Super Ponzi – Miscavige Speaks

Ok, the ante has now been upped. 

Here is the vetted transcript of Miscavige’s response, internally, to the St Pete Times’ 2006 story about the Super Power building delays.  Vetted by Miscavige’s secretarial pool to delete the long string of foul, abusive language, and to put “[  ]” where MCPHERSON CASE was uttered.  

And you thought Mike, Tom, and I were kidding about the groundbreaking  being done at Miscavige’s order solely for the purpose of diverting attention from the McPherson case?

How about his intent to “create as big a mess right next to City Hall as possible” by buying up and prettying up as many buildings as possible in downtown Clearwater?  And note that all of the construction and renovations is aimed at proving things are flourishing and prospering for PR purposes — no intention to get the Super Power building done so any delivery can occur.  This is why the city has such a  jaundiced view of the white elephant Super Power building still sitting there incomplete. Tens if not hundreds of millions have been spent on other properties while the white elephant grows mildew — all projects that began years after the “Mecca building.”

How about his frothing contradictions: the St Pete Times are writing to his public, then in the next breath it is the anti-Scientology public?

How about his thinly veiled, and suppressed, rock slam on the terminal Joe Childs (Managing Editor of the St Petersburg Times)?

How about his oft-heard complaint about anything that is delayed “you have forced me to do it because you are incompetent [though I will not approve anything you send me so you cannot possibly get anything done] and now I am so overloaded doing everyone else’s job that it is impossible for me to get it done.  So, that’s proof YOU delayed it.” (While the latest submission has been sitting in his office for 6 months untouched). 

Incidentally, if anyone has been ripped off for plenty on the Super Ponzi in recent years – and wants to do something about it – please email me.


May 7, 2006 (1:40 pm)


 RE: st. pete times—yours of may 6, 2006


  Let me tell you the problem with this: A complete delay on completing cycles of action in Clearwater. Flourish and Prosper is the way to go.

 You forget that back in `98 with all the [__] stuff going on, I made sure the building got announced. It squashed things for a while—even with the criminal case.

 All of this does come down to just crap execution on construction planning and so forth.

 In other words, even though you don’t think so, the main priority is to get the renos done on these different buildings. Everything from the Hacienda and the Sherwood (so they look like the best apartment houses in town—which they will), to the Oak Cove (and create as big a mess right next to City Hall as possible), to the Mecca getting rolling, to the FH.

 Putting in a call to Joe Childs is a virtual waste of time. I don’t know who these people in the St. Pete Times are writing to, but they obviously think they are writing to our public. What would any local person give a damn about a piloting of a Super Power rundown? They wouldn’t. So it’s become quite clear: The St. Pete Times is not trying to inform their readers (there’s not a Christian in town who would give a damn about that article) and they must think they’re just writing for the anti-Scientology crowd. That is who they are writing to.

 The answer is to actually start getting some dones on the expansion. And, as far as filling the vacuum with these guys, you have some new op on always using external public. Most of Ben’s answer is he “refuses to talk about it.” I don’t know a goddamn thing that’s confidential about the Super Power in terms of people training or whatever. And so some mystery is being created and there’s just 1.1 lines from Farley on this.

 The big withhold is that Int has stalled the construction so much and still has it completely over to me. Your handling is no handling. I could think one up with Joe, but why bother. Why don’t you? 

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  1. Impartial English Girl

    Empty-headed nutjob. Is this SERIOUSLY the best DM could come up with? Amateurish at best. By the way, aren’t there certain other faiths likely to be upset by the description of a “Mecca” building?!

  2. Marty,

    I read this and can only shake my head. Pure insanity.

    And to think I used to run around trying to comply with the VE’s wishes. It’s embarassing. Though I am pretty sure I had been removed from all positions of authority or decision making long before this time (at least that is what Tommy Two Tone and Freedom mag keep saying, so I probably had nothing to do with this nuttiness, in fact I was in the Hole…)

  3. Wow…

    Kind of reads like Hitler’s last political testament; blaming it all on others , accusing others of betrayal and crowing about the foul deeds that were done as if they were something to be proud of.

    Sheesh….and I once actually worked my rear off working overtime to pay off debts because of the money I gave this psychopath. Where was my head at?

    I am seeing it more and more…the focus away from delivery and more and more into building a MEST empire from which the little camera boy can spin his web – and spin others in the process.


  4. Thanks for this information, it really does make it very clear that Dear Leader became Chairman of Buildings in ’98!

    The link to the SP Times article he’s talking about is:

  5. The “upset” of faiths has onley amused me at best. Nobody get’s upset unless it’s near Ground Zero.

  6. Steve Brackett, an OT, was a major Super Power contributor as well as the 2D of Nancy Cartwright for a time. He can be seen on Google in an ad for the “Mecca” monstrosity. He didn’t just fall off the Bridge…….he jumped! Literally. And for what? DM’s cover-up? Yikes!

    If anybody here knows something I don’t about the actual scene that happened with Steve, please do inform…as all I’ve got to go on is the internet reports on it.

    According to the Monterey Herald:

    The body of a Los Angeles man, who apparently leaped to his death from the Highway 1 Bixby Bridge on the Big Sur Coast, was discovered Thursday.

    A hiker found Stephen Brackett, 54, about 5:30a.m., said Dan Robison, a detective with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Coroner division.

    Brackett, who was supposed to be visiting friends, disappeared Sunday. Robison said Brackett died from injuries suffered after the nearly 200-foot fall from the bridge.

    There are no indications of foul play, and friends and relatives of Brackett said he was despondent because of financial troubles with his business, Robison said.

  7. Kirby Van Zandt

    “The Super Power program will be ready to go the moment the new building is completed, he said. Scientology officials promise that will be 2007.”


  8. DM’s criminal Cult.

    ++++Ponzi scheme ? No Problem.
    +++++Crooked Miami Dentist doing unecessary procedures while giving the Church megabucks ? No Problem (as long as you are not being prosecuted)
    ++++Arms dealer of Weapons of Destruction ? No problem, ( as long as you not on Federal indictment)
    +++++ Not paying taxes ? – become a Patron!
    +++++Running a Reed Slatkin type investment scheme ? NO Problem !
    Give Super Power building your money !

    To hell with LRH Senior Policy of Maintaining Friendly Relations with the environment !


    Too bad Marty and Mike and other INT Base staff and the Internet are here…….

  9. Thanks for reposting that Sinar.

    The screens moving in and out sorta reminds me of some of the material covered on OT II.


    More bloviations from the Supreme Space Cadet himself.

    Marty you should post more choice epigrams from this Looney Tune.

    All I can say is I consider myself lucky for never having to take a direct order from this psychotic fruit cake and pity anyone who has.

    To quote Centurion:


  10. Way to “name the product: “get some dones on the expansion!” Good answer! Good Answer! ~ not.

    Keep posting quotes of DM’s, Marty. That’ll drive him batty for sure. 😉

  11. So…
    Will the staff on the grounds refer to it as the S P building? You know how they just love initials.

  12. I don’t know much about this, but it sounds horrible. Here is a link to an article that has the photo of the Super Power promo piece with Stephen Brackett you referred to:

  13. Freedom Fighter


  14. Marty, this was incredibly revealing. It really shows how oblivious Miscavige is to the world around him, and how he truly acts like he is surrounded by “long gone enemies” out to get him.

    This St. Pete Times article was INCREDIBLY POSITIVE about Scientology and Super Power. And in typical clueless, incompetent style, Miscavige thinks of himself as the ENEMY of: (1) the City of Clearwater, (2) the St. Pete Times, and (3) his own staff (Ben Shaw).

    Instead of Miscavige recognizing how this article was actually showing sincere interest in what Scientology was about — and not only making an attempt to understand it, but inviting others to do the same — Miscavige completely blows it because, in his mind, all those around him are just enemies that need to be attacked.

    Up to this point, even with all that Miscavige had done behind closed doors, it was hard seeing Miscavige as a true “by the book” 2.5% SP. He simply did/does not show it in public.

