hidded data have entered the running of organizations that people who have done the OEC can’t relate to the information when looking at what is being ordered from Int.

    As an example, take the Mebership PL as written by LRH available in OEC Volume 6 and try to apply that instead of the off policy IAS not covered in OEC. Or how about Magazine policy? As a staff member, try to apply one of those without being shot from guns.

    Buttom line is the only one who does not get the OEC is DM himself.

  190. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Haydn,

    Thanks for the reply. As you know I have awesome respect for you.

    I think I understand your viewpoint and don’t really disagree with it generally. I have a couple other views to add though.

    1.It seems that we have very little control over what the media puts out.
    2.It makes sense for some to distance themselves from media to protect against black PR by OSA.
    3.I personally don’t care how OSA tries to characterize me to friends I’ve had in the past. I think an “ice water dunk” is what some need to wake up and START LOOKING.
    4.In a war, things usually cannot all be done flawlessly. Sometimes battles are won with heavy casualties.
    5.I personally do not see how to get rid of DM without using all combined forces. As LRH says it is a force universe. Right now it looks to me to be advantage DM until some of these blows start landing.
    6. I recall when still in and drinking the Kool aide that when I heard the annons calling Scientology a cult. This woke me up a bit. I started thinking to myself ” What is my definition of a cult?” “Do I follow what they want me to do blindly?” etc, etc. So I think even these shows can wake some people up. Are they perfect? No. Is anything?

    See you at the Indie Party I hope and I will buy you a cold one. I know the Brits likes their grog,eh??


  191. Tony DePhillips


    You sure an get your bitch on!! LOL!!!
    You made my day!


  192. War and Peace

    Sam dear
    Could it simply be that “Jim Cherkas” is simply DM weighing in ?

    We know for a fact that the reptilian predator is fixated about Marty’s site.

  193. Another Layer

    Just Me,

    In August 2009, I read two e-mails from unknown senders. The e-mails had innocuous subject lines—nothing anti-church/dm. They were, “Something different for Ron’s birthday” (primed the pump), and “OTVIII Geir Isene speaks out” (blasted opened the floodgates). The messages had been pasted into the body of the e-mails, without links. In the 48 hours after reading Geir’s Doubt, I regained my ability to control what I read, and with whom I communicated and associated. In short, my life.

  194. Tara,
    Is Bill Yaude involved in the cover up of a rape?

  195. Let me give you some reality on the Mormon Church and how they expand and pay for their church bldgs.

    1. The church bldgs (not the temples) are very simple, based on a total utilitarian layout. No frills, no fancy carpet, chairs, desks, etc.. just down to basic needs.

    2. They pay all cash when a new church bldg is needed due to growth of their local communities (parish, or congregation). They ask the individual members in the local area to pay a small portion towards the new bldg. Usually a few hundred dollars to contribute, but if you don’t have the cash not another word is said to you to donate.

    3. The remaining monies needed to pay for the new church bldg is from the international management funds of the church.

    4. Everything is done very low key, very simple and no hoopla other than a bldg dedication which again is simple and no frills.

    5. Look around and how many LDS (mormon) churches do you see in every major city and for that matter town in America and around the world? They are also in the “CULT” status of religions and just now starting to get accepted into the status quo of religions.

    6. Mormons are not known for “CULT of GREED”. They manage their money well, treat people with ARC and expand because people are coming in droves to their churches. Not because they beat up a few hundred people in each city to donate money for a new church bldg that they can’t afford.

    Dm should look around at other successful newly organized religions and get a clue. Mormons are very new in the time track of religion on this planet and they are expanding!

  196. It is why I gave up on the tech clearing the planet and started to work with the independents on facebook to work with the Venus Project people.

    With both we can still do a lot of good just the tech well that is so far behind now with such a bad reputation that we will never catch up so my solution was to use and have both.

    Then the tech can expand unimpeded.

  197. I is why some of you got a lot of friend suggestions from me and it has been working out pretty well.

    We need both to go forward at this point in time.

  198. “Further,the not-too-bright have a bad point on the button Self-Importance” KSW #1

    Miscavige really strokes the self important button with all his status’s for donating to IAS or Idle Orgs. “Look… you too can be maximus stupidus delirius suckupimus!!”
    Who will be left? The not-too-bright of course!
    Wonderful…no one smart enough to catch on!

    Except for us of course….watch your back DM!

  199. Jack,

    That Freedom Mag is such a foot bullet publication. That is what made me look too! The thing is. it can be read by anyone as it is a church publication. It’s not off limits. It can be shown to anyone and it certainly is an exercise is applying the Data Series. There are outpoints upon outpoints upon outpoints. Quite frankly that issue of the Freedom Mag gives a great insight into where COB’s mental state really is now. The fact that he thought that magazine suitable for publication and consumption is bizarre.

  200. I don’t remember John going to the ship that soon after — I recall OC going SH size in late ’88. Woodruff did do OT VIII about a year later at the end of ’89, would that have been when?

    He wasn’t often BIs, but when he was, boy could he be solid. Dave Petit, same thing.

  201. Concerned Citizen

    Not to mention the awesome Intro lectures.

    I was doing intro lectures 30 years ago to a packed room with standing room only. Anatomy of the human mind, Dianetics intro seminar, Dianetics 55, New slant on life and I put one together that worked really well on the 2D based on that “awful squirrel” 2D book.
    We had body routers getting people into the lectures and after they had some great cognition, they’d sign up for course. It was a beat of 6 lectures a day for each of the lecturers. At one point we had 5.
    The place was a very happening place.

  202. Virgil Samms

    Haydn, at first I was a little surprised at your response. But now I realize that you have all the TPFE on this “expose”. Because there is dropped time in the report it appeared as this was just now discovered. I thought this was a way to break DM. But you know a hell of a lot more about this than we do, so now you is making sense.
    I agree with what you are saying – we hav3e to stay on target. The target, our purpose out here is to get DM out of the church. He is the ONE destroying it.

    See you on the 4th.

    ML Tom

  203. Why can’t Scientologist’s confront the facts? Anyone who has studied Scientology, or been a staff member has asked (and been asked) this question many times: If the Technology of Scientology is so good, why is there so much negative written about it?
    The answer from a Scientologist’s point of view is: It’s attacked BECAUSE it works; the vested interests see it as a threat. Drug companies don’t like it because it will cut profits, psychiatrists don’t like us because we DO have a workable technology to help people, and they don’t, they only make people worse… the government doesn’t like Scientology because it makes people smarter, people who are free and who will questions things, etc, etc. there are many reasons like this. But they all tend to along the line of we are doing good and anyone who doesn’t like us MUST be doing BAD, or have bad intentions.
    In answering this question there is never any concept that Scientology may have ever done anything to invite criticism or attack. It’s ALWAYS the line of anyone who criticizes or attacks is evil. They are terrorists, suppressive, evil.
    This line of thinking eventually leads only one direction, down. There is never (really: NEVER) any introspection; “Are WE doing anything wrong?” No criticism is allowed. No self-reflection is entertained. This way of thinking creates an unmatched level of arrogance. We are great and helping people and anyone who says that we are doing ANYTHING wrong only wants to make people worse.
    This concept is so ingrained into anyone in Scientology that as soon as you think a thought that something might possibly be wrong in the Church you automatically think that YOU must be bad. Scientologist’s are carefully trained to think that if they have ANY critical thoughts about Scientology Management then they must have committed their OWN harmful acts. In this way the power of observation is suppressed, any thought of need for change inside the church is turned back inward and the person is now introverted, worrying about “What sort of harmful act must I have committed to make me think a negative thought about Scientology?” Its an automatic mechanism: Think a negative thought about Scientology Management (this includes ANY observation that something is wrong) and one IMMEDIATELY starts to think what bad act have I done? What is wrong with me? Immediate introversion.

    Obviously this is all completely nuts!

    If an individual or group cannot correct itself it is doomed. The persons or groups demise may not take place right away, but there will be a steep downward slide eventually ending in demise. Have you ever known a person who is ALWAYS right? Someone who does not EVER admit error no matter how obvious? It’s the same with a government, a company, any individual or group: Ability to be successful and survive is dependent upon the ability to step back and evaluate what you are doing and make any needed changes based on what really works. Works here would mean achieving your goals.
    How can there be any improvements in Scientology? The communication line is completely suppressed. You can’t talk to your friends about what’s wrong inside Scientology. They will probably feel the need to write a report about you. What is apparently supposed to happen is that we are all supposed to wait until our fearless leader tells us what needs to be changed.
    This entire chain of stupidity reminds me of the idea of a benign monarchy. LRH says somewhere that the benign monarchy is the best form of government, BUT the problem with it is succession. Who takes over the reigns when the benign monarch dies? History shows the answer is usually a lunatic! And all too often the lunatics who take over help create the early demise of the benign monarch! So, this area MUST be completely addressed for us to have any long-term hope for success.

  204. And I respect your viewpoint Marta but things are not always what they seem. Perhaps I should have explained it differently as opposed to attacking the form of journalism.

    For example, I could have explained it like this:

    The story as aired is all sensation and no facts. There is no tax evasion in those figures displayed by Cat Daddy nor do they show any effectiveness from Anon actions. But what they do show is that Miscavige stole 8 million pounds from British Scientologists. And the Aussie TV station doesn’t seem to want that story, they’d rather manufacture one of their own so I’ll do my own article on it.

    Now that’s a story with facts and sensation.

  205. theystolemychurch

    For me, it was also about Mike Rinder! Funny, not really.

    Then, I heard it was Rinder AND Marty Rathbun. I told my friend then, IF this is true there is something really really wrong. This was during the discussion of the altering of the basic definitions.

    Then I started looking and reading and reading and reading. I am a multiple times a day looker at this site. I love it hear as the truth is being spilled and I want to know a lot more. Also, read BFG (great book, made me cry and laugh) and then I read “My Billion Year Contract” harder to read but interesting enough….

    Thank you Mike and Marty for shining the light into my face while I was asleep at the wheel for decades….

  206. Concerned Citizen


    I got to say this, though I have no further interest in reforming the Church, it is NOT now nor was it ever a “ bug” to be squashed. In fact most of the people in it are people like you, with star high goals, with great willingness and dedication, with their heart in the right place. If with blinders on too.

    Regarding LRH, you say people have a different view based on the information available. Well I know a thing or two about documentable facts that are “Proven false” out here. Most of what is available to “prove” is misinformation and really unfair. It is based on Opinion or just statements that cannot be truly proven. In some cases omissions etc,
    Someone recently asked if there is any way to authenticate the “affirmations as coming from LRH” no one answered, because there is no way. 20 years after you die, I could say you raped me and since we worked at many similar places, chances are no one could prove me false.
    So lets keep things objective, you are entitled to your view point, but I think Hayden is right, especially when he says:

    “The exact truth is the only weapon we have, once we lose that we are just a rabble.”

    I got very upset while watching, “the house of L Ron Hubbard” jab was totally uncalled for and misleading. It is the House of Miscavige, but I guess the reporter is just too chicken, he knows that in 25 years anyone soiling LRH’s name is ignored, while the mere mention of the Miscavige name might get an army of Lawyers breathing down your throat. If like Hayden says there are falsehoods, ( And he is someone that would know) then they just Gave OSA ammo to go cry “religious hatred” and with evidence of slanderous reporting, to the UN.
    Truth and only exact truth bring about case change, on the first and all other dynamics.

    But even if you are not a Scientologist anymore, you know that no real justice could ever result from doctored up “facts” and we want real justice, no more hatred and misconceptions. Lord knows there is more than enough disinformation on the world already.

  207. Joe Pendleton

    The image of the fat hairy belly – peeking out from under an undershirt? – hard to get it out of my mind while reading this post!

