Back in the saddle


We had an incredible week. Independents’ weekend, the Florida wedding, then another wedding in New York for family. Then off for time alone. Thanks to all who passed on good wishes.

We are on the eve of the mid-July time period that I earlier predicted would mark the beginning of one long, hot – and sometimes ugly – summer.

As a short calm before the storm, Il Maestro – by popular demand – produced a video of the wedding. So, for those who couldn’t attend here you go. Then, fasten your safety belts.

132 responses to “Back in the saddle

  1. It doesn’t get more beautiful than this.

    Love always.

  2. Redneck Thetan

    I’ve never seen two shinier people than you two. It’s amazing. So happy for you. As a single woman, it gives me something to wish for for myself someday.

    I’ve never seen a Scientologist ceremony, or read any vows other than the “girlish needs” part that was printed all over the tabs when TC got married. I’m simply amazed by how beautiful and meaningful the vows were, and how they moved me. I feel blessed in witnessing the union even just by video. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Congratulations, Mosey & Marty!

    Thank you so much for sharing this very special piece of yourselves and allowing me to “be there” with you through video and internet mediums.

    Life is good. Life is so very, very good. Love. Laugh. Splurge!

    Thanks again and all best wishes for your continued happiness and creativity.


    PS. A perfect calm before…..

  4. What a fantastic celebration of life!

    We wish you many more years of happiness together.

    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

    David and Gretchen St Lawrence

  5. Freedom Fighter

    Great video! You guys look absolutely radiant! Congratulations!!

  6. So much love and arc! We so wished we could have been there.


    Stevie D

  7. Thank you, Tiziano, for creating a record of this joyous occasion. And thank you, Marty and Mosey, for inviting us all — whether in person or via this video — to your wonderful wedding.

    Just Me

  8. Wow, that was awesome. Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations to the happy couple
    Thank you so much for sharing your day
    The future is bright!

  10. Thought Provoking

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it was so beautiful and intimate!

    Just hearing your voices and seeing you all together brought tears to my eyes. A rush of theta soared into the room at hearing Mosey’s voice…you are beautiful, no kidding…you are gorgeous!

    Watching all the hugs filled with love and joy during the receiving line was heartwarming and I couldn’t help but squeeze you both right then and there. I am so happy for you both!

    I hope you had a wonderful visit with your family in New York and that the days that followed were absorbed in the wonderment of each other.

    Okay, this was way better than “A Briefing from the Shack” What a key out!

  11. Congratulations to you both from the Bay Area..:)

  12. Many bright blessings!

    I love the words to your service — is that from LRH or is it a new blessing? Either way, it’s a wonderful text.

    Also love the way the ring was passed forward!

  13. Marty and Mosey, we wish for you a wonderful life full of love and happiness. Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us.

    David and Carol Kramer

  14. You guys have a marriage that got heard round the world along with a global family to match. Was sweet the to see the glowing bride and groom and yes, to hear Mosey speak. If you can have an aussie preacher marry you then you might appreciate a love song from some more aussies.

  15. Congratulations !!!!!
    Very beautiful wedding!!!
    thank you for sharing

  16. How Theta!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful day with those of us who did not attend. Mosey: You truly were the beautiful, theta, blushing bride!! I started to cry with tears of joy and happiness for you. Marty and Mike: It was so awesome to see both of you together after all that has transpired between you 2 over the years coming together for such a theta event. I cried, I laughed, I danced…


  17. “Dial-wide” grin with tears in eyes.
    That was beautiful!!!
    Thank you for sharing the fun and joy!

  18. Thank you Miss Sunshine!!! XOXO

  19. Thank you Carol….You were right there with us!

  20. Mareka James

    That was amazing! A wonderful pleasure moment relived!

    Congratulations again to you both and lots of love and happiness across your dynamics. x x x

  21. Congratulations M&M…. how can anyone watching deny the genuine sincerity of love you have for one another and, as well, the joy and well wishes from those witnessing this event. I predict Marty, the viewing of this ceremony by anyone who has been told otherwise about you, will, in time, at last come to present time and to their senses.

