What goes around comes around

  from An Essay on Management:

Power, and very real, forceful power it is, can be sustained only when it deals with theta goals and is derived from theta principles. Authoritarian power, held by breaking or perverting ARC, enforced punishment drive, brings to management certain destruction and brings to the group reduced efficiency or death. One, in considering these things, is not dealing in airy philosophic impracticalities but in facts so hard and solid they can worn and eaten and used as roofs. We are dealing here with the basic stuff of management and group survival. It is to be commented upon that management has succeeded despite its use of punishment drive and because of existing theta goals whether management knew it or not. This sums up not particularly to the discredit of managements of the past but to the highly resistant character of theta goals. Management, failing to understand the true force of its power and the source of that power, seeing only that if it cut and perverted ARC it had power of a sort, has been the yoke around the neck of mankind in most instances, not the proud thing management thinks it is or could be, keeping the wheels turning. Where wheels turned in the past it was usually because of highly vital theta goals and thoroughly despite management. Management, being a needful cog in the scheme of things, has been kept around by a hopeful mankind on the off chance that it someday might be of complete use. A punishment-drive management is the spoke in the wheel of an action being conducted by a goal maker and a group, not the grease for the wheel which management sincerely believes itself to be. A goal-maker—group combination action is only enturbulated because of lack of a good management or the existence, much worse, of a punishment-drive management. Man would run better entirely unmanaged than in the hands of an authoritarian management for the end of such a management is group death. A group would run better theta managed with real theta power than a group entirely unmanaged.

Management derives power most swiftly by acting as interpreter between a goal maker and a group. The power of management is effective in ratio to the cleanness with which it relays between the goal maker and the group on ARC. Management loses real power in the ratio that it perverts or cuts lines between the goal maker and the group. When the goal maker exists now only as a printed code, management can continue to prosper and can continue to serve only in the ratio that it keeps that code cleanly interpreted between archives and group. Management deteriorates and grows unprosperous in the ratio that it perverts or cuts the lines from code to group.

There is an intriguing factor involved, however: ARC lines. When they are slightly interrupted they deliver power to the individual that interrupts them. True it is authoritarian power – death power. But a very faint tampering with a line gives authority to the tamperer since he is obscuring to some slight degree a section of Theta. His group is trying to see the Theta and reach it and if they can do so only through the tamperer and if they are convinced that the tamperer or tampering is necessary (which it NEVER is), then the group tolerates the tamperer in the hopes of seeing more Theta. Mistaking this regard for him as something he is receiving personally, the tamperer cannot resist, if he is a narrow and stupid man, tampering a little more with the ARC line. He can live and is tolerated only so long as the Theta he is partially obscuring is not entirely obscured. But he, by that first tampering, starts on the dwindling spiral. Eventually he is so “reactive” (and he would have to be pretty much reactive mind to start such an operation) that he obscures the Theta or discredits it. At that moment he dies. He has put so much tension on the line that it explodes. If it is not a very theta ARC in the first place, he is relatively safe for a longer period. The pomp and glory he assumes are not his. He makes them enMEST and entheta and eventually corrupts them utterly and corrupts himself and all around him and dies as management.

L Ron Hubbard – from an Essay on Management 9 January, 1951

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  1. Scary!!!
    I guess DM is the three-dimensional clay demo here, eh?!?

  2. becomingAware

    1951. DM has proven LRH’s words true. The takeover, the dwindling sprial, obsuring the Theta, the promise, the whole thing.
    The end is near. DM has trapped himself. I see the thrashing around, the wrong targets, the wrong whys and the huge missed withholds in full dramatization.
    The end is near David and you have no one to blame but your own self. It is your own hand on the toilet handle. Just go away.

  3. rory Medford

    The DM era is coming to a close, this is his final curtain call

  4. Well, I’ll be damned.

  5. A Story* (ca 1952)

    Once upon a time there was a man, or perhaps he was not a man, who slept for a very long time.

    When he laid himself to rest, the world was not too terrible. People were happy and their actions were productive and the green hills had flowers upon them.

    When he awakened, however, things had changed. He stood outside his cave and looked at the world. Yes, somehow it had changed. The hills were ugly and brown. Near at hand two women were quarreling. Far away a red cloud rose and when he looked more closely he saw that it was a battle. And so he he walked down through the fields and towns trying to find what had happened.

    Men glowered at him. Children did not play. And there was little food and the haggard faces of all showed that each staggered under some heavy burden of grief. And the man, or perhaps he was not a man, saw that the world had come into trying times.

    He wandered about, understanding that here he faced a black enchantment, thickly laid upon the souls of men. Perhaps some sorcerer had done it to men, perhaps men had done it to themselves. But it did not matter. The world had gone mad. Somebody must do something.

    The man thought for many days. And then he made a golden ball and filled it with everything necessary to undo the black enchantment. It was a very pretty ball, on the end of an ivory stick. And it was very easy to use for one had but to hold it over the head of a human being and wish him well to break the thrall which held that being.

    And the man went forth and held it over the heads of dozens of people and did not tell them what it was and they suddenly smiled and became bright and the thrall was broken for them. And the man saw that this was good and so he showed many people how to use the golden ball and told them all that was necessary to break the black enchantment clear across the whole world.

    And some used it. But others said, “Isn’t it pretty!” and began to play catch with it. And some said, “It isn’t really gold.” And some wanted to hide it for fear it would be stolen. And some said, “it’s GOLD!” and bought knives and pistols with it and fought. And some said cunningly, “With this POWER I can rule Earth.” And others simply ran about and said it wasn’t really a ball and that the man had stolen it from others and they clutched their black enchantment about them and whispered that the man had done it in the first place and the he planned to kill them all.

    But the man paid little head. He tried to from companies to make the golden ball available to many. But the people in the companies said, “It’s mine!” “It’s power!” “It’s gold!” and “The man will kill us all!” and so they fought amongst themselves and threw dust over the golden ball and tried to dent it.

    And at last the man sat down in a desert place and sent his word about that anybody could use this ball that wanted it. And they sent officers and thieves and lawyers at him to say that nobody could use the ball.

    And they took the man’s captain and said they would imprison him for saying the golden ball was owned by everybody. And they made the government put guards around the man in case anybody sent him money to help ship the ball to everyone.

    And the man looked at these people and not one of them who hated the golden ball had ever used it in any way but only thrown dust on it and tried to dent it and he looked at the sly people who went up and down the roads saying, “It’s not really gold!” “The man really stole it,” and then he looked and saw beyond these the haggard faces, the crippled children, the sorrowing women. And above all these he saw the red cloud of the battle.

    And the battle cloud grew taller. And it grew taller and taller as though it hung with fire up above an entire world.

    And the man, sitting in the desert place, looked at the golden ball.


    *This essay was published in the 1991 release of The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology, Volume 1, pages 285/86.

  6. Kathy Braceland

    That says it all.

