Tom Cruise’s Hangar Produced by Scientology “church” Slave Labor

Oh, the office David Miscavige had built with slave labor at Tom Cruises hangar (see was just the icing on the cake.  The cake was the hangar itself. Dave had Sea Org members design and build a facade around the entire interior of the hangar as part of Dave’s never-ending stream of gifts to Tom Cruise.

Notice the hard, chrome steel look to the faux scaffolding.  Miscavige making Tom Cruise in his own image.

Note the banners with hand made airplane brand emblems

more hand made brand emblems and streamers

check the detail

check the hard, chrome steel frame work

more, notice the faux metal scaffolding

you could eat off that floor


 Built with church of Scientology Sea Organization member sweat and tears, labor and craftsmanship.  Presented to Tom Cruise with love from his “best friend” David Miscavige.

393 responses to “Tom Cruise’s Hangar Produced by Scientology “church” Slave Labor

  1. crashingupwards

    Tom Cruise is starting to really disgust me. Is his head that far buried in the sand? Tom the ostrich.

  2. Its not buried in the sand CU. Its buried elsewhere…

  3. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Damn! I was gonna say that.

    Oh, what the hell… Terminal DM-onical Cranial Rectosis. Tom haz it!!

  4. If ethics is out, tech cannot go in. Those big fabric banners are hiding the motivators waiting in the wings.

  5. crashingupwards

    There is your narcissist for you. He saw his reflection in the water and fell in love. It shows he has a far, far way to go. Has he had any auditing?

  6. More attention on Scientology and less on DM and TC would be great.

  7. crashingupwards

    Actually, auditing alone wouldnt handle it anyway. He needs a total handling.

  8. Dear Jim Logan,

    Sorry! I puked on our cat, Elmo, first. I showed him the pics and he puked back on me. Paybacks are hell.

    I hope Marty will allow a DM spoof video from some Anon after having sorted through some of their “stuff” yesterday.

    I initially wanted to start out by stipulating we should let up on Lil’ Dave and give him a break. As a joke.

    Perhaps we should let loose.


  9. Wonder if LRH would have allowed Sea Org labor and resources to be used this way? Not sure who the male actor de jure was in Ron’s day, perhaps Steve McQueen.

    What would the field have thought of LRH if he had diverted such resources to building McQueen a similar luxory? I think we would have judged him mad.

    But today, DM gets away with it, and why? I wish I knew.


  10. Wow, Tom’s motorcycles, his personal quarters and now his whole hangar? What an incredible “Scientology expansion project” to please Tom Cruise.

    How the hell is it their job to renovate Tom’s AIRPLANE HANGAR? I wonder if parishioner’s donations were used for this, or if Cruise paid for the renovations but just capitalized on free labor?

    Either way, Spit. There’s no way this can be legal.

  11. Man, that last shot gives a sense of scale to the place. That basketball rim is 10 feet high. That place is huge. Cavernous. Where’s TC’s B-52?

  12. I suppose from the inside it would seem like you were rewarding “the biggest upstat” in Scientology, so I can’t blame the guys who did the work I guess. Tom should not be cool with using church labor like this though.
    But how much has Tom donated? That might be a factor.
    Like if you donate $10,000 you get a t-shirt or some crap. Maybe this is in comparable ratio to Tom’s donation- donate $100,000,000 and get a hangar.
    I guess I dont care as much about this stuff as I do something like technical alterations. Technical alterations and disruptions of delivery. Covert destruction of the real products that LRH put in place to make clears and OT’s.

  13. Pithy comment – you’re right, BUT…….

    ……DM is riding Marty pretty hard in the real universe right NOW, so broadcasting DM’s O/Ws is a legitimate defense. Marty’s message(s) about DM is indeed getting through to COS members. I know for a fact that card-carrying, “in good standing” Scientologists are reading this site.

    Hell – I’m one of them!

  14. Ralph – I think people should know what’s going on inside the church of Scientology by their current leader and their biggest celebrity spokesperson. This is brand new information being exposed. And since I’m sure it has got to be a complete violation of specific guidelines for their tax exempt status, it’s extremely important information to be made known.

  15. I think I’d like to barf on, rather than eat off, that floor.

  16. They conquest roads and air
    in search of new ot levels ;D
    Please contribute To the Church – and the IAS

    This is to build the super power ideal golden age of garage!
    The day this planet will bea cleared
    Will you say” I was there – with Tom
    Come on sisters and brothers – put your ethics in be at cause!

    Please ”great master” keep a bit of money to buy some rice and beans for next week slave’s meals – may be a couple of matresses and a cookroaches treatment for the slaves quarter…

  17. I’m kinda with you on that, Ralph. However, as big as Tom is, and as much attention the media puts on him, in addition to everyone loving to make fun of him now…
    The more meat Marty puts out there for the media to feed on, it will eventually start them feeding on DM, TC, AND the CoS… has to with things like this going on.

    Personally, I could care less about the hanger and MEST shit. It’s what motivated DM to do this in the first place, that he did it on our dime and the backs of Sea Org members, that TC let him freaking do it at all, and why the hell has it taken this long for anyone to say anything about it??? It’s a freaking HANGER! Not like you can’t see the damn thing, it’s right freaking THERE!

    “Hello? Entertainment Tonight? Inside Edition? Perez Frekin’ Hilton??? Anyone give a damn? GET ON THE JOB!!! There’s a story to tell.

  18. A recurring thought as I was looking at those pictures was that I hope the SO members wore protective gear (respirators) while painting that gigantic floor. The paint fumes must have been intense.

  19. martyrathbun09

    Tom, I’m sorry. I got standards. They may be real low. But I got standards.

  20. I’m with you on this one. However I couldn’t help but see how far we could take it. Thanks.


  21. No, that basketball rim is probably only 5 feet, if TC and DM are to be using it…

  22. I need a new garage, but the kneepads I have are used for building my own with my own sweat and hard work.

  23. “Have you told all?”

    Looks expectantly…..

  24. I also want to know was this truly a gift – materials, labor, etc???? or was it something that was done in coordination with Tom, and he knew at the time that SO resources were being used for his personal gain? Sounds like he needs a visit from the IRS as well. I wonder if he paid taxes on this gift?

  25. The hangar doesn’t look very luxurious to me. Just a hall with banners.

    COB says that nobody in history brought more people into Scientology than Tom Cruise and that will result in a better world. Special treatment for Tom Cruise is justified because the other Scientologists don’t expand Scientology as Tom Cruise did.

    Is that not so? Did Tom Cruise not inspire thousands and thousands and perhaps a million people to join? Can you prove that Tom Cruise did not inspire tons of people to join?

  26. If Tom Cruise would have build and decorated this himself or used contractors or friends to help I’d say whatever floats your boat. But this being presented to Tom Cruise by the “Leader of the Scientology Religion” by ordering his undernourished, overworked, abused, tired and underpaid slaves to build … the wickedness is hard to comprehend.

  27. Where’s Dave’s Stinger missile?

  28. planetary clearing

    me too!

  29. I don’t think LRH would have done anything like this. That is absolutely NOT what he established the Sea Org to do. In his day, LRH had John Travolta on Scientology lines and JT was huge at the time. If my memory serves me well, he awarded JT auditing to Clear for his good works in dissemination, and furthermore, I believe that award was bequeathed in a broad PUBLIC announcement, not in secret. LRH was too busy to pal around with the loyal celebrities he had on board at the time, and I certainly know of no secret projects gifted to celebrities such as Marty as revealed in this post. This is nepotism in the most criminal sense of the word.

  30. “This is to build the super power ideal golden age of garage”

    Sparks the point of SP Building cash diversion yet again!

  31. Hahaaa! That is a good one.

    Marty, what time periods are we talking about here?

  32. Had another thought…..

    In the movie Inglorious Basterds, there is a part when the film projectionist causes the Nazi film to suddenly display anti Nazi content to the pro nazi audience….

    Would LOVE for some gutsy SO person to suddenly have the projectors show this hanger with some tasty narrative about how many SO manhours were diverted from expanding Scn to give Tom a cool hanger for his multi million dollar toys.

    Damn, I would pay to see that. A SRA par excellence.

    Centurion (Events Truth I/C)

  33. …And even more “tons” NOT to join.

  34. It’s in his pants or up TC’s butt……

  35. Ralph.
    Start your own blog and have at it.

  36. The Sea Org Contract signed is clearly a contract implying work for religious purposes.
    There is absolutely NOTHING religious about increasing the Real Estate Personal Assets and Wealth of Tom Cruise.

    ++++The SO contract does not contain a clause that DM buddies are to be pampered with Sea Org slave labor
    ++++The SO contract does not contain a clause that *SPECIAL FAVORS* in the Sea Org slave labor will part and parcel of SO duties.
    ++++After Tom Cruise divorced Nicole Kidman, his wife of 10 years, DM used SO members as a pimping service. Since he only could have a Scientologist girlfriend/wife a casting call was put out in Hollywood Scientology actresses who were videotaped and screened by RTC on RTC Sea Org hours.
    ++++Darius Wilhere (now ex-GOLD staff and a Declared SP) sat in Cine on Sea Org Production time reviewing the auditions made by Scientology wannabee actresses , and his father Greg Wilhere (DM gopher) spoke of flying to New York on Sea Org time, on Sea Org dollars to “screen” some actresses for Tom’s Girlfriend/wife needs
    +++++Miscavige also learns that Cruise has a fantasy of running through a field of tall wheat grass with Kidman. So, Miscavige orders a section of Scientology’s desert compound in Gilman Hot Springs to be plowed under and planted with wheat. At a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, and through the slave labor of cult members who work all day and all night for weeks, a field of tall wheat grass is grown in the desert so that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman may run though it. Ex-INT staff have reported that they went through SLEEP DEPRIVATION to make a beautiful lawn for Tom Cruise to dance in.
    +++++During their visit, Cruise and Kidman are provided the additional luxuries of a specially prepared suite, maids, and two four-star chefs, all at Scientology’s expense as a quid pro quo exchange for Cruise’s endorsements of Scientology.
    ++++++ DM special favors at the expense of enslaved Sea Org Members. One wonders if United States District Judge Dale C Fischer would say this is “Ministerial Exception?”

