David Miscavige wants to be like Mike

Or, does he just want to be Mini-Me? 

 I guess you all can weigh in on which way it is.

Miscavige is so hard up for valences apparently that he is attempting to buy the identities of  Mike Rinder, Michael Rinder, Marty Rathbun and Mark Rathbun.

According to documents lodged with Wikileaks, the C of M has purchased the following domain names:


I am not going to connect all the dots at this point  for strategic reasons, but I predict this type of over-reaching is going to wind up biting the greedy one in the posterior in a big way, a little further on up the road.  He doesn’t get it, because criminals cannot conceive of the consequences of their acts. 

In the meantime, maybe he’ll start up another half  dozen anti-M and M sites – their presence has done wonders for our visits;  just as his inane Freedom magazines and videos did.

310 responses to “David Miscavige wants to be like Mike

  1. Where’s “Ex-OSA”? I thought you guys weren’t obsessed, and this is no big deal? No, sorry, this is a HUGE FUCKING DEAL.

    If LRH were here he’d be ON IT? Not making auditors isn’t such a big deal huh? Those newbies Marty and Mike just don’t know enough about the ebbs and flows of management (downstats since 1990 is an ebb and flow), and the tough, old experienced hands (what are they 80 years old?) know better than to care about annihilation of Scientology. They’re just going to keep on keeping on? Where are you Ex-OSA? Give yourself some street cred and answer questions. Oh that’s right, whenever that happens you’re handed your ass for thousands (not hundreds) of Scientologists to see so you have to tuck your tail. That’s right, running away is part of your current program. Oh, What?

  2. Miscavige must be low on havingness. Grin.

  3. MissBridgett

    Oh just great! I think I already wrote to YOU Marty…via one of these other weblinks. What a novel idea (not really, should have expected it…basic counter-intel strategy)… as a way to gather info/intel and deseminate false data and BlackPR while pretending to be you and Mr. Rinder.

    Oh brother! Or is that Big Brother??? Geepers, I just make mistakes all over the place…must be because I am ‘PTSa’ to an SP with the initials DM…although I have ‘disconnected’…somehow there seems to be a alot of ‘turbulance’…not only on the internet but even in the air…I just feel it today…besides the fact that my computer is acting like it has the flu…dagnabit!

    Marty, thanks for letting us know this…
    MissBridgett ~with her knickers in a twist

  4. Mockingbird6

    Gosh, he missed all the variations on Mikey and Mickey and Martin, OH MY!!

  5. The quote below came straight to mind:

    THEFT, the theft of objects is really an effort to steal a self. Objects represent selves to others. Thieves and what they steal cannot be understood by the logic of their material needs. They steal tokens of selves and hope to assume thereby another self.

    L Ron Hubbard — HCOB 2 May 1958

  6. Virgil Samms


    This is so stupid. Talk about foot bullets.

    ML Tom

  7. Darn. Why didn’t I think of that?

    Maybe, Martyrathbun.co … yeah … that’s it! I’ll grab that one!

    And get rich selling it to DM!!

    And MikeRinder.co while I’m at it! Yeah!

    Thanks for the heads up Marty!

  8. What part of “disconnect” does he not understand? As for dead-agenting, since when does LRH endorse spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to follow around everyone who blows?

    So Theta, DM. Boy, does he know how to be upbeat and positive. *rolls eyes*

  9. Thank you for this lightness and levity. What a great way to start my weekend!

    How pathetic and sad can this guy get? It sure looks like a meltdown is on the horizon… (hope, hope)

    So, which one of you M & M’s is the FBI agent, and which one is the Martian…?


    Have a super weekend, everyone 🙂

  10. Hey Marty, the spelled your name right for once!

    Maybe they’re hoping that when you and Mike are rich and famous you’ll buy them back for a profit.

  11. OOOoooo! OOOoooo! How’s about:


    Oh, there are sooooo many others I can think of to Cyber-Squat on. Hmmm….

    (DerMacinstein – remember… WE’RE the villagers and you’re the MONSTER!)

    We’re comin’ ta getcha!!!

  12. There’s your Halloween costumes for this year. 😉


  13. Impartial English Girl

    Hehe – yet another proof of what a paranoid, pathetic little tit DM is.

    Personally, I prefer the sweet, chocolatey goodness of the genuine M & Ms, rather than the supermarket own-brand, sweepings-off-the-factory-floor, cheapo version that is DM. He’s full of artificial additives and no good for the digestive system… 😉

    Have a great weekend. x

  14. how much does something like this cost per day?

  15. This is just too funny. Like he’s going to cut all of your comm lines by buying up the domain names!!!! As though you wouldn’t be able to communicate without one of those domains. ROTFLMAO!!!!

    All I can say is: GET A LIFE!!!! Oops, sorry, he can’t — you have to be in valence to get a life!!!!

  16. UnluckyPatron

    It’s actually a cold hard fact that RTC owns each and every one of those above domains. Go to:


    and put in any one of those above URLs and you’ll see that RTC is the proud parent of you shitty kids 🙂

  17. Looks like just another attempt to cause more confusion and lies, to me.

  18. DM’s obviously SCARED of you and Mike. He’s DESPERATELY “trying” to “dead-agent” you guys. But, all he’s doing is giving you MUCH MORE ATTENTION. It’s laughable! *-D

  19. theo sismanides

    DM thinks very small (and stupid, I may add) we think big. By the way how can one by a domain under my name “theosismanides.com” to prevent me from having it, if let’s say we are competitors. I am educated in law and this is NOT acceptable in any market. DM is very ignorant of what is acceptable and what not. Using Marty’s and Mike’s names on domain names apart from being “think stupid” is also against the mores of a market we all live in and live from. Unacceptably stupid.

  20. I really think that should be illegal. It’s a cousin to identity theft. Registering someones name so they cant use it in a major form of communication like the internet is suppressive.

    I dont think it will mean much in the long run. It’s just something someone with too much time on their hands and an obsession for revenge would do.

    It’s weak and stupid, like throwing a tomato at a tank, or an 800 pound gorilla.

    Juvenile harassment tactics cant fight the truth.

  21. Registering domain names is cheap. Like $5-$10 a year.

  22. LOLOLOL!!!!

  23. Damn, just when I thought I could have some fun with Dear Leader, he goes and spoils it.

    I looked and looked for a .org.za

    But there isn’t one. What a pity. The geek in me so wanted to say “No. You can’t do that.”

  24. Rollin over here….bwahhhhhhahahahahahahahahaha!

  25. Two “snaps” and POOF! He’ gone! :)-mwahahahaa


  26. In my opinion, as long as Marty keeps turning out quality products and keeps his PC’s winning and moving up to OT, there is nothing Mestsavage can do to stop it.

    Like a magnet, thetans will go where they sense freedom, and standardly applied LRH is a quality magnet when used by the right person with intention to help his fellow man.

    This URL matter is small potatoes.

    DM, while you are at it, register this URL too:



  27. Orbali yrs of 25-6-2010 4-48 pm .

    I thought your remarks was well put I must say.

  28. Seems to be another bizarre idea! Wonder who thought up these domain names?

    From Wikileaks are these:

    # http://rtcsucks.biz
    # http://rtcsucks.com
    # http://rtcsucks.info
    # http://rtcsucks.net
    # http://rtcsucks.us

  29. Tony DePhillips

    Ineffectual “management”. Just more of the same.

    I had a thought the other day about middle class PTSness. The churchies when I was in used to say if you wanted money and vacations and such that you were middle class PTS. I had a cog that the middle class is a body of people who do not want to change the status quo. The church itself now is that class of people. They cannot change and they want the “status” quo, (pun intended). The churchies cannot confront that change IS needed and we are the ones who are not PTS to them and can actually confront making the changes needed.

  30. Hey Marty and Mike,

    When DM finally sees that he’s about to be taken down for real, do you think he will fight to the end with some good, old-fashioned Confuse and Destroy or do you think he has an actual escape plan with money tucked away and perhaps some little tropical island paradise (purchased with IAS monies), waiting for him?

  31. UnluckyPatron,

    You’re right! It’s wonderful to see that RTC is specifically harassing Mike and Marty by trying to divert and/or steal communications originally directed to Mike and Marty. Hmmm… is this a form of internet wiretapping? Are they doing this across state lines? Does this constitute civil rights violations?

    ΘTater (Hey DM, do you smell smoke yet?)

  32. martyrathbun09

    Tony, yeah. Did you see that Idle Orgs video they did with Denise Duff and some other wanna be’s from CC Int? You can find it on You Tube. I consider it a glorification of middle class PTSness.

  33. I want to say something to COB:

    Sir, I had nothing but respect for you as I had no reason not to up to about a year ago. I had some issues with some things, like instant reads, FN’s, Orgs failing and Scientology apparently contracting but they were only questions in the back of my mind.

    I will stop posting here, come back and beg forgiveness even if it means I am never qualified for another service or step foot in an org again if you address and do something to disprove what Marty and these other Ex SO are saying. It’s too much evidence to blow off. I have to side with them. That is my only option as an aware being. Do you understand? I was gung-ho and onboard and now I am not because I have read what I read and saw and can only conclude that it is for the most part truth.

    The responses from the church only confirm the truth. I am not stupid. When I watch Tommy Davis lie with a sraight face and cold look in his eye it only drives me away from believing the PR from the church.

    For years I was in my org every day. I’ve worked my ass off for you and Scientology. I’ve flown to your Ideal Org grand openings.
    I ‘ve donated a lot of money to your IAS and other projects. I think I’m pretty much in the black as far as what I owe you.

    I assume I’m far from alone.

    I know LRH said always attack, never defend, but I dont think that applies if you have crimes to hide.

    I would prefer that I never get to do services again and am declared living in a box under a bridge than to have this evidence be true.

    I beg you to please either come clean and resign, or come clean and prove us wrong.

    The OSA harassment and covert attempted destruction of enemies is not working here. It wont work. It only makes things worse for everybody involved.

  34. Sounds like DM wants to be like the Angry Gay Pope. AGP is an Anon who bought the domain name Kendrickmoxon.com.

  35. MotherNature

    Wow! I checked these domain names and can attest to the fact that they have been bought and owned by RTC.

    Holy Cow!

    I guess you know when you have reached VIP status…when someone wants to *BE* you so badly that they literally buy up your name and persona and attempt to step into your valence on the internet!

  36. Evidence for identity theft, RICO and collusion.

  37. Yet another mis-use of parisioners’ donations.

  38. MotherNature

    One last note! Do they *not know* that anyone, including the public, non-Scientologists…Intel and Feds, police and law enforcement, and attorneys, et al…can look up these domains too and see who they belong to?

    I’m thinking they don’t have any toes left with all those foot bullets they keep shooting…at themselves.

    Can they ‘un-buy’ all those domain names and do a rewind?…I think NOT! And it’s another fine mess they created…well, that’s gonna keep on happening…being PTSa to an SP…can’t help themselves…

  39. This actually crosses over into a legal zone because the domains were registered by RTC and they have no legitimate claim to them. It’s evidence they are trying to steal identities of public persons and…IMO, have created some liability for themselves.
    Of course it’s a pain to pursue this type of thing and is a bit of a red herring but if some legal type would pick this up pro-bono, it would be nice and possibly have a payday down the line.
    For RTC to stoop so low, so openly, is perhaps the most telling aspect. There’s hundreds of different “tricks” that can be done with search engines and domains and such.
    Google: “scientology is” for the fun of it as an example.
    Bottom line: more farce from what has become a farce organization.

  40. Oddly it shows that they were all first registered in 2002. What’s up with that? If you go to the underlying registry, that’s what is there. I don’t get it.

  41. Any that I click go to hushmail.
    A company called 1800skyride bought up the urls re. just about every successful dropzone in the U.S. like LouisianaSkydiving.com or BatonRougeSkydiving.com etc. all over the country. They actually put copycat websites on the urls and then tried to broker skydiving customers to the actual local dropzones like us at a cut rate to us. Their call-in center in Atlanta would sell jumps at the highest price possible, since they’d get commissions based on the total sale. So their customer paid $400 for what another customer paid $200 for and they’re in the same airplane…imagine that!
    The few dropzones that existed, especially ours, already were overflowing with public year-round. We all agreed not to take their certificates so the public would have to go to another state or request a refund (almost impossible to get). Some dropzones sued them for false advertisement and misrepresenting themselves. We all put warnings on our websites.
    If you google them now, you’ll see almost every entry is negative. A couple of guys made pretty good money in the beginning but eventually spent much of it on legal battles and refunds.
    I doubt people are going to look up your names specifically in a url. Just like people who want to skydive look up skydiving in louisiana or baton rouge or such…keywords, not skyride. Duh!
    So they’ve wasted yet more donations on stupid, wasteful, ill-conceived ideas of how to do you in that just won’t work!

