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It has been about a year since DM’s smoke and mirrors presentation at the new Dallas Org. Fleecing public of  30 million to construct a gaudy morgue, tucked away in an industrial park out near the airport where there is no foot traffic, Miscavige has virtually wiped out Scientology in Dallas (would be literally, except Steve Hall is keeping the flame burning).  You think I’m kidding?  Check out their latest promo.  This is what they are doing for GI these days:

Commenters from last night who defended the integrity of high rolling donations to Miscavige’s programs: No, you are wrong.  Each one of those contributions is another nail in the coffin of Scientology.  Don’t worry though, we’ll revive the corpse, gratis of course.

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  1. Freedom Fighter

    Good grief!! DM is turning the Orgs into some sort of Hollyweird sideshow!!

  2. Ron would personally STRANGLE anyone who has led an org so far off-source.

  3. rory medford

    A new comic show, Live and In Color:

    Scientology has gone Hollywood!

    or is Scn as we know it a goner?

    Lets predict what act is to follow? Maybe a circus show?

  4. Virgil Samms

    That is 100% correct Marty. It is suppressive reasonableness per definition. This is covered in policy in OEC Vol 0. If ANYONE even wonders why their org is empty they must know, if they ever did a PTS SP course, that: “AT THE ROOT OF EVERY BAD CONDITION IS SUPPRESSIVE PERSON”. I’m sorry, I am on the road now, so don’t have the reference, but it is in volume 0.

    So, if people are trained on PTS/SP and they still donate to morgues, or donate to any downstat situation, it is suppressive reasonableness. That is all.


  5. At the bottom “All proceeds from this event go to the Dallas org”. HCO PL URGENT ORG PROGRAMMING. Read it Dallas. You are Ideal, so what’s the deal with money problems forcing you to invent special fundraising event?!

  6. And how many public go off course or out of session to help plan this or attend? How many staff and OT committee are taken off post to squirrel in an all hands? They should be SWEATING in the courseroom, every person working on this event.

  7. becomingAware

    I’ve been to the Dallas org and it is pretty nice but as Marty said it is out in the middle of nowhere and is missing a Div 6 (LCD displays do not cut it and one has to take an elevator to get inside!!!!!). This promo piece tells me that somebody is going to unusual solutions to get some body traffic in the door but hey, traffic is traffic.
    The people I meet there were good people but who the hell put an Org in that location . . . Oh wait . . . I think it was the Dictator. Let’s see, what might he have been thinking . . . “Must be expensive so my stats are up; can’t have much parking otherwise people may come in: can’t be an area with sidewalks or lights or any activity at night. Yah – Screw the Foundation. My stat is UP and another nail into the coffin of Scn but it can’t die too quick. I need more FUCKING MONEY.”

    I would not want to be the ED with those quotas and that location. I do not know what shape the field is in but it doesn’t appear to be strong enough to support an Org, in my opinion.
    Many outpoints here but having a party of some sort is not the why. I’m sure all the staff would need to do to get declared would be to question the location and events leading up to moving the org with the missionares. In fact there is still a mission into that Org a year later.

  8. crashingupwards

    Its utterly incredible. Unbelievable. Truly.

    If orgs just stopped delivering scientology and started doing other things to raise money for charity, that could at least be considered benign enough and serve some useful purpose. But the proceeds go to the Org. Its their source of GI.

    Its unbelievable. What a marketing joke. Whats next, Iron Chef OT cook-off.

    Whatever happened to the race between Dianetics and the atom bomb. Guess that was before cable TV. Times change.

  9. Tony DePhillips

    What are they going to do next? Start selling snake oil??

    Get your snake oil here!! Drink this snake oil and you will be OT!! Yes sirree!!

  10. NO, some declares will happen.
    Mr. Mismanage makes them doing crazy stuff by otherwise NOT letting them do SCN and then OSA steps in and declares them for being SP.
    Works for me 🙂 🙂
    As I said in a previous post. let them make all the mistakes in there at “managment” as they will highlight the outpoints to the remaining public and even to the already confused staff better – much better- than we already out of the church can do.
    The Jensen thing will have the same effect. Every time they do something like that (which seems to become rampant) SOME public and staff WILL come to ask a simple Q: “I thought it was KSW which ensures the future”
    You see I would NOT print this if I would NOT know for sure , (by knowing the ton scale) that Mr. Mismanage and Co (OSA ,Kirsten, ED INT and anyone who does not escape, no matter how difficult it might be) could possible restrain themselves from doing such stupid things.
    They can’t.
    They are looking for their executioner, even though below their level of awareness.

    I love it 

    Love, Helmut

  11. Becomingaware, If this is div 6 outreach, then they wouldn’t be mentioning donations I’d think. You’re right that misguided div 6 events are no big deal, originated on a local level, but it looks like this is going to be some kind of fundraiser going by the text.

  12. The note at the bottom says that Scientology(TM) is used with the permission of RTC. Sorry, LRH sure would not recognize this as Scientology. No training, no auditing. Would anyone in Texas like to actually get in session? Go see Marty!

  13. It is completely unbelievable.

    It’s an admission that DM’s altered Scn doesn’t work and the entire Org has to moonlight together with help from outside talent in order to stay alive!

    Poor Dallas Desperados, I really feel for the staff and their morale – how Unusual can you possibly get?

  14. Scientology has failed to live up to its own expectations. L.R.H.’s policies may have been influenced by Miscavige in his later years. Scientology should have been more open with what it believes. L.R.H.’s most controversial policies could have been a reflection of his life and times. The truth is Miscavige is going to ruin the C.O.S. until it dies. An examination of both L.R.H. and Miscavige might be worth it. Then compare their legacies.

  15. Miscavige is running : “pleasure moments…” on himself.
    More money… more money…
    See? the tech works… he feels better.

  16. “How’s it work on stains ?”
    Josey Wales

    (an intercepted email to the field from a major fund-raiser in-charge) Try not to vomit…….if you know what you are looking at here, you will observe so many outpoints, it’s too incredible to believe!

    “There are over 43,000 people who at some point have done some Dn or Scn service or bought a book, whom the org staff cannot contact currently. This is a lot of people who have reached, but whom are not currently moving up the Bridge. We are engaged in an all out crusade to get everyone onto and through the Basics so they are ready for what is coming next. This means we must locate and reconnect them up with the org.

    We–the Seattle field–accomplished an incredible product with our files project being mostly completed. Now, we are taking this a step further and bringing those beautiful files to the ultimate in perfection–usable files with correct contact information which can be utilized to then contact and salvage each individual, getting them moving on the Bridge.

    With our Grand Opening happening in a month, and the need to fill at least 507 seats with public on service every 2-1/2 hr time period, it is imparative that we really set that central files up to be utilized to the hilt getting those seats filled. Further, what Seattle does here sets the pace for the rest of the planet and will be exported out. YOU want to be part of this!!”

    Now, consider that Seattle org has perhaps a total of 100 public on service, if they’re lucky! See any outpoints or unrealities???

    Oh….I forgot…..MEST will solve it!

  18. rory Medford

    They are already selling snake oil and its very slimy.

    1.1 slimy

  19. There is a Sea Org Memeber “here” in Dallas Org whose job it is to make sure staff earn enough money on moonlight jobs to be able to stay on staff. She literally finds work for “us” to do outside the org so “we” can pay our bills. I am not making this up.

  20. To anyone “still in” or “on the fence” I’m asking you to consider the following:

    Back in 1952 (or ’53?) Ron gave a series of lectures that profoundly changed my viewpoint. Today they are contained within the Exteriorization tapes and no I don’t have them to hand. So please excuse me if I’ve titled them incorrectly. As I recall they were delivered after the Philadelphia Doctorate Course.

    There was a constant theme throughout this course that boiled down to this: (and I’ll paraphrase as my memory best serves me)

    “Look don’t think. Thinking is a distillation of feeling and feeling is a distillation looking. So LOOK, don’t think.”

    All I’m suggesting is that you LOOK. Look at the present scene. Don’t THINK about it. (And at this hour, frankly, I could give a shit how you feel about it.)

    The way I see it things have certainly gone off the rails. When I see this kind of Dallas”promo” foisted off as “source” or such, I want to puke.

    We’ve reached a point whereby each of us has got to do the right thing. Or god help us all.

    Consider- Are conditions improving? Economically? Politically? Socially? Nationally? Politically? With regards to Education? Religiously? Environmentally? I could go on. (You fill in the rest.)

    What I’ve witnessed is the utter and diabolical, (with malice aforethought) ongoing distraction and/or destruction of the “best and the brightest” by this/our church’s administration of “policy”. Off purpose puts it mildly.

    So now what?

    Curl our tails between our legs and go home and be quiet? Bite our tongues till they bleed? Write more checks? Swipe more cards?

    I implore each of us to stand up and say no more. Many have.

    More are called.

    Simply look, don’t think.

    Be on the right side of history. Create it.

    Sincerely yours,

    Tom Gallagher

  21. becomingAware

    Boyd H, Thank you for your comment. I posted that as I wanted to be crystal clear that I know some people working hard at the mission and org level to deliver VWD auditing; run a standard course room; and get and help people apply Scn to their lives. This is a tough position in today’s environment. No or weak or Suppressive upper management and altered directives are putting these people in a tough spot. I thought it important to separate the people in the trenches from Int MisManagement. I don’t feel the Org is the correct target. They are working hard with the cards that have been dealt to them.
    I remember the missions before the IFP killed them. Little DM did a pretty find job of that. Where are the strong missions that should be supporting their local Orgs now? It is a truly sad and disgusting state of affairs.
    Hmm. This thread got a rise out of me, heh?

  22. Cowboy Poet

    “Iron Chef OT Cook-Off”…well, that just about puts it into perspective.

    All recipes shall be turned over to the Public MAA and will be promptly altered and repackaged with great fanfare.
    Public: It is expected that you will generously fund the new library campaign for 2010’s premier edition of Road Kill Recipes by the Dallas OT Committee.
    A leatherbound collector’s series will be available.

  23. Quicksilver

    Totally off the wall … you’d think the 1st thought would be to sell a course or some auditing.

    Instead, it’s a bad reality show.

  24. As the Idle Morgues get more and more desparate for income, they will go more and more unusual. At my local Idle Morgue they have “monte carlo night” (gambling) and “bowling for dollars” events on a regular basis. I even heard there are considering having “bikini car wash” fundraising events. They recently put out a request for all local Scientology women between the ages of 18-30 who are in good physical shape to audition for the car wash. What’s next, a Scientology strip club?

  25. I haven’t received anything from the Dallas Morgue, but I have recently received identical emails from Pasadena, LA, and Seattle Ideal Morgues, saying “Auditors Wanted”.

    So apparently they are up to something….

  26. War and Peace

    I was thinking of donating 75 hours to Dallas talent show.

    I could be a judge, set up audio video ~~FLOW POWER to the new Barnum Bailey circus in the new empty Org…..

    BUT I hear the reptilian predator is buying and selling these Orgs in real estate flips. I need further study to see if a 501C3 charity allows flipping of real estate.