  7. Oh how I love truth.

    That unmistakable ring of truth is simultaneously serene.

    Thanks for this.

  8. Once again synchronicity strikes! I just posted a doggedly pessimistic article on the upcoming implosion of the Church of Miscavige and I received an email notifying me of your Essay on Management post.

    I see the end occurring before Christmas.

    We, who are auditing in the field, will have a lot of work to do repairing the damage. Let’s rehab the auditors first and get them back in the chair as soon as possible.

  9. Freedom Fighter

    Wow. I’m speechless. That’s it. That’s exactly it. Wow.

  10. “Narrow and stupid man” thy name is DM!

    Great Post!! One of my favourite essays!

  11. Thanks for posting LRH on this blog. He (not DM) changed my life to the better and I am forever grateful.

  12. Mike Lemeron

    Not only is this pure truth, current reality has made this policy into prophecy from 1951.

  13. There is nothing as compelling as subjective reality. I must say that I believe DM is, for many Scientologists including myself, the only completely vivid example of the kind of being discussed in this PL that we will see in this lifetime. And for that I thank COB for bringing to this PL the subjective reality that has always been missing.

    It’s easy to imagine the character described in this PL in a setting like a movie, a book or on the whole track. But it’s also easy to imagine the group memebers in in the situations as being weak, stupid and blind.

    Not quite as easy to think of it as being YOUR group, YOUR leader, YOU.

    Its easier to have when it’s “over there”.

    Once the DM reign is over I truly believe that the subjective reality that all Scientologists will have, thanks to the perfect balance of Mass that DM has brought to the significance of this PL, will make it next to impossible for anything quite so destructive to enter in at the Snr Int Exec Level again. Let’s hope so. There’s still plenty use for everything the C of S has. There is hell of a large 3rd dynamic that would love to get back to the business of Scientology, get back to the business of orgs, get back to real org boards, real stats, get back to the true meaning of the Ideal Org PL, and stop crush regging for CDs and buildings full-time and calling it expansion.

    There’s still plenty room and plenty of need for all of that.

    Maybe, just maybe, that “new” era would begin by un-declaring a couple thousand people and refunding IAS donations. That would be a good start!

  14. If DM is dramatizing the above LRH writings on abusive management, and if he has Cruise on a tight leash with brainwashing, poor Tom must be very confused as to why the “little people” of the world have all but abondoned his movies.

    Not that I feel sorry for Cruise. He is an “OT” who has his down-stats up in lights for the world to see but he still refuses to look.

    All that money doesn’t help, either. The actual being looked exhausted underneath those pearly whites on the Jimmy Kimmel show last week.

  15. Chris Black

    The question is, when he’s flushed, will he spin clockwise, or counter-clockwise? Inquiring thetans want to know.

  16. Chris Black

    Wow! Again and again LRH had it pegged. This is a fascinating and a powerful article. No matter how often I peruse it, it still beats strongly. That last paragraph speaks volumes; the whole excerpt is quite germane. Thanks for a good post, Marty.

  17. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    And there it is…… Trust LRH what with 3 paragraphs written in 1951 distills it down to cover the whole mess and name the outcome.

  18. Watching Eyes

    “The pomp and glory he assumes are not his.” Great line. So true.

    note to dwarf: Time to get a GED and put together a resume.

    note to those in other countries: a GED is for people who didn’t finish high school. They have to take classes and/or a test to get their cert. In the US without a high school diploma or GED about all you can do is cut people’s lawns. I love the visual on that; the dwarf on a lawnmower. He’d look like a little garden gnome sitting there.

  19. Almost 60 years ago now and LRH predicts it, describes it and totally nails it s if he just studied the current scene and wrote it yesterday.

    Every time I read An Essay on Management I cannot help but be overawed at its expression of sheer compassion for man, understanding, care and willingness to be of service.

    And I can’t help but compare that to the Church of Miscavology today, made completely in DM’s image and utterly lacking in compassion which includes all the Micavology OTs I’ve met who exhibit a total absence of it.

    It’s a key reason DM’s church is dead, because there is no way the world will allow such an injustice to carry on. Hell, visibly, the world has gone up in compassion while DM has driven the church’s compassion level into a negative range.

    It seems to me that’s what the Aussies are really complaining about. It’s certainly what the UK Charities Commission stated in their rejection, what protesters protest about, why the disconnected feel so aggrieved and observers so shocked. DM’s church expresses a total lack of compassion in every move it makes and on all fronts from ex wives appearing on television, through how it handles people who disagree, to the money it extracts from its parishioners.

    Compassion, it’s long gone in the church of Miscavology.

    And they don’t see it.

    And they are dead for the lack of it.

  20. Your Humble Servant

    A beautiful essay, and how precisely applicable to “COB” in so many respects! Amazing that this was written 59 years ago. Yes, I can easily perceive that orgs and missions (and public) would be far better off with no management at all than under this culprit, DM.

  21. Of particular note to me is the last paragraph. WOW is it ever TRUE!

    It’s as if LRH saw this coming.

    DerMiscavange-stein, the “villagers” are restless!

    We’re comin’ to getcha, BoltHead!!!!

    Hugs and Kisses,


    “sniff… sniff sniff… Master, I smell smoke!”

    “Nonsense IdleGor, that’s just the villagers using their BBQ.”

    “Master, what I smell is your ass on the grill!”

    (what the heck… Hugs and Kiss again!):)

  22. Tony DePhillips

    Man!! LRH was really on his game when he wrote that one.

    I have seen nothing that describes the current scene better than this reference.

    We must get rid of the tamperer.


  23. It is time for any one of us to get unhooked on what some leader preaches and listen within! I relate often to the saying that we are divine beings going through the human experience.
    To learn? well, I am feeling it is more for amusement. A dwindling spiral is no different from an amusement ride as far as I am concerned as a being. Dwindling to a zero? no, it is just an endless ride or however you make it to be. We don’t need an inquisition or a committee of evidence to assemble and such. You just went for the ride!

  24. DFB aka Dfb99

    Wow. Man, thats the stuff.

  25. An Essay on Management is a must read for all!
    Some day there needs to be a Scientologist de-PTS-ing Clay Table process using the principles of this reference, You know, clay demo a Theta Goal, Clay Demo Punishment Drive, Clay demo…well you could almost do the entire reference line by line! Boy would that blow charge! And open eyes!

  26. The one single reference which convinced me on the sit in the Church. A must read for the hatting of Indies!
    For Idle Org: scientologists still inside should do the clay demo themselves. Apparently, they can not confront DM as a mass 🙂

  27. Just dead on! The Old Man knew what he was talking about!

  28. New entry to the indie-urban-dictionary:
    THETA SUCKER – One who lives and survives by stealing the affinity and theta comm lines belonging rightfully to others, being completely unable to manufacture any of his own.
    Synonym study:
    1. David Miscavige
    2. Tick tock tick tock tick tock BOOM!!!!!

