Against the advice of several close friends and in agreement with the advice of several other close friends, and with the blessings of all of them, I have decided to go to public confession.

After Independents’ weekend, a beautiful wedding, another wonderful wedding in New York for family, Mosey and I stole off for some private time at our favorite steam-release venue, the Big Easy.

I tend to work hard, fight hard, and will most likely die hard. Problem is, I tend also to play hard.

For the past several months I’ve created quite a bit of pressure for myself. The past two months have been particularly intense. I have not been able to schedule a day for delivery since the day in April when JB arrived at the shack. The church’s response was well chronicled at the outset. We have been busy since along a justice line of endevour; while batting away DM’s agents like an unending swarm of mosquitoes.

The pressure came to a head in my universe last weekend. I had been working on a declaration in the Headley case. I knew once I signed it and it was filed, the game would take on a whole new dimension. I would be subjected to a new array of harassment techniques, right at the time I need to be settling down and producing a living. I was wrestling with ideas of how to gracefully bow out of entering the legal arena.

Last Friday, the night before I put my name in ink on the declarations, was our last night in New Orleans. I decided to go for broke in releasing steam. I knew it would be my last chance for many months to come.

We found ourselves the perfect r&b venue deep down Bourbon Street. We knocked back Hurricanes till we had the whole place doing the Electric Slide and Cupid’s Shuffle. Then the shots came. I did not know they were 180 proof till the next day when I tracked down the waitress to ask what it was that blindsided me.

At one point I bolted for the door for some air and space; unfortunately without informing the love of my life, who never would have allowed the following to happen. A kid was dribbling a basketball down the crowded street. You may have heard the racist joke about what happens when you roll a basketball down the street in certain neighborhoods. Well, I am the living proof it is not a race thing. I was raised on hoops and instinctively went and checked the kid. We both put on ball handling displays while checking one another, and of course talking a lot of trash.

Some horseback cops showed up and told me it was time to go home. I told them I had to fetch my wife first and headed back for the club. The doorman wouldn’t let me in with no shirt (which I stripped for the hoopless basketball contest). The cops didn’t appreciate my pit stop and pinned me against the wall with their horses. I didn’t tamely submit, though I never laid a hand on anyone.

I spent the next fourteen hours in the Hole at the Orleans Parish Prison. Ultimately, I learned quite a lot in the OPP Hole.

I had approximately 50 cell mates. Most were in for far more serious raps than the drunk and disorderly misdemeanors I was booked on.

I annoyed and entertained for the first few hours while I was still high as a kite. When it sunk in that I didn’t know where Mosey was and she didn’t know where I was I snapped into sobriety and anxiety.

And this lead to the lessons. First, the OPP Hole was a far more humane environment than the DM Hole at Int. In OPP, the First Amendment right to freedom of expression was not suppressed, not by the authorities nor by the prisoners. Even when my speech offended some no one resorted to nor even threatened violence.

When I was quietly lamenting about having no means to find Mosey, a particularly scary looking twenty-something kid with dreds approached me. He was up on his third drug charge (guaranteeing hard time in Angola and guaranteeing disqualification for any meaningful employment for the rest of his life). He gently took me aside and two-way commed me into some rationality. I then took interest in his story and those of others similarly situated. I returned the favor that had been done for me to several others. There wasn’t a single criminal in that cell whom I did not get along with and find something to like about. Every conversation I had was deeper and more meaningful and more caring than any conversation that was ever permitted in DM’s Hole.

Other Hole comparisons:

There were no attempted, let alone coerced, confessions in the OPP.

There was air conditioning in the OPP, something sometimes cut off as punishment in DM’s Hole.

There were some tough guards in the OPP, but never were they cruel or abusive as is required in DM’s Hole. And even one of them took interest in my personal dilemna.

There was no requirement to salute anyone, much less dogs.

There were no humiliating games like “musical chairs.”

There was no talk about people’s mothers – in fact, I got the distinct impression that was the one thing that would permit unbridled violence in OPP. I compared that to DM’s obsession to slander my mother who passed away nearly fifty years ago.

By mid afternoon on Saturday, Mosey and Jason Beghe had arranged my release. As I walked through the ghetto shirtless, and after receiving a couple other small acts of kindness from perfect down-and-out strangers, and then contemplating the OPP vs DM’s Hole, any doubts about what I would do with the Headley declaration dissolved.

Mosey and I returned to Bourbon Street, located some eye witnesses, debriefed them, and hired an inexpensive attorney. When the attorney briefed the City Attorney on what my witnesses had to say they dropped the charges as long as I forfeited my $300 bond which I did.

I have a motion pending to expunge the record in the case. It was done for the SOLE purpose of preventing the church from using it in court in its inimitable, sleazy style to divert attention from more serious matters at hand. Having publicly exposed the matter myself, I might well have wasted several hundred dollars on that motion. But, I felt compelled to speak now for two reasons:

First, because of recent developments, I am about to be disclosing some information about the dictator and his organization that is going to cause an incredible urge on his part to speed the arrival of my demise. I need a clean heart to withstand what I anticipate will be coming.

Second, recently there have been many what I consider to be over-the-top comments on this blog praising my character. If I’ve put forth my good side that much, you are entitled to know about the other side of me too. I have said it before that I am no angel and this movement is not about following some leader. I do not seek to be a leader. I have drawn inspiration from a wide variety of sources. One of them is social activist and rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy. He very effectively used the rap genre to help African-Americans raise their consciousness so as to erase slavery and colonialism mindsets that had been carefully cultivated over generations.

Chuck D said early in his career that he did not seek to be a leader, but instead his aim was to help create 5,000 black leaders. That has been, and remains a goal of mine: to help create 5,000 independent Scientologist leaders.

I went down for a spell, but I am not out by any means.

Thank you all for listening.

Special thanks to my brothers and sisters Ann, Karen, Mike, Christie, Tiziano, Jamie, JB, and Michael to whom this is not news and who pushed me back in the ring after Mosey and Jason pulled my sorry ass off the canvas.

I think of all ya’ll every time I hear this song, which is a lot lately.

Friends Lyrics: Nas & Damian Marley

[Sampled Vocal Intro]


JR. Gong]
Daddi gon and Lenny
couldn’t catch
family Me

JR. Gong]


n-ggaz Hate
s our
high Cause 

JR. Gong]

JR. Gong]

 JR. Gong]





JR. Gong]

263 responses to “Confession

  1. Marty ~~

    It is your absolute truthfulness, your candor, your honesty that so binds with true friendship the readers of this blog.

    Heck, you were in New Orleans for God Sake…Mardi Gras or not, this was the week you got married (no stag party) and you are more than forgiven ~~~ What did LRH say about an ethics offense of a screaming upstat?

    You File the Ethics Chit with a YAWN.

    You are taking on the ultimate in corruption of LRH’s legacy, and boy we cut you some slack.

    May the Force be with you.

    • Ditto, Karen.

      Marty, you’re Kha Khan in my book,

      • BTW, that stuff the bartender gave you sounds like Everclear which we used to use to remove mildew as it’s pure alcohol. 😉

      • Yeah, you only go near that stuff to make absinthe or burn out a bad case of parasites.

        It’s a great sanitiser, for topical use.

        Beer, wine= good…everclear a bit much.

    • Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"


      Ditto, Karen and Ditto Sinar!

      All I gotta say is ….


      Party on Wayne….. Party on Garth!

      Boooo ya!

      — Jackson

  2. Acknowledge this report and openness thank you for sharing

  3. Sounds to me your are just living your life.

    From your write up, your adventure in the cooler seems to have brought you some benefit, a deeper understanding of the condition many of us are in, and how basic thetan goodness permeates any and all conditions.

    No matter where we are, there we are.

    As far as the inference that this incident exposed a ‘bad’ side, I noticed that the ‘good’ side was also quite visible.

    As far as the consideration about being a ‘leader’ or not, I don’t think that is an issue. You are a friend, and all friends are leaders in one way or another. You stand out more because you have more relevent information than the rest of us, and you’ve chosen to speak out.

    And we are all excited that you chose to do so.

  4. Hey Marty,

    You’re a REAL person. That’s what I like about you.

    There is no substitute for an all-out over-the-ramparts, howling charge against life. That’s living. Living does not consist of sitting in a temple in the shadows and getting rheumatism from the cold stones. Living is hot. It’s fast. It is often brutal! It has a terrific gamut of emotional reactions. LRH

    Keep living. We would not have this group if you had not. Thanks.

  5. Redneck Janette From Detriot

    Haaa! I say if you don’t get thrown in jail once in your life you aren’t really living! (kidding but not really) Sounds like you had a blast and as long as you have no regrets, then it was I’m sure all worth it! I don’t think anyone is an angel, as long as we all realize that in ourselves and can admit when we’ve done wrong I think we can all move onward and upward.

  6. Marty get’s drunk and grants people beingness in jail, DM gets drunk and degrades his “best friend” behind his back in the luxery of his dwellings.

    Do I spot a bit of difference ?

    • CD

      🙂 🙂

      good spotting!

    • Great minds think alike, CD!

      • “Whether we grow more gross, more selfish, more grasping, more vulgar, more dishonorable, or whether we grow more delicate, more tender, more sympathetic, more aspiring, or more affectionate does not depend on whether we think the mind quantitative or qualitative. It depends on what we think of the values of those qualities. And I for one choose so-called spiritual qualities of mind and character because for me they contain the most enduring and highest joys of earth. Therefore, in this practical sense I am a firm believer in the spiritual life. And when I use the term as I frequently do, it is in this sense that I use it.”

        – John Dietrich

  7. You deserve several Kha-Khans! And don’t be shy in asking for help if you need it.

    • Ore those cookies ? Omnomnomnom

      Just kidding.

      I do not like the last sentence although I am aware it is a figure of speech.

      “(From HCOPL of 1 September AD15, Issue VII, Revised and Reissued
      5 October 1985, _Ethics Protection_, by L. Ron Hubbard)

      In an ancient army a particularly brave deed was recognized by an
      award of the title of Kha-Khan. It was not a rank. The person remained
      what he was, BUT he was entitled to be forgiven the death penalty ten
      times in case in the future he did anything wrong. That was a Kha-Khan.

      That’s what producing, high-statistic staff members are: Kha-Khans.
      The can get away with murder without a blink from ethics.”

  8. Thanks for being human and thanks for coming clean. I know Mosey must have been pissed, so next time, bring some wingmen OK?

    • Bizzy,
      Pissed? He went to jail for trying to make his way back to his bride….So pissed ???? Never…..Honored ????Always!
      Love Mosey

      • Mosey, I love you.

      • ΘTater/GaryLerner

        And if anyone wondered why you and Marty are soul mates – this is but one reason!

        Granting beingness is love.

        Gary 🙂

      • Well NO must have changed quite a lot… and sadly I know it has.

        But bloody hell, why do they even call it Bourbon street?

        Basketball on the street and no shirt?
        Personally I think the cops overstepped.

        Marty I cringe to think about that hangover, haha.

        Poor Mosey, I wonder what went through your head.

        Man, are you telling me the PI’s didn’t get any good youtube of the fancy dancin’ and dribbling? Those guys aren’t worth their salt. DAMN.

      • Mosey, I want one! Just like you. Love, Sarge

  9. Actually, I think it’s kind of cool that you got busted in New Orleans! You pirate you! LOL! Hey, it ain’t no thang! You rock, Marty! ML, Songbird

  10. Ya, the force runs strong with this one.

    Marty – I know you flinch at the praises you get sometimes, but understand, if it weren’t for you, we would be in the dark still, so take these compliments just as you took the punches. they are all valid.

    Andstay away from that 180 pruff stuff!

    ML Tom

  11. Marty,

    Thank you for telling us that.

    Now the only thing I ask is that you take good care of yourself. Thank you Mosey and Jason for looking out for all of y’all and each other … we love you too much.

    As for DM wanting your demise … he better pray nothin but NOTHIN ever happen to you or those we love because the world will know the first place to look.

    Now… Pardon my evaluation… but that was a helluva experience!!! And you turned it into truth and wisdom. Which sort of sums up the human experience.

    And if the PIs were out and about … it would be hilarious to see them trying to denigrate the Electric Slide and Cupid’s Shuffle. They post people *smiling* as “entheta* — shows you that 180 “Church” inversion.

    • Marty, you’re a champion. Like I said, you’re a straight up guy with a heart of gold.

      What a valuable, hands-on experience into the society that we are helping elevate!! That experience really is priceless.

      Very telling about the comparisons between City Jail and The “Church” hole. The one basic difference is that the “Church” intention is to crush and dehumanize. There is nothing more evil than the recrimination of “self-righteousness” whose intent is to *stick* people in experience. I can think of nothing more evil than the “pristine” (not) “judgment” seeking to serve itself by crushing the spirit into its own remorse or regret.

