Annual Report

Created, written and posted by Just Me:


As you know, months ago I started keeping blog stats and offering observations about the social media phenomenon I saw your blog becoming. Yesterday, on the first anniversary of your first post, I sat down and recalled some of the events we’ve all shared here. This very special Fourth of July weekend, please take time to look back on this past year to appreciate and enjoy what you’ve accomplished. Here are some highlights of Year One of ‘Moving on Up a Little Higher.’

1 July – Following the publication of the St. Pete Times’ ‘Truth Rundown, Part One,’ Marty created his blog, ‘Moving on Up a Little Higher.’ He posted to it five times in July. A few people noticed and honored the blog with a total of 48 comments.

2 August – Marty got serious in August and put up 25 posts. The St. Pete Times published ‘Truth Rundown, Part Two.’ Comments that month were just shy of 600. It looked like his blog might have some legs.

3 September – In September Tom Cruise’s lawyer wrote a letter, and Marty wrote one back. Familiar names and faces began to arrive here. Total comments to the blog that month neared 1,000. Marty’s post entitled ‘Mike Rinder’ was the first post to earn 100+ comments.

4 October – Marty soldiered on. He posted Paul Haggis’s resignation letter. ‘Nightline’ did its own series on the St. Pete Times’ ‘Truth Rundown’ series. Site traffic spiked. That month four posts earned 100+ comments, and total comments that month doubled to almost 2,000.

5 November – In November ‘Truth Rundown, Part Three’ was published. More Scientologists declared their independence, and a single post on Marty’s blog finally earned 200+ comments.

6 December – Mike, Marty and Mosey went to London. A good time was had by all. Then they came home for Christmas, and just before New Year’s all hell broke loose. The blog was hacked and down for a week. Isn’t life exciting?

7 January – Marty got the blog back up, posting 31 times in January. Total visitor comments that month hit 3,280, an 86% increase from the previous monthly high. Two posts earned 200+ comments, and 14 others earned 100+. And these don’t even count the ones lost when the blog went down. For the first time, average comments/day exceeded 100.

8 February – The short Valentine’s month managed to generate even more comments. Two posts (one by Mike, one by Marty) earned 300+ comments, four earned 200+, and 10 earned 100+. More about life at Int was revealed, harassment was discussed, Independents were honored, and Mosey had a birthday.

9 March – March winds blew in with the Sunday New York Times front-page article about the Church’s crimes against families (with a link to the blog) and Christie’s ‘Today Show’ appearance. We discussed the Second Dynamic, and Marty declared he was no angel (although not in the same post). March blew out like a lion in the middle of the Anderson Cooper 360 week-long series.

10 April – April saw the Church’s escalating over-reactions to Independents’ calls for justice. Marty called for DM to ‘Free Heber.’ Mike and friends tried to visit his son at Flag. Haydn called for an end to DM’s dictatorship. In response, DM sent a gang to assault Mike in a parking lot. By month’s end, JB came home, followed by 20 little friends and assorted PIs. Down at the blog, monthly comments rose 43% to another all-time high of 4,500. Mike’s April post detailing the parking lot encounter is still the all-time high-response post with nearly 800 comments.

11 May – In May the blog declared the church dead, called for IAS’s dissolution, described the Freewinds below-decks gulag, and cheered for a new long life for Scientology. Friends now gone were mourned and honored. Marty posted his first video briefing. JB teased his PIs. We learned that DM ridiculed Tom Cruise’s confidences by reading his session worksheets to cronies while drinking scotch. Again, site traffic soared. Four blog posts earned 300+ comments, ten earned 200+ and twelve earned 100+. Total comments in May totaled 5,900, up 30% over April.

12 June – Last month saw posts about children, family, community and reverse scientology. Tiziano and Jamie played games in the Hollywood Hills. Mosey blew off OSA-bots, and Marty loved his pride and joy. Rap and cowboy music rang in idle and idol orgs, while new independents showed up and said, ‘Boo!’ JB and Marty went a’traveling out West. Then Karen, Heber’s ex, came out and ended Year One with a ‘Hell, no!’ bang. Total comments in June were again highest ever at over 6,500.

Marty, in one year you have shouted out to thousands and heard many of them shout back. You, Mike and your friends have written and published 288 blog posts, elicited over 33,000 comments and invited 1.6 million site visits. You’ve attracted many lurkers—frightened, curious, critics, anons, bashers and probably DM, too. This is no longer a blog—as they say on the Web, with these metrics you’ve created an internet media outlet.

But much more importantly, this blog is a community we all built, we souls who are finding each other again, rekindling younger dreams, listening to each other, learning tolerance and respect, finding our respective paths. No one can predict exactly what will happen next, but I am betting it will be restorative and fascinating and fun. Thank you for this wonderful game!

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    Hey Marty you don’t need to thanks us .. we THANK YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE and for make possible that the truth be known… this first years is only the beginning… we will continue cuz that is what LRH would do..

  2. great win , gives everyone in this game case gain due to the snow ball effect. also from the postulates that we play for the greatest good, we can only win due to power verse suppression.
    love the game keep on rocking.

  3. Watching Eyes

    Fantastic post. Just think, in one year to go from 48 comments/month to over 65oo. Wow!

    note to dwarf: Ya think it’s affluence?

  4. crashingupwards

    Just Me, thanks for the recap. I swear some of those events from months ago seemed like just days ago. That was one fast year.

    I couldnt agree more, this IS a media outlet. Staffed by some of the brightest and and most sentient beings that have come together since Scientology’s golden age.

    Its an absolute priveledge to be posting here.

    Thanks Marty, Mosey, Mike, and all the regulars. Your terriffic. Commodores Staff-Internet.

  5. Hear, hear! Congrats Marty for the anniversary of our new site – I say “our” because I feel like it is my new family and like Karen says friendship runs thicker than blood (or something like that ha,ha). I wish I could make it to the BBQ though!

  6. Thanks for this Just Me.
    Marty is upstat so nobody can touch him!
    Bam! Boom! Bing! Bong! Bang!
    Those are fireworks going off in DM’s tiny head.

  7. Happy first Birthday to Moving On Up A Little Higher!

    Thank you, Marty, Mike, Mosey, all contributors, everyone who comments, and the lurkers adding their voices on the hits-o-meter.

    Thanks for the intervention.

    Thanks for kick starting the rehab.

    Thanks for providing the safe place to land when the genie came out of the bottle and the onion started to peel for real!

    Thanks for facilitating the growth of this organic community.

    I came here because it was safe for me to be in the place and space I was, then. I continue to come because I have shared here and have grown and changed here, and continue so.

    And ‘cuz I loves ya all like family, “warts” and all.


  8. When I said “warts”, of course you know I meant “the non-angels” that we all are 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. becomingAware

    That’s a helluva stat for Marty and all those that have made this our daily source of news, theta, guidance, meeting place and a zone to be in.

    Just Me – It was written with love.

    Thank you all for being you and being here.


  10. ΘTater/Gary

    HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary, Marty! What a trip it’s been!

    Oh yeah, by the way, Marty, Mosey, Mike, Karen, Heber (I know you’ll get this soon) and so many others here that I’ve read and blogged with —

    I’ve Pulled The Trigger!!!

    Yep, that’s right… I’ve gone and done it.

    My Name is Gary Lerner, Original OT7, OT8, KTL, PDC

    I am Declaring MY Independence as a Scientologist.

    I will not support any regime that has ANYTHING to do with David Miscavage as he is in my opinion a CRIMINAL for taking my Church and it’s Tech away from everyone. He has altered and abused many many many parishioners and org staff and SO staff.

    I’ve been in Scientology since 1978. I have seen hundreds of beings become free and kind and loving. When I got in I took and OCA test and went right onto the Comm Course at the Santa Barbara Org. I loved it and I never looked back.

    I’ve learned so much about life and livingness. Friendships. Caring for one another.

    Soooo many wins that I gave up counting decades ago!

    A lot of people both staff and public have helped me stay the course and guess what? I was just the most natural thing for me to do. From DAY ONE, I’ve always felt good about what I was doing and promoting to my friends and others.

    UNTIL… BRAIN-DEAD DM decided that HIS brand of tech was what everyone should use!! WHAT F_ _ _ING COJONES!!!

    The “Blind Leading The Blind”!!!??? Total arbitrary horseshit! That day that I saw this on paper I decided that was it for me. I didn’t have an executive’s viewpoint with data I could point to and drum it out of existence. Just my knowingness that this was coming from a squirrel.

    When I was told about this blog I was finally given proof. Not just my feelings but PROOF about all of the CRAP that David Miscavage has unleashed on this planet. I won’t tirade over all of it now. BUT little Squirrel needs to know that I have “spotted” you and you really really have no concept about what a pissed off OT can do for you. You’ve fucked with my Bridge and Whole Track and you are gonna pay dearly for that MASSIVE OVERT!

    All of the beings that have left, your spiritual prison, physically/emotionally/and will soon, get revenge and justice.

    I Read. I Looked. I Listened to LRH. Books and tapes. Courses on communicating, auditing, understanding Matter, Energy, Space and Time as it applies to Theta.

    I GOT IT!! DM, YOU DIDN”T!!!

    To everyone here: Marty and this band of merry Thetans, I AM WITH YOU!!

    I am now an Independent Scientologist!

    Love to All for giving me the space and freedom to JUMP! Woooooo Hoooooo !!!

    ΘTater/GaryL, Le, Ler, Lern, Lerne, Lerner

    (Just had to rip off the kimono 🙂 )

  11. Marty, congratulations on your stunning achievements after just one year in operation. Awesome, ground-breaking progress.

  12. Amazing and Very Well Done!!!
    Thank you for letting me be a part of your game.
    ~You Rock~

  13. Freedom Fighter

    Viva la resistance!!

  14. Just Me wow great work! It is true this blog which Marty created has contributed to so much.

    Marty, Mike, Mosey, Christie, JB, all of you well done and what a wonderful community. Everyday gets brighter and brighter. I am so proud to call you all my friends. Happy 4th to you all!

    Life is truly worth living and to know what a true group is like is awesome. thanks to you all.

  15. martyrathbun09

    Gary: Welcome and congratulations. Glad you had your Superman suit on beneath the kimono.

  16. Thanks Marty. You’re for real.

  17. Your st. pete’s interview and then your website changed everything and is continuing to change everything. It’s so huge what you’ve accomplished.

    Because of you it’s a much different landscape.

    I can’t wait for what’s next.

    Thank you so much.

  18. Concerned Citizen

    But much more importantly, this blog is a community we all built, we souls who are finding each other again, rekindling younger dreams, listening to each other, learning tolerance and respect, finding our respective paths. No one can predict exactly what will happen next, but I am betting it will be restorative and fascinating and fun. Thank you for this wonderful game!”

    I’ll Cheer for that, I have been a bit busy with some fireworks going off lately, but I knew this was the aniversary and I could not miss this post.

    Will catch up and return to the community as soon as the firewooks and the firemen have gone.

    In the mean time Congratulations and thank you are in order and I say, 3 cheers for Marty, Mosey, Mike, SteveH, Dan K, Old auditor, Burke, Geir Isene, etc. All posters and blog cretors who have created a space where men (and women, specially those involved with the Church) can walk free!

    For Just me,

    This is fantastic, it is nothing like the inflated, bogus Int Events “straight up and vertical” BS
    This are verifiable data, specific stats that prove our real and genuine stright up and vertical. I’m glad you are watching and keeping count. So for you:
    For he/she is a jolly good fellow…

  19. Watching Eyes

    What a fitting weekend to come out. Happy Indendence Gary!!

  20. Watching Eyes

    Oops, I mispelled Independence.

  21. Gary, I have to say I loved your “gradient” approach! Well done. Welcome and congratulations. : )

  22. Wow, and what an incredible year it has been.

    Marty, thank you so much for having the courage and self-determinism to create this online community. By doing so, you have brought together an incredible force of beings, now able to safely and openly communicate Vital Information without fear of reprisal or oppression.

    I don’t have words to express my appreciation. Thank you so much.

  23. WOW. Thank you, Just Me! What a great ride through time and rehab.

    Ya can’t argue with a fact:)

    I’m so very profoundly and jubilantly grateful for us all.

    Marty, you walk the walk.

  24. Yay Gary!! WELCOME!!

  25. Freetothink

    Gary, it’s such a pleasure to “see” you jump.

    I’m smiling from ear to ear!

    The funn as just begun!


  26. Test. Sorry I just lost three responses, they were my best comments ever haha.

    I said welcome Gary, in a long winded sort of way.