    For example Portland Org “wasn’t big enough”
    and needed to be sold after purchase. San Francisco buying and selling the “Ideal Org” and so on….
    Technically, I believe all purchased Ideal Orgs follow a pattern. First they raise funds to buy the building. The locals pay and pay and pay and get into credit card debt. They buy the bldg, and then it sits empty and they hold more fundraisers in the empty bldg to try and raise money for renovations.

    And now Dallas Org wants to blow your socks off ?

    Yeah, right..

  27. Get a bucket ready for when you start to feel physicly ill watching the following.

  28. This stuff is so sad its hard to stomach.

    Are these staff really this clueless about LRH policy?

    Is there no one overseeing the clueless?

    If these groups so blatently violate LRH policy can they still legally call themselves “Scientology”? I’m sure LRH wouldn’t allow these money fixated clown shows to use the name.

  29. Your Humble Servant

    Thank you for this report, Marty. This is truly shocking. This guy Miscavige evidently doesn’t give a ***** about Scientology or its parishoners or the planet. He probably laughs to himself all the time about what a bunch of fools Scientologists are to follow his leadership and to keep giving him money. If the Church were to totally collapse and put him out of a job, he would be “laughing all the way to the bank,” in a glee of insanity kind of laugh, I imagine.

  30. That’s the truth! But the why thay will find will of course be US! And God.

  31. Hey folks don’t knock it this is another reason for DONOS!!! Watching the videos of the latest Idle in DC at peak times I predict a traveling minstral show going from IO to IO. If it raises $ in Dallas it becomes the latest in Bright ideas for DM! I pass this guy on the way in to wallmart every day with a sign “homeless anything will help” and he is still there day after day. He knows what DM knows “don’t knock a working unusual solution”. How soon do you think this idea will catch on with DM? He could have one org staff sitting in front of each of the big stores with a sign “WE HAVEN’T RUN OUT OF THINGS TO TRY BEFORE DOING WHAT RON SAYS! DONATE HERE!

  32. The poster is loaded with outpoints.’s going to be huge. Talent wanted. ..Contrary data. The event all of Dallas is talking about..added falsehood. etc

  33. Question on terms: How is “suppressive reasonableness” defined? What is an example?

  34. Stupid location. Irving/Las Colinas have restrictive sign ordinances which make the area very pretty – but you can’t identify a building until you’re on top of it. Signs were no more than 3 or 4 feet above the ground. I couldn’t find my motel even though it was right off the freeway. So much for foot traffic. Car traffic can’t find the org without a GPS. It’s tucked away with no reason for any traffic to go by unless they’re lost!

  35. When a madman is at the helm, what do you do?

    Throw him overboard and steer away from the shoals. Hard.

  36. “doing the things that won, not new things untried as yet” hahaha

  37. Wow, just wow… it’s out by DFW?

    I’m sorry to say it and speak up if I am wrong Dean Stokes.

    But this is where you, yourself were headed… the hours we put in writing songs for you about your new civilization, and on mimeo with your book.

    We didn’t get any sleep, much less training or auditing. You sure knew how to suck an artist dry.

    My guess is you never tried to save your mission, just your own legacy.

    Dean and Davey were destined to become best friends or worst enemies.

    The rest is history playing out I guess.

    Thanks Marty and Steve and whoever else I don’t know about, for holding the fort in Texas.

  38. earthmother

    Just want to let you know, Axiom38, that I so love that image!!! You could probably post it for each of Marty’s topics and I wouldn’t get tired of seeing it. It’s perfect!!

  39. This is a follow-up from a previous post of ours…

    If you are a Sea Org member(s) who needs a waylay or refuge let us know. My sister and I share a home that is quite comfortable. We’re in Cincinnati, Ohio and have a nice guest room.

    I don’t want to impose on Marty. However he has our number and address.


    Tom & Mary Beth R.N.


  40. Tory Christman

    This fleecing of the public has been predicted for some time. Well, let’s face it–it’s been going on for years, and years. However now…with ol’ Davey boy in the hot seat (2 Law suits he’s named in, just for starters)—I’ve said for some time, it’s like an frightened, very angry animal backed into a corner.
    The screech of “GIVE ME YOUR MONEY” is pointless. Don’t blow your life savings, if you’re lurking, paying for this Jack ass to pay his legal bills (which IS where your “donations” are going). Read, look, listen: Make up your *own* minds 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  41. Imagine for a minute that you are on mission to buy a multi-million dollar building for an org with 10-15 weekly BIS, no auditor, no C/S, and that your weekly quota is a million dollar.
    Imagine that in order to achieve this quota you are being directed to follow the so called “Tampa org pattern” (completely different scene) and thus hold small events daily and large events weekly, in the org, to achieve this quota.
    The public (as you now can easily imagine) would rather commit hara-kiri than come to the org for another fundraiser, to be regged for money they do not have. Rightfully so, they find it painful and invalidative (because you end up feeling that if you don’t give big, you’re not on purpose as a Scientologist).
    Per the buffalo pattern, at this point, you should actually become Jenny DV and scream at the OTs they can’t get their bridge unless they give to the org (in this case, it was not even their org) and build a whole terror regime around the project. But you can’t bring yourself to doing that. You actually like the public!
    So you start inventing all sorts of unusual solution events that would at least be fun for the public to attend while keeping your ops quiet.
    Yes, been there, done that and the org was Copenhagen org.
    Now to paint the picture more accurately and to how all this came about, I want to backtrack to DM’s trip to EU, so glamorously described in their “what was he really doing at the end of 2003” asinine video. So I’ll tell you what he really did as he passed through EU: Everything he could to crash the place.
    1. At the time he came AOSHEU was in a steady affluence of Solo Auditors and these were actually highest ever with (I don’t remember the exact figure) but it was more than 120 on Solo. Add to this 2 Sea Org members on Solo at the time. One AOSH EU techie slated for Flag training, and me: the only non-tech terminal (save the CO CMO EU) who ever managed to get there. DM comes and “briefs” the tech terminals of the Base behind closed doors. In the following days over half of the Solo auditors receive non clear R-Factors and are routed to the Nots HGC for an “advance program”… via the Reg. Those who could afford it went, and the others had a real problem. Not allowed to leave and no money to continue… AOSH EU crashed. Word spread in the field and those due to arrive no longer wanted to come afraid to be told they also needed the “advance program”. This crashed the call in and arrival lines for… well in 2006, AOSHEU still had not recovered. As for me, I was on OTII and asked the C/S if I needed to worry. I was told that meanwhile I was doing good on the level so not to worry. When however I eped the level and sent in that session, instead of being allowed to attest or even acked about being done, I was RFactored that I too needed the advance program. How timely! There were no NOTs auditors available for staff, so that was that.

    2. DM visited Copenhagen org. Every OT that was not really on staff there was made to pretend for the sake of the visit, and the ED showed DM the plans of the new found building for which no BIC2 could ever be approved. He approved the building which, aside from the minor detail that the org could in no way afford it nor fill it, was a good building, right off the walking street of Copenhagen, and relative to its placement and size, was a decent deal. It now had to be purchased NOW, NOW NOW and renovated yesterday. I was told I would fire to raise the money. I objected on several counts, first being stuck at the middle of a Solo Level which is off FO, then because I just did not see how I could raise 5 million dollars in an org that size. Third because most of the Scientologists there had allegiance to DK org and not COP org and the whole project would disaffect the field. Fourth because my post was not adequately covered. I was sent to Ethics, asked if I was a defeatist, if I had BPR on COP org etc. If that was not enough the mission composition was a joke and the MOs ridiculous. As I sat there late at night trying to rewrite the MOs to at least contribute to the motion, Walter (CO CLO) came to me all enturbulated that he could not secure till I was fired and to please… He had supported me enormously over the years and was clearly my soft spot. I resigned and fired. Luckily the CO CMO could now answer her telex from Blankenship! What a relief! (Or whatever her name is. She was known in EU as “the woman who eats rocks for breakfast”).
    What followed is a long story but every progress we made was by ignoring the “strat” and doing what was right on the ground. We did purchase the building. We ran a Div 6 out of there despite orders one should never move in before any Grand opening. We worked on the field a lot. We rallied some good people from there that rolled up their sleeve to help the org. 8 months later, after handling an auditor myself who would take me in at 7am before post, I was still refused a C/S. I wrote to the RTC Rep and she handled it. I did the so called “advance program” which was complete BS but a Clear can mock up and re-handle a bank at will, so what the hell. I was finally allowed to attest to OTII 8 months after actually completing. Around the same time, my post flapped and I was returned to post without completing the mission nor being recalled. Another really standard thing. But I’d be comm-eved for quicksilver if I refused. And because one can never be allowed to complete a cycle of action and actually expand an org, the focus changed to other orgs, I was then sent to Tel Aviv to fundraise there. They also have a building standing there empty to this date. Later the focus changed to Malmo. Tel Aviv building still stands there empty and COP I have no data but I have not seen any Grand Opening being promoted by CofM.
    I thought this could shed some light on how promo like the Dallas one can come about… the staff are not to blame other than for ignoring the legions of outpoints coming at them from Management.

  42. Impartial English Girl

    As an impartial – please forgive my ignorance – but exactly what is it that’s being advertised with that flyer?

    Is it a genuine fund-raising X-Factor-style talent competition? In which case, how would an ‘act’ know from that ad. how to enter and what is the ‘prize’? Or is it just some kind of badly-put-together ad. merely saying ‘come and join our org’? It’s pretty low-rent, whatever they are trying to say.

    It might the dog’s digestive system… but I think I smell desperation there…

  43. And in a new unit of time it’s worth repeating:

    From a letter from Thomas Jefferson –

    “I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

  44. Idle Orgs Dallas posted 28-6-2010

    If This is actually true God Help Us and its appauling !!!The Old Man would have slaugthered any one with this type of promotion
    and I find this hard to beleive.

    Its a mighty question to beleive if this is actually true

    Who posted this and where are the facts ???

    It sounds like a wide up and more to me like an advert for “Americia’s Got Talent Audition ”

    Are you serious !!!


    SORRY !!


  45. While were at it whats the latest on diana hubbard , Heber jentzh , and if any one actually reads this .

    Who would know Peter Voegeding his wife was Deane Voegeding where ever she went !!! However he was last seen in the Estate Org Flag land base !!

  46. Joe Pendleton

    As LRH once said…..”fashinating.”

    There’s really nothing wrong with a talent show at the org. San Francisco had a great one in 1980 that was a lot of fun for staff and public and also got a lot of folks into the org. Also Dick Glass and Heber used to come to the org regularly to put on a night of entertaining in the early and mid 70s. It’s art and raises tone, no money charged by the way, and no regging either. Just bringing people together to get in comm at the org.

    The real issue is the org location (why are things called “Dallas” in Irving? I can understand the Cowboys playing there, but the Org? It was the home of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 by the way).

    Who located the org way out there? Uhm….methinks it was the same guy who put the new Rome org ………well, outside of Rome really.

  47. martyrathbun09

    ALERT: Read the comment above from Naomi. A must read.

  48. Cowboy Poet

    It’s a dog’s breakfast.

  49. Absolutely priceless Gandiguy. You captured the “spirit” of Dear Leader in one damn funny para!

  50. Cowboy Poet

    And this has been going on for decades, the whole thing being held together by “doing what was right on the ground”.
    God bless those.
    God damn DM.

