There Is No Such Thing As Disconnection

by: Christie Collbran

Mike, Haydn and I visited Sydney for several days, spoke to Bryan Seymour from Channel 7, were followed by private investigators on a regular basis and despite that had quite a nice time there.

On Friday we drove down to Melbourne, approximately a 10 hour trip with the specific intention of visiting Mike’s mother and brother. Mike’s mother is in her 80’s. He has not seen her for about 8 years. She is unable to travel all the way out to America for a visit, so this could have likely been Mike’s last chance to see his aging mother.

Even after Mike left the Sea Org and prior to speaking on the record with the St. Pete Times in the summer of last year he was in regular communication with his Mom. She wrote him letters telling him about her grandchildren, and her activities and chit chatting about nice things. He wrote her the same kind of letters back and they were having a very nice time being in communication. There was no talk about the church between them.

However after Mike spoke on the record to the St. Pete Times he received disconnection letters from his Scientologist family members, his Mom included. These were obviously letters they were told to write, many of them sounding strangely similar to each other ordering him to go contemplate a rock until he decided to change his ways.

It is my belief that his mother was very saddened by this and that she would have much rather remained in communication. Her disconnection letter was far less harsh than the others. Due to her age she had earlier stated herself that she will not be doing any more services this lifetime as she is OT VIII and could neither travel to Flag nor the Freewinds, and it was obvious that she was taking much pleasure in having the comm line with Mike.

This was a total perversion of PTS/SP technology. There was nothing suppressive about her comm line with her son and she was forced to cut the line due to the control designed by David Miscavige. She now lives in a retirement home/assisted living facility in Melbourne near her only other son, Andrew. If she refused to disconnect from Mike she would also lose the support of Andrew and the right to spend time with him and his children, and her great grandchildren as well. These are usually the most important things in the life of an elderly grandmother. So you can understand the tough position she has been put in.

On Saturday morning we headed out to the nursing home where Barbara Rinder has been staying. Having had a lot of PI activity during our trip so far, it was strikingly quiet that morning. I said to Mike that I feared the church had sent his mother away for the weekend, because if she had been in town we would have had a lot more noise already. When we got to the nursing home Mike and I went to the front desk. There was nobody there immediately and we met a very nice elderly woman named Frances who was also a resident of the nursing home.  She told us that she knew Barbara, and that Barbara had gone on a trip to Adelaide for nine days.

We did eventually speak to a receptionist and somebody who was in charge of the place who confirmed for us that Barbara was not there. They tried to whisk us away very rapidly as well, and it smelled as if they had been briefed to expect us.

It was clear that they knew we were coming. Mike Sutter and Marion Pouw had been sent to Australia a week before we arrived to try and shore up the local Scientologists from being influenced by the SPs that were about to arrive. No doubt part of their Mission was to ensure that Mike’s mother was not there so that she and her son could not be reunited one last time.

However, after the Receptionist had tried to send us on our way, Frances came out to our car and said “Don’t mind that woman. She likes to boss everybody around. Would you like me to show you where Barbara stays?“ Of course, we would!

We spent quite some time with Frances — she showed us where Barbara’s room was. There was a sign on the door with her name. A cleaning lady had been nearby cleaning and she let us see inside of the room. Mike pointed to a picture of his Dad that was on the desk, Barbara’s deceased husband. Seeing her room, speaking to one of her mates, knowing that she spent much of her time right where we were standing, but that Mike was unable to see her or speak to her brought me to tears and I stepped away for a moment to collect myself.

Mike is one of the most considerate, decent and loyal persons I have met. He deserves the right to see his own mother and she has the right to be in communication with him. David Miscavige has taken pleasure in ensuring that this does not happen. The whole thing was utterly suppressive and sick.

We decided to buy a card and some chocolates for Barbara and Frances. We took some pictures and chatted quite a bit with Frances who was a very sweet lady. I’m sure she will relay to Barbara how lovely her son Mike was, that she was fortunate enough to spend some time with him, and the other girl (myself) that came with him from the USA. She showed us pictures of her children and grandchildren and some of her accomplishments from her life. I took some pictures of her and Mike and Frances insisted that she get her camera and take some for her to keep as well. She was very happy to meet us and walked us to our car, waved goodbye and watched us drive away until she could no longer see us, waving the whole time.

She was very similar to how I imagined Barbara might be. Although we did not get to see Barbara, I know that the message will get through to her. Mike still loves her and always will. Her friend will be sure to let her know.

Francis, Mike & Christie outside the nursing home

After that we also went to Andrew’s house that was very close by, just to be sure. Nobody was there either and we assume that he took Barbara away. Mike left a card for Andrew in the mailbox as well.

This is just an example of thousands of similar instances of families being torn apart by the suppressive and evil works of David Miscavige and his church, and is why they must be brought to justice.

But we didn’t let him spoil our trip.

We left, had a delicious Australian lunch, and then met with the lovely Heather Grace, a regular here on Marty’s blog. We met at the zoo, found some koalas & kangaroos, and had dinner and drinks together. It was a wonderful time.

The following day we went to watch an Australian rules football game – otherwise known as “footy” and thoroughly enjoyed sitting next to two local and very vocal sports fans who were more fun than watching the game due to their constant banter back and forth (rooting for opposite teams) and the hilarious expressions they used.

Richmond Team Supporter: “What do you call a man with a rabbit stuck up his ass?”

North Melbourne Team Supporter: “I don’t know?”

Richmond Team Supporter: “You call him Warren…… here comes Warren!”  (Warren being the name of a player on the opposite team whom he was having a go at).

You gotta love the Australians.  We all did.

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  1. martyrathbun09

    Christie wrote: “Mike is one of the most considerate, decent and loyal persons I have met.” I wholeheartedly agree. But, that sentence also happens to describe you, Christie.

  2. Jeez – an OT VIII in a nursing home, a scary prospect?

    I think some kind of electronic warfare/hacking is being perpetrated against this site. Immediately after watching a couple of Marty’s recent videos (re: Rinder) YAHOO and my YAHOO MAIL account became inaccessible from my Internet Explorer browser. I handled this by switching to a different browser. I advise NOT using IE to browse Mart’s site.

  3. Watching Eyes

    Saddest thing I’ve ever read.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Again, you are the only person reporting such. These continual announcements could have an in terrorem effect on others. You sure there is not something up with your own computer?

  5. I had to take a break while reading this, makes me so angry and sad.

    David Miscavige, come forward and explain yourself or resign!

  6. Mike turned me on to “footy” when we lived next door in apartments in Hemet years ago. It is at least 100X more interesting than soccer (and I watched a LOT of the World Cup and even enjoyed some of it). Aussie rules is even way more interesting than American “footy.”

    As for the rest of this post, these are the kinds of things we will remember when DM’s day of reckoning comes. It can’t come too fast.

  7. So glad you had a chance to visit back home, even though it was not perfect still some wonderful pleasure moments!

  8. Mike and Christie, you both are wonderful beings. Extrememly kind and gentle, so very truthful and caring. I am honored to know you both.

    You OSA people listen up you, will get paid back for following suppressive orders that is just the law of this universe. You suppressive “little troll”, you have so much to answer for.

  9. Since having done/had OT3 and the OT Drug rundown I don’t easily get angry about anything.
    This made me VERY angry – it’s just so WRONG!!
    If there ever was an example of a DB, Miscavige is it.

  10. Theo Sismanides

    I am so outraged… one thing Sir, I am here and will not, I repeat, will not give up…

    I am referring to you Mike… Now we are together in this, I am not alone anymore like 10 years ago, screaming in AOSHEU and the CLO EU about HCBOs.

    I am not alone, you are not alone… We NOW create the future. And your light and theta extends far beyond this planet so that they (the people here) will see it in the years to come.

    Hold on Mike, hang in there, and keep on the good fight. Your mom understands you. You were not just meant for family, you were meant to be a leader of thetans towards freedom.

    We need to move onto higher levels, now, now, now. I am so sick and tired of all this when we have a tech to free people. And I am wondering what lies ahead. Hang in there Mike.

  11. Theo Sismanides

    Marty I also cannot access your videos from Internet Explorer on my computer. Only with Mozilla Firefox or on Olga’s (my wive’s) computer.

    So have that in mind too. I don’t know how to fix it, but I open another browzer. Just for the web techies info.

  12. Commissioner

    It’s just unbelievable. This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever read in my life. There is no other way to describe David Miscavage other than complete sociopath.

    Marty, are you still on the Board of RTC? If so, I respectfully suggest that you consider officially resigning. It really concerns me that you could be culpable for some of the cult’s criminal behavior. Also, how can they proceed with vacancies on their Board? The RTC Board is kind of like the Wizard of Oz to me. Any illumination you could provide would be great.

    Also, although I have no interest in excusing David Miscavage, there is no way he can run Scientology without the (at least tacit) consent of the RTC Board of Directors. As expected, there is no information about any Board Members on the RTC website except Miscavage. Who are these people and do they even bother to meet and sign off on “COB’s” crazy operations?

  13. Sometimes all I can do is shake my head cuz there ain’t no logic there. What is the point of keeping an 80-year old woman in a nursing home from seeing her son? Nobody wins here; certainly not the church which has shown once again how inhuman they are. And certainly not Mike’s mother, who is a long-time supporter and member in good standing of that church.

    Sometimes it seems the church is being mean and nasty just because they can, and for no other reason. And I’m guessing IAS donations were spent to send people down there to interfere with this reunion.

  14. rory Medford

    so sad so sad but it must of felt pretty good to be able to get into your moms room and relish some good memories

    when will the insanity stop with DM and his henchmen?

    I guess time will tell

  15. Yes, Dan,

    there is no way that DM’s day of reckoning could come too fast!

    May Mrs. Rinder live many many more days, so she’ll meet her son and her beautiful daughter-in-law (Christie – hope you don’t mind the premature title 😉 )

    Best, Fidelio

  16. Jeez, what does one say to this?

    The church’s conduct speaks for itself, I can’t think of anything (publishable) to say about it.

    Mike, hang in there. This will all work out in the end.

    I do have a message for the camera boy though:

    Dave, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Watch your back, the villager are a’comin.


  17. Christie,
    The absurd perversion of the PTS/SP materials with enforced disconnection is no more obvious than in the stated End Phenomenon of the Suppressed Person Rundown.

    “This friendly origination by the antagonistic terminal is the EP of the rundown.” HCOB 29 Dec 78 The Suppressed Person Rundown.

    Now, can Tommy D or DM or anyone explain just exactly how that EP is supposed to occur if the person refuses the friendly communication?

    How can ‘disconnection’ as practiced under David Miscavige, a squirrelling of the actual LRH material (see The Third Dynamic Engram, Scn Cult by Jim Logan), allow an ‘SP’ to friendily communicate?

    For those of you viewing this and wondering about this whole ‘disconnection’ issue and its implementation under David Miscavige, squirrel ‘HCOBs’ (i.e. altered, not-written, or blatant forgeries of LRH data) please understand, this is NOT standard Scientology. It is Miscavology, a reverse of the workable to something akin to implanting.

  18. I suggest all REAL Scientologists demand that Miscavige is removed from post. Keep up the good work you rebels and keep the information going on the news.

    As a Scientologist I’m ashamed of how weak the Scientologists inside the church are in accepting all of this. Miscavige must go.

  19. As so often said already on this blog in many posts by many people. Scientologists are trained to communicate and confront. How else are we going to clear the planet otherwise? So if OSA and David Miscaviage are certain about the tech they wouldn’t have to worry about Mike and his mother talking. Mrs. Rinder’s ethics presence would be enough to not allow the conversation to turn nasty. In addition if Mrs. Rinder felt like her son was an SP and causing harm to herself and to others around her, she could certainly communicate that as well directly to Mike without any vias. After all we are trained to communicate and confront, even the darkest of evil!

  20. “Demonized Demented Deranged Davy” strikes again.

  21. Jim — you are so right. Hadnt thought about this before, but it is the perfect analysis of how PTS/SP tech has been turned on its head. Of course, when the purpose is perverted from helping an individual lead a happier life to controlling the flock to stay in step with Dear Leader, you necessaily get massive twisting of the tech. Mike

  22. DFB aka Dfb99

    They are Youtube links. The Church would have to be messing with Youtube which is unlikely. I would assume either Youtube is slow (happens sometimes) or the users computers arent set up to run videos or something. You have to have a moderately fast connection to view Youtube videos.
    Also, the site is on WordPress, so it’s not just on Martys computer. The Church would have to hack into WordPress. I’m not asying it’s impossible, but it seems unlikely.

    More likely is receiving something in an email or attachment to an email, or some sort of attack that would slow or shut down temporarily the blog, but that wouldnt infect the viewers computer. This seems unlikely since it is illegal and can be traced back to the Church.

    I’m assuming the Church has some staff who work the internet to try and get information and that aPI’s are hired who might do the same, but I doubt there is a team of hackers working away to create viruses that prevent us from using Yahoo.

  23. DFB aka Dfb99

    We should all sign a petition and hand deliver it, on camera to Flag. On a huge roll- the indy 500.

  24. Doug Parent

    This stands as further testament that when the church uses people as pawns and cuts theta lines it is sure to cement in stone it’s own demise and eventual collapse.

    Those responsible will have to live with that overt and for the 3rd and 4th dynamic, this is huge.

    Thank you Mike and Christi, your persistence and courage exposing this immoral practice will add significantly to the existing volume of reports on the disconnection issue over the years.

    The growing unison rising up against this practice helps loosen another brick in the wall.

