Miscavige Black Ops Squad Hits Corpus Christi

Apparently, we are impinging of late.

The PIs are suddenly in the Corpus Christi Bay area en masse.  They’ve been here all the time according to my observations, as confirmed by D/IG Legal Affairs’ (Warren McShane) memorialized statement to the Riverside County Sheriff’s office.  But, now the king of knee-jerk has sent another platoon lead by Black Ops Specialist Dave Lubow. 

Fresh from the Dead Brother Op in Los Angeles https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/08/13/murder-outs/ , where his illegal acts have landed him as a target in a more senior law enforcement investigation, Lubow showed his weasely visage to local friends and former associates.

Date coincident the surveillance crews have gone noisy.  Mosey and I can’t even have a quiet meal at the local chuck wagon without some heifer with a crew cut plopping down beside us straining his ear.  By the frequency of the slow drive-bys, starting yesterday and increasing today, you’d think the Shack was put on the Texas historical monuments list. 

Now, old associates and friends are reporting in to me with the Private Investigator confrontation reports.  Because I was the main investigative reporter putting ethics in on corrupt politicians around here for years, Miscavige’s PIs are necessarily talking to influential people in the Corpus area. And, as is Miscavige/OSA’s wont, they have in the course of twenty-four hours given Scientology a horrendous name far and wide throughout South Texas. 

Now, here is perhaps the most interestng data.  I phoned Lubow a couple of weeks ago to ask him about the Dead Brother Operation.  Mosey and Sam Domingo listened in as witnesses.  After Lubow lied about his involvement in the Dead Brother Op, I asked him why it was that he seemed to have a penchant for confronting women and a fear of men.  I noted that nearly all of my female pc’s and pre-OTs have been contacted by him, but none of the males.  I also noted that he went all the way to Denver in an attempt to intimidate Mike Rinder’s former 2D, but never had the nuts to confront Mike.   Dave Lubow went dead silent, comm lagged, and then went into a litany that made all of us (Sam, Mosey and I) conclude Davey is getting paid to troll my blog.  Can you imagine, Miscavige paying this runt 80 to 100 bucks an hour to troll me? 

Well, even though he has been called out on it, little Davey visited two women who work with Mosey today; one ambushed as she arrived home from work.  Mosey’s fellow workers have no involvement with Scientology and very little, if any, contact with me.  One blew him off, and one wisely recorded Lubow going through his entire black PR presentation on me and Mosey. Davey,  I guess Eliott Abelson didn’t brief you that Texas is a one-party consent recording state, you loser.

In addition to ruining Scientology PR in yet another region,  tiny Davey has accomplished the following by launching little Davey: creating fresh liability on collateral targets who have never done a blessed thing to him.

Memo to Davey (Miscavige) and Davey (Lubow):

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  1. It looks like the little dictator only knows one trick for dealing with people he can’t control, and that’s to harrass them. Obviously if it isn’t working, he needs to do it harder, because what else is there?

  2. Marty,
    Little Davey sure has a heck of a portfolio on Google, he’s practically a Non Sea Org OSA dirty ops staff member on full time payroll:

    He seems to be licensed in California,

    ” To operate in Texas, a PI agency must have a qualifying manager that directly supervises the agency and investigators licensed under their company. ” from:

    I wonder if little Davey is legal in Texas?

  3. Miscavige – it might really scare him if he knew the depth of covert non-compliance to his wishes at the local org public level. He is being destroyed on a “no-create” basis……..no APs, avoided donations, not attending events. One of the better ways to thwart this paranoid pee-wee is the impossible to fight tactic of……NO CREATE.

    One of the favored methods of NO CREATE in my home org area is keeping your phone numbers and new address secret…….and screening all calls, of course. COS blather-mail goes STRAIGHT into the “round-file”. If you don’t keep your location secret, you might find desperate staffers pounding on your door at 3:00 AM.

    It can be a real pain in the ass if you’re OT VIII (solicitation-wise) – but my whereabouts on the planet have been “unknown” for a l-o-n-g time except to close friends, and even THEY don’t have my exact address (we just use email and telephone). Fortunately, my business takes me routinely, for lengthy periods, to Europe, China, SE Asia and parts of South and Central America.

    I have been stunned to find out how many card-carrying Scientologists, some of whom are on SERVICES, who monitor Marty’s website to “find out what’s REALLY going on” in the COS. Can’t any sec checkers and examiners in the modern day COS make a meter read? Some of these guys have even been on OTV and eligibility services at AOLA recently – they seem to have compartmentalized their minds sufficiently so they aren’t even worried about sec checks, ruds etc.

  4. IMHO Marty, it’s time to pull out the big guns now. Step up the ethics gradients and file the charges against them that you talk about in your “Murder Outs” blog. Enough is enough. Mosey could lose her job, someone could get hurt and this bullshit has gone on long enough. If I had been ambushed at home by some lunatics, I’d have been pretty pissed off and would go file a restraining order. And the next time a heifer plops down beside you, ask to be moved.

    Zana ~

  5. No, OTVIII they cannot read meters anymore since Golden Age of Tech. Seriously.

  6. Lebow – You are a coward. In fact you are a wart growing on a coward’s arse. Get a life. We are not intimidated. People can smell your BS a hundred million miles away. The same goes for your boss Dr. Evil.

  7. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Marty,
    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for what you are doing.
    I also want to put a plug in for more people coming out and letting themselves be known and help take some of the pressure off Marty and Mike. These guys are taking a lot of heat for being the front men in decrying the abuses.
    For every person that shows them self it impinges on the third dynamic and takes us one step closer to getting our product. IMHO.

  8. Your last paragraph does not surprise me – I have heard that any Clear can learn to generate an F/N at will.

    Hmmmm. Might be a good little ‘mini training action’ to offer in the Freezone….

  9. Marty,

    The PI activity down here has increased too. Tom reports increased sightings and Chris and Valeska Guider are also now overt targets. I guess tiny Davey is in full neck vein-popping mode. Or maybe the vultures just plucked a plump carcass and he’s feeling flush with cash burning a hole in his little pocket….

  10. You can tell when the Indies are winning, the PI’s start swarming like flies….
    Please say you have audio of LeBow litany…. 🙂

    And when a heifer sits down next to me……mmmmmm…STEAK!

    As to “tech” in the church currently, its a joke. 25 intensives for grades 0 to IV from one report, and the auditor was so wound up about the f/n’s “being in range” that it was a complete distraction for the PC. That pc is done, never going back.

    But then, “Victimology” only ever really appealed to the bullies, tyrants and dictators.

    David Miscavige is just a HUGE Embarrassment even to those ” on the fence,” even to those still waffling on what to do, even to those still in.

    Marty, it is totally right on to keep reporting his attack dog efforts, yes, you are creating effects, as you say IMPINGING.

    It is very fair of you to give updates to your readers first. I know the media waiting in line to talk to you.


    See this little blurb from Bob Welkos and Joel Sappell of the Los Angeles TIMES that posted an article in 1990 ~
    Scientology seems committed not only to fighting back, but to chilling potential opposition. For years, the church has been accused of employing psychological warfare, dirty tricks and harassment-by-lawsuit to silence its adversaries.

    The church has spent millions to investigate and sue writers, government officials, disaffected ex-members and others loosely defined as “enemies.”

    Teams of private detectives have been dispatched to the far corners of the world to spy on critics and rummage through their personal lives — and trash cans — for information to discredit them.
    So consumed are some Scientologists by their zeal to punish foes that they have violated the confidentiality of one of the religion’s most sacred practices, according to a number of former members.

    These former members accuse others in the church of culling confessional folders for information that can be used to embarrass, discredit or blackmail hostile defectors — a practice once called “repugnant and outrageous” by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. Some of these former members say they themselves took part in the practice.

    The confidential folders contain the parishioners’ most intimate secrets, disclosed during one-on-one counseling sessions that are supposed to help devotees unburden their spirits. The church retains the folders even after a member leaves.
    Then there is the British author, Russell Miller. After his biography of Hubbard was published, an anonymous caller to police implicated him in the unsolved ax-slaying of a South London private eye.

    Miller was interrogated by two detectives, who concluded that he was innocent. Det. Sgt. Malcolm Davidson of Scotland Yard told the Los Angeles Times that the caller “caused us to waste a lot of time investigating” and “caused Mr. Miller some embarrassment

    End of Quote.

    Sound Familiar ?

  12. SwissNewbieNot

    Hey, Mike, why not getting a PI on DM?

  13. Lebow has been used and around since 1990 when he was sent to spy on us in Las Vegas. How about posting his photo on your blog and list out all the criminal and devious actions he has been involved in so that anyone reading the blog knows who he is and what he looks like so that they can ignor him when he shows up to harrass. He is a paid merchant of evil and you know as well as anyone that he has much dirty laundry in his personal closet. Needs to be exposed to the light for all to see.

  14. Marty wrote: By the frequency of the slow drive-bys, starting yesterday and increasing today, you’d think the Shack was put on the Texas historical monuments list.

    Miscavige must have figured out that the entire Scientology field is reading your blog, and everyone is laughing at his attempts to black PR you and Mike.

  15. You don’t have to be clear. I was amazed to hear young scientologists
    talking about how they deceive the e-meter. This was not bragging, but rather an offered help-flow to someone being hounded by vicious regging, sec-checking, etc.

  16. I work in marketing, and I have thought about how to get a communication to people who are still members of The Church of Miscavage. Yesterday morning I woke up with this idea.

    It is a highly condensed message that I think may help: LRH stood for FREEDOM, COB stands for ME$T. It is a doubt formula in a nutshell. A message that can be evaluated simply by what a person can see and feel right now. A message that can be read in a span of a second or two, before the filters can shut down the communication. A message that helps take away the A=A=A currently in effect: LRH = Scientology = Church Of Miscavology. Differentiation can begin, which is the basis of sanity.

    So, if it makes sense to you, download the PDF flyer. Print it out. Paper your local Org. Email it to your friends.

    Let’s get rid of the SP David Miscavage, and free our friends from the suppression.

    P.S. I’ve posted here in the past as Gaiagnostic and that is still me. But I made the blog LRH Stood for Freedom! http://lrhstoodforfreedom.wordpress.com/

  17. Apparently little Davey is licensed in California according to this post:

    According to another website:
    “Provisions of the Reciprocity Agreements
    An investigator may conduct business outside his or her home state only under the circumstances indicated below.
    o The investigation must be initiated in the investigator’s home state.
    o The investigator may spend no more than 30 days Per Case while conducting an investigation in another state. (Note the exceptions below!)
    o The investigator is prohibited from soliciting business while in another state and from establishing a business or setting up residence while conducting an investigation in that state.

    List of Reciprocity States
    The following states have mutually agreed to recognize the right of private investigators to conduct interstate business:
    North Carolina

    Perhaps little Davey is an Illegal in Texas.

  18. Mark Fisher,

    For PIs who have violated laws, there is a disciplinary board.
    In each state it is the Department of Consumer Affairs
    The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (Govt. agency)
    One can file complaints on line.

    David Lebow in order to operate legally in Texas must be hooked in to a PI firm within Texas.
    In most cases a PI can only operate within the state he is licensed and cannot go from state to state questioning random folk legally.
    The dirty laundry in his personal closet needs to be exposed. Absolute agreement that sunshine disinfects.

    Your story of leaving Scientology Part 3 was a superb write up.
    High High applause.
    Good image (photo) of David Lebow as well.
    Good job Mark.

  19. The Inept Apparatus for Surveillance, or IAS, is what your donations buy. I was wondering where Nancy Cartwright’s $10 million went.

  20. I posted a tip in an earlier post of how to get through with an F/N and GET OUT! I used that in 1999 to spare myself further degrades to my case. There is no standard tech going on anymore per all reports I’ve seen here.
    Going back to the stable datum that you will not make rational the irrational, no tech in CofM will work.

  21. Alex Jones InfoWars Radio and other alternative radio stations are just north of the Corpus area. The private investigators from the Church of Miscavige will get butchered on the airways and on YouTube if some of those Infowarrior fans get video of these private investigators doing their covert Church spying operations. These Black Op guys from the Church of Scientology would cause a major embarrassment for DM if they were exposed on InfoWars.
    InfoWars has a huge audience. Over 7 million views on this fairly recent InfoWars film… [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAaQNACwaLw]

  22. martyrathbun09

    Very nice flyer. Thanks.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Mark, Karen made reference to a write you did on the rat. Please forward to me and we’ll get something up.

  24. Mark~I just read your article on FB earlier today. Those guys are CREEPY!
    How much do they get paid? I saw the trips that David Miscavige paid for. These guys are milking CofM and in turn Scientology public.