  51. peace love and happiness


    Peter V was last RPF’ed when I was in the S.O with him about a few years ago at Flag. I doubt he is off already.

  52. C/U: Sorry, no Iron Chef competition as they are afraid you and Sinar will show up and it would be another public humiliation for Dear Leader’s bots trying to compete with the free thinking independents. Its a no game.

  53. Dallas is having a Bake Sale!

  54. Naomi,

    Thank you. This account rings so true and matches the reports from so many others of life “on the ground”. The specifics and the detail make it so real. The multiple viewpoint system at work. And interestingly, that’s precisely what has been killed in the C of M. There is only one viewpoint allowed now — you aither think like Dear Leader and agree with his every utterance or you are an SP to be cast aside. Problem is, pretty soon everyone will be cast aside and the Naked Emperor will be all that’s left.

  55. The younger, cuter female staff are using the tactic at my org of surrounding male public, giving a 2D flow and trying to get them on staff.

    My local indie group has decided that Hooters is now officially higher-toned than Scientology.

    At Hooters, at least you know exactly what the 2D flow is for: A bigger tip. (pun intended).

  56. Chris Black

    I agree with earthmother, 38. It’s perfect! I’ve been doing that face-slapping for years and yet every time I read a post here, it’s the same old “WTF?” and I end up like that guy in front of the computer here.

    I know one can’t really think with illogics, but holy crap, I’m getting a big headache froom all this! 😉

  57. TEG,
    That’s the 1st ACC. Here’s a bit from the first tape of the series, LOOKING, DEFINITION OF A STATIC, 6 Oct 53:
    “Feeling is a condensation of looking,” and “Thinking is a condensation of feeling,” and you got it. ”

    It’s a function of anchor points collapsing to a smaller space. This is ‘thinking’ as the low-scale manifestation and is differentiated from the higher level of reason.

  58. The Celebrity Center (CC) Programs Chief gave some insight into the depth of wrong why and idiocy at work here with this so called Ideal Org program when she told Lucy that around 2004 Tom Cruise sent a selectee into CC Paris. The person did not immediately leap onto the Bridge so Tom called his buddy Miscavige all pissed off and complained. Between the two they figured out the why: “the MEST of CC Paris wasn’t of the highest standard”. The Executive Director of CC Paris was sent to CC Int where he was made to clean toilets with a toothbrush until he had the realization and got on board with the “Ideal” Org program. Note: CC Paris was a St Hill size org at the time.

    Since CC Paris was doing very well overall when this occurred its numbskullness of the highest order to assume it was the MEST because everything else indicates otherwise.

    I think LRH summed it up best in Data Series 23 when he said:

    “Wrong Whys work people half to death handling a program which will lay ostrich eggs and rotten ones at that.

    “It will cost money and time that can’t be afforded easily.

    “It will distract from the real tiger in the woods and let him roar and eat up the goats while
    everyone is off chasing the ghosts which “really were the cause of it all.”

    As for Dallas, this talent show thing is probably a desperate fund raiser for them to pay the heating/air conditioning bill. I mean, do you know how much it costs to heat and cool an empty 50,000 square foot building in Dallas? My estimate of the electricity bill is $250,000 a year.

    I feel for the guys on the ground in Dallas. They have no goats left.

  59. Look at Data Series 7 – 10 for some fundamentals on the concept of ‘reasonableness’. It is a mistaken sort of group think that being ‘reasonable’ is bad. The meaning as it is used in this context of suppressive reasonableness is clarified by these DS issues. Irony is apparently lost if one is too literal.

    There is nothing wrong with being reasonable unless it is mere rationalization or faulty explanation in the guise of ‘reason’. In that context ‘reasonableness’ is a sarcasm.

    Here’s something from Data Series 30 that hopefully will clarify this for you.

    One often wonders why people are so “reasonable” about intolerable and illogical situations.

    “The answer is very simple: they cannot recognize outpoints when they see them and so try to make everything seem logical.

    “The ability to actually see an outpoint for what it is, in itself is an ability to attain some peace of mind. For one can realize it is what it is, an outpoint. It is not a matter for Human Emotion and Reaction. It is a pointer toward a situation.
    The moment you can see this you will be able to handle life a lot better.

    “The human reaction is to REACT! to an outpoint. And then get “reasonable” and adopt some explanation for it, usually

    “You can safely say that “being reasonable” is a symptom of being unable to recognize outpoints for what they are and use them to discover actual situations.”

    The term ‘suppressive reasonableness’ (keeping in mind the above definition of ‘reasonableness’) is from HCO PL 7 Dec 69 Issue II, THE ETHICS OFFICER, HIS CHARACTER, in OEC Vol One.

    “The greatest enemy of the E/O is the reasonable person. There are no good reasons for any outness except

    (a) Natural catastrophes (such as earthquakes, lightning, etc)

    (b) Suppressive persons

    (c) Persons who are PTS to suppressive persons.

    “When an exec starts to explain the “reasons” for low stats instead of working to get high stats he is being reasonable.”

  60. Chris Black

    Hi Naomi,

    Wonderful account, thanks for the info and viewpoints.

    Re “As for me, I was on OTII and asked the C/S if I needed to worry. I was told that meanwhile I was doing good on the level so not to worry. When however I eped the level and sent in that session, instead of being allowed to attest or even acked about being done, I was RFactored that I too needed the advance program. How timely!” – this is SOOOOOOOOOO out-tech I can’t believe any C/S would allow it to occur!

    LRH is quite specific, in a number of different issues and tapes, especially on the Class VIII course, how one handles this. DEFINITELY not in the middle of the Non-Interference Zone! Has C/S Series 73R/RA/RB/R ad infinitum been revised yet again?

    I’m glad you made it through that pre-Wall of Fire and are still around. I hope you have made it through OT III as well. If not, and you’d like my help, email me.

    Chris Black

  61. Here is a video report re: the DC Ideal Morgue (opened Halloween last year):

    Note the PES, says 200 BIS a week.

    It’s PR AND a false report……

  62. Naomi,

    Great, informative post! What a plethora of data. Thank you so much.

    You state, “……….the staff are not to blame other than for ignoring the legions of outpoints coming at them from Management.”

    The staff are so out KSW it is ridiculous. If the staff refused to follow this crap, the game would be over. Completely over.

    I am getting tired of the staff ignoring the legions of outpoints and the declaring those who do not. It is a sordid game.

  63. W&P: your analysis is spot on and everyone reading this would run this same strat as DM providing they were utterly ruthless and concerned only with their self-preservation at the expense of everyone else’s.

    DM’s Idle Org stat is a brilliant stroke of real estate business. He doesn’t pay a cent for these buildings but owns all of them. When the org fails, as Dallas certainly WILL–the location, the size, the extravagance absolutely guarantee that it will fail–the staff will drift off, bitter and ruined, but the great DM will have a damn fine piece of real estate that he can sell at a massive profit (remember, it didn’t cost him a dime) to one of the high tech companies around Dallas looking for a posh headquarters.

    DM can play this same card in every city where the dupes–er, parishioners–have provided HIM with these magnificent edifices, these Potemkin Village Scientology orgs.

    Some moments I truly feel like beating the living shit out of DM and this is one of them.

    Thank god we have Steve Hall to keep Scientology alive in Dallas.

  64. Chris Black

    “We are engaged in an all out crusade to get everyone onto and through the Basics so they are ready for what is coming next.”

    I wonder what’s coming next – The Essentials? The Fundamentals? The ABCs of Scientology? The NEW & REVISED Bridge to Total Oblivion?

  65. Miscavaige definitely looks ill at ease in this lecture. His bravado is gone.

    Again, shots of empty rooms. And the camera motion seems to be pulling away and moving from…the empty rooms.

  66. Dede V. is living happily in San Diego. She and Peter separated decades ago. He is still at the FSO as far as I know.

  67. Or Malmo, no longer in Malmo but an industrial suburb called Arlov in an old sugar factory.

  68. Chris Black

    Funny how history repeats. This whole area, and this particular post, kind of reminds me of the story of Jesus when he enters the temple and finds gaming and concession stands and all kinds of other “fund-raising” going on in His church. Not saying it’s the same, but it sure as hell is similar!

  69. One true example – an “auditor” audits people over the telephone and holds the cans himself treating the reads as if they are from the pc. He says it is standard tech because he hangs an “In Session” sign on the door. Quite a few people buy it.

  70. Becomingaware,
    I told an org about this and they started putting out only their auditor promo and not the basics promo on their email mailing list which is a little something at least. I don’t want to say which one so someone doesn’t come down on them, but I’m sure if staff see the websites they’re going to try and change what they can safely.

  71. Welcome back Jim, you’ve been missed.

  72. I think DM was watching some American Idol and saying, “you know, this is the most popular show in America (OSA Order: Do an eval on American Idol popularity and get this back to me stat). We can capitalize on it by positioning ourselves with it.” And hence, this concert is probably being “piloted” in Dallas and will have hat write-ups etc. and be exported to other orgs. This is my supposition.

    With all the talk about Dallas, does anyone know if there is a test center somewhere better located?

    I ask because Seattle’s ideal org is located about 5 or so blocks from Seattle Center in a cozy little business district – not a lot of foot traffic. You would have to go to Seattle Center and try to get people to follow you back to the org. The test center on the other hand is a few blocks from Pike Place market though it remains about 5 miles from the org.

    Anyway, curious to know if whoever put in Dallas, given its location, was also smart enough to get a test center in, in a better location.

    In regards Seattle, the org started it’s fund raising about 8 years ago. The Harrison street org (ideal one) was the “best” that could be found. But I wonder 8 years later with over 15million raised if they couldn’t have found a better location NOW with the recession taking its toll on many commercial businesses (a lot of people were going in home with their businesses or out of business).

  73. Froghopper it’s true, it’s in my inbox.

  74. Directly,

    There is no test center.

    DM stripped Dallas of its Celebrity Center status and made it a plain old Class V org some time ago. Having made that decision can’t see him making himself wrong by ordering a talent show in Dallas, because he is never wrong, don’t you know. Not even when his entire herd of goats has disappeared (see Data Series 24 above).

  75. “you either think like Dear Leader and agree with his every utterance or you are an SP…”

    If one is to try and agree with continually conflicting orders and data there’s surely one end result to that. I had a senior who was very much in this kind of valence once, and the net result was a staff who behaved quite psychotically, trying to fulfill completely impossible orders and targets. I would guess the level of actual useful production would have doubled overnight if the – already willing – staff were just allowed to get on with their jobs without the endless yelling and haranguing. No amount of cramming on “make it go right” FOs is going to make the physically impossible possible, at least not with a PTS staff. I’ll take the SP declare, thank you.

  76. This is really hard to swallow for anyone who has seen the real ( historic by now ) expansion times of Scientology.

    But maybe the newbees don’t have any idea of an ideal scene, so they accept this gross BS.

    Let’s remember times when some orga were able to expand by 20 or 30 or more %, year after year after year. On all major delivery statistics, number of staff etc.

