The Genus of Insane Governments (organizations)

Another exhibit supporting the proposition that DM has implemented Reverse Scientology from top to bottom:

OSA NW Order of 17 February 1988
All Execs & Staff



(Taken from undated LRH notes.)

Plot a government—any government on Earth today—as you would plot an individual on the Tone Scale.

What do you find?

A murderer, a non-producer, a thing unable to run engrams—in short, an insane person.


The invention of the “official act” as different from a “personal act” was the beginning of governments sufficiently insane to cause war.

Definition of an insane person: An individual who is not personally responsible for his own acts.

Definition of a public official: An individual who is not personally responsible for his own acts.

Result: Insane Government.



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  1. peace love and happiness

    This was heavy. Thank you for this… i just blew so much charge and it makes so much sense

    This isnt just DM but how many “high powered (estimated by how much donations)” OT 7 and 8’s cant even take responsibility…. truly sad what DM has turned spiritual freedom into…

  2. DM is obviously insane. We know that one cold at this point.

    But, what does this say about the well-trained OT’s who absolutely know that policy is being violated left and right, and who know that good people have recently been declared for blowing the whistle, yet carry on with the crazyness despite this?

    Are they Insane? PTS? Irresponsible to a particular degree? Out ethics? What?

    It’s an honest question for anyone qualified to give an answer, because this indie is still confused and not well-trained.

    That’s what I’d like to figure out because, while I don’t know DM, I do know an OT8 or two who promoted themselves as being the ones to follow, but have ultimately turned out to be nothing but a massive let down.

    And, frankly, shame on me for relying on them!

    Shame on them for continuing to rely on Papa Miscavige, who’s gonna make everything alright!

    • DFB aka Dfb99

      I was just reading HCOPL Orders VS Arbitraries and I think this applies to the situation.


      This is just my opinion, but I have observed that newer OT8’s are not as OT as older ones. Just my opinion and I’ve ben known to be full of it. I certainly dont want to invalidate anyone.
      However, people I know who did OT8 like in the 80’s seem to have a certain something that more recent OT8’s I know dont. I suspect it might have something to do with OT7.

      • DFB,
        I know exactly what you are talking about. I remember in the 80’s seeing people on the level or comps and thinking I want that! They didn’t even have to talk about wins or anything. Now the big win seems to be finishing! When I was on the level in the 80’s I didn’t care if I finished or not, I was having a blast.

        After experiencing some of DMs Reverse Scn I decided I didn’t want any more of that. I also don’t see anything in the new comps I want. Sorry to say it.


      • dfb

        I have noticed it, too, but it is not a generalized thing. It has to do with ethics and integrity, the personal kind. Today they are set a very bad example. However, if one knows that LRH Tech works and has had it work personally on any and all flows, time and again, then at some point one can view the scene and see what IS, not what is touted.

        It is the cruel and vicious intention of dm to lessen others, which has resulted in some who have not had the incomparable gains possible from Standard Tech delivered By The Book. If they continued to use or receive the squirreled “tech” then that could only result in gross evaluation and invalidation, enturbulated theta and less ability. All opposite to what correct LRH Tech applied always results in.

        Apparently, the latest “fix” and “heroic recovery of lost tech” is to have OTs start all over again. Not sure how much more of that sort of thing anyone can take. Evil Insanity, you are called David Miscavige.


      • ΘTater/GaryLerner

        DFB aka Dfb99,

        I believe that part of the reason, if not a major one, to your observations about older OTs vs the newer ones is that with the Original OT7 not being offered before doing Solo Nots 7 and 8 (such as it is with DiMwits tech alterations), OTs are missing LRH’s original gradient steps to properly gaining OT abilities and presence.

        This does NOT take away anyone’s native abilities as a Thetan but more on his “training” to regain his abilities and “Operate” as a Thetan.

        Another thing to note is that LRH created the “Philadelphia Doctorate Course” to “hat” you as an OT. Without this course you will miss a great deal of knowledge about your operating beingness. It’s like the tech book to make sure you survive as an OT. Honestly this course is hard to describe unless you’ve done it. I’m not talking about listening to the tapes, but DOING the course as laid out by LRH. Not the one that DimShitMestBoy has altered.

        ΘTater/Gary 🙂

      • DFB,

        Yes, you are not imagining it. I remember well the first OT VIIIs that came back to my home org and the success stories they told. Same when they did OTVII prior.

        In 2000 I was at a graduation in an AO. Someone I know outside the org was graduating OTV and the success story was a lot like you’d hear from people after their first Book One session. I don’t want to evaluate for the person so let’s leave it at that.

        For the last 10 years the CCRD/OT success stories I’ve heard are all missing that special “something” that was there in all of them through the 80s and even 90s. I know one can’t apply a hidden standard to the wins someone gets on a level, but what one observes is what one observed. And there is definitely a difference between recent OTs and OTs from long ago – the new ones are not visibly different from what they were before the level anymore.

  3. Pardon me while I throw my hat in: It is not so much that DM did or what he is doing, it is specifically what WE allow DM to do.

    We’ve all been aware now, for a year, of all of the evil things DM does and there are still only 140 OTs who have sacrificed, like Jamie has, to get our Church straightened out and back on the rails.

    The fact that there are literally thousands of Scientologists lurking in the shadows, not doing anyhing, but hoping for the few to produce the miracle, is why DM is still doing what he is doing.