    I wish you and Mosey well….I truly do.

  22. becomingAware

    We are very happy that you had some time for yourselves and family!

    The Mystery of the future has our rapt attention.

    ML to all.

  23. Beautiful, loving, joyous—-all delightful to see.
    Thanks for sharing, both of you 🙂
    Come to LA for another one~!
    Great wishes to you both,

  24. Quicksilver

    Wow!! Beautiful ceremony.

    Just a great video!

    Good going, guys!

  25. Lotus Miyamoto

    Sweet Mosey and Marty,
    I have never seen a wedding so lovely as this. I am so happy for you both to have found your soul mate.

    You look so happy! Congrats!

  26. May you remain enraptured by each others’ spirits,

    May you grow wiser and stronger in each others’ arms,

    May your union bring you greater health and prosperity,

    And may you both be showered with eternal love,

    For all the goodness you have bestowed upon all of us.

    Wish I could have been there!
    With all my love,

  27. Lisa Hamilton


    Wow! Very theta and fun! Thanks for sharing that. Was sorry I could not be there…

    Take care and love to you both,

    Lisa Hamilton

  28. Free Spirit 88008

    Congratulations from all of us from the Bay Area! We’ve been talking about what to get you two as a wedding gift.

    So happy to see you doing so well.

  29. Thank you for leading by example. This was truly a fairytale wedding. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

    Love, hugs and lots of kisses to both of you.

    Thank you Reverend Mike Rinder. You are an amazing friend to all of us.

  30. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    If people only knew how very very special this feeling of true Theta really was they would be knocking down the doors to get this awareness of self and others.

    Marty, Mosey – You both just make this planet of ours such a wonderful place to BE and a true joy of life! Your wedding could not be more beautiful, joyful and inspiring.


    It’s Good To Be An Independent Scientologist!!

    Some rice, some flowers, a kiss and the finest postulates I can create for the both of you.

    Love and ARC,

    Gary 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

  31. Redneck Janette From Detriot

    It was very nice to have met both of you at the party! Congrats and we wish you both all the best!

  32. Congratulations Marty and Mosey!
    My very best to the both of you. What an absolutely beautiful ceremony. Thank you for sharing. I love you and miss you both. T

  33. So very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Mosey, you look ravishing!

    Love, Synthia

  34. Watching this video, I melted into squishy tears and then laughter! So happy for the both of you. Thank you so much for sharing with those of us who couldn’t make it to attend in person.

    Linda and Colwell

  35. What a wonderfully “light” wedding. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m glad to get the chance to add my wishes to both of your well-being.

    Much love to you both. Congratulations!

  36. Aw, this was wonderful!! Thanks SO much for sharing this with us! You look so radiant and happy, Mr M and Mrs M!

    And seat belt is ON.

    Mary Jo

  37. Awesome. LRH knew how to write a wedding ceremony. It’s like an instant hat. You learn more about marriage in that few minutes than most people ever know.

  38. MostlyLurker


  39. Beautiful, happy, happy, sunny day! Congratulations to you two bright and shiny thetans.

  40. My sister and I watched your beautiful wedding and both had tears (of joy) in our eyes for the love you have for each other and all the incredible theta flowing in all directions.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  41. That ceremony was very cool.

    You all look great.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Best Wishes!

  42. That was a very nice calm before the storm, indeed.

    For any OSA person who secretly shed a tear during that video, you have just come across a brief moment of truth about Marty, Mike, et al.

    We’re not SP’s.

    We’re loving and caring beings.

    We want Scn to be peaceful and happy.

    We’re alive forever.

    And that is all.

  43. Best wishes to the happy couple from Texas.

    Reverend Rinder, there’s gold in them thar Vegas wedding chapels.