    OSA, your ever growing shiny empty buildings will never address the reason why your orgs are empty, and this is one reason why. Abolish disconnection, depose DM, use the basics of the subject to resolve issues with the universal solvent of communication.

    Scientology is for use, not abuse.

  25. Frances sounds like a godsend. Glad you got to spend that time with her, as I’m sure she’ll relay a great deal to Barbara in due course.

    I loved meeting you guys! It was fun. ❤

  26. Thanks to Christie for the great travelogue!

    I wonder if Mike’s mother was told her son was coming and enjoined to leave or was she just whisked away under some other pretense, not knowing that she was about to receive/miss a visit from Mike.

    Your last comment “you gotta love the Australians”…….I do! I met several Aussies during my time at Gold and found them to a man/woman to be terribly insoucient and instant and fast friends- how could you not love them!!


  27. Mike,
    How about this one: the entire issue of Potential Trouble Source, PTS, is explained in the taped lecture of 14 Oct 65, St. Hill Special 68, BRIEFING TO REVIEW AUDITORS. This is summed in the Tech Dictionary under ‘PTS’ by this definition:
    “is the manifestation of postulate, counter-postulate”.

    A ‘problem’ as defined in the same Tech Dictionary.

    OK, so by enforcing disconnection what do you get? A whole new problem!!!!

    Well, if that isn’t the intentional creation of a PTS sit then what the hell is?!

    DM, with his perversion of the tech of PTS/SP and blatant forgeries of LRH materials, has instituted a PTS manufacturing organization. He has no intention of handling PTSness, he has every intention of creating it. He CREATES the fundamental problem that IS the fundamental of a PTS condition.

    Reverse Scientology, executed by a whole track, long term SUPPRESSIVE PERSON David Miscavige. QED.

  28. Christie and Mike this really saddened me to read about what happened in Melbourne; about a son wanting to visit his mom who live thousands of miles a part. What on earth would be so terribly bad for you to be able to sit down and have an afternoon visit/chat with her. I think you both handled this brilliantly by speaking/enjoying the afternoon with one of her friends. What better way to communicate to your mom through a friend. Frances will never forget how wonderful the two of you were. The card and chocolates were a beautiful touch.

    As for Sutter and Pouw following these disgusting orders from DM makes me sick. The end is near and can not be soon enough.

  29. Dirty nasty slimy low-down trickery and lies..that’s what makes DM’s world go round.
    People following these ridiculous orders~are you THAT PTS and spineless that you can’t even look at an SP???? Quit committing overts in the name of the church! Get your confront UP!

    Thanks for the write-up Christie~it pains me too.

  30. Try clearing your temp files and cookies, rebooting and starting the videos again.

    Works fine for me, and my security software is not detecting any malware from Marty’s site via IE8.

    Always run top notch security. The Church of Mestsavagery does engage in cyber espionage.


  31. Christie: Beautiful article. It exuded the gentleness which pervades your body, speech and mind.

    It was lacking the aggressive attack mode which clearly is easy to default to against Miscavige and his gang of thieves.

    Instead we clearly see Barbara Rinder as an extreme victim – made to choose between a son and her grandchildren, who live nearby.

    Once again I am touched by the compassion and hard work of both you and Mike.

    I continue to have all families torn asunder by the horrific mind control exerted from Miscavige in my daily thoughts and “prayers” …

    May they be free from suffering the separation of their families …


  32. “As a Scientologist I’m ashamed of how weak the Scientologists inside the church are in accepting all of this.”

    They are PTS to DM. They are afraid of losing their Bridge.

    We simply have to de-PTS them, so they can see the truth (=what is).

    To DM:
    You will cave yourself in HARD.
    It´s a matter of time.
    Nobody can do the work for you.
    You are your own executioner.

  33. Mike and Christie,
    I am sorry this happened and am heartened by the message you left for Barbara with her friend Frances.

    A couple of things come to mind here:

    First, is that despite a hell of a lot of recent bad PR about the ongoing practice of disconnection, despite the obvious lying of Tommy Davis and the damage that has done such as the departure of Paul Haggis, the church continues to practice disconnection in the most callous way. Despite the certain-to-come PR black eye this story will deliver, the church just doesn’t change.

    This is a no-case-gain.

    Secondly, when you boil it down, other than the blatant control mechanism, what does disconnection, as an enforced policy, attempt to protect the church from? The only answer I can come up with is ideas

  34. Thanks for sharing this Christie.

    In reading the current lead story on Jeff’s “Leaving Scientology” site, you’ll learn that, even when DM goes down, he will remain in “It’s them, not me!” mode. This is because he is indeed a sociopath. For all time.

    It’s a great article on the traits of a sociopath vs the loose, political term “SP” which the church is currently using to silence whistle blowers en masse.

    But, the people who FOLLOW Miscavige are the ones who will really suffer. The folks who pulled Mike’s mom out of the home before his arrival. The folks who still work for OSA. The MAA’s attempting to wreak havoc in my city right now due to our stupid Grand Real Estate Opening on the horizon, etc.

    These are extremely PTS people and they’re in for a very bad day when the shit hits the fan.

    I’m all for forgiveness but only under the condition that anyone who directly served under DM’s dirty work campaign, come clean and figure out how to never be a robot again. Especially in light of all the LRH policy saying NOT to do what is being done throughout the religion right now.

    Stay vigilant everyone!


  35. Marvelously done. Makes my heart sing.

  36. Christie thank you for your write up. It seems the church is out humanity as well as out ethics.

    Hip Hip Hooray for Frances anexample for all.


  37. Mike,

    You are one cool customer.

    If this was WWII and I needed someone to lead a suicidal mission deep into enemy territory, you would be it. You must have icewater for blood. I mean that as an extreme compliment.

    Me, on the other hand, had that been my mother he was jacking around, well, I would have found some way, any way, to get myself alone with Camera Boy and then pull out the brass knuckels and do some reno’s on the little man’s face – jail be damned.

    Ok, I will calm down. I just needed to say that.

    You are to be validated for making the trip to try to see your mum. Good on ya mate. I have several aussie friends and have grown to love aussie culture. From top to bottom, they are some of the most warm and generous people you can get to know.

    I hope you will try to see mum again, and I know she will instinctively know that she should be allowed to see you as well. Then, let’s see how Camera Boy’s pr sinks to new lows when he tries to declare an elderly woman living in a rest home. That sick, twisted little fraction of a sub-human dictator!

    Don’t give up on seeing mum.



  38. John Doe,

    You are exactly right. Of all things, the Church of Miscavige is threatened by ideas and communication!

    The Church of Miscavology policy of disconnection is about as defensible as the policies of segregation that were fought in the 60’s. It will ultimately suffer the same fate as segregation. Civilized society will protest until it is overturned. And the longer people try to hang onto it, the less credibility they have. Those champions of desegregation that held out the longest ended up losing their political positions and becoming pariahs. It is inevitable.


  39. Marty – love you forever n ever 🙂

  40. Excellent analisys and perfect used anology.

  41. UnluckyPatron

    It’s sad to hear about Mike’s mother as I went through the same thing for a time but was able to reason with my family.

    I’m in disbelief every time I talk to a Scientologist and ask them, “Is it right for anyone, SP or not, to lose the friendship and comm of their own mother?” and they all sort of go cross-eyed and mutter, “yes, it’s right”. It’s gross.

  42. Clearwater.Lawyer

    Hi Mike and Christie,

    I haven’t posted for some time but I wanted to extend my thanks to you for bring this issue to the forefront and documenting these matters first-hand. Most of all I want to say that I am so sorry that you have to experience this separation from your family. Mike, this must hit you particularily hard since the disconnection is coming from all parts of your family, children, siblings, parents. It really made my heart sink when I read this. I also feel sorry for your mom too.
    I know you will remain strong with the support of the good people here on this blog and in your community.


  43. Hell of a point there, Jim. Miscavige is the PTS situation creator in charge, in addition to other things.

  44. Hubbardianen I second Peter. They are not weak, they are not themselfs. DM doesn’t allow anyone inside the tchurch to be him or herself.

  45. Yes, She was a godsend. We only knew her for a few minutes and already she was like family.

    It WAS fun. Looking forward to the next time we get to see you too Ms G. 🙂

  46. Theo Sismanides

    Thanks Jim, I think now the issue of disconnection and how it is misused is clearer to me and why it was used by David Miscavige.

  47. WH,

    Thank you for your support. I love having you here with us. As many others have already stated, you always lend a very special touch and we are fortunate to have you.


  48. (dont blame me for the typo’s)

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

    Issued 21 November 2000

    Ethics Officers
    PTS/SP Checksheet

    (Taken from an LRH Tape of 14 Oct. 65, “Briefing of Review Auditors.”)

    A potential trouble source is a connection with a suppressive. I’ll give you the exact mechanics of it:

    Postulate-counter-postulate is the anatomy of a problem. This belongs in actual fact at Grade I. And it’s just this: postulate-counter-postulate. Postulate versus postulate. That is the definition and the anatomy of a problem. And there is no other definition to a problem. There can be several counter-postulates; there can be several going out like this, but that makes several problems. The central problem is always postulate-counter-postulate.

    The guy has had a purpose in life and somebody has suppressed it, or a guy has had a purpose over a twenty-four-hour period and somebody suppressed that purpose. In other words, his purpose was his postulate, the other person saying he couldn’t do it was the counter-postulate.

    That is simply the anatomy of a problem. And there is no other reason for rolly coaster. There just is no other datum.

    People don’t rolly coaster because they got into an engram. People don’t roily coaster because the auditor misread the action. People don’t roily coaster because his father was a Methodist and has been dead since birth. So don’t ever fall for two seconds for any other reason for a roily coaster than postulate-counter-postulate. There isn’t any other reason.

    SP is a version of this. It’s a version of a problem and is a specialized kind of problem, and that is what causes the roily coaster. The individual has run into a postulate-counter-postulate since his last improvement, which makes him a potential trouble source.

    Potential trouble source means the case is going to go up and fall down. And he’s a trouble source because he’s going to get upset. He’s a trouble source because he’s going to make trouble. And he’s trouble for the auditor and he’s trouble for us

    and he’s trouble for himself and so forth. And he really does make trouble. That’s very carefully named.

    The SP isn’t making trouble. He’s just poisoning the whole universe. But he isn’t making trouble; he’s just going squash! Anybody says anything to him—squash! It’s the PTS who makes the trouble.

    Now, this is the whole backbone of ethics. There isn’t anything more to ethics than this basic purpose: ethics exists to get tech in.

    If you ever see ethics being put in that throws tech out, then ethics is being used in a suppressive fashion. The only way that you could use ethics suppressively is use it in such a way that it threw tech out. Because the purpose of ethics is to put tech in. If you’ve got ethics, you can get tech in. You carry on ethics long enough to get tech in, and that’s all the longer you carry it.

    But in the process of getting tech in you very often will run into a rolly coaster—and that is, a case worsens after it improves, as easily as that. The case did all right in yesterday’s session; comes to this session, falls on his head. That’s a rolly coaster.

    And there’s no other cause for it than postulate-counter-postulate.

    L. Ron Hubbard

    Compilation assisted by LRH Technical Research and Compilations

  49. An OSA advance team traveling halfway around the world to ruin Mike & Christie’s visit to Australia is to be expected. DM and CoS specialize in the sadism of “take away.” They will take away a person’s family, future, hopes, and dreams – whatever they can to punish and harm a person who is not slavishly obedient, where slavish obedience is incorrectly defined as “KSW.”

    Here is the scene: DM used parishioner money to send a team of people to Australia to ensure that Mike cannot see his 80+ year old mother. What does that say about David Miscavige as the so-called ecclesiastical leader?

    I have never read about the Pope or the Dalai Lama denying a man what might be a final visit with his elderly mother. DM is a thug. He is an “ecclesiastical leader” in the same way that a Mafia Don is a legitimate businessman.

    Marty, having worked at for years, I can tell you this: Whenever we make a great post about a hot button topic, OSAbots immediately try to follow it with a thread derail, a change of topic, or a distraction of some kind. Whenever I see these things happen at your blog, I am wary.

    I am not pointing fingers, just sharing experience gained from five years of fighting OSA online. These same tactics are used at ARS, ESMB, and the other boards OSA hates.

    WordPress blog is compatible with all browsers. WordPress has very sophisticated software engineers and is the #1 choice of tekkies and major bloggers such as NY Times, TMZ, Huffpo, etc:

    As for OSA creating viruses, I doubt it. That is a felony and it is very easy to trace down. OSA would instead create fear and doubt to keep Scientologists from reading this blog.

    Long time Scientologists will remember OSA’s failed “Net Nanny” program. That was an attempt to control and filter the internet viewing of Scientologists:


  50. crashingupwards

    Mike, your trip was well worth it. Aside from the Interview, you managed to establish a personal connection with someone involved with your mothers care. Thats important when your dealing with nursing homes and having to leave a parent there. You also managed to get your mother a 9 day vacation out of there with her othe family members, as opposed to the occasional 1 hour obligatory visit every 2 or 3 weeks. Well done on that as well. And your message will get through to your mother and in her heart she knows she is loved by you and thats what is important to you and to her. The fact that she may be unable to express her true feelings out of some perverted policy applications will unfortunatley be a burden or guilt she will have to deal with or carry forward. However its handled, its only a small part of the story of your lives and relationship, which can not be erased or smothered by any policy or perversion of such.
    You have done everything you can do and she and your late Dad have an incredible amount of reasons to be so proud of what you have done and what you are doing. Well done.

  51. Water Dragon

    This is so sad to hear. I know Barbara and for her to be taken away I know isn’t her thing at all. She has always been much to caring to make this choice herself. This has got to stop!