    But seriously folks – this is one of the most significant posts I’ve ever read on this website; because it outlines just how this guy’s universe and reality have been created out at Flag. You see exactly how fixed and certain he is on these points AND HOW HE HAS TO STAY THAT WAY IN ORDER TO CONTINUE THE GAME HE IS PLAYING. These points are all atoms in the constructed universe that this guy WILL be clinging to. And which is why he won’t be open to any contrary data until this universe starts to crumble. Staff members (much less SO members) CAN’T continue on their posts and read this blog (or any other like it0 OR acknowledge contrary truth (to what they’ve been fed) in ANY form. Y’all really need to duplicate this because it’s one reason the game continues in the church as it does.

    One needs to feel the force thrown at him and have his former stable datums shook up A LOT before one is open to even looking. After some attempts to “severely adjust my reality”, I sat in a chair wondering if I was in some sort of alternate universe than I had imagined, after having been in Scientology for over 35 years. And THEN…..I started looking and thinking for myself. But before that, I swallowed almost all of the PR (well….not the LRH death story). And I always considered myself a very independent type of guy, so………..

  208. Doc "Smith"

    Victoria, you say:
    “The 2007 edition, which retails for $30, leaves out 17 of Hubbard’s original chapters”
    Which book are you referring to?

  209. Joe Pendleton

    You know, a few years ago I would have thought Mr. Hilton’s post was a little loony……and now I find myself largely agreeing with him. I think that what is more troubling than Chairman Dave himself is that highly trained and audited Scientologists have gone along with all this stuff. That beings WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE HIGHER AWARENESS THAN YOUR USUAL EARTHLING…turn out to be as easily manipulated and thought/postulate controlled as most groups on Earth have been throughout history. That the percentage of people who DON’T go along and think for themselves seems to be the same as any group that has opposed tyranny in the past (be it German or Soviet or Iranian tyranny, etc). Maybe it really DOES take more than one lifetime of study to get to the point where one REALLY can fully understand and apply Scientology.

    Anyway, the good news I think is that the graph of enlightenment and understanding CAN continue to rise. And people who regularly read this blog seem to be very interested in that. So let’s just keep getting MORE aware and pointing out the truth……that IS a great game to play, right? Once again, thank you Marty and Mike.

  210. Joe Pendleton

    Just one more comment on Lo’s post. I am in fact VERY interested in anything that can be passed on re: what the guy on 7 was feeling and what the current line is. Going along with my other post, can you see how “wonderful” his new universe has been constructed? He is part of the group that by towing the company line IS SAVING THE PLANET and any energy not ON that line is OPPOSING the salvation of the planet and the mission of Scientology and so is to be recognized as such and crushed. And there you go……..and your next status level is……and have you investigated whether you qualify for a fourth mortgage? College fund for the kids? If the planet goes down, UCLA and Cal go down with it, capisce?

  211. Your Humble Servant


    Thank you for this valuable and informative post. Some 8 years ago San Francisco Org sold its fully paid for building off Market Street in a high foot traffic area to purchase a smaller, though charming, white elephant in the financial district where there is no parking, little foot traffic, and much poorer access to public transportation, and in need of renovation.

    The public was never fully informed of the financial details though millions were fund -raised for the purchase and renovations. It later transpired that the new building came with a three million dollar mortgage and required payments of thirty thousand per month. One staff member donated his entire inheritance of over three hundred thousand towards the purchase.

    For a couple of years of so, proceeds of the sale of the old building were used to pay the mortgage, until the funds were exhausted. Constant fund raising from the public has been depended upon to make the monthly payments ever since, since average monthly GI of the org never even remotely approached thirty thousand per month.

    Fortunately, most of the monthly payments went to reducing principal. Now only $300,000 is owed. The OT Committee is now promoting The One Hundred Club, seeking one hundred people to donate 6,000 dollars each to pay off the rest of the debt. (A two to one cushion, I guess). I don’t know how many members are in The One Hundred Club. Might I guess 10?

    More DM insanity that has nothing to do with Scientology as a subject, LRH, or LRH policy. T. Paine, thanks for sticking up for Ron and Scientology. Those who attack them are ill-informed and attacking a wrong target.

  212. Theo Sismanides

    Veritas, the fast food McScientology and people drivign through its golden arches.

    You have done a stellar outpoints analysis of this letter.

    I can only agree with your conclusion:

    Scientologists do you want ketchup with that?

    Thank you for being on this side, all of you guys.

    We don’t need to go straight up and vertical and end up in the stratosphere as Veritas says. We are moving up a little higher and so we control the whole thing.

    I hate it when someone else decides for me and changes my position in space (in this case in the stratosphere) and I cannot decide about it.

    Veritas you do a wonderful job of moving us up a little higher. I can see your way of thinking on outpoints one by one and it made my day.

  213. Tony DePhillips

    Sam and Cat….LOL!!! great tag team!

  214. Joe Pendleton

    “..virtually impossible to operate in a 100% Standard Tech environment.”!!!! That really OUTRAGEOUS and invalidative comment totally steams me folks. The vast majority of folks at ASHO not only work hard, but do a very good job of caring for the public. But a few others, led by the “captain” Mr. Lundeen (and the guy on the “Love Boat” was more of a “captain”) well, Mr. Lundeen………. Listen, I don’t usually criticize folks by name on this website, but Lundeen is a complete shill…..he’s been “in charge” of ASHO for over 15 years I think and he is basically a reg who just follows orders from above and will forcefully push ANYTHING his seniors tell him to, down your throat as much as he can. A real 1.1 – with that stupid grin pasted on his mug….and you KNOW this man is NOT smiling.

  215. Joe Pendleton

    Hey, I like to get “straight up and vertical” as much as the next guy (…forgive me, forgive me folks….I just feel like I’d been fed a straight line and couldn’t resist just a bit of a humorous comeback….not that I was kidding, you understand….).

  216. DM was personally trained by LRH on 15 different hats for about 9 years.
    One hat is finder of lost tech.

    Let’s get this straight. LRH trained a little 17 year old runt in 15 unspecified and unheard of posts such as “finder of lost tech”? In other other words, squirrel the tech per LRH’s instructions? And I’m sure this isn’t just some hidden verbal data-line, but DM has something in writing or other irrefutable proof of that?

    Last I heard if it isn’t written, it isn’t true.

    Does anyone actually believe LRH thinks 15 “unknown” posts qualifies DM to run Scientology with an incomplete OEC course? If “COB” in fact is one of those posts, lets see some evidence. So far, all we have seen is the little strawman’s generated fabrications without any form of substantiation. All hot air.

    Does anyone actually believe because DM refers to himself as a child prodigy but without any C/S training, that he can declare Clears, redefine Floating Needles, even approving OT-8 auditing rundowns?

    Wakie, wakie CO$-bots !!!

    LRH has put together a list of points how civilizations get destroyed and at the end of that list is a point of no return. Earth is near that point.

    End of that point is DM.

  217. Cat Daddy,

    I, for one, agree with you — DM is indeed a psychopath. There’s no question about it!

  218. DFB,

    To continue with what WH was asking about, what made you watch the Truth Rundown videos? I think once someone watches them, the cat is out of the bag. But I think most people currenlty on lines and in good standing won’t go there, since it’s prohibited. So what allowed you to grant yourself the freedom to watch them? And how did you even know about them?

    In other words, I’d like to hear about what would seem to be an earlier beginning . . .

  219. T. Paine. Scientology is the Baby and the Church is the Bathwater to throw away because its poisoning the Baby.

    “Hey I’m all for honesty. If the agenda is to destroy the church”

    21 Januari 2008, Message to Scientology

    “Anonymous has therefore decided that your organization should be destroyed. For the good of your followers, for the good of mankind–for the laughs–we shall expel you from the Internet and systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form.”

    Notice the nuance in the last sentence and the fact the Organizatoion is the target NOT scientology and NOT scientologists.

    I think the “Offices in adelaide” say enough. Al these Flim Flam postbox coöperations to avoid being a descent organizations anay the …….out of me.

  220. Tax-Exemption may in future aply to an Independent Scientology Organization and or a Freezone one.


  221. Well done on not losing your cookies! That’s just so psychobabble crazy. I could totally picture it. YUK and SAD at the same time. 😦

  222. I agree with Tom’s evaluation that there’s an awful lot of suppressive reasonableness in the C of Mest these days. Just take a look at the results. The expansion (not), the wonderful, unaltered tech delivery (not), the wonderful theta atmostphere at the top of the org board (decidedly not) . . .

    What else would you call it, 8-8008?

  223. Theo Sismanides

    Bozz and everyone else here,

    are we sure the purchases are just from donations money or can it be that someone is helping there too?

    Does anyone know if there are any accounts on those donations showing that the purchase was fully covered by such donations?

    Do parishioners get receipts for such donations?

    I would be very interested to know. Because that whole plan to me of Ideal Orgs spending millions to buy the buildings could lead us to a real Sherman Tank.

    Is all the money coming from Scientologists, this is my question.

  224. I also seem to be short a couple of references on LRH telepathically transmitting new tech releases from some mothership. Maybe someone can help me out here … lol

    Why is it the Nutbars make it up through to the top of the ranks? Their bots cannot possibly clear this planet, they are themselves way too lost.

  225. Jim,

    You’ re so fun.
    We were on staff in an Org 30 years ago. We had nobobody that was moonlighting and had a good life about 3000$ per month for a couple til the finance police arrived and stole allreserves.
    Hahah you’re so fun !

  226. Have a soul-full time and send any good vibes you can down South for the Gulf Coast and its creatures, human and other. 🙂

  227. LOL. oyoyoy, Victoria. That was funny.

    Their letter is looney tunes at every turn. The sanity/logic/honesty holds as much water as a collander.

  228. Theo Sismanides

    Jim cherkas, I hope you come back here and face some real people. You guys come here, put out some fireworks for everybody to admire DM and then go.

    You happen to be a Scientologist so keep your manners in. Two way comm. Otherwise you get all those 4 letter words.

    Come back and confront the comm cycles you opened up.

    But why am I saying this to you Jim? Why should I reach for you to think and act straight? this is your life and your NON confront. Adios amigo.

  229. jim cherkas

    the universe corps are for saint hill size orgs of which there wont be any from now on, it is never mentioned, but it is in lrh ed 339r birthday game! How does DM get away with that?

  230. Over a million Slappy Meals sold, short of a french fry. Big on grease, low on nutriion. C- on the nutrition menu.

  231. Freedom Figher,

    I hate to think of you sitting out there with all that out-tech on your case. Why not find an indie auditor who can clean that up for you? There are plenty of excellent tech-trained indies around who can help you. I’m sure it would be well worth it!

  232. YO! Chris! …(and Wendy too maybe???) …a big HIGH five from your former org Snr. C/S…. booted out LOOOONG, long ago by one of the “Powers That BE”….LOL! …
    give a shout out… love to hear from any old CCLA staffers…(and my Flag shipmates and AOSHDK buddies, or MM Org out there as well!!!) I missed all of you guys from the first day I got kicked out! …youse guys were the best ever! …. love ya… (and dearly loved CCLA!)

  233. I can’t believe DM put it on the grapevine that he has a hidden data line which calls for real estate being the why. I mean what do you say? I’m afraid I’m kind of melting right now, it’s a funny sensation. Here’s what you tell the OT 8: LRH never said real estate is the why and LRH programs handle org staff situations and how they handle the public.

  234. Jim Cherkas, keep posting lies and then not engaging when you’re questioned. Later I’m going to do a summary of what you’ve said and the black PR which OSA (who turned you, or you are OSA) wants forwarded, for example how LRH never implemented real Scientology either so so what if DM is a squirrel, standard tech doesn’t work. Yeah, you, for OSA, wrote that and I’ll flesh that out. But there’s more too. What you’re doing is a high crime and you’re going to have to answer at some point.