  29. I think this is apt musical accompaniment for this latest blog.

  30. A perfect discription of what has occurred! As usual, LRH is correct; and to think that he wrote this back in 1951.

    “He has put so much tension on the line that it explodes.” – LRH

    I know that in my case this is true. The line has exploded! After years of donating money to the Church, the Church is now sending money to me! In a hundred million years, I would never have thought that I would ask for a repayment, (return of donations unused), but I did, and Ihave received my first check for over $18,500. Talk about a reversal of the flow! I was still experiencing PTSness,and now I feel much more Cause and less Effect, and it seems more PTSness has dissipated. I want to thank Marty and the fellow thetans on this blog again, for the encouragement and advice on how to get my money back, as it changed my viewpoint and gave me hope that I could actually successfully achieve this, and I did! I believe the real power comes from the theta, but the money keeps the wheels greased and keeps perverted management in the game, so by withdrawing my theta, AND the money, hopefully some depowering has occurred!

    Much love to all here, and thanks for all the help in turning my life around.

    Lady Minn

  31. I see this as the current list of choices:

    “Man would run better entirely unmanaged than in the hands of an authoritarian management for the end of such a management is group death. A group would run better theta managed with real theta power than a group entirely unmanaged. ”

    Choice one, unmanaged.
    Choice two, authoritarian (mis)management.
    Choice three, theta management.

    My thoughts are that if choice 3 ever are to take place, someone inside the movement has to
    consciously DO choice 3.

    I remember when WDC first was reaching out with despatches, answering non existence reaches from management people, then in Clearwater, that the return letters, even the one I got in answer to my “non-E” despatch to WDC FB (Flag Bu, I think was the then WDC person for where I was, Int Training Org then being in the FB), was very “theta.”

    That’s 30 years ago, and date coincident, with the slow descent from theta management.

    What to do, what to do?

    So many people who are critical of Scientology just say to me, why am I worried, let the mess die on its own.

    I guess because I did want people to succeed as executives in the movement, and I spent an intense amount of time directly “hatting” people, or as course sup rather, helping them in their own self study that is, that I still would like to see choice 3 occur.

    I agree though, that choice 1 is thus the independent’s right, it’s covered clearly as a valid option by LRH and this Essay on Management is absolutely still current fundamental policy.

    Mr. Finder of lost tech, DM, ought to find this policy!

    Then order Boards of Reviews, like RTC did for a stretch in the 1980s, and undeclare all the incorrectly declared SPs.

    But with a leader who is incapable of “theta” all these policy options LRH has in policy are going to remain “lost.”

  32. crashingupwards

    Of all the Source references in all the world, THAT was so defining of what the current situation has become.

    The Theta goals have outweighed the supression, thats how powerful they are. But as you drop those goals and substitute new ones like money and tap dancing, the downward spiral should accellerate rapidly to the end of this “managment” which has been no more than a parasite sucking the life out of its host.

  33. This pretty much sums it up! Excellent reference, thanks.

  34. Lady Minn,

    Congratulations. That’s so cool. I love hearing your stories here about how you’re changing your and others’ lives for the better. Thank you.

    Just Me

  35. martyrathbun09

    Chuck, don’t hold your breath. The cycle is far more developed than I think perhaps you have recognized.

  36. martyrathbun09

    wildbank, man you are prescient. Check out tonight’s post.

  37. martyrathbun09

    the tamperer is getting rid of himself.

  38. So this is the “HOW” the Church of Scientology died. I would say Dear Leader is not far behind.

    Every “SHACK” should have this essay on a plaque hanging for all to read.

    Thanks Marty for a very timely post.

  39. Thought Provoking

    Very good explaination of the mechanics behind DM’s actions and how and why the public have fallen for it.

    Up to a certain point the theta goal has almost hidden the “tampering” but when DM started to invalidate clears and redefine FNs he revealed his goals were not Scientology but impulses driven by the reactive mind.

    The resistant character of theta goals is easy for me to see if one just looks around this blog. An outsider might wonder why we all haven’t just taken a hike. But the theta goal, actual Scientology and the goals of those who truly want to see that it continues to be available to any who wish to avail themselves of it, is so powerful that it will endure abuse, neglect, familial interferance and general harrassment in an effort to achieve that goal.

    Makes me think of the American Independence, abolition of slavery, women’s sufferage and civil rights. All of these theta goals where very resistant to the many errors the management made during their movements.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Bryon, Brilliant. Thanks for this apt passage.

  41. Thought Provoking

    I couldn’t help myself, I completely cracked up over this. After all of his personal invalidation of others winding up “flipping burgers” the visual of DM on a lawnmower just killed me. Thanks for the chuckles!

  42. martyrathbun09

    Karen, wonderful thoughts you have expressed here. Thanks.

  43. Thought Provoking

    A perfect encore to Marty’s post!

  44. martyrathbun09

    David, thank you for all you do.

  45. Excellent, indeed!

    Even if a theta management were to be created, my concern is the seemingly impossible goal of maintaining it for the longhaul. Governments, as history shows, have a tendency toward ever expanding their power, encroaching insidiously and inexorably on the rights of citizens. The taking back of those rights (what is happening here) is absolutely amazing to me. I highly commend the brave freedom fighters that have been working in this direction for decades, but something special is happening right now. Sweet freedom is in the air. Let’s make sure we keep it for our children’s children.

  46. Thought Provoking

    What you did was take back your integrity and held those who didn’t deliver accountable. Good for you!

  47. One more thing – we are so fortunate to have this chance – that key people were willing to stand up and speak at this particular time, despite grave personal danger, because if the old guard had left, chances are pretty great we could have lost the workable tech. I doubt that those who have only experienced the brave, new world of Scientology would have the inclination to confront this situation. And that is why I am so glad this has happened at this time and not a hundred years from now. This experience is priceless. We are truly blessed.

  48. One of the truly great things about the subject of Scientology is the fact that it is self-correcting, it contains within it the seeds of its own correction.

    It is also self-rejuvenating – has the ability to come back to life when seemingly dead.

    The indepedents, in all their forms, shapes and sizes, are living proof of these facts.


  49. David,
    On that note of rehabbing auditors, any who need some brush up, sort out, instruct, cram, retread and/or handling of the basics, TRs and Metering,(that is, LRH material ONLY, no GAT, no ‘three swing FN’ nonsense, no mumble on what is an Instant Read and real TRs, natural auditor beingness and a real Auditing Comm Cycle) I’ve got room here to stay until you are back in the chair.

  50. First,
    So true, all around. I agree with that postulate.

  51. Haydn,
    On the note of compassion, when I first arrived out here, declared and a real hurtin’ unit, I realized I had something lacking in my own dynamics; real compassion. While I was getting that Chrome Cold Steel no-sympathy from DM’s idea of life, I had to view my own omitteds. Why was a studying and getting audited? What good was this stuff if I didn’t consider, with real compassion and understanding, my fellow beings and the intolerable burden they carried?

