Independent’s Day Weekend


The first annual Independent’s Weekend was a smashing success.  About 65 Independents gathered for a host of activities over the July 4th weekend.  We wish to thank everyone who came and made this such a memorable weekend – the friendship and camaraderie was beyond wonderful. 

The first celebrants rolled in Friday for an impromptu get-together. Sam’s arrival all the way from the UK and Jim Logan’s arrival from Nova Scotia created theta waves so real you could reach out and grab them! Saturday, everyone started gathering in the morning at our home and by 7pm a large crowd were in attendance for the wedding.  Marty and Mosey vowed their love and the crowd rejoiced! There was singing, dancing, laughing, and more. The party continued until late, even after the newlyweds left for the resort nearby.  It wasn’t long after the last people left that the first began arriving for the Sunday Independent’s Day barbecue. By mid-afternoon the head count was above 70 with conversations buzzing everywhere again until late into the night.  Tiziano, Jamie and Safetyman Jackson conducted an impressive fireworks display (in spite of the DMbot PI who attempted to run over the fireworks in an extremely dangerous maneuver). We received a thank you card this morning from our next door neighbor stating the following: “Dear Neighbor: Thank you so much for the outstanding 4th fireworks! They were awesome and greatly enjoyed! Welcome to our area. Signed….” The young man who delivered the card told us that his elderly mother is not able to get out of her house much and she was so happy to be able to enjoy the show. 

Monday morning, those who had not had to go home gathered at Starbucks in downtown Clearwater (right next to Flag) before heading out for the inaugural Independent’s Deep Sea Fishing Tournament. For anyone who has not visited downtown Clearwater for some time, the activity level is dead and the tone-level grim.  The public and staff were being kept out of sight in case they came in contact with an SP, funny how Scientologists have come to literally fear communication – when the handling of comm is supposed to be the hallmark of the subject.  That morning downtown Clearwater was abuzz due to the presence of the Independents and their unrelentless insouciance. And a couple of Scientologists that did happen to run the crowd were even uplifted by the infectious happiness that was present. 

The Fishing Tournament, organized by the dedicated Shannon and Hiro Kimoto, was a joyous group extroversion. After the fishing trip those who were still here gathered once again at our house for dinner and a “fireside chat”.  Stories were told and many, many more laughs were had.

Overall the weekend was a pleasure moment that will last a lifetime and more. Friends were reunited and purpose lit on fire. This is a true group.  

Special thanks are in order for a number of people who went out of their way to help make the weekend a success (in no particular order): The James gang, Tiziano and Jamie Lugli, Karen DeLaCarriere, Michael Laws, Shannon and Hiro Kimoto, Just Me, Steve Hall (who designed the new logo for the Independents and two celebratory banners as well as being the “official” photographer), Jack Airey (for getting the banners and flag produced), Jan Weiss, Tom and Mary Jo DePhillips,  Veritas, Bruce Pratt (and Bruce deserves a special nod for driving to and from Tampa airport a dozen times as the unofficial “official” driver), Silvia Kusada, Gary (Jackson) Moorehead, Natalie & Brad Hagemo, Alison Andrus and Tom Devocht, John Nunez (“Chief” official photographer), JB, Jim Logan, Sam Domingo, Jackie & Paul B and Sofie Lefebre. 

We very much look forward to the next gathering, which will no doubt be exponentially bigger. See you there!

Mike and Christie

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  1. Sounds awesome! There have been Independents’ Day gatherings in the LA area since 1982, though. This year, it was hosted by Aida and Dave Thomas and over 100 people came, and video interviews are up on YouTube here:

  2. Awesome!!

    Congratulations to all that attended.

  3. Wowie zowie! Congrats! We had a pretty good 4th here in LA, too. ML, Songbird

  4. Damn! Good for you guys!

    (The Independent Scientologists are not only surviving, they are FLOURISHING! In Clearwater-bloody-Florida yet!)


  5. What a shame that I missed this fun. Will come next year 🙂

  6. HA! OUTSTANDING!! Literally!
    Love the logo. Very cool stuff.

    … and the public at FLAG avoiding going out for fear of the dreaded “SP’s” is too funny. OT’s my foot, thought you were supposed to be at CAUSE??? Seem to recall having read that somewhere.

    Congrats to everyone on such a worthwhile event! Congrats to the happy bride and groom! Happy 4th of July to all and hope to make it to one of the future events!

  7. Quicksilver

    Wow … wish I had known about this …

    Great photos!!!! What a powerful group!

    Love the new logo – impressive!

  8. WOW what a gathering, everybody are so up tone and happy.
    I want to go to the next one ,
    what I need to do to go to the next one?????

  9. Redneck Thetan

    Sounds like a wonderful time. Jealous I wasn’t there!

  10. This is so theta. Thank you, Mike, Christie and everyone for making this happen. I am looking forward to our next BIG one.


  11. Christie and Mike did an outstanding job! This was an absolutely terrific weekend; of great food, drink and many many friends getting together and sharing their stories; with the added beautiful event of Marty and Mosey’s wedding! It was a memorable weekend!
    Love, Jan

  12. Jan — Your help was invaluable. Thank you !

  13. That logo is just fabulous! Fresh! Glad to hear about the time spent making your adventures with Scientology one full of such pleasure moments! This feels REAL!

  14. Christie, Mike, Lucy and Hayden,

    Thank you so much for throwing this shindig at your home. Everybody on this blog knows how much good planning and hard work goes into making a weekend like this such a grand success. So thank you all so much.

    I would also like to send out greetings to those I got to spend time with. It seems very strange to now recall I’d never met any of you before the weekend. What a wonderful time it was.

    Just Me

  15. Barney Rubble

    Sounds so uptone, next year you might have to rent that Hall, that Flag uses for their events!

    PS: What kind of dog is that? Looks beautiful.


    Mike and Christie, it was an awesome week end!!!!!
    We enjoy it very much, a lot of theta all over the place, smiles and happiness…. congrats to Marty and Mosey for their wedding… it was an event to remember … we will keep flourishing!!!!

  17. I am verklempt! You guys are all A_W_E_S_O_M_E!
    Keep Going!

  18. Barney — She is a white German Shepherd. Her name is Nikita. She’s very friendly and may have had the best time of anyone at the party! She was so excited to meet and be admired by so many new people!

  19. Thought Provoking

    Thank you Christie and Mike for creating such a beautiful and theta event for us all, even if some of us were only there in the virtual world. Knowing that you were all there connecting and communicating warmed my heart. We have really grown into a theta group!

    Knowing that it was extra special for Marty and Mosey in celebration of their wedding union made it even better. I so glad that they have such good friends in their lives.

    Great pics Steve, thanks for posting these and letting us share the moments with you all.


  20. So happy to see that you all are out and having good times!

  21. Wow! What a good looking group of people…unfortunately I had a last minute change of plans…next time, next time.

    Say, anyone one know what happened to Andrew Barton, used to be on the Freewinds?
    His brother is looking for any news of him, if anyone knows anything…


  22. Freedom Fighter

    Love it! Looks like you guys had a blast!!

    Contrast that to the prisoners holed up in the FH. So many references on out-of-commness and inability to confront running through my mind right now . . . more evidence of how far removed from Standard Tech and LRH things have become.

  23. Chris Black

    So KEWL!!!!!!!!!

    Let me know next time! Sheesh! 🙂 Jim and I will ride our bikes down together, hey Jim?

    I love the “Independent Scientologists” sign and logo. Outstanding!

    Yes, this is a “True Group”. One where people can congregate and communicate and HAVE FUN! And not be in trouble with the Shore Patrol for doing so. 🙂

    This post, and this group, reminds me of this quote from Magic of Good Management:

    “The Spirit of Scientology is one of help, a flippancy for the Authorities Who Know Best, a hope of getting onward, the one possible escape from the condemnation of this place. It doesn’t include doubt and “I’ve an open mind” or reasonableness about those who would stop us. It’s an aura of new horizons, a better life, an invitation out of the muck of all the misspent yesterdays. It’s an offer to be born again.”

    And as LRH says, “The atmosphere of Scientology is a lot more important than new buildings and modern furniture.”

    In case some person(s) didn’t get that, Ron clarifies it a little further on:

    “[Y]ou can sell Scientology short, grab a lot of money for no service and have an apparent solvency. But I have found that this takes about six months to catch up with an Org, at which time it starts to go broke in earnest in a soured community.”

    Interesting how that seems to be the current state of affairs of the CoM, while we are creating the true group it once was under LRH.

    Thanks, guys!

    Much ARC, Chris

  24. Awesome!

  25. mina,
    Listen to Bob Marley’s Get Up, Stand Up. Google it. Slough off the chains of fear this SP has gotten you to agree to and you’ll find all sorts of things open up.

    Really. There’s freedom out here, in the light of day.

    There’s the Bridge. Figuratively and literally.

  26. Jan,
    Sitting on the patio with you chatting away it was like no time had passed. We just picked up again at a higher level. It was amazable to see you sitting beside me with that wonderful southern style.

  27. Just Me,
    I know what you mean about ‘never meeting’ lots of the people that were there yet, having instant rapport and easy, sincere and amazable comm.

    Seemed like old friends, newly acquainted.

  28. Marty, you do not have to post this but wanted you to know that when viewing your site in what i guess is wordpress mobile view, on a phone (iphone in this case) all posts now include an ad FOR scientology with a direct link to scientology .org at the top of every one of your postings? Thought you would want to know.

    Sounds like you all had a great time, congrats on marriage to Mosey!

  29. Dean Blair

    Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

  30. History is being made and documented.

    I think L. Ron Hubbard would approve.

  31. Gary Cl VI

    Wow! Wish I could have been there! Steve – LOVE the new logo.