  37. Freedom Fighter

    Can you prove that Tom Cruise did not inspire tons of people to join?

    @Faithfully, can you prove that he DID? Mmmm, yeah, didn’t think so.

    For the sake of discussion, let’s say he did. Can you point to the specific LRH policy that makes it o.k. for Sea Org members and possibly parishioners’ funds to be utilized in this way?

  38. Faithfully:
    1. LRH brought more people into Scientology than Tom Cruise.
    2. The Chairman Of Bullshit is a liar.
    3. Tom Cruise is the laughing stock of the world at large and hardly a credit to Scientology. I’d say he put more people off than he brought in.
    4. Bringing people into the implant station is not a virtue.

  39. Marty and fellow readers of this blog;
    All the items you see in this hangar are used in the trade show business…my business. The “chrome steel look to the faux scaffolding” is called Steel Truss.
    The amount of truss in the photos sells for around $25,000.00. Each banner and custom made circle graphic sells for around $2,500 each. I count 13 for a total of $32,500. Not counting slave labor your looking at $57,500.oo.
    Hey IAS donors this is what your dollars buy you. How in the hell can any sane person continue to support this criminal they call COB.
    Tom Cruise is part of the problem, not the solution. He needs to fade away and move to France and grow grapes.
    Damn I’m so lucky to have read the articles in the St. Petersburg Times and to discover Marty’s blog which resulted in my telling this criminal organization the Church of Scientology to shove it in October 2009.

  40. Faithfully.

    RU Serious???!!!!

  41. If Cruise inspired many to scientology their better lives should be adequate reward.

    I have no problem with people acquiring fantastic sums of money, but scientology is not about material things, and its rewards should be appropriate to its goals.

  42. No, I can’t prove how much he brought to Scientology but I think that many new Scientologists thank TC in written success stories that he brought them to Scientology or that he was inspired by him to try Scientology.

    I know no Scientology policy and LRH probably never has heard of TC. But perhaps they did build the hangar because they like Tom Cruise.

    Tom Cruise did spent a lot of money to Scientology, didn’t he. Isn’t the highest Patron of the IAS? Doesn’t he deserve a little hangar to put his toys for having spent so much money? He could probably could have built himself thousands of hangars without donating millions and millions to the IAS.

  43. And conversely if those he inspired to scientology languish with unfulfilled promises, that should weigh on his conscience!

  44. Not to beat what has become an obvious drum, but there is nothing “masculine” about this supposed man cave. It looks like it was designed by a woman for a woman.

    Nice looking Pitts tho’.

  45. I would say that this reward, fancy MEST, is in line with his contributions, increasing the bank accounts of the church.

    Wouldnt it be great to know one had improved the lives of many? That would be something that would last long after a airplane hanger had served its purpose.

  46. You know, a lot of people might look at this and go, what the hell difference does this make? It’s just money. It’s not what I really care about — actual Scientology. Or, for those here who aren’t Scientologists, they might think, who cares – it’s just gullible Scientologists being gullible.

    But there’s another way to look at this. If you go to this Web site you will find a list of over 3,700 people from around the world who gave $40,000 (through 2006) to the International Association of Scientologists. That’s almost US$150 million. And for the most part this list is the little fishes who make up the faithful of the Church of Scientology. There are a few high rollers and their kids listed here. But mostly these are people for whom $40K was a hit.

    Their $40K contributions meant late house payments, higher interest rates on their mortgages and credit cards, overtime for those who still had hours left in the day they could work, lower nutrition for everyone in the house, higher stress levels, husbands and wives disappointed by each other’s failure to stay true to past financial agreements, children who sensed and saw and absorbed their parents’ unhappiness … although the money was given to support their or someone else’s ‘spiritual freedom’.

    BTW, this list doesn’t even include the folks who paid $100K or $250K or $500K, most of whom couldn’t afford that either. Or the million-dollar babies, some of whom also could not afford it – including Steve Brackett who jumped off a bridge and killed himself last year, in despair over his financial straits.

    Or the $5 million or $10 million contributors or those few who gave even more — although about that whole crowd I have different suspicions about the motivations and the mutual back-scratching that goes on at that level of ‘exchange.’

    So how many financial nightmares among those 3,700 or so little fishes did it take to pay for Tom Cruise’s hangar and adjacent office remodel? Let’s say the materials only cost $1 million and the labor was ‘free’. That’s 25 families whose finances were turned upside down.

    And about that ‘free’ labor — it wasn’t ‘free’, but slavery and human trafficking and violations of California labor laws and universal common decency.

    I think this kind of exposure about David Miscavige’s decision to use Church of Scientology assets – money and slave labor – to build an expensive gift for Tom Cruise is absolutely appropriate. We need more dox about things like this. We need more outrage about things like this. We need the courts and the feds and the officers of the court to stand up and express their outrage when evidence of these violations is revealed and to perform their duties.

    I have no doubt they will do so very soon.

    Just Me

  47. What if they wanted to do it? I read a book about nuns. They work like slaves but they like to do it because they think they get the spiritual award later. Scientologists try to clear the planet and get the award later: civilization without war, crime, insanity, you know what I mean.

    I don’t know if the reports on the Cob are true and if he spends lots of C of S cash on himself. That doesn’t feel so good because he shouldn’t be a religious leader by being so luxury-oriented. But Tom Cruise gave more than he took. He made some stupid public mistakes but who is perfect when the world is watching him so closely?

  48. “COB says…” – So where are they? How many have you seen come in because of TC? How many have you seen disappear with or without knowing why? Stats without actual numbers are useless to calculators, spreadsheets and reports.

  49. Scott Campbell


    If Tom Cruise inspired so many people to join the Church of Scientology, where are they now?

    Personally, I think that Tom was a convenient scapegoat for would-be critics of Scn to jump on. People already suspected that there was something wrong with the church and ‘Ol Tom just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

    TC’s unhealthy and unnatural association with David Miscavige and the ever-declining reputation of the C of S — have combined with his subjective analysis and lack of understanding of what he is involved in to create the PR debacle that Cruise has become for the church.

    “Did Tom Cruise not inspire thousands and thousands and perhaps a million people to join?”



  50. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I’ll donate the popcorn for that show! :O

    ΘTater/Gary (Events Popper I/C)

  51. Scott Campbell

    And now, a brief intermission for some Rock ‘n Roll…

  52. I just received an email requesting donations for the St Hill size Ideal Hangar. I gave them my credit cards, equity and cash.

  53. Well . . . The SO does not have limitless staff or time so obviously, as has been mentioned many times before, DM’s confront and goals are MEST and not spending available resources on society as a whole by applying the Tech.

    Perhaps this exposure will trigger a cog in a OSAbot.

    Reminds me of an old joke my dad told me about a farmer and a city guy. (preamble skipped) The famer picks up a board and just smacks his mule right between the eyes with it. The city guy is stunned and asks why he would do such a thing. The farmer said he had to get the mules attention.

    This blog is the board.

  54. Ralph,

    Good call from someone I knew from the Ship days. I like it.

  55. I think at this point (after 2005, then 2008), it’s safe to say that the “Tom and Dave Show” did more to ruin Scientology’s reputation in the world than anyone else in history. At least on the image front. On the reality (behind the scenes) front, DM was clearly destroying the group from the inside for decades.

    The only thing that could potentially set things (somewhat) right, would be DM stepping down and a new CoS coming clean about EVERYTHING, and adopting new polic(ies) to ensure it never happens again.

  56. I have read rumors of $50 million, maybe more. Tom must figure that he bought himself a substantial stake in the church, and can do what he wants with it. However, should the Church of Scientology be for sale to the highest bidder? Should the staff be building nice MEST, or training auditors? People in the church are off chasing butterflies when they should be auditing. Look at your local org. Are they making Clears? Training auditors who are making Clears? When I last visited the local org (2.5 years ago), there were 86 staff. One person on auditor training, no Clears being made but lots of NED case completions (read overrun Clears). Even the Class VIII trained C/S was waiting for the meter to play Dixie. So, almost all activity in the org was dev T. If it is not well audited PCs, or training auditors to audit PCs well, or directly forwarding that goal, then it is dev T. Tom Cruise is dev T. We should call him “Dev-T Cruise”.

  57. W.E.

    How about carbon monoxide inhallation? That was rapant in the RPF, I know from first hand experience.

  58. Faithfully, TC could redeem himself by denouncing DM. It would not only potentially wake-up the Scn’ists still in, but would instantly revive TC’s career because it would be obvious the guy has integrity and that he’s capable of taking a stand for truth.

  59. Faithfully,

    Actually, Tom Cruise isn’t the ‘highest Patron of the IAS.’ I think that title is being dueled over by a couple of other guys: Bryan Zwan and Bob Duggan.

    But that’s a WHOLE other story.

    Just Me

  60. Karen wrote: “as a quid pro quo exchange for Cruise’s endorsements of Scientology.”

    … and don’t forget the endorsement of DM himself (at TC’s now infamous freedom medal acceptance speech).

  61. This is so tacky and vulgar, nouveau riche and ambition-driven arrivismo, it is the opposite of LRHs manners and style.

    sycophant n. a person who uses flattery to win favour from individuals wielding influence; toady
    [from Latin sȳcophanta, from Greek sukophantēs, literally: the person showing a fig, apparently referring to the fig sign used in making an accusation, from sukon fig + phainein to show; sense probably developed from “accuser” to “informer, flatterer”] sycophancy

    misappropriation n. the intentional, illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one’s own use or other unauthorized purpose, particularly by a public official, a trustee of a trust, an executor or administrator of a dead person’s estate, or by any person with a responsibility to care for and protect another’s assets (a fiduciary duty). It is a felony (a crime punishable by a prison sentence).