    With this internal missive, his real thinking is revealed — without the “social veneer” — and there is simply no doubt that he fits the definition of SP to a T.

  15. thanks for the link Sinar. It seems that David Miscavige and all the people around him Lie so much that they start to believe it. Looking at the surface of Scientology right now it would be sorta fair to say that they are expanding. That is exactly the web and Shore Story that was spun to the Public and staff. Yes they purchased all this new property and renovated it to make it look as if they were expanding. In a MEST way they are expanding.

    When I was in the Sea Org it was my understanding that if Standard Tech was put in,the public would come and it would force expansion. As the orgs and missions would be to full and they would have to get bigger and better ones.

    It is like putting the cart before the horse. What it is to me is a very large Missed Withhold on the part of David Miscavige. All this Ideal org and Super Duper Power building garbage is his way of covering up his overts on the faithful Sea org, Org Staff and Public.

    It would be one thing if he was doing everything he could to forward his religion and help people. I’m not sure if he has ever done this. The more information that comes outthe more it really looks like he is doing this on purpose and gets pleasure out of supressing others.

  16. You know, there is a phenomenon where if you truly love something or someone deeply, you will put up with a lot of crap, and you view that person or thing with rose colored glasses. You excuse transgressions, you automatically take its side no matter what the circumstance. Almost every murderer has a mother who loves him, and who will explain to the court what a good boy he really is – because, that mother has seen the murderer since birth, and has seen the good that exists in the baby before that baby grew up to become a murderer, and she is blind to the bad.

    We all know that even the most evil person in the universe has some good in him. (Read the PAB on Valences, PAB 52, I think. Awesome read),

    So, most of us on this board truly love Scientology as a technology and as a philosophy. I know I do. Scientology is an incredibly broad subject; LRH was very prolific. There is a lot to it, and I use it every day, one way or another. A family member of mine, who left the church thirty years ago (and to whom I am still connected – no disconnection for me, thank you) still uses Scn terminology occasionally, and that is true of other ex-Scientologists I have known as well.

    So, Scientology the subject is incredibly important, and it is worth fighting for (non-lethally, thank you!), and worth defending. So, when the leader of your church goes on TV, you naturally want him to do well, and if he does not, you willfully are blind to it, because you WANT him to do well, because he represents this fascinating subject and something you love. So you defend. When Tom Cruise calls Matt Lauer “glib,” you may cringe, but you defend, because you love the subject so much. Even if you see incompetence, you can excuse it, because it is part of the BS you put up with to have the subject. It is the price you pay, and you know that it is being worked on. After all, not everyone is trained or OT yet.

    If you hear that the leader of your church regularly abuses people, you refuse to believe it, because it does not compute: Scientology: raises people’s tone, makes people more able, removes insanity. DM: Insane. Something is wrong. I know Scientology, I know it is good, therefore DM can’t be nuts, therefore, DM is telling us the truth about Marty, Mike, Karen, et al.

    Scientology IS valuable. We all have wins and gains that are real and worthwhile. I personally am no longer color blind, for example. You don’t want Scientology to go down. And, if the leadership goes down, you can naturally think, so will the subject.

    Most Scientologists in the church, I think, are in this situation. They know DM’s full of shit (somewhat, anyway). They know that these stupid superlatives that EVERYTHING that happens is “MONUMENTAL!” I think they know that all this propaganda about VMs doing whatever is propaganda. But, you have to take the bad with the good, because the good is worth the BS. And, there truly are people who hate what they think Scn is, and are very vocal in attacking the subject.

    And there is no alternative. Putting up with the bullshit is the price to pay to have the subject.

    And, I think that was true, for quite a while. Certainly when LRH was alive. I remember when we thought Ron passed away and we (the public actively on course at a major org in the early ’80s) thought that it was covered up. It was such a problem that Ron recorded a Ron’s Journal to prove he was alive – and even then, we were like – hey, is that REALLY Ron? And, when LRH was alive, the church, despite the BS, delivered products. Good ones.

    But, there is an alternative now. There shouldn’t have to be, but, the good news is that there is an alternative, which is, of course, the Independents.

    I think that that factor is huge, and is the crack in the Church armor. To me, the fact that Karen and Trey are out is huge to me, because growing up, my heroes were auditors. That is the real wake-up call. There is a critical mass. Also, it is only the independents that are writing the true history of Scientology. If you asked any church member what happened to Mary Sue, I am sure none of them would know that she passed away in 2002 – unremarked by the CofM. For example.

    I say all this, because once you cleave the subject of Scientology from the people who purport to represent it, and you realize that it can exist and you can do it without having to put up with the bullshit anymore, the internal justifications for outrageous and incompetent behaviors fall away, and you see the activities for what they are.

    This letter in the above post, for example. What a fuck-up DM is.

    I just re-watched the Nightline interview with DM and Ted Koppel. Oh. My. God. What an incredible moron. You look at interviews with Tommy Davis. Oh. My. God. Look at the incredibly stupid (and I mean that technically!) “Freedom” mag articles. I mean, you want them to do well! You root for them, because they are representing you and your love, Scientology. But now that that relationship is cleaved, you see them for what they are: incompetent, stupid hacks who are not going away.

    And, you realize that these are not only not true representatives of Scientology, they are actually detractors of the worst kind, because they make this great, wonderful subject that has done great and wonderful things personally and for your friends – real, tangible things – seem like a crazy, insane cult.

    NO. The crazy, insane cult is the Church of Miscavology. They are masquerading as Scientologists. Not me.

  17. Freedom Fighter

    Thanks, Christie!

  18. This guy (miscavige) makes me dizzy, and I wasn’t even in the room! How the hell did you guys keep from constantly spinning when he talked?

    He shifts his viewpoint from one accusation to another, then blames one guy, then another, then spins around to see who’s standing behind him so he can blame that guy, too. Whew. What a piece of work.

  19. This guy is crazy, the whole thing is the writings of a lunatic! If this is just a glimpse into the everyday world with DM, no wonder nothing gets done, and everything gets cross ordered. I don’t think this guy knows which was is up, down or sideways!

  20. Lucy,

    You have probably seen references from some who post here (Dan, Sinar, Amy, Steve, Jeff, me and others) that Miscavige repeatedly cross-orders himself with his non-stop stream of rambling drivel that spews forth from his ever-present dictaphone. This transcript is a mild-mannered, relatively sane snippet (I am sure others who have tried to decipher his insanities will confirm this).

    This is just the microscopic tip of a very dirty iceberg.

  21. Bozz, The boy was ‘batty’ years ago.

  22. What I love is the absurd attempt to mimic an LRH briefing. The huge omitted being ANY SUBSTANCE. Just a few ‘sort of’ terms, and…nothing. Complete circuitry. A different cadence than the public speeches, but total circuitry nonetheless.

    What IS there is a picture of DM’s mind and what goes on in his ‘thinking machine’ (see the 1st ACC lectures on this).

    Yep, that’s what it’s like in The Only One’s Universe. A babbling lunatic. The ‘glee of insanity’ spread so as to decompose tissue much like decaying fallout emanating.

    Can I hear, arrrgghh, pfffsst, gguhhhh, and shocked incredulity among the pie-faces?

  23. Way back when…….the ground breaking took place there was a camera placed on top of the FH to film the progress of the building 24/7 so that the whole new Superpower megawatt building could be shown from inception to full birth at the release event. It would be edited as a fast forward movie from beginning to end showing the building as it went through all the various construction stages from the exterior to completion.
    So what now 12 years later from the time the film started rolling I wonder if the film is still rolling……hahaha…. I know I’m rolling just thinking about how mistology is going to edit together all the film from beginning to end and what if it takes another 10 years before it’s really done!!! I guess the release event will be really looooooonggggg!!!! But of course once again that’s everyone else’s fault that it’s taking so long and once again it’s all been laid upon him to finish it cuz no one else has been able to. Oh please…..really I wish he would come up with a new line.

