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  1. John, flunk on TR-O Bullbait. That’s all it was was a big bullbait.

    • Was it a flunk though?

      John Sweeny’s ‘explosion’ got huge publicity for the programme, making it one of the most popular and talked about Panorama broadcasts in years.

      The effects of that programme reverberated around the world and I’ve got a feeling that the upcoming one will be even bigger. To have at least two such high-ranking (ex) CoS executives appearing so publicly and spilling the beans will be a major blow for the cult. And whatever they try to do to prevent it, I am certain current members of the CoS will see it and wake up.

      If there is one thing DM and his minions fear, it’s the truth coming out and their lies being laid bare.


    • If he only would have known.

      Actually, I thought his response was somewhat fitting.

      Tommy Davis in his face bullbaiting im like that and Sweeny reacts. Then they try and turn it into bad PR for Sweeney. It was a joke.
      The Church didnt mind that Tommy Davis looked like a Nazi.

  2. Apparently this ia going to be an hour!

    My UK friends will record it for me, boy how I would love to be there and see this thought.

    Great great great !

    • Come over for a Panorama party! I’ll record it, but you can be certain it will be on YT within hours, if not minutes afterwards.

      Yes, it is a full uninterrupted hour (no Adverts). The regular Panorama on something else is on Monday as usual, the half-hour show . This one is a “Special”. Clearly Mr Rinder is going to be star of the show (along with my meter of course).

  3. Lord Of The Undead

    What the …. I haven’t had the time to reach for a drink of “Coffee” and you are out with something else.

    The Count

  4. Impartial English Girl

    Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!! I can’t wait for this!. I’ve copied the link to all rational folk I can think of who would be interested in what this documentary has to say.

    • Lord Of The Undead

      Rational folk. That excludes me then. Could you tell me please Impartial English Girl. I apologize for the partiality but whilst I am in your country. May I ask. Are you already biten?


      • Dude,

        I have not the foggiest idea what you might be on about. Your posts tend to be non-sequiter in the extreme so please just say whatever it is you want to say and leave out the references to fangs and whatnot.

        You can be duplicated but you cannot be understood.

      • LOTU
        I think you have clearly demonstrated the answer to your own question.

  5. Awesome! I can’t wait! Thanks for the link…I’ll be watching it live online hopefully.

  6. In my mind, Mike and Marty will always be top Scientology terminals. Frankly, that gold braid from the events looked a little silly. If little Davey is reading this, please note: stupid gold braid and ribbons doesn’t impress me or anyone else with the capacity for independent thought.

  7. And yesterday’s Panorama was on from 20:30 – 21:00 after Eastenders (Kat and Alfie are back!).

    But next week, it’s 21:00 – 22:00 on Tuesday night.

    What does this mean? Are all Panorama programs 30 minutes in the new BBC schedule? Or is this a special edition? Am I asking too many questions? Is Elvis still alive?

  8. I am so thankful that those in the BBC had the courage to produce this video. It is important in any free society to hear and see both sides of something. The reactions of the Scientology individuals that I have seen so far are very telling. The current leader of the Church of Scientology needs to be exposed as he is ruining a lot of lives.

    • Hey, you’ll be amazed at the results. Gets more case gain in twenty minutes that Miscavige has in 30 years.

      • While the picture shown (selected by the BBC, never mind) is, as any picture, only the record of an exact moment, isn’t it clearly visible how John Sweeny is INTERESTED and relaxed?

        Real communication, ARC, listening, answering people’s questions is going to make friends. Inevitably. Doesn’t mean they have to share the same opinion, but still friends and understanding each other.

  9. Tacos? Did somebody mention tacos?

    This oughtta be a great show.

    I sincerely hope that many fence-sitters partake in watching.

    Thanks to Mr. Rinder and any others who put their time and energy into assisting with this show!


  10. I am so looking forward to this broadcast.

  11. Sometime ago someone stated on this blog that the BBC might be controlled to some degree by the Illuminati.

    For those who know a tiny bit about their modus operandi it will be obvious that they did all they could to achieve widespread attention of Mr. Sweeney’s TV report. I’m really impressed. Boy they must be really pissed off at Co$.

  12. Well done, Marty and Mike! Giving a meter demo to John Sweeney – how did he like it?

  13. Great credit must be given to the BBC for going full-on with this report. They are going through a lot of difficulty justifying their UK government funding since their change in leadership, and opening themselves up to anything that remotely might bring criticism is ballsy right now.

    • You are damn right. And guess who has been attempting exploit the living hell out of that of late, through their far-far-right friends-at-a-hefty cost?

    • Strictly speaking it’s not government funded, the licence fee is paid by TV owners, which is not necessarily same as taxpayers. The criticism has mainly been levelled at BBC bosses taking supposed exhorbitant salaries, and there has been pressure to reduce the fee. A compromise seems to have been reached where it will be frozen for some years. The current Con-Lib govt is more free-market than the last 13 years of Blair-Brown and takes a somewhat dimmer view of BBC funding.