  62. I have heard this one from a Scientologist in the church. It must have come from some event, certainly not from direct observation or even logical thought. Think about it. Are there people who would actually be drawn into the church by Tom Cruise? Would you actually want those type of people there in the first place? Such people requiring such an opinion leader would not be very self determined, to say the least.

    I think this is a justifier DM came up with for being TC’s biggest buddy and spending a ton of money on parties and service for him. If anyone asks, it’s to help expand Scientology by using these great comm lines. I can guarantee that nobody has checked by survey if these comm lines are actually effective. DM knows what the survey would show, so there will never be a survey. In the meantime, he can run his suppressive game on TC without interference.

  63. Oh yes, Sam, I am aware that Scientologists are Scientologists because of LRH and nobody else. The leader of a group is important. I think Tom Cruise and all the other celebrities don’t even want all the luxuries, they have that at home. They rather want the truth and true religious service.

    But there is a C of S promo tape on YouTube in which the announcer said that TC brought more people into Scientology than anybody else. That means that the Cob says that LRH didn’t bring as many people in the orgs?

  64. The hanger doesn’t look luxurious to me. Can’t help it. Where is that thing? At the INT base? But I don’t understand much of hangers. A hanger is a thing where I can put my jacket. 😉

    California rents are very expensive. If TC doesn’t have to pay rent for that thing, it might be a good deal for him. But on the other side, if he buttered millions of Dollars into the IAS, the hangar is not much, in comparison. TC might not even ask for these gifts. Who knows, perhaps he even tried to refuse some but the Cob insisted?

    Did the Cob give JT presents too?

  65. As I asked before on another of your posts, I just want to know the sources that document this hanger and decorations were built by SO staff at no expense to Cruise. I’m also curious about the office you displayed in the blog a few days ago.

    In addition, where did the images come from?

    It’s certainly not my desire to try and debunk or disparage what you say here, but I’ve been active on the internet since 1990 and if I’ve learned one thing – it’s that anyone can say anything and whether it’s a true thing or not, some will be inclined to believe it with no need for sourcing of the claim and some (like me) will take things more seriously when hard data backs up the claim.

    Overall, I am more inclined to believe that Miscavige and Cruise have a mutual back-scratching relationship. I don’t know Cruise personally so I’m at a disadvantage there. I have met Miscavige on several occasions and had a very brief, very intense event involving him… the San Francisco Mission Holders Conference in 1982. So not much would surprise me regarding his unethical and criminal activities. But, like most, I don’t like surprises. As much as I’d like to forward some of what you claim to dozens of people and family that are still heavily involved with Scientology, I personally need to be able to back up what I reveal to them. If I decide to push them, that is. Without hard facts any attempt on my part to use these claims to influence my friends will result in a “he said – she said” stalemate.

    I do understand that your stance is that revealing sources would have some negative impact on the lives of those sources… but without knowing more about how this data gets out while actual people like Heber can’t get out creates a bit of a mystery for me and makes posts like this little more than a rap session where everyone agrees how terrible things are.

    Help me out here Marty? Source this stuff and let some of us pop a few more people out into the real world.

  66. Lets do a poll: OK?

    How many good standing SCN are on this sight?

    Just respond with an “I”


  67. F,
    As you say: “…Scientologists try to clear the planet…” so, working on Tom Cruise’s Hangar, Hangar Office, House, staffing of his office and domestic staff, Birthday parties, weddings, 2D search, customing his motorcycles, etc. doesn’t exactly fit trying to clear the planet does it?

    If you’ve been to an Ideal Org recently you’ll notice these (idea by TC, execution by DM) are empty – showing how many people Tom Cruise got in.

  68. TC won the Freedom Medal. The Cob tells you why he is so special.

    He thinks there are street workers, house wives, and there is only one TC.

  69. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Faithfully wrote, “Did Tom Cruise not inspire thousands and thousands and perhaps a million people to join?”

    Heaven forbid! That would mean TC sent 1,000’s of (or “a million”) people down the primrose path to the Church of Robotismology. (AKA CofM)

    An overt product, not something to be proud of or reward.

    primrose path

    2. A course of action that seems easy and appropriate but can actually end in calamity.

    – The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

  70. Really…

    does it deserves a lot of discussion to make one’s mind about the power of influence of Tom Cruise an the kind of pr is making for himself and scientology???

    Worldwide people have seen at leas 3 videos on you tube that left a taste of….insanity or extrême narcissism ..I do not know what exactley, but something I personnaly do not wat to become or ressemble nor anybody who comment to me after seing him
    (- the video where is jumping on the coach of Oprah
    is at cause and tone 40 ???? $$$$$ lol
    – the video he made for scientologists to see… that was a leak..
    frankly weirdo…. it scared
    – the video he becomes mad at an interviewer about psychiatrists and brooke shield depression pills…he is really mad.. and scaring…lol )

    We can see them transforming in a few seconds and their eyes turning on ”evil”” – their smile and laugh completly out of reality – like an horror movie – it scares me
    And they think they are powerfull special persons..Whooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuouuuuuuuuuuuu
    A nice pair of good buddies to run the business $$$$$$

    Anyway – I think they might be downstat this week – we’ll see Thursday – I am scared they willeat rice and beans next week and clean the swamp. Clean the swamp will help to keep these nice sexy muscles! I mean the arm’s muscles!
    No whiskey – no gulf-no gym-no motorcycle-no airplane-no moovies-no expensive cloths- no car race -and no…hum….no any other thing they might accuse other to do

  71. The real danger in all that happening with the church of scientology and David Miscavige is just this:

    It is giving justification to those in this world who not only want to destroy the church of scientology but the technology also. What the church of scientology and David Miscavige are doing is playing into the hands of those on this planet who don’t want to see others on this planet to get stronger.

  72. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Faithfully wrote,

    “Tom Cruise did spent a lot of money to Scientology, didn’t he. Isn’t the highest Patron of the IAS? Doesn’t he deserve a little hangar to put his toys for having spent so much money?”

    Tom flowing power to the biggest SP in Scientology history doesn’t deserve any type of reward for propagating the ruining of lives by sending people to the CofS (CofM) to get non-Standard Tech, worse, Reverse Scientology.

    prop·a·gate (prŏpə-gāt′)
    v. prop·a·gat·ed, prop·a·gat·ing, prop·a·gates
    v. tr.

    1. To cause (an organism) to multiply or breed.
    2. To breed (offspring).
    3. To transmit (characteristics) from one generation to another.
    4. To cause to extend to a broader area or larger number; spread: missionaries who propagate the faith.
    5. To make widely known; publicize: propagate a rumor.

  73. So, shall these pics and the data about the cost (from Jack Airey) be sent to various mags and newspapers who always love to get a dig in on Scientology? “Scientology leader steals Church money for Tom Cruise’s present” or “Church Leader uses Slave labor for gift for Tom Cruise”. That will hit both of them where they need to be hit– right between their pr.

    What happened to the pick of DM with a drink in his hand and the lady next to him ? That was price less. I wanted to see it on a news paper “The leader of the CofS”. I wanted this pic and the other one broadly promoted. It should be given to the press. It also should be made up into flyers and mailed to every Scientologist who is on lines. They would have to at least go WTF!

    Not everyone is looking at this site. The pics need to come to them. How ’bout a mailing list from those who are still connected but peeking? That would be helpful. I’d love to hear the justifications from DM and Company. “They are phony”. But at least he would be more paranoid knowing that enemies are everywhere.

    Also, FAITHFULLY, seriously now, there is NO PROOF that Tom got in 1000’s of people. Supposedly, this was a result of an internet survey on how people heard about Scientology. Even if its true, that doesn’t mean they all signed up and bought books or courses. To get a FREEDOM AWARD one has to CSW and show what ones has done over a long period of time. It is not like an Academy Award where you get this phone call…but it was in Tom’s case I am sure. He was probably as surprised as the rest of us!! Another propitative action on the part of DM…

    Did anyone see the movie :DEVILS ADVOCATE where AL Pacino plays the Devil who owns the law firm, and actor Kenau Reeves is his employee. I won’t ruin it by saying much, but it’s somewhat fitting to the DM/TC scenario except Reeves isn’t a big player like Cruise—at first. Also Pacino give a great speech in that movie..great justifications that only the DEVIL can create.

    The only thing I have heard or read regarding Tom and the Church has always been negative. He opens his mouth, and I cringe. He is no Travolta when it comes to interviews. Please, Tom, have a cup of shut the hell up!

  74. “I read a book about nuns”.
    I’ll set you up with a subscription. Just don’t tell your C/S.

    If you see that your org is low in numbers, don’t feel bad, just request a move to a more robust org and see what you get.

    Sorry for replying to the Troll, but too easy and fun.

  75. T0m,
    I give’er every now and then, within parameters. The last day of the Independent’s Day celebration in July, a whole bunch of us got together and more or less had a group line charge. It was really good to get so outside of the seriousness of the Int Base and laugh heartily at the goings on we experienced.

    One the the things DM took sooooo seriously, we just had a field day with and in fact Jackson mocked-up an ‘anon’ video on the theme and it was absolutely hilarious. I voted for it enthusiastically.

    Shortly after, on the same theme of DM-isms, the whole thing about the ‘grounding rod’ came up. The first time I heard it, it went past me, an ‘incredible’. Then it began to sink in. I asked again for details, and the full import impinged on me.

    I had to take a walk as I began to cry.

    On my return, Kat James met me. She began, quietly, to tell me of some of her life as a Scientologist. It was so moving, I came to confront on the stark reality of David Miscavige.

    He is a mad man. The classic sociopath. A truly suppressive personality who hates others and no matter what PR he uses to attempt to mask that hatred, it is there constantly, covertly, overtly and as a continuous determination to destroy. That’s a sobering reality.

    Marty’s editorial policy on this blog is effective. Amazingly so. I think the success across the broad spectrum of life is evidence of his standard and the ability to factually move this on up a little higher.