    PS. Google ads are not expensive if no one else is there with ads. It can become expensive if someone else puts up an ad to compete with you for top spot or if you have hundreds of keywords.

  42. Excellent point, Tony. Status is what the middle class is all about. I didn’t make a trip to the beach with my kids for status…R&R is more like it!

  43. That’s it! When they’re rich and famous they’ll want you to buy back the urls. HA!

  44. Exactly right! Truth always wins.

  45. Synthia

    That’s an interesting little bit of data – good sleuthing, Synthia!

  46. MotherNature

    I clicked a few too…and they DO all go to the home page for ‘hushmail.com’…Does ‘hushmail’ also belong to RTC?

    uh oh.

  47. Every time I am on WWP there are Scientology ads. I find that kind of funny. 🙂

  48. I propose to claim Nipplehead.com. Oh Hi there David Miscavige 🙂

  49. Fellow Traveller


    That is most eloquent and strikes an almost identical chord in myself. Thank you.

    The CoM terminals’ abject behavior in either not applying or misapplying Scn to handling this scene is such an outpoint.

    My price of freedom — constant alertness, constant willingness to fight, permanent proclivity to eat crow when appropriate.

    Bruce Pratt

  50. Freedom Fighter

    LOL!! Idiot!! He just fired off a foot bullet big time! I’m no lawyer, but I believe you can go after him for this. I know if I were to register http://www.tomcruise.com or something of the sort, I’d have lawyers crawling up my backside within minutes and I’d loose. Definitely worth checking into.

  51. This is just crazy, freaky, and flat out weird to say the least. Are they out of their minds? Actually I’ll answer that, yes they are. Marty, maybe you should register some domains yourself, http://www.littleprincessmidget.com or http://www.doesyourbossphysicallybeatyou.com. There’s tons of names you can come up with!

  52. Are those registrations on other names legal?

  53. The wikileaks entry now reads:
    A list of 2,070 Scientology cult domain names registered to domains@scientology.net

    These include scientologysucks.com,
    http://heberjentzsch.com, and http://suescientology.com

    The church is trying to control communication about these topics for sure.

    See where their attention is fixed:


  54. Freedom Fighter

    Here’s some good information on this:

    http://www.rjg.com/basf.html#Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act

  55. Registrant:
    Church of Scientology Int’l

    6331 Hollywood Blvd.
    Los Angeles, California 90028
    United States

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: RTCSUCKS.COM
    Created on: 18-Feb-04
    Expires on: 18-Feb-11
    Last Updated on: 04-Feb-10

    Administrative Contact:
    domain director, csi domains@scientology.net
    Church of Scientology Int’l
    6331 Hollywood Blvd.
    Los Angeles, California 90028
    United States
    3239603500 Fax — 3239603508

  56. Wikileak’s documents seem to be accurate.
    I have checked the whois records for a few domains listed here, the registrar is each and every time:

    Registrant ID:C2280105-LRMS
    Registrant Name:Religious Technology Center
    Registrant Organization:Religious Technology Center
    Registrant Street1:1710 Ivar Avenue
    Registrant Street2:Suite 1100
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Los Angeles
    Registrant State/Province:CA
    Registrant Postal Code:90028
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.3236633258
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Registrant Email:domains@Scientology.net

  57. “That’s right, running away is part of your current program. ”

    Oh come on Boyd, it’s the NEW running programme, it makes that old running programme look like a Sunday stroll.

    DM found it in a widows basement in Kansas, hand written by LRH;)

  58. Cowboy Poet

    Absolute bufoonery is what it is.

  59. one of those who see

    Well, obviously DM and OSA agree that what is happening out here is big & important. By their huge efforts and $$$ with PIs and now this, they acknowledge that Marty and Mike are important and are creating a big effect that is a threat to them.
    If this movement was inconsequential, they wouldn’t bother with all this.

    So, DM, OSA Thank you for the acknowlegement.

    To those OSA terminals reading this. Please take a look at the goals of Scientology – Free, Self Determined Beings who are happy and ethical and can play a better game. These freed beings go out into society and create a wonderful destimulating effect.

    Please LOOK and keep your own council regarding how the Church is doing on the above. You are welcome here.
    There is no such thing as failure. The true goals of Ron and Scientology can come true.

  60. rory medford

    laughable and hysterical what will he do next? maybe he will buy all of the anti scn sites and blogs make em an offer

  61. DM has a serious crashing mis-u; the level of stupidity is unbelievable!

  62. Fellow Traveller

    Wow, what a list! Seems it is or was the execs of upper management at one point. The variations for DM, TC and the MRs are incredible. Poor ol Ray M has just 2.

    I am interested by the fact that Mary Sue Hubbard (nor any family member) has none.

    Bruce Pratt

  63. becomingAware

    Victoria – ROTF LOL

  64. Hey Tony,

    Per your spot-on comments about Middle Class PTSness, isn’t it amazing that anyone can even get case gain in the church anymore?

    I guess that indeed says something about the power of the tech.


  65. They also pay per click so if you click those ads, they pay whatever their per click rate happens to be…

  66. becomingAware

    I’ve read of people doing something similar with names of companies. They lost the lawsuits and lost the domains.

    Unless of course DM is changing his name . . .

  67. becomingAware

    RTC owns those huh? Well they need to get a bit more creative as I can think of a few dozen more they should buy to protect themselves.

  68. They have no clue about keywords and the real world…obvious when you google sue scientology or heber jentzsc.
    Biggus Duhhhhhhfus!

  69. Dear Mr. Miscavige,

    Do you ever get the feeling that life is a Hollywood movie?

    You are the star. Tom Cruise is the co-star. And everyone else is merely a source of money or cheap labor.

    If you answered “yes” to the above, you aren’t well.

    Speaking of Cruise, he’s definitely trying to make a big comeback as the “kinder/ gentler” Cruise.

    You had better act fast, sir, and get him back into your abusive and arrogant valence. You had better set him up for another massive PR nightmare.

    Otherwise, he might just move up the conditions and become sane enough to break away from you.

    With zero respect,

  70. Cured Robot

    No worries there are enough creative juices flowing thru all this free theta, if you are in need of domain name ideas – we can all pitch in and send you ideas confidentially!

  71. LOL. What kind of a “church” behaves this way?

    And to what juvenile end?

  72. I’m sorry, Boyd, but I cannot understand your communication. What is a huge f…deal, that the COS is domains with Marty’s name?
    Who is just keeping on? What does ex-OSA have to do with anything.
    This is an open list, so try to make it so we dummies can grasp at least if you are for the article or against it.

  73. Bob Peterson

    My God, the insanity reaches a new high, or maybe I should say, a new low.

  74. Miscavige misses you> (Grin)

  75. MissBridgett,

    Your warning is obviously very important so that other people do not fall into the same trap. It is also important because it is evidence of consumer confusion which, if I am not mistaken, is relevant in a proceeding to set aside a domain name registration.

    Your statement that your “computer is acting like it has the flu” is a cause for concern. It is possible that when you visited the fake site your computer was infected with a virus or trojan. As a result, your computer and the data thereon (e-mail, correspondence, etc.) may have been compromised. It is also possible that ALL of your computer communications (e-mail, IM, chat, etc.) may be monitored.

    As a result, I respectfully suggest you consider disconnecting your computer from the Internet until you can have someone thoroughly check your computer for viruses, trojans, etc.

    Finally, I’ve cross-posted your warning to the Ex Scientologist Message Board (ESMB) and Why We Protest (WWP), the home of Anonymous on the web, so that others do not fall into the same trap:

    COS registers Marty & Mike Domain Names, causing consumer confusion

    COS registers Marty & Mike Domain Names, causing consumer confusion

    — Kha Khan

  76. Marty,
    Well done. You keep working your magic and I’ll do my best to keep donating to the cause. Have a wonderful weekend.

  77. Good catch Synthia,

    I remember reading about these websites a long time ago on alt.religion.scientology.

    I remembered that RTC had purchased the domain names of all the key execs at Int and thought it peculiar. Then I realized they were trying to keep them away from the critics.

    These domain names have all been owed by RTC for a while. 2002 seems about right.

    Mike Rinder
    Marty Rathbun
    David Miscavige
    Shelly Miscavige
    Warren McShane
    Mark Yager
    Guillaume Leserve
    Kurt Weiland
    Heber Jentzsch
    Greg Wilhere


  78. All you indie auditors can get some cheap advertisting, excellent idea!

  79. Thought Provoking

    Could it be that so many people are overtly seeking out the truth on the net it scares the bejeezus out of DM so he has taken any and all variations of Mike and Marty to attempt to ward off public seeking info and finding out the truth?

    By owning all the possible search entries, he can put false info up or at least make it difficult for people to find your site.

    It surely is indicative that we continue to hold his attention otherwise he wouldn’t even bother.

  80. earthmother

    Dear DM:

  81. I’m a little surprised that http://www.free-heber.com is still available. Tsk tsk.

  82. He forgot to register the new .xxx domain. LOL!!!

  83. Marty, talk about trying to dilute a message. Gawd this guy just gets crazier and crazier. He is truly trying to stop people from finding out the true message. Well it will bite him in the ASS.

  84. BBC!

  85. This is just a wonderful example of how desperate the dwarf has become. Bridgette I’ve checked all those sites and none are active, so I’m not sure who you sent mail to. Do you recall which site it was?

  86. I laugh at DM: his antics make a giddy game,
    Such a foolish fellow takes himself with solemn aim.
    I laugh at his pomp and vanity, his ridicule and pride,
    His social insanity, his swagger, swank and side.

    Let us mock with ancient mirth his comic cosmic plan
    The stars are laughing at DM, the greatest joke is him
    For laughter is a buckler bright, and scorn a shining spear;
    So let us laugh with all our might at his folly fraud and fear.

    (note: the definition of “side” is arrogance and the definition of “buckler” is a small round shield worn on the forearm)

  87. 1. People …do you really want to belong to a “Church” that does this sort of thing?

    2. David Miscavige and robots orders. What are you doing? Get in session and handle those purps circled in red. ( evil)

    3. This is an important news story. Demonstrable malice.

    4. I see stupid people (6th sense)

    5. OSA: You’re “defending Scientology” by kicking the cat.

  88. He is onley after his body though 😉

  89. The midget seems to very, very paranoid. As of September 25, 2008 he had 2,070 registered domains.

  90. 2,070 domain names

    Let’s estimate $10 each

    $20,070 a year

  91. “September 25, 2008”

    LOL Must be edged on by tthe Internet taking to the streets declaring war on him and his “church”

  92. Theo,

    Haven’t dealt with Verisign much, huh?

  93. V, My God I get a kick out of you!

  94. Tara,

    The links go to hushmail.com because that is what the link is. A URL displayed in your browser has two parts:

    – the actual URL address link, where your browser will go if you click on it, and
    – the text that is displayed.

    The first portion is not displayed. This is how the web works, it is so you can put text on a web page like

    “Please click here”

    and the word “here” is highlighted and takes you to http://something-or-other.

    The first link in Marty’s list is actually


    It goes to hushmail because the link says so. To find out what is actually at the domain names, don’t click the links. Type them into the browser address bar. Note that even that is unlikely to work – those are domains, not sites in the domain. Browsers go to sites, not domains.

    It can get complex if one is not familiar with the nuts and bolts. Shout if you need it expressed in a different way.


  95. Yes.

    Nobody has a right to a domain name or to deny a domain name to anyone else without proven intent and cause.

    There are hundreds of Mark Rathbuns in the world. Only one of them can register a given domain. First one to the post wins.

  96. LOL!
    Followed by, “I’m too sexy to apply the tech.com

  97. Be careful of visiting anti-Marty sites!

    After leaving several comments on Minerva’s anti-Marty site to question the logic of her articles, she COMPLETELY changed at least three of my comments and posted them as though I agreed with her!

  98. Okay, so that puts DM in the following condition:

    I gotta be YOOOOU
    I just gotta be YOOOOU
    What more can I do
    I’m so lonely and blue
    I just gotta be yoooooooou

    Sorry, couldn’t resist

    By the way, anyone ever hear Heber sing that song? He was really amazing.

