To Tom Cruise from David Miscavige with Love

The following are a few shots of one of the many ostentatious gifts David Miscavige lavished upon his idol Tom Cruise. 

This is but an auxiliary office adjoining Cruise’s airplane hangar. 

It was conceived, designed and constructed with slave Sea Org labor and crafstmanship.

It was presented to Tom, with love, from Dave as his best friend.

Hey Sargio, ole buddy!  I got a question for you.  As you know during the last five years of L Ron Hubbard’s life David Miscavige was posted as Chairman of the Board of Author Services, Inc (ASI).   ASI’s only purpose was to provide personal, domestic, financial and business services and support to LRH.  This, of course, was the period of time Diamond Dave was trying to teach you to burn twenty-dollar bills in ashtrays at one of Los Angeles’ most swank restaurants.  Perhaps you could provide us a comparison between the office facilities Miscavige provided to LRH during his last five years versus what he has bestowed upon his movie star friend.

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  1. Wow. NICE tax liability, Mr. Cruise.

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  3. I used to love my Church

    You know. Parishioners work hard for their money and think that it’s going towards humanitarian projects. This disgusts me.

  4. Does anyone have a price tag on this or an estimate?

  5. Marty, LRH NEVER had any space that looked even half as good as this!
    LRH was not into MEST. Yes, he liked his spaces to be clean and operational but that was about it. LRH would never have tolerated anyone having used his nor the churches funds and staff time for such a project.
    Funds and staff time was better served promoting and delivering Scn services to the paying public.

  6. My, what long stiff props they have sticking straight up there.

  7. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this first-hand comparison. Nobody knows better than you over the greater span of time.

  8. Despite everything I still had a favorable opinion of Tom Cruise. He seems like a good guy and very OT too and if he got away from COB I think he would be alright, but being “ok” with using Sea Org personnel to build a luxury office (and other things I assume, such as painting motorcycles) lessens my opinion somewhat. Thats just something that should just feel wrong. I would feel weird and uncomfortable about Sea Org personnel doign something like that for me, no matter what my level of contribution or “upstat VIP” status was. It’s not like he couldnt easily get someone there on his own dime.

  9. Marty, This is pure financial irresponsability on DM’s part. As I stated
    before LRH had lots of money but never spent money on himself personally unless his stats were up. He spent a lot of money fixing up
    the Creston ranch as he beleived in improving on an investment but
    lived and worked in the Bluebird motorhome as that served his purposes.
    The way DM spends other peoples money makes me sick. There is no
    beans for beans. No return on investment. Just waste. I wouldn’t get
    upset if DM earned the money he spends but the money does not belong
    to him. LRH would never spend that kind of money to impress a ‘movie star’ or anyone else. LRH was very generous and would buy people gifts but they were practical things. He was concerned that I didn’t dress very well so he had Pat get me a $500 gift certificate so I could buy better clothes. The Shamrock fence installer at Creston admired LRH’s camera and said he wanted to buy a good camera to take pictures of the fences he built. LRH had Ted Horner send a camera and presented it to Jim (fence guy). When his stats were up he bought the Subaru cars. Not just for himself but for Annie and I. LRH didn’t buy expensive things for himself but practical, responsible, useful things. DM’s spending was always meant to impress others and totally the reverse of LRH.

  10. I guess this office is not going to be used very often – at least I wouldn’t – it has this creepy “Idle Office” feel to it – or is this just my impression?

    Anybody every saw first hand what an office (meant for USE) adjacent to an airplane hanger looks like? I did. There are mechanics around, oil and grease …

    I guess this idle office is about as useful as idle orgs.

  11. eyes wide open

    This is disgusting.

    Don’t forget too – DM had a whole bunch of renovations done to accomodate Tom at the G’s (guest units at the Int base) and in later years, after the renovation of LRH’s home (Bonnie View) he had Tom and co. stay in the Guest House at Bonnie View with hot and cold running service.

    That creeped me out too.

    LRH’s home is LRH’s home.

    It is not a resource to wine and dine (and buy off) celebrities.

    It is so altered importance and wrong source both in terms of the use of parishioners money as well as in the use of LRH’s personal spaces.

  12. Dear Marty,

    You’ve got a real talent for rolling this ethics program out. This post really kicks it up a notch (or two). No doubt Mestcavige is having another one of those really, REALLY bad days.

    As for Tom Cruise with a reported net worth of $250,000,000, you’d think he’d have enough sense to just say NO. He’s got enough cash on hand to hire his own slave labor.

    And Marty, you said this is “one of the many ostentatious gifts”. This is pure puke time. I’ll end it here. Need to keep this civil.

    ML, Tom

  13. I find this not very surprising as TC once said s/g to the effect that, “First there is LRH, then COB, then there is ME. Now that LRH is gone there is only Tom Cruise in relative importance. These were the kinds of gifts bestowed on LRH before the Birthday Game of LRH ED 339R. Orgs would sent LRH all manner of gifts at staff member’s willing expense. Now it’s apparently coming out of the pockets of public UNKNOWINGLY! This is financial irregularities in the extreme all because the Dwarf deems it so. What a sham!

  14. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sarge. You lend some great perspective here.

  15. “What your fees buy” (to the max).

    When you are height (or length!) challenged, sometimes a fella tries to compensate by showing how l-o-n-g his wallet is (in this case, OUR wallet!)

    There is also something slightly gay about Miscavige’s love affair with Tom Cruise. C’mon……you don’t give presents like THAT to another guy

    Not that there’s anything WRONG with being gay……

  16. Gifts aren’t considered income. In an odd twist, the tax liability belongs to the giver provided the gift(s) exceeds certain thresholds.

    On the other hand, if a non profit organization used its money to fund something like this, clearly outside its charitible purpose and instead for private inurement, that could be a problem. A big problem. Potentially a “revoke their charitible status” problem.

  17. Theo Sismanides

    Thank god, I do not belong in that low aesthetic anymore. DM’s aestetic makes me vomit. Thank u LRH for respecting my aesthetics. This looks like a casino or I don’t know what office!!!

  18. Pericles:

    Staff sent gifts commensurate to their ability to pay — which as we know wasn’t a great deal.

    Staff NEVER sent gifts that would even equate to ONE of those chairs at TCs hangar — that looks more like an ostentatious men’s club — replete with lap dancing, pole dancing and perhaps a little massage … here and there.

    Just appalling — TC should be ashamed but he has gone so far south he never will be.

    Funny thing is — he THINKS his secret is safe – but all of NY knows.

    His PR people sent messages all over the city to FIND TC an acceptable errr … wife?


  19. I’ve wondered if a lot of the money the Church seem to have now actually came from Tom Cruise. What if he has done what so many Scientologists have done and donated all his money and/or even gone into debt. I’m sure he has almost unimaginable credit lines available.
    What if Tom has donated hundreds of millions? I wouldnt be suprised.
    It doesnt really matter I guess, it’s his money, but it’s interesting.

  20. I should add my understanding about tax liability applies to gifts from individuals; I’m not sure about corporate gifts.

  21. Correct Theo – Casino is a good comparison – lots of prominent red in there too – guess I’m thinking of the wrong “districts” do I? LOL

    PS: we know each other and you’ll hear from me in due course

  22. It’s actually not surprising when you consider the scenario that ALL the IAS money belongs to Der Leader and he dispenses it as he sees fit. The whole charade is going to come crumbling down when the powers that be discover that actual government fraud is occurring here and there is ample evidence of it. False Claims Act and IRS securities fraud to name a couple. The day when the dwarf has a large cell mate admiring his bum is not far around the corner…..

  23. This is completely insane and even more insane is Cruise allowing this.
    Bye Bye DM and Cruise. It is all justified, again these are not true Scientologists as they could not change a condition to help others if they tried.

    Just look around and anyone left are sheeple or lemmings!

  24. For some reason I still had hope for Tom Cruise. But this shows me he is corrupt to the core. So be it. I would rather see things as they are than have illusions.

  25. Is it so wrong for one man to love another man?

  26. I gotta thank Marty for bringing this to our attention!

  27. Sam- Maybe we should call it an Idol Org.

  28. Thank you for more enlightening narratives of David Miscavige’s financial improprieties. This particular blog reminds me of a news piece I had read where a high level corporate executive was spending something like a million dollars on renovating his lavish office while hundreds of employees were being laid off because of company loses that year. I think my “infatuation” with David Miscavige’s image as COB has effectively been irretrievably compromised. I don’t know yet if I’m angry or grateful for it.

    Another thing about executives (or administrators) is this narcissistic streak that makes them think it’s okay to squander company resources at the expense of employees. I get even angrier when I think that the founders of companies would never even think of being so irresponsible to the company they have created and built up.

    But, ultimately, it is this society that ALLOWS this nonsense to go on and often rewards these executives for doing it!

    Okay, I got that off my chest, I’m stepping down from the podium

  29. Another strange thing about this “type of gift”:

    Did it ever happen to anybody on this blog that a good friend of yours BUILT a “gift” right into your home? Without you knowing? Like coming home from a vacation and “WOW – I got a new living room where my bathroom used to be!!” – anyone ever experience something like this?

    From this I assume that Tom Cruise DID know about the Criminal Old Bastard (COB) making him this gift.

    If not then is TC just allowing COB to do with his home whatever COB wants to do, smiles sweetly, bows properly and says “Thank you”????

    Remember what Mike Rinder (Mike) answers in TodayTonight to Bryan Seymour’s (Bryan) questions?

    Bryan: How close is he (COB) with Tom Cruise?
    Mike: Extremely close
    Bryan: How close?
    Mike: Extremely Unnaturally Close

    Later on Mike also said: Their relationship (between TC and COB) is something that doesn’t really make sense.

    Prefix it with this and it does make “sense”

  30. I think you do not get it – or rather, “see” it. It’s right in front of your eyes – look at the pictures again and read who built it and who paid for it. And then answer your own question.

  31. Tony DePhillips


  32. It’s so obvious now, It hurts.

  33. martyrathbun09

    With other people’s money?

  34. martyrathbun09

    Derek, I wish you’d take the podium more often.

  35. Im sorry if this is a stupid question but is this luxury hangar at Hollywood/ Burbank Airport ?

  36. Beyond what appears to be an unnatural adoration of Tom Cruise, is DM’s fixation on MEST. It is obvious here in these pictures, in the other pictures of his exercise facility, and in the steady bombardment in “church” promo of the all the MEST that the “church” owns and is renovating. Even more appalling to use/force SO members to construct this. I don’t have all my basic books in front of me, but early on in Scientology we were introduced to the idea that MEST is a theta trap, and pardon my bad paraphrasing. Pretty blatantly obvious .

  37. Really??? You got some waking up to do amigo…

  38. What your donations buy!
    Auxiliary office for what?
    Passenger lounge to Cruise’s airplane hangar.

    Built by staff members eating beans and rice, making $25-$50 for 120+ hours of labor.
    Materials paid for my your donations.


  39. Yeah – it is just so very “extremely unnaturally” out of place! Who would even WANT that thingy in his hanger – LOL – it’s really useless – ROFL

  40. That isn’t love it’s propitiation.

  41. If Tom were a woman and DM a tampon, could they get any closer?

    This is ass licking taken to new depths. Disgusting levels of propitiation and squandering of entrusted funds.

    Amazing pictures Marty- Nice.

  42. This is sick. Cruise is a multi-millionaire. He can afford to buy or have made anything he wants, anywhere. To accept a “gift” like this is like accepting a gift from jewish slave labor camps in WWII without any remorse or feelings of improper behavior.

    There was a time when you mentioned Tom Cruise and people would all agree – he was cool. You wanted to be like him – his talent, his easy going manner and sense of confidence. Now, when I ask others what they think, it’s almost all the same – he is full of himself, arrogant, haughty, unnatural.

    Think of what LRH would have done with that money. Compare that to what DM did with it. Did you make the comparison?


    That feeling you just got is what Tom Cruise SHOULD have gotten when he accepted this “gift”. The most dedicated Scientologist?? HA! He cannot even sense the GROSSEST of violations of LRH finance policy.

    I would love to see these photos in the next Celebrity Mag.


  43. Tony DePhillips

    Reminds me of a certain Seinfeld episode…

  44. Tom owns a P51 mustang – so Dave made the “office” to have the WWII theme all about the P51 mustang – with the model of the B17 Bomber model, the P51 provided fighter coverage for the B17 bomber…

    Maybe it’s a stretch, but could Tom be expected to provide “air cover” for Dave?

  45. OK I vomited on my cat. Oh but I don’t have a cat.
    Must have been the neighbours cat.
    Sorry cat.
    By the way, I suppose I gotta be the one to ask it (being me)…
    What’s with the two big phallic symbols by the door???

  46. If the two men in question have similar ages and social positions, there is nothing at all wrong with it. Spending other people’s money to impress a rich and famous lover is a betrayal after trust.

  47. LOL – taken – we all slipped on that banana peel – excuse accepted?

  48. The first time of this was TC and Nicole’s house although that was a mix of SO and SO hired SCN contractors.

    Is it know if it was church or TC’s funds that built the office in the pictures above?

  49. martyrathbun09

    Generally on such projects, the material was bought by Cruise. The labor and crafstmanship provided gratis by Sea Org members at the direction of Dave.

  50. Sam~Overcompensation on so many levels…

  51. Ahhh, come on! Where else are you going to host guests while your plane is being readied for the flight to Nova Scotia to view the total eclipse of the sun?

    Did DM build it for TC or himself? Trick question – he built it for himself.

    Apologies to Carly Simon.

  52. One year we (staff and public together) bought LRH a Captain’s chair. People would contribute $5 or so, maybe even nothing. I think we might have gotten him a shirt one year – nothing extravagent.

  53. Yes and remember the motor home that was outfitted for TC by the SO.
    NO ONE should ever have stayed in Bonnie View!

  54. Despite the intricate woodwork, there is something so clinical, so artificial about this decor. Mesty is a better word for it.

  55. I don’t remember ever seeing an LRH office look like that, I thought function monitors structure? Every picture tells a story, don’t it?
    I think Tom (and Katie) need to do something effective to make this right with the parishioners who paid for this office and the men/women who built it. I can’t help but wonder what DM expects Tom to do for him, I doubt if Dave gives without expecting-demanding something back.

  56. The Sword Taia

    TC owns a P51 Mustang?

    I’m not impressed.

    Now if he owned a SPITFIRE, then I would be impressed. Spitfires were cool.


  57. Sam-
    My guess is the one that is on the left represents Tom Cruise and the smaller skinnier one represents David Miscavige.