  24. Grasshopper, WOW! Well said!

  25. grasshopper,
    THANK YOU! That was wonderfully written and is among the very best descriptions of the viewpoint I’ve read to date. This should be posted far and wide. It’s on par with T Paine’s (Haydn James incarnation) ‘Mechanisms of Miscavige’ for lucid, succinct as-isness.

    Jim Logan, MOQ, says thank you again to grasshopper for being on this road with me and putting in the effort to really, truly get Scientology and apply it.

  26. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Marty,
    This was a bit hard to follow for me. The main thing that came to my mind was HOW in the hell did you get this?? It seems like it is DM’s internal communication to some of his “underlings”. I would think that this would be a major withhold type comm for DM.

  27. “A complete delay on completing cycles of action in Clearwater, Flourish and Prosper is the way to go”. holey smokes in his own words, am I reading this right? Is he admitting: I am the master of mis-directors, have an SP quality, take no responsibility, am a pro at cover ups, the article is for the anti-Scientology crowd, (because we have a program. to take all the papers without paying for them out of the boxes and sometimes off lawns, so our parishioners aren’t enturbuted, by all the lies.) I don’t know policy to make things go right, have no Qual to correct OPs, no-one is a thetan, or cause, so the supreme test is to place blame on others, and punish each as needed, ’cause we have no standard ethics and I’m the only one? Really?
    “So some mystery is being created and there’s just 1.1 lines…” hmm. There Must be many more outnesses to justify the cross raising ceremony comin’ up as mentioned, another demo of “flourish and prosper” and mis-directing the publics’ attention down here on the peninsula.
    “Int. has delayed the construction” : “Sir”, Who is running Int.? and the rest of the C of S “sir”? And how is that you can’t control a cycle of action?
    Is that why so many need more OBJs? ‘Cause you do?
    What would Ron Do? He built a castle in no time and most likely, on or under schedule and budget? OH he has had freinds, a lot of freinds, to stand-by, love, respect, support him, who willingly and appreciately gave him compliance, respect, and honour, do you? Thanks Marty

  28. To your credit Mike — considering that this kind of insanity must have been the least that DM was throwing at you — you actually came across as quite level-headed and well-spoken in your news interviews, imho.

  29. Grasshopper:
    This was indeed beautifully written and articulately spoken. Super good job.
    AAaaaaaaaah I wait the day you can proudly come out. Incredible time track. Incredible stories.

  30. Freedom Fighter

    Dylan, this is a good point. It’s an inverted BE-DO-HAVE. The think is that we have to have shiny new buildings before we can do Scientology properly, etc. More Reverse Scientology and more squirrelling by the C of M.

  31. martyrathbun09


  32. martyrathbun09

    You got that right – he’s running his case on everyone.

  33. Great post, thanks GH!

  34. Tony,
    You get it – it is this type of ‘comm’ that is behind the ‘blow drill’, the razor-wire fencing, twisted SP ‘sec checking’, and the host of OSA ops on various people. It is all to withhold this gibbering idiot’s specious ramblings and insanity.

    Hey, guys at OSA, guys reading this that are Scientologists ‘under the radar’, those sneaking a peak, THIS is what the desperation is all about. This is why you must Black PR Marty, Mike et al. This. That’s it.

    No ‘psych’ conspiracy, not ‘big pharma’, not calculating ‘enemies’ at every hand bent on destruction of LRH’s legacy. (Just one – DM).

    Face the facts. You will do much, much, much better all across your dynamics.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Tony, his ship has more leaks than the Titanic.

  36. Grasshopper,

    I’ve enjoyed many of your posts before — they always make me feel such affection for you. As did this one. Thanks so much for your viewpoint about this natural, positive thing we all do — we support and forgive what we love.

    And sometimes, having loved the wrong object, we forgive and forgive and forgive and forgive until one day, we discover we’re being boiled alive.

    How fortunate it is that most of the objects of our affection aren’t evil assholes. But when we discover they are, it’s time to hop out of the pot, smear on some soothing lotion, order a brewski, get our breath back, look around, and then, when we’re ready, love again.

    Just Me

  37. martyrathbun09


  38. martyrathbun09

    That blows charge.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Great observation, note he also considers Int Management an enemy.

  40. Idle Org, I knew Steve Brackett and his wife Karen ( we did our L’s together) she passed away from bone cancer when her Son was about 2 years old. Karen was also either related or best friends with Jill Graham (auditor from AOLA). Steve had a construction company and Karen came from a lot of money. they lived in a nice modest home and after she passed away Steve then had control. I had heard that he gave the superpower ponzi scam lots of money and he had no operating capital left. I don’t know any more details. After Karen’s death I did not see Steve. He had a step daughter and a son . I was saddened by his death. All I could think was he must of felt so pinned against the wall that he truly had no way out. A true tragedy.

  41. DM is a prisoner of the worse kind


    He is paranoid to the EXTREME and DELUSIONAL to the max

    The comedy show continues and let the HORROR show begin

  42. Grasshopper, wow nice response. Thank you.

  43. Tony DePhillips

    That was very good grasshopper.
    I think that you have snatched the pebble from my hand and it is now time for you to leave.

  44. Tony DePhillips

  45. Good point Jimbo,
    He’s regurgitating his case pointing his fingers elsewhere.

    How many competent managers and guys who get things done has Dear Leader removed and kicked out by this time? Perhaps Tom DV who was the go to guy in Clearwater wasn’t able to get the cycles completed. Perhaps he was also in the “Hole” by this time.

  46. Tony DePhillips


  47. This looks like wog wrong targeting to me. Grin.

  48. “With this internal missive, his real thinking is revealed — without the “social veneer” — and there is simply no doubt that he fits the definition of SP to a T.” – Margaret

    David Miscavige’s real thinking flumboggles me.

  49. M&M,
    I’ve known the guy since he was 16, or thought I did. He can’t possibly be pointing the finger at “Int” after he’s totally nuked the place such as with the musical chairs, RPF/offloads, seances, the Hole, etc???

    Paranoia on a seemingly decent SP Times article?

    It defies all logic. Completely off the deep end in 2006. Totally know nothing get’s better in Mestology, I would hate to see the current transcripts.

  50. You nailed it.

  51. Grasshopper, That is an awesome post. It ought to be an article.


  52. Yeah, Mike — that is 100% right. This transcript is the merest shadow of the routine insanity he spews out, simultaneously ordering and cross-ordering himself in every transcript, not to mention the fact that his nearly all his orders are crazy, bullshit, out-of-valence violations of Scientology philosophy in the first place. Normally, also his transcripts come in flurries and whatever he says in one, is contradicted in another one… or just plain incomprehensible babble driven under pressure through rock slams and ferocious continual missed withholds.

  53. Yes Tony, hard to follow for everyone since DM rarely ever explains what he is talking about, but just geysers out cryptic blurts that most people can only guess at the meaning of.

  54. Sinar,

    I assure you, this is mild.

    By 2006 he had gone completely insane. This was the time of his creation of the final Hole where the insanity became sadism (see Marty’s blog about what was done to Debbie Cook — there is more coming along this line with people being physically tortured by the end of 2006). His “directions” became ever more insane. There were 100 people confined to the Hole, all doing A-E. not allowed to leave the building, not allowed to talk to anyone, not allowed to have a phone, email or internet — and yet Dear Leader kept demanding that everyone “make up the damage to him” and every proposal was rejected “you think THAT would make up the damage for me having to do EVERYTHING in Scientology you bunch of c***sucking SPs”. This went on for MONTHS.

    The VE is a sick puppy.

  55. “In other words, even though you don’t think so, the main priority is to get the renos done on these different buildings.”

    What this really means: “Screw delivering LRH tech. The public know me by my MEST!” Delivering Standard Tech is a wrong item!

    “What would any local person give a damn about a piloting of a Super Power rundown? “

    What this really means: “All that crap about ‘Planetary Clearing becoming a reality’ is just more LRH horse hockey. This isn’t about anyone else but ME!”