    (hint hint)


  44. Cowboy Poet

    The Ace of Spades hooks up with the Queen of Hearts…should be a good one!

  45. It’s wonderful to see you both so happy. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness together.

  46. I see a dim foto, back in the cobweb cluttered corners of my mind… and 2 people in the faded picture were David & Gretchen st Lawrence!! Hmm… Looks like my old attic apt in Silver Lake!
    Geez! Just HOW long ago was that anyways? Are any of my old friends out there?
    cheers.. to old friends from happier times!

  47. Felicitas Foster

    When the video was over I realized I had still a grin on my face. Beautiful, theta and all the other adjectives one could think of. 🙂



  48. That was just 100% pure Theta!!! I renew you guys my wish for your joy and happiness to last forever through your mutual creation of this relationship.

  49. Beautiful ceremony. Congratulations to both of you.

  50. Marty and Mosey, I cried through most of this video. I never cry at weddings. It’s what emanates from you two, from Mike and from the audience that is so simply true. Marty, if all the ugly stuff from the other side ever gets to you, even for one minute, please know in your heart that you (and thus we all) will win. There is no doubt. All my love and wishes to you both. Naomi

  51. It was quite an experience.
    The level of communication and ambiance was beyond anything I have every experienced.

    Hey Tiziano ~~ you are quite the videographer all things considered !

    Marty and Mosey, I am here for you.

    ML Karen

  52. What a fantastic and theta way to start the day! Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment, and also to Mike for officiating and the wonderful tribute to you both. Couldn’t stop grinning while watching – just wish I’d been there. Well done!

  53. Great Wedding and Great Theme song.
    Both of you look very happy and in love.

  54. It was stunning, and brought tears to my eyes when I was there in person, and again now on video! Thank you Tiziano, for recording this. Marty and Mosey your unconditional love for eachother is so beautiful to behold.

  55. Thankyou for sharing the Wedding , It was Very Nice and very theta . You both look Very Happy and it was a pleasure to listen the the service

    Take care and A very happy and peaceful life to you both

    Much respect

  56. It was a beautiful event; very very theta as you can see in the video! You are both perfect for each other; thank you for sharing this incredible day with us. Love, Jan

  57. Congratulations to you both. Happiness & prosperity.

    The antecedent of things to come.

  58. Lovely, thank you for sharing this very wonderful and joyous moment.

  59. Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding. Wished I was there for the entire event.

  60. What a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to both of you!

  61. martyrathbun09

    TC! Hey, we need to catch up. Maybe a rafting adventure before it gets cold, huh?

  62. crashingupwards


    That was thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

    The sweltering heat couldnt sap the loving flows from the attendees and love in that ceremony. It was palpable. I could feel it. Totally theta.

    Wonderful ceremony and words. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. What a great start.


  63. Thought Provoking

    “Marty and Mosey your unconditional love for eachother is so beautiful to behold.”

    So True!

    I watched it again with the sound off and it was so beautiful! Your looks and expressions, especially Mosey’s right before they kissed, say it all. And I loved the way you watched Mosey’s indicators as you said your vows and her giggles in response. True ARC in its purest form.

  64. 🙂


  66. Absolutely gorgeous, M & M, the wedding, not necessarily in this order.
    VERY VERY well done.

  67. Amazingly Beautiful,

    We had the exact same ceremony 30 years ago !
    We never forgot those words. They helped us through any bad times and no officer of the C.o.s got us to separate (many tried) as we always had those promises in our mind !
    It’s so simple and beautiful !
    Congratulations to both of you !

  68. rory medford

    Pure bliss!!! You guys look so happy and I wish u the best. Theta at it best,
    good luck and congrats.

  69. Very very nice.

    Congratulations to the both of you. I wish many many years of happiness and success to you and yours.


  70. Thanks for sharing the moment with those of us who couldn’t be there in person. I’m very happy for you two!

  71. Thanks for sharing.

    Touching and beutiful!

    Best wishes to you both.