    Hear me and hear me now: If all of you came out, sacrificed whatever you are protecting, we would out the man in a few weeks. This I guarentee you. It would be that simple.

    We need each and every OT who is reading this to dump their reasons, real or imagined, step forward and take 100% responsibility for the future of Scientology and the future of mankind. Can we do this?

    The future truly is in your hands.

    ML Tom

    • Man Tom,
      This is heavy. And so to the point. It hit me between the eyes and I get it.
      I will gladly stand by you or any fellow Indie to help right things in the church.
      I’ve been here since Marty started posting this blog and read it everyday with most of the comments. There is more love felt here than at anytime I was on services.
      Count me in. I stand ready to help.
      Pete Frigo

      • martyrathbun09

        Thank you Peter. And I know you have already stood up and put your helping hand forth.

      • Pete, I know you get it and I admire you for standing for what is right. We will get out of this. Thanks man.

        ML Tom

    • This man speaks true words. The 140 OTs that are in the bright spotlights could chip in with the Headley case if that would be helpfull.

      “they are good people”

      It is like tone 40 on paper shouting “Stop this insane behaviour right now!”

    • Only for a year? Didn’t you read the TIME magazine article “Cult of Greed and Power” from 1991? As well, there have been several ex-Int base staff members who have been speaking out and blowing the whistle on DM’s abuses for quite some time now on various message boards, including myself since 2000. This is not new news whatsoever. Go back and look at articles on and the ARS archives.

      • What’s new is the tipping point has been reached, as Tory recently blogged about. The game is almost over for Miscavige.

        Now if only those inclined to in-fight and bicker about what the end product being sought is, who caused what effect, who deserves a special acknowledgement and pat on the ass, who is seeking a take-over for one’s own ends, etc. could just cast those impulses aside and just join together to put a collective boot on the ant that is DM, this would come off that much faster.

        Push power in the direction of those helping make this occur. Some of the b.s. I see on other sites is so counter-productive to the claimed objectives it makes one wonder why some are in this fight. They are so infiltrated with OSA bots stirring the pot that they’ve gone blind to what the real purpose of the fight is.

        Let’s all be comrades coalescing around the purpose of ending the abuses, disconnection b.s., crimes against humanity, etc. and kick some ass. The personality conflicts are for another day. Man your “weapon” and aim it at the real enemy, the alive one, the criminal-psychotic degraded being named David Miscavige.

      • Hi John,
        I left in ’96, right after gat. I’ve read everything I could find on the net for the last year. So yes, I have seen what’s going on by others.
        I appreciate your speaking up and all the effort you and all the others have put into exposing all this corruption.
        Keep up the good work.

    • Mark A. Baker

      I second Peeler. Point of fact you can chase this sorry history back to the early ’80s, The Second Mission Holder’s Meeting, David Mayo’s Ride for Freedom & the Great Schism of the Church where thousands of the most highly trained and accomplished scientologists departed the church and created a worldwide mass Independent Scientology movement.

      Many “Johnny Come Latelies” to Independent Scientology were actually active persecutors of the rights of free scientologists to practice their philosophy independently of Co$ leadership. These same stalwarts were in many instances instrumental in Miscavige’s seizure of power and simultaneous implementation of his Reign of Terror.

      The only thing that has changed over the last 40 years has been the Names of those Victimized.

    • There are also thousands of Scientologists that are keeping Scientology alive daily by actually using it. Moving up the bridge, moving others up the bridge, getting trained and training others. What will keep the Scientology alive is the people who use it and think with it, and share it with others. The books have no value if they are not read. The conditions have no use if they are not applied. The people who have kept Scientology alive are the ones that have actually used it. There may be more auditors in the Freezone now than in the Church. Want to keep the subject alive? You have to actually use it for it to exist. And that is something that is under everyone’s command right here right now.

      • ΘTater/GaryLerner


        You are so right!! I haven’t been active in the present Church since about ’96 myself (GAT sucks) but I use what I have learned everyday of my life. It’s just natural to help others with proper tech.

        Use it or Loose it!


      • XXOO


    • Wondering does this mean I shouldn’t post here any more unless I sign my real name.

      • When you get pushed, you can always push back. Otherwise you can get pushed right out of an internet curiosity.

  4. We are here as independent Scientologists because we do not recognize the “official act”. The ultimate truth is a static, and the more heavy organization and official rules and orders we have, the farther away we get from that. Intention and postulates are senior to force, which is how we will restore Scientology as the only game where everyone wins.

  5. Whats the “NW” stand for after OSA?

    • I think it is “New World”

    • As-Is,

      NW stands for network.
      OSA/DSA is Department 20 on the organizing/organization board ~ Department of Special Affairs, with the Director of Special Affairs ~ DSA~ in charge of the Dept in each org. It handles Public Relations, legal affairs, local government relations, immigration visas, etc. on behalf of the organization or ‘church’. (The Int Base in Hemet has its own local OSA/DSA office)

      The Office of Special Affairs Network has its management Headquarters (OSA INT) on the 12th floor of the Hollywood Guaranty Building at 6331 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles.

      It is only Dept. 20 (1/21th) of the Int Liaison Office (ILO) Org Board, though OSAI staff imagine themselves to be WAY ABOVE everyone else in importance in the command channels at the ILO.