  27. Dear Marty-

    How does one begin to summarize the last year?

    I came out October 12th. You gave me a safe space that was completely my own so I could make a statement. I had no idea the impact it would have. I just knew it had to be done and I knew too that you were for real, like I was. I knew that I could trust you, that you knew who I was! There was ARC and duplication like I had not experienced in many years!

    I had no idea the relief and freedom my declaration and public stance would mean to me or to others; I had no idea I would move on to meet the love of my life and make the most amazing friendships. That I would meet again many loved old friends and make amazing new ones. That my family would grow stronger and even better, and that I would feel so much joy and rehabilitation, on a daily basis!

    I jumped and you were there with a parachute, should I need it. I have experienced support and love like never experienced in the last 26 years of being involved in the official “church”.

    I give thanks for these blessings every day. They are my treasures.

    And I revel in the fact that these wins and joys are experienced by many more, every day. I am so grateful for that! That is my “pay for living”.

    Salud, Cheers, Santé! Here is to another year, extraordinary and incrementally magnificent!

    Much love always,
    Mary Jo

  28. Freetothink

    What an amazing year!

    Just me, thanks for bringing it into perspective.

    BIG standing ovation & cheers for Marty & all that are reading this Blog.


  29. Ne Obliviscaris

    Congratulations and Happy (Blog) Birthday Marty!

    From the 1969 Steppenwolf album: “At Your Birthday Party”


    “Your eyes are moist, you scream and shout
    As though you were a man possessed
    From deep inside comes rushing forth
    All the anguish you suppressed
    Up on your wall hangs your degree
    Your parents craved so much for you
    And though you’re trained to make your mark
    You still don’t quite know what to do

    It’s never too late to start all over again
    To love the people you caused the pain
    And help them learn your name
    Oh, no, not too late
    It’s never too late to start all over again

    Well, it’s much to late to start again
    To try and find a little bliss
    So on your woman and your child
    You release your bitterness
    You drift apart some more each day
    You feel the guilt and loneliness
    And the God of your childhood you can’t find
    To save you from your emptiness

    It’s never too late to start all over again
    To love the people you caused the pain
    And help them learn your name
    Oh, no, not too late
    It’s never too late to start all over again

    You say you’ve only got one life to live
    And when your dead your gone
    Your family comes to your grave
    And with tears in their eyes
    They tell you, you did something wrong
    “You left us alone”

    Tell me who’s to say after all is done
    And you’re finally gone, you won’t be back again
    You can find a way to change today
    You don’t have to wait ’til then”

    Repeat Chorus


  30. Maxim:

    Thank you, thank you!

    Nina rocks my soul. Listened to her today on the Ipod. Nicky (16), Fritz (3 ), our Schipperke dogs, and Elmo the gray cat (4) know her tunes as “baby music”. It’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. They all lay together, side by side and enjoy the ” concert”.

    Most Important:

    I am reminded of Amanda Ambrose playing on an upright piano at the rocking mission in Cincinnati circa 1976-7.

    The song:

    “If you’re tired of getting walked on- Get off the floor.”

    Said it all!



  31. Oh hell yeah Gary!

  32. CONGRATULATIONS Marty and crew!

    Thanks for the recap Just Me!

    Glad to be here where TRUTH is REVEALED daily from so many to so many.

    You are all so OT.

    Love You!

  33. Just Me – Thank you so much for this recap. What an amazing year! And we are just getting started. 🙂

  34. Gary. Happy Independence!

    OTater’s Greater

  35. EOS


  36. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Thank you very very much. You have been a true anchor point for Scientology and LRH’s Tech.

    I know that without you at this point in time, this battle for the Truth would not have resulted in finding it so soon.

    As for my “Superman” suit beneath my “Kimono” I was “prodded” by Just Me. 😉

  37. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    W/E, Thank you!!

    Don’t think for a moment that I would forget ALL of your help. You have been pivotal to my freedom and survival. You know what I mean.


  38. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hi Carol,

    All things in moderation, huh? Oh Hell NO! I just looked and leapt!

    Mucho Thanks,

    ΘT/GL (getting finger cramps LOLOL)

  39. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Yay! For all of us and thank you very much.


  40. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Marie-Joe, Going airborne with no parachute needed! 🙂

    Thanks Mucho and looking forward to “see” everyone jump,

    ΘTater/G (crampin’ up – 🙂 )

  41. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    It’s not the typos, it’s the heart 🙂 Your writing and wit is a joy!

    Thank you Victoria,


  42. Another Layer

    Just Me,

    I love what you have done! Thanks so much for compiling TRUE–and readable–stats! (As opposed to the wacky ones that DM flashes by on a big screen too fast to nail ’em down.)

  43. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    It’s been a real “Magic Carpet Ride”, huh? Great lyrics and truth.


  44. Just Me, Nicely done. I don’t know how you might factor it in but there are many many more people reading the site that don’t post. This really make the statistics you site much greater by some factor. I know many people personally that are regular readers but have never posted. Many times the comments express what we have also thought or felt on a topic so posting would have been redundant. Add those in and the figures really soar.

    Thanks Just Me and VWD Marty.

  45. Congrats Gary, timing is perfect!

    Happy Anniversary Marty and Mosey, been an awesome year with you and all the players here. Moving On Up with you, all the way.

  46. Thanks so much Just Me.

  47. You good folks:

    Thank you for giving me my religion back. Thank you for helping to get my integrity back. Thank you for restoring my perspective.
    Thank you for reminding me of duty and honor on eight dynamics.

    I could go on.

    Thank you. I mean it.

    Happy Anniversary!

  48. WELCOME Gary L to the most theta group!
    Thank you Marty and Mosey for creating a safe place for all to unite.

    Thanks to Mike, Christie, Lucy and Hyden for being stable terminals for our Independents group.
    2010 will be another powerful and amazing year for all of us.

  49. Remember that line about getting off the floor. Yes, Amanda and Nina are/were powerhouse singers…. enough to deliver you to god’s front door.

  50. You’re just damn good people!

  51. WomanSetFree

    You are all sssooooooo VERY awesome!!!

    And as Just Me has shown so adeptly the stats prove it 😉

    I want to echo & be redundant and say a great big Thank YOU to Marty&Mosey, Mike&Christie, Steve, Jefferson, Jim, Hayden&Lucy, Carol, and absolutely everyone else who posts, lurks, leaps, learns, and blows charge, ‘Cause baby there’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’on.

    LOVE to all ya all, blessings and favor on you. The God I serve is especially fond of each and every one of you; personally & especially fond of you, just as you are.

  52. Freewalker

    Dear Marty, thank you so much for your work!
    ML, David F

  53. Congratulations, Gary! Doesn’t it just feel fabulous to actually come OUT ?? I know for me, finally saying “Magoo Left The Building” and saying who I was, ended up being extremely freeing. I’m sure you’re feeling the same, and I congratulate you for doing so!

    I’ve said for years: IF every person who knows DM is FOS stood up and said, “I’m___and I refuse to pretend these abuses are a good thing”… the abuses would be O V E R.

    Each person who takes a stand makes it that much easier for more people to cross the road, and get free.

    My congratulations to you, and also to Marty and Mike for your 1 year Anniversary. (In a few weeks, July 19th, will be my 10 year Anniversary!) Wooof! Great job, Gary 🙂

    My best to all, Tory/Magoo

  54. Thanks for everything Marty and thanks for the stats Just Me.
    And to DMand his bots..

    If ye can’na see and know the truth
    When it’s plain before yer eyes.
    Then there’s nothin’ I can say or do,
    To persuade ye otherwise.

  55. Joe Howard

    freaking, freaking, freaking fantastic all the way around!!!

  56. Ann,

    We have no way of knowing how many people read the blog (but that’s what makes it fun!). The web server does keep stats of “hits” which is the number of direct requests from browsers to access the page, but that’s by no means the full picture.

    The fun part (and this is how the web works) is that there are now copies of the page scattered over the world, many people reading the front page are not seeing it direct from Marty’s master site, they are seeing those local copies (and it never shows up as hits).

    What’s even better is when folk copy an entire article and stick it on their own blogs because it’s interesting or important or relevant- there’s no way to count those stats so we don’t know. Some tools out there do give a number but that’s just an educated guess as opposed to my guesses (which I suck out of my thumb).

    This must drive CofM up the wall into ballistic territory. All that stuff out there that they can’t control or stick copyright lawsuits on!!!!

    I also think it would make LRH very happy and make him smile a huge broad one. Remember the stories of DMSMH being released in 1950? How so many copies were bought then passed around, copied, passed around some more and suddenly little groups showed up everywhere?

    The web works exactly the same way with exactly the same way. It’s just a LOT faster.


  57. Without this Blog much less people had known it was safe to blow and had known they had friends on the outside.


  58. Hey Gary,

    This is a nice 4th of July surprise! I know you’ve been here a while, but welcome as Gary Lerner.

    Gary Lerner, gee . . . I think I know you! Were you around in Clearwater in the mid 80’s / early 90’s?

    Anyhow, happy independence!


  59. Thanks so much for this, Just Me! Real stats make the celebration that much better.

    Thank you, Marty, for breaking things wide open. And for creating a community where we all can feel safe sharing, communicating and experiencing together. We will prevail, true Scientology will live and flourish here in this group, DM’s suppressive reign will meet its end, and the people he’s enslaved will be free.

  60. What an amazing Independence Day to celebrate! Thanks to all who contribute to this motion.

    Marty and Mike have set an example of insouciant courage for all to follow.

    Gretchen and I decided to go public when Marty wrote Stepping Out of Line on February 22, 2010.

    Even though I had been blogging about life outside the church for many months, our lives really opened up once we both went public.

    We are getting reaches from old friends and I am auditing PCs once again. Life is good!

    Thanks to all who make up this community.

    Celebrate Independence!

  61. Glad you arte out.

    “Decision is a risk rooted in the courage of being free.”

    – Paul Tillich

  62. Hi Gary,
    Loved your Independence announcement. Wow! I also love it that you are an original OT VII. As an original OT IV, having done OT VII EP, I always considered it an incomplete cycle to not have done OT V and OT VI. I would love to talk to you.

    I loved your statement “…and you really have no concept what a what a pissed-off OT can do for you.” AMEN!

    It is my honest opinion that he is starting to get a little bit of the picture of what a whole bunch of pissed-off OT’s can do for him!!!!!!! And I have a feeling, he ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    Congratulations on your courage and coming out into the open!

    Love ya,
    Lady Minn

  63. Isn’t this fun? It’s a party!

    Love the music. More music, everybody!

    Just Me

  64. Dear Marty, Mosey, Mike and all others,

    The stats are fantastic! For me, what they show is that there are so many of us, who thought we were sitting out there alone, and very unhappy about things, thinking that we were truly alone and isolated. You have given us a community and a place to go, virtual though it might be, and unified us in our support of LRH and his dreams for a new civilization. WE ARE THE NEW CIVILIZATION! We are the OT’s three feet back of Scientology’s head, and we will guide it back to where it was originally intended to go: to free all the beings of this universe.

    In the Sea Organization Contract of Employment, it states, (and I am looking at one now from many years ago): I, …………, … fully realize and agree to abide by its purpose which is TO GET ETHICS IN ON THIS PLANET AND THE UNIVERSE……… .”

    (Caps are part of the original text.)

    Who would have thought that we would have to get Ethics in on the organization that was supposed get Ethics in on this planet and the universe? But, it has become necessary to do this, and we, a bunch of unified OT’s on this blog, are the ones doing it. For me this is truly an ultimate responsibility, and Marty and the others have given us asafe apace in which we could do this. LRH took this responsibility for mankind, and we are the ones taking responsibility now. More and more spiritual beings are joining us, and there is a desperate need for the restoration of the LRH’s true technology, and that is why the stats are truly stellar. LRH created a true demand for his technology, and it is not being fulfilled by the current management. The stats to me are a reflection of all the communication that has been suppressed, as the stats are actual communications delivered! What was a few drops became a trickle, became a stream, became a river, and are now a torrent! And what is being washed away is all the pain, the sorrow, the hurt, the spiritual wounds we have all suffered due to the true technology being suppressed. So let’s enjoy our win, and have a great Independence Day!

    Love to all,
    Lady Minn

  65. Just me thank you for your report. It’s a wondeful clear summary of events.

  66. Virgil Samms

    Wow, what a ride! I am so glad to be here. Thanks for your incredible integrity Marty and for making us whole again. We appreciate you more than you know.

    See you in a few hours.