  25. With the PI activity suddenly increasing in Corpus and in Mike’s location, it makes me wonder if somebody has blown from Int. Maybe the PI’s are waiting to see where the person shows up. Just a thought.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, Thanks for this.

  27. I like that!

  28. SNN,
    M&M don’t have slush funds from unknowing Donors like Dear Leader. However video surveillance tech used by Dear Leader might be able to prove stalking etc. to local gendarmes.

    Besides, DM’s ship leaks like a sieve, so no PI’s are needed!

  29. Thanks, let me know if it is helpful for you, and what else I can do. I am thinking of getting bumper stickers, pins, postcards going.


  30. Slander, libel, and defamation of character are very serious crimes. In most civil law jurisdictions, defamation is dealt with as a crime rather than a tort.


    Note: Related to defamation is public disclosure of private facts, which arises where one person reveals information that is not of public concern, and the release of which would offend a reasonable person.

    It’s wise to be educated about it, with friends, family and colleagues aware and briefed. Fortunately, with the internet and spotlight, they can’t hide.

    There are divisions of law enforcement and government that stalk stalkers.
    The slightest whiff of slander or stalking gets action and investigation, with reports to various law enforcement, government and authorities.

    There’s nothing greater than true friends and true care in this world. There’s nothing creepier than the blatant action to harm good people, and involve innocents as pawns , as these events in Corpus did with the community.

    Because of continued antics like these paid “Intimidators”, “Scientology” is perceived by the public, sadly, as the dishonest blatant condescension of “wogs” or “enemies” and (most, imagined) on a rabid level, one that justifies criminal harassment and the law of the land against declared “outsiders.” Ironically, this is fanaticism that justifies violation of Scientology itself.

  31. Tony DePhillips

    Lately I have been feeling that DM and the cult of misscabbage is on a succumb postulate.

    They seem to be doing (and have been doing) crazy stuff for quite awhile now. I really have been getting the feeling that they want to elect an executioner for them. With the loss they have experienced in Australia and the floods of people staying away from the cult they must be pretty keyed -in.
    Marty this reminded me of one of your older posts where you were really concerned that DM might get really violent. Now with the connecting up with the NOI and the apparent desparation, who knows what could happen.

    I recall a Sea Org member named Rudy from Planetary Dissem who asked me “Would you die for your religion?” He had been getting about 2 hours of sleep a night. He told me this. He also told me that he was given very high quotas to regg and said his seniors had given him 5 minutes to say if he was willing to do it or he was “Off post”. Now putting all these pieces together, I wonder if DM would be willing to “go all the way” and go out in a “blaze of glory” rather than face the ser facs and evil purps he is sitting in….

  32. Very professional job. This will work. Now you just have to get people to see it.

  33. Sinar~Thanks! SLIMY dude! “David Lee (aka Robert Clarke aka Ron Christopher), whose real name is David Lebeau”

  34. I learned how to do this really well after nearly two straight years of Sec Checking and reaching the point where I thought DM could just shove the whole thing up his ass.

  35. Cha Ching! What Your Donations Buy:
    “The Scientology organisation did not spare a dime in ensuring that they trailed their public enemy number one and his family.””Lee’s base of operations has been in Los Angeles in Scientology-owned offices.””He went so far as to travel…to Australia when they went there on a vacation.””He next appeared in Seattle, Washington, in charge of a surveillance team that was set up under the control of Scientology intelligence officer Ben Shaw in Los Angeles.””David Lee
    had the dog kidnapped…Fortunately, the dog was able to escape but was nearly dead when neighbours found him. All his teeth had been kicked out…and his back was severely hurt…”

    Watch your back, please! This is one evil slimy dude. I’ll stop short of publicly stating what I’d like to do to him down in Swampland where gators eat the evidence…

  36. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    The CofM squirrels are screaming …

    Post: HASI London
    Admin Board, D.C.


    Whenever we’re really winning the squirrels start to scream. You can tell if
    somebody is a squirrel. They howl or make trouble only when we’re winning.

    Spectacular success can quadruple the number of complaints. Tell the
    complainees: “Come in, get clear.” Otherwise skip it.

    To understand a squirrel, consider the reaction of somebody who could not run the fifth leg of help “How could another person help another person”. The thought of this drives some people spinny. That’s a squirrel. They can’t view other people helping others without going berserk.

    There’s nothing personal in having squirrels. Even heroes can have lice.

    I look at what’s going on as a result of this blog as a “sign of success.” IMO, the heroes today are those outside the CoS (CofM), who are practicing real scientology … not reverse (radical) Scientology as practiced and supported by DM within the CoS.

    I look at the individuals on this blog as the true heroes of scientology the subject, and its proper application. Words cannot express how proud I am of you, and how you give hope that good (theta) will win.

    Some day in the future, all scientologists will look back and thank that you were here hammering away for the Truth and exposing the lies of the lice.

    Clearly, David Miscavage can’t view other people helping others without going berserk.

  37. For Sarge thanks for your note a few days back. ☼ it’s great to see you! ☼ You’re in my ∞ ♥ so I didn’t go away 🙂 but it’s great to SEE YOU!! LOVE!!!! and could you get my email from M or M, that way we can be in comm even when I’m not here.

    Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christie, I hope your beautiful days haven’t been too imposed upon with the duress and intended harm being targeted your way by the goon approach 😦 Dolphins beat sharks any day. ♥

  38. OT VIII, they don’t read because looking at this blog is not an overt! 😉

  39. Um…correction, Christie. You meant to say Mini-Me, not Dr. Evil. Right? LMAO! ML, Songbird…

  40. Right, I saw the same, the young Scientologists are talking about their tricks to get a F/N. It’s something totally normal for them.
    Weird isn’t it ?

  41. Grüezi SwissNewbieNot,

    Would like to get in comm. with you. Do you have an E-Mail adress ?
    Mine is loof88@gmail.com

  42. Thanks Marty. Karen posted a link already above.

    I wrote the story just last week and posted it on Facebook for my friends to read in more detail what was covered in the SP Times article. There was more to the story and I wanted to tell it. Little did I know Lubow is still in action.

    I was hoping someone had a more current photo of Lubow. I have seen them on the internet before. If you read the comments placed on my story by people like Arnie Lerma and Jesse Prince, Lubow was used for much much more over the years.

    I think it would be helpful to expose all the dirty tricks and actions he was used for over the years. That would help dead agent him to the thousands of people who read your blog everyday and maybe help protect them from harrassment.

    These PI’s don’t want their faces and names out there because it hurts their business. Particularly if they were involved in crimes and other dirty tricks.

    Maybe Mike knows of more things this guy was involved with over the years.

  43. Since Tommy Davis says that all PIs work under a lawyer, am sure a quick call to the Corpus Christi District Clerk would be able to provide that information.

    Oh, and look on the left hand side. A link to the Corpus Christi Bar Association.


    After opening on the 6th a number of persons made contact, asked questions of their interest and let me know what was needed and wanted. Thank you to all of you.
    However, there were also some “strange” communications, as well, such as a person from an african country, who only “needed” my full name and adress so he could send me a huge amount of money. (Ha, ha, ha!) Or a woman in another african country, with a heartbreaking story, who seems to think I would be of male gender and come down to that place to “rescue” her. The first of such mails was received a few hours after the opening of the PLANETARY COURSE ROOM on this blog. The email-adress is new and only been used on this blog.
    So apparently the idea of people getting training has hit a nerve.
    Therefore this offer is extended to any staff member, SO, Class V, of OSA, Management or Service Org, who wishes to be directed to actual Source data, be it for his job or for personal matters. I will do my best to direct him/her to it. His mail will be treated as confidential.

    Anyone who feels he/she could use the assistence of an internet course supervisor for his training can write to:

  45. Theo Sismanides

    OT VIII, I have had numerous sec checks where I created FNs and gave completely false “overts” and “witholds”. Not just me. My wide and another ez SO. it was terrifying in the beginning but finally I learnt the “tech” of it and it was fun and a breeze. I couldn’t’t have told the auditor the truth since it wouldn’t be accepted.

  46. I know Scn from the mid 70ies. While I did not really grasp what show was going on inside later I recognized the following:
    There had been two groups on staff. Call then 1 or 2, A or B, X or Y group. The other group specialized in those things you see now inside the church in full bloom. In the days before the new regime took over the big war inside went into their last battles. Those other group members had been the ones who engaged in those nasty things like gangbang seck checking. My impression that time had been, that those had been waiting all the time they could start. You know, that group won and we lost the game.
    Those had the speciality to cut commlines. Especially cutting 2nd D lines. They could not throw me out nor could they damage me. They did not even have the courage to gang bang sec check me. But they cut every line I had. Especially to women. And they worked on my wife till she felt I am not good and she cut with me.
    You see, if they cannot harm you on a direct way they harm every other near you. I tried to convince my friends and women that I have enough power to protect them. But as soon as they doubted me and listend to the other ones the line broke and they could not use my power any longer. I had a speciality those days. Every time my wife came home from folo it took me 15 minutes max to handle the brainwash form HCO folo.
    Truth always handles brainwash. And this blog is a good source for Truth.

  47. I’ll second that. I loved your story, every bit of it. I was there throughout most of it in some capacity or other, and it’s very accurate. You saw the light much sooner than I, maybe because you were more closely on his lines. Nonetheless… So enjoyed those all nighter Ad Councils we did. Never forget the good times (I know you won’t.)

  48. You are ALIVE and communicating while showing the world they can go free…

    Guilty of few crimes i must say!!
    Didn’t you know that in this universe be there and communicate are crimes…?
    Ha! ha! Continue the good job Marty and Mosey, you are surrounded by true friends !! ❤

  49. OT from another planet

    DM and lil’ Davey are acting like utterly ridiculous criminals as this point.
    This is truly a case where the ‘Church of Mescaviage ‘ is abusing the church donor’s monies in ways they never intended – Of this I’m certain.

    Thank you for spreading the truth with your blog Marty, I hope these clowns get shut down soon due to the truth being exposed about this sham of a ‘Leader’ and bringing his criminal tactics to light.

    BTW, is Tom Cruise really so suppressed that he cannot see the repression of people’s freedoms, including his own? Or does DM have something on him that makes him fearful of disconnecting? Tom Cruise, certainly must be aware of what a laughing stock he is becoming to the public, nutty behavior and all, what is it that keeps him hooked? Is it me or is his smile starting to look fake?

    In Parting, I think you should start a series of photo pages on your blog with know DM’s know spies – posting multiple pictures of each for all the world to see and use. It would give all of us a quick reference album to check – even via smartphones if we’re out and about, should we be suspect of an individual. Secondly, it could also serve as a type of “these are the faces your donations help feed” where the church donors as well as the IAS donors could see the children their hard earned monies go to support.

    I’ll keep reading your blog every day and help you all get the truth out on what a despicable, repressive, dishonest criminal David Miscaviage has become – and the tactics he uses to criminally harass.

    Ya’ know? it’s really sad that he turned out to be so bad – but he’s not so bad that he can ever take my freedom away, never.

    In closing I’ll leave you with an easy way to tell if DM is riding in one of those tinted widowed cars past your house in Texas everyday; His will be the one with the bumper sticker that reads:

    “If you don’t own the church, You ain’t sh*t!”


  50. Nice flyer — I was unable to download it. I’m on a mac – would that make a difference?

    Planning to visit an “idle org” soon – and want your flyers.


  51. Aylesbury Wolf - a Hubbard Knight

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    In addition to a textual message. May I suggest, for example, that the artists amongst the Independents create a picture or two of Miscavige, maybe looking a tad evil, directing his IAS “flunkies” (with maybe whips or a good smack around the head – cricket bat optional) to siphon, like as a vacuum cleaner sucking, money out of the pockets of tractable “churchies” and spuing it into Davey’s coffers while he sips on his scotch, laidback in the lap of luxury.

    When a flunky comes across a “churchie” who doesn’t have any money left (or, no more borrowing capacity), they summarily kick them out of the church to let them fend for themselves in a world that doesn’t necessarily take too much pity on people who don’t have any money. (Basically it’s a 3D montage of images.)

    An image will communicate instantaneously – no need to read.

    May the tech be with you.

  52. Theta Networker


    Trolling you? … How about “troll” as a noun: According to wordsmyth.net, A troll is “in Scandinavian folklore, an ugly manlike creature that lived in a cave or under a bridge.”