    “The big withhold is that Int has stalled the construction so much and still has it completely over to me.

    “The big withhold is that I am out-ethics, out of valence and addicted to committing gross financial irregularities. Since I can’t get my own ethics in I am going to make sure no one under me ever does either.”

    It would be funny if so many lives had not been ruined.

  56. Your humble servant

    This is quite sad about Steve Brackett. It is amazing in retrospect how sincere and effective Super Power fundraisers were in taking money with their communication that Super Power was so great, so fantastically wonderful, and all it needed was additional funding to release it soon so that a tipping point for the planet could be achieved and THE BARRIER to planetary clearing (whatever that was) could be removed, and planetary clearing could begin in earnest.
    And you know, the way they operated they would have gladly taken your last dime and had you borrow thousands more, leaving you with the conviction that you had done the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. No one would have said to Steve, “You’d better kept something for yourself as a cushion,” although his doing so would have been in accordance with LRH policy. If DM bankrupted him with Super Power donations, as it appears that he did, leaving him to fall into despondency when economic times turned worse, together with God knows what all else, then DM effectively killed him didn’t he? Driven to suicide by DM’s fraud.

  57. Your humble servant

    Thank you, Karen #1. You can always be counted upon for hard hitting, punchy, appropriate, and informative comments. I always love reading your posts.

  58. Your humble servant


    That was pure theta and wonderfully beautiful. Thank you!

  59. The SP times news article is hilarious read from today’s point of view:

    1) “Matt Feshbach believes he has super powers. He senses danger faster than most people. He appreciates beauty more deeply than he used to. He says he outperforms his peers in the money management industry.”

    If Feshbach has better perception and a better sense of ethics, why is he enabling a mad man at the helm of his church? Scientology is supposedly expanding faster than ever, but the idle orgs are empty, except for the expensive audio/visual equipment. Ever heard of “contrary facts”?

    2) “Construction delays in Clearwater, Shaw said, are due to a recent explosion of church expansion worldwide. The church has spent hundreds of millions to purchase and renovate properties. Last year, it purchased nearly 1-million square feet of buildings in 18 cities around the world.”

    Yeah right, getting public to donate money for their local idle orgs has somehow slowed construction in Clearwater? Perhaps what he means is that within the C of $ there are more and more ponzi schemes competing for fewer and fewer dollars from an increasingly shrinking base of suckers, I mean parishioners.

    3) “That expansion, by far the largest in church history, diverted the church’s attention, he said. Plus, he said, Scientology leaders have been compelled to redesign the building’s interior repeatedly to make it a crown jewel.”

    Edit to simply say that Miscavige constantly cross-orders himself and so things have to be redone. SPs can’t finish a cycle of action.

    4) “The Super Power program will be ready to go the moment the new building is completed, he said. Scientology officials promise that will be 2007.”

    Right… last I checked it’s September 2010. Now they need “just another 500 technically trained staff” to deliver it. When was the last time the Sea Org recruited and trained 500 people?

    The current C of $ is nothing more than a PR, legal and fundraising operation. And it’s on it’s way out…

  60. I want to add here… for so many instances, I “explained” and rationalized all the BS by thinking, “we are still working thru the 3rd Dynamic aberrations”…but …there is only so much you can justify before you have to just see it for what it is…BS.

  61. Your humble servant

    Nice job, Tony. I really enjoyed seeing that again after so many years!

  62. That sick puppy needs his mouth washed out with soap! Let’s get the Tide!

  63. Your humble servant


    Thank you for this.

    I found it hard to figure out too until I realized it was an internal memo and was nothing more than insane ramblings. You are right the guy is a freaking lunatic and obviously certifiable for “commitment” as a “danger to self and others,” if not on the basis of this nonsensical rave alone, then at least on the basis of a history of espousing such gibberish and worse.

    It is clear from this why DM does not directly interact with Scientology public but depends entirely on prepared speeches and a heavily manicured personal appearance. If he were to engage in a question and answer period, or even a colloquy, with the Scientology public he would come across as a know-nothing driveling idiot.

    I had thought before that nothing could be done to get rid of the guy until such time as he could be appropriately arrested for one or some of his many crimes. I have changed my mind about this. I now think there is an actual possibility he could descend into such a “mental breakdown” that he would have to be physically hauled away.

  64. Whew! This guy Miscavige is a clear-cut “No Source” case.

    He seems virtually incoherent.

    The MacPherson caper was a huge success. It apparently sent him over the edge.

  65. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    So eloquently spoken. Now THAT is what I call “power communiciation.” VWD.

    “They are masquerading as Scientologists.”

    My bottom-line summary, also.

  66. Living, breathing PAB 13 (“On Human Behavior”).

  67. Thanks, Sarge!

  68. Mike, thank you – I’m totally speechless. My hat’s off to you M&M for keeping your sanity throughout the ordeal.

  69. After reading the dwarf’s psychotic ramblings it’s crystal clear why he won’t go on a tv show with an interviewer/reporter. He wouldn’t dare because he has no confront and would fall apart when the tough questions were asked. I can just see him dissolving into a blubbering, incoherent mess and being carted off by medics. Nope, we won’t be seeing little Davey on tv…….unless it’s a perp walk.
    If he was this nuts in 2006 just think what he’s like now. The guy needs a rubber room.

  70. Thanks, Jim. I am glad it indicated. I am glad to be associated with you and the others, even if I haven’t come out as yet. The time will come, I assure you.

  71. Thanks, Karen! You are the reason I am here at this particular time. Shocked the hell out of me last June when you announced yourself.

  72. Thanks!

  73. I have now reviewed the other comments to this post – refreshing to see the nearly unanimous, independent conclusions.

    You can add to the diagnosis “out-of-valence in R6”. It occurs to me also that this sorry wreckage of a case that is David Miscavige MUST have been exposed to confidential materials he was nowhere near ready for.

    He reminds me of the viewpoint/behavior of over-restimmed upper Bridge cases who are just about to lose it! BTW, that Steve guy couldn’t have picked a more iconic Bridge to jump off of, could he? That choice was deliberate, part of the “make-wrong” involved in all suicides.

  74. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Wow. I had no idea how crazy the “mind” behind the CoS leadership was and is. And to imagine this is only the TIP of the iceberg? Astonishing!

    The only thing I had to tip me off and go on, back in 1999 (when I left the church), was to look at the products of the “leadership” … the fruits of their labor. I didn’t like what I saw.

    But to now see, behind the curtain, the insane bunkum out of the mind of the alleged top “leader” is quite revealing and blows even more charge for me.

    And this is TYPICAL? OMG.

  75. Yes – thanks. I enjoyed reading your stuff as well.

    The thing is, this love for Scientology is not a bad thing at all. The dedication to forward the technology is actually a natural thing, because you want to share a good thing and you want to help. The unnatural thing is to exploit that love and dedication and use it for greed, power, and narcissism.

    But, you can’t stop loving and taking the high road. The good news is we can learn from this, and take heed from LRH when he said on the tape “The Free Being” that “I doubt you’d be that stupid again.”

    A brewski sounds good! Cheers!

  76. Beautiful Truth!

  77. I am glad, man.

    No one spends twenty or thirty years in the SO for no reason. No one endures the RPF because it is fun. Frankly, I would assert that many in the RPF have the attitude even now to just get it the fuck done so they can get back on post, even if the comm ev (or arbitrary order, more likely) was bogus. Because they love the tech so much, and this, too shall pass. I know, ’cause I’ve been there. Not for twenty-plus years on staff, like you knuckleheads, but, I’ve been comm eved a couple of times. (I’ve been declared a “borderline SP” once, too, but that’s another story!)

    You know, there are two data that have done me good:

    1. A thetan never quits.
    2. A thetan can do anything forever.

    We can and have endured a lot. It is not easy being a Scientologist, but it is rewarding.

