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More on independent thought and Scientology

One of the first things I read upon my introduction to Scientology was the essay Personal Integrity (taken from a tape transcript, excerpts from which I am sure I posted many months ago).   Even though I did some very unkind and irrational things under the culture of culthood that Church “management” had morphed into, I always studied Scientology and any other subjects with the LRH advice I received initially in Personal Integrity in mind. 

Now, in the cult culture Personal Integrity has been cancelled tacitly with an atomic branding iron for some time now.  Since LRH wrote and taped so many words critics can have, and still have, a field day with pointing out apparent contradictions.  And Miscavige has had a field day creating a cult by focusing solely on out of context lines that seem to justify his atrocious hatred for humanity and mission to make the TECH unworkable.

The final word by L Ron Hubbard on how to study TECH and the OEC (Policy) volumes is to assimalite it all, become adept at using it toward a POSITIVE RESULT and then after a while one will be able to simply “play the piano”  with it; that is use it naturally toward POSITIVE RESULTS without having to remember individual lines to justify or direct one’s making of music.

Miscavige has created the perfect CULT by continually violating HCO PL Tech Degrades and telling anyone who points out his off policy or out tech directions that that is “old”, “not used anymore”, or “background information.”  Whenever he gets in a bind during his mission to make the tech unworkable, and he can’t point to something out of context, he trumps it up with “advices” no one else has seen. 

Jeff Hawkins and Glenn Samuels did a great service  in my view  by putting into circulation among us the concepts of thought stopping.

I believe the church of Scientology under Miscavige’s iron fist has created a flock that does thought stopping day in and day out.  If they did not, there would be no flock.

I contend that state of affairs is anathema to the philosophy of Scientology.  Below, are the words of L Ron Hubbard uttered on 30 December 1957, in support of that proposition.  To me, these words are as true today as they were the day they were originally communicated.

In the first place, in the university, they teach only those things which have already been found out. And if you teach them in such a way that nobody is permitted to think on them evermore, you, of course, will get a totally dead-ended scientific world.  Well, the reason I bring that up is because we have a text here called Scientology 8-8008, and if you people think that I have the idea — of course, I can tell you how to achieve a result with a preclear — but if you think I have an idea that nobody ever ought to think on the subject of the mind, he merely ought to read this and bow down, boy, you better change your mind. I really mean it. I really mean it.

I will scold a staff auditor from departing from known procedure occasionally. I will. But only when he didn’t get away with it. Therefore, I give you this, a definition of auditing which some of you have heard before but not all: auditing is what you can get away with…

…Now, data is something one uses to think with. It isn’t thinking.  And when the data becomes a substitute for thinking we have frozen the whole forward progress of education.  A datum is something you think with; it is not a thought.  A definition is something with which to think…

…But anything which you must not touch and upon which you are not supposed to have any effect at all will sooner or later make you the unwilling or unknowing effect of it. Right?  And if I tell you, “Under no circumstances should you alter, change, think about, Scientology” – dizzz – all I’ve done is set up another monster. Right?  And in a world that is all too prone to build Frankensteins, we don’t need another one!…

…So in processing, all we are trying to do is to free the thinkingness of the individual. It is all we are trying to do.  Therefore the goal of all processing is freedom.  We cannot improve anybody unless we free his thinkingness, we free his ability to think.

Therefore we must accustom him to associating thought with matter, thought with space, thought with time, thought with energy. Not forbid it like the mystic, not cancel it out entirely like the Tibetan, but actually, factually make it possible for him to do this without feeling he is being murdered by it.  To associate thought with matter, energy, space or time, freely and knowingly, is to bring an individual up to a point where he can be cause over matter, energy, space and time!…

…But a preclear is not cause across the boards if anywhere he’s an unwilling and unknowing effect.  Now remember, he can be the effect of anything as long as he is not an unwilling or an unknowing effect.  And that’s the one thing we mustn’t forget in Scientology.  We’re not trying to say, “Don’t ever be at effect.”  We’re saying, “if you’re at effect know what it is.”

Therefore we can disseminate Scientology; therefore, I can tell you this material without liability because you’re here by choice; I am here by choice; we’re discussing these things by choice because we are interested.

The day it becomes a vital subject that we must have a credit in, Scientology becomes a slave subject.

So I ask you, don’t ever let it happen.

– LRH, 30 Dec 1957 Cause and Effect. Ability Congress, Washington D.C.