Radical Scientology’s Cross Over Mecca

I’ve got two and one half words for those Miscavige sheeple who might point to the following promotion piece and repeat to you some hackneyed propaganda line  like, “you see, Miscavige really is following through!”   Check out the promo and then I’ll give you a good two and one half word response.

In my opinion, the only appropriate two and one half words in response are: You’re Welcome.

If anyone attributes this “committment” suddenly being made by Miscavige to open the mecca in the near future to anything other than word spreading far and wide in the field that Super Power is a Miscavige Ponzi scheme, he or she must be a full-fledged, diamond encrusted, DM sheeple, with honors. 

For those who missed it, I outlined earlier how the ONLY reason for the late 1998 groundbreaking of the Super Power building (an event remarkably similar to the promoted Cross Raising on Mecca) was to counteract the bad public relations of the church having recently been indicted for the death of Lisa McPherson.  Tom Devocht and Mike Rinder confirmed that. All three of us were golden shovel diggers at the 1998 event.  The three of us organized it and answered directly to Miscavige every step of the way.

Now, exhibit B follows. 

On its face, it is pure chutzpah. Announce a three day event, complete with jugglers and clowns, to put the final touches on the “mecca” while at the same time issuing a call to arms to recruit (and train) 500 tech staff so that the aptly named Radical Scientology building can be opened?   I shouldn’t have to say more, but, believe it not, I have more to add.

As Inspector general between 98 and 2004 I regularly received reports of the Super Power tech man up.  RTC Reps directly ran the evolution.  They fought like wounded steers to keep the numbers rising against constant Miscavige cross orders through CMO to rip off resources for other whims of his.  Yes, he was ordering both – and cross ordering both. He was great at creating enemies within the ranks. 

Notwithstanding working for a certifiable psychopath, the Reps were finally able to report compliance in 2003 that they had in fact secured the full Super Power technical complement and had them segregated from other training pools and in training.  

What I am suggesting to you is that Miscavige somehow  managed to cross order those original five hundred to zero.  And now, on the verge of losing scores of his compliant, well-heeled OTs to their beginning to understand his Super Power Ponzi, he is starting from scratch WHILE announcing  the cherry being placed on the cake, uhm, the cross being placed on the mecca.

Incidentally, the fact that Alfreddie Johnson will be the master of ceremonies is another reason for people to believe this is, as we say in Texas, “all hat and no cattle.”  He can certainly stir a crowd, but he’s not exactly known as being part of the tech hierarchy.  Or perhaps, given that he is the Nation of Islam liaison, there really is something more to this “mecca” smoke and mirrors.

Having outlined all this, I’ve re-thought the two and one half word response. 

Perhaps instead of  “you’re welcome”  it ought to be “I’m sorry.”

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  1. iusedtolovemychurch

    The sad thing is that no one in the church will see that anything is wrong with this.

  2. It just hurts to read this.


  3. The cannibalism is going on and on and on…..

  4. Marty,

    I have some personal familiarity with Superpower since I was assigned to NWC in the mid 80’s.

    I can say with some certainty that none of these rundowns require some huge ostentatious edifice in order to deliver them. In fact originally the RDs that made up Superpower was supposed to be exported to SHs for delivery. This is covered in RJ 30.

    The way that Miscavige and his team of 5th Invaders has perverted the original intent of these rundowns is breath taking!

    All the promo I’ve read so far related to what they call “Superpower” nowadays looks more like an R6 implant than anything even remotely connected to Superpower.

  5. Translation:
    Come to the six hour reg-fest!
    Bring your check books!
    The sharks will be circling!
    Shiny status symbols and lots of ego-puffing for all those who

  6. martyrathbun09

    RJ, I think your assessment is rather accurate.

  7. 12 years to build…..17 years in the making…..the pyramid of Cheops didn’t take this long……I know, I was there!!

  8. The comments above don’t leave me much to say, except:
    being in comm with many people of all walks in life, amongst them liberal and extremist Muslims, one a die-hard Mullah, I cannot see a long future for an org in Mecca, even if 100% in-tech. Which this one will not be, for sure.
    I doubt that M has any idea what is moving in the Muslim world. But then, he doesnot seem to have any ideas about anything except “making” money and/or creating misery.

  9. Reg-fest?

    Don’t you mean “the MOST important Special Briefing EVER in the HISTORY of Scientology”?

  10. I wrote a story a few years ago, called SUPER POWER OR SUPER PR, which can be seen at the following link:


  11. Shell game.

  12. The whole “raise a cross over Mecca” meme is indigestible to me as any kind of sane marketing ploy, unless you are handing off the “Church” to the NoI, and going off to live in Bulgravia, and bribe the police…..

    I can only hope.

    Also, 25 NEW Class XII’s? That is a joke. Have ANY been made worth their salt in the Miscavige era?

  13. Watchful Navigator

    I am deeply saddened for all the Sea Org and Org staff LRH both promised and ordered this Rundown to have had decades ago already! – “to handle the ruin of this culture” – who have been strung along working and waiting all these years – who have had their best fellow staff ripped-off and not replaced and ripped-off again, now to find it utterly ruined – squirrelled!

    It’s supposed to handle a government? (now on its last leg? – …while Nero fiddled around with his grounded-metal grips…)

    Only a person capable of lying and cheating LRH himself could have done this. Only a heartless bastard capable of tearing LRH’s loving wife from his side and letting him (and then her) die alone and in pain, could have managed enough evil impulse to pull this one off.

    I cry. I live. I fight. I audit. I don’t get mad, I get even… more auditing. But let justice be done on this one, Lord God Almighty.

  14. RJ maybe DM is the one who’s name must not be mentioned.

  15. Tony DePhillips

    Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me twice, shame on me…

    If you keep trying to fool me 259,000 times… You are a fu–ing SP, con man and I don’t want anything to do with you!!

  16. Marty,

    I agree with all you wrote, though I think there is another angle too…

    This “call for the LAST 500 recruits” is the latest “blame it on you.”

    Flag recruiters are sending out recruit letters quoting LRH “that Super Power is more important than the Purif, NED and NOTs to Clearing the Planet.”

    They go on to state: “It has been officially announced to the entire Scientology world that there remains only 500 Staff members needed for the release of Super Power!

    “With over one thousand Super Power recruits having been gotten and many hundreds of those in the recent months of 2010, it is easy to see that this target is imminent. And thus a Call to Arms is being sent out to all Scientologists.

    “For over 30 years the Sea Organization has been dedicatedly working towards this epic release according to exact programs and strategies from LRH. We are now closer than ever to the final alignment of elements necessary to release these rundowns and the sole missing piece is the final addition of staff members who will realize the most crucial event in our history.

    We have never been closer – only a handful more to go.” (nb: 500 is a pretty big “handful” in my estimation)

    So, it is all your fault.

    Dear Leader has had 32 YEARS to pilot the rundowns (think about what happened in the 32 years from 1950 to 1982 – LRH discovered, piloted and released EVERYTHING from Dianetics to NOTs – ALL lectures, ALL HCOBs, ALL books, ALL policy). So, VE can’ t use that as an excuse as to why no Super Power.

    And, he can’t keep telling people that the reason is lack of money – they have collected more than twice the extravagant cost of the building (when the plaques finally go up in their “Cornerstone Lounge” and the numbers are added up, it’s going to make a few of those big buck donors scratch their heads and wonder where the money went).

    He couldnt say the interior designs arent done yet — that’s been 12 years and he has been through a lot of architects and interior designers during that time.

    So, the newly announced reason (like the hackneyed “No OT IX and X until you have bought Ideal buildings for all orgs”) is “you need to sign up, we only need 500 MORE staff to be able to deliver (1000 isnt enough).”

    Thus the Vampire Emperor is going to be able to milk the Super Power building for a while longer — and if anyone queries it, the pat response will be “COB said we need 500 more staff — if you want it why havent you signed up yet???”

    The master is at work once again, he patented the scam with making every org Ideal for OT IX and X and now he has a good one for Super Power too.


  17. Freedom Fighter

    G., not sure if you know this but “Mecca” in this post and promo piece refers to Flag aka “the mecca of technical perfection” as opposed to Mecca, the city in Saudi Arabia.

  18. So our little emperor “Just-n-ass” has almost completed his own Hagia Sophia. Congratulations to all you devout disciples of discord. Your eternity has most certainly been secured with this latest monument to materialism.

    This is sad on a number of levels, not the least of which is the utterly wasted opportunity to actually implement Super Power and bring about the Aims of Scientology on this troubled planet.

  19. All that is needed is 500 staff, of which, 25 are new Class XIIs. The way things are going, they will be lucky to find 500 public.

  20. Tony DePhillips

    DM has lost his ethics presence. He only has the last few shreds of it left and even that is starting to unravel.

    In HCOPL Ethics Presence, LRH says: ” The way you continue to have ethics presence is to be maximally right in your actions, decisions and dictates. Because if you’re wrong the other fellow gets wrapped around the pole for complying. And the pain of that starts to out-weigh your own ethics presence.” ~LRH

    There is tons of evidence now that DM has been wrong and many have been wrapped around the pole from his bad orders. I feel the word is spreading and he is losing power. Being that he is an SP I feel he will continue to make huge blunders and more of the few left will become disillusioned.
    It is a personal win to be standing on this side of the fence, looking in and at the farce that used to be Scientology. I am so happy I don’t have to be regged anymore or listen to any of the idiotic lines that I used to buy into.
    I learned early on in Scientology to take personal responsibilty. DM cannot and has not taken any responsibility for the condition of the “church”. He doesn’t, practice Scientology. He is not in communication with the group. He is a phoney. I remember LRH saying in a tape that he hated phonies and I do too.

  21. DM is a master at deception, manipuilation and herding the troops into believing EVERY word he spats out.

    The gong show will continue…

  22. The “cross over Mecca” gives the appearance that $cientology is a bona fide religion.

    The “The Final 500” ED gives the appearance that SuperPower is close to being released.

    Both are slick PR moves from Confidence Men.

    BTW, in the promo above, simply replace each and every occurence of “event”, “briefing”, “celebration”, “Sunday service”, “special activities”, “brunches” with CRUSH REG CYCLE, and you’ll know the real reason of the purpose of this special weekend: FLEECE PEOPLE OF THEIR HARD-EARNED MONEY. Sure, go for the fun of this hair-raising, I mean cross-raising event, but be sure to leave the America Express card at home. You just know the IAS regges like Howard D. Becker and Jeff Pomerantz are going to be all over this event like flies on crap, with their sights set on anyone sitting in the special “Cornerstone Club” seating (easy marks). Besides, I can think of a lot better uses for $35,000 than to simply get a rock, I mean “cornerstone”, in exchange.

  23. he is the stark reality of the truman show in Scientology

    Very FEW people are getting INTO Scn and I mean VERY FEW

    They have enough people IN to continue to keep it afloat financially

    the true DIEHARDS will NEVER look at the internet or read any of these BLOGS such as the BIG Contributors for the IAS, SUPER POWER, IDEAL ORGS, etc
    Miscavage and his die hard followers are going to do whatever it takes to keep his money machine going despite the destruction that occurs in the process

    Only the strong will remain standing.. Keep up the good work as you are shown you can withstand whatever DM throws at you

    He is a creep, a liar and a really evil bad dude and he KNOWS it




  24. Independent Scientologist

    I had the same reaction after seeing this promo piece in my mailbox: sadness for all the staff and public who have been repeatedly duped. What a betrayal of dedication and hard work.

    I vividly recall being a new staff member in 1978 and excitedly listening to a briefing about all of the fantastic new tech, including NED, NED for OTs and Super Power. Absolutely the sense we got was that the release of Super Power was just around the corner. It would have been simply unbelievable to suggest that we still wouldn’t have it 32 years later.

    Ron Matlock

  25. This is my answer:
    Requirements: initiative, unwillingness to accept stops, ability to communicate and to help others, willingness to accept freedom of religion.
    Not needed: Huge amount of money, status, permissions, devote attitude.

    If you qualify, get a checksheet and a pack, apply some communication to get a twin. Internet offers many dictionary-facilities, possibly you’ll need some clay.
    If you are on an old incomplete course from pre-’96, complete it now. If you feel you need some retread or retrain, the door is open.
    No matter where your body is located, no matter if tech- or admin-course, get a checksheet, the materials and a twin and deliver that course to each other.
    For courses, that require practical supervision you may need to find some comm-line, think of some friends or your course-supervisors of the old times, call them up, communicate.
    I am willing to help if you need a course-supervisor. Many things can be handled via email. Use English or German. Problems and difficulties will be dealt with when they appear. I’ll do my best. I do not charge money. I expect you to help others. This is the price I charge for my help.
    Anyone who wants to can join in write to me or/and offer an email-adress so he can be contacted.
    Write to: Course-supervisor@gmx.de
    Get started!

    „I don’t care how many rules you break if they’re broken to give unselfish service to one another and the public. We live for service not for rules.“
    „Service is the watchword. Orderly service is preferable to disorderly service, BUT ANY service is better than no service. We are essentially breakers of „now-I’m-supposed-to’s.“ Don’t fall into our own new rituals so hard that we are no longer brave and effective.“
    „But DON’T worship our RITUALS. Be as orderly as you can. Follow our rules as best as you can. But a rule can be wrong and service and our mission can never be wrong.
    Use the rules until they prevent you from doing your job. But IF these stop you, then to HELL with the rules! Get the show on the road! L. Ron Hubbard, Founder“ (all quotes from: HCO PL 29 Oct ’59, SERVICE)

  26. Somebody showed me a copy of the latest glossy “Scientology News”
    magazine and though I thought nothing could surprise me any longer, I really did freeze.