    Sure, I was an S.O. member and I had the purpose. But, when it came down to it, what I experienced in that declare cycle and all it entailed, pointed up the missing sincerity in my own living of that purpose. I was more or less considering my own dynamics, not THE dynamics and not others dynamics. I began to understand the idea that I had to embrace the entirety and extend out into all of life if I as a being were to attain something of what I sought when I first encountered this subject, Dianetics and then, Scientology.

    I recalled this passage from Third Dynamic De-aberration, the Org Series PL from 6 Dec 70 that gives the Admin Scale.

    “If one thinks he can go off and be alone anywhere in this universe he is dreaming.

    “The first impulse of a hostile being is “to leave” a decent group. What a weird one.

    “The only reason he gets in jams is his inability to tolerate or handle others.

    “There’s no road out for such a being except through.

    “Thus all we can do to survive even on the first dynamic is to know how to handle and be part of the third or fourth dynamic and clean it up.”

    The Org Form, the policy, the entire thing, is no substitute for a being and their compassion for other beings. It is a means for the reach, not the reach. That is by live beings. With compassion and understanding – the What is Greatness? issue, for real.

    We are getting there my friends. Thank you for your reach to me.

  52. Jim,

    It took me quite a while longer to come to that realization — I guess the omitted is truly hard to spot. Then it hit me, the common demoninator of all the omitteds, whether we are talking about the so called OTs, how Miscavige dealt with auditors in his falsely named “Golden Age of Tech”, or the scene with women, couples and children down the years — compassion, no compassion.

    It now pervades every aspect of the C of M and
    its members have been conditioned by DM into thinking compassion is a weakness or evil.

    They ignore the fact it was LRH’s starting point.


  53. Thanks for an incredible post – the beauty, truth and utter exactness of LRH is always rejuvenating and inspiring, no matter the shape you are in when you duplicate it. This one really says it for me.

  54. Many years ago, at CCLA, a short-lived CO had her picture put on the cover of the monthly Celebrity Magazine, and somehow it got published. This naturally caused quite a flap, lower conditions, etc. as the mag was promoting her personality – not Source or the technology. The current on-line Freedom mag appears to be nothing but a massive self-indulgent promo piece for DM. I would be willing to bet that there are more references to, or direct quotes, of LRH any day on this blog than in the current Freedom mag. This will come to an end, as indicated in T Paine’s comments, Scientology is self-rejuvenating, it is the truth, and obviously alive in all of us.

  55. Wow, perfect indeed DA!

  56. Cured Robot

    Wow, that just blew me away, LRH is brilliant, it seems as if he wrote that exactly for DM, there is no disputing LRH, this is exactly what is occurring.I read this 19 yrs ago but had complete lack of mass, now I want to read the whole thing again as we’ve lived it.

    “The pomp and glory he assumes are not his. He makes them enMEST and entheta and eventually corrupts them utterly and corrupts himself and all around him and dies as management. ” LRH

    OSA – pay attention to LRH and those of you smart enough to get it, get out.

  57. Cowboy Poet

    That’s what I love about Truth.
    It’s timelessness.

  58. Haydn,
    When I read Korzybski’s book, Science and Sanity, after having LRH say READ THAT BOOK at least a dozen times in various places, I finally understood a ‘spiral’ of lifetimes as a series of cycles of lifetimes, with the overall aspect of dwindling down to an end. Then a new beginning of a new spiral.

    Right after that read, I read again 8-8008 and the idea there that all logic is rationalization as it’s based on the somewhat idiotic circumstance of an immortal being trying to survive.

    Hey, we CAN’T die! But we sure can get stupid (i.e. as it says in the Scn Axioms under ‘lying’).

    The amount of sheer life/theta coming forth from those who have kept at this in any of various routes, is just a pumpin’ right now, seemingly focused on this blog too which is really cool to witness and share a part of. This is the True Group aligned on the Theta Goal that An Essay on Management is describing.

    Rehabbing the purposes IS capable of reviving the ‘dead’. It’s happening. We’re doing it. Man, what a freakin’ blast 🙂

  59. It was nice to read some LRH managment quote here/Thankyou

  60. To align with your thoughts Jim, I thought you might like the following: ” The essence of all spiritual life is to assist those too weak to help themselves. Scientology helps people to help one another. This is the message of all prophets in all ages: Help one another. It is the formula for life that cannot fail. It is the message of Scientology.” LRH Lecture of 13 FEB 1958 Other Processes, the Help Button.
    Remember the first time I read it, was quite a blowdown on rehabbing what Scn is supposed to be.
    Does your Qual correction program include fishing- had to ask?

  61. Watching Eyes, most Scientologists have a high school diploma.

    I have a college degree but I didn’t learn much practical stuff in high school or college. All graduates agreed, it was a theory and nothing applied. Scientology is different.

    Wog education isn’t that great. Never heard LRH say that one can’t make it without wog education. Colleges are missing lots of essential wisdom and data that we have in Scientology.

    John Travolta is a pilot who can fly commercial planes (tough exam!) but never was interested in a high school decree. Is it his way of protesting wog school system that has no study tech? I don’t know.

    Study of Scientology made me successful. As a Scientologists you learn that. Wogs have it harder. LRH management policies are awesome and that’s why Scientologists are successful business folks. WISE works unless DM ruins it.

    A guy who build his business on SCN management tech will be more successful that one who does not.

  62. LRH states that even after all the members of a group have left, there will always be a record of that group having existed. That’s the power of the 3rd dynamic…..people working together for a similar cause.

    Well, none of us are leaving the group of ACTUAL Scientology any time soon and so I guess we can look forward to the day when only a record of Miscavology is left.

  63. Depends on wich side of the equator he is at the moment of flushing.

  64. Tony DePhillips

    Good one Dart!!

  65. lookingin,
    I like that alot. Thanks.

    On the Qual program and fishin’, well it just might include some casting lessons and a trip to the brook.

  66. Jim,

    We are and it is!

  67. Sheesh!

    Kane, perhaps you’ve just expressed yourself awkwardly in the above comment you made, but taking what you’ve said just at its face value …

    This attitude is one of the things that really ticks me off about not only “some” Scientologists, but other people as well who have had a single experience and feel superior to those with different experiences.

    By all means (enter sarcasm)! Let’s be superior about our lack of education. Let’s put down the education others had. Let’s assume we would have learned nothing from something we have never even studied — because (I guess) we can imagine what that experience would have been like and don’t need to experience it to know it.


    Just Me

  68. WELL DONE Lady Minn!!

  69. What is very subtle in CoS, and hard to see for a member who is in to see is the paranoia on a gradient basis that DM created and then exploited. It is not enough to say that DM is an evil SP and needs to be toppled from power. Scientologists — and I did my first comm course in 1980 in Tustin — have to ask what conditions allowed DM to come to power.