  235. The Class V orgs aren’t set up yet to deliver grades? And they aren’t equipped to handle that much inflow?

    Uh, give me a break! The little mission where I was on lines in the 70’s was equipped both to deliver grades and to handle any and all inflow that came their way. You know why? (1) Because they had excellent, well trained auditors, and (2) because the place had a highly theta person at the top!

    Missions and orgs were delivering grades in the 70’s and earlier. And a lot of them were doing a damned good job of it. So how is it that now, 35 + years later, Cl V orgs aren’t set up to deliver grades?

    Well, for starters, because DM and his minions destroyed the missions and have decimated the orgs. Next, because DM doesn’t want real grades delivered, he wants his squirrel pilot version of god-knows-what delivered.

    And Muffin Man is exactly right about dissemination. The reason that was given, that the orgs aren’t equipped to hanlde that much inflow, has nothing to do with LRH, and nothing to do with anything that makes sense.

    All of these explanations are simply the ravings of a demented, destructive, calculating squirrel.

  236. Hello Chris, CCLA. I think you might remember me. I have come out and also working on a coming out party (nice phrase) but don’t post with my name on the net. You always had an affable, lovely presence!

  237. Precisely, Victoria, precisely. 🙂

  238. Concerned Citizen

    Well, see? These people are people who clearly do not get Scientology. Scientology is NOT about the first dynamic, it is about the first, second, third, on up the line.

    Anyone with this viewpoint you described, couldn’t possibly understand that the out points he sees do affect him directly. If he understood just the very basic of how the Dynamics work, he’d know to run.

    I actually find most Scientologists are very selfless. Staffs for the most part are, they have to be. But they don’t really get the philosophy fully, as a coherent whole. They do get some though, may be some disconnected concepts here and there. The people you describe though, they just haven’t grasped the most basic ideas, no way.
    Another way to state the obvious for these people, is Dr King’s famous quote, one of my favorites by the way:

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

  239. Concerned Citizen

    WOW! I knew Chad when he was at ITO getting his OEC/FEBC. Up tone, bright, up stat and clean space. I quite liked him, he was very impressed with the Sea Org. ( At that time still justifiably)
    so very sad to see so many worthy beings destroyed like that, but hasn’t this being the story for eons? isn’t that what we are supposed to break from? Lets do it.

  240. Concerned Citizen

    Your refference is caled the true motivation MOQ help?

  241. $cienology is a cult and always will be under Mi$cavige. It was Miscavige who perverted L Ron Hubbard’s policies about wogs, degraded beings, hard sell, fair game, government infiltrations, free service equals free fall, the RPF, disconnection, harsh ethics for high conditions, “too gruesomes”, bait and badger, tigers, hill ten makers, pts to the middle class, overboards, flow power to power, and who need’s these DBs on our line anyways? It was Miscvaige who perverted Hubbard Tech. Remember we need to help the downstats first, followed by the upstats.

  242. “How would one go about closing an Org? Its pretty hard to just up and announce that such and such org is closing its doors for good, since its quite clearly considered a suppressive act, regardless of circumstances.”

    There’s a line which DM can’t cross but closer he gets to it the more effective his suppression can be and that’s the line between covert takedown and overt takedown. He’s taking it down the most effective way possible, almost overtly but still in the covert band. Crossing over would mean the game’s up for him, and he’s being forced into that finally with his new hidden data lines about ideal org policies, and not changing the specific outnesses we’re calling for after a solid year.

  243. Those figures aren’t true unless you’re counting IAS and Ideal org’s etc. If there’s 8 orgs in the UK and each one makes USD $20,000 a week in GI (which I assure you they don’t, not even close with 3 to 8 part time parishioners a week on average or something close to that), the gross annual for the cont would be $8,320,000.

    And if these figures are true, and parishioners are paying 4 times as much to things besides the bridge, then how off base from the original workable finance system are we?

  244. this article reminded me of a little tech I tested many years ago. I cannot remember if this tech was actually LRH tech or some minor invention. Was called “false data stripping”. Had some minor successes with that. But now it seems this little tech had to be digged out and applied to many online scientlologists as a major action right now.

  245. Victoria,

    I loved this. Great points you make.

    Just Me

  246. Marty only censors the stuff that he disagrees with! Love the profanity and namecalling your all class!

  247. At the grand opening la org there was 5k and Ias 2009 there was 4k according to scientology promo videos! Same numbers as always.

  248. So glad to see your words Mr. Paine. Very, very well said all the way! A commendation on KSW SWEDEN is pending.

  249. martyrathbun09

    Cherkas, who said “Scientology” is going down? Sounds like you are applying propaganda by redefinition of terms. You are applying DM’s technique of constructing a paper tiger to then defeat. A chip of the old coward’s block.

  250. martyrathbun09

    Exilo, if you had access to event archives, you will find DM credited himself many times with I “salvaging” the OEC wearing his hat as “finder of lost tech.” In fact, his title should be “founder of lost tech”

  251. Ne Obliviscaris


    Yes, You’re right. It was probably then. I remember thinking, “Wow, what happened? They just got awarded St. Hill Size!”

    Thanks for the correction.


  252. Another Layer,

    Wow, I like that! Okie doke, I’ll try it.


    Just Me

  253. Felicitas Foster

    How it came about that I started to look: I left the SO being an auditor with the strong desire to audit again asap. Here I was with a Freeloader bill and no income and no funds to be able to pay it in a short amount of time.
    Then my sister told me about her problems and I got the strong desire to want to audit her and I mentioned it to her and she asked me: Why can’t you use what you have learned? I had already started to audit my sister on Book One but when you have audited with a meter you know how helpful it is to locate the correct charge and to verify if the PC had an F/N etc.
    I realized that something was wrong with that picture as LRH never would have agreed to barriers towards helping somebody.
    Up to that point I was decided to pay my freeloader bill and get back on lines. But at this point I asked my friend about Internet information and got the address to Marty’s blog and the videos of the Truth Rd etc.
    I think it took me about half an hour and the veil in front of my mind was lifted and I was done with the church – note not with Scn Tech.
    Hope that answers your question.

  254. I’m with you Marta.

    I agree, think the various comments were jumbled up and out of sequence which added to the confusion.


  255. Interesting choice of stat for this new UK Idle Org promo piece:

    Interesting (aka “f*cking ridiculous”) choice of words for this Plymouth Idle Org piece: “We need your financial stretch to pull off a big win for our country. All the 5 million men, women and children of the South West will, for the first time in many long years, be able to step onto the Bridge to Total Freedom. Religious Recognition in the United Kingdom depends on our Ideal Orgs being put there as a true representation of Scientology and Dianetics – your contributions are needed now. Please give your savings, send in all those things you have held back and give up your final pennies to help us with the last £72,000 needed to complete our Plymouth Ideal Org Building Purchase!” — UK Landlord, Plymouth Idle Org promo, email dated 27th May 2010. (Plymouth’s new building, the Royal Fleet Hotel, has since been purchased).

  256. The LDS Church is a lay religion — that is, nobody gets paid at the local level, and every function or calling is done by the members (or “parishioners” in Scieno-speak) themselves. The main meeting is a three hour block on Sunday.

    Scientology is fundamentally different in that members need much more support. On average, for every two public on full time training or auditing lines, you need one staff member. This is why Ron created his policies. When tech is correctly applied and policy followed, miracles occur which we can see in the Independent movement. In the past, we also saw these things in the Church of Scientology.

    I did attend Sacrament Meeting a few weeks ago. But I don’t think the Mormon church has what I need right now.

  257. Golden Phoenix

    [quote] O.O. // June 23, 2010 at 1:54 am | Reply

    Thank you for this great post.

    Mike, you were the “tipping point” for me starting to LOOK (windhorse asked, and I agree that it could be very important for many to share their stories about this – WH said:
    “Just wondering if you might remember what pushed you to take that look …
    Something came before you looked …”

    Well, here, in short form, is mine:
    It was the day a friend told me “Did you hear about Mike Rinder?”.

    There were no dealings of importance between you and me, so you have no reason to remember me. But hearing you were out had IMPACT on me. And that is when I LOOKED.

    I’d had things happen before that troubled me. Plenty of things under the surface and kind of nagging away.

    Notable to me were when I heard that a few people were out, it had started some stronger ripples in my unisverse:

    – Janis and Paul Grady (my thoughts were that something must have been really wrong for them to go). I had been in the SO for 10 years or so at that time.

    – Kenny Lipton (wondered about him all the time). I was still in the SO then.

    Finally, when my friend spoke of Mike Rinder, I knew it was time to look deeper and try to find out. There was just too much curiosity and pull to KNOW, and too many feelings that something was very very wrong. (I was not in the SO then). The feeling that I HAD to know outweighed the FEAR to look.

    So that was my turning point when I began to read info on the internet, subsequently finding Jeff’s “Counterfeit Dreams” and Marty’s blog, which I go to every day, and many other sites to get data. Which led me to hear about Amy Scobee. And that was it for me – not only had I looked, but I had evaluated for myself and decided.

    For me it was this: I KNEW these people were working HARD for “the cause” but not just for political kudos for themselves – I considered them ON SOURCE people who would keep trying and trying no matter what.

    So my Kool-aid stable datum: “Don’t attack the Church, to do so is suppressive” changed to a new stable datum: “Too much is discernably wrong with the Church, which is not working for L. Ron Hubbard any more”.

    I knew that attacking the church itself was listed as a suppressive action by LRH policy. But what if the Church was dragged so far off the rails that it was no longer an LRH sponsored entity.
    I don’t think LRH ever envisioned that an evil person(s) could triumph and steer the work LRH had done and twist it so much so into what it has become and make the actual Church itself suppressive. I don’t think LRH ever imagined that DM, whom he trusted, could be so brutal, so evil; I’m sure LRH really did not know how much power DM wielded. So LRH has written no policy for WHAT TO DO IF SOME EVIL MANIAC TAKES OVER THE COS. He simply never imagined it happening. [/b]

    So I figure we are on our own, with the one guiding policy point of “What would Ron do?”.

    And I believe that DM secretly thinks LRH was a fool to be manipulated, and a pansy for not applying much more force and control to people. I actually believe DM despises LRH for being too nice, and that the Church is best served by himself, DM, and not LRH.

    What a mess.

    OO, I think he did know. I have heard him talk about it on a tape. The only reference I could find is this one. It was on the Friends of LRH site, which is worth taking a look at if you haven’t seen it. Perhaps someone else knows of another reference.

    “As I look into the future, I see that we are handling here,
    material of a potential control and command over
    mankind which must not be permitted at any time
    to become the monopoly or the tool of the few
    to the danger and disaster of the many.

    I believe that the freedom of the material which we know
    and understand is guaranteed only by a
    lightness of organization, a maximum of people,
    good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information.

    If we can’t do these things, sooner or later the
    information which we hold will become the property
    of an untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because
    it has always happened this way.”

    LRH Lecture: What Scientology is Doing
    6 June 1955 (Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress)

    Personally, I don’t think the CoS will survive. It is too fixed in its mindsets to change. Everyone who can think for themselves or has a scrap of self determinism left has gotton out. All we can do is salvage who we can. Scientology will survive in some form in the freezone, for a while at least. My 2 cents.

  258. Freedom Fighter

    tone41, thanks for your concern. I have a couple of serious physical universe barriers that prevent me from doing so just yet, but I definitely intend to hook up with someone in the indie realm as soon as I can to get this mess cleaned up. In the meantime, I’m focusing on flourishing and prospering and doing what I can to help wake up those Kool-aid drinkers located within my zone of influence.