    Page after Page after Page after page of DM images.

    DM in a photo Op of opening an “Ideal Org”. Page after page of DM photos.
    Page after page of drivel on DM, the new Messiah. Oh his arrogance and need of celebrity…..

    No picture of LRH. Almost no mention of LRH.

    Marty ~~I really get it that full complements of recruits to train for Super Power were recruited over 25 years ago. So where are they ?

    Orders to man up for Super Power have come down the line for 25 years, and NOW in 2010 the new scam….500 more before we can deliver.
    Barnum Bailey (of the circus) quote “There’s a sucker born every minute……”

  27. Marty,

    I remember the golden shovel event and seeing you guys there. There was a cross suspended in the night sky, at the location where it should be when the building was completed lit with a searchlight. There were tents erected and food served during that groundbreaking reg fest – those who contributed got special tables/seats and statuses. This apparently was a very successful event which raised lots of $$$ for the SP building project. I would guess as it was a successful action, it can be done again 12 years later!

    The Issue by the Flag Personnel Procurement Officer, FLB quotes LRH as saying “By this time we will have begun…in earnest of Clearing the Planet.”
    Nowhere does it show where the quotes came from – the way one is supposed to use LRH quotes. It also omits quite a bit of data which Miscavige conveniently omits to staffs and public.

    I had the privilege to serve LRH directly. After a meal, during his tea and cigarette in ’79 while living in Hemet, he loved to talk about quite a number of things, sometimes it was what he had been working on. One of those times he talked about the Humongous rundown which is his working name for “Superpower”, detailing the exact sequence of various rundowns he came up with. LRH cared for staff and put this rundown to empower staff so they could do their jobs to Clear the planet. He even detailed the sequences of how it was to be applied to different divisions and parts of the Scn Org boards. After the staffs got this rundown – it would be released to the public. There were “strats” or strategies LRH had for Int Base staff members such as all through Purif, Key to Life and LOC, fully hatted etc. Getting all through Superpower was one of them.

    The “New World Corps” was formed in order to train the auditors, finalize and pilot the rundown and get it applied to all staffs. LRH did attempt to form the NWC when we were at WHQ in ’78 but found he needed to undercut this training with Purif and KTL & Hard TRs. However, all this expense and auditing staff would not make the $$$ so DM first delivered this rundown to the Feshbachs at the Int base in the early 90’s for big bucks. http://www.sptimes.com/2006/05/06/Tampabay/Scientology_nearly_re.shtml/ This was before the Superpower project donations started, along with the groundbreaking ceremony etc. No where is this what LRH intended as far as I know. I do know that delivering the rundown to staff does not make $$$ and releasing it to public get’s them to pay for a huge building and then some; before collecting more $$$ for the auditing itself. Then again, empowering staff with this LRH rundown might just get them aware enough and stable enough to say enough with Mestology!

    I received half of this rundown in ’95 until the only auditor at the Int base trained to deliver it got removed from auditing lines, halfway through one of the rundowns. They were pretty powerful stuff, involving life and past ones, areas where I didn’t realize stuff was stuck in and future. There were no other auditors trained when I left in April of 2001 to complete the action. I know of only a handful of other staff at the Int base who got the pilot version. I think this is very much omitted data given to staffs and public.

    The promo and event is definitely a very strange way to mix words! Mecca to most inhabitants of this planet is the center of the Islamic world and the birthplace of both the Prophet Muhammad and the religion he founded. Through internal PR/Ad campaigns Flag is called the Mecca. The Cross has more of a significance of a christian symbol as the promo does not even mention that it’s a Scientology Cross signifying the eight dynamics (I wonder if a “Mecca Cross” represents the 8 dynamics or just represents the 9th – the bucks?) Thus the concept of mixing cross and Mecca is strange and only a real Kool Aid drinker will not see the outpoint. Even the Red Cross calls itself the Red Crescent in Islamic areas.

    The numbers in Mestology are just meaningless – similar to “10,000 on Solo Nots”, “stats” at events, especially to something that’s dead. I totally agree – You’re Welcome. My apologies for rambling on!

  28. I can guarantee anyone reading this that for most of those 32 years no one was working on Super Power. We began piloting some of the beginning rundowns (Ethics Repair List, Dead Man Pilot and Bright Think Rd) in Fall 1978.

    After that the NWC auditors were called in and LRH went off onto TRs and then off of that onto KTL and LOC and then off onto Purif and a whole bunch of other things and Super Power got dropped. There simply were not enough staff in RTRC to keep up with LRH and what he was developing.

    Phoebe Mauerer, bless her, kept all the Super Power notes, advices, orders and comm in bankers boxes above her desk until the day she died and finally in 1991 we got the rundowns fully compiled for a pilot, which was successful but then nothing got done after that due to other things such as GAT after which it was strictly desolation row for RTRC.

    In 1998, DM got the CST guys onto creating all the sexy equipment for the Perception Rd (the 10th rundown of the 12) most of which no pc will ever see. On the Perception Rundown you assess the 57 perceptics and the reading ones you audit out any charge connected with that perceptic and then you do drills related to it which are basically putting your attention on the perceptic and taking your attention off it. The effects are mind blowing and some fantastic abilities turn on with these drills. But, as I say, most pcs receiving the rundowns won’t read on most of the perceptics and so will never see all this ‘super cool’ equipment that Russ Bellin and Co. got built.

    The reason Super Power was touted as important for clearing the planet was because it was for staff to make them more effective on their jobs. Lord only knows why it is now going to be pushed so heavily for public at Flag unless it will become the latest cash cow for all the OT 7s and 8s who are probably becoming a bit restive with nothing else to do except for cycling on the Grade Chart again (Purif, CCHs, NED, etc.).

    There’s an article on Steve’s site all about Super Power: http://www.scientology-cult.com/super-power.html.

    The guys who should be receiving Super Power are the staff members in Edmonton or Buffalo, not some high roller FSO public. Hell, those guys should be put on the Running Program on the top floor of the building. Super Power auditors’ time should be invested in the staff to make them more effective.

  29. Karen,

    Thanks. How right you are…

    The latest IMPACT (the magazine of the International Association of Scavengologists) is devoted entirely to the speech delivered by Dear Leader at the MV event. This has become his hobbyhorse (along with Ideal Orgs). He IS the IAS. He IS Scientology. He IS our hero and all things wise and wonderful…

    These days, LRH is passe.

  30. Good points, Mike!

    I suppose that “we only need 500 MORE staff to be able to deliver ” is similar in magnitude as “getting all orgs to St Hill size” type of target, with the current Mestology?

  31. I looked it up in the dictionary. It is indeed a place where many intend to go, derived from the name of the city. First of all, a main feature of the Hajj is the point that all are equal before God, and possessions do not matter. This is certainly not the case at Flag. Second, I would rather avoid the current Flag type of “technical perfection”, as it demonstrably messes up cases and even kills people. Third, every cross raising requires a crown of thorns. In this case, these will be placed on the heads of the most affluent OTs to get more money for DM’s slush fund.

  32. martyrathbun09

    Fabulous post, Sinar. Thanks a lot.

  33. martyrathbun09

    More power to ya!

  34. martyrathbun09

    Mike, Miscavige is a walking service facsimile.

  35. Awakening…
    Since around 2005-2006, a strong trend of “awakening” has occurred. Members of society and also members of the Church of Scientology are becoming aware of how their dynamics have been hijacked. This trend of people recognizing the deceptions continues to escalate.

    This kind of sick promo by Miscavige serves to help awaken people.
    The PR and glitz don’t add up to the reality.
    Miscavige calls attention to his own shortcomings and deceit with his promo campaigns.
    The more Miscavige tries to PR the scene, the more that people will start to recognize the deceptions.

    Tiny, little David Miscavige is straining hard to convince people of his masked campaigns.
    What is laughable is that many people recognize what he is doing just by observing his projects and PR and exaggerated bragging stats.
    No wonder so many people make fun of him.
    No wonder so many Church members are aware that this little man is a looney liar.
    A lot of church members know. …and Miscavige does not know who knows.

  36. And a sedentary ev purp…

  37. Sinar, This is very valuable stuff. Ramble on my friend. Love

  38. Sinar,
    You just jogged my memory on one point: Super Power IS to be delivered to public, specifically Dianetic Clears who would no longer be eligible for Power. That is who it is for, not OT VIIIs who need reading glasses. One of the Super Power rundowns handles a specific case factor also handled in Power and that is my guess why LRH said Dianetic Clears could receive Super Power.

  39. Tony,

    Spot on my friend. If you are right 51% of the time you will eventually make it. This pusillanimus pope of perversion can’t even muster 1% by my reckoning. Then again if you assume the viewpoint of succumb, he has a 99% success rate.

  40. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Ladies and Gentelman….

    (Jimbo, I hope your cat isn’t anywhere around you when your reading this new post, cuz you for sure are gonna puke after reading this.)

    WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT! That being said….

    Thanks Marty and Mike for once again, delivering THE TRUTH. It is ALWAYS a breath of fresh air!

    David Miscavige, like I’ve said before, if you just can’t seem to figure out what that “warm sensation” is that first runs from the top of your head, washes over your face, continues down your shoulders, thoroughly soaks through and through your pretty boy body scouplting Tee’s with Capt Bar’s on them, fills your expensive shoes and pools at your feet at which point you slosh around “enturbulated” looking for your copper grounding rod to rid yourself of said “enturbulation, after reading this and other posts on Marty’s Blog, it is the THE TRUTH pissing on you!

    Let’s all not forget about the minimum of 272 concealed color digital camera’s and stereo sound surveillance systems and miles and miles of cables run so David Miscavige can LOOK INTO EVERY AUDITING ROOM FROM ANYWHERE on planet earth. There is a NASA sized “Command Center” that goes along with equipment.

    Oh yes, and for all these 1500 staff needed, there will be MORE SECURITY GUARDS needed to manage said “Command Center” and to deal with the staff who statictically prove they will become a “threat to David Miscavige -COB” . Let’s not forget that there will need to be MORE OSA staff to deal with the increased potential Internal Security Threat’s, more Port Captian’s needed to keep track of all the newly aquired Passports, Cell phones, Video Camer’a and other electronic equipment taken from said new recruits.

    Oh yes, who is going to feed all these new people, where and how. No mention of that. We already know how they will be berthed – it’s called “Hot Bunking” – god forbid your married and have to “Hot Bunk” with another married couple!

    I was at the “Mecca” a few weeks back Davey, you still have rented “Honey Bucket’s” out front of your Mecca! What the hell????

    Your once very loyal and dedicated Security Chief of the Int Base Gary Morehead – aka Jackson.

    Ps. – David Miscavige – if what I have said really pisses you off, call me so I can clarify any mis-understanding I may have about the published promo piece and SO ED about the Superpower building. I would HATE to say or publicise anything about your actions that may in fact NOT BE TRUE!

    You have my e-mail and phone numbers to contact me.

    By the way – if you do call, be prepared to answer my questions…. WHERE IS HEBER JENTZSCH and WHERE IS YOUR WIFE — SHELLY MISCAVIGE??

  41. non-scientologist

    You know, in 5 years, I would predict that the official church of scientology will have under 10,000 active public members. There will probably be more staff then active public. There will be the same corporations, and an increasing number of lawyers on retainer. DM’s goal will be to hang on until his 70s when he has maximized his own return from his position of power.

    This reminds me of the churches I occasionally see in New England, which have a part time minister, a handful of aging parishioners, and an endowment collected years before, which is serving as an excuse to keep the enterprise going. The difference is that such ossified churches are typically not out for the buck, or run like an exclusive corporation like Scientology.
    As long as DM has his tax exemption, he can pay to have his lawyers keep this collection of shell corporations going, as they have less and less to do with religion.

  42. Your Gong Show reference had the perfect analogy for the perpetual “we’re going to release Super Power” number dm has been playing for decades: a guy with a tuba came out on stage and sang “Gonna play that tuba, gonna play that tuba” over and over and over and, yeah, never did play that tuba.

    Where’s the gong when you need it.

  43. Did you write this five years ago and it just got here?

    ‘Damn internets are crazy.

  44. Thanks Dan,
    I agree, it would provide a good piece of “oomph” to get moving up higher. Have total reality, having gone Clear through NED. Had a regret to not being able to do Power as I’d seen many completions just totally rave about it.

  45. Jean-François Genest

    At FLB, they call it Promo.
    In Corpus, they call it BAIT
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    At the FLB, they call them Publics.
    In Ontario, we call them F-I-$-H who bite the bait.

  46. It’s absurd. Should read:

    “we only need three times more Class XIIs than have been trained in the last 20 years! YAY! And then we need doble the fully trained graduates than have been fired from the entire outer org trainee program in the last 15 years! WE ARE SO DAMN CLOSE!

    “We at Snr HCO FLB stand ready to approve ANY unusual off-policy transfer CSW you send to us, no replacements needed (per confidential LRH advice on Super Power”

  47. When I was on the TRs and Metering line-up at Flag in ’95 Paul Schoebel was revered for being a Super Power C/S. He got RPFed after the GAT release and I saw him at an event in PAC in about ’04 and heblooked like a beaten down meek school girl.

