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BBC Panorama – The Secrets of Scientology

Well, that is the title in any event.  In fact,  the secrets they promised to tell never made it into the final edit. You can thank David Miscavige if you got the overall impression Scientology itself is weird.  The fifty letters from the Church and its lawyers to the BBC  that the church brags about in its counter video promised litigation should those secrets be told .  In other words, spend parishioner donations to cover Dave’s ass exclusively, forcing the media to fill in with old hat, more generalized attack material.  Protect Miscavige at the expense of Scientology.   

The show does give credible accounts from Mike, Amy, Marc, Claire, Jason, Mareka, et al on matters the world ought to know.  But, the secrets that were touted and would have had the most salutory effects were left on the editing room floor.

In that respect, I admit I was wrong. I earlier suggested the BBC would be less inclined to back off as I had accused U.S. media of doing (since the BBC is publicly funded).   At the end of the day, I remain confident that the ‘save Dave at any expense’ strategy will be his own undoing.

BBC Radio

Short tease:

Longer show,

Sweeney interview about 1:39:40, Martin’s interview: 1:49:55:


Brilliant Martin!  That is what it is all about.