    The whole op is indeed creepy, Tara … Just totally illegal “fishing expeditions” …

    If covert Church spying operations can be exposed As TL Let’s Look suggests … might that be one way to shine the light of truth on this? …

    This kind of stalking must be illegal … as I think Sinar’s research suggests? …

    For PIs who have violated laws, it is as Karen says … There may be something under the state Attorney General’s Office as well … I will look, although I am way out of state (NY) …

    The entire “operation” is sliding downward … out of control … more and more reminiscent of the kind of desperation of a Richard Nixon’s Watergate days … Btw aren’t the denials of any wrongdoing like Roger Clemens [at least he had a brilliant career] perjuring himself? …

    Thank you lrhstoodforfreedom. I will look for your material this evening after work … as something to include to my contacts.

    I got a wonderfully theta response, to my comm regarding the church, friendsoflrh.org, etc., from one of my people out west, and
    she just sent me back what appears at first glance to be some kind of open source site for LRH tech. There appear to be 1056 LRH files on this web site:

  53. Independent Scientologist

    I was recently on my elig cycle at AOLA.

    The sec checking auditors know how to read meters.

    The problem they have is more basic than that – inability to keep a PC in session. Perhaps due to mean-spirited, no-ARC auditing. It’s not right to paint all auditors with that brush, but certainly the one I had. Can’t believe I managed to get through all the elig questions and end ruds, without resorting to any tricks to produce an F/N.

    – Ron Matlock

  54. George, breaking up and preventing 2Ds is still a fixation of Miscavige. He has his Black Ops squad attempting it in present time with me. Wait till you see tonight’s post.

  55. Ron~Not eval’ing you or anything but your comment seems to indicate what I say is true. There’s no way the metering’s right if it’s done per GAT and particularly in an org, the auditors can’t hide and pretend anymore. The out-TRs is a deeper problem, true. Out-TRs also leads to out-metering…flustercluck extraordinaire!

  56. Prexactly! Smart thetan you are! 🙂

  57. Are you saying recently? As in the last few weeks?

    I find it hard to believe that you’ll be on an elig for anything at the AO having come forward with apparently your real name here on Marty’s blog.

    Elig at AOLA and posting on Marty’s blog with your real name —
    seems impossible.


  58. Marty,

    I do know from own experience what you and Mosey have to bear each day. I had similar – although a bit less severe – harassments going on for years.

    And I had been MUCH less prominent than you. MUCH MUCH less.

    But it kind of validated me : I was a guy that someone would spend a 7 digit amount for. What a surprise !

    They will spend a 8 digit sum for you, no doubt. And due to your expertise and the strong beings you are associated with this mess will become a major factor of embarassment for the cult and part of its downfall.

    Heartfelt thanks for what you are doing.

  59. Thanks V. So nice to hear from you. The goons can only “hurt” you if you care what they try to do. If you have a clean heart there’s really nothing they can do. Oh, they run around like the Keystone Kops, but when it comes right down to it, they usually resort to trying to black PR you (and often they try to do it by associating you with the sordid activities they are engaged in “psst… did you know so and so is part of a cult?” or taking things from pc and ethics files and spreading those around). It’s a losing game, except for the PIs — I have thought of asking Brian Rafferty to take me out to dinner as I am single handedly keeping him and all his PI employees making a very good living! But, you can be sure it will all ultimately explode on the source of the black PR — its right in the PR Series. Its kind of fun watching them laying out their rope, constructing the gallows, carefully tying the knot, putting on the blindfold and ascending the stairs, clomp, clomp, clomp…

  60. A hint to understand TC :

    He is addicted to the feeling “what a great + good + strong guy I am”.

  61. It probably has something to do with recent events in Australia, don’t you think, Mike?

    Australian Senate Recommends Charity Commission

    Looks like your home country of Australia will be one of the first to clean up the Church of Scientology’s fraud and abuse in their area.

    Maybe DM is wrong-targeting again, thinking you guys had something to do with this.

  62. When I was a churchie I would justify these actions with an oh-so-smug “they deserve it, the bastards”.

    Little did I know these “bastards” were people who had simply had enough. Enough of the abuses, enough of the lies, enough of the shitty, squirrel service! They also had the courage to stand up and say what they had observed.

    I never used to get it when I’d see an ex-Scn say the CoS was just a “scam”. Now I get it. (Note to DM: when you’re paying exorbitant prices for squirrel tech and come away with nothing, it’s likely you’re going to think you’re being scammed!).

    Yes, now I get it.

    Mr. Miscavige, I WANT to go up The Bridge. I WANT to train. I want this more than anything. But I DO NOT WANT to do this any longer within an organisation that cannot deliver on it’s promises.

    “If you can’t get the technology applied then you can’t deliver what’s promised. It’s as simple as that. If you can get the technology applied, you can deliver what’s promised. The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pcs is ‘no results’. Trouble spots occur only where there are ‘no results’. Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are ‘no results’ or ‘bad results’.” — LRH, HCO PL 7 Feb 1965, Keeping Scientology Working, Series 1.

    I DO NOT WANT to spend exorbitant sums of money.

    “As financial planning sees that pricing of everything sold is not too high to discourage the public and not too low to make the org insolvent.” — LRH, HCO PL 20 Nov 65 Promotional Actions of an Organization*

    I’m not “poor”, but I’m not a millionaire either. I make good money. I have a great apartment on the river. But I want to help people and enjoy my life without worrying about money (as much as I like spending it, I’ve never been that much of a fan), or indeed being in debt.

    “Make it before you have to spend it. Gather bit by bit a cushion of cash to fall back on and don’t ever fall back on it.” — LRH, HCO PL 28 Jan 1965, How to Maintain Credit Standing and Solvency

    I DO NOT WANT anything other than 100% Standard Tech. Spending exorbitant amounts of money is one thing (at off-policy prices), but receiving squirrel tech in exchange is not only outrageous, it is fraudulent. I don’t want your GAT claptrap, with your “new” definition of an F/N. I’ve wasted hours on endless ruds, overruns, and had some truly farcical moments with the examiner. Now I discover there’s a reason for it…!

    “The public wants Scientology Ron’s brand and they don’t buy other brands.” — LRH, HCO PL 27 Dec 1963, THE “MAGIC” OF GOOD MANAGEMENT.

    I DO NOT WANT to be pressured to donate to endless campaigns. That’s all anyone ever seems to be doing these days. Whether it’s the IAS, Ideal Orgs, Super Power et al, the emphasis seems to be on moving up in “status” rather than moving up The Bridge.

    “Don’t engage in ‘fund raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money. Just make more income with Scientology. It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology.” — LRH, HCO PL 24 Feb 1964, Urgent, Org Programming

    I DO NOT WANT to be a member of an organisation, guilty of all these nutty things, that tries to suppress and ruin those who dare to stand up and make this data known. People who are, let’s face it, just applying the Code of a Scientologist! Instead of wasting parishioner money (gathered from off-policy IAS regging) on PIs and harassment campaigns, why not just APPLY SCIENTOLOGY, clean house, and CLEAR THE F*CKING PLANET!

    How close are you now?

    * L. Ron Hubbard vs Pricing policies

    ** Tech Corruption: Floating Needles

  63. Windhorse~Seems incredible that he could have both, but again, inability to read the meter could lead to all sorts of wild-n-crazy shenanigans! Like being an active participant here AND there! 😉

  64. martyrathbun09

    If it were, the Black Ops boys would be in Florida not Texas.

  65. No, I dont.

  66. ThetaNetworker~Thanks!!!!!

  67. Veritas, My God I Love the Theta universe! This is the first time I saw
    this com, just this morning. Last night I got it! I almost got up to fire up
    my computor so I could send an e-mail to M and M to ask about you
    and ask for your e-mail. The com was strong and full of Love. Thank you.
    LOVE!!! P.S. I have 3 e-mail addresses and because I am not afraid of the
    little bad wolf, here’s one: stevepfauth@sbcglobal.net and two :
    olesargio@gmail.com and three: sargio@hushmail.com

  68. I’m very appreciative of your Australians, Mike.

    I believe that they have created a way to curb the fraud and abuse in Scientology while still retaining the rights to religious freedom for all.

    It is quite an accomplishment, and one that I think will resonate around the world.

    Whatever you did to help accomplish this, thank you.

  69. Sinar excellent post/comment. Your Google Fu is strong 😉


    LOL at Scientology Advertisement on damning PI information page.

  70. Jack that is a beautiful well written comment. I hear you loud and clear:

  71. In the mid-90’s I ran the “Scientology-kills” website, and sold the infamous “$cientology KILLS” T-shirts featuring OT-III prominently on the back. I made a hobby of David Lubow.

    While he fancied himself “Dick Tracy” (and used an email address of the same name), he certainly wasn’t good enough to know that I could track his travels by watching his ISP — using the unix utility ‘finger’, I could tell where he was logging in to check his email from. He was busily tracking Bob Minton at the time, and I was able to provide pretty good heads-up about where David was to Bob and other victims of his. I actually created a web-page that allowed people like Bob to check in and see from what city/locale David last checked his email. It was a hoot.

    In the one phone call I had with David, where he primarily bragged about his incredibly good investigative skills (and how he has all the latest gadgets like GPS car-trackers!), I was able to get what Marty described as “comm-lag” when I told him what his real last name was. His reaction was priceless, and although this was over a decade ago, I shall never forget it. Silence… A long, empty period of nothing… followed by a very small sounding voice saying “that’s not true”.

    What David didn’t know was that I had seen his Drivers License. It’s striking to see a liar in such a clear fashion. I posted his real last name to alt.religion.scientology.

    He aint Dick Tracy, but at least that name is half right.

    For a decade-plus, whenever his name has shown up anywhere on the web or in the news, it gets automatically filed into a folder I have called “Hobby”…

    For awhile, he was running around with Joe Neal (during the first Lisa M. protest in Clearwater). Whatever happened to Joe? I liked him, but he seemed like he was in over his head.

  72. Wow Mark I just read your FB story. Un F’ing believable! As a public WOG who has become aware of the COS since 2008, I read these types of stories in the beginning and I was thinking this can’t possibly be true can it? The more I read and the more Scientologist ( Indies or exs) that come out and speak out and the more is published regarding the abusive practices of DM and DMstology, the more apparent that this insanity is all too real. Mark I hope Ferris does come out some day and tell his side of this tale and to use your friendship and betray it is so unpardonable in my books. I believe truth will prevail in the end but Man I don’t want to be within several hundred miles when the Sh&% finally hits the fan coz its going to be really messy on the collateral damage side for those too close to DMs inner circle.

  73. Now that is a true reversal of scientology, from it being something one desired to participate in, to something to be tricked, but still participate in due to “social” pressure.

    Scientology as an implant.

  74. Did you use a simple Yogha/Bhuddhist breathing technique ? The good old 4/5 counts in and 4/5 counts out visualising something calming or retreating to a peacefull place in your head ?

  75. That was some great stuff!

  76. You Sir are a Winrar 😉 You are doin’ it rite 🙂 Excellent work Sir, carry on.

  77. Excellent reference, Wayne. I find it incredibly ironic and sad that the terminals have switched and now it is those outside that are carrying the torch. We are upset with the CofM not because it is winning, but because it has failed.

  78. Allen, I think the possibility of Judge Merryday peeking into the McPherson files has Slappy up in the curtains again.

  79. Well said.

  80. There are several sites with pictures of the cult’s hired PI’s

    The first one has pix of Lubow.


  81. Dear Marty and Mosey,

    That Miscavige continues these entheta dumps confirms the impingement that is occurring. Thank you for your courage, fortitude and help you provide to so many fellow beings.

    You’ve got friends.

    ML, Tom

  82. That’s quite a story !

    Seems that this guy was all that Co$ could buy, even with all their money …

  83. Fixed the download problem.

  84. And just like these 4 incredibly talented women —

    Your friends are people with heart, stamina and conviction who love you both.

    dm has no friends. Tortured yes-men and yes-women cannot be friends. Their hearts are almost gone.


  85. SuperUltraMegaSecret...ness

    I had the same problem as windhorse. Please let us now. Your flyer is really really good. I’m thinking it would go well on the front door of the org and that’s right where I’m going to place it.

  86. Do I read it right on todays blog! no eligibility unless under a pseudonym?
    That just wo’nt bite with me. I’ll go one better and be a pain in the neck and enclose you a nice picture of me; here it is:

  87. F/N and GET OUT!
    Ha ha – I have done that sooooo many times!
    Didn’t realize it had become such a habit among the potential Indies 😉

  88. Tom, I second your beautiful sentiment. This should be the Theme song for this blog. It expresses my feelings exactly. Thank you M and M for all you do and are. Love, Sarge

  89. If anyone has a problem downloading the flyer, please email me at gaiagnostic@gmail.com and I will send it out to you.