    That’s one of the first times I thought to myself “if a powerful trained guy like that, looks like that, what the hell is going on?”

    Same with the once-great Bernadette Nunn, who was later serving us eggs in the PAC galley. She was REVERED by every trainee going through FLAG between ’94 and ’96.

    The way DM mis-utilizes the most trained and experienced staff the Church has ever had is arguably one of the most conspicuous manifestations of him being a “walking ser fac” and “sedentary ev purp.”

  48. You are totally right. The remaining NWC trainees were pulled off and made the new Grades auditors for the Oak Cove.

    In fact the FPPO FLB, Trevor Sales, was himself a NWC / Super Power staff member. I guess he didn’t repLace himself when he got promoted to FPPO!

  49. Scott Campbell


    The Church of Scientology will have it’s own fully functional implant station right here on earth!

    No doubt DM will be executive C/S’ing it as the Dean of Tech with his doctorate from the Machiavelli School of Mismanagement firmly in hand.

    Of course he graduated Magna Cum Loud! (with full dishonors)

  50. I lived a couple of blocks away from the super power building for 15 years. Even while doing services at Flag, I somehow avoided the Super Power regges getting me to donate for golden shovels and crosses and spy equipment. But, it sure was fun watching them move the gigantic oak tree.

    I also remember one of the Feshbach brothers paid a million bucks and got super power as a public. I met him before he got it and then afterwards. I wasn’t impressed with him or his money before he did SP and my viewpoint didn’t change at all after talking with him once he completed SP, even though I was hoping I’d actually see some visible benefit from him having done it.

    I wouldn’t get or give a session in that wired up wizard of oz building for anything in the world! The image I get is DM on a laptop with headphones, connected to the web via satellite, looking in on session after session after session, barking C/Sing commands to his capos, while riding on his personal jet to Tom Cruise’s Telluride palace for a skiing vacation.

    Don’t think I’ll play that game, you’re welcome, I’m sorry.

  51. plainoldthetan

    500 tech staff, huh?

    Let’s see. If I take one 18-year-old off the street, get him through his EPF and basic Sea Org Courses, he’s now 21.

    If I put him on the Purif and Pro TRs and Pro Metering, he’s now 23.

    If I get him through Objectives he’s now 23 1/2.

    If I get him through GAT Level 0, I, II, III, IV and V, he’s now 28 1/2.

    If I have him intern to Class IV and V, he’s now 30 1/2.

    If I give him the Happiness Rundown as a Sea Org staff member, he’s now 31.

    If I audit him up to Clear as a Sea Org staff member, that’s about 500-1000 hours of auditing delivered at 12 1/2 hours a week. He’d be about 33.

    If I now put him on the SHSBC full time, including the auditing, that’s about another 1 1/2 years so he’s 34 1/2.

    Then he does a Class VI internship at Flag as a Sea Org staff member. That’ll take 2 or 3 years. He’s now 37 1/2.

    Then he does CCRD training and interning and delivery. He’s now 39 1/2.

    Then he has to do Solo I, OT Eligibility, Solo II and OT I, II, and III. Another 2 years ending up being 41 1/2.

    Then he trains as a Class VIII and interns. Another 3 years puts him about age 44.

    Then he trains as a Class IX and/or XII including internships and being sucked into the Flag HGCs to deliver. Another 3 years easy. Age 47.

    Then he does Super Power training and interning. Age 50.

    That’s about 32 years on a training lineup, presuming the continuance of the current practice of pulling someone off their training “because he’s needed elsewhere” or “somebody’s gotta be a KTL sup emergency”.

    So what I see in the “all we gotta do to release Super Power is make some Class XIIs is NOT just a numbers game. It’s a TIME game.

    What the earthbound OT VIIIs and others who have been waiting for Super Power for don’t realize is they’ll mostly be DEAD before 500 tech trained personnel can be rounded up and deemed products.

    And if it takes our 18-year-old longer than 32 years to do the lineup, then there’s a possibility he’ll be a medical case or dead himself. This presumes that DM never peeks in on one of his sessions and arbitrarily orders him to retrain from TRs on up or some such idiocy.

    Hurry up and wait, folks.

  52. Worsel~GREAT ref. I hadn’t seen in YEARS!

  53. However, the Feshbachs were as high on the Bridge as you could get at the time and not mere Dn Clears. What ever happened to NWC as there seems to be no need for Superpower for staff nor Universe Corps to get staffs up the bridge?

  54. Maybe an outright declaration that David Miscavige is now the Source of Scientology is needed. Say it loud and clear and shout it from the mountain tops. No more 1.1 glossy BS (that makes ME nauseous).
    David Miscavige is the new and improved SOURCE of Scientology. Say it out loud! No more LRH. No more “old tech” or “outdated sea organization methodologies.” David Miscavige IS Scientology and should quit halfway saying it – shout it loud to the public! All praise to the Mighty David – raise the cross to him! Hail him!

  55. Once upon a time, in the late 60s, my home org was a shabby little white painted cinderblock building.

    There was more good tech and comradeship in that little dump than the entire Flag Land Base.

  56. Jackson,
    I was up the country for a couple of days. I found myself discussing out-of-body experiences with non-Scientologists. New friends, fellow beings on this earth, already set a foot on the road to truth and there I was with a well blazed trail. It was a good weekend and very light, spiritual and full of hope and the future.

    I came back to this repugnant ‘mecca’ splayed on my screen. Nothing spiritual about this.

    The contrast between what Scientology is as I study and audit and expand, tell new friends of my gains and help them on their own paths as I can and what this article reports has never been more stark for me.

    Jackson, even my cat got sick with this one. The crass commercialism, the vile symbolism and obvious pandering/sell out and to whom is enough to make animals retch.

  57. Your humble servant

    Poetic, Thoughtful–and moving. Thank you.

  58. Did LRH actually mandate that such a large “vatican” be built just to deliver a rundown? I find that hard to believe. I am guessing he did not.

    I wonder how many OT’s could have been made and auditors trained for the money spent on that Taj Mahal. You would think that Liberace was in charge.

    LRH warned against placing emphasis on buildings. For those of you still in the Mesty Church who are reading this blog, can you not see that?

    Ah wait….. I am sorry, you are not allowed to question. You can only either agree with whatever comes down from on high, or be disconnected. How you expect to be a Scientologist under those conditions is like a Jew trying to be a Jew in Berlin, circa 1935 to 1945.

    Reach for freedom. It’s not in a fancy building. It is simply a decision you make. It’s not found in an object you have to be in or around. The Tech is without boundaries or walls or affiliations. DM has no power to stop you from going free. He just makes you think he does with his fancy MEST illusions.

    The WORLD is my org. Where is yours?


  59. Your humble servant

    I received those promo pieces, and my impression is that Mr. DM has just about reached the end of the line with all of his Super Power deception. Even the most dedicated upper bridge contributors must be wondering at this point whether the Emperor in fact has no clothes. One OT VII cornerstone member I know was very certain in early 2009 that Super Power was going to be released later in 2009. He must have felt disappointed. Now in late 2010 he is being told that 500 more Sea Org members must be recruited and trained before Super Power will be released? That cannot sit well. Criminy! It has been 12 years since the groundbreaking! There comes a point where even the most devoted and complacent supporters will have had enough. I feel a revolt brewing.

  60. Do I hear three-hundred million dollars?
    Three-hundred million, anybody?
    Three-hundred million?

  61. Could some of these be the various reges who seem to be in DM’s camp, but are in effect doing a reverse DM? They know the church is dead, but are hanging on as long as DM continues to get these events/campaigns put together where they can make their commissions by reging and getting more donations from “those who do not yet see”. Hmmm, I wonder.

  62. Yes Sinar that’s exactly what I thought. It’s a constantly moving target, and I for one don’t believe for a second there are already 1000 trained staff ready to work there. And if it is “only” a matter of getting another 500 (that’s 2500 recruits at a ratio of about 5:1 who actually make it) through EPF, Product 0, Product 1, mini and full hats, the lower bridge to Clear ; Class V, KTL and LOC, well – don’t expect the doors to open next Thursday before 2.

  63. Margaret,
    Oh yes you’re right. Sorry Freudian slip.

  64. Perfect summation

  65. This is good news. If the 1998 ceremony was solely to counter bad PR, then this just smacks of desperation. Super Power is surely DM’s last ditch attempt to halt his dwindling stats and bring people back into the fold. Throwing a “cross raising” party to stem the tide of disaffection and get a few column inches, especially when there seems so much more to be done to complete, is an admission of total failure (imho).

    “The rapidity of particle flow alone determines power.” — LRH, HCO PL 16 Apr 65RA III

  66. WOW, great news!
    Twelve years ago I was at the internship and the wife of my D of P, Colby, had been on the Lisa cycle. To counter the bad PR we had to attended a night of groundbreaking ceremonies with all the RTC brass. I don’t know how big a flap just happened but now they need 3 days of ceremonies. VWD, Marty and Mike! Start writing up your successful actions. You got Davie admitting that after 30 years of preparation and 160 million in free donations, he still needs to recruit 1/3rd of his staff before delivery. According to his own words he can’t deliver for another 15 years and that’s only if his ha, SP’s don’t gain any more ground. However, that is highly unlikely, as (him being the only one doing any good according to his own words) they’re now buttered all over his universe.

  67. The Space Shuttle was conceived in 1972. The first Columbia flight was 1981, 9 years later. It apparently takes 3.5 times longer to release Superpower than to create the space shuttle.

  68. Thanks for this post Marty, and thanks to the old timers for for adding very informative data.

    The outpoints are striking, in broad daylight and literally in front of every Scientologist and staff at FSO – an incomplete cycle of action with unexplainable added time.

    St Petersburg Times published an article in May 2006 titled “Scientology nearly ready to unveil Super Power” http://www.sptimes.com/2006/05/06/Tampabay/Scientology_nearly_re.shtml/

    A few quotes from this article referring to data provided by the then spokesman Ben Shaw (blown “for good” according to a Google search):

    “Super Power is ready, he said, and 300 staff members are being trained to deliver it.”

    “Construction delays in Clearwater, Shaw said, are due to a recent explosion of church expansion worldwide. … That expansion, by far the largest in church history, diverted the church’s attention, he said.”

    “The Super Power program will be ready to go the moment the new building is completed, he said. Scientology officials promise that will be 2007.”

    I have no doubt that Ben was under orders to say what he said and every word was “approved by COB”.

    The FSO ED on the “last 500” doesn’t show “how close we are” but “how far away we are of ever seeing the end of it”. Add up the checksheet time for courses required to train a Class XII not even recruited yet. Besides that putting inexperienced (new) staff onto full-time training violates at least one LRH policy I have read. It’s like picking up a greenhorn that has a track record of watching aircraft at an airfield and putting him onto full-time training to become an astronaut while making all experienced pilots with thousands of hours in the air into cooks and cleaners to serve the new “astronauts”.

    David Miscavige seems bound to set a (reverse) all-time record for the time it takes to build a house. The pyramids only took some 30 years to build. Maybe somebody should apply with the Guinness Book of World Record to have it included.

    Amazing (but explained by Mike Rinder’s post above) why nobody challenges DM with his own “straight up and vertical” nonsense and applies it to his own projects. Obviously, it would run contrary to his “miscarried fee-losophy”


  69. Thought Provoking

    We are moved by the same current.

  70. I think a lot of people still in will find something wrong with this. Very, very wrong. Mecca!?!? Flag is now called Mecca??? Give me a break. Is this a marketing ploy? God only knows what incident the dwarf is stuck in but his feet are firmly planted ………somewhere else.

  71. Around ’01 0r ’02 David Light (reg for Super Power in PAC at the time) gave me a ‘briefing’ on the ‘project’ and after listening to the spiel for some time I told him the Empire State Building in NYC had only taken 13 months to build…
    He looked at me oddly and I knew that he knew… that I knew…this was a crock of Shit he was dishing out. Briefing ended shortly after.
    This post reminded me of that incident and I love it.

  72. This little PR gem caught my attention.

    …The base will be alive with celebrity atmosphere…”

    Do you think there will be an authograph party for $500… photo with Tom Cruise for a $1,000…a kiss from Kristie Allie for a mere $2,500

    …alive with celebrity atmosphere…you can’t make this stuff up!!!

    I keep wondering how much added humiliation the kool-aid drinkers can tolerate?

  73. I am at a loss for words on this. All I can think about is the fraud, and someone’s comment on a pretty expensive implant station. They cant even get an f/n right…I’m speechless.

  74. What boggles my mind is:

    Has everyone gotten amnesia? Do they not remember the promises made and broken? Do they have endless amounts of money?

    Any public person, who was once a Sea Org member or staff member knows that “only 500 more people needed” is tantamount to saying —

    when pigs fly


  75. IF – “Super Power is a series of spiritual counseling processes designed to give a person back his own viewpoint, increase his perception, exercise his power of choice, and greatly enhance other spiritual abilities.”
    (Quote from – http://www.sptimes.com/2006/05/06/Tampabay/Scientology_nearly_re.shtml/)
    Then isnt this a contradiction in terms? Refering to the way staff are knocked about so much…call me stupid.

  76. Jean-François Genest

    Very good description. Your estimate is accurate.

  77. Jean-François Genest

    Samuel, I support your comment entirely.
    🙂 I like the “FEE-losophy” coin word! SOOOOO true!