    IMO, the conventional answer that DM seized power only explains 50% of his rise to power. DM exploited the fears in Scientologists and misapplied LRH.

    DM redefined “Suppression” and “SP” to mean anyone and anything that got in his was as Suppressive. As a result, DM had all of the power to punish or declare any person or a thing suppressive that got in his way.

    DM redefined the F/N in a way that made him right about GAT. IMO, DM’s need to be right about GAT was more important to him than Scientology. As a result, he invalidated all auditor’s everywhere by redefining the F/N.

    Management by Stats: What DM did was to create stats for overt products such as Ideal Orgs. However, as LRH had set up CoS to be managed by stats, SO and publics loyally worked to follow the LRH policy. Because DM could declare anyone who questioned him an SP, SO and publics were not allowed to question his overt products.

    * DM redefined the Hidden Standard in such a way as to invalidate and/or declare anyone who opposed his overt products and out exchange IAS regging as having a hidden standard.

    * Psychiatry — This branch of medicine is never going away. CCHR has paradoxically only succeeded in improving Psychiatry by lobbying for strict labeling requirement on drugs and raising public awareness. Instead of educating Scientologists on what Psychiatry is in PT, DM created a 1930’s horror show of lobotomies and told Scientologists that is what Psychiatry is in PT. Because he profits from his “dangerous environment racket” DM created the impression that if one was not a 100% gung ho DM-style Scientologist, then everyone on the planet would be drugged and lobotomized.

    By redefining key LRH definitions in a self-serving manner, DM controlled CoS at all key choke points. He created paranoia gradiently and kept making Scientologists more and more paranoid and out of touch with the world. DM even morphed, redefined, and altered “LRH” to become a tool of DM’s agenda.

    IMO, the Indies should do a group 30 year rollback on DM to see how it all began and how insidiously he turned CoS into his own private Gulag on a gradient basis.

    In a real church, no one should locked in a Hole, sec checked, regged into bankruptcy, or be pressured to “permit” their young teenage children to be regged into SO.


  70. Jim, it took me years to overcome my angst and pain from my cult experience.

    After (cough, cough) ten years, I can now happily listen and sing along with Fundie Christian music and embrace with love those that believe, run and promote its memes.

    And this transition was the BEST thing to ever happen to me. It taught me compassion.

    One way that helped me learn compassion was to find another cult group to learn about and connect with as a friendly outsider. This group had COMPLETELY DIFFERENT views from my previous experience but many of the same cult dynamics of the group I was in.

    I looked and found the good teachings of the group. The ones that exist separate from it’s mind control systems through the use of that powerful lens called “Functional Mythology.”

    WARNING: When you use that lens they will attack you and try to invalidate it.

    And found that many of their values were the same as the group I left. And lo and behold, are the core values most humans hold naturally.

    …um … yeah … errr …

    (I’m so, SO busted now … )


    May I suggest “Falun Dafa?”


  71. To: Defacto INT QUAL CHIEF MART From: Gandiguy

    T Paine..Scientology is self correcting because Qual has always been part and parcel of it! LRH said that when you do not have a functioning Qual someone grabs the hat such as your public who stop buying or register complaints. As DM has destroyed the Churches Qual from the top down, WE INDIES HAVE ASSUMED THAT POST AND ARE DOING EVERYTHING WE CAN TO CORRECT THE ORGANIZATION AND IT’S PRODUCTS.
    1. Each of us cull the address of every Scientologist we know.
    2. As a totally clean comm., with no opinions about DM or his mismanagement or crimes; send a copy of the above essay on management along with other pure LRH quotes such as the one where LRH says, to blow up HCO if the leader starts pushing MEST etc.
    3. This same comm. can go to every Org, Ideal org and mission on the planet.
    4. This same comm. can go to every SO member you know preferably hand delivered as all mail is opened although some that is opened will be read by the terminal opening it.
    Each of us has a handful or more on lines comm. lines so multiply the size of our group by that factor to calculate our potential reach. It’s a lot.

  72. CR

    (OSA – pay attention to LRH and those of you smart enough to get it, get out.)
    God D–n it! Another truth going in by the water carrier!

  73. theystolemychurch

    I totally agree.

    Also, see LRH HCOPL “Propaganda by Redefinition of Terms”. It is exactly what has been done here…..

  74. Jim. Stupid smile on my face.
    Thanks for putting it into words.
    OK off to Amazon.com now to find that book – will come in handy for a long flight 😉

  75. J Swift…
    Beautifully said! And again another truth slipped in by the water carrier. The OSA or HCO terminal who reads this is just like you or me before we reached our own particular straw. He or she is an incredibly good person who sacrificed many things to be able to “fight the good fight” and be on post. He or she got into Scientology for the same reasons we did, freedom, spiritual gain and to help others. Truth is truth no matter where it comes from and it resonates. Bull pens are very interesting. The data that lies there is not acted on at the time but a funny thing happens sometimes when enough peices come together like in a jigsaw puzzle, the picture comes into view. Every truth one comes across adds one more piece to the bull pen puzzle until BOOM the camel’s back is broken or the picture comes into focus.

  76. resourceful2010

    Come on people, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel here. The absolute and undeniable proof that Miscavige is trying to take over as source is already covered on the website


    …as well as the Golden Ball fable, as well as pictures which PROVE that Miscavige is trying to take over the hat of source, as well as at least 3 or 4 other LRH quotes regarding not promoting ANYBODY in Scientology except for LRH; not having photographs of any senior executives in Scientology except LRH; and not quoting from any senior executive in Scientology except LRH, etc. etc. etc.

    Whoever these people are who wrote the site definitely practice what they preach as far as not promoting anybody but LRH as the source of Scientology. (Christ… I can’t even find out who the hell these people are and believe me I’ve tried!)

    Thank god for Marty’s site in being able to discuss these points. My only beef is when people discuss some of these points as if they’ve never appeared before. If a person really wanted to know what’s going on and what the LRH references are that apply, they would look at Marty’s earlier artices and his home page links to other sites like http://www.friendsoflrh.org and http://www.scientology-cult.com. This is what it’s all about, not Craig Jensen’s ogling of girls. J

    Just my two cents

  77. Very Very Well Done. I am sure that anything you curve that money flow towards will be better than when it had remained ad DM’s disposal.

