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Super Ponzi – Miscavige Speaks

Ok, the ante has now been upped. 

Here is the vetted transcript of Miscavige’s response, internally, to the St Pete Times’ 2006 story about the Super Power building delays.  Vetted by Miscavige’s secretarial pool to delete the long string of foul, abusive language, and to put “[  ]” where MCPHERSON CASE was uttered.  

And you thought Mike, Tom, and I were kidding about the groundbreaking  being done at Miscavige’s order solely for the purpose of diverting attention from the McPherson case?

How about his intent to “create as big a mess right next to City Hall as possible” by buying up and prettying up as many buildings as possible in downtown Clearwater?  And note that all of the construction and renovations is aimed at proving things are flourishing and prospering for PR purposes — no intention to get the Super Power building done so any delivery can occur.  This is why the city has such a  jaundiced view of the white elephant Super Power building still sitting there incomplete. Tens if not hundreds of millions have been spent on other properties while the white elephant grows mildew — all projects that began years after the “Mecca building.”

How about his frothing contradictions: the St Pete Times are writing to his public, then in the next breath it is the anti-Scientology public?

How about his thinly veiled, and suppressed, rock slam on the terminal Joe Childs (Managing Editor of the St Petersburg Times)?

How about his oft-heard complaint about anything that is delayed “you have forced me to do it because you are incompetent [though I will not approve anything you send me so you cannot possibly get anything done] and now I am so overloaded doing everyone else’s job that it is impossible for me to get it done.  So, that’s proof YOU delayed it.” (While the latest submission has been sitting in his office for 6 months untouched). 

Incidentally, if anyone has been ripped off for plenty on the Super Ponzi in recent years – and wants to do something about it – please email me.


May 7, 2006 (1:40 pm)


 RE: st. pete times—yours of may 6, 2006


  Let me tell you the problem with this: A complete delay on completing cycles of action in Clearwater. Flourish and Prosper is the way to go.

 You forget that back in `98 with all the [__] stuff going on, I made sure the building got announced. It squashed things for a while—even with the criminal case.

 All of this does come down to just crap execution on construction planning and so forth.

 In other words, even though you don’t think so, the main priority is to get the renos done on these different buildings. Everything from the Hacienda and the Sherwood (so they look like the best apartment houses in town—which they will), to the Oak Cove (and create as big a mess right next to City Hall as possible), to the Mecca getting rolling, to the FH.

 Putting in a call to Joe Childs is a virtual waste of time. I don’t know who these people in the St. Pete Times are writing to, but they obviously think they are writing to our public. What would any local person give a damn about a piloting of a Super Power rundown? They wouldn’t. So it’s become quite clear: The St. Pete Times is not trying to inform their readers (there’s not a Christian in town who would give a damn about that article) and they must think they’re just writing for the anti-Scientology crowd. That is who they are writing to.

 The answer is to actually start getting some dones on the expansion. And, as far as filling the vacuum with these guys, you have some new op on always using external public. Most of Ben’s answer is he “refuses to talk about it.” I don’t know a goddamn thing that’s confidential about the Super Power in terms of people training or whatever. And so some mystery is being created and there’s just 1.1 lines from Farley on this.

 The big withhold is that Int has stalled the construction so much and still has it completely over to me. Your handling is no handling. I could think one up with Joe, but why bother. Why don’t you?