    This part below▼is exactly what has been going on throughout the Sea Org & Org staff, and goes along with what Marty mentioned in the last post about DM’s New Era of Mis-Management:

    « It’s like picking up a greenhorn that has a track record of watching aircraft at an airfield and putting him onto full-time training to become an astronaut while making all experienced pilots with thousands of hours in the air into cooks and cleaners to serve the new “astronauts”. »

  78. In the early days of the Flag Land Base and for many years, Flag was called “The Mecca of Technical Perfection”. It seems like this might even have been a registered or trademarked phrase. It was used in almost all of the promo pieces from the Flag Land Base. Apparently, just like everything else, it has been altered and/or shortened (quickied) to “Mecca”. Perhaps to tie in with a campaign to bring Muslims into Scientology? But, more than likely, just shortened because it’s easier to say.

  79. Only 25 Class 12s and 32 Class 9s … With the lengthy runway of GAT Training, that should be ready to go in about 10 – 15 years. Boy, I didn’t think it was that close.

    Well, at least they have a Cross to get the show moving … lol

    Welcome to the world of lead-ons and hollow “someday” promises.

  80. Scott,
    I like your descriptions.

    I remember as a public in the late ’80’s they were doing confidential briefings on the Super Power building using colored architectural drawings of a tremendous science-fiction looking structure that had a huge round glass bubble as the top part of the building. The spiel was that inside that bubble was going to be this really OT cosmic superfragalisticexpialidosis equipment and super-tech that would produce unstoppable SUPER PEOPLE who would march out across the world and magically make everything right. The takeover of the world was in the bag…


  81. Urgent Memorandum
    to: DM
    re: Cross Raising
    Dear Leader,

    While reviewing one of those suppressive web sites (yeah it was Marty’s) another one of those bright ideas hit me like a ton of bricks. Ready? Well here it goes.

    Why don’t YOU carry the cross through downtown Clearwater. Get the picture of you wearing a flowing robe and even a crown of thorns. (Don’t worry. You can still wear your tailor-made thong underneath the costume!)

    The independents and disaffected Scientologists can fill in as the jeering crowd a la the crucifixion. Oh hell! I bet one call to Tom Cruise can even get Mel Gibson to do the choreography. We’ll call it the Passion of the Fraud.

    By the way, a quick back-of-the envelope estimate figures this will be good for at least another cool $million.

    I’m just trying to help.

    Disrespectfully yours, Tom

    P.S. Here’s a short video representation of my idea.

  82. Dave could have broken this down into a few smaller but full complement delivery units and gotten all the staff in the world through the rundown how many times by now? 100?
    As of 2003 at least, all Ideal orgs were to have a superpower delivery unit built onto their new building. NY org’s was to be on the roof.
    Superpower was meant for Staff, THEN public then government. This is broadly known. I think he intends to openly in your face know-best this LRH guideline to the whole world, and just give it to public.

    Also another thing annoying in the SO issue is he’s using quote’s pulled out of context, where LRH was talking about something else, and putting them in here like LRH was talking about Superpower exclusively. “Recognizable by TR’s and presence alone”? I’m guessing this would apply to the L’s auditors, or auditor’s period. Seriously doubt this was in reference to Superpower auditors alone. The point is it’s PRwise couched in a hidden data line context with all this secrecy necessary to pull this off. DM need’s this PR to function, with agent Bond secrecy where LRH taught him in the woods all about the real plans which contradict everything written, like yoda and Luke, but for 9 years straight. Also I’ve heard this exact line before in a non-confidential issue.
    The third paragraph from the bottom was so strung together it doesn’t even make sense.

  83. In the old days, those who were of the world (MEST) were called the Pharisees. Today, they are the same lovers of MEST who alter Scientology to fit their love and addiction for MEST. What does it matter? It only matters in the hope and anticipation of LRH returning to handle the matter. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long billion years.

  84. E.P. for Super Power Rundown:

    P.C. /Staff/Public person cognites on the fact that DM and RTC have pulled the wool over their eyes and scammed them for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars… and they blow staff and org lines.

    In other words: E.P. is the creation of an Independent Scientologist!!!

    This is GREAT!!! BRING IT ON!!!

    Let the Cognitions fly!!!

  85. Tony DePhillips


  86. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe you’re not so bad afterall…

  87. Tony DePhillips

    I will give a million if three others give a million, but it has to be done in the next 5 minutes!! LOL!!!

  88. What a PHONY event! Cross raising? Phony, phony baloney!

  89. There is alsoo a ritual called *stoning of satan*

  90. Plain Old Thetan; Nice math, provides a realistic picture if one were to really pursue training staff and shows the lies in the promo, at least for those that can still think.

    My daughter is in the S.O., 10 years now and is very productive on her post. She hasn’t done pro TR’s and only recently completed Objectives. At this rate she will make it to clear, several lifetimes from now.

    The out points are so glaring it is only through diligent and practiced Non Confront and Not Is that it remains unobserved.

    Thanks for the post.

  91. It also presumes that this 18 never, ever, in the next 32 years, becomes “disinfected” and blows. Which would be going completely against the current trend of more and more people waking up.

    Your point that time has been dropped out of the equation by dm and his pr machine is brilliant, and puts it all in perspective, PlainOldThetan.

  92. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Jack, this is what I meant when I said the promo piece was written by the shermantor (dan Sherman) as the way it is written leaves you with that impression upon your first read but…. When re-read you will see the word is ” celebratory” atmosphere, not celebrity. I only spotted this when I got to thinking how it is ANY celeb would spend 6 hrs watching 3 sections of fiberglass get erected??? I don’t think Flava Flav would be interested in that kind of exposure!

  93. WH,

    To answer your question – yes, they have amnesia. Sorry to say.

  94. Samuel said – It’s like picking up a greenhorn that has a track record of watching aircraft at an airfield and putting him onto full-time training to become an astronaut while making all experienced pilots with thousands of hours in the air into cooks and cleaners to serve the new “astronauts”.

    Absolutely! This is precisely where dm’s psychotic, plummeting, dive toward “succumb”intersects his apparent drive to succeed: he cannot tolerate skill, talent, or ability in anyone, much less someone close to him, as they are a (perceived) direct threat to his survival. Thus he is constantly at odds with his own stated goals. We are watching dm’s psychosis at war with the forward progress of everything in his world. He has structured the organization so that nothing and no one can get in the way of the vicious, insane expression of his case, and I think it’s just a matter of time until it finally succeeds in laying flat everything around him. He runs into opposition around the edges of his evil empire, those boundaries where the jurisdiction of governments and law exist, outside the church. He just hit one in Australia.

  95. Joe I am with you and Mike on this one. Where are these 1000 auditors now? Why isn’t 1000 enough? Super Power was suppose to be for staff and there were huge discussions about this back in the early 90s and now it is 2010 with it being promoted to public. I agree have the public do the Running Program on top of the building; what a awesome rundown.

    This is all a joke and millions in expense of a building that is all smoke and mirrors; 3 hour ceremony to put a cross on it. What is really sad is that the public are still going for the carrot and throwing their money at this. When are they going to wake up and smell the scam?

  96. Possible scenario of DM’s next rally speech:

    “Good evening, one and all! I promised you all an announcement of UNPRECEDENTED proportions, guaranteed to launch us SOLIDLY into the future with nuclear powered rocket engines on hyperdrive.”

    (looks at audience expectantly)

    (Audience applauds)

    (Keeps looking at audience, smiling broadly)

    “As Scientologists, you all know, or should know, the motto of the Sea Org, ‘We come back!’. You probably also have more than a bit of curiosity about what LRH has been doing since he was last visible here on Earth! And you probably have noticed I’ve taken on more and more of the hat of Source.”

    (Audience cheers, then dies down)

    “What I’m about to tell you should solve any mystery you may have as to why we’ve been experiencing such MASSIVE and EXPLOSIVE expansion over this past year!”

    (More cheers and foot stomping)


    (Random gasps from audience, such as ‘Oh My God!’)

    “…I would like to announce…”

    (Que low background of drum roll)

    “…the world-shaking and SHATTERING news…”

    (louder audience gaspings)

    (Que Rocky music)


    (Release doves)

    “…I AM L. RON HUBBARD!!!”

    (Nods head triumphantly)

    (Audience stands, screams loudly while applauding)

    (Que marching band onto stage)

    “YES! IT’S TRUE! I AM BACK! It took a while to pilot the tech on taking over someone else’s body without harming the main thetan, but with my forward look and rear view mirrors, I did accomplish just that! So, THANK YOU for keeping the show on the road in my absence!”

    (Audience roar is deafening)
    (Front row attendee Tom Cruise does backflips in the aisle, while others slap high fives while screaming uncontrollably)

    “Yes, the thetan you knew formally as Commander David Miscavige, who held my post while I was on my working vacation sorting all this out, has been promoted to Chairman Emeritus of the Galaxy and has taken my place on Target Two, where I have things well under way!”

    “And let me just add…”

    (Suddenly, music gets shut off, lights come on)

    Heber Jentz, Guillame Leserve, Ray Mithoff, Greg Wilhere and a dozen others, armed with pistols, rush the stage from both sides, grab DM by the arms while Heber delivers a punch to a struggling DM’s jaw.

    On the big screen behind them, video footage is displayed of DM punching his staff in various scenarios while screaming derogatory tirades about the public, how stupid they are and how incompetent everyone is, using every piece of foul language ever invented.

    (Audience is stunned into silence)

    (Extra guards are now holding Tom Cruise down on the floor, struggling, foaming at the mouth and speaking in jibberish)

    Heber Jentz takes the podium and leans toward the microphone and points directly at DM.


    (DM looks frantically around, now crying hysterically, a large wet stain now appearing on the crotch of his pants)

    Heber continues:

    “First, we’d like to apologize to every single one of you for somehow allowing this to occur. We all meant well, but as the dust of the construction of all these new buildings has started to settle and our vision of conditions has improved, we humbly realize we were wrong.”

    ” The strength of our purpose was very cleverly used by THIS SUPPRESSIVE PERSON RIGHT HERE IN OUR GRASP ON STAGE TONIGHT to trick us. Our bad.”

    “He duped us all with his forgeries, his violence and his lies! As a management body, we have secretly handled ourselves and our ethics and established enough of a juggernaut to CONFRONT, EXPOSE AND TERMINATEDLY HANDLE this person you see groveling in front of you right now.”

    (DM crying loudly now, slumped into the grip of the guards)

    Leserve takes the podium, hands DM a sheet of goldenrod and reads it’s one sentence aloud.

    “David Miscavige is hereby declared to be a SUPPRESSIVE PERSON and is therefore barred from ANY membership, governing status, rank, professional or social position in all realms of the subject of Scientology, including but not limited to the Church of Scientology International, Religious Technology Center, Church of Spiritual Technology, Flag, all Orgs and Missions as well as all On-Source Scientologists who no longer wish to continue traveling down the dark path towards ultimate destruction.”

    Heber takes the podium again as Federal Marshals enter the stage, armed with a warrant for DM’s arrest, handcuff him and walk off stage, DM in tow.

    New Scientologist attorney jams an inch thick lawsuit under DM’s arm.

    Heber speaks.

    “Now the cleanup begins.”

    “Golden Age of Tech drills and courses are all cancelled and are reverted back to the previously workable checksheets and materials.”
    “All recent book revisions are cancelled.” (Cheers)
    “The FN definitions revert back to LRH’s definitions.” (Cheers) “Disconnection is cancelled.” (Cheers)
    “All SP declarations, freeloader debts and current ethics actions on anyone are cancelled.” (Cheers)
    “All Scientologists, independent or otherwise as well as all non-Scientologists are welcomed with open arms.” (Cheers and screams)

    “The only provision we ask is that you learn and apply the technology of Scientology as written by L. Ron Hubbard with your understanding and agreement that it is there for you and all those who wish to avail themselves of it, that you are granted the right to your own integrity and you respect the integrity of others.”

    “With this new amnesty for us all, let the cleanup begin!”

    “Oh, and last but not least, all prices for services are hereby lowered to a very manageable level across the boards, only voluntary donations will be accepted, and pay with proper benefits will now be accorded ALL STAFF.”

    “THANK YOU!”

  97. Exactly!!! DM should of been GONGED a long time ago instead he has become King Kong of the Truman Show

    See what happens when you let the show go on too long…

    it becomes a bad nightmare

  98. Scott Campbell


    Thanks. My wife Karry went to a money seminar by Matt Feshbach a couple of years or so ago at Pasadena Org and he raved about doing Super Power. Of course she knew him from the ship and had the same observation as you did. Same old Matt.

    I booked the ’93 Maiden Voyage Anniversary with Super Power fundraiser-in-chief, Laurie Webster. According to her, it was the fastest booked and most overbooked Maiden Voyage Anniversary ever. There were actually people sleeping on the floor of some cabins because all of the beds were taken. The last time I talked to some Super Power reges a few years ago they said she still bragged about it.

    To give you an idea of her character though, when I got back to the ship, I found out that she had written a commendation on all who helped and KR on me regarding some ARC-X or outpoint she had with me about something. When the MAA asked me about it, I just told him something like, “Fuck her, if she wasn’t having trouble booking it in the first place, I never would have been sent out there… and look what we accomplished! This is a bullshit KR.” The MAA agreed and said something like, “I agree, thanks. And good job on the booking!” (I’ll tell the story of what I did to help book it sometime, you’ll laugh).