      That said, I’m inspired even more to really get delivery into the society.

  12. There is an excellent Russian saying for this: “If you never spent a night in jail, you are not a citizen.” So welcome!

  13. Come on boy, you are not an angel and you are not our leader, that’s why we (still) love you! Carry on!
    Much love to you and Mosey

  14. Dear Marty, you’ve been heard and your message has been fully understood. Your life is yours, use it well. ML Ignazio.

  15. Your straightforward and unflinchingly honest comm is what pulled me to, and kept me with, this blog. It is very meaningful to me – and what you are doing for Scientology and LRH is huge. You’ve connected me back to source. So, in echoing Karen #1, more than fogiven.
    The force is with you!

  16. What’s a trip to the Big Easy without checking out the pokey while jacked up on jungle juice? Too bad you were too pre-occupied to do it 30 years ago. 🙂

  17. Hi Marty,

    Re: Big Easy

    Sounds like you had a good time…. And, don’t you DARE worry about

    It was a good idea to have a good time… read LRH’s “Triton”
    Science Fiction story.. a nice take on drinking. You’d love it.

    We are with you more than 200% and I love your story. Great fodder
    for a novel.. So, expunge my ass. Don’t worry about it. It’s a
    great story. But, if you need any legal help, count on me.

    You know who..

  18. DFB aka Dfb99

    I dont know Marty, the whole thing kind of sounds like fun to me. Although I limit myself to maybe once a decade to such activities.

  19. Marty..sometimes you just blow my mind. This is one of those times. I LOVE it that you just come out and tell it like it is.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..hanging out with you as a friend would no doubt be some of the best (and most eventful) times of my life. I hope that happens soon.


    • “I LOVE it that you just come out and tell it like it is”….. I must agree with Sherry. You’re one hell of a story teller and incident relator!

      And that’s some unorthodox way to run a Doubt formula, too! Maybe Marty it took all this to make sure you were on the side of right and justice, thus conclusively knowing the affidavit for the Headly’s would be freely given with absolutely no doubt in your mind.

      What a ride!

  20. Hi Marty, Mosey, Mike (Moderator ?)

    This is me, Robert in Tarpon Springs


  21. Marty,
    Welcome to planet earth! LRH said the only people here are artists, bums and pirates and after a few generations of mixing it up we are all a mix of the three! Yet as individuals we somehow manage to sprout out of the pig shit manure to blossom in the sun. Ofttimes the smellier the manure the prettier the flower! Does anyone really care about the manure?

  22. Marty,
    Glad your “sorry ass” got pulled off that canvas, now those are good friends! Reads to me like you had an adventure and a few “eye” openning experiences, isn’t that called living? “live and learn”
    My admiration to you and to your true friends. Please keep on communicating and creating. Do you need a bigger mosquito swatter?

  23. Damn Marty! What a story, what an adventure. Someone had to do it………might as well have been you. 😉


  24. Sometimes life offers us strange chances for perspective. This sounds like one of those situations.

  25. Thanks for your honesty.

    And for the warning – to never be shirtless in New Orleans, to always follow the cops’ orders instantly, and to never expect any compassion from these “government officials”. They could have handled the matter in a quite different way.

  26. Hey Marty, Sounds exciting! Well it sure is not the first or last time an event such as this took place in the “the big easy”! You are a dear friend and you are cared for by many.Hey Mosey and Jason you did good.

  27. Thanks for keepin’ it real, Marty. Your honesty and candor are very refreshing. No one is perfect, and I mistrust those (like DM) who claim that they are. If someone is constantly insisting that they are perfect and blameless and pure as the driven snow, you just know they ain’t. It also annoys me when chronic “followers” try to idolize some “leader” and transform him or her into some sort of perfect god. Life wouldn’t be life without some adventures along the way. I spent some hours in jail as a young man (OSA will never find out where or when) because some cops objected to my long hair. So what? It was an experience. Marty, just keep on being yourself, my friend.

    • martyrathbun09

      Jeff, I agree with the point you make about leaders and followers. If one is seeking to make a person come up out of other-determinism, through self-determinism to pan-determinism to throw in a “well, you are dependent upon me to get there” sabotages the whole quest.

      • DFB aka Dfb99

        I was just reading HCOPL “Orders VS Arbitraries” and thought it applied to the Indy movement.
        Many people are conditioned to blindy accept orders from above. For public, those orders are to give money and dont ask questions.

  28. It’s all about understanding the real meaning of Independent Scientology. We support each other, but most of us are not waiting for or expecting leaders.

    I support you because you are helping to end the abuses of the Church of Miscavige. You are also setting an example of an OT who is getting back on his feet and taking responsibility for his past deeds and for the things he hasn’t learned yet.

    Most of us are somewhere on that track ourselves and have no cause to look askance at anyone else’s progress.

    If you have any fault to be concerned about, it is that which is common to far too many ex-Sea Org people. You gotta consider the First Dynamic to be every bit as important as all of the others.

    As someone already said, what you are doing for Scientology is huge! Just keep all of your dynamics in mind and you will continue indefinitely.

    I hit the donation jar to offset some of your OPP expenses.


  29. Dean Detheridge

    Hi Marty,

    After reading Mission Earth the first time I made Jettero Heller my ideal scene to aspire to.

    After the third time through I knew LRH had summed up all the admirable traits of men and women in Jettero and the Countess. (And man, didn’t they get into some major trouble with the authorities.)

    I’m a long way off getting there.

    To my reckoning – You Marty and You Mosey – are well on your way.

    If I can help in any way from Down-Under (ANZO) please let me know.

    PS: Just contemplating DM’s counterpart in Mission Earth …. hmmmm.

  30. “It is your absolute truthfulness, your candor, your honesty that so binds with true friendship the readers of this blog.”

    That is what I respect most about you, Marty. However, I must say it came as a great shock to learn that you are not perfect, as am I. 🙂

    Leadership is not necessarily sought, but once you got it , its got you. We will back you in every way possible and are not unwilling to put our necks on the line along with you. LRH didn’t ask to be a hero either. You just gotta do as the game plays out.

    Sometimes I ponder the idea that this might have been what we all got together again for anyway. Damn the torpedoes or light beams!!!

    Thank you for telling us.

    Love, Eileen

  31. Marty. Thank you!
    The big difference between the COM hole and the jail, not withstanding…I couldn’t help but reflect on the vast difference between confessing here and in the “Church.”
    I’m just glad you’re alright.
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  32. It was only in DMs church that a person’s peccadilloes became important. I could say there by the grace of God…… I think many of us could. I prefer hearing your story of fun, dancing, and maybe a little too much libation than attending the stone cold sober parties that upright Scientologists throw where everyone is careful of what they say, do, or maybe even imply. I quit going to those parties long ago and started picking my friends more carefully. Life is messy and that is what makes it fun.


  33. Thought Provoking

    Karen #1, Grateful and Bobo above sum up my thoughts perfectly!

    When you said, “There wasn’t a single criminal in that cell whom I did not get along with and find something to like about. Every conversation I had was deeper and more meaningful and more caring than any conversation that was ever permitted in DM’s Hole.” boy, was this real to me.

    On my big adventure of leaving the church, I too had the opportunity to comingle with some interesting characters that would never have made my aquaintance before. It was quite a learning experience and I felt even more connected to LRH as a result as I had recalled all the different people he had communicated with in his lifetime. What surprised me the most is how much theta I received, genuine caring and friendship, from complete strangers.

    Life is a game and yours just got a little more exciting over the weekend. Do what you need to do to make it right with Mosey and then lets just carry on with project DM.

  34. Fellow Traveller

    Thanks for the confessional. What a way to set the standard for at least some of us.

    “We are on the eve of the mid-July time period that I earlier predicted would mark the beginning of one long, hot – and sometimes ugly – summer.” — Marty

    Damn straight.

    Mosey — you and Marty good on all this now?

    Bruce Pratt

    • martyrathbun09

      Not sure what you mean by the question; but we were never bad on it – very remarkable being Mosey.

      • Fellow Traveller

        Sorry about that.

        I was trying to quickly ask about Mosey and any ill effects this adventure may have caused. Not only did you not know her whereabouts at one point, she presumably did not know yours for a while. And then she presumably does discover where you’ve been chilling.

        Could be quite something for some. Not knowing Mosey as well as I would like, I asked the best I could, which was not real good.

        This make more sense?


        • martyrathbun09

          Bruce, yeah, get this. It took Jason and I hours to convince her it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t keep an eye on “little Billy”.

      • Free Spirit 88008

        I think Bruce was asking if you two were past whatever could have momentarily taken anyone out of present time. It’s obvious you two are good and that you’re creating a library of stories to tell when you get older.
        FS 88008

  35. Marty, I am shocked! Wish I’d a been there with
    you. Believe it or not even innocent ole Sarge
    spent a night in the pokey. Glad you wrote about
    it here before it made the rag blogs.

  36. at least you are truthful with the truth and that is integrity

    others you and I know would have twisted and perverted the truth into oblivion which is the MO of the C of M

    keep your dreams and mision alive despite the obstacles ahead

  37. BTW, any attempt by DM or CofM to use this against you, and of course they will, is an ‘ad hominem.’ This is a logical fallacy. If anyone is not familiar with this check out this link.

    The CofM is a power user of logical fallacies. It’s worthwhile for anyone not educated in logical and critical thinking to review the subject of fallacious thinking and arguments. It will make your life a hell of a lot easier.

    Try this site:


    • Yeah – they’ll try to use it – I’m sure with gleeful vengeance. But every one of them will have read Marty’s confession here and KNOW they are trying to harm a good and social being. And it can only thus recoil on them.

      What did LRH say the biggest overt was? Making someone guilty of their overts?

      Go ahead minions of the CofM – just go right ahead. You will be only hastening the demise of your inverted 3rd dynamic.

      • P.S. My respect and admiration for you (and your friends and wife) has only grown in reading your honest words you’ve shared today. Thank you!! You DO set a good example (and you thought your shenanigans were a bad one :0)

  38. Hey Marty,

    I loved your post. Sometimes you just got to let it all go. Unfortunate that you got blindsided on the drinks, but no one injured, no foul. Your friends do understand. Those that don’t haven’t lived.

    I’ve been there myself, isn’t it amazing the theta in a jail tank? I really got the comparison to DM’s hole. (Kind of a joke comparing DM’s a*hole). I digress but it seems DM has stretched his a*hole into every anchor point he has?

    Anyway I’m here to help. You are honest and real.

    Stevie D

  39. “By the power invested in me, any overts and withholds you have fully and truthfully told me are forgiven by Scientologists”.
    There. I’m a squirrel now so we’re both bad!
    😀 😀 😀
    Ha ha, love you Marty.

    • martyrathbun09

      Sam, the most powerful words in the world. I’ve had discussions with folks about the cancellation of the power of forgiveness alone is enough to bring down that institution.

      • Ain’t that the truth! Incidentally I don’t recall ever having heard one single auditor say those words to me although I do recall having heard the words “I’m not auditing you” more times than I actually care to remember. Funny dat.

      • Yes they are the most powerful words in the world! Ahh the sweet relief of hearing them and also of giving that to another as an auditor. It really merits the word ‘divine’.

        Sam, as for “I’m not auditing you” inquisitions;) lol Flow O (self to self) forgiveness is difficult enough without having someone write the glitches of life in stone or with a sharpee.

      • I’m floored. Ididn’t know it was canceled. I guess I’m one of the few oldsters that has actually heard those words on the cans. Canceled! I’m flabbergasted, sorry for being stupid about this. Does someone have a reference on the cancellation? I would greatly appreciate it.

    • INT BASE :
      (More on HCO PL “Power to Forgive”)
      After 2 months of Sec Checks, I was summoned to Qual for a “D of P R-factor” mid afternoon.
      The R-factor was read to me:


      This is verbatim.
      DM technology.

      • WOW! I prefer not being given it in the first place than having it taken away later! Phew! Lucky me! LOL

      • Karen –
        If DM is going to turn auditing into something akin to the Miranda Rights then he should have also added “You have the right to remain silent” at the beginning of the session don’t you think?

      • Fellow Traveller


        Bruce Pratt

      • Thought Provoking

        I thought I’d heard it all…this is shocking.

      • ΘTater/GaryLerner


        Have you ever just kind of stood some place outside and looked down to the ground where the little creatures were doing their thing? Milling around. Trying to bite you and each other. Doing silly things. Silly things like declaring you as unfit to just BE.

        Funny how the more we LOOK here and in life the more we SURVIVE.