  78. Tony – I think I’ll stick around! Thanks for posting the video below. Of course my knick name is after Kwai Chang Caine. There is not a Scientologist I know who doesn’t get that show. The opening video sequence – awesome. I actually got a job where I regularly got burned on my inner forearms (taking pan pizza out of a very hot oven), and that scene was in my mind. I called the burns my Kung Fu scars.

  79. That’s exactly right. I was very lucky in that I was a Class IV before I ever did any staff time, and I was Grade IV (back in the days of the endless drug rundown when no one did their grades). I had my own mantra/justification, which was “that doesn’t work, therefore it’s not Scientology.” I’d see off-policy crap, stat pushes, yelling matches, etc.

    Look, perfection is unobtainable. That is another aspect of it. Every person and every org is imperfect in one way or another, and there is always going to be BS to deal with. The problem comes in when the BS grows so large that the original thing is gone. Problem one is that that happened. Problem two is if we failed to notice it.

  80. Dear Mike,
    Thanks for this vital post on EXTREME ABUSE It is information like this that makes me throw down the gauntlet and do everything humanly possible to get such CRUELTY and TORTURE to stop. He sometimes DRAMATIZES the beingness of a raving psychotic.
    It is hard to fathom how crushed and battered they are up there to let him get away with this.

  81. The current C of $ is nothing more than a PR, legal and fundraising operation. And it’s on it’s way out…

    I think that’s a pretty accurate summary.

    2025 … it could be ‘DM Holdings Inc.’ or “Rent a Church”.

  82. Great write-up Grasshopper. Thank you for this.

  83. The guy is just surrounded by enemies, isn’t he?

  84. Sun Tzu:
    “Inside agents are the enemy´s officials we recruit.”

  85. The Beast will always be remembered by his MEST (his Mausoleum)

  86. This is a reply to all of you. I am glad my comments on why we put up with this stuff were so well received.

    I am glad, Marty and team, that you put this together, and that the rest of you (us) are responding to well and are adding our experiences and thoughts. This is the most rational and most high-toned discussion forum for things Scientology-related that I have ever seen, and it is incredibly refreshing. This type of discussion probably has not happened since the early ’60s when Ron was doing the BC in Saint Hill.

    Add to that, that Mike and Marty and others are being targeted by OSA and DM, and this becomes even more of a win. Thanks!

    You know, I enjoyed being on staff. I enjoyed the responsibility, and enjoyed the mission. I loved the people (most, anyway) I worked with. Even when I was bunked with three to five other guys in a room, and it was colder than shit in winter and hotter than hell in summer, I liked it. The conditions were not the hardship for me. The mission was important – incredibly important – to me, and we were all in it together. Oh, and by the way, no one was getting rich on staff, that’s for sure. All of us were in the same f’ing boat. Only staff members who had their own money, like Ingber (with that sweet Sunbeam Tiger) and Jon Horwich, with his fetish for audio equipment, lived any better than any other staff. So, yeah, I could put up with quite a lot of bullshit.

    The hardship for me was when certain people took themselves way to seriously, and took advantage of their positions. That was on the one hand. On the other were people who were just plain stupid, but were in positions of power and made very dumb decisions.

    There was a lot of that, and that was what ended up getting me to route out. But even through the whole process, I did not want to go. But, I admit, it was too much for me at the time, and it was best, especially for me, to split when I did.

    But I sure understand why you put up with it. If you have any skills at all, you want to just get the idiots and nazis out of the way and get the job done.

  87. theystolemychurch

    For me, too!!!!

  88. “Looking at the surface of Scientology right now it would be sorta fair to say that they are expanding”… In a MEST way they are expanding.”

    Dylan if I stuff my face with cookies and ice cream I’m quite sure that my MEST body will also expand rapidly. However this would not equate to any spiritual growth or improvement.

    To imply that Scientology is expanding because of empty MEST buildings sparsely occupied by even emptier MEST bodies is just plain reasonable and an idea that DM would very much like you to buy into. Don’t be fooled.

  89. Grasshopper. You have learned well from your master 😉

    Master Po: Close your eyes. What do you hear?
    Young Caine: I hear the water, I hear the birds.
    Po: Do you hear your own heartbeat?
    Caine: No.
    Po: Do you hear the grasshopper which is at your feet?
    Caine: Old man, how is it that you hear these things?
    Po: Young man, how is it that you do not?

  90. Jim
    My attention was hung up on something and I couldn’t figure it out.
    You are right. That clown is trying to mimic LRH!
    That wasn’t easy to spot as he’s doing such a piss poor job of it – must be hard to replicate a genius when you’ve only got two brain cells to rub together yourself.

  91. When I read that DM had redefined the term “religious leader”, I didn’t realise this now meant “an irresponsible, incompetent oaf”.

  92. ‘A complete delay on completing cycles of action in Clearwater’
    ‘All of this does come down to just crap execution on construction planning and so forth’
    ‘some mystery is being created and there’s just 1.1 lines’
    ‘The big withhold… stalled the construction’
    ‘your handling is no handling’ (DM)

    Thanks for the confession DM:


    L. Ron Hubbard HCOB 15 September 1981 THE CRIMINAL MIND

  93. It is nice to see the Internet never forgets.

  94. Excellent piece that pries apart the subject from the add ons.

  95. When I was at Events I was looking mostly at the hands of David Miscavige. You should do it and you won’t believe what he does with them. Like a clock:
    – holds firmly the for 20 seconds
    – grabs the papers on the table with both hands (what is this paper for ?)
    for about 10 seconds
    – puts his hands onto the table while stretching his fingers for about 10 seconds
    – holds firmly the for 20 seconds
    – grabs the papers on the table with both hands (what is this paper for ?)
    for about 10 seconds
    …on and on…
    He does it during the whole speech, like a machine on and on and on. You can look at any video from him. It’s lot of fun and just unbelievable.

  96. 2006, and the mania was already there.
    Got any juicy dox from 2010, for comparison?

  97. Sinar,

    Seances? What seances?

    Just Me

  98. The (generated) confusion of the Destructive Midget (DM) is an insult to any logical think and begins right with the first sentence:

    Let me tell you the problem with this: A complete delay on completing cycles of action in Clearwater. Flourish and Prosper is the way to go.

    Ahh, really?

    What about “completing that god damn cycle of action” as the “way to go”?

    The mismatch – ah, dispatch – could end right there.

    The nonsense only gets worse from there on down.

  99. These Threads with all their comments dynamically reveal what is really going on behind the scenes!
    Amazing! Incredible! Pick your word…

  100. Your original post, your various additional answers and your final post resonate with me very, very much (and obviously with so many others that have expressed it accordingly). To me it is just more evidence that people at this board are so much more FOR something (LRH’s Scientology) than they are against something. Out of necessity and to freely practice that kind of Scientology, the fight is against abuse, fraud, crimes etc.

    You are a very theta guy!

  101. Great write-up. I especially like your use of the word ‘cleave’. Always has been one of my favorite parts of the definition of Scientology.

  102. (/i) Just turning off the italics (I hope).

  103. Let’s try this again.

  104. and again

  105. Thank you, Grasshopper. You spoke sage, straight to the heart and soul. There was a point, right before I was willing to find out if there was an alternative – and maybe this is true for others – where I decided I was willing to “live without any Scientology subject other than what I provided and practiced myself” than to go on with the current organization. Reason being, at least I wouldn’t be in the constant battle with others to live the principles if I was doing it alone. And the fact of the matter was, what was/is going “inside” isn’t Scientology anyway, so I was in fact walking away from Nothing at all. Except insanity. Maybe the willingness to throw the baby out with the bathwater is a part of it. The willingness to have or not have any part of the subject. Freedom.

  106. Good observation. I’ve also watched his hands, both live and on video. I started watching him closely in the early-mid 90’s at Flag when he stood on stage beside a yellow race car all painted up with Dianetics promo. He said Bobby Unser would be driving it at the Daytona 500. Everyone cheered as though THIS was an unbelievable COUP and a MONUMENTAL achievement that would propel Scientology into society with UNPRECEDENTED acceptance.