  52. DM
    Ever heard the phrase:
    “Lose the battle win the war”?
    The apparancy may be that you won this one.
    The truth is that every battle undertaken to smash a being only creates further ARCXs, confusions, enturbulation and upset for all concerned. Ultimately this leads to more people leaving the church. It’s only a matter of time.
    Who is the loser here?
    I’m guessing the intention is to cut Mike down to nothing, invalidate him and make him feel alone and un-loved.
    Never going to happen DM.
    Mike has Christie and he has all of us.
    In your dreams would you ever have the honest love of a beautiful and loyal woman and unconditional friendship of a host of the brightest and most admirable beings one could wish to know.
    As for the love that Barbara and Mike have for each other, you cannot hope to even touch it with your sullied hands no matter what orchestrations and games you may muster up in the physical universe.
    Have you nothing better to do? Like clearing a planet or something? Go find a new building and fill it up with some shiny MEST there’s a good boy.

  53. Amen Water Dragon!

  54. Virgil Samms

    Logan, you are truly the consummate MOQ. Brilliant.

    Love, your brother Tom

  55. Thought Provoking


    I’m connected up in the same way and have no problem accessing at all.

  56. As we drove out to the nursing home that morning I had great hope, hope that common decency might prevail, that it dictated a son should be allowed to see his aging mother; that there was absolutely nothing to be gained from preventing the meeting and something might be gained from allowing it; that even DM’s infamous spitefulness might not extend that far.

    How wrong can you be?

    In the last quarter of a century, under DM, the levels of expressed humanity and common decency in the C of S have gone subterranean, while those of the world at large have come way up, leaving the C of S quite isolated, looking inhuman and unreal to the people of the world, very much alone and quite dead. Nothing exemplifies this more than that short trip out to the Melbourne suburb.


  57. OT VIII & Theo:

    There is an omitted here – are you guys performing maintenance on your computers like running anti spyware and general cleaning of your temp files and cookies regularly? How old is your computer?

  58. Thought Provoking

    Fantastic reference Jim, thanks Cat Daddy for posting it!

    Sums up the whole subject in it’s simplest form. I just had one of those picture came clearer moments, thanks!

  59. rory Medford

    in situations like this parishioners are coached and told what to do and say EVERY step of the way

    Its the CULTURE of the current C of M and its drilled in across the board

    sad but true

    so much for “The Friendliest Place in the World”

    Flag should be called “The Funniest Place in the World” because the more you hear about how DM and his gang conducts themselves the funnier it gets

    Lets see who will be laughing all the way to the bank because right now I don’t think DM is laughing or smiling maybe a 1.1 SMIRK

  60. Christie,
    Just so it is perfectly clear what exactly this SP David Miscavige has brought about, the ‘HCOB’ PTSness and Disconnection WAS NOT WRITTEN BY LRH.

    I’ve gone over this in an article on Steve’s site, Scn Cult, under my name, titled The 3D Engram.

    This whole business of enforced disconnection, which creates PTSness, was introduced by none other than David Miscavige in 1982. It is suppressive. He is suppressive. It is the root of untold upset, accident, illness, cowering and failed staff, public and is completely intended by David Miscavige to be just that.

    David Miscavige IS Reversed Scientology.

  61. Fellow Traveller

    “Have you nothing better to do? Like clearing a planet or something?”

    Like go contemplate a rock?


  62. Thought Provoking


    Thank you for sharing this very personal experience with us. I’m sure that as soon as you noticed the PIs were absent you were aware that a visit with Mike’s mum might not take place. Good for giving it a go, anyway.

    Frances sounds like quite a hoot! My hopes are that she is so excited about your visit that her enthusiasm in the telling warms Barbara to the core. At least now she’ll have pictures to look at. And maybe, she will figure out how to keep that comm line in after all.

    Since one is alive as he can communicate, it is not surprising that DM has taken these measures against Mike. DM is so much an only one that he is threatened by Mike’s very existence. Somehow he has deluded himself into thinking that he can “kill” Mike by cutting all his comm lines.

    I can’t help but laugh and think of the Monte Python expression ” I’m not dead yet!” Far from it…I think there has been a rebirthing of sorts as Mike has only just begun!

    Glad you all got to have a little fun and culture while you were in town.

  63. theystolemychurch


    You can download Mozilla Firefox free… I suggest you do.

    It has been great for us… I have a 20 something year old that is a puter geek and he is the one that advised us to do it…. No more issues!!!!!

  64. Dear Christie, Mike and Marty

    I would like to give you a” thank you” from the bottom of my heart.
    You don’t know all the effects you are creating by your actions.
    Today I was given one of the most beautiful gift one can recieve.
    This would never have happened if you weren’t doing what you are doing.
    So please don’t give up. Soon you’ll see the fruits of you work.
    Mike, I know of old people being very strong and not give up until their wishes fullfil.
    Your mother propably will have many years ahead of herself as she’s a “Mother” and nobody is able to cut the line that a mother has to a child she has given life to.

  65. Hi Mike R.

    It was sad to read this post. How beneath contempt is DM? Ans- read this post. What is a being that takes pleasure in hurting others but a sadist. I am experiencing sadness and anger at the same time. I am sorry you had this experience.

    Hey DM!

    I know you think you’re a karate boy. How about you and ME, Mano an Mano. I’ll promise to kumite (Jiyu) with you even with your pretty boy haircut. Call me! Or are you afraid? Really? Are you afraid? I’ll even do it at Gold Base and you can have me arrested after, Well, someone can have me arrested. Ana gisen shimasu?

  66. For whomever it may concern:

    “How to Have a Skype Coffee with a Disconnected Loved One Who Has No Computer and is on the Other Side of the Globe”

    To make this work, you have to pull off some real social networking. But it’s amazing how easily you may find someone willing to play the part of “Skype Geek.”

    Step 1.
    Contact a computer geek for hire who lives in the area of your loved one. Make sure he has a 3g or 4g enabled laptop with a video camera. Ensure you have a video camera and Skype and reliable internet connection.

    Create a reliable video Skype link between these two terminals. MAKE SURE IT WORKS.

    Step 2.
    Find a common friend that your disconnected family member trusts and who hasn’t disconnected from you.

    Step 3.
    Have the hired geek work with the person who is able to arrange a meeting with the person you want to reconnect with.

    Step 4.
    Make sure the connecting friend can launch the Skype connection reliably.

    Step 5.
    Have that mutual friend invite your lost loved one to coffee.

    Step 5.
    COFFEE SESSION: Order a Solo Shot Latte With Fat Free Hazlenut and Whipped Cream and a slice of banana bread from Starbucks and have it close by.

    Step 6.
    At the arranged time, have that mutual friend provide either the food or coffee just as your disconnected member likes it. (You can send him or her a Starbucks gift card or something.)

    Step 7.
    Your connecting friend shows your disconnected loved one the laptop already tuned in with your smiling mug on it. The hired geek is close by for technical support for his machine.

    YOU: “Hey, I was wondering if we could have coffee?”

    If there is no immediate retreat or explosive scene, have your friend leave the room.

    Step 8. Enjoy said beverage with the disconnected person and end on a good tone.

    Step 9. The geek takes back the computer. Pay the geek.

    Step 8. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  67. Christie,

    First of all – very awesome storytelling though it had some very saddening, enraging and humorous parts.

    I fully agree with Jim and Mike in that Dear Leader’s current intention is to place all those under his control (and those not), whether they like it or not, into one of the 8 definitions of problem.

    Saying it disconnection doesn’t exist and having it solidly entrenched in reality as your story shows seems one of these problems created in present time.

    Contrast that with LRH which the current Mestology is “based on the works of”. In ’79, LRH ordered staff at the base to get through Clay table processing, handling PTSness. This CT processing ended up being on the KTL course when it was released, years later.

    Perhaps if Dear Leader could find a way to do it, he could invent genetically disconnecting families.

  68. Hi Christie and Mike,

    I’m so sorry you didn’t get to see your Mum Mike its simply not fair and plain mean.

    On the bright side your interview with Bryan Seymour was brilliant. Its bound to have a huge impact here and was quite heavily promoted before being shown during primetime. Maybe Frances watched it and will tell Barb all about it.

  69. Heey Miscavige where is your wife Shelly ? Parading your mistress around on official occasions isn’t classy. In a far past Chatolic popes did that too.

  70. Mike,

    Very good point and well demonstrated in your trip down under!

    I guess the best response of “… the Church commemorates the opening of a new 53,000 sq. ft. Church of Scientology in Pasadena, California. …” does not, will not ever answer the questions you raised in the recent interview with Brian Seymor!

  71. Ann,

    He’s definitely not a karate boy. In the early 80s before he had any entourage he would kind of test you. I met him on the sidewalk by LRH ext comm and he tried grabbing my arm and shoving me around kind of playfully. All I did was to assume a forward stance and he could not move me, and he tried pretty hard.

    He never ever tried getting physical with me from that point on.

  72. NEWS FLASH!!!

    Kim Jung Il just heard that we have been referring to DM as “Dear Leader”.

    He agreed that DM is in fact another “Dear Leader” and Kim agreed to do a video about DM.

    So, below you will find Kim’s rendition of DM, wondering about his MEST empire while his minions scurry around suppressing and disconnecting everything and anything that stops Dear Leader number 2 from feeling safe.

    (I have to say, all you would have to do is insert a DM likeness into this video and the similarities are quite striking, as sad as that is. )

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dee Em ILL,



    P.S. I think that is Ken Moxon floating in the shark tank!

  73. Don’t you find it curious that Mis Cavige has created three ‘new’ marriage courses when it is he that forces divorces and abortions? He has become the Black Witch in an Angel’s costume showing his “fit tanned very upstat self” to the masses who, not able to see his dark side and often threatened to not LOOK don’t see what’s really going on behind their backs. Criminals are very cunning and when one has other’s billions backing One one can cunningly get away with everythang.

    Black Operations is Mis Cavige’s SOP. The Church’s money is all in an account in Curasao, so is the Mafia’s in the same bank. There is one man who handles both accounts at that bank. Wonder if Dave Mis Cavige is in bed with the Family……

  74. Jim

    Lets not forget the next “SOLUTION” for sale by DM for their PTSness. i.e. GAT, PTS/SP Course, the Basics, donate to CCHR, Donate IAS, Donate Ideal Orgs, Donate Super Power, Donate, Donate and more donate.

    WOW, the SP telling the PTS person how to handle their PTSness. Geez!

  75. Freedom Fighter

    Here’s even more evidence that disconnection is live and well in the C of M:

    From: LD Sledge []
    Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2010 7:26 AM
    Subject: SP Sighting

    Just in: Received the following from my friend Jeff Robertson. I found this couple on my list and deleted them.


    Subject: vital data from fifi regarding an sp on your friends list

    Fifi Besio July 21 at 10:45pm

    Hi Jeff,

    First of all, this is not nice news, but I have to let you know of a couple people who are no longer members of our group. This may come as a surprise, or it may not, but Brett and Janette Haugen have decided to be friends with Marty Rathbun and their gang, who are, as you know, well-known declared SPs. Not kidding. They spent 4th of July weekend with approximately 65 other declared SPs and are even in a group photo on Marty Rathbun’s website from that weekend. I believe you can see in Brett’s recently added friends on Facebook, that he’s newly friends with known SPs, too. They are well aware of their decision to make this alliance and have chosen this based on their own decision to do so, and despite conversations with friends that are in our group.

    Please act accordingly and also, please let anyone else know who you know may have them as friends. We need to do this quickly, as he has apparently already sent a few people to squirrel websites.


    L D Sledge
    1516 Colony Court
    Palm Harbor, Florida 34683
    727 667 1191

  76. Watching Eyes

    The dwarf is what’s commonly called a bully. Bully’s are cowards. Stand up to them and they go away and never bother you again.

    Imagine if a few people in his entourage just hauled off and decked him?

  77. Richard Reed

    David Miscavige is the Devil? Doesn’t he want to see families spending quality time together? How can he call himself a Religious leader? He Can’t; when he behaves like a tyrannical little boy.

  78. Centurion,

    Loved it!
    Delusion at it’s finest!

  79. WH,

    That’s exactly how Christie is: gentleness in body, speech and mind. And tough underneath.

    Just Me

  80. To any who have read my my puzzled questions about the website – I must admit my computer ignorance.

    By guess or by golly, I have switched to a different browser, and suddenly I can read Marty’s stuff with impunity. I lack the expertise to correctly attribute my computer problems.

    Sorry if I have troubled anyone. I am a computer master by no means.

  81. God, I’m an SP! That’s the first time I ever got called that.

    This is a red-letter day, I guess. Wow. An SP. And a “declared SP” at that.

    Seriously — why is that the “L D Sledges” of the world don’t realize they sound like they’re in junior high school, acting like this? It’s so silly.

    Just an SP
    Just an SP
    Just an SP, I’m
    Just Me

  82. So true, this disconnection bullshit cuts too deep. It affects generations. Such as I described my friend and her new baby, going to see Charles Schelcht dying at the sandcastle. Did that baby who is a thirteen year old girl now have a grandfather? Would she have had one if he had seen a Dr. in time? Would she if he had got a second opinion and sought treatment? Would my friend who was no longer in the church have convinced him to care more about his own life?

    Would my friends sister not have just disappeared never to be seen again? Everbody disconnected, affecting generations.

    It’s disturbing and so much damage has been done. This cuts very deep.

    And it makes me so angry.

    I am glad you guys had a good time. I have always wanted to go to OZ.