    Me, well…

  76. You go girl!
    That is; what it is, on their own terms.
    These judges better start thinking on their feet.

  77. Faithfully (drinking the Kool Aid),
    The hangar doesn’t look very luxurious to me. Just a hall with banners.
    Oh really. How many aircraft hangers have you seen that look like this? You wouldn’t be trying to downplay the luxuriousness of this hanger, now would you? Afraid of a visit from a gov agency maybe? You know, the slave labor part.
    By the way, funny you picked the word “luxurious”.

    COB says…….
    Since when is he known to tell the truth? Tell us. Just one example will do.

    Can you prove that Tom Cruise did not inspire tons of people to join?
    Can you prove you’re not a troll?

  78. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “I don’t know if the reports on the Cob are true and if he spends lots of C of S cash on himself. That doesn’t feel so good because he shouldn’t be a religious leader by being so luxury-oriented.”


    I apologize if my communication in my other responses to your comments were a bit strong or maybe unreal to you.

    I believe I know what you’re going through right now. Perhaps you don’t want to believe some of data you’re reading about the Church of Scientology and David Miscavage, in which you have had faith in its goodness. That’s because YOU are good.

    The idea of such evil you’re reading about is likely a hard pill to swallow.

    I understand that sinking feeling of “this can’t be true.” I’ve been there. Most others here have been too. The tendency is to want to not-is it. It can be quite shocking. But I ask that you please just continue looking and confronting. You will eventually nail down the real Truth.

    It can be painful at first. But the Truth ends up to be quite liberating, I promise.

    I appreciate you commenting on this blog and I hope you continue to do so. It is quite brave of you actually.

  79. Exactamente. The abuse of dedication of Sea Org members is what I find most offensive.

    I also suspect that Faithfully is either very young and/or very inexperienced outside of a Scientology circle. Her writing style is immature and comments reflect lack of experience or perspective. Thus, I wonder why she would be writing here if not a “post” or conditions assignment of some sort.

    Faithfully, a lot of us were the most dedicated Scientologists you could imagine – still are, actually. Cob puts up a glam false image. He is not the man he would like you to believe. He has harmed Scientology and Scientologists who served LRH directly and has done things that would have gotten him declared by LRH, I truly believe.

    Good luck.

  80. OK, I can’t stand it anymore. I sold several thousand Dianetics books, I bodyrouted in over a thousand people to orgs, I ran a Dianetics radio show for over a year and did thousands of hours of auditing. I made more NED auditors in the last year than the Tampa org with their 135 staff members.
    Where’s my friggin airplane hangar???????

    Oh, that’s right, I’m just an SP because I call F/Ns properly and have happy pcs.

    Geeze, how stupid can you be?

    Besides that, you sound like a nice thetan. How about you don’t practice quite so much not-isness and see if you like it. LRH says in the axioms that the practice of not-isness reduces understanding. Think that might be true?

    Sorry, Marty…I guess I just got “sudden”

  81. You missed the whole point.
    It doesn’t matter how much Tom Cruise has given to the church. It is irrelevant.
    The Church simply shouldn’t use Sea Org members and Church funds on anything that is for TC. If the SO members did it in their spare time, and if TC paid for the materials, then fine. But these SO members haven’t had any spare time in the last 10 years.
    As for the money, it’s misappropiation of funds, as the money was clearly not intended for that purpose, according to any finance policy I know of.

    And, as for your comment about TC bringing in a million new people, that is easy to disprove. There aren’t a million scientologist in the church (and today there are probably more outside than inside, anyway). To have a million scientologists, each org has to have at least 6,500 public scientologists (and 200 staff). I can’t even name one org today that is at that level. It doesn’t matter that Miscavige boasts that there are millions of scientologists. It just isn’t true.
    How many scientologists are there in your org? (Not just names in the CF, actual scientologists.)


  83. It’s actually shocking how many patrons there are. I don’t care who you are, $40K is a hit. I know – a family member of mine is a founding patron, and now… Would be nice to have the dough, is all I’ll say.

    One problem with this is that a $40K donor has a vested interest in being right. You’d think that Grade IV (Ser Facs) would be flat, but sunk costs are hard to confront.

  84. Another example of why DM is ordering pizzas for you! Rock on!

  85. Karen, Thanks for sharing this.
    One of the first times Sea Org staff in the form of estates personnel and RPF were used to benefit and impress Tom Cruise was after his first visit to the Gold/Int base in 1989.

    There was a rudimentary rifle range behind Bonnie View, LRH’s house on the property for his use. As part of the range, there was a hand activated trap and skeet machine that you manually pulled a string to propel the trap and skeet out so that the shooter could shot them with shotguns. One of the first places DM brought TC on his first visit was up to the rifle range behind BV to shoot guns.

    Before his next visit to the base a few weeks later, TC had sent a gift to DM for the rifle range. It was an automatic trap and skeet machine.

    DM ordered Estates and the RPF to get a bunker built on the range for the new machine and completely redo the range including a new concrete pad and landscaping. All of this had to be done in about 48 hours before TC arrived so DM could impress TC with how fast the place was transformed.
    Needless to say, the RPF and Estates staff worked around the clock to get it done and did a great job. But I remember thinking what a waste of time and ridiculous pressure used to whip the staff in order to impress Cruise.

  86. martyrathbun09

    Don’t be sorry. You were particularly right on the money with this: “Oh, that’s right, I’m just an SP because I call F/Ns properly and have happy pcs.”

  87. martyrathbun09

    Sorry pal. If you need more than is already out there – and most particularly on this blog, including its links where you can see the sources under questioning – you may as well wait for an enchanted fairy to come around and sprinkle wake-up dust on those you want to pop out into the real world.

  88. martyrathbun09

    Not to mention would make case gains once again possible personally.

  89. Mike LOL 🙂 by now it is hard to say where Tom ends or Dave begins :)))))

  90. CU,
    Tom Cruise has been on OT7 for many year. Since he is DM’s BFF, he gets away with murder and no one is allow to put ethics on him, just like his buddy,DM. They are 2 peas in a pod.

  91. May Howard Becker and Michael Roberts burn in hell. in

    This comment is so true and so painful to read. Becoming a patron is a life-changing experience and not for the positive. You suck it up because you think you are doing your part – you are the “war at home” supporting the staff and SO who are fighting the good fight. To find out that it’s a deception is gut-grinding.

  92. A million “joined” because of Tome Cruise?? Really? Is that a straight up and vertical statistic?

    Where are they? and what are you purporting the million people “joined”? The Sea Org? The IAS?

    And why is it that FSMs and hardworking staff who have audited thousands of hours and freed a lot of people are not as lavishly “rewarded”?

    Scientology claims that there are approximately 8 million Scientologists, world-wide.

    However, Heber Jentzsch, President of the Church of Scientology, admitted in a TV interview that this number includes every person who has ever purchased a book, taken a service or otherwise shown any interest in Scientology whatsoever.

    Third-party sources have estimated the number of active Scientologists as 55,000 in the US, 1523 in Canada, 741 in Australia.

  93. Faithfully, you wrote: “He could probably could have built himself thousands of hangars without donating millions and millions to the IAS.”

    LOL That, Faithfully, is exactly what the definition of “Celebrity” is to the butt-kissing, button-pushing sycophancy that rules the Organization and amorally (mis)worship$$ MONEY as value, i.e., someone who has million$ of dollars. And ingratiating one’s self to such “upstats” is a very old and common game.

  94. Faithfully, your linguistic cadences and glitches remind me of Minerva!

  95. Just Me, thank you for this excellent, lucid distillation of what’s relevant here. These are lives we are talking about, not mere numbers.

  96. ROFL Oh yes, Faithfully, it’s just the two BIG BEINGS, DM and TC, together and tough against a world of little street workers and house wives right? They’re entitled to all the nobody’s money, so they can strut around and produce gawdy mediocre ops to wear sunglasses and leather jackets and “save” the world. How more important and noble can one be?

  97. Pingback: Tom Cruise » Tom Cruise's Hangar Produced by Scientology “church” Slave Labor …

  98. P.S. And I’m with you, Just Me, it really is an outrage. Thank you for focusing on the people, the hardworking, caring people behind the numbers that are fleeced. ❤

  99. “Darius Wilhere (now ex-GOLD staff and a Declared SP) ”

    Karen #1, I’m SO happy to read this. I have many fond memories of little Darius buzzing around Sandy’s office when I would be working with her on getting a staff member fixed. He was a very nice child. Glad he is out!

  100. +1

    I’m on that list, a little fish and a Founding Patron – the “effects of becoming a Patron” are on your list, Just Me. Add to the list (as DM’s thank you): family systematically destroyed (beginning early 80″s and lasting to this day).

    I’m repairing (and making progress) and once my family is out of his claws and safe, I’m gonna come out (it’s to them only that I’m not yet).

  101. I could care less what people do with their money. Personally though when one considers how many mosquito nets this could buy to prevent children in Africa from getting malaria, the self-indulgence of it would make me feel pretty darned shallow.
    What I do care about is what others do with my money when it is solicited for what is represented as worthy causes and is not. To defraud someone under those pretenses is unconscionable—I couldn’t do it and I’ve got a pretty tough hide.
    Talk about putting yourself down the chute and into the sh*t.
    If it’s any consolation to anyone who might be feeling the sting of DM’s dog and pony show, individuals like that are already spiritually dead. Their physical bodies may give the illusion otherwise but rest assured they derive little pleasure out of life.
    Describe their self-inflicted predicament any way you want but this one does as good as any:
    Karma. The gift that keeps on giving.

  102. DFB aka dfb99, IMHO this is part of the covert destruction of Scientology in the respect that false, shallow glitter and money is being held up as value, and is being used as comparisons to invalidate and make less of true value.

    It’s part of the inversion. It’s supreme arrogance and empty.