    Except Unser never drove the car, ever as far as I could find out. I watched the race car circuit closely over the next year and the car never appeared in the race with Unser nor any other driver. Maybe it did, but I couldn’t find it.

    That was another indicator that told me he was full of shit. So I wanted to watch him closer and started finding all sorts of other outpoints and interesting contrary facts.

    I started watching his hands during his rally speeches to see if he had indications of nervousness and lying. I could see that his demeanor, through hand motions, head bobbing, fake smiles, enunciation, etc. was indicative that he’d been coached by public speaking professionals, most likely associated with whatever PR firm he was using for Scientology.

    But the hands, ha! He’s been drilled as to what to do with his hands, because if he doesn’t have something specific to do with them, like hold a fake paper, place them on the podium in a certain way for a predetermined amount of time, they become a telltale sign of what’s going on in his mind. If you watch really closely you can his fingers twitch and flip nervously on occasion when he slips up.

    I’m sure he’s practiced those hand motions and all his enunciations and body motions on video, watched and rewatched and practiced again.

    My guess is that he watched the video of himself from the LRH death event and saw how mushy, low-ARC and horrible he was and sought help to cover up his grey beingness.

    I’ll bet he still practices every single day, standing in front of a large mirror in his bathroom or workout room, in his monogrammed black silk thong, placing and replacing his hands and posing his head in ways that he thinks make him look authoritative, confident and likable.

  107. He’s going to have to edit out the evolution of greying hair and aging of workers and staff, otherwise it’ll be a definite give-away that it took decades to build it with him in charge.

  108. Methinks we could power an eternal battery from his insanity.
    Might be a nice feature for his “mausoleum.” 😉

  109. This would be an awesome video, there would be shots of cars and people included, the cars would range from 70s era through probably 2015 models, workers haircuts would range from hippy pony tails through mullets and mohawks through short cropped and whatever else. Will be a historical video on culture for a third of a century probably worth more than the white elephant building!

  110. LOL – Just me, I think it’s the blog not you 🙂

  111. That was awesome Sam. I had completely forgotten about that exchange. Gave me goosebumps. I loved it.

  112. Wow GH, you just hit my nail on the head.

    I spent years training myself to be perfect in whatever job I did. For instance, I was a Programs Chief at FCB. I considered myself to be an excellent manager. I did the Full Hat, the stat analysis course, the DSEC with an RTC apprenticeship and a few other hats. And I could apply them all. Then I would have a 13 year-old illiterate messenger telling me what to do and how to wear my hat. Oh the frustration! Or a senior without any training whatsoever tell me what to do. I mean why bother doing all of that training when I have infants running me? The arguments that would ensue from the cross orders I would get.

    It was impossible to hold a post in PAC, at Int and at ILO. Just impossible. I called ILO the cross-order junction of America. I called Int the implant station for the Church. PAC was where LSD was put into the water, that’s the only explanation I have for that one.

    Ya, all I ever wanted to do was to wear my hat and do my job and make things better. The only time I could do that was on mission where there was no CMO, no RTC and no idiots or nazis. That’s when I had fun.

    ML Tom

  113. Marta, Despite all the tech and codes to the contrary, the “enforced reality” in the CoM is incredible, isn’t it? So I agree with you. If the concept of “never compromise with your own reality” (Code of Honor) is not embraced, practiced and respected, then what’s the point in staying in the first place?

  114. I know – but I was just tryin’ to help! 🙂

    Just Me

  115. “Fill your bowl to the brim
    and it will spill.
    Keep sharpening your knife
    and it will blunt.
    Chase after money and security
    and your heart will never unclench
    Care about people’s approval
    and you will be their prisoner

    “Do your work, then step back.
    The only path to serenity.”

    Ta Te Ching
    Lao Tzu

  116. Compare him to a public speaker like Heber Jentzsch or Louis Farrakhan, and the robotism of Miscavige is even more evident. And I’m not even a fan of Farrakhan … but both he and Heber run circles around DM in the naturalness of their public speaking departments.

  117. Sam, I believe you have taken my words out of context to make it look as if I am being reasonable. Let me make it clear that I am in no way Reasonable. I was just making an observation. I was trying to say that this is what the public and staff and Sea Org are being fed. if you read the entire post that should be clear.

    i assure you that I am seeing the situation exactly as it is. Thanks for your concern, I think?

  118. Sam, Isn’t ’81’ when LRH ordered DM to be sec checked? Hmmmm.

  119. GH,
    As far as I am concerned, you’ve assumed a viewpoint, put out points to view and are very involved in the actions of Associated Terminals applying the Qs/PreLogics.

    Your position in space and your ability to hold it is certainly flowing power. Grasshopper is as good an ID tag at this point as any, I’d say.

  120. Really, “OT VIII”? Is that all the compassion you can muster up?

  121. “Do your work, then step back” . Amen my friend.

  122. OT VIII,
    ‘No Source’ and ‘out of valence in R6’. The P.A.B. ‘On Human Behavior’.

    Classic. Definitive. An object study.

  123. Jeff,
    I’d say OT VIII’s compassion, i.e., duplication, in these last two posts, is as high as it gets. It is accurate and frankly, if spotted and handled DM would have been in valence ages ago and what you observed would have been a much different scene.

    How would you handle DM? Terminatedly.

  124. I’m just surprised that no DM dispatches attacking the Mars Daily Chronicle have been leaked!

  125. “Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity.”

    Subsitute “put your feet up on the desk” for “then step back” and I seem to remember that WAS also the way to do a staff job.

  126. Tony DePhillips

    “Leaving” was a metaphor for coming out as an Independent. 🙂

  127. let me try… Is that better?

  128. Sarge,

  129. Keep exposing, you guys! EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE!

    And re: The SP Building groundbreaking ceremony/Event: Makes PERFECT sense that that thing was so suddenly started to distract attention from the McPherson case….thanks for that info!

  130. Fantastic!

  131. I like the italics.

  132. As far as the justice factor of a sec check, this blog is kinda like a Sec Check in Absentia for DM. There’s a lot of case gain occurring from exposing his overts and withholds. Let him get his own case gain later, if such a thing is even possible. Oh, and maybe he should personally have to PAY the posters here who’ve put time and energy and guts into exposing his atrocities FOR HIM, since he currently seems to be incapable of doing so himself.

    You guys who were on the inside at Int and directly subject to the stench of his manure, should actually send him a bill. Make the hourly rate very high for him, would you please?

  133. The most telling thing is, when they put that camera up to film the construction, they were probably actually using FILM.

  134. Tony DePhillips

    Monogramed black thong… LOL!!

  135. Re-posted as an article called “The Truth About Scientology” at
    Thank You Grasshopper

  136. Tony DePhillips

    They will be monuments to our reasonableness as well.
    Let us never forget…

  137. Hmm, Would you mind clueing me in on what “VE” stands for Mike?

  138. Grasshopper,
    Your post is so well stated, it really indicates and has as-ised alot for me.
    Thanks for being here.

  139. Dylan
    We’re good. Just checking 😀

  140. It was grassgropper’s wise words and ability to see the obvious that reminded me of it. All credit to grasshopper 🙂

  141. Oops sorry – ‘grasshopper’ not ‘grassgropper’ – hit the send button too fast!

  142. I think the odds are good this may represent DM’s reaction to the release of this transcript:

  143. R6, 1. Routine Six. (HCOB 23 Aug 65) 2 . abbreviation for Routine 6. It means the exact processes and aspects of case handled at Level VI of Scn. (BTB 12 Apr 72R)

  144. P.S. Grasshopper, you can edit or add-to the article yourself by logging in there. I already did the SEO so the search engines will pick it up.