  90. dm is a troll that lives “under” the Bridge cause he’s never been on it. Trolls are scared of Truth, that’s why they hide.

  91. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Exactly Grasshopper; the terminals have switched. Utterly ironic.

  92. David Miscavige, what a laugh. In my opini0n he is a coward who fears all that is being done to tell the truth of his abuses. He can only abuse those who completely believe in the tenets of scientology by using their fear of losing it against them.

    Miscavige tried to intimidate me with a PI he sent to try to stop me from speaking out about him and his abuses abroad. Somehow he got my flight schedule which was private between myself and a government body. Then he got through airport security to meet me and give me a silly freedom magazine article about myself to somehow intimidate me.

    I laughed at the PI as he ran away from me. I then made a formal complaint to the FBI, home land security and Continental Airlines security and included the copy of the freedom article as well as an affidavit outlining a number of Miscavige’s lies and abuses.

    Here are two links to postings on that shortly after it happened about two years ago:



    Miscavige is a coward who must use others to try to scare us. I say every time they violate the law turn them in with written complaints to the FBI and/or any governmental agency concerned with the matter at hand.

    Eventually one of the agencies will take action. An FBI rep told me that as covered in one of the above links.

    What a weak, pathetic lot is Miscavige and his keystone OSA cops and their silly hired guns. LOL!

    Larry Brennan

  93. Yes, we have that link posted on Geir’s (now Claire’s)forum. These are archives of original LRH lectures from 1950 thorough sometime in 1960. I believe there are 1,057 lectures in all.

    Anyone with a Mediafire account can mirror these archives to their own account, which is probably a good idea, to have multiple accounts containing them. Of course they can be downloaded to your computer and stored otherwise also. Load up your iPods! Reports are the quality is quite good.

    An Anon uploaded them and posted the link last year on WWP.

  94. Hi George

    Looks like we had similar experiences. I also started mid seventies and had the same conclusion. Could you write to me ?

  95. It won’t be long before we’ll need to do a NEW campaign:
    “I’m an Independent Scientologist” and run it in all the papers like we did with USA Today.
    DM is taking the name Hubbard, Scientology, Dianetics, and everything that has been accomplished up to now… and flushing it all down the toilet.

    When we start over, and we haven’t yet, we won’t be starting at ground zero, we’ll be in the basement digging out from all the rubble.

    I’m just now getting that DM is a terrorist. How did I not equate that before?
    So much work to do. I’m tired just thinking about it.

  96. Tara,

    It struct me that from a number of posts on this board that it goes more basic than reading meters and is violation of PC +Auditor > Bank as stated in Book 1.

    Having a problem on F/Ns from misdefinition results in attention by the PC on the meter and “reads”, which puts the person out of session. Forcing a PC onto sec checks for other intentions in which the purpose is not to improve the PC or help to move the PC on up higher doesn’t seem to be survival for the person. Thus having the attention and creating “reads” is a situation of PC + bank > auditor. There is an unwillingness to cooperate with the auditor thus putting the person totally out of session and thus not get any gains from the action.

  97. No, CD it’s far simpler than physical breathing. One just recalls mentally to a pleasure moment or moment of a key out, not paying attention to where the auditor is directing you to go to.

  98. Scott Campbell

    Right on, Ray.

    Seems like Marty could use some of this kind of help about now. Is there anything you could do for him is that wise?


  99. Scott Campbell


    I meant to say “IN” that wise.


  100. As personal chef, it seemed that every other month for the years I held the job there were sec checks by either Anne (ex)Rathbun or Claire Headley of RTC, FPRD style with no grade chart auditing or progress for the 14 years during Dear Leader’s regime, resulting in the F/N drill for me personally for sheer survival.

  101. That is beautiful! would make very nice postcards I think.

  102. Sam, I think we all have to get that w/h off. When I hit the RPF in ’88’ after DM took over I was sec checked at least once daily by my old friend Greg Wilhere. It got so bad and rediculous
    that I would think of something pleaserable so I would FN to the stupid questions. DM was fishing for ammunition.
    DM, GO FISH!

  103. Great points and Policy to back it up, Jack!

  104. Edwin Richardson, Scienotlogist, and flunky PI, did his “harassment” on the phone, to me.

    I told him to put it in writing, so I could go over whatever he wanted to say to me, with my lawyer.

    Just tell them to put it in writing, so you can go over it with your lawyer.

    PrePaid Legal lawyers are only about 60 bucks for a month’s legal advice.

    “Put all your questions in writing, please!” is what I’d say to ANY PI talk/quesitons. ” I need your questions in writing, so I can go over them with my lawyer.”

  105. Let’s all be the Private Eye on this PI David Lubow
    The following is Public data ~~
    The subject is David Jay Lubow, Jr., born in California on 3/23/1962. He resides at 8722 Burton Way, Unit 106, West Hollywood, CA 90048. He has or had a listed telephone of 661-904-0657. It is a cell phone. The subject married Mary E. Bannon in 1981 and they were divorced in 2000.
    He reportedly has a mistress in Las Vegas while his wife waited for him in Los Angeles.

    The subject’s business is Falcon Industries, Inc. “which will do business as Falcon Business Service, Inc. ” It is a Washington corporation. It probable business address is 23404 Lyons Ave., Unit 401, Santa Clarita, CA 91321. It is licensed as a private investigator. Its license number is 24394. It has been active since 2004.

    Two vehicle related criminal actions were found on David Jay Lubow. One in Ventura County and the other in San Bernardino County.

    In 2008, the subject sued and was sued by a David Allen Stambaugh in three separate actions all filed in December 2008. The cause of action is unknown. . .

    Interestingly a “David Jay Lubow, Jr., Newhall, Pre-Microbiology” appeared in the UCLA Bruin Life Class of 2005 Yearbook.
    REALLY ? He took off time from DM’s assignment$$$$$$$ to go to UCLA ????

    I don’t know……
    To file a complaint on David Lubow

    More images of Lubow~~and other PIs ~ click below.
    Examples of IRS 501C3 sanctioned “Charitable activity” of DM’s cult where PIs get paid handsomely to stalk, harrass, do shenanigans on the SPOUSES of past members ~~

  106. Ha! DM isn’t a troll. DM is beneath trolls (which is REALLY low on the totem pole).
    DM is a wretched creature that hides behind the skirts of the wives of trolls.

  107. Thanks Patty for the rogue’s galleries. It’s amazing how many there are!

  108. I read some of your reports Ray. Compelling stuff.

  109. Lubeau, Lebow, Lee.. whatever your name is.
    How much did it cost to continually sell your soul over and over again to the highest bidder?
    You aren’t fit to lick the dirt off of Mosey’s shoes.
    No wonder you can’t seem to remember your name. I would be very eager to forget who I was if I had to degrade myself out of greed or desperation do what you are doing.
    Disgusting parasite.

  110. I recognized a few which I met in Clearwater.

    At the time, I provided meals for Dear Leader’s hired personal bodyguard who was part of the entourage and traveled with us. At times when bringing him food, PIs would show up out of the woodwork and talk with him. These guys were Ex – secret service, LAPD, Highway patrol and other agencies. One of the guys pictured Ken Rice had some stories where he was part of LAPD Swat and participated in the big shoot out in LA with the SLA/Patty Hearst incident. These guys also talked about dirty Ops involving another PI and Jesse Prince who was a “bad guy” working for the LMT involving drugs.

    These PIs just seem to be retired guys with experience now just looking for a buck in their “retirement” and their second home – a cabin at Big Bear. Easy big money from Mestology.

    Another “use” for the hired guns is to advise and train Securities at the Int base and other places.

  111. Sam & Sarge,
    You’re in good company, it’s amazing how many did similar drills!

  112. Gasp!
    You mean in the face of these very very serious sec checks/’auditing’/Success officer and examiner cycles you all had the audacity to refuse to take it seriously?
    Faking F/Ns???
    What the hell do you all think you’re doing? Playing games???
    You should all be very ashamed of yourselves!
    Go to ethics!!!!

  113. Larry :
    Thanks much for chipping in and telling the story of what happened at the airport.
    LOL on giving you a FREEDOM magazine to read the smear and lies they printed on you as Tabloid trash.
    OSA took a chess move on me ~~~ having my son Alexander Jentzsch, the son of HEBER JENTZSCH guide me to a hate site on me with 26 responses from OSA bots.

    As a result, my name was passed around verbally (in the field) like wild fire and they increased my comm lines by 1000%.

    Good to *SEE* you Larry.

  114. …And wipe that smirk off your face!

  115. As a note: Anyone who hasn’t given up original reel-to-reel tapes (from Thistle Street and from Pubs Denmark) to Int. when they were hunting them down, make sure they are in good condition, maybe digitalize them before they decay. — The “clearsound” recordings have in part undergone serious alterations in deleting sentences and paragraphs, thus changing context, not to speak of the introductory addresses of a more personal note, LRH welcoming people by name …. many of which are no longer around or in good standing. Those alterations appear to have been one important reason for such a “clear sound”.

  116. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    OOooo… You are GOOD!!!

    Hey! Lil’ Davey LoBlow! Do you think that some of us would not find out about you (especially trained Scientologists)? We dig for the truth on the WHOLE TIME TRACK!!! You are sooooo busted, Lil’ Davey!!

    Karen, Once again you are the very wind beneath our Theta Wings! 😉

    Love, Gary
    (I predict O/W and Sec Checks in your future, Davey LoBlow!)

  117. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    And thus also puts the PC on a constant Withhold in session and at the Examiner. How can you get case gain if you and the auditor are not there comfortably?

  118. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    😉 – No!

  119. Yes Sinar.
    That is the pattern.
    DM seeks COMM LINES to protect his dirty deeds.
    He hires those with COMM LINES.
    PIs are ex Police Officers, Secret Service, Highway Patrol etc.
    Lawyers hired are ex Federal Prosecutors or with significant time track of comm lines.
    Heck, Monique Yingling , the Tax attorney who apparently overseas IAS funds (funds that aren gouged out of parishioners with 2nd and 3rd mortages) was a trial attorney with the Department of Justice Tax Division from 1978 to 1983.
    Her husband Gerald Feffer was From 1971 until 1976, Gerald Feffer served as the Assistant U.S.
    Attorney in the Southern District of New York. From 1979 until
    1981 he was the Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Tax
    Division of the Department of Justice. He is a member of many
    law organizations and committees. Notably, he was the 1985-1987
    Chairman of the Committee on Civil and Criminal Tax Penalties.
    He is or was the Chairman of the ABA Annual National Institute
    on Criminal Tax Fraud.

    ” For someone facing a criminal tax investigation, many D.C. lawyers say the person to turn to is Gerald Feffer of Williams & Connolly. ” quote from LEGAL TIMES.

    I wonder I wonder I wonder~~ WHY
    why a TAX attorney was sitting there on CNN with the EX wives “I know every square inch of his body”

    What does a TAX attorney have to do with representing DM on a CNN show challenging DM”s beatings ?

    Here she is ~


  120. Here’s a law that’s good to know in Texas it also exists in Florida:
    Texas Castle Doctrine or Texas Castle Bill or Texas Castle Law

    Below is a copy of the Texas Castle Doctrine also known as Texas Castle Law or as Texas Castle Bill

    AN ACT

    relating to the use of force or deadly force in defense of a person.


    SECTION 1. Section 9.01, Penal Code, is amended by adding Subdivisions (4) and (5) to read as follows:

    (4) “Habitation” has the meaning assigned by Section 30.01.

    (5) “Vehicle” has the meaning assigned by Section 30.01.

    SECTION 2. Section 9.31, Penal Code, is amended by amending Subsection (a) and adding Subsections (e) and (f) to read as follows:

    (a) Except as provided in Subsection (b), a person is justified in using force against another when and to the degree the actor [he] reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to protect the actor [himself] against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful force. The actor’s belief that the force was immediately necessary as described by this subsection is presumed to be reasonable if the actor:

    (1) knew or had reason to believe that the person against whom the force was used:

    (A) unlawfully and with force entered, or was attempting to enter unlawfully and with force, the actor’s occupied habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment;

    (B) unlawfully and with force removed, or was attempting to remove unlawfully and with force, the actor from the actor’s habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment; or

    (C) was committing or attempting to commit aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated robbery;

    (2) did not provoke the person against whom the force was used; and

    (3) was not otherwise engaged in criminal activity, other than a Class C misdemeanor that is a violation of a law or ordinance regulating traffic at the time the force was used.