  78. “2010 is the year we end the fight”

  79. Do we see a little of the good old Tom shining through ?

  80. Kane,

    I can’t agree with your post.
    In 1963 LRH developped Study Tech. About 50 years ago !
    Times have changed and so the world.
    I’d this narrow thinking too and with lots of sadness I took my kids out of a school where they were using study tech (they pretended they do, but in fact they just charged high prices to go up the Bridge) after I my kids complained they didn’t learn a lot.
    I’ d to send them to public schools where they had lots of wins and learned a lot and we had such great teachers that were interested in the children’s success.
    – It’s a normal thing today that people look up the words they don’t understand. Millions of Scientologist have been promoting it for more than 50 years.
    – Most schools have today 100ds of things to provide mass.
    – In our country pupils and students have contuniously their studies interrupted by practical weeks, months , years and they love it.
    – My daughter that just started her studies in one of the best University worldwide, had as first thing to do a pratical job where they had to evaluate a whole city about their energy waste and calculate the whole thing, talk to politician and bosses and present their evaluation. Her confront about the sit. of our planet raised a lot and she’s really on purpose to help to save our 5th dyn and knows the tech for it exists. She had great wins on that practical job.
    – Wikipedia (an online dictionnary) is the sixth most visited website worldwide. So what people are most interested in is Knowledge !
    – we have with the Internet, that has been developped by the brightest minds that came out of universities instant communication worldwide. Mankind has never achieved such freedoms til now.
    – In the moment we are the freest people that have ever lived on this planet due to all our technological advances, truth goes around the planet in a millisecond and this will be the Vietnam of DM.

    So you want to come here and tell this is no great achievement.
    I suggest you get into communication with the world, sit into a university and listen to some lessons. Get litterate by reading some books as suggested by Martin, also Will Durant’s History of civilization (suggested by Lrh) so you know your history and can see that things can change very fast on that planet.
    Any great philosopher, Politician or Industrial boss knew that the only way to handle Mankind is to get any single person on that planet to school to get an education.

    So what are you talking about ? Abolish schools ?
    That books were printed and distributed in the 15th century, so disseminating knowledge, took us out of the dark middle ages and that Voltaire and his friends asked for schools to be built took us to modern civilisation and as a consequence to Scientology.

    Lrh says in dmsmh there are 3 kinds of processing:
    – Auditing
    – getting an education
    – change of environment
    All 3 ways are valid.

    But why do I write all that ? I don’t know, as LRH already told everything about it. You just have to read and understand him.

    Sorry for you becoming the target of my bpc re Scientologists having weird ideas.
    But it was good.
    I know of lots of successful businessmen that are lacking education and they know it and would like to go back to school to learn about all those wonderful subjects they don’t understand.
    Did you never have that reach ? For example to be able to speak french ?
    My son for example learned French, Spanish, Englisch, Chinese, Swedisch and his next language will be arabian. He has such wins on his ability to talk to the whole world and is freer in his mind as some OT8 I know, a real cosmopolitan. He learned that at schools and universities.
    Tell me the C.O.S where you can learn that, or the C.O.S where Medicine is teached to save lives

    Last but not least, my experience has been in most cases that people with a good education were faster in understanding Lrh Tech and had a better understanding of it as they have lots of data of comparable magnitude.
    So start to read !
    Sudden 🙂



  81. Beautiful lyrics! Thank you.

  82. Kane
    I gotta agree with ‘Just Me’ on this one.
    A ‘wog’ education is basic hatting on the rest of the world and vital for anyone who wants to get along and be able to communicate with their 4th dynamic!.
    I’ve been around a couple of young Scientologists recently who had the perfect ‘non-wog’ education and to be honest, they’ll do great in the Sea Org but beyond that, they haven’t got a clue about how to survive in the ‘wog’ world, nor can they establish any true reality with anyone else. It actually becomes a trap whereby they cannot leave the perfect Scientology bubble society because there is no-where else for them to go.
    The ‘wogs’ are our 4th dynamic so we’d better start learning to get along with them and mix with them or it will indeed be very lonely up in the sky!
    As a side note, my 3 children have been receiving a ‘wog’ education since January and they are loving it and their ‘wog’ group above and beyond anything they ever experienced in the church or ‘non-wog’ education.
    Not saying I’m an angel here. I bought the line that all wogdom was bad once upon a time. Not true. As usual, a couple of LRH lines taken out of context and used to forward a certain someone’s personal agenda.
    LRH would not appreciate the church’s individuation from the rest of the world so his words shouldn’t be used to justify it.
    Give those wogs a bit of credit! After all, many of them were smart enough not to go anywhere near the C of M!!!!
    Clever wogs 😀

  83. bunkai,
    I’ve never had a ‘cult experience’. I’m happy to hear that you have, as you say, overcome your angst and pain which was, as you say, from yours.

  84. Holy Cow! ’51!? 1951!

    Thanks Marty for the refresher. It had been ten years since I read EOM.

    I’m wrapping my noggin around this. Wow! Just wow! Plain as day…

    And thank you for keepn’ your hat on!

  85. I bet you haven’t read the Mission Earth series from LRH.
    Have you ?

  86. NO! I DON’T WANT TO!
    Ha ha – backflash – what fun!

  87. fully agree !

  88. Sam,
    LRH described it as starting off in a full run. It does. Full on, no gradient, right off the mark. Not light reading by any stretch of any imagination. It’s a brilliant work though, despite no workable tech and he missed ‘theta’. It’s ‘easier’ than Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Korzykski’s sentences are only half a page long compared to Kant’s 🙂

  89. Marty,
    I love reading “your” posts. When are you going to post some of your own posts again. I love your updates.

  90. “On that note of rehabbing auditors, any who need some brush up, sort out, instruct, cram, retread and/or handling of the basics, TRs and Metering,(that is, LRH material ONLY, no GAT, no ‘three swing FN’ nonsense, no mumble on what is an Instant Read and real TRs, natural auditor beingness and a real Auditing Comm Cycle) I’ve got room here to stay until you are back in the chair.”
    Hello Jim, I am in need of re-training to get back in the auditor’s chair. I’ve been out since 1973. Could you, or anyone email with specifics on how that could get done? I am class VI, OTIII .
    My email address is: Mulehoney1@aol.com
    I live in SW Colorado.

  91. Its available online:


    Sanity must, by defintion, be “open source”…;)

  92. Perhaps the crashing M\U is “Anti-Social”….
    Society implies groups, co-operation, mutual goals, cycles of action, changing conditions, etc for the common good.

    To the “Anti-Social” it is all about them.

    Admin Know-How Series 15
    There are two uses (violently opposed to each other) to which Scientology orgs can be put.
    They are:
    I – To forward the advance of self and all dynamics toward total survival.
    2. To use the great power and control of an org over others to defend oneself.
    When a decent being goes to work in an org he uses 1. When a suppressive goes to work in an org he uses 2. When you get in ethics, the decent one raises his necessity level and measures up. The suppressive type blows (leaves).
    It is of vital interest to all of us that we have orgs that serve to increase survival on all
    dynamics. And that we prevent orgs being used as means to oppress others. The answer, oddly enough, is to GET IN ETHICS exactly on-policy and correctly. And we will advance.

  93. Frankie,

    Thanks for the reminder on the CT processing step on KTL. It actually is a great and simple action with far reaching benefits when done!

    In ’79 when this step was “hot of the press”, all of us working directly on LRH’s lines were ordered to twin up and get this step done – which we promptly did. This process really stabilized me in life and livingness, which I’m still having wins on.