  58. OH I see generally projects like this Cruises’ paid for materials. OK PAY the labors a fair wage PLEASE!

  59. Wow! Les stat s must be up. Try an interview with the REAL vampire sometime.
    can only come in the dark

  60. Tony DePhillips

  61. What about TC’s household? There was a time when his household and estates staff were non-SO scientologists. Then, around 2004, they were abruptly fired and, from what I understand, were replaced by SO members. Anyone on this blog know more about this?

  62. Please also consider the possibility of the placement of hidden ‘look-in’ cameras that would provide plenty of private pictures straight to DM’s powerfully protected iPad so he could sneak a peek at his pal and his planes for his own personal and proprietary pleasure as a perk while he’s planning his planetary implants.

  63. To his Eminance, Pope Pious Miscavige,

    I am reminded of a quote from one of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln; ” Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

    If I may be so bold as to speak for the rest of humanity, FLUUUUUUUNK!

    As someone who has surely studied and thoroughly understands the immutable natural laws of this universe, then you must also know that you cannot escape the effect of your own cause. You are sowing mayhem and there is no power on earth which can save you from the comming harvest.

    You can spend untold millions to try and silence those who are applying the ethics tech you should be, but you cannot alter this terrible fact; resisting ethics is like standing against a torrent, you and every barrier you erect will ultimately be swept away. (To be clear, I am not predicting violent insurrection, but rather the unseen hand of divine justice.)

    It is not to late to get honest and straight and to start serving the purpose of improving the conditions of your fellow man. You can start by taking care of the Sea Org members who are the best that this planet has to offer. Spend some of your vast reserves to get them adequate housing, food and pay so that they can truly flourish and prosper. Make amends to those you have injured greatly, then work your way up the conditions where you can be respected for what you do and not feared for the power you hold.

    All this may fall on deaf ears, but I believe that there is enough good in the worst of us, and enough bad in the best of us, that we should always reach out to help those who are in need. It is likely that you will push aside this hand and may even ridicule the effort, but I truly hope that you do not. I assure you that there is no enlightened being who will take pleasure in the comming destruction of your pious empire.

    You and you alone will decide your fate at this watershed moment. Will you be just another tyrant in history who usurped and abused power, or will you be someone who stood up and did the couragous and right thing for the greater good.

    I await your reply.

  64. Tom Cruise has a longer way to fall than any of us when DM gets taken down.

    I can see the CNN breaking news story now:

    Anderson Cooper: “Scientology leader, David Miscavige, was arrested today on charges of human trafficking, tax fraud, extortion, physical and psychological abuse, as well as a blatant case of homophobia…”
    “… Here you see Miscavige being taken away in handcuffs, his seventy–million dollar, personal luxury estate, paid for unkowingly by parishioners, in the background…”
    “…Longtime close friend and unbearably overt Scientologist, Tom Cruise, couldn’t be reached for comment by our office this afternoon…”
    “…Here we see Cruise praising the controversial religion’s leader at a 2004 Scientology celebration.”

    Tom Cruise: “…I’ve met every leader on this planet, the moon and Mars! And you, sir, are the LEADER of leaders!” (manly embrace amongst the two midgets).

    Anderson Cooper: “Cruise, currently residing in the ‘where are they now’ dead files of hollywood, has staunchly denied any wrongdoing on the part of Miscavige in years’ past, despite numerous former high-ranking church members stepping forward as whistleblowers AGAINST the miniscule leader…”
    “… I’m offering an open invitation to Tom Cruise to come on 360 and share his side of the story about the man, often referred to as his BFF…”
    “…..But, please, Tom……..leave your ex-wives at home!”

  65. a mistake Windhorse. surily you mean an acceptable Bride.


  66. That was GREAT!!!


  67. Gee, wonder if Tom has any idea the slave labor involved. Wonder if he’d even care, if he knew?
    Wonder how much sleep deprivation, beans and rice, etc was doled out for them to build this for him?
    Wonder if the Public realize where there hard-earned donations go? (to fund OSA, PI’s, etc. And stuff like this?!)

    Inquiring minds wanna know…..

  68. Oh dear. Presumably the concern will be how Marty got the photos and hope there isn’t a backlash against staff members.

  69. Dear Dave, Dear Tom,
    Dear Tom, Dear Dave,

    I feel I have to step in on your (plural) behalf as the communication on this blog tends to cover a sphere of “360 Degrees” ranging from attacks to making fun of you (still plural). At times it’s hard to differentiate what is fun and what is real and so I slipped on Allen’s comment too – you (still plural) certainly know the feeling when you don’t know who is on your side and who is not – basically, when everything just gets so unreal that you simply KNOW that the enemy is everywhere (thanks Tom & Davey for the Ack, I thought you would understand).

    Rather than adding to the humiliation of you (still plural), I thought of constructively adding to your fine and very useful hangar office – in this spirit I did search for some equally useful office equipment that I do hope makes the time spent in this sparsely appointed office a bit more relaxing.

    Please be assured that none of the images of these items have been modified or invented by me – down to the captions provided.

    Let me begin then.

    First, I would think the entrance glass door could prominently feature this image titled (by the manufacturer) SQUIRRELLY LOVE

    You might wish to display this TITANIC BANK (possibly a new logo for the church?) at an equally prominent location

    To make it easier to keep track of the unprecedented, explosive, unheard and unseen of expansion, this ruler is offered as a visual representation of the straight up and vertical philosophy so vividly alive in Tom’s career as well

    And finally a last item that may always remind you to continue to so relentlessly “keep the money coming”, I offer this collection bowl so aptly named by the manufacturer LABYRINTH BOWL for the money collected in it “automatically” disappears and shows up in places you never would expect it to be

    Again, I do apologize for all the humiliating posts on this site. They just do not understand where you (still plural) are coming from much less going to – some of them even believing it to be a prison guarded by psychs.

    Again, to show my sincere efforts and to make answering all the certainly unf(o)unded allegations easier, I offer this device – once again, unedited and available as shown

    To all the posters on this blog, please do respect the need of these two gentlemen to build bunkers in hangars to hide from attacks from everywhere.

  70. DFB,

    You realize that …”using Sea Org personnel to build a luxury office (and other things I assume, such as painting motorcycles)”… has been going on for 20 years?
    “Other things” consisted of: A sea org pastry chef (and wives) and I catered his wedding in Telluride to his prior wife – Nicole Kidman for no pay as a “favor” from DM – his best man at that wedding too. Quite a few worked on his “new” house he was building at the time as well, on Sea Org time and pay.

    I would guess you hadn’t read Marc Headley’s book – Blown for Good which detailed even a pimping service for TC? Or extravagant Birthday bashes costing hundreds of thousands $ of parishioner’s donations at the Freewinds? This is documented with a video on the Web.

    …”He seems like a good guy”… was my opinion in ’90 -twenty years ago. But associating with Mestology has transformed him to Mestology’s own valence, witness the couch jumping episode and interview with Matt Lauer on public TV where he sounds exactly like David Mestology. Not sure whether you saw it on national TV.

    Just like the Idle Orgs of Mestology, TC’s viewership of his films in theaters is dwindling in numbers from that relationship.

    Some of that woodwork seems similar to Dear Leader’s personal “hang out” which he called the “Officer’s Lounge” at the Lower Villas at the Int Base, right next to his quarters with it’s curving hardwood work done by a craftsman I knew who did work in LRH offices and house at the Int base and at Wildwind ranch in Creston. Interestingly enough the suite used to be Pat and Annie Broeker, and Dede & Peters quarters who were both seniors he wrested power from and deposed.

    That craftsman must be in his eighties by now. I remember having to take him to Riverside to an emergency room in the early ’80s as he had a nail from a nail gun ricochet and embed in his shoulder one one of these countless “all nighters” renovations projects. We were both in the HU – LRH household unit and busted to Estates in Gold in ’87 as we worked for Pat Broker, who we assumed “command intention” originated from in LRH’s succession plan. However as we were both good craftsmen, we resurrected later to ply our respective crafts and to serve Dear Leader.

    DFB, it’s not just a benign relationship in Tom Cruise’s part. Did you not see threatening letters to Marty posted on this blog by Tom Cruise’s lawyer? You think he has no involvement with this-who pays the billable hours? Please read:

    Would a “good guy” sic his highly paid dog like this? Please!!!
    I apologize for my “sudden” at seeing the words “good guy” and Tom Cruise in one sentence.

  71. Are those his and his scooters I see outside in pic 3? 😉

  72. And now some footage from better times in the life of the Hollywood star:

    Remember that “setting the stage” Is a particular showbizz skill possessed by the showmasterbut alsoo used by the STAGE hypnotist (not to be confused with hupno-theraphy), the magician, the politician and the charlatan.

    Inb4: but CD you forgot the “Psychs” 😉

  73. I wonder what Miscavige tells Tom Cruise about how it was built. Is TC clueless that Sea Org slave labor is used, or does he not even care?

  74. Marty, The more I think about this the more pissed I get. DM and Tom Cruise both consider themselves upstats and deserving of ‘special’ treatment while hard working lowly payed SO members do their bidding and are forced to contribute to their lavish lifestyles. They both profess to being Scientologists, they are NOT! These two piss ants would have to stand on their tiptoes to lick LRH’s boots.

  75. Awesome track by Prodigy (listen out for Juliette Lewis on vocals) 🙂

  76. We have to face it…Dear Leader has sublimated his sex drive into Higher Creativity (i.e.; harassing Marty Rathbun when not lavishing gifts on his dreamboat Tom Cruise).

    Not that there’s anything WRONG with being COB…….

  77. The setting is almost alright for an interview except there is such a glare of red from the chairs.
    Does trigger my dim memories of when I had flown to the Countess as she lay there dying at the base of the ravine. we scribed in fingered blood on the adjacent rock that this was not to be the end. Once ve are dead ve will not be dead, we will be undead. Twas the concubine that had bedeviled us.

    And so Francis Ford Copula twas not the Countess reincarnate for whom I came for to England. Twas the Countess first born blood. The” She devil”
    Yes it was her.
    The Count ( wizard)

  78. Not just a motorhome – it was a Bluebird, a similar type LRH had. Bluebird company has folded due to the recession, but it’s top end similar to:

    Agreed on BV as it is an LRH space and TC is no friend of LRH being DM’s friend is totally different. However, DM now has his quarters a whole building – the Upper Villas which used to be LRH’s main office, music room, MonD office, kitchenette, Photo gear, gun collection, etc. renovated for millions to a lavish and posh standard replete with exercise gear and tanning room (with thong), garage and personal laundry facilities.

    The middle villas is TC and his caliber of “guests” quarters or rather luxury suites as a more appropriate description. Note that the Villas is now a walled compound within a walled and ultrabarriered compound to keep the riff-raff and hole people at the Int base out. Even Dear Leaders dogs have air conditioning as it does get hot there in summer.

  79. Need my ….Scotch*trembling hands* must get……..Idle Office….bar

  80. DM is copieing Casino’s, It reminds him of his first taste of “F(l)(r)eedom” gambling other peoples money away.

  81. Actually, I was going to use another word that starts with a b, but wasn’t bride. Nor bitch …


  82. I looked and looked, but could not see any scn references in any of the pics. No LRH. No scn crosses. Is this a Hugh Hefner design?

  83. Grateful,
    Thanks for reminding me of that. LRH kept all these inexpensive and unusual trinkets and gifts from staffs and public and kept them in storage over the years. They ranged from custom .44 magnum “Dirty Harry” guns with serial number of his birthday given by AOLA to very different curios from all parts of the world and tons of “nautical” things as well as film director’s chairs. There was even a weird Jack in the Box type of contraption which when sprung a hand came out with a caption of “Give me that hand” which really startled you. The sheer quantity was overwhelming of presents for Christmas and Birthdays, most being of theta value and not monetary value.

    In ’80 all these stored items were gotten together and put in a two story building (Del Sol) at the Int base, filling all the rooms on both stories. Unfortunately, most of it in decaying cardboard boxes and steamer trunks were packed in paper shredding. So, all had to be inventories, cleaned off and repacked with bubble plastic which took the entire HU and eventually resulted in a person being posted as “Storage I/C”.

    You contrast this with Dear Leader’s presents ranging from $12,000 Benelli engraved shotguns to German car of over $100K from 20-5 people & custom motorcycles is a study of contrast between LRH and Mestology.

  84. Tom Cruise is one of those very rare people on Earth, for whom you know that one day a film will be made of their life. Such films become a major part of the legacy that a major star leaves behind.

    What a shame that, as things stand, the film that will be made for future generations to watch (“The Tom Cruise Story – Violence, Lies and Deception”) will portray a bizarre double-life, where Cruise acts the movie star one day, and the supporter of a maniac the next. Because sooner or later, the full facts of all of this terrible episode will be fully exposed for the world to see, and Cruise will no longer be able to rely on the relative anonymity of David Miscavige, and the wicked acts of the cult he presides over. When this happens, it will not matter how many films he made, how much they grossed or how many awards he won. It will all be about his involvement in a dreadful cult. This film will show the irony of his playing the part of Stauffenberg in Valkyrie, but being best buddies with the Fuhrer of Scientology.

    There is an alternative script for this film however, and a very different tagline: “The Tom Cruise Story – Ultimate Redemption”. In this version of the film, Tom Cruise has a major awakening and helps bring down the maniac. In this version, he is a true real-life hero, a modern-day Stauffenberg. How many film actors actually have that possibility?

    As the days pass however, the first script I described looks far more likely.

  85. Again to Tom Cruise I say: HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY THAT?

  86. Sinar, I love it when you get ‘sudden’.

  87. That movie coming out, or it is out now, “EASY A” has a line in the movie:

    Girl A: “One day, you will have to answer to a higher power.”
    Girl B: “Tom Cruise?”

    When I saw that in the previews, I busted out laughing!
    The Church, Scientologists in general, have had a chip on their shoulders for a very long time. And why not? When you know how to free all of mankind, wouldn’t you? However, we all lost ourselves in the process somewhere along the way, many of us did and still many others are… over there (lost).

    I hope in the years to come, we can learn a lesson from all of this and gain a bit of humility. Keep things calm and reasonable (in a good way), and not so freaking over the top. Instead of speaking to someone out of desperation about how they GOTTA GET ON THE BRIDGE!!! Instead, chill a bit and put the R back in ARC.

    This “gift” of an office is so out-R; ;as are the “ideal” orgs; as is all the flashy promo; as are all the “straight up and vertical” events.