    I have even witnessed a mission expanding almost 100 % within a year ( this doesn’t mean from 1 staff to 2 staff, but there were about a dozen staff, 4 Flag trained auditors, a Cl IV and a CL VI C/S etc. ). That was some 30 years ago, right here on earth.

    And it was before the finance police visited, of course.

  77. London Org had a fancy dress “party” on Saturday. For the same reasons, I would guess… errks!

  78. Chris Black

    I also like these two definitions of “Thinking” from the Tech Dictionary:

    “1. that process in which a person engages by which he hopes he will someday come to know. (2ACC lB, 5311CM17)”


    ” 3 . a substitution for an ability to predict. (2ACC 21A, 5312CM11)”

    Both are enitrely applicable to those still in the Church, and those refusing to LOOK.

  79. If these new orgs placed in the wilderness would cut their square footage by a quarter, they could all probably afford the center of town, highest foot traffic area, without sacrificing anything. But space is so important that DM spent 1 to 4 million? to ensure portland? or something org could have an event hall. The new building didn’t have one so DM “took the hit” and made sure they took a loss to have another building with a big event hall for illegal events. Know this: DM approves all the CSW’s for buildings, I know that as a fact confirmed through several sources. Why buy the building and THEN decide you need an event hall, and waste all that money? All the money wasted in all real estate mismanagement on ideal orgs, even if you love the idea of ideal orgs, is unreal. Throw in fines for SP building and it’s probably near the 50 mil mark worldwide. You’d think DM would have this down to a science by now. Why the continuing screw-ups?

    I’m not talking about bad locations or anything else besides real estate deal bunglings and the money lost for that over the past 8 years. DM’s making the calls, NOT Int finance office. Anyone who donates through a second mortgage, understand you didn’t do anything, simply because DM woke up with a different idea for your org one morning.

  80. Chris Black

    LOL. Good one, Ralph.

  81. Sharp observation.

    Yes it is instant gratification like with an addiction. But the moments of bliss are short lived and soon he needs another (money) shot.

  82. Virgil Samms

    Thank you Jim! And welcome back! Hope y ou had a good holiday.

    ML Tom

  83. Wow, yeah that’s off the wall.

  84. Chris,
    Very ‘funny’ on the repeat. It’s almost as if it were some sort of programming or something. One might even think it was like a record playing off. Somebody, a red-haired fella, coined the term ‘dramatization’. Imagine 🙂

  85. I’m soooo upset about that they are still using those funny cf files TODAY !
    One doesn’t need them anymore with what computers can do today. It’s just much traffic, dev-t, work for nothing.
    If Lrh would be still around he would order that all the data being put into computers.
    They like to store tons of papers in their basement.
    Look at credit cards companies they can handle billions of customers with nearly 100% accuracy, only with computers and they don’t call you twice per week to find out if they’ve the correct data about you…..
    They have no problem to chase you if you don’t pay.
    Lrh explains it in the computer series. Haven’t they read them ?

  86. sudden:

    I am officially gobsmacked.

    I suspect they’ve hacked the implant promo screens and somehow accessed cable TV on them.

    I didn’t immediately realise what this idolatry promo was about until someone mentioned a show called American Idol from TV.

    NOW I get it, when you got no class you go “trendy.”

    Won’t even mention standard tech, that’s LONG gone.

  88. Hi Naomi

    Thank you very much for your post. I know AOSH EU very well and I was moved tô see the truth coming to Europe. Could be that I know you ???
    If you wanna get in comm. ask Marty for the E-mail.

  89. Impartial English Girl

    Hehe – not one that I’d choose to feed MY dog, though, Cowboy… I respect his little furry belly 😉

  90. LOL! 🙂

  91. James is in the house!

    Just Me

  92. No, that cannot be true. Really. Cannot be.

    Just Me

  93. > And hence, this concert is probably being “piloted” in Dallas and will have hat write-ups etc. and be exported to other orgs.

    Directly, I believe there was an “Org Idol” event at Kansas City org early last year (as an Idle Org fundraiser). I’m guessing it must have proved successful.

  94. rory Medford

    the freak show continues but the tide will turn and people inside are waking up to the insanity, abuse and altered tech

  95. I saw Peter V. a few months ago walking in downtown Clearwater – he wasn’t on the RPF.

  96. martyrathbun09

    Me too

  97. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    If I wanted to visit an “idol morgue”, I’d prefer to visit the Taj Ma·hal. At least that mausoleum was build out of the love Mogul emperor Shah Jahan had for his favorite wife.

  98. Here is your drama 😉

  99. David from England

    I can see the glimmer of a perverse logic in all of these events – but correct me if I’m wrong. Il Duce (AKA the Terror of Tiny Town) has obliterated free time for most staffers, SO people, etc. They;re now all chained to work. What better then, to make even downtime into worktime, by turning what could have been an afternoon at the movies into yet anothert bloody evening at the org, although this time, instead of scrubbing the loo with a toothbrush, you get to see jolly hijinks of your follow Scns, and maybe even do a turn yourself. It’s clear that DM loves alll that is show biz – not only is he controlling every minute of your working life, he’s also colonised your private life. And the show must go on and on and on and on….

  100. OK, somebody explain to me:

    1. Why the Dallas Co$ Div6 looks like a cellular phone storefront?

    2. Why the Co$ needs a “chapel,” unless it’s for revival-meeting-style IAS dono rave group implants?

    3. But most of all, how anyone possibly imagine those god-awful, mangled phrases DM strings together could have a positive impact on anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow?

    I actually bothered to transcribe his tripe: It comes out to two sentences of 59 and 45 words for a total of 104 words. This passage’s Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level is (drum roll, please) 23.7.

    As someone who thinks and writes for a living and many times a day measures the ease with which readers and listeners can comprehend written and spoken materials, I do not recall ever having seen a FKGL metric that high. Ever. In my life.

    That doesn’t mean the quality of the writing is “high-toned.” It means it’s incomprehensible.

    And what would that kind of speechifying do to listeners? (Think about it, kids!) That’s right, it would put ’em to sleep! And much of what was said afterward would operate like a hypnotic command.


    Just Me

    P.S. And for the record, what he said was not communication; it was a mini-implant (and if you don’t believe me, just parse it yourself):

    “As you all well know, this church is but one representation of a responsibility we assumed when we became Scientologists and committed ourselves to the aims of our own religion, a civilization without insanity, without criminals, without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights and where man is free to rise to greater heights. That this decade brought the urgency of those aims into stark relief is, of course, what originally prompted our wake-up call, a call for every Scientologist to recognize that no one sits on the sidelines hoping someone else will bring the help that is Scientology.”

    Zzzzzzzz …. huh, what? What’d I miss?

  101. Call Carol Beeny from the postcard. Sure she’ll verify it for you.

  102. Whats the name of that PL you guys have brought up before that talks about orgs not doing unusual things to raise money?

    Seems like this is a clear violation of that. The promo doesnt even say it’s for anything. Just GI I guess. Maybe to pay the electric bill.

    Also, I thought orgs were supposed to be “on heavy foot traffic areas” or something like that?

    There seem to be a lot of them that are most definitely not in high traffic areas. Las Vegas org is practically hidden. If you didnt already know it was there you wouldnt ever find it. Theres no way you would happen to walk by it unless you lived in one of the houses that surround it.

  103. What a sad state of affairs. I too have worked in an expanding Mission (Santa Clara Mission in the early ’70s) and an expanding CL IV Org (CCLA mid-70’s to early ’80’s). Something like this, in those days, would be deemed suppressive, as it should be. It violates any number of HCOPLS. It is not KSW. Back in those days, the main promo slogan going around was “Scientology Works!” , and it does! LRH tech works – So its pretty hard to understand all this – how does someone work in the Dallas Org and justify this? Anyway, being out here in the “wilderness”, I have started re-reading the basic books, source – so the irony of an event like this, and similiar blurbs I have seen in Freedom mag glorifying the square footage occupied by the Church, is not lost on me.

  104. martyrathbun09

    Accurate analysis in my opinion. That is why I call him a Black Dianeticist – it is all about implanting.

  105. First,

    Insert another facepalm picture here!

    I guess she was the one who came up with the Idol Org idea?

  106. Watching Eyes

    I lasted about 47 seconds watching the video. Aside from the garbage coming out of his mouth, the dwarf’s head going from side to side is a distraction. Must be that he can’t talk without teleprompters.

  107. Cowboy Poet has excerpts and list the particular PLs relative to your questions. You’ll find excellent source points and what to read (in whole) from there if you wish.
    A pretty straight up site.

  108. a tid bit I found online.

    “The word drama itself is Greek, based on the word for “to do,” and the earliest known performances were in ancient Greece, going back to at least the 5th century BC. Most peoples have some tradition of public performance, but the theatre is a Greek invention. Some historians think it developed as a way of dramatising ancient religious rituals.”

  109. Tony DePhillips

    Funny you said that, I was looking for the famous spit scene, but couldn’t find a good one. LOL!!
    Great minds think alike.

  110. Tony DePhillips

    I drank some and got ill…

  111. Tony DePhillips


    You have got to be kidding me???

    Helping staff to get moonlighting jobs to make ends meet??!! triple face palm!!

  112. Tony DePhillips


    LOL…I dubbed in the rest of your sudden and it was pure shock and awe!!

  113. Tony DePhillips

    Welcome back MOQ!!

    It wasn’t the same without you here. I hope you caught some bigguns.

    I also hope that the others waited their turns in the queue!


  114. “Milk the suckers”

  115. Just got a voice message from a very young, very green-sounding staff member I’ve never met, inviting me to attend next week’s “Blues Brothers for Freedom” event in Seattle.

    For some reason I don’t think Dan Akroyd will be in attendance. Nor I.

  116. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Go to – go directly to – do not pass go – do not collect $200.

    Marty has the link on this page in the column at the right, first item under blogroll.

  117. “A sucker is born every day” hey, the good news is I’m not one of them any more!

  118. Virgil Samms

    Her post is D/FBO Moonlight. Her stat is “Moonlight GI divided by Staff” or MGIBY for the cable. The reason for this post is because 20% of the GI made by Moonlight is manditorily donated to the org.

    How’d I do Sarge? See you in a few days!


  119. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Is there an official name for that post? If not, I dub it: non-viability I/C

  120. I recall events at Santa Clara Mission, early ’70s, with various Scn musicians up from CCLA, where the event would be free, with raw public in attendance, books sold and basic course regging done afterwards, as opposed to a fundraiser for the Mission. There were many similiar events at CCLA.

  121. Did DM have a stroke or am I imagining the right side of his face droopong?

  122. Virgil Samms

    LRH gave us the BIC checklist so that orgs can be placed for optimum exposure and production. But because the current leader of the church does not believe in LRH or Scientology, the attached clip is what you get (stupidity):

  123. Haydn,

    Very interesting info and insight into the Idle/Idol orgs scene.