    Was it your first time there Christie?
    Man, winter sounds so GOOD right now!

  83. Jim,
    I got you 100%.

  84. Just Me,
    XOXO 🙂

  85. Too many “outs” to count, all starting at the top.

  86. Clearwater Lawyer,

    Thank you for your support. Nice to see you here again, and you are always welcome and amongst friends.

  87. Wow these people are nuts! Here they are calling someone whose has been a friend an SP. They can’t even spot the real SP in their midst, telling them what they can and can’t do, dragging the church down and squirreling the tech and that’s the person they consider the true friend and bow down to. These insane people can count me as an SP any day of the week as I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them. F’ing pod people.

  88. Watching Eyes

    Well Brett & Jeanette, take that idiotic email as a badge of honor. You might consider writing Fido, I mean Fifi, a thank you note.

  89. Watching Eyes

    Oh I forgot to include this. Ask the good lawyer LD why he’s no longer practicing law in Louisiana.

  90. Dear Mike and Christie,

    This is a joint communication.

    Family is such an important part of our lives that if anyone were to attempt to limit or stop this dynamic all hell would break loose, literally. Try World War III. Let us assure you that in a circumstance (not related to the church) someone learned a lesson that she will never forget regarding these matters. Some just want to hand the executioner the rope.

    That this primordial pond scum (aka David wanna be Nero) would pull this crap leaves us to the point of restraining comments so that they do not sully the good repute of this forum.

    Never-the-less, stand firm and apply what you know. Your mother will come around AND your brother and family.

    It’s just a matter of time and that’s just a consideration in and of itself.

    Thank you for your stand Mike and Christie.

    You’re on the right side of history.

    Another and some minions are already in the trash heap.


    Tom and Mary Beth Gallagher

  91. Well done to Brett and Janette Haugen. That’s all I gotta say! You guys are in the big time now. Rock on, cool cats!

  92. Fifi Besio is the wife of Steve Besio. “Power FSM” – he earns his living exclusively from FSMing for Flag and has for the last 15-20 years. He makes a 6 figure income and isn’t about to lose it.

    LD Sledge is a tragedy. Although always iffy on the 2D, he was once a man who questioned the various Church insanities. Why he’s gone over the edge I can only attribute to the loss of his child about 15 or so years ago.

    Not unlike the Westerman’s from Baton Rouge who were aware of the craziness but subsequently have disconnected from their own son — Brett.

    It’s ALWAYS a personal gain situation. Guaranteed.

    Prestige. Money. Power. Something. Pull the string hard enough and the truth will out. Those who stay have something PERSONAL to gain. It’s NOT their love of LRH or Scientology but their FEAR that drives them of losing something personal.

    FEAR has kept man enslaved for a very long time.


  93. This may have been stated elsewhere, but this point on dm revising the disconnection materials after he laid waste to the existing Scn scene in 1982 is the only real weapon he holds in place to forestall a mass exodus. If concern of disconnection were not an issue, how many of us, self included, would simply put our cards on the table and get on with it. It was done purely for control and to give people an apparently unsolvable problem- emphasis on apparently.

  94. This problem will no doubt be solved by an IGNW Bulletin clarifying the standard use of the PTS and SP rundowns. The bulletin will be based on extensive research by COB personally which will uncover LRH advices that were written after all published HCOBs on the subject. COB’s investigation will reveal that LRH never intended the PTS or SP rundowns to take up any terminals who have been declared SP by the church, in fact LRH expressly forbid such an action from occurring. Only terminals who are in good standing with the Church may be taken up in these rundowns.

    Handling: All C/S’s are to M2 the C/S series.

    By the way, anyone else could have done such an invest and found the truth if they weren’t blinded by overts. All staff are to report to Ethics and do Confusion on up for dropping their KSW hat and leaving everything for COB to do.

  95. I had mentioned this on an earlier post but anyone who has a PC should download and install malwarebytes and run a quick scan. It will get rid of any malware (spyware, viruses, adware, or other nuisances) that may have gotten onto your computer. Here is the link. Get the Free one.

  96. Well,

    If anyone’s interested, it’s Friday night and the Seattle org’s Grand Opening is about to happen tomorrow at 3pm.

    Driving by just now, they have dozens of laborors setting up elaborate fencing a block wide to keep the “bad guys” out.

    The giant yellow ribbon is in place, literally wrapped around the entire building.

    Lots of hustle and bustle, the entire street barricaded and blocked-off out front.

    I’d imagine we’ll be able to see the video on Youtube soon enough.

    Interestingly, a buddy just called me up and told me that he isn’t allowed to attend because he expressed some doubts to local terminals.

    I guarantee, in a few months, the place will be deader than a doornail.


  97. Read Marty’s declaration where he covers the falsification of board meeting minutes to prove to the government that there is a Board and that it meets. There is no Board. It does not meet.

    This same thing occurred at all Class V orgs around the world. The churches are supposed to operated by boards, not dictators. There is no such thing as a board meeting in the church.

  98. For those who are not hi tech fanatics like me, always upgrading to the latest firewalls, the latest Mcafee protection of any computer invasion, there is one action that trumps them all.

    You call Mcafee at 1-877-772-4513 and call off a credit card for some $80.

    For $80 they will, while you are on line with them remote access your computer and search every Root Directory, registry and more and sweep the computer from head to toe to ensure your computer has not been compromised.

    Mcafee is trusted in the industry as #1 in computer protection.

  99. Speaking of the IAS, has anyone noticed that there are no uniform jackets for the FSO anymore? Only IAS windbreakers. In over a year in the coachman, I have not seen one SO member in uniform. Everyone wears IAS jackets. So basically, there is no more FSO. Just IAS regges who also happen to audit or sup in their downtime.

  100. martyrathbun09

    Well, I think LD is doing us a great service by getting the word out about the blog.

  101. martyrathbun09

    First, Mike and I noticed that the day we went down to attempt to visit his son. We thought perhaps it was a special deal for some event or something. Are you saying this is the usual?

  102. martyrathbun09

    J Swift: Thanks for the advice. Appreciated.

  103. Christie, your qualities just shine through this post! When we first met, I was impressed by the KRC (knowledge responsibility and control) with which you approach life, evident to me when you told me about the disconnection sham forced on your own mother. I was touched by the unwavering loyalty and certainty you had toward your mom, despite the personal hurt of such a situation. I saw your earnest faith and unfaltering love for your mother, and I saw your personal honor and integrity in action. You were true to your heart and your personal observation. You were true to what you know is real Scientology as you walked away from the impostor sham”church.” And you are true to your mother despite disconnection because of your shining faith and knowledge that love is real, decency is real, loyalty is real, your perceptions are real, your mother’s goodness is real, and what you know to be Scientology is real. I was deeply moved by your forgiveness and understanding of her. I heard it in in your voice as you described taking her point of view. Beyond and despite disappointment, sense of loss, and betrayal that any one feels in the gruesomely grotesque scenario of having one’s own mother “disconnect” — you quietly and compassionately described understanding the duress and influence she is under. And I loved the sparkling joy in your eyes as you imagined some future day when the veil is lifted from her vision and the light goes on in her universe, and you both embrace (after being mad for about two seconds:)

    You know her … that’s what I saw. And you did not permit your affinity to be alloyed.

    I’m appreciating those qualities again as I read this post, written with such lucid clarity. It was like being there with you and Mike and that lovely lady Frances, and also with Barbara Rinder.

    Your personal integrity and code of honor are a balm to the craziness of psychotic disconnection abuses. You didn’t accept the invitation to hate. You are applying the knowledge and understanding of how the most sterling of souls can have blindspots or be tricked and manipulated by intense group pressure — and you hold true to who and what the being truly is.

    Mike Rinder has the same integrity, courage, grace and sensibility!

    I’m sorry he didn’t get to see his mother in person. But you are so right… there is a double entendre to “There Is No Disconnection” — and that is: it is impossible to disconnect love.

    No matter how much money and inconvenience and hateful tantrums and machinations and conniving manipulations David Miscavige went through to whisk Mrs. Rinder away from her comfortable apartment –(and, make no mistake, it was not about protecting her from an “SP, it was to levy hurt and try to crush Mike and those whistleblowing) — he failed. Because even though DM virtually kidnapped her body, and even though your own mother, and so many others, are being separated, coerced and manipulated, the connection of Love is not in the physical universe.

    Another #BIG FAIL, David Miscavige.

    And another victory for Love, Truth and Freedom … more real than any brick I’ve ever seen.

    You guys are positively radiant in the photo, and you get more radiant every time I see you.

    Christie, thanks for this post and all you are. Mike, thank you for your sensibility, presence and talents.

    The only thing that will never die is Truth, and IMHO, Love is the closest thing to it.

    My love and admiration to you. And thanks again for this post!

  104. OTVIII glad you got the right technical support from your friends here to get on the best browser!

  105. Jim,

    Which is why I think senior policy, even for ex Scientologists like me, is “Good Roads Good Weather” and just simple normal citizen politeness, and ALSO The Way To Happiness Precept 20, which is about the best of Scientology, and to me, these two policies/concepts are SENIOR POLICY.

    I advise people completely burned family members, non Scientologists, to do this EXACT thing, which is employ GOOD ROADS, GOOD WEATHER, not because it is LRH originated, but because it simply WORKS.

    Being decent, and normal, with your fellow human beings WORKS.

    It trumps, and it fits right in with the Suppressed Person Rundown, and I realized this years ago, like 2005ish, and have been advising this as a step for the “enemy” declared family members who have family inside Scientology which official Scientologists considers “SP.”

    Grade 0 in on all Flows (which is also essentially the EP of the Pro TRs Course), Good Roads Good Weather, and The Way to Happiness precepts, particularly 20, are about the most senior pieces of “tech” in my opinion.

    They work, I will admit.

    I only wish official PR people had the option and leeway to apply that PR Series that talks about the high value of two way comm, and 2WC that includes real ARC, which basically is all the same as the above.

    The tech shouldn’t be used to stop people who are NOT SP is the bottom line.

  106. Totally. It’s all the time. Gone are the days when you can tell what org a person is in by their shirt or jacket. Now you have to look at their pants.

    It’s freaking summer in Florida and you’ve got these guys wearing IAS jackets over their uniforms!

  107. I can’t help while reading this but wonder if Tom Cruise is having regrets about supporting someone who would go to such lengths to mess with peoples families; show such lack of humanity.

    The fact that his last movie didn’t even make it’s money back has got to have him wondering what he needs to change

  108. I’ve known a few dogs named Fifi.

    They were poodles.

  109. theystolemychurch


    I think I am from the same Org that you are/were from…. I was on staff late 70’s to bout 81. Email me if you were around during that time!

  110. Ne Obliviscaris

    Better watch out. Don’t say anything to upset little Davey or he’ll wish you into the corn field…

    He’ll send his PI’s after you! He’ll play dirty tricks on you! He’ll black PR you!

    Unless you’re Paul Haggis, then he’ll just go into cock-sucking propitiation to you.

  111. theystolemychurch

    Mike Rinder,

    You have my utmost respect! I met in the LRHPPRO media unit and we met in person at the Goodwill Games in Seattle. I was there booking media when Dianetics sponsored part of all that. Charles Lakes days! Boy are there SOME STORIES there!!!!

    I do see the price that you are paying in doing what you are doing. I had a lot of respect for you back in “the day” ~ but I have a lot more now.

    This price is very high. My good wishes are with you and Christie. My heartfelt thanks for doing what you are doing.

    I am pretty sure my daughters will be declared before I am, we are not big rollers or anything.

    But, we may be the first “whole” and complete family out. No force on earth can cause me or my husband to disconnect from any of our kids or family. But, then I did the PTS/SP Course before it was squirreled and had a very standard PTS Rundown! LOL can’t touch that! Standard Tech ~that is!

  112. Wow, my jaw dropped on that one.

  113. DFB aka Dfb99

    I think pretty soon everybody will be an SP except David Miscaviage. Maybe he should just write it up and declare “everybody”.

    “Anyone not previously declared suppressive is hereby declared suppressive….”

    WTF? “They spent 4th of July weekend with approximately 65 other declared SPs..”

    Doesnt that sound an alarm bell in the average scientologists mind?

    “Hey buddy- I just wanted to let you know that 392 of your former friends and peers are declared suppressive and they had a barbecue over the weekend and a swimming party. So I’m just letting you know so you can disconnect. It’s down to just you and me and that new guy Steve, but we’re best buds, right? -Fifi”

  114. It’s a badge of honor at this point.

    Do I have to grovel for mine?

    Congratulations Just Me!

  115. Don’t you just hate when you are playing farmville and in a bored moment check your messages and find that your friends have turned SP cause they clicked on a link and it seemed interesting and so they LOOKED. When they told their other friends some of THEM also looked!

    Just me, we could make a jump rope chant;

    Just an SP
    Just an SP
    Just an SP, I’m
    Just Me

  116. It wouldn’t take much…maybe if spotting the SP has been so abused and reversed our best bet is having them spot a friend.

    You can bet Miscavige hasn’t asked anyone to do that EVER.

    Friends, … they are everywhere on the real way home.

    It is odd that these ones would try to save their eternity by sacrificing what it is made of…moments.

    What is this eternity thing they are talking about, really?

  117. DFB aka Dfb99

    David Miscavige is an Egyptian king. Those guys who enslaved people and made them build giant monuments.

    Ideal org:

    Tanning bed:

  118. Joe Pendleton

    “McCarthyism” lives. How UTTERLY pathetic the Besios are. What poor excuses for alleged practitioners of LRH Tech. Frankly, I would be ashamed to be a “friend” of theirs.