    ML Tom

  67. Virgil Samms

    So on the wayout here we stopped at a few orgs.
    First we stopped at Alberquerque org and as expected it is a little dinky org in a little dinky building with a stupid little sign. There were 5 cars in the parking lot at 7:30 PM. It is obviously a small and failing org.

    Dallas – just had to see this org. It is in a be-utiful building that has a golf course across the street, a park next door, a freeway on the north side and another office park building on the east side. 50 cars in the parking lot. We figured 10 of them belonged to public. This was at 7:00 PM Thursday.

    Baton Rouge Mission had 3 public on board. We saw them on course. They showed us the new HAS CO-AUDIT courseroom that was going to be for the new release on MV.

    The Biloxi MS mission closed. This pisses me off because I muscled that one open.

    That’s what I have so far.

    ML Tom

  68. Tony DePhillips

    Great job Gary!!

    We need more people like you on the team!!


  69. Hey Miscavige… You know that “straight up and vertical” you mentioned with your fingers crossed behind your back? Well, take a look at these stats, because that’s as close as it gets in the real world.

    While you’re at it, take a good look at Mr. Rathbun. He’s what we call a “Kha Khan”.

  70. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the grand tour Marty!

    I laughed, I cried, I fell in love…

    Look forward to more!!


  71. In addition to thanking Marty, Mike and Mosey, I would like to thank all of you who post here. You have given me a community…a fellowship…a place to BE.
    I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. The level of intelligence , insight, theta beingness on this site brings me to a place I had all but forgotten for so many years could exist. I’m a better me on a daily basis. Keep blowing that great wind of change and renewal. It’s being felt all around the world.
    Happy Independence Day everyone!
    And, to those of you who are fortunate enough to be celebrating together….please figure out which direction Colorado is from you and raise a toast to another Scientologist “found.”
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen


    Marty it seems that some one is after your blog and getting it hacked . This based on my personal experience , when I sent some comments under different name, it got deleted after few minutes.

    Any reason for that?

  73. Thought Provoking

    WOW, Gary, HELLO!

    Liked the gradient approach to coming out…ha, ha, ha.

    Independence Day certainly has new meaning!

    Wonderful to see you here from another who walked into Scientology and never looked back.


  74. Thought Provoking

    Just Me,

    Fantastic Job!

    This shows the real product of Truth and Courage and is one stat I’d love to see graphed at an Int event.

    Well done to all the freedom fighters for making this happen, especially to everyone who spoke out in the St. Pete Times, New York Times, CNN 360 and Scientology.cult. You were pivotal in the dissemination of truth.

  75. Thought Provoking

    That was beautiful Lady Minn! I too share those observations and sentiments and have always felt the same responsibility to LRHs tech.

    Thank you for expressing it so well.


  76. Geronimo!!! Hoo haa! Goodbye kimono 🙂

  77. Thought Provoking

    To all Freedom Fighters,

    For more than twenty years a vicious pall has been smothering the mighty church that once provided a sense of certainty, security and theta. Confused and dazed we seek out the light within, but there is little to be found. Instead we feel its destruction choking life and liberty. And one by one we escape into the fresh air where we can breathe again.

    Gradually a revolution begins. This pall must me lifted if Scientology is ever to survive.
    Others before tried to bring the truth to the forefront but were successively squashed, unheard by many. Now, we have evolved, (as we always do) and we are capable of sending our message to all of the world in an instant via the Internet. It power was a spark from an earlier age and it began to smolder just a year ago on this very blog.

    We have heard the TRUTH will set you free.

    I often marvel at how technology has evolved. Who knew that things such as the Internet, the I phone and the Blackberry would be our secret weapon against the corrupt forces inside the church. A man is as alive as he can communicate. And Boy, can we communicate! Rapidity of particle flow alone determines power. Truth on an open communication line spreading fast like a wildfire. Truth that can shake stable data, yet heal at the same time is just a tweet away. Now that is POWER!

    In truth there is theta, capable of as-isness. In truth there is love. There is connectedness. Scientology is still alive because we keep it so! It is this recognition that has brought us here together, one by one.

    As the fires of freedom burn brightly, we rejoice at connecting up with old friends and celebrating the new ones. Our lives are expanding once again.

    I will never forget those brave souls who swam against the current by speaking out loudly and publicly so that others could listen. For giving us the opportunity to return LRH’s legacy to its rightful place in the shining sun as the founder of Scientology.

    Because of the tech, I know ME, I know personally the magical qualities of theta. My understanding of people and the universe are no longer confusing secrets. Life is a game and I finally know how to play it.

    Even As I walked away from the darkness of the church several years ago, I kept all of that knowledge. It will never go away. But, outside in the fresh air, I met you, my fellow FREEDOM FIGHTERS, whom I proudly stand next to, helping to spread the truth till it catches every current of air and is heard round the world. Scientology is ALIVE and anyone who cares to, is free to use it.

    For together and individually, all of you have shown me that there still is light and wonder. There is a tremendous amount of THETA in this universe. LRH gave us this tech and only in its purest delivery can it continue to create the magic that I have experienced.

    Thank you all for standing up, for fighting for truth and freedom. And to LRH, the greatest freedom fighter of all, thank you for the tech and for giving me a worthwhile game to play.

    Love to you all. Have a wonderful Independence Day, the first of many to come! When I catch a glimpse of the brightness burning to the west of me, I’ll know you are there and will raise my pint of Guiness to you all. Victory is near, Viva la Scientology!

  78. martyrathbun09

    Thought Provoking, Karen, magnificent!

  79. martyrathbun09

    Big Buy or Guy – this is the first i’ve seen from you.

  80. martyrathbun09

    Welcome Marsha! Done!

  81. Marty I have posted some comments under the name of WISE GUY and got deleted from you blog with in few mintues.

  82. theo sismanides

    Just Me, Marty and everybody here… I am off to Mykonos for a few days combining work and holidays with the family but my mind and my heart is with you and Scientology. I am explaining to people daily what Scientology really was meant for. Auditing and Training as LRH intended it for this planet can happen now.At affordable prices. Thank you all!

  83. Cat Daddy, you’re very welcome. And I appreciate all that you do, too.

    That version of that song is perfect … thank you for putting that up here!

    Just Me

  84. Thanks for starting this forum Marty.

    Internet forums are based on forums that have existed for thousands of years, dating most prominently to Homer’s “The Odyssey”, the parts of that story when the son of the hero goes to the town square marketplace, requests a forum so the son could ask for advice on how to find out what happened to his father, Ulysses, who at that moment was nearing 20 years being gone off to the Trojan War and not returned, and no word that the father, Ulysses, was dead or alive.

    Forums are where people can go and seek advice and freely shared ideas.

    While I’m not a card carrying Scientologist, I think this forum is a huge positive in the direction Scientology HAS to go, if it is to survive in this world.

    The subject’s mistakes have to be discussed by the members and the movement evolved away from institutionalized abuses.

    Internal official Scientology is averse to publicly self correct.

    The strength of your forum is your flow of fresh accurate info.

    You and the others who post here the most intelligent comments, draw out the best most accurate info of ongoing Scientology history.


  85. Doc "Smith"

    Freewalker, great song. “Finally the tables are starting to turn.” All beings of good will will heave a sigh of relief when the travesty that the C of M is revealed and handled.

  86. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks, Gary.

    I love the message of redemption in that song.

    One could never accuse Marty, “You left us alone!”

    After leaving the SO, I had reached the point of thinking, “Better luck next time.”

    Then about 5 years ago, I heard this song again when my wife got me a “Best of” Steppenwolf CD for Christmas.

    The verse, “Tell me who’s to say after all is done
    And you’re finally gone, you won’t be back again
    You can find a way to change today
    You don’t have to wait ’til then” really hit home with me and I began looking for my true group again.

    I looked all around the net, talked to different “on-lines” terminals and others who were “off-lines” but not out – and could not find an answer that indicated.

    When I found Marty, I knew I had found a member of my true group – one who was not afraid to claim the redemption we all seek. One who was able to stop punishing himself for the “Other Determined” and “Perceived” overts committed for the specious, “Greatest Good”.

    Thank you for helping us get back together, Marty. Now I know why people say…

    I found it!


  87. Marta,

    Warts? What warts? I don’t have no stinkin’ warts!

  88. Jack Airey

    Just Me; thanks for this annual report. Very telling numbers.

    Very well done on going public Gary Lerner. Loved how you zoomed into this group dynamic. Because of your statements others will follow. Momentum is growing.

    I am so fortunate to be living in the Clearwater, FL area where the St. Pete Times comes to my door every Sunday. The abuse to SO members was well hidden to the FLAG public. The August 2009 edition of “Truth Rundown” opened my eyes and then I did two very important actions.
    1. Looked at all the video’s. Gary Moorehead and Marty’s video snaped me in to PT.
    2. I typed into Google one name. Marty Rathbun and my world changed for ever. One hell of an exilarating 11 month ride for me. I try to stay away from this blog because it eats up so much time.

    I confess, I have failed.

    “Moving Up a Little Higher” is now part of my morning coffee, lunch break, two or three peeks during the day when time allows and at night having a gin & tonic just before I start playing poker on line.

    I lost all my Scientology friends when I went public. That’s the bad news. The good news is I have made three times as many new friends and a new outlook on life. I now know the Bridge to Total freedome is possible on my income outside of the current criminal COS. All these wins because of this blog.

    Happy Anniversary Marty!!!!

    To all who read this blog I hope you have a great independence holiday. I know I will.

  89. Victoria,

    I have that same problem with fish.
    Every time I catch the biggest ever, it gets away.


    Welcome aboard. By the way, every time I see your signature I grab a bag of chips and put on more pounds. Reading this blog used to only take a couple of chips. Now it takes an entire bag. Maybe I’ll switch from chips to cucumbers. Or carrots. Nah, not carrots–I’d turn orange.


  90. Doc "Smith"

    Marty, on this anniversary of your blog, I want to thank you for puting it there. When I first heard of the atrocities at Int, and the alteration of the tech, that Gat was, and the squirrelling of OT8 and other things that Amy and Mat told me about, I knew I had to leave the church immediately and stop supporting it. I was in a huge loss. I had been on staff for years and then studying for more and all my goals were wrapped around being a field auditor, and all my friends were members. I was in a very big emotional curve. Getting on your site and finding this comm line with al the theta people here and finding out that there is life and tech outside of the church helped me immensely. My goals are still possible and are totally within my own control.
    THANK YOU!!!

  91. Thought Provoking–that was beautiful and a real key out.

    Just Me–thanks for that recap of the year. Fascinating and exciting.

    Gary–well done. Can’t wait to join you in my own coming out.

    Marcy–you rock. I’ll raise my glass to you tonite sista!

    And Marty, Mike and the rest of the gang–Feels like history being made here. What you’re doing is IMPORTANT.

    I’m sure there are many on a project prepare (like myself) who are handling family, friends, employees, etc so they can openly join the fight and bring as many others with them as possible. So the stats will continue to rise exponentially.

    Thank you all so very much for your bravery, intelligence and huge ARC.

    Y’all have a good one down there in Tejas…

  92. Excellent stats, Marty. Well done to you and everyone who helped!
    You are quite a group of remarkable beings.

    The third dynamic engrams which turned the CofS into a fixated GPM are being enormously destimulated by the truth which is flowing on your, and others comm lines.

    The truth WILL set us all free.

    Happy Independence Day

  93. Just Me,

    Really appreciate your effort here. I was wondering about the time line of all this. As stated before, thanks for the summation; time certainly passes quickly.

    Hope you’re having fun at the barbecue.

    As you well know, blessed are those who read Marty’s blog, for they will require a treadmill installed before the year is over. I think we need a business that installs treadmills equipped with internet access. Reading this blog is really time consuming.

    Maybe we can stop immigration to this site somehow. You know, keep the good stuff for only those who lucked out and came here first.

    Now for Marty:

    Damn you to hell, Marty! My waist line is growing commensurate with your stats! Why can’t you go do something boring? Jesus, it really, really, really ticks me off. I was having so much fun hating LRH and Scientology and now you’ve changed my goddamned mind! Asshole!

    Who wants a changed mind for God’s sake. I was very, very, very fond of my fixed ideas. They made my life worth living. Everything made sense. What could be more simple than A=A=A? And cheap. Now I’m spending money: I’ve gone out and bought books and tapes and have been having this preposterous thought that maybe we can actually change the planet.

    How inconvenient is that: making a better world? My life was so simple a year ago, watching television until I fell asleep until I had to get up to go to work. No worries. No responsibilities. Dumb as a concrete driveway. And just about as theta.

