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Miscavige Black Ops Squad Hits Corpus Christi

Apparently, we are impinging of late.

The PIs are suddenly in the Corpus Christi Bay area en masse.  They’ve been here all the time according to my observations, as confirmed by D/IG Legal Affairs’ (Warren McShane) memorialized statement to the Riverside County Sheriff’s office.  But, now the king of knee-jerk has sent another platoon lead by Black Ops Specialist Dave Lubow. 

Fresh from the Dead Brother Op in Los Angeles https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/08/13/murder-outs/ , where his illegal acts have landed him as a target in a more senior law enforcement investigation, Lubow showed his weasely visage to local friends and former associates.

Date coincident the surveillance crews have gone noisy.  Mosey and I can’t even have a quiet meal at the local chuck wagon without some heifer with a crew cut plopping down beside us straining his ear.  By the frequency of the slow drive-bys, starting yesterday and increasing today, you’d think the Shack was put on the Texas historical monuments list. 

Now, old associates and friends are reporting in to me with the Private Investigator confrontation reports.  Because I was the main investigative reporter putting ethics in on corrupt politicians around here for years, Miscavige’s PIs are necessarily talking to influential people in the Corpus area. And, as is Miscavige/OSA’s wont, they have in the course of twenty-four hours given Scientology a horrendous name far and wide throughout South Texas. 

Now, here is perhaps the most interestng data.  I phoned Lubow a couple of weeks ago to ask him about the Dead Brother Operation.  Mosey and Sam Domingo listened in as witnesses.  After Lubow lied about his involvement in the Dead Brother Op, I asked him why it was that he seemed to have a penchant for confronting women and a fear of men.  I noted that nearly all of my female pc’s and pre-OTs have been contacted by him, but none of the males.  I also noted that he went all the way to Denver in an attempt to intimidate Mike Rinder’s former 2D, but never had the nuts to confront Mike.   Dave Lubow went dead silent, comm lagged, and then went into a litany that made all of us (Sam, Mosey and I) conclude Davey is getting paid to troll my blog.  Can you imagine, Miscavige paying this runt 80 to 100 bucks an hour to troll me? 

Well, even though he has been called out on it, little Davey visited two women who work with Mosey today; one ambushed as she arrived home from work.  Mosey’s fellow workers have no involvement with Scientology and very little, if any, contact with me.  One blew him off, and one wisely recorded Lubow going through his entire black PR presentation on me and Mosey. Davey,  I guess Eliott Abelson didn’t brief you that Texas is a one-party consent recording state, you loser.

In addition to ruining Scientology PR in yet another region,  tiny Davey has accomplished the following by launching little Davey: creating fresh liability on collateral targets who have never done a blessed thing to him.

Memo to Davey (Miscavige) and Davey (Lubow):