    The thing about this nascent group is the authenticity of the theta and ARC. Reading this blog is most always an uplifting and uptone experience. And when it’s a tough, hard to confront post — well, it’s a confront-lifter too.

    Contrasted with the forced “fun” I so often felt at C of $ “events” and activities (well, at least those post-1980 or thereabouts) it’s amazing how TRUTHFUL and joyful this movement is.

    Love, Gary

  32. Bang on Chris!

  33. FF,
    I took a walk by myself down to the front doors of the FH. That place was my home for many years. In other words, it is MY space and I wanted to have it.

    I walked up and there was a Clearwater police officer there, very much in beingness, and the guy from Marty and Mike’s Excellent Adventure video from a couple of months back, the guy with the glasses, and some other person sort of shrinking away on the side.

    I stopped directly in front of what used to be those wonderful glass doors and looked at the now small double doors, with only a window on top, above them.

    I originated that I used to live and work in the FH and I had come back to see the old girl. The police officer asked my name, and I smiled and told him (he nodded, and I detected a slight break in the ‘beingness’ gotten with my sincere smile and easy answer).

    I then addressed the ‘security’ guard and spoke to him directly. I said I’d seen the pictures and I liked what they had done to the place. I thanked him and said ‘Well done!’

    He smiled, broadly, and said ‘Thank you.’

    I continued on my Reach and Withdraw on the FH, ending up looking at it from the backside, recalling the rooms where I did my Grade O among other things.

    Then I noticed something. The building itself became ‘small’. It was sort of miniature in fact. I permeated it and extended around in such a freedom that it was as if I was looking at a child’s doll house in comparitive size. I was done my little ‘process’.

  34. Chris,
    Those are perfectly apropos quotes.

    On the bike ride, I’ll have to get my old bike’s seat re-upholstered or ‘bike ass’ will kill me 🙂

    There’s another place I wanna go for a ride to, a little farther away perhaps so we’ll have to plan for more gas, and more rest stops to give me arse a break. It’s in the High Desert, south, then west. Has blue roofs. A fence. A bunker apparently.

  35. rory Medford

    sounds like you all had a great fun time. maybe this will rub off on the C of M and they will learn how to put on a theta event

    then again it will never happen too much regging will be going on

    hats off to you all

  36. Anna, YES! Come next year! We all want to meet you in person!

  37. Amen to that! Jan rocked the food department!

  38. Just Me,
    THANK YOU. You guys showed up and made it a party to remember. The people there were the source of the THETA all the way! I love you all.

  39. Karen,
    I hope we get to meet you at the next one!

  40. Jim, you are such a good person.

  41. What an amazing weekend! It was so heartwarming and theta, a true family experience.

    Hugs and kisses to all of you who made it possible.

  42. Freedom Fighter


    I know exactly what you mean. I moved there at one time to do full time training. Some of the best times I’ve had in Scientology. Did my basics there — the LRH basics (TRs and Metering) among other things. It was a lot of fun for a while.

    Then GAT was released and things got really weird. I didn’t last long after that, mainly because I was asking too many questions about the outpoints I observed which didn’t sit too well with some. I left and haven’t been back.

    Glad you were able to go there and EP your “little ‘process'”. 🙂

  43. Freedom Fighter

    Wow, Chris! Spot on!

  44. cool banner design! 🙂

  45. This is good. This is very, very good. Let Freedom Ring!

  46. Well I got to hang out with Amy Scobee and family up here in the NW on July 3rd and that was pretty cool.

    I can only imagine how awesome the theta (true theta that is, not “You are so theta because you are a big financial donor”) was in Clearwater.

    Let’s keep going! Good people are still trapped. And it sure is better being free, lemme tell ya.

    Congrats Marty and Mosey! Sincerely!


  47. Ne Obliviscaris

    Wow! Wish I could have been there! What a great party! What a happy group! Good job guys!


  48. Tony DePhillips

    Jan I really enjoyed meeting you.

    For those who don’t know it, Jan is really the sleeper here. She has SO MANY DM stories that are awesome. She is an incredible story teller.

    Jan …I want more!!!


  49. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Just Me!!

    My wife and I really enjoyed meeting you!! You are so uptone!
    Can’t wait for the next one.
    Tony and Marie-Joe

  50. Tony DePhillips

    That dog is so theta you wouldn’t believe it. Quietly went around cleaning plates and gettingand giving admiration.. Very cool.

  51. verklempt I always wondered how to spell that 🙂

  52. I was there in spirit! You all look awesome!
    Mike and Christie, Haydon and Lucy well done. what a beautiful gathering you all pulled off.
    Marty and Mosey well what can I say…hugs and more hugs to you all.

    Love Carol

  53. I want to say the same thing here about the new IS logo that I’ve already said on ESMB and WWP: I am rather impressed by the new IS logo. Leaving aside matters of taste, I think it shows a degree of sophistication that the COS would be well to take note. Moreover, I think it does a good job of retaining a symbolic, emotional or almost subliminal link to COS and prior Scientology symbols while being different and also communicating something about the IS movement.


    Now, I’d like to add something else. I like the design as a matter of taste. I like clean and simple designs. To tell you the truth, I found a lot of the COS produced material to be rather gaudy, pretentious and overly ornate for my taste. The new IS symbol is much cleaner and direct.

    Finally, it is clear that you all have a strong sense of community, camaraderie, and indeed family. I am happy for you.

  54. Tony DePhillips

    Jim you are such a cool guy!!

    It is worth the price of admission just to see Jim and hear all of his stories and his non-stop jokes. You will be rolling and line-charging with laughter.


  55. Sounds awesome and I could see FH in your description. Most excellent processing you did!

  56. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the great weekend Mike and Christie!

    Also Marty thanks for creating such a theta group. It’s really fun again to be a Scientologist. Imagine having fun, talking about theta things and no regging or harrassment. Incredible.

    I enjoyed meeting all the names I have seen on the blog but now I have mass for the significance. Veritas, Sam, Bruce Pratt, Haydn and Lucy and their daughters. (they are very lovely) John Nunez, Sylvia, Just me and a host of others. This was truly a 3-d activity for me that I really enjoyed!!

    ps. Mike Rinder and Marty and JB and Jackson and Jim Logan make an incredible story telling and laughter factory.

  57. Seeing that oh-so-theta pic at Starbucks I just envisioned y’all totally lighting up the place! A big ole giant thetaball moving around bring goodness and light to anything around. It shows in the photos.
    Again, congrats to you Marty and Monique.
    F/N Ayyyyyy to y’all getting together for such a great event!
    (better so, with no reg waiting at the exit) 😉

  58. Jim,

    Got an extra room you can stay at, if you want to make that trip!



  60. Sounds like these parties felt like this … 🙂

  61. But the wonderful wedding – well that might have felt a little like this!

  62. Theo Sismanides

    Wow, awesome guys. So good to see you all there in the picture smiling!

    And what a great logo we have now! Really cool.

    We keep expanding!

  63. Richard Reed

    The Logo is AWESOME!
    & You guys look like you had an awesome weekend!

  64. Absolutely fabulous wedding and re-union.
    The energy and ambiance was incredible.
    You could not even feel sleep enough to secure~~ were energized with so much high ARC and the coming together of a true group.

    Thank you Mike and Christie for putting on this wonderful event.

    By the way your White German Shepherd is spectacular. She will immediately recognize me when I return and want those jogging outings !

  65. Wow ! Finally the unexpected happens: happy and laughing Scientologists in Clearwater ! Marvellous !

    Years ago I visited Flag: Lots of public who had come to do OT levels, but were unpleasantly surprised that they had to “complete” lower levels instead. The Tech Sec ( boss of auditing + training division ) begging me almost on his knees to write no further reports about his division. The usual blaming IAS attitude of “you have not donated enough !”. Busy and depressed RPF slaves. Class XII Alain Kartuzinsky kind of admitted that he didn’t have enough time to care about C/Sing ( overseeing ) my progress ( later he was involved in the McPherson dilemma, maybe also because of overload ).

    And Prince David scared the s**t out of the MAAs ( ethicks personnel ). They had dared to keep publics for more than 30 minutes in their office, thus “stopping production” ! LRH had never written about such a time limit, that’s for sure, but The Prince would always see things others couldn’t see !

    But I also did something really bad at Flag. Boy was so stupid !

    I had told my auditor – in pure infantile innocence, I swear ! – that she was so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, the beach being so close.

    This statement brought sadness to her face. “But you have a day off, don’t you ?” I asked. “No, it’s just a few hours, and I have to do my chores then”. From then on I could always feel the suppressed sadness she was living with in every moment of her life. And a highly praised and decorated auditor she was !

    Then I realised that I was doing this to her. I helped to push her into that treadmill by getting auditing from her ! A persisting overt ( bad deed ). And everyone with some training can correctly estimate that my auditing cycle turned into a disaster. I never returned to Flag.

    When I look back I perceive the heavy efforts, seriousness, complexity and other-determination at the Flag “mecca”.

    While you guys are the true opposite. JUST GREAT 🙂 🙂 🙂

  66. crashingupwards

    Congratulations on pulling it off. Looks like you had a great time. And i like the logo very much. Wish I had been there.

  67. Great team, I’m looking forward for the time I can be there to or you could all come to Italy!!!! Even better Sardinia!!

  68. Tony,
    I had an easy crowd so it was easy to sense humor. Nice, clean, and the best audience in the universe I’d wager.

    Another thing, that’s become apparent since I got back to my place, about the crowd that is; with no effort, on presence and by intention, my ethics level rose to a plane I’d envisioned when I first read about the True Group so many years ago.

    I watched myself, and others, get case gain from the comm cycle alone, just like it says in the TRs course. In fact, there was such an as-ising going on, I had to step out for a smoke frequently to get a little havingness as all that old energy fell away.