    L. Ron Hubbard put auditors above and before even his own creativity as a writer.

    Try with the life of me, I cannot imagine LRH patting a Tom Cruise on the back as an example of the “best possible Scientologist.” I only say this — not because I need a cue from LRH — but because I know the true value of human beings. Of all the people I have met and known and read, Hubbard is one who empowered others the most.

    The exact inverse is happening today, and it’s done with perversion of the tech, and by holding up “false idols” if you will — get people to aspire to things that don’t serve them.

    Only a person who truly values and loves life could have developed the tech, and could have written this, and only those who share that could have served in the ideal and vision believed as the Aims of Scientology.

    Sorry, dancing in your underwear and blowing up cars to look cool and making millions of dollars doesn’t hold a candle to this value. And trying to hold up in comparison as “the greatest devotion to Scientology” is a sham.

    That kind of condescension is not unintentional nor accidental. It’s a control operation. Similar to the way consumers are coerced into buying, like women are controlled into buying cosmetics if ads can convince them some (airbrushed) version is “mo betah than them”. Very low-toned form of control and invalidation.

  103. Not necessarily, Grasshopper. From my experience (including “in good standing Patrons”), there’s no vested interest in having to be right. A “Patron” can quickly turn into 40,000 reasons more to say WTF ! All it needs is ONE single Outpoint truly confronted. An avalanche of outpoints follow it.

  104. I was referring to WHAT DO I THINK OF AUDITORS? by L. Ron Hubbard, in which he wrote: “Auditors survive better than other people. If this world has any faintest chance of surviving it will be not because I write, but because auditors can and will think and do.

    Just saying. Now let’s talk about VALUE and holding up examples of greatness.

  105. …in context with a Church pinnacle of exemplary Scientology.

  106. Ensifer, you have “negative proof”.

    If the data on this blog were made up, do you think DM would wait one second to take Marty to the courts?

    I’ve been in the legal arena for the c of s and so have others on this blog. The “church” even has the reputation of being “litigation minded”, and rightfully so.

    To top it, this allegation, if false, would be an easy “feather in your cap” to win.

    So, Dumb Master, sue!


  107. F,
    You say: “What if they wanted to do it?…”
    The SO just doesn’t operate that way! Not sure if you’re from Minerva’s planet. Seems a direct insult to compare those still there and Ex-SO as nuns. But perhaps you’re correct as that dynamic is totally suppressed by your dear leader.

    Is CoS cash = IAS cash in your universe?

  108. Without repeating what is gross, illegal, fraud etc. about making such a “pressie”, doesn’t it just look plain and simply odd and weird? Like the office in the hangar too?

    Doesn’t it remind you of the typical C of M event dressing which looks oddly similar to Nazi Rally dressings blended with a funky Baroque decor? It does to me.

    Certainly wouldn’t want the Dumbest Member decorating my house! Must be a Gross Alteration of some Technology (Interior Design and Taste, that is, not what you were thinking of).

  109. YAWN! More pictures proving Miscavige is an ass-licking madman, and that Cruise is beyond help. So what? How many more posts of photos of neat stuff showing that Miscavige IS ripping off people and abusing his position do we need? Really. DO SOMETHING MORE PRO-ACTIVE rather than pissing & moaning on just another anti-cult Blog. Are we to come back here in another 10 years time and see yet more photos and no action? What next – photos of Miscavige’s diamond encrusted toilet seas and toilet paper made from real $100 bills? So what?


  110. I also like to give my beloved gifts.

  111. crashingupwards

    Bingo. Dead right.

    As far as Scientology as an organized mass movement of self-improvement, your right up to your eyeballs. That ship has sunk. The race between dianetics and the atom bomb has been lost. We need some luck to keep this planet going.

    But the subject matter of scientology is alive and well in the hands of many who post here.

  112. I’m the 100th response? Just seeing if this works..
    Hugs all of you.

  113. Mike — seems to me Marty’s “whining” and amateur photojournalism has you beat. For one, he has photos. For two, you do nothing that anyone can see other than complain about what Marty does that a lot of people see. For three, how about a name, or are you afraid to let anyone know who you are? Now why dont you just go back under the bridge and play with Dave and Dave.

  114. Is your middle-name by any chance ” Troll ” or ” OSA bot ” ?

  115. Yeah.

    My org does not make clears or auditors.

    They are a charity.

  116. One the the things DM took sooooo seriously, we just had a field day with and in fact Jackson mocked-up an ‘anon’ video on the theme and it was absolutely hilarious. I voted for it enthusiastically.

    I would have really loved to see that one!

  117. Veritas,
    I look at “OT’s” and “ideal Scientologists” and I see it’s all about status.
    I guess thetans like status. They hand you a framed certificate and say “congrats, you are a level 5 humanitarian!”

  118. As an afterthought:

    Isn’t it interesting that the bots never talk about the subject at hand, such as “the pictures are false” or “no SO member worked on the hangar” etc.

    Instead, the “comm cycle” goes somewhat like this:

    Joe: “Bill killed a woman”

    Bill’s-bot: “Joe, your tie doesn’t match your suit”.

    Addressed to OSA: Answer people’s questions and make friends. Don’t and you make your own enemies.

    (I know, I know, my tie is crooked)

  119. The big lie: Celebs Drive in The Public


    I was on staff at CCLA during Travolta’s immense popularity. I don’t recall ONE person of the general public coming in BECAUSE of John, who stayed. A few might have trickled in hoping to see THE STAR, but go up the bridge. In someone’s dreams.

    Kirsti Alley was a popular star from Cheers. Floods of people in? NO

    Celebrities MIGHT lend some credibility to a subject — MAYBE. The only thing I’ve ever seen is Celebrities WILL try to bring in their peers. Who might stay. Will Smith?

    But the masses? Please. How many celebs that you know, even TOUCH the masses – let along bring them in.

    People used to come into scn primarily through their friends. Positive publicity made the name recognition easier.

    Now — the negative publicity must make getting friends in — IMPOSSIBLE. If a scientologist even HAS non-scientology friends. Doubtful. Most scios are very insulated and would eschew non-scio friends because THEY read!!!

    Lock-stepping scios are really too bizarre and lack friendliness.


  120. What a Jerk…
    (By that I don’t mean TC is an Idiot. He’s anything but that.)

    To undercut I’m thinking it goes like this;
    Dave: “I got some real out-ethics cats to fix this place up real nice for you”.
    Tom: (big broad-face-smile, as expression turns to Confusion. Pauses) “RPFers?”
    Dave: “Yup.”

    The minute, nanosecond, he wakes up, Tom’s a Jerk.
    If he fails to, he’s an absolute A to E Idiot!

    And I’d never accept him back.

  121. Hey, I know some Orgs that have acquired their ‘Ideal’ buildings and are now struggling to complete the renovations. You don’t suppose little Davey could lend a hand, do you?

  122. David Miscavige is an Aberrative Personality, as described in PAB 13 On Human Behavior. (LRH continued to study this personality, and the data on Anti-Social Personalities was researched and published eventually. Including the mechanics of how and SP becomes one, which adds to this PAB.)

    The relationship to TC is predicted in that PAB: “There is hardly a man of art or letters who does not bear on him the scar of having associated with a “merchant of fear,” for these are vampire personalities. They are themselves so starved of admiration and of sensation that they drink out of others around them any possible drop of admiration in any form.”

    Admiration creates space. DM has no personal space, as the being he actually is. His space was overwhelmed at some point in time. His anchor points caved in, and he left with nothing but that which won over him – the valence we see today. With no viewpoint of his own to extend out dimension, including admiration, DM can’t as-is bank. In fact ‘bank’, the valence that overwhelmed him is his ‘viewpoint’. What he ‘sees’ from that ‘viewpoint’ is his personal nightmare that WE are caught up in. So is Tom Cruise.

    It’s probably worse for Tom, since he is such an artist and able personality. He is latched onto by DM: “They are themselves so starved of admiration
    and of sensation that they drink out of others around them any possible drop of admiration in any form.”

    DM involves others in committing destructive acts. It brings them down and plays on their native sense of ethics and justice to introvert them and make them effect. By having Tom accept the ‘gifts’ of Sea Org members time and effort to dress up this extravagant MEST, Tom’s integrity is compromised: “It should be remembered that such people have invited many overt acts. The “merchants of fear” specialize in being offended themselves and, even though the overt acts against them are slight, these have become magnified in the preclear’s bank until such people, on the overt act phenomenon alone, occupy a major role in the preclear’s thinking.”

    Tom C will eventually need to come to confront the scene with DM, and his relationship with this truly suppressive personality.

    This display, these photos and such, are an ethics gradient, from Ethics Review, applied. Sooner or later, the right one will bite. I hope it’s sooner because I recognize in Tom Cruise an able being and potential for positive influence in a wide sphere of that being.

  123. Sinar, the line was first pushed by ED Int in the last issue (Flag Order) in the series that banned Sea Org couples having children. That’s more than 10 years ago now.

    At the insistence of Miscavige and to justify the total ban on kids Leserve made the point that Sea Org members were really monks who lead a monastic life style. If you can believe that con job, I certainly couldn’t when I read it!

    Nuns or monks, its a DM line, no doubt about it.

  124. My understanding is that he’s not happily out and trying hard to get back in.

    Really heartbreaking. Darius has known no 0ther life than the SO. I hope someone who is out who DOES know where he is, can help him.

    I would gladly send some support to help him get started.


  125. I seriously doubt many people joined scientology because of Tom, whenever I mentioned his name to disseminate someone, I’ve always got a negative response. I also doubt that he has the guts to audit or give anybody even an assist.

  126. “He [Cob] thinks there are street workers, house wives, and there is only one TC.”

    Yes, we know that’s what he thinks, Faithfully. And it’s exactly that complete lack of empathy and affinity for other human beings that he manifests in so many, many ways that persuades us he is a psychopath.