  259. “What happened to showing the LRH Div 6 Films, selling books, OCA ruin finding…”

    COB is the ruin of all Scientologists in CoS. It is easy to find him as a ruin: Just look at empty bank accounts, empty Idle Orgs, and endless lies and broken promises. DM’s form of Black Scientology has turned Scientologists into spiritual and emotional cripples and slaves.

    They are at the effect of COB to the extent that they will pay or do anything because they believe they are spiritual cripples badly in need of help.

    Scientology cannot function in an atmosphere of Suppression. COB is Suppressive. Therefore, Scientology cannot function in CoS.


  260. Virgil Samms

    Servant – Excellent data. However, I thought SFO was one of the better producing Ideal Orgs? If not please fill in the rest of the facts – i.e. delivery stats if you would be so kind.

    Thank you.


  261. Virgil Samms

    Tara, email me if you want help on this.


  262. Exilo and First, yes, indeedly so.

    “The real reason why people can’t apply policy as written in the OEC is because so many arbitraries and hidded data have entered the running of organizations that people who have done the OEC can’t relate to the information when looking at what is being ordered from Int.”

    Even more to the point, they aren’t allowed to apply due to cross orders. There is no time, and there is no “new policy” justification, to apply LRH. I spoke to an ED and eventually he admitted “Yeah I’ve been wondering when we’ll just start plain old delivering”. I was talking about all the events, external influence regging etc and how that’s messing with him.

  263. Tone 41 and Watching eyes. Its along the lines of the post of this blog if I am not mistaken. And Marty posting about Victor Frankl who was a Psychiatrist who survived the Nazi death- camps shows that most things can go two ways like people. Dianetics versus Black Dianetics for example to keep it close to home. I too want to kick every psychiatrist who fucks up a person buit my expieriences with an individual Psychiatrist in my country have been pleasant.

    I blew charge so to speak. It was to get out the why behind a behaviour that I wanted to weed out. The insight or cognition gotten helped me to curve that behaviour towards a more constructive way of conducting myself.

    More Ethical if you will

    With Regards CD

  264. I would like to share this video in regards to the CoM and the house that DM built.
    I hope you enjoy it.

  265. Jim Cherkas, go to FRIENDSOFLRH.ORG and view the stats. View the Truth Rundown and see attests on the stats. See the attests on downstats on this blog and others.

    Jim Cherkas, go to FRIENDSOFLRH.ORG and view the stats. View the Truth Rundown and see attests on the stats. See the attests on downstats on this blog and others.

    Jim Cherkas, go to FRIENDSOFLRH.ORG and view the stats. View the Truth Rundown and see attests on the stats. See the attests on downstats on this blog and others.

    Jim Cherkas, go to FRIENDSOFLRH.ORG and view the stats. View the Truth Rundown and see attests on the stats. See the attests on downstats on this blog and others.

  266. “Its an automatic mechanism: Think a negative thought about Scientology Management (this includes ANY observation that something is wrong) and one IMMEDIATELY starts to think what bad act have I done? What is wrong with me? Immediate introversion. ”

    What did Hubbard say? The Thetan invents a machine for self punishment and than he puts it away and forgets about it.

    This automatism is a trained thing. It is put away in the part of the brain that handles Autamatisms.

    Automatisms are alsoo trained in with the TR.s Automatisms or Routine can be handy with regards to driving a Car or riding a Bike.

    It acting without thinking about it. Usually handy for Survival

  267. First of all, tax evasion is a national past time in most Western societies. Who wants to pay taxes? The government is just going to misuse the money anyway. So a person watching how a church avoids taxes is probably not going to be incensed, but will tend to secretly applaud.

    Score one for Scientology.

    So, that the expose showed the church was breaking the law, who really cares except those on one side of this issue or the other.

    This thing probably garnered a few admirers of the church’s audacity in not letting the government ride roughshod over them. Made the church look like heros to some.

    Probably will get some people interested. And that’s the crime, because “interested in what?” Interested in a criminal group that has subverted and alter-ised a workable spiritual technology to make it unworkable. Those new introductees will walk away believing that Scientology is nothing but a scam because, at the moment, the CofM IS nothing but a scam.

    Point two: I’ve long thought the analogy of “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” was a ridiculous insult. How stupid does a person have to be to do that? How stupid do you have to be to not notice the baby?

    The baby equals value. The bathwater equals expended- or no-value. Still, another analogy would be less insulting and more accurate. Throwing out some edible food with the garbage? Nah, that sucks. Throwing out a sleeping teen with an old mattress? Nah, still sucks. Throwing out all of your cash with the junk mail? Nah. Throwing out the micro-wavable meal with the packaging? Ah, forget it.


  268. Marta,

    Maybe I’ve become desensitized, but I didn’t even notice L\”LRH bashing” until Hayden pointed it out.

    But don’t you just love how the issue clarified as it progressed? Who said argument and disagreement were bad? Leads to increased understanding–if the parties allow/seek this.


  269. Crash,

    “Just me” explained this to me as “sunk costs.” Great term. Wikapedia.


  270. Note that in Jim’s post above about Scientology never going down, he doesn’t dare say Scientology is expanding. He can only safely go just so much surreal. Note that. Also, over the months, he’s never had an answer to 10X DOCUMENTED downstats, as well as just viewing the obvious in your local org. He just walks away.

    —You can only go so far with a barrage of surrealism and apathy mixed with no-answers to questioning.

    This is the Miscavige method, intent to overwhelm with barrages of apathy (standard admin doesn’t work) and surrealism (ie not acknowledging concrete reality). You have to be insane to not see how LRH’s policy on the ultimate test being long term gross divisional statistics, and how that overwhelms all other evidence.

    Keep it up DM Jim, you’re bringing out all sorts of specifics and convincing posts in this thread with your bullshit.

  271. I meant your bullshit is getting others to post some great stuff.

  272. The figure for 2007 includes an 8 million pound “compensation” payment. I speculate that may be the 4 million pounds VAT plus interest – in which case it was not compensation but the return of tax paid.

  273. From Management Series 2:


    Check this out:

  274. Curious that you should mention the ideal org project in Stuttgart.
    Look here at the building that they inhabited until a few weeks ago:

    (from may of 2008)
    Here another picture which shows the other houses which have roughly the same style of the former org building:

    And this is the building they have moved into just a couple of weeks ago (the building with the sign “Feil” on it):

    Yes, this is the Scientology Org of Stuttgart now, in a remote derelict industrial area and next to a residential area with even less foot traffic than their old location.
    The field is told this is only a temporary solution. It very much looks to me like they are bound to rot in there for the next couple of years, though.

  275. I’m actually surprised the Church put out something so honest. I think this represents a very small step in the right direction. Instead of saying “Send more funds!” the Co$ is telling parishioners why this is a not-done. I can’t recall ever seeing anything like this sent to public – can anyone else?


  276. Cowboy Poet

    I’ve been put on notice.
    DO NOT ever screw around with Tara.

  277. You Sir are a winrar. I lol’d

  278. That was “A New Slant on Life” Doc. For some reason that line skipped out of sequence and just randomly ended up incomplete at the bottom.

    Ah, the spin though, now people are speculating that those chapters have been cut for PR purposes. Good grief!

    God forbid that anyone read these deleted words and see the absolute truth in them.

    “If man is to rise to greater heights, then women must rise with him or even before him. But she must rise as woman and not as, today, she is being misled into rising – as a man. It is the hideous joke of frustrated, unvirile men to make women over into the travesty of men, which men themselves have become.”

    The “war” between the sexes is just another propaganda tool. It’s been quite fashionable and acceptable for years now to make women out to be brilliant “bring home the bacon, cook it up in a pan” mother goddess whore taxpaying machines.

    I specifically remember the point at which my own mother “woke up” to how unfufilled she was as a stay at home mom. After all she didn’t wear high heels while making dinner nor did she have any Enjoli perfume to get that bacon smell off her. The whole freakin planet has lost it’s way, and it’s all because my mother stopped making my clothes by hand! Haha

  279. Thank-you Just me… that’s pure first cup of the day material;)

  280. @ OnceUponaTime

    “The government is just going to misuse the money anyway.”

    I like what my Goverment is doing in general. I like to have roads ands stuff.

  281. FEBCs really were marginalized when the 6 page list of Exec Posting Quals was issued around 1990. Before the Golden Age of Tech made it impossible to train auditors, the Exec Posting Quals made it impossible to find anyone who could qualify to be an exec. This is, in my opinion, DM’s fundamental psychosis that is ruining the church: he is obsessed with an unobtainable level of perfection. We must have perfect buildings, perfect auditors, perfect execs, or nothing at all. As a result we have nothing, or at least less and less all the time.

    But I’m getting off track. In the early 90s trainees at ITO would take 12 to 18 months to study through the FEBC (14 hours a day, 7 days a week in class), then spend another 2 or 3 years trying to meet other exec quals! Years sitting idle trying to get in session for FPRD. I personally spent 3 year in full time training only to be sent home to a low-level tech position because I made some comments in session that were perceived as CI to Int management. I think I said in session that it was misguided to keep trainees at ITO for years chasing perfection instead of training as many as you can quickly then getting them home. If they fail so what? Well somebody reviewing my PC folders at RTC felt that after 3 years of investment, I just could be trusted to tow the line. I guess they were right 🙂

  282. We should warn them, he may turn on them and reg them for rent for living in his head.

  283. YHS, I have an email from Dallas org, which is already Ideal, and they have a fundraiser for raw money to the org, called “Org Idol”. The text is in an image so I sent it to Marty in case there’s a way to post it.

  284. I do recall that little girl on the all hands phone calls telling me gleefully how many people were at the LA org event that “most of the atendees had never even heard of scientology”… bodies in the shop.

    I wouldn’t put it past the PR machine hiring out of work film actors to show up. Did everyone on Tom Cruises FB friends list get an invitation?

  285. rory medford

    best advice for DM go horizontal and flat while u can

  286. I believe that the freedom of the material which we know
    and understand is guaranteed only by a
    lightness of organization, a maximum of people,
    good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information.

    If we can’t do these things, sooner or later the
    information which we hold will become the property
    of an untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because
    it has always happened this way.”

    LRH Lecture: What Scientology is Doing
    6 June 1955 (Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress)

    This is something that haunted me from early on, I never forgot these words and another thing I read from Ron about always being on guard. Probably rang true with my cynical nature from the start.

    When it became “illegal” to discuss the tech, slotted as a form of squirelling, when OT’s could not discuss their wins unless it was approved for some publication or other, when scientologists were no longer allowed to COMMUNICATE, the rig was in.

    Just that song JB and Cowboy Poet did would have been declared a squirrell activity back when the house of cards started tumbling down.

    When we could no longer communicate or create abd being an artist meant you had to pay big money for a special event to qualify I became a renegade scientologist.
    Sort of like a renegde cow only thinner.

    I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!

  287. veritas posting on this Blog = gold

    telling it like it is = PRICELESS


    p.s. You’re great at viewing BS 😉

  288. Thought Provoking

    Synthia and Jack,

    “That Freedom Mag is such a foot bullet publication. That is what made me look too! The thing is. it can be read by anyone as it is a church publication. It’s not off limits. ”

    This is very helpful data. The wife of one of my client’s recently told me that her husband has been using Scientology tech for 29 years and has also received some auditing. He seems to have done mostly WISE stuff and I am guessing, intro auditing.

    I don’t know what his viewpoint is in terms of being a Scientologist but knowing the effects of theFreedom mag might come in very handy as a tool in case he is very much connected.