    I laughed so hard at times I think I worked off a little of my belly and I cried so thoroughly, reminded of the loss of my friends but now, there, right in front of me, to the side, over there and permeating the space with life and love, there they are again – joy, pure ineffable joy and the tears of its expression at finding them again.

    I can say that this past weekend was at least one of the finest times I’ve ever been involved in. An indelible pleasure moment that can’t ever be ‘erased’ because it exists above any facsimile.

    One more step up and I swear, tables, the walls, hands, and any other stuff laying around would have started to disappear.

  69. Sinar,
    Many thanks for the offer. One day. Soon.

  70. For any who want to be rejuvenated with the most theta ‘spa’ that is the presence of one we know as Karen De La Carriere, well, I urge you to make a date for the experience.

    It’s all that and so, so, so much more.

  71. Han Solo,
    Mate, I’m sorry to hear of that trip you made. I understand it too.

    Auditing is magic. There, in the session, is this circumstance that is miraculous. A wonderland of beauty and strength and the whole of life.

    Auditors make that space. Auditors are the finest people I know.

    That is why DM targets them.

  72. Jim, It was great to talk about the days when Qual Gold was fun! You were always ready to help me in any way I needed; that was the time when it was a pleasure moment; staff were getting up the bridge, studying and getting through their crams; it was a hopping place.
    PS I have some crams I need to get some people through by 2 PM today today…. 🙂
    It’s Thursday! Yikes!

  73. Christie, this is definitely on my calendar … 🙂

  74. Casual Observer

    She is beautiful! No doubt.

    On the other hand, how can this dog be theta when surounded by such a bunch of dangerous SPs?

    In the spirit of help, here is Minerva’s next blog posting on the matter:

    ” I was genuinely saddened to see Nikita on the slippery slope into becoming a squirrel. I heard from friends that she used to be a dedicated dog, chasing rabbits and barking away happily. Now she has recently been seen sniffing another dog’s butt, and other equally bizarre behaviour. She has little chance of redemption having chosen, as she did, to ally herself with a ragbag bunch of squirrels. I found it interesting as it clearly shows the working of Nikita’s mind, and her rationalization for what she is doing now.
    Nikita’s actions demonstrated no understanding whatsoever of Scientology principles; not even as an undercurrent…Her dog-certs are cancelled” (Minerva: no charge this time, you can have this one gratis)

  75. Ralph,
    It occurs to me reading your post that what that advertisement does is provide a datum of comparable magnitude. It’s actually probably a good thing OSA is doing, completely unaware (even now as I tell them) what it is.

    It used to be, when the Church of Scientology WAS such a place, that one could compare and find that the CofS was the right pick. Not so today.

    Today, the comparison is between the Church of David Miscavige, a black, reversed, implant station in the usurped guise of Scientology.

    Independent Scientology is the real deal. Independent beings, associated by effortless postulates and free theta.

    By showing up the contrast, DM again (in a seeming unending ability to do the wrong thing) leads others to us.

    Ya gotta love it.

  76. Hans and Jim,

    In his own image dm has created the Church of Perdition.

  77. Tony, I enjoyed meeting you as well! This was just a great weekend! Jan

  78. Rock on Independents!

    Just reading these accounts of your gathering and seeing the photos is enough to “move one on up a little higher”. Jim Logan’s description of the process he ran at the Fort Harrison, and of theta auditing space, by themselves push out one’s anchor points.

    I hope more SO members and FSO public decide to throw off their chains and further revitalize downtown Clearwater, and other locales, as a result of this event.

    Scientology 3.0 really needs to replace the broken and buggy version 1.0 with its Admin Death Screen.

  79. Jim, you’ve brought tears to my eyes! I don’t intend to miss the 2nd Independents Day!

  80. I should have come to this. The group photo is what my org should look like. Being on purpose shouldnt drive you down the tone scale and you guys show that in your faces.
    I may put my face in there in Photoshop to help me get over the loss of not being there 🙂

    Also, Cowboy Poet and I have attempted a fourth of july-fight song-independence anthem.

  81. Jan,

  82. S U P E R B !!!

    Very cool week-end event! Thank you for informing us.
    Glad EVERYONE had a wonderful time. You are all awesome and beaming with Theta.

    The I.S. logo is great! I’ve printed LOTS of C of S logos in my Sea Org carreer.
    I really like this one. Commendation to Steve Hall.

  83. dfb,
    I have a Korg D3200 studio. With that, and others capable as well using today’s technology we could work out a worldwide recording. That is, take the sketch, send it out to parts far and wide, record the additional tracks and send them back to the ‘control room’ for mixing and mastering.

    The producer can stay on line for each part and give a ‘that’s a take’ for them and we’d be chillin’.

    Something for up the line to consider.

    Good tune dude. Or should I say ‘men’ since one of you is a large cowboy, a real cowboy and though I’m way far away…well let’s say I got a healthy respect for real cowboys.

  84. DFB aka Dfb99

    I would love to be part tof something like that.
    I can also put parts I get from email. I’ve done that before. You do a keyboard part, make sure it starts at zero, even if silence. Then I import it into the song.

    The other way, I’ve never done, but someone probably knows how to set that up.

  85. Excellent and Congratulations to you all for such a fun re-union, and wedding, and just FUN in a place that has long since forgotten what “Fun” is about.

    I always says to Scientologists still “In”, lurking, or helping the OSA ops on-line: “Is this *honestly* what you got into Scientology for?

    I think you all gave them a most excellent reminder 🙂 Happy Independence to ALL 🙂


  86. Marc Abian

    Congratulations, Marty and Mosey!

    Great to see you all protest IRL; that has to be the single biggest gathering of exes at Flag ever!

    I can only imagine what was going through the minds of those currently “in” that saw you.

    Just a suggestion, next time bring signs. That will no doubt have a big impact.

  87. Congratulations.

    “There was singing, dancing, laughing, and more.”

    “And a couple of Scientologists that did happen to run the crowd were even uplifted by the infectious happiness that was present.”

    I can’t help it I tried to hate Neil Diamond and his music as being something humongously uncool, I really did try so hard. But I love this song.

  88. ♫ Great job fellows! ♫
    ♫ Y’all are SPLURGING big time ! ♫

  89. I will be coming out 100% soon. My son just told me his fiance’s Scientology mother has demanded I not attend his October wedding because of my “SP connections.” The next step, I’m sure, she will demand that he disconnect from me altogether, something he has sworn he would never do. I’m beyond heartbroken but would not change a thing. I cannot stand by silently or under a pseudonym as family after family is devastated. More soon. ML, Heartbroken Songbird

  90. CatDady ←
    Cheers to the Netherlands and best wishes for Sunday’s FIFA World Cup Final.
    Go Orange !
    Queen Juliana’s tulips are in full bloom in Ottawa. ☼

  91. My favourite post! Pure theta; I love it!

    I want in, next year 🙂

  92. DFB and Cowboy,

    I just adore you both! Of course, you two create for the joy of creating. But it’s as though your songs are written just for us. Soooo cool of you to do this.

    And, yes, DFB — you should have come, but you will next year. So there!

    Just Me

  93. At one point during the party, my wonder, joy and gratitude hit a max-out point …it was so huge I had to sttrrreeettttccchhhh to fathom the magnitude of free Life that was happening.

    Seeing people who have served with one another be reunited in duty and purpose was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve witnessed. ever.

    Those hugs between SO and friends were holy, and I watched them fully witnessing what they held and exchanged! the years of working shoulder to shoulder in defying all obstacles to make things go right are not lost, were not meaningless, and Duty to Life can never be taken away by small tyrants. It was one of the most beautiful sights to see. yes, it moved me to tears.

    Then, personally, being welcomed and appreciated, being seen for real, is the sweetest, happiest balm ever — and has more kick than any substance or antimatter known:)

    And the stretch I tried to describe …it’s still going on.

    Being in the presence of Karen de la Carriere was …how can I describe it? an event in itself and worth the journey. Even when I think about it, the space, space it’s palpable theta, I’m instantly in vast calm beauty. Very safe. safe. Like love and life, the true nature of.

    and yes, Oh, the dancing!! OK John Nunez needs his own dance show:)

    John is on purpose as an auditor, I loved hearing about people being helped in the community — what Scientology is for: to be applied, used, delivered.

    Siliva and I also paddled some pretty awesome ping pong. In what was a *very close* match, Michael and Ignazio barely beat us by 2 points! 🙂

    Jumping in the pool … yes! LOL

    Even though they were mere details, they do deserve mention, mostly because of the care and create that went into the preparation of a veritable feast:

    perfectly grilled fare tended by bar.b.q master extraordinaire Mike!

    *the best* apple pie I’ve ever had.

    Balloons Not just any balloons …they had necklaces and other balloons within them.

    Fireworks, and I mean they meant business bursting in air! There was a huge chest of various kinds with lots of whiz, pop, bang and colorful burstings.

    Mike and Christie, Haydn & Lucy, thank you for your hospitality.

    Mr. Monique and Mrs. Marty lol I love you dearly.

    HI ALL!!!! thinking of you and each of our exhilarating exchanges, and the wonders that each of you are.

    and …we’ve only just begun!

  94. I plan to make it to the next one, I’ve been busy. By the way I heard Flag looked kind of dead. Can anyone elaborate a little bit? I think I read the staff were being kept behind walls but what about public? Compared to earlier years? Also it’s pretty sick that the downtown is dying because apparently DM says shopping is out ethics. Flag should also be a mecca for artists and nice shops etc.

  95. awww Cat Daddy, LOL! Okay, since you went first, I’ll admit I love it, too. 🙂

    Besides, it’s cool to be uncool and it doesn’t necessarily make someone the Prince of Dorkness.