  72. Marty and Mosey, God its good to have you back. What a beautiful wedding. If you need anything from me please don’t hesitate to ask.
    I’m a big fan. Love you both!

  73. Congratulations to both of you! Swweeeet!!

  74. A very genuinely warm ceremony. I particularly liked the ring passing. Congratulations to the both of you.

  75. this is soooo, soooo, soooo touching and theta.
    I keep this video I want to lose few tears of joy!
    thank you so much for sharing and all the best .

  76. Great wedding, Marty, Mosey and Indies!

    You did it right. Coming together of free will and with awareness and theta. Thanks for sharing.

    The ugliness is all elsewhere.

  77. Congratulations and many blessings for a happy life together.
    I especially liked the “ring” hot potato. LOL.
    Mosey you were a lovely bride and my favorite part was when Marty lit up when he saw you come in. Man that was a Kodak momment for sure!

  78. Congratulation Marty and Mosey! My best wishes for a bright future to you!

  79. Very beautiful and theta!!! Thank you so much for sharing your special moment with the rest of the world.

    Uber Congratulations, and many happy years ahead to the both of you!!

    Now, I am probably being impish (nothing new for me…), but will we be seeing any Naming Ceremonies in your future… ?

    You don’t need to answer right now 😉

    Just enjoy each other and your new life together as husband and wife..

    Best wishes and much ARC


  81. All the best for the future

  82. Kathy Braceland

    Wow. That was beautiful. Pure theta. Wow.

  83. That was a lovely ceremony…I enjoyed watching it…very theta. Congrats to the both of you!

  84. That’s Life

    “The subject of marriage could not be covered in many words, but here is given the basic clue to a successful marriage—Communicate!”

    L. Ron Hubbard


  86. one of those who see

    Just finished watching the video. Big smile and tears. So Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations to Marty & Mosey!!! Fantastic job Mike! This is all so wonderful… I have no more words.

    Ok, i found some. It’s love and Scientology and friendship. All the best!

    I think Ron is somewhere with tears welling up too, and a big smile.

  87. I’m happy for you two… your face was glowing… 🙂

  88. Mosey and Marty,
    CONGRATULATIONS! and best wishes to you both. Thanks for sharing the event.

  89. Big congratulations to both of you. May your lives be filled with love and may so many good things come your way that you can’t keep count of them.

    Thank you so very much for sharing the lovely moment of your official joining in front of the world.

  90. Speechless… wowza…. I gots to get me a account 😉

  91. Marty and Mosey WELCOME BACK! Missed ya.

  92. thank you so much for sharing this so personal and loving moment. The words were the same spoken at the marriage of Chris and I, and the triangles are still there after 31 year. May you have at least the same success in your relationship!!!!!

    Best Wishes!

  93. one of those who see

    Beautiful. So well said.

  94. Absolutely beautiful! Love is amazing. Congratulations once again to you both for finding each other, and creating the relationship you have. I’m beyond thrilled for you. xoxo

  95. Impartial English Girl

    The video – and the faces of you and your friends – defines proper, true love.

    Mosey looks exquisitely beautiful. What a classy dress she chose. Her hairdo is so pretty too.

    I LOVE the ‘every man is best man’ business with the ring, that was a fantastic, original, nice touch. And Mr. Rinder was a perfect celebrant; dignified and respectful of the ceremony taking place and sentiments expressed, with the exactly-appropriate touch of humour and lightness. I am not a Scientologist and have only ever been to Christian wedding ceremonies. But what I saw in the video (and feel I have been lurking/posting here for long enough to think of myself as a (albeit far-off) friend here in England) definitely ranks your ceremony amongst my very favourite.

    Mr. Rathbun – I only hope that when I am lucky enough to get married, my husband looks at ME with as much love, pride and a twinkle in his eye, as you looked upon your gorgeous Mosey that perfect evening. You both deserve your happiness. You truly do.