      The Headquarter has OSA sub-offices in the “continental” areas (regions or countries with 10 Class-5 orgs or more). For example, OSA Europe, OSA UK, OSA ANZO, OSA East-US. Large local areas have their own OSA sub-office, i.e OSA Flag Land Base in Clearwater, FL. There might also be an OSA PAC (Pacific Area Command) for the Complex orgs and local Los Angeles County area (?)

      The continental OSAs then ‘manage’ the local Dept’s of Special Affairs.

      The OSA Network (NW) is somehow the ‘CIA’ of Scientology.

      Most of their work is “classified” and “Top Secret” since they “deal with SPs and lawsuits on a daily basis”, and the SP info “must not enturbulate” the other staffs and prevent them from producing and managing planetary Scientology. OSA also keeps Sea Org members in the dark on what is REALLY going on in the outside world. OSA staff have access to the internet and TV, others don’t.

      * In other words, they hide their crimes and “official acts” from the rest of the ILO personnel and the public, under VERY HIGH security. It is given freedom to act secretly as it pleases, with unlimited financial resources. It is financed by the IAS, which is financed by parishioners’ insanely large $$ donations.

      Some PR and Legal staff’s job duties include watching TV, especially the news, Entertainment Tonight, etc. on the job. Other Sea Org members are NOT allowed to watch TV or have TV sets, and get them confiscated by HCO and security personnel if found.

      OSA Int is meant to be supervised by the Watch Dog Committee member WDC OSA and CMO Int Programs Operators for OSA – supposed to be.

      In practice, RTC staff constantly bypass this line and issue orders DIRECTLY to OSA INT, often in person in their offices, to the point that RTC had the whole 11th floor (1 below) renovated, to ludicrously high standards, with a polished high grade stainless steel entrance, the works. Those renovations started the day after the “IRS win” Event in 1993, and were financed by parishioner donations, mainly IAS.

      While other Sea Org units will be fed beans and rice for 3 meals/day, OSA staff always get great, restaurant-grade food plus snacks, EVERY DAY.

      Included in the Network is the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights ~ CCHR, and its little network of reporters, and, nowadays, rumor mongers and falsehoods inventors.

      {The Freedom Magazine is written, typeset and produced by HQ and the Dissemination staff of the ILO, under the banner of CCHR. In the past, several articles have been signed by ‘assumed names’ to make believe they were written by a reporter, when in fact they were written by regular OSA Int rank & file.}

      * Sorry this is a bit long, but it is a complicatedly complex network and ‘intelligence’ apparatus.

      • Dear JF,

        Your write-up of OSA is very revealing. Thank you so much. It was not too long — as you say it is a complex network and it took that to explain it. You were very concise and very clear. As this is where attacks come from, it is important to understand this part of the organization board. I did not know that OSA INT has it’s headquarters at the Hollywood Guaranty Building. That is the same building where the IJC works.

        Thanks again for the data. I love org boards and knowing where people are in an organization. It is one of those areas of knowledge for which I have a tremendous affinity. Anytime I go into a commercial business or any kind of organization, I just mock up their org board and start putting people on it as I meet them. It is something I have done since I first did a Staff Status Course in Scientology. Wow! I just had a cog. I must be a Department One kind of thetan!

        Anyway, thanks again for your write-up on this very important org board – it explains so much!

        Much love,
        Lady Minn

        P.S. For those not familiar with Scientology administrative terminology, Department One on the Scientology Organization Board is the department that handles routing and personnel. It deals in recruiting, hiring and training staff members, and placing them on posts. By routing is meant sending people and paper particles (letters, documents, etc) to the right place, as through a receptionist. It also puts up the Organizing Board that shows who works on what job, and what function they perform in the organization.

      • Thought Provoking


        Thank your for your detailed answer regarding OSA NW. It was VERY informative and cleared up some things for me!

      • JF

        Great outline on OSA – thanks for making things clear.

        “It handles Public Relations, legal affairs, local government relations, immigration visas, etc. on behalf of the organization or ‘church’.”

        ” Most of their work is “classified” and “Top Secret” since they “deal with SPs and lawsuits on a daily basis”, and the SP info “must not enturbulate” the other staffs and prevent them from producing and managing planetary Scientology. ”

        Even though it is OSA’s hat to handle legal affairs and keep the enturbulation off public lines, public are fed enturbulation regularly as a means for IAS to get money, making people feel guilty if they don’t donate to keep Scientology from being attacked to death by its enemies.

        I am reminded of an LRH reference about ignoring cur dogs snapping at our heels. That some of my own church needs to be treated as cur dogs is sad, but ignoring them is the very thing they will not be able to face as they love feeling superior to anyone who disagrees.

        And great LRH reference above – putting the truth there and blowing the lies.


      • JF,



        Yes, that did cross my mind, haha.

      • Thank you for the replies. I am glad I helped clarify.

        DSA/OSA ‘s fundamental purpose is basically good and needed.

        Unfortunately, the staff’s actions have been abusive and out-ethics/tech/admin (all 3). It seems OSA, as a group, has taken on the wrong valences. It needs to ask itself, and answer, the questions:
        What are you?
        Who are you?

        Lady Minn, VWD on your cognition! Θ

      • JF, Thankyou for this writeup.