  119. Joe Pendleton

    Unbelievable that OT VIIIs would agree to all this.

    The issues to keep pushing with the media and public in re: to the church are:

    1. Breakups of families and long time friendships.

    2. Thought control and communication control.

    3. Abuse of children.

    4. Extortion in return for spiritual awareness (money, money, money).

    Push these issues, and then push them again, and again, and again……

  120. dm (he doesn’t deserve caps) is gonna bust Hell wide open

  121. I was disgusted by the so often inhumane practices perpetrated by Miscavige, I’m sorry to know that Andrew Rinder got so much duped into doing what he believes to be a correct handling and in doing so not allowing Barbara to see her son foe the last time while on her current body. I was also wondering another thing, how the hell is possible that even in Australia the PIs can follow you and remain unpunished. Here in Italy they would be arrested in no time.

  122. Peter, you are so right (You are your own executioner)

    LRH did not invent. He observed and reported on the natural law he saw. An apple falls from the tree not because it is politically correct to do so. It falls because there is an underlying natural law at work; gravity. LRH OBSERVED THAT WHEN YOU CUT A THETA LINE IT BLOWS UP IN YOUR FACE! It just happens. The creep will get his!

  123. Here’s the bottom line on your mom Mike,
    She loves you! Never stopped. And she knows that you know too. She won’t say it publicly simply because that would force your brother to disconnect from her. He and the kids are there and she wouldn’t have any visitors any more! Just go telapathic and you will see what I say is true! It’s a political thing.

    I and the hundreds of screen namers have complex situations, family on staff, kids wanting to continue working for a Sci company, making money from the Church connection etc. It’s not simple and easy to come out. Too much at stake. Which is sad in itself! Yet rather than not support you we give you a Fabian support and just hope that enough folks get on board to flip the boat.

  124. Sad all this.
    Compareing current Scientology to German History is not apropriate. But..
    You know Stalingrad in 2nd WW. Hitler ordered to be announced to German solders in Stalingrad: everyones family of the solders that surrender to russia will be put into concentration camp.
    You see: DM has for public scientlogist not a similar opportunity. Maybe for the family members in the SO. But in essence he is doing exactly that.

  125. First, I have noticed something similar here in East Grinstead.

    All the SO staff appear to have been issued with black, lightweight jackets emblazoned with ‘We are the IAS”. But, if you look closely, it also has (in smaller lettering) the name of their own org – for example AOSH, CLO etc.

    I think this is part of a new strategy to position the IAS as the primary Scientology organization, rather than individual orgs. To create a new identity, i.e. Scientology = IAS.

    I’m not sure why, perhaps a way of convincing Scientologists that they should be donating all their money to the IAS, for which they can receive no direct exchange, rather than donating for services which create a financial liability and a big problem when they demand a refund after they’ve realised they are not getting what they paid for?

  126. Mike Lemeron

    David Miscavige is not the Devil; he’s just insane – destructively so. It’s very hard, impossible even, to make sense from his actions, because they are so unreasonably destructive across the dynamics. They help no one, not even himself except in some twisted immediate MEST sort of way – maybe.

  127. Mike ~~
    I knew Barbara on a personal level.
    I am heartbroken to learn that you were in Australia and she is in her 80s and they shipped her to Adelaide.

    My similar tale of DM’s church of DISCONNECTION.

    Heber is 75. For the last 6 years he was only permitted to see Alexander Jentzsch once up to 3 months ago.

    He has been in lockdown in SP Hole and not permitted to see Alexander.

    I have found out from RTC whistleblowers and others that Heber has born the brunt of DM atrocities way longer than the last 6 years.

    Office of COB and RTC had Alexander call me a few weeks ago to tell me that he was NOT my SON until I got squared away with OSA !!!!!!
    He forbid me to text him, phone him or Email him.

    He was very coached by his OSA handlers and most likely someone was listening in to hear the disconnection.

    This is why Marty declared the Church of Scientology DEAD. LRH would be appalled and horrified at what Miscavige is doing to morph the Church into a CULT.

  128. At the July 4th weekend, we did a headcount including those that were there physically and those there in spirit.

    THERE ARE MORE EX-RTC now with Marty an Mike than exist in the current RTC with DM !!!!!!!

    Marty and Mike have the highest level of DM staff who have all fled RTC level with them.

    That is quite something to think about.

  129. ‘Our group?’ Who are these people!
    Just exactly which group does she think she’s a member of? It sure as hell isn’t Scientology, at least not LRH’s Scientology!
    What small-minded, fearful, predjudiced drivel.

    This is what a church looks like when you take out the spirituality, morality, tolerance, compassion, empathy and the responsibility.

    Sorry, got sudden all of a sudden. End of rant.

  130. Bunkai, just came here to write to build up connection on skype…. and here you are already.

    Who is DM and who he thinks he is to interfereing in family matters. Nobody should allow him to do that.
    DM – your days as “chairman of the board” are numbered – my calender says so 🙂

  131. MissBridgett

    If I may quote LO above me here:

    “Your mother probably will have many years ahead of herself as she’s a “Mother” and nobody is able to cut the line that a mother has to a child she has given life to.”

    This is true! It doesn’t matter where she is, a mother’s love and affinity is eternal for her own child. As a mother, I can attest that you KNOW your own child, even if you have not seen them in person for years…you may not know their immediate experiences…but you KNOW their spirit & soul. Your hearts are linked and your bond existed before you were born…a bond that cannot be broken by a little sick psychopathic SP and his twisted little PTS bootlickers, no matter what they say or do.

    What loving merciful spirit sent in darling little ‘Frances’ as a sweet substitute…and messenger to find a way to keep the comm line open between a mother and her son?!!!

    Your mother KNOWS you are a Champion Mike! And so do we.


  132. V, Again you amaze ole sarge. That was beautifully written. Your beauty shines
    ever bright. Love!

  133. JSwift,
    You’ve pointed up another reversal with this post; OSA is not carrying forward on the original postulates for that entity – to audit out the 4th D engram by finding and handling the Suppressive entities keeping earth in a state of restimulation.

    Instead, with lies, malicious false-reporting and a feeble campaign to Third Party, Scientologists in opposition to Scientologists, they are actually trying to restimulate it.

    Again, this makes sense when you look at the Suppressive Person, David Miscavige, that is behind this. He deals in restim, confusion wherein he can enter commands and generalities where he can remain undetected as the source of the confusion.

    So, instead of finding and handling the actual sources of suppression on the 4th D, DM IS a source of suppression on that Dynamic. OSA itself is in treason to its Admin Scale and diametrically opposed to its own goals.

    David Miscavige is a prime source of restimulation of the 4th Dynamic engram, with malicious intent to do exactly that. THAT’S why he is actively destroying Scientology and Scientologists. That’s why independent Scientologists cooperating as Associated Terminals (again, the aim of the exercise) are such a threat to Dave. We are what Scientology is all about. He knows it. He is in mortal fear of it.

    Any cyber tactics employed are to disperse attention or fixate it, both aberrating rather than destimulating.

    If Dave ‘wins’ in this, we all lose.

    When we win, we all win.

    This point in history marks the juncture where finally we have the means of undoing what has been done, including ‘who’ done it.

  134. Using the power and connections of the Scientology organization to what. . .prevent an elderly woman from seeing her son? It doesn’t get any more insane and paranoid than this.

    And what is with Andrew Rinder? And Heber’s son Alexander? “I’m no longer your son”, as he told his mother Karen. What is wrong with these people? They are not stupid. But they are acting out of something far worse than stupidity. Please see Jeff Hawkin’s post today on his blog about Thought Stopping.

    As a public on the ground, in the hotbed of this insanity, this brain-damaged approach is too, too prevalent amongst the “faithful”.

    There is no longer any sanity or perspective on the subject of PTS/SP. The poster above was not so hyperbolic when he claimed that soon everyone but DM will be labeled an SP.

    A close friend has been disconnected for 30 years from her parents. Her brother, a former SO GO member, was declared when he blew back in the 1970’s. Her parents are not and never have been Scientologists, but were ALSO declared because they refused to disconnect from their son (the declared ex-SO member). My friends children (now in the SO) have not had contact with their grandparents since they were very young children. My friend was made to divorce her husband because HIS parents (also not Scientologists) were neighbors of HER parents and refused to disconnect. You might say, how could this be? Surely there were other reasons for the divorce? There were NOT, this WAS the reason and she was MADE to divorce him by C of S staff and executives.

    Get this: two couples, never Scientologists, related by marriage and proximity have not seen their children and grandchildren in thirty years because the son of one of the couples was declared in the 1970’s (and has since been living and functioning as a non-Scn for thirty years and is not doing anything publicly against Scientology).

    To further compound the wrong, her brother and his children (all SO members) have ALSO been disconnected from the parents/grandparents for the LAST THIRTY YEARS.

    It is beyond heartbreaking. The parents of my friend have repeatedly reached out to her and she will have nothing to do with them. I love my friend and have known her for decades through all the ups and downs of life. The Church has treated her like crap despite her extreme dedication and self-sacrifice. She divorced a man she loved because the Church told her to. And yet she can’t see the insanity of the situation and the true source of her suffering even though it is right up against her.

    I know she lives in fear of her children disconnecting from her if she makes one move the Church doesn’t approve of, after all she has ample evidence that’s the way it goes. She made a “Sophie’s Choice” when she chose her children over her husband. He was more expendable in her life than they were.

    Her parent’s are quite elderly now and will not be alive much longer. My concern for her is when they die the reality of the situation that the Church created, but that she had a huge role in perpetuating will crash upon her with alarming force.

    Although some may feel she deserves it, and I have had that unkind thought myself a few times, she doesn’t. Her mind and her free will have been damaged and although much of that damage was self-inflicted, she was subject to the full force and power of the Scientology organization. Just has Mike Rinder and his elderly mother was . That is a powerful force to overcome as almost all of us who have escaped can attest.

    Only when the force and power of this organization has been reduced will some of the more damaged church members be able to wake up.

    Marty, you were instrumental in forcing my friend’s divorce. Just keep working on reducing the power of Scientology to harm others and you will make up the damage done.

  135. Joe Pendleton

    I just wish Mike’s story about the disconnections with his mother and siblings and childfren (and how his elderly mother was moved away from her nursing home so that she couldn’t see him) would get on every media outlet possible in Australia (and everywhere else it can be gotten onto) – TV, radio, newspapers, websites. These effects were creatd by the church and now they need to be known by as many people as possible. If enough sources pick up on this, some Scientologists may even stumble onto it (who knows – maybe even a good guy like John Travolta will be touched).

  136. Haydn,
    A sobering reality.

  137. Fu,
    Good rant 🙂

  138. Thought Provoking


  139. Thought Provoking

    Yes, Yes, Chuck on Good Roads, Good Weather.

  140. I second that, Sarge.
    After my rant I’m humbled by what Veritas has written.

  141. Veritas,

    Wow, you brought tears to my eyes. Your recall and recounting of that conversation we had about my mother amazes me. You are the sweetest thing! 🙂

    All my love,

  142. (a bit lengthy but hey 🙂 I’ve been gone for 3 weeks)

    Mike and Christie’s trip to Australia reminded me of this:

    “The highest good is like water,
    nourishing life effortlessly,
    flowing without prejudice
    to the lowliest places.

    It springs from all
    who nourish their community
    with a benevolent heart as deep as an abyss,
    who are incapable of lies and injustices,
    who are rooted in the earth,
    and whose natural rhythms of action
    play midwife to the highest good
    of each pregnant moment.”

    Verse 8 The Highest Good Tao Te Ching: Lao Tzu

    And the email from Fifi Bezio reminded me of this:

    “…Those pretending to be righteous act deceitfully.
    Those pretending to be religious revert to evil.
    We have been deluded!
    And each day it becomes worse!

    Be firm and armed, but do no harm!
    Be as sharp as a knife, but do not cut!
    Be ready to transform, but do not provoke!
    Illuminate the darkness of ignorance, but do not blind!”

    Part of Verse 58 – Alternatives – The Tao Te Ching

    As a group – Independent Scientologists . are truly embracing the essence of LRH.

    Independent Scientologists are stepping INTO society, making friends with their neighbors, nursing home staff, PIs and cameramen. And no doubt countless others we touch every day.

    THIS is what LRH did. He spoke directly to his neighbors. He did not divide families.

    Scientology will one day sit at a round table with other world religious leaders discussing how, rather than polarizing themselves, they can HELP mankind and the planet while maintaining the unique essence of their religions.

    We must strive to be at that roundtable. To bring TO the world religions everything that is unique, wonderful and workable about Scientology.

    And to step away firmly from the CULT Miscavige has created — step away without rancor or venom. Just step away.

    Acknowledge that the Bezios just cannot see. Steve was a sweetheart, full of love for his young daughter with a damaged heart, breaking down thinking of the potential of losing her. (she’s fine and an adult now). LD Sledge lost his youngest son in a bike accident.

    These types of tragedies can bring someone to “God” — or close them off.

    I’ll end before this becomes a book in comment form 🙂 –
    but JT is facing this dilemma I believe after the loss of Jett.


  143. Thought Provoking

    Looking In,

    Agreed, this alteration of the tech is as gross as changing the meaning of an FN.

    The only difference is that Scientologists bought the disconnect rule (earlier confusion with a cancelled policy) and it was in place for so many years obliterating families and destroying Scientologists that eventually over time it became SOP to include anyone who disagreed with DMs agenda.

    Now the only method of correction is false data stripping on a grand scale which is what this blog (and others) take up, by telling the truth, the public can get FDS individual by individual.