      However your main point is well taken – the BBC must take HUGE credit for pushing on with this show in the face of the forces of darkness!

      • True about the salaries, but there has also been criticism that the BBC has not been publicly impartial and favors left-leaning programming. So I’m completely not shocked that Marty has indicated the church is presumably trying to get Conservative support against the programme. Although having seen a few things that the Daily Mail has posted about the CoS and Travolta in the past, it might not be so easy for them to get any counter-press out of it. Most anti-BBC stuff comes straight from the Mail.

        • ‘Most anti-BBC stuff comes straight from the Mail’ so say Guardian readers…we’ll have to wait for the finished product but The BBC is a left leaning organisation inherently suspicious of anything they consider supernatural (spiritual). I just hope they distinguish between scientology and the church in the final edit

    • Redneck, I’ve missed you. You’re always in the know!

      • Awwww, thanks! Nice to be missed. I’ve been lurking. I can talk media all day, but I’m listening and learning on tech.

  14. one of those who see

    Here we go! Will watch for it on You Tube. And there you are, Marty with John Sweeney and an E Meter. Just love this. Hugs to you and Mike!

  15. —> At the top of the page that Marty links to in this post, there’s a link to watch the show live online and it looks like that may be the location to view the show after it airs. <—

    • Drat! It looks like you may need some sort of license to do so. I wonder if that’s a U.K. only thing . . .

      • You have to have a UK IP address to use BBC iPlayer, which will have the live programme and on-demand afterward. The BBC channel on YouTube is usually region-specific also. But it’ll probably be uploaded elsewhere by a zillion people as soon as it airs.

  16. OMG! You with John Sweeney on the meter… with Mike looking on… a real live demonstration of standard Scientology being ARCfully applied! For the whole world of ‘Scientologists’ to see! What do you think this one datum of comparable magnitude will do to the circuits of those who have suffered from a shoddy substitute of the real thing for so many years? CAPOW!!!!!

    DM you poor thing, which do you need the most right now?
    A case of fine Scotch Whiskey or some grounding copper wires?

  17. I am, of course, interested to see how it turns out.

    I wonder what the thrust will be: “Schism in the COS!” “Crazy Church Leader!” “Defectors Tell All!” …or what. I will say I’ve been disappointed in the past (a particular episode of some investigative reporting show – can’t remember the exact name – on A&E stands out in my memory as one of the most gutless “expose” of the COS ever).

    On the other hand, any exposure is better than none.

    Personally, I think the problem is that the issues and background needed are so complex that fitting them into a 60 minute show is very difficult. Ten 60 minute episodes, sure. (Look at the print analogy, The Truth Rundown, for example).

    At the end of the day, the topic – though certainly big enough to everyone here – probably isn’t big enough to justify that kind of TV attention.

  18. Don’t have a cow!! Bart Simpson voice Nancy Cartwright named in lawsuit … claims construction company diverted funds to …. one guess. Some little old “Church” somewhere?

  19. Panorama is of record in recent years a 30 minute show.
    The fact that they are doing 1 full hour on the 28th is a Panorama “special.”
    No commericals. No interruptions like CNN “A History of Violence.”
    1 hour straight reporting.
    Kudos to the BBC, John Sweeney, Mike and Marty !

  20. I am looking forward to seeing the BBC show too, I wish I could see it when it actually airs. Hopefully we will have some links posted here to access the show online. I am glad that they are dedicating more than the usual time to this program.
    BTW, anyone know if the SuperPowers cross-raising is still going on this weekend – the building does not look like it is even close to being ready for occcupancy? CL

  21. A few years back I would have crinched at the idea of the BBC doing such a show. Now I am like, “hell yeah!” Can’t wait to see DM ass being kicked on BBC. Like you said in the St. Pete Times “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.”

  22. For some reason I love that pic of you guys with the e-meter. It looks like something good happened there along the lines of differentation of the Church with the practice of Scientology.

    Why does that PI look like an “undead” vampire?
    He’s literally grey. If you;ve ever read descriptions of “The men in black”, thats how I imagine them.

  23. Marty,
    One of the on-line scientologist told me that Tommy Davis, himself, blasted an e-mail to all the Scientologists asking them to watch the Anderson Cooper’s show on Scientology before it was aired last time.
    “Of course, many Scientologists watched the program and started thinking, OMG! there is something major wrong with our church and managment” this on-line scientologists told me.
    I hope that Tommy Davis promotes BBC Panoroma too. 🙂

  24. No YouTube links yet? 😦

  25. Proof of how difficult it is to get anything aired in the UK that’s not been vetted to hell and back, and how high the level of pressure is right now. Tonight’s show was pulled literally at the very last minute because of legal threats.

    FYI, this was the regularly-scheduled Panorama that was supposed to air tonight. The Sweeney special airs tomorrow night.

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