        Could you give me your take on this question which I posed at the end of this Thread topic?

      • Dear TL,
        YES. Please see my answer below your comment at the bottom of the page.
        Θ JF

  6. Unable to run engrams? It is not the government’s job to run engrams. Isn’t that our job, the job of the Scientology or Dianetics auditor?

    • PC’s run engrams.

      Auditors guide them in doing so.

      Michael A. Hobson

    • Right. Governments CREATE engrams. Scientologists run them out. LOL

      The way I read it, governments are “unable to run engrams” means that they are incapable of case gain….

    • Dear Quick Wit,

      I think possibly the phrase “unable to run engrams” was written with the idea of a preclear being unable to run engrams. LRH has written a lot of data about SP’s being unable to as-is reactive mind case due to their particular case manifestations, and this data is in the PTS/SP course data.

    • Quick Wit,

      I think LRH is suggesting that the governments of earth are unable to as-is their own aberrations. In other words, they are incapable of making case gain as a collective whole.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong here Marty.

    • “A murderer, a non-producer, a thing unable to run engrams—in short, an insane person.”

      Equals someone unable to as-is anything = an SP. (See the characteristics of the anti-social personality.)

      A” government” can be a suppressive group. But it would have to start with or have the tacit agreement of an SP leader.

      • Okay, thanks. I understand now that the officials in governments don’t run their engrams and keep on dramatizing their reactive minds. (Which they often really do. Who of us never run in a robotic official who made stupid decisions or wasted tax payer’s money?)

  7. Strikes me as a real “nothing to see here!” directive.

    As much as I detest government, still I say; In times when the gov. looks like an evil religion, and religions take on the look of an evil government we can assume things are upside down.

    Just another example of the old slight of hand, focus on those “evil ones over there” while I take on the tiresome task of destroying the tech.

    Wasn’t this one of those writings
    Little Davet found in that widows basement in KC? Sure has the ring of it.

  8. By the way I’ve got some news from a reliable source about the last MV. DM has told them that the why he has now found is that the Purif and the objectives were not properly done as well as insufficiently trained OTs. The handling is to redo the purif and the objectives in addition to whatever training he has figured out to be missing. Ways to go before new OT IX and X!!!

    • AAAH! I’ve always thought OTs should be higher trained than the Academy Level 1 requirement. Maybe not so many of them would be dropping their bodies infested with cancers and the various other “causes” (PTS-ness) resulting in an early death and stupid decisions. If more OTs had a more complete, a greater understanding of LRH tech for auditing another and living and not just buy into the blind indications, low self- esteem, self-inval, results of bad programs and auditing actions, reg. cycles intended to lessen the person’s wherewithall, etc. as so many are and have suffered from, being wounded as a being, blinded and imho, dumbed up, things would be very different.
      Excellent post, taken from LRH’s notes, sums up CoM’s position in a nutshell.

      • (Please forgive me that I squeeze in this note with another subject. I feel that it might be of use.)
        Re: Cancer, etc. and OTs
        I just listened to the lecture 520314 HCL-21, Anatomy of the Theta-Body. I listened to it about 10 times. I recommend that lecture to anyone who can take it. And to those on NOTs or above, have a meter ready.

      • Worsel,
        Don’t have S.I.R., so need the tapes series this in in or where to find it.

      • Darla,
        you find a transcript in the new R&D Vol 10, p. 297-319. Good luck.

    • NOTSaware, well this is no surprise…keep them introverted and invalidated that has always been his answer.

      Those who do nothing have themselves to anwer to in the end. “I could have, should have, would have!

      • Carol, Coulda, woulda, shoulda is something
        we all get stuck in. The wonderful thing about LRH’s tech is it allows you the ability to look
        at what you are doing and correct it. It boggles
        my mind that so many ‘Scientologists’ just
        don’t get it. P.S. I kinda like you. A lot!

    • Sarge, I know I like you …A lot!

    • Thanks Notsaware, that makes a lot of sense now.

      One of these days he will come up with the Why of: The blind leading the blind in forever redoing their grade chart. (still a Situation).

      It’s been the Golden Age of Redos in cases and builidngs!

  9. Hi Marty,

    Just curious, do you know anything about Joel Phillip’s latest shenanigans on RFW and RFW forums? He has slammed you, updated and backdated RFW to before your affidavit was made public:

    I am not exactly your biggest fan. However, your affidavit has forced me to reevaluate you and your intentions in a new unit of time. VWD on your affidavit, supporting the Headleys, and asking other exes to speak out. Seriously, I AM VERY IMPRESSED.

    Please don’t delete this post, I’m trying to be objective and not nattery.

    • martyrathbun09

      Link doesn’t work. I’m not much interested. I think they’ve proven to the world they will say anything to serve their ends.

      • We all have our shortcomings. We all have areas we want to improve on. But, for RFW to call you and anti-religous extremist is so far over the top of even the glutziest PR lie that is makes me laugh.

        This blog is NOT the product of an anti-religious extremist. That claim is laughable.

        The propaganda against independents is thick, and palpable in the extreme.

        Thank you for posting the article. I had just requested some info on Black Dianetics and you posted this in less than 24 hours. Like you did, Marty, I am becoming radio active. The more LRH you post that outlines what DM is doing, the more I fume.

        Please, don’t stop. the cogs are coming hard and fast. I have not F/N’d yet. Continue the process.