    Now, I’m making people happy. I’m happy. I’m expanding as a being and getting case gain. Why in the f couldn’t you have left well enough alone?

    I wish I had some really bad names to call you. Something commensurate to how you’ve changed my life. My life will never be the same again.


    Happy anniversary.

    Much love and ARC,


  94. Your humble servant

    Thanks for this fine summary, Just Me. This really is a great group, with lots of theta. The statistics really are amazing. Lots of good things are coming together.

    Something I have learned in the past couple of months is that the grade chart is not being delivered in the present, official, Church of Scientology. No doubt, some wins and gains are being had, but there is a lot of faking it going on too. Misapplication of tech, and suppression of doubts, problems, and ARC breaks on the part of preclears are preventing the actual end phenomena of the levels of the grade chart from being achieved. I had plenty of indications of this for a long time, but I was introverted about it and thought it must be me, not them.

    I well remember looking at a meter reads film in the org in the late 90’s and no matter how hard I studied the film, the “instant reads” on the film looked to me like the needle started to move before the end of words spoken (prior reads). I queried this but couldn’t resolve it. Someone said that there was a flap earlier because some higher tech terminals in Scientology were calling “latent reads” instant reads and were removed from post. I finally decided it must be o.k. and that my perceptions were probably off and I would resolve the question later.

    Then a few years ago a Class IX on tour gave me a C/S 53 assessment on the e-meter. He started the session by telling me “I am not auditing you,” a completely unnecessary additive, I thought. During the assessment, I could FEEL a long fall blowdown on an item on the list (my apologies to you readers that don’t know what all this stuff is about), but at the conclusion of the assessment the auditor indicated a completely different item which, while it might have had something on it, was obviously not the largest reading item. Was this because this Class IX had been trained to reject actual instant reads? I think so.

    And, as Mary Jo Leavitt reported, even if you “make it” to OT VII you will be crushed by tons of unnecessary sec checks that no one could afford except (as someone said) celebrities, entrepreneurs, and trust fund kids.

    As Marty said, DM has built a bridge to nowhere.

    So, I thank everyone on this blog for waking me up and letting me know my own perceptions really were valid. It is a great relief.

  95. martyrathbun09

    George, DM changed the final edit of the emeter drills film, solely to change the timing of the reads so that virtually all of them were prior.

  96. Marty, you are one HELLOFA 3rd Dianamic Auditor!!!!! In the last few months I have been taken to the depths of dispair, serious “sudden” moments and the heights of joy – often in the same day! No, I’m not skitso, I’m case gaining at a rapid rate, right along with our whole group. And what power has been given to every one of us! Thank you, Thank you Marty. My wish is that all this love comes right back to you.

  97. Hi All,

    As I read this blog and the horror stories of the folks that have ended up here, I finally understand the reason.

    I have never been much of a group person, not because I have some mental condition, but because most groups get perverted. A short stint in the Sea Org convinced me of that. You are always more important as Public then staff. I could be gone for two years from the Seattle Org, and when I would finally “grace the org with my presence” (just kidding) I was treated like a rock star, as the staff was treated like slaves.

    This blog shows there are many highly skilled and valuable individuals that are now out of Sea Org or the Church.

    In the CoS how does someone that doesn’t like your viewpoint get rid of you??

    Well you have signed a Billion Year Contract.


    1. Waiting for the contract to expire is a bit out of the question.

    2. Killing you, yes a viable solution but would create too many loose ends.

    So what is left??

    3, Making your situation so horrible you LEAVE…

    Yes very effective…

    I came to this site after a Google search on what happened to Heber… Very sad indeed. The retirement plan offered by the church seems a bit extreme.

    4. Finally if they can’t make it so horrible and they can’t stop you mouthing off, it’s the dreaded “SP DECLARATON”.

    In my whole life I think I only ran into one real SP… Lots of PTS… yes.. ha ha

    So people that have been in the ORG most of their lives, some working directly with Ron are now declared SP’s for just disagreeing!!

    After perusing this blog and a few others, observing the introduction of the “BASICS” and watching people refinancing their house’s to donate hundreds of thousands to the Ideal Org, I have to come to the conclusion that you all are correct. But this is not really a surprise to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I think getting the “BASICS” in the group is a good thing, many have to be reminded we are here to seek the truth. I bought a new copy of “The Book of Basics” and one of my favorite chapters was removed. Chapter 3 “Consideration and Mechanics” it is very enlightening and it really bothered me that it was left out. As for the Ideal Org, it seemed that an income from services is required. But I guess donations from the parishioners is a viable way to have a nice big church. I hope all can keep their jobs. But declaring them SP’s like Tony DePhillips (which is ridiculous) is a bit like eating your young.

    Now as I read these stories and reports I find most are not exterior enough to truly disconnect. But having a L-11 and L-12, I can pretty much sit on top of the mountain and watch. Hmm Maybe I need L-10. ha ha

    So what is the end plan??? Moaning and groaning is obviously not the solution.

    You have no power. The potential group is too widely dispersed. The planet still needs to be clear. hmm quite a problem. Hmm the internet may hold the solution. How to organize on line? How to audit on line? How to train on line? How do you support yourselves??

    A new group.. a ground roots group… working together focused on moving each other up and across the bridge. Making new friends that see that you have changed. Bringing them on board.

    There are folks here much more skilled that me. But remember an ethical powerful individual is the goal. That is the building block for the rest of the dynamics. Without that, you see what happens.

    I suppose reading and responding here will make any future auditing with the church a bit touchy. But then I do have the ability to agree or disagree freely.

    What I want is a good L-10 … cheap.. ha ha


  98. Your humble servant

    Thanks, Marty! DM’s a monster.

  99. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Oh Hell Yee HAAA!!

    ΘTater :O


    Warts and all


    The whole thing; not concealing the less attractive parts.


    This phrase is said to derive from Oliver Cromwell’s instructions to the painter Sir Peter Lely, when commissioning a portrait.

  101. Mark Fisher


    I know you are being humble, but you were one of the first that I read out there, years ago. You stuck your neck out using your real name, not an alias. So thanks to you too. I reconnected with many old Sea Org and Scientology friends thru your postings over the years.

    Where Marty’s blog has taken things in the last year is nothing short of phenominal. It was hard to envision this much change in only one year.

    So mucho kudos to Marty on this anniversary!! Looking forward to see the changes coming in the next year.

  102. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    You BeCause is it!! Happy Independence Days

    Thank you for beingcause here!


  103. Your humble servant

    Jetero, you are right. Real SPs are somewhat rare, but then you may have missed a few because they don’t always show their colors. A real SP is so nuts that his or her basic intention that he or she is dramatizing is to harm and destroy. (See C/S series 22). People like Pol Pot, Stalin, Idi Amin, and our own DM fit the bill. They often don’t really show their colors until they consolidate a position of power.

  104. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    TEG —- Time for another window to our future.

    May your sessions always be Floating T/A’s


  105. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Kirsi, Timing is the thread to our road to everything 🙂

    Thank you very much,


  106. Richard Reed



    You sure have made a nice place for people to go to – where EVERYONE can read the TRUTH about this unfortunate story. Thank YOU for making this possible. *I know, from surfing the net that that there are many disseminations of your posts that get read in places other than MOALH and I’ve noticed more and more sites are linking over to yours. This can only get better. ‘Keep up the good fight. I think LRH would be proud of your efforts for; LRH, most probably with a smile on his face, would relate to how you are getting your message out there, one person at a time.


    ‘Have a Great Independence Day; I’ll be foisting a cold one in your honor!
    ~Richard Reed
    Ramona, California

  107. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    WOoOf, WooooF! You are so right. If we had everyone together in a huge stadium and told them what the F_ _ K has been going on, I have NO DOUBT that DM would be toast on the spot!

    You’re congrats are very much appreciated, Tory.

    Thank you,


  108. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hey T41!

    It’s GREAT to be here all exposed and stuff! LOLOL

    Yep I was in Clearwater during those times 🙂

    Whom may you BE? Did we meet at some point?

    I’d love to catch up!


  109. Yes this definitely feels like the Golden Age of Scientology. Everybody talking about anything. Grade 0 going in, in the field!

  110. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank you, Cat Daddy! Glad you are here too!

    Very well stated –> “Decision is a risk rooted in the courage of being free.”


  111. Aw come on give the guy a break. He’s just some guy who weazeled his way into absolute power and got absolutely corrupted by it!

  112. The above was for Idle Org! You guys are posting so fast my comment got lost in the undertow! Got to get the replys stat up!

  113. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hi Lady Minn,

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your postings here and your OT viewpoints. 😉

    Original OTVII is something that you WILL get to experience when it gets put back on the Bridge after YouKnowWhatManiac gets ousted. BUT remember, you have achieved more than most and I believe that the others will get the same results; No BS, just the Truth applied.

    I would also love to talk with you, please ask Martyb for my email addy.

    Love back at ya,


  114. There are many solar collectors in Southern Texas.

    But there is only one big THETA COLLECTOR like your site in TX.

    Let me thank you profoundly for what you are providing … for what you are enduring thanks to the OSA/IAS-syndicate … and I want to thank you also in the name of all those beings who benefit from your activities, but who just don’t get on a keyboard to acknowledge you ( you’ll know what I mean ).

    All the best,

    Han Solo

  115. Nice post Michael
    It just goes to show you that the truth comes in by the water carrier in all sorts of situations!

  116. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Being here with you, Tony and Marty and Mosey, Mike, Karen and soon to be sooooo many other Great Thetans (that means each and everyone here) has been a PURE JOY!

    Soon, it will take an hour just to scroll down to the bottom of this marvelous blog! Oh Ya!!

    Mucho ARC,


  117. Congratulations Marty!

    I’m no Scientologist, but I applaud your accomplishments.

    But while you’re reviewing your stats, don’t you have to ask yourself, “But how many empty buildings do I have?”


  118. Felicitas Foster


    What a good timing and I bet yopu now feel finally really free. Welcome home in the theta universe.

    I see you survived the strip of the PTSness towards the church perfectly. 🙂


  119. LOL
    Sorry to hear that “Once”

  120. And we should not forget those who didn’t have the benefit of the internet and were just forgotten! I remember Mary Maren a Class 8 auditor who was doing a no no and was busted for it and left. She was applying Ethic Tech in the field! One just didn’t do that! And all the Mission holders that were knocked off by DM the Finance Policeman and left. So many old friends just melted away. And DMbot me just said to myself they’re declared SPs so they must be!

  121. Happy Anniversary to Marty!

    What a wonderful recap, Just Me. Thank you.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKEND!

    Amy & Mat

  122. Congratulations Gary Lerner,

    Thank you for the public announcement. Very well done.

    Isn’t in good for psyche to be free of all of that ?’

    The enforcement, the suppression…..welcome and a big hug.


  123. Mark,

    Well spoken. Marty’s blog is nothing less than a phenemona which has taken on a life of his own.

    Congratulations on one year birthday of the blog……

    Looking forward to seeing how this meteoric rise in stats will continue…

  124. DFB aka Dfb99

    Marty, when I was at Flag on the metering course the effect of this was a lot of confusion in students and verbal tech from sups. I had sups demonstrating to me with a pencil “where” the instant read was. The pencil is the major thought and the eraser is the instant read. This was backed up by pink sheets having you “clear up” in thick dictionaries words like “end”, and some study of phonetic BS. Even on a Flag full time schedule (being all the hours the courseroom is open) students were taking months to get through the course. I was sent to Qual, qual sent me to ethics without even talking to me, ethics sent me to qual. Finally I was sent to rot on the ethics waiting room and I started going up qual library and studying things of my own interest.
    Then I just went back on course. It was a bizarre time period.

    I asked the Dof T some disrelated question and he went into a 1.5 speech about how the people running things before him were all SP’s but they are declared now and tech is finally back on track.

  125. Congratulations Marcy !
    Good girl.
    Very well done !

  126. WindWalker

    A small offering to all those who aspire to Independence, and to all who seek freedom.


    Wake the mighty God within.
    Rouse the sleeping Giant.
    Raze the keep that holds you fast,
    and from its ashes rise!

    Throw off those weighty shackles.
    Walk proudly through the land.
    And always,
    Whatever else,
    Keep the God alive!


  127. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    HELLO and then SOME 🙂

    Well you know it’s all about slowly peeling back the kimono to tease. BUT it’s really more fun to just drop it and “streak” shouting “Woo Hoo,I’m FREE!!!”


    Never Ever Look Back! (Well unless you’re in session of course 🙂 )

    So let me ask you some umm “Thought Provoking”….