  289. 8-8008, please don’t bitch out with “evaluative judgement” and lines like that. This isn’t a session it’s bleeding raw life and you’re in it bucko. Tom is right.

  290. I don’t see anything in Tom’s post to cause offense. Unless one is one of those completely reasonable theetie-weetie types that sees nothing wrong with anyone anywhere and never DOES anything either.

    He says suppressive reasonableness abounds – meaning that there’s a lot of it about. That’s a valid observation. The next step is to see WHO is doing it and WHERE it’s coming from. He doesn’t say who and where as that is the next step still to be done. And he also doesn’t say it’s everyone.

    He’s pointing out an uncomfortable truth – there comes a time when you have to disagree with what is, or lose what you want forever. In his assessment, that time is now.

    I happen to agree with that assessment.


  291. T. Paine, I believe you’re right about this. No need to go one step forward and two steps back. The target is reaching parishioners, who otherwise will continually replenish DM with ammo. For me it’s not about the money though. For all practical purposes I don’t care if he has infinite money supplies. We’ll get our message across and change it either way. And Tony don’t forget our ace up the sleeve. We’re going to start orgs. We really are!! Oh yeah!!!

  292. Nice find CD.

  293. I’d be interested in how the finder of lost tech hat takes years to train into someone, one on one with LRH.
    It seems like that hat would best be learned by simply doing the OEC (which DM attested to NOT doing in a 1990 court affidavit) and reading the tech vols (which DM is a failed Class IV auditor, last trained when he was about 13 years old).

    No I’m sorry, so sorry 😦 this is easily debunked. DM isn’t a Class 12 and he isn’t an OEC/FEBC, yet LRH sat down with him on one one for 9 years or whatever, and entrusted this kid with these hats? Meanwhile he appointed Pat Broeker as senior to him?

    So there’s your Dead agent pack for the DM originated pass-it-along-the grapevine logic.

    I’m forced to admit, this time I was brilliant! Use it! And keep shoving it in their faces even after they’ve dropped it with “what else has DM put on the grapevine?”. Gotta get to Cali see you all tomorrow.

  294. Jim,

    It’s easy. Org staff have been beaten down to such a low point on the tone scale that they will believe anything told to them from someone with altitude, and won’t think about things that are not mentioned.

    It’s called “Robotism”.

    Don’t try and think with it – it can’t be done. Imagine a computer program that prints “Jump!” on the screen every time you press the “x” key. Same mechanism.

  295. Jerkass,

    Far better than I with your ‘class’ and ‘finesse’
    your mere presence should make me feel blessed!
    Yet false is the ‘theta’ you claims to portray
    it’s the fake smile that gives it away.


  296. Tax exemption should apply to all churches period. Church and state separation is a good thing.

  297. Miscavige doesn’t qualify to be a psychiatrist – that requires 4 years of college, 4 years of med school, and 3 to 8 years of internship and residency. Miscavige never even went to college. “Psychopath” might be more accurate.

  298. Thought Provoking

    DM’s product is the systematic destruction of Scientology and Scientologists.

    Through cross orders, invalidation and altered tech he has been able to make gain towards this end. He holds public captive through lies, propaganda and black PR.

    Exposing the truth while maintaining ARC with Scientoloy tech and LRH has been very fruitful. More and more public are willing to look at the truth. Jack mentions this in an ealier comment on this post. What kept him reading was the abscence of attack on LRH or Scientology.

    Aligning with critics for source will ARCx the very public we are trying to FDS and will result in them closing ranks with DM.

    Should a credible source provide the same info without the underlying criticism of LRH or Scientology, then that could be a useful tool for the Independents.

    One of the things that makes SP Times and AC360 good products is that they maintain ARC on the subject, Scientology.

  299. Mike,

    What do you think of the finance system implemented internationally in approx ’92-’93?

    I was an instant-hatted FBO at the time that mission fired into the orgs. It had very positive results:

    – The org was forced to actually hold FP weekly on Thursday,
    – Backbills got paid and creditors were informed monthly of where they were on the list, up to which past-due date was being paid this week and the date of their bill,
    – fixed percentages of CGI were enforced, so much to Building Fund, so much to CLO and FLB, and 40% CGI to staff pay. ESPECIALLY 40% for staff pay

    That mission was a life saver for Pretoria. Before that we operated on “Hey You!” finances.

  300. @ Boyd H.

    Anonymous always delivers.

    The original official source of those dox was from UK Companies House:

    Sponge from WWP:

    “The relevant section in the annual filings is under “STATUS” and “ACCOUNTING POLICIES/Taxation”. Here’s a plaintext copy of those bits:

    For The Year Ended 31 December 2008

    1. STATUS

    The Church of Scientology Education Inc. was incorporated in Australia as a religious charity on 19 October 1976 and commence activities in the United Kingdom 1 May 1977.



    The Church is a South Australian Charity, and is established in England for charitable purposes only. The trustees consider that corporation tax should not therefore be applicable, however corporation tax and deferred tax have been provided for in these financial statements. -”

    “Doe je voordeel ermee” CD

  301. Nightmares Getting Less

    See the blog a month or so ago re: Davis Msn, where the ED made a public plea asking for the field help with dono’s for staff welfare and I believe it’s rent.

  302. Will Scientologists next be asked to sell their blood and donate the money to Idle Orgs?

    How soon before DM and his regges are in people’s homes scrounging under sofa cushions for change? Melting down gold jewelry ranks right down there with pawning your belongings to feed a drug habit.

    Has CoS become like a drug habit for the people who are still in? What keeps them hooked?

  303. Thought Provoking

    Who is Jim Cherkas?

    Jim is a wanna be anybody. He is a dilletant.

    He goes to events because they serve food. He is a player, talks like he wants to go up the bridge but really only wants to have someone listen to him ramble on. Had a small amount of money on account but would never go on service. The org tried for years to get him on service. He has not been in the chair or on course in decades.

    He specializes in asking spinning introverting questions/statements that naturally draw the average Scientologist to handle him on a help flow. As you have probably observed he doesn’t really want to be handled, he is a distraction.

    He pretends to not notice that the orgs are not expanding but he knows. He knows that even at his local org many of the staff have left after contract was up or blown, some long term Scientologists. The academy is empty and the grade chart completions are almost non existant. When was the last Clear announced, Jim? When was the last Class 4 auditor announced? And, what about Judy, she was too young to die. Don’t you agree?

    I don’t know why Jim lurks here, he really is in better company on the natter boards. Must be that he is envious of all the theta and insoucience that seems to spring up on this blog.

  304. The Portland Idle Org was covered in a post by Jeff on his blog some time ago. It’s being sold as the why given was that it was “unsuitable”!

    Theo haven’t you seen this Idle Org hard sell video crusade pushing buttons like Eternity? Guess who pays for it?

  305. The Crusades were a series of religiously sanctioned military campaigns
    Crusade Indeed.

  306. Virgil Samms

    Jim, What percentage of those 5K are “extras”.


  307. Founder of Lost Tech. I like it. It brought to mind the Flag Only Pro TRs pilot in ’94 where “correct affinity” in TR 4 was critiqued to such an overblown extent (and TRs videos came back with severe reprimands on affinity for videos that were thought by every other terminal on the pass lone to be examples of perfection) that one could not help but arrive at the point where while watching the TR4 film you thought “Joe has very low affinity on his final TR 4 pass”!

    Literally. It got tithe point where just like “everyone knows” you can’t audit the way LRH does in his demos anymore, that you also could not expect the TRs LRH passed in TR 4 to cut the mustard anymore. These were a NEW BREED of TRs. This was even BETTER than LRH.

  308. Felicitas Foster

    The back side of that coin is that the EDs were(are) put in Danger continuously (by being run so tight on the BPs) and weren’t allowed to work out an admin scale for their posts.
    This also occurred with the releases of the 330R divional Estab Programs. Div heads were forced to comply to program steps robotically and were not able to design their own admin scales for their divs filled with their own postulates, which would then make it possible to put life into THEIR divs and truely be responsible for them. Big Danger conditions continiously.

  309. I/O…. brings to mind a couple of quotes on the subject of truth:

    “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”
    George Orwell

    I guess the revolutionaries, exercising some freedom, end up and are found out and about bey0nd the buses eventually.

  310. 2:09 “than w’re gonna have more missions”

    O RLY ?

  311. Not if a “church” acts as an criminal organization or even a bussiness.

    And seperattion of State and Religion does not automaticly means tax exemption,

    These are seperate issues wich there individual laws.

    Seperation of C and S is ussualy a constitutional matter while Tax Exempt status is an issue for law makers like goverment or parlement/congress

  312. I doubt the C of M stands up to real scrutiny right now.

    Independent movement has a chance since it is untainted.

  313. He can do that for Bubba in jail.

  314. Idol, is that like Idle except it’s the golden calf edition? Bloody hell.

    Dallas, my old stomping ground.I wonder if staff still sleep on the roof to escape the extreme heat of the third floor birthing?

    Nice at night but quite the wake up call around six am.

  315. Slappy Meals now with a little Miscavige bubble head doll.

  316. Hello my friends! each of you. I don’t want to be off topic in this forum but could easily reply to each of you … Please know I love you and your comm makes my day. You bring so much company, joy and solace to me, that when I see I’ve brought a little to your day, well, it makes me ☼!

  317. I guess the Church of McMiscavology does not revile all journalists. They suspend their generalized venom temporarily for he ones they can put on their payroll, er, to *buy* “fair” reporting:

    Company: Freedom Magazine
    Tampa Bay, Florida
    Job Status: Part-time
    Salary: Negotiable
    Ad Expires:
    July 28, 2010
    Job ID: 1179042

    Freedom Magazine is looking for experienced investigative reporters for short and long-range assignments who are preferably located in Tampa Bay area or nearby in Florida. Freedom, published by the Church of Scientology since 1968, covers human rights and social betterment issues and does investigative reporting in the public interest. In addition to coverage of issues such as drug proliferation, human rights abuses, and education, Freedom is initiating a new watchdog media initiative in Pinellas County, which requires experienced investigative journalists.

    Contact Ben Shaw at 727-445-4338 or

  318. “Straight up and vertical”, when taken literally and graphed means one of three things: Improper scaling, some one playing with the dates on the graph, or false stats.

    Now, sometimes “straight up and vertical” can happen. But if it were happening month after month like they say it is… Well, after ten years alone, there should be more Scientologists than there are bodies. Gotta love the nature of exponential growth.

    Most of us around here have already spotted this, just felt it should be stated.

  319. And people are waking up about it out there. Here’s one comment on the above:

    Jun. 23, 2010 at 5:33pm
    Journos: Work for Scientology

    I imagine They’re posting this so They can find more investigative journalists to attempt to undermine the credibility of the SPT and its series.

  320. This is, essentially, how I ended up here too.

    Thanks Marty, Mike, and everyone else around here.

  321. Yeah, and we know who the CLOWN is…


    (nothin’ but GAK at his place – hurl!!!)


  322. Tony DePhillips

    Not Dr. Phil!!

  323. Hi Tara,
    I think we know each other from E.C.
    Would love to catch up, email me at

  324. Thanks Victoria, Though I read all but 4 of the basic LRH books in 1980, that one was one that I missed. Thank God we didn’t bring our original books in to the org to be shredded as we were asked when the BASICS came out. I have both versions now and can compare.

  325. Just a sidenote: Hungary bought a building for the Ideal Org summer of 2005. For the next year they regged the money to renovate the building. Even in this year there will be no Ideal Org in Hungary. The Hungarian org reached the old Saint Hill size as well many years ago. They’ve got their Universe Corps team. Unactive since than. The staff are untrained and unprocessed. The ED is not even clear. Policy letters does not exist in Hungarian language. The majority of the staff does not speak English.