    (e) A person who has a right to be present at the location where the force is used, who has not provoked the person against whom the force is used, and who is not engaged in criminal activity at the time the force is used is not required to retreat before using force as described by this section.

    (f) For purposes of Subsection (a), in determining whether an actor described by Subsection (e) reasonably believed that the use of force was necessary, a finder of fact may not consider whether the actor failed to retreat.

    SECTION 3. Section 9.32, Penal Code, is amended to read as follows:

    Sec. 9.32. DEADLY FORCE IN DEFENSE OF PERSON. (a) A person is justified in using deadly force against another:

    (1) if the actor [he] would be justified in using force against the other under Section 9.31; and

    (2) [if a reasonable person in the actor’s situation would not have retreated; and

    [(3)] when and to the degree the actor [he] reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:

    (A) to protect the actor [himself] against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly force; or

    (B) to prevent the other’s imminent commission of aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated robbery.

    (b) The actor’s belief under Subsection (a)(2) that the deadly force was immediately necessary as described by that subdivision is presumed to be reasonable if the actor:

    (1) knew or had reason to believe that the person against whom the deadly force was used:

    (A) unlawfully and with force entered, or was attempting to enter unlawfully and with force, the actor’s occupied habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment;

    (B) unlawfully and with force removed, or was attempting to remove unlawfully and with force, the actor from the actor’s habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment; or

    (C) was committing or attempting to commit an offense described by Subsection (a)(2)(B);

    (2) did not provoke the person against whom the force was used; and

    (3) was not otherwise engaged in criminal activity, other than a Class C misdemeanor that is a violation of a law or ordinance regulating traffic at the time the force was used [requirement imposed by Subsection (a)(2) does not apply to an actor who uses force against a person who is at the time of the use of force committing an offense of unlawful entry in the habitation of the actor].

    (c) A person who has a right to be present at the location where the deadly force is used, who has not provoked the person against whom the deadly force is used, and who is not engaged in criminal activity at the time the deadly force is used is not required to retreat before using deadly force as described by this section.

    (d) For purposes of Subsection (a)(2), in determining whether an actor described by Subsection (c) reasonably believed that the use of deadly force was necessary, a finder of fact may not consider whether the actor failed to retreat.

    SECTION 4. Section 83.001, Civil Practice and Remedies Code, is amended to read as follows:

    Sec. 83.001. CIVIL IMMUNITY [AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE]. A [It is an affirmative defense to a civil action for damages for personal injury or death that the] defendant who uses force or[, at the time the cause of action arose, was justified in using] deadly force that is justified under Chapter 9 [Section 9.32], Penal Code, is immune from civil liability for personal injury or death that results from the defendant’s [against a person who at the time of the] use of force or deadly force, as applicable [was committing an offense of unlawful entry in the habitation of the defendant].

    SECTION 5. (a) Sections 9.31 and 9.32, Penal Code, as amended by this Act, apply only to an offense committed on or after the effective date of this Act. An offense committed before the effective date of this Act is covered by the law in effect when the offense was committed, and the former law is continued in effect for this purpose. For the purposes of this subsection, an offense is committed before the effective date of this Act if any element of the offense occurs before the effective date.

    (b) Section 83.001, Civil Practice and Remedies Code, as amended by this Act, applies only to a cause of action that accrues on or after the effective date of this Act. An action that accrued before the effective date of this Act is governed by the law in effect at the time the action accrued, and that law is continued in effect for that purpose.

    SECTION 6. This Act takes effect September 1, 2007.
    Just want you guys to know you have defense in case you are provoked!

  121. Thought Provoking

    This is just proceless!

  122. Thought Provoking

    I meant to say, this is just priceless!

  123. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Amen. David Miscavage is a terrorist in the worst sense of the word.

    What’s worse than putting you in fear of your current life? The fear of losing your soul to eternal damnation. DM holds up this illusion (lie) that if you don’t comply, you will lose your Bridge to Freedom. Quite a ruthless, mega-control mechanism put on Scientologists, isn’t it.

    Truly, the illusion has some parallels to many Christian sects’ methods of control. Though today, they are tame compared to CoS.

    The Truth of the matter is one has already lost their Freedom in the collectivist, totalitarian regime we call (here) the Church of MEST or Miscavology (CoS) by being in that squirrel group.

    I find this true to me;

    “Organized religion tries to control, so therefore must be lying. After a while it figures out (even itself) that it is lying, and then it starts down tone scale further and further, and all of a sudden people get down along this spring-like bottom (heresy) and say, “Are we going into apathy and die, or are we going to revolt?” And they revolt, because you can only lie to people so long.”

    Here’s the clincher Ron added …

    “Unfortunately there is always a new cycle of lying.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, ‘Technique 88′

    Has Ron retracted his statement above and made a new postulate so it’s “no longer true” about organized religion?

    If not, if Scientology remains an organized religion, how does it avoid the downward spiral of organized religions again … assuming DM is gone and we get a fresh, new start?

    I like this old definition of insanity …

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”. – Albert Einstein

  124. I couldn’t help but enter the fray regarding GAT since I spent my final years “on lines” writing KRs and reports on the evils of the Golden Age of Tech.

    The reason why most if not all auditors currently in the Church of Squirrelotology can’t read a meter has to do with the current Emeter Drill film which believe it or not doesn’t show actual reads but those “reads” generated by the “reads simulator” which are in pretty well all cases prior reads.

    The Golden Age of tech drilling compounds this felony by carefully “teaching” the auditor to ignore the PC.

    I mean back in the old days if the PC made a comment or origination indicating that the read was false. Naturally the auditor would check false or protest.

    Not anymore!

    Since the basic assumption of GAT is that the PC knows nothing and is completely clueless and must be directed by the auditor to reveal the truth.

    Thus hours are spent “steering” the PC on what are in most cases false or protest reads.

    This is where you get an intensive used up on rudiments.

    That plus the fact that most “Auditors” in the Church these days wouldn’t know what an F/N looked like if it bit ’em in the ass.

  125. I should clarify that some of the old, old reports were rabbit holes. There was a David Lee at PriceWaterhouse that I chased down for awhile only to find that it wasn’t the same guy.

  126. Sam

    You are a freakin’ tonic. I love you.


  127. All of this PI activity takes me back to earlier times. The constant looking over the shoulder gets old in time. When I worked for the Lisa McPherson Trust in Clearwater, FL, we were under spare no expense observation and harrasment by the SCN legal and Investigations operatives. Given the vast reserves of Scn few can match them dollar for dollar. So we focused on cutting thier donation lines. Anyone who left as public or staff were encouraged to get a refund for any services they had not recieved. We kept a statistic for monies piad back to former members. From the day we started keeping that statistic it just kept going up and up to well over a million dollars returned. I encourage anyone who has any money on account to get your money back immediately. Why let them have your money to use to persecute you with? That’s crazy ain’t it? Don’t give knives to a stabber lest you get cut! I know it took me some years to get out of the idea that I had to protect the church even while it was actively trying to destroy my life. I also encourage anyone that has had an active financial account with any Scn Organization to demand all accounting records since they started giving them money. Don’t be afraid to sue them. Don’t think you are hurting them if you sue them. Don’t be complacent with the destruction of your religion if Scn is your religion. What is it really worth if you are not willing to fight it’s destruction. And by all means please start filing complaints with the appropriate government agency. If enough complaints are filed it forces action to be taken. That’s my two cents. Take the knives from the stabbers.

    Jesse Prince

  128. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Very well done!

    Hmmm….. “Postcards from the Edge”!! 🙂

  129. Wow Patty thanks for that list. The Anons have done an amazing job putting all that info together.

  130. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Theta Networker,

    Thank you for the links to LRH’s tapes. I’m listening to “The Logics” right now! 🙂 – What a Key-Out to listen to the “Old Man”!!!


  131. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    So true!!! Nuttin’ but Smilin’ at your Writin’ 🙂 – Thank you, Jack!

  132. (correction – I of course was not around during part 3 of your story. Was referring to the earlier parts, before you escaped. Sorry about that.) Thank you for all you’re doing to expose the abuse.

  133. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Good advice, Chuck! Thanks. (“If it’s not written, it’s not true.”)


  134. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Great info, Larry! With all of the crap coming up on DM, it’s gonna take a month of Sundays just to read them out loud! Hey we could all take turns reading them at his trial. 🙂 – Oh Ya!!!

    Gary (One of your ExRW’s 🙂 )

  135. On my leaving sec check I finally F/Ned on the thought that the sec check would be over and I was allowed to leave the SO (prison). I kept that thought all the way through exams and it worked! It’s not that I was hidding anything. The auditing was just plain horrible delivered in an hostile environment. I also think that the threat of not being sessionable did not help to actually be in session. The HGC personnel at ITO were literally interrogating you about your sessionabilty before each session and make you swallow gazillions of vitamins and protein bars which you had to eat in the back emergency stairwell. Why not simply serve a proper meal with sufficient time to chew and swallow in a friendly environment? What’s so slack and out-ethics about that? Also I am sure it would help people to metab. But there is no room for such logic in DMs SO world.

  136. Mini-Me. LOL!!

  137. Sarge 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 to the nth! Wonderful duplication! So cool 8-D ✩✩☄♥ ∞ !! THAT is normal and native.

    Last week I thought of a friend who I hadn’t thought of in over 15 years. It was strong, out of the blue, and I looked her up (which I’ve never done) and found that her mom has just died and the funeral was going to be in 2 days. I contacted the funeral home the next day, and they said they couldn’t give out her contact info but offered to relay a message. I got an email from her the night of the funeral saying how incredible it was to hear from me, that when she got home and opened the folder, there was an email from me that they had printed out and put in there.
    She sent me a scanned copy of the service …there, at the top, was a picture of my mother with her mother. If it was only a mere random coincidence, that’s still pretty cool, but the comm and events was so clear and certain, I was nudged to find her, and I’ve been a help and a fried, not only to her, but to her mother and to my mother.

    SARGE….splish splashing in THETA !!!!!!! like dolphins in the sea. ♥
    and that’s what a thetan is all about 🙂

  138. For me there was always a huge difference between auditing on first dynamic case actions and confessional/sec checking for third dynamic purposes. It is a lot easier to be in session if you are interested in your own case, not HCO’s need to know if you are a plant. Big difference. Technically, the only difference between the two is “I’m not auditing you.” But there are worlds of difference in the mind of the pc.

  139. fake an F/N…isn’t that like faking an orgasm!? I must say it does not get sadder than that. If Earth people think faking an o is the pinnacle of deprivation, then let me say that faking an F/N is a quadrillionbillion more times sadder.

    Sorry to mix metaphors. There really is no comparing a denser body wavelength to a THETA WAVELENGTH! But…for earth purposes in current society, it’ll do I guess.

    I was an absolute dunce it seems, and bit the whole thing line and sinker. I venerated F/Ns and I worked for them, even during the eligibility or the crush reg punishment sec checks (when I thought being a plant was talking about being a palm tree 🙂 I LOVED the idea of getting off overts. It’s like HERE, sheesh, you can HAVE it 😉 lol

    Well guys, here is to standard tech and REAL F/Ns!!!!!!!!

  140. Worsel
    Reading the two examples of weird e-mails you got it struck me that these sound very much like some of the scams that I have heard of coming out of Nigeria. It seems that Nigeria has become the “scam Capital” of the world. Many financial scams seem to originate from there. There is a portion of the population that have availed themselves of computer training and internet access and made it into a business of fleecing unsuspecting “dupes”. Some have become very savvy. They push “buttons ” like greed, hope, caring, etc. Some of the scams that I have heard are VERY convincing and well worked out.

    Just a thought


  141. Worsel

    Also… What a cool idea you have there. As an HPCS myself I wish you all success.


  142. Karen

    I can’t believe that miscavige was in a position to know what a powerhouse you are and he STILL pissed you off.



  143. Thought Provoking

    Great write up on FB. Really paints a great picture of DM chasing demons that don’t exist.

  144. M,
    Thank you, likewise.

    The PI company is thriving in tough economic times. I wonder if any of those PIs would want to sell their story. I’d like to know what they’re thinking! I looked at some of the pictures posted of these PIs, and one is flipping the bird, and some are smirking, others are glowering angrily. If they are “hired” and on a payroll, why do they get emotionally so involved? Is that a show? Are they instructed to try and get a specific effect? What IS it like in the life of a “Church” hired PI??