    “Time slows down as you approach the speed of light and time files when you’re having fun. So, if you walk slower, do you have more fun or just get more light?”


  128. Great you celebrate your Independance, hope you find and refind a lot of friends.

  129. “The Book of Basics” and one of my favorite chapters was removed. Chapter 3 “Consideration and Mechanics”

    I wonder what didn’t sat well with DM about that chapter.

  130. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Oh Yeah, Marta!

    I was “in-kimono-cado” and just let it fly, baby!

    ;), Gary

  131. Aeolus, allow me to continue re Marty:

    … and a competent leader! Accomplished auditors give the best leaders – q.e.d.

    Congratulations!! And thank YOU, Marty, Mosey, Mike and all!

    My very best, Fidelio

  132. Happy Anniversary!

  133. One of my favourite tunes and I feel it represents where the heart of the Independants lie.

  134. Yes, thank you all very, very much. I have gotten more case gain from this blog than anything else on the internet.

  135. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Home is where theta lives. And thank you for holding the door open and letting me in 🙂

    I don’t need no stinkin’ PTS!! 🙂 🙂

    Greatly enjoying,


  136. rory medford

    Hey Marty

    you r david and david m. is goliath

    Goliath has met his match

    keep up the good work

    truth is being revealed one day at a time

  137. Thanks, CD, for clearing the phrase. I doubt that Once was being anything but flip right back – no stinkin’ warts, indeed.

    When re-reading after posting it I had to chuckle when it occurred to me that were I reading it from someone else I would have replied:

    “Warts? Hey, I resemble that remark!”

    That’s family for ya!

  138. Doc,

    “I was in a huge loss.”

    I know what that feels like. I was trying to compose a post of my own and didn’t get the words right. Then I read yours and it duplicates my feelings almost exactly. So let me just say,

    what Doc said, times two.

    Thanks for saying what I couldn’t find the words for.


  139. froghopper

    Thanks for the annual report marthy very very good.

  140. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank You! You being here was a very big reason for my announcement. You are #1 Karen!!

    I know that you must have hundreds if not thousands of connections to this theta universe but I DO want to thank you for being a very special being that will help LRH’s Tech to come back to us in full force!

    This place IS good for the “soul” :)!

    Every day here is a wonderous trip through Theta-Land and we’ve all got an E-Ticket!

    Hug and Smooches,

    Love, Gary (needle a-floatin’)

  141. Michael,

    Dude, you crack me up 🙂

    You made me laugh you asshole 🙂

  142. Doc,

    I can speak to the fact that there are people needing auditing after receiving a first class invalidation by the church.

    Get yourself a C/S to work with and you could be busier than you might imagine.

    Church PCs have not had a safe terminal in years so they will make case gain if you just talk to them and be a terminal for them.

    I and several others are working on technology that permits standard metered auditing over enormous distances. As one practitioner wrote, “We have now conquered space and time!”

    If you receive the kind of standard auditing which is available from an Indie Practitioner and you don’t have to travel miles to put your body in a chair and pick up the cans, you will see the door opening to a real surge in auditing hours delivered outside church walls.

    Write me if I can be of help in getting your practice started. There are many others who will be happy to see another independent scientology practitioner. There are more PCs coming along than we can handle.

  143. Hi Gandiguy,
    Just thought I would let you know that Mary (an LRH trained Class VIII) is alive and well and still applying the ethics program in the independent field. As a matter of fact, she and another LRH trained Class VIII are sharing the 4th with us in the beeeeutiful pacific northwest.

    All is well.

  144. Chuck and Mark,

    That was fascinating about forums. There have been a lot of people out there, some for a long time, sticking their necks out or just getting on with life. But in the back of their minds, an idea lingered.

    We’ve come back.

    Some reluctantly.

    But back because we have a job to do. We had a profound experience, which in the face of so much abuse and betrayal and madness may make little or no sense to us personally or to others.

    Why are we drawn here? To the magic and the myth? To the friendship? Because there is something more important than our selves? More important than this life time? Or for a cycle left incomplete?

    We’ve come back.

    Against all reason.

    And will do so again.

    And again.

    Until the job is done.

    We will change the way things are. Change the way things will be. Change the course of history. Not necessarily because any of this is explicable or makes sense to us now. But because we must. Because we can. Because we care.

    We didn’t quit. A thetan never quits. Even when the human aspect of us cries out, “Stop this! Now! I’m tired of the madness. I’m tired of all the bull shit and lies. I just want to get on with my life.” And we chide ourselves for wasting time here when so many other tasks in life demand our time and resources.

    But, we are thetans. And we never give up. We never quit. The body be damned. This lifetime be damned. Reason be damned.

    Deep down we know.

    Though I do not consider myself to be a Scientologist. And least some consider this a fanatical rant. Deep down, I feel what must be done. Deep down, I know there is a job to do.

    And, despite all the reasons why not, I will.

    And so will we all.

    All in our own humble or not so humble fashion.


  145. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Theta group – Ain’t it the TRUTH! Thank you for the welcome and your presence.

    There ARE so many good folks here!!!

    Marty, you are one UPSTAT lucky Texan! Well Done, Sir!


  146. one of those who see

    Hi Marty,

    HAPPY ANIVERSARY! So appropriate that it is near America’s Independence Day.
    From “Safeguarding Technology” HCO PL 14 Feb. 1965
    “…Man is caught in a huge and complex labyrinth. T0 get out of it requires that he follow the closely-taped path of Scientology… Scientology is a new thing-it is a road out. There has not been one. Not all the salesmanship in the world can make a bad route a proper route. And an awful lot of bad routes are being sold. Their end product is further slavery, more darkness, more misery… Don’t let your party down. By whatever means, keep them on the route. And they’ll be free. If you don’t, they won’t.” LRH

    I feel that I am back on the correct route!
    Thank you Marty and really to everyone here. Don’t you see. We are doing it. Maybe there was a Comm Lag, but we are “not letting our party down.” We are keeping them on the route!

  147. Gandiguy/

    Re yrs 3rd July 2010 9.29pm

    I will certaintly say I know Mary Maren well she and her friend are reliable and very ethical standard auditors.

  148. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Just Me,

    Here’s my favorite music and dancin’. Enjoy!!!
    (hope this embeds. my first embedded video)

    ΘTater/Gary “my kimono fell off thanks to you” Lerner 🙂

  149. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    By the way, these are world class dancers!

    Turn up the volume and watch them trip the light fantastic!!

    The dancers are Will and Maeva (French) and the piano player is Silvan Zingg (Swiss). He is also world class.

    Check them out on You Tube and their respective sites.


  150. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I totally agree! Every word exactly stating the truth and love involved here. You’re one classy lady, Lady Minn! :*


  151. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Piss on the the “Wee One” and you’ll feel much better, Tom.

    The orgs and missions will be filled when the suppression comes off. You know it.


  152. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another ONE!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!

    Happy Independence!

    To You, Marsha – I Raise My Glass!

    Welcome to being YOU,

    Love, Gary

    (Damn, Marty, you just keep crankin them out!)

  153. Gary,

    Yes, we do know each other! What’s your email address? I’ll send you an email. 🙂

  154. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Have a great and festive time — OPA!!!



  155. Cowboy Poet

    Communication is so almighty powerful, isn’t it?

    I want to acknowledge Marty for knowing precisely how to achieve a big effect with it and doing so.
    I want to acknowledge all the wonderful people who participated in it. Their alive and inquisitive natures co-created it.

    Oh yeah, and I’d better acknowledge Al Gore for inventing the Internet…*&^%^$#@!!!

    Have a wonderful Independence Day!!!!

  156. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Thank you for being here and helping me and others to also see the Truth. Hey, I lived in Palm Harbor and Clearwater! Left there in 2001.

    I left lots of friends also but I am sure that when they find out about my Independence, some will turncoat (hopefully none). But being here as you well know, is gobsmacking wonderous for the soul!

    Marty and Mike have set aside a part of this universe to make things right for us all. Truer theta warriors could not be found here or elsewhere.

    Happy 4th and to all — BE INDEPENDENT!


  157. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank you, Magnolia (such sweet flowers!)

    All you gotta do is just flip the kimono off! LOL

    I’ll be here with my band of very merry thetans whoopin it up!


  158. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    You are an asshole, laughed so hard I almost crapped my pants!

    Hugs and Kisses Asshole! 🙂

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  160. Mockingbird6

    The fact that you got your L11 and L12 but not L10 says that you did it about 1995, because in 1996 they had a big cognition at flag that when ron said do it 11-10-12 he actually meant it. That was one of the things that showed me that tech was not “standard” but something that fit the pc’s pocketbook–if they couldn’t afford big ole L10, they did skinny little L12 instead to tide them over until they could pay for L10.

  161. To all who have contributed, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have learnt so much from you. To the authors of “Freedom”, who helped me want to find out. To Amy, whose SP Times video really hit home for me. To Steve, your fantastic scn-cult website REALLY opened my eyes. To AC360 for allowing DM’s “elite” to expose themselves so ridiculously. To Marc (and Claire) for such an incredible book (and wonderful love story!) And finally to you, Marty, for this magnificent blog, for telling it like it is, and enabling so many beautiful, powerful theta beings to come together, openly communicating in such a positive way. Love to you all. You are all amazing.

  162. DM isn’t gone yet and that’s in progress, but we can rest on the laurel of LRH writings being again senior to what’s being pushed forward by others today.

    In the long term this is even more important IMO, and we can say that’s a done product pretty much, given how widely disseminated Steve’s and Marty’s blogs are. Oh and too. I think that’s truly a rock solid laurel which many of you can rest on, and that’ll ‘racket on up through the ages’ even if we walked away today. But no ones going anywhere. So especially to the “gang of five” and many others too many to mention, including “safe” and Rod, thanks.

  163. Ne Obliviscaris


    Very powerful. Very beautiful.


  164. “and we can say that’s a done product pretty much”

    More accurately, the seed of that, now grown enough so it won’t die, is a done product.

  165. Hey LDW,
    Please get my email from Marty and offblog send me a way to reach Mary. thanx GG

  166. Congratulations all! Watching this reformation is a blast, and this polite troll wishes you all the very best of the practices you love! May Independent Scientology forever separate the word “Scientology” from “Cult” and show the world what real ARC is.

  167. Dear Gary,

    There are times that I feel I need to see an Examiner upon logging off this forum.

    Thanks for another opportunity!

    You nailed it.


  168. Eileen Clark

    Wow. Talk about aligning vectors.
    This blog has pulled it all together for so many about so much and it just keeps getting better.

    Happy Anniversary!! (for so many firsts…:) )

    What a perfect Independence Day celebration this is….(full out fire works)

    Many who deserve thanks….


    Love, Eileen

    p.s. yes, it is me, just have a new email address.

  169. Ne – click the “Reply” link right after the name and date of the poster when you want to reply to that specific post. If answer on the “Leave a Comment” it will put your post at the bottom of the pile.

  170. Very nice poem WW, Thanks very much!

  171. Marty,

    1. Happy Blog Anniversary!

    2. Wishing both of you a world of happiness and joy on your wedding day.

    3. Happy Independence Day!

  172. Wow, Gary! Now THAT’S party music!

    Thank you very much for that one.

    Just Me

  173. (gigglesnort). Love it!

    A Depends moment if ever there was one.

  174. Beautiful!

    It’s lovely to be part of a group with individuals who can rant, have fun, be “sudden”, disagree, agree, cry, laugh, dance, sing and enjoy poetry.

    What is the quote? “Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow.” I want to make my tomorrow with you guys.

  175. Barney Rubble

    Mark and Mike,

    One year after, I ack it all.

    I swear I caught this website in June of 2009 when then St Pete Times Articles hit then lines and then the Shit hit the fan.

    Nevertherless, I know now the truth has been revealed, thank gawd. Happy anniversary and I hope you had a fantastic wending?!!!

  176. Congratulations, Marty!




  177. Gary,

    Very well said!

    To DM: When everyone is against you, paranoia is just good thinking.


  178. Michael,

    Another post that expresses what I think most of us think and feel about this experience.

    The only thing that confuses me is this: You’ve said another of times that you don’t consider yourself a Scientologist. Yet you sound as much like a true Scientologist as anyone out there. You clearly have a better understanding of Scientology than most. You clearly have high KRC on Scientology philosophy and tech and use it in your thinking. So it always throws me off when you say you’re not a Scientologist. I always think, “Say what?”