    Changing the meaning of an FN was just so wild, even with earlier confusions the public didn’t buying it. And, it is the instant proof that the tech doesn’t work (false definition being applied). Try convincing anyone who has made case gain, who knows the tech does work and they will immediately throw out the datum. That is why we have gotten protest on change in FN but so little on disconnection.

    Disconnection has got to be the most evil, charge creating, Scientology destroying activity that DM has. Look at all the horror stories on the net.

    And, Tommy can still wave the banner of human rights in front of everyone. Human rights don’t exist in the church.

    The only way to free up from DMs death grip on disconnection is to disagree with it and expose it. It isn’t LRH, not even a close misduplication of it.

  144. TEG and MBG,
    Free theta on 10. If I may, giant hug, big smooch and nice to meet you out here, exterior and all 🙂

  145. Sarge,
    She levitated me too! Wow.

  146. Gabriel,
    And it’s time for us to face up to Hell. This time with the power of Ulitmate Truth.

  147. Now that is a statistic that says it all!

  148. Karen,
    And it represents the group of OTs LRH mentioned in RJ 67.

    It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed, this life, among these beings, this time with Scientology.

  149. Chuck,
    Good on ya’ my man. Great post. Such positive intent.

  150. Thought Provoking

    Welcome to the club…I guesss it is like a sorority and this is your initiation!

    The church has sent it’s spies to me,
    Naming all those who chose to see.
    If you happen to be on Facebook too,
    Better watch out it could happen to you.
    Don’t they wonder what we see,
    Why so many are deciding to flee
    One, two, three…

  151. Hey Fifi

    Why are you reading and looking at the 4th July pictures at Marty’s website?????

    Do you have OSA’s ok?????

  152. Freedom Fighter

    We’ve seen this type of activity before on the track for sure. It’s an interesting dramatization to observe now.

    In the 1930’s Hitler’s own National Socialist Workers’ Party began indoctrinating children through the Hitler Youth program to report on their parents if they heard them voicing opinions subversive to the polices of Der Leader. As the Nazis gained more power, local community organizers were appointed to watch their neighbors and were told to report subversive comments to the bureaucrats above them. Neighbors informed on neighbors, some for reasons of patriotism or loyalty, some from fear. A similar thing happened in Fascist Italy at the time.

    N. Korea, China, Cuba, and Yugoslavia and Soviet Russia use similar informer techniques are/have been employed.

    In the church today, people are being averted off the Bridge to Total Freedom, and put on a path to total fear and enslavement.

  153. Freedom Fighter

    Meant to say:

    “N. Korea, China, Cuba,Yugoslavia, and Soviet Russia are using/have used similar informer techniques.”

    Heading for the coffee . . .

  154. I’ts very sad and Andrew is going to regret this very very very much.
    How He can do that to his own mother???

  155. Instant gratification

  156. To Andrew Rinder

    don’t you realize what DM is doing to you??????
    how can you be part of this????
    How can you allow this actions against your mother???
    You don’t do this to a mother
    shame on you
    Do you know that this can happen to you ??????
    That maybe in the future you are not going to be allow to see your kids?????
    think about it…..

  157. TC is appearing on BBC’s Top Gear this Sunday as the “star in a reasonably priced car”, apparently with Cameron Diaz. Top Gear is considered just about the coolest TV show in the UK, so maybe he is trying to work on his PR this way? I don’t know. From my observation I wouldn’t hold your breath for any expressions of contrition any time soon. I thought Mike expressed his relationship with his BFF superbly on TV. “Unnatural”.

  158. Hi Joe,
    I so totally agree with you as these issues resonate with non-Scientologists and illustrate the insanity being pushed by the C of M. In watching the interview with Mike, I wish more had been said about disconnection as he has experienced this from his kids, his siblings, nieces and nephews, and his mother. And as the only apparent reason for this disconnection is his disagreement with Church hierarchy on how the Church is managed, most would agree this is an egregious response. I think Mike did a great job with the interview and perhaps disconnection was thoroughly discussed and it was cut. Its just a point (disconnection) that most folks disagree with. The only way the Church can counter the point is by demonstrating that Mike has NOT been disconnected from his family, sort of win-win for Mike…

  159. crashingupwards

    WH. You nailed it. Thier moral highground is quicksand. Their staying connected is now often a marriage of convenience based on livlihoods, fear and/or laziness. Many have lost their 3D edge and have given up.

  160. windhorse, As long as I have known Fifi she has always been in the fear and uncertain ban. LD , you are correct, he used to stand up for the rights of others. I do feel that LD , with losing his license to practice law and all (the so-called ethics handlings from COfM) has him in step with the rest of the “soliders”.

    Also the Westerman’s son is Rhett and that is in itself something I certainly do not understand.

    Best, NCT

  161. A couple years ago, along this theme of reaching out from the false “SP” side, to the official Scientologist side, that maybe ONE DAY a year, should be agreed upon, for ALL of the outside official Scientology world “SP” family members, to go to their Scientology churches, with loads of gifts and well wishing cards, and leave the gifts and cards at the doors of the Scientology churches.

    As a group offering, a group SP Rundown EP, from the outside world to official Scientologists.

    And when promoting this, call it something like the “Suppressed Person Rundown EP offering of love for our Scientologist friends and family who can’t talk to us.”

    But this is just too heart wrenching, so this likely won’t ever occur.

    It might be something to do, yearly, until Scientology STOPS the disconnection practice though.

    It would gather of course, media coverage each year.

    Sidewalk offerings are culturally acceptable, and media friendly coverable.

    I thought for the Sea Org staffers, that Sea Org day would be a good day to do such offerings.

    And for Scientology orgs, maybe IAS celebration day, or some other day that isn’t so oppterm.

    but absolutely, using the tech, like the SP Rundown EP, which is basically just ARC and Good Roads/Good Weather in reverse, I feel IS the way to go.

  162. Karen #1,

    this is hilarious!!

    Just ran across Jason Beghe’s speach in Hamburg where he gave the numbers 25.000 Ex-SO % 4-8 K in the SO – so the majority of the SCN crème de la crème is out. Go figure…

    There is no way that the implosion of CoS is anywhere far from now. 🙂 Wunderbar!


  163. “You should upgrade your idea of what an SP is. Man, meet one sometime! A real one! A real monster…. Well, in all the time we’ve been around here we only had one SP that I know of. One real SP that was on staff…. And I don’t know of another single SP that we’ve ever had on staff. Isn’t that interesting. You see all these SP orders and so on… Don’t throw it around carelessly, because this is an–a very exaggerated condition, SP.” — LRH, from the lecture “About Rhodesia”, SHSBC, 19 July 1966

    CoS Disconnection vs LRH Policy 😯

    For anyone who hasn’t read this yet, please do so!

  164. Hans Gernerm

    BAD idea! This is not an elementary school game. Violence is the LAST thing, Scientologists should ever be engaged in!

  165. Hans Gernerm

    DM got a declaration (allegedly signed by LRH). Is that thing a fraud?

  166. Veritas,

    Your post is so wonderful. It reminded me of some Bible verses, and when I went looking I found 13 of them, which seem to apply in situations involving CoS disconnection and other acts that suppress love — but to which the ultimate solution is just more love.

    1 If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

    2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

    3 If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.

    4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

    5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

    6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

    7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

    9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part,

    10 but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.

    11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.

    12 Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

    13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

    (1 Corinthians 13)

    Just Me

  167. Thanks WH,

    Agree with you and to take it a step futher – Perhaps it a sign of desperation on Fifi’s part as it must be difficult these days what with more “SP” labels to find selectees to FSM and this might change:

    “He makes a 6 figure income and isn’t about to lose it.”

  168. Great, just wanted to say that you have to perform maintenance actions on your computer to keep it running well, just like changing oil on your car.

    It’s not a static and deteriorates along with the mest universe!

  169. Mike Lemeron

    Where there is a will, there is a way. Mike will see his mom, I am sure. Although this is a very serious matter and simply adds more hard reality to the lengths little Adolf will go to create more grief for others and
    hate for himself, we must keep in perspective what we are about, who we are as people and the fact that we intend to live and live our lives in happiness. Have a look at this little video clip and smile.

  170. In order to completely eliminate disconnection, one has to cancel the LRH policies on it. It is an LRH policy that a “declared SP” only has IJC as his or her terminal. No other Scientologist can be in communication with a “declared SP”. Granted, a “declare SP” and a real SP are not necessarily the same thing, but they are to be treated the same as per LRH policy.

  171. Huckleberry

    It’s really a scandal that an OTVIII has been forced into a Sophie’s Choice between one son and the other and is now not at cause.

    What is the point of getting up the Bridge if you can’t be at cause?

    Meanwhile, at the other end of the scam I get this email, apparently devised by the infomercial king.

    “Here is good news for you! If you place the order now from me, you will also receive the following additional bonus items: • Golden Age of Knowledge polo-shirt• Golden Age of Knowledge pen• Special Commendation and a free new DVD”

    It’s clear that Special Commendations within Miscavige’s church are now senior to free DVDs but beneath free polo shirts and pens.

  172. Why don’t all Indepedants open up Youtube and Vimeo accounts. Splash it all over the net. Clever tags and if you expierience extensive flagging I am sure advice can be dug up to get the COS of your back.

    And if you need it to stay up hardcore you can put it on Ru-tube. Problem is I do not understand russian. Did I say problem ? Challenge that is. One could copy paste the button tittles into a translation page or….

    Contact the Rons Orgs in Europe/Russia so that they can sling it up there.

    Mikes Interviews is up at Youtube on 3 or maybe 4 accounts Anon or other.

    Learn to Youtube, CD

  173. Yes like East-germans in the coldwar were well aware of the consequences fot their family if they would flee.

  174. I second that Veritas, great warmth speaks from your piece.

  175. Great you went with !

  176. YES, Great Quote that will refrain everybody from using the term SP so loosly.

    And it was as of he was speaking about DM

  177. The Smoking Man

    I sent you some data, just tried to log into my hushmail account and for some odd reason my password doesn’t seem to be working.

    hmmmm, I wonder if I missed a withhold on Miscavige. If you got the info, you can just acknowledge me on your board.

  178. Yup…been there, done that….know Woofy Foo Foo too well. 😦
    How is Michelle (his 4th ex) these days. She’s one awesome being and I miss her!

  179. Richard Reed

    I see multiple videos of the same clip – posted by different users – on Youtube all the time. If the same video was posted repeatedly by independents would it help the cause (exposing David Miscavige for what he is – mean and controlling)

  180. Sorry, I thought fifi was LD. That’s who I’m talking about.

  181. Cat Daddy
    I am jsut up dating my with this blog
    and saw your message I was Interested to hear what you said
    Have you got that contact for getting news to Indepts./Russia if not let me know not let me email /

  182. Karen, you make the most interesting and astute observations! I’m sure this is true… i can think of a dozen off the top of my head! Mike

  183. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Or better yet, do what sea slugs do…

    “The juvenile sea squirt wanders through the sea searching for a suitable rock or hunk of coral to cling to and make its home for life. For this task it has a rudimentary nervous system. When it finds it’s spot and takes root, it doesn’t need its brain any more so it eats it.

    It’s rather like getting tenure.

    -Daniel C. Dennett (from Consciousness Explained, 1991)”


  184. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    First / Martin,

    If you watch TC’s movie trailer you will see his over the top forced expressions just like DaveyRockBrain exhibits. It’s in your face with no real ARC.

    Obviously Tom Cruise knows by now that we warned him about his connection with David Mis-cranial-rectosis. I’m beginning to think that TC has flipped valences and wants “to be one” with DM. No Joke here.

    If Tom was any kind of human being that cared for others and his personal and public reputation, then he would have investigated for himself what he is hearing and seeing being mentioned about the atrocities committed on Scientologists, public and staff AND their respective families. By his actions (or inactions in this case) he presents to the world that he cares MORE about his movie fans.

    Tom’s going on “Top Gear” (a show I love btw) is fine by itself BUT the fact that he is putting attention on “his” PR rather then following LRH’s KSW to smack little davey for being an SP of really stupid proportions.

    He should be denouncing to all the world that David Miscavage has truly ruined a great religion, it’s Founder LRH and it’s parishioners for his own personal proclivities.

    Grow a pair, TC!!


  185. Mike and Christie- I am so very sorry to hear you could not see your mother. I wonder if someone invented a story to just get her out of there so that she had no idea you were coming to see her.

    It just breaks my heart.

    I once heard from someone who knew the Miscavige family and she described them all as mean people. She was an active Scio and I found it interesting that she said they were all mean. So that guy- he was raised in an environment where meanness was the order of the day. Why should he value anyone’s sense of family? He doesn’t even respect his own.
    He is disgusting.

  186. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    IO, A few months? I’d give it a week at most.


  187. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    DFB, your “Tanning bed” link doesn’t connect for me. Getting an error:

    “You don’t have permission to access /28/9/42/22/297994222aktRwS_ph.jpg on this server.”


  188. Tony DePhillips

    Brilliant Jim.

  189. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Veritas, You are a true wordsmith! Your intentions are there perfectly communicated.

    Christie and Mike, you do have all of our hearts in your hands. It’s good to know that you both are just you.

    🙂 Gary

  190. TEG and MBG,
    Thanks for that!
    You can add another hug from me too! 🙂

  191. Seattle Idle Org Grand Opening report:

    I did not go but have talked with both family members and others who did, now that it happened four hours ago. Saturday the 24th 3pm west coast time.

    Approx 1500 people in attendance. Most were unrecognizable. Imported in for the photo op. Literally hundreds cheered when Portland (our neighbor), was mentioned, just to give you an idea of the BS levels here.