    It’s the game where only DM wins in terms of:
    1. Real estate acquisitions bought by public to be owned by Mestology.
    2. Elimination of 339R Birthday game, lessening LRH as source and his game of expanding orgs which every one wins thus shifting focus to direct donations and Humanitarian personal statuses.
    3. Eliminating the problem of having to come up with OT 9 &10 should orgs increase to St Hill size.
    4. Eliminating the Universe Corps so staffs don’t go Clear and OT (heaven forbid them being more able beings!)
    5. Increases the practice of “Event” mode, distracting staffs and orgs from doing their actual jobs to Clear their public – taking them off post. The basics are run “event mode” so that staffs are into Hill 10 mode and don’t sleep etc. for an extended time.
    6. Increases Air mile points and puts him into the Jet set, being able to micromanage into each corner of his empire and increased real estate holdings.
    7. Increasing complement of mandatory postings of staff as membership I/C for IAS & now Moonlighting I/C to make sure staff moonlight.
    8. Worker’s paradise environment and living standards/conditions for DM – don’t you think he’s got to have better glitzy mest than those Idle Orgs commensurate to his lofty position?

    As a contrast LRH used to get info in terms of stats, reports data files and photos from areas & handle situations from his office, at times there were boxes upon bankers boxes of data which I had to help bring into his modest and non glitzy but very useable, comfortable and practical office. He was using proper lines instead of having to go down to do those dreaded terrorizing personal inspections and on the spot injustices.

  124. Self A Ware

    This PR stunt actually comes from a fundraiser that was done for the Valley Org in L.A. Valley has purchased their building and needs money for reno’s and this is what they originated.

    The brought in around $25,000 from their Valley’s Got Talent.

    So not to give me away I will only say the org I am at looked at duplicating their actions.

    What came from this and why we never did an event like this; Valley has professionals that help for nothing and they also donate their equipment, sound, lightning and running the show.

    Unless you have the trained staff for this it cost too much to put on an event of this type and you lose your ass.

    It would have cost us around $30,000 to do an event and we would have still had inexperienced hands doing the sound, etc.

    We scrapped the idea.

  125. becomingAware

    Well . . . Moonlighting staff so they can make it is not new. I had to do that many years ago when I was on mission (not Org) staff. I’m sure staff appreciate the help but I’m sure they would better appreciate a mission to sell the building and get them in a decent lower rent location that is easy to find and has traffic so they have volumns of public and the Org is supporting itself and paying a decent wage.

    We all know this and I suspect most of the Org staff does also. But how to solve without becoming ex-Org staff or declared?

  126. IO,
    Pretty heavy influence of Hollyweird! I guess these Idle Orgs have tons of DVD showing facilities so why not use them to show James Brown! DM Unusual = The Usual.

  127. becomingAware

    Oh my! So the Org’s purpose is simply to get money in whatever way possible. I’d be willing to bet that such is encouraged by Int MisManagement rather than to get them delivering standard tech.
    I feel like I just landed on a foreign planet.

  128. I thought you meant BIS Bad Indicators! Probably a more correct stat!

  129. rory Medford

    as the outpoints add up so does the missing parishioners add up

  130. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Ha! Jim, nice try but you are not being quite cryptic enough.

    I have been watching the parallels between my job and church lately. Same dramatization, different group. Specifics and details are different – due to circumstances and laws of the land, but amazing similarities. My dissappointment with the church is that we are supposed to have the “tech” and know better. Instead we are as bad or worse than non-Scns.

    As far as the staff are concerned, I grant them some beingness for just getting trapped in the group dramatization they have gotten stuck in so many times before. I think we’ll win when execs, admin personnel and staff, come from real Scientologists that have a chance to learn and experience some real tech in an unhurried way to true EPs before moving on up to admin tech and staff positions. That, in my humble opinion, would be the difference between an OT organization and bots following command intention.

    I am not on OT levels yet, I can see this stuff, but not of course as-is it or see the Source of it (I am aware of not being aware of a point that high on the Awareness Characteristics Scale).

  131. Sinar,

    You are absolutely right because DM, who now comprises almost the entirity of Div 7 of Scn, can point to his assets stat and say “hey look, my stats are up, why can’t you SPs get your stats up?”. Missing completely the fact that he has utterly crashed Scn and he’s the guy preventing eveyone else from getting their stats up.

    Your comm reminded me of some poor Gold photographer I met in the late 90s or early 2000, who came to Birmingham and took shots of the org inside and out. Said he was doing every org in the world. Later I heard DM had used the org shots to make everyone left in management wrong for the “state of orgs”, rather than analysis which, as you point out, was the LRH way.

    But then the shots weren’t for the purpose of evalution because Miscavige already had his “why”, his fixed idea — buildings.

  132. I think one problem is that Scientology is way ahead of the spiritual state of mankind.
    The real reason that Scientology does not achieve universal clearing is that most of the people on this planet would rather watch Idol on TV than work toward change.
    LRH deliberately aimed for the more intelligent and perceptive in society.
    I remember when DMSMH arrived in the mail from Saint Hill back in 1971. I started around 5:30 pm and read it until I finished it in the morning.
    It was sort of out reality for me to join the Sea Org and go to the Apollo and discover that quite a few there had never read it.
    LRH put DMSMH there as the primary dissem line – if people can read it it then they are the people we want.
    The second test was the Comm Course – HAS.
    Then he had a third level – the HQS course – much tougher.
    If people could make it through those 3 levels then they were Scientologists for the duration.

    We have a situation with the current state of this planet. There are far more thetans than bodies. It has been the centre of many unpleasant incidents and many aesthetics.
    Each thetan would love to have his own body.

    Any strong being here is surrounded by other weaker beings who want a body and will continually entice procreation of bodies.

    When the bulletin “Pain and Sex” came out many objected and suppressed their objections.

    Its possibly the most nattered about HCOB in existence. It was far too heavy for the current population of Earth. But it is absolutely true.
    If we want to recruit the average person into Scientolgy then they will come in given a free invite to an Idol show.

    LRH’s intention was to create the dissem lineup in a way that selected the brighter people.

    DM’s intention is not, in my opinion, in alignment with that.

    He wants the less bright who are easy to dupe.

    Thus the Idol events.

  133. DFB aka Dfb99

    I believe it’s another part of the big plan. I think the big plan is to control and keep captive the thetans who would have used LRH’s Scientology to clear the planet.

    To keep them captive by letting them do something they think is Scientology.

  134. DFB aka Dfb99

    They have a good site there. Some good theta there.

  135. DFB aka Dfb99

    Why give up so easily? You still could do “Bring in your old jewely and valuable metals night”,
    “Gold Fillings Donations”, “Musical Chairs Fundraiser Night”, “Crazy, Zany Fundraiser Night”, “Bowling For Dollars Fundraiser Night”, “Karaoke Fundraiser Night”, “Horshoes Fundraiser Night”, Costume Party Fundraiser Night”, etc, etc, . Really it doesnt matter, just think of anything. The important part is to have them every week.

  136. Jim welcome back. I geass everybody in the the church is “reasonable “than.

  137. Quicksilver

    You’re right, Joe.

    There used to be many mini events years ago … I remember numerous events with Dick Glass, Heber, Yvonne, Al Kapular (now *that* was a show haha) , Peter Gilham, Dave Howson, etc. These were exciting events – informative, entertaining and FREE. They were fun times and a real treat for new & old staff & public.

    Generally these were org/mission events with the odd one put on by the local CC.

  138. Form follows function… American Idol is like the Roman Colosseum, instead of gladiators it’s artists who are thrown to the lions of mediocrity (voting and bashing, clawing for fame and prestige) America is suffering culturally.

    And this is the “Church” metaphor of choice.

    😦 What are we going to do? I would like to have a place to meet with others who love Scientology. The Orgs are not that place.

  139. Quicksilver

    … and in those days, an org/mission made money by selling training & a bit of auditing – a novel concept, eh?

    Being a ‘professional pc’ was not the way to go … you were encouraged to get trained & co-audit.

    But things have changed – I sat in the Lemon Tree at the base one day and watched the parade of status, glam, glitz & bling – so, so many being interesting rather than interested. And their pride was wrapped up in pretty little trophies, pins & certs.

  140. I remember that time period well. I read DMSMH in 1971 or 1972, then the Comm Course, then HQS, Student Hat,on to HSDC and joined the SO. There was no out-reality along the way, and many of us from that time and place joined the SO.

  141. American Idol: lowest common denominator

  142. Thanks all for the welcome.

    Tony, yes, a few ‘bigguns’. All catch and release, barbless hooks. The queue held.

    And, it seems Marty’s blog gets to all kinds of people you wouldn’t think of. A man I met on the river over a decade ago looked me up and found my picture and story on this blog. He and I talked all week about philosophy, life, death, love, hate, spiritual natures, and Scientology. He wants a book. I’m going to get him one.

    (We also hooked more Atlantic salmon than we’ve ever done in one week on that particular river 🙂

  143. Well of course Moonlighting is needed to pay bills when you’re on staff, no doubt.

    But if you post a SEA ORG MEMBER to make happen? That’s a new kind of ridiculous.

  144. If we lived in a better world, most of us would be playing far better games, now that Scn has been in existence for close to sixty years.

    If a full-blown suppressive had not taken over LRH’s church, while things would never be perfect, they would certainly be far, far better.

    Marty and the rest of us would be enjoying our lives as auditors, C/S’s, etc, on a planet that was in far better condition than its current state.

    Events would be fun. They would be honest. The public would not only gladly attend, but would be bringing friends and family along to find out exactly why the world was becoming noticeably more peaceful.

    By this point, psychiatrists, psychologists, the entire mental health field, in fact, would no longer be fighting with us. Many of them would be auditors by now. LRH made it clear that some of the best possible auditors would come out of people in the mental health field who want to help. All they need is the right technology and they’d be off and running.

    Tom Cruise would be respected rather than laughed at. A highly PTS individual now.

    We can have that world. But probably not for a little while longer. Perhaps a lifetime or two, if, and only if, we stay vigilent and aware, learning from what has transpired in the DM years and never, ever making the same mistakes again.

    The reformed Scientology, however that manifests itself, will exclude what hasn’t worked at all. And will expand upon whatever has worked well.

    Whether it be in the form of a free market, wherein the best auditors with the best results lead the way, or whether it be in a new 3rd dynamic, group effort, the tech will always be on planet earth from here on out.

    This is because many people are stepping up and sanely leading in the direction of ethics and justice.

    I cite Marty Rathbun as such an individual.

    I’ve not met him but I certainly do appreciate just how much he and others are putting on the line in their personal lives to bring about said ethics and justice.

    It is important. Probably the most important activity going on world-wide, if you think about it. And that’s not koolaid arrogance. It’s independent awareness.

    Governments don’t have solutions. Nor do the current justice systems, the media, the mental health field or, dare I say it, long-existing, well-established religions.

    We are at where we are at. We make the best of whatever condition we find ourselves in and expand from there.

    Let’s keep going.


  145. Neils CD,
    Thanks for the welcome back.

    No, it would be appropriate to say that some people in the church are ‘reasonable’ as defined in the Data Series I’ve given and the short quotes above. See, the generality of ‘everybody’ is illogic as well. Indeed, it could well be said to be ‘reasonable’ as defined in the context.

    This isn’t a free-for-all, dude. There is such a thing as a right target. Collateral damage is for hackers, pikers, peckerwoods and ‘reasonable’ types.