  145. Jesse,
    …”I encourage anyone who has any money on account to get your money back immediately”…

    Saw Larry Anderson of Orientation film fame who was on the St Pete Times in January: http://www.tampabay.com/news/scientology/article1067720.ece

    He mentioned that he has heard nothing in all this time from Mestology or Tommy TT after asking for the repayment of $120, 000. This refusal is contrary to LRH policy on the subject and the agreements with the IRS per the article.

  146. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I found the exact tape where Ron said the above:

    Technique 88: Tape 8b – Overt Acts – Motivators and Deds

    It’s a very enlightening tape to me which has helped me understand the current situation with CoS. Here’s a bit more of what he said …

    “The church, ANY church … you go on almost any planet and you’ll find a church of some sort. This one’s called the church of bish, and that one’s called the church of tish, and that one’s called the church of ug, and another one is called the church of bug.

    It doesn’t matter. They’re all bowing down to the great blank. The great blank is a DED.

    The church, actually, will educate people into being sinners, and tell them to repent. You can actually take a human being in off the street, and you could say, “Alright, let’s feel regretful. Think of all the things you have in your life to be regretful about. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself. Let’s regret it.”

    What are you doing? You’re turning time back. Let’s get him to run time backwards. Let’s get him get ahead of every incident he can think of … get every maybe he can get ahead of .. regret, regret, you’re a sinner, you’re a sinner, you shouldn’t do this, you should do that after all.

    The reason you shouldn’t is because there’s a mysterious and awesome being. And this mysterious being PERVADES everything. Everything … you can’t escape him anywhere and if he finds out you sinned, oh brother … You not only will be caught and punished in this life but if you die you’ll be punished in the next life.

    So if you regret, and you repent, and you admit, and you sin enough in this way against yourself, but make yourself more controlable for us, you be a good boy and you’re gonna along. Cause we’re going to let you get along, particularly if you pay us 5 slugs of gold, 2 talents, one jug of wine, a couple spare bolts, anything that’s legal tender anywhere.

    You’re find this situation going forward. You understand I’m not telling you anything about no creator. Anybody who can make anything like this out of him is a genius. What they’re telling you is, is that the god you should worship is a control mechanism, the like of which you never heard of. But God by definition would self determinism. That’s interesting, isn’t it.”

    – Technique 88: Tape 8b – Overt Acts – Motivators and Deds

    I highly recommend listening to the entire tape as it demonstrates amazing parallels to what’s going on now in the CofM.

    Though I already own this set, I happen to accidently find a convenient backup torrent archive of these particularly timely LRH Tech lectures apparently for the safeguarding of LRH Tech …


    (Of course, I’m not suggesting or promoting that anybody do anything that could be “wrong” here. )

  147. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    By the way RTC and CST. Bless you for 100% safeguarding LRH Tech for all humankind by archiving Ron’s works through torrent files.

    However, if it wasn’t you RTC and CST doing this, finally, out of benevolence, be vigilant. Or DM may smack you up for not wearing your “ethical” and “nobel” hat of “preventing LRH Tech material from getting disseminated to broad public for free without making a church profit..”

  148. Tony DePhillips

    I hear ya Joe!!
    For me as a paying Nots PC at $7800. an intensive it made a HUGE difference whether or not it was for me or for the Organisation! I would comment time and time again that I wasn’t winning on the sec checks, that it was just being done for the Org and I couldn’t figure out why they kept messing with me. I was not willing to keep paying that money for their twisted purposes. I use to think that this was just a “money machine” for them. I really at that time could not think of another reason why they would keep doing this every 6 months. Little did I know at the time that DM had big O/W’s he didn’t want known and that the organization was withholding and they wanted to know “if I knew about them”. Well, now I know and it helped as-is that mass!!

  149. Sinar,
    Could you please quote the bit about the IRS agreement or direct me on how to find it? Thanks

  150. I used to love my Church

    This piece of Crap went to my tenant’s house and spread lies about me, saying that I owed a ton of people a bunch of money. When I confronted Davie about it he lied and lied and lied. Total scumbag……..


  151. “During the first two months of 2010, there were One Thousand Nine Hundred Drug Related Crimes in Phoenix

    (Scary pic of man with gun wearing a gas mask. I’m not sure why the gas mask)

    Halt The Decline!

    Join the Crusade to Build an Ideal Org in Phoenix!

    We have the solutions!”
    (Ideal Org logo)

    So, if gun crime is so important in Phx, is anyone in Phx doing anything now to in any way affect this stat? You guys on the OT committee- you are great people, but if you take a look, are you, or the org doing anything at all to have any slightest effect on this stat? The implication is that if I donate more money to the new building, this stat will be improved, but I do not believe there will be any slightest change even on an anecdotal level. Not even one single case.

    Maybe some drugged criminal is on his way to rob a store and he will get word that donations for the new building are up. This is possible.

  152. I used to love my Church

    Flag is the worst auditing ever.

    As soon as I’d EP on a process, they would ask for withholds. Right after every cog, they’d ask for a Missed W/H.

    Absolute Torture Chamber and reverse Scientology.
    Happily Pierre Ethier fixed me !! 🙂


  153. Whew! Checking back on posts, I enjoyed reading the ones concerning the e-meter and F/Ns, as currently used in the COS. I laughed out loud at the “mock-up an F/N to get OUT!” trick, I naively thought I was one of the few, and only used it 3 times, each time at Flag. Never occurred to me to use it at AOLA, as……..the staff and crew there were my ALLIES, they helped me so much.

    This is not as off-topic as it may seem, as inability to make a meter read is a gaping hole in the church’s security. This is one more example of how an SP like Miscavige is his own worst enemy. In his zeal to deny case gain to all others, he has cost himself the potentially great tool of the e-meter!

    We are at the point where the staunch (remaining) yeomanry of Scientology are reading Marty’s site, and are not troubled at all about sec checks at AOLA and Flag! I never would have believed it

    Miscavige is SUCH an embarrassment to Scientologists….one day, I predict, he will be laughed off the stage at one of his grandiose events. Hard core Scientology public are fed up with this NGC midget – they long for the days when management seemed to have a clue.

  154. martyrathbun09

    Paul, Can you send me a detailed report on this? I have this punk under a serious investigation at the moment.

  155. Well what he needs to do is file a complaint with the BBB and keep it simple and follow the money trail. Things get complicated when a former member tries to explain to the courts the esoteria know as Scn. But everyone understands money and how it should be exchanged. There are many more laws that protect the consumer against ripoff from individuals and organizations as opposed to institutions forced to decifer religious beliefs. A simple audit of any public persons accounts would reveal a plethra of finacial irregularities worthy of prosecution. Again, the ex-memebers tend to contiue to falsely protect the destroyer. Our government agencies are bound by law to investigate complaints to a resolution. I have gone through the process with plenty of people. It is not enough to just notice an oddity, you have to be willing to do what it takes to make it right and that is where the breakdown is.
    Ex members are trained to instantly reject and not even look at pertinant or relevelent information unfavorable to thier closely held beliefs because they have been trained not to. To bad it takes so long to take the next step. The next step is personally doing someing to make a difference. In my struggle with the task I can say with conviction, no single person can get the job done alone. It takes a group dynamic. The good news is all of the elements are in place to sucessfully overcome the misery we all have in common.

    Just think about it.

    Jesse Prince

  156. Tony DePhillips

    That’s the spirit!!!!

  157. Sinar, please tell Larry to hire a lawyer. Please also read a longer relply from me to your friends delima …
    Jesse Prince

  158. Good one!

  159. theystolemychurch


    And here is some text………….

    It has been a long-standing policy of the Church that if someone is
    dissatisfied with their Scientology services and asks to have their
    contributions returned within a three month period, these amounts will be
    returned. Likewise, if the person asks for return of contributions for which no
    services were received (i.e. an advance payment), there is no three month
    limitation period. Anyone newly enrolling in services at a Church of
    Scientology is informed of the policies and signs an agreement to abide by them.
    As a further condition of receiving a refund or repayment, the person
    understands that they may not again receive services from the Church.

    Within the Church, there are two separate terms: A “refund” refers to a
    return of contributions to a parishioner within 90 days of participating in
    religious services while a “repayment” refers to a return of a parishioner’s
    advance payment before he or she has participated in religious services. For
    simplicity, the following discussion will use the term “refund” to describe both
    types of transactions, because both involve a return of parishioner

    The Church’s refund policy is exceedingly fair. If someone isn’t happy with
    Scientology — which is a very small minority of people — he simply has to make
    a proper request for his donations back, agree to forego further services and
    his donations will be returned. For the Church, in addition to the fact that
    this policy aligns with Scientology principles of exchange, it also serves the
    purpose of allowing our churches and the parishioners who are very happy with
    Scientology, to carry on without the unhappy few in their midst.

    Mary Ann Bosnos

  160. Veritas,
    Reading through this long line of comments on this particular point it is clear there is a string, no, not a string, a twelve inch thick hawser, to be pulled on the area.

    Sec Checks are the next thing I’m going to find out about in terms of how they have been utterly abused, twisted, and corrupted. I did a quick look the other day and found originally, to ‘fail’ a ‘Security Check’ meant the person merely didn’t qualify for staff – at that time – and was routed to the HGC as a public.

    Now, as it is apparent from those writing here, they have become the antithesis of auditing/gain for the person and are actually a mechanism to create out-ruds of nothing. That mechanism, if one looks, is the one of the exact points of the Introspection RD. That is, what it addresses, prior to the point of heavy introversion.

    This use of the ‘session’ by DM is patently an attempt to introvert other beings. That is complete and utter Reversed Scientology.

  161. Jay Lubow owns this home in Santa Clarita. He purchased it in 2004:

  162. Jack from UK,

  163. Karen,
    One would think that with all this tax law experience among DM’s ‘advisors’, that they’d be a li’l more cautious with the ‘excess benefits’ issue.

    Methinks they have enjoyed the benefits of the IAS parasite too much and have lost sight. That’s what contra-survival acts do – shut down perception.

    Dave’s ‘tax ninjas’ have apparently taken the black-hoodies to heart and become black-hearted hoods.

    There is something about filthy lucre that they should give that lone attention unit toward.

  164. The F/N is really the basic red flag above all others. It´s the major source of the training decline over the past decade. I’m an old CL IV but in 1997 I did the certainty courses and was one of the first publics to enter the Flag GAT internship. My pc´s were winning and completing until someone looked at my video and told me that I had misindicated an F/N. For almost 2 years I tried to understand what I didn’t understand about the LRH references. I was shown the IG Network Bulletin in which Davey rants about what LRH must have thought while writing the F/N definitions and HCOB’s. I couldn’t make any sense of it and even became an Ethics Specialist in order to try to understand it. Of course, upon graduating that valuable course, I didn’t stay on active lines; RTC was toooo strong! I didn’t understand the mystery until 10 years later I read the F/N article of Jim Logan; master piece, three cheers, instant blow down!

  165. Bozz,
    Take heart my friend. I understand the tiredness and suggest the OT ORGS policy on Purposes.

    I recall when I first listened to the Study Tapes and LRH mentioning that there is no way to quiet the release of Scientology in this world, this universe. That it would be ‘racketing’ down the time track.

    It stands to reason that with the accomplishment that this subject actually is, that there would be some ‘getting through’ on the way to ‘getting out’. That would be societally as well.

    With the possibility of freeing beings from the dark enchantments, those who are deeply under those spells, and become ‘enchanters’, would be so thoroughly entangled they would fight their own release.

    As more become aware and free they lend a hand to face what is there and are lent a hand of free theta to face up to what needs to be confronted for all to release.

    It may well be that ‘DM’ finding his way to the heart of this freedom and making a play to destroy it is to be expected after all. A last hurrah for an old adversary.

  166. Thanks for the nice comments Shelly. I appreciate it and yes I remember our Ad Council meetings in RTC.

    I think we were probably one of the best Ad Councils ever in the history of the Sea Org. The IG’s hardly ever changed or corrected our analysis of the stats and what needed to be done. We had some good laughs during that time.

    That was when Mike Sutter and Hansueli Stahli were real human beings. Im sorry they took the path they have taken. They are welcome out here in freedom and I will be one of the first to forgive them.

  167. OT VIII,
    I wrote up my study of the subject of FNs for Scn Cult. It’s there under Tech Corruption, Floating Needles. One of the commenters on the article explained the ‘three swing’ thingie. Apparently, after DM had corrupted the LRH definition by interpolating a datum from one HCOB into another, it came about that a requirement of three equally distanced motions of the needle was requisite for an FN to be called. This was figured (as in figure-figure, a low-scale mockery of thought arising when one’s space is collapsed and he doesn’t look, but ‘thinks’) in the following manner: it goes one way a certain distance, comes back and must ‘turn around’ at an equal distance to the first motion to be a valid FN according to DM’s altered definition. That gives the ‘three swings’.