        Hmmm….. 🙂


      • Freedom Fighter


      • Karen,

        Thank you so much for disclosing and explaining this. As with the use of sec checks to invalidate your Clear status, I find this to be appalling. I also think this point is VERY important.

        Because of the importance of this issue, I cross-posted your comment to the Ex-Scientologist Message Board (ESMB) and Why We Protest (WWP), the home of Anonymous on the net, along with a link to your comment and my simple explanation of the importance of the technical point.

        ESMB: Retroactive cancellation of confidentiality of religious confessions

        WWP: Retroactive cancellation of confidentiality of religious confessions

        Obviously, if I made any mistake, or if there is anything you wish to add or clarify for me, please either post here or contact me by e-mail.

        As I have indicated, the retroactive rescission of confidentiality is reprehensible. This is something I believe people need to know about. Thank your for the warning.

        — Kha Khan

      • Are you sh*tting me? Seriously? OMFG! Sorry, I’m really just – speechless. Incredulous.

        Oh, so good to be where the sun doth shine,
        Where there is thee and me and mine.


      • Karen,

        As you know, forced or compelled testamony against oneself is prohibited by the 5th Amendment with respect to criminal procedings.

        Set against that, now we are seeing that in the sanctity of a confessional, DM is not only disgracing the very REASON for confessional (to relieve one’s mental travail) but he is also taking it to a new low with threats of having ones transgressions used against one, when such confessions are sometimes done under duress and threat if one does not confess freely.

        COB (Camera Operater Boy) is destroying the legacy of LRH in ways that seem impossible.

        I think Camera Boy could cancel wholesale an OT level and the lemmings would go along with it, without so much as a KR.

        What is it going to take to get people MAD enough to throw that bum out of his office?

        Marty, so you got sauced and tangoed with a horse in New Orleans. You hurt nobody. You paid your fine and it was dismissed.

        When you compare that with the crimes of DM, you are a rank choirboy.

        Have another shot of Cuervo and make love to your wife and forget it.


      • Another Layer

        By this time I should no longer be surprised by anything I read about DM’s dedicated attempts to destroy Scientology, but this is just mind boggling suppression, taken to a grotesque cartoon level.

        So, it would appear that after such an (out)R factor, it no longer matters that a past transgression has been confessed and forgiven, allowing the penitent to move on.

        What crazy condition is “withdrawn forgiveness”? And what “church” does this? Really makes a body want to jump right on in there and pick up the cans … not.

        I applaud you for working through the insanity with such grace and integrity.

      • Felicitas Foster

        This is gross.

        How can we be auditors and set beings free if there is no power of forgiveness? If something is confronted it is over – it is not to be stirred up again. We do auditing for obtain spiritual freedom. This is another major point in Black Dianetics.

        I am disgusted.


      • Karen #1

        Of course, when you asked, you were given the exact LRH reference that this R-Factor came from…right?

        And, you will share it here with us?

        Veritas, please allow me:

        WHITE HOT RAGE!!!!!!!!

        Love, Eileen

      • Thank you Karen—that IS amazing!

        Here’s my view—-from back when I was 13. My Father, Paul Christman, was a celebrity in his day.
        He had a *big celebrity” friend, and that guy was getting black mailed when I was 13 years old. We
        heard sort of blow-by-blow nightmares about this family’s pain.

        At that time I decided, *I* am going to tell every single person ALL of what I do, both good and bad, because
        in truth, that IS who I am. If they can’t take it—oh well, I guess they’re not really my friends, anyways”.

        Now roll forward to right now, 10 years ago (July 19th, 2000): I leave C of $, at the time not knowing
        they use people’s info against them, but I soon learn, and I don’t care for 2 reasons:
        1) Everyone I know already knows my “dirt”—from years of chatting about my weirder sides.
        But even if you’re not in the #1 category, here’s the second I’m pretty sure is true for most people who were “in”:

        2) C of $ is going to look and prove they are NOT a “Church” if they start sliming people’s “Top secret personal
        information” all over the Net.

        So will they? It’s their very own fly trap. Their only REAL solution is to GET HONEST AND STRAIGHT,
        something “Davey boy” seems to refuse to so. Thus, he continues to create his own enemies, something I
        told he and his Executives when “in”, and have continued to point out for 10 years, here on the Net.

        Love to all 🙂

    • Sam,

      I was trained at Flag on the then new “Security Check Pilot” in the late 80’s, and at that time they did have at the end:

      “By the power invested in me, any overts and withholds you have fully and truthfully told me are forgiven by Scientologists”.

      The tricky thing though was we had to then write up these O/W’s gotten off and send them to “Ethics” where the Scientologists (Not “PC’s” as they weren’t in session, as explained above)… had to do conditions on them.
      Amazing, Karen, that this forgiveness was cancelled. What’s next? I don’t want to think about it. If you’re “in” and lurking:
      Bail while you can!

  40. Brought a smile to my face!
    I did a brief LA County routing form once and the folks I met routing in with me and the fine professionals handling the inflow were all exceptional and interesting individuals.
    Can’t say I was disappointed though when my GF was able to find my hidden stash of cash and secure my routing out before I had a chance to be introduced to Bubba and spend the whole night there.
    Quite an experience!
    I feel better educated for having experienced what most only see on “COPS”… I’m sure you do as well.
    Here’s to you Marty:

  41. One of my biggest problems with the Church when I left and to this day, is the fact that they will never admit their wrongs – they can only point out others.

    It’s your honesty and openness which sets you apart from what we all left and why we follow your blog “religiously”.

  42. I applaud the honesty for not withholding from the public and his team. This is a man that could be trusted for being forthright and a straight shooter.

    • Marty, I am a new poster, and I am still thinking about your honesty. I will be hitting the donate button above to visit with Paypal. Please use towards anything at all.
      Admitting faults and errors, is what real men do.
      You are a Man’s Man.

  43. crashingupwards

    Oh Marty. After 30 years in the SO your entitled to a lot more than getting hammered.

    I love the support your recieving here.

    My thoughts on your were always that your a sneaker like most of the human race. And you can’t shine a sneaker. So relax, and continue to be one hell of a sneaker.

    Your in valence and your doing just fine. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Your all set, brother.

    March on!

  44. New Orleans sounded like a blast: A true adventure.

    Looking forward to the next few months. I can’t wait to see DM’s Perp Walk.

    If you need any help along those lines from me, please don’t hesitate to call.

    Anything you need, you got it.


  45. Redneck Thetan

    Speaking strictly from the side of someone who is looking at how this would/could be spun on the media side, I think you did absolutely the right thing in being transparent about it. You took a lot of ammunition out of their reach just with one post.

    On the other side, as someone who does regard you as being a decent bloke but not a saint, this doesn’t change a thing. We all screw up. I’m just glad that you got out okay and got some spiritual benefit out of it. And I hope Mosey didn’t go through too many hours stressed out about your whereabouts.

  46. You have an interesting way of rubbing elbows with all manner of men 😀

    Hey, all is good … realizing what you did and looking forward is the name of the game, and it’s a helluva lot better than the game DM plays – he wouldn’t think of confessing to anything let alone correcting his actions.

    btw, what’s the address of that watering hole?? 🙂

    … and next time, invite me!

  47. Ok, I’m impressed. Your confession was the perfect handling for the cult. It takes the starch right out of their sails. The cult lies so much that’s its now a normal way of thinking for them. Telling the truth without any alterations or embellishments is absolutely the best offense and defense. It’s also wonderfully rehabilitating.

    And thank you for saying that you do not seek to be a leader, but rather a creator of leaders.

    I don’t even know if there has to be A LEADER, but instead just a group of human beings that want to work together in creating something they see as “most theta”.

    Also, I look forward to your future posts regarding the Evil Midget and his crimes.

    PS. And good for you going to New Orleans and tying on a good one. It just goes to show that you’re human just like the rest of us.

    And Congrats on the marriage.

  48. Relax Marty, Ron used to get blasted sometimes with buddies of mine at old St. Hill. He didn’t try to hide it.

    This was well before your time, before Ron’s annointing for Godhood by the little gangster.

    The fact that Ron partied occasionally never bothered me – in fact, it made him seem more like a regular guy to the 18 year old me at the time. I never mistook it as an excuse to abuse alcohol or drugs.

    I’m an OT VIII, and I am no saint either – you just have to consider my overwhelmingly typical conduct, rather than occasional exceptions.

    As I was recently telling an MD friend of mine who has been working himself (literally!) to death, “It can’t be 100% sacrifice ALL the time”. When I said that to him, I saw that I had unintentionally rocked his world.

    The next week he got a job offer where he will be working only 3 days out of the week, for more money! No more being “on-call” 24/7, and goodbye! to a practice/partnership that was more pain than it was worth.

    Drinking is not the only way to relax – but as LRH said: “The more fixated attention is, the less SENSIBLE it becomes”.

    The key thing is to span your attention more, even including the possibility of concentrating a bit less on your web site.

    Keep up the good work, but don’t trade ONE abusive Sea Org for a self-imposed one. You’d probably crack up….Mayo did.

    As an Indian associate of mine said (accidentally funny, fractured English) “Please do the needful!”.

    • martyrathbun09

      thanks for the sage advice.

    • Marty, I sent these words to a mutual friend of ours recently.

      “A professor of mine at theol college, who was a clinical psychology professor, taught that a healthy life is a multi-faceted life. The image he used was of a gemstone. A gemstone is dull until you cut and polish different facets on it that allow the light in. A healthy life lets the light in by ensuring there are several different facets.”

      So, try something completely different – ballroom dancing, knitting (!)… whatever. Let your life be full of variety and let your light shine through you like a beautiful polished gemstone.

  49. Hey Marty. Thanks for sharing all that. Sounds like quite a time!

    Although we do not see eye to eye on some things, we do have a common goal in stopping horrific human rights abuses and other crimes within David Miscavige’s organized scientology.

    When the labor cases get to trail, the diminished one will be facing a tidal wave of truth that he has never had to deal with before. Many of us will be telling it like it is and there is no way that he will be able to hide his lies in the face of same.

    And there is much, much more going on besides the labor cases where the truth is and will be getting out.

    For what it is worth, I will stand with you as little Davey escalates his attacks on you. We once fought together for causes we felt were right. Looks like it’s time to do so again. Call any time.

    It’s time for a reckoning!


  50. Marty
    In this planet, nobody is an angel.
    But what did you drink??? Next time, I recommend you sip a good mexican tequila like Don Julio on the rocks. This is Mexican style, the best sexy high you ever had, without a bad drunk. Just don’t chase it with any other liquor.

  51. one of those who see

    Love you, Marty. I have always loved being out in the world. People for the most part are wonderful, just like LRH said.

    Thank you for your honesty. This is Scientology.

  52. Hey man this is no big deal. Got it and thanks. Carry on.

    Hope you showed that dude a thing or two on the basketball court.

  53. love you

  54. Marty, I was actually happy to hear about your Big Adventure. Puts a better perspective on it all. I believe this group may have been putting undue pressure on you and we need to knock it off.
    I personally never expected you to take over the church, assume leadership and save us all or some such. What I have always known is you have the ability to expose and take it down, then we’re going to have to step up and create it’s future ourselves.
    So now we have gotten to know you a little better, Marty, which just increased the afinity. You will need people at your back, and you’ve got ’em, because yes, this is going to get uglier, no doubt. I believe it’s called ‘death throes’.

  55. LSHIFOMC, That is the funniest story I’ve heard in a long time. Marty gets drunk and has an adventure. LOL. Mosey’s first weekend, LOL. Damn, you do make an impression. LOL Marty, I would be honored if you put the small contribution I sent your way on the bail. LOL

    I can’t wait to hear the story that is about to unfold.

    BTY- nothing to forgive. This is a fabulously funny story. LOL

    • martyrathbun09

      Ann, I received your letter an hour after posting this. I was about to ask if you wanted to withdraw it – but you’ve answered that. Congratulations on everything you have achieved since emancipation from the matrix. Your letter was a huge hit and inspiration for me and Mosey. Thank you, really.

    • Joe Pendleton

      Ann, were you on a recruit mission in the Pac area about 5 years ago?

      • Joe. Not me. I have things I can say about recruit cycles for DM’s Church, but Marty maintains standards for posting. :>)

  56. Marty, you don’t know me from a hole in the ground, but I did a lot of volunteer work in NOLA after Katrina, and even *I* nearly got arrested by those corrupt and thuggish cops!! I’m super stupid squeakly clean, without so much as a parking ticket to my name. Don’t worry… it will all come out in the wash.