      • RFW people would even argue that the eart is flat if that served their purpose.

      • DFB aka Dfb99

        I’m done with those sights. I’m classifying it entheta I dont need. Everytime I read one of those sights (Freedom sadly included) I get enturbulated somewhat. I dont need it.

    • DFB, I am with you. I’ve read a lot of that crap
      and it enturbulates me too. Maybe its just me
      but I thrive on theta. What Marty has created
      here is wonderful. This site is so full of theta,
      love and truth and the biggest best OTs in the
      universe. Why would I choose to go downtone
      when I can have this everyday. Marty is the real
      deal and I’m proud to say my friend.

      • ΘTater/GaryLerner

        “Maybe its just me
        but I thrive on theta.”


        It’s not maybe just you thrives on theta. You just ARE! No Maybes.

        Keep being you! 🙂


  10. Marty-

    Am I reading too much into this to conclude that
    this wasn’t written by LRH? Or if this was LRH it is taken out of context or contains additives and/or deletions?


    • As such do we find the “pot calling the kettle black?

    • martyrathbun09

      I think maybe you are reading too much into it. I approved every one of those 1988 compilations and saw the originals they were compiled from. I posted it for people to contemplate the parallels between what LRH says makes up insane organization and what the C of M has become.

      • Thanks Marty for the clarification and particularly the context. Your reply adds a great deal of richness and depth.

      • Thanks Marty,
        You reminded me of that evolution in the late 80s. All advices from LRH were put together into Issue form – LRH EDs for various areas such as Cine, AV, Estates, Household Unit, Motorpool, etc. in order to preserve the tech of the various areas at the Int Base. This was made available on internal computers not connected to the Web.

    • I was confused too, it looked like an excerpt of something Ron wrote, simply because it makes a statement, one I don’t necessarily disagree with but it just looked incomplete.

      So I sort of assumed DM let it fly to create more duality, or an attempt to dead agent people seeing that it is the exact description of how the church is being run.

  11. Here is a documentary that makes a similar case against corporations:

  12. one of those who see

    Great observation by LRH. Speaks to all the “I was just following orders” all through history including in the Church.
    Thanks, Marty

  13. Thank You for this reference. Just spot on! If you think about the fact that most staff have surrendered all responsibility except for following orders, you can see why there is a mess. Most staff have not made a decision about their next meal for years. Everything is decided for them, where they live and work. What they will be fed. How much token allowance they will receive. It’s no wonder so many can’t decide to stand up and walk out the front door. And when they do they ask permission usually to leave.

    • I discovered early on while being a student, that if I asked the supervisor for permission to go to the bathroom or to get a drink of water, he/she would almost always refuse. But if I just announced what I was doing, I never had a problem. I realized by asking permission, I was giving a problem to the supervisor that he/she would then have to make a decision about. I saw other students politely ask the sup for permission, only to be denied. This also proved true during my time as a staff member. It was always better to announce what I was going off to do than to ask permission.

    • I prefer to be in charge also.

  14. Anonymous Jim

    Maybe I’m missing something, but what does this have to do with David Miscavige? This sounds like a typical LRH anti-government rant.

    • Anonymous Jim, to answer your questions:

      a) David Miscavidge illogically and aberatively puts into practice whatever LRH warns AGAINST, warns NOT TO DO. And DM has been making “official acts” all along in Scientology, camouflaging his responsibilities.

      b) LRH does not rant anti-governmentally in the above note.
      He is only writing OBSERVATIONS.
      He’s just asking the reader to LOOK and EXAMINE for her/himself. To compare the behaviors of governments, as entities, to the behaviors described on The Tone Scale and the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation.

      c) Please have a look at the book Science of Survival. Your answers will be found in there. You can also do the exercise for yourself with the book Self-Analysis. If you can’t make case gain with that, then seek help.

      Don’t imply things that are NOT.
      There’s a word for that: delusions, I believe.

      Θ Jean-François Genest
      (not anonymously anonymous)

    • Anonymous Jim

      JF, re your reply to me, you’re joking, right? LRH isn’t asking anyone to look at anything for themselves, he is saying that IF you observe a government, this is what you WILL see. And you apparently have done as he said and seen what he wants you to see. But to those of us able to think for ourselves, yes, it is an anti-government rant.

      • martyrathbun09

        Anonymous Jim, watching this comm cycle is interesting. JF wants to evaluate the data from LRH himself. You say he can’t. You seem to be telling JF that he must do as Miscavige does – and interpret LRH writings only the way you do. Very instructive what is going on here on this comm cycle.

      • Anonymous Jim

        I’m not saying what JF can and can’t do, Marty, and I’m not interpreting anything, and I’m not sure what Miscavige has to do with what I wrote. All I am doing is reading the words “Plot a government… what do you find? A murderer.” Etc., etc., and then “Result: Insane government.”

        It doesn’t say “Plot a government and see what you find. What I found was…” or “What I think you will see is…” It says “Look and this is what you will see.”

        All I’m doing is reading what’s actually there, Marty. JF seem sto be seeing something that isn’t there. He can evaluate the data all he likes, but what LRH is saying is pretty clear. If I say “Lift this rock and you will see bugs,” that doesn’t mean you might see bugs, or David Miscavige has planted bugs, or that I want you to lift the rock and make your own observations. It simply means that there are bugs under the rock.

