Daily Archives: September 12, 2010

Cause and Effect

Mid morning yesterday I posted mention of an Independent Church of Scientology.  Less than a half day later Lil’ Dave (Private Investigator/Black Ops Specialist)  fled Corpus Christi too quickly to be orderly.  He zoomed  a couple hundred miles north to Kemah Texas.  He went straight to my personal Certified Public Accountant’s home (yes, home at 7 p.m. on a Saturday night).  Lil’ Dave announced to the CPA that I had set up a new Church of Scientology and Lil’ Dave demanded to know whether my CPA had consulted on it.  The CPA having never heard the word Scientology before looked at Lil’ Dave like he was looking at Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Incidentally, creating such reactive Miscavige orders winds up netting us all manner of evidence. Because of the nature my relationship with my personal CPA, the only the way the church could have made the connnection was the commission of a felony.  Thanks Dave(s) on that score.  Beside the point, but I’ll mention it for kicks, Miscavige will find the Independents’ legal and accountancy professionals when those folks decide it is time to summons Miscavige.

A few weeks ago, only a few short days after this blog broke out into a lengthy discussion of Miscavige’s re-definition of a floating needle, his missionaire Hansuili Stahli announced to someone he was trying to herd back into the pen, “Oh, three swings has been cancelled.” Lord knows when and what – of course Hansuili did not elaborate – definition out of Miscavige’s bank it has been replaced  with.  Incidentally, multiple reports on tech from the inside reflect the only changes inside are PR reports about how everything is changing – an unconvincing staff PR campaign. 

In the past several months there have been a number of similar cause and effect cycles.   We publicized the Int base staff being cut off from the outside world and families.  Suddenly, Miscavige is organizing base “tours” for irate families worried about abuses. Of course, the visitors are given no tour at all. Instead, they are taken to the studio castle, put in a room (wired for sound and video) to visit a relative who looks like he or she just walked off the set of  Night Of The Living Dead reciting a litany of pre-rehearsed PR lines.  We educate people that Freeloader bills are, per LRH, literally only for freeloaders by definition.  When enough of Miscavige’s “recovery” missions are stultified by educated ex-staff telling his representatives to take your bill and shove it, suddenly, the Creator of Lost Tech finds that LRH never intended for Freeloader bills to apply to Sea Org members.  After Marc and Clarie, followed by several others, exposed the forced abortion scandal sufficiently wide, Miscavige orders newly pregnant mothers offloaded (as opposed to coerced to obtain an abortion and then if unsuccessful shipping them out to a small, failing, broke org). 

The list goes on and on.  For the most part the “remedies” are superficial and temporary (just so long as the heat is directed personally at Miscavige). And the big, wide abuses – those which Miscavige considers integral to his survival such as felonious and fraudulent regging, barbaric Machiavellian Disconnection pratices designed to keep his crimes quiet, Black Ops on dissidents and critics – continue to escalate to more abusive and bizarre extremes.  

The great martial artist (both in individual contests and in directing larger campaigns) keeps his focus broad.   He does not stare into the eyes of the opponent.  He does not fix his eyes on the weapons or hands or feet of the opponent.  He sees the entirety of the opponent and field of battle.  Applying that to the field we find outselves in, the fact of the matter is abundantly clear:

David Miscavige and his minions are becoming increasingly EFFECT of our CAUSE.