  99. Theo Sismanides

    Brilliant! LRH oh LRH! Into this world of insanity you made sense, man. You are quite a dude! I really appreciate what you did for me on this planet. You brought sanity in a written form at least. You paved a way. Thanks, Sir. And if I am now longing for you and your sanity I have my friends and your comrades here now again who put your word in front of my eyes to see, read, understand and cool down. thanks T. Paine.

  100. http://www.americanfreepress.net/html/pentagon_manhunt_227.html

    Unfriendly atmosphere for whistle blowers though:/

    The founder of a popular web site, which was set up for government, corporate and religious whistleblowers to leak classified documents that would otherwise have been buried, has been forced into hiding out of fear that his life is in grave danger following reports that the U.S. military is out to get him.

  101. Lucy, I have really enjoyed your poetry. Please give us more.

    Just Me

  102. Regarding rtcsucks.com and scientologysucks.com :

    That seems like a typical OSA trick.

    Reminds me of former Guardian Office staff Birgitta Dagnell. She reported that one of her fellow GO staff set up the first anti-cult movement in Sweden !

    I have known G.O. and OSA staff, and they were amongst the weirdest people I have ever met.

    Many of them quite young, they find themselves with the power to infiltrate governments, to harass people who voice another opinion ( sometimes until their breakdown or suicide ), or to find out the most private and intimate details about their perceived opponents.

    Just think of all the money they have at their disposal for private investigators, traveling, electronic devices, dirty ops etc. And whatever OSA does it is always of the GREATEST importance !

    Those GO / OSA live a life of adventure, get off on their power to damage anyone they chose to, and what’s best : they are told that they are the most valuable Scientologists, much more valuable than auditors or OTs … because it’s THEM who ensure the future of Scientology !!!

    One of these OSA guys said “our actions are beyond the overt motivator sequence”, in other words “we can do no wrong” !

    No kidding.

    As Virgil Samms stated truly in the last subject / thread here :

    “CoS is making enemies almost on a daily basis”.

    Some examples of the great and adorable products of OSA :

    St. Petersburg Times not handled after 35 years ( congrats to those straight fellas ! )

    Some “enemy” countries not handled after many years, e.g. Russia and Germany.

    Many critics, cult experts and former members have been investigated for decades. Crimes found : none. Or maybe some speeding tickets. ( In my opinion there are no crimes to be found if people voice dissent of actual abuse in CoS. But costly investigations were done ).

    A good and very reliable friend had a chat with someone high in politics, at senator level ( not in the US ). This politician was quite worried about a number of reports he had received. These were from CoS critics who had been attacked by violent thugs under very peculiar circumstances. The gangsters always disappeared afterwards, but basically the critics got clear hints that the attack had been brought about by CoS.

    Gerry Armstrong said that such attacks had happened to him 6 times.

    I have similar reports from another source about such incidents.

    ( This seems to be OSA’s way to apply the LRH policy on “overwhelming” opponents when they can not be controlled ).

    The politician was aware that those thugs would never be caught. If they were caught it would be hard to trace it back to CoS. If it could be traced back to CoS they would invariably state “we are working for a world without crime – we had a single ‘bad apple’ who violated our rules”.

    That’s why efforts toward criminal persecution would be in vain, according to that politician. But he and his fellows decided on another strategy : lots of public information about CoS. This would prevent expansion and keep their financial resources low. These politics guys would also endorse rules that make it hard for Scientologists to get a job, for the same reasons.

    It’s the plain Scientology public who will suffer from these measures.

    The OSA guys don’t depend on jobs. The organisation gives them the money to work towards a planet without criminality – by comitting crimes !

  103. Whoa! Now that … oughta be against the law. (I realize it ain’t.)

    But it’s SURE against the social media law!

    That’s pathetic, tacky and … pathetic again.

    Just Me

  104. Theo Sismanides

    I just gave a call to RTC +1.3236633258 and told them my name. They hung up. LOL. I don’t know how much they listened of me. Anyway feel free to call and harass them.

  105. Theo Sismanides

    Now I am calling but my provider says this number does not exist.

  106. Makes Anonymous Rage, Alsoo man is a Hero. This kind of thing gets high discussion on the net.

    The man is a Free Speech crusader.

  107. Freedom Fighter

    This type of thing is known as “cybersquatting” — or more precisely, “name jacking”.

    From Wikipedia:

    “Yet another approach [to cybersquatting] is “name jacking” (also “name-jacking” or “namejacking”) which is accomplished by purchasing an individual’s name as a second-level domain name. Setting up a website allows the purchaser to capitalize on any searches done for that name. For example, if John Jones has a thriving professional practice (perhaps he is a doctor, a lawyer, a financial professional, or real estate agent – or any other profession which interacts with the public on a regular basis), there is a high likelihood that potential clients will do some research on the internet before doing business with Mr. Jones. If Mr. Jones has been “name jacked”, then someone else owns johnjones.com and that website will appear at or near the top of any searches for the name ‘John Jones.'”

    Cybersquatting is a felony according to the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, but “name jacking” is a way of circumventing this — sort of. Kevin Spacey won a lawsuit not too long ago against someone who had registered “kevinspacey.com” as have others, so there is legal precedence against this type of thing. Added to all of the other crimes, it will just serve to further illustrate a pattern of harrassment and other unsavory practices by Dear Leader.

    What’s hilarious is that they’ve owned these domains since 2002 and yet the traffic to this (Marty’s) site is through the roof. Heck, I had no trouble at all finding it when I started my search for info. Yet another EPIC FAIL for DM and his bots.

  108. Theo Sismanides

    323) 960-3190 This RTC terminal at CC Int listened to me. I told her that I am calling from Greece and I am declared for insisting on HCOBs (Translations Series).

    She heard me, I told her I am loyal to LRH and nobody else and I hope she is, too. She kept listening and told me to get in comm with IJC. I told her I don’t need to be in comm with anybody and we are a team no matter what the labels we carry.

    She acked me and told me to get in comm back with IJC. I acked her too and said goodbye.

    Hey, that’s fun, I am going to be calling them since I have free calls from my provider to some 30+ countries.

    Calling RTC at ASHO now.

    (323) 953-3260

    Am I Tone 45 tonight or what, Marty?

    Do you want me to tell them anything guys?

  109. Pat somebody posted as “ex-osa” yesterday and it was a response to that.

  110. Lotus Miyamoto

    Everytime Miscavige makes a move he makes the church look less and less like a church and more like a cult of his own creation.

    In my opinion he is being paid huge sums to destroy the Church of Scientology. Every move he makes is towards destruction of the C of S thats why. I dont believe anyone can be this stupid unless someone is making it worth his while.

  111. Freedom Fighter

    Poor Minerva. All those nasty people out there attacking your dear precious leader. Who do they think they are?! How dare they support LRH instead of Dear Leader! After all, DM knows best and is only trying to help, right? Just look at all of those bright, shiny, (oops! empty) buildings.

    But deep down, you know the truth, don’t you, Minerva? Don’t you?

    Psst! Minerva. I’ve got a secret for you . . . move closer. Yes, that’s it, closer. I’m going to tell you the secret to this whole thing. Here it is. Now pay attention: the truth shall set you free!

  112. Oooooo Tater, I’m starting to really like you.
    Don’t know where you came from but glad
    you’re here. Just wait til Jim returns. There’ll be lots of the ‘Theta Play’ we all love so much.

  113. Theo Sismanides

    I called several other RTC offices in the US. Just voice messages. I told them who I am and that I am protesing for having been declared for insisting on the non application of HCOBs. I told them this is no harassement for them but it has been harassment for me to be declared for Standard Tech. I just left messages, but the message was clear cut and polite for now.

    I am protesting after 10 years that those HCOBs are not applied and the planet IS going down big time.

    That’s it for tonight, it’s been a good night, I hope next time DM answers the phone and I am not going to be polite with him. LOL.

  114. Freedom Fighter

    splog, not exactly true. See my comment further down. Also, it wasn’t some other “Mark Rathbun” or “Mike Rinder” who registered these.

  115. OSA Legal went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs when the parody website “scientomogy.com” went online in 2006. OSA Legal argued that name was too close to Scientology’s name and therefore was copyright infringement. Wikipedia covers the story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ScienTOMogy

    CoS screams about infringement and yet steals Mike and Marty’s names in every possible domain variant, this to block them from the internet.

    Out of curiosity, I went to martyrathbun.com and it included these links, most of which can be construed as a form of libel by implication:

    Related Searches
    * laptops
    * criminal defense attorney
    * criminal attorney
    * criminal justice degree
    * criminal record
    * mortgages
    * fast cash loan
    * stock trading
    * arrest records

    mikerinder.com has the following links:

    Related Searches
    * donate a car
    * mesothelioma
    * payroll services
    * free auto insurance quote
    * structured settlement
    * fast cash advance
    * auto insurance company
    * online stock trading
    * auto insurance quotes

  116. Ah, you’re right. I didn’t catch it. Thanks.

  117. Theo Sismanides

    what’s WWP?

  118. You are awesome! 🙂

  119. Theo Sismanides

    DFB, very honest and sincere letter. What we are doing is just applying Scientology Ethics, which is Reason. We may not be a team consisting of cogs in a wheel but we are free independent thinkers and we are bombarinding the church with Reason Bombs.

    Another one by DFB, here. So true and so immediate. We are attacking from all sides now! Maybe one cannot see that but in the theta universe it’s been noted big time.

    Another Theta Bomb by DFB! Thank you for keeping Scientology working guys.

  120. LoL at what does come up when you actually put the url in by itself! Like that’s gonna stop someone who’s searching.
    Am I wrong? Don’t most people search the name and not just put in the name.com?

  121. Theo Sismanides

    Splog I am not sure what Verisign is, actually? Pls clarify. Thanks

  122. The Near Future
    A Poem

    there once was a man named Miscavige
    who ruled with loathing and fear
    he arrived on the heals of our founder
    to destroy what we all hold so dear

    an insatiable thirst for power
    an incorrigible craving for wealth
    a lack of compassion or caring
    betraying our spiritual health

    admittedly we were sleeping
    for indeed we are basically good
    we like to see the best in a man
    to respect him as we all know we should

    of this he took full advantage
    his manner was covert and shrewd
    arrogance ruled his every move
    his behavior sadistic and lewd

    the depths of his acts were hidden
    he assumed we never would see
    he compounded his felonies daily
    while pretending to set people free

    he thought it would go on forever
    he lived in the here and the now
    unable to think of the future
    unable to understand how

    one day we had a cognition
    truth has a powerful plan
    he had awakened a sleeping giant
    this angry, dirty little man

    the courageous had to step forward
    and take us by the hand
    so that we in turn could help our friends
    pulling heads up out of the sand

    one fine day the monster fell
    and we all could finally see
    reconnecting with our dear ones
    our people were finally set free

    Idle Org

  123. Virgil Samms

    Theo, ask them to define the word STANDARD. That should be fun.

    ML Tom

  124. All I can see with this new move on the part of DM is a marvelous hook for a story in the press about how two little Davids, (M&M), have become so dangerous for the big Goliath (David M), that his Church has to resort to stealing the identity of these two little pipsqueaks to divert some of the overwhelming traffic they are getting because the slingshot stones being flung by them and friends are starting to hurt the forehead and if he doesn’t do something desperate to stop them he might be knocked over like his historical earlier similar!

  125. Apologies Marty and Mike, got carried away thinking like a Newspaperman!

  126. Hi Tony,
    You’ll like Tom Martiniano’s article on Scn-Cult called The Suppresive Middle Class.

  127. Got to jump on the bandwagon here DFB. I think DM could wipe out in an instant 97.8% of his detractors on these sites and elsewhere if he would do just what you suggest. I am disallowing the normal 2.5% that LRH talks about. So, let me be on record that I agree to that too, sincerely! Now if the rest of the bloggers jump on all conflict will end! Of course DM should add a few points to the list like showing us how disconnection as practiced currently is LRH, how Ideal Orgs is LRH, How IAS is LRH, how the 3 swing FN is LRH, how sec checks in the middle of an OT level is LRH. It shouldn’t be hard to do, DM, just show us the exact LRH that prompted all of this! No interpretations of what you think he meant allowed.

  128. Just came here from hushmail. Good point. While I was answsering a message I had the little tricky suckers trying to hack my computer. Sorry, OSA, mine is protected is why you haven’t been so successful and I always can track down the address, so don’t bother. I always know who is breaking and entering without an invitation. If you piss me off, I will get nasty. Right now, you are just amusing. Keep it so.

    BTW, I had to run to the potty because I laughed so hard reading this posting today.