    Hell, I’m so ready to open up an acadamy, I can’t see straight. That day will come, but when it does, I’ll be damned if I ever build a fancy anything for it. People will be lucky to find a sign on the door! But you better get your butt to class on time!!! LOL

  88. C,mon Marty. Out with it. from what bat did you glean the photos.

    The Count

  89. TC’s household staff as well as landscape architect were primarily scientologists as early as 1994 … Can’t pinpoint exactly when dm got on TCs line but he started at a Mission in the Valley – was taken from that mission under protest of both the Mission Holder and TC and put on CC Ints line with his own private daily sup for 3 hours a day – Pat Gualtieri.

    Bit by bit dm took over TCs life, including strongly suggesting he divorce the “SP” on his lines – Nicole … Her sin? Having a parent who is a psychologist.

    TC is toast. His career is in shambles and he’s not going to divorce Katie. He’d never be able to get another … er … wife.


  90. Hey Marty… I luv you, man!!! LOL

  91. I think it is time to get the media outlets to pick up the stories about Tom and Dave’s love of each other and their gifts. I know the personal information being read by Dave from his PC folders got picked up in the media, but the next big step would be for the media to completely pick up the story about their relationship and who pays the bills.

    Their intimacy needs to be looked at in its entirety!

  92. Sam,
    I’ve hit my cat several times so far on this blog. Poor cats.

    The phallic symbols? Could it be…is it possible…are these (one of them at least) the heretofore observed ‘missing willy’ of the St Hill IAS statue??!!

  93. Derek,
    Offhand, it sounds like Dennis Koslowski who founded Tyco with his $6,000 shower curtains from company funds:

    “After a New York State conviction in 2005 for grand larceny and falsifying records, Kozlowski was ordered to serve 81/3 to 25 years and pay restitution to Tyco of $97 million, which he coughed up. But that didn’t leave him penniless, it seems, because he has been able to hire some of the classiest law firms around to do his bidding: Debevoise & Plimpton; Carter Ledyard & Milburn; and Baker & Hostetler.”

    Perhaps Dear Leader is following his footsteps!

  94. Sinar,

    I just looked at Google Earth and yes the Villas driveway is now landscaping and with what looks like a great view of the Palace. Could someone in the know ID the buildings on Google Earth?

    I see some stuff I did is still there! How fun.

    I’ll bet there are no more SO Day talks on the Ship or use of the pool.

    Just me slowly working to straighten the track. I’ll say hi to y’all someday soon after a family sit is handled.

  95. Don’t be raggin’ on Mustangs!! They’re my favorite WWII airplane, next to the B-17 bomber! Bombers had no protection for long-term sorties until the Mustang came along, and was only improved by the British with the Rolls Royce engines.

    Spitfires were glorified in Black Sheep Squadron, but even Pappy would have been proud to have a Mustang in the bunch. 😛

    People don’t make fun of Beetles just because a psychopath created them so everyone could have a car. For the same reason, forgive this Mestang his owner. It couldn’t be helped.

    Excuse me… Mustang. 😉

  96. Ann,

    Coffee hit my monitor when I read that as I was sipping it while reading what you wrote.

    Oh god, that is funny!

  97. Sam,
    Those are Props. I mean real propeller blades.

  98. they are propeller blades. not sure if the real deal or just made to look like blades.

  99. Now, seeing as DM reads this blog every single day, and today is no exception, I think it is time to point out what NO ONE so far has. Despite all the comments, the near and the far (side), what has been missed? Hmmmm?

    What has not been observed and is as big and blaring as could possibly be?

    What, when I point this out to every single person so far who has missed it (right Dave?) is it about this Opening Piece has utterly escaped only the One Eye that can see (other than my ephemeral ability in this one instance)?? Hmmmm?

    Well, I’ll tell you what. In the third photo above, against the wall, there are FIVE white wine glasses.

    How many RED wine glasses are there??!!!

    (Here I expect there will be heard a particular sound of shocked incredulity expressed onamatopoeically with – pffffsst, grrruuph, hmmmffp, aaaackk, ssppttt, among some and complete pie-face silence among others.)

    Tear it all down and start over. This room is an overt product!!

    Shhheeeesh people.

  100. TST,
    When the P51 was first designed it was unsuccessful with a US aviation engine used. The Spitfire’s engine – Rolls Royce Merlin V12 supercharged was used and it became the best of WW2.

    So, it’s guts are the Spits!

  101. Thank you Marty, for this and for the opportunity to open this entire mind-blowing conversation!! Having been at the base I knew of some big things given to TC but not at all at this level. Worked on some of them too. And just look at what Miscavige created for LRH after he passes–at the int base is the huge, ultra-expensive mansion that is supposed to be his home. Of course LRH can’t enjoy it–who does enjoy it? Miscavige and his celebrity friends, who get told they are being rewarded for all their good work. Truly, truly sickening.

  102. I saw that, too. “His” and “His” phallic symbols with a Golden Age of Aviation theme.

  103. Sorry, Jack UK, but what was the point of that?

  104. Oh, you again.


  105. martyrathbun09

    Good point Gato.

  106. I don’t respect Tom Cruise at all. He’s been being bought off by Miscavige for 2 decades now. Amongst many other special favors Tom’s received, Miscavige had me do a “special project” to locate Scientologists to fill job positions Tom’s his home.

    I mention this fact in my book, Scientology – Abuse at the Top (available at Amazon or ) and Bert Fields (Cruise’s lawyer) threatened legal action against me.

    Tom Cruise is much like David Miscavige in many ways….

  107. (I meant … positions in Tom’s home)

  108. You’re so right on Sarge.

    Miscavige besmirches the Ol’man’s legacy with his offensive extravagance (an out-ethics indicator ) with a capital E.

    Though it shows how shallow and superficial those remaining in the Church are.

    Not just shallow and superficial but lacking discernment or taste.

    The pictures you’ve shown Marty is of office furniture that is so pretentious and ostentatious that it looks like it belongs to one of James Bond’s supervillains like Blofeld or something…..


  109. How badly do staff members need more monkey in their paychecks?? Pretty F’n BAD!!!

    I have current Org Snr C/Ss, D/EDs, and AUDITORS moonlighting for me for $15.00/HR.

    And DM robs the orgs of money through the IAS and spends this kind of dough on someone who is ready worth several hundered million dollars??!!

    THAT’S what your f’n donations buy!!

  110. By the way From Miscavige with Love pretty much captures the motif.

  111. Sea Org members at PAC live in dorms 8 to 20 to a room and wear uniforms that don’t fit, and have to go to the free clinic for medical attention and DM spends Church money to build an office for a guy with two 50-million dollar homes, and several airplanes!!!

    What a fucking little hypocrite midget!

  112. Jim
    I’ll guess we’ll never know now that the heretofore mentioned Saint Hill IAS statue has gone missing following the heretofore mention of it’s resemblance to DM.

  113. Sinar – I know dat! 😉

  114. This is wrong on so many levels, but one thing in particular that sticks out for me, is people still in the COS would probably see nothing wrong with this at all, some would actually defend it. Those who didn’t agree, would keep silent as to avoid some heavy ethics penalties.


    Sea Org Labor has done much for Tom Cruise Real Estate assets.
    DM has used TOM CRUISE to speak up to the STATE Department, to the German authorities etc.
    Click here to read document ~

    Click to access tom_cruises_letter.pdf


    May 31, 2003

    Richard Lee Armitage
    Deputy Secretary of State
    U.S. Department of State
    2201 C Street NW
    Washington, DC 20520

    Dear Mr. Armitage:

    I would like to start by thanking you for the State Department’s annual human rights and religious freedom reports, which do an indispensable job of highlighting human rights abuses around the world.

    I understand from Helen Ellis in your office that unfortunately our schedules will not coincide while I am in Washington in mid June. Given current world circumstances and particularly with the President and Secretary Powell being abroad, I can appreciate the incredible pressures that must exist on your time and availability.

    As you may already know, for some time I have been concerned about human rights and religious freedom in Europe. Members of my Church, including American artists, continue to be discriminated against, especially in Germany, France and Belgium. I have taken it upon myself to become somewhat educated in these matters and to stay abreast of what continues to occur.

    Therefore, I can fully appreciate your recommendation of meeting with Ambassador Hanford and while I am sure my speaking with him would be helpful, I am frankly most interested in speaking with you. I am familiar with your history and your duties as the Deputy Secretary and I am certain that I can, in a brief amount of time, communicate to you what is on my mind. I feel that we might do well to work together on this matter.

    You must know from your Ambassadors that last year I did a series of visits to the U.S. Embassies in Germany, France and Spain and spoke to each Ambassador abou the problems of religious intolerance in those countries. I was very grateful for the assistance given by Ambassador Argyros in Madrid, and I am happy to say that the situation I discussed with him is now fully resolved.

    Ambassador Coats and his staff have continued to be very helpful, and I have also appreciated the efforts of the U.S. Embassy staff in Paris.

    I do keep a close watch on the situations in these countries and within the last month, I learned of attempts to sabotage the performance of two American artists solely because they are members of the Church of Scientology. I would be happy to give you the details of these situations, but incidents such as these in Germany and France have been recorded in the State Departments Human Rights reports for nearly a decade.

    Scientology is fully recognized as a tax-exempt, bona fide religion in the United States, yet these actions by German officials are unfortunately representative of intolerance that members of my religion and other minority religions face in Germany.

    Religious freedom is very important to me as it is to every true American. I know you share thse values, and I appreciate the invaluable assistance the State Department has given members of my Church in protecting their rights, especially in Europe.

    Lastly, I am scheduled to travel to Europe in January to promote my next film and am planning on again meeting with our Ambassadors in France, Germany and possibly Belgium to work with them on pressing these nations for more dialogue and action to resolve these matters.

    However, despite the circumstances of my visits to Europe, this situation is by no means a publicity activity for me. This is a metter that is both important and personal, and that is why I am looking to my government’s assistance in the hopes of finding a resolution to what has becoming a very saddening and unneccessary human rights situation.

    As you already know, I expect to be in Washington, D.C., around June 11-13. I know you are not available on those dates but I am interested to know when else you would be available.

    I am also endeavoring to meet with Vice President Cheney on this matter while I am in Washington. Should you or your office need to reach me, I can be contacted through my associate, Tom Davis1 at [xxx-xxx-xxxx] or through my assistanct, Michael Doven, at [xxx-xxx-xxxx].

    [signed] Tom [pdf]

  116. The hypocrite’s crime is that he bears false witness against himself. What makes it so plausible to assume that hypocrisy is the vice of vices is that integrity can indeed exist under the cover of all other vices except this one. Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core. ~Hannah Arendt, On Revolution, 1963

  117. Jean-François Genest

    Thanks for the post Marty. Disheartening indeed.
    The IA$ donors who STILL “toe the line” after all the evidence that has been revealed must be really proud.
    As if Thomas Crui$e Mapother IV couldn’t afford his own MEST junk.

  118. Can you send some of that slave labor over to my house to do a bunch of reno’s? (joke) Another disgusting misuse of the good intentions of many hard working people. I suppose this is going to clear the planet faster?!?!?! DM you are absolutely, hands down the worst religious leader imaginable!

  119. Jean-François Genest

    … and *I* wonder if the office has HIDDEN MICROPHONES AND CAMERAS to satisfy David Miscavidge’s HIDDEN urges.

  120. I remember completing a CoS census one year (poss ’03) requesting that there be transparency regarding how IAS donations are used. I eventually received a reply with some PR fluff enclosed (similar to the tired old spin contained in Impact). No actual answers of course. No annual accounts, no breakdown, no little pie chart to put me at ease. Not even a “for every $1 you donate, 74c is spent on lawyers & PIs, 25c on luxury gifts for DM and his celebrity pals, and 1c on producing these glossy flyers.” In the UK, you can obtain all this data from the Charity Commission (it’s all on their website). Is there no such similar entity that keeps the IAS in check?

  121. How SWEEEEET…DMTC/BFF! No surprise on DM’s extravagant waste, he is a classic SP right down the line. I would say an SP with class, but his idea of aesthetics looks like a set off of Star Trek!
    Even if heads roll regarding how the pics got into the “wrong” hands, so be it. There is this thing called following an illegal order…basic staff status.
    Anyone working on the TC project knew it was wrong. Still, they did it so as to save their own skin from the inevitable pt punishment brought down by DM. Granted, it is nothing to look forward to, but really, we ALL have experienced WORSE at some time or another, which is ofcourse why he can get away with what he is doing…he can only restimulate others to get comliance. Sad. DM will continue (although weakended by the actions of the exSO as stated in CAUSE AND EFFECT article by Marty) until people on the inside start fighting back despite personal danger. Those who won’t, are causing their own demise and they think they are ‘saving their own ass and ‘clearing the planet.’ Unfortunately, one knows what one knows and we are the creators of our own demise no matter what our justifications. Even in the non Scientology world –which is looking more attractive than the- “in scientology” world “, and that ‘s bad, — contributing to a crime makes one as guilty as the main perpatrator.
    People on the inside with direct knowledge need to step up to the plate and fly the coop before they get locked up and can’t leave! Saving the world by committing overts and compromising ones integrity….strange think, as that is nonsurvival for self , thus, nonsruvival for the group. Ouch, now that punishment will hurt where it counts.
    “But these poor guys are all pts to DM”, yes… and how did that come about? No more excuses, others need to do what Marty, Mike, Headly’s, Amy et al have done. Get the hell out and tell your story, it is the least you can do for human kind and in truth, the only way to save your own ass in the long run.

  122. “I am looking to my government’s assistance in the hopes of finding a resolution to what has becoming a very saddening and unneccessary human rights situation.”

    Right Sentence, Wrong Target

  123. BA,
    Best of luck with handling the sit! Methinks SO day was re-instated after the “noise” we made out here. Not sure if you know that when Marty talks – Dave listens!

    On Google earth, directly East of the Star of California ship and pool are 3 rectangular buildings: Lower, Middle and Upper Villas. On the satellite mode even of Google Maps you can see how off-Source David Mestology and RTC are. LRH had established a Scottish motif for the entire property so that each building had a blue tile roof. The 70M RTC building/bunker is the only building with a grey/silver color while all the others are blue (except for the Clipper ship which has it’s own theme). Perhaps it’s a small significance, but if one just looks it’s there to point out how Off-Source mini-Davey really is!

    Marc Headley has it just on the inside of the hardcover book he wrote.

    Quite a lot of the work I did there probably is still in, you can’t see it as it’s underground – Electrical vaults, conduits for electrical high voltage, phone and fiber, natural gas, 12 inch water mains & valves, 12 inch drainage pipes etc.