  57. Good times Marty! glad to see that you turned this whole seene into a positive, I had no doubt that you would:

    This style seems wild
    Wait before you treat me like a stepchild
    Let me tell you why they got me on file
    ‘Cause I give you what you lack
    Come right and exact
    Our status is the saddest
    So I care where you at,
    And at home I got a call from Tizione
    The CO$ was tappin’ my telephone
    I never live alone
    I never walk alone
    My posses always ready, and they’re waitin’ in my zone
    Although I live the life that of a resident
    But I be knowin’ the scheme that of the RTC president
    Tappin’ my phone whose crews abused
    I stand accused of doing harm
    ‘Cause I’m louder than a bomb

    props to Chuck D (edited by Xcst.)

    Marty we have healed much in the same way. thanks for being a stand up dood.

  58. Marty — I haven’t read the other comments because I want to respond to this from my heart.

    The first thing I want to say, is welcome to the human race. We all fuck up.

    The second thing I want to offer, have you ever considered that you are suffering from PTSD? Frankly, I would be surprised if you — and every other person who was confined in the scientology brig — weren’t.

    The third thing is that you should know that there are a number of ways to address this that don’t require medication. I know this because I have PTSD and I there are a number of effective psychological treatments which don’t involve drugs.

    The last thing is that I want to say is — again, welcome to the world of regular people, were nothing is neat and clean and all tied up in a pretty bow. Real life in the real world is always, at some time or other, messy.

    • theystolemychurch

      PTSD almost never requires medication.

      Actually in Scientological terms it really means you need a session or two or some…. It is called “restimulation”.

      To me it looks like Marty is doing just great! Along with Mosey and other very awesome friends!

      Marty, your adventure reminds me of a story Ken Thompson told me in 1976 about LRH. Ken was on the ship with LRH and had gone into town in a little port they had stopped at for supplies.

      Ken drank a little too much and the port police were chasing him through the little town. LRH saw him from the ship and sent two people to the jail to bail him out! The folks LRH sent were actually at the jail before Ken was taken into custody….

      Do not know if this is a true story, but for me ~ it was the spirit of LRH. Compassionate and caring about his crew, even when they were a little of the rails….. just as Marty and friends (me included!).

      And Mosey, hats off to you…. for being so responsible and loving as a new wife!

  59. BTW Marty – I worked in NOLA for 1.5 years and I know their MO in the French Quarter. If they can arrest you they will. It is just their way of making money. Nowhere else in the USA would you have been arrested for the same.

    It’s funny – Linda and I were on Bourbon Street on Thursday night. Just missed you!

    ML Tom

    • martyrathbun09

      We were there Thursday too. You see Rock Daddy at Howl at the Moon? Or the ghost of Jimi Hendrix at Sing Sing?

      • Neither. Linda never seen it so we cruised it and moved on down the 10. Place is too crazy for me.

        ML Tom

  60. Rathbun, let me tell you something. Because of you and this blog of yours I’ve felt a continuing loss for a couple of months now. To tie this together let me remind you that you had a sabbatical on the Freewinds while you did your “drill it and do it”.

    Unfortunately I had blown that scene upon return to the relay office (Clearwater) something like a year before your arrival on-board. Hence my sincere loss. I mean it. If someone sane (on purpose) like you had been around I’d probably be down in the bilges. To this day. It’s my style.

    You’re like an old lost friend. Probably are. Although “we’ve” never met I look forward to the day when I again shake your hand.

    Your recent “transgression” pales in comparison to some of mine… like waking up because of a roach crawling across my face … Oh never mind…. Can I keep that in a confessional?!?!

    In a new unit of time, though, let me restate one of the highest complements I know how to deliver to another fellow- You’re a goooood man, but a baaaaaaaaaad boy.

    Mosey- you hooked a good one. You might just want to shorten up the leash.

    And a short note to Jason Beghe: Your video was THE wake-up call that woke me from my apathetic slumber. Thanks!

    All of my love to you and Mosey and everyone here,


    Thomas E. Gallagher

  61. Marty,

    What Jason said … unreservedly.

    Just Me

  62. Kathy Braceland


    Sounds like you had a great time living life in the Big Easy. Nice! You have always been and will always be aces in my books.

    Love you bunches!


  63. “I didn’t tamely submit” sounds like your motto!
    After reading this blog for the past year…there is no questioning the truth in that statement Marty 🙂

    Seems I am not alone in my reaction to your communication. With the exception of worrying about Mosey sounds like you had a great week.

    None of us are without an indiscretion or two or….

  64. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!”

    Don’t worry about it Marty. We all are not perfect by any means and we all make mistakes. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    I agree with Karen. File it away with a Yawn!

    You and the rest of us recognize when we have made a mistake and take responsiblity for it. We all know DM is “Mr Perfect” and never makes mistakes.

    In other words, a real SP.

  65. LRH said, and this is pretty much common knowledge, but in the navy and other armed forces it is a well-known maxim that the best and most valuable members of the team — i.e., the ones that will save your ass when the going gets impossible — are the ones that are always getting in trouble on shore, hahaha. LRH himself was no angel. If memory serves, the “nick” scar on his cheek was a souvenir from a bar-room brawl in China… a saber wound as I recall. I’d say you are forgiven, but there is nothing to forgive. ;-P

  66. Well I’m definitely not one of those who:-

    “….. recently there have been many what I consider to be over-the-top comments on this blog praising my character.”

    But…. I’m sort of squirrely. 🙂

    Nor have you praised me that much. 🙂

    Well I met you, liked you.

    A blue collar spiritual mentor.

    Like the great english working class poet John Clare.

    There is a sort of parallel with Jesus. He mixed with anyone, including the Magdalene. And no doubt those similar to your companions in jail.

    The Magdalene comment is merely praise for Mosey.

    You want to go on a bender like that again, call me. I’ll drink you under the table, and keep
    you out of trouble. Well… dunno. Being dangerous to the environment isn’t all bad. 🙂

  67. “Leadership is not about making yourself more powerful. It’s about making people around you more powerful.” -Betty Linton

    As for me, I’ll pick my leaders for their honesty and forthrightnes rather than being angels.

    And I’ve always preferred my friends at least a little on the wild side! 🙂

  68. Marty,
    Ha! Ha!
    When NCT told me of this little caper I almost ran off the road laughing!
    Welcome to the human race!
    Good thing I wasn’t there or we might have been arrested for stealing a plane!

    • martyrathbun09

      Cowboy, good thing you taught me to respect horses.

    • Kevin Bloody Mackey

      Geez mate, you had a blinder. No harm except maybe a little PR damage, and it seems not with any one who actually knows anything about you.

      Like the Cowboy Poet says, lucky you didn’t have any of the good ol’ boys with you or we might have really given you a story you could tell the grandkids.

      Out here where we got no RPF we need a bit more of this kind of thing, a few laughs and the odd arrest made by a pair of horses.

  69. Here’s another quote I absolutely love and think is fitting here, Marty:

    “Good judgement comes from experience, and most of that comes from bad judgement.” -Will Rogers

  70. Karen#1


    This is verbatim.
    DM technology.”

    Well Shit! been around critics and the FZ for in excess of a decade and never saw such a thing,

    Guess if one is forgiven, technically it can’t be used against you.

    Not that much of a techie, but read drilled and ran quad ruds with forgiveness. The georgeous
    PC smiled through her tears.

    One of my best wins. 🙂

  71. Marty,

    This is a “confession?” What kind of friggin’ saint are you if you think any of this is bad? This is a story to laugh about for years to come.

    Fuck the PR.

    You aren’t carrying us on your shoulders. If you stumble, we’ll keep right on marching. Or strolling. Or dancing. Or whatever. We’ll put out a hand to steady you and say, “Clumsy fuck; can’t you even walk, for God’s sake.” Then clap you on the back and smile. Then give you a ration of shit for years to come. All with a grin.

    When you upchuck your dinner after drinking too much, we’ll gladly put your ass in a cab and send you home.

    And never let you live it down.

    As you wouldn’t let us live it down if your were a friend.

    Responsibility is not burden. You are our responsibility as much as we are yours. But, you are not our burden, and we are not yours.

    Burden is mass. Burden is too far down the KRC triangle. Feeling burdens is not the same as feeling responsibility–not as a thetan operating up scale. The feeling of responsibility brings the same sense of expansion as the feeling of ARC and understanding. When you truly understand, you feel fantastic. One EP of a process is cognition: a sudden realization, an increased understanding.

    And that feels great.

    Same with KRC. Same with feeling responsibility. A real high. Theta at Cause. Wow.

    I don’t envy you all that praise. When I saw your pictures, I saw a man torn. A man unwilling pulled by destiny. So be it. But our expectations for you are an alter-is of you and your purpose.

    And the alter-is creates mass.

    And the mass becomes burden.

    So, all I got to say is, the only thing I expect is for you not to hit my shoes when you vomit out your guts. But, since we don’t hang out together, I’m pretty safe there.

    And next time you have a confession rather than a good story, please make it juicy enough for me to at least think about blushing.

    Jeez. Dumb fuck.


  72. Glad to hear it, actually, Marty.

    If you put me on the cans right now I’d be as red as a tomato because I’ve done a few “real living” things in my life, too, which I’d have to get off my chest before we could start the process.

    Just be sure not to mistake respect for propitiation on this blog.

    People want to call you a leader?….well…..flinch away if you see yourself as just a normal dude, a soldier, a brawler, or whatever.

    The reason you get respect here is because you’re doing more than most. That ain’t ass-kissing. It’s fact. You live bigger, perhaps, than most. Not to invalidate a single person here at all. I’m just sayin’.

    (I’d have to respectfully add that Virgil Samms is probably right up there with you on the “living big” aspect of things after reading his bio).

    And that’s the price you pay for living big, being tough, or whatever it is that you’re doing.

    You’re gonna attract people. Period.

    If people flinch at you being in jail overnight, then they need to stop putting you up in lights.
    That’s DM crap and it isn’t needed here.

    You’ve knowingly and willingly put yourself in one of the most unique positions on this planet. Only we Scientology folk know that but it’s true.

    Play game!


    Or, die, trying as hard as you possibly can to win all the while.

    And get freakin’ drunk once in a while, too.

    Part of the C of Mest brainwashing is that we’ve all got to be perfect from now on.

    Fuck that! That’s boring beyond belief!

    Didn’t LRH say that the tough guys in jail are the ones you want on your side in a fight?

    Well, get dirty! Fight! Hell now I respect you even more because your (dare I say it), “just” a man!


  73. Freedom Fighter


    Thank you for telling us.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: angels are BORING! LOL! Sounds like you had a hoot! Your time in the clink kinda reminded me of Heber’s stint in Spain . . .

  74. I’m with Ann Howe, god that was funny, I just laughed and laughed. There is nothing like seriousness and there is nothing to get serious about here other than the stupid trying to push in your anchor points and make you feel quilty for a good time. I heard LRH partied down and hard with the boys and girls at the Bosun’s party, only difference is he just had to make his way thru the ship to his berthing, and you had to make your way thru the streets of the Big Easy, hahaha, in a not so accomodating environment. Cutting loose now and then is good for the soul! And it sounds like you cut loose on a large bit of soul. Just makes you so much more real and approachable, thank you. Cheers!

    • Amen to that! 🙂

      “When life becomes serious, a man becomes less cause and greater effect. If life gets really serious, his value drops to practically zero. Driving a car can become such serious business that one can wreck the car. Running a business can become so serious as to make it fail. There is a direct connection between insanity and seriousness:

      Right Wrong
      Not Serious Serious

      What is the emotion of thinking something is serious? Scan it. Scan all the seriousness off the case. It is only when an individual progresses in life to a point where much seriousness is attached to things that he begins to have a hard time. The ancient Italian really knew what he was about when he considered that the only psychotherapy was laughter.”

      — LRH, from The Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin, Volume 2, No. 8, February 1952, Cause and Effect

  75. That is quite a Confusion formula (comparing where you are to where you have been). I get it loud and clear. Glad you had some fun, and turned adversity in to a positive learning experience. Man IS basically good.

    I’ll ride with you anytime….

  76. Hey Marty, don’t sweat it, and you got to know some cool dudes in the pokey. BTW how was the kid’s B-Ball moves?
    We’re just a big family here. You do whatever you feel like, I trust your judgement, even when you’re falling over drunk. I’m sure you gave the cops something interesting to do for a few minutes, they were probably bored.

  77. Marty;

    Your the best…When I read your Big Easy story I had to laugh. Going one on one with the kid from the hood…and talking trash…your the best.

    Your spirt of play is tops in my book. Life is to be lived and boy are you livin!!!

    Marty, you’re admired & loved by many true friends and a wife who is also the best. What else can a man ask for or want?

    Keep living your life how you want to live it.

    I’m sure this is not your last adventure we will read about.

  78. Doesn’t sway my high regard for you in any way.

    I’m not as close to you as some on this blog, but I’m not confused on who stands for the betterment of mankind and who wants to destroy it.