    Boring, midget and OSA. Really, boring.

    It’s too late anyway. Hahahahahahahah!!!!!

    Lots of Love,


  129. Brilliant, LDW!

    Yes, and “Ole Blue” was the other one that never left a dry eye in the place.

    Heber you are loved and not forgotten. We are coming to get you. Hint, Hint, OSA. hahahahahhahahhahahhahahahha!!!
    Do you think they really take this stuff seriously?

    Probably. Humor is no doubt a bit over their heads at this time.


  130. tater

    Good idea. Problem is, nobody would want them.


  131. Minerva posts on the upper right corner that if she/he doesn’t like what you say, they’ll change it and post it as “yours” anyway.

    Definition of an SP: see also Minerva.
    Not to mention it’s totally around 1.1 on the tone scale. Entheta, Entheta, Enthata.

    That too, is a product of C.o.M. He probably sits back and laughs manically about it thinking he’s “really got Marty now!!!”


  132. yourbasicanon

    Google ad words = demographic information bonanaza for the advertiser.

  133. Back in the mid 90’s, when I would say things really started to tip over the edge in RTC, there was a situation that really got up DMs nose — and I mean REALLY GOT UP HIS NOSE.

    He was furious. Staff were removed from post. RTC was assigned a lower condition of Confusion (which they are still in as far as I know). There was blood on the walls (figuratively speaking).

    The situation that promoted this response from DM was a goldenrod SP declare that had been drawn up on him, David Miscavige, by a former Scnst. The issue had been sent to local Californian orgs and missions, and it sent DM over the top that this issue was circulating in the public domain and labelled him an SP.

    I have seen DM go off the wall on many things — but I must say, this topped the lot.

    Please realise everyone that the information on this blog — and on other similar sites — the facts and the figures, the revelatory news and the insight from ex-SO and parishioners alike, is exactly what gets up DMs nose.

    It grinds into him. He flinches. He cringes. He yells!It really gets a response.

    He is being labelled SP. This time, on a much broader scale than local region California.

    This time, in a form that cannot simply be collected off notice boards and shredded. This blog gives the details. This blog is promoting the truth.

    It is driving the guy lunatic (as if he was not already).

    So — let’s not play silly buggers and call up RTC staff with silly phone calls.

    Lets not try and own ridiculous domain names.

    Let’s just keep on keeping on. Just keep on communicating the truth. Keep showing people what is actually happening. Keep blowing the whistle, so that we can get the truth to the many, many people who are still enshrouded by the lies.

    DM is desperate. The more we keep communicating the word — on a planet-wide scale — the more he is driven into a wide-eyed craze to try and stop Marty and Mike and others he feels are “organising” or “running” this.

    The way to esculate this further is for each of us to flourish and prosper in life, to apply LRH tech to ourselves and others, and to quote a reference that DM uses ALL the time (CBO Forcing in the Ideal Scene), simply ignore the screams and push forward.

    PS. I guess my FPRD is not 100% flat as it does make me smile thinking about the convulsions and contortions DM is having at the moment.

  134. Yeah, then add that to the time spent thinking up and checking out all those domain names. Probably at the expense of sleep time for everyone. sigh.

    dm is such a loser.

    catch me if you can…..

    have a nice weekend everyone. it’s pool time and bbq and cold beers..ahhhhhh!


  135. WomanSetFree

    I hear the Greek isles are up for sale, seems they need money or something…

    Just sayin’

  136. Wow.

    Doesn’t that just make you feel warm and fuzzy knowing that the Religious Technology Center of the Church of Scientology has done that to protect ….to protect…..to protect…..uh, what or who is benefitted by doing this, exactly???

    Could someone please explain this for me?
    I don’t get it…duh.


  137. “Curiouser and curiouser”, said Alice.

    Ah, there are some names missing from that list.

    just sayin’


  138. DFB

    “It’s weak and stupid, like throwing a tomato at a tank, or an 800 pound gorilla.”

    Ohh! I like that one. good job. sums him up tidily.


  139. martyrathbun09

    Solace, Wise counsel from someone who knows.

  140. Oh! Lucy!

    This is wonderful. Thank for this lovely piece of writing. Aesthetic messaging…. perfect!


  141. Theo

    You are the man! I love your style.


  142. one of those who see

    Love all the poets! Well done and continue.

  143. MissBridgett

    Yes, I’ll check and find the url address and post it, I sent several emails via what appeared to be legit websites which gave Marty’s contact email in case you wanted to write to him.

    I am usually very careful, but these websites looked VERY legit…and I think I was tricked. Marty himself finally acknowledged my email…only when I sent him one HE had listed from THIS blog…and his FB too. (these are the only 2 contact addresses I have for him that I trust)…He told me he never recieved ANY previous emails from me, so obviously I sent them to a trickster…or OSA…(or both :-)…instead of the REAL Marty & Mike.

    Geepers, whoever read those emails got ALOT of info. Just great.

    I also sent copies of my email to someone at ‘whyweprotest’ (anon)…as they said they would forward the email to Marty & Mike too…perhaps they also have the wrong info…because as far as I know, Marty & Mike neither one, got any forwarded email from them either!

    Thank you for the advice about internet security too KaKahn. Pretty sure I have been accessed…I mean, when you read your email…but then it later doesn’t show as having been read/opened…chances are there is a dummie one that they have where all your emails (incoming/outgoing) are cc’d to them without you being aware of it.

    Weird, I just got another ‘survey’…and another email wanting my opinion about the Sea Org…and asking if I would consider joining SO if things *changed*…and they asked ‘what did I think should change’ in my opinion??etc. It addressed me personally…I am also being bombarded with invites to events and all sorts of things from Flag, Los Angeles and my local Org.
    Don’t worry…didn’t send a reply…as I know that is another way to see where you are sending it from (ISP) I am currently ‘out of town’ and staying with a friend…they probably have an idea where I might be, but don’t know for sure …if it matters. Evidently it does…my building manager just left me 2 messages around 6pm tonight. When I returned his calls, he let me know that there is a man who has been lurking outside my apartment, looking in my windows…and standing across the street for hours…just watching my building for the last 3 days. He said he will get a photo of the guy (does have his description) and is willing to file a police report on my behalf if this kind of stalking/harrasment continues.

    I am also being bombarded with much more junk mail and spam than usual…hmmm

    I will look for that website and get back to you Sharon.

    Sitting here in her Tin Foil Hat with her Knickers in a Twist! 🙂

  144. one of those who see

    Reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Fabulous book! Below is a quote which may be applicable to the scene in the SO.
    From what I have read on this blog and elsewhere, our wonderful staff are made to feel guilty, unworthy, incompetent, & out ethics. People that have dedicated their lives to the betterment of the lives of others are called SP and imprisoned.
    From Atlas Shrugged.”I mean that there is no way to disarm any man, said Dr. Ferris, except through guilt. Through that which he himself has accepted as guilt. If a man has ever stolen a dime, you can impose on him the punishment intended for a bank robber and he will take it. He’ll bear any form of misery, he’ll feel that he deserves no better. If there’s not enough guilt in the world, we must create it. If we teach a man that it’s evil to look at spring flowers and he believes us and then does it-we’ll be able to do whatever we please with him. He won’t defend himself. He won’t feel he’s worth it. He won’t fight.”

    Well done to those who have gone through this treatment and risen above it! To Marty and other Auditors: The rehabilitation of these wonderful beings is of great importance. Thank you for what you are doing in that area.

  145. Marty — It appears from multiple reports that these domain names have been registered by the C of M since at least 2002, when you were still in the Sea Org working for the “official” Church of Scientology. The questions being asked are: Did you know? Did you approve? Was it done with your permission?

    Also, are you going to challenge the registrations?

    — Kha Khan

  146. What length the little dweeb goes to to try to cut communication lines …

    CO$ is getting more pathetic by the Minute, and the Media are witnessing it all.

    At least it should be considered as a Validation what strong Measure of Effect this Site has on DM & his RTC/CSI Gestapo.

    Its getting desperate alright. Them boys are getting really dirty.

    Actually, its very easy to reclaim those domain names anywho. The trump card merely rests on possible litigation costs.

    I wonder if http://miscavology.com has been taken?

    Lets see if DM can stop the Postal System too.

  147. Well, since Miscavige reads this site and hates to be made fun of, how bout:


  148. War and Peace

    Sharon :

    Even though those Domains do not work now, they might have been purchased for future search-engine-optimization.
    In other words, EVERYONE wants to be on the front page when searched for by a search engine.

    When you type in Marty Rathbun, this blog is the very first hit.

    Many Companies such as Google, AOL, Yahoo, and so on try penalize sites using the most aggressive search-engine-optimization techniques with keywords and links to rank well on Google results. (so that the link shows up on the first page).

    In simple language if you are selling High Definition Plasma TVs, you naturally would want your company to be the very first hit on the very first page when a public searched “High definition Plasma TV”.

    That’s where Algorithms (internal architectural design) are used. Just when someone spent lots of time and $$$ to appear on Page 1, the Algorithm changes and now they are on page 22.

    There was a tool — Scroogle — that comparesd the current results against past results to tell you how much you got…well, scrooed. (screwed) “Enter your search terms and weep,” it offered. But Google blocked the interface and that was that.

  149. Intention8008

    Yeah. It is going to get funkier!

    MestSavage.com is available.
    It works and is the perfect domain to report on “IL DUCE.”


    Has anyone noticed how the WINS that come from completions now almost all reference COB.

    Is that a new requirement?

    It is unfortunate but since the C of M abused their phone priveleges with me I gave them a third party email address which I rarely check for messages.

    Here are some recent excerpts from recent WINS…

    “Thank you to COB and RTC for keeping the tech pure and protected.”

    “A special thanks to RTC and in particular Chairman of the Board for his vision and persistence to keep the tech pure and for executing vital plans to expand Scientology in a new order of magnitude.”

    ALL I can say is …. it is hard to reconcile.

    Marty, I salute your courage and integrity.

    Thank you.

  150. Ne Obliviscaris

    To me, the domain names are a non-issue.

    Correct me if I’m wrong Marty, but the real issue here is dropped out time.

    Of course, you can pursue legal options to reclaim ownership of those domains, but why bother?

    You’re bigger than that, brother.

    Don’t let any clowns stir you into going tit-for-tat on issues like this.


  151. sarge, Looking forward to more and more `Theta Play’ with everyone here 😉 All of you have fluffed my wings and helped me soar!

    I originally came from Santa Barbara (bridge-wise) back in ’78. I’ll tell more when I leap off of the fence. (Though I AM WITH YOU! Just bidding my time for a safe entry.)



  152. Eileen,

    Yeah I know. But it’s the thought that counts 😉

    ΘTater (alt-key 233 Tater)(hmmm… what does that mean?) 🙂

  153. Solace –

    I’m with you here, thanks for posting it.

    I haven’t had the FPRD and now I’m thinking I may not ever, if it means giving up the smiles I just enjoyed with you ….. 🙂

  154. What your donations buy?

  155. Lucy,

    Classic Theta! Thank you ;0


  156. Say, wouldn’t it just be easier to just DO SCIENTOLOGY standardly. Just sayin’ For the amount of time spent on paranoid crap like this you could have cleared away a lot of aberration but, apparently that’s not the game plan.

  157. Nice Lucy. I dig it!

  158. Download and run Malwarebytes or Superantispyware and your computer will get over the flu. Both programs have free versions

  159. Words of wisdom

  160. Yes, I agree. No need to create more antagonism… I couldn’t help but to check that “MiscavigeIsAnSP.com” IS available to register. Guess I’m not fully flat either….

  161. Theo,

    I ran out of butter for my croissant. Please ask them if they have any and to please FedEx it right away. Thank you ( burp :] )


  162. I remember that ‘Declare’! As a matter of fact I was trying to find it again just last week.

    I forget who wrote it up, but it was someone who seemed to know exactly what he was talking about. It was very TPF and Event. It was very well written, very informative, and it seems to have had quite an effect.

    Maybe it is time for a re-release…

  163. IO,

    You sooth Gob-smacking truth!


  164. Idle Org

    Beautiful. I copied and saved it, hope you don’t mind.

    Love the creativity that comes out of this blog.


  165. therealmartyrathbun.com is still available.

  166. Very true and very well stated, Solace!

    But one should not lose their sense of humor.

    (… the villagers are here, Master… ) :)–bwaahahahaha


  167. Let MD waste his money on domain names. It will make not one iota to the existing expansion to the technology in the Freezone and beyond. THAT is where the priorty lays and that will continue now regardless of MDs desperation.