    What is a Scientologist, anyway? 🙂

  179. Marty, your blog, really this new internet community of Independent Scientologists, has succeeded despite OSA. Here is a handy chart of OSA/Talon tactics that have been used in the past year against the Indies. This is how OSA works and the Indies were subjected to, and are being subjected to, these tactics:

    Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation ~
    1 Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
    2 Become incredulous and indignant
    3 Create rumor mongers
    4 Use a straw man
    5 Sidetrack opponents w name calling, ridicule
    6 Hit and Run
    7 Question motives
    8 Invoke authority
    9 Play Dumb
    10 Associate opponent charges with old news
    11 Establish and rely upon fall-back positions
    12 Enigmas have no solution
    13 Alice in Wonderland Logic
    14 Demand complete solutions
    15 Fit the facts to alternate conclusions
    16 Vanish evidence and witnesses
    17 Change the subject
    18 Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad
    19 Ignore facts, demand impossible proofs
    20 False evidence
    21 Call a Grand Jury, Special Prosecutor
    22 Manufacture a new truth
    23 Create bigger distractions
    24 Silence critics
    25 Vanish

    DM has failed, is failing, and will continue to fail. DM is a past, present, and future failure.

  180. Beautiful and funny as hell, Once. Sorry about your having to get your life changed and all. Not to mention your mind. Ee gads, not your mind! Not the whole damned planet!


  181. And the pendulem swing again. Hope to still see you around on the”hater”sites. Critiques alsoo need critizising 😉

  182. One of my favorite performances

  183. A truly phenomenal year.
    A great write-up, Just Me.
    A joyous declaration, Gary!
    A special event (Marty and Mosey).
    And much anticipation (Bubba is counting the days).

    Thanks everyone.

  184. Perhaps Karen could clarify the sequence. I have usually run them in the 11 – 10 -12 sequence but Pierre said that was incorrect and 11 – 12 – 10 was correct but it didn’t feel right to me.

  185. Marty’s blog has been good and I look forward to reading it but Chuck you cleared a path many years ago along with a few others (Tory, Andreas, wenlock, lerma, to name a few) along with those who are anonymous. So kudos to all those pioneers who made this site possible and were willing to stick their necks out.

  186. CD,

    Probably the idea that consideration is senior to mechanics. Which inevitably leads to the reader having the cognition that

    “I can change conditions around here”

    As you well know, THAT terrifies the puny little dimshit.

  187. For theta, aesthetics, freedom, passion, my sons (hi guys!), and all of the well-intentioned thetans here and everywhere else you are…

    Happy Independents/Independence Day!!

    the Avett Brothers

    There’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded in light
    In the fine print they tell me what’s wrong and what’s right
    And it comes in black and it comes in white
    And I’m frightened by those who don’t see it

    When nothing is owed, deserved or expected
    And your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected
    If you’re loved by someone you’re never rejected
    Decide what to be and go be it.

    There was a dream
    One day I could see it
    Like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it
    And there was a kid, with a head full of doubt
    So I’ll scream til I die or the last of those bad thoughts are finally out

    There’s a darkness upon you that’s flooded in light
    In the fine print they tell you what’s wrong and what’s right
    And it flies by day and it flies by night
    And I’m frightened by those who don’t see it…

    Love and ARC

  188. Doc "Smith"

    Thanks David, I visited your site to get your e-mail address and will send you a comm. I am still very excited to be able to help others with the tech.

  189. Doc "Smith"

    Hi Jetero, Do we know each other? I was active at the Seattle Org from ’91-2010. send me a comm at
    Thanks Mark Elliott

  190. Happy Independence Day.

  191. OK, guys … my favorite YouTube video of all time and and soooo very appropriate for this weekend ….

    Just Me

  192. freespirit

    “There are two freedoms – the false, where a man is free to do what he likes; the true, where he is free to do what he ought. ~Charles Kingsley”

    You are doing what you ought.

    Congratulations on your fabulously successful blog and year!

  193. Congrats to all, and especially Marty Mosey and Mike on the 1st anniversary of this genius blog!
    I’ve been off the internet for a week – like coming off a drug to not be able to tap into Moving on Up A Little Higher every day to see what’s shakin’.

  194. Your humble servant


    For some reason the reply button wasn’t there earlier in this post’s history.

  195. Hello!

    I have been lurking here since this site went up. I left the church quietly about 1.5 years ago–fed up with the constant pressure to leave my non-Scientologist 2-D among other things.

    I haven’t yet formally disconnected from the church yet, but I expect to write a declaration very soon. As a matter of fact, it was through someone here that I got the idea that I could disconnect from the church instead of the other way around! Boy, did that make me cause!

    Thank you all so very much for giving me a place to lurk, to learn, to laugh, and to be acked for what I suspected to be true.

    I will “come out” formally when the time is right, but for now, I am “Apsolvo” which means “free at last” in Latin.

    To all of you THANK YOU for having the guts to tell the truth and stand up against DM.

    Happy Independence Day!

  196. Wedding Day???
    Did I miss something?

    Wedding or not, all the happiness and joy of marriage to ye both, Marty and Mosey!

  197. Mark,

    And only because of you and Shelly Brit, and Bruce Hines, and Maureen Bolstad, and Karen Schless Pressley, and John Peeler, and even Tom Provenzano (Tom was posting on ARS/alt.religion.scientology with HIS name, years ago remember!) others who are in the “big cheeze” category who paid their dues bigtime in the 1980s and 1990s, I’m just an overly verbose stepping stone guy with the course supervisor “hard to find” honed reference mind, who likes to see others who CAN do something, have the backup they need to DO what is now hopefully going to become reality for real.

    I knew the outside world needs YOU ex members with the really big important first hand stories, to do the media, like St. Pete Times had the guts and long range track record, which luckily Marty and Mike and Tom DeVocht and Amy and Jeff and YOU Mark Fisher.

    It’s just a game of helping others to communicate about the predicaments they’ve lived. F3 Grade 0 I think I attained that EP at least.

    And course supervisor’s code, which is still hard wired in my thinking.

    “A course sup will never neglect an opporunity to direct a student to the actual source of Scientology data.” (paraphrase)

    That goes for Scientology history.

    The firsthand participants who lived the moments that are historically significant, I hope will continue to fill in the blanks.

    thankYOU Mark!

  198. Tone 41,

    Sucks, doesn’t it?

    Or not.

    A clean room is always more comforting.

  199. Gary ~~

    “The blind leading the blind” was the most invalidative, nullifying, corrupt statement to all those contributors who kept the show on the road for years before the monster took power.

    Note how he positioned himself as the author of “The Golden Age of Tech.”

    So was the tech with LRH at the helm ?

    The Bronze Age of Tech ?
    The Copper Age of Tech ?
    The Brown paper bag age of Tech ?

  200. Mary Jo

    Your declaration was significant and importance and opened up flood gates.


  201. My dear Splog,

    I did the SHSBC with Wendy and Alan Bowman, some wonderful South Africans.

    Do you know their status ?

    You are not Alan Bowman by any chance ? ::))

  202. War and Peace

    It is as illegal as hell to hack into a site.

    While the Church of DM howled at an Anonymous guy who hacked in and got them a denial of service, it is beyond hypocritical if they are bugging cell phones and hacking the sites. These must be reported to Law Enforcement.

    Some people have spoken about their cell phones being tapped.

    It is relatively easy to know if your cell phone being compromised. Your cell phone company can do diagnostics to test if the cell phone is acting weird.

    This You Tube video is 5 mins long and gives you the hat

    I personally recommend throwaway cell phones you can buy for cash with no ID that give you total anonymity.

    Congratulates to Marty and everyone who posts and lurks on this site for One Rocketing year of stats and more stats.

  203. Tone 41,

    We believe words have meaning, but if you examine any word, meaning will not jump out, meaning will not emerge, meaning will not appear. A word, being a symbol, has mass and mobility but ultimately no meaning. Meaning comes from the author and the reader, from the speaker and the listener. Meaning only exists for a conscious being–not for the symbol.

    So, you ask, “what is a Scientologist, anyway?” and we are dealing with a word, first, but we are dealing with meaning. A Scientologist, obviously, would be someone who subscribes to the policies, bulletins, advices, works of LRon Hubbard, the source of the subject Scientology.

    Other than “fair game” I don’t have any major disagreements with Ron’s works and discoveries. I even support the KSW policy–for Scientologists. Scientology is a very important body of work that will bring spiritual enlightenment to and improve life for most human beings.

    Now, some might believe I’m a “law-abiding citizen” but I could care less about laws. If I can go a hundred miles an hour in a fifty-five mile zone, I’ll do it. When I act with benevolence towards others, it has nothing to do with laws. And, because I believe in right conduct, someone might wonder why I claim not to be a law-abiding citizen. Because, I’m not.

    I have never met a rule I didn’t want to break. It’s gotten me in hot water since long before this universe began, and it’ll get me in hot water for eons to come.

    Several hundred years before Jesus Christ, a bunch of us hit the planet, trying to bring knowledge and understanding to humanity. We mostly operated out of the Mideast and the orient. From the stuff we did came most of the dominant religions of the world now: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism. The Gnostics and Essenes sprang from our works. Greek philosophy came from it. Lots of offshoots.

    And if I were to call myself anything, it would be a precursor to Gnosticism. And, in some ways, Scientology is an expression of Gnosticism: that an individual can know by learning how to know and studying knowing and awareness.

    But, I’m not trying to formulate a new subject. I’m not trying to sell ideas and wisdom. I’m not trying to alter the practices and beliefs of Scientology. I just am who I am. I just know what I know. And I have just done what I’ve done.

    A small bird lands on the feeder and you study it’s characteristics. It’s a bird you haven’t seen before. Warbler? Finch? Even though the two types of birds are almost identical, there are distinct differences. And noting those differences allows you to tell them apart.

    Even though I’m similar to a Scientologist, even though most of my characteristics and beliefs seem to come right out of Scientology, I’m just that slightly different breed that makes me neither a finch, warbler nor wren.

    I’m not part of a group or philosophy. I’m unique, in and of myself, operating independent of rules and laws and policies. I am what I am, and do what I do, not because someone else has formulated laws and policies but because I deem it right.

    Hope that isn’t too abstruse.

    I may not be a Scientologist, but I am a supporter and friend of this movement. All I can say to those who wish to define me, or who wish to force me to subscribe to their ideas is: good luck, hope you’ve got a lot of patience, cause it ain’t happening.


  204. Gaiagnostic

    Happy Independence Day, everyone! I don’t post often, but read regularly, and love you all!

  205. To all, a very happy 4th.

    And a special shout out to Fellow Traveler and David St L. Two great people whome I got to know when I started my journey.

    Let us remember to move forward. Keep advancing nomatter what. LRH gave us the tools.


  206. Martin Gibson

    Re:Changed timing of instant reads on films. I am disgusted… DM is really MacDonaldising the orgs. No real comm, get data from a screen and the product leaves you worse off than (spiritual) starvation. So its wrong items and over-run. My uncle had a saying “better out than in”… Amen.

  207. crashingupwards


    In politics a politician always remembers his “early supporters”.

    After they win an election and all the back slappers, name droppers, and ass kissers surround them, they may not have time for you but they will always, always, remember you.

    As an “early” Independent on this blog, you and Christie stand out in my mind. Especially, especially, especially living in CW, the belly of the beast.

    Whoever appears on this blog tomorrow or the day after, irregardless of title, accomplishment or potential to the movement, its Jack Airey and Christie King Colbrain whose “early support” of this blog will always be impressive to me.

    Happy 4th of July. I salute you both.

  208. Declaration of Independence

    Longer than 10 minutes maybe something for your next post.

    Very Very good Piece !!!

  209. rory Medford

    The Independent Movement is growing because it is a safe outlet to come to. When you have a safe place to speak up and express yourself massive growth occurs.

    This is just the beginning of many good things to happen for many many people especially the ones who are made to TOE the line with the C of M. Happy 4th to all

  210. Just Me: Thank you for a very nice and thorough stat recap. Great work !

    Marty: Happy Blog Anniversary !

    Thank you very much for providing this theta- communication venue. I read the posts on this blog on a daily basis. I, too, have blown LOTS of charge while reading the numerous posts, and learned a great deal along the way.
    Great Θ community ! I wish you much continued success !

    Congratulations to you and Monique !
    I wish you eternal happiness ! ♥ ♥ ♥

    Sincerely yours,
    Jean-François Genest

  211. Martin Gibson

    Oh wow, my comments have gone through, I have been using my mobile for internet lately… Its an independance day miracle! Umm… Greetings, Congratulations and Appreciation to all!!!

  212. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Hmmm….. Should I list or null…?

    Ah HA!! There is no other AGE!