  146. Okay Ralph where do Thetans come from. And I mean how did they come to be. In the beginning. Way before, the genesis of Thetans.

    They are here and before that they were over there, but when did they spark into resistance.

  147. On a somewhat similar topic… X-Factor winner Leona Lewis’ performance here (of Snow Patrol’s “Run”) always gives me goose bumps. Such a sad song, too. Makes me think of how painful CoM-enforced Disconnection can be.

  148. Emperor,

  149. I wonder how many public do they have in the general area? Albuquerque is a very small town.

  150. SAW,


    The Valley Org fund-raising is a totally “successful action”. Thus “doing things that won” is now why of this bizarre pattern of action.

    That sure fits the bill on how to raise cash immediately for payment of their electrical & utility bills or buying TP for their state of the art glitzy restrooms and so forth.

  151. Damn I missed you Jim!

  152. Nightmares Getting Less

    I guarantee you of those 43,000, I bet 10 percent are long dead (Seattle Org started in the early 60’s), another 25 % have left the area, and another 45% bought a book and never returned. Sea D and F have been doormant for about 30 years, since the early 80’s.

  153. I was troubled by recent comments from a veteran Scientologist about Craig and Sally Jensen appearing to be beautiful beings in their photograph. Suggesting that perhaps we are going too far in our criticisms.

    We are all beautiful beings.

    Given the right lighting, makeup clothing and a qualified photographer, even David Miscavige can appear to be a beautiful being.

    But what the Jensen’s are communicating is that the OT thing to do is donate volumes of money, endlessly.

    Well-intentioned or not, they are serving to camoflauge a gaping hole. Said hole is the epic failure of management to effect real and positive statistics for the Scientology religion.

    And per several subsequent posts from those in the know, Mr. Jensen has indeed practiced a questionable operating basis for his own business.

    The Jensen’s are scheduled for the same ugly wake up call as many other OT’s.

    It is best described by Brad Hagemo, with a rather brilliant, succinct, recent post:

    I am reminded of an old maxim: ” the road to perdition is paved with good intentions.” Our Church and our civilization stand at the brink because people refuse to look at actual statistics and prefer to listen to soothing clap-trap on how good they are for doing the “right thing”. “Life” does not offer up absolution to those who contribute to destructive acts because they were well intentioned. An OT who refuses to monitor the statistic of his intended cause is guaranteed to be operating in the wrong condition and will eventually succumb, but not before doing a great deal of damage. It all boils down to basic KRC. Missing or false data resulting in irresponsibility and bad control. “I did not realize that….” will not stay natures brutal retribution for its broken laws. Scientologists are good people who are dedicated to the purpose of helping others and I cannot help but feel great sadness that they will pay such a high price for thier miguided and reckless devotion to the Squirrel Church of Miscavology.”

    Well said, Brad! Well said!

  154. I have to agree with Old School. Scn is having a bake sale. Something LRH expressly forbids in an HCO PL that was conveniently missing in the last publication of the OEC volumes.

    Miami Org seems to be having weekly “themed” events to raise money for their Idol Borg, including:

    Follow that Dream Event “Elvis” with a surprise appearance from “The King”, Elvis Music etc.

    A Broadway Play Event

    A Valentine’s Event

    A Super Hero Event

    The Final Frontier (Star Trek Theme)

    1950’s Theme Event

    The Independence Event.

    I think you get the idea

    This link will show you Miami’s efforts to raise
    money for their Idol Borg.

    I’ll say one thing, at least they are trying to be uptone about it.

    I feel bad for those guys still stuck in that trap. I hope many of them find their way to sites that will inform them of what is actually going on.

    I think this blog is a really good first step out of the cult of DM and into some sort of sanity for those still trapped.

    While I disagree with many things on this blog I appreciate that it is here and that Marty allows old evil SP’s like me to post here and say what I think.

    Critical has another definition:

    There’s the Scn definition that pretty much accuses you of overts and witholds if you are critical and then there’s the non Scn definition:

    Critical: Characterized by careful evaluation and judgment.

    After I left the cult in 2000, I came to realize how much I enjoyed discussing the topic of Scn. It was pretty much forbidden to discuss anything other than Wins and good news. I love reading and discussing Scn. It’s a truly fascinating subject. Both the good and the bad.

  155. Thanks Haydn,

    I remember the flap with the photos, it was another Int base wide guilt trip.

    Freedom Medal of Valor and most valuable Scientogist CC Paris incident = Why is pure DM logic. Just like GAT Why = Blind leading the Blind.

    Does anyone here know if DM has actually done the DSEC and M9ed all the Data Series PLs? I’ve not seen or heard him doing or being on course at all.

  156. Could somebody please tell me where the strange ‘test centre’ strategy came from? I thought it was just London Org pulling this stunt.
    After spending over an hour trailing around London a year ago, I finally found the new ‘Ideal Org’ – tucked away in some weird back street. when I mentioned the fact that the street was completely deserted and not the ‘ideal’ location foot-traffic wise for an org I was reminded that the old org (on a very nicely busy street) was now the ‘test center’.
    There were a total of 2 public in the brand spanking new over sized ideal org. More than enough to fill the ‘old’ org.
    How come ‘the test centre’ is now Div 6 and it doesn’t matter if you can’t find the org? Huh? And why pay all of the overheads for 2 buildings when you can’t even fill the bathrooms in one of them?
    Are the old orgs now new ‘test centres’ until they can be sold off?
    Never mind. I’m sure there’s a perfectly ‘reasonable’ explanation for all of this.

  157. CoS has turned into the Church of Fundraising.

    That is all CoS has been for a long time, but it has peaked in 2010. I have never seen this much naked, bare, aggressive fundraising.

  158. Naomi,

    I do know you and want to thank you very much for the for the accounts in that part of the world and Mission tech has gone out the window along with Red on white and Green on white.

    It is amazing you were able to do the OT levels – hope you have finished your III by now.

  159. “The real reason that Scientology does not achieve universal clearing” IMHO is that they do not connect with the world around them, but take on a patronizing attitude of smug, arrogant superiority over the “current population.” Maybe if Scientologists evidenced a little more humility and compassion and respect for others around them, they would get farther. Sorry Ralph, you hit one of my pet peeves.

  160. JIM LOGON
    “The term ‘suppressive reasonableness’ (keeping in mind the above definition of ‘reasonableness’) is from HCO PL 7 Dec 69 Issue II, THE ETHICS OFFICER, HIS CHARACTER, in OEC Vol One.

    “The greatest enemy of the E/O is the reasonable person. There are no good reasons for any outness except

    (a) Natural catastrophes (such as earthquakes, lightning, etc)

    (b) Suppressive persons

    (c) Persons who are PTS to suppressive persons.

    “When an exec starts to explain the “reasons” for low stats instead of working to get high stats he is being reasonable.”

    There are millions of words written re hatting.

  161. You are spot on with your reply with what other things are being planned! No joke.

  162. Pingback: Top Posts —

  163. Tom, are you serious about that stat? 20% of their moonlighting income is mandatorily donated to the org?

    If you weren’t joshing, that’s called “a protection racket.”

    Just Me

  164. War and Peace

    Naomi :

    Thanks for this enlightening post on stats and the aftermath of a DM visit of destruction.

    Let’s investigate what he is doing with the so “Ideal Org strategy.”

    Most of these are confirmed lying around empty unless there is an update.

    Boston, Alexandria Hotel corner of Mass Ave

    Gateshead UK . 2009 Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc. A non-profit scammed UK tax payers again. Religious “college” ~~

    Church of Scientology
    Vosstaniya Square St. Petersburg RUSSIA

    Church of Scientology of Sunderland 51 Fawcett Street Sunderland UK

    South Taiwan -10 story building vacant for 10 years

    Pitmaston building in Moor Green Lane Birmingham UK- purchased in 2008 – for 4.5 million 2 years ago.
    Scientologists are now in talks with the Birmingham City Council over altering the Pitmaston building’s use from an office block to a place of worship.
    A PLACE OF WORSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Google “Scientology Pitmaston building” to read more.

    Washington DC purchased 2005

    Ascot Vale Ideal Org Mt Alexander Rd Victoria Australia purchased in 2007 for 7 million

    NASHVILLE- The Church of Scientology 1130 Eight Ave. S. -6 million

    Harlem NY East 125th Street bought for 10 million in 2003

    New Haven Ct. Ideal Org 949 Whalley Ave bought for 1.5 mil in 2003

    Montreal Canada -La Patrie Building on 182 St Catherine St E. , bought for 4.25 mil in 2007

    St. Louis MO. Ideal Org-2345 Lafayette

    St Paul MN Ideal Org 505 Wabasha St bought in June 2007

    Chicago Il. Artcraft Building Printer’s Row 650 S Clark St – bought in 2007

    Pasedena Ca.- 12 mill

    Detroit Michigan One Griswold Street bought for 3.5 mil in 2007

    Las Vegas NV- on Emerson Ave bought in 2007

    San Diego Coleman College Bldg bought in 2007

    Gizmo Building Albuquerque NM -401 Central bought in 2007 for 2.2 million- now renting out to clothing store
    Masonic Temple Building 505 N. Sycamore St., Santa Ana, CA purchased 2006

    Mission of East Toronto, NORTHUMBRIA IDEAL ORG Canada -purchased in 2006

    Pugent Sound Washington State-old state-government building in lower Queen Anne for $3.7 million in 2005

    CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF GEORGIA INC 5395 ROSWELL RD- 5 mil ….purchased 2004?

    Ohio Columbus Org 1266 Dublin Rd. (purchased from Time Warner!) purchased for 2.8 million

    The Stevens Building in Portland Oregon bought for 5.4 million ~~ one of the ones, bought, then sold.

    Did someone mention the UNPRECEDENTED EXPANSION……right off the charts ?
    I heard DM is literally impacting every sector of this planet in a Thermonuclear way giving the term ‘global impact’ a whole new meaning.

  165. martyrathbun09

    Jeff, you are so right. It has gotten so bad they actively coerce and defraud their own public as a matter of policy.

  166. martyrathbun09

    Read the Factors and listen to the PDC and you’ll be all set.

  167. martyrathbun09

    Veritas, wonderfully put, as per usual.

  168. Freedom Fighter

    One of my pet peeves as well.

  169. Surprisingly large. Well over 500,000 in the city limits and growing. Metro area over 850,000. Sixth fastest growing city in America (2007). SHOULD have a thriving org, but that goes without saying.

  170. You rock, Just Me!

    I watched the video again, and this time noticed a little flinch DM makes just around the time he says “…honest beings can have rights…”.

    Very telling, indeed.

  171. After reading all the above posts and seeing how completely and utterly off purpose Orgs have become I’m afraid I have gone from this…….
    to this……………………………………………………………………………….

    Hope it works!

  172. Here it is

  173. Ne Obliviscaris

    Hey Mukker!

    Hou ar ye? A misst ye sae muckle!

    Welcome back!


  174. Marty;

    Don’t you think Cat Daddy should be given a lighter gradient than, “Read the Factors and listen to the PDC and you’ll be all set.”

    Or were you wanting to push Cat Daddy into a long term coma?