        • martyrathbun09

          Jim, read some more. I believe you are keeping yourself in an unenviable state by taking things to literally.

  15. “You would not tolerate for one moment the conduct in an individual that is commonplace in the acts of some nations. You would lock up such a person.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  16. DFB aka Dfb99

    One of the most rediculous things I saw in an event was one of the new ideal orgs, when they showed the computer simulated remodel COB said something like “In a country where malnutrition is rampant, PC’s can get sessionable in our elegant cafe…” I’m paraphrasing. I forget where the Org was. Some third world country.

    Heres another song. Just for fun.

  17. “I never fucked anybody in my life that didn´t have it coming to them, you got that?

  18. Marty, this blog has created for me many true friendships. People who truly care for one another and for that I thank you from my heart. It is such a right step in the right direction!

    Love ya

  19. Although public official Senator Charles Grassley has helped the church so much over the years with our IRS problems and other governmental endeavors, it’s time for him and others friends in government to now take a stance against DM’s Church of Scientology.

    Indepedents should help make this happen.

  20. With Marty’s quotes, coupled with the LRH, “…government is the aggregate irresponsibility of a people…”, not only are DMs actions pointed out, but the abdication of responsibility of all others, staff and public, becomes his “permission” to continue. Sadly, every order or aberrated decision of his that gets followed is just another reason, to him, of why he gets to continue.

    His sickness is unbounded. I don’t know him, but I’ve assumed he’s not actually stupid – which means he knows precisely what he’s doing and understands or doesn’t care about the consequences. He has his purpose in mind. He’s doing what he intends to do.

    An astounding real-life lesson in insanity, management, tech and ethics, on all flows.

    It doesn’t take an OEC, FEBC, or DSEC grad to see the outpoints, and the case. Any SSII should know better, and probably any non-Scientologist could spot them as well. (What’s the re-sign rate from intro or basic services? Those that didn’t sign up, or re-sign, spotted them, even if only vaguely.)

    I’ve been out since 1981. Even now, from all this, I feel the loss of hope, the blistering sadness for everyone that arrived to help the subject or save themselves, or to help others.

    It seems a perfect storm of entheta, and the future of the church is very cloudy and enormously complex. (Yes I believe it or its successor, should be a church.)

    Today, as far as I know, the people posting here, and probably many others of like mind, are the agents of the future, the salvation of the tech, and the people it serves.

  21. OUCH!

  22. Marty,
    I am not trying to hi-jack this thread, but the topic mentions government.
    I got involved with the CoS in the mid-70’s, but faded off the middle of this decade.
    There is no doubt that things have gotten really nutty in the church.

    I am puzzled about the Church ignoring the fact that 9/11 was an inside job. Was the executive stratum ever aware of this issue?

    By 2006, I was sending reports and DVD videos all over the place (IJC, CCHR locations, Flag, AO, CC Int, etc., etc. even many of the businesses listed in WISE ).

    As Scientologists, we have always emphasized “looking”, confront, greater awareness, bettering conditions, making a safer environment and the world a saner place. Some deceptions can greatly impact our lives. However, awareness of the deception can attenuate its power.

    The 9/11 event was a major world engram and this event if filled with deception. Anyone who can “look” and confront can see the overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. Scientists, engineers, architects, researchers, and people from all fields have done a great job of putting together the forensic evidence, physical evidence and film footage, the physical laws involved, witness testimonies, etc.

    In my opinion, awareness of this deception can lead a person to discover many other deceptions. In fact, I think that Scientologists who discover that explosives were used on the 3 World Trade Centers, often then follow this revelation by researching Miscavige.

    Why is this subject ignored or discounted by many Scientologists in the Church or in the FreeZone?

  23. Dear TL,

    I will try to answer as best I can.

    I am not “fully” briefed on the ‘planning’ of tragedy of September 11th and those WHO ACTUALLY orchestrated it. A Third Party Law (created on purpose) might be in effect, I am not sure.

    I visited Ground Zero in August 2002 on a group tour, took some pictures, bought a brochure. I have a long-time NYC friend who built the elevators in several of the buildings at the World Trade Center. (he was not on site at all when this happened)

    I watched the live newscasts that day. Like several Canadians, I called numbers in the 212 and 516 area codes, trying to get cell phones to RING so the rescue teams could locate trapped people. I got to talk to some nice folks in the process, but none in the rubble.

    * Dianetics and Scientology exist to help rid beings of the Reactive Mind and help them live a happier, more fulfilling life.

    Unfortunately, it is not our business to take a stand in such events.
    It is not, per se, the mandate of Scientology to resolve events such as 9/11. We could audit & train those for whom it is the mandate, to help them in their job and life in general.

    The only thing Scientologists could do, would be IF (when) the US Dept. of Justice allowed fully trained LRH Sec Checkers to process the persons involved with a STANDARD LRH Sec Check, on the e-meter, with the overts, withholds, earlier-similar O/Ws, justifications and missed-witholds taken up, to End Phenomenon (EP).

    Then, the Sec Checker (Class 2 auditor or above) writes Knowledge Reports on the O/W items that come up in session.

    A Commitee of Evidence could be convened on the persons involved. The Sec Check can help find out who else was involved. With all the evidence consulted and evaluated, each commitee would issue their findings.

