Daily Archives: September 18, 2010

The world is leaving Scientology behind

Interesting how the more inclusive and empathic we become the more it seems to shake up and stir misemotion and divisivenes in some.  Aside from the trolls and OSA agents on our fringes, there are some who purport to be “independent Scientologists” who express a very narrow minded and intolerant view of those who do not march lock-step with the Scientology world view.

L Ron Hubbard was truly ahead of his time in many respects.  Unfortunately, for whatever reasons that could be debated for many lifetimes, his ideas were monopolized in a zealotous religious context that has resulted in Scientology being left in the dust by great minds. 

The following video presentation is a great example.  The fantastic “recent” discovery outlined in its opening few minutes I just listened to LRH detail fifty-eight years ago in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course.  Of course, he did so using his own terms and nomenclature.  So, what is a Scientologist (of the church variety) programmed to do?   Sneer in contempt because the the author of the video speaks in terms of “hard wiring” and relates it to mental health concepts of brain development instead of the timeless, immortal mind as descibed by LRH.  Sit back, arms tightly folded in arrogance, asserting an air of haughty rightness, gnashing his teeth contemplating the hopeless wrongness of the author.  In protest and to solidify that rightness and other-wrongness, he maybe takes a second morgtage on his home to donate another twenty-five grand to IAS, thinking it will be used to bust a couple psychs somewhere.  And in the interim, those many intelligent and caring minds (of whatever sciences and disciplines) move ahead trying to solve the very same problems Hubbard tried to solve thinking, with a great deal of justification, Scientologists are insular cultists with nothing to contribute.

I say “wake up”, read, investigate, discover, communicate.

Integrate or disintegrate.