    That people have come up with ways to ‘beat’ the meter, that is, are out of session, isn’t surprising. There is NO SESSION to begin with. No session – no real gain. What better way to attack the subject could there be.

    With the corruption of the FN, and the falsity of ‘meter reads’ (mentioned above by RJ on the false reads and the meter film) there it is: the attack on results which is the single area that could have any lasting effect in an attack on Scientology. THAT IS WHAT DM ATTACKED.

    Overall, on the topic of this thread, the feeble attempts to intimidate Marty, Mosey, Mike, et al, DM is too late. The gains have been made. The certainty exists. The body of work has prevailed. Beings have traversed the route. There is nothing to hit so the efforts to do so go out and return whence they came.

    Youch Dave, that’s gotta hoit.

  168. Could Mark Fisher’s Leaving Scientology story be posted outside Facebook? If so, thanks. I don’t do the social networking thing for a number of reasons.

  169. I forgot to thank Anonmary for the Scribd page on the PI’s so here: Thanks Anonmary for the work.

  170. I think you are right. Looks exactly like that. However, Nigeria wasn’t in the list. They came from Senegal, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone.
    Surprising is how fast someone posted that email adress on these lines. The first of these emails arrived only hours after the posting.

  171. (^^)
    If you wish, write me a mail and we can see if there can be some co-operation.

  172. Well said sir. I agree. I think it
    is awesome that you are on this blog now.
    Over the years -even while still in – I have admired
    your courage.

  173. To add to this:

    1. I have found that org account records are not always correct, and in a lot of cases they don’t have signed invoices with your signature from when you started a course, bought a book, etc…. the paperwork trail is not so good these days in the orgs, or in my estimation since the mid to late 90’s.

    2. If you try and tell the org that what they show on your account is not correct, and that you didn’t buy 5 dianetics books, and you didn’t buy this or that course, good luck,. However as I have always said, show me the invoice and the paper trail with the account (LRH finance policy). If you chose to get a repayment of monies off of account, don’t let them bully you on what you have on account. If they don’t have your signature on a signed invoice saying that you took the money off of account make sure you ask for that money back.

    3. whether you are in good standing, bad standing or just chose to be off the radar get a copy of all of your accounts from every org you ever paid money to. Records seem to magically change when repayment and refunds are asked for.

    4. If any other business on this planet ran their accounting practices as crappy as the COS orgs did, they would be shut down. All it takes as Jesse said is people asking for the donations back and filing formal complaints.

    Somehow the LRH policy of don’t put PTS people on finance and PR lines is non-existent in the COS. In my estimation, the one thing that will eventually take out the church is finance and money problems. From the IRS to individual parishioners demand for accountability and repayments. After all money is one of the most aberrated things on this planet, and Dave is showing some of the most aberration with his lavish lifestyle and management style.

  174. Erwin,
    I’m really glad to hear that I’ve been able to help you sort out this FN issue.

    Years ago, when DM was busy removing me from Cramming, and busy dismantling the Cramming Unit at Int, one of the sharpest tech terminals I know, Mike Eldredge another member of that Unit, had me go give False Data Stripping to a staff in need. He told me something as I went off to do it.

    My name had been posted on the bulletin board in the lunch hall for the entire base to see how dastardly I was. Mike said that under that circumstance the best thing to do was help another. It was and I love Mike for that experience FDSing on that lonely Saturday.

    I hope you will get back in the chair and audit again Erwin.

  175. There has been a DM sighting

  176. theo Sismanides

    Jimbo, thank you so much for caring and cherishing Standard Tech. This is what I mean by an… Org Board. You are definitely Qual. If you need any data on your investigation and research let me know via thetamag@yahoo.gr

    I mean I invented a tech of my own to get through those Reversed Scientology Sec Checks.

  177. theo Sismanides

    Mark, yes! Let’s fight them with our own devices. No governments involved. We want our church back! As Karen # 1 stated, Miscavige is an “Embarrasment” to most decent Scientologists. We must not go to the other extreme and get with the other suppressives in order to stop him. We can do it on our own.

  178. Veritas~I felt/feel exactly the way you did re. F/Ns. The one and only time I used the F/N and GET OUT technique was the LAST time I went in session.

  179. theo Sismanides

    Gaiagnostic!!! The Marketing Dept, hahaha, (I am stuck on the org board guys, hahaha), Dept 4. But how can I NOT say this, with that superb job for a flyer and the site (I already TWITTED the link, by the way, we NEED TWITTERS, I am under http://www.twitter.com/theosismanides).

    So Gaiagnostic, with Steve and Jeff (if you want to help Jeff) and others we can do a superb job. This flyer is very professional. Thank You so much!!!

  180. Jim~You are absolutely correct!
    “This use of the ‘session’ by DM is patently an attempt to introvert other beings. That is complete and utter Reversed Scientology.”
    That mass of confusion has permeated down via OTs and/or Seniors treated that way, by them dramatizing it on down the line. Like everything else, it filters down from above in all sorts of ways – to the point that by the time you get down to a mission far removed, it’s hard to recognize what’s really going on…you just know it’s WRONG.
    I was trained enough to know I better get the hell out while I could.

  181. theo Sismanides

    Karen # 1, you are a power house and your posts show that. Thanks for hooking up with us woman! Now I could say “thetan” as well of course but I have seen some women thetans who beat the shit out of some men thetans and you are one of them girls. I am serious now. I am working on organizing all of us and getting the most out of it. Even if I have some very non-standard way of communicating my stuff on the org board, I just go now cope-cope-cope on creating some org board of a sort, just pounding on the idea of the org board and just counting on you since I can see the way you communicate.

  182. Thought Provoking

    Thank you, Mary and Veritas for this reference!

    I recently had a very minor interference fom some OSAbot which of course, failed.

    Message to any and all OSAbots: You are getting sloppy in your work and making unbelievable mistakes. Your trick didn’t work and actually just gave me more opportunity to disseminate the truth about the corruption in the church. Your only hope is to abandon these silly orders and come clean before your soul rots away completely.

    Hiring PI’s to harrass, almost since the inception of the IAS, has made it clear that my donations simply could be called “thug money”. This kind of operation is no different from mafia tactics with the only difference being that DM figured out how to get his payola from honest people. Talk about an example of help and betrayal, taking money from people who want to improve planetary conditions and using that money to fund cover ups to ensure those conditions are NEVER achieved and living the high life while those creating the mega monster called the Cof S live at poverty level.

    Earlier, I had decided to wash the idea of getting a refund from the IAS because I couldn’t figure out exactly what I needed to communicate. But, this scene has been going on too long. Getting a refund sort of falls in the category of “blow to the enemy”. I can’t cut off his lifeline (yet) but I can certainly put a crimp in it. Letting the IAS get away with this flagrant fraudulent activity makes me feel like I have aided and abetted in the destruction of Scientology. I’d like to walk away from this lifetime with my head held high, knowing that I did what I could to bring down the person who corrupted LRH’s tech.

    DM is a portrait of evil. If you have never seen evil before, go take a long hard look at DM. Now that my confront of evil has been raised quite a few notches…I think I’ll go start on my IAS refund request.

    And, TSMC, I’ve been out of town and apparently missed your coming out publicly… Welcome to the sunshine Mary, love your posts!

  183. Exactly!!

  184. Search the Web on Snap.com

    Remember Al Capone wasn’t convicted for the dozen of murders and racketeering he was involved in.

    He was sent to Alcatraz Island for Tax Evasion.

    Also the Watergate Scandal in the 70’s that brought down Richard Nixon.
    Deep Throat told Woodward and Bernstein to “Follow the Money.”

  185. Jim,
    “one of the sharpest tech terminals I know, Mike Eldredge”
    When he and his wife Penny left, raised some questions in my universe as regards Dear Leader. He had been one of the right hand men at ASI and one of the nicest and straightest shooters I knew.

  186. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, me too. Mike was adament about one thing when he left. I had to be his “ethics officer” on the cycle. He said – what was it 1989 or 90 – what in the hell has Miscavige done here? In a few short years he has turned LRH’s intention to get films made into a production facility for this off-policy events. As you can imagine I didn’t have a credible answer for Mike. Yeah, Mike was sharp, was my first real auditor (and a good one at that), and saw twenty years ago where the ship was headed.

  187. Veritas,

    Wasn’t talking about Eligibility sec checks or anything of the sort as in as series of steps which the next level is an award. No where close to this.

    The ones I’m talking about has to do with any “senior” without any tech training in Dear Leader’s hierarchy can use to dominate you. The purpose of the sec checks seem to be to “get you in trouble & incriminate you” or “make sure you’re clean” in a bogus manner or “make sure you agree with me or else…” There is absolutely no intention to improve you as a being or to move you on a little higher!
    As you used the word “O” in your analogy, the word Rape is used in this context of “sec check” in that sense of violation, as an abuse of power. Similarly, a “gang bang” sec check is a punishment or domination rather than a help flow to get the person better. Thus on the receiving end, the faster it ends, the better by any means as you’re not benefiting from the action at all.

    I’ve never seen any LRH references to a gang bang sec check or using this tool to dominate others & keep them in line.

  188. JIM,

    Yes indeed. There is also the factor of using Sea Org slave Labor to benefit Tom Cruise’s real estate. Tom Cruis has personally benefited from “religious” Sea Org contracts.

    Don’t you ever wonder what the amount in FP monthly is spent on PIs alone ? Every continent has them. I am guessing the stats of PI employment in Australia went into affluence. How much of Parishioner donos on Private Investigators/Intelligence actions?

    How much monthly on lawyers ? Criminal defense lawyers ? Personal lawyers for DM ? Tax lawyers ?

    ALL MONEY IS unaccounted. There are no audits. There is no examining any books. DM has carte blanche (total control)
    over all the money


  189. Major Wynn,

    Email me at Karendelac@gmail.com, I will send you a copy. Worth reading.

  190. Abuse of sec checks, Jim wrote

    they have become the antithesis of auditing/gain for the person and are actually a mechanism to create out-ruds of nothing.

    I understand. The tech ad trust seem to have become exponentially abused since my last being on lines. The reason I assigned the “church” a condition was the tip of the ice berg.

    Kudos to those realizing it was not a true auditing session or standard sec checking. It boils my thetablood to think of how an SP “forces” and invites the committing of an overt as a solution to the suppression, on some level they know it is inviting someone to be counter-survival to self . GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  191. I understand. And it probably wasn’t even really a session! The abuse of that sanctity and betrayal of a pc or preOT’s trust and desire for help is … I can’t think anything worse.

  192. Sinar, Totally got that. It is exactly the opposite of real auditing and sec checking, which works so wonderfully on the (proven) premise that man is basically good. That activity you describe has a totally other agenda and goes in on the premise that they will prove some wildhair idea that a person is really scum and plotting against them. What a nightmare, sec checking in the hands of a paranoid. It’s an outrageous abuse.

  193. Theo, well done on being awake and creatively surviving that abysmal violation and abuse of actual Scientology!

  194. Why thank you, AnonKat, but I am not the creator of the information . I posted a copy of an archived page that was hard to find. Mike Krotz is noted at the bottom this page as being the compiler of the PI page I posted the archived copy of.
    Links to pages and articles about Scientology’s Private Investigators
    Here are more pics

  195. Mary McConnell

    Jesse, you are correct. A letter from an attorney putting them on notice goes a long way in getting matters resolved before a court hearing begins. This happens often with the victims of Narconon’s deceptive & fraudulant trade practices. The ones who get their money back are usually those who hire an attorney or file Pro Se in superior courts.

  196. Mary McConnell

    Marty, in the past, exs being followed by PIs would take pictures of them as the PI filmed them. This would cause the PI to take off.
    I hope you and Mosey take lots of photos of anyone you believe is a PI or working for one. Camera-Tech works. When this happens to protesters at orgs , the protesters then film the staff right back. 🙂

  197. Lawyers will give you advice, Pre Paid legal is cheap legal advice/service. I used them when I demanded and got the crappy threatening letter from Elliot Abelson, church attorney for Scientology.

    Elliot tried to threaten me on the phone, and even to him I said put it in writing so I could go over it with a lawyer. He agreed, and sent me the crappy veiled threat letter which I then sent all over the country to different lawyers, and to my PrePaid legal lawyer, and all said the same thing/advice to me, which I took.

    There was a New York Law firm who in the 1990s, the head of that firm VOWED to help any ex biggies like Marty and Mike, who needed legal help defending themselves against Scientology if they wished to blow the whistle, etc. , for FREE! That’s over 10 years ago now, but I’m sure this still holds. Some big law firms WILL do pro bono work for just causes.