    Now where’s my DJ Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk ?! 😉

  96. Tony, Thank you…I also enjoyed getting mass on the statics 🙂

    I admired and appreciated you and MarieJoe in the coming out post. At the celebration, seeing everyone in person was the physical world catching up to us.

    I look forward to the uplifting results of all our combined experience, talents and training coming together in the community worldwide.

  97. Special thanks to Bruce Pratt for being a gentleman and true fellow — just loved his smarts and dutiful service in tending to everyone’s comfort and travel logistics.

  98. Jan, ✩thank you✩! btw, Did you make that apple pie?

  99. Greetings, Just Me !

    It seems very strange to now recall I’d never met any of you before the weekend.

    Yes, well put! Timeless

  100. Han Solo,
    Yes it is tragic what it is like to work in the CofM. When I worked at Gold it was a constant can’t have. There is a beautiful pool with a jacuzzi and saunas, but you can’t use it, there is a soccer field, basketbal courts, beach volleyball and a par course, but you’re dead meat if you use them. You don’t deserve them …

    Screw that! No more chains, no more suppression e-meters will not be used on me as elements of interrogation. No more “hidden cameras”. No more illegal detention, no more “the hole”, S.O. Members should be given exchange in abundance for what they do and should have the liberty to take time off – without CSWs.schedules should exist and they must get plenty of sleep. Family time returned and children must be allowed to exist – children and the second dynamic must be present and allowed to exist! I know in my heart that the most suppressive decision ever made was the suppression of children and the attempted assasination of the 2nd dynamic, after that was when the real psychosis started to show it’s ugly head. Freedom isn’t free and we must fight for it.

    David Miscavige is dramatizing an incident many moons ago when he was a slave
    Wished to be like his own master…

    Forgotten was,
    the ugly demise of his master then
    many a moon ago.

    My 1st attempted poetry – inspired by cowboy poet

    Or in the words of Simon and Garfunkel

    They say that Richard Corey owned one half of this whole town…

    With political connections to spread his wealth around
    Born into society a bankers only child
    He had everything a man could want, power grace and style.

    But I work in his factory and I curse the life I’m livin and I curse my poverty and I wish that I could be oh I wish that I could be oh I wish that I could be
    Richard Corey

    The papers print his picture almost everywhere he goes
    Richard Corey at the Opera
    Richard Corey at a show and the rumor of his party and the orgies at his yacht
    Oh he surely must be happy with everything he’s got

    But I work in his factory and I curse the life I’m livin and I curse my poverty and I wish that I could be oh I wish that I could be oh I wish that I could be
    Richard Corey

    He freely gave to charity, he had the common touch and they were grateful for his patronage and they thanked him very much

    So my mind was filled wonder, when the evening headlines read, “Richard Corey went home last night and put a bullet through his head”

    But I work in his factory and I curse the life I’m livin and I curse my poverty and I wish that I could be oh I wish that I could be oh I wish that I could be
    Richard Corey

  101. The most liberal queen we had ever. Nice to hear the band is strong between Canada and Holland (The Netherlands).

    Thanks for the Cheer 🙂 And may those tullips brighten up the place.

  102. Someone like to Party Hard 😉

  103. Thought Provoking

    You betcha!

  104. Songbird
    So sorry to hear that this is happening to you.
    I know it may not seem like it now but once you are through this and on the other side the weight of the suppression will start to lift not only for you, but also for your loved ones who are being targeted and over-restimulated into violating their own integrity. By confronting this you are helping them. I have spent the last year pulling myself up through vicious attacks and there has been almost unimaginable pain along the way. But at the culmination of this phase of my life (the recent independent party) brought such joy. Being free with people I love and who love me in return was above and beyond anything I could have imagined when I first decided to unclip my wings and ‘come out’.
    I admire your courage in not betraying your friends thus far and your decision to fight back and look forward to the day we can meet in person at the next independents day celebration.
    Much love and theta power to you and may the broken bonds be healed quickly as this theta force of love and hope moves on towards the dissolution of the church of hate.

  105. Songbird,
    While this is very sad (and a bit revolting)
    i think you should abide by your Code of Honor and ATTEND your son’s wedding, regardless. Crash the wedding if you have to. He’s YOUR son.

    Enough is enough! with this cult disconnection non sense. (in my opinion of course. You’re free to do as you chose). Θ

  106. Dear Songbird,

    I may be way off the mark here — but I cannot stand the idea that your future in-law can “demand” you not attend your son’s wedding.

    I would have two cherce words for the woman, and they’re not printable here!

    And then I would buy the best-looking dress in the world and walk down the aisle in it and attend your beloved son’s wedding.

    Please don’t agree to this woman’s goofy “order.” It would just give agreement to her future goofy orders — and show that it’s OK for her daughter and your son to agree to those, too.

    (Of course, you didn’t ask for this advice, and I don’t know the fuller facts of the situation. But agreeing to give up our most basic rights is how those rights get eroded.)

    Very best wishes to you,

    Just Me

  107. Songbird, did your son agree to ask you not to attend?

    I feel your heartbreak. Keep loving and being who you are. NOT an SP.

  108. Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose true purpose of Tech, thru the perilous fight,
    On the Bridge we kept true, right on source, theta streaming?
    And through bogus declares, SPs bursting hate glares,
    We’re proof through the lies that our flag is still there.
    Oh, say does that Theta banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

  109. Hello! (Sam surfacing from the jetlag).
    My special memories from the party:
    1. Veritas looking very pretty in pink jumping into the pool fully dressed and then asking if her mascara was running
    2. Bruce Pratt, a most beautiful, big-hearted and generous being, giving up a day of fishing with the gang just so he could help even more than he already had – and yes Bruce, you can keep my book 😉
    3. Christie FINALLY sitting down on a chair to relax and enjoy the party and agreeing to stop running around taking care of everyone, then immediately jumping back ‘on post’ when she realized the tiki torches were not lit spoiling the ambiance of the party.
    4. Jackson Moorehead telling everyone about a blow drill while wearing a fluffy blue tiara.
    5. Jackson passing on the fluffy blue tiara to Mike Rinder who gamely put it on to tell his story
    6. Tiz demanding that a blushing Christie tell him every single intimate detail about how she and Mike got together.
    7. Mosey giggling when Marty promised to provide her with the whimsical needs of a girl during the marriage ceremony.
    8. The James girls (Mareka and Kat) downing a shot of single malt whisky without flinching (I did it too but I could barely stand up afterwards).
    9. Chasing Nikita around the pool to retrieve 2 soggy, half eaten cupcakes (with paper) from her mouth
    10. Having an all night conversation with Jim Logan – you haven’t lived until you’ve done that.
    11. Jim Logan saying “Jesus Christ!” upon first seeing JB and JB replying “Why does everyone call me that?” followed by a ‘moment’ (Jim and JB staring at each other) which brought just about everyone in the room to tears.
    12. Sending Jackson and Micheal Laws to find people and throw them in the pool.
    13. Watching Micheal Laws giving everyone bear hugs (which involved being lifted a few feet into the air).
    14. Wandering around the FH buildings playing tag with 2 cute little security guards who were trying very hard to pretend that they weren’t following us.
    15. Spending 3 days with virtually no sleep, but being too exhilerated to feel tired and then remaining in a daze thereafter (which I haven’t fully come out of yet) trying to take in the enormity of ‘what just happened’
    For those who missed it, you were felt in spirit and celebrated as a part of this incredible group. You have all been a part of this journey and have all been a piece of this history in the making.
    This is just a very tiny taste of the indescribable theta bomb that went off this weekend and here’s hoping that we’ll see you all next year for an even bigger celebration.
    Wondering if the Flag Auditorium will be big enough to hold us all?
    More to the point, wondering if the universe will crack open under the strain of all that theta.

  110. Ne Obliviscaris

    DFB & Cowboy Poet,

    I got one thing to say about that song.



  111. Maybe next year I’ll ride my horse and carry the independants banner! I’ll have to leave pretty soon though!
    Talking about biker ass Jim,Ill have to strap a recliner on Blaze or I’ll be one huge saddle sore after the 1st 5 miles!

  112. It sounds like — for perhaps the first time ever — “The Friendliest Place in the Whole World” was experienced by some Scientologists visiting Clearwater.

  113. The apple pie was made by Laura Pino Lopez. She was the red-head with the cute little chubby baby that was at both parties. She is new Independent Scientologist (meaning she was recently introduced by me to Scientology but never had to deal with the church.) And she can make one hell of a pie! 🙂

  114. Yes! Exactly!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  115. That was it! 🙂 Beautifully captured Veritas!

  116. Songbird, I’m really sorry to hear this is happening to you. This is one of those cases where I truly believe Dr. Laura’s idea that who the celebrants want to be there is who should be there — regardless of what anyone else wants — is what should be respected.

    Whatever happened to “good roads, fair weather” anyway?

  117. Yes, yes, yes!

    “Spending 3 days with virtually no sleep, but being too exhilerated to feel tired and then remaining in a daze thereafter (which I haven’t fully come out of yet) trying to take in the enormity of ‘what just happened’”

    The best kind of daze ever. 🙂

    And one of my favorites: Sam arriving with presents bursting out of her bag! Even one for little Shane.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  118. Watching Eyes

    You could phone the fiance’s mother and tell her not only will you be attending YOUR son’s wedding but that if she fusses any more about it you’ll show up with a reporter. Remind her that the dwarf’s own Baghdad Bob, aka Tommy Davis, said disconnection doesn’t exist. Tell her the press would be very interested in this story. Have a reporter phone her.
    You’ve got to get tough on this one otherwise they’ll step all over you.

  119. After sensing and reading of the joy you all just experienced … the talking, dancing, communicating, marrying and story telling –

    It’s amazing and high delight to see all the coming togetherness.