  145. Tom, I’m sure Daffy is insulted with the comparison. Ask Elmer Fudd.

  146. If you want to see just how bad Miscavige is on TV, and how lying comes as naturally as breathing to him, see the Ted Koppel interview. It is very enlightening. Within the first 30 seconds Ted is introducing him thus: “…took over as the head of Scientology in 1987 following the death of the founder L Ron Hubbard”. Check out the smug smile and nod from DM at the end of that sentence – quite apart from the nonsense of anybody being the “head” of a religious philosophy; DM makes no attempt to correct him.

    In the second part he intones that “the money isn’t going to me…” and by way of “explanation” goes on to say “the officials in the Church are paid far less and live far more frugal existences than any other Church leader”

    Eh? Errrr. Hm. Right.

    On a rather different note – I would like to tell all you wonderful folk first – it seems Maria is pregnant; we were wondering if Ali was ever going to have a little brother or sister! God willing in about 8 months she will.

  147. JM,

    Seances are an invention of Dear Leader which happened after I left. It is a weird and total psycho group justice type of occurrence which is downright suppressive if you’ve studied any kind of LRH Tech. It is the reason my Ex (Jackie Wolff) left for good. It consists of a mixture of gang bang sec checking without a meter and in front of the entire org.

    She had been assigned as HEM (e-meters) Director. Part of their job is to check and update (silver-cert) older meters which public send in within a certain time limit. Due to personnel attrition and illegal rip offs her area was down to a handful and these few could not keep up with the numbers of meters coming in to be serviced which kept piling up, though they stayed working longer hours and not getting enough sleep.

    Jackie was called up in a Seance in front of the whole assembled Gold Org and asked to give up her O/Ws and evil intentions for the situation occurring with crew jeering, rejecting her answers and yelling out questions as a procedure to these Dear Leader invented “technology”. I’m not sure what the EP (end phenomena) of this group auditing without a meter/gang bang sec check/invalidation & evaluation/personal verbal attack is. Perhaps totally caved in beings.

    In more sane times or sane places, situations in Orgs like personnel transfers creating backlogs in an area are discovered by real executives & personnel Division – Lisa Schoerer was the CO at the time – and just simply handled by undoing the destructive actions to the area. That’s if LRH admin Tech is applied correctly and it’s the Execs jobs.

    I had a difficulty in trying to understand what Seances were as they’re just insane actions created by a psycho Dear Leader.

  148. I guess from reading this “DM transcript” (read: too important to write a dispatch so I will speak inanely about random crap and have someone piece it together later) the “expansion” Miscavige references is solely in terms of MEST and not how most Scientologists define expansion – more Scientologists moving up the grade chart and actual new bodies on the Bridge …

    I see the whole “straight up and vertical” was not referring to expansion of Service but expansion of MEST.

    I don’t believe we need to “have in order to do” if LRH had really intended Superpower to be something that required the “pinch me” material Tommy Two-Tone referred to then why would LRH say that it’d be available at SHs in a few weeks (paraphrasing here) .

    It’s no wonder many Scientologists still in, are getting more and more disgruntled. Scientology is in reverse now. We need to HAVE buildings to service you before we can service you … so sell and mortgage everything to make that possible and when we get these buildings up we will Reg you for the Bridge to service you. We might even deliver that provided you pass the Ethics Check (you know, never went on the internet, paid us money, didn’t think bad thoughts about DM), have upgraded your status in the IAS and donated to the latest library campaign (because the books wear out, we have to keep putting them there).

    Yeah …

  149. Jackie’s video are on the St Pete Times website. Unfortunately she didn’t explain Seances as it still seems too painful for her.

  150. “that Steve guy couldn’t have picked a more iconic Bridge to jump off of, could he? That choice was deliberate, part of the “make-wrong” involved in all suicides.”
    That’s just fucking wrong ‘OT VIII” on so many levels. >(

  151. martyrathbun09

    Martin, thanks. You wonder where Tommy learned to lie through his teeth? Just in this segment, Miscavige just burst out the following utter whoppers: a) 25x expansion between 1980 and 1992, b) he’ll produce 100,000 people happy with him for every detractor.

  152. Sinar

    “I had a difficulty in trying to understand what Seances were as they’re just insane actions created by a psycho Dear Leader.”

    I think you understand them perfectly!


  153. Martin-
    Congratulations! Nothing is as happy to a family as baby news!


  154. Hmmm, the concept of expansion by cookies and ice cream doesn’t seem bad at all… 😛

  155. I didn’t pick that up. Good Catch Sam.

  156. Oh dear that would mean “expansion”of the Indies. Congratulations

  157. Ewmer is non-commital. He woves ducks, but dat wove is compwicated. DM, simple. So possibwy dat anowgy with Daffy is stwained at weast.

  158. Sinar
    Kind of what DM is doing…

  159. I guess the FDA can now get rid of the warning label on SSRIs and other antidepressants. People who take them and experience thoughts of suicide are just trying to make others wrong.

  160. Marty — doesnt Tommy TT now say (or maybe its VE hiimself in the events) that Scientology has expanded 5x or 10x or something in the last decade? That would mean 250X since 1980 (of course leaving out the massive expansion from 92 to 2000). Now that would be impressive! There were at least 100 orgs in 1980 (probably 140 if there are 150 now) so there would be 25,000 orgs now. There were at least 300 missions, so it would 75,000 now. There were supposedly 20,000 or more Clears — 5,000,000 now! Someone could do a very convincing expose just using the words of Dear Leader himself. It would be overwhelming.

  161. Vampire Emperor, otherwise known as leader of the Vulture Culture, or just plain old Dear Leader….

  162. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, they are synthetic beingnesses programmed to alter, lie, degrade, and fight. Scary.

  163. Very nicely said.
    I believe this one goes down as the most validated comment in the blog’s history.
    Grasshopper, you’ve beat out Jimmy the Cricket!

  164. LM,
    Yes, I’m not sure why the term “Seances” were given, perhaps it’s apt due to being of “Other practices”, not LRH. On the other hand, perhaps a better name for them would be “Witch Hunt” of Dear Leader’s conviction that there are those at Int who were agin’ him and the practice of a Roman mob attacking the one person front and center would flush out the bad ones who are his enemies and are actively sabotaging what he’s doing.

    Had this been Salem and 1692 real burnings would have occurred, perhaps the thought occurred to him as he shot the witch burning scene on film in summer of 1978 as cameraboy at La Quinta, with Carol Spurlock screaming all night long in many re-takes. The coolers were shut off due to sound recording and we tried to sleep outside but couldn’t.

  165. M&M,
    Ted Koppel apparently won an Emmy for doing this interview, it was considered that DM should have won it as he was the one responsible! Shelly wanted a special party for him and for me to do an ice carving of an Emmy as a centerpiece (I did carvings in the past for special occasions). Had done the research for the statue and was set to do it, but fortunately it was cancelled. BTW: Where is Shelly Miscavige?

  166. If they kept the filming process going, perhaps it would make the Guinness book for the longest time lapse photography segment recorded ever!

  167. Thank you VERY much for clearing up the mystery on the Super Power building I’ve had for years. It’s always been a huge outpoint for me, yet the sheeple among us never questioned it. I am an old timer who has been around for a long time and worked with LRH in the early days. I have worked on many lines over the years and have seen more outpoints than you can shake a stick at since COB took over. And I have written a lot of it up and mentioned the outpoints verbally to no avail. I am soooooo happy (and blowing down) to find your site Marty. I am still a member in good standing with the Church, but I doubt for long after finding all this data. A friend of mine spent 5 hours on the phone with me the other night, enlightening me on much of what is going on and directed me here. Suffice it to say I will be reading a lot of your blog. I have already decided to give you my full support. I cannot sit idly and do nothing about the psycho dog in charge and watch LRH’s intentions fall apart. Again, thank you for standing up for LRH and STANDARD TECH!

  168. Sinar, Just Me,

    These David Miscavige ordered/chaperoned “seances” sound very much like even WORSE, unregulated, EST (Erhard Seminar Training, the founder of EST dabbled in Scientology) group criticism episodes.