    As I left I thought, what a bitch! A KR? How about thanks for the help?

    Laurie has a very strong income demand, so you can see why DM would want her for the Super Power fund raising post.

    What am I going to do now that we’ve won the Super Power building?

    I’M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! (instead)


  99. I love the continuing references to all the ‘bar b q’s’ they are having these days… especially when LRH SPECIFICALLY REFERENCES BAR B Q’S as stupid, squirrelly and wrong.

    I just wish the “toilet” would flush already. The church, and everyone associated with it, have been circling the bowl now for WAY too long.

  100. I remember well “the mecca of technical perfection”. The “technical perfection” part is long gone; ancient history. That said, to shorten that phrase to “Mecca” is ill-advised in the extreme. If the dwarf is doing this to cozy up to the Muslims, it’s a very poor decision. The recognized religion of Mecca is Islam, not Scientology or anything else. He risks offending them and rightfully so. That’s in addition to offending some of his own cult followers. This is good. It’ll be one more step closer to the door for those who are starting to wake up.

  101. Scott Campbell

    Just to clarify, Laurie did highly commend me for my help and I have nothing against her. I was just pissed that I went out there to LA for 3 weeks and worked my ass off to pack the booking event at CC with attendees – all the while on 3-4 hours sleep a night. Then to come back to a KR? Very nullifying. I also found out that she had done this to several others as well. No ethics protection for upstats with her.


  102. Scott~LoL
    Yet another qualification that David Miscavige should shout out loud ~ He’s the Senior Executive Case Supervisor – Master of Cases and will be C/Sing all case handlings from above. When you go to Flag – The Mecca, your auditing program and any handlings will be directed by the Almighty David (see Gary/Jackson’s previous post re. the Look-In system in place already).
    Promote that shit, why don’t ya!
    Don’t hide his hineass anymore!

  103. Great News………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨
    German speaking people (Indies) have their own meeting point on the Web:
    Tell it to any German speaking Scientology friend.
    The first published article in German is ” 31 Factors for Scientologists to Consider” written by Marty Rathbun.
    Well done Felicitas !

  104. That Feshbach brother, Matt, who supposedly did Super Power declared bankruptcy a few months ago. That’s the EP of SP? Grreat example. Think the Feshbachs need to rethink their game plan strategy. He was better b4 SP.

  105. Feat. John Travolta with an eye opening revelation!

  106. You forgot to include the years he’ll be in the RPF !

  107. Some do see it. I have spoken to those still inside who do. I have seen posts on this blog by those who know people still inside who see it. I’ve read posts here by those who are themselves still inside and they see it, too.

  108. This may have already been posted but check it out, from Australia!

  109. Marty,
    Few years ago they asked me for the Cross donation, they got thousands from me.
    Now as you can see I’m out.

  110. I’m getting confused.
    “cross raising” ceremony ????
    The catholics have a “bell raising” but not in Mecca, but on a new church.
    Which religion does DM want to copy ?
    Is he now the pope of Scientology or the Mohammed of the new Mecca?
    Would be nice if he could stay in one valence.

  111. Sinar,

    NWC and UC where both unmocked by you know who when he arbitrarily decided, despite FOs to the contrary, to purge all non-SO staff from all the PAC orgs and CC.

    In other words eliminate 75% of the technical staff in these orgs.

    His solution then was to rip-off all UC and NWC to replace the non-SO.

    That’s sorta the Cliff Notes version of what happened.

  112. Somewhere on the Blogroll must be a board that posts info to demand (part of ) it back.

  113. Beautiful dream !

  114. PlainOldThetan~Agreed and laid out plain and clear for all to see!
    Another reason we should call out DM for what he is trying to covertly hide – he’s SOURCE now. He’s Senior Case Supervisor, director of all cases now – don’t hide it. Hail him!
    AnneHowe~”The out points are so glaring it is only through diligent and practiced Non Confront and Not Is that it remains unobserved.” Amazing statement of truth so well put! When your daughter gets out she will progress up the Bridge for a change.
    Lunamoth~So true, so true! And that makes 500 read 5 million in my POV.

  115. Lunamoth,
    “Thus he is constantly at odds with his own stated goals.”
    YES! An LFBD on that one! Thanks. 🙂

  116. Not playing the crucifixion game anymore, eh?

  117. LOL I DID think of that and didn’t mention it, but to ignore that would be completely unrealistic. You know, like dm’s “plan.”

  118. Jackson ~~

    Thank you for these revelations. I was talking to a former pc the other day who told me how VERY DISTRACTING the video feed camera was as he did not know who was watching his most private disclosures.
    In addition to battling the auditor where auditor and pc are in conflict with each other on FN or no FN, there is this video distraction.
    Imagine knowing that David Miscavige can watch your auditing session and hear every word you say in real time~ no matter where you are in the world.

    There are tons of reports of how DM reveals confessional data in gossip sessions and mocks 2d witholds confessed. Even of Tom Cruise !

    However, a bank of execs with ability to tune in to these auditing sessions takes this out of the realm of priest/penitent PRIVACY.
    I want lawyers reading this site to know that DM’c cult tries to prevent folder release on the lie of priest/penitent PRIVACY.

    These folders travel up and down the spectrum. OSA staff routinely examine them, all the malicious DM hate sites are lies with some foundation from private pc folders.
    Here’s who has complete access to the folders~~

    D of P
    Tech Sec
    D of P for interviews
    Ethics Officer
    Qual Sec
    Qual Consultant
    Cramming Officer
    Qual Examiner
    Senior HCO
    OSA Rep
    OSA INT Invest
    RTC Rep
    RTC office at INT Base
    Office of COB
    Int Base ~other terminals.
    (Senior CS INT office is gone but whatever
    replaced it)

    Priest /Penitent ? Confidential folder ? Don’t be silly. It can be read up and down the length of the organization.

  119. RJ,
    Thanks, makes a lot of sense. There was also Bohemian Rhapsody playing in the background…

  120. Yes Jackson,
    It’s time to have coffee at Starbucks again to put them in hiding!

  121. Let’s all not forget about the minimum of 272 concealed color digital camera’s and stereo sound surveillance systems and miles and miles of cables run so David Miscavige can LOOK INTO EVERY AUDITING ROOM FROM ANYWHERE on planet earth.
    Sounds like a peeping Tom’s ultimate dream come true. Just think, the church has their own Peeping Dave……. in his muscle tee’s. What a creepy thought. Does he get an extra captain’s bar for that?

  122. 7. The antisocial cannot finish a cycle of action. Any action goes through a sequence wherein the action is begun, is continued for as long as is required and is completed as planned. In Scientology, this is called a cycle of action.

    The antisocial becomes surrounded with incomplete projects.

  123. That is interesting. His company’s website no longer is up as listed on this page, it seems:

  124. Martin Ottmann

    I remember that in 1991 “Int. Management” announced to the staff at the FSO that the target year for the completion of the Super Power Building and the start of the delivery of the Rundown was 1992. $ 35,000,000 was projected as costs and this sum was to be “regged” for the Super Power Project in 1991.

    Sometime in late 1991 or early 1992 during muster, newly trained Super Power delivery staff were introduced to the FSO staff and we were given the impression that everything was set to go for delivery and it was only a matter of getting the money in in order to construct the building within a year or so.

    Also in 1991, the Graymoss building in front of the FH was demolished. This was a big event for the FSO staff. We were ordered to attend the beginning of the demolition process. One executive even held a speech to commemorate this historic moment, which was meant to be the first step for the construction of the SP building. In those days, a huge modern glass building was envisioned and a picture of it was placed on brochures and ads.

    And then there was a Reg meeting in the auditorium of the FH. I think it was led by then GIEI Kathy Klemmer. At one point she asked the Dir of Reg. Paul Hickock what the construction and the future existence of the SP building would meant to him on a personal level. I don’t know why, but I almost remember his exact words. He said that for him the construction and completion of the Super Power building was extremely vital. It would send out the message to the SPs in the world that Scientology was unbreakable and that it had won the fight against the enemies of mankind.

  125. Moon, great to hear you’re out. What’s a Cross donation?

  126. one of those who see

    begrüßen Sie Deutschland!
    (means Welcome Germany if online translater is working)
    This is great news!

  127. one of those who see

    Hi Moon,
    Welcome! Glad to see you posting here.

  128. TroubleShooter



  129. Tony DePhillips

    That was very funny and enjoyable!!
    You have a very fruitful and creative mind!!
    Thanks for the create!!

  130. Tony DePhillips

    They just need some Super Power repair. At $8,000 and intensive. His TE is 10 intensives and thank DM they found the Sp that messed him up and he has now been RPF’d and now that the Sp is off the lines everything is straight up and verticle!! Hip Hip hurray!!

  131. Sinar,

    I am sorry to learn that your auditor was jerked off in the middle of your Super Power and that you were left with no replacement auditor in the middle of the rundown.

    Sinar said :
    However, all this expense and auditing staff would not make the $$$ so DM first delivered this rundown to the Feshbachs at the Int base in the early 90′s for big bucks. http://www.sptimes.com/2006/05/06/Tampabay/Scientology_nearly_re.shtml/

    Yes, I hear you, the millionaire Feshbachs, high rollers for donations received Super Power at INT base.

    But according to Marty’s blog earlier, The Feshbachs invested DM’s $$$$ and Tom Cruise’s $$$$to make money for them as a nice “special favor.”It didn’t work out apparently, but the thought that DM as the “Leader of the Church” could ask for personal benefit of $$$$ investment is quite something.


  132. Independent Spirit

    Watching Eyes,

    Just about any posting that I read of you tells me that you never were in Scientology. No need for masquerade. Marty publishes also postings of non-Scientologists who we tenderly call Wogs.

  133. Here’s one experience I had with Super Power buildings. In the 90s, I was in the AOLA HGC (Hubbard Guidance Center) waiting room, a reg walked in and made a pass through “collecting” for the “SUPER POWER BUILDING” and a certain person fumbled into his pocket and pulled out $500 cash, contributing it with a nonchalant flourish , as if to say it was mere pocket change and the least he could do for the cause, saying he’d give more when he had his checkbook.

    It’s interesting to note that, at the time, this person was working on impressing one of my family members to obtain a huge chunk of cash to “manage.” He was a financial consultant/manager, and implicitly trustworthy, I believed.

    What I didn’t know is at that very moment, when he pulled that $500 cash out of his pocket to put in the “Super Power Building” basket, his house in Bel Air was in foreclosure, had been, and was in imminent threat of being repossessed.

    It all came to light when a string was pulled in a hearing after outpoints started rattling together. Things such as he made (carefully calculated) comments like he usually left $5000K “spending money” for his wife on the nightstand and had lots of platitudes about “high havingness” and “making it go right.” Amazing how he was all this while sweating foreclosure and never letting on!

    He also was being heavily regged for the Freewinds.

    How did this guy “make it go right”? by fleecing someone (a new public) in a con-contrived con-voluted “business deal” — WISE also deemed that business deal as a con job …but hey, it went to the “Church” and to their “eternity, so “rots of ruck, he pulled it in and all that justifier jazz. YIKES… What will THAT eternity look like?

    To paraphrase Mark Twain, Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.

  134. Tony DePhillips

    Donation for a cross? 🙂 ( as in cricifix type cross)

  135. I was at the Super Power building years ago before the foundation was in. There was a hold a city block square that looked to me to be 150 to 200 feet deep. At the time I figured this was for underground parking.
    Six months ago I drove around the building two or three time looking for the underground entrance/exit for underground. No underground parking

    My question: Why such a deep hole under the ground floor?

  136. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Didn’t you know that SPs don’t get products!

    If that building EVER gets completed AND Super Power gets delivered…

    We’ll all be dead by then!

  137. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Tara, I already created my little alter for the Exalted One. I have stick pins and everything! ( I am looking for some rum and a chicken’s foot. You got any I can borrow?)

    Gary (feeling da Voodoo mojo)

  138. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Laughing my ass off!!!! Then did backflips and Ton’s Of T/A Blowdowns!!!!!!!!!!

    A beautiful POSTULATE!!! 🙂

    Gary (I can now finally extinguish my “torch” for DerMiscavigestein)

  139. Gary O’~I drank de rum and ate de chicken!
    (I’m actually NOT kidding about DM. He’s hiding behind the glossy PR when in reality he is trying to be SOURCE and the new and improved LRH. I want people to see him for what he is and SEE what he is doing!)

  140. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Super Power won’t be delivered, as it’s meant to be, by the church of International Reverse Scientology (IRS).

    If they ever did, the EP would cause an awareness which would create a mass exodus. So Super Power will never happen … at least not by the IRS.

  141. Sinar: Matt closed MLF Investments fund in June 2008:
    “From Reuters: Famed Short-seller Feshbach Liquidating Fund – Matt Feshbach, one of the most famed short-sellers of the 1980s, is liquidating his latest fund after months of stock losses. Feshbach said on Thursday he was liquidating Largo, Florida-based MLF Investments, which peaked at more than $200 million in 2006, by distributing holdings in its two remaining stocks to his investors.”

    That is, however, quite different from declaring bankruptcy. Pericles I would be interested to know your reference re: declaring bankruptcy.

    For you old timers, from Sinar’s businessweek link, Irene Dirmann was Chief Operating Officer of MLF Investments. She was the CO of ASHO when I did the briefing course in 1977 – 1978. ASHO was so packed by auditors studying in those days it was hard to find a place to sit! And ASHO was situated in one dumpy old building on Temple Street in LA then, which made no difference to all of us on course.