    (Marty, this incredible steel player cites SRV as a primary influence. I grew up in TX and saw SRV as a kid in a local band and have loved great guitarists since. Oh, SRV = Stevie Ray Vaughn.)

  120. No worries Sam, there is supposed to be a bigger auditorium in the original plans for the SP building if it get’s done.

  121. Songbird,
    You know I love you, and I *hate* hearing that this is being run on you. I have to say I agree….
    go anyways, OR hire a plane to fly over with a print out sign: “I love you, my son!”

    Or Flyer every car:
    “Because of the “church” of Scientology, my son was not able to invite his own Mother to his wedding”. (And add your favorite web address)
    (If it’s local, I’ll go an pass them out for you 🙂

    Do what you feel is right—but I agree, he is your son. If it feels right to go, go. If in your heart you know you’ll only create more upset between you two, I’d respect that.

    Love is forever, and he’ll always be in your heart, no matter what some dumb Cult restricts him to do. Be yourself—you’re always spot on.
    Lots of love, Tory/Magoo

  122. Yes, she’s goooood at this!

    Reminds me, to you Christie, Mike, Haydn, Lucy, Marty, Mosey, and all who arranged this to be so extremely special, THANK YOU!!!!

  123. Yes Sam. Yes.

    ‘The enormity of what just happened’.

    I can’t wait till we stay up and talk all night again.

  124. Hells yeah!!!

    You could have not described it better Sam…and on top of that, you just painted a beautiful smile on my face.

    Such indelible memories where forged in our lives.

    Thanks to all of you, for all you are, and all you do…


  125. cowboy poet

    Just Me,
    They are written just for you!
    So there to you too!

  126. @ Revenimus, Jim Logan, TEG :

    The bad experiences people have had in Co$ prove one thing for sure : that the laws of confront and responsibility are always superior to the promises and pretense of a group.

    And many of us have been a bit ( or a lot ) slow in recognizing that.

    Anyway, after that realization a new life opens up 🙂

  127. Fellow Traveller

    To all y’all who were there —

    I rely on others for words and poetry. Thank you veritas and Sam for the poetry and prose which captures the moments so much better.

    What a privilege to travel that path with such stellar and magnificent beings (RJ 67 rings very true to me here).

    To all y’all that missed it: ah well. You missed IT. You missed IS. And yes, you were missed.

    Bruce Pratt

  128. Margaret,

    Ah yes, “the friendliest place in the whole world.” We certainly had a great time — theta and caffeine is a lethal combination! Very dangerous we were. But except for us, not so much.

    Downtown Clearwater was like a ghost town. But not having been there for a long time, I don’t know how much more dead it was than usual.

    After leaving Starbucks just after noon last Monday, I walked to my car, then drove around the downtown area, past the Fort Harrison and over to the Sandcastle. In (I’m guessing) twelve blocks I saw only six other human beings on the street.

    About half a block away from Starbucks sat a depressed-looking middle-aged fellow at a table outside a store. He might have been the store owner or a PI. He was there all the time we were at Starbucks.

    Another half a block away from Starbucks I said hello to a homeless guy who was re-organizing his backpack. He said hi and smiled back. He was by far the happiest person (other than us) I saw on the streets of Clearwater.

    At the corner of Cleveland and Fort Harrison I saw a Clearwater cop park beside the church building cattycornered from Starbucks and get out of his car. An SO guy carefully opened a side door and stepped cautiously onto the sidewalk. Apparently, the cop had been called to escort the SO guy somewhere. The SO guy was grinning in embarrassment. The cop did not look amused.

    Near the Sandcastle, a young Church security guy was standing by a tram stop, securing the area.

    Backed into some bushes a half block away was a PI sitting in a parked car, absorbed in a big map spread across his steering wheel. He didn’t look up either time I drove past him.

    And that was it for the folks on the streets of Clearwater. High noon. Twelve blocks. Six souls.

    Just Me

  129. “I cannot stand by silently or under a pseudonym as family after family is devastated.”

    – Songbird

    “Here I stand. I can do no other…”

    – Martin Luther

  130. Hi Veritas,

    It was great meeting you! Our conversations, dancing and swimming in the pool are all big highlights for the weekend. Your elegance, insouciance, beauty, kindness and huge spirit are special qualities that will not be forgotten. You embody what real Scientology is all about.

    Thank you for your validation on my applying LRH tech to help people become more happy and free.

    Look forward to doing it all again soon!

    Hope to stay in touch. The best way is to join the Independent Scientologists website as I know others wish to do the same. My email is

  131. Jim,

    I love your debrief on the reach and withdraw you did on FH – what a spectacular EP!

    One of these days I’m going to do the same with that GOLD base…

    Really good to meet you last weekend! You are quite the character!

    And all my thanks to everyone that put this celebration together and glad to meet everybody else on this site that was there. There is nothing better than being part of a true group.

    I can’t wait for the next one!


  132. Fellow Traveller

    Thank you, Sam.

    Which window?


  133. “Freedom isn’t free and we must fight for it.”

    Very wel put !

    “In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued – they may be essential to survival.

    – Noam Chomsky

    The master/slave thing it’s alsoo beautifully put although I see things differently.


  134. Fellow Traveller


  135. DFB aka Dfb99

    Here’s what will probably be track one of the concept album/rock opera.

    It’s looking back at some of my feelings when I first arrived at an org and joined staff.

  136. Fellow Traveller

    v —

  137. crashingupwards

    Just me said “twelve blocks-six souls”. Reminded me of the time i went back about 12 years ago. It was a lifeless place, buildings without people present. Very massy. Orwellian. Like a bomb had gone off and killed all life but left the buildings standing. I experienced a feeling of great remorse regarding the purpose I had embraced as a young man having withered and died. It was just all wrong. And that was 12 years ago.

    The independents standing in a group on the corner with smiles and theta flows must have been so out of place down there. It must have been like the circus came to town, when in reality it was only what it should have been all along.

    This too shall pass. Better days are ahead. Nothing stays the same. The church will contract, the independents will expand, sure as night follows day.

  138. You guys ROCK!!!!

  139. I love that song, and it does communicate how I felt, too, having quit college to hitch hike from Chicago to Los Angeles to become an Auditor, in 1969.

    “and by this time tomorrow, I’ll rid this world of all it’s sorrow”—that was my dream. Thank you for this excellent song. 🙂 Please let me know when the rock/ opera is out. Love to all, Tory/Magoo

  140. chris guest


    Really don’t what else to say.

    ‘Priceless’ maybe?

  141. Ah, Bruce — me too, what V said. You’re a gentleman and a scholar and a boon companion.

    Just Me

  142. one of those who see

    Thanks everyone for the debrief on this wonderful, theta gathering. Big smile on my face. I remember during the Portland Crusade it was reported that the crime rate dropped while we were there. I’m sure you had an even further reaching effect! I bet even at Flag there were some pleasantly surprised Staff and Public who’s harsh ethics cycles suddenly lightened up.
    Love ya!!

  143. Nobody steps all over Songbird.

  144. Janela,
    The next one to R&W on my list is Gold. We can do it on the same day maybe. It really is a blast. Done it twice now, once on Cedars, now the FH.

    I’ll get in comm with you shortly on some of the things we discussed. You will love it even more.

    (DM, aren’t you just twisting wondering WTF Jim Logan and Janela Webster were talking about, freely. Oh yeah, we did. Not just her and I either, but lots of others. More than any number of bottles of scotch can assuage. G’night Dave, be in your dreams I will. )

  145. Nice, real nice. Thanks for sharing

  146. dfb & cp

    Kudos!! Y’all have done it again…superb!!


  147. CD

    Once again, you amaze me with your spot on duplication and appropriate response.
    That was just perfect.


  148. I’m trying to get some information for an email, does anyone:

    1. Know if HCOPL 24 FEBRUARY 1964 Urgent – Org programming, was taken out of the newest OEC? I heard a rumor it was.

    2. Have some kind of writeup, or evidence, or a good memory, on price comparisons between now and back when services were much cheaper?

  149. Songbird

    Sam said it all so eloquently and I cannot improve on it, except to quote LRH:

    “If you believed man was worthy enough to be granted by you sufficient stature so as to permit you to exercise gladly the Code of Honor, I can guarantee that you would be a happy person. And if you found an occasional miscreant falling away from the best standards you have developed, you yet did not turn away from the rest of man, and if you discovered yourself betrayed by those you were seeking to defend and yet did not then experience a complete reversal of opinion about all your fellow men, there would be no dwindling spiral for you.”

    The Code:
    1Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.
    2Never withdraw allegiance once granted.
    3Never desert a group to which you owe your support.
    4Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength or power.
    5Never need praise, approval or sympathy.
    6Never compromise with your own reality.
    7Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.
    8Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it.
    9Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.
    10Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.
    11Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.
    12Never fear to hurt another in a just cause.
    13Don’t desire to be liked or admired.
    14Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.
    15Be true to your own goals.

    Love, Eileen

  150. one of those who see

    DFB!!!!!!! Love the song!!!!!!!!!!
    Is there a way we can get it onto our Ipods?? I would buy it on Itunes, but I assume it’s not there yet LOL.

    Well done!!

    This is all we need. It’s simple.
    Go in session – go free.
    Train – also to go free and free others.
    Treat each other decently

  151. dfb and all my friends here…

    I am overflowing with inexpressable hope for the future we are creating…all was never truly lost, only diverted for a time, but it is all coming back together again…


  152. Mike & Christie
    Marty & Mosey
    and everybody else…

    The amount of theta emanating from this blog is palpable and pervasive. Thank you all.
    LFBD TA Floating BIG SMILE 🙂

    Love, Eileen

  153. MJR

    Did you send an email to my hotmail address?
    Had something unusual received and don’t want to open it without confirming it is from you.