    That’s all that I need to know. Your personal life is yours, and as many others say here, none of us are saints and have any right to start throwing stones.

    You are one of mankind’s best friends right now as far as I’m concerned. What you are doing on that dynamic far outwieghs any “slips” you may have on others.

    We all have our “slips”, but not all of us have the ammunition you have to knock out the suppression – and it’s because you take responsibility for what you know and strive to make it right by sticking your neck out 1000s of miles to do it is what I find admirable and deserves respect, back up and support.

    And it doesn’t mean just to “follow you” as the only leader, but for one to take his own action(s) with what resources/ammunition he/she has to reinforce and strengthen the momentum you have started. That’s how I see it. Hope it makes sense.

  79. Mary McConnell

    Marty, welcome to the real world 🙂

  80. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Marty, Mosey and Jason,

    The French Quarter is one of my favorite places in the world. Life is right in your face there. The music. The food. The people.

    You did the right thing. You partied and had fun. But if you just step back a bit and see that what you did in the OPP hole was to do what every descent Scientologist would do and you did it naturally, you just communicated with Affinity, Reality.

    I would think that Mosey married you because you are honest about who you are and that you also, on occasion, are just “little billy”. 🙂

    Never let your spirit of play diminish.


    P.S. You do tell a great story! Thank you.

  81. I would pay a lot of money to be a fly on the wall in that hole. What a story. You’re one heck of a writer. Man, you write like that – you could sell millions of books.

    • Fellow Traveller

      Speaking of writing books — I just checked my postulates regarding Marty getting enough time to finish his book.

      I know he admires Malcolm X, but jeeze, prison time to do his writing just ain’t what *I* intended. Some of my responsibility in all this hoopla.

      Bruce Pratt

  82. So, who one the hoops?

    All is well in the universe, Marty.


  83. craig houchin

    Well imagine that. Marty is human: fallible, messy, hard-working, honorable, frightened, courageous, loved, loving.

    Sounds pretty good to me.

    Carry on.

  84. Marty,
    Ok, fantastic! You did something—which years ago you’d have been made wrong for, probably felt like you’ve committed an overt, and possibly put into lower conditions.
    As you’ve said, what a difference in the 2 “holes”!

    Now—you’ve told your friends and others—-and there ya go. What a perfect place for all this to go down, too, New Orleans!

    Thanks for sharing—sounds like quite an interesting time. Best of all—you’re fine.

    My best to you and ALL who helped you!

  85. Watching Eyes

    Marty & Mosey,
    This couldn’t have been easy on either of you. There’s nothing like the love of a spouse and friends to pull you through the tough times.

    Although this had to have been tough for you to write, just think of the joy you’ve taken away from a certain frothing-at-the-mouth, mad dog, aka the dwarf. Snatched it right out from under his nose. You just know he thought he finally had something on you. He’s left wishing his crimes were so minor.

    This is a non-incident if there ever was one. Is there a man in the world who can say he didn’t get drunk on his honeymoon? Of course not. Now, maybe they all didn’t get arrested, but who cares. Nobody cares.

    I think it’s actually pretty cool that you spend some time in the pokey because it gave you the unique opportunity to compare a jail in a modern-day city versus the dwarf’s gulag. That in itself is priceless and I suspect will only strengthen your determination to see the C of M’s madness come to an end.

    ps. If this is ever brought up in court a jury will yawn.

  86. What a great adventure and story! I’ve read your other stories that were in a similar vein…like when you left Hemet and got drunk on Jack. I laughed then as I am now. Love your wild, pirate side…;}
    PS-I spent a few days in the county jail in my teens back in the 70’s. I still laugh about it. :}

  87. In the words of Dan Akrod on Saturday night live. “Marty you slut”. Than Dan would go on a diatribe. Marty we love you.

    Murray & Exilda

  88. We have all done things that are wild and crazy at times. Sounds like you both had a great time in NO. The shots usually get me too. You have a lot of friends that will jump into action to assist anytime day or night. I am very happy that you and Mosey made it home safely. Love, Jan

  89. becomingAware

    Go buddy go. Live your life!
    Very nice write-up. No Shame, blame and regret, just good observation and ARC with the environment.
    Sounds like you were having fun but I’ll bet Mosey took you aside later after she calmed down about losing you.

  90. The job of exposing DM cannot be done by an angel. Thank you for sharing this story. I had a good laugh.

  91. Thank you for telling all. 🙂

    Good luck with your future fight.

    Love, Pat Krenik

  92. If you’ll allow a little levity for a moment:

    “The Psychiatrist and Proctologist”

    Two doctors, a psychiatrist and a proctologist, opened an office in a small town and put up a sign reading: “Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones: Hysterias and Posteriors.”

    The town council was not happy with the sign, so the doctors changed it to read, “Schizoids and Hemorrhoids.”

    This was not acceptable either, so in an effort to satisfy The council, they changed the sign to “Catatonics and High Colonics.” No go.

    Next, they tried “Manic Depressives and Anal Retentives.” Thumbs down again.

    Then came “Minds and Behinds.” Still no good.

    Another attempt resulted in “Lost Souls and Butt Holes.” Unacceptable again!

    So they tried “Analysis and Anal Cysts.” Not a chance.

    “Nuts and Butts?” No way.

    “Freaks and Cheeks?” Still no go.

    “Loons and Moons?” Forget it.

    Almost at their wit’s end, the doctors finally came up with:

    “Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones, Odds and Ends.”

    Everyone loved it.

    • Thanks! I gotta a good laugh out of that one! 🙂

    • GROAN…LOL.

    • To Idle Org above me, That was funny! tx for sharing some humor.

      …and to Marty and all,
      One simply MUST have some fun, comedy, and adventure/misadventures to give some balance to the pressure & serious side of things ahead. So Marty let off some steam and had some fun! Well then, OKAY! We all have a little ‘naughty/bad side…and considering some of the pressures…Marty, and all of us are entitled to a few too many *shots* of nearly 180 proof! Now that’s being a tough ole’ cowboy!HA! Personally, I am such a sissie, I get a little drunk on one Cosmo or half a glass of Champagne.

      The Angel in me says to Marty ~forgiven!
      The Bad Girl in me says ~BFD! 🙂

      You GO Marty!


  93. Marty, I respect you even more after this post for your candour and for the insight into how you connected with the others in the cell with you.

    PR flap? Meh. Not at all.

    I hope this incident does blow off some of the pressure on you. We don’t need you to be perfect. Nor do Claire and Marc. No judge or jury will either.

    You’re doing good, my friend,

    Love from Another non-saint.

  94. Hey man, sorry it happened. To you and your wife and on your honeymoon.

    I’m not saying police officers are bad people (I know a few and they are generally good people), but some have really bad control issues. There could have been a kinder, gentler way for those officers to diffuse the situation.

    From the interviews I have seen of you on YouTube and from this blog, I sense you have a kind spirit. If you had a dozen incidents like this, it wouldn’t change what is integral to you. Just my opinion.

    • martyrathbun09

      Derek, truth be told, I was pretty vocal, and non-compliant. I got a bit of the treatment on the way into the wagon, but I believe I deserved every bit of it. They have an exceedingly tough job to do.

      • crashingupwards

        OK Marty.

        You have said enough in this confession. There is a saying, “you booze, you loose”. Sorry it happened on the honeymoon but I trust it was a lesson well learned. Experience is the best teacher. You have forgiveness. Forgive yourself and move on. We all have a full sense of just how bad this has made you feel. And we love and respect you for it.

        So you need to exercise some caution and discretion and take care of yourself and your loved ones. We all need to do that.

        As LRH said, ” some high class bastards can do some high class work” And there is some high class work needing to be done. And your just the bastard to do it.

        You have carved out a BIG GAME. You have a bunch of other Big Game players on board. You have the stage. No one is pulling you off of it.

        As Paul Harvey used to say,”now for the rest of the story”. Not your personal story. The story that will help as-is the suppression and help countless others we havent even met yet.

        Batter up, baby. Its showtime.

      • There is a saying, “you booze, you loose”.

        I have one name for you:

        Winston Churchill

    • The cerebral cortex and alcohol

      “The cerebral cortex processes information from your senses, processes thoughts, initiates the majority of voluntary muscle movements and has some control over lower-order brain centers. In the cerebral cortex, alcohol can:

      Affect thought processes, leading to potentially poor judgement.
      Depresses inhibition, leading one to become more talkative and more confident.
      Blunts the senses and increases the threshold for pain.
      As the BAC increases, these effects get more pronounced.”

  95. Nightmares Getting Less


    Please see my private email message to you on this.

    My response Who Cares?

    You were on your H. Moon, and you were fed TrueBlood 180 proof booze shots in a Bar on Bourbon St.

    I guarantee Dear Leader has time over and over again made himself likewise look a similiar friggin idiot stumper state.

    Whatever. So what’s next?

  96. Thanks for sharing this with us, and letting us see your human side. I appreciate the importance of having clean hands, and respect you all the more for going against popular opinion and sharing.

  97. Another comment if I may, Marty.

    For you, from the ol’ man..

    “There is therefore a necessity for pleasure, for working, as happiness can be defined, toward known goals over not unknowable obstacles. And the necessity for pleasure is such that a great deal of pain can be borne to attain it. Pleasure is the positive commodity. It is enjoyment of work, contemplation of deeds well done; it is a good book or a good friend; it is taking all the skin off one’s knees climbing the Matterhorn; it is hearing the kid first say daddy; it is a brawl on the Bund at Shanghai or the whistle of amour from a doorway; it’s adventure and hope and enthusiasm and “someday I’ll learn to paint”; it’s eating a good meal or kissing a pretty girl or playing a stiff game of bluff on the stock exchange. It’s what Man does that he enjoys doing; it’s what Man does that he enjoys contemplating; it’s what Man does that he enjoys remembering; and it may be just the talk of things he knows he’ll never do.”

    From Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

    So, whats there to confess about? eh?

    Live it up. You deserve it.

    As for the leadership part, ha! Never would I consider ANYONE my leader. If I came to you, it would be to avail myself of your expertise as an auditor, or on matter on which you could consult me on given your training. But, to lead? Na. I am fine there.

    Cheer up.

    You went to New Orleans………………and you lived.

    Sovereign Scientologist

  98. (This song played on the radio as I was reading the post. How apprpriate:
    (♫ Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World ♫♫ ~ Neil Young )


    You are true-blue genuine, honest, humble, and a cut WAY above. I instantly got that about you the second we met in January 1991 in the CMO Canada office, during your visit in Toronto with DM on those “inspections”. Great beings ALWAYS shine bright, even during the worst situations. Thank you for sharing this in the public domain.You got to party, dance, play hoops, and converse with Earth human beings all in the same night. Living life! Cool! Well done on your experience being part of life in the “nook and cranies”. You’re a Kha Khan in my book as well. We’ve got your 6 !

    Very good, disheartening comparisons between the OPP and DM’s hole.

    I went through a similar ordeal myself in the Hollywood District Jail in November 1992, only seven months after the Rodney King Riot. Unfortunately, I was ‘handled’ in true “Church Style”. I did not sleep for a week and had to do amends after amends… I was under security guard. My repair auditing was suspended. (That which messed me up in the first place!). I was treated like sewage, yet I was upstat and uptrending ↑. The experience made me realize whom in my Sea Org colleagues were True Friends and whom were hypocrites. Despite all that, I still trust LRH’s tech, when well applied, 100%.

    I should have spent the night in jail. At least I would have gotten sleep & food. I got bailed out & had to repay the $250 to Treasury FB. It took me two years, with the menial allowance we got.

    I, too, had great theta conversations with my fellow inmates. I gave a Touch Assist to one of them, and helped another one as-is some O/Ws, helping him ‘itsa’ the time, place, form and event for each.
    He had a huge win. → That’s what WE are all about.

    I was arrested at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, while Red-Tagged on the End-of-Endless Interiorization-Repair-Rundown. In my case, it was not alcohol. I was under the influence of out-tech. The Church made a ballistic flap out of it. MJR, Gary Morehead and others can confirm.

    There was an event going on at the Palace with Howard Stern because he was #1 in the radio ratings. The LAPD closed Vine street at the corner of Hollywood. The buses that took us to work had to let us off a few blocks away, and we had to walk the rest. A group of us asked permission to cross the street when the light turned green and the cops all agreed. So we started crossing the street legally.