  168. Nah. The point isn’t the stupid domain names.

    The point is why? This is the top of the eccliastical food chain of C of M who holds these domain names. WTF? This is a church? And the purpose for this is….??

    Mini midget has a lot to answer to.


    p.s. Lana, I concur. It is just so much fun to jerk his chain.

  169. War and Peace

    Solace ~~~

    Here is the 1984 SP Declare on Miscavige:


    and here is in 1996 SP Declare on DM


    They are quite a read.

  170. theystolemychurch

    Can you elaborate what HCOB’s that were not applied?

  171. David or one of his people probably wrote those success stories themselves. They aren’t real.

  172. Ne, I agree, Marty is bigger than this. In his entry he mentions the dots are yet to be connected so I tend to believe we get the full picture when time is ripe. I´m not privvy to his strat but not known him make pointless moves.

    So far this issue has provided a useful lesson in computer use and lingo – thanks to your comments dearest bloggers!

  173. The truth about David Miscavige is being recorded in history. Just look him up in Wikipedia. It is an ever changing story and believe me the changes do not maket little Davie look good. David and his bots have attempted to influence Wikipedia but are not allowed to. The world like all of us know whos telling the truth and who isn’t. David, when the show is over, will never be what he wants people to believe. He is as all of you have described and one day, that funny goldenrod issue mentioned by Solace that was circulated around the orgs declaring him an SP will no longer be a joke. It will be for real.

  174. Yeah, I think so too, these significances may not have as much value as we’ve come to think.

    Seems people spend a lot of time documenting a version of their life for the internet, if John Lennon was around he might say something like, “Life is what happens while you’re busy tweeting:)”

  175. Ne, I think there’s more real issues than a simple mistake made, you gotta lighten up.
    There was lots more data brought to light in the comments section, like his paranoid op basis for example. Think LRH would blow 20 grand church money a year on the off chance one in infinity of domain names would be used? ThisisMikeRindersactualblog.etc isn’t taken. Besides they keep registering the domain year after year after. Think they’re going to drop it now because it’s not a threat? DM made sure lots knew about his crimes though the freedom mag promo. And what if DM did this out of fear of he thought would come to pass, just like the signed confessions? So no dropped time isn’t the all consuming centerpiece of this. Did you already know that though?

  176. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Marty, I will check them out.

  177. So the EP on all this golden age of tech bs is the ability to spout party line without reservation.

  178. It sure would be terrible if that Sweeney and the BBC material got leaked, man it would be all over the internet PDQ.

    Fingers crossed.

  179. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    A small well organized group will beat a large organization every time

  180. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Linda,

    I read his article when it first came out and I thought it was pure genius.

    It had just struck me recently that Scientology should be for each person and their dreams. I also realized that there is rampant false data being run by the church that you should violate LRH financial tech “for the good of the planet”. This is just more of “the end justifies the means”. You can’t really do that well in life if your finances are crashed but apparently that is the way the church wants you. So they say you are “middle class PTS” as a make wrong and nullification method so you will introvert and pay up!! Sickening. I say to hell with that,I will flourish and prosper!!


  181. That’s a confusing paragraph I was speed typing. Anyways, it doesn’t matter when DM did it necessarily, he could have seen the storm on the horizon in 02′, when Marty wanted to talk to him about Black Dianetics etc. Not recognizing that it was done in 02′ and making a huge deal out of that is petty.

  182. As I have mentioned before Theo, I tried to get off the church call list and mailing list for twenty years! They always tracked me down, sometimes in other countries.

    There was no solution to it at all, until I innocently started trying to communicate BACK. That put a stop to it.

    Lately, I have been writing letters to the letter reges, usually the envelopes are pre-paid.

    But deep down I think DM probably has a large group assigned to just tracking all of us down. I am pretty sure that is what the last call I got was about, there was just too much unnatural emphasis on wanting my e-mail address.

  183. You mean real people answer the phones? I thought it would be a video:)

  184. Tony DePhillips

    Hi DFB,

    I felt like you. Mywife and I were Humanitarians and Patrons and did lots of contributions and are both OT.

    We could not ignore the data and now we are Independent Scientologists and it feels great!


  185. Books. Could not be more non-sequitur and off topic. Somehow I ended up on an old post on this blog from September I believe.

    I wanted to write that my org has more books than they will ever, ever sell. They are basically a storage for books called “bookstocks”. Now, fine, have some books on hand to sell, but it’s obviously wrong to have 1000 copies of a book you only sell two of a year.

    Heres what happens:
    The org sells one book- Bridge sends ten to replace it. I guess they figure you should be “upstat” and sell ten.

    However this ends up after ten or twenty years with the org having thousands of books in a huge storage area. These books get damaged from age and dust, moisture etc.

    Then they become obsolete when new editions are released. They then become “dead stocks”.

    My org had (as of a year or so ago) cases and cases of “deadstocks” piled up to the ceiling.

    I never understood why Bridge was sending so many books. I think it is just pressure to get stats. If they can push off 100 DMSMH to some org that sold two last week then their stat is 100 I guess. As an org staff it would sort of take the life out of you to see stacks of boxes of books come in that you knew you didnt need. You sold two SOS, you have 250 and now you were sent 50 more that you have to pay for.

    I only assume it’s a similar scene with these Basics and the new lectures. The orgs probably have twenty sets for every one they sold.

    Theres your expansion stats. That and all the guys with ten sets of Basics in their garage they bought to “back up COB” and follow command intention.

  186. Tony DePhillips

    True IO.

    The tech won’t go in until the PTSness is handled. In fact this could be a factor in the Hang up in doubt that some people encounter which is covered in that LRH reference. PTSness and False data are the problems in the hang up at doubt.


  187. Tony DePhillips


  188. Tony DePhillips


  189. OTater,

    I can’t seem to do that with my ‘puter here,
    no slight intended. I like your sobriquet, very clever.

    Eileen 🙂

  190. Tony DePhillips

    Theo, I admire your dedication and create for our purpose!!


  191. Self A Ware

    Where the money comes to buy the PI’s?

    Try the hidden 501C3 that is used to funnel money to the PI’s and to other OSA covert ops. This way there is no direct link to DM or Moxon.

    OSA gets dono’s from public to go straight to this non church non-profit so the pay6ments can’t be traced back to C of M.

    You reading this OSA?? Close it down now or your little treasure chest gets exposed along with you. Not quite the purpose of the non-profit as stated in your articles of incorporation.

    Ask Moxon!

  192. Tony DePhillips


    Does 300 ring a bell?? You remind me of that movie.

  193. Tony DePhillips

    Off the hook, mad genius IO!!!

  194. Mike Hobson

    Kha Khan,

    Haven’t you and the folks at ESMB and WWP ever yet understood that DM, with his extorted millions of dollars of IAS “war chest” can keep anyone who brings a civil suit against him or his outfit in court until they die of old age and go bankrupt ?

    How long did Larry Wollersheim have to fight to collect *AFTER HE WON A JUDGEMENT* ??

    Sun Tzu said “Never let the enemy general choose the place and time of the battle.”

    Michael A. Hobson

  195. Tony DePhillips


    I loved everything you said except that I think the phone calls work too!

    All forms of communication are good to get the word out.


  196. Theo Sismanides

    Ceileen, thanks. That was spontaneous and probably I will call RTC again.

    I will try to find someone to answer to my protest how come an SP speaks about Standard Tech and the HCOBs on Translations to be specific.

    Out of anger I did what I did yesterday. And maybe I do it again since I don’t care anymore.

    There is one Scientology and no two or three. We are right now the Ethics and the Qual of Scientology. Yes we are not the Exec Div but surely we are Ethics and Qual.

    So many points on out tech and arbitraries and crimes and high crimes have been dealt with here.

    To RTC: Scientology does not belong to anybody, it’s an idea and a philosophy. If you are not going to listen to the calls of this planet you are SOON going to lose your power. You cannot hold onto to Power and not delegate it or abuse it. Especially you cannot hold on to Truth. Otherwise you become another church or government organization or cult, which you have become.

    You cannot reach out and you cannot answer a simple question. Why was I declared for insisting on Standard Tech? What outpoint is this?

    You cannot and you dare not use the Data Series. From that point on you lose your Power because Ethics is Reason and there is PR and not Reasoning in you now.

    If there is one terminal from your offices who dares talk to me and explain why those HCOBs are not applied, why you let the planet go down big time, why you don’t train people with cheap courses in the Academy with tapes as LRH says, let me know. You now probably have my number.

    The Pressure on you, RTC, is going to get bigger and bigger. Not because I and others have gone crazy after so many years. No, no, no.

    It’s just because this planet IS going crazy and you cannot ANYMORE keep that power called Scientology from this planet.

    You have given Scientology a bad name, the name of a cult. You failed to uphold Standard Tech and the Ethics of the Sea Org. You ruined actually the very hard core of Scientology, which is safeguarding the Technology by declaring people who insisted on Standard Tech and a more humane church.

    You are rigid and inhumane beyond belief and this is going to be your dimise. You don’t listen anymore, you cannot listen to Reason, you can only listen to Power.

    Pick up ONE point out of all those discussed here and ANSWER on the WEB.

    You have so many domain names now.

    Put one to DEAD AGENT US !!

    Just one point. Do not pick up that of the HCOBs Translations because you will not know what to say.

    You are Reasonably Suppressive, now. This is your End Product as RTC. To say the least.

    Find out who you are working for.

  197. Theo Sismanides

    Tom, I will. I felt terribly good last night. I just called them all!

    I bet they have my number now and they won’t answer again.

    But the Translations High Crime is Sooooo Obvious that no one can deny it. There’s the HCOBs there’s the non application.

    So, anyone feel free to call and ask them why?

    It’s a rocket ride and a very important issue. Billions of people don’t have Scientology as LRH says. The Courses should be on tape and cheap and done in the Academies… on tape, listening, not reading. It’s an aural society we have, people and non english speaking students will do better as LRH says with tapes. This is the Why for Europe, the non application of the Course Translation to Tapes.

    They didn’t want to apply it because that would create a flood of students in the Academies with cheap courses, affordable.

    So, people, do read those HCOBs understand the strategy LRH wanted for the dissemination of Scientology on the planet and understand what High Crime of Magnitude this is.

    It is my stable, unshakable datum, no controversies or any hidden data lines or interpretations. There are those HCOBs. They are of immense importance to the planet and the dissemination of Scientology. They are NOT applied. Why?

  198. Tony DePhillips

    What havingness it is to have so many beautiful communicating thetans around here!!

    Thank you all for having the guts to look and speak.

    I am glad to be part of this group.

    Tony the SP

  199. The ” judicial court system”, (look those words all the way up)… are a huge part of the problem.

    A Major suppressive via on comm lines.

    The “law” is scribed in Latin, sounds like Greek to me, and only one thing is clear…This part is written in plain English;

    “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

    This is a useless diversion IMO.
    If the lurkers haven’t seen the truth by now, with all the material on this site, then well WTF?

  200. Theo Sismanides

    Solace, do not misunderstand me on the calls to RTC. It was spontaneous! And actually I was polite and OK. I just protested on my issue. Anyone has a right to do that as long as they don’t behave like assholes.

    And I am sure that you will agree that even RTC need to be reminded that they are watched by people, they are judged by people on the outside who can reason. Not everybody there is A robot.

    Reason (and that includes communication, politeness, asking why, protesting in some way for an outpoint) is not bugging. Reason is high and Communication to RTC is not silly. My wife keeps telling me so but I believe otherwise. I believe that one spark there can put the whole place on fire. Unless there is no thetan there left which I don’t believe.

    At least someone(s) can get disgusted and just leave, like you did. So let’s differentiate betweent the two: Keeping Communicating and Bugging.

  201. MissBridgett
    Sitting here in her Tin Foil Hat with her Knickers in a Twist!
    LOL, you’re adorable.
    You spoke the truth in your email so everything is ok;)

    Even though Charlie Cvietch is in jail.

    It’s probably going to be quite shock when it starts dawning on everyone that everything they have said for at least the last five years is completely archived and recorded.

    What a charming way to freeze people in the past or jam up their timetrack. No more present time for you guys, look at what you said seven years ago!

    DM is going to find controlling information is even harder than bodies. But even information is still not the truth.

    It’s a mad rush right now to collect data… but finding the wisdom in the data is the trick.

    So just think of your letter as helping someone have data that maybe one day they could see the real message in.