    Just Me

  127. Mike – now here’s an interesting post. Starts with the attempt at ‘boredom’ reminiscent of the comments section of the St Pete Times articles and the OSA responses. Then goes into the sympathetic ‘I’m with you on how bad DM is’ thing. Then proceeds to the ‘make nothing of’ Marty’s ethics gradient applied as represented in this Opening Piece. And ends in more make nothing of, this time in a sort of antago Tone (slid down the scale).

    I’m curious as to why the Boredom tone is used so often by OSA. It isn’t really boredom or you wouldn’t comment. No it’s feigned and a ‘play the Tone Scale’ type of thing. It’s blatantly an attempt to unmock what is in reality a definite impinging. It is also ‘whistling past the graveyard’ – an attempt to not-is what is there in fact, and hope it has no effect, when it obviously does. Else, why post here in the first place?

    “Do something” you exhort? It’s apparent something has been done (you’ve responded to the done haven’t you) and you can count on it continuing. That’s the deal ‘Mike’. These postulates herein represented, by many able beings, have ‘stick’ power. Inexorable. Not the vaguest hope of not-ising this movement. You’d best sip heavily on the quinine and get back on the road to truth.

  128. The Many Faces Of

    Speaking of devil, the classic film “Dead Again” begets the archetype vampires vote for most realistic film. It portrays that ones enemies from the past are not DEAD but can be fully active in present time to strike again same as the She-devil ( concubine) from Castle Vlad did. Unless enough Auditing intervenes to break the cycle so I might believe.

    The Count

  129. Two sides:

    1) I read that TC said that he thinks about moving to the UK. If this is true, he moving away from the cob.

    2) The hangar could be there to make it easier for TC to come to INT to share his new expansion news with the INT staff.

    3) About the expansion, I believe the Cob counts people who apply some kind of tech as success. They don’t have to become necessarily Scientologists.


    I am not defending the Cob, I just try to see both sides.

  130. Marty, in addition to this I have a request that you write about what DM did in 1990 after the rain and mudslide into the G’s (Tom’s living space on the base). Many were assigned to the decks AND the RPF for not predicting and handling Mother Nature. The entire base was assigned a condition of Confusion for this. An all-out Ethics mission was sent into Gold – Mission I/C James Byrnes who liked to call the lot of us “Black-hearted, SP souls.” One late for any muster and you were assigned to the RPF. I wonder what Tom Cruise would think if he found out that many people went through absolute hell and were sent to slave camps for him? Free office and hangar work is Disneyland in comparison to all that has been done in the name of Tom Cruise.

  131. Let’s just assume for a moment that TC did bring in thousands or millions of people into Scientology. And, he has donated huge sums of money to the CO$. How many millions of dollars justify and make right the use of SO slave labor?
    How many millions of dollars justify treating people like that? Underfed, sleep deprived, degraded conditions and treatment year after year. At what point does any amount of money make this OK?
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  132. WE, don’t try to turn this blog in another natter board. Allow another opinion without insulting the poster and may the best opinion stand at the end. But I gotta tell you, it will not be yours.

    I am no troll.

    If Cath. monks build a hangar for a giving friend of the Cath. Church, the government will do NOTHING.

    Opposing opinions are WELCOME.

  133. I didn’t knew that, Just Me.

    I think that the Cob means that TC did the most for SCN expansion but I don’t know how he counts. Probably not new Scientologists but people who apply some kind of tech, e.g. firemen on the purif, kids on a study program, things like that.

    Not trying to defend the Cob, really, I have my own critical thoughts about him but I try to see both side to be sure I make no mistake.

  134. Haydn,
    Thanks, hadn’t seen the issue. It sure isn’t mentioned in any SO recruiting promotions.

  135. Actually, Tom has pissed off more than one director because on movie sets, if someone is injured, TC stops everything, quiets the place and does the assists… leaving a red-faced, infuriated director biting his lips trying not to piss off the 30+ million dollar lead actor for stopping production.

    As for auditing in an HGC? I’m sure Tom is too “busy” for that. Heaven forbid! There’s red carpet to be walked? And a thousand hands to shake! That’s far more benificial to Scn than some silly pc. Sheesh!

    /sarcasim off

    That darn button keeps getting stuck! LOL

  136. martyrathbun09

    Read the other posts about all of the conduct reported on this blog, and then re-evaluate you statement, “If Cath. monks build a hangar for a giving friend of the Cath. Church, the government will do NOTHING”, por favor.

  137. martyrathbun09

    John, with the legal stuff I was involved in at the time I don’t have a comprehensive portrait of that incident. I would love for someone to submit an article by email on the subject for posting here.

  138. I think the celebs that pulled the most “back in the day” were Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke. Stanley got “out” in the early 80’s…. Chick is oddly silent about it all, after being very vocal about it early on.

    One that got away was Christopher Reeves (may he RIP). He was onlines at CC New York briefly….

  139. The Many Faces Of

    He would’nt be the only T2 vampire sent from the past that needs the a full handling. there is one more.

    The Count
    sorry no refection in the water. just the the faces of old enemies unhandled in themselves.

  140. Mark,
    Had forgotten about that, it was a big project these guys had to get done on a ridiculous time frame. There were also rules that Int Base staff could not originate comm to Tom Cruise, unless they were addressed first. This is similar to the rules that an RPF member could not originate to those not in the RPF, when Tom Cruise was on the base.

  141. Jean-François Genest

    In the Commonwealth of Nations, Queen Elizabeth II is addressed as:
    Her Majesty (3rd person) or Your Majesty (2nd person)

    David Miscavidge must be addressed as:
    His FELONY (3rd person) or Your FELONY (2nd person)

  142. The Many Faces Of

    He might not know if he as “told all” as something may be remaining unknown.
    “About this incident, is there anything remaining unknown?”

    The Count
    Who knows?

  143. martyrathbun09

    BBC, trail number 2:

  144. Jean-François Genest

    If only Thomas Cruise Mapother IV actually APPLIED and DEMONSTRATED Dianetics and Scientology on the screen, I would have some respect for him as a supposedly “disseminator” of Dn and Scn.

    Never saw Tom Cruise AUDIT someone in one of his movies. We’re in 2010 now. We see Christian rituals, Muslim rituals, Jewish rituals, etc. in motion pictures. Show me Scientology on the big screen and IDENTIFY it as such. Word Clearing, Auditing, Assists, Admin Tech, the Art Series, etc.

    At least John Travolta DEMONSTRATES some Scientology in his films, though the examples are camouflaged and not identified as Scientology.

  145. John,
    Gold was assigned Confusion that day. I was working at the Music Studio’s Rehearsal Building when the hail came. I recall the implication from DM that Tom C ‘could have been killed’ by the mudslide that occurred when the rains followed the hail. Of course, if he’d been anywhere near the mudslide, like in its path, that may have had some truth. He wasn’t. He wasn’t actually ON the property.

    We, Gold crew, got assigned a lower condition as a group, for a ‘theoretical incident’. It was one of the most bizarre episodes imaginable over that next time period, which lasted for what, a year or so. The real incident was the Group Engram that began with that insane condition assignment from David Miscavige, and the myriad arbitraries that followed in its wake.

    James Byrne and his ‘blaggards’ at muster in the back of Bldng 36, the ‘Manufacturing Building’. ‘Close Order Drill’. RPF assignments for being late to these multiple daily musters. Mob think. Rice and beans. No pay. While DM played Nintendo.

    Hallucinatory cause and wrong source, DM’s case, in full dramatization.

    It rained. That’s all that really happened Dave.

  146. Such serendipity…

    I give the Beeb a pass and a VWD on their application of “Come-On Dissemination.”

  147. Me too!

  148. Jim-

    Thanks for another great synopsis. MOQ rocks.


  149. Veritas,

    Very eloquently stated. And so true.


  150. martyrathbun09

    Interesting date concident with the advent of permanent lower conditions and declining Int stats, both conditions worsening from that point forward.

  151. I know why DM spiffed up that hanger; to make it easy for TC to fly in buckets of money.

    As far as TC bringing in sheep for the shearing, it was also TC who brought in anonymous.

    If TC never existed, the CofS would be in significantly better shape today than it actually is. Given the comments that maybe TC was the inspiration of the Ideal Org misadventure, it may well be that TC is the greatest disaster that ever hit the CofS, ever. Maybe DM is unknowingly working for TC.

  152. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you. There is humour in this 2nd trailer. I like it.
    I am wishfully thinking that Marty or Steve will be able to post the video on your sites. Here in Canada, we have BBC Canada & BBC World but I haven’t found BBC One.

  153. “That means that the Cob says that LRH didn’t bring in as many people in the orgs?”

    Apparently so.

  154. T/C bringing new people into Scn.

    The stastic for new people in is the Public Regged Paid Start- PRPS (perps)

    Someone is regged and starts a service.

    What is Tom’s PRPS Stat? Zero I bet.

    For that matter, what is the church’s world wide PRPS stat?

    It’s like all other statistics of any importance. It is not published because
    it is embarrasing and flys in the face of the P/R of the Fastest Growing
    Religion in the world and Incredible Expansion.

    If the New public on lines- PRPS stat was 10 million last year,
    would Management flaunt it? Well naturally they would.

    How about if it was 5,000? Well naturally they wouldn’t.

    So this whole thing about T/C bringing people in is just smoke and mirrors.

    The real evidence of production is in the statistic. How many, in what unit of time.

    The WW PRPS stat is low and Cruises is in Non -E.
    Were his P/R value as good as the P/R says it is, then the PRPS stat
    should be soaring.

    Sorry Tom- your value at the Church’s box office is failing.

  155. and look where DM is on his 2D. Just pull out your science of survival and look at the chart of human evaluation. Its all sitting there in Black and white.

  156. Jean-François Genest

    I agree with the Dev-T Cruise nomination!

    → [Dev-T = DEVeloped Traffic / unnecessary hindrance to the accomplishment of day-to-day affairs] (i hope this is a simple enough explanation)

  157. Excellent *folds hands together*

  158. JM,

    How right you are!