  142. Scott Campbell


    To quote an old friend of mine:


  143. Wow Veritas !
    What a story !
    You have been missed…..so great to *SEE* you back.
    $500 flashed out as a shill while his house in foreclosure….

    You see things in DM’s cult are not always what they SEEM.
    The highest and longest serving Sea Org members are under “Provisional SP declare” and in lockdown on Highway 79.

  144. Sinar, I was a dono in the past for several projects and one of them was exclusive for the purchase of the Cross for Super Power building.
    Now I’m embarrass.

  145. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Where do you think DM buried the bodies? And his CASH! (um… OUR cash!)


  146. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I’m jabbin de pins as fast as I can……….. (… and THIS one’s for Tara… … and THIS one’s for Marty…. … Oh and THIS ONE’s for all the Independents!!! [Ooooo….. I can hear that little “prick” now…. “Tom, I feel like I’m being pricked!” “Dear Leader, you ARE a PRICK!”])


  147. Marty, I echo those words, I’m sorry, too. Still coming to terms with the loss, although thanks to the perception, integrity, courage and perception of many, the Tech and L. Ron Hubbard are differentiated from the bogus impostors.

    I love Jesus, too. And I have enough sense to know he does not want my grocery money

  148. Karen, ♥

    Great to be seen.

  149. Jack,

    Very interesting observation and report! It would be fascinating to see the building plans, wouldn’t it? Surely, one could go look at the plans down at the City Planning Department, right?

    (hugs to you)
    Just Me

  150. All I can see is this…razzle dazzle video!

  151. Independent Spirit:
    Well well OSA, flunk again. I’m not taking your bait. Take that!!


  153. Karen,
    And that was 15+ years ago…still shilling for Super Power and people caving to out ethics to handle the pressure.

    As Mike Rinder so aptly put:

    Dear Leader has had 32 YEARS to pilot the rundowns (think about what happened in the 32 years from 1950 to 1982 – LRH discovered, piloted and released EVERYTHING from Dianetics to NOTs – ALL lectures, ALL HCOBs, ALL books, ALL policy). So, VE can’t use that as an excuse as to why no Super Power.

  154. Give ’em the old razzle dazzle
    Razzle Dazzle ’em
    Give ’em an act with lots of flash in it
    And the reaction will be passionate
    Give ’em the old hocus pocus
    Bead and feather ’em
    How can they see with sequins in their eyes?
    What if your hinges all are rusting?
    What if, in fact, you’re just disgusting?
    Razzle dazzle ’em
    And they;ll never catch wise!
    Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle dazzle ’em
    Give ’em a show that’s so splendiferous
    Row after row will crow vociferous
    Give ’em the old flim flam flummox
    Fool and fracture ’em
    How can they hear the truth above the roar?
    Throw ’em a fake and a finagle
    They’ll never know you’re just a bagel,
    Razzle dazzle ’em
    And they’ll beg you for more!
    Give ’em the old double whammy
    Daze and dizzy ’em
    Back since the days of old Methuselah
    Everyone loves the big bambooz-a-ler
    Give ’em the old three ring circus
    Stun and stagger ’em
    When you’re in trouble, go into your dance
    Though you are stiffer than a girder
    They’ll let you get away with murder
    Razzle dazzle ’em
    And you’ve got a romance
    COMPANY(The same time as BILLY’s)
    Give ’em the old
    Razzle Dazzle
    Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle dazzle ’em
    Show ’em the first rate sorcerer you are
    Long as you keep ’em way off balance
    How can they spot you’ve got no talent

    Razzle Dazzle ’em
    Razzle Dazzle ’em
    Razzle Dazzle ’em
    And they’ll make you a star!

  155. Miscavige is a walking service facsimile.

    Man! …no kidding.
    He is a “live demo” of serfac drama on a grand scale.
    Others can’t win, because they are wrong. Only Miscavige is right.
    He sets the rules of the game to ensure that he dominates, while others are made less of.

    Ha!…I have to chuckle…DM can’t control the rules out here nor on this highly visible blog which many other on-Church-lines Scientologists whisper about to their on-Church-lines friends.
    He is exposed daily by his own PR and by other parishioners.

  156. Jack,
    I remember that – they also had a big pour where the foundation was done in one day using concrete pumpers and tons of trucks. Tom DeVocht could probably tell you. There’s some explanation on this guy’s blog about building a basement which seems right: http://jetteroheller.wordpress.com/2007/11/05/the-big-pour-scientology-mecca-building/

  157. Karen,
    Thanks. I do know about that as I was serving Tom Cruise at the time and that DM did bring the Feshbachs to meet him and DM did do up an Org board for Tom Cruises personal organization putting Alan Hollander as the head.

    I didn’t know the results of all that and that was posted on the past blog you linked to. The Feshbachs also gave DM gifts of expensive Krystal champagne and 4 of their kids to serve in the SO that I know about (2 at Int, 1 in CMO CW & 1 in PAC.)

    From what I’ve read on the web Matt changed his investment strategy in the late 2000’s and went long instead of making money on Shorting which they were famous for and lost a bundle. Could not find his company website as listed on Bloomberg so maybe it’s been taken down.

  158. Just me;

    A worth while drive to city hall. I will report back on this one.
    two hugs for you.

  159. 1st,
    Bernadette and Paul were very good people and friends. Paul was an incredibly funny guy and helped me quite a bit. It was rare to not see him with a smile or impish grin. I had a very big “assignment” to Method 9 word clear DMSMH – the Dianetics book, unaltered in the early 90’s and Paul Shobel & Peter Cook used to do that in their spare time until I finally got through it. I actually got quite a lot out of it from an OT viewpoint, despite it being more of a correction or punitive action.

  160. 200 feet is roughly equivalent to about 20 stories, though, right? The crew galley would account for one or two of those stories. That’s a lot of unaccounted-for space.

  161. Earlier this year the promo was on this website that management promises “guaranteed” that Superpower will be released in 2010. It’s Sept now and I haven’t forgotten this.

  162. Great — make sure you keep promoting it – but do charge a bit – the “pay it forward idea” is fantastic but keep in mind you will be burned out soon and THAT is in turn no good ofr anyone.
    also long time experince and trial has shown me that peoel do need ot spend money to get gains on any kind on any supject.
    BTW – German ha ??
    anyhow , your basic principle IS the way to go -not to expand SCN as such ( who care about that any how ?) but to make the ones who engage more able to achive their goals – whatever they might be!

  163. Omigod. If only this could be on a 18 ft screen directly across the street during the raising. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
    Thanks for reminding me of those lyrics. Jeff Hawkins should hire this guy for us.

  164. IS: You seem to have a reading/comprehension problem. You divined that Watching Eyes was never in Scientology? And don’t know who the “we” is that tenderly calls people wogs other than the gang of trolls that are paid to try and distract this blog.

  165. Thank You Mike!

  166. GaryO~I’m rollin over here! I can see you! 😉

  167. My thought exactly! I pictured crypts, dungeons, and secure vaults….

    If they take you down there, no-one will hear you scream…..

    Ugh. Now I feel like I want a lobotomy for those pictures!

    DM’s equivalent of Hitler’s bunker?

  168. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Can anybody confirm the veracity of the following being from LRH, and its source tape or writing? It sure sounds like Ron. In addition, it sounds TRUE to me in the sense he’s saying it here.


    “THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them. When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you. One way or another this individual is trying to control you. That is the mechanism of control. This individual is lying to you because he is trying to control you — because if they give you enough misinformation they will pull you down the tone scale so that they can control you. Conversely, if you see an impulse on the part of a human being to control you, you know very well that that human being is lying to you. Not “is going to,” but “is” lying to you.

    Check these facts, you will find they are always true. That person who is trying to control you is lying to you. He’s got to tell you lies in order to continue control, because the second you start telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control. So, you can’t control somebody without telling them a bunch of lies. You will find that very often Command has this as its greatest weakness. It will try to control instead of leading. The next thing you know, it is lying to the [illegible]. Lie, lie, lie, and it gets worse and worse, and all of a sudden the thing blows up.

    Well, religion has done this. Organized religion tries to control, so therefore must be lying. After a while it figures out (even itself) that it is lying, and then it starts down tone scale further and further, and all of a sudden people get down along this spring-like bottom (heresy) and say, “Are we going into apathy and die, or are we going to revolt?” And they revolt, because you can only lie to people so long.

    Unfortunately there is always a new cycle of lying.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard, ‘Technique 88’

  169. Gary/Jackson~always use the words “may” “perhaps” “usually” “can” …you obviously understand the drill!
    Good spot and you’re cracking me up with Flava Flave! Bwahahahahahahahha

  170. Thanks UD, didn’t find that news of it going belly up.
    I saw that about Irene – I knew her husband Jack. Irene’s father Leo Johnson is Sarge’s best buddy and was at WHQ and Int Base & ASI.

  171. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    I’m not in that “we” group. I typically never refer anybody as a wog unless, perhaps, they’re a drub (slave) who absent-mindedly obeys others without seriously deliberating and thinking for themselves first … the fruits of their labor.

    Oh where, oh where might there be slaves like this?

  172. Moon,
    Thanks – didn’t mean to put you in a spot, I know you are well meaning. I thought that’s what you meant and couldn’t really believe it.

    These hungry regges/piranhas omitted to tell you and the public still “in” that they reached the target of funds needed to build and furnish the Mecca some time ago. Someone posted the original target was in the 30 Million range and then it went up to the 70Ms in the late ’90s. Now they’ve gotten about 160M and they’re still regging for the Cross??? These guys make voracious piranhas look like goldfish! Vulture Culture indeed!

    Perhaps the funds will be used by the time the building opens in terms of several re-do’s due to Dear Leader just simply changing his mind and plans he had already approved. Tearing something down you have just built and rebuilding costs far more. LRH stated that Gold’s motto is: “Do it right the first time”. Dear Leader has altered that too!

  173. Jack,
    You guys just jogged my recall a bit. I remember looking at those plans – Pericles is correct. There are facilities at the basement for a huge galley and crew & officer’s dining room. At Flag, the Snr Officers, CMO, RTC, IAS & OSA get better food than the crew and outer org students. So there is a separate section of the galley for this different food and different allocation of funds to buy food per head. Within this space is an area where Dear Leader’s personal Chef could also work. The food would then be taken via elevator to a kitchenette at Dear Leader’s wing to be plated up and served in his own private dining room. There is no restriction of cost of food for Dear Leader’s cuisine while for crew at Flag it was about over a dollar per meal per head.. While in LA, food is purchased from the Beverly Hills Whole Food market on Crescent Drive.

  174. Agreed Martin,
    I wonder if the “Basics” in which the PDC is included is a prerequisite for recruits.

  175. theystolemychurch

    I really like you!!!!!!

  176. You know what? Why not?

  177. Paul Schobel was sent back to Oz around 2002 because his body was failing him and he could get medical care there. He passed away around 2007, as I recall. He was probably the most popular person ever to serve at the Int base. Even RTC staff could not help but like him and they were ordered by you know who not to demonstrate any friendliness to any lower org staff. (Unbelievable, I know, but true.) He was never RPFed after GAT, though he was in deep shit after the Lisa McPherson tragedy in 1995. He came back from Flag in disgrace. Several years later he got a heart bypass and then his bad kidneys did him in finally. In 1998 I was working on the Scn Dictionary project (again) and made up a definition of a thetan, just for him. Anyone who ever knew Paul Schobel would agree that this definition fits him to a T: thetan–someone who can’t be killed but deserves to be.
    Schoebs was one of a kind and I miss him something terrible every time I see his name mentioned.

  178. Interesting. Two observations:

    1. The actual number is 195 tech staff, and the rest admin (per the FLB ED). This is a “nit,” as they say.

    2. To take an 18 year old and train him or her from 0 to Class XII should take maybe a realistic 8-10 years, if done standardly and full time.

    3. I (respectfully) take exception to your 32 year time frame. In today’s CofM, using GAT, to take an 18 year old and train him or her from 0 to Class XII – can’t be done. I honestly think it cannot be done.

    So, where are the super power tech people? If Super Power will be done at all, it will be done by independents.

  179. plainoldthetan

    Thanks to all of your for pointing me in the right direction for completing the analysis. My original analysis presumed 100% of the recruits end up as the 500. That of course is absurd. You need to recruit 1000 18-year-olds to allow for the attrition due to health problems, malnutrition, overwork, disaffection, “poor studentitis”, the Hole, offloading, fitness boards, pregnancy, blows, and DM face-shredding and strangulation. That’s the only way to end up with something near 500 at the end of the race.

    That makes the blue-on-blue that Marty posted just so much sanctioned bald-faced lying.

    ‘Scuse me. I have to go check where FALSE HOPE is on the Awareness Characteristics. Isn’t it right next to DELUSION?

  180. You forgot to mention attendance is manditory!

  181. Jack, they couldn’t make a 150+ foot deep hole on that site without special ground freezing gear around the perimeter wall and massive pumps to keep the bottom dry – the water table is only 10 feet or so below ground there. Such an operation could not be hidden at all. Are you *sure* ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  182. SP’s cannot complete cycles of action. Super Power, Saint Hill Sized Orgs, Dianetics ads, over and over, what else?