    An Ethics/Justice handling is then programmed for each person, individually, including the assignment of the proper, applicable Ethics Condition, and the person doing each step of the conditions formulas to rise up.
    The penalties and ammends would, of course, be commensurate to the gravity of the transgressions of each individual.

    * In other words, NOT the C-of-Miscavidge type of Security Checks!
    The PROPER, LRH STANDARD Sec Check procedures. I would not trust the current Church of Miscavidge and its pseudo-management with the case of the World Trade Center…

    Unfortunately, the justice systems of nations are not up to the level of awareness and understanding that would permit the Scientology Ethics and Justice technologies to be employed. The Church is not in a position to take a position in the enigma.

    You might be able to find some answers to your questions by reading the Sec Checker course pack and the PTS/SP course pack. No need to DO the courses in order to read the bulletins in packs.

    I also invite you to read Mission Earth by L. Ron Hubbard. Authors often write very pertinent information in the form of “fiction” or science fiction to allow the reader to think and realize for her/himself.

    Some hints ↓
    Rockacenter Family in Mission Earth:
    David and Nelson Rockefeller were part of the creation of the World Trade Center.

    Take the first letters of each word in the name:
    Coordiated Information Apparatus.

    I hope “my take on this” was helpful.

    • JF, concerning this statement I have a slightly different view; “Unfortunately, it is not our business to take a stand in such events.” I invite you to have a look at it.
      It is true that Scientology is non-political. However, that does not mean that a Scientologist is. I feel that there is ARC and responsibility on that Dynamic as well. And I feel that it is up to each single person himself/herself to decide upon a gradient of activity and in what direction.
      When that happened I felt, “That’s on my Dynamic, too.” And the Data Series helped me to decide upon my activities.
      I, for instance, talked (and talk) to my friends and to anyone on my view, concerning the SPs behind it. This is a political action within my resources. And I had many intense debates about that and 3rd Party-law etc. Don’t think it doesn’t do anything. Just think of all the millions that are spent by governments to make people THINK in certain ways. (Noam Chomsky has written quite a lot about that.)
      A friend of mine who is a physicist asked me the other day, “Did you know that the spin of Earth speeds up, when the leaves fall off the trees? Like an ice dancer doing a pirouette, when he pulls his arm to the body and speeds up. We can measure that change in spin of Earth each autumn.”

    • Re: “…puzzled about the Church ignoring the fact that 9/11 was an inside job.”
      Thank you so much for getting back to me on this. I appreciate the recap of standard Ethics/Justice lines and the green-on-white. And I hear ya on the Mission Earth series with some of its character portrayals (e.g. Rockefeller)…I have the 10 volume set along with a heck of a LRH library after having been on lines for decades.

      I need to clarify aspects of my origination. I am puzzled on several counts. Things don’t add up nor make much sense to me unless I attribute it to “a lack of confront” as an underlying factor.

      Here’s the deal:
      Scientologists (CoM or Freezone) emphasize a greater awareness, confront, the ability to look, the ability to face evil, the Data Series, greater understanding, courage and integrity, responsibility on dynamics, the welfare of mankind, a safe environment, a saner world, the Church Creed, bettering conditions, etc.

      Hitler’s extermination of the Jews is an example. A Scientologist would NOT “try to not know” nor ignore this evil. At the very least, efforts would be made to expose this type of evil. It would be a poor statement of a Scientologist’s character if this atrocity was ignored.

      September 11th, 2001
      9/11 was definitely an inside job. The evidence is overwhelming. Elements within our own government planned and caused this event. There is no doubt. The cover-up is blatant. Example…Most people have never even heard of Building 7.
      I am not here to debate nor try to convince anyone.
      A person only needs to thoroughly investigate the subject of 9/11 in order to discover this fact. It does take confront, it does take a willingness to look and face up to evil, and it will probably rattle “stable datums’.
      If an individual wishes to find out more information, there is an abundance of resources: “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”, the scientists at , etc. along with some wonderful documentaries like “9/11 Mysteries”, “Zero”, the “Loose Change” films, “Core of Corruption”, etc. and

      But this is where I become puzzled. Scientologists are supposed to be able to confront evil, to be able to properly evaluate, to look, and then take responsibility towards bettering conditions.

      It doesn’t make sense to me that CCHR or echelons of Scientology would ignore this blatant fact that 9/11 was an inside job (except because Miscavige is at the helm). But it still doesn’t make sense to me that so many Scientologists (in and out of the Church) ignore an issue of this magnitude.

      I am puzzled. Concepts are not aligning for me: e.g. Scientologists can confront, yet this impacting engramic 4th Dynamic event of magnitude remains quietly unconfronted.

      • Hey JL,

        Enough with the eval/inval on Scientologists just because your conspiracy theories aren’t receiving the attention you think they deserve.

        Take your tin foil hat off and try these links out for size. Grab a friend and receive some false data stripping if needed:

        p.s. Obama is an American citizen.


      • John Nunez,
        Actually, I had a bit of a realization reading your post with the mention of FDS along with your viewpoint. Thanks.

        Prior to FDSing, an individual would first need to LOOK at the material.
        LOOK is a valuable first action.
        If a person does not look, then they won’t see.

        Marty had a blog, “Wake Up”, last August 3rd talking about “The Truth Rundown” at the Tampa paper.
        “…sure sign that…the commenter never read the articles nor watched the video interviews….”