    And it was lovely to see all those happy, smiling, free-spirited, friends celebrating with you. Particularly lovely also to see Mr. Rinder looking SO happy and relaxed – that was a real treat.

    I sincerely wish you, with all my heart, a very long and happy life together.

    With love from England. xxx

  96. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Marty, glad you are back… Hey, for some reason the video links here do not play. So I miss the ceremony. Is it uploaded in any other place? Thanks and again me and my wife, Olga, wish you and Mosey a great, great marriage and a happy, happy life.

  97. Watching Eyes

    Loved the video. Mosey, you looked beautiful.
    Congratulations to both of you!

  98. WomanSetFree

    I heard this the other day and I could not shake the picture of Mosey (a woman I have never met mind you) on this joyous day.

    Much Love flowing out to the 2 of you; Indeed it is ‘Some Kinda Wonderful

    Consider me a ‘Witness’ to the wonders of deep and lasting love:

  99. Back in the saddle?

    You were ever out of it?

    Congratulations. :))

  100. Wow ! Congratulations to both of you! Thank you for sharing this wonderfully beautiful and special time. I am still grinning and a little choked up.

    And Mosey – a special shout out to you girlfriend. You are a truly ravishing bride.

    Much joy to both of you.

  101. Congratulations to you both and thank you for sharing your very special ceremony with us!

    It was obvious that your “guests” were not just on-lookers at a wedding but very much a part of the ceremony confirming and announcing your commitment to each other. Very theta experience.

  102. Congratulations!
    And the very best wishes!
    If you ever come to my area, you shall find my help and support.

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  104. I am so happy for the both of you!

    Thank-you for the video, it was beautiful.

    I think exchanging your vows is a wonderful stable datum if you think the waters will get even more rough.

    Shiny happy people that you are, may you both be teflon coated super-beings from here forward.

  105. Thought Provoking

    Oh Yeah…she is some kinda wondeful!

  106. Mosey and Marty,

    Thank you again for sharing this wonderful event. Our joint postulates are here to reinforce your intentions. Your backs are covered by some awesome terminals both known and unknown. Sort of reverse Fabian, ya’ figure?

    Anyhow, seat belts are tight. Ready for liftoff.

    Let’s bring it all on. Full force.

    Much Love,

    The Gallaghers

    p.s. Mike Rinder and company- you rock!

  107. one of those who see

    Hi Princess,
    I knew you back when you were a teenager and friends with Nicole (if my memory is correct). Need to stay under the radar because of family. But you are as beautiful as ever and I am so happy you are surrounded by friends and are in a wonderful new relationship. And, are a Mommy!! I am so sorry about your parents, but this insanity will soon come to an end. Then, I will be able to say hello for real.

  108. Well I was going to post this 🙂 but my buddy Logan did it first…. so I’ll take his 🙂 and raise it 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Love and happiness.

  109. Thanks for sharing your wedding, as I couldn’t be there it was the next best thing.
    You were made for eachother, I wish you both Love ,health, wealth and happiness.

  110. Congratulations, the video was awesome, I’ve been to many Scientology weddings, but never to one so meaningful. Mosey – Monique, I can’t wait to meet you. Marty, you’re the man. And Mike – you did an excellent job! This wedding was all theta!

  111. Thank you both for sharing your wedding with us.
    I enjoyed it very much and truly felt like I was there.

  112. Congratulations! Sweet – and wise – of y’all to share your happiness and commitment with the world. My postulates for a lifetime of of adventure and success!

  113. Richard Reed

    The two of you look sooooo HAPPY!
    ‘May your forevers be all about love and bliss.
    ‘thanks for sharing your beautiful ceremony with us.

  114. Cured Robot

    Thanks for sharing that piece of theta with us! It was great seeing you all up close and personal and quite frankly very real good people! Wishing you the best!

  115. Maybe I just missed it, but I don’t remember reading about your engagement. I request a cute marriage proposal story!