  175. Naomi — interesting. I don’t understand what BIC2 means, so I missed the significance of that part of your post.

  176. martyrathbun09

    Its the best answer I can give CD.

  177. Fellow Traveller

    Welcome to Earth.

    We have no leader to speak of. You are on your own here.

    Have a nice day.

  178. Fellow Traveller

    I heard that it’s the unusual solution for having put the idle org in an area that does not meet the LRH stated traffic flows. Sounds about right — problem begets problem — for the current “planning”.

    Bruce Pratt

  179. Lady Lancelot

    The goals of SCN sound really fine: “a civilization without insanity, without criminals, without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights and where man is free to rise to greater heights. ”
    But how did LRH say we are supposed to accomplish this. Big fancy building?
    No, he said we accomplish this by raising tone.
    “It is not necessary to produce a world of Clears in order to have a worthwhile and reasonable social order.” LRH goes on to say that the solution is to audit people to above 2.0 and that is a task which is not too great. LRH page 184 SOS
    I don’t remember any LRH that says the way to accomplish our goals is to ruin families thru disconnection or ruin people fiancially. I don’t remember LRH saying we are supposed to create insanity with reverse Dianetics and Scientology. Or to run scams on public, cheat and lie. Perhaps I missed that part.
    It seems to me that the Church has gone very far off the rails.
    Sorry, if I sound bitter…

  180. Re: Dallas

    DM taking the “ideal Orgs Mainstream”.

    Maybe the next phase will be a carnival included “carnies” , beer tents and bingo.

  181. Scientology is dead. L.R.H. failed. David Miscavige tried to subvert the Law. L. Ron ran from the Law. Scientology is not what it strives to be. It is the opposite. Miscavige desires to be greater than L. Ron while destroying all good in Scientologists as human beings. Now, before the hating starts, know this we are all fallable creatures. Our failings lead us to be mislead by people who mean the worst for us claiming to make us better. A Scientologist is arrogant and that has always been the biggest failing of the C.O.S. Scientology must open itself to criticism in order to gain a measure of respect from Society. It needs to have its beliefs challenged or open to challenge. It needs verification and validation from independent Scientist. It needs to decentralize its leadership. It needs to be more of a religion than a Science. It needs to establish a Theology. It needs to find what went wrong with its goals. It needs less grandiose goals. It needs to abolish any and all harmful and abusive policies forever. The Tech needs to be updated in light of many new discoveries. It needs to dissolve its feud with Psychaitry/Psychology. It needs too many more reforms than can be listed.

  182. BIC2 is Building Investment Committee, second CSW. It’s past the first CSW and getting into specifics about buying the building, or something like that.

  183. I am sorry if most of you find my above post a little drastic.

  184. Sam,

    In ’77 when the LA Org moved into the Complex or Blue building now most of their Div 6 staff were at their Test Center, which is on Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood Inn building which had a huge neon “Scientology” sign. There was a lot of body traffic on Hollywood Bl, a lot of bodyrouting was done to have them take personality tests there, get evaluated and regged for a beginning course or Intro lecture at the org. I guess they do “stress tests” now.

  185. “I have to agree with Old School. Scn is having a bake sale. Something LRH expressly forbids in an HCO PL that was conveniently missing in the last publication of the OEC volumes.”

    Wait a minute WAIT A MINUTE. Have you confirmed that HCO PL URGENT ORG PROGRAMMING is missing in the latest OEC? Can anyone confirm this? Thanks, it’s huge.

  186. Totally true. If just following the “Auditor’s Code” and empathy and heart, that would do more good then “sticking it in there face” as it were.

    Hmmm…. it’s true… gee… it works!! 🙂


    p.s. Just look at how well it works on this blog!

    p.s.s Thanks Marty 🙂

  187. If he’s going to be here to comment on LRH and such, then he should be accurately informed on what is true theta and all that it entails.

    CatDaddy, there’s some real data to absorb in what Marty recommended. I know I’ve done both and lived to tell about it 🙂

    Grab a dictionary and some paper clips and other small bits for a demo kit and GO FOR IT!


  188. Nightmares Getting Less


    This is good shit, appreciate it. Wow.

    Paying attention to detail, one can tell if any religion is serious about buying about such property, its all about flipping.


    Joe Howard pointed this out perfectly in this same thread, DM is flipping property for profit over and over again. And he is gaining a lot of cash for it.

  189. Tony DePhillips

    Hi NGL,

    I bet you’re right.


  190. Tony DePhillips



    You can’t eat any?? That must be some gooood eatin!!


  191. Tony DePhillips

    Nice of you TEG!!

  192. Tony DePhillips

    That’s RUDE!!

  193. Tony DePhillips

    Count me in on that one too.

  194. Tony DePhillips

    You choked me up on that one IO.

    Beautifully said.


  195. Tony DePhillips

    Damn IO!!

    I think you went into some aesthetic band on your writing here!! Incredible stuff!! 🙂

  196. Tony DePhillips

    You know the funny thing is that all these offbeat events are supposed to be such a great “create”, but they are really shabby copies of a one time create and they are so desperate they just copy over and over.

    Very lame actually.

  197. Thank you for your answer to my sheer investegative question.

    My intrest was how does the Scientology believe system resolve the question where do we come from or does not resolve it.

  198. Thanks Chris, I made it through III just fine eventually. And what I had on the unecessary advance program, Marty handled with the lightest of touch. 🙂

  199. He wants to do like Mc Donald and get rich through real estate. There all more buildings purchased in EU.

  200. Sorry. BIC2 is the name of the CSW which you send to Management to get the purchase of a building approved. It stands for “Building Investment Committee” (please correct Marty if I remember wrong) and 2 is because there is a first CSW you sent before that one.

  201. Spot on Mike, as usual. In 2000 EU was still a place where you could have a viewpoint and produce, thanks to Walter mainly. But each time he came back from meeting DM at March 13th he was more enturbulated, smaller, more black. DM would take him off VII which was the worse thing. He’d threaten him and tease him. Then for the Madrid opening, just about the whole CLO was there stat pushing. Jenny had Walter sell books in the streets at 3am, after days of no sleep, with usual “don’t come back til…”. Just imagine big Austrian tired Walter with zero Spanish trying to sell a book to some long lost drug dealer at 3am in Madrid streets! She then used this to kill his dissemination repute. By 2006, CLO had become a little Int Base with no viewpoint allowed and daily terror regime. Oh, and talking about Naked Emperor, the big service flap of DM’s visit was that he had to take a cold shower in Nordland! CLO FP went to fixing that at the detriment of the crew for ages afterwards. The poor thing could have caught a cold!

  202. Hi Sam, the new org is on Queen Victoria Street, just down from Bank of New York Mellon (and various other financial institutions). Whilst I wouldn’t say it’s a “back street”, it IS a much quieter part of The City (compared to Bank, for example), the only foot traffic being City folk on their way to work (or leaving), or grabbing a quick sarnie at lunch time. At weekends, much like Bank, Moorgate, etc., the road is D-E-A-D. (Cue tumbleweed). The only people about are up over by St Pauls (usually foreign tourists).

    Most of the completions at London, from what I can see, are Basics (and a good portion of these are (still) staff members). The last time I was actively there (2009), Fdn had about 5-6 publics on course at any one time.

    The old org on Tottenham Court Road is now a “Life Improvement Centre”, where public do OCAs and a few basic courses before being referred to Queen Vic st.

  203. There is a tape, and LRH reference where he says how to locate an org which they are using and misusing. I think it was in the “how to present Scn to the world” series but do not remember which one and don’t have it at hand. Anyone?

  204. I’d add “History of Man” to the study list. I think we’ve all got a way to go to get a full subjective certainty on it.

  205. I think the smug arrogant superiority comes from the truly not too bright. Those who are actually more aware and competent have no need to bolster their sense of self worth with false status.

  206. Ralph,
    I can’t recall the exact issue as I read it in a promo piece years ago at a Mission, but there is a direct correlation between those who can actually read and understand DMSMH and – well, let’s just leave it at that for now.

    The Awareness Levels, up the middle of the Grade Chart are valid in my observation.

  207. CD/Neils,
    Those are pretty high flight questions. Questions only you can answer for yourself. You can do the ‘earlier cause, earlier cause, earlier cause’ thing ad infinitum.

    For practical purposes, ‘Before the beginning’ there was a Cause.

    Life is, basically, a Static. You are life. From there, well, assume a viewpoint. Extend points to view and you have accomplished beingness.

    The rest is an ever increasing complexity. Getting back to the simplicity is, in my own personal experience, much more to my liking.

    Again, have you done the SA Lists yet? Gotta start dude. It’s lots of work to get on top of this thing.

  208. martyrathbun09

    I think that is an utter distraction.

  209. Naomi,


    You reminded me about Walter in Madrid. Of course, it wasn’t just Jenny the Shrew. Angie Rock Eater was there too, grinding gravel into sand and spitting it out. And Dear Leader was in residence at the most expensive hotel in Madrid, and operating out of “his” office on the top floor of the new building (yes, they have “Dear Leader Offices now”). When he is around Jenny and Angie go into hyper-bitch mode to impress him.

    After Walter had been repeatedly humiliated by the Three Stooges, he actually walked out of the org and blew. He came back to say that he was routing out of the Sea Org. He was done.

    Shrew and Rock Eater tried to talk to him and he tells them to screw off. Jenny comes running to find me — desperate “Walter walked off post and wants to leave the SO. This will be a huge flap on COB’s lines. He won’t talk to us. He said the only person he will talk to is you.” I went and saw Walter — who I had known for a long time. He told me he trusted and respected me. He didnt natter about his mistreatment, or the constant inval and eval. He told me he was a failure. Incompetent. Incapable of dong what LRH needed to have done. Unfortunately, I managed to restore some of his self esteem and he decided he could not walk out on LRH.

    It is ironic that today the Shrew writes declarations claiming that I dont care about the wellbeing of orgs and their staff and cites specifically as “proof” that I was in Madrid for the Grand Opening of that “magniificent building” and couldnt care less about the staff, but was only interested in handling legal matters and “COB did it all himself anyway, so obviously I was doing nothing” (Don’t recall “COB” handling the Cert of Occupancy that nobody had gotten or the permits to close the street that had been repeatedly refused even though his magnficent event had been promoted and people from all over the world were flying in to participate). But that’s another story.

    Your input is a very welcome addition here Naomi. Thanks for reminding me about Walter. A dynamic individual who has accomplshed a great deal to expand Scientology, a true “Pioneering type” — who has been reduced to a shell of his former self. He is probably now going around regging money for new Idle Org buildings — he used to go around and open new areas to Scientology, start groups, missions and orgs.

  210. martyrathbun09

    Naomi, I think you are right on.

  211. Terril,
    Of course there are millions of words re hatting. My comment was in answer to JSwift’s re the def of ‘suppressive reasonableness’, not a substitute for the OEC/FEBC/DSEC and rational application of those myriad data.

    It is not my misfortune to substitute hitting for hatting nor to fail to recognize when some can’t just get through the ridges and confront completing a cycle of action a la the Anti-Q&A drill. Bait and Badger from Esto 16 applies. Necessitty Level applies. Also, the ref on the Ethics Officer, His Character applies.