    Then, out of the blue, while I was crossing the street with the group on the green light with the WALK sign on, an LAPD cop grabbed me by the throat. I asked him to please remove his hand from my throat. He squeezed harder instead of letting go. I removed his hand myself. He grabbed my arm and wrapped it around my back. I ‘judoed’ him to the ground and walked away towards the HGB. (I was late for muster and had to eat to get sessionable for Red-Tag handling)

    Two other LAPD cops came after me and tackled me. I got both of them off me as well. The Lieutenant in charge saw that, and yelled, “Arrest him N-O-W!”. I got swarmed and handcuffed. I asked for it and pulled it in, I guess.
    The public started chanting:
    ♫ I don’t know but I’ve been told, ♫ LAPD will beat you dead ♫
    Thanks to the public who, like me, had experienced the riots a few months before, I guess I was spared the batons and engram.

    → I encountered DM 6 times face-to-face in my Sea Org career. Had he ever tried to hit me, he would not have stood a chance. Captain COB or not.

    I found a friend in Terry Brawley from OSA Int who helped me handle the legal aspects. OSA Int staff are not all bad folks. There are good ones too.

    * As for the leadership, I would like to refer you to the movie Convoy, starring Chris Christopherson as “Rubber Duck”. His character NEVER wanted to take leadership of the Convoy. It just happened. But he sure INSPIRED each trucker, from big rig to pick-up and VW van in the line. In fact, I’m gonna watch it again, with you in mind. 🙂

    I don’t think the readers on your blog are necessarily “searching” for a leader to follow. We sure consider you as a True Friend and we KNOW that we can TRUST you.

    I don’t get down on my knees and worship Foster Thompkins. But I sure as hell respect the thetan, his competence, and yes, his leadership skills. I’ll work with him or under him ANY day. However, I can’t say the same at all for Ron Norton. That’s just me. I pissed next to Captain Guillaume Lessevre in the 9th floor washroom of the HGB the night of the 1992 LA Riots. We had a cool chat about life in general, and we both laughed. He was humble, human and true.

    Please consider this LRH quote from Executive Series 2 ~ Leadership

    « The first test any follower of a leader requires the leader to meet is competence. Does the leader know what he is doing? This is already covered in the definitions of an executive. For if an executive meets these definitions, those to whom he must give orders are very likely to receive them in confidence.

    « A common denominator to all good executives is the ability to communicate, have affinity for their area and their people and to be able to achieve a reality on existing circumstances. All this adds up to understanding. An executive who lacks these qualities or abilities is not likely to be successful.

    « In all great leaders there is a purpose and intensity which is unmistakable. Plus there is a certain amount of courage required in a leader.

    « A man who merely wants to be liked will never be a leader.
    Others follow those who have the courage to get things done even though they SAY they follow those they like. A broad examination of history shows clearly that men follow those they respect. Respect is a recognition of inspiration, purpose and competence. »

    You don’t need to lead anybody if you don’t wish to. I do respect you and I do recognize inspiration, purpose, competence, courage, ARC and KRC in you. You might have spent a night in prison (and gotten some wins out of it), but I’ll take that any day over what DM and his minions are doing to Mankind.

    In closing, to lighten up, I can’t get this ‘song’ off my head …

    ♫ Uh, Breaker One-Nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck
    ♫ You got a copy on me Pig-Pen? C’mon
    ♫ Uh, yeah 10-4 Pig Pen, fer sure, fer sure
    ♫ By golly it’s clean clear to Flag-Town, C’mon
    ♫ Uh, yeah, that’s a big 10-4 Pig-Pen,
    ♫ Yeah, we definitely got us the front door good buddy,
    ♫ Mercy sake’s alive, looks like we got us a CONVOY
    3 Cheers! 🙂

    • martyrathbun09

      Helluva story. I hope to hear from Jackson on this one too. Love to meet you some time.

    • War and Peace

      JF says


      Unfortunately, I was ‘handled’ in true “Church Style”. I did not sleep for a week and had to do amends after amends… I was under security guard. My repair auditing was suspended. (That which messed me up in the first place!). I was treated like sewage, yet I was upstat and uptrending ↑



  99. Is that it? Ha! That ain’t not’in man!

    But thanks for the up n up.

    reminds me of …

    auditing a very able being because he found himself in trouble now and again.

    The end result?

    He realized he would get himself in trouble just to make the game a little more fare to those around him, he was feeling slightly ashmed of his superiority abilities.

    He knocked off that dramatization no longer free the allow others to experience his strenghs and powers.

    Ain’t No Angel here

  100. Correction; should read…

    “He knocked off that dramatization free to allow others to experience his strenghs and powers”

  101. Well, Marty, I was going to comment on this incident and wouldn’t ya know it? The damn thing just as-is’d!

    Oh well 😉 Next……

    Again, congratulations on your marriage. We will all stay the course. NOTHING, NOTHING, will derail TRUTH. Thanks for telling your truth. It’s all good.

  102. what a nite i want drink again. you been down a long road marty, you took a break because of the road ahead, i bet it changed your viewpoint again.
    arc krc all involoved

  103. Shirtless hoops = nice.

    The Hole versus OPP = priceless.

  104. We know you are no saint… but who can really say in all honesty he’s a saint?

    I know how mean cops can be to drunk people and many times they just take advantage of that… that said be careful of what you drink, since you are being persecuted from the church I do not say they will drug you but as mean as they are I’d take that in consideration. It’s very easy to just quickly throw a few drops of substance in your drink when you are not watching… Just keep an eye on it and do not accept drinks from anybody except your friends.

    That said I love New Orleans been to Bourbon St, meet some of the best people ever there. Good luck with your litigation…

  105. Felicitas Foster

    Nothing more to say than the others have already said.

    Glad that it ended as it did and that you took something home from it.

    Love, Felicitas

  106. Marty, you deserve to have fun and have it your way. It is no one’s business. You are extremely up stat and an amazing being.

    Mosey, you are truly an incredible lady.

    I wish I was there partying and getting drunk with you guys! 🙂

    Love you both.

  107. Marty,
    Thank you for sharing your adventure. I believe that there is a little rebellious hell-raiser in all of us and this is why we find the trait somewhat endearing and reassuring. Anyone who insists on saintliness is at best ignorant and at worst a lying scoundrel. I look forward to the next installment of “The Adventures of Marty and Mosey”.

  108. Ha! Couldn’t stop chuckling. Now THAT’s how to party. Reminded me of… oh never mind

  109. Joe Pendleton

    Marty, are you just trying to make us all jealous? – you getting to have fun in The Crescent City, one of my ALL time favorite places (and I’ve been to most of the great cities in the world). Hope you had some red beans, gumbo and crawfish too. Keep playing hard and fighting hard!

  110. taint nuthin Marty. “Norluns” is like that. 😉

  111. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Marty, thanks for letting us know. The fact that you can live your life and not be a saint makes you more real as a person.

    You have a lot on your plate. We know that. We can change that. Just this forum here has created for me the biggest ack on Scientology and what is happening. Even if we left it at that, you would have done a lot. Mosey is amazingly responsible and perceptive. So, you have already moved up quite a bit higher than a lot. This brings you in a position of responsibility but, hey, there are so many of us here that should do something more. So, having this in mind, let’s see… take care, man and understand that you have created something for all of us here that IS a big deal. Now, this says a lot! You are still in the driver’s seat and the race is not the easiest one. But you definitely put up a good race. Sorry, this cannot be avoided. A lot of attention is on you. Why not take that attention and assign it to others too? My little advice here.

  112. One of the biggest changes that I have noticed in the Church has been that it has become very “puritan” and that has translated to never do anything that anyone anywhere could consider to be “impure.” No sex before marriage, no parties, no dancing, no fun, no life outside of a courseroom or auditing room, just work and work and work and work and always and only on “official” Church projects or programs whenever one is ordered to work on them. Your time is not your own, your money is not your own, your marriage is not your own, your life is not your own, your ethics is not your own, and above all don’t cause any “flaps” or set a “bad example.” To my mind this is hilarious to the extreme and no more than an excuse to harass the shit out of people and implement draconian “handlings” such as the hole, handlings which are actually punishments. Punishment to degrade, rather than rehabilitation of the essential rightness of a being.

    So you got drunk, and out of hand and thrown in jail — and now you’re a bad, bad boy. What a flap!

    Frankly, I’m tired of all this effort to make everybody be perfect all the time, especially in light of your affidavit and the truly chilling information it reveals. For me, it explains this obsesssion with being “pure as the driven snow” by the still remaining S.O. staff. I would try to do that too.

    What has given me considerable joy and hope is the responses on this blog to your “confession” with their good humor, charity and lack of judgment upon you. There is a complete willingness to accept your “confession” and allow that you can and will and do make your own mind up as to what is right and ethical.

    To my mind, your recent affidavit is what is right and ethical, and I believe it must have taken a massive amount of courage to write. It would have for me anyway. I cringed as I read it. I cannot imagine how you must have felt as you wrote it.

    While I realize that your escape from the Sea Org may have been precipitated by your understanding of exactly what was about to happen to you in the hole once the tables were turned on you, and that could be interpreted as simple self preservation rather than an altruistic move, I believe that you have had the time and space to really consider those earlier actions, those that chilled me to the bone, with deep regret and a desire to set things right.

    And they must be set right. Our children’s lives depend on these actions, for without them there will be no wonderful future for them, only fear and horror as the infection inside the Church spreads.

    So thank you for your real confession, and with all my heart I hope that you, and the rest of the Sea Org members who know the truth will see this through to a successful conclusion. My heart is with you on that, 100%.

    • Maria the Church of Scientology is indeed more of a Church tha it is Scientology.

      Next thing you know DM will be burning “heritics” at the stake.

    • Felicitas Foster

      One of the biggest changes that I have noticed in the Church has been that it has become very “puritan” and that has translated to never do anything that anyone anywhere could consider to be “impure.” No sex before marriage, no parties, no dancing, no fun, no life outside of a courseroom or auditing room, just work and work and work and work and always and only on “official” Church projects or programs whenever one is ordered to work on them. Your time is not your own, your money is not your own, your marriage is not your own, your life is not your own, your ethics is not your own, and above all don’t cause any “flaps” or set a “bad example.”

      This then leads to not being yourself, not thinking for yourself, not granting beingness and withholding youself and your actions plus fixed attention which then results in NO freedom for the being – equals reverse or black Scn. Very dangerous environment, not what you need as a prerequisite for auditing and being “in session”.

      What an accumulation of mass!!!!


  113. Thanks, Marty – very smart move!!
    And a wonderful, even entertaining reading! Enjoyed it very much.


  114. Hi Marty,

    it’s the first time I comment on your blog though I have been reading it for about 6 months – and what a change it has made to me (and for so many others I am closely associated with).

    Usually I glance over the responses to your posts but on this one I almost ready every single one of them. I could repeat many, many things said and express my full agreement.

    This is real Scientology. This is being a real Scientologist.

    And the comments, particularly the “withdrawal of the power to forgiveness” (I’ve heard the actual sentence said to me once and know the almost “divine” feeling it creates) makes one almost want to vomit.

    A few thoughts while reading the blog and the comments:

    On being a “new” leader: I believe this topic has been addressed for the first time head on. I also believe that the followers of this blog have more or less always felt this way without it ever having been spoken about.

    Do I consider you my “leader”: No. Do I feel I have to “coordinate” my actions with you: No. At the same I believe that the absolute greatest majority of what each one of the (announced and unannounced-as-yet indies) does actually IS coordinated because they all simply want the Hubbard-type of Scientology Do I think it is great what happened in the French quarters: No, not necessarily. Do I give a crap about it: absolutely not. Is it funny: absolutely yes.

    Although I do not “admire” you (in a “leader”, “idol”, “hero” sense) I definitely respect you. Do I look up to you? Actually (quite) a bit. I think you are one heck of a guy.

    Another LRH “quote” (I don’t have the issue) regarding any possible “retaliation” of the C of M: “The Overt speaks loudly in accusations” – I think the judges in the Headley case would love LRH quotes – I really do (with a big smile).

    On the “dangerous environment” of the “WOG” world you had some encounter with 🙂 – Just a few days ago I saw a bunch of recent Flag promo – particularly on Super Power must-donate-now promo: It CREATES, PROMOTES and LIVES ON a dangerous environment outside of the “church” – it is full of (and almost exclusively filled with) dangerous “facts”. Made me think of the site and the new introductory video – same thing – fixated on HOW dangerous every bloody second of our life is outside the “church”.