  326. Pat Felske likely wasn’t RPFed … she was not SO last I saw … but held DSA

  327. Keeping Scientology Working


    I read your posting but couldn’t help but wonder if as Independents we could have done any better than Orange County has.

    So far as I can see, we’ve not even created one org, don’t deliver any courses and hardly any of us audit anyone. And what Independents actually get new people into Scientology?

    Take a look. Have you?

    Orange County stats may not be too good, but as Independents, we can hardly criticize if we don’t have any stats to show for ourselves. Correct me if I am wrong but have a pretty good idea of what is going on and I don’t see any real delivery amongst fellow Independents.

    Let’s at least be honest with ourselves too.

  328. Freedom Fighter

    I was already fed up and had faded off into the woodwork, but hadn’t started actually looking at anything online yet. Then one day I received Mary Jo Leavitt’s write-up sent to me via e-mail from some unknown person. As I read it, I could feel charge blowing knowing that I wasn’t alone and that what I’d observed really was what I’d observed. I immediately wanted to know who Mary Jo was so I started searching for her on the internet. That lead me to this blog and I was off to the races.

    For me, reading a comm like that, written by an OT VIII with Mary Jo’s credentials, was all I needed to peel the veil off. Finding that Marty, Mike, Amy, and Dan Koon were out reinforced this. Discovering and reading the data on the Friends of LRH site sealed the deal.

  329. Virgil Samms

    There is a friend of mine who is on this blog who posts now and then and has a friend who is outraged and wants to go public. The outraged person she said she hasn’ yet but she is
    planning on it. She wants COB to resign and if this is what it takes then it will be worth it.

    This person will lose a sibling, a father and job connections but is going to do it anyhow because she wants to do something to get her church back. She’s asking for advice.

    What do you think we should tell her?


  330. Bryon

    You have missed my point. I am not comparing the religious philosophies. All I am saying is that Ideal orgs need to be bldgs of function rather than glitz and glamour. The LDS church management foots most of the bill from the coffers of donations raised through the members of the mormon church. It is not required to donate, however if you are a member you understand that group contribution is what keeps the group together. Very similar to LRH and the 4th dynamic.

    Why doesn’t int management pay for the Ideal orgs with all of our donations they have collected through the years. Or the IAS? Why are they not supporting the local communities to encourage them up the bridge?

  331. Theo, In Seattle it took 9 years to raise 13 million for the new Idle org bldg and test center and their reno’s. Reciepts were written on every cycle as they were tax deductible donations. There was a HUGE deal made of Seattle because it was the first one to be fully funded locally before starting the renos and without a mortgage on it. Other orgs got big bucks parishioners like the feshbacks to help, or only got partly funded and had to get a mortgage which killed the advantage of low bills due to owning the building out right.

  332. Thank you that , “This end of times shit is DANGEROUS, always has been, always will be.” My anchor points were knocked in by this and driven in apathy and thereby easily controlled and manipulated by the purveyer of this bad news. It is a mechanism used by SP’s. Not just by the CofM but also by the money mongerer’s trying to flip you into a state of apathy over the economy so as to buy their bag of goods, that I went severly PTS to in 2008. Marty you are an Island of Sanity in a Sea of Insanity.

  333. Freedom Fighter

    Muffin Man, I had a Kook-aid snorter tell me the same story about that commercial. My response was the same thing — if it’s so good, why not air it everywhere — and I received the exact same response. All I could think about later was how suppressive it was to keep such a thing under wraps all this time.

    It also violates the Emergency formula — one first promotes they have eggs, then works tirelessly to acquire eggs to supply the demand generated by the promotion.

  334. I can only imagine now how the CofM bots are scrambling to get this now 18 yr old girl to deny it ever happened.

  335. Freedom Fighter

    Bozz, I agree. Word clearers and FDSers will be a hot commodity for sure.

  336. Freedom Fighter

    Mickey, here’s another quote along those lines:

    “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” — Ron Paul

    If that’s not real to anyone, just walk into an Org or Mission and start pointing out violations of LRH tech and admin and watch the response you get.

  337. Joe Pendleton

    Dear 8-8008,

    Great quote. Do you have the LRH source reference for that, so that I can refer others to it? Thanks, Joe.

  338. Great posts here guys!
    I would like to acknowledge you all for your ability to think with the data.
    Seems to me if we got together and started an org then did just what LRH says we would probably have the biggest org on the planet in a couple of months!
    When did it get so damned hard to do the usual per LRH and boom an Org??
    I could rant and pull out LRH references to show how DM is screwing up but anyone who has done even staff statuses should be able to see it, but apparently staff statuses are “background,historical” data now.
    Unless someone is in front of me holding the cans,or uneducated I have a VERY low tolerance of stupidity, particularily when it causes harm to others. Perhaps it is because I can confront evil but regardless I have been known to get very “sudden”when BS is thrown in my face.
    Thank you to all the independants here who let me know daily that I have a full team behind me and this mess will get cleaned up with all of us doing our part!
    Love ya all!

  339. Freedom to vent in a safe space without inval, eval and introversion and receive an appropriate acknowledgment that there WAS a injustice and it WASN’T your own overts or imagination and you DIDN’T pull it in and you AREN’T nattering and it ISN’T a ‘motivator’… it HAPPENED!
    WOW! Did I have some BPC on that?
    Priceless! 😀
    Thanks for venting Tara, it blew charge for me.

  340. John Wodruff was recruited to be the ED of LAD and replaced at OC org so as to do a repeat of what he accomplished at OC St. Hill size org. Upon not re-signing his LAD contract (1997) became an enemy of the state (DM) was heavily attacked and blackballed and black PR’d to no end. I don’t think he has ever recovered or if he has is a microcosm of what he once was. I’m out of the loop but my guess is he is still trying to make amends to Dear Leader.

  341. TheEmperorIsNaked

    “– DM was personally trained by LRH on 15 different hats for about 9 years.
    – One hat is finder of lost tech.”

    Wow! New winner in the largest outpoint ever category.

    So this OT believes that LRH lost a bunch of stuff, couldn’t find it, and spent 9 years teaching DM how to go about “finding it”.


  342. Perhaps Jim as our Qual Sec can help me out. A WHO is NOT a WHY.
    DM is not the why of what has occurred.
    I’ll recount a little from my early experiences in Scientology:
    I became interested in Scientology in March 1971 after going to a lecture in a small flat in Bournemouth, England from a mission holder who came down from Birmingham every 2 weeks to run a comm course.
    After the TRs I was blown out and said I would get the GBP108 for 25 hours of auditing together and go up to Birmingham in the Summer. One weekend I hitchhiked to Saint Hill with a friend to explore more about Scientology.
    A few weeks later a reg called me from Saint Hill and tried to persuade me to have my auditing there instead. I was totally naive back then at the age of 18 and wondered why on Earth they would call me – I was intending to get auditing and it was all worked out. The reg told me that the tech was better at Saint Hill. I asked if I would have a higher classed auditor than the Class 8 who was in Birmingham and was told I would get a Class 4 at Saint Hill. The reg gave up after a little while as even in my naivety it felt outpointy.
    A year later I decided after a long interview with a recruiter that joining the Sea Org would be the optimum solution across the dynamics.

    I found Sea Org members a lot more serious than most of the Scientologists I had met before. By that time I had read all the books by LRH and I wondered why these dedicated members of the elite were so low toned.

    A few weeks later I was chosen to go to Flag. When I arrived I was again surprised at the low tone level of the people there. Clears and OTs were antagonistic, rude and seemed to look at me as some sort of insect.

    We had 24 hours of orientation time after arrival and I sat in the aft lounge wondering what the f I had walked into.

    I could write a lot more about the tone level of the Sea Org but my experience was that it was not high.

    I persisted as what I had read in LRH’s books was far beyond anything I had encountered in other books on spiritual philosophy.

    Few of the Sea Org progressed up the grade chart and only a small percentage studied. There was a lot of pressure to keep stats up and it seemed that most seniors would rather have their staff spend the time on post rather than insistinng that they clear up thir MUs and go back to their study time.
    My idea was that if I’m helping the group and the planet then its only fair that the group helps me!
    So I was rather emphatic that I had my study time. I remember my attitude was totally unwavering more out of naivety in the early days. I had read the LRH policy and sort of looked at people strangely if they suggested that I should spend my study time on post.
    I just found it inconceivable that anyone would dare suggest that I violate what he had said.
    LRH himself had a presence which is even now hard to put in words.
    Around him the tone level was high. But when he went away for a short while it would sink rapidly.
    When LRH was living nextdoor after Flag moved to Florida the stats were in affluence.
    When we moved to Clearwater and he was 10 or so miles away it sank. When he went to DC it got worse and from then on, at Flag, it went downhill.
    In 1982 the tone level at Flag was so low and debased that I decided I just could not tolerate it any longer and left.

    I went back to England and started rebuilding my life.

    I can see that perhaps DM had some involvement in the 1981/2 deteriorisation but he was not the cause. He was just the biggest piece of slime around and jumped into the vacuum.

    I see a continued practice of assigning cause to others amongst people. Scientologists do not seem to be exempt.

    DM is not the cause and he is not the why. He is just the piece of rotten meat that we let fall into the slot left by our own irresponsibility.

    There are many many people who are PCs and wait for their appointed leaders to take them out of the swamp.

    For our efforts to succeed people will have to take responsibility and accept that the why is not a remote monster.

    The why is within us and something we can do something about now.

  343. Chris Baer,
    Hi. You were my very first Reg, at CCLA Jan 1978. It is your name as witness on my Sea Org Contract. I have never forgotten you, nor have I ever stopped being very grateful for all you did to start me on my personal road to truth. I am so glad to see you here on this blog. Welcome!

    Eileen (Van Lack)

  344. Cured Robot

    Oops, my comment was suppose to be part of another thread from Obliscaris on John W.

    Bryon, you don’t get it no one is promoting the Mormon Church here, the point is how they have expanded incredibly (despite only 3 hrs of Sun service even w/o the tech) and how our Church is not due to all the pervisions.

  345. to J. Swift
    I do not know what keeps them hooked????? But
    they just raised all the money for mexico idle org and they are opening july 10, they got the last money they needed, Michael Baybak told them he will donate the 50% if mexico parishioners donates the other half.

  346. Jim –

    I saw very insistent promo from Portland (1000 miles from LA Org) to come to the LA Org grand opening on a rented bus. I’m sure every West US org did the same.

    By hook or by crook, it was “get everyone there who can possibly come”.

    It’s called PR.

  347. So, morbid curiosity, where did the money from selling the old org building actually go?

  348. martyrathbun09

    Keeping Scientology Working (NOT), I assure you I have produced more Scientology, including people introduced to Scientology, than Orange County Org has over the past year. That’s right, me alone. Now that I’ve been honest with you, how about you start being honest, and tell us which OSA slug put you up to this.

  349. Wow KSW, when I want a lecture on honesty I dont think it will come from someone who uses a pseudonym and pretends to be somethng that they are not.

    I’ve got an idea for you. Why don’t you ask Dear Leader to allow anyone to deliver Scientology without threat of lawsuit? I think some competition — a free market economy — would be good. People could then go to the org that delivered the best tech and didnt try to squeeze blood out of stones with nutball regging instead of delivering Dianetics and Scientology. And if there was a free market, I bet the Independents would do a damn sight better than Dear Leader in building a flourishing and prospering organization. At least they would be able to pay the staff instead of PIs and Dear Leaders planes, trains and automobiles.

    So, really KSW. Dont you feel just the slightest bit hypocritical talking about “let’s be honest amongst US independents”? You are about as independent and able to think for yourself as a bureaucrat in the People’s Republic of Korea.