    Over twenty years later, I realized that there was this mechanism in place by DM. His efforts (which is total insanity and defies logic) is to place one into one of the eight definitions of a problem – for me personally it was the last one. This is of a problem in which there was no solution.

    Extracted myself of being in that situation the very next day and away from the SP’s influence!

  94. Charles Wildbank, you speak my language. Yes, an amusement ride with no end in sight though it may feel painfully lacking in amusement at times. Perhaps one day we’ll all meet at the Restaurant at the end of the Universe right around the corner from the Shack and swap tales…. if we’re not there already.

  95. Love this! Thanks for posting it.

  96. Byron, thanks for the post. I loved it the first time I read it and even more now.

  97. It’s alive!

  98. I just got back in town and saw this. All you who are rehabbing auditors are doing something amazing. Wow, you guys (David, Marty, Jim, etc.) are the best!

  99. What a nice reversal! I can’t even imagine. Glad it’s resolving/dissolving/solving!

  100. Theo Sismanides

    Great hat, Jimbo! Qual!

  101. T. Paine,

    I have great respect for you – I have read many of your posts and articles on the various indie blogs over the past year or so. I have to challenge you on the self-correcting nature of Scientology, though. Why hasn’t Scientology long ago self-corrected and excised DM from the organization?


  102. Theo Sismanides

    Jim, Haydn and all of the people commenting here, yes compassion, true. We might also consider that we have two new words now to encompass the meaning of compassion: ARC and… KRC. I think no such being with high ARC and KRC could go without compassion.

    It feels so lonely up there when you don’t feel any responsibility to help that man who needs your help.

    ARC, KRC… a new civilization, new words, let’s spread the word.

  103. Theo Sismanides

    Jimbo, you are da man, now. Boy you nailed it.

    “Hey, we CAN’T die! But we sure can get stupid (i.e. as it says in the Scn Axioms under ‘lying’). ”

    Oh, man. Yes, we are doing it. We are that group. I am so happy here, I can’t hide it.

    We just need the DOINGNESSES now! There is so many good ideas here they are going to give us so much in the near future…

    We aren’t getting stupid here, we are getting brighter because there is so much theta now.

  104. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, this is so good! How the hell… LRH… how he put that there? I don’t get it? It’s so good you put this up.

    The tamperer… Let him build Idle Orgs, beautiful MEST, make money and declare good people as SPs…. WTF? He is a tamperer… He has tampered with Source. So many see it now.

    How the hell did LRH put all this stuff there? DM what did YOU put there as one wise saying? I don’t remember one thing, except that saying of your’s at an event: “Don’t hold onto that charge” and I think that was for the wrong purpose… the IRS or something like that.

  105. I’ll butt in. Scientology is education. Most people stop their studies after college, Scientologists (particularly staff as Marty was) continue their studies 2 1/2 hours for the rest of their lives.

    Clearing words for the rest of their lives… they are walking (wog!) dictionaries…

  106. LRH’s data are and remain for all times a gold mine. Any organization run with straight LRH management policies will be very successful, too bad that Dear Leader doesn’t know it.

    L Ron Hubbard – from an Essay on Management 9 January, 1951

  107. Of some interest about this particular piece of LRH writing is from this page, comparing what RTC published to what a person recalls the acutal handwritten document to contain: http://wiseoldgoat.com/papers-scientology/hubbard_vs_nwo.html

    “Wow, I am so glad you sent this to me… They have ALTERED it, BIG time..
    The only copy I ever saw, was at Flag in 1980. It was in his own handwriting. He had written it in the late 50’s or early 60’s. I remember what struck me was the bit about they took and imprisoned his WIFE. And I remember thinking how did he know this way back then…
    (When Nancy read A Story in 1980 – Mary Sue had just been sentenced to prison.)
    So, RTC has changed WIFE to Captain. And omitted the paragraph about how the man was isolated from his family and his children were treated poorly. And then they completely omitted the ending…
    Because in the ending I saw in LRH’s handwriting there is justice… and the golden balls become FREE…

    “More recall…
    I remember that some people got control of the golden ball for themselves. I remember that the man was kept isolated from his family, his wife went to jail, his children were not treated well.
    And darkness fell across the land for a long time…
    But the Ending – well that’s the part I wanted to find the story for…
    I do know there was a bit of a battle for control but that there was a happy ending.
    And lightness and happiness won out…
    The Golden balls were free in the end…

    I would pay good money to view the original un-altered copy of THAT….

  108. I’ve done tech and admin training as well as gone to college. I recommend all three.

  109. I know of many Scientologist, mostly those who were on staff or in the S.O. at a young age who do not have high school diplomas.

    I’m included in that category. One of the first things I did after leaving the C of M was go back to school and get my GED, 20 years after I should have graduated from high school.

    I’ve seen many young people who were talked into dropping out of school because it “wasn’t important”. Like it or not, having an education makes getting a better job easier.

    In my opinion keeping kids out of school and discouraging further education is just another way the C of M works to control its younger members, especially staff and Sea Org. Keep them uneducated with minimal resources and they are less likely to leave, and venture out into the “big bad world”.

  110. Kane,
    I’m happy for your success. Sincerely.

    I trust that as you continue with your study of Scientology and as you continue to recover your ability that there will come a point where you recognize the innate talent and theta in beings, whether they are Scientologists at this time or not.

    We have come a long, long way in a short time. It’s time to relax and assume full responsibility for all efforts and counter -efforts on all dynamics. It’s a whole new view. Less assertion, more ownership. Just a thought. And I’m feeling bodhi tonight.

  111. We should all send a copy of this to every Scientologist we can find on the net. I bet it causes more than just a few to think on it.

    I think I’ll make it my screens saver!

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  113. Natalie S,
    One of my closest friends, a non-Scientologist, left school in grade 8. He’s got to be one of the brightest, genius motherfu#$ers that I’ve ever known. A vicious guitarist too.

  114. War and Peace


    In recent promotion, Advance magazines, Freewinds publications etc. there are MORE and MORE and MORE images of David Miscavige.

    LRH photos are all but gone.

    Did you know that public on Freewinds cannot attest and write a success story without thanking “COB”. The success story in FLUNKED if no thank you to DM.

    Ha !


  115. Sam,
    God you’re hilarious!

    Heard a good one the other day. A new guy to New York, an East Indian, walks up to a cabbie and says “Excuse me, could you tell me where the Empire State building is…or should I just go fuck myself?’

  116. BBSox,
    What the hell do you think WE are doing?!

    And by ‘we’ I include YOU.

  117. resourceful,
    My man, you are absolutely right. I recall an issue Diana H wrote decades ago and the point that while we may have moved up and over many hurtles and take a lot of stuff for granted, not everybody else has. Hence, we speak, newly for those who may not be where we are.

    It’s that bodhisattva stuff.