  154. B,
    Smmmmmoooooooch! A man kiss.

  155. Lookout DM, Yoda’s comin’
    “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship.”

  156. Who’s playing those guitar riffs with just enough fuzz tone that it gives the proper bite? Sweet!

    DFB and Cowboy, you’re documenting history with these Odes. ✩!

  157. meanwhile that asshole has some of the most expensive mest in the world, hyprocrisy!

  158. DFB, Beautiful. As track one, it sets the opening tone and stage … when so many of us bravehearts found the tech and embraced the dream we came to serve.

    It’s a great mix of good ol USA spirit R&B and Rock, when instruments were played without synths (not that I don’t love synths and trance, ambient & house too) but the guitar sings from the soul, beautiful voicings and love how the tone slips into raw and then some of the hollow tone (Is that a Telecaster?)

    Thank you for creating this.

  159. Lovely, Tory.

    Songbird </3 !!!! (heart break)

    But I agree, as difficult as it is not to take it personally, don’t take the bait to hate.

    It’s like hating a robot, poor thing, it really needs some WD40.

    Just say “Oh you silly wabbit! This is the happiest day of my son’s life, darling. Where ever are you getting this silly hate nonsense?”

    If you need help picking out the outfit you’re wearing, let us know. A few body guards might be necessary, but you will look positively radiant.

  160. Sounds like a North Korea, South Korea situation, the North at all costs trying to prevent their citizens from any contact with the South for fear of defection to where there are freedoms, meanwhile some mange to sneak thru at the cost of their lives. WTF, the CofM should open up its borders and allow freedom to prevail once again and bring together the North and South – just dreaming….I know in my heart of hearts LRH would have busted down the borders, just as the Berlin wall.

  161. There you are, Sam! 🙂 Living fireworks, that’s you. I loved going through and reliving these highlights.

    Thank you for appreciating that when a mascara brand says ‘waterproof’, I expect it to deliver. 😉

    Still thinking of each of you fondly, gratefully, and ….what kind of a party is this that it carries over into forever?!:)

  162. Barney Rubble

    Re: Org Progamming 24 Feb 64 PL, it’s in my OEC ‘s (VOL 4, Pg 172). Which my publication date say’s 1991.

    Not sure about comparative prices.

  163. Jim Logan takes communication to a whole new level … it’s not just words and concepts, he *illustrates* the comm … how do you do that Jim?! 😉 speaking in technicolor mockups visible by others…. ✺ ☄ ☼ ✿ Now that’s communication! LOL

  164. cowboy poet

    Guess we all know who does the work in this outfit now!

  165. Yes Eileen, I did.

  166. Hey Jim,

    Ha ha – now aren’t you the teaser.

    Look forward to hearing from ya’.

  167. theystolemychurch

    I have very good recall on prices from the 70’s up to Class IV….. what ones do you want? you can email me at

  168. 🙂

  169. Yes – he does. No words were needed. The comm was just there and crystal clear. Love you Jim.

  170. Hello all, I am so sorry I had to miss the 4th
    get together and the wedding. I missed seeing
    all my friends. Would have shared lots of stories. I decided its about time I got off my ass and write some more. I’ll have some more stuff soon. I know everyone wants to hear about Creston. There were 3 years with LRH at Creston so there are lots of stories to tell. I
    will be starting with what I know of LRH from
    WHQ through to Creston. Then the Creston years. Love to all, Sarge

  171. DFB aka Dfb99

    Oh boy. I’m really going to Ethics now. Tory Magoo is a fan. Or maybe I’m going to hell, I dont know.

    I used to be into the data the church puts out through OSA and sites like Religious Freedom Watch. A year ago, maybe even six months ago I wouldnt have even acked your comm. That pic they use of you with the devil horns and that devilish smile- I really hated you. Rrrrr!
    Although I didnt know you.

    They dont tell me who my enemies are anymore, who I can or cannot communicate with, or what I can read.

  172. DFB aka Dfb99

    Awesome, thanks.

    I used a Fender strat and a cheap acoustic. I think the “raw” parts might be an octave/fuzz effect I used.

  173. DFB aka Dfb99

    one of those who see,
    I’ll probably put them somewhere people can download them. I’ll figure something out.
    I think you can do that on Myspace and a few other sites.

  174. DFB aka Dfb99

    one of those who see,

    Theres so many people in and out of the church who, once the truth is all gotten out there and things are started back on track will be putting their shoulder to the wheel. It will be real and better than ever.

  175. DFB aka Dfb99


    I’m making my wife mad though. There’s work to do!
    Cutting firewood, clearing land, fixing sheds, etc, etc. Who’s going to do that stuff if I’m playing around with the guitar all day?

  176. I had three or four pending replies to people and they are gone. Did I hit the wrong button? Am I posting too much?

  177. one of those who see

    Org Programing is in volumes:

    OEC from 1991

  178. Yes, veritas, yes.

  179. Sweet Songbird,

    There are no bonds on earth stronger than a mother’s love.

    Let nothing stop you from attending your son’s wedding.



    P.S. Ovaries of steel, girlfriend.

  180. By the way — for those of you who’ve asked about the missing RJ (an early and frequent poster here), I got an email from him about a week ago. Says he’s fine but still on his big project. Says he’ll drop by and say hi.
    Just Me

  181. V and Christie,
    Years ago, on the Hard TRs course at Flag, the sup, Chuck Murray, showed me a reference on ‘interested and interesting’. I don’t recall the exact issue, but it was a P.A.B. (Pro Auditors Bulletin) I think.

    Anyway, from that I figured comm particles could be ‘interesting’, and so gain interest. It fit in with my understanding of getting attention as per the comm formula. Then, years later at Gold, I read an issue that suggested that in a film, the ‘pix’ should, all by themselves, portray the story line (sometimes I watch movies with the volume down to see if they get the comm across with pix alone).

    So, add the above ‘tech’ to my already outrageous nature, and there you go. I’ve never had much trouble with the other aspect of the ‘interested/interesting’ point made in the P.A.B. (in terms of a thetan, i.e., a thetan is interested, particles are interesting, and it’s not a good idea to confuse the two). In other words, I have as much fun ‘watching’ as I hope others do.

    It’s all about the particles. The body is another tool in the art of life.

    Plus, I’m a ‘little’ garrulous 🙂

  182. DFB,
    Those horns are a poopeler (popular) theme over with OSA/RFW. They seem to think that they are pushing an R6 button. Restim is the idea.

    They’ve gone over themselves, maybe by too many buttons being pushed, into a full blown R6 dramatization at the ever more reactive Minerva site these days. It’s very much like walking through an implant reading that stuff. In fact, it IS nothing other than a designed, intended (wittingly or unwittingly by the OSA guys, but purely intentionally by DM via these dupes), attempt to restimulate Earlier Similar implants.

    The Church of Miscavige is a dramatization of implants. Nothing more.

    Even this ‘use’ of buttons as rendered by DM, is a perversion of LRH. You can take just about any LRH datum, reverse it, reverse its intention, use it to entrap or enslave or re-inforce E/S incidents and you have the sole tech of David Miscavige/The SP.

    LRH predicted this circumstance; the reversal in intention and use of the subject by unscrupulous beings. His handling? Make sure the subject, the remedy, is spread far and wide. Don’t hoard it.

    That remedy is in place today. Many, many, many places. If you don’t have it at your place, I know where to get it 🙂

    Too bad, so sad Dave. LRH predicted you, we know who you are. WE HAVE THE REMEDY and there is jack shit you can do to keep it from being applied just like we do every single day. Which reminds me, study time! I’m off.

  183. Barney Rubble


    You’re freaking out, or you are getting far too bored.

    Maybe it’s time for a new blog.

  184. DFB aka Dfb99

    Oops, nevermind. They are there.

  185. Thought Provoking


    Again, you really set such a great example of moving on up a little higher. I love seeing when someone really gets it like this, inspirational indeed.

  186. Thought Provoking

    What an exhilerating event!

    Shows what can happen when you get a bunch of unsupressed beings together!

    Very reminiscent of my early experiences with Scientologists.

  187. Hanky-Panky going on at the shack now that Marty and Mosey are hitched, the just sit round all day staring at eachother all moon eyed like, hee hee.

  188. DFB aka Dfb99

    Jim Logan,
    I think they did push my buttons. I dont know how else to explain myself operating in a way that I knew was opposed to my own knowingness.

  189. Thank-you Sarge, we’re all looking forward to that:)

  190. Thought Provoking

    Great…was thinkin’ about him recently and he is overdue on dropping in for a minute or two.

  191. Visit other websites too. Or do something healthy outdoors.

  192. I wish you a mountain of Wisdom.

  193. Sarge,
    Thank you. I look forward to the great stories.

  194. Quicksilver

    1970 …

    Comm Course $25

    Student Hat $60

    HSDC $525

    Auditing $15/hr, then up to a whopping 25/hr or $625/intensive in 1971

  195. Quicksilver

    Ahh … forgot ..

    Integrity Processing (when released) $75/hr

    XDN (when released) $90/hr

  196. Quicksilver

    oops …. the $625 an intensive was a few years later ($50/ hr)

  197. Thanks, Veritas.

    Songbird—as My Grandfather used to say,
    “Hearts of Oak” (Stong Heart).

    He was a Doctor, and a great man…as you are
    a great woman. Stay strong, and follow your own instincts. If you haven’t read the book,
    “Blink”, get it and read it. It will help you decide.

    *hugs* Tory/Magoo

  198. DFB aka Dfb99

    Well, that wears off after a while. I’ve been married a long time and the moon eye thing is rare.

    I only asked because always my posts are visable to me but they say “awaiting moderation” or some such thing.

    With these, everything was just gone. As if deleted.