    ——– The Standard Age of Tech!! ————-

    🙂 — All LRH!

  213. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Now Bernie… Didn’t your mom teach not to tease the Animal? MWAHAHAAHAAA


  214. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Heather G,

    Thank YOU! 🙂


  215. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    tone41 – here’s my email addy:


    p.s. If anyone else would like to exchange emails with me — WHOOP! There it is! 🙂

  216. YHS,

    There is no “reply” if it’s some kind of a reply to a reply or something like that, so one has to find the next higher up on the same post.

  217. Ooops, was a private one – no OSA and PIs invited! But, all the above are still True!

  218. Chris Black

    Hear, hear!

  219. Happy Independence Day!

  220. I was going to wish the staff at Int a Happy Independence Day. But I guess even if you set up a barbque the barb wire would interupt the mood of things.

  221. Cured Robot

    The newspaper today had an interesting article about July 4th and the people who started this revolution back around 1775 “So who were these people, and why would they be willing to take on the mother country when no great unifying piece of parchment (Declaration of Independence) had yet been produced? Led by Sam Adams, Paul Revere, Dr. Joseph Waren and others whose articles Benjamin Edes and John Gill published in their newspaper, the Boston Gazette, these were ordinary people who were willing to stand up for their “rights as Englishmen.”

    The article goes on to say, “This pervasive spirit, included people of all ages, which is captured most effectively in the book “Paul Revere’s Ride,” by David Hacket Fischer. Fischer describes Samuel Whittemore, 78 years old and badly crippled. When the old soldier heard that the British troops were coming, Whittemore armed himself with his musket, a brace of pistols, and his old cavalry saber. His wife asked him what he thought he was doing. his reply: I’m going up town to meet the Regulars. Whittemore found a good position behind a stone wall, and, as the British troops approached, he fired three shots, and three redcoats went down. As he was reaching for saber, a British infantryman shot away part of his face. Others bayonteed him, again and again. After the battle, the doctor examining Whittemore’s 14 wounds gave no chance to live. But he did. He lived 18 more years, to age 96, all the while maintaining that if he had to live the day over again he would do the same thing.”

    There are so many parallels as to what is happening now with so many standing up for their “rights as Scientologists.” Thanks to Moving On Up a Little Higher and Scientology Cult websites are very key to getting informed, et al.

    No time to read novels anymore, this is far more interesting as we are living history, real life, real stories, real suppression/oppression, real come back to life stories, real people taking the bullets and braving the circumstances of that decision and coming out the other side “Moving on up a Little Higher.” Truth prevails and once you hear it, the seed has been planted, the Miscaviage dogs of war may temporarily get you using the guise of LRH (eternal spiritual freedom) but that seed has been planted and justifying away LRH’s legacy (to DM’s perversion of it) is going to be your own undoing.

    It’s a gradient approach taking on the “Mother Country” (Miscaviage Church) but it’s moving at lightening speed thanks to the internet, unlike Paul Revere who had to ride at the speed of a horse to spread the message.

    There are those who read/listen to anything and follow without looking; there are those who won’t read/listen at all and never learn; there are those who read/listen but are afraid to make a mistake so turn it off; there are those who read/listen and due to circumstances support in an underground way; and there are those who read/listen and see and “Move On Up a Little Higher.”

    Happy Independence today to those who read/listened and saw in whatever manner you support the contributions shall be historic and LRH would be proud!

  222. Quicksilver

    Look at those stats!!

    Congrats to all!

    Happy Independence Day, Happy Canada Day!

  223. Mechanics being the processes that run automaticly and consideration being the oversight and rethinking of the processes that run automaticly ?

  224. Watching Eyes

    Welcome aboard, Apsolvo. I like that name.

    That you can disconnect from the “church” instead of the other way around is a great cog to have. Very liberating, indeed.

  225. Hi Rory,

    I think this nails it: Massive growth is occurring because this is a SAFE SPACE. It’s safe to communicate anything.

    But beyond that, it’s both safe and THETA. That’s why Marty’s Place is in such afflience. 🙂

  226. Marty,
    Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!
    It’s a wonderful site and I enjoy it daily.
    Best to all,

  227. Martin Gibson

    Speaking of blind leading the blind, a couple of months ago a very physically dibilatated friend of mine was on the recieving end of “enlightenment” calls re:acc’s release. He was asking about how to get help and told, well you need osa clearance and blah blah. The guys dying, and thats the level of comm… Some kind of dis-interest. Anyway they find out he has a 10,000 AMEX and “8-c”, meaning force, him (for the greatest good or what ever stand over tactic came to hand) to give the number. Then he, the reg, asks for the security number. He had not even finalised if he wanted the things or not, but said it was to show my friend was of good faith, to show he meant his word! My friend couldnt think and just scrambled the order of the code. Next day 5000 was gone. Money a dying, bed ridden bloke could use for something like the greater good of ACTUALLY BEING ABLE TO BUY FOOD. He was upset the next day and called AMEX, they said they wanted to move on it after his query as to where it went came up as Melbourne Org (the guy obviously knew something was up and tried different combinations of sec numbers). He called Melbourne Org and they denied it, refused blame as it was a sea-org member that had done it. My friend spoke to the reg-sea org guy and asked him why he had done it when he was continually told he needed OSA clearance to fart. The reg-sea org guy said I AM OSA!!! A guy called Nick. Now who is Nick in CLO ANZO, forgive me if I am wrong, but isnt it Nick Broadhurst? So my friend is in and out of comm, and did at the time tell AMEX not to proceed legally, but that was pending the STOLEN funds being returned. Ahh thats better, I was sitting on that for 4 months. And Marty, that cycle happened within 2 weeks of talking to you about how to help him. It really needles the old help button, but I guess its all a part of really finding out.

  228. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Just Me, I saw this video a few months ago. It was terrific. Great spirit of play!!!

    Gary 🙂

  229. WindWalker

    Sinar, Inky, and Ne Obliviscaris,

    Thank you for the great acknowledgements for my poem.
    It is a fine thing to create or rehabilitate Theta wherever, whenever and however one can.


  230. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks Sinar!

    I was unwittingly creating more work for Marty!


  231. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Excellent story! So much of what people see on the present courses and auditing (COS-DaMned) is designed to cause confusions and then have them look for a stable datum, which is DinkMan’s version.

    Obviously the EP of those courses and auditing result in beings being enturbulated.
    Whether they are aware or not, the result occurs. A parable would be “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. Proof of this is the condition is available from any Independent auditor/cs/sup. Also by the general indicators of the COS public, staff and their families. BI’s all around. Not the Theta that you see and feel here on this blog and others that have testified to the abuses and corruption of LRH’s Standard Tech.

    Independence is not just a state of being, it is YOUR survival!


  232. Thats why I used IPhone, its reliable and hack proof.

  233. Sinar,

    wonderful, a happy wedding day always makes my day. Aah, I am looking forward to the pics of the beautiful couple…. thanks for the leak!
    🙂 Fidelio

  234. Dora, if you are who I think you are, then we shared a room together at Flag in 2004. (not my real name)

  235. Hi Karen,

    I’m Alan McKinnon but I did meet the Bowmans one or twice in Pretoria Org years ago. They were just passing through and if memory serves they were in Port Elizabeth. But that was more than 15 years ago.

    There’s a few more SAs you might know for St Hill in the 60s that I had the pleasure of knowing:

    John & Sonja Morshead. John tells some interesting stories of he and Norman Starkey in a travelling rock band with a beat-up Volkswagen bus. They sang some songs in some bars but the way John told it they mostly just caused havoc and chaos. Rock stars 🙂

    I haven’t heard mention of the Morsheads on any church promo for ages, any idea what their status is?

    Liz Bell, did you know her? A St Hill Duke, she was later one of the early public to do Class VIII on the Apollo.


  236. CD,

    Mechanics are the physical laws, the way the MEST universe works.

    Consideration is what a thetan does, the laws of the theta universe if you will.

    Consideration is senior to mechanics and causes mechanics to come into being. As a parallel, in some interpretations of quantum mechanics, an effect only occurs if there is an observer. Expressed another way, the act of observation is what causes an indeterminate quantum state to collapse and take an a measurable state. The observer (Thetan) is causing the effect.

    This will drive DM nuts because it means that people can make things happen and are thus important. In DMs world, people are not important. Buildings, flashy objects and his own status are important.


  237. OnceUponaTime

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post – unfortunately the settings do not allow me to respond directly below it.

    Anyone, to my mind, who sees the similarity between Gnosticism and Scientology has a profound understanding of what is meant by the word religion. (Your opening philosophical discourse on words full acknowledged).

    Would you delight us all by expanding a little on this subject matter, and in particular what it was that you did that lead to Gnosticism, the Essenes and Greek philosophy.

    LRH drew very heavily from these, and earlier practices and systems in developing Scientology and I am just interested to have all your thoughts on the matter.

    It is when people try to make Scientology into something other than a gnostic religion and formalize and package it up as ‘their brand’ that the subject gets into trouble. If you look at, most of the people on this blog are gnostic-Scientologists rather than DM-Scientologists.

  238. Martin, I REALLY hope that your friend got his money back. If he hasn’t, then it’s time to proceed legally. I hope he will call AMEX for help now. He can let Xenophon know too if he wants to ensure that “Nick” is held accountable for his crime (it is a crime).

  239. Hi Cat Daddy,

    Read it for yourself. The paragraph in quotations is what I read aloud in a HGC graduation. Many came up and thanked me with tears in their eyes.

    Anyone that would like to see the original pages contact me at and I will send you a pdf. Just to make sure I duplicated it. Enjoy.

    Consideration(1) and Mechanics(2) [1954]

    Considerations take rank over the mechanics of space, energy and time. By this it is meant that an idea or opinion is, fundamentally, superior to space, energy and time, or organizations of form, since it is conceived that space, energy and time are themselves broadly agree-upon considerations. That so many minds agree brings about reality in the form of space, energy and time. These mechanics, then, of space, energy and time are the product of agreed-upon considerations mutually held by life.

    This aspect of existence when viewed from the level of man, however, is a reverse of the greater truth above, for man works on the secondary opinion that mechanics are real, and that his own personal considerations are less important than space, energy and time. This is an inversion(3). These mechanics of space, energy and time, the forms, objects combinations thereof, have taken such precedence(4) in man that they have become more important than considerations as such, and so his ability is overpowered and he is unable to act freely in the framework of mechanics. Man, therefore, has an inverted view. Whereas considerations such as those he daily makes are the actual source of space, energy time and forms, man is operating so as not to alter his basic considerations; he therefore invalidates himself by supposing another determinism of space, energy, time and from. Although he is part of that which created these, he gives them such strength and validity that his own considerations thereafter must fall subordinate to space, energy, time and form, and so he cannot alter the universe in which he dwells.

    “The freedom of an individual depends upon that individual’s freedom to alter his considerations of space, energy, time and forms of life and roles in it. If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved amidst barrier such as those of the physical universe and barriers of his own creation. Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation. He creates these barriers himself, or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual.”

    There is a basic series of assumptions in processing, which assumptions do not alter the philosophy of Scientology. The first of these assumptions is that man can have a greater freedom. The second is that so long as he remains relatively sane, he desires a greater freedom. And the third assumption is that the auditor desires to deliver a greater freedom to that person with whom he is working. If these assumptions are not agreed upon and are not used, the auditing degenerates into “the observation of effect,” which is, of course, a goalless, soulless pursuit, and is, indeed, a pursuit which has degraded what is called modern science.

    The goal of processing is to bring an individual into such thorough communication with the physical universe that he can regain the power and ability of his own considerations (postulates).

    A Scientologist is one who understands life. His technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life.

    1. consideration: thinking, believing, supposing, postulating, Consideration is the highest capability of life, taking rank of the mechanics of space, energy, objects and time
    2. mechanics: refering to space, energy, objects and time. When something has those things in it, it constitutes something mechanical.
    3. inversion: a switch to an opposite consideration, such as from compulsion to inhibitation.
    4. precedence: priority in time or order.

  240. Hi Mockingbird 6,

    You are absolutely correct. I did not have the time or money to do L-10 at the time. But L-12 was short and sweet.

    It is a strange but comfortable place to operate. “But what’s the hurry?”

  241. Chris Baer

    Congratulations Marty – your site has been a strong, fresh wind to me, has rekindled failed purposes and brought much theta into my life. It is very much appreciated daily!

  242. Over a year ago

    Scientology- Amy Scobee speaks out

  243. Once Upon a Time,

    Sorry I didn’t have time to reply to your post yesterday. Please check back here tomorrow. I’m going to answer this tonight when I have a little more time. Your post deserves a thoughtful answer!