    And Dennis Erlich, when he was raided, a San Francisco firm took Dennis’ case pro bono.

    When Bonnie Woods in the UK was legally harassed she got excellent free pro bono help in the UK and kicked Scientology’s ass legally and forced an apology out of Scientology for the smearing dead agentry they pulled on Bonnie.

    One of the person’s on Religious Freedom Watch told me about this law firm in New York City in the 1990s offering ex biggy Scientology leaders who needed bigtime help.

    I’ve had mixed feelings and never wished to sue Scientology myself, because I reasoned it would just be MORE money out of the pockets of the parishioners, who I came to feel are the ones REALLY OWED the excess money official Scientology has collected all these years.

    If anyone deserves Scientology’s money, it is the people who donated it to Scientology in the first place. NOT the lawyers for their damn overpriced fees! And not the PIs for sure.

    I’m for giving parishioners the money bilked out of them BACK to the parishioners.

    I concluded personally hiring inexpensive or free lawyer advice is the wise step to protect oneself against Scientology’s misuse of PIs or any legal BS threats from Scientology PIs.

    “Put that in writing so I can go over it with my lawyer, please.” (And walk away, or hang up the phone on them.)


  198. Does anyone know if this is the current policy on refunds? I thought refunds of unused money didn’t bar you from future church service but I can’t remember where I got that from.

  199. I stand corrected, thanks for chiming in. Excellent Links

  200. Yes and than they all go Bawww Bawww It’s Illigal Bawww.

  201. Hi Marthy:

    I am going to go public in Mexican press, I was wondering if I could get in comunication Anderson Cooper.
    Could you send my story to him please?
    here it is!

    24 de octubre de 2010

    Estimado Sr. Cooper;

    Le extiendo un saludo esperando poder captar su atención; mi nombre es Daniel Asse, fui víctima de múltiples fraudes y extorciones, perpetrado por miembros de la “Iglesia de Scientology”, cabe mencionar que dicha Iglesia no está reconocida como tal en nuestro país, son simplemente Asociaciones Civiles sin fines de Lucro. La razón de escribirle, es informar tanto del riesgo tan grande que en nuestro país se vive, gracias a este tipo de Organizaciones disfrazadas de “No lucrativas”, actualmente estoy buscando justicia por medio de la Ley, en base a daños Psicológicos, Morales, Económico y a nivel personal.

    Le informo que yo pertenecí por nueve años, a este culto el cual es llamado “La Religión de las Estrellas”. También conozco a diversas personas que sufrieron similares perpetraciones por dichas personas, las cuales de una forma u otra están dispuestas a dar sus diversos testimonios, y en general contar sus historias.

    La Iglesia de Scientology, además de robo, se dedica a propiciar el aborto, con miembros internos de su grupo élite; amen de seguir dentro del culto y seguir sirviendo a sus propósitos; hacen firmar contratos por dos millones de años, y si esto parece fuera de proporción, o inverosímil; le parecerá más aún encontrar en nuestro País, incluso menores de edad trabajando para ellos, con el mismo contrato de trabajo. Indocumentados Ilegales viviendo, trabajando a veces 48 horas de jornada, por 8 horas de descanso cuando se les exige y con una paga inferior al salario mínimo.

    Cuando lea mi historia, verá el por qué después de un año de perpetrarse estos ilícitos en mi contra, apenas salgo a la luz, ya que fui intimidado, amenazado, incluso hecho firmar con notario público un acuerdo de no divulgación, en donde por cada vez que yo mencione mi historia; me harían un cargo de $100,000.00 (Cien mil pesos mexicanos 00/100 M.N.).

    Le estoy adjuntando mi historia en español; con otro tipo de denuncias Internacionales las cuales están siendo transmitidas por todo Internet por la BBC y la CNN, etc. Es de mi deseo si Usted así lo considera apropiado, ser entrevistado; ya que lo que a mí me pasó, seguramente le está sucediendo en este momento otros Mexicanos.

    Mis datos para ser contactado por su Equipo de Trabajo son:

    Teléfono Nextel: 91 18 35 27

    Teléfono Iusacell: 55 19 56 41 85

    E-mail: danielasse@gmail.com

    Agradeceré mantenga mis datos personales en forma confiedencial.

    Sin más por el momento, quedo de Usted muy

    A T E N T A M E N T E

    Daniel Asse

    P.D. Adjunto verá unos links en donde puede observar, cómo internacionalmente; actúa esta Iglesia ya que mi historia no es la única.

    Esta es mi historia.

    Mi nombre es Daniel Asse

    Yo soy un miembro de la comunidad judía y Rotary Club en México.

    Estuve practicando la Ciencilogía desde hace 9 años.

    La Iglesia dice que “se debe manejar” reembolsos y las grandes molestias en los asuntos dentro de la iglesia, con el capellán de la Iglesia dentro de las líneas internas.

    Esto es una falsedad.

    He estado tratando todos los días desde hace 1 año sin ningún resultado. He llamado a la Oficina de OSA (oficina de asuntos especiales) (office Special Affairs) infinidad de veces.

    Nadie me ha devuelto mis llamadas por teléfono.

    Parte 1.

    Yo creía que la Cienciología era para mejorar la espiritualidad. Les di un montón de dinero. Ellos me registraron (cobraron) intensamente por un montón de dinero.

    La Iglesia se convirtió en un gran negocio para ver cuánto podía salir de mí.

    He pagado 35,000 dólares sólo para los servicios de mi esposa.

    He pagado $ 180,000 dólares a organizaciones avanzadas en otros países.

    Mientras yo estaba en la base de “Flag” (Florida), mi esposa estaba teniendo relaciones sexuales con un miembro de rangos medios, de su Iglesia.

    Parte 2

    Cuando regrese a México, ambos me esperaron en el aeropuerto, y este tipo me llevó a su iglesia (ahora como capellán) y forzado y coaccionado a que yo tenga un divorcio exprés, me secuestraron durante 9 horas sin comida y amenazas hasta que firme un pedazo de papel que dice que mi esposa se llevó todo el dinero de $ 127.000 dólares de mis propias cuentas, dinero en efectivo en mi casa y la misma cantidad de dinero en mi cuenta de mi madre, por su divorcio, y que yo no podía ir a la corte de apelación de lo que pasó con ella. Me seguían gritando y forzando psicológicamente por medio de amenazas a ser expulsado de la Iglesia, y no tener derecho a mi libertad espiritual, y que iban a hacer que mis conocidos se desconectaran de mí, y dejaran de hablarme para toda mi vida.

    Pero ellos son los que me despojaron de mis cuentas bancarias, de mi dinero mientras yo estaba en florida haciendo servicios en su Iglesia llamada “Flag”

    Este ministro de la Iglesia me dijo que podría perder mi casa también (me casé por bienes separados) me llevó una semana entera (en su oficina, en las que no me permitía salir, y a amenazas de que yo iba a ser declarado una persona supresiva si no le pagaba más dinero para la iglesia, que me estaba presionando para regresar a Flag, y luego me llevó a CLO Latam (Continental Liason Oficce, la Sede para México) con muchos otros que sabían acerca de este malvado plan para divorciarme de inmediato para que el dinero robado de mi cuentas tuviera un giro diferente.

    Mi esposa, dio, en mi ausencia todo el dinero de nuestras cuentas bancarias conjuntas a la Iglesia para “Organización Ideal” (Instituto Tecnológico de Dianética, actualmente en el Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México. Puso mi dinero con la manipulación de Zozer Leonardo Jiménez Santana, y dio sin mi conocimiento para el proyecto de Organizaciones Ideales.

    La Iglesia sabía que yo estaba en Clearwater, Florida para servicios exclusivos de Flag y que el dinero que robaban no tenía mi aprobación.

    Parte 3

    Me molesta enormemente que todo mi dinero fue arrancado de mi posesión, sin mi conocimiento y consentimiento.

    Amenacé a la Iglesia que iba a hacer pública esta situación, y ellos me amenazaron, diciéndome que ya no podría ser aceptado en FLAG, lugar donde podría seguir con mi camino hacia mi libertad espiritual.

    Parte 4

    Con la presión de forma coercitiva me hicieron firmar un montón de documentos en donde nunca yo pondría hacer alguna reclamación en ellos, con $ 100,000.00 M.N. de pena por cada reclamación o información que diera a alguien.

    Y que no se me devolvería el importe acordado, al menos que firmara.

    Estoy aprendiendo que OSA (oficina de asuntos especiales) tienen tantas ocultaciones que, si bien me preguntan a mi todo el día sobre mis “crímenes”; lo que ellos mismos desean es encubrir este escándalo y sus propios crímenes.

    ¿Por qué todos tienen que firmar documentos de no divulgación?

    Durante mis 9 años de tomar los servicios en la iglesia, me di cuenta ahora, que he perdido a mi esposa, mi dinero, mi negocio, mi alegría de vivir, y mi familia, porque me hicieron desconectarme de mi madre, porque ella es una psicóloga .


    Daniel Asse






  202. I cannot find my add

    did you took it away?

  203. Legal Action being taken at Mexico City, no more impunity!
    I hope this news travels around the world, yesterday I made the statement on mexican tribunate ratified for kidnapping and extortion against the Sea Orgs who made all the actions against me.
    Here is the lawsuit :

    and here is my story, but now is supported by a legal suit
    This is my story.
    My name is Daniel Asse
    I am a prominent member of the Jewish community, Freemasons and Rotary Club in Mexico.
    I was in Scientology for 9 years
    The Church says that you “must handle” big upsets refunds cycles, chaplain cycles within Church lines.
    This is a falsehood.
    I have been trying every single day for 1 year to no result. I have called OSA INT multiple times.
    No one will return my phone calls.
    Part 1.
    I believed in Scientology to improve spirituality. I gave them a LOT of MONEY. They intensely regged me for a LOT of money.
    The Church became one big reg cycle to see how much they could get out of me.
    I paid $60,000 just for my wife’s bridge alone.
    I paid $100,000 to FSO for Ls
    While having L’s at Flag my wife was having sex with the Snr C/S of IFAD (in Mexico)
    Part 2
    When I return to Mexico, they both where waiting for me at the airport, and this guy took me to his church (now as a Chaplain) and enforced and coerced me to have an express divorce, they kidnapped me for 9 hours with no food until I sign a piece of of paper that says that my wife took all the money $127,000 us dollars from my own accounts, pre-sign checks (for emergencies), cash in my house and even money under my mothers account, for her divorce, and that I couldn’t go to court to appeal for what happened with her. I was screamed at for my “CRIMES.” I was constantly threatened with “non enturbulation order” and suppressive person declare.
    But they are the ones who emptied my bank accounts while I was on the Ls at Flag.
    This guy told me that I could lose my house too (I was married under separate assets) he took me for a whole week (in his office, with out allowing me to go out, and threat me that I was going to be declared suppressive if I do not pay him more money for the church, he was pushing me to go back to Flag, then he took me to CLO Latam to many others that knew about this evil plan to divorce me right away so the stolen money out of my accounts had a different spin.
    My wife, had, in my absence given ALL the money from our joint bank accounts to the Church for “Ideal Orgs.” None of this was her money. She came into the marriage poor and penniless. I put the money in the accounts which she gave away without my knowledge to “Ideal Orgs”
    The Church knew that I was in Clearwater for Ls and that the money they were stealing did not have my approval.
    I believe my wife gave them all these funds to avoid Ethics for sex with the Senior CS in Mexico.
    Part 3
    I was hugely upset that all my money was raped out of my possession without my knowledge and consent.
    I threatened the Church that I would go public with this, upon which they threatened my spiritual future and told me
    I was no longer elligible for Flag, to go to Los Angeles.
    This was my life immediately after completing 3 Ls at Flag.
    I went to Los Angeles where they put me to slave labor of filing in Central Files for 2 months while I paid my own hotel and meals.
    I am public, but I am filing in Central Files like a Sea Org member on the decks.

    Part 3
    With co-erced pressure they made me sign a bunch of documents that I would never lay a claim on them, with $10,000 penalty for each claim.
    They did not refund the agreed amount but less.
    I am learning that OSA have so many WITHOLDS that while they ask all day long from “CRIMES” they themselves
    want to cover up inside scandal.
    Why does everyone have to sign pages of documents to not “TELL?”
    During my 9 years of taking services at the church, I realized now, that I lost my wife, my money, my business, my joy of living, and my family, because they made me disconnect to my mother, because she is a psychologist.

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