    At one point there were also 3-4 irrigated fruit orchards put in during the late ’80s heeding advices from LRH about self sufficiency. Those were taken out at Dear Leader’s whim and change of plans to make the base look more like a Theme park with corresponding high maintenance landscaping. The guy who planned and executed the landscaping got offloaded due to it being too high maintenance and was out. The three stooges (stahli/pouw/sutter) turned him back to kool aid drinking as he had a son, similar to Mike Rinder, who worked at Flag he wanted to talk to.

    I even did an extensive research project to put in Solar heating panels which would pay for itself at the Berthing buildings within a couple of years in the late 80’s – did the good stuff get put in? Nope – Dear Leader’s valuable final product is a lot of wasted time and money not to mention re-doing things as in Mest and it seems the Bridge to total freedom!

  124. Concerning the gifts to TM it will certainly be promoted/defended as “he is Kha-Khan, look what he has done for COS ….”, etc. — Concerning the uninsured staff I wonder, what the National Association of Free Clinics ( would think, if they were sent a comprehensive package of information – including specifics they can verify – of how their system was/is potentially misused???

  125. Eyes Wide Open

    “LRH’s home is LRH’s home” – Damned straight!

    Saint Hill Manor was LRH’s home and that of his wife and children.

    DM has taken up residence in LRH’s home and stays there whenever he is at Saint Hill. It appears he thinks he is entitled LRH’s family home as well as his other properties. There are no photographs of LRH’s wife or children anywhere in the Manor. It has been sterilized for DM’s comfort.

    In addition to that, when he is staying at the manor, DM uses LRH’s staff (Commodore Messenger Org personnel) as his own personal servants – waiting on him hand and foot.

    On the tour of the Manor you are only allowed to see a few select rooms. Well over half of it is off-limits to ‘public’. Wonder what’s behind those closed doors? Perhaps TC would know better?

    Looking forward very much to eviction day DM. It’s coming. You are no better than a mere squatter right now.

  126. Wow I am learning forgotten English words thanks to Scientologists.

    glean verb \ˈglēn\
    Definition of GLEAN
    intransitive verb
    1: to gather grain or other produce left by reapers
    2: to gather information or material bit by bit
    transitive verb
    1a : to pick up after a reaper b : to strip (as a field) of the leavings of reapers
    2a : to gather (as information) bit by bit b : to pick over in search of relevant material
    3: find out
    — glean·able\ˈglē-nə-bəl\ adjective
    — glean·er noun
    Examples of GLEAN
    She gleaned her data from various studies.
    He has a collection of antique tools gleaned from flea markets and garage sales.
    They spent days gleaning the files for information.
    They spent hours gleaning in the wheat fields.
    gleaning stray ears of corn
    Origin of GLEAN
    Middle English glenen, from Anglo-French glener, from Late Latin glennare, of Celtic origin; akin to Old Irish doglenn he selects
    First Known Use: 14th century
    Next Word in the Dictionary: gleanings
    Previous Word in the Dictionary: gleam (verb)
    All Words Near: glean

  127. Jean-François Genest


  128. Sheesh, phallic symbols are better, I should have known it was a trap! 😉

  129. Thought Provoking

    DFB, TC is out of valence and has been dramatizing DM’s out ARC valence for some time. I don’t usually do this but I have boycotted going to anything TC is in. It is hard for me to enjoy watching him, knowing how he abuses SO members.

    Sinar, if I am understanding this correctly, even the materials used to create this office were purchased by the church. When you catered the wedding, did the church also pay for the food? And the assistance he got on building his house, were these materials also provided by the church.

    What account did these contributions come from? Were these actually IAS donations collected from parishioners? I’d really like to know.

  130. Well done Cat Daddy!

  131. DM’s cult liberally for at least 2 decades has used all government resources, police, fire brigade, Country health facilities as FREELOADER and has gotten a FREE RIDE.

    DM’s cult does not pay IN it’s fair share, the tax payer pays for all the services DM”s cult uses. Witness how many times Warren Mcshane has called Hemet Sheriff and used Riverside Cops. Do they pay anything here ?
    Of course not.

    All nonprofits are exempt from federal corporate income taxes. Most also are exempt from state and local property and sales taxes

    I recall when Alexander Jentzsch my son and the son of Heber Jentzsch had a wisdom tooth abscess. He was in agony. But he was sent to “COUNTY” USC in Los Angeles (free medical). He sat on the bench for 6 hours in extreme pain and finally called me. I picked him up and paid high dollar for immediate service from a Burbank Dental surgeon. Alexander had been a Sea Org member for a few years. But could he get a few hundred dollars out of the Sea Org for emergency dental ?
    Of course not. DM’s weekly budget for Private Investigators is far more priority

    The Law :

    Private inurement is an absolute term. . If a nonprofit is organized to benefit an individual, even while fulfilling its tax-exempt purpose, it cannot be a tax-exempt organization. Under the state law, an organization may lose its nonprofit status.

  132. Becoming Aware
    You are right.
    A friend told me that he was doing the electrical work in Tom and Nicole’s house and installing security systems on the church payroll. He was there one day when Tom and DM did a walk-through/inspection of the property and wisely hid in the basement until it was over.

  133. Quentin Tarantino discusses the homoerotic subtext of “Top Gun”:

  134. Yes Gato,
    Had to work in that huge, ultra expensive mansion which I know LRH would not have done & was involved in the design of the kitchen to make sure it worked etc.
    Sometime in the past LRH had written an advice where he wanted a certain type of stove – AGA which is totally suited for the UK or a cold place as it was always “on” and was derived from wood burning stoves with one main burner. In the UK kitchens were the best places to be in as the stove warmed up the place and there is one at the St Hill manor kitchen.

    So, having one at the Mansion means that the AC has to work overtime to cool the place. It was also not hot enough for professional cooking so a couple of other gas burners had to be added on the counter. The ovens did not compare to modern convection ovens. I did state my considerations based on experience on this but was overridden by some kind of a know best. Had to use this equipment which to me is inadequate to make a 5 course meal for JT, Kelly and director Roger Christian in celebration of the Battlefield Earth film release/flop at that mansion, which was it’s first usage.

  135. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Me too, Paul.

    It is absolutely repugnant to the purpose of Scientology and the alleged purpose of the current Church of Scientology!

  136. Outside contractors – non Scn were exclusively used to build the mansion. The main one loved mini Davey so much he used to bring him fresh caught wild Halibut from Alaska from his fishing trips he could afford from getting the job. Yours truly made fish and chips out of it which was well liked.

  137. I wouldn’t overgeneralize about homosexuality OT VIII. I don’t think that’s the point, nor do I think it fair to attack someone based on their sexual orientation. However ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ you may consider it to be.

  138. I’m not saying don’t attack creepy Miscavige and his equally creepy love affair with TC. That’s just… creepy and sick.

  139. The most expensive gift I recall LRH getting was the motorbike that he had the accidenct on. WUS put their money together and sent it to him. He already had a 250 Honda which he liked and didn’t want nor ask for a bigger bike, but it was there so he accepted it. Despite saying he didn’t want material gifts, he wanted the orgs stats to be up, one year he was sent money as they didn’t know what to get him, so instead of banking it, he had CS 3 set up a “Birthday Contribution Fund” so the crew on the ship could borrow from it should they need funds to go on leave, pay pressing debts or whatever – he left it up to CS 3 to approve the usage of those funds for the crew.

  140. Thanks Sinar,

    I’ll get the book. You helped me once back then and it was and is appreciated. At the time I didn’t know your background or I would have had lots of questions for you about the Old Man.
    Funny how people you worked with had such range but no questions were ever asked. Someone just showed up on that post and that was that. Constant pressure to get the targets meet. Never time to raise your head, at least for me. I didn’t handle it well back then as it took all I had to meet the targets.

    Perhaps one day we can all have a reunion at the Base and wander the grounds and go swimming and laugh at how DM is getting along with Buba! Ahh, who would want to? Better to do that now and in a less suppressive environment.

    Hmm. . . What we built, the INT Headquarters of the church, a suppressive environment. Lots of responsibility for us all, huh.

  141. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


  142. Of course LRH produced a huge, massive body of work, products that are truly valuable. His royalties came from books he WROTE. He was in exchange (to say the very least).

    The last $10,000 I “donated” to the “church” were extorted from me as a demand to get through an off policy liability formula (and then the demand increased to $31,000 more). These methods along with the ever popular sec check eligibility cyces (and punitive sec checks in general) and other coerced donos are how the current regime has gotten so rich. Beautiful MEST as opposed to Ron’s products of communicated wisdom.

    With all my worldy knowledge, I still remain suprised that Scientologists have and continue to donate all this moolah.

  143. TC paid for the materials, but as in most occasions the real labor cost usually outweighs the material cost. In the food biz, 30-40% is for materials, 45% -50% is least for labor as a formula in order to find the price needed to sell your food. No cost of material was paid for by CoS, pure hours of labor was given freely by the BFF. TC also paid for our lodging and transport.

    On the office, I have no idea – someone posted something on that score. Definitely news to me as to what monster it’s evolved to.

  144. Sam,

    It was a beautiful home and well kept by the CMO. Hopefully he has not pimped it out. I would think it would be Diana’s legally. I found it peaceful and the bench out front located in the trees was restful (actually out ‘back’ by the driveway) . I was there when IAS was located in the gatehouse.

    Yes, the eviction notice. . . He knows it is coming but doesn’t know in what form it will be in. IRS; FBI; IAS Patron revolt; his partners in crime not liking the heat; a courted ordered Psychiatrist, . I enjoyed that thought.

    I’m just a gabby person today. Listened to an LRH lecture last night that impinged.

  145. See! I’m not the only one who saw it!

  146. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe you could re-do your objectives over at Dave’s place..

  147. Tony DePhillips


  148. Tony DePhillips

    You’d make a great Scientologist Cat!! I mean a real one, not one of the phoney ones coming out of the cult nowadays.

  149. Sterile, not to be used but for show. Worship of MEST. Made to impress; to make one seem bigger than one is; to create a sense of Awe.

    I guess because the owner isn’t capable of doing so personally.

  150. I can second that motion from Janis. From 1982-86 there was a project to renovate a part of Gillman Hot Springs property called BV, short for “Bonnie View” for LRH to occupy once an “All Clear” was gotten. Marty can explain what All Clear ment but in essence it ment making the Int Base safe for L Ron to be there. As the revovation of the space neared completion pictures and plans were submitte for how the space was to be renovated and were sent to and approved by LRH. Given who he was, the space the he planned and approved for himself was very efficent by design but spares and simple, that’s how he perferred it. He even came to the Int Base when it was reported to him that the project was completed or nearly completed. Very few people at the Int Base knew he was there but we were breifed during a period of time, all stafff were told that Ron was expected to come to the base and we were not to rush up to him or stare at him or get in his way. We were told if he wanted to talk to us we would know. However we were encouraged to just confront the situation with smile because the fact of the matter is we were the cream of the crop and all were there for the opportunity to know him better. There was nothing lavish about his taste in his personal living quarter. Like Janis said, clean and efficeint. He also had a garage that held two, maybe three classic American muscle cars that he like and kept in perfect working order. He even has staff that drove the cars for him to keep up the maintinece.

  151. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Very good.

    DM can start by relinquishing his false authority, stepping down with a resignation and apology to all Scientologists, and then make up for the gargantuan amount of destruction he’s done with amends which far exceed the wreckage and havoc he’s done to individual Scientologists (staff and public), Scientology, LRH’s name, the Orgs, and the world-wide community.

  152. Thought Provoking

    “Should you or your office need to reach me, I can be contacted through my associate, Tom Davis1 at [xxx-xxx-xxxx] or through my assistanct, Michael Doven, at [xxx-xxx-xxxx].”

    Well that was telling.

  153. Why else would you put lighted balls at the base? An extra DM touch, just in case you would think only of propellers. What would this wonderful aesthetic be without a little sexual tension?

  154. Which bring up the question: Where is Shelly Miscavige?

  155. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Idle Org,

    What a great vision! 🙂

  156. Ya know, I’m sure its english but why do I still need an interpreter?

  157. Well, whatever guys.

    Maybe I should resent Tom more than I do.

    Knowing about an outpont for twenty years doesnt give you any special status that I am aware of though.

  158. What is the story on his first marriage to Mimi Rogers? She was the one who got him into the church, but there has to be more to the story of those two.

  159. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    David Miscavage’s and Tom Cruise’s definition of “Scientologist” …

    Scientologist, n. One who follows the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard in so far as they are not inconsistent with a life of overts.

    (Paraphrased and borrowed definition of Christian from “The Devil’s Dictionary” by Ambrose Bierce)

  160. Thought Provoking

    Where did the funds for the contractors come from?

  161. Tony DePhillips


  162. I’ve wondered for some time now when the subject of little Davey’s and Tommy’s unnatural relationship would come up. (no pun intended)
    From what I’ve read here and elsewhere, his favorite accusation he liked to use to degrade men, was to call them homosexuals. For me, that said it all.
    Leaves me wondering if this is his REAL Achilles heel.
    Homophobics always tell us what they don’t want us to know.

  163. I was told Janet Light and the IAS.

  164. Yes, that’s true. The SO under the brilliant rule of the evil midget does not want to pay for their staff members medical needs so they send them to USC or similar places to get free treatment “for the poor and needy”. There you wait pretty much all day to receive 3rd world country type of handling. Sometimes, medical bills are passed on to the SO member who incurred the bill to “make go right” to handle. I was once sent a bill for over 500$ from one of these medical places and I had to go there and beg to have my bill waved because I was such a poor guy woking for the poor Church of Scientology. In some instances I know that staff members have been sent to other countries where they have free medical for all like UK or Canada to get urgent needed surgery and treatment done.

  165. Tomorrow’s headlines:



  167. Thought Provoking

    Bingo! What your donations buy!

  168. Dumb Question,

    Does anyone know what happened to the Creston Ranch? I’ve always wondered. I assume it was sold.

  169. Scott Campbell

    What’s that sound?

    What sound?

    That huge sucking sound…

    Oh, THAT sound.

  170. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    CD, you said it exactly!!

  171. I have to admit, I did notice them as well…

  172. Brendon,

    I believe this is a tax liability because Cruise has made significant donations to the church, a non-profit, and he has also PROFITED by that organization to the tune of this posh office and other expensive gifts from dm.
    THAT is the liability.