  202. AVAST Free Anti Virus software . I use it myself at the moment. Download and run a scan.

    I downloaded a Free version of Avast 5.0 from THIS page.


    If neccercary set your compouter back to an earlier date first with systems repair.

    If still expieriencing lags and funny bussiness run a scan with AVG 9.0

    Download Fre AVG from THIS Site.


    AVG itself makes your computer slower so most people un install it again after a scan and cleaning up some treaths. But nowadays most people have faster processors. I still download and use it and than uninstall it when I am done.

    If still expieriencing trouble than there is this new thing called Cloud Anti-Virus for Free.


  203. markthehungarian

    So… RTC paid for a plethora (nope, I don’t know how many a plethora is) of sites, none of which work. Meanwhile, Marty registered with wordpress, I think for FREE.

    RTC is spending something like $25k a year for, effectively, nothing. And that’s only on retarded domain names that will never be used. So who is the idiot here? Then again, judging by DM’s previous behaviour, spending money that ISN’T HIS is easy for him. While parishioners take out a second mortgage and destroy their credit and any opportunity to get out of the financial hole they are in, while the SO lives on beans and rice and DM has a personal chef and custom made Harleys, and while DM fights the truth with lies, the CoS is going belly up. So who is the SP here?

    That’s what you get when you have a “leader” who couldn’t finish high school. And yes, that does count. Just like the phrase “money can’t buy you class,” it’s also true that “you can’t fake an education.” DM repeatedly shows himself to be uneducated, mean, angry, vicious, and just plain DUMB. This is yet another in a long line of foot bullets that DM has shot. And this guy is the head of a religion? Seriously? What an embarrassment…

    Eventually, through all his fuck-ups, DM will stir the sleeping giant, whether that be the IRS, Australia, the UK, etc. And when they wake up, they WILL be very angry. Start practicing how to apply some anal lube DM, cos you will become someone’s bitch in jail. Count on it.

  204. You mean a scenario maybe something like this?

    The settlement with the IRS was actually a back-room deal that only DM attended. An agreement was reached to take out the church and render the tech null and void, DM could take as long as he likes and keep any cash he could rustle up. In return, the-powers-that-be would leave him alone to get the job done.

    Of course, I just sucked that entire scenario out of my thumb and don’t have a shred of evidence. It’s also the only scenario I can think up that explains ALL the currently known facts.

  205. Theo,

    WWP = whyweprotest.org, the home of Anonymous on the web

  206. Verisign is the company that runs the .com domain and a few others on behalf of it’s “owner” – the US government. Getting Verisign to reverse domain registrations is notoriously difficult.

    “owner” above is in quotes as no-one really ever owns a domain name. What we do have instead is bodies that are authorized to issue sub-domains in it. But that’s a complex topic and probably not appropriate for this forum

  207. You may be able to file a complaint on this under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy.


  208. FWIW. here’s a copy of Miscavige’s SP declare from 1984:

    David Miscavige SP Declare

    8 June 1984

    Ethics Order 1 Int
    All Scientologists
    DAVID MISCAVIGE of Los Angeles is hereby declared a Suppressive Person.

    This is in accordance with the Findings & Recommendations of the Comm Ev on Miscavige, conducted at the request of the OT Committee WorldWide. The Findings & Recommendations are available for public view at the OT Committees, and at ceratin Delivery Centres.

    The Interested Party failed to appear, nor did the Committee receive any evidence in defence of Miscavige. In the interest of Justice, the Comittee nevertheless proceeded, despite the recommendation in HCOPL 7Sep63: “Refusal or failure of an Interested Party to appeaar results in a recommendation of the full penalty possible in the dase for the Interested Party.”

    In June 1981, Miscavige – as Chairman of the All Clear Unit – forged a dispatch purporting to come from LRH. This dispatch removed Diane Voegerding, the then SO SMO Int and Miscavige’s senior, from post. This was an act of Mutiny.

    David Miscavige was a signatoryof the splinter group RTC on 1 January 1982. There is no evidence that this group was authorized by LRH. The “legal” documents transferring Scn Trademarks from LRH to RTC bear a forged signature, and in fact Miscavige notarized these documents althuogh he was a party to one side of the “agreement.” Further, re the forged LRH signature, according to two independent experts, John Swanson and Irmgard Wassard, Miscavige was a party to this forgery.

    No HCOPL exists authorizing RTC. RTC has engaged in the perversion of Scn practices. Miscavige was personally involved in the gang SecChecking of Jay Hurwitz, then CO LA Day, at Gilman Hot Springs in October 1982. This violates HCOB 30Nov78 Confessional Procedure, which states: “If the PC is not in session, you won’t get the withholds… A wrong or challenging auditor attitude can throw the scene off as there is a destroyed comm cycle.”

    During October of 1982, Miscavige assaulted John Aczel and Roger Barnes at Gilman Hot Springs, according to testimony from Jay Hurwitz.

    On 17 Oct 82, Miscavige verbally declared top Mission Holder Martin Samuels. There is a photograph of him doing so in the Church publication “Sea Org Expansion News.” Kingsley Wimbush and Dean Stokes were also verbally declared at this meeting. This violates HCOPL 16May80 Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, which states: “All investigations must include confronting the accused with the accusation and where feasible the accuser, BEFORE any action is decided upon or taken.” It is worthy of note that Samuels and Wimbush were, at the time of their “declares,” the two most successful Mission Holders in the world, by actual stats. HCOPL 15Aug67 states “One of the ways an SP works to stop an activity or halt an affluence is to pick out key personnel and spread wild, false and alarming stories about them.”

    The “Running Program,” where senior executives were punished by being forced to run around a tree in desert heat for up to 12 hours a day, is another example of perverted tech authorized by Miscavige. This happened from December 1982 to the summer of 1983. Amongst those on the “program” were David and Merrill Mayo. David suffered an unhealthy loss of weight, physical debilitation and the loss of teeth, whilst on the program.

    At the San Francisco Mission Holders Conference on 17 October 1982, David Miscavige made scornful comments concerning Scientologists in good standing. For example, “These bribe days are over. These squirrel days are over.” (See SO ED 2104 7Nov82.) Miscavige also threatened Mission Holders with criminal prosecution. This violates HCOPL 18Apr70 Ethics and Franchise, which states “It is not our policy to harshly handle Franchises… Almost without exception, Franchise Holders are fine, willing people and we trust them to do right.”

    Miscavige allowed publication of the SO ED of August 1983 Story of a Squirrel. This was an attempt to destroy the authority and reputation of one of the highest officers of Scn – the man chosen by LRH as his technical successor.

    Under Miscavige’s direction, civil suits have been brought against Scientologists Eddie Mace, Marian van der Linde, Bernard Wimbush, Don Hills, Lawrence West, Robin Scott, Ron Lawley and Morag Bellmaine.

    According to HCOB 23Dec71R The No-Interference Area, “It is vitally, vitally important that one gets any person who has gone clear through his next required steps onto OT1 and through OT3 rapidly.” HCOPL 23Sep64 Policies: Dissemination and Programmes, states “One week’s process (25 hours) should cost an average month’s pay.” By violating this policy, the Bridge has become unobtainable and Scientologists have been placed at risk.

    Under Miscavige’s directioin, almost 2000 SP declares have been issued, most of these without Comm Ev. Many senior executives had top auditors have been declared and removed -for example: Diane Voegerding, Gale Irwin and John Nelson, all ex-COs CMO – Bill Franks and Kerry Gleason, both exED INTs – Emille Gilbert, exCO Canada – Ron Hopkins, exCO UK -Murray Chopping, Leon Steinburg, Merrill Mayo, David Mayo, Alex Gerber, Brian Livingston, Mike Mauerer, Ron Shafran and Alex Sibersky, all Class XIIs.)

    David Miscavige has been found guilty of the following charges:


    1. Mutiny.
    2. Organizing a splinter group (RTC) which takes and perverts Scn materials or practices, in whole or in part, and calling it Scientology.
    3. Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened.
    4. Reporting Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientologists from practicing standard Scientology.
    5. Engaging in malicious rumor-mongering to destroy the euthority and repute of higher officers and the leading names of Scientology.
    6. Spreading false tales to invalidate Clears (and OTs.)
    7. Spreading libellous statements about the alleged behavior of Clears (and OTs.)
    8. Splintering off an area of Scientology and denying it properly constituted authority to “save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.”
    9. Willful misapplication.
    10. Bringing civil suit against Scientologists without first calling the matter to the attention of the Ethics Officer.
    11. Organizing a splinter group (RTC) to confuse people about the true beliefs and practices of Scientology and to deceive them into considering that they will be able to study part or all of Scientology and receive standard pastoral counselling from the splinter group.
    Insufficient evidence was found on the following charges:

    Receiving money, favors or encouragement to suppress Scientology or Scientologists.

    Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology or of the practice of the religion of Scientology.

    Miscavige was found guilty of the following CRIMES:

    1. Placing Scientology and Scientologists at risk.
    2. Following illegal policies knowing them to be contrary to those issued by the International Board (and LRH.)
    3. Not reporting flagrant departures from the International Board (and LRH) policy.
    4. Permitting the organization to collapse.
    5. Condoning circumstances and offenses capable of bringing the organization to collapse.
    6. Neglect of responsibility resulting in catasrophe.
    7. Being a Potential Trouble Source without reporting it or taking action.
    8. Using Scientology harmfully.
    9. Using a local Scientology title to set aside policies from the International Board (and LRH.)
    10. Instigating a local power push against a senior.
    11. Spreading destructive rumors about senior Scientologists
    12. Falsifying a communication from a senior.
    13. Causinig severe disturbances which have resulted in disrepute.
    14. Holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule.
    15. Condoning the suppressioin of the word Scientology in its use and practice.

    The Committee also found Miscavige guilty of the following additional charges:

    1. Forgery.
    2. Fraud.
    3. Assault.
    David Miscavige is assigned a condition of Treason. All of his certificates and awards are suspended. His is dismissed from all posts and titles in any Scientology organization.

    And Scientologist supporting Miscavige’s usurpation of power is guilty of the High Crime of Muthiny. No auditor should give him auditing until such time as he has successfully completed his Ethics conditions and made thorough amends for the damage he has caused. As the Independent Field does not practice disconnection, no restraint is made upon communication with Miscavige. However, it is recommended that he be referred to a competant Ethics terminal, as he has proved to be highly enturbulative. Reference should be made to HCOPL 16May80 Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppressiion of Scientology and Scientologists, before dealing with Miscavige.

    Jon Atack
    OT Committee UK

  209. Can you imagine Miscavige in a normal corporation? *LOL* He would be thrown out in days for his erratic behaviour. But since CoS don’t have elections and Scientologists like North Koreans are scared of saying what they think “da ruler” will stay. So vote with your feet. No money, no nothing. Not until Miscavige is gone.

  210. Impartial English Girl

    Miss B – I’d also check (if you haven’t already) that your computer hasn’t been infected with Spyware, which ‘harvests’ a list of all the sites you visit – usually for marketing or research purposes, but in the case I have in mind for DM to hunt for potential blackmail “opportunities”. The git.

    Also, computer hacking is a crime – one which is taken very seriously these days. Report this to the authorities (I’d suggest Googling for the best folk to report it to, rather than just popping into your local police station). Malicious cyber-stalking – especially on such a potentially grand scale is unlikely to be tolerated by the law.

    Sorry this happened to you sweetie. But not your fault whatsoever. Good luck – keep smiling. x

  211. “Life is what happens while you’re busy tweeting.”

    Well said, Victoria.

    Just Me

  212. Beauty and truth, love it, thank you, IO

  213. Impartial English Girl

    I looked at the Wikileaks list – no mention of l’il Tommy Davies there… I don’t have any money, but if anyone ELSE fancies getting busy with a few clicks… 😉

    BTW – http://www.nuttierthansquirrelshit.com is also still available, I believe.

  214. Sudden:
    Idiots !
    C.O.S getting PR in in Bruxelles Belgium:

    I… My God !

  215. This anology is oftenmade alsoo regarding Mobsters.

  216. It will be a valuable lesson to him to expieriance slavery from another perspective.

  217. Ne Obliviscaris

    Kirsi, Boyd H.,

    What I was basically saying is that Marty easily out creates this type of thing just by doing what he’s doing.

    And please don’t set up Marty as some sort of infallible being. I’m sure that’s the LAST thing he would want. Marty is a COMPETENCE kind of guy, and a DON’T MAKE MAJOR MISTAKES kind of guy.

    It’s easy to get into the significance of strategy and such. Existing at the level of postulates “out creates” the mechanics of strategy.

