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David Miscavige and David Lubow – My own Frankenstein monsters

One of the reasons I call Dave Lubow Lil’ Dave or Mini-Dave is that historically he is brought in in times of desperation for David Miscavige when Black Ops are called for in his mind.   For many years we made a conscious effort to keep a tight reign on investigations so that no felonies were committed or overly aggressive actions were taken that might indicate we had adopted or condoned the Black Ops days of the GO. That was for survival reasons, since the public and courts had been given a heavy dose of Guardian’s Office Black Ops through the release of tens of thousands of documents by the DC Federal District Court in the late seventies.

But, when Miscavige’s own goose was being cooked, and his demands for retalitation and silencing became overpowering, and post removals became imminent, we brought in Dave Lubow.  Lubow is a creep to be sure.  But, he is a perfect 1.1 which is  qualification number one for a spy or Black Ops operative.  In many ways he is the perfect duplicate of Miscavige himself. That is, clueless when it comes to fundamental human virtues like love and forgiveness and empathy.  But utterly ruthless and devilishly clever when it came to manipulation, black propaganda, and destroying lives by any means necessary.

His first major assignment was to infiltrate the Las Vegas crowd in the early nineties. Miscavige was obsessed with Terri Gamboa, former Commodore’s Messenger and ED Author Services Inc.  Lubow lead a double – or triple or quadruple – life in Las Vegas, California and Australia during that op that lasted for several years.  Lubow lived with and befriended the Gamboas, the Gradys, Mark Fisher and others while doing all he could to pursuade them not to attack Miscavige. 

When Bob Minton of Lisa McPherson Trust fame had his attorneys on the verge of putting Miscavige square into the middle of the McPherson case (where he firmly belonged) Mike Rinder and I were personally assigned by Miscavige to  run Lubow on a no-expenses-spared international operation to  cave Minton by threatening his money.   Lubow created a number of identities, trotted around the globe creating a web of third party about Minton to the point where we actually had a large portion of Minton’s money frozen in a Swiss bank account.  Unfortunately for Minton, and regardless of his later humanitarian motives, his fortune was in fact amassed by less than ethical means. 

By that time – early 2000s, Lubow had made so much money committing overts on behalf of Miscavige that it became relatively easy to convinced him to begin taking Scientology courses and auditing – with the not so subtle hint that because of the nature of his work he could not be trusted unless he was firmly on board.  Considering himself a “Scientologist” (Miscavige style) created the perfect terrorist.  A man with absolutely no scruples when came to taking out Miscavige’s enemies by any means necessary.  A black ops specialist on a radical religious mission.

Since I do not have large Swiss bank accounts nor the backing of well-heeled enemies of Scientology to draw upon, Lubow’s tactics with respect to me are different. 

Miscavige had Lubow steer clear of me for a year and one half, correctly reasoning that I was not susceptible to either of  the only two missiles in Miscavige’s arsenal – pressure to the point of caving, followed by pay off.  Instead he had Lubow concentrate for months on those close to me – Mike Rinder, each and every one of my pc’s and pre-OTs.  Bless each and every one of their hearts, not a one caved and turned.  And so, quite naturally Miscavige and Lubow (the spineless cowards that they are) are now targetting Monique Rathbun.

It is the worst of the tormented world between the ears of David Miscavige.  Miscavige’s psychotic obsession with breaking up 2D relationships combined with his favorite Black Ops specialist.

So far, aside from rekindling and strengthening a number of old, local friendships of mine  that had sort of gone dormant during my 20 months of whistleblowing, Dave Lubow and the Black Ops Squad, on behalf of Dave Miscavige, did the following recently:

a) Surveilled Mosey’s ex-husband’s (a man whom I have never met)  home and photographed his current wife coming and going, third partied his ex-wife to the point where he felt compelled to defend her.

b) Told Mosey’s current associates that her ex-husband had her surveilled during their divorce several years ago  (before Mosey ever knew me).  A manufactured LIE, creating bonds between Mosey’s past and present associates.

c) Told Mosey’s associates about my mother’s suicide nearly fifty years ago, along with the rest of the Freedom Mag and anti-Marty sites material, and warned there is every reason to worry about Mosey’s well-being with me.

d) Expressed the intention (threatened) to contact Mosey’s immediate family with the same litany.


e)  Said that there is reason to question the validity of the marriage of Mosey and I.  Specifically claiming that Michael J Rinder is not a “legitimate minister”.

Now, you’ve probably heard many stories about Miscavige’s obsession with breaking up 2D couples.  I am not the first he did it to while in the church and then continued to pursue it after I left.  I am privy to documentation that he spent months and huge sums of church parishioner donations trying to break up Marc and Claire Headley after they left the church (something he attempted to do to them for years while they were inside the church). 

 Miscavige has Mini-Dave challenging the validity of our legally performed and certified marriage.  Pursuant to the Cold War era intelligence tech he operates on,  Miscavige simply spreads the lie, full well knowing  it is a lie.

Now, I’ve been waiting for the appropriate moment to share this.  Mosey and I never intended to have a big, public wedding (here it is in the event you missed it, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/back-in-the-saddle/) .  There was really one reason for being so overt about it. And Miscavige’s latest psychotic behavior serves as the perfect prompter to say why that occurred. That is line 23b of the marriage certificate, which asks for the name and title of the person performing the ceremony.  The answer in bold print is, MICHAEL J. RINDER, MINISTER OF INDEPENDENT CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY. That certificate has long-since been signed, sealed and delivered by the Clerk of the Pinellas County Florida Court to us in Texas. It is the first of a number of precedents being put in place to establish the absurdity and futility of Miscavige attempting to use COMMERCIAL law to dictate who may or may not refer to themselves as Scientologists.

Our marriage is a legal, certified FACT.  But, love is a far stronger bond than any authority can acknowledge or bestow. No matter how many PI’s little Hitler hires to spread no matter how much black propaganda to no matter how many people he will not change those FACTS.  All he accomplishes by doing so is to alienate people (and boy are they creeped out by Miscavige’s crew).   

That Miscavige is reduced to such childish tactics, demonstrates three things in my estimation:

a) He remains fixated on personal destruction of peoples’ second dynamics.

b) He is one of those low-life terrorists you see in the movies; you know, the ones that grab the protagonist’s wife and puts a knife to her throat when his back is to the wall.

c) He does not have the balls to challenge the legal FACT that his agents claim is not a fact.  What he doesn’t understand is that when he has Mini-Dave do that to an audience that has not been made captive (kool aid drinkers) he not only strengthens the bond he seeks to break, he makes enemies by the dozens.

Do not get me wrong, I am not complaining. One reaps what one sews. I helped to create these monsters. 

I think all I can do now is to do what I can to bring about as-isness to that creation. 

So, I’ll continue with attempting to impart truths as it is truth that brings about as-isness.

Memo to the two Daves:

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. – Bible, New Testament, 1 John 4:18

In case you can’t wrap your wits around that one, a simpler memo to Dave (s):