    And just in case you missed it — the point was that OC (and other orgs) used to big and booming until Dear Leader “brilliant” handlings started sinking them out of sight. I would be very happy if he would cancel all his suppressive inventions so orgs could expand again. Maybe you could pass that on too.

  350. I would suggest that she reads the Code of Honor. Slowly and in detail, pausing over each sentence and considering how it applies to her life.

  351. martyrathbun09

    By the way, that is in the face of your Dear Leader doing everything in his power to shut me down. So, get a life.

  352. Mockingbird6

    I would like to say that when you descend into calling someone nasty words it degrades this blog. I understand your need, I understand how annoying a troll or OSA plant can be. But think of those people as children who may grow up someday but for now, don’t descend to the level of a four-year-old having a tantrum to try to handle him.

  353. martyrathbun09

    Doesn’t get any darker than that. Next thing they’ll be putting ads out for people to audit the staff.

  354. martyrathbun09

    Mockingbird 6. To whom is this addressed?

  355. Tom,

    I don’t have NEARLY enough information to tell your friend’s friend what to do, much less tell you to tell her what to do. Who knows what could happen between my lips and her ears.

    I don’t know her. I don’t know how permanent her sibling, father and job losses might be. I don’t know her case level or her case state. I don’t know her KRC abilities. I don’t know how many good friends she has on the outside who will welcome her and support her.

    I don’t know how resilient she is, how impulsive she is, how old she is, what her job skills are. I don’t know what her collective assets (of all kinds) are that would empower her to create a seriously different life for herself post-haste. I don’t know … well, you get my drift.

    And, frankly, I can’t imagine that her resigning will be what makes COB resign.

    If she really wants to do this, then so be it. If she’s prepared to pick up the pieces of her life and create a different one, that’s even better.

    I can only imagine how I would go public if I were in her shoes and really wanted to do this. (Again, this doesn’t mean she should what I would do.) I would plan my exit carefully so that I would be much less likely to be completely overwhelmed by too much loss at one time, i.e., no job, no family, no friends, no home, etc. I would try to move from “less stability” to “more stability” – not vice versa.

    I’m don’t believe “the grand gesture” is right for everyone or even at all times for those who can handle it. I am a huge fan of gradients. That doesn’t mean the gradient has to be so low it’s flat. But I’ve been witness to some sad situations and seen impulsive people work themselves into a high dudgeon and nearly destroy themselves in exchange for thirty minutes of the adrenaline rush of righteous indignation.

    Frankly, at my age I’ve come to regard that feeling of righteous indignation as the signal of an oncoming service facsimile. But that may be peculiar to me.

    Those are some of the questions I’d like to explore with her before giving her any “do it” or “don’t to it” advice. I would hope her friends and advisors would also take that kind of care with her before telling her what they think she should do.

    Just Me

  356. martyrathbun09


  357. “From whom, the little invisible friends in his head??”

    Wait a minut, doesn’t that mean that there are multiple Thetans operating thperson that is David Miscavige ?

    Multiple brain Thetan disorder ?

  358. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Sorry, but this is completely not true. People do speak out, write KRs and other reports, query orders, etc. And they should, per policy.

    Unfortunately, at this time, it does not work. That is sad, and opens up an interesting discussion on why it became untenable to expect to keep the admin scale in. But that is far different from a generalized, ingrained, automatic mechanism to never question management.

    If you yourself, felt that, then that is cool, I accept your reality. But it is not a general reality that applies to all. For decades people who do not fit your description have been crushed and thrown out of the church, or just left on their own.

  359. Jim Cherkas,
    Get a life. Somewhere else.

  360. martyrathbun09

    The ONLY KRs that have the slightest effect are those you all post here, on and Leaving Scientology.

  361. Your Humble Servant

    Virgil Samms,

    Sorry I cannot give you any more details about stats at SFO. I’m not that closely connected. I think the org is doing o.k. as far as orgs go, but hardly booming. Last I heard a few months ago the course rooms were not bustling and staff pay was very low.

  362. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Interesting dropped time. It jumps from 2005 to 2009 leaving the reader with a nice mystery sandwich.

    I’d love to see real, full stats.

  363. I rather go for Homo ludens ;), Homo Novis souns so…..1933

    “Homo Ludens or “Man the Player” (alternatively, “Playing Man”) is a book written in 1938 by Dutch historian, cultural theorist and professor Johan Huizinga. It discusses the importance of the play element of culture and society. Huizinga uses the term “Play Theory” within the book to define the conceptual space in which play occurs. Huizinga suggests that play is primary to, and is a necessary (though not sufficient) condition of the generation of culture.”

  364. “Orange County has millions of dollars in their Building Fund Account, put there by years of org public contributions, but Dear Leader will not let them use this money either.”

    Holy crap, that’s the POINT of that account! Jesus mercy, what planet are we on?

  365. Tony DePhillips


    Yours has got to be one of the dumbest posts I have seen in a long time.

    The Cof M has all the money and personnel in the world and is ran by an SP. If you can’t see what is really going on then maybe you should stay in the church and remain a BOT (Super-Bot in your case) and continue having others do your thinking for you, you probably do need to be bypassed.

  366. Windhorse, that is a beautiful wish for the world and all of us.

  367. I have always read everything. I bought into an ethics handling I had once about not looking at “entheta” on the internet, but it didnt feel right. I wasnt obsessive, but I always read whatever I wanted. I told auditors, CS’s and ethics officers no one tells me what to read. I got in some trouble from time to time, but I dont think theres any LRH that prohibits you from reading freely. Except maybe when you are receiving auditing, which I understand and followed.

  368. MJR,
    Thanks for another great posting. Each one peels off another layer of sticky, false, crappy entheta.

    What put me over the edge was seeing Debbie Cook on Facebook. It was some weeks before I directly contacted her about why she was on FB. In the weeks between I read and viewed interviews, articles, blogs, etc.; including the description of what Debbie had been subjected to. When I found out that it was all true, I was able to finish myDoubt Formula.

    What is currently called C of S is NOT what LRH intended, NOT what I joined for the purpose of expanding. Today, CofS is the excrement of the little being known as David Miscavige.

    I am very proud to no longer be of any support to what dm has altered into the church of mest that exists today. I have taken responsibility for my share in that distortion of purpose. I will do all I can to see that dm is brought to justice, truly, for his crimes against humanity. I know that he has destroyed before. What is different this time is that we actually have the tech we need to see him finished up for good. That makes me very certain of how this will all turn out in the end. Sadly, He knows that, too, but is driven to the brink of the cliff he will throw himself off of. We only need to be standard and true ourselves, which is what is driving him madder each day and closer to the edge of the cliff of his own devising. Isn’t that the way it works?


  369. Lets take a poll: how many of you who were on staff have ever felt it was INGRAINED into you NOT to criticize Scientology management?

  370. My god, book shreddings, that is so unreal.

    New Slant on Life is one of the true jewels.
    One I focused on fir new public. That and Promblems of Work, small books easy to read and absolutelylife changing.

    From what I hear there are many that have preserved those writing, hats off to them.

    One day I hope Marty posts about that, I haven’t confronted that situation at all.

  371. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Frankie and Emperor,

    I think you both make some great points.

    What I got from Frankie is that the church under DM does not encourage self inspection or really ANY INSPECTION!

    The church of miscreantology cuts the perception channels of it’s own people and starts to punish them the minute any “critical thoughts” are observed. A group like this will not survive long and that is why I speak out against it.

    I want to be part of a philosophy where my opinions count for something. And even if others don’t like them, I want to be able to say them anyways.

    I want to contribute to the group in other ways too, not just giving money.


  372. CD,

    I agreed with you originally and I still do! And any time you or anyone blows charge, it’s a good thing. So keep doing that. 🙂

  373. Felicitas,

    Fabulous! Very well done for being so open to the truth!

  374. Freedom Fighter,

    Excellent. I’m sure flourishing and prospering will be easier and more fun with the out tech cleaned up, so I hope you can hook up with someone soon who can help you with that. 🙂

  375. Ralph,

    Extremely interesting. How would you characterize the why?

    Anyhow else? What’s the why?

  376. Oops, that was supposed to say, “AnyONE else?”

  377. @ T. Paine. Fiddle sticks

    “How was that house “the house of L Ron Hubbard”? LRH didn’t set up the corporation.”

    It is an anology to royal houses. Like the “House of Tudor” or “The house of Hannover”

    It sees the whole deal (all linked to the C of S) as “The House of L. ron Hubbard” in wich David Miscavige is the dog that took a crap on the carpet. I agree thoughthe reporter should have mentioned his name too.

    “Removing tax exemption? Wrong target.”

    It hurts the C of $ financially “so its all good” and more importanly if its begotten WRONGFULLY, wich I believe is the case here, it should payed back in full with intrest and fines and then some !

    “The story he showed is mostly fluff, bunk”

    I dissagree although the reporters style is well very “uptone” We have learned some important things.

    NO offices in Adelaide

    Claim of a Headquaters that is NOT there

    It is all a Corporate Shell Game or Smoke and Mirrors.

  378. >Religious Recognition in the United Kingdom depends on our Ideal Orgs being put there as a true representation of Scientology and Dianetics

    I’d like to know this individual’s definition of “true representation” and exactly HOW this will result in UK religious status.

    THIS is why the CoS was denied religious/charitable status in the UK – – (in short, that CoS had not demonstrated it’s services/activities were for the public (as opposed to private) benefit).

    There is no mention from the Charity Commission that the application was denied due to quality or size of premises.

  379. Of course I have a limited amount of information to go on, having never been in the SO and so on.

    Based on everything I have read to date, I’d have to say that there a was a total lack of Power Change.

    I’d love to hear Marty’s and Mike’s version on my hypothisis, but when LRH went off-line to do his research in the late 70’s and early 80’s, RTC was formed up in someway and “took over” as head of the S.O. to replace Ron. In doing so, D.M. positioned himself to become head of RTC and thus make himself big boss. He was not qualified to be such a person.

    Neither tech trained or policy trained, he ran with “authority” because he had a line to Source, but never was and never will be Source. When LRH dropped the body, all D.M. had to do was pick up the reignns and say, “I’m here now.”

    One possible Why: Lack of proper Power Change and complete drop of ethics, tech and admin ever since. Any application of these would have been a partial application at best.

    I would LOVE to hear a first hand account from someone who was there. Perhaps that is a book that is in the works? Sign me up, I’ll buy a couple copies.

  380. ROFL!!!

    Mark & Mike,
    Y’all catch so much SHIT!!!! OMG! That KSW guy and the name-calling post. Gimme a break, and you guys see this every freakin’ day, not to mention the PI’s, and entheta comm we never see at all.

    KUDO’S to you two for putting up with the SHITStorm that you endure day in and day out!

    I just had to laugh and then say something. And I’m glad I’m not catching what’s coming you’re way. When it’s all said and done, you can look back and laugh. But in the meantime, VWD for your tolerance. I wouldn’t have the TR’s for it.

    *two thumbs up*

    By the way, Mike is invited to dinner to, if y’all ever make it out my way. Got big plans, if only for a night while passing through.

  381. I can live with your view, It onley means there is much more to kick DM for and ALL that went along with it. I am looking at YOU Yinling. !

    “There is no tax evasion in those figures displayed by Cat Daddy nor do they show any effectiveness from Anon actions. But what they do show is that Miscavige stole 8 million pounds from British Scientologists.”

    It does show the set up as dishonest with no offices and somebody elses home as a Headquaters. COME ON you’ve got to SEE that.