  173. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    It’s one thing to have some one do you some favors and you don’t know the effect of them on the people doing the favors. BUT it’s quite another thing to KNOWINGLY have these favors done for you at the GREAT EXPENSE/OUT-ETHICS/OUT-EXCHANGE to those very same people!!


    You’ve been called out on these matters numerous times before here on Marty’s Blog and other ones also. There is no way that you have not seen these or heard of them. The fact that YOU ARE HIDING is proof that you are NOT a true LRH Scientologist but rather a person pretending to be one at the behest of David Miscavige. YOU HAVE NO HONOR or INTEGRITY, TOM CRUISE!! Look in the mirror and SEE if YOU look like DM? Yeah, that’s right you ARE and you need to get yourself handled ASAP because you have NO CREDIBILITY but are in fact a RUNNING JOKE! Not exactly the way I’m sure you intended to spend your acting career or personal life but BOOM, THERE IT IS!!!!

  174. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    So what you are saying is that TC got the work for free and you and other S.O. staff were not compensated? Yep, that’s slave labor!!

    I am so sorry that any staff had to (or are still) going through this nightmare on DM street. I wish I had the financial power and clout to close the doors on the “old” church once and for all.

    Thank you, Sinar for being here! I DO APPRECIATE YOU!


  175. ΘTater/GaryLerner


  176. Tony DePhillips

    I have noticed through the years that DM likes to put up the facade that he is “following” LRH’s advices to the letter. I can see how this gives him some cover witht he Kool aid drinkers because “whatever DM does must be from an advice” Or “DM is in comm with LRH”. Both sickening rumors and then when one of his overt products goes bad, he throws someone under the bus and takes credit for being the hero.
    On the 3 swing f/n thing I can see him blaming Marty for that and taking credit for the “discovery”. This guy is one sick puppy!!

  177. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Non sequitur and stream of consciousness, Count. Are you trying out for a part in one of TC’s upcoming movies?

  178. Kathy Braceland

    Cat Daddy…that’s hilarious!

  179. Samuel~Awesome mass!

  180. Kathy Braceland

    I’m a little surprised that there isn’t a picture of David Miscavige in Tom’s office.

  181. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    You may want to try out this web site:

  182. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Very well “cleared” definition, Cat!

    I bet you’d love the KTL course. 🙂

  183. Marty

    Thanks for another interesting “show and tell.”

    What I think we have here is a classic case of propitiation. Looks like he “cannot withhold anything” from Tom Cruise.
    Also there is the Code of Honor point #5. “Never need praise, approval or sympathy” “But never need praise or approval. People have an awfully hard time trying to figure that out until they find out WHY they had to have praise and approval. Praise and approval are licenses to survive. An individual would have to be down tone scale and non-selfdetermined indeed to go around and ask other individuals “Can I survive?”

    Methinks that DM is pretty much total effect of Tom Cruises whims. I understand that the whole “Ideal Org” fiasco started because Tom mentioned to DM that he felt that the Paris org was too downstat for him to take someone to.

    Poor Miscavage is “working his knuckles to the bone” and working overtime to see that Tom is totally “satisfied”. He seems to be constantly busy beating his own staff , organizing and running Toms household, organizing extravagant parties and play dates, building guest suites etc, and paying the bills for it all out of his precious money that he has had to con out of Scientologists. (Besides having to single handedly run the entire Church of Scientology as well as deal with “those damn Independents” who are causing him no end of trouble.)

    Life’s a bitch ain’t it Dave?


  184. Looking past the impropriety of it all, you have to admire the craftsmanship of this office. I know several (ex) staff members who were told if they left they would be lucky to get a job flipping burgers out in the ‘wog’ world, and I assume that’s a standard inval used on SO. Whoever built this office though could get a good job in a heartbeat, at many many times their SO salary.

  185. Look, obviously things are messed up and Tom is being an out of valence jackass.

    I’m talking about the Thetan here. I just sense that he is a decent guy if you can see through DM’s tough guy Scientologist valence.

    Scientology is a powerful spell to be under and most of us here have been there to some degree.

    I can’t imagine having that much admiration and attention placed on me by the leader of Scientology. A year ago it would have meant something to me. Scientologists idolize COB. A friend of mine cherishes a pic he has with him. He’s a rock star. It would have meant a lot to me to just have an ack from COB. So I cant imagine having him shower me with lavish gifts and a diamond encrusted platinum IAS Freedom Medal of Valor. It might mess with your mind a bit if you get my drift. So I guess I’m not ready to hate him because I think he’s just in a bad place. Maybe he’ll snap out of it.

  186. Mimi was a Class VIII – her father was a declared Mission Holder – Phil Spickler. Mimi wasn’t active for years but wasn’t herself declared. (Mimi was a Class VIII by the time she was in her mid-teens)

    She married Jim Rogers at 21. Also a Class VIII. He stopped auditing and got involved in consulting and real estate. In any case, Mimi wanted to be an actress and Jim wasn’t any help in climbing that ladder. They divorced, much to Jim’s heartbreak in 1980.

    She dated lots of Hollywood stars, Tom Selleck for example and at some point met Cruise. She brought him to a small exclusive mission in the Valley where Reed Slatkin hung out and audited.

    Why she brought him to the Mission I haven’t a clue because she herself
    wasn’t active and hadn’t been since her marriage ended to Jim Rogers in 1980.

    She married Cruise in 1987 … he was already a big star having done Top Gun in 1986.

    That’s about all I know from 1st or 2nd hand knowledge. (ie. from someone who knew one or both of the people involved)


  187. Great observations, Sid.

    I can’t help but think that Tom Cruise, at this point, has been made aware of the fact that Miscavige has deceived him (and most other Scientologists) and that Miscavige brutalizes and dehumanizes his own staff.

    If Cruise really wants to step up to the plate — as it appeared he does/did — then he would recognize his part in creating the debacle which is the Church’s abysmal PR (as influenced by Miscavige), and publicly denounce Miscavige and his destructive activities.

    That would be a remarkable first step in righting what has gone wrong.

  188. Aeolus~I thought the same thing…it is a beautiful creation (removing all the bank connections). I even imagined whoever created it might have found solace in getting away from you know who for the hours it must have taken to accomplish this masterpiece.

  189. The mansion was 30M and RTC building 70M (done on a similar basis) worth of IAS donations.

  190. Sinar~I also love it when you tell stories about the days of old and even the not so old. It really gives me a reality I never could have.
    I also would LOVE to have a special recipe with detailed instructions for some dish you especially like to prepare and share a little bit of that reality with you. 🙂

  191. Barney,
    If you go to Google Maps and type in “Emmanual heights camp, Creston, CA”, the map will show a patch of green to the right of this camp.

    Zoom in on this and you will see the CST logo on the horse track which is part of the Creston Ranch. I would think that if it were sold, the new owners would not care for the logo in their grass field.

    There are photos here: not sure when they were taken.

  192. IMHO it is totally okay if both Tom and DM are gay and want to spend time together but both are married. DM should first get a divorce from Shelly and Tom should get a divorce from Katie before engaging in this new relationship.

  193. Thanks Amy, totally agreed.
    He’s also the guy who got the Idle Orgs bright idea to Chairman of Buildings.

  194. Tony DePhillips

    No Quarter.

  195. Yes, Karen, it is absolutely pathetic.

    Here is an organization that pays very little in tax dollars sending their sick to publicly funded institutions.

    Same is true of aged folks. I am really lousy at names, but in the ’80s, there were a few older ladies in the SO. One was a Cramming Officer at ASHO F who chain-smoked like a pipe – great lady! Another had a high position in qual, and then there was the Eunice Ford. I’d love to know what happened to Eunice.

    The Actor’s Guild has an old-folks home for aged actors. I often thought it would be good to have an old-folks home for aged SO members.

  196. Hubbard had an incredible vocabulary, and it rubbed off many of us. You can pretty much tell a Scientologist’s level of training by his or her vocabulary. Great word clearing!

  197. What an incredible abuse of Church staff and money. LRH warned against giving free service to celebrities. Who would have thought DM would give them free labor as well?

    This is bad reason number 1: Free church staff labor to a celebrity.

    This is bad reason number 2: Free church staff labor to anyone.

    This is bad reason number 3: Church staff on duty doing something other than indirectly or directly helping people to get trained and processed.

    This is bad, even if Tom paid for the work! Church staff have a lot more important things to do than build nice offices for movie stars, or anyone else.

  198. Anderson Cooper: “…And now for an update on the startling development we brought you earlier this day regarding the arrest of current Scientology leader, David Miscavige…”
    “…Here you see Miscavige literally being handcuffed and placed into the back of an unmarked law enforcement vehicle, obviously quite unhappily…”

    Tom Cruise: “…I’ve had the PRIVILEGE of calling COB my personal ethics officer, my mentor and my BFF for the next billion years!…”
    “…I’ve had the HONOR of watching what it is you do sir, and I say we are LUCKY ………(dramatic pause for effect………………….wait for it)…….to have you, sir!…” (manly salute exchanged)

    Anderson Cooper: “…There you see career-challenged, former A-lister, Tom Cruise, doing what it is Tom Cruise does best: Acting…”
    “…We welcome Mr. Cruise onto the show at any time, to help us understand, from his point of view, why he calls David Miscavige the “Pope” of Scientology…”
    “…And I’ll be taking the next several days off to go for some celebratory R & R at a little ol’ place in the Lone Star state called The Shack!…”

    The above is merely my way of making a postulate.

  199. Concerned Citizen

    I get what you are saying, you know? I really do get that you can see TOM past the PTSness and out ethics.

    All I can tell you is that “What is Greatness”, and the “Code of Honor” do support your stance and view, in fact it is probably true that he is not an SP like Dave, but certainly PTS to the point of extreme out of valance and out ethics, something called an ethics blind spot.

    How ever, knowing this guy is a essentially decent fellow, like Marty has stated he knows about Tom, does not preclude one from noticing that this decent fellow not only has been reasonable with actual severe out ethics, but also has become an active participant in this very out ethics.

    An MAA worth his salt, never looks at an ethics particle and says to himself, “what a piece of trash this guy is” If ever someone doing an ethics cycles, feels or thinks that way, he is not truly an MAA and has NOT GOTTEN, NOT TRULY UNDERSTOOD ETHICS. The fact is that whatever the ethics particle’s ethics sit, the only way the MAA will win is by knowing that this person is worthwhile and does deserve the time effort and trouble of shaking him up a bit with ethics tools, so he realizes that he is harming his dynamics and gets his act together. And knowing this goes with the expectation that this person is good enough and worth enough that he can and should know better, may be with your help, may be on his own.

    So when putting Joe Blows ethics in, the MAA can NEVER be reasonable and say, “well, he is just blind and PTS” NEVER. The true MAA, really CARES enough for the person to exert some influence on him to LOOK at what he is doing and cranks up the ethics gradient, from noticing something non optimum, to mentioning it to him, to mentioning it to others, to mentioning it derogatorily. ETC. Quinine does not taste good, but no self respecting doctor withholds it from his malaria patient because of it’s taste.

    Tom answered M Bashier saying he is “Aware of the accusations” – I don’t buy it, I tell you exactly what I think that means, it means he has been TOLD- “Marty went rabidly Psychotic and is making outlandish accusations”, but it is very unlikely he actually has read Marty or Mike’s statements with time place form an event, only the generalized and doctored version to secure his never wanting to hear them. Since he has gotten the translated version only, he is not in fact looking.

    What Marty and the rest of us here are trying to do is get him to wake up and look, actually read the statements, even if only to answer up. If you look up “Ethics Review” HCO PL, you can see Marty has gradiently elevated the pressure as per that reference.

    To me, as a trained MAA and auditor, this corroborates that Marty cares for this man and knows somewhere in the pile of out ethics and reasonableness, there is the PC he once helped.

    For this very reason we got to say it like it is, you know? is something like saying:

    “Brother, when you start shooting our own guys, you are starting to look an awful lot like the guys we were fighting, so though you are my brother and I love you and will always love you, I will shoot you the very next time you shoot our own direction”.

    In the ESTO series and or tapes, LRH said something like, “It’s not a matter of what a lousy staff member you are, instead is a matter of “You are a staff member, behave like one” (not verbatim) so when dealing with Tom, there is absolutely no conflict between not allowing your affinity to be alloyed, or continuing to love someone in spite all the reasons not to, and doing what it takes to get the person to LOOK at what he is doing!

    My 2 cents.

  200. By the way, thanks, Marty. This is the kind of thing that will spear the dragon.

    I saw the A360 thing with the wives. What an incredible embarrassment! It was demeaning to them – “I knew every inch of his body!” When I see them, and see Tommy D’s blatant lies (because I am a Scientologist, and I know what’s behind the curtain, good and bad) – hell, when I saw Rinder’s lies back in the day [good job for pulling yourself back from the brink, Mike], and I see prominent Scientologists banding together and lying, too, I have to wonder, what is the strategy? What is the purpose?

    A. The wives knew they were lying. None of them had the wool over their eyes.
    B. Tommy D knows he’s lying. He’s just trying to keep the lies straight.
    C. The prominent parishioners know THEY are lying.

    It is not like they are being duped into lying. They KNOW they are lying. Why? Is it something as stupid as “Let’s all get together and tell them the same lies, over and over, deny, over and over, and maybe they will go away?” Is it “this is our little thing, and we don’t want any outsiders poking around in our shit, so we’re going to lie like hell to get you out of here?” You know, I wonder if that is it? “This is our shit, not your shit, so stay away!”

    If so, it is a stupid strategy. The overts have snowballed to be too large to cover up, and lying to cover them up just makes it worse and worse, as we are seeing. It will blow up. It is blowing up.

    Ron wrote “Clean Hands Make a Happy Life” HCOB in 1960, I believe, which led to the resurgence of O/W theory. I suggest Mr. David Miscavige and the OSA crew read it.

  201. When the game or the show is over, there must be a new game or a new show. And if there isn’t, somebody else is jolly well going to start one, and if you won’t let anyone do it, the game will become “getting you.”


  202. Hello Marty,

    a bit off topic to this particular subject but possibly of interest in general (also for other “frequent visitors” of this blog). Looking for a way to add images to my comments I hit something interesting: How often I have been on your blog – nearly 1,000 times! (983 to be exact).

    For anyone who’s curious in how many times he/she has been on this blog, do this:

    Anywhere on the screen, right-click and select “View Page Info”
    On the window that opens click on the Tab “Security”
    In the middle of the display it reads: “Have I visited this web site before today?” and provides the answer, in my case it says “Yes, 983 times”.

    I’d say, I’m interested what you have to say.