  183. I just had a Major Congnition, not to be confused with a Major Wynn.

    Something is missing in all this. LRH constantly worked to undercut, and in the case of the SuperPower Rundown he undercut to find TR’s were out; he undercut some more and found a world out of comm, for which he developed the KTL (my favorite thing in all of Scn); he undercut some more and developed the Purif Rundown.

    That all sounds good, but there’s just one problem in all this. How do you undercut it so that it can be delivered? If this rundown has been stalled for 32 years, something’s been missed. Or another way to say it is, how can you develop the road to total freedom and not take into account that it has been blocked at the stop by an SP? Surely, Ron must have realized this was going to happen. Or did he? This is where I have a hard time being an indepedent scientologist versus an ex-scientologist.

  184. martyrathbun09

    Absolutes are unattainable. Scientologists losing site of this is perhaps the first step on the road to sheepdom. What works for your works for you. What you apply to others that works for them works for them. Glass half empty or half full? I can’t imagine having more tools with which to help people move on up a little higher, and higher, and higher.

  185. martyrathbun09

    You are right.

  186. Karen,
    Twice as a public within the church, I gained authorized access to confidential parishioner files. Once at AOLA, they allowed me in the PC folder ‘tank’ by myself to help them sort out the folders on the shelves.

    The other time was at Flag they lost my ethics folder and let me into the ethics folder storage room by myself for three days so I could hunt down my own folder.

    Both times, as a public parishioner, I had full access, without supervision, to who’s ever folders were in there.


  187. V, I agree with Karen. Its very good to see you back! You have been
    missed! I love the Twain quote “Denial ain’t a river in Egypt”. LOVE!!!!

  188. Yeah Scott, getting a total bullshit KR is like getting sucker punched with a turd pie. Thanks for the help! SPLAT!! PTOOOIE!

    I’ve witnessed up close a few ‘KR Wars’ between churchites where each KR gets longer and longer, more embellished, harsher, more manipulative, more CAPS, more underlining, more exclamation marks, CCed to more terminals, etc.

    I think it’s usually a foolish substitute for an inability or unwillingness to grant beingness and communicate.

  189. MajorWynn: KTL in it’s completed form was stalled for ages and basically NOTHING was missing. Except someone who could do the drawings properly I guess.

    I did the pilot and it was challenging because the figures were stick figures — you couldn’t really tell if the person was going TO or actually FROM 🙂

    I suspect that it’s taken 32 years for SuperPower because beings are exceedingly complex and love to take forever in meetings getting nothing done — add to that a lunatic running the show. 32 years is nothing. (if it gets released that soon)

    I doubt nothing is missing on the actual rundown. What is “missed” is the execution. And since SPs can’t execute anything except the execution of souls, well – use your imagination about when it will get delivered.

    As for being an ex-scientologist? How does one ACTUALLY do that? Purposely develop amnesia regarding your “favorite thing” KTL?

    Why put yourself in a box labeled – EX or the other box – labeled Independent Scientologist?

    Just be you. Doing that you’ll move up higher and higher.

    Boxes don’t tend to grow – except to get moldy 🙂 🙂


  190. Caveat — Actually SPs can’t execute souls either — they just try to.

    And spend more time on that endeavor than anything else.

    So – nothing gets accomplished in the physical world …


  191. In 1999 I became friends with an senior exec from the Feshbach’s investment company at the time. She told me that their fund at the time peaked at over 2 billion dollars and started crashing uncontrollably, losing 1 billion of those dollars within a year.

    She said the Feshbachs were going apeshit crazy frantic and couldn’t stop the losses. A lot of clients were royally pissed off.

    I personally know of one start-up company in which they invested a million bucks of cold hard cash. That Church-member company subsequently tanked and they lost it all.

    That was AFTER receiving super power.

    Magicians! Able to make money disappear. Wow.

  192. Tara, right on! There is no integrity among thieves.

  193. IS ,you don’t know the meaning of Independent.

  194. Hmmmm…Super Power release can finally be scheduled!


    Let me add that into my calendar, with a reminder.

  195. One time at Flag, David Light gave me as a reason that I should pay him money: “If you pay this money, it’ll put me over the top and I’ll be awarded a gold Rolex.”

    I swear this is not a joke and is absolutely true.

  196. I heard DM is having some special flying pigs made, so he can release them during this ceremony. They will have RTC uniforms on and will be trained in special Pig TRs where their gaze will be like cold chrome steel.

  197. Another idea is for him to rent a King Kong costume and climb up the side of the building carrying the cross on his back. He could erect it and then whip off the fake head and reveal to all that it was HE that had to carry the cross and get it done!

  198. I seem to remember that statement as originally being attributed to genuine Flag-trained auditors from the early seventies on the Apollo, if I’m not mistaken. I think it’s just a lie to say that it was Super Power auditors being referred to.

    But hey, what’s another alteration of L. Ron Hubbard’s words? No big deal. Maybe no one will notice. Have those flying pigs arrived yet?

  199. I was a shill at a Wise convention one time. They arranged it with me before the event to stand up at certain cues and donate in order to increase others’ donations, in a ‘polite’ manner of taunting.

  200. David from England

    Raising a cross over Mecca – I don’t know who should be more offended, the Christians or the Muslims. Either way, the imagery is terrible, and shows what a deaf ear the Co$ has for other people’s faiths.

  201. Could be the command center for DMs personal underground labyrinth of high speed tunnels, so he can pop up unexpected in any Flag Land Base building.

  202. It’s changed to 2042 I believe.

  203. I’ve listened to these tapes several times. What you have here is accurate.

  204. As I’ve stated before on this blog, I’ve been out of the loop as to what’s been going on in the CO$ since 1973 until I started reading the internet. So, this Super Power stuff is totally new to me.
    So, after reading this latest, dumb-ass piece of promo, my first thoughts were,” brilliant! DM has figured out a way to offend and piss-off the greatest number of people in one fell swoop.”
    Christians will certainly be offended by the cross raising ceremony and Muslims will surely be offended by the “Mecca” reference.
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  205. Sinar,
    Thanks, you right! when I was in the only thing I knew is that I was not happy with my progress.

  206. Independent Scientologist

    Just last night I read in Marc Headley’s book about the delivery of Superpower on a pilot sort of basis to Matt Feshbach and some other public, I think back in the 2002 timeframe.

    Sounds like they had figured out a way to do this without all of the technical gadgetry currently envisioned, or the need for scads of Class XII auditors.

    Is this an example of added inapplicable complexity on the part of DM? Or in this case is he actually following LRH’s advices on how to properly deliver the rundown?

    Ron Matlock

  207. I also thought it was weird that Laurie was now a reg because she had just been my solo C/S on either OT 7 or 8, I forgot.

  208. What’s funny too is that in one LRH advanced lecture he talks about the black rock in the center of Mecca in Saudi Arabia as being a manifestation of an old whole track implant station to trick people.

  209. Windhorse~You obviously popped out of the brilliant box! 🙂

  210. OTDT~OMG that’s freakin scary as hell!

  211. Not to mention how completely out of touch they are with the rest of the world and what the hell is going on out here.

  212. Marty, Mike,

    Another pat on the back for you guys:

    I got a call yesterday from a staff at an Ideal Org, wanted me to come in and look around. He said he was an OT V and a bit trained.

    I told him I didn’t live in that area, so was not his public. Then I had an ideal. Iasked him how the stats were. He said; “Really good!” I told him I might have a son who wants to be on staff. I asked him what the GI was averaging because I wondered if there was enough to pay him. He said; “We’re working on it. It is still a work in progress.” I said “not that good, eh?” He said; “we have a lot of handlings in place.” I asked him how many staff were there and he told me there were 65 staff in place, quite a few of them were at Flag training.

    I asked how many public were on course. He said “Quite a few”. He then told me, after I badgered him for specifics and he told me he wasn’t sure of the numbers, so he didn’t want to say. I kept pressing for stats, but he was good at hedging me and had done the STCC so I got a lot of no-answers.

    Then he told me that they were going for “Saint Hill Size.” I said “Is that being pushed?” He said “All Ideal Orgs are being pushed for Saint Hill Size and we are going to get the Universe Corps so we can all go all the way up the bridge once they make 5X.” I said “Wow, that’s for real?” He assured me it is being pushed and “a lot of the stats are at 1X now” which tells me what the stats are. Nothing.

    They had 130 staff at their Grand Opening and now down to half of that. The rest must have been transferred away.

    But the fun news is that the monster is definitely dancing to your beat now. They are moving on the Mecca and now working on St Hill Size. But the dance he is doing is the Boogaloo because it is not going to happen with his sticky taped “management” and is therefore insincere. So the last dance will be the demise of the monster himself.

    ML Tom

  213. Mobile Implant Station

  214. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Nor the meaning of “spirit”! Truly you do not have a clue as to what a free/independent spirit is. “IS”, you are amongst the “slaves” that must obey their “master”. Geeee…. I wonder who that is? Does he where tight t-shirts with epaulettes?

  215. The enormous cross atop Mecca will make a handy place to afix a ‘Rudolph the Ramadan Reindeer’ streaming a banner that welcomes ‘Nation of Islam Study Tech Crusaders!’

    Seriously, there are so many truly bothersome issues this post brings up for me. The most blatant is the massive fixation so many have on getting that not-yet-but-almost released rundown or level or grade or status that will finally fix me, make me happy, let me relax my guard and just effortlessly ‘be’ without having to take any moment-to-moment responsibility for anything or even pay that much attention to what’s going on around me.

    On the open market they call that Xanax.

    The Church of Scientology no longer delivers ‘knowing how to know’ to those who want to become more able. It now seeks addicts who desperately want to be anesthetized.

    Just Me

  216. Tara,
    I am a local who dat fan!! I will keep trying to get in comm. with you. I have been in the independant field for almost a year and I need comm lines. I dont post here but I read all the articles and blogs and it has helped me to decompress and start a new life along with the auditing I have been getting from Trey Lotz in LA. Please send an email to kye@hush.com

  217. Thanks Tom.

    Boy, that is impressive: “a lot of the stats are at 1X now.” By definition, that means exactly the same as they were and by definition that is Emergency and therefore contracting through attrition. Boy, something to be proud of.

    You know I suggested to someone the other day who had recieved a recruitment pitch to join staff in the “original, pilot” Idle Org (Buffalo) that they respond just the same way you did (“yes, I am very interested, but for FP purposes I need to know how much I will get paid and how well the org is deoing delivery wise and how much I can expect to pay in rent in the local area etc etc?”). The recruiter suddenly clammed up and said she could not disclose information on email or phone! Confirmation that Buffalo (the “model” Idle Org) isnt doing so great with the incredible, super duper Fully Automated Robot TV (FART) Div 6 and the massively successful Golden Age of Knowledge/Tech/Alter-Is that are the backbones of Dear Leader’s Idle Org buy a spiffy building “strategy.” Imagine that?

  218. Carol: As I said, he/she has a reading/comprehension problem…

  219. Kye~Hi again. I have emailed you at your given addy each time you ask but never hear back. I’ll give it a who dat try one more time!

  220. Jean-François Genest

    Yes Ann, it is indeed ATROCIOUS the amount of time it takes to go up The Grade Chart in the Sea Org since DM is there. In the late 60’s & in the 70’s with LRH around, SO Members just zipped up The Bridge.

  221. Major,
    You might study up on a ‘hidden standard’. It’s one of those fascinating li’l buggers that, fully understood and applied can make the difference between day and no ‘wynn’.

  222. WH,
    Would consider you as one of the sharpest tools in the box. Started a KTL pilot and got halfway before one of Dear Leader’s crunches of all production, no sleep, no study came about in ’82. As you say, it was very rough with no pictures and copies of xerox copies to Method 9 word clear. About a year later and another twin, I finally finished the KTL pilot.

    There used to be an R(LRH) artist unit at the Int base (and before at WHQ) including Arthur Hubbard, Andre Clavel and several others. They worked on the illustrations for the book. This unit was moved to Pac in the early 80’s. From what I understand, they were not good enough for Dear Leader’s quality standards and so the illustrations were farmed out to Disney artists to result in the expensive KTL book, whereupon all Int Base staff had to do this course, irregardless if they did the pilot. Needless to say it was much smoother and had more content. LOC was compiled and released about the same time and special delivery teams put together and trained in the early 90’s. Had heard from guys who got out later than me that both KTL and LOC were under review to be altered as Dear Leader isn’t happy with the results of graduates from those courses, that perhaps what one discovers as one’s calling on LOC does not fit with what he wants – sheeple.

    Thus it took over a decade to get the “undercut to Superpower” out and after about 2 decades, on top of that Superpower is not out. So the conclusion to this seems to be what Mike has stated:
    …”The master is at work once again, he patented the scam with making every org Ideal for OT IX and X and now he has a good one for Super Power too.”…

  223. Ron M,
    You: “Or in this case is he actually following LRH’s advices on how to properly deliver the rundown?”

    Now THAT’S hilarious. Ha, hee, hee, snork, raaalph, (oops I barfed thinking about DM ‘following LRH’ anything).

  224. Dan,
    My sentiments exactly, you could not put it in better words!

  225. Just Me,
    Thank you for that. Toooo funny 🙂

  226. Thanks Mike.

    I guess they way they work it is they have to be at some irreducible minimum on stats and then they go for the 5.4X. Of course he had to squirrel that too because there was no mention of that by LRH, at least that I know of. The way it was figured when we were in orgs was to 5.4X where you were at when the birthday game came out. At that time orgs were in a lot better shape and LRH figured 5.4X would get them to the make-break point. Now, Dear Leader has to compensate for the “below the lowest bedrock of the deepest part of the briny sea” stats and probably gave them minimum standard stats to meet and then 5.4X from there. Actually the staff member told me 5X, not 5.4X.

