Daily Archives: September 14, 2010

To Tom Cruise from David Miscavige with Love

The following are a few shots of one of the many ostentatious gifts David Miscavige lavished upon his idol Tom Cruise. 

This is but an auxiliary office adjoining Cruise’s airplane hangar. 

It was conceived, designed and constructed with slave Sea Org labor and crafstmanship.

It was presented to Tom, with love, from Dave as his best friend.

Hey Sargio, ole buddy!  I got a question for you.  As you know during the last five years of L Ron Hubbard’s life David Miscavige was posted as Chairman of the Board of Author Services, Inc (ASI).   ASI’s only purpose was to provide personal, domestic, financial and business services and support to LRH.  This, of course, was the period of time Diamond Dave was trying to teach you to burn twenty-dollar bills in ashtrays at one of Los Angeles’ most swank restaurants.  Perhaps you could provide us a comparison between the office facilities Miscavige provided to LRH during his last five years versus what he has bestowed upon his movie star friend.