    Thanks for all the data you provide.
    I made and makes a difference (not only) in my life.

  203. Perhaps I am whistleing past my own graveyard.


  204. also have toothache.

    The Count

  205. ” I was very grateful for the assistance given by Ambassador Argyros in Madrid, and I am happy to say that the situation I discussed with him is now fully resolved.”

    LOL! FYI, TC had no part in the final resolution of the Spain case. It wasn’t even handled by OSA but by another SCN without coordination with the Church.

  206. I learned English by reading books. Loads of them. And let me tell you, I did not wordclear most unknown words I stumbled upon. Still worked out pretty well, I hope.

  207. Miscavige and his celebrity friends, who get told they are being rewarded for all their good work.

    Yes, it’s really startling to see how some people literally make billions while others are doing the dirtiest work imaginable and work twice as much. Err.. forget I ever said it. Don’t want people thinking I’m a communist because this thought crossed my mind.

  208. Hey WW, this muust make DM Tom Cruise’s BITCH! Gotta call a spade a spade on this one. Hope you are reading this, BITCH!

  209. LOL – funny

  210. Just think – Tom Cruise is BEST friends with Scientology’s WORST enemy.

    Makes you wanna be sick in a corner.

  211. Thought Provoking

    “So when putting Joe Blows ethics in, the MAA can NEVER be reasonable and say, “well, he is just blind and PTS” NEVER. The true MAA, really CARES enough for the person to exert some influence on him to LOOK at what he is doing and cranks up the ethics gradient, from noticing something non optimum, to mentioning it to him, to mentioning it to others, to mentioning it derogatorily. ETC. Quinine does not taste good, but no self respecting doctor withholds it from his malaria patient because of it’s taste. ”

    Thank you CC, good post.

  212. CC,

    Good post. Got it on the MAA viewpoint. Yes, caring is the key point.

    Marty has a benefit none of us has – he audited Tom. So Marty knows what Tom’s needle did and how much case gain was made. No-one else here that I know of has that info as we were not in the room.

    As an auditor, Marty is best positioned to know where the being is at and to judge the gradient needed. Whatever shit TC might have gotten himself into, whatever blind spot he may have found along the way, he’s still entitled to the same as everyone else:

    to have the correct tech correctly applied to handle the current sit, all done on a help flow.


  213. Thought Provoking


    Yes, TC donated a chunk but his net worth is estimated in the 250 million range. While many others lost or jeopardized nearly everything when donating. A lot of the money the church has collected came from staff on limited incomes and from others who bought the PR from the IAS and donated all they had and then some (second mortgages just before a national economic crash). Others were co-erced out of their inheritances, retirement income etc.

    My understanding is that Tom and his family received quite a bit of “free service” from the church. I’ll bet the other donors who went into debt had to pay for theirs. I don’t see, by his actions, that his lifestyle has changed much either. I don’t buy the “in debt” idea.

    I understand your affinity for the guy but it seems that you are looking for ways to relieve Tom of his responsibility for his overts by justifying his actions. He made mistakes and bought the lies and PR. His only way out is to get honest and straight and suffer on up through the conditions, just like anyone else. Once ethics gets in, tech can be applied.

  214. Thought Provoking

    I could definitely support that! I have experience working in skilled nursing. I often imagined how ideal it would be like to offer assists, SA lists and other tech as part of the standard therapy both for recovery and long term residents. My observation of the normal interaction in a good facility is high ARC but always rushed to handle another resident, simple 2Way Comm is absolutely wonderful in this situation.

  215. If Cruise made a gift and in return received this office, then yes the deductible portion of his gift would be reduced by the fair market value of the goods and services he received. But I doubt it happened this way. I can’t imagine DM would say, “If you make a gift, we’ll build you an office.” No quid pro quo.

    More likely, this was something DM did to curry favor with Cruise. Cultivating the donor this way would be disconnected from any particular gift. To be sure, there are significant tax issues raised by this. It would be nice if the IRS asked them. (I wonder if we would be eligible for the reward the IRS pays to tattletales when it recovers money as a result?)

  216. Sinar,

    Thx. Good stuff. You’re right CST still owns it obviously. Wonder WHO is actually still therre, and if these individuals are being kept there as slaves. The property sure looks like it well maintained.

  217. If Davey is so homofobic that he organizes group sceances to hammer it out, I really start wondering what his BFF stands for. Did I hear: unnaturally extremely close?

  218. OTater/GaryLerner

    POOF!! LFBD F/N :))))))

    Thank You Very Very Much, CC


  219. Don’t you people ever talk about Scientology? Cruise is obviously a DORK who doesn’t deserve any acknowledgement. I guess the only reason you bring him up is your apparent interest in Super Duper Stupor Stars who get on talk shows and perform for their drooling entourage who need Scientology much more than knowing when his next Wog movie is coming out, know what I mean?! All it is, is a chance to glorify MEST using the title of “Scientologist” on some purposed clandestined video to prate the great profundity of KSW without any intention to use it for what LRH intended it to be used for, just like a Hollywood phoney! Here he has the perfect opportunity on nation wide TV as a top opinion leader to disseminate and he prefers to jump around on couches and act silly to show off his supposed carefree high tone for his entourage who he knows is sitting in front of their TV coming in their pants. What a conceited egomaniac dim wit! And church staff circle the wagons to protect his right to be their idol. What an expose to the magnitude with which MEST has Homo sapiens addicted. LRH is the greatest of Messiah of all time as long as he doesn’t blaspheme against MEST, the God of Wogs! I’ve been accused of being too critical about all this, but if Scientology isn’t worth not being compromised, what is?! JB

  220. exactly – and so sick!

  221. Old School – you say it wasn’t even handled by OSA.

    I DID see a promotion BECAUSE of the resolution of the Spain Case for Kurt Weiland (promotion in rank). There were, I believe, two other OSA staff that got promoted with the same issue (if I remember correctly, the issue was by Davy the Gravy).

    Mike Rinder could shed some light on that.

  222. Thought Provoking

    I am guessing the reason that Tom ended up at that mission is because Reed’s uncle is Phil Spickler. Reed and Mimi are cousins. My opinion is that she was probably still in good comm with her cousin at the time and he may have recommended bringing Tom to his mission.

    I didn’t know Mimi but Reed’s sister was one of my auditors.

  223. Thought Provoking

    The kool-aide drinkers have forgotten the PL Hidden Data Line.

  224. I suspect that this is quite correct — Tom really is a Top Gun. He is a top, and his gun is not too big, not too small, just right for DM. Don’t forget the wrestling mat, and of course the white socks. Normally this type of personal stuff in nobody’s business, but DM loves to spread the personal details of others. So, turnabout is fair play here.

  225. Thought Provoking

    I can think of two reasons a prominent parishoner would lie.

    1) they are being blackmailed to some degree, children held hostage in SO or something similar.

    2) Admiting the truth would be admitting they too fell for the PR and lies of DM and that puts them in an awkward poition as an opinion leader. Not unlike the OTs who don’t act very OT, their credibility is shot. A bitter pill to swallow that only those with their integrity in can afford.

  226. OTater/GaryLerner

    Every one a temple shrine to Corn-COB-Holio.

  227. I think a donation made the same tax year as the gift would qualify.
    Is there a CPA or tax lawyer who would like to comment on this?

  228. It wasn’t a mission when she brought him in. She brought him in to a friend she trusted.

  229. As to number 2, here is my favorite fight scene. Roddy’s friend does NOT want to see, and refuses to put on the special glasses because he know that if he puts them on, he can no longer deny the truth.

  230. Considerable history has been & is being written on this blog daily. The following is trivia, to be sure – relayed only for the purposes of detail & accuracy.

    Reed Slatkin & Mimi Rogers are cousins. Reed’s mother is/was Phil Spickler’s sister. Phil was responsible for getting Slatkin into Scientology, having audited him as a child.

    Slatkin started a field practice in the Valley, about 1977. He recruited Mimi and Jim Rogers to join the practice. Jon & Vivien Zegel, both Class 8s, were also on staff (Vivien is the mother of Marc Yager, about whom much has been written here).

    In 1979, Slatkin split up the practice, due to “irreconcilable differences” with Mimi & Jim Rogers. The Rogers then set up their own field practice elsewhere in the Valley. After the Rogers split up, this practice morphed into “The Enhancement Center” on Ventura Blvd, probably the most successful field practice ever.

    Slatkin ended his practice in 1982, after undergoing a nasty gang bang sec check at the hands of DM’s Financial Police.

    Before that, Slatkin had made the acquaintance of Bob Duggan, a highly successful venture capitalist living in Santa Barbara. If I’m not mistaken, Duggan holds the honor of having recently contributed the highest amount ever by a single donor – $5,000,000 – to the IAS (someone please correct me if I’m wrong about this).

    After his abuse at the hands of the Financial Police, Slatkin closed down his practice, retreated to Santa Barbara, “apprenticed” with Duggan, and started his “money management” career under the guise of following Duggan’s successful methodology. When, as is now well known, he was actually operating a massive Ponzi scheme.

    1982 was a devastating year for Scientology, due to the unmocking of the mission and field networks. Not to shift primary responsibility from where it belongs, but DM’s evil actions from that early date contributed to even more destruction than is generally appreciated.

  231. I knew Mimi back in the day, starting when she was just a teenager. My then-husband was on the Briefing Course with her. I have truly never in my life seen a more beautiful girl than Mimi was. She was a lovely person, too.

    She is also very smart, very much a realist. Eyes wide open, not shut, like her second ex-husband.

    Just Me

  232. Addendum: wherever Mimi took TC for handling, it had nothing whatsoever to do with Reed Slatkin. He went completely out of communication with the Rogers after the 1979 splitup of the practice. And was also long gone to Santa Barbara and into “money management” by 1986-1987.

  233. Amy, I know several people that were on Tom’s staff at the time. They all were heavily screened and sworn to secrecy concerning their employer and jobs. Yes, Tom has been the recipient of special favors and treatment at Church expense. You might also be interested to know, none of these jobs, with which I am familiar, paid very well. His staff were paid minimal wages.

    Tom also apparently doesn’t like to see his staff around when he is there. Standing orders, enforced by the Church, don’t be visible or be elsewhere when Tom and Nicole were in residence.

    The nanny was an exception. Hand picked by Int staff by the way.

  234. In a way, Tom Cruise actually has the upper hand on Miscavige.

    He is infinitely more powerful, famous and personally wealthy.

    He has comm lines across the planet with the movers and shakers of our culture (Steven Spielberg for one).

    And, unfortunately, he has ethics blinders the size of aircraft carriers, bolted to the sides of his head. Ultimately, a very heavy price to pay.

    Now, should those blinders begin to crack, for whatever reason, watch out DM! you’re all through.

  235. I could be wrong, but believe it’s at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

  236. Key To Life, Remember Cats are Lazy creatures although the clay is appealing to me. 95% Grammer scores ? Yikes.

    “Finally, they then have to
    Method 9 through a book with the Axioms,”

    I do not fully agree with the Axioms and I was a bit disapointed by the factors although it looked like a sort of spiritual Big Bang Theory to me. Must have looked neat at the time though in 53/’54. I understand people liking them and using them as reference in their life.

    “The confidential ‘End Phenomenon’ of the course is that the person
    knows that he or she is a Scientologist. Which is to say ‘primed and
    ready to receive programming’.”

    Uhm *scratches head*

    I would squirrel it. Using Meriam-Webster dictonary next to the Scientology one and the INTERNET.

    Alsoo using Scientology Axioms as course material I would do away with for myself and use something totally different for the “Method 9”

    Why can’t you go through it and state a disagree on wich you can agree on ? Using a twin is indeed a stimulus and a method of convergence.

    Le’me put it this way. I am not going to do a communications course when it is riddled with religion.

    This course could be made Scientology neutral.

  237. John B,
    From the looks of things I’d say you would do well to get a hold of Self Analysis and run through that material. Twin up. It’ll be good for both of you.

  238. Tom Cruise is so PTS to David Miscavige his career is going straight to hell. He hasn’t had a hit movie in at leat 5 years, and am told that Spielberg wasn’t happy with how well “War of the Worlds” did. This movie was released at the time Cruise was making headlines by jumping on couches and telling Matt Lauer he was glib. Cruise has lost a lot of credibility and is no longer a bankable movie star; the damage has been done. My only question is: when does Tom Cruise become a regular on Hollywood Squares, or is he going to go the Kirstie Alley route and start making fat loss commercials? If so, when does Tom Cruise plump up to 300 pounds?

  239. I can’t put a price-tag on this that’s wholly accurate but if the SO members installed the tiling, windows, doors, electrical, plumbing- all the base stuff that doesn’t move, then it’s gonna be upwards of 100k with labor easily. Add on the moveable stuff like the pictures, furniture, knick knacks and it could be more than the cost of Marty’s “shack” lol. If the bar came furnished with the best Scotchs and what not … you could be adding another couple thousand. Also I assume there is air-conditioning or heating. Not sure by these photos …

  240. Coming from you I tank that as a huge compliment. Thank you. But if I was to become one I would immediatly hook up with those icky scientists from the University of Winsconsin with a E-meter under my arm and hopefully a fair group of Indies on various levels on the Bridge. Like the Dalai Lama.

  241. I remember LRH’s house at W. It was adequate for his production, clean, efficient but nothing more. Probably built in the 50s or 60s, a decent middle class house, certainly not a McMansion or a millionaire’s second house in Palm Springs. His house at Gold was not much more.

  242. It would be very sad if Tom could not rise from the grave and create another outstanding movie, such as Interview With The Vampire.
    I watched it three times. Tom is’nt yet too long in the tooth.

    The Count

  243. Ann,
    Thanks- interesting info. Seems like he’s cheap and likes the free slave labor, accepting favors from his BFF and thus being continually effect of Mestology.

    Sutter & McShane, when trying to recover me implied that if I went with their program and remained under their control that some kind of job like this was the carrot. Wasn’t interested and am glad I didn’t go with their program.

    Recently, a friend who knows the NSO Chef at CC Int mentioned that TC is now a very demanding & real persnickety customer. That’s not a very good indicator in my experience, if the guy is consistently not happy with food per a reference I don’t have to hand – PAB 6 (?).