        As a Scientologist, I feel it is important that other Scientologists “look” at things like “The Truth Rundown”.
        I also feel that it is extremely important for people “to look” at some of the 9/11 Truth films, organizations and websites which I mentioned above.

        Now I am wondering how to gracefully get others “TO LOOK” at the evidence of the 9/11 cover-up. The evidence is overwhelming. There is no doubt that all 3 World Trade Center Buildings were destroyed with explosives.

  24. Watchful Navigator

    DM recently used Scientology’s Social Reform voice, Freedom Magazine as a forum for selfishly defending his own criminal behavior at the expense of bringing about reform as its founder LRH once prescribed it should do.

    Freedom Magazine once contributed to the exposure of an earlier government/world banking crime and engram against our society in the assassination of JFK. This article kept public official Jim Garrison in the limelight long enough to catch the attention of Oliver Stone which gave us the movie JFK and brought home the uncomfortable truth that governments can be and are, sometimes used by powerful special interests to accomplish heinous crimes.

    Interestingly enough, this venue for Garrison to air his investigative findings on the pages of Freedom, revealing as it did a planned and orchestrated gunning down of a president, was done despite an earlier statement from LRH himself that Oswald was the one assassin, and despite the potential backlash from the state in doing so. Freedom editors of that day had the confront and the special quality of daring journalism that we rely on to straighten out these far-reaching big lies that keep people’s attention hung up and keep us all at effect.

    Since no steel structure has ever collapsed due to fire or airplane crash and since we can now see these towers dropped at free-fall speed – not to mention the hundreds of other outpoints that would only seen by themselves qualify as unproven conspiracy theory, we know that the official story of 911 cannot be correct no matter what you want to believe coming from establishment articles. Articles wherein science has been perverted as cleverly as it has been done for psychiatry pushing their brain-damaging concoctions on kids and the rest of society.

    These lame, pseudo-scientific, justified-thought articles are then reinforced by talk-show hosts brought to you by Eli Lily, among others, and voila – any effort at social reform is black-PR’d as “tinfoil hat conspiracy”.

    Freedom magazine issued an article shortly after 911 about the Al-Queda psychiatrist using pain-drugging-hypnosis to prepare suicide pilots for their task. No doubt this kind of operation was indeed carried out, but here too, if you LOOK far and wide enough, you will find this flight-school connection to have been orchestrated over the years preceding 911, by alphabet agencies as a “reasonable” cover story.

    So while this was a valid line of research for Freedom it played right into the official story and so limited further investigation. Then unfortunately with the beautiful-sounding and even inspiring, “Wake-Up Call”, no doubt penned by the LRH biographer and not much from DM himself, Freedom Mag and all of Scientology was pulled away from responsibility and from the most basic Scientology Zero datum, “LOOK”. In so doing they joined the rest of lied-to-for-purpose-of-control society in a blind special-interest pursuit of profiting (work harder, donate more, think less) from the horror in its aftermath.

    As Marty has pointed out, DM cynically backed off doing what LRH would have done – from sounding off against the insane wars that followed and further, from digging any deeper for the root LIEs behind them and thereby erase a societal engram – a lock on the 4th Dynamic engram that Sea Org members are pledged to make safe to audit out.

    Those who have read the tongue-in-cheek Mission Earth series at least know that nothing – no matter how incredible – can be put past past the criminally individuated actors that can get into governments, to pull off.

    To our great shame – for us in our religion that once would confront “anything”, we left it to representatives of other religious faiths to fill the camouflaged hole DM’s Freedom leaves in its introverted quest to be “right” and to placate some of the talk-hate-show fans among IAS donors.

    A Mormon and a Protestant Minister have been among the main voices of reason in keeping the unpopular and viciously-attacked calls for truth alive. That is wonderful actually, but the point I am making is that we could have been and should have been, on the forefront.

    Even Tom Cruise publicly in the infamous 2004 Freedom Medal video, pointed out the lies relating to the toxic air content immediately following 911 which plagued firefighters and other rescue workers with life-threatening illness.

    For every Popular Science brush-off of the 911 evidence there are dozens of architects, engineers and explosives experts who have been left out of the mainstream cover story, but yet are out there telling the uncomfortable, “unconfrontable”, truth on other lines (a very correct application of Black PR handling, by the way).

    We do, as Scientologists, have the special ability, and thus the responsibility, to LOOK, evaluate, act and change conditions. But until Freedom Magazine is back operating under LRH guidance and not DM’s internal reign of terror, we’ll have to act on other lines.

    “Find a safe place from which to speak up”

    Since we don’t quite have that achieved yet as a group operating more or less in “exile”, and since John N. here, and many others before who are in the know, have very correctly pointed us at handling the ONE real, alive, “criminal-psychotic” being still in our road, THAT should be our focus now.

    Then one day Freedom will be back to investigating major 3rd and 4th dynamic crimes and conditions and their root causes – we’ll all be permitted to contribute – and the truth will out.

    Meanwhile there are plenty of good people and groups committed to looking at and acting to reveal, real truths that impact this planet and its future, that we can become an active part of and contribute our organization-production know-how to. As well as – and this may be the most important flow – to learn from them, those things of integrity and truth that have been part of our theory and moral codes, but not always our practice.

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