  244. Martin Gibson

    Its good advice Linda, what he will do though is justify it. And that means justifying away his sanity, again, and going into confusion, and then “forgetting about it as something over there”. I witheld his name out of respect, but these details are too powerful to hide. Nick Broadhurst is collecting friends on facebook these days, we even have some friends in common, I was thinking of slipping in with the masses and writing something scathing on his wall, but it isnt my personal battle so I wouldnt bear the sole brunt of the return entheta.

  245. Addition to anuual report:

    Scn now officially stands for Strip Club Network.

  246. Adams addresses supreme court (Anthony Hopkins)

  247. Never forgive, Never forget. Wish he had to care for the dieing elderly for a “punishment”

  248. Just so you know

    “Reverend Heber C. Jentzsch, President of the Church of Scientology International and a member of Sheriff Baca’s Executive Advisory Clergy Council, gave the invocation by reciting the Scientology Prayer for Total Freedom. Promoting the “united” theme, he also showed the award-winning human rights music video “United,” produced by Los Angeles-based Youth for Human Rights International.”

  249. Hi Michael,

    Okay, so you’re seeing the term “Scientologist” as referring to an orthodox proponent of all of LRH’s teachings, as someone who constrains him or herself within that box. And perhaps you see yourself as more of a “meta-Scientologist,” or someone who is not constrained to any boxes, who can perceive and evaluate boxes and take from them what he finds useful.

    Would that be more or less accurate?

    There could be many definitions of “Scientologist.” As you’ve pointed out, the meaning of the word is conditioned by the understandings and intentions of its users.

    So one definition could be what you said, “Someone who subscribes to LRH’s teachings.” Given the high value of LRH”s body of work, such a person would necessarily incorporate a great deal of truth into his thinking and his living of life. But he would nonetheless be somewhat robotic, constrained to accepting and following the entire body of teachings of one man without any input, choice, or evaluation (once, that is, having evaluated the body of teachings for its general value).

    That’s not the definition I mean when I say I’m a Scientologist. What I mean is that I enjoy being considered a member of a group that I agree with more about spiritual, mental and ethical matters than any other group. I don’t think of myself as a Scientologist in the sense that identifying myself as such constrains me, but in the sense that it associates me with others who have a similar reality. I also call myself a Scientologist as a way of honoring the man from whom I’ve learned so much about things spiritual and mental, and whose technology I use, in some way, every day in my life.

    Funny, but I say I’m a Jew too. I don’t practice Judaism, nor do I make any effort to align my thinking with any of its religious teachings. I certainly don’t follow any of its rituals. But my family is Jewish and I have a strong affinity for the historical circumstance of my association with that tradition. I love some of the cultural aspects of Jewish society (the admiration for education and intellectual activity, the emphasis on questioning everything and accepting nothing based on authority, the encouragement of children to excel in any profession they choose, the high value placed on warmth of personality . . .). But when I say I’m a Jew I’m merely identifying myself as a member of a group because of my affinity for that group. I’m certainly not agreeing to any constraints of that body of thought or ritual.

    I’m an American also. I’m certainly not constrained by any customs or rules of American society, other than as practically necessary. And I certainly don’t agree with much of the prevailing thinking in American society. But still I have a very strong love for America. With the good and the bad, it’s my country and I’m an American.

    While it’s not necessarily a nice feeling to be constrained by a group, it is a nice feeling to belong to a group and to identify with others. As a key part of the ARC triangle, it’s nice to share a common reality.

    There’s perhaps a fine line between being limited by a group and being enhanced by association with a group.

    Gnosticism is a very big subject, with many branches and different teachings. I would love to hear anything you would care to share about your pre-Gnostic activities.

    Of course, I would never wish to force you or anyone to subscribe to any set of ideas. I only want to help people improve their own lives by recognizing truth and workable technology wherever it can be found. And you, obviously, are not in the category of people whose life is waiting to be improved by a truth or technology you have yet to discover or use. 🙂

  250. Marty I truly thank you for everything you’ve done.Because of you and your organizing Scientology really does have a chance of surviving the idiocy of DM.Again,thank you.

  251. Martin Gibson

    Thanks for the understanding and impulse towards justice CatDaddy. Betrayal is never really forgotten, and the effects of the overt will have consequences in Nick universe will be terrible, he will not have the chance to as-is it until we win. And even then the liability condition is difficult when it was part of what the guy considered to be a final thrust at survival. Ironically Nick appears to be incharge of inquiries in Canberra, which is the capital city of Australia, and a good friend of my mate, that he duped, recently posted a comment asking how the inquiry was going. If she knew. But again its not my personal fight, and it must be done from his power of choice.

  252. CD, thanks. However, this is an odd news article or press release — not sure which. It cites “… former Governor and now Mayor of Oakland Jerry Brown….” Jerry Brown was elected California Attorney General in 2006. When did this event actually happen?

  253. Here is the link to the original press release. It is dated 2006.

  254. Marty, the reverberations in the Church from your actions this past year are immense. Every week I see things that have changed for the better because of your campaign. Keep up the good work!

  255. Tone 41

    You’ve put some logical thought into all of this. And logic is a wonderful tool. But, sometimes, logic loses to choice. Choice is senior to condition, and logic is a tool designed to operate within conditions.

    Logic might dictate that you fall in love with this gorgeous, athletic girl with lots of brains, lots of money, lots of everything, including a profound passion for you. But, you know, in your heart that she isn’t the girl you truly love. The girl you truly love, against all logic, is this plain thing with a plump body, mediocre mind, and inability to boil water. This connection between you and her is too strong to break and beyond all reason.

    We had a German foreign exchange student who commented that our family was more European than American. Yes, I’m an American by default, but find the distinction embarrassing when you consider what this population willingly puts into office. Only a small percentage of Americans are rational in a meaningful way.

    My friendships are with individuals, not members of a group. That someone is a member of a group does not automatically qualify them as a friend. True friends aren’t overly concerned with your foibles, breaches and mistakes. Group members tend to have a more solid and stern reaction to breaches in rules.

    I prefer to operate at a level from which rational rules generate rather than from the level of effect in which rules dictate.

    LRH had a very stern response to those who did not acknowledge him as source and did not apply his work exactly as dictated. His approach to those who broke off from his teachings and started their own groups was quite harsh. He wanted those groups destroyed. His fair game policy was not a joke. I don’t think his R2-45 suggestion was a joke, though those who wish to defend it as a joke can do so.

    His works are the result of pure genius. Dianetics and Scientology, when understood and applied, produce remarkable changes in a person’s life. But, is that work complete? Can anyone who has made it too the top of the bridge walk into a room and cure the ills of everyone present? That would be cause over life. Can anyone who has reached the top of the bridge mock up a Porsche and drive off to California? That would be cause over matter, energy, space and time.

    I’ve seen a response to that idea, “Yeah, well I postulated having a Mercedes, and ended up owning one, so I’m cause over matter, energy, space and time. I’m OT.” But being able to buy an object and being able to create that object are two different things. Some very, very down tone individuals can buy a fleet of luxury automobiles.

    But, that I can’t mock up a Porsche and drive away does not gainsay the gains I have gotten with studying Scientology. Incredible gains. Life changing gains. Not to be denied gains.

    At the moment of creation, Prime Cause IS Prime Effect. Cause is Effect. Effect is Cause. There’s no time lag. No space lag. At Prime Cause, a postulate instantly creates an Effect. The success stories I read about mostly deal in indirect causation, where time and event transpire to bring about an effect or result. That’s causation via via via via via. Not really OT causation.

    So, that LRH established this remarkable and admirable body of work does not mean I have lost my power of choice in how I will use that information after I’ve studied it. I am source of my own causation. I am source of my own knowledge. I am source of my own ability. Not LRH. Not Scientology. I am subservient to no one.

    Being a Christian implies that you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ and acknowledge him as the son of God and yourself as subservient to Jesus Christ and God.

    Being a Scientologist very similarly suggests that you acknowledge LRH as source of the knowledge found in Scientology and that you are subservient to his methods and teachings. Ethics in Scientology is less concerned with establishing increased ARC and KRC than with getting LRH’s tech and admin applied exactly. Exactly. No deviations. No departures.

    And that is fine, because the tech and admin are workable.

    The most workable possible? We each have to judge that for ourselves.

    Workable enough for me to surrender my rights to independently explore all aspects of the physical and spiritual universe as I see fit? Not for me.

    Workable enough for me to urge myself and others to study and apply? Sure. Great stuff.

    But I’ve been around for a very, very, very long time. I’ve seen a lot of things. Known a lot of things. Caused a lot of things. If a man discovers a huge lode of gold, I would not consider him the source of that gold. If he then formulated a methodology for discovering gold, I would consider him the source of that methodology. The gold had been there all along. The methodology was not.

    Yet, beings have been using gold for a long time. This man’s methodology did not suddenly make gold available.

    So, as with love, our choices don’t always fit into logical boxes. There’s not a box in this universe large enough to contain my power of choice. And whenever I try to put myself in a box, before long the box springs a leak. And someone complains about the mess. And I have to explain the mess. And I’d rather go sailing than clean up messes.

    It’s all so exhausting. Keeping track of boxes and what goes in what box.

    One of these days, I’ll answer you and MAC about that business pre-Christ. Please note that I did not say “I” was doing all this stuff, but that a bunch of us were. Sort of like what’s happening on this blog, but different and without the physical universe internet. I just ran across it in a few sessions, but was focusing on something else so had to move it into my To-Do-Later Folder.


  256. MAC,

    Maybe I’ll get to it later. As I said to tone41, I just ran across this info in a couple of sessions but had to put it off for later. Maybe this isn’t the forum.

    As the popularity of this blog increases, it becomes unwieldy as a medium for discussion. Winnowing the chaff becomes time-consuming. Offshoots are inevitable. Where function dictates structure.

    Since the basic purpose of this blog is pretty much to unseat DM, we probably need another forum that isn’t a natter board, but which allows open discussion of Scientology and where it’s taken us individually. I think there are a growing number of individuals fascinated with the positives of Scientology, but who do not consider themselves as such. Individuals more intent on spiritual gain that expansion of a particular church or ideology.

    Maybe such a blog already exists.

    You and tone41 and others can email me at

  257. LOL! You are funny.

  258. Just chiming in to say congrats on one year! I’m still reading every day and I’m cheered by all of the successes of this great community you’re building together. Keep taking care of each other and fighting the good fight.

  259. VS/Tom~the B.R. mission was once a booming, thriving mission. When two people heavily influenced by CofM came in and proceeded to blow off good staff and field auditors….well, it wound up like that.
    (It pisses me off too, since I worked very hard to grow the place from the beginning.)

  260. I’m so glad you mentioned that damned meter film! That goat meter course threw me into confusion over the same things. WTF?
    I left that course with my head on backwards. Only since finding this blog have I been able to twist it back almost facing forward.
    To know DM changed it on purpose (another intentional Fk You to auditors) shows what an SP he really is and how PTS I became directly from that shit.

  261. Michael,

    Oops, I somehow totally missed your post yesterday when I checked this thread. I don’t disagree with a thing you’ve said here. It pretty much captures the way I view the various issues you touched upon. I particularly like:

    “I prefer to operate at a level from which rational rules generate rather than from the level of effect in which rules dictate. ”

    And, of course, youi’re right about choice and logic.

    I don’t, by the way, consider that calling myself a Scientologist puts me in a box. But I think I’m defining “Scientologist” differently than you are, at least for my personal purposes.

    I’d love to hear more about the pre-Christian evolutions you mentioned. Maybe I’ll email you off the blog about that. 🙂

  262. Fellow Traveller

    ΘTater, you spudnik.

    A thousand rice noodle whips on my back for missing your completion of the gradient.

    I was otherwise preoccupied this past century. Oh, wait, that was only this past weekend to the rest of the planet.

    Let me add my ack of eternal gratitude to you.

    Welcome aboard, matey. The ship just got easier to steer and more fun to man (or woman as they do provide invaluable and irreplaceable support too). Hoist them thar sails!

    Now having established a nautical analogy, I gotta say I think you should walk the plank for the mode of your announcement. You deserve the full attention all hands on deck approach.

    Very Nice Axiom 10, ΘGL.

    Bruce Pratt

  263. “for the greater good” That little sentence is so dangerous throughout history.

  264. Fellow Traveller

    Hey buddy.

    Wise words you write.

    Thanks for that ack. My eyes got something in them just now and they are watering, so I have to be quick.

    Bruce Pratt

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