  244. 😉 muchos gracias

  245. Stephen King did wonders for me at age 11 for my english.

  246. JB – Your manners are out.
    Scientology can help you with that.

  247. Thank you and on the vocabulary I do agree but a phenomenon is that people outside the group in socïety do not understand you sometimes. Oh crap that goes for Anon too 😉

  248. Oh and thank you for your kind words.

  249. Yes, propitiation with a heavy dose of PTSness. Don’t forget that the main reason that the What Is Scientology? book got redone in 1992 was because DM had badly broken his leg. How? Playing basketball with Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise and probably every other short actor in Hollywood one afternoon. DM was laid up the entire summer, staying in his office and berating Mike Rinder for the WIS? submissions from Dan Sherman, Trevor Meldal-Johnsen and me.

    True, players sprain their ankles or take an elbow to the nose playing basketball but who the hell gets an NFL type injury on a basketball court unless you are wildly PTS? And in a friendly pick up game no less. There is something creepy going on with DM and his infatuation with TC and celebrity that goes beyond wanting the PR for Scientology.

  250. Joe,

    The fact that anyone would have to buy their way out of a lower condition is one of the things that has corrupted the organization more than anything else other than the total perversion of the technology.

    This is the reason why criminals like Reed Slatkin are considered “Upstat” (until their caught, of course) and why the Church of Squirrelotology wastes its time going after the deviant elite who believe in the supremacy of the status quo.

  251. Cat Daddy,

    You know me, right? (Well, sort of, right?) I suggest you’re making Scientology out to be much too scary. After all, for a cat you’re pretty damned tough. So why not just do some TRs and/or Self Analysis as an experiment? There’s no way you could hurt yourself. Only trouble is, you’d have to find someone to do the TRs with, but surely you could find that somewhere nearby if you wanted to try it.

    Main thing is, you’re just teasing yourself by pretending it’s dangerous. I don’t care what you think about any of it — that’s totally up to you. But it really is silly of you to think you’re courting disaster or black magic by considering doing TRs or SA.

    Don’t be a pussy.

    Just Me

  252. Agreed on Mimi’s pulchritude even as a teenager running around her dad’s mission in Palo Alto.

    Quite a number of the 49ers were involved in Scientology after Brodie’s arm was cured by Phil and he went on to win the NFL MVP trophy in 1970. Gene Washington, Cedric Hardman, Stan Hindman, all stars on those old 49er teams, were involved for awhile.


    Anonymous always delivers 🙂 Knowledge is Free.

    To the WWP moderator who oversees this Active Project: Well done Sir.

  254. IO, forget art. You should be writing for Hollywood. That was hilarious.

  255. I’m sure there is one… it’s probably hanging in the bathroom.

    Do you know that David Miscavige had the Int Management staff do 2 hour confronts of HIS photograph? Pin his mug up on the wall and sit there with perfect TR0, “confronting” it for 2 hours straight. Re-start the 2 hours if you have any reaction (such as dope-off, which was the most common reaction).

    I can’t think of a bigger waste of time in the world.

  256. Good point. I know quite a few ex-Gold staff whose post skills translated very well to their lives outside the SO, including doing SFX on Avatar and other films, designing a computerized lighting system for use in the UK film industry, sound system design, custom carpentry and, oh, yes, auditing in the field. Int and RTC execs probably do not have easily translatable skills for their resumes and would probably have a hard time. No worries, though, as they are still in The Hole where they will likely remain until the end of time or the end of DM whichever comes first.

  257. Kathy Braceland

    ha ha ha ha….

  258. That TR touch this and that is about doing away with the ego right ? I heared today from my Yogha Instructor that expierienced strict Yoghi’s use “tone 40″on students and even cursing like a sailor to achieve students to keep a Yogha position.

    Be the position and nothing else, loose self

  259. “Good night Sweet Prince”

  260. Talk about issues: Kirstie has the issues.
    I can’t even laugh about her anymore, it’s jsut sad where she is.

  261. Some of us used to drive for miles every Sunday night to hear Phil Spickler give his Sunday Service lectures. Some may have made the trek just to get a glimpse of Mimi “running around” the mission – I wouldn’t know about that. Whatever, his Palo Alto mission was always packed on Sunday night.

    Phil was very entertaining. At one point, he told a story about when he worked for LRH at the DC org, sometime in the 50s. LRH had to make a trip somewhere, and left Phil in charge of the org. While LRH was gone, Phil had a disagreement with Mary Sue and fired her. When LRH got back, he promptly fired Phil, accusing Phil of having come down with “high altitude sickness”. If I recall the story correctly, LRH wound up forgiving Phil and rehiring him.

    There are so many great THETA stories in the history of Scientology. Many of them posted right here for the first time. Hopefully someone will take the time to compile them someday. What a great read that book would be!

  262. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “Tom Cruise is so PTS to David Miscavige his career is going straight to hell.”

    Spot on, Norm.

  263. Thanks for posting that scene from John Carpenter’s movie “They Live!”. It’s a personal favorite and appropriate for these times. This movie also reminds me why I need to continue with Dianetics and Scientology so that I can wake up and not be fodder for the special interests who are clamping down on the freedom of everybody!

  264. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Ditto. I had no idea.

  265. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Marty’s blog here is truly dangerous to David Miscavage’s totalitarian rule.

    How can any current church Scientologist, with any remnant of sanity left, not cognite something wickedly rotten is going on within the CoS after reading the posts of this blog, and the comments by other fellow Scientologists?

    How could CoS church members and staff possibly believe the party-line by COB that were all SP’s?


    Have you considered safeguarding your wordpress blog by having an independent installation of the wp software on your own hosting service?

    I know people who’ve lost their blogs, in a flash, just because there was a false 3rd party complaint.

    So my concern is you may be vunerable to becoming a target of such suppression by COB by hosting on the free versus your own host, which would keep it 99% safe from potential interference by CofM.

    Aside from safety, you’ll also be able to add many more features with wp plugins, such as the great SEO plugins available for wordpress software, which will move your blog up a little higher in power and flexibility, and search engine ranking.

  266. LRH got nothing Tom. Nothing but clever betrayal.
    (Had to be said)
    tom cruise interview 1983 w/ rona barrett was up on Youtube but not no more. 20 mins. long, it was interesting, wish one of us can find it..
    It was pure old Tom, pre-Scientology. Cool kid. How could you not like him?
    I found something close, it has merit.

    Thing is. Tom today is a Jerk.
    I had to look that word up quite a long day ago. (That’s about all I really got good and solid out of Scientology. My BSM. Don’t get me wrong, listen to plenty of LRH, I know its full potential. I mean I really got it, theoretically, but it is a total APPLIED Philosophy. That’s the difference. You’ll never make it alone. Had a German Student once clearing me on three simple words once, at Flag; Body-mind-thetan. I left my body more then 30 feet behind me by the time she was done. I’m not kidding ya. When I got it. I left the room, Man. And I left my body behind! Now, saying that, I truly didn’t realize this was so very rare in Scientology. Or is it? Why such little talk about it? That changed my life and I was hooked.)
    Today however, I realize there is a far greater struggle for your Soul.
    My research has got me into so many things! Everything, all that “2012” stuff; ETs; Crop-circles; The IRS as owners of the Scientology Trademarks; even remote-viewing and shit like that. I’ve got busy.
    Which all has nothing to to do with LRH’s basic Mission and Purpose.
    Well anyway…

    Tom’s still a Jerk! And by definition it simply means; A sudden unexpected move. That;s all it means. Good or bad.
    “You pull someone out of harms way.” You might give him a jerk! You get the idea?
    And that’s it. Either Mr.Cruise makes a move quickly for his own dignity, away from his “friend” Dave. Or finds himself solidly pushed in “Dave’s Camp” which makes Marty seem like a bloody jerk as well.
    Either way. Tom’s duped.

    Is it true?? Marty is pushy? That’s not my impression. LRH guides us by the color of our friends. Biblical it is by their fruits ya shell know them.
    Tom’s story, you could say quite accurately is in Gods hands. LRH never denied god. And low and behold. There is one.

    Yet, as always and forever, it’s really Tom’s choice.
    Move quickly, or forget yourself.

  267. martyrathbun09

    I think it is worse than a waste of time. I think it is direct black dianetics implant technology.

  268. Nice post!

  269. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    A proven, original-source (not a reseller) webhosting service I recommend is …

    Currently, included for $3.45 a month, you get industry standard CPanel, unlimited space, bandwidth and databases, lifetime domain name, 24/7 technical support, and easy 1-click word press installation.

    (FYI, this is not an affiliate link. It’s the source URL. is one of the well-known, fast and reliable webhosting service among experienced webmasters.)

  270. “Tom Cruise: “…I’ve had the PRIVILEGE of calling COB my personal ethics officer”

    Ah the smell of sweet leather

  271. Probably for your nightmares, as well! I read Christine and it haunted me for days.

  272. No one begrudges Tom Cruise the fruits of his labor. He owns two real P-51’s. These irreplaceable warbirds cost a small fortune to hangar, maintain, and fly. Anyone who pays to keep warbirds owns a piece of WWII history.

    However, when tax exempt church money and Sea Org slave labor are used to construct a luxury office in Cruise’s hangar, the IRS needs to investigate. For example, the two P-51 propeller blades by the door appear to be mounted in authentic P-51 prop hubs. A real P-51 propeller mounted in a hub is highly collectible and worth >$52,000 as we see in this ad from an aviation site:

    “P-51 MUSTANG PROPELLER • $52,500 • MOTIVATED SELLER • HAM STANDARD P-51 24D50 hub & sequential 6547A-12 blades. Inspected excellent. Finish to your specs. • Contact Chuck Parnall, Broker – located Oshkosh, WI USA • Telephone: 920-279-1785 • Posted August 25, 2010 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad”

    Just in the two prop hubs and propeller blades, there is arguably $100,000 invested. The coffee table looks to me like an inverted P-51 spinner chromed on the interior and painted on the outside with a circular glass table top. A P-51 spinner could fetch at least $25,000. Below is seen a P-51 prop hub. Assuming you could even find one for sale, the prop hub would be $25,000 and Tom Cruise has two in the office DM gifted him. DM had the P-51 prop hubs chromed and turned into floor lamps. These one-of-a-kind lamps are hard to value, but I would guess they could fetch at least $75,000 each at auction.


    I am doing a Bill of Materials in what I can see in the photos. My estimate for the prop hub/blade floor lamps is >$100,000. My initial estimate for the office is well north of $750,000 if I had to build it to same specs using P-51 parts. With permits, union labor, one-of-a-kind aviation art and high end airplane models, custom cabinetry and woodworking, electrical, plumbing, tile, and HVAC, my guess is >$1,000,000.


  273. This story is such a disgusting tale of betrayal of trust.

    What can be done to ‘shake’ the the OTees awake that are still ‘following the program’? Besides staff, these are the people who are responsible to Keep Scientology Working. The Idle Org here in Cape Town is now renting out the space to outside businesses, with a big agents sign advertising ‘space to let’. The CT Org is like a mortuary, and moved yet again into smaller rented space.

  274. That is true. I don’t go around talking O/W, Ser-Facs, and GPMs to my non-Scn friends. I was talking English vocabulary – but even then, you are right. Despite most of my friends having graduated college, I still have to dumb-down my vocabulary at times. Of course, they are mostly Computer Science or B-School grads ;-).

    To Dr. Faust’s point, the best was to gain a vocabulary is to read great books and listen/read people who use precise language. I was actually warned away from the dictionary when in High School – the teacher said I should figure the words out by the context. Well, that is one way, I guess, but it is easier to look up the words – and in any event, the problems come when you don’t know you don’t know the words, in which case, context does not matter.

    I didn’t do the KTL – I get the point, but I hate cartoons, and really, I am sorry, but there is no need to rewrite dictionaries and grammars. Well, maybe grammars. I use, myself, and I am partial to the American Heritage dictionary.

  275. Thought Provoking

    Thank you Joe, Just Me and Publius for the back history. I entered the scene while Sarge was running the mission. I had heard Phil and Mimi mentioned often but not much in terms of specifics. I’d always heard great things about Mimi and mixed about Phil. I knew about the local celebs but didn’t have the time line correct. Thanks for sorting that out.

    Most importantly, the mission was packed back then. I happened to read a post on another site about a guy who had been there and also Steven’s Creek during that time. He mentioned what he paid for his training and processing. I remembered they were pretty affordable but was shocked at how inexpensive it all was making it clear why so many people took advantage of getting trained. HQS AND Student Hat $150, Diantics Course $500, OT package Clear through VII or VIII was $3000. Even with cost of living there is no justification for the current prices, and to add insult to injury the tech is corrupted! Anyway, if you were there at the time, you already know all this.

  276. Cat Daddy,

    I’ve run out of room to reply to your replies. However, re ‘what does this TR mean’ or ‘what does this TR not mean’ … just do it and figure out what it means for you. Be a scientist … do the experiment and collect the data before you decide what the data you haven’t collected yet means.

    Just Me

  277. HOLY SHIT AMY!!!!
    OK, this one got me. Two hour confronts of DM’s picture! No wonder he declared me early on. I would have had a field day with this. Oh my freakin’ Bog!

  278. Hey Marty. You can have the pleasure of posting this.
    Surf’s up at the BBC.

  279. Wayne and Marty,

    Hopefully, Marty, you are regularly exporting all this to an external back-up just in case the scenario Wayne mentions comes to pass, but…

    Wayne, hosting it on your own server is a lot, lot more open to brute-force denials of service (DoS) attacks, and opens up a lot more avenues of attack. A hosting service and ISP can just as easily be complained to. WordPress is much more unlikely to cave to outside pressures, given that their whole purpose is blogs and open and free communications. Hell, even the church uses for their bogus sites.

    As for plug-ins and all that, yes, there are many more options with having your own server, but with options comes complexity and the need of additional admin and hatting. I have to guess that maintaining the blog as it is is a full time job, at least.

  280. CD,
    Since you are a cat, can you get them to put up the BC tapes again? There’s a demand. There’s a bit of ‘nip’ in it for you, kitty 🙂

  281. Lao Tzu from Tao Te Ching:
    Fill a vesssel to the brim, and it will spill.
    Keep to sharpening a blade, and it goes thin and blunt.
    Surround yourself with treasure, you cannot keep it safe.
    A proud man falls to his knees.
    Wealth and honor leads to arrogance, which brings evil upon itself.
    When the work is done and one becomes distinguished, to retire is the way of Heaven.

  282. Marty,

    You know, with DM’s vanity and fixation on appearances, posting unflattering photos of him would really work wonders for his ego.

    I’m watching these political ads, and depending on who’s running the ad, the candidate either is incredibly photogenic or incredibly ugly.

    I’m betting he has no confront of himself. I’m betting he can’t confront how ugly he really is.