    There is no such thing as a ‘one shot clear’, on any dynamic, including the Third. That others have reduced the Third Dynamic Tech to the ridiculous minimum of whatever it is they do, isn’t one of my particular randomities.

  212. martyrathbun09

    Don, Thanks for weighing in. Hope you find the time to do so more often. Interesting, last night just before I posted this, I was thinking along the lines of a huckster, which is the cousin of the carnie.

  213. CD,
    If there is such a thing as the Scientology ‘belief system’, that is, some body of data that one accepts because some being says it’s true, and without any personal observation or experience of it, then we are not talking about Scientology.

    Faith, at the top of the scale, is in oneself as the source of truth, the Ultimate Truth, as defined in the Scn Axioms ( you have to study them and then observe them, or not). There is no ‘faith in’ as any kind of achievement in this subject. In other words, belief in some other ultimate Cause that you are the Effect of. YOU are Cause.

    Rediscovering, re-assuming, rehabilitating, recovering, or various other inadequate words to describe what it means to know as Cause are what this subject is really about.

    I couldn’t describe what you are going to know yourself one day. On these very good questions I hope you are sincerely seeking answers to, it is impossible to know what those answers are until you answer them yourself, by being there and observing. There is no ‘thinking’ or logic system or any such that will substitute for that awareness. The Factors, the Axioms, the whole works, are there ONLY as a workable guide to the recovery of YOU and all that means. When you get there, you’ll answer your questions.

  214. Jeff,
    That which you describe is more of a Service Computation with ‘Scientology’ than anything else.

    Domination by nullification isn’t the height of truth. It’s a Ser Fac. It’s an idea substituted for a being to make self right and others wrong. It’s a ‘safe solution’ that is just another problem.

    My take on Ralph’s comment is that by observation, awareness levels aren’t all ‘equal’ and neither is native endowment of life force. I don’t take that to mean one is given license to dramatize a Service Computation to the detriment of the rest of existence.

    I agree with you, there are those who have adopted their own ideas of what Scientology is as a new ‘safe solution’ that is just a new problem. They haven’t run out Scientology, with Scientology. Yet.

  215. I just see people as I look at Scientologists going through life as the rest of humanity.

    The thing is if you invest time, effort and money into something, anything you are proned to belief that it works no matter what.

    The more you invest in something , the more you get stuck in it.

    But when you arrive at the mindset that whatever investment you made in anything is insignificant and can be walked away from at the moment it oposes your integrity than you are sane.

    Many people get stuck even in the words of your founder.

  216. “We have a situation with the current state of this planet. There are far more thetans than bodies. It has been the centre of many unpleasant incidents and many aesthetics.
    Each thetan would love to have his own body.

    Any strong being here is surrounded by other weaker beings who want a body and will continually entice procreation of bodies.

    When the bulletin “Pain and Sex” came out many objected and suppressed their objections.”

    This does not work for me. That is the honest thruth

  217. Thank you all for your concerns and honest advice.

  218. W&P sez;
    And now Dallas Org wants to blow your socks off ?

    In DM’s shake-down strip poker style of management socks is all the public has left!

  219. Obamas oval orrifice speece only came to a 10th grade level and it was said the public only understands up to 9.5.


    Yeah DM the Implanter, he’ll go down in the books more famous than Vlad.

  220. Terril Park

    Jim Logan // June 29, 2010 at 1:05 pm | Reply

    Of course there are millions of words re hatting. My comment was in answer to JSwift’s re the def of ‘suppressive reasonableness’,”

    Oops! I have a mental ignore button re J Swift
    so didn’t read his post and understand the context.

    Not really wanting to bash J Swift, but I
    spent a few years on OCMB and found his often speculative posts of no interest.

  221. My sentiments exactly! How degrading.

  222. Thank you! To understand the technique being used makes it sooooo clear!
    (I had to clear up FKGL)

  223. Argh! The wackiness I’ve heard of lately is incredible, unbelievable, freaky, wacko, insane! My head has been in a nonstop shake for days now, you know, that shake of disbelief…

  224. If you’re smoking and drinking coffee in session, what do you do with the cans? Let’s see if I can figure this out correctly. Hum. Oh, I know. You can hold them between your thighs. No, how about one between your feet and one between your thighs. Oh, better yet, how about attaching those alligator clip thingies to each can and clipping one to each ear! Yeah, that’s the ticket. Problem solved! 😦

  225. First,

    Hi. Is Meri Vallerius still being the ED at Dallas? She was ripped off from Pasadena, where she was the ED, and magically became the ED Dallas.

    Incredulous about a SO member finding moonlighting jobs for staff…just unbelievable almost.

  226. Niels,

    That’s a hard question. It’s even harder to answer as English doesn’t have words for the concepts. No human language does. They can be understood only by own observation, and describing them afterwards is well-nigh impossible.

    A parallel statement is “what happened before time began?” The answer is “mu” (google it) – the question itself is paradoxical and cannot be answered. “Before” implies time, there cannot be time before there was time.

    To come back to your question – it does not have an answer expressible in terms of this physical universe. As Jim indicated, the universe is the product of you, therefore a thetan cannot “come into existence” in any familiar contemporary frame of reference.

    A possible route to an answer is for you to study this subject personally in an honest fashion. You should even be skeptical in the scientific sense and accept as true only those things that are demonstrably true. Sooner or later, you will answer your own question to your own satisfaction, and I truly hope you have more success describing it than I’m having now 🙂

    OK, that can all sound like a lame brush-off answer, but it’s the best and most truthful one I know. You come across as a well-informed intelligent person who has honestly studied these matters, so I’ve tried to do your question justice. Let me know what you think of it.

    I’m interested in what you think too. And assuming for the purpose of argument that a thetan is a true concept, how would you answer your own question?


  227. Jeff,

    “The real reason that Scientology does not achieve universal clearing” IMHO is that they do not connect with the world around them, but take on a patronizing attitude of smug, arrogant superiority over the “current population.”

    VERY relevant statement!

    Now that I’m out and can afford the luxury of self-examination, I see something I really don’t like:

    I have this, it went in very deep. I see it, and I’m trying to knock it off, but I’m not having a whole lot of success.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one either.

    Any long-term handling for post-DM will have to tackle this one and handle it.

  228. Do Key to Life and Life Orientation Course and you will answer this for yourself.
    But sorry, I can’t tell you where to do these at this point in time without getting whacked!

  229. DM is copying Casino’s dramatizing the good times he had once gambling away LRH money with his “pall” or rather partner in crime Pat B.

  230. Prexactly!
    Ah, the joy of communication I feel with y’all is amazing!
    I’ve lived the ignorance. I’ve recovered my “education” and I’ve run that holier than thou service facsimile on people too. The gamut.

  231. one of those who see

    Idle Org “If we lived in a better world…” This post was absolutely fantastic.

  232. Lady Lancelot

    To the Knight, I liked your post. I agree with most of the reforms you mention but do not agree SCN is dead or that LRH failed. However, you raise many interesting points. I would argue, however, that SCN needs to be more of a science than a religion. But that’s just me.

  233. Great story Mike, glad you helped him out.

    Walter was a good friend when he was at the base and was VIP Chef cooking for DM and Tom Cruise at one point. He had gone to the same cooking school in Austria as Wolfgang Puck, but hated to cook and loved going to Russia as a Pioneer.

    Saw him quite a few times in at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater during Mar 13. He turned a cold shoulder to all the event crew & guys from the Int Base, which lowered my esteem and liking for him. Later found out that he was threatened by Dear Leader to not talk to us and to disconnect!

  234. To all

    “One cannot conceive anything so strange and so implausible that it has not already been said by one philosopher or another.”

    Rene Descartes

    Splog you gave me the answer I sought for.

    “I think; therefore I am.”

    Rene Descartes

    “To come back to your question – it does not have an answer expressible in terms of this physical universe. As Jim indicated, the universe is the product of you, therefore a thetan cannot “come into existence” in any familiar contemporary frame of reference.”

    “If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.”

    Rene Descartes

    “A possible route to an answer is for you to study this subject personally in an honest fashion. You should even be skeptical in the scientific sense and accept as true only those things that are demonstrably true.”

    Splog I do not have a problem with the concept of a thetan , I have a problem with certain absolutes relayed by Hubbard in his scriptures.

    As the concept of a Thetan comes from studieing greek Philosophy and overlaps the Idea of a Spirit It is easy for me.

    Alsoo this part of your answer I do not have any problem with asit is a WELL KNOWN concept in philospophy.

    “Where do Thetans come from”:My own question

    It is exotic to BELIEVE they come from: you know the story. And you do believe this although some take it as a methaphor and Jason Beghé does not believe it so much per his own television interview(you can check that out for yourself).

    Does a Thetan come in Existance or has it always been here ? Another thing to contemplate.

    I believe this happened in man through Evolution. I dissagree with Hubbard that Darwinian Theory is an Implant. If science is so dear to Scientologists why diss on Scientists like Darwin. All religions do, so I ask you to choose between Scientology as a Religion and Scientology as a body of knowledge.

    I believe we are Spirits from the Earth, Our connection to the Earth gives us Strength. It is our foundation.

    I believe I am a Spirit that came into Existance on Earth. I feel a very strong connection with it that gives me peace, strength and the ability to love others.

    “The mountains, rivers, earth, grasses, trees, and forests are always emanating a subtle, precious light, day and night, always emanating a subtle, precious sound, demonstrating and expounding to all people the unsurpassed ultimate truth”

    This is not a thruth explained but one you FEEL with the entirity of your Being

    With regards CD

  235. Hi Patty’
    There are several definitions of the word “critical”including:
    “2 a : inclined to criticize severely and unfavorably ”
    Perhaps that the def’n you were looking for.

  236. Yeah, and what about all these staff m0ney problems being a thing of the past when the orgs became “Ideal”? “Ideal” would mean no moonlighting necessary, right?

    Smoke and mirrors, shell games and illusions (delusions) …

  237. Wow! Can things get any further removed from source? I have always maintained for 35 years since getting into Scientology that if orgs only followed LRH policy we would boom. But unfortunately we have a lot of sheeple who just don’t follow policy. They would rather follow an idiot like DM. I cannot count how many times I have written up off policy garbage and sent it to RTC over the years. But to no avail. Sad, sad, sad. This is why I have not been near an org for the last 10 years. It is a PLEASURE to have found your blog Marty and to see some really caring beings who have the ability to recognize truth.

  238. The Knight…a little drastic? How about completely off the wall and squirrelly? LOL!

  239. Well said IO. Except the part about the psych’s. LRH made it clear that the battle is not finished until they are brought back under the LAW. He also made it clear that the psych’s are the SOLE cause of decline in this universe. Also, the psych’s are the ones responsible for third partying LRH and feeding the false data to the media starting in 1950 right after DMSMH was published. And the media has run with it ever since. Right up to PT. Where have you been IO to not know this?

  240. PS: Dissolve its feud with Psychiatry/Psychology? Dude, they are DESTROYING this planet. And have been for a very long time. We are the ONLY ones confronting their evil deeds and exposing them. AND working to bring them back under the law as LRH said to do. WTF kind of drugs are you on Knight?

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