    What I can’t figure out is why it appears to be impossible to get at DM via a lawsuit or other legal means? The evidence of abuse and law-breaking seems overwhelming. Why are the feds not acting? Why no raids?

    It is scary to contemplate the possibility that DM’s money and connections, both celebrity and political, have enabled him to become a sort of Super Mafia, able to instill paralyzing fear into the very highest levels of our government.

    I don’t tend towards conspiracy theories. But the more I read about what has been and is going on inside DM’s “church” – felonies and other crimes spanning almost 3 decades – I have to wonder, are the federal authorities in the US bought and paid for, or just afraid to take him on because of fear of what he and his minions will do to them?

    Evidence is all over the place for anyone to see. It’s gotten to the point where he (DM) is almost brazen, in-your-face with his criminal activities.

    I don’t get it. Something is wrong with this picture. Raids of INT should have happened long since.


  159. Karen,

    What was planted near the G Units (Bungalows for VIPs) at the Int Base were wildflowers and not wheat or wheat grass as I recall.

    Another Ex said this to LA Times: “…a couple of dozen Scientologists scrambled to deal with “an all-hands situation” that kept them working through dawn. The emergency, she said: planting a meadow of wildflowers for Cruise to romp through with his new love, Kidman.”…

    Another Ex had mentioned being awakened in the middle of the night to rush off to a 24/7 pharmacy to get Calamine lotion, after an apparent romp through the wildflowers result, very late at night.

    The meadow of wildflowers was removed and some other landscaping installed a bit later.

  160. martyrathbun09

    Welcome to America. It might not be what you think it is.

  161. Jean-François Genest

    Wow! At this writing, I counted *32* replies generated by Faithfully’s comment. Would this be considered Dev-T? or a good discussion?

    Faithfully, carry on please, you’re still WAY downstat compared to Snow White a few months ago.

  162. Hey, is this maybe a peace offering for the 250 million dollar lawsuit he was named in? Does anybody know the status of this lawsuit? The Google is not so awesome on this and only shows data from 2008.

  163. AC, you nailed it.

    The silver lining, though, as is obvious if one takes the time to read the posts and replies on this blog every day, is that there are MANY here among us who will not let this tech be destroyed.

    To the contrary, we will pick up the pieces, take the tech to the world, apply it as intended by LRH, and help people improve the conditions of their lives.

    The inevitable consequence of that help will be the restoration of the reputation of Scientology (the subject), and the undoing of the damage done by DM and his minions.

    There are many doing this as we speak. Recently I read an account of the huge wins of a former staff member, blown for 30 years, no contact with Scientology since then, now recovered, purpose rehabbed, flying in life and ready to move on up in his auditing – auditing delivered by a “declared SP” in the Independent field.

    Read Marty’s writeup from earlier this week “Crystal Clear” to get an idea of how this can and will unfold. That article was a beautiful statement of how Scientology should be applied, and what it can do for someone when correctly applied. There’s no way anyone could read that article and not want to have those wins in their own life.

    Not to diminish the evils that must be confronted and handled – but in many ways, the future has once again become very bright.


  164. Faithfully — I’m thinkin’ that comparisons between the Catholic Church and their sins AND the current dm “church” are not really the best examples. (unless you are trying to bury dm)

    I mean — currently the now Pope is being held accountable for KNOWING about the abuse of hundreds of young deaf students at a Catholic boarding school.

    And guess what — the Vatican IS going to pay on this latest revelation and law suit. And the Pope might not recover, his reputation.

    So — Faithfully. Time to start READING the paper and LOOKING.

    Perhaps the government WILL do nothing about dm and his ilk. But the courts WILL do something. It’s just a matter of time.

    Took decades for the abused children of Catholic priests to even come forward. And more time for justice to be served. BUT, it is happening.

    Do yourself a favor and instead of harping on one topic (whether the hangar is nice or not for example) – step back and SEE if you can find something mentioned on this blog which clangs with you. With creates a … damn, I wonder if ?

    And work with that.

    It takes a lot to cause a crack in cement but once started it’s impossible to not get bigger and bigger. In other words, you can’t uncrack a crack.


  165. Jean-François Genest

    It is difficult to statistically prove generalities such as:
    «A million “joined” because of Tome Cruise»
    Perhaps that’s why such an expression of grandeur is EASILY used. It SOUNDS huge to camouflage the true smallness of the reality.

    There was a billboard on the Hollywood Inn building on Hollywood Blvd supposedly showing the continuously-increasing number of Dianetics books sold, “up-to-the-minute”.

    One Thursday in the mid-90’s, while working on the weekly statistic evolution at Flag Bureaux, I brought my calculator with me and ADDED UP those stats over the years. My own conclusion was that the billboard on the HI building was not accurate at all, and only based on an INFLATED probability formula.

    Even ALL the books sold didn’t add up to the number displayed on the HI building. Makes you wonder. CofDM’s PR may sound galacticlly, astronomically golden, but people should bite the bait at their own risk.

    * I purchased a Calculus book for college. Does that make ME a Mathematician? (just saying)

  166. “Watch them. Watching him watching them…”

    Anybody know whatever happened to the 250 million dollar RICO Suit filed in Florida in 2008 against the CoS and Tom Cruise? Is it still in process or did it get thrown out?

  167. This will likely be explained by some “DM Cookbook Shuffle” that TC donated Millions resulting in more Sea Staff pay or something like that. I’m sure Top Brass won’t soon run out of plausible “Greatest Good for the greatest number of Dynamics” justifications to rationalize the corruption in the highest Ranks.

    Maybe if the IAS-donating Public had been more dedicated and ‘On Source’, TC might have had a wider Range of Choice in the Selection of Colors.

  168. Jean-François Genest

    Very true Ann.

  169. While you were on staff, did you not read any subject you wanted, Wallflower? Then I pity you because I did. Failure also for accusing me of being a troll.

    Here is my point: the Headley case proved that courts and governments recognize the SO as a religious brotherhood. You have to make your mind up before you join and work for little money. But when the Sea org reserves or IAS reserves are not used for religious purposes, then by all means complain.

    The Cob can show work in the 3rd world and in disaster areas. He didn’t do them himself but Scientologists did. Paid by the IAS. That is not so bad for the IAS.

    A hangar build for TC, the most active “monk” in the field for dissemination of the religion and to reach the monastery faster might be money well spent for the religious order.

    But now listen carefully: if somebody or a group steals that money and uses it for non-religious purposes like some of what the Cob does (personal luxury on himself and not as promotion for the religion) then it is a new ball game.

    Don’t forget that the buildings that the Cob buys stay in Scientology also if he’ d die or leave.

    If you truly think that the Cob is a bad and criminal person, you have to convict him on CRIMES COMMITTED. Personally, I don’t like him but he’ll stay on top of Scientology if you can’t prove his crimes. His spendings on himself tells a lot about him but it is not enough to remove him. Most Sea Org members confirm that they want to be in the SO and when they later change their minds, courts say that they should have thought of that before. In order to remove him, you must prove he committed crimes not just small things.

    List all you know about what he did and does in a survey. Ask law enforcement officials and judges etc. if they consider these crimes. Then you see what I mean. By doing that survey, you should not let your dislike of the Cob come in your way, even if it is hard. Word the questions as neutral as you can with as much info as you can provide.

    Here is one:
    The religious leader build a hangar for the main contributor to the religious community. The contributor gave more money than he took to the community. Is that criminal or illegal by the religious leader?

    Here is another one: A religious leader awards himself with designer clothing while the other members just have simple clothing. Is that criminal or illegal by that religious leader?

    Or this one: A religious leader pays himself 4 Million (?) bucks in a course of 30 years on top of his free room and board. Is that criminal or illegal by that religious leader?

    And so on. Then you will know for sure what law enforcement or the courts are thinking and on which subjects they will jump or not.

    Surveys, LRH admin technology. Works.

  170. Back some time ago, Int did a marketing campaign for Clear Body, Clear Mind. It turned out that people off the street were getting together with their friends, buying the vitamins and going to the local YMCA or wherever to do their own purifs without any church involvement. So, there is certainly reach and no organization (or lavish fundraising or high profile celebrity) is needed to deliver it. The same could be said of the study tech. It is freely available to any who are interested. So, TC is superfluous in promoting it.

    If you care to look, you might find out what people in society generally think of Tom Cruise. Yes, he is rich, but mostly he is a little crazy. His body language reveals his personal insecurities. Is he really a walking advertisement for Scientology? He seems to have driven away far more people that he may have brought in. Of course, Tom has many admirable qualities. He is just PTS.

  171. Wayne, I meet some bad people in my life. I am not seeing the world through pink glasses.

    I am just saying that in order to convict somebody, you have to find out if that what he did and does is really criminal under the law. If you are convinced that somebody is a criminal, and you haven’t got enough proof, then you got to prove it.

    Cob’s life isn’t that bad. He can shield himself from the bad news on the net by not reading it. He has followers who applaud him. It might all just blow over him if you don’t come up with more. That hangar might be legally justified as promotion for Scientology as TC is (or was) such an active Scio. Even the parties might fall under such a category but you could find out for sure by asking the people who know.

  172. That is interesting.

  173. Here is a portion of my escape story, where I wrote up what happened during the flash flood from my point of view:


    Shortly thereafter, the flash flood occurred at the Base. To make a long story short, the Gold/Int Base is located right up next to these dry desert mountains to the Northwest. On the southwest border to the property is a dry river bed to handle any flood waters if a flash flood occurs. The Gold/Int base lies right in between. In the 7 years I lived there, a flood had never happened and the river bed remained bone dry.

    I was working on the sports fields before lunch and was told to go take a nap so that I could get some more security check sessions in the afternoon. I went to the Old Gilman House to a dormitory there to lie down and rest. It started to rain outside and hard. I wasn’t there more than 30 or 40 minutes when a Security Guard came running in and told everyone to get out to the G Units. There was a flash flood happening! (The G Units were old bungalows on the property that had recently been remodeled and decorated for celebrities and other VIPs to stay when at the Base. Most notably at that time – Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.)