  283. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    OTDT to David Miscavage, wrote …

    “You can spend untold millions to try and silence those who are applying the ethics tech you should be”

    Imagine David Miscavage, the “supreme ethicist” for Scientology.

    ROTFL. 😆

  284. Mimi showed up at the Int Base in ’90, driving herself separately and had a 2D coaudit with Tom Cruise. Served both of them meals at the Star of California VIP area at the Int base which was the hangout between sessions/course. Seem to recall that Greg Wilhere was the auditor. Rumor had it that she was 3P on the marriage as she was not gung ho as he was on Scn.

  285. Grasshopper

    Thank you. The SO as of recent times do have an old people’s home. Older folk at INT Base were offloaded to this retirement home in the Clearwater area.
    Sheryl Liccardi or Sheryl Ronhar ~~ Apollo crew, 40year veteran developed a brain tumor and was sent to live at this retirement home ~~ She is not allowed on base “Bad PR”.
    Do not have updated info on her, whether she is even still around.

    But the use of all Government facilities ~~ medical, law enforcement, fire brigade etc. is appalling. Slave labor of SO Members. Stack up the $$$$ for expensive lawyers and PIs and Tom Cruise Real Estate perks and Birthday extravaganzas while FREELOADING off the US and other Governments.

    I was Emailed evidence that a CMO Sea Org girl in LATAM was send to Canada to get an enforced abortion. She was also threatened with very heavy ethics for getting pregnant.

    Unbelievable. Ship a Mexican to Canada for a free abortion.
    (Canada has FREE Medical to all Canadians)
    Posting on this coming soon.

  286. Amy,
    Wow, had never heard of that weird & long bushy tailed practice .

    The walls of the Officer’s Lounge were covered with huge photos of him at Int events, particularly prominent was the ’93 IRS event. No photo of LRH that I recall.

  287. Anonymous always delivers: neatly processed into MP3 format

    Saint Hill Special Briefing Course

    Was this ever down Jim ? Or are you refering to another source ? If so please fill me in so I can convey it to the collective.

  288. Perhaps if you spent enough time there, you’d have achieved a similar gain, LOL.

  289. Mitsu, thank you for providing the link. I posted it as a separate, new post.

  290. Sinar,

    I surely wasn’t in the room when all that went down. But wasn’t the deal in 1990 re Cruise/Mimi that Cruise fell for Nicole while they were filming Days of Thunder in 1990? I’ll betcha the 2D co-audit was about something besides Scientology.

    Just Me

  291. That is how Malcolm X became super literate.

  292. Please be nice to Tom. Can you honestly say that you have been in his shoes, with wealth, fame, and suppressive “friends”, and not had a problem? I like him, and would love to know him personally. It doesn’t change the fact that he is the victim of a mind-bending cult. I think he can be cleaned up with a bit of REAL Scientology.

  293. Marty-

    Can you perhaps provide a viewpoint regarding this overall mess from Mary Sue’s vantage point?

    Thanks in advance.


  294. I have a lust for Horror. Oh yes Christine is well written. Books are actually creepier than film. And actually it is you yourself that is creeping yourself out. The mind is a powerfull thing. They never gave me nightmares. The few I have and get aware of while sleeping I can fight my self awake from nowadays.

    When I was six I loved to draw skelletons. Visited a Church in Austria with my granparents were some local royalty was displayed.: Skelletons in Robes and such. Epic Stuff. Made them go back to it with me a second time because I wanted to draw all the bones correctly.

  295. Tara,
    Thanks for the feedback, felt guilty of putting too many and too much info. There’s a scarcity of description and sometimes hard to relay the scene and the truth as to what goes on behind the Ultra barrier for years and how the place has transformed from LRH’s home he always wanted to live at into an island of sheer insanity & Idle Org type of Mesty, expensive buildings befitting the Vampire/Vulture royalty.

  296. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    DOS attacks on solid web hosting services are rare, in my own personal experience. In any event, if one did happen, self-hosted blogs are very easy to back up and to restore one’s Word Press blog onto any self-hosted Cpanel web hosting service.

    If there was a false 3rd-party complaint lodged against a customer of a web-hosting service, and they really believed it (most such as do not) and so shut down one’s service, it’s a cinch to find another web hosting service elsewhere and upload one’s WordPress blog to that host and be quickly back in business.

    This is, by far, the safer option than relying on a single source such as (Google’s blogger users have been nailed the same way too by getting their sites turned off and all that work is instantly gone.)

    As to plugins, most WP plugins are designed to make the webmaster’s job of running his (her) blog easier (especially SEO), save more time, and have a lot more usability features for himself and for his users. There’s nothing I’ve found difficult about most of them, and they’ve ultimately saved me effort and more time, along with better function of the blog.

    CPanel is easy and pretty self evident to use. That’s why it became the industry standard webhosting software for webmasters. So is the self-hosted WP blogs (downloaded from which software Marty is already familiar using anyway by using the public hosted version.

    I’m quite confident that Marty would be glad he did this.

  297. Not to mention Construction, Renovations, Marketing, Graphic Arts, Real estate, Sales, Photography, Arts, Ecology, Information Technology, Financing, Transportation, Management, Food Consultant, University Research, & many more!

  298. “The IRS as owners of the Scientology Trademarks” ORLY


    A1. Church of Spiritual Technology. Shadow ruling non-Scientologist lawyers, who can yank the trademarks away at will for $100. “RTC…gains its legal authority …through the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology. CST owns the copyrights of the religious Scriptures” quote from Miscavige Declaration, . To make itself a church, CST employs four full time clergy; people must spend 12 ½ hours a week in religious services. Page 12-3,
    “RTC received…trademarks… subject to an additional “Option Agreement” between Hubbard, RTC and CST. In two so-called “Option Agreements” from May 1982, Hubbard granted CST the right to purchase at any time from RTC the “Marks”, the “Advanced Technology” and all the rights to them for the sum of $ 100″ from (1)”Option Agreement (Marks)”, Notarized Agreement between L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Spiritual Technology, County of Los Angeles, California, May 10th, 1982/July 9th, 1982 and (2) Option Agreement (Advanced Technology-U.S.) – Notarized Agreement between L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Spiritual Technology, California, May 10th & July 9th, 1982

  299. el lobo solotario

    I knew Mimi quite well back in the day. She was/is a very free spirit. Highly intelligent and fun loving. Of course gorgeous. Must have come into this life in great spritual shape.

    Her dad, Phil Spickler, was quite the character. He would often show up for his auditing at Flag Land Base dressed as a naval Commander; looking very much like Commander Whitehead from the old Scheppes commercials…hilarious.
    I once spent a wonderful day sailing with Mimi and Phil in Tampa Bay.

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  301. JM,

    That’s correct, he took a break to film and met Nicole. Greg Wilhere also went with him to the shoot.

  302. And DM fully encouraged the out 2D in order to pander (which he would later do with pimping included) to Tom.

  303. Un-fucking-believable…

  304. E-X-A-C-T-L-Y !! 🙂

  305. Jean-François Genest

    Sad as it is, I am nonetheless glad that MY Ontario/Canadian tax dollars helped this LATAM CMO Sea Org girl with her medical needs.

  306. Theo Sismanides

    Thank you Sarge, that’s the right indication for me!

  307. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Samuel, we know each other? Great! Do write to me at

    Now I am curious to know who you are.

    And on this “districts” thing I don’t think you are wrong! LOL. What an ugly aesthetic. This thing is just like a big box. No sense of space in it.

  308. Here’s an idea about how such gifts can be paid for … the ol’ Planetary Salvage Award trick.

    “During this 26th Anniversary year we want all members to move up to their next status. To help the IAS is offering the PLANETARY SALVAGE AWARD which gives you a % award off the balance needed to reach the next level. This is available to you until the evening of the IAS 26th Anniversary event showing in your area. I am ready to assist you with the information you need to reach your next Honor Status level.”

  309. Sorry, I just disagree with you CC. Correct me if I wrong. I think this exact thing that makes Scientologist behave so abhorrent like, I don’t think bad mouthing some is gonna help them realize they are doing sometg bad, it just gonna make them do it more. Plus how is that an ethics person gets to bad mouth someone cause they do some the ethincs person don’t like. They have the authority and just say its out ethics and boom they got the person in bad just cause an opinion they had.

    And I think you don’t shoot you brother no matter what. I think, or how you thinking on what I say?

  310. VN diplomats use something simular to quickly learn the basic to other languages. Alsoo young schoolkids learn with pictures that represent a word like house or cat. Hmm cats seem to be veryy populair in learning examples:

    ” At the end of this, there is a final process to be run. It goes
    like this:

    “Write the word ‘cat'”
    “Draw a picture of a cat”
    “Do a clay demo of a cat”

    and then :”Did you get the concept?” ”


  311. I agree with Tara, Sinar… I really enjoy your posts and getting a feel for how things were in those days. Your details really bring things to life. And you sound very skilled on many fronts, with the cooking, carpentry etc… Perhaps you will write a book one day about your experiences?

    … I keep trying to believe that people like TC are oblivious to the slave labor, but I just can’t deny it anymore. He must be aware. And that luxe private office which is probably barely used. So wasteful. Empty pretty MEST to butter him up, meanwhile DM’s probably chuckling over his Scotch at how he manipulates Tom, like an above poster mentioned with the Tom/Nic divorce. Ugh. Nice “best man/best friend” ya got there, Tom.

  312. Just me. I would take it so far as that guy in the “Guide to L Ron Hubbard” documentory. That seemed descent enough. In the end he choise not to pursue it further and it stayed very technical. I will have a talk about it some day with my friend Terril. After DM is gone and the “church”is humbled. Who knows matybe we’ll meet someday.


  313. There is LRH policy that no public (celebs included) are to be given free auditing. Of course Miscavige ignored that and had family members of Tom Cruise lounging around FLAG getting free auditing. When the free tab went above $100,000 I wrote a report (as the Treasury Sec FSO) and put it in the RTC Reports box outside my office. The result was being removed as the Treas Sec (after 7 years) and being given the lowest post in the FLAG furniture mill from where I was not to be promoted. I said it before and I’ll say it again:
    I know.

  314. martyrathbun09

    Mat, Hey! Email me or call and let me know how everything is.

  315. Prima facia proof of DMs priorities. Great post.

  316. Concerned Citizen

    Thank you all for your acknowledgements. I don’t often check back but someone mentioned to me there was a question and it was a nice surprise to find acks

    You said:
    “Sorry, I just disagree with you CC” No need to be sorry, as long as it is an honest debate and sincere exchange of view points, I’m game and look forward to the debate.

    As far as your question goes, You are not really wrong, you probably just missing information on the difference between actual Ethics technology and Missquirrel, I mean Miscavige’s brand of “Ethics”

    In actual ethics, no MAA ever acts on opinions or rumors, there are some basic test, for example, if you are not doing well, you are doing something that is not helping your life, then you can be pretty sure that is an ethics situation. The first test is whether or not your survival is enhanced. – You might say, “ look at Tom Cruise, he seems to be doing just fine with his behavior” to keep it simple, lets continue, if the person’s activity or situation p[asses the first test, it needs to pass the next test: Is this improvement gotten through diminishing the survival of other dynamics? You know? Like dishonestly taking advantage of the girlfriend or boss or Uncle Sam, or damaging the earth unnecessarily, or the environment etc. It is very exact; it is not subject to just a bunch of rules or costumes, but actual analysis- An MAA cannot and must not act on just his opinion.

    Unfortunately the Current Cof S has plenty of this “I don’t like it so I’ll shoot you” sort of thing. A good example is Sexual personal gratification, another one is the penalization for “looking into” forbidden information or associating with anyone the Church does not like. In some situations, it may prove to be detrimental for someone, but it cannot be a one size-fits-all, it violates the very essence of the subject and it often is in fact injustice. But Miscavige loves both, one size fits all, and the use of wrong suppressive justice in lieu of ethics.

    But you do need to be able to think with it. For example, assuming you are with the group, “Anonymous” said group could be said to be bad mouthing the Church, you noticed something the Church does, is detrimental to general survival and potentially yours and decided to take action. You all were smart enough to listen to wise bearded man and attack the behavior not the entity and it is working, you are in fact putting ethics in.

    On your brother, not generally, but if your brother is high on something and shows at your door with a gun pointed at you and is not listening to reason much, chances are you shoot him if you can and no one in their right mind would fault you. Though he is under the influence, he still is responsible to recognize this and get help, anyone attempting to help him without the expectation that he can be responsible to that degree, will not in fact help him.

  317. I wish I was your cat! Prrrrrrrrrr…..

  318. thecountesskrak

    Hello Marty,
    I’m curious as to how and whom leaked the video of TC’s Church funded Freewinds birthday extravaganza into Youtube? As well as the IAS event were he received the metal piece for all the black pr he has generated. Was this Anonymous? The pampering doesn’t stop here. CC has a non-SO chef on their payroll that caters to his kids (they don’t even pay for their meals there).

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  320. Just remembered something else really sickening–at the Gold base there is a large film vault, super-controlled temperature and environment, built to house the original negs and films of Hubbard. Guess who else’s films are also safely stored away in there, in a secret place in that vault? Saw some of TC’s with my own eyes while on an inventory project in there. I sure hope LRH’s films are actually still in there, but at this point it is only a hope and a prayer.

  321. Well, the original TRs film is surely gone, since Dan Koon (Joe Howard) is out of the church. So much for LRH coached TRs. Orientation is gone because Larry Anderson is out. A few metering films are gone because Jason Beghe is out.

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  323. FCDC Class of 74

    I am ready to get back into one I can move on up a little higher in and get my certs and contribute to clearing this planet.

  324. Nice comment.

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  327. Wow, those prices you mentioned were so reasonable. Eight years ago, when I first considered joining the church, and did some research into the cost of courses…. it was the potential high cost of everything which steered me immediately to the exit door. After that, it didn’t FEEL like a church in my opinion. And thus are the two reasons why I avoided Scientology completely.

    My father, who was a Jehovah’s Witness, had been given so much free material over the years, including books galore, I felt the need after he died to donate $500 to his church as a way of saying thanks (because he really loved JW), and to offset the printing cost of the material that brought him so much happiness over the years.

    So it is ironic…. I really liked Scientology but I kept my wallet closed. I disliked Jehovah Witness, yet I opened my wallet.

  328. So? OSA was informed of the Op after the fact. It was reported to Kurt. Mike had zero knowledge of it. Also, it was handled in the D.C. directly with the Spanish P.M.


  330. Why hasn’t the OT levels made Tom any taller?

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