  382. Scientology is not attacked because it works.
    There is only one reason for attacks on Scientology and that is when it doesn’t work.
    If one reads the compaints on critic boards the biggest common denominator I see is that Scientology did not deliver what what promised.
    13 years ago when I started posting on the internet there were only a small percentage who attacked the technology compared to those who attacked the organization.
    That is not what I see now.

    DM has rendered the tech unworkable. THAT is what the attacks are fundamentally caused by.

  383. Creating orgs as Independents is not an easy job when millions are being spent on attacks.
    The way many Independents have chosen to operate since the great exodus of 1983 is in small groups or as individuals. LRH operated in a fashion he described as Fabian when he created the Sea Org.
    I have been delivering the tech outside the CofS for over 25 years as have quite a few others.
    Another factor is that I am not willing to put myself in a position of “being corrected” technically by terminals who are lower on the tone scale. A few people over the years have tried to assert their technical authority from a position of status. One tried to assert his authority by finding an overt of mine and then using that in an attempt to control.
    Thus building up an org is hampered by earlier betrayals. Many Independepents have said to me that they want nothing to do with a group or org again. I don’t regard that as a longer term optimum solution.
    As LRH said the problem of setting up a benign dictatorship is one of succession.
    He felt in the 60s that dictatorship, for reasons stated in KSW, was the optimum solution.
    After LRH left others have tried to set themselves up as dictators. The only reason LRH could stably hold a position as dictator was demonstrated competetence. He clearly states that in the HCOPL “Ethics Presence”.
    DM is incompetent. Bill Robertson was LRH’s 3rd in command and actually had good ethics presence as long as he stayed away from tech matters and stuck to estates matters. David Mayo was doing ok for a short while in the early 80s but started woffling about harmonics of Clear and was involved in denigration of LRH which essentially destroyed his credibility, at least with me.
    So, I’m here up in the Alps operating in a location where OSA has no claws. No heavy regging, enforced ethics etc. Just a relaxed atmosphere where people can make case gain.
    The cost of living is rather low here.
    The future I see for Scientology is one based on a network with practitioners operating and delivering in small centres or individual practices with more experienced auditors etc. available to help when things get rough.
    I don’t consider your post as dumb but it was rather provocative and in the current climate could be seen as the work of an OSA agent. I don’t have sufficient data to make such an accusation.
    Are you planning on setting up to deliver the tech as an Independent yourself?

  384. I haven’t got the why yet. I saw a magnificent movie a couple of days ago about the invasion and enslaving of villagers by the Aztecs.
    The father of the hero put forward the idea to his son that the fear he saw in him was a disease that he should rise beyond.
    LRH wrote the Code of Honor. It is a very hard code to keep.
    Somehow I feel the why of the situation is closely connected with that code and the failure to apply it.

  385. There is no doubt in my mind that there is an angenda behind the church right now, run by the same factions that run the media and dabbles in partisan politics.

    SCN is showing up way too much in the media.

    One pattern that has been being hammered for two months at least is the Nevada gov. race (woman against a woman), and the aligment the one had with a criminon programme, juxatoposedwith The freakin’ village voice going on about deleted chapters from “New Slant on Life.”

    “A Womans Creativity”.

    There will be more and more women on the frontline of the church too I think.

    The people on the inside are probably being fed a line about how hard it is right now, but it’s easy to see that what makes many of them stick through thick and thin, are the same qualities that made us walk out.

    To that end, I expect this next immediate crop of free beings to be top quality.

    VIRGILS FRIEND… take the leap and taste freedom. Freedom to have your own integrity and to be your own guide.

    Treasures, indeed. These cannot be taken away from you, but you have to guard them from your own self. They are all too often given up.

    I wrote you a long response, but I am out on my backporch, down on the Mississippi River typing on my tin can and string.

    I will tell you later over some of my homebrew and flax bread.

    I have a vested interest in all this, I still want a sane world.

    You can e-mail me at

    OSA already knows where I am, I am pretty sure that all hands “address verification” a few months back was all about picking up the ISP’s from this blog and tacing them back to the person on their call or mail list.

    Oh well… I’m living my own truth so let the chips fall.

    It’s my feeling that the SO will do what we’ve always said, it will come back… maybe from never having been gone but just for some dev-t.

    I used to write a lot of letters to Ron, and he expressed it to me like this;

    If the student gets the material, he will go apply it in life. In everything one does.

    Talk about expanded course rooms, and you don’t even need an idle (TM)

  386. Thank-you Veritas!

    And what you posted below looks like a dream job to me. Except when you read it backwards you get what it is really saying.

    Man, I would love to re-listen to the OT Doctorate tapes, it’s all in there.

  387. I know someone who was there. I will ask just how many public attended, not all the staff, but public who attended the LA Org grand opening..again.
    BTW, I was there in the big beautiful new LAO and it was empty, in March, days before LRH B’day event no less.


  388. I’m with you, Quicksilver.

    Living for the day.



  389. Chad Lane: very good guy, sincere, hard-working, dedicated and his staff love him. I remember a time I was there and he wanted to get his staff more productive. He didn’t harass anyone. He didn’t yell or scream or accuse or anything downtone like that. He put on a funny Super Hero costume and went “flying” around the org to get his team of heroes uptone and playing a game. It worked. Unusual, but it was very funny and his staff knew only too well that he was a bit stressed out and that was his way of dealing with it, he made them laugh and come uptone, in turn he brought himself uptone.

    Reminded me of the time at FSO when Christine Buttery would walk around the HGC’s with a water pistol. If she found auditors out of session, she squirted the D of P and Board I/C. Those were the days before it got all serious and “professional”.


  390. Linda,
    You finally found a context in which to use that great line by that great poet/songwriter, Bob Dylan. I like it.


  391. You are duplicated.

    She who must be acked…. 🙂

  392. Somebody call Jan Eastgate.

  393. Windhorse, tone 41, et al:

    What got me looking was Geir Isene’s doubt formula emailed to me. However the “earlier beginning” for me and I think for many many people was experiencing more and more of DM’s “tech”.

    The church is having tremendous problems right now and things are only getting worse.

    As far as the “earliest beginning” goes, it doesn’t get much clearer than this quote:

    “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

    I would add that the ogre is also not Mike and Marty and JB, big Pharma, psychs, the internet, the real estate market, the anons, whistle blowers, disaffecteds, facebook friends you should unfriend, a shortage of orgs with huge empty buildings…

  394. The answer is more groups, more auditors, more training of auditors. Less attention and therefore validation of the Church in its current state of treason to the Technology.

    More attention focused on getting more and more people up and out of the trap and winning, becomuing more themselves as beings and higher toned.

    Rasing the tone of the planet bit by bit and inch by inch is a long slow and arduous process. It has receieved a set back with the suppression and now demise of the church .

    But it can still be done.

  395. Trouble spots occur only where there are “no results.” Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are “no results” or “bad results.”

  396. Ok, well, this is me *not* using a pseudonym (being a big believer in our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and certainly not afraid to voice up), weighing in with an update. As a resident of Orange County – and ironically located almost exactly in between the current OC org and the new Santa Ana idle org – I recently found myself in downtown Santa Ana and decided to check out the condition of the new org building.

    (An aside:) More than a year ago, Glibby/Susan and I checked out this new building and video taped our findings. I was tempted to post this video last week when Mr. Rinder first made his post…but hesitated due to the fact that a great deal of time has lapsed since that day – and things may have changed, right?

    Wrong. Things have not changed a bit. This is the past and current state of the OC Idle Org located in downtown Santa Ana – complete with boarded up windows, natty bare tree remnants of some past something or other (“hello everyone!”), empty-empty-empty-Oh-here’s-some-Ansel Adams photos, and, “they have not done aannnnything to this building.”

    I also want to share with you an attempt we made around that time to communicate with Marie Murillo, who runs interference for a totally reticent ED at the current OC org. Frankly, we made several attempts to communicate with Marie. We told her from the very start, back in 2008, that all it would take to end this protest nonsense would be to have a meeting of the minds – to sit down and talk about the things that concerned us. But, no. We got the classic response of attempted dead agenting and PI’s and fingers-in-ears-we-can’t-hear-you-la-la-la! Now, I know the “C” in ARC stands for “communication,” but in my experience, communication was the last thing the staff at the OC org desired to do with us.

    (Another aside: Please forgive some of the signs you’ll see in this vid and the fact that I’m wearing antennas. If I knew then what I know now, things would probably have been different.)

  397. Yesterday I received Scientology Issue 47 german translation. Evidently in an attempt to make us wrong lots of pictures of Idle Orgs full with publics. But they made a mistake. Look at Quebec org. The body routing picture. Public “pouring” in is the message. But look inside through the front windows. No single person inside the building. Zero.

  398. One more detail: their old building is for sale for $6 million. I don’t know if that’s a reasonable amount given the current market, but my first inclination is that it’s probably high.

    Especially since this property, at first blush, seems a far better deal (at somewhat over half the price) for something that’s almost the same square footage of space.

  399. As if all the above isn’t enough, Smurf on WWP pointed out that Ed(win) Dearborn, long-time ED of OC, is moonlighting. (pity he wasn’t able to apply that tech to his own org)

    Also, the following promo email was received by someone on ESMB on July 4. Note that it’s from Ed Dearborn and mentions re-opening Santa Ana (which has never been open, see my photos from Thursday here: ):

    Dear xxx,

    Happy 4th of July!

    As you may already know, I personally have a deep love of my country and
    pride in what it took to make this great nation. Below I have sent you a
    brief history lesson so as to instill some sense of what it takes to secure
    freedom in the face of tyranny and suppression.

    On Saturday, July 10th 2010 I am awarding some special Scientologists who
    are engaging in efforts in that same desire to ensure that the inalienable
    rights of all people remains secure. While our struggles are far different
    than or great Forefathers, we nonetheless have seen our rights diminish from
    the economic yoke of world banking. Moreover, other suppressive elements are
    working industriously to deny Man’s spirituality and subject him to
    pseudo-sciences and life-destroying, toxic “medicines”.

    I am asking you for your help to see a new wave of freedom take place in our
    nation, and in our world, spearheaded by our Ideal Org and various
    humanitarian programs.

    So here is your history lesson, and after reading this, ask yourself if you
    could give more of your personal best to helping secure freedom in this

    Have you ever wondered what happened to
    the 56 men who
    signed the Declaration of

    They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred
    honor, but what kind of men were they?

    Five signers were captured by the British as traitors and tortured before
    they died.

    Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in
    the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured.

    Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary

    Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were
    farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated, but they
    signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty
    would be death if they were captured.

    Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships
    swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to
    pay his debts, and died in rags.
    Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his
    family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his
    family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty
    was his reward.
    Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton,
    Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.

    At the battle of Yorktown , Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British
    General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He
    quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed
    and Nelson died bankrupt.

    Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his
    wife, and she died within a few months.

    John Hart was driven from his wife’s bedside as she was dying. Their 13
    children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to
    waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to
    find his wife dead and his children vanished.

    So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently
    thank these patriots. Remember: Freedom is never free!

    I hope you will show your support by sharing this email with as many other
    Scientologists as you can. The Fourth of July has more to it than beer,
    picnics and baseball games. It was about a purpose and a commitment to a
    greater good.

    I look forward to seeing you with your purpose to keep the flame of freedom
    alive on Saturday, July 10th at 6:30 pm at our new building. Email me back
    that you will be there and please, share your thoughts.


    Ed Dearborn
    Executive Director

  400. Good point Watching Eyes. I realize my reply is late on this blog, but I just started reading it recently. YES, he sounds and acts just like a psych, with new INVENTED “disorders” every year. LOL!

  401. Well Hello Chris.!!! It Has been awhile… never got a chance to say goodbye before I left…. hope all is well.. Ken Dodge (Former Div 6 org off CCLA)

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