    My own five cents on how dangerous I found life when telling the truth about SO life, disconnecting from my own blood for many years, the press etc.:

    a) after almost a decade of disconnection from my kid – a horrible and brutal story I cannot tell as yet in public (for family-disconnection-does-not-exist reasons) and hiding this fact with dubious church-protecting “explanations” (i.e. lies) I told my family the straight facts. I was seriously concerned when sending off the letters that they would explode (not only into my face but also into “public”). I was “shocked” by kindness (NOT sympathy) and understanding I received and how much of a FAMILY it suddenly created again. It gave a whole new meaning to me on the “First Policy” of “answer people’s questions and make friends” for that is exactly what its application does.

    b) my newly found love in life did NOT like Scientology, works for a TV station and knew about my involvement with Scientology before we even met for the first time, has practically all the juicy data on SO life and disconnection within the family and does NOT even think of using any of it to not harm other family members still in the SO – and considers ways and means and is willing to go out of her way, incur expenses on her own etc. to bring the family back together!!! Her creation alone, for I’ve never asked her to do any of it.

    c) yesterday I met with a film maker who heard about my story from my 2D and who I had invited because I wanted him to publish something on the fraud of the church based on data I had researched and published on Steve Hall’s website

    After spending the whole day with him and spilling all the beans I had and which he wanted to know he told me that he thinks it won’t be strong enough to base a documentary on (he anticipated certain watering-down arguments on the part of the C of M which might make it hard for him to get it published). He told me how he COULD make a sensational story out of it that would actually hit the news. Finished with describing the scenario, he told me that he doesn’t want to do it this way (neither would I) because he considered it “unethical” (he’s a journalist, “press” and TV all in one and never has been a Scientologist and doesn’t intend to become one either and WANTS the C of M to be no more). We parted as friends and he wished me good luck with my efforts (which I will continue) to end the C of M, knowing I could come back to him for help.

    Do I say that the “WOG” world is all perfect? Certainly not. But I certainly say that it is very, very different from what DM, the C of M and its promo and propaganda makes it to look like.

    PLUS: that world is very, very, very willing and interested in looking at, listening to and learning from real Scientologists that do get into trouble – and even drunk 🙂 sometimes.

    My 2D gave me one of the nicest compliments – regarding Scientology – after a really bad argument (from a time long gone when a mere hinted “attack” on Scientology – i.e. just a simple question that didn’t already include full approval thereof – brought on the fully battery of canons in me in defense of it).

    She paused while our steam was still forming clouds in the room, kicked back in the chair, smiled and said: “If 30 years of Scientology made a man like you it is impossible that it is all bad”.

    So Marty, we only “met” once at the New Year’s 2000 event, when you were walking by my (back stage) “station” while I was sliding on me knees between power outlets in this building – because the power failed one again. You only looked at me briefly and saw I was handling – and I was sooooo glad you didn’t address me in the middle of “my” “flap”.

    Now, I look forward to meet you in person.

    And, a guy who does what you do “cannot possibly be all bad”.

    With Love,

  115. Marty ~

    It occurred to me that this public confession must be as different a experience as comparing your incarceration at Int to the pokey.

    Actually giving a public confession on your own determinism and receiving acks, laughs, playful chiding and encouragement to move on.

    Quite a difference, eh?

  116. Dear Marty,
    You mentioned you do not wish to be the leader.I believe I understand what you mean and I respect that. However have you thought about whether what the movement needs is a leader exactly like you? Honest, dedicated, die-hard and with the experience of 20+ years — in a group that has now strayed from its path — so as to learn from its mistakes?
    Probably I do not need to tell you this but there may come a time when the Independent movement will need your leadership. Who else can we count on, otherwise?
    I only wish I had the courage or the initiative that you have.
    I do not often comment on your blog but I follow it with interest for months now.
    I agree totally with the things you and Mike Rinder and other people say.
    Even though I did not make a public announcement (I see it as futile, really, I am not a person of great importance, after all) I do consider myself an Independent.
    Maybe one day I can become a more “active” member. So far, though, I will say only this: it is fine you do not wish to become a leader as an end to itself; still, you are wearing that hat, don’t you think? And to make leaders, it takes a leader.
    All right, I’ve talked far too much. I hope I gave you something to think about, even if a little.
    Love, Flavio

    • Thought Provoking


      I to, am not of great importance to the church but chose to go public when I realized I was worried about being found out, ie. in hiding. It was quite liberating and snapped me back into valence. After all, the only power the church has over any of us is the power we give it to control us.

  117. Marty-
    Don’t sweat it man. You will continue to see life from various perspectives; when the thinking man learns that he can apply what he has heard, seen, smelt, felt and tasted he can then make learned decisions, freely & forevermore, that can be empathetically applied to helping future associations. The better the experience is understood; the better one becomes.

    ‘Thanks for sharing your experience, I sincerely respect your honesty *and* I do believe compassion is a virtue, as well as it is liberating, the world would be a better place with a little more of it. For mankind to survive it must take care of it’s own.

    Regards, “Make mine Tequila”
    Richard Reed

  118. Marty, this is NOT a sceance!

    I see why you needed to print it as the church of M may have exploited the incident. Having said that, great adventure man! glad to know you’re ok, and I want to inform you that there are many more of us whom you’ve inspired into taking action and eventually coming out. Thanks Sam for the sage advise. I am working on it. I love you all for your support. So far.

  119. “And when my task is done,” he said,
    “And I am at home plate,
    Leave no laurels at my head,
    Nor cause your men of speech orate;
    No monument your gift shall be,
    No column in the Hall of Fame;
    But just this line sing out for me:
    ‘Marty played the game.’ ”

  120. Ne Obliviscaris


    The fact that you feel safe enough to do things like that and “Let it all hang out” is the most telling point of this story.

    You’re alive dude! Gloriously, noisily, violently and unquenchably alive!

    Anyone could point to you and say, “Now there’s a man of action”.

    Henceforth, consider yourself an example and object lesson of someone who is alive.

    Have you ever considered becoming a lobbyist?


  121. Marty, I don’t know that there are 5000 emerging leaders here, but you certainly have 5000 friends and supporters, and we don’t give a rat’s ass that you got a little too exuberant on your honeymoon. It just makes you more real.

    What we do care about is that we all benefit from your willingness to put yourself out there and lead the charge against that height and humanity challenged bastard who hijacked our church. We owe you, man.

    PS: Stay away from the Everclear next time. That stuff is deadly!.

  122. Sounds like a normal Saturday night out where I’m from! 😉 Good for you for exploring the “nooks and crannies of existence”, and rubbing “elbows with all kinds and types of men.” Heh

  123. Marty,

    Got all. Thank you for your story. Forgiven in a nano-second!

    Sorry but I’m still feeling the LOVE for you, your wife and all your awesome friends!

    I’m a little upset I wasn’t invited as I love to dance and R & B is my favorite!

    Onward and upward.

  124. Okay Marty, you are no saint, got it.

    Frankly none of us would be here listening to you if you claimed to be. We all been there, done that.
    DM claims sainthood without basis in fact and will admit to nothing, the very definition of a psychotic.

    I for many will yawn, as I see no there, there. And be most glad that you have true friends and a resourceful wife, Boo Yah to Mosey!!

    You ought to read the bios of a few saints, life it is they lived and to the fullest, with nobility. It is a lie from the pit of hell that one is not worth a damn without first being perfect IMHO.

    Only One walked this earth without sin, I have it on good authority that He is especially fond of you 😉

  125. I used to love my Church

    The cops in the Big Easy have a very tough job and they are definitely ‘arrest happy’. Think about it, Bourbon Street in the middle of the night, drunk. When in doubt, arrest everyone and stop everything. It’s just the modus opperandi.

  126. Dear Marty
    When I left staff (1983) I had to do the military service. In Switzerland it is anyway not a tough business but as you compared your trip to the OPP with the RPF, I felt like in vacation!
    The real reason why I make a comment here is another. I can only recommend you strongly to take DM to the court and compel justice on him! It is not a revenge or reckoning, you have to do it for yourself, so that you can complete with your history. It needs greatness to do it and it will improve your greatness remarkable when you do so.
    I hardly can put that in words, but I can tell you what I have experienced. In all the years the churchies, especially OSA, were always attacking us, not avoiding any possibility, and we were always effect. We hardly could fight back or oppose. All their actions they did were somehow “legal”. I don’t have to go to details.
    Then they violated a stupid law I wouldn’t have done anything about it if it wouldn’t have been the church. I have not really won, but certainly not lost. But it increased my integrity that incredible much! I recognized I am able to fight back, I am no more only effect!
    And when they declared us SP a few years ago, I went to court again because of slander. Again, I have not really won but certainly not lost the case. Again, I as a thetan grew incredibly! Only because I had the courage to fight back when I had the possibility in matter of great injustice.
    If you would do it because of revenge, I would say, stop it, but here it is to stop an dramatizing, computing SP at work. Here it is to bring in justice. If you don’t do it, you will regret it for many life times! For a much smaller thing I have experience on staff and I should have stood up and speak out loud and clearly and I didn’t, I regretted it for so many years, I was ashamed I didn’t. I wished me back that moment so many times only to do it right.
    You have the chance now, I only can say do it, do it, do it!
    Max Hauri
    Ron’s Org Committee Chairman

  127. re: prison vs RPF. Someone just graduated from the Los Angeles RPF the other day, after THIRTEEN YEARS. Even in prison you get time to play basketball, go to the library, go to school…
    to be in prison for 13 full years it has to have been a charge like Manslaughter…..

    I will do ANYTHING to close all RPF’s. Never to have them open again.
    I’m glad you got your second wind…

  128. Impartial English Girl

    Oh dear, Mr. Rathburn – I’m so sorry to hear about what happened. Is the barman even allowed to be selling that hooch? Poor Mrs. Rathbun must been beside herself until she found out where you were.

    I don’t think you are a spotless paragon of virtue – but I don’t think you are an out-and-out sh1t either. You are human, and you have been through incredible stress, particularly just recently. No wonder you had a ‘wobble’. I’m just suprised it didn’t happen sooner, in a way.

    That said, you DO go the extra mile for the ‘blowees’ who call on you for help, often at your own risk, and that is an extremely praiseworthy quality.

    Now that you’ve had a mini-explosion, I do hope that you continue to make a full recovery. Whatever personal failings or mistakes you might have made, the world is still a better place with you in it.

  129. A responsible confession to ANY transgression is the absolute LAST thing that would ever come out of DM’s mouth. EVER. You made the right call in “coming clean” Marty. But as you can see, no one here on this board gives a hoot about what you “did” because it really didn’t amount to anything and you came away from your adventure an even better person. None of us in this board are angels either. To paraphrase Jesus Christ, ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  130. Some further thoughts on your comparison of jail to “the Hole” or the RPF – here’s a look at some of the United Nations prison-related standards and norms.

    1. The UN standards dictate that “all accommodation facilities shall meet the requirements regarding health, heating, ventilation, floor space, sanitary facilities and lighting.” Forcing people to live in their offices does not meet this requirement. 40 men in one room with a single toilet and sink (which I witnessed in the PAC RPF) hardly passes this requirement.

    2. The UN standards require that “recreational and cultural activities like sports, music and other hobbies shall be available to all prisoners.” In the RPF (or at the Base!), there are no hobbies, sports, recreation, music or anything similar.

    3. The UN standards state that “Prisoners under sentence shall be required to work, but this work must not cause distress. The daily and weekly working hours shall be set according to local rules, leave one rest day a week and sufficient time for education and other activities. Work is to be remunerated equitably and prisoners shall have the right to spend part of their earnings on approved articles and to send money home.”

    • Jeff:

      All SO members assigned to the RPF are not permitted to speak to any Scientologist, Sea Org Member, or anyone outside the RPF.

      All communication is cut. A Husband or wife is cut off from talking to a spouse for years.
      It often results in a divorce, the one outside the RPF divorcing the one within.

      There are no days off. Not even Christmas or New Years Day. Meal times are 20 mins. Oliver Twist slop, leftovers from crew food. No walking is permitted, RPFers have to run at all times, destination to destination.

      An RPF assignment often lasts years – 7 years, 8 years sometimes more. Nancy Many just posted on this page, an RPFer that emerged after 13 years in that hell.

      There is extensive hard labor in the RPF and very harsh ethics for any misdemeanor. In the past, while in the RPF, if you asked to leave the Church, (Sea Org) you would be assigned to the RPF’s RPF which is 6 hours sleep a night and HEAVIER and HEAVIER slave labor, with no communication (total isolation) from even other RPFers. There have been SO members for as long as 7-8 months in utter isolation in the RPF’s RPF.

      On the Flag ship Apollo, the original RPF was a 3 month cycle ~~ almost a vacation with 5 hours a day of study and enhancement and if you went over 3 months, the crew would tease the RPFers for taking an extended vacation !!!!

      There was free communication at all times between RPFers and crew on the Apollo. The maximum amount of Apollo RPFers was 6 -12 at any given time, and they came right back out and went back on post in a few short months sometimes less than 12 weeks.

      The DRACONIAN abuse that Miscavige has created within the RPF is a modern day horror story. Under the guise of “Religious SO contract”.