  199. @ DFB :

    You wrote : “That pic they use of you with the devil horns and that devilish smile- I really hated you. Rrrrr! Although I didnt know you.”

    Take it easy, DFB, you just fell into a common trap then – and have crawled out of it all by yourself 🙂

    Witnesses state that OSA training includes a book called “About War” written by a German general. In this book there is the datum “if you want war, you have to create a warlike mood first”.

    The Misc. church seems to apply this datum very generously. “The Great War” against alledged SPs / alledged cruel psychs / alledged evil governments / you name it.

    This pushes up necessity level in the publics and staff, and they contribute more. On the other hand it creates a lot of emotional stress.

    This game of “they want to get us , so we have to fight them” isn’t new in history. Hitler’s misnister of propaganda, Goebels, held a speech about this in 1943 ( the blitz victory streak of Nazi Germany was long gone ). After describing the horrible enemy ( carefully created by Germany in the years before ) he asked : “do you want total war ?”

    And the crowd cheered “yesssss !!”.

    And boy did they get their total war …

    I have seen the same psychological effects during IAS events. If a big bold leader promises relief from all evil monsters in the world the crowds get exhilarated ( instead of confronting the facts ) …

    … but I guess this mechanism has been keyed out for you,by now 🙂

  200. You mean like in the mid 70’s the training side of the Bridge prices, such as the levels being 200.00 each, the SHSBC being 750.00, things like that?

  201. Off hand, I’d say that birth has been given to an annual event!

    Looking forward to participating myself. I’ll ride along with Jim and Chris. Maybe we can pick up other bikers along the way … hmmm … makes for an interesting image … maybe dozens of us all riding with police escorts from town to town with the new logo held high!

  202. That’s a great development, DFB. Congrats. Tory really is a sweetheart.

  203. yeah, I´m with you 🙂

  204. Cat daddy,

    Do something healthy outside…”

    How dare you imply some of us do something more than look for the latest blog from Moving on up all day!

    I read every one of your articles as soon as it comes out too buddy and I loved the “summer” one. You deserve a lot of those summers!


  205. Sarge – looking very much forward to it! Miss your stories.

  206. Oh yeah Sarge, we be hangin’ on the edge of the seats my man. With your inimitable stylin’.

  207. Virgil Samms

    Still winding our way home. We went to New Orleans and stayed there for a bit. Visited a lot of people I knew from Katrina. Then Austin TX for a few days.

    Absolutely the best party ever. I loved it. This is the kind of group I want to hang with forever.

    ML Tom

  208. Bobo,
    Nice mock up. I’ll get my seat some new foam. Imagine, we slide down the highway, the banner flyin’ and all nasty and shit. Turn up and well, DM and his bike that he can’t ride, that I’d take on my beat up ol’ 1200, man that’s a picture.

    By the way, I hear he can’t fish either. Can’t respect a man who can’t fish. Nope.

  209. DFB aka Dfb99

    I think you guys are taking my first post too seriously.

    I had typed a few short replies to people who asked me questions or commented on my posts and they dissapeared- then they reappeared.

    I thought I hit the wrong button or something.

    I do occasionally go outside, to places that have wi-fi so I can check Marty’s blog ofcourse.

  210. DFB aka Dfb99

    It’s not very “LRH” to create an enemy like that. It’s a total ridge. Then everybody is supposed to cheer at the events when force is applied to it. We’re going to kill all the psychs and put them in jail or whatever the plan was…

    IF the other guy IS wrong that approach only serves to solidify him in his ways.

  211. Marty,

    May I request a second video installment of “Briefing from the Shack” please?
    {After the honneymoon break, fishin’ time, etc. of course. Θ }
    It would be nice to include Mrs. Rathbun in it too.

  212. DFB aka Dfb99

    I should add though I think psychiatry, particularly modern psychiatry which just hands out prescriptions, and then hands out more to treat the “side effects” is a problem. It is really causing a lot of damage to people.
    The way to handle that though is probably with ideas and thought. People change of their own free will more easily than by force.

  213. DFB aka Dfb99


  214. DFB aka Dfb99

    Heather G,
    Yes, I can feel that now.

  215. You guys cut it out giving DFB wrong items, maybe she/he just isn’t familiar with wordpress.

  216. Songbird,
    Don’t tell me you were at Aida’s also! Darn it,
    I missed meeting SO many people. Next time please
    make sure–if you see me—to come say “hi”. 🙂
    For now, HI 🙂
    Love to you,

  217. Thanks, Heather! Also, thanks Jim–interesting points.

    DMB—that’s amazing to me that you would think you’re going to “Ethics” or possibly Hell because you acknowledged my communication, liking your music? Phew—that’s a new one on my list of amazing communications.

    Re my Devil horns, here’s the actual (factual) reason I wore those. OSA used to send *me* out to talk with and “handle” the critics. I was also at Flag, on OT 7 for 7 years. So when I left, I figured A) They’d declare me SP—so the horns were to laugh at their insane SP declares and B) to say to anyone the “church” was lying about “Oh Tory’s just handling the critics”—“no, I’m NOT handling the critics, I’ve joined them”. That’s the facts, jack.

    So sorry if my very existence restimulates anyone. Please realize it is the “church” who is pushing buttons, over and over again. That’s what they use to control people. Also, the data on RFW couldn’t be farther from the truth, and I’ve asked MANY Scientologists “in” to come over and hear my side, as well as many others.
    Will they? Hell no. That should tell you where the truth lies.

    If you speak with me, in person, you’ll find out who I really am. Meantime, I still enjoyed your music—and I hope you do let me know when it’s coming out. Congrats on being out of there!

    My best to all,

  218. Away from the computer for a week and wow!
    Best wishes to the bride and a hardy congratulations to the groom!
    I wish I could have walked to the FH with Jim and had a coffee with y’all.
    Thanks to each of you for infusing the C/W area with so much of your theta and joy!

  219. My psychiatrist did a stack of tests and the only thing he prescribed was Vitamin B12 shots.

    Just saying.

  220. Thought Provoking

    Wouldn’t that be nice!

  221. You are right.
    The way to handle it is to create a “real” solution to the problem they are trying to handle, implement the solution into society in a responsible and workable manner and simply quietly and efficiently slide folks over to holistic methods.
    The “us vs them” mentality is just another 3rd and 4th dynamic GPM.
    There are some extremely intelligent folks out there who are creating effective methods of getting people off psych drugs and onto nutritional programs which handle actual physical conditions which DO need to be addressed before processing will be effective.
    LRH laid out an overall plan for this in the HCOB on Physically Ill PCs.

  222. Tory,

    I was joking about the ethics thing. Obviously I dont care and thats a choice I made. I was in good standing and an active member of my org, OT committee, VM Tent, on course every night, at every event, acting like I didnt mind IAS reges asking me all the data on my credit cards, etc, etc.

    At the end I did say “They dont tell me who my enemies are anymore, who I can or cannot communicate with, or what I can read.”

    I should add that I understand now that the church creates enemies and critics. Someone who is in Scientology since 1969, trained auditor, on OT7 probably doesnt just wake up one morning and out of the blue decide to leave the church. That there is a large and growing crowd in the same situation proves this.

    One other thing I wrote :

    Heather G // July 10, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    That’s a great development, DFB. Congrats. Tory really is a sweetheart.

    DFB aka Dfb99 // July 11, 2010 at 4:09 am

    Heather G,
    Yes, I can feel that now.

  223. Martin Gibson

    LRH would have to be so proud! A group created out of only a shared purpose. Rising above the bank, pushing middle class PTSness aside. Raising the torch of freedom. In a completely unserious yet dedicated beyond what could be expected. I am so glad you guys made it happen and posted the proof. Inspiring! Oh, and I think my avatar to the right is not gonna come out right, had some crossing problems… Any way will fix it soon.

  224. Jim, Thank you. I will do my best. You know
    I had a cycle at Creston. Still have the scare from my wipeout. Love bikes. Freedom!
    Matts and I rode together a lot. I think you and I
    could tell stories and laugh all night and then do it again.
    I love you man.

  225. Sam, Miss making you smile!

  226. It has begun. Time to support my “tribe”

  227. I am afraid you confuse me with the CatDaddy that catches catfish.


  228. “church” STATS

    Smurf/Gary Scarff protester at Hollywood’s Maiden Voyage Protest 10 juli 2010

    “There was less than 100 people there. I some people that were casually dressed walking in and then leaving minutes later with literature. I’ve been informed that the gentleman sitting with PAC guard Odo Huber in my 1st video is his father Walter Huber. The man wearing the lei is Tom Schermerhorn.”

  229. Marty, Party’s over, time to go to work. If you
    can call it that. Let’s bash the DM some more.
    Need to get sudden!

  230. Tsmc, Thanks, just emailed you. Thanks everyone for the info.

  231. rory Medford

    the start of a juggernaut

    the independents r on a roll

    keep it going and stay tight as a group

    u will be unstoppable if u do such

  232. DFB,

    Actually, thank you. I *totally* understand how you used to feel—I think most of us who were “in” had similar feelings towards “SPs”. I love that Tommy Davis now says, “There’s no Disconnection”. Who is he kidding?

    I sort of figured you were kidding, but wasn’t totally sure, so I thought I’d answer it just in case you were not. Amazing how far you’ve come, eh? Great job!

    And yes~~ The “church” does create their own enemies, which I used to tell them when I was “in”, trying to “fix” what turned out to be impossible to fix. I also reminded DM on camera (In “Magoo Dancing in Boston), 2 weeks after I’d left, “And here I am!”

    I saw what you wrote, and I greatly appreciate it. I think for the most part the vast majority of us who are out, and those helping expose the abuses, are on the same page (with some differing views, of course).

    I lived watching my auditor, Bill Yaude, “work” the Net—trying to use the “Divide and Conquer” routine.