    Re: Buffalo. From what I have been told over the last year by several sources, Buffalo is an ongoing flap with Tampa. I heard someone say Buff is a “Mission Burner” and Missionaires meet their Waterloo there.

    And the beat goes on.

    ML: Tom

  227. Just Me said -“The Church of Scientology no longer delivers ‘knowing how to know’ to those who want to become more able. It now seeks addicts who desperately want to be anesthetized.”

    Finally! A public it can truly deliver to!


  228. Independent Scientologist

    I was looking for just that next rundown/service/grade and found it.

    It turned out to be “Wising up and leaving the Church of Scientology.”

    Still blowing charge and having wins on that one.

  229. OTDT
    Thank you for pointing out that the Priest/Penitent “Privilege” is a complete fraudulent phrase used to not surrender folders when public or a law suit demand them.

    Every time an FESer post changes, a new FESer reads through the folders. Every time through the years of the bridge, New D of Ps, new D of Ps for interviews, new rotating CSes and so on access the folders.
    When Jeff Walker (who was Senior CS Flag) would leave the Flag Land Base for ANY reason, (to go to INT, to take an annual leave etc.) I covered as Senior CS of the entire Flag Land Base from my post as Class XII CS.
    I frequently had CMO messengers in my CS office demanding folders.
    Furthermore, having had exact instructions from Warren McShane when I worked at OSA on what to search for in pc folders of someone no longer in the cult,

    My name is Karen de la Carriere, I was formerly Karen Jentzsch, the mother of Heber Jentzsch’s only child Alexander Jentszsch, that the cult has set up against me in a disconnection. The Dirty Little Secret coming soon……

  230. Helmut, it is wonderful that you care. There were reasons to do it like that. I tried to keep the message above concise and did not tell all the ideas connected with it. If you are interested, write me a mail and I’ll tell more.

  231. No, it’s not. I happen to know that if you FedEx them your check book and all your credit cards, you don’t even have to show up.

  232. The Sermon in which he used a lot of Scientology words, the Sunday prior to the BIG Tuesday meeting, when all will be revealed. If you remember his last line was “We don’t care about buildings, especially Big Fancy ones.
    Our intention is to improve ourselves, and have no care for buildings,
    We are working on our Spirt and self betterment”

    I always felt that was a direct and not too subtle dig against D.M.

    All of Dave’s attention is on making these gaudy buildings and no care for the betterment of his staff, let alone his troube of millionaire and billionaires…

  233. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Cool!!! I’ll be 92!!! W@oooH@oooo!!!!!!!!

  234. Tara, I agree. WH is wisdom with a smile!

  235. Mike , right on. Thanks Mike

  236. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Does rapidity of BS particle flow constitute power? If so DM is nuclear!

  237. Anybody up for a game of Wack-aA-Mole?

  238. Thank you Sinar
    David Miscavige has a personal Chef.
    Personal hair dresser, personal make up artist, personal computer guy,
    personal valet, personal speech writer, etc etc etc etc
    Does he have an unlimited FP budget for the procurement of his Beverly Hills groceries purchased by Sea Org members who drive to Beverly Hills on Sea Org MINISTER time for the “religion” they signed up for ?

    Have any DM Personal Chefs hit the RPF for years or been shipped to Australia for serving a meal that was not to DM’s taste ?

    One wonders if he beats, punches, assaults spits on his personal staff as well…..

  239. See, that’s what I was saying earlier and got too clever with my analysis. I’ll give you credit for the point getting across. Bonus points for the IRS acronym too! LOL

    BTW, Wayne, I figured out how DM is going to get around that tricky EP thing: Omit the Ethics section of Super Power. He’ll just pawn it off on KTL & LOC or something, claim they were part of the original line-up. His products, should they ever arise, will be Valuble Income Generators who have no excuse for not hearing their phone ring or reading the promo sent to them by Mecca: The End All-Be All of your hard earned CASH.

  240. Ron M.
    One or two public is one thing, en masse to the public is another. Not to mention we don’t know what he’s doing. It could be anything from “LRH exact specifications” to “DM’s albatross gadgetry ad infinitum” and we won’t know until… wait for it… the Super Power Building is COMPLETE! And it’s HOW LONG over due?
    PS: We met once in Austin. Doubt if you remember me, but thought I’d say “Hi!” You have others out in the field glad to see you here, by the way.

  241. Mike~I’m sorry (not really) but I just can’t help it (of course I can). I just have to say
    Buffalo FART one time real loud! Bwahahaha 🙂

  242. That’s very interesting Joe. But it doesnt sound like anything Ron would do. Wouldnt the process just involve the PC mocking up or putting his attention on these perceptics and running them like that?
    I freaked out when I saw the “implant” chair in the Flag magazine a couple of years ago. Is that the equipment you help build? I am very curious to know more about it. Not invalidating your obviously impressive work but I would like to hear details.

    1998, DM got the CST guys onto creating all the sexy equipment for the Perception Rd (the 10th rundown of the 12) most of which no pc will ever see. On the Perception Rundown you assess the 57 perceptics and the reading ones you audit out any charge connected with that perceptic and then you do drills related to it which are basically putting your attention on the perceptic and taking your attention off it. The effects are mind blowing and some fantastic abilities turn on with these drills. But, as I say, most pcs receiving the rundowns won’t read on most of the perceptics and so will never see all this ‘super cool’ equipment that Russ Bellin and Co. got built.

  243. 😉 Excuse Me.

  244. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Marty, you are so right! Your viewpoint in life is essential to survival. “Glass half empty or half full” determines how well you survive spiritually. If most of your viewpoints are negative then that’s where your tone level and thus survival will go – to succumb. If your viewpoint is positive then you will survive that much better.

    It’s your postulate, MajorWynn.

    KTL was/is still my greatest win for me. I once heard a win on that course that if did not do the KTL course then you truly could not duplicate LRH. Meaning his Tech and such.

    Communication IS the biggest part of ARCU! So, MajorWynn, is it true for you that the ONLY thing in Scientology (LRH’s not DM’s) that you gained from is KTL? Scientology is KTL! Knowing how to know! If you got any GAT tech then I would understand your viewpoint because it was given to you with lies attached (DM’s version of Scientology). I would recommend that you get a hold of earlier unaltered LRH materials and use your KTL knowledge and see if you gain other wins also. 🙂


  245. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    You had to let that one rip, didn’t you? Now even Jim’s cat is gonna pass Buffalo FARTs!

  246. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    ‘Rudolph the Ramadan Reindeer’ – MWYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    My god you are precious!!! 🙂

  247. GaryO~Mike has just nailed it so succinctly into the Purrrrfect acronym! Being a mission/div6er for so long…it indicates immensely, in case you couldn’t tell! 🙂

  248. The apple does not fall far from the tree…

    DM is a liar, an evil dude, a master maniplator and a king of the dog and pony shows need i say more

    and his followers are following suit

    sad but true

    he will go down in a blaze of glory but he will be remembered by the non scientologist all of the above

  249. “…because the second you start telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control.”-LRH

    I love that line because that’s what we’ve been doing here is toughening Scientologists. Just what the doctor ordered.

  250. MW, One idea put around ESMB etc. to invalidate the subject is that Scientology must be so self contained that any meddling with it by an SP should easily expunged by means of the existence of the tech itself, almost immediately. If you take someone in session, and a third person walks in and demands all sorts of weird processes be run on the PC with a gun to your head, you wouldn’t blame the tech for messing up the PC. It’s no different with the altering of the OEC tech. What’s not ack’d is that:
    a. We’re IP on handling it. You putting up an arbitrary time frame like five minutes or 20 years for the tech to fix itself isn’t necessarily fair.
    b. Using enough effort and force to push things through is part of the tech. If you think that’s not legitimate then bring it to the other extreme and see how that would work. Besides, there’s the quote on courage etc. That’s a tech because it’s isolated as a Why.

    What you should do is state you’re an ex-scientologist, don’t play around with it. You made it very clear you’re an ex-scientologist but you didn’t state that. Just state it so we have the right context for your future posts.

  251. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Thanks OTDT. I just got a hold of the “Technique 88” audios and have been listening to them. Along with the learning, I want to find the exact audio this statement is on.

  252. Karen,
    I had to drive myself to buy those foods – was told it took 3 people to replace me when I left. Those who took over for me also have left.

    Omitted from your list are: Chiropractor, Laundress, chauffeur.

  253. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Exactly, Boyd H.

  254. Tampa and Buff, that’s true. All DM has to do is keep a handful of these early ideal orgs running strong and his cred would be way up. He can’t though, because HCO PL GOODWILL applies. More than 80% of new public come in by word of mouth brought about through in-tech. Public stay away in droves from squirrel orgs. No way around that through missionaire forcefullness.

  255. Ok, Boyd, I’ll bite. What’s an ex-Scientologist? And what’s a Scientologist? Just your words, no quotes. And how do you tell the difference?

    Just so I have the right context for your future posts.

    Just Me

  256. Hey Karen,
    That’s terrible on the disconnection from your son. That policy by itself is destructive, completely misused and of course used harmfully by Big Cheese Miscavige, probably with relish. A lot of Scientologists actually disagree with it but on the inside they blindly and robotically go along with it so they don’t get in trouble and also many have lost the ability to totally think for themselves, haven’t they?

    I know who you are from your postings and stories here and what others have posted about you. I first saw Heber in San Francisco in 1973 when he showed up and performed the Old Blue dog song.

    We had a visit from his wife at the time, too, Yvonne. She spoke at the org staff meeting and she was so amazingly gracious and high ARC!

    I knew Jeff Walker too, from ’76 at Flag. He had a grey sweatshirt on and I didn’t have a clue who he was. Had a five minute comm cycle with him, consisting of me asking him a question and him yelling in my face for the remaining four minutes and fifty-five seconds. Ha ha ha.

    I was a greenhorn trainee at the time and by god I was gonna write a KR on him! I was looking for carbon paper when someone talked me out of it, saying I wouldn’t live long if I KRed Jeff Walker. I heard he was great at the tech, though.

    A few days later I brought some folders into his office and although I expected him to tear my head off, he was fine. I figured maybe he just had a bad day. Ha ha.

  257. Ha ha ha! I’ll be 90.

    Or more than likely maybe about 10.

  258. That would be current and former. I think it’s clear. What’s your question?

  259. TroubleShooter

    I’m soooooo sorry to hear about Paul. Both Paul and Bernadette hugely impacted the lives of 100s and 100s of SO and Class V staff members and both loved and respected dearly. I nearly cried when I saw Bernadette in the kitchen moving dishes about with no more smile on her face.

    I’m sorry for the loss and grateful for the news as I’ve wondered for years whatever happened to him and if he was well. He did the most kickass why finding on me that opened up the subject of Scientology for me to view from a place I’d never expected to find especially doing that action.

    What the hell did he have to be disgraced about!? So was EVERYONE who lived and breathed on the Base when that disaster occurred get squashed?


  260. As Miscavige is not learned and only has existed in a Church enviroment he does use the words and wordings of Scientology. It is what he knows. The thing is he is using them in his own twisted way.

  261. Thought Provoking


    Makes me wonder what kind of PR line DM gives them regarding their children and life in the SO. According to Mark Headly, Matt’s daughter was in the hole, not sure when she go out or if she is still there. I can’t imagine that he’d still be forking out the dough if he knew what DM did to those in the hole.


  262. It also used to be called the “Home of Audited NOT’s”.

  263. Now it is called the “Home of Audited NUTS” to be brief.

  264. His assessment is rather accurate you say? Really, with all due respect I don’t think so.

  265. But it happened did it not? Just this weekend past that the cross was put in place atop the Super Power building? I live in New Jersey so it would have been highly impractical if at likely that I would have been the one lucky enough to have filmed and then webbed this event possibly on YouTube?

    I looked all over YouTube and could not find any footage of this alleged 6 hour event. Is there any?

  266. I lived in Clearwater for 3 years.I could see the Fort Harrison out of my hall window. The people next door always had “IN SESSION” signs on their front door because they were on their SOLO NOT’s and OT’s and Pre-OT’s came and went from their house like a river.

    I may have seen DM and not recognized him and vice versa because I had not heard of DM until around 2002 even though I did my first course when I was 18.

    I had to walk past the Fort Harrison at least 4 times a day, every day to get to where I was going and I worked right across the street from the FH in the Gray Moss Inn before it was knocked down to make way for the Super Power building.

    But I don’t want to throw spears at DM. Everyone has faults and if this BLOG is here it should be obvious perhaps that “someone, somewhere” is hip, know what I mean?

  267. A couple of years back some guy who is OT VIII came to my house with a very bad intention to silence me because I had written something negative {and unfortunately for the church true and accurate} that OSA in NYC sent him out to discuss with me.

    I am not saddened to say that the man was taken to court {by me} for whatever it was that he claims he was doing at my house that day and not too long after that the mission he owned in Elizabeth, New Jersey AND the one in Teaneck, New Jersey both of them closed.

    Bad news for Scientology I suppose.

    From a Scientology point of view, could this guy, this OT VIII and his wife {OT VII} could they possibly be 2 of the 500 the church is looking for?


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