    I think it’s OK for me to give a little “keep your eye on the mountain” nudge every now and then, don’t you? After all, I have a stake in this too. I also know that Marty appreciates viewpoints like this. Yours too.

    Here’s an LRH quote that I feel illustrates my point:

    “You know, if you’re willing to love freely and hate freely, you can get into an awful lot of games and have an awful lot of fun, because you can select things out, pang-pang, for randomity and then, boom-boom, unselect them. And if you don’t think that doesn’t add randomity to the rest of the environment around you, you’re goofy.”

    Select and unselect, see?

    There you go. THAT is my rationale.


  218. My 2 cents, The 2 links to DM’s SP declare, are worth the clicks a must read, inmho, and then added to with PT data.
    Success stories to be published or read aloud from a stage, as a graudation, need to be approved and read exactly as the approved version, as i understood it, these must include koodos to COB/DM/RTC.

  219. >One of these OSA guys said “our actions are beyond the overt motivator sequence”, in other words “we can do no wrong”

    I really hope this isn’t true. If it is true, and this is OSA’s motto, what would prevent them from ordering/carrying out the assassination of a perceived enemy?

    Who draws the line? Where IS the line? (Is there even a line?)

  220. Fellow Traveller

    IO — would it be inappropriate to start a rumor campaign that TC is lurks and very infrequently posts here?

    It could create an effect someplace.

    Bruce Pratt

  221. IO,

    Wow! That was so nice.

    That moved me up quite higher.

    Thank you!

  222. Gaiagnostic

    Free people can walk and chew gum at the same time (meaning, people can communicate AND clear away aberration at the same time, neat huh!)

  223. Fellow Traveller

    And the hits keep on coming:

    Most recent sp declare is Helmut’s masterpiece from 16 Feb 2010:


    as well as a treason assignment from 31 Jan 2009 by PlainOldThetan:

  224. Hi Victoria,
    Over at the “Leaving Scientology” (Link on the right side of this blog under “blogroll”), the current blog has a timely discussion that might be of interest.
    The blog title is “Never gonna give you up”. In fact there is one solution that will get you rather creative.
    I do not want to spoil the surprise, so check it out.

  225. Ne Obliviscaris,

    Wow, Marty wasn’t kidding. You ARE cool. And smart.

    Just Me

    P.S. BTW, I was just joshing you about your poem the other day.

  226. http://www.freezone.org/reports/theo_01.htm

    He discusses his involvement in translations and LRH tech for it not being used…

  227. Tony DePhillips


    Mark the Hungarian comes out of the shoot running!!



  228. Tony DePhillips

    I just finished OT7 and my win is that I love COB!! He is everything! He saved Scientology.
    Without him we would all be nothing.
    He is cleaning up LRH’s mess and I am so happy that he is here. I love you DM and the auditing was ok too.


  229. Tony DePhillips

    Do you want others to have the gains that you now have?

  230. Quicksilver

    What a trooper! :-)))))))

  231. I gave two speeches during friday graduations when the BASICS courses were in full bloom at FLAG in early & late 2008.

    The first speech I gave was rejected until I wrote in a special thanks to COB. I thought this odd at the time but the head lady for events wrote this into my speech and showing up in my teleprompter was a special thanks to COB.

    I’m writing this to let every one know there are many at FLAG who prop up the COB legacy.

  232. Mike
    Please read Kha Khan’s post again. Where does he mention bringing a suit against the CoS? All he asked was whether Marty ande Mike were going to challenge these registrations.

  233. I still say that’s a huge PASS on Sweeneys part. I’m looking forward to the day when the world gets that, if it hasn’t already.

    The woman doing the tour, sheeesh same old line, to paraphrase, this building is proof of our expansion in Belgium.

  234. UnluckyPatron

    Here’s a bit of irony: Those domain names are registered to RTC and when I Google Mapped the registered address, I came up with this: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=s&utm_campaign=en&utm_source=en-ha-na-us-bk-gm&utm_medium=ha&utm_term=google%20maps

    Apparently RTC is doing their super un-secret operations above a Russian Restaurant. I don’t care what they say about your “shack” Marty. RTC working above a Russian restaurant is about as dumb as me getting married and moving the spouse and I into my psycho ex-girlfriend’s one-room apartment.

  235. UnluckyPatron

    Sorry, as a follow up to my last post, the address is: 1710 Ivar Avenue
    Los Angeles

    Put that into Google Maps and you’ll see where RTC is operating out of.

  236. Marty and Mike,
    I know I am off topic but this has been troubling me and would like it cleared.
    Would you care to comment on the accusations of Mike and Virginia McClaughry?
    They accuse the two of you (along with other OSA folks) of orchestrating their removal from the church and
    subsequent Black PR campaigns against them and their children back in 1998.
    Their crime you ask? Non other then exposing the same squirreled tech that you
    are now speaking out against, exposing the sixth month check on OT-7’s,
    the alterations to Axiom 3 and deletions to PDC Tape 20 and so on.
    They were trying to save the tech and apply KSW and YOU made their lives miserable.
    My intention here is not to “enturbulate” , I am honestly interested and
    eager to hear what you have to say about this.
    Marty, I understand your need to moderate and censor but I believe anyone in or out
    would be interested in what you two have to say concerning these accusations.
    Please follow the link below to Mr.McClaughry’s blog entry, it brings up many interesting
    circumstances and questions.


  237. Tony DePhillips

    Here is your MTV video Marty with you as Dr. Evil and DM as your mini me!!

  238. I forced myself to watch Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel last night, promoting his new movie “Riding on Cameron Diaz’ Success” which opens this week.

    I will not be giving my ten bucks to this movie.

    Nor its sequel “PR Flaps and Damage Control”

    Cruise is not doing well, case-wise. Sure, he flashes that Freedom Medal Winning smile but it seems very forced. That’s what I perceive.

    I think he’s still stuck in the PR nightmare from ’05 and is PTS to the whole “suppressive and out-ethics” human race now.

    Being in dear leader’s valence can do that to a person.

  239. Love it!

  240. hahahahahahahahahahahah…….hohoho……woo…..ho….ho……hahahahahahahahaha..snort.snort ..ohohoh…

    god that was good!

    (“..and the auditing was ok too”)


  241. So true about the education. I just discussed how with the “holier than thou” attitude of CofM innies, it’s been decided that any school that is not a Scn school is not good enough. Problem is, nobody has anything better (though they think they do) to replace that education with. So, the result is staff kids who have had horrible educations if any at all.
    That “holier than thou” attitude has led to young adults and kids who haven’t been given the space and time to learn the basics that even the worst public education would give them.
    I’ve become aware of this with the sweetest, most theta-filled kids I used to know. They have been crippled and start their adult life with a severe disadvantage, unfortunately.
    Sad. 😦

  242. To love freely and hate freely is something you are not allowed to experience in CofM (or any variations of – like missions).
    It is something I’m thrilled to experience again!

    Thanks for the reference and for your selections!

  243. Here little boy, have a cookie and give me your check book. 😉

  244. Thought Provoking

    Idle Org that was AWESOME!!!

  245. Thought Provoking


    The most telling part of your comment is that someone in the field applied standard justice procedures with the comm ev and declare and it sent DM through the roof. Apparently he is still reeling from it because he simply can’t make it go away.

    I agree with carrying on with truth and moving on up a little higher.

  246. Ne -, thanks for elaborating your sentiment and I am with you. I read Marty´s as a teaser of what is yet to come and somehow domains fits in there. I care little for domains, I do care for the outcome of sorting out our mess, just like you.

    Personally I would prefer to take up perceived or actual misfires on Marty´s part – as with any other friends – with him, without an audience. But that´s just me.

    Thanks again.

  247. Thought Provoking


    I know this is hard…keep promoting the difference between the church and Scientology. We will prevail!

  248. Thought Provoking

    Great quote!

  249. Thought Provoking


    I remember a time when speeches were only reviewed to ensure that no confidential data was disclosed.

    Talk about censorship…this is sounding more and more like something from the communist propaganda machine.

  250. It’s just the HGB. If you get the chance to see the Charlie Chaplin office, it is really cool, at least when I saw it. The LRH life exhibition is over the top and out-reality to your typical new public. I guess it is aimed at existing Scientologists. The rest of the building is unfortunately a waste of space. Just walk down Hollywood Boulevard a little further and enjoy the little shops. And don’t forget to look down at the stars.

  251. martyrathbun09

    johnny d, if that is what they allege, I suggest you check out the grade of dope they are smoking.

  252. Mike Hobson

    So… praise of COB is required, but not praise of Ron Hubbard ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  253. Quicksilver

    Scary statement, that is.

    I once had an exec tell me that she was ‘above ethics’ – man, some of these guys are legends in their own minds

  254. Good job Theo, I love your enthusiasm always coupled with theta:)

  255. Thanks for the heads uo Mr. B, no doubt there goes another couple of hours out of this day as I am very curious!

    I’ve tried to keep my nose out of the other blogs because after all these years of stewing I am drinking in this information and communication like a tall glass of water.

    Lately I’ve been thinking that the most frustrating thing EVER is evil shrouded in mystery, that really pushes me down the scale.

  256. It seems to be a total waste of time visiting those toxic sites. I use the Web Of Trust add on on Firefox and those Mestology sites are classified as “Dangerous sites”

    WOT is supposed to “Keep yourself safe from spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser exploits, unreliable online shops, phishing, and other Internet scams” http://download.cnet.com/Web-of-Trust-for-Firefox/3000-11745_4-10588554.html

    So, after getting on Minerva’s or Freedom Magazine, one has to do some housekeeping and run Ad Aware and Spybot to keep the computer cleaned up.

  257. becomingAware

    Thanks SteveH.

    Does anyone know where Jon Atack is?

  258. Tony DePhillips

    I’ll take the cookie, just don’t “get your bitch on” on me please!!

  259. Victoria,

    Regarding all those other info sources out there, it’s certainly up to you — and also dependent on your taste, tolerance and time available — but I’m of the attitude that I’d like to know and read everything I can.

    Just ’cause I read something or somebody says something doesn’t mean I think it’s true or false. But I’d hate to “not know” because I was afraid to look. (I know you didn’t say that, by the way.)

    Anyway, after a while some things that “shocked” me start to bore me. And then the thing that “makes a lot of sense” because so many different sources corroborated it starts to look like a lot of carefully layered hearsay repeating a single source.

    And then I start to wonder a lot of things. And pretty soon, you know what … I’m thinking for myself!


    Just Me

  260. Tony DePhillips

    You have to watch this if you want a gut laugh!!

  261. Tom Cruise actually set legal precedent on this by suing for the rights to http://www.tomcruise.com when someone else had already registered it. He won.

  262. Marty, I haven’t been able to find a/g like that on Youtube except for a Canadian Ideal Org Fundraising event. Can you link to the video?

  263. Ne Obliviscaris

    Hey Kirsi,

    Marty likes it when I criticize him in public. He says it helps keep his feet on the ground. (Joke)

    In other words, we get along like Beans & Cornbread.


  264. IO,
    The whole story wrapped into verse!

  265. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  266. Johhny D.

    “Marty and Mike,
    I know I am off topic but this has been troubling me and would like it cleared.
    Would you care to comment on the accusations of Mike and Virginia McClaughry?
    They accuse the two of you (along with other OSA folks) of orchestrating their removal from the church and
    subsequent Black PR campaigns against them and their children back in 1998.
    Their crime you ask? Non other then exposing the same squirreled tech that you
    are now speaking out against, exposing the sixth month check on OT-7′s,
    the alterations to Axiom 3 and deletions to PDC Tape 20 and so on.
    They were trying to save the tech and apply KSW and YOU made their lives miserable.
    My intention here is not to “enturbulate” , I am honestly interested and
    eager to hear what you have to say about this.
    Marty, I understand your need to moderate and censor but I believe anyone in or out
    would be interested in what you two have to say concerning these accusations.
    Please follow the link below to Mr.McClaughry’s blog entry, it brings up many interesting
    circumstances and questions.”


    martyrathbun09 // June 26, 2010 at 9:07 pm | Reply

    ‘johnny d, if that is what they allege, I suggest you check out the grade of dope they are


    This Marty is some sort of weird black PR.
    You gotta do better!

    Was the mad Virginia who first told that 6 month OT 7 sec checks were out tech, and quoted an HCOB, CS series 73 off the top of my head. and other stuff.

    Was not related to smoking dope. Thats stupid
    ad hominem. Not that much detailed criticism
    cannot be leveled against them. And I did that.

