Daily Archives: September 6, 2010

Radical Scientology’s Cross Over Mecca

I’ve got two and one half words for those Miscavige sheeple who might point to the following promotion piece and repeat to you some hackneyed propaganda line  like, “you see, Miscavige really is following through!”   Check out the promo and then I’ll give you a good two and one half word response.

In my opinion, the only appropriate two and one half words in response are: You’re Welcome.

If anyone attributes this “committment” suddenly being made by Miscavige to open the mecca in the near future to anything other than word spreading far and wide in the field that Super Power is a Miscavige Ponzi scheme, he or she must be a full-fledged, diamond encrusted, DM sheeple, with honors. 

For those who missed it, I outlined earlier how the ONLY reason for the late 1998 groundbreaking of the Super Power building (an event remarkably similar to the promoted Cross Raising on Mecca) was to counteract the bad public relations of the church having recently been indicted for the death of Lisa McPherson.  Tom Devocht and Mike Rinder confirmed that. All three of us were golden shovel diggers at the 1998 event.  The three of us organized it and answered directly to Miscavige every step of the way.

Now, exhibit B follows. 

On its face, it is pure chutzpah. Announce a three day event, complete with jugglers and clowns, to put the final touches on the “mecca” while at the same time issuing a call to arms to recruit (and train) 500 tech staff so that the aptly named Radical Scientology building can be opened?   I shouldn’t have to say more, but, believe it not, I have more to add.

As Inspector general between 98 and 2004 I regularly received reports of the Super Power tech man up.  RTC Reps directly ran the evolution.  They fought like wounded steers to keep the numbers rising against constant Miscavige cross orders through CMO to rip off resources for other whims of his.  Yes, he was ordering both – and cross ordering both. He was great at creating enemies within the ranks. 

Notwithstanding working for a certifiable psychopath, the Reps were finally able to report compliance in 2003 that they had in fact secured the full Super Power technical complement and had them segregated from other training pools and in training.  

What I am suggesting to you is that Miscavige somehow  managed to cross order those original five hundred to zero.  And now, on the verge of losing scores of his compliant, well-heeled OTs to their beginning to understand his Super Power Ponzi, he is starting from scratch WHILE announcing  the cherry being placed on the cake, uhm, the cross being placed on the mecca.

Incidentally, the fact that Alfreddie Johnson will be the master of ceremonies is another reason for people to believe this is, as we say in Texas, “all hat and no cattle.”  He can certainly stir a crowd, but he’s not exactly known as being part of the tech hierarchy.  Or perhaps, given that he is the Nation of Islam liaison, there really is something more to this “mecca” smoke and mirrors.

Having outlined all this, I’ve re-thought the two and one half word response. 

Perhaps instead of  “you’re welcome”  it ought to be “I’m sorry.”