    These seances sound like EST gone bad.

    I wish some ex EST people could weigh in on the Miscavige seances.

    Miscavige is squirreling EST!

  169. A little story about Steve Brackett’s tragic death. The word was that church members were being told that he had died in an accident. I heard that Nancy Cartwright was going to be speaking at Delphi Los Angeles. So I wrote to Ben Shaw and asked that they be especially caring of Nancy in light of the recent suicide of Steve. I included a link to the article. The response I got back was a note of thanks that said he had forwarded the info to others on staff.

  170. Ha ha, hand cranked camera.

  171. Is that one of those plastic Devo hair pieces?

  172. I am glad you brought up that Nightline interview. It reminded me of this bizarre fact: When that Nightline show won an Emmy, a replica “Emmy” trophy was made for DM’s office. (This was done within RTC, not by ABC or Nightline.) As if DM was the reason for the win, and that it was a good thing. Talk about ego and mis-assigning “cause”. And that was 18 years ago.

  173. Lunamoth,
    “How the hell did you guys keep from constantly spinning when he talked?”
    Answer: I didn’t. Which is why most times when I was being called out for something I had done or not done, I was unable to even respond. My brain went to mush trying to figure some logic into it all. Of course that only made him angrier.

  174. Sinar,
    Actually, a replica trophy/statue WAS made for his office. Maybe Shelly decided that would last longer than the ice carving.

  175. How about duplicating this: there are people on this blog who knew and cared for Steve Brackett!

  176. martyrathbun09

    Chuck, you are absolutely right.

  177. martyrathbun09

    Thank you, you are are appreciated.

  178. A borderline SP! Now there’s a good one! 🙂 Bwahahahahahahaha

  179. Wayne~and it is vetted, so I’d bet, based on earlier testimonies, this wacko memo was loaded with obscenities too.
    I realize where the insane, not-LRH stuff that our new OT7&8 mission holders dramatized came from…right there…David Miscavige’s insane mind!

  180. I’m gonna have to get this damned black thong engram run out eventually! Argh 😦

  181. Steve Brackett didn’t commit suicide as a “make wrong.” He was driven to desperation by the Church of Scientology. Steve has family and friends who read this blog, so show a little compassion and sensitivity, please.

  182. Tony – Right! Missed that one 🙂

  183. Thanks! That’s what is so great about what M&M and the team here are doing. There are two parts of this puzzle, from my point of view:

    A. Getting those that are in the Church to see what is really going on. and
    B. Getting on with it without distraction (or at least, by kicking distraction to the curb).

    I have been getting on with it for years, but I had been hoping that A. was not necessary or that it would blow over. I mentioned that in other posts. But, while something could happen to radically change the CofM back to the CofS, it is not happening now, and if it does, this team right here will have something to do with it.

    But, to your point, we are all FOR Scientology. Actually, we are FOR Scientology and people being free, civil and human rights, free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association.

  184. Tom – Yep. Teenagers giving orders. The lack of respect for experience and knowledge (especially non-Scn knowledge) was and is incredible. The culture of “Read it, drill it, do it” and reinventing the wheel because wogs have no skills worth learning, is just lame-brained. When Tom Cruise had that Western movie he made years ago done with ClearSound because Hollywood sound technology was “so bad,” I just thought what a dumb SOB. It was the epitome of arrogance – and it was that way across the board.

    I had a Treasury Sec who used to tell creditors of the org that they must really be in financial trouble if they needed to get their invoice paid (because LRH mentioned something like that in an HCOPL) – and this was for invoices that were six months overdue! It was actually more important to her to get the dateline payment policy in place that it was for her to demand income and get some $ in the door so that all bills could be paid and the org out of Financial danger.

    So, yeah. This individuation from the human race just is not working.

  185. Yes, Marta. I was in that stage myself. In fact, when I looked it over, I realized that I was pretty much on the path to independence when some high-handed SO team (RTC, perhaps) decided that if an auditor made a mistake and missed a withhold in session, he should be assigned TREASON and forced to go through the conditions. There was some threat of declare in there as well. This was in the mid-80’s. The “reasoning” was that the auditor didn’t really make a mistake, but that since he studied and attested to knowing that missed withholds are bad, the reason the auditor, then, missed the withhold was because he or she MEANT to do it!

    What ever happened to cramming, and repairing the PC? Not to excuse an auditor mistake, but, really!

    I had meant to be a pro auditor, but that sort of arbitrary made me realize that my profession would be at the whim of some ignorant SOB’s who actually never took a PC through a grade (or passed a two hour confront, for that matter). Trey Lotz’s troubles were an example as well – he had been roughed up pretty badly from time to time, and he was the top-ranked field auditor in LA, which means the world. I decided to do something else. Up until that point I was on course or on staff pretty solidly for about 12-13 years. After that point, it was a lot more intermittent.

    So, what a relief to be free of that bunch, and that mind-set!

  186. A very well written and perceptive piece.

    One of my favorite LRH quotes is: “You can ignore a tremendous
    amount of entheta and still keep the show on the road.” When people
    wonder why I stuck with it for so long, I think of that datum. I’m
    sure that applies to a lot of us.

    Once you realize how impossible it has become to actually do the Bridge in the Church, and once someone finds out that there is an alternative, it changes the equation. It makes it easier to let go.

    Miscavige has put everyone in the Church in Danger. The only answer is to bypass.

  187. Thanks, Vertley – I am glad to see it spread wide and far, and I am glad that it touched so many people and will continue to do so.

  188. That’s an awesome scene, no? I remember when I first saw it when it came on the air! Hooked me good!

  189. Glad to see you here, Gary B! Welcome!

  190. Aeolus,
    My comment had nothing to do with the unfortunate loss of Mr. Brackett.

  191. Gary B, welcome! 🙂

    I have read elsewhere this boy keeps guns in his desk?
    And he talks into a Dictaphone like this?
    Very Scary…

  193. My mistake, then. The placement and content of your comment made it look like an endorsement of OT VIII’s no-sympathy attitude. Frankly, I’ve seen way too much no-sympathy and far too little compassion over the years from many Scientologists, both staff and public.

    It might be a comforting ser-fac to look down on the less fortunate and less able, but every suicide and every homeless person is part of my 4th dynamic. And yours too.

  194. To the moderator of this blog or Marty,
    I see that my long post did not appear. Was it too long? Too absurd? Too derogatory on DM? Just would like to know so I can operate on the right data. Please let me know at


  195. martyrathbun09

    OTDT, I pretty much let things ride, but I do have some standards of getting too over-the-top satirical. In an effort to keep us from drifting into the sick world of church propaganda, such that the likes of Freedom has strayed.

  196. Marty,
    Cool enough. I want to fully respect your wishes about your blog. No intention on my part to drift towards sickness. As you accurately stated, it was pure satire. The interesting thing is that probably 95% of what I wrote, I took from eye witness accounts I read about here. (The flames from the chair and the thong stuff I know are not true. Yet)

    I must admit though, I’m having a bit of difficulty putting your censorship into context within this blog’s already established pattern of using terms to describe DM such as midget, vulture, vampire, dwarf, etc., as well as referencing church members as cool-aid drinkers, sheeple, robots and Scaventologists.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being critical of that and I don’t disagree with the use of these references. In fact, I agree with most of what you write and much of what gets posted here. But these would also seem to violate the standards of which you speak.

    OK, there’s my spiel. Sorry if I was too over-the-top. If you’d prefer, I won’t post any satires at all. I can respect that.

    But just for the record, I thought it was hilarious.


  197. OTDT, Thanks. I think vulture, vampire, kool aid drinkers, sheeple and robots are all very apt, and accurate, descriptions. I don’t use midget and dwarf, and I probably ought to object when others do.

  198. Pingback: Why We Stayed « Ah, Grasshopper!

  199. “The Super Power program will be ready to go the moment the new building is completed, he said. Scientology officials promise that will be 2007.”


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