    My solution: “When in doubt—communicate”
    “Communication IS the Universal Solvent”.
    That’s LRH’s quote, but I was raised with that by my parents, too.

    I’m filled with happiness for all who are out, free, and willing to take back *their own* lives!
    Great job, dfb~~

  233. Congrats Marty and Mosey, Exilda and I were so looking forward to your wedding and the Independence day party. But on the long drive to Florida we got called for work in Chicago and had to make a complete U turn . I hope the presence of our wonderful daughter n law Tina Pearlman made up for our absence. We look forward to seeing you two soon.

    Love Murray & Exilda

  234. rory Medford

    or should I say WE will be unstoppable

  235. theystolemychurch

    Yessssss!!!!!! Pleeezzeee! Love the last one!

  236. martyrathbun09

    M and E, Thanks very much. We missed you, but Tina was a great representative for the family.

  237. There’s an exception to every rule, isn’t there, Heather?

    However, I worked at a “leading” psychiatric institution for nearly 15 years once upon a time.
    That experience made made me a ‘critic of psychiatry’ quite similar to the ‘critics of scientology’ who exist today.
    Overall, psychiatry is no better than ‘institutional scientology’ is today, and it does not have the potential for good that scientology tech properly and honorably used does have.

  238. Speaking of B vitamins, here”s some history of medicine trivia. Back in the 1940s-50s and maybe into the 1960s, “B vitamin shots” were the hot stuff. Boy, they made folks feel great! The downside was, these also contained a ‘secret ingredient’ – amphetamine. So it turned out the depressive rebound was rather severe. Millions of people were affected by this.

    But today, although the amphetamines are not usually included in vitamin shots, why risk injections, when B12 and other vitamins are available in readily assimilated liquid or sublingual tablet form? The answer is, these do not require a prescription, so there is no benefit to the Dr. in recommending them.

  239. Hot news from IAS, they ‘ve cleared the planet and some nearby galaxies too:

    The following is a summary of the statistics from the last 12 months of the 4th Dynamic and Scientology Dissemination campaigns which have been funded by grants from the IAS:

    TV Ads:

    · Scientology & 4D campaign TV ads aired over 75,000 times generating over 1.7 billion impressions.

    · The total air time from these ads is equal to 2,567,178 seconds = 713 hours = 29 days of air time.

    Internet Ads:

    · IAS-sponsored Scientology and 4D campaign Internet ads created over 22 billion impressions across more than 200 countries and territories.

    4D Campaign Orders:

    · Over 16,600 orders for Educator Kits (Human Rights, Anti-drug & TWTH) were received.

    · Over 154,000 orders for FREE DVD & INFORMATION KITS were received.

    · Over 3.3 million Anti-drug booklets have been ordered.


    · Over 1.8 million mailings (kits, postcards, DVD mailers) were sent out in 16 languages.

    Wow ! Unbelievable 22 Billions of Impressions on the Internet ! Google makes a fortune out of it
    and so other advertisement companies.

    At the end of the day there are still those Questions:
    How many LRH Books sold ?
    How many first starts ?
    Those 22 billions impressions generated only about
    100 000 Visits on per month with an
    average stay of 2 minutes ! The visitors are mainly
    from 3rd world countries.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  240. LO,
    In essence, the IAS is claiming credit, as some sort of ‘product’, for 22 billion facsimiles. 22 billion mental image pictures.

    OK. Would it be a stat push to calculate that for each MIP (mental image picture) that the IAS is calculating on their stats, to multiply that by 52 perceptics per picture? That would be some additional billions, well up into the trillions, of ‘impressions’.

    Hmmmmm, sort of like any person, animal, or tree on earth contributes to this stat just by being in agreement with the time track.

    Now this is ‘impressive’. Number of facsimiles made.

    If they’d add some pain in there, some little fixation of attention to it, and thus less awareness of the rest of life (unconsciousness in greater or lesser degree – taking attention of an optimum motion) well, these ‘impressions’ might even have enough MEST on them to be used to control.

    I can see the day when all IAS regges have to do is put out a low frequency wave and trigger these ‘impressions’ and have people either report in, or better yet, send the checks.

    Man, those IAS guys, they are upstat aren’t they.

    I wonder if they can count the impression of this post as a stat. I did say ‘IAS’ didn’t I.

  241. Fellow Traveller


    Shrine Auditorium, the venue for the majority of past LA events: 54,000 sq ft.

    Grand Ballroom at Hollywood and Vine: 27,000 sq ft.

  242. typo alert in above ‘impression’ post; ‘taking attention off optimum motion’ .


  243. martyrathbun09

    Logan, you are incomparable.

  244. Jim,

    You are a genius !

  245. You forgot that they ad in a factor of “given that it will inevitably inspire others…”. Which 50x’s any stat.

    I’ve seen this used in events and the mags. A confusing stat will be given and then some such statement about that which does this or that will inevitably inspire others (meaning, for example if you hand out one WTH in South Africa, the person who receives it will spread the word to 50 or 100 other people).

  246. The IAS is one part of the attack on Orgs.

    The IAS comes in and sucks out all the money from the orgs public. The orgs public cannot afford services which are way too expensive anyway.

    The missions were destroyed.
    The IAS is sent to suck up all the money.
    Tech is altered.
    Orgs are suppressed by illegal orders (Hosting of events, IAS, requirement to buy “Ideal Org”, not being allowed any freedom to operate as an org.)

    “The Business of Orgs” HCOPL

    LRH Says: “Thus is follows that they cut dissem lines, corrupt tech, suppress and confuse orgs, persuade people to be inactive and resort to other shifts, all quite “reasonable” and “logical” as to why this must be the way it is” …

    Thus is follows that they cut dissem lines

    1:Destruction of the missions by COB
    2: A lot more, maybe someone else can fill in.

    corrupt tech

    1: This has been covered a lot. Definition of FN, Instant read, EM9 film, alterations in materials, really could be a book on this one done by COB

    suppress and confuse orgs

    1: Well, this is my org for sure. They are given impossible orders “straight up and vertical”, “St Hill size by the end of the year”.
    2: The IAS sucks away all the publics money.
    3: The Org must at it’s own expense host events.
    4: Flag come in and takes org public who do have any money left.
    5: Lower Bridge now being heavily pushed at Flag. Who would do it an a CLV org?

  247. Oops..

    “Thus IT follows that they cut dissem lines…”

  248. DFB, that is lovely!
    I didn’t see it before now.
    You have a beautiful voice.

  249. Chris Black


    Let’s not forget how many “impressions” per second. If memory serves me, it’s 26. So that gives us the following equation:

    26 impressions x 52 perceptics x 2,567,178 seconds x 75,000 views = 260,311,849,200,000 impressions (facsimiles)! That will keep us auditors and C/Ses busy erasing them for well over a billion years! lol

    Funny how they also purport to have better coverage in countries and territories than the World Cup! They probably even “impressed” the inhabitants of yurts in Outer Mongolia!


  250. Becarefull Heather those are mind-altering Vitamins lol.

    Vitamin B12, vitamin B12 or vitamin B-12, also called cobalamin, is a water soluble vitamin with a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood. It is one of the eight B vitamins. It is normally involved in the metabolism of every cell of the body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production. As the largest and most structurally complicated vitamin, it can be produced industrially only through bacterial fermentation-synthesis.

  251. VALKOV bad info. All of the B Vitamines are easaly absorbed by the body through swallowing them in pill-form.

    EXEPT vitamine B12

    That is why shots are prescribed so that it WILL be absorvbed directly into a persons bloodstream.


    – Some of the most florid psychoses in the medical literature – typically involving elderly people gone paranoid, manic, or violent – testify to the perils of unrecognized vitamin B12 deficiency. And that’s only during the early stages. When the cause is the B12 malabsorption disease called pernicious anemia, as the years go by and B12 levels dwindle to nothing, irreversible nerve and brain damage and dementia insidiously ensue. This can also occur in strict vegetarians (vegans) if they fail to obtain B12 from fortified plant foods, like meat and milk substitutes, or supplements.
    A less dramatic, but more common symptom of early B12 deficiency is depression, typically of the listless, mentally foggy kind. In the 1950s, one such woman had so convincing a case of endogenous depression that shock therapy was vainly administered. Four years later, her slow-onset B12 deficiency was finally diagnosed. A few days and a few shots of B12 later, “she showed a dramatic clinical improvement and came to life again,” her doctor T. N. Fraser reported. Another couple of months, and “she looked the picture of health.” –

  253. Re: internet impressions and tv ads. Back in the ’70s I worked in Div 6 at Santa Clara Mission, doing the dissem drill in the field at colleges and shopping malls, and getting raw public back to the mission that day or night for a personality test and intro lecture. Our stats were not how many people we talked to – it was how many we got in to the lecture, how many signed up for the Comm Course, and how many books were sold, as we regged after the course as well. Does DMs Church think these impressions are really products? Are the people posting/commenting on this site the only ones whom realize these are not real viable products?

  254. I figured it out You think I am Jef Hawkins.

    “Happiness is lazy summer days like this one, as I catch up on work for my clients, work that I love, while a warm breeze wafts in through the open door and I hear the sound of wind in the trees surrounding my house.” (see Blogroll)

    I am an Anon not Jeff

    With regards CD

  255. MJR,

    Oops, it got deleted. I will send you an email from another address, then please resend it.


  256. Interesting. C of $ tried to pin a Criminal Conviction on me when I left (and they failed) 🙂
    But—after they lost and I left, they went back into court to make their “injunction” permanent, for the rest of my life. So IF I ever returned there, I have to be 10 feet from *any* member of C of $, or I’m violating that stupid injunction.
    So I’m happy to hear you all are FLOURISHING there. ROCK ON 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  257. James Mortland

    Hope you are all well!

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