    DM was there and spoke for about 8 minutes, pulled the ribbon open, then hung out in an isolated area with the local VIP’s and massive security detail blocking off all others.

    Numerous locals have reported that they were blocked from attending, either with a phone call yesterday or at the security gate today. These are non-declared people, some of whom have DONATED big bucks a few years back, but have now been voicing doubts.

    Our local “SP’s”, Tony and Marie-Jo DePhillips are being called “squirrels” by local MAA’s to the field because they can’t get up the nerve to admit they’ve actually been declared. This is because anyone in Seattle knows it’s bullshit.

    My view is that the church is making so many current and future enemies, so many near-future, disheartened staff, it’s going to collapse quickly locally and eventually world-wide.

    Go Marty, go Mike, go Christie, go go go!!!!

    The church officials in my city are criminals who cannot allow truth on their lines, period!

    You may see a few more reports on the above from others soon.

    Marty, you’re right: It’s a fucking PONZI scheme!


  192. Freedom Fighter

    They’ll just get around it by calling everyone squirrels. Same effect.

  193. Mike Hobson

    Maybe you should read it again. It’s an organizational policy. It means their only *organizational* terminal is the IJC.

    And the policy on Disconnection *WAS* cancelled by Ron Hubbard himself in HCO PL 19 Nov 1968 “Cancellation of Disconnection”.

    Disconnection was reinstated and expanded in 1982 by David Miscavige without Ron Hubbard signing off on it, per the declaration filed in RTC vs FACTNET by Robert Vaughn Young – who actually wrote that issue.

    Michael A. Hobson

  194. Carol: “These insane people can count me as an SP any day of the week as I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them. F’ing pod people.”

    F’ing Pod people…

    I’m laughing my azz off on that one!

    Thank you Carol…luv your perspective.

  195. War and Peace

    Beautifully written, so factual, so above the frey, yet poignant.

    Out of all the videos on the web that I have ever seen, Maureen Bolsted’s story takes the cake.

    This is the splitting up of Twins and incarceration, kidnap, held against will, chased and brought back manually and forcefully to INT BASE


    These videos VERY RELEVANT to Christie’s heart wrenching post.

  196. I know both Ron Miscavige Snr and Ron Miscavige Jr. and they are NOT mean people. Ron Snr is a great musician and I worked with him on daily basis for years. I miss having him around.

  197. theystolemychurch

    What really needs to happen is that people how are NOT SPs should NOT BE DECLARED SPs…. PERIOD.

    People today are declared for disagreeing or speaking out! NOT THE INTENTION of LRH policy. How ab0ut that as an idea, just apply TRUE LRH?

  198. I wonder how long it has been since anyone was declared per LRH policy though?
    Evidently these days all you have to do is have the wrong friends on FB or look at a blog. Not sure LRH would go for that. Can you imagine LRH looking at a group photo of a bunch of people smiling and saying “Everyone of them is an SP!”

    Wouldn’t he more likely say, “Someone round these people up and find out why they are smiling and no one in the org is?”

    When was the last valid declare?
    Per LRH, declared and actual were obviously meant to be the same thing, weren’t they?

  199. Karen,
    I’m sooo sorry to hear about Heber in lockdown.
    We’ve had various “Save Heber” campaigns over the years, but it’s painful to read he’s now 75 and in lockdown? That is disgusting.

    Also, that your son would say that to you, I’m SO very sorry. Don’t forget, you can’t text or call—but there are always fly overs:

    Love and music both help melt walls, and both can get under and over walls, too.
    My best to All ~~TLC

  200. Jim, excellent points. DM creates a 4D war wherein he plays Scientologists against critics in order to raise money for his bogus IAS dangerous environment racket. I compared notes with Silvia Kusada and realized just how cunning DM is as a psychotic warlord.

    In 2005, we CoS critics at OCMB were getting the sh*t kicked out of us by daily by OSA. We were being spied on, hacked, Black PR’d, and attacked in many ways by Gavino and his team of OSA internet handlers.

    OSA came very close to destroying and our public archives of material on DM and OSA. Like the Indies, we stood our ground and fought back against OSA. We lacked the powerful inside information that the Independents possess and use with great effectiveness.

    We stood our ground and fought back everyday. We leaked for people inside of Gold Base. We exposed DM and contacted major media. We did what we could, but we did not have the power of Anonymous or the shocking eyewitness accounts of DM and OSA the Independents possess.

    Once people know OSA’s online tricks, they can be spotted a mile away. These tricks include distraction, derail, fake ARC to inval someone, character assassination, and suddenly changing topics in the middle of any valuable discussion.
    When an OSA 3rd party mails in a legal threat — as has been done to Marty — then you know that is a major DM button that just got pushed!

    Give ’em hell!


  201. Been There,
    That story is heart wrenching.

    As I was reading it, I started to oppose it, that is, I began to get a problem with it. THAT is the fundamental of a PTS situation.

    Your friend IS PTS. The only effective prison is the prison erected from an idea. The shadows on the water of Lake Tanganyika herding fish as a reality -agreed upon barriers.

    This is the prison David Miscavige has brought about, the trap of an idea.

    The idea has been described cogently in your post.

    Please don’t take this next as callous, it is not meant to be, but…one has to agree to the trap or it isn’t one.

    I found myself facing the same trap at the Int Base, under DM. The choice: kow-tow, deny myself and my own observation and integrity or lose my wife lose my Bridge.

    In that dilemma with its concommitant overwhelming charge at that time, I could not deny myself. THAT much I had learned as a Scientologist.

    I was declared and my wife and I forced to be divorced and I was put on the ‘list’, never to get the OT levels.

    All I had left it seemed was that integrity and my own goddamn bootstraps to pull up. I had to face the force band of that which overwhelmed.

    Your friend has to fight. They have to confront the force band. They have to face this and get through it. There is NO other way out of it.

    On the other side is the true freedom they seek. They will know and that after all is said and done is exactly what Scientology really is – knowing.

  202. Chuck,
    That’s an inspired post! It is inspiring too 🙂

    All sorts of plans emerge from it. A whole other vector.

    Great post Chuck – all sorts of potential in that one mate, for the whole shebang!

  203. Freedom Fighter,
    You and I are ‘they’ and the knowledge is for us as much as anyone. WE don’t have to generalize. We can use this data. ‘THEY’ aren’t all ‘SPs’.

    DM is.

  204. Thank you Michael H. As well, here is the exact policy quote, from HCO PL 5 April 65 Handling the Suppressive Person, The Basis of Insanity:

    “But HCO by policy simply treats the person with the same admin policy procedure as that used on a Suppressive Person and lets HGC sort it out. Get that difference – it’s “with the same admin
    policy procedure as” not “the same as”.

    “For treating a person “the same as” a Suppressive Person when he or she is not only adds to the confusion.”

    Big Hitter, it was a swing and a miss on that whole post. Batting practice includes reading the material.

  205. Freedom Fighter

    Hi Jim,

    The “they” that I’m referring to are the Kool-Aid drinkers (sorry to be general here, but I don’t want to give up my position just yet). I’ve already heard reports of Indies in some locations being referred to as “squirrels” rather than “SPs” because labeling them SPs would cause those who know them to question the issuing “authority”. Not sure that calling them “squirrels” will raise any fewer eyebrows, but the effect is still that those so labeled are being shunned.

    The whole thing is so freaking insane. Try to uphold LRH policy, get labeled a squirrel.

  206. Freedom Fighter

    Oh, and I agree, the Kool-Aid drinkers aren’t all SPs. DM most certainly is. As for the rest, PTSness and false data abounds.

  207. Steve,
    Ron Sr, poor guy, had a more or less continuous PTP with me, me being me and all. I liked him, still do.

    Reading your post reminded me of a pleasure moment. It was the Chilocco gig, the one with Barbara Mandrell on it. We were sound checking and running through Little Feat’s Let it Roll and it was smokin’ with the rhythm section pumpin’ and the horns poppin’. I thought it was one of the best performances we ever did as a band. A ‘moment’. I remember Mandrell’s band checking us out and the VGIs they had as we ran through that. Let it roll, tonight.

  208. Hey, now that I think of it, I think Nicky Hopkins was on that gig with us.

  209. FF,
    We’re on the same page mate.

  210. David Miscavige we are in your events filming you.

  211. Thanks Jim, If Ron seemed to have it in for you, and I will agree that he did, it’s ONLY because DM had it in for you.

    And I very well remember that gig. I had just purchased my 5 string bass. And remember Jeff Pomerantz incorrectly introduced us as the Golden Era Musician – (singular) and then you came out on stage first all by yourself before the rest of us. Made it look like a Jim Logan solo act. Funny.

    Mandrell’s band was great. I was asking a lot of questions about their setup and equipment and they just ate it up. Good time.

  212. Steve,

    I second the motion. Also knew Loretta who was nice as well. Ron Snr is quite a funny and nice guy.

  213. Congrats, Just Me! Good for you.

    And LOL, DFB.

  214. Notice that he/she doesn’t even say outright to disconnect. “Please act accordingly”. Obviously, disconnection is so ingrained in the culture that you know what’s expected.

    What happened to “handle or disconnect”?

  215. This blog entry has highlighted a whole lot of things for me. The primary reason why people (who should know better and probably do) don’t just walk away from CoM is the fear of losing their comm lines and the rest of the Bridge and eternity. That’s a powerful fear.

    The handling, as always, is to fix it with Scientology. What these folk don’t seem to realize is that the Bridge, and the OT Levels, are available outside the CoS. The handling is to get those levels delivered and show that they are being delivered. The best advertisement for the Upper Levels was always OTs coming home with awesome, stable, lasting EPs. So, if large numbers of Independents started receiving top-notch service from lots of top-notch Independent auditors, we’d be in a much better position to SHOW results.

    (No disrespect to anyone delivering in the Independent field, it just seems to be that a lot more delivery could be happening than is. That’s a tricky one to deal with as one often ends up more claiming that delivery is possible than showing that it is happening).

    Undeniable evidence that The Bridge is available outside will give those inside a reason to walk away. If entire families can walk away keeping their comm lines intact, so much the better.

    It has always been true that to salvage the 4th dynamic, YOU have to get up The Bridge for real. This is especially true now.


  216. Ne Obliviscaris

    I was just thinking about something.

    One thing I think needs to be said amidst all the “itsa” and vitriol associated with the subject of suppression and disconnection is that the Scientologists we see posting here are in large part hard-core, veteran Scientologists and former Sea Org members from the top echelons of Scientology management.

    Why is that?

    The answer is simple. In order to effectively handle the cause of suppression, they had to change their environment.

    Under the circumstances, that is the only way to do it. If any person other than the leader of the church was the suppressive, it would have been relatively easy to remove and handle them.

    However, when the person in question is the de-facto leader of and the final arbiter of any policy governing the practices of the organization, and has an army of PTS’s to back him up…

    To put it bluntly, at that point you’re fucked.

    At that point, if you still have any self determinism left, logic dictates that you just have to walk away.

    After having withdrawn from the enturbulation of the MEST universe caused by the supressive, the self determined individual can de-stimulate and freely re-examine the area of enturbulation.

    At that point he can best decide how to organize and bring order to the enturbulated area.

    There is no way to avoid it. That’s what a thetan is doing in the MEST universe. He is organizing it.

    The crucial difference between the suppressive and the non-suppressive is: Why is he organizing it?

    The suppressive is organizing it only for himself and himself alone, to the exclusion of all other consideration.

    The non-suppressive is organizing it to one degree or another along all of the dynamics of existence.

    The only way to do this is from outside a suppressive sphere of influence.

    If any of you doubt any of this, ask yourself this question: What would you do if an Int Exec came up to you at an event and said, “Listen, COB is an SP, he’s a computing psychotic and is going to destroy the church if we don’t stop him. We need your help, will you help us?”

    What would you do?

    What would you do…


  217. The guy introducing DM in the video above is Seattle Day Org E/D Mark Arnold, a 37 year staff member in Seattle.

    I know him well.

    I’ve never known a more stick-to-it-ive individual in all my life. Misguided indeed, but the most bulldog determination I’ve ever seen in a man. He rules with brute force, period.

    That said, when De-Dinging came out, he was all for it. When it was announced as squirrell, he was all against it.

    When Idle Orgs came out, he was curious about it. But, within a year and a half, he was all for it, despite many two-way comms with doubters and despite the freakin’ LRH policy which says not to fund-raise, or to seek unusual solutions.

    He has contributed to practically bankrupting many of us here in the NW for MEST buildings and was a major factor in assisting to declare the DePhillips’.

    In my article “Selling Out Scientology” on Steve Hall’s site, this is the “Who’s Next!!!!!!” guy, screaming into the microphone, at fund-raiser after fund-raiser after fund-raiser, for over 7 years.

    Mark Arnold, you have hell to pay for your ethics blinders, my man.


  218. What the hell is he blabbing on about?
    Cat Daddy thanks for this comic relief. You made my day!

  219. Is that Dick Cheney introducing him?

  220. Ne,

    I can follow your good thinking about something.

    I think it’s the reason the top Int execs were put through the hole and wringer – to make sure each were totally caved in and introverted to the point that something like talking to public and others could be considered. You do bring up good points.