  116. State-of-the-art ! Thanks for sharing. Great ceremony. Congratulations ! Both radiant.
    All the BEST for infinite happiness!
    ♥ Δ ∞ Θ ♥

  117. Congratulations Marty & Mosey! I watched the video and felt something special, intense Theta.

    When Mosey save your life was special like this one, I wish you both the best and if I can be of any help I’ll be glad being on your side.

  118. Eileen Clark

    Mosey, you are so beautiful!
    Marty, you are a fortunate man to have found her.
    Thanks for sharing this so we could all join in.

    Vectors are aligned now, ready for blast off.
    Buckle up and hold on!

    Love, Eileen

  119. CONGRATS to the happy couple, Marty and Mosey!! Thank you for sharing your wedding vid with us, I clapped, laughed and cried happy tears right along with all of ya. And the ‘Everyone’s my Best Man’ thing was cute! 🙂

  120. Thank you so much for all the well wishes and congrats! That day was truly the most amazing day. To be able to share it with all of you has made it even more special for us. There are so many individuals that helped put this day together, Jan, Miss Sunshine, Karen, the James gang, Bruce, Big Bear and so many more….But a Super Special thank you to Mike and Christie. You two are so near and dear to us. Christie, you made this day one that I will never ever forget and I thank you for all that you did to pull it off without a hitch. Mikey, your toast still brings me to tears, thank you for being such a good guy! We love you two!!
    Thank you to all who gave us gifts, and a special thank you to all who made the trek to Florida to share in this with us. Your presence made it much more wonderful. I felt like I knew many of you from reading your comments on the blog over the past year, but to actually get to meet you …. was overwhelming!
    What an powerful group we are!
    Now, let’s keep “Movin on Up a Little Higher!”

  121. Sammie,
    Missing you too!! Still looking for a bigger cup for you, and now that I think about it, I am going to need one two for all this love flowing our way! Hugs to you! Oh, Loving the robes!!

  122. Free,
    You were! XOXOXO

  123. TC!!!!

  124. Karen,
    And we are here for you!

  125. WP!!!
    Missin ya!! Thank you for pulling off the the wedding of our dreams!

  126. Sargio,
    Wish you could have made it! Lots of love flowing your way, can you feel it?

  127. Mark and Monique; Marty and Mosey — whether in nickname, given name, or life: You two just go together!

    May you have many happy days and even happier years. Congratulations!

  128. What a lovely video!

    How refreshing to see so many happy, smiling Scientologists all together.

    My very best wishes to the beautiful bride and the er, well, not quite so beautiful bridegroom. 😉

    I’m sure you will have a long and happy life together.


  129. Marty & Mosey
    What a beautiful ceremony! Thank you for allowing those of us who don’t know you personally for sharing this special day. You both look fantastic and I could feel the love in the air.
    I am not a scientologist but I felt the closeness, caring, love and friendship which surround all of you. What a wonderful bond to share. Good luck to both of you in all you accomplish in the years to come.
    Again, thank you for sharing this wonderful day. Your love for each other is very apparent. Congratulations! (Mike did a great job too)

  130. Ne Obliviscaris

    Fantastic wedding Marty & Mosey!

    Love, love, love…

    The overture “I love you” contains a certain beauty of commitment. An obligation to create.

    In this we have seen such creations as the Taj Mahal, the Mona Lisa and yes, even Yankee Stadium. Not to mention the very heavens above.

    And of all the creatures on Earth, only Man yet looks to the stars above and wonders… “What’s out there?” and “Where is my place in it?”

    In this union of two beautiful beings, we have gained a foothold in our mission to bring a measure of reason to insanity. To elevate our culture by Art and Science. To tame and bring order to the aesthetic chaos that the unrelenting physical universe brings to bear on men.

    What does the overture “I love you” mean?

    The answer lies… in a kiss.

    Congratulations, Marty and Mosey!


  131. Congrats!!!

  132. Never seen before such a beautiful cermony.Thanks for the pleasure

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