    Know nothing of your attacks on them.

    Mike and Virginia are way out fanatics.
    favouring CBR. they vanished for several years , and Marty you brought them out again. 🙂

    So Mike, V, can call you for free. Mail me


  267. JD,

    Not defending M&M, but at that time saw them daily and observed that they had their hands full working on the Lisa McPherson mess which DM created and demanded they handle the litigation.

    This other cycle seems to be “local” and so would fall under the RTC Rep and OSA Flag.

  268. I’ll have to reread that book—that was both lovely and eery.
    Only a bastard would use that basic good nature of Man to further enslave him.

  269. DM reminds me of a hornet on acid at this point. Unbelievable.

  270. I got that’s exactly what Kha Khan was implicating and I thought Mike’s remark was right on point.
    Not to worry though–One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.

  271. I believe it’s credited to Mark Twain:
    “There’s lies, damned lies and then there’s statistics.”
    The term ” the numbers don’t lie” was probably cooked up by just such a manipulator!

    Inaccuracies in stats is the first thing to watch out for.

  272. Veritas You are “absolutely fabulous”

  273. “Witness, eternal God! Oh, witness, that, from this hour, I will do what one man can to drive out this curse of slavery from my land!”
    – Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Ch. 41

    That’s been my thought through the day.

    It’s an honor to be here with you good folks.

    Tom Gallagher

  274. >I know LRH said always attack, never defend, but I dont think that applies if you have crimes to hide.

    One of a number of specific actions LRH said would be THE most effective in stopping attacks is simply “not being guilty of anything.” See HCO PL 18 Feb 1966 ATTACKS ON SCIENTOLOGY (continued).

    Simple stuff, really.

    You’d think, given that this policy is studied and demo’d as part of OSA INT ED 508R, DSA Investigations Officer Full Hat Checksheet (Section K), that it would be APPLIED.

    But like so many other policies LRH put in place to enable his Church to E-X-P-A-N-D, it is blatantly ignored. Feckin’ eejits.

    You can’t pick and choose policy, OSA-bots, and then ignore the rest. LRH put it all there to boom Scientology and bring freedom to the planet. Correct application brings REAL expansion – that’s LRH. (HCO PL 4 Dec 1966 Admin Know-How Series 9, EXPANSION, THEORY OF POLICY).

    The USE of Scientology will spread Scientology across the globe like wildfire. So if the worldwide stats are indeed on a continual downward trend, as has been reported, then one can only assume that Scientology is simply NOT BEING USED.

    Simple stuff, really.

  275. Grade of dope?

    Probably some good old Thai Stick.

    They hold bongs instead of cans.

    Not that I know anything about dope! No missed w/holds here or anything. Nothing to see here…
    Please stop looking at me. I’m getting paranoid.

    Anybody have a Snickers bar???

  276. No, conspiricy just ENVIE, GREED, LUST, RAGE and VANITY drive Miscavige.

    The answer is that simple

  277. Miscavige operates alone for he does not tolerate anybody above him or correcting him.

    PAB 13 of SCIENTOLOGY. Read your own materials.

  278. Thought Provoking

    Snickers bar???

    (uncontrollable gigles)

    (holding sides because it hurts)

    I’m thinking POWDERED donuts and Nacho cheese Doritos…ha ha ha….

    you are soooo funny!

  279. martyrathbun09

    Basic Basic, until you dummy up and fly straight and make an honest effort to get to basic basic, I think we’ll be calling it sayanora.

  280. MissBridgett,

    I’m very curious about your statement that you received “email wanting my opinion about the Sea Org…and asking if I would consider joining SO if things *changed*…and they asked ‘what did I think should change’ in my opinion??etc.”

    I’ve never heard of or seen such an e-mail. I’ve never heard of the COS making a PUBLIC statement that anything in the SO should be or could be changed.

    Could you upload the e-mail somewhere and post a link for viewing? Or send the e-mail to me on either ESMB or WWP? Or at least type the precise quote here? I find this *very* interesting.


    — Kha Khan

  281. Marty-

    Up here in my neck of the woods the highest compliment one can make to another man is:

    “Your a goooood man, but a BAAAAAAD Boy!”

    You da’ man Sam!



  282. rory Medford

    tick tock tick tock be patient keep your TR’s in. correction and good results comes to those who focus on doing the right thing

  283. I wanted to ask the same thing, but withheld it because I figured Marty is too busy, but since you asked….

  284. How about chocolate-covered donuts with lemon custard filling?

    Some Visine, a few breath mints, a cold beer, REM’s “Losing My Religion” on the radio and I can almost confront what has happened to Scientology.


  285. martyrathbun09

    DFB, et al: Here is the closest link I could find. Anonymous changed the backdrop. All the figures speaking were originally in front of a non-descript backdrop, so try to focus on the speakers and not the backdrops. It looks fairly accurate, except for the insert backdrops. I guess DM ordered it down when we commented on what a disgrace it was. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Eu-x-U3y5Q

  286. You know, I was the OES, holding DofP from above when someone’s kid got hit by a vehicle and killed. He had some auditing paid for by his parents and hadn’t been much into spending his free time in session…typical 13 year old boy.
    I, along with some others, was blamed in a general sense, for that kid and his friend taking off from his house in the middle of the night on bikes, when both parents were home at the time.
    Others have blamed LRH for everything bad that ever happened to them or for not knowing everything that happened to them.
    Who the hell is omniscient here? What training or auditing level did you get that ability on? Tell me, please!
    Guilt by association doesn’t fly with me!

  287. Yeah that letter from Toms attorney telling Marty he shouldn’t/couldn’t say he had audited Tom, comes to mind.

    What a joke.

  288. Cat Daddy, about a year ago I heard an interview with the guy who led to the start of wikileaks.

    He’d been at the job for years, way before there was such broad internet access.

    Some of the things that have happened with wikileaks over the past year makes me skeptical.

    I guess perhaps Julian started the website, but the spirit of the website is someone else. In other words, I’m in doubt about the validity of the sources, poisoning of the well comes to mind.

    I tried to look that interview up, either it has been scrubbed from that archive or I am just confused again.

    If you have time and are curious about this, dig around a bit, I’d be interested to see what you find.

    What I am seeing is history is being re-written faster than ever, so I am trying to keep an eye on that.

    You can reach me at 80Victoria08@hushmail.com if you want to discusss his further.

  289. Jolly treat!
    the Tympany beat..
    embrace it..
    beat it!

  290. “Now, what do you own the world?
    How do you own disorder, disorder?
    Now somewhere between the sacred silence
    Sacred silence and sleep
    Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep
    Disorder, disorder, disorder

    When I became the sun
    I shone life into the man’s hearts
    When I became the sun
    I shone life into the man’s hearts”

  291. Impartial English Girl

    It’s actually quite sad to see TC these days. His eyes are cold and dead. But he’s a big boy – old enough to know what’s right and wrong – and he picked the latter side. Just look at a Youtube clip of him in Top Gun and then a Scientology or Matt Lauer clip of him today.

  292. Felicitas Foster

    what do the letters ROFLMAO and the U stand for – I guess I am not totally familiar with the English language or not a computer gig either. So I need a little help with abbreviations. (I have been able to figure out BTW and WTF …) 🙂

  293. What Rory said!

    This is absolutely true!

    Just Me

  294. Felicitas Foster

    Awesome – thank you.

  295. Totally right Theo !
    I know those LRH EDs for EU.
    In 1994 they destroyed all those translations. No more SHSBC for people in Europe.
    The Tech just gone for billions of people.
    Allready in 1976 AoshDK was delivering Class VI courses in foreign languages. Thanks to the bright Idea about translation from Lrh.
    Bus as you told Walter Kotric and DM knew it better, the fools !
    Their overts are of an unbelievable magnitude. I’m happyI’m not in their shoes !

  296. CD,

    Which raises the question?

    If it’s just pure lust, why hasn’t the IRS or any other suitable agency already taken him out?

    I don’t believe it’s as simple as you state. I do see that it might be so, but the amounts of time involved indicates to me that the odds of him being protected are very good indeed.

  297. MissBridgett

    Here is a actual copy of the email…I just removed my name at the top. It doesn’t actually say ‘what would you change…but I did get an email about hat…I will try to find it, if I didn’t already delete it.

    Note in question #3 that there is a place for you to answer ‘I might do after’___________. Perhaps because of all this change…my first thought was ‘I might do after __________ changes!’ I AM capable of misunderstoods right now and am a bit restimulated being newly on the ‘outside’. So I may make mistakes in interpretation. My first thought was that I would never go into the Org or join any other part of it again…until things CHANGE! Could be just my general mindset too!

    But I DID get an email that asked for my opinion about changes…and I will hunt for it and post it. I thought it was very unusual too. Someone wated my opinion, and I did not aswer this at the time as I thought it might get me in trouble…felt like someon was fishing for how I am thinking right now. The one I recieved below (Friday, June 25th) is from a fella named ‘Fabian Chacon’…if that is his real name…and it is supposedly from Flag. (The other one was from someone in LA.)
    see below:

    Dear *my real name*,

    Whether you currently have plans of becoming a Sea Org member or not, and whether qualified to join or not, please fill out this survey. It should only take a couple minutes. Your answers are appreciated.

    1. What qualities do you find most appealing in a group?

    2. What qualities are least appealing to you in working with a group?

    3. Is joining the Sea Org something:

    You’re not qualified to do?

    You’d never do?

    You might do after __________________________?

    You simply don’t want to do?

    Other: _________________________________?

    4. Please explain why you answered as you did to question 3.

    5. Would you like to be part of the team of auditors and staff that are going to be releasing Super Power?

    6. Do you know if you qualify to become a Sea Org member?

    7. Do you know anyone else who may be interested in being part of the Mecca Team?

    8. Do you have any unanswered questions about Super Power or the new Mecca ?

    Thank you very much for completing this survey.

  298. She must have been in stat trouble, and needed your edited your negative comments into positive to get her stats up. DM leads in blatantly falsifying of stats, so it’s not just acceptable, but expected.

  299. At least someone is getting the expected results from all those sec checks … lol

  300. Felicitas~ROFLMAO@U=Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off at You.

  301. That was really funny.

  302. ROFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

    ROFLMAO@U.com is a word play – add “at you” to the end

  303. one of those who see

    Hi Cowboy Poet, Thanks for responding to my post regarding “Atlas Shrugged.” I reread my post and thought I should clarify a bit too.
    The Character, Dr. Ferris is a bad guy in Ayn Rand’s book.
    I included that particular quote because
    people sometimes wonder why more staff in the Hole and under the suppression of DM do not fight back. The manipulation that Dr. Ferris speaks of does seem to be a method used by DM.
    It is quite Eerie!

  304. Jeff can be contacted via his website:

  305. Pingback: Scientology Inc Threatens Revenge on Paul Haggis | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  306. Mark A. Baker

    In keeping with the ‘Co$ Threats Motif’ the foll owing is an excerpt from an highly informative post recently placed on esmb. The tenor of the post deals with institutional abuses of information as structured within the Co$ and its origins.

    The original post is post #33 and can be read in full at …

    “… Around the same time, I was put on an RTC mission called the Int Data Base Mission where we went through every staff member’s Personnel, Ethics and PC Folders to input data following a checklist provided by RTC. Jesse Radstrom in RTC at that time was the Mission Ops, Theresa Laner and Hiro Kimoto the Mission I/C and 2nd. I was an inputter assigned to all of Exec Strata staff and several divisions of Gold, including HCO Gold and PDO. The checklist data input into a computer data base included all and any crimes or suppressive acts, the person’s sexual history as well as any sexual deviance as found in Life History write-ups, session KR’s or O/W’s. All of the person’s external contact information, i.e. family, close friends and all of the addresses and phone numbers where that info was available. We even went through all PC folders of all staff and entered pertinent data into the computer data base.

    When this mission was completed, we had a full computerized data base of all kinds of incriminating or embarrassing information on all base staff. By the press of a few keys, David Miscavige, and all HCO’s on the base could pull up your name and have an “overview” of your personal and private information. Including who your connections were. Your “external influences.”

    All MAA’s and I&R’s on the base used this data base regularly to keep tabs on people. The Ethics Admin in each HCO was responsible for updating the data base with reports that came in to HCO.

    This data base was tied into the INCOMM mainframe and was supposed to be exported out to all org’s HCO’s. If it hasn’t been done yet, the framework is there for that to be implemented.

    Both Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder are well aware of this data base, its purpose and contents. …”

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