  221. found this about MV release:
    “The big release was the HQS course. They are taking it back to the 1970s which includes TRs, Obj, SA and some fundamentals of Hubbardism. Sups were sent to Flag to do this course in it’s entirety. If they hadn’t had their Obj or were found to quicky them then they had to twin up to do them. Orgs if they do not have Sups in their Div 6s will deliver this in div 4 until they recruit such sups and trained them to deliver HQS. Again this is Taco Bell being repackaged. ”

    If that is true I just can’t believe it.
    Today had a short talk to a young Scientologist who told me that never published materials have been released and he was was totally enthusiastic about it.
    First David Miscavige sabotages the whole bridge then he comes along and gives out what LRH had developped as his discoveries ?????
    Weird !
    In five years he propably will discover the old has course.
    Nonsense ! just pure nonsense !
    Sad that young Scientologists can’t judge his statements by experience.

  222. Mike Lemeron;

    Thanks for the HULA video. I have tears running down the face because I’m laughing so hard.

    Very theta….we all need a big splash of theta after reading about Mike’s mom being kidnapped by his wimpy not able to confront the truth OT8 brother.

    Thanks again….I needed that instant escape. I came away from watching this video thinking about why creative people are so important for all of us to help balance all the bullshit we have to confront in this universe.


  223. I first thought it was Wally Hanks

  224. So the old HQS course is the big new 2010 MV release, eh?

    My, my, my, my, my, my, my.

    That could only go down with pure Kool-Aid.

    So hard to understand that.

    Just Me

  225. You should see the other clips than. In some the master of ceremonies goes on about thanking people that came from Alaska and British Columbia. They work hare to get 1400/1500 public to Seattle.

  226. Thank you Idle Org for the write up

    Tony and Marie-Jo DePhillips I want to speak out my support for you.

  227. MissBridgett

    Hey Cat Daddy! Thanks for posting this video. Just want to say I think you are awesome for posting info, weblinks, pictures, LRH tech (properly quoted)…and getting video like this too. Way cool DUDE! You back up much of what you say and add info we need to see and know too.

  228. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks Sinar.

    Loss of self determinism in others is necessary for an SP to continue unchecked.

    It’s a strange cycle because the SP has to get others to lose their self determinism in order to operate.

    However, as he is unconsciously trying to get others to stop him, he foils himself.

    Blaming others for his problems, he unintentionally brings some of them up to cause whereby they ultimately do stop him.

    THAT is why we are here now, doing what we’re doing. Because we stayed at cause, not effect.


  229. You don’t have to wait 5 years. The HAS Course is one of the big releases as well, with HAS Co-Audit I believe. The never published materials were some lectures on intro TR’s called Dear Alice. I think it is the lectures that the PAB’s on the individual TR’s were based on.
    Sad but true.

  230. Sounds like an animated robot, if there ever was one.

  231. “Sometimes I feel like, somebody’s watching me. Ohohoh.”

  232. MissBridgett you are welcome. I can not take credit for the video but for posting it perhaps.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am not a fan as an Anon thoug, but quoting correctly and linking to relevant data is always important.

  233. Ne Obliviscaris


    I know of two people who just achieved major milestones in recent weeks.

    One attested to clear after having done her entire bridge as an independent.

    The other just completed L 10.

    My question to you is: How do you know how much delivery is occuring in the independent field? And how do you measure it? What is your criteria? Quality? Quantity? Viability? Can you measure an increase or decrease in the the amount of Free Theta units available to Scientologists in the independent field?

    What I am saying is that I would hesitate to say that the most important activity right now in the independent field is delivery. I would say that handling our 3rd dynamic engram is our top priority right now.

    And that is what Marty and Co. are doing. That is what is getting the most T/A.

    To irrationally emphasize processing at this time is tantamount to auditing our 3rd Dynamic over an ARC break.

    Believe me. People will reach for auditing when they need it.

    You do have a good point. It would be nice if Independents reported their wins and achievements regarding training and processing more consistently.

    However, it is only necessary as a “good works well publicized” function in order to prove that the entire bridge IS available outside of the Church.

    It is not necessary in order the achieve our objective, namely the reformation of the Church of Scientology.


  234. Thought Provoking

    Thank you Ne, great post, very true indeed.

  235. NE, I completely agree. I’ve had more case gain on this blog than I had at Flag by many times.

    Simply because I was outruds constantly and shakily trying to step on every little eggshell in order not to end up in ethics once again on a long drawn out cycle down the cul de sac of the bridge to nowhere, inside a group that preached communication but had stopped talking to eachother.

    That’s exactly how they shut everyone down. Some natter bulletin came out basically telling everyone to shut up and eat shit. And if you had a friend that still wants to communicate with you honestly like you always have, well you need to KR them and refuse to discuss it.

    So you try to get in the chair, the ruds won’t go in cause you’re not that adept with the new “tech”, hey wait a minute…that ain’t GOLD! If that’s gold, I got a nice earthenware vessle of organic crop nutrient I’d like to sell.

    Thenew tech, that says you must NOT IS instead of AS-IS. $1,200 an hours for that bs at Flag. Man I tried so hard but I failed to be able to lie to myself.

    And I lost every damn friend I had over it.

    The most healing thing I feel I could do now is help others get out of or through this. And be glad that when they leave there’s something waiting for them on the outside. Something wonderful.

    THIS is the engram we’re running here on Marty’s blog. The PTP, the out ruds… spending time clearing up altered tech. WHOA, I have had loads of gain from that. We’re running the case it looks like to me with amazing gains… and not just sitting in a chair saying how upset we got one time.

    We’re living it everyday.And that was always the point. This group is so alive.

    Don’t get me wrong it would be nice to get some audting and have things be all about me for a while;)

    However, this blog stomps on all dynamics and buttons in real time with the other flows right there, typing back and forth.

    Also agree with your comment below, you’re one perceptive thetan!

  236. Looking In,
    Not sad. True. Take a win on it too. There was a very thorough discussion of the success of the HAS and HQS courses on this very blog, and other places.

    Amazingingly, and likely to be continued, we are getting something done in spite of this moronic circuit driven mutt. Hah!

    When we win, we ALL win.

  237. Well played Ne. One difference I have is that when orgs are set up and well publicized, this will expedite DM’s downfall. Individual field auditors, it’s true aren’t going to audit out the group engram beyond knowing Trey Lots and others are available, and that’s needed for us to win, to know the bridge is out there. But with a new whole org you have auditor training going on in volume, and stats are presented and a. it’s a good example b. Miscavige is then accountable for why his orgs aren’t expanding c. It’s shown that a non-arbitrary bridge works and is better. d. VFP’s are being made separate from the PR war.

    Mayo was bought off because DM didn’t have enough leverage to beat him dead in the courts. This model needs to happen right now as an addition to the website momentum, and there needs to be some qual management oversight to ensure infiltration doesn’t PR smear the orgs. Lateral organization is fine but separate people from the leaders of this need to stop waiting and just roll. The only reason I’m not is because I’m mid paying for the bridge but others are ready to roll.

    This was the gist of my comment to WH the other day. Don’t talk about “the church is dead, embrace the best of Ron and move one”. This kind of talk generally gives all sorts of wrong indications to the only public we’re trying to reach, and I disagree with it too. The church is changed and dying not dead. Don’t talk, just make the orgs. Less talk about that, more action.

  238. Well we’ve been talking about the success of the old div 6 courses for a long time, this is entirely a result of the pressure put on DM.

  239. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Sam and Cat Daddy,

    WOW!! What the FK!!

    If you see the video:


    Listen to Mr. Automaton. He sounds just like a Disneyland “Mr. Lincoln” robot. Really!!!

    All monotone and lifeless.

    I think someone’s got their hand up his ass and is pulling the strings to make him talk.

    Gary (villager waiting for my turn)

  240. I think the change from calling disaffected scientologists and exes ‘squirrels’ instead of ‘SPs’ is a very significant change and actually a big win for us.

    Evidently ‘somebody’ realized the rampant labeling of scientologists who leave the Co$ as ‘SPs ‘ has gone way beyond credibility, and became a clear case of the “little boy crying wolf”.

    We are at Cause, thanks to the efforts and great confront of all the Independents who have publicly spoken up and are speaking up on this site and others.

    Eventually they will realize who the real squirrels are, and who the actual SP is. The Co$ is on a dwindling spiral.

  241. He doesn’t believe the words he is uttering.

  242. Poor choice of words. Sad about the dm regime presentations of “lost tech”- that ***bastard blew Div 6 apart in the 80’s and now claims fame for resurrecting it. I was on Div 6 delivery for years and these materials were never lost- I used them.
    And you are most correct re the win aspect! There is another evolution occurring as we speak that is a direct result of one of Marty’s blogs on tech delivery, and it is a good thing that it is being corrected. Who knows, maybe fn’s will be reinstated someday as originally written.

  243. Ne,

    You make good points. Let me lay out my thoughts in more detail (and they really are just my own thoughts on the matter).

    I really don’t know for sure how much delivery is going on in the Independent field. I did look, and delivery is definitely happening, but there’s nowhere I could find that says how much. The Independent Field doesn’t have an Auditor Mag with this week’s Releases and Graduates list (well, not yet 🙂 )

    I recalled something LRH wrote about the work he did through the mid-60’s, how the focus was on developing the tech fully and getting it used instead of focusing primarily on the enemy. That got me thinking about how the only way to guarantee Scientology’s existence was for it to be used. After all, it’s something to be used.

    All the points you raise are true, about how DM must be exposed and the church’s shenanigans must be stopped. We can’t ignore that and the 3rd and 4th dynamic PTSness must be sorted out.

    Meanwhile, most of us have de-PTSed ourselves from the church – like me for example. I’d basically given up on making rapid case progress about 10 years ago and gotten apathetic on the matter. Now I’m starting to think that I might be able to sort this out after all. Hell, I might even get clarity on my Clear status! This blog and the posters on it are majorly responsible for that. It’s a pity that I’m in South Africa, getting in the chair with a well-trained Independent will take about the same as getting to an AO.

    So all I’m saying is that more Independents delivering and more Independents receiving service is a very good thing. What is being done right now is good, so more of it will be better. I don’t imply and “should’s” or “ought to’s” – auditors will audit because they want to and pcs will find them. Same with training.

    So please don’t think I’m minimizing the ethics actions taking place on the 3rd dynamic or saying they are not important. I would like to see the stat of genuine honest-to-god OTMADE go up and up and up!

  244. thanks for the comercial for mcafee im surprized censorship here let it get by them?

  245. Mike Lemeron

    Thanks, Jack.

    That was the whole idea. LRH had a great sense of humor. The early Dn & Scn people that trained under Ron were great people. We need to create our happiness – even when life gives us a kick.

  246. OTVIII, that’s good news! My computer is old, about 6 or 8 years old, so many websites do not work properly sometimes, especially ones with videos or animation.

    I keep many browsers handy for this fact. If I have problems viewing something, I’ll switch between Firefox, Netscape, Google Chrome or Opera. Apple computer users, they can use Apple’s Safari browser.

    IE, Internet Explorer, is a bad browser anyway. It was the most popular (was!) and as such, hackers spent their days hunting its vulnerabilities. MANY were found. It opens viruses easier than most browsers, for example. If possible, switch to something for daily use like Firefox. Firefox is most popular now so people target it, but they are better about stopping bad things happening.

  247. This post broke my heart. Absolutely broke my heart.

    I found myself skipping ahead, hoping you would say “we found out where, we went there, saw Mum, up yours Miscavige!” and when it didn’t — I felt angry and disgusted and horrified. Yes, I know the church does these things, they disconnect. I’ve read many, many stories of people cut off from their loved ones. But this just really hit me.

    The saddest point is, probably every single solitary person that has ever been in Scientology has a story like this.

    To any of you still in, this is WRONG. You shouldn’t live in fear, or stay somewhere you’ve grown to possibly hate because you don’t want to lose family or don’t want to have to choose. If more of you would stand up and say NO, NO I WILL NOT DISCONNECT, the church would have to stop this horrid policy. If everyone ignored it, the rule would die.

    Mike, I really hope you are able to, very soon, go back and see your mother. You’re a fighter, and I know you won’t take this lying down. I just hope Frances fills your mother’s head with images and stories of how great it was to see you, and your mother contacts you immediately.

  248. Susan Talbot

    I havent seen my daughter for 12 years now, cant say its gets any easier, its a nitemare. The strange thing is that I was a C/S at AOSH & can honestly say I never made anyone disconnect from a family member so I dont have similar overts of that kind. Scientology is a criminal cult & nothing more, how dare people stop children from seeing their Mothers, its nothing more than a crime against humanity.

  249. Fu,
    I’m glad you love and and respect Life enough to rant.

  250. Thank you all for the acknowledgments. I was just sayin’ 😉
    and I love you.

  251. Redneck Janette From Detriot

    It actually wasn’t FiFi who was looking (that I know of), she was just a messenger and forwarding the e-mail far and wide that she received from Grant and Siouxie Boshoff.

  252. Redneck Janette From Detriot

    You nailed it freedom fighter… this is exactly what is occurring.

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  255. Hey Freedom Fighter,

    Thanks for posting this. It’s almost 2 years later and this is the first time I’ve read this. We know LD was part of the OSA operations to slander us. And we know Fifi Besio was involved as well, but your posting cleared up some hidden data for me – sorry it’s taken this long respond.

    I want to thank everyone thus far for their support. We went to the July 4th BBQ to get the “rest of the story.” What we saw were a bunch of theta people who had no qualms with Scientology.

    Their distaste was for the David Miscavige, which Marty has made well known on this blog. Unfortunately, many parishoners erroneously associate David Miscavige with Scientology.

    They are not the same thing.

    I guess the thing that surprised me most was the lack of applying policy. We never saw the first “ethics gradients” – but we saw the last one.

    Thanks for airing out the email – it has helped me to put some the pieces of this puzzle in place!

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