  118. As he said “It contains within it the seeds of its own correction.” Perhaps with someone at the helm like DM these seeds can’t grow. But unsuppressed, such as out here, away from the yoke of the corrupted church they can flourish.

  119. Well, for people’s sakes, I hope you are right, and I am “wrong”.

    My feelings are that LRH’s admin policy DO hold those in official Scientology a lot more within the fads DM controls.

    So unfortunatley, all of LRH’s brilliance or thoroughness, on the admin side of things, keep those under DM’s command intention rule, in their state of befuddlement to such a degree, that they just might NOT all see the light like so many independent Scientologists are.

    Again, less than 100 persons, have filled out Jim Lewis’ survey, which likely needs more questions, which people can email him, but I do hope people DO allow outside academics try to track the trends of the independents.

    If people have the time time, here’s the survey again, and if 250 people fill it out, people can push Lewis to publish the results.

    Or people can do their own surveys also!

    Ex Scientologist survey

    I’d be gladly proven wrong, since I naturally side with the saner people outside of DM’s control. My fears are that this round of independence will be met with the same old denial that anything is wrong with existing Scientology under DM, by the majority of those STILL paying through their noses for Flag services, in particular. I heard that Flag GI is still 1 to over 2 mil a week, and that’s going for services at the FSO.

    I know more and more just can’t pay the Flag prices.

    anyways, I’m for you guys and will be gladly proven wrong about my dour views.

    You’re Scientologists who also act like normal citizens, which is the way it should be. So I can’t knock what you’re doing.

  120. BBSox,

    I understand where you are coming from but I think the gentleman that featured in A Beginners Guide to L Ron Hubbard made a good point when he said: “Only thirty years and Scientology already has a protestant movement”.

    Though actually he was inaccurate. Scientology had a protestant movement thirty years ago, the exact moment it needed it because some brave souls immediately rebelled against Miscavige. It’s just taken a few years to gain some momentum and to bring us where we are now. Not long at all in Earth time.

  121. You ought to write a book some day!

  122. I find it hard to believe that there could be any public or staff left with the ability to duplicate LRH. Obviously they have become blind to what is going on due to the overt of not preventing it from occurring and rather than realizing that there is a way out (independant Scientology) the overt(s) must now be justified.
    What DM has in mind as the perfect Public is best exemplified in the following video….

  123. Hello everyone,
    Did you know that LRH calls a WOG someone who is not even trying?
    Well, that puts ,what you guys call WOG education in the wrong place.
    Public schools never “are not trying”

    I agree with all people who say that public school is imperative to have for any SCN kid.

    And I could care less what RON says about it no matter how much I love him and his teachings.
    I agree, that having a rounded education (Ron had it) is supper needed and NO SCN will NOT give you that !!

    Why does DM want mechanics, engineers, carpenters, and other professionals MORE than auditors ?
    anyhow, I do NOT want to miss my SCN knowledge, but I am sure I would not be able to use it as a tool (all it is a tool) if I would not have learned, engineering, four languages, cooking, building houses, driving fast cars, and even things such as flirting with girls, getting drunk and all that other stuff.
    By the way I have met no more than 2 -3 WOGS my whole life time -in about 12 countries – and I think you guys should NOT use this term when it is not appropriate as I would have to accuse you guys of not applying study tech –not looking up your words 🙂
    I love my non scientology education and keep learning new such skills with non scientologists all the time.
    SCN education is life and so is all other education.

    di you know that there is a PL which states to do plays in orgs regadless of MU’s by students as a few MU’s is better than no data?
    so, learning many suppjects ,even with a few Mu’s is better than never even having heard about it, as would happen if you send your kid to a SCN school.


  124. Tony DePhillips

    Watching Eyes,

    We still love you. But I think you got an LFBD on your post!!


  125. Tony DePhillips

    Duly noted Sam!! LOL.

  126. Haydn, Jim, and Gary,

    Got it – and here’s to hoping that the correction continues until it runs flat and DM’s gone. I appreciate the honest debate.


  127. Your Humble Servant


    It is deeply shocking to me that anyone could condign deliberately altering what LRH said in published issues and putting forth writings that were not LRH under his name. Now, I can understand some evil-intentioned fool giving out his own misinterpretation of what Ron said, but actually deliberating altering the words, adding some and omitting others? Who would believe that any but the most twisted, evil, and treasonous person would do that? Who would dare? And to think it would be done by “RTC” whose sole purpose was supposedly to keep the tech unaltered and pure? Unbelievable! And yet, I now believe it has been done.

  128. Thanks Jim. You and I have different views about LRH’s tech.

    You see it as a Bridge to Total Freedom, and I see it as the most effective memetic model for implanting mind viruses ever created.

    So we both benefit from it in different ways and with different views.

  129. It's me again

    Wow Helmut,

    You have only meet 2-3 people on the planet who are not trying? That is amazing to me since we live in an “Entitlement Society” now. Have you ever interviewed people now for a job? This is what our schools are producing with their propaganda, an entitlement mentality. Go to Tom’s link above and look at “New World Order” concept explained and Ron’s Journal 67.

    My first child went to private school all her life (not Scientology since neither of my children were interested in Scientology). She is very smart and doing very well in life, no drugs ever, married well takes responsibility for her actions and lives a very happy life. My second child went to a public school in a very good school system. What a nightmare!

    Of course it depends on the child and how much time a parent has to correct and handle situations in regards to schooling in a government run system. Yes, public schools can work for some, but not all children. The system is to push the child through as a collective. Sometimes you find a good teacher and sometimes not. Public schools no longer teach a child the basics like when I was in school. There is so much “how to become a good citizen of the state” and “everyone one gets rewarded even if you fail” think and propaganda going on, it is sicking.

    So if you have the time to qual your child and your child is smart enough to throw out what is propaganda and take in what is useful, yes the public schools are ok.

    Oh, one more thing, even though I am OTV and a Class V auditor and Level E BC trained, I have spend most of the 25 years in Scientology with non-Scientologist, family, friends and employees. I enjoy being with them. I pick responsible and ethical people in my life that I have reality with. Doesn’t matter if they are Scientologist or not. I don’t push Scientology on my children, but I do teach them this one point on who to surround themselves with.


  130. Jim – love it! very funny

  131. Theo
    “Don’t hold onto that charge”
    He was probably talking about credit cards 🙂

  132. It gets special at 5:02 in.

  133. Haydn, I think you are spot on with this observation. A “church” that is lacking in compassion is lacking in love.

  134. Exactly Kane. Wog education is a waste of time. I quit school at age 15 and glad I did. At that time my IQ was 120. Then after getting into Scientology, my IQ went up to 140 and became a very successful businessman. Something that wogdom could never do. LRH stated a long time ago that he gave up on Universities. There is NOTHING like a Scientology education, simply because you can APPLY it to life. Wog schools give you next to nothing you can actually apply.

  135. Thanks for posting the essay Marty. Major blowdown 🙂

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