      • Your humble servant


        I’m sure you are 100% right. The extreme dramatized insanity that we are hearing about regarding the RPF is NOT LRH policy but some unbelievable squirrel dramatization, and a very cruel one at that. I cannot cite policy or LRH EDs for you, but I have seen some it over the past 40 years, and my impression was that RPFers were to be treated with consideration and respect, just as you described. I believe the purpose of the program was to provide an opportunity to REF

      • Your humble servant

        ORM according to their own determinism and to actually furnish an opportunity for real rehabilitation. It was never meant to be hell or to go on for years, just as you said.

      • When I was training in LA, I would never pass by an RPFer where we made eye contact that I didn’t say “hi” or acknowledge them with a smile or nod. And my friends who hit the RPF I would chat with if we had the time. Ron never removed his ARC and still granted beingness. I would do no less.


      • Having been on the FLB RPF myself for 7 long years, I can attest pretty much to all that has been said. Nonetheless, it was not always all black. FPRD on 8 dynamics, even if done under the Golden Age of Tech and with questionable technical “innovations”, was quite something. The only problem is that it was all “HCO Sec-check style” so we would not be forgiven our crimes, once one came clean, but instead we had to do a KR Handling in Ethics. Mostly consisting of reading LRH references and so forth.
        God forbid if at the end of the program, once you were on a non-LRH action called the Final Assessment, you suddenly gave off withholds or overts that “should have come up earlier, on earlier forms of FPRD”. That was a big no-no while I was on the RPF. That meant, in retrospect, that if one actually did get an increase in responsibility and actually spotted more overts and wanted to get them off, he had to be careful.
        Crazy, right? Well it happened to me and I was sent to Ethics because I gave off an overt that somehow did not come up on my earlier forms. I was asked if I intentionally withheld it because it concerned the 2D and I had been assigned to the RPF for that reason.
        This is just another tiny example of how far they have strayed.
        Love, Flavio

        • martyrathbun09

          Flavio, good point about the gains to be had on FPRD – even (and I say “particularly”) in a rididi setting. If you don’t see post by me in the next couple weeks on this please nudge me by email. I think it is vital to help a whole heck of a lot of folks start the process of getting off a whole heck of a lot of inval.

  131. As long as your lovely wife forgives you, what has anyone else to add or subtract! Best wishes for your marriage.

  132. Well written!

    I’m glad you and Mosey got to blow off so steam.
    I wish Amy and I were there. The only time we do any real dancing is when we go out with you all.

    I know I don’t have to tell you but that latest Freedom was just another HUGE foot bullet for the cult. DM and his prisoners are just too insane to be able to duplicate the viewpoint of the people who will be given that piece of trash. I lost track of the number of people who told me the Freedom magazine of a year ago put them on the road to leaving the cult.

    • martyrathbun09

      Mat, wish you were there. Thanks for keeping our Mexico adventure secret.

    • War and Peace

      The Latest Freedom.

      I will quote Napoleon Bonaparte

      “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

      Let the mistakes and wrong moves roll on……

    • Hey Cat Daddy,
      I watched that video! 🙂 Couldn’t believe the audacity…declaring someone…it is actually a funny concept…Imagne all the religions running around passing out some form or other of ‘declares’ on people who don’t believe the same or who critique them…like, ZAP! I hereby declare you *joe citizen* an SP for telling Sally over there that you think Christianity is crazy…or Catholics are ritualistic, etc.etc.etc…the difference between other Religions and Scientology is that if, say the Lutherans have a critique…they pretty much ignore him/her…may even offer to help save their soal…or something innocuous…but if you even DARE to say you think something stinks at the CofM…viola! you get your declare…

      Hope the fella FRAMES it!…it’s kinda ironic that it is printed on a ‘golden” colored piece of paper…

      Getting the declare…right on the street in front of all sorts of witnesses…interesting! Considering the fella being declared isn’t even a Scientologist!

      Having it on video…along with the gal thbat handed it to him and made her little speech…all on camera…PRICELESS!

      Another footbullet…esp. when the CofM denies in court that such things exist…

      • “when the CofM denies in court that such things exist…”

        The floodgates of thuth have opened

        They probably realized that the truth is out so they don’t bother to hide it anymore.

        AnonSparrow is an Ex- Scientologist who still thinks bits of the Tech are usefull.Mainly the Comm-Course

        He laminated it like Tory did. He has been asking to get one. He is over the moon bow. First SP Declare handed over on Camera ever.

        I must say its courages of you that you are willing to look and suffer some bits maybe unpleasant to you. more power to you.


  133. Hey Marty,

    Dude, you crack me up with these stories 🙂

    If you’re ever down here in South Africa, look me up. We have rugby teams here where you’ll fit right in.

    Just leave that 180 proof shit behind, y’hear? We’ve got something called mampoer instead (I’m not even going to try and translate that one…) so let’s just say it’s the worlds best highest quality pure moonshine!

  134. The truest form of KSW.
    You have so, so many souls in your corner, and this blog post is a sincere reflection of why.

  135. Marty,

    You are realer than real. I’d like to meet you and shake your hand one day.


  136. Gee Marty, seems like the more we get to know ya, the more we love ya.

    Mosey, you picked a good Pirate. Life will be full of adventures.

    Over the ramparts!

  137. Your humble servant


    It doesn’t seem to me that you did anything “wrong” there at all, but we all certainly do appreciate your telling us all about it. That was a fabulous story. I had to look on the internet to find out what a hurricane was (a strong drink). Going to jail occasionally is something that can happen to anybody who is out there living life in the real world. Its not always justified. By the way, I heard that a Good Friend will bail you out of jail, but a True Friend turns to you in the cell and says, “Hey, we messed up this time, buddy!”

  138. As an aside, the NO police aren’t angels either;)

    In the 1990s, in an FBI probe called “Operation Shattered Shield,” about 12 New Orleans cops went to prison for participating in a cocaine trafficking ring.
    in 1994, a 13-year police veteran went off to prison for shooting an unarmed man in a bar.
    In 1995, two officers were arrested on charges of raping a 14-year-old girl.
    Just last month, a police captain was busted on federal corruption charges related to a private business scheme.

    • The abuse of power, The betrayal of trust, There is no exuse for those who have authority over others given to them in good faith when they behave this way.

  139. Just read your post.

    You make me chuckle! I so see myself in your story.

    Work hard and sometimes play a little harder!

    Give em hell Marty!

  140. Pingback: Top Posts —

  141. Dear Marty,
    thank you for telling.
    I would like to say something very personal:
    When you consider how the future will be, take into consideration that your postulates work.

  142. I found this video of Marty, JB, and Mosey kickin’ butt on the bad guys.

    No wonder Marty needed kick back and tie one on!

  143. Marty it’s forgiven,thank you for your honesty,you’re a hero and a good man.

  144. Another Layer

    Marty, there is nothing to forgive. But thanks for your confession. What an adventure!

    Your story brings home what for me has been the greatest joy of Scientology–the revitalized willingness to reach out anywhere, anytime and do something about it–and to be able to receive in kind (like you received from that kid who talked to you in the cell)–and learn from the experience. Amazing, transcendent exchange!

  145. Marty you are great and one of a kind!
    Lucky we have you!!

  146. Well, If you never get lock up for something, you never played hard.
    I was living in Texas at one time and I was being harassed by the police because I didn’t have
    Texas plates. I was stop once because my seat belt was not on properly and the officer made
    me put it on correctly. I had a rash and needed to put the belt under my arm.
    He said,” I don’t care put over your arm.
    Next week or so my cousin called me to come to Monterey.
    I got in my Chevy and forgot to run the air conditioner before I got in.
    It was a 90 degree day and I went a little faster than I should have.
    Police was in front of me and I was in a school zone.
    I evaded the police and pull in to a garage.
    Next moment, Police pulled up, Border patrol, FBI, etc.
    I was handcuff and taken to jail.
    Next day, Police Apologized to me and I was release that morning.
    Nice to know people in high places.

  147. Marty, to tell you the truth, this blog posting is one of my favorites.

    For the record, I’d be happy to go out with you anytime. First round is on me. 🙂

  148. I am not expecting you post this, Just to give you the heads up

    Maybe you know allready but Anons have dug up your files. Somebody posted them under Bussiness-Law on SCRIBD

    With regards CD

  149. I’m sure you’ve heard this, but it bares repeating:

    You can always call a friend.
    A Good Friend will come bail you out of jail.
    Your Best Friend is sitting next to you, in the cell, both of you laughing about everything and the good time you had getting there!

    I say, damn the torpedos!
    Full speed ahead!!!


  150. When you get pushed, you push back.

    We don’t expect you to change just because you are in New Orleans.

    Love who you are and love the mug shot!


  151. Marty~I’ve been away for over a week tubing on Rio Frio with 7 kids and no mobile or internet connection! Now I’ll try to catch up here.
    Thank you for your honesty.
    I just want you to know…N.O. has a way about it. If you love it and you frequent it….then you have at least one over-alcoholed crazy story to confess no matter who you are! (wink wink) 🙂
    Welcome to the club. LoL
    Remind me to tell you about my Mardi Gras NOPD paddy wagon whole track restim after almost showing my tits for some really gaudy plastic Chinese beads! Gulp.
    You are loved man and your ARC for the mankind will get you through…obviously! 🙂

    • martyrathbun09

      Thanks. On the other side of the spectrum, Rio Frio is our favorite place to CHILL. How was the water level?

      • I heard from people who go there often that it’s pretty low. We were able to tube most of the way except for a couple of spots where we had to walk. It’s absolutely gorgeous and relaxing and we all loved it! We stayed at (River Bend campground) which was nice and you can get a screened shelter for $37 a night or so. Let me know if you want more price details since I don’t believe they have them on the website.
        I’ll post some pics on my FB. My kids ❤ ❤ ❤ it!

        • martyrathbun09

          Tara, Great, we’ll check out the pics. The place is awesome just off season when the river ain’t so packed.

  152. Hi Marty,

    This is an awesome story. I understand why you decided to tell it publicly, but I hope you don’t feel any shame about it or any of that stuff.

    I’ve been following you and Tory and everyone else for quite some time. Your stories are amazing and a testament to the true definition of character. I am not a Scientologist, but my father is a parishoner so I grew up with it. I’ve been audited and done the Communication Course and such. I probably don’t deserve to post anything here due to my lack of “credentials”, but I am worried for my dad. He doesn’t know about all this stuff that is going on with his religion. I have tried to tell him, but he won’t listen. When he saw your appearance on AC/360, he reacted very violently and pretty much closed the door on any further discussion about it. I’m wondering if you, Tory, or anyone else can suggest some tactics by which I can help him see what is going on. As are most Scientologists, my dad is a good man and he got involved with Scientology to help people. If he could see what is really going on, I believe he would join your cause for reform.

    Thanks for any advice you can give and thanks for all you, Tory, and all the rest involved in the movement are doing. You guys are heroes and people I would encourage my children to model themselves after.

  153. Tory Christman

    Great story, Marty–and thanks for sharing it! You are a good story teller, too…felt like I was right there. Isn’t it **amazing** how “wog life” is SO much nicer than what goes on “In” C of $? EAE:::: bless you for trying to help your Dad. I have a few suggestions. First of all, make sure your Dad knows YOU love him, you care about him, and this is about you and he as father and son. My suggestion is always start w/ the “Creed of a Scientologist”. In that LRH says: “Man has the inalienable right to free speech and free thought”. Then ask him IF he *Honestly* believes that, or not? He’ll say “Of course”. Ok, so then tell him this: “Dad—let’s pretend, just for a minute, that you are my son, and I am your Dad. I’ve spent years in this organization I truly trusted. There are many good things in it, but over time I see more and more people we both respect and love leave. So I, your Father, start checking out why? Suddenly I find some things that are VERY, VERY Important for you and I to know—possibly life threatening things. BUT ..part of this very organization is to NEVER EVER look or talk about this dark side. Do you—-as my son—think I should tell you, or pretend what I KNOW doesn’t exist? He’ll probably either get angry or afraid…and try to accuse you of “entheta”. Remind him of his own Creed..and what he agreed he totally believes in, as did the original founder, L Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was NOT afraid to speak with people. Yvonne Jentchze (who started Celebrity Center) used to say: “How are we going to get the SPs back if we don’t talk with them, dear? Invite them to lunch and we’ll talk”. And continue. Tell him you have some videos you would just like him to watch. Please. (And pick out which ones you think your Dad would watch and would hear). I wish you luck. If he’ll meet with me, and you’re in LA…I’ll be happy to meet with you both. Give me a call. Blessings to you all 🙂 Tory/Magoo (818) 588-3044 (((and OSA____Ya got it all down? Start the Black PR on this IMMEDIATELY!!! FUCK THE CREED! I can hear Davey boy screaming. You chicken shit low life loser).

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