    I ran about a mile to get to the sports fields and G Units and when I got there, the rain storm had stopped but enough rain had fallen in a short period of time that all the dirt, mud, boulders and rocks from the barren mountain sides had rushed down the mountain and flooded Tom Cruise’s bungalow as well as the others, and there was now a river of mud and sludge running across all of the new Sports Fields towards the dry river bed.

    Gold crew were waist deep in rushing mud and rain water trying to rescue the G Units. It was amazing that no one got seriously injured or killed. We all pitched in to get the place cleaned up. Everyone at Gold was ordered out there to help. It took hours to try and get the roads cleared. The G Units were full of mud and water and we were working to get them cleaned up.

    At dinner time, the whole Base staff (700 strong) was ordered to the dining hall and told to line up and stand at attention. The Gold Crew were told to stand at the very front. I was there standing next to the other Estates staff when in walked DM in full uniform.

    He got up to a microphone and he blew his stack more than I had ever seen him do before! He was literally foaming at the mouth. He went on and on about how the flood was “Gold Staff’s fault”! It never would have happened if Gold staff had been properly prepared. The G Unit bungalows were ruined when Tom Cruise, the most important celebrity in Scientology history, was about to come back to the Base and stay for several weeks.

    He called the Gold Staff every dirty name in the book and announced that we were to stay up all night and day until the clean up was done. There were also vicious penalties assigned as well. After about 10 minutes, he finished, turned around and marched out of the building.

    I stood there thinking that DM had gone completely mad! This was an act of nature. Its called a 100 year flood. There was no way to predict this was going to happen and how could it possibly be the staff’s fault? Standing next to me during the briefing was Paul Grady. We didn’t speak a word to each other, but we both thought the same thing and came to the same conclusion. We need to get out of here!

  174. Older and Wiser

    Why the F*&% would a public Scientologist need to fly in to the Int base to brief the STAFF there about his new expansion news? You’re obviously a troll, there’s no way you couldn’t see how absolutely batshit insane that is, unless you were deep within DM’s mind-meld.

    Sadly, I’m not even saying it wouldn’t happen, with the ridiculous state of things, but you think that’s a JUSTIFICATION?

  175. Excellent points, all. First of all, moving to East Grinstead isn’t necessarily moving away from the midget. Second, why would Int staff need to be personally briefed on “expansion news”? If you look for stories from Scientology in the 1970s (or talk to an old timer), academies were packed with often 200 students. Frankly stated, there has been no expansion for decades, only an overall decline in stats which has been artfully covered up. Third, making up new stats or redefining old ones makes it impossible to manage by stats. Everything from the calculation of student points to well done auditing sessions has been redefined from the LRH days. What about Clears made, or auditors made? Who cares about that when you can have sexier stats like “number of dollars raised for ideal orgs”? I guess LRH was too stupid to think of that one.

  176. Tom Cruise, according to DM, is the greatest disseminator of Scientology, ever. Even got a special IAS trophy for it (at the IAS event it said that Tom Cruise has informed over 1 billion “people of Earth” about Scientology). However, where’s the product? Scientology has been shrinking since the early 90s. How many of Tom’s famous movie business celebrities, like successful actors and directors, has he gotten into Scientology? Zero. He couldn’t even get his own (ex)wife into Scientology and had to go get a new wife who a little more impressionable and malleable than Nicole, and even then he needed the help of RTC to get Katie Holmes into Scn. Tom’s no longer #1 at the box office and is now the butt of jokes, and I’m sure that doesn’t help his “greatest disseminator of Scientology” status.

    As another poster pointed out, hasn’t Tom Cruise done more harm than good for Scientology? Without even getting into the use of Int Base slave labor, what about these PR blunders:

    1) Telling Matt Lauer on the Today show that he’s glib and not an expert on Psychology like he himself is;
    2) Jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch acting a like a silly school boy;
    3) His famous “Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise” video, the posting of which to the Internet and subsequent attempt at censorship by the C of S started the whole Anonymous protesting thing;
    4) Telling Miscavige to make Celebrity Center Paris more upstat looking in appearance, which started the whole “Idle Org” craze

    Speaking of the use of sea org labor, wasn’t Jessica Feshbach assigned as Katie Holme’s “handler” when she was in the first stages of her marriage and into to Scn? Tom Cruise gets a fulltime sea org auditor assigned to his new wife just to keep her ruds in?

    I think Miscavige wants to keep Tom Cruise in Scientology not so much for his “dissemination efforts”, but instead he doesn’t want Tom to speak negatively to the press about the C of S, especially DM himself. Boy, what a PR flap would that be, LOL. Boy, what a legal nightmare would that be for Dumb Midget, LOL. It certainly would explain why DM’s number one jub is keeping TC happy, very happy.

  177. I think that’s TC or DM there alongside Jim Carey

  178. Yeah Jim, It lasted for a bit more than a year. I arrived to the base as part of a CMU man-up mission headed up by Wick Allcock. I arrived shortly after the above incident happened and was briefed up on all the details of course. I remember upon arriving when told about this, I thought it sounded absolutely insane, and that there had to be more to it. CMU was put into Gold during the whole lower condition evolution, and so for a while, we too were part of the muster drills, uniform inspections, having to run everywhere, meter checks, etc… For some reason, I was targeted right away by Gary Conely and the other Gold MAA’s as someone who just needed to be under fire which lasted for months, until I finally went through enough hazing to become a “real” Int base staff member. Nothing ever got better on the base after that rain fell. It only got worse. It’s amazing what a little bad weather can do in the mind of a psycho. Yeah Dave, it just rained.

  179. The more I hear of you – the more I like you! How is SA going?

  180. My God!!!!!!!!! How much healthier and calmer Mike looks now than he did three years ago!!! Amazing what release from the Hole can do. Funny thing is Mike Sutter has the exact gaunt, haunted, Skeletor look today!

    Well done Mike!!

  181. Well, here’s one “stat’ Tom did cause. When I saw the leaked event video of him on Youtube I became convinced the stuff I’d been reading about Scn, however bizarre, must really be true. (I hadn’t yet found this blog) After all, here was DM’s best friend, totally out of valence, saying out point after outpoint, in that hard ass, know best, make wrong state of glee I’d seen around in the church for years. “I RUTHLESSLY put in ethics on others because I RUTHLESSLY put in ethics on myself.” On who? His personal chef or maybe one of his maids or someone else who’s totally starstruck or employed by him?
    Well, thanks Tom for making me see the light.

  182. Who is ‘WE’?

  183. Marty, loved it! looking forward to it.

  184. Byrnes did that? Holy crap.
    He hit ITO around 92′. Worked to get the FEBC evolution up and running. Total dictator, but I thought we were looking at an LRH Prod. Off. in action.
    I’m with Marty. Please do up an article on this.
    For crying out loud, did anything I see have anything to do with Scientology? It’s like finding out a good chunk of your life was for nothing. The more of this I see, the more I feel for the S.O. guys here. Holy shit, what you must be going through. Tell all the nay-sayers to F off and get off your back. You completely deserve better than the shi they are dealing out… bunch playa-haters.


  185. Jim, Just beautiful 360 truth on all flows. No significance, just the woof and warp. Thanks!

  186. My husband and I got in, in part because of John Travolta. We saw him on a show called Actor’s Studio. Seemed like such a great guy. At that time we were in a ruin about our lives and looking for something. So we went online, took the personality test, and ended up at the nearest local org. We did some book one auditing and got totally blown out! amazing. From book one we knew we were on to something. We also worked with a great OES who helped us a lot. If it was not for her I don’t know that we would have continued.

    At the very beginning, I did look at the internet and read quite a bit about Scientology. I did not know what to believe. In the end I compared how what I read on the internet made me feel (crappy), and how my experiences with the people and book one at the local org made me feel (great), and chose to hang with the local org. Here was help, and the promise of help.

    At any rate, this does not prove that celebrities get people into Scientology in any volume. But at the right time, Travolta’s appearance on a show we really liked to watch made a difference for us. I actually wrote to him some time before we knew we were going to leave the church, to acknowledge him for how he influenced us to join the Church and describe the ways that we contributed while in. Never heard back, which is okay.


  187. The Church of Scientology is shrinking instead of expanding. Tom Cruise has been rewarded for being a liability to the church. David Miscavige reversed the Power Change formula and crashed the international stats. Tommy Davis admitted that abuses do occur and lied about disconnection.

    Even with all this, I will continue postulating the reform of the Church of Scientology and not its destruction.

  188. Sinar,

    I hear you. You know more than most as you were Tom Cruise’s personal Chef ~~ weren’t you also sent to his luxury ski-resort home in Telluride?

    The Wheat Grass reference came from a Legal Affidavit of Karen Pressley and was on record in the Book “Tom Cruise, an Authorized Biography.” You are right it says Wheat grass AND Wild Flowers.
    At Tom Cruise’s wedding to Nicole Kidman, “the event was choreographed and orchestrated by Miscavige, who arranged for two Scientology chefs and other Sea Org members to cater and care for the newlyweds and their guests.”
    Miscavige’s wedding gift to Cruise and Kidman: “A team of twenty Sea Org members was set to work digging, hoeing, and planting wheat grass and wildflower seed near the Cruises’ bungalow” after Miscavige learned of the “couple’s fantasy of running through a meadow of wildflowers together.” [legal affidavit testifying to this from Karen Pressley]

    If you Google “Tom Cruise Wheat Grass” there are 10,800 hits believe it or not, so this incident was well reported up and down the web.

    It is infuriating to think that Sea Org members get only ABUSE, Sec checks, years of asking for crimes, no Bridge progress, are captured back when they try to escape, (loved your escape story) and are severely punished for asking to leave
    Dah Fuhrer has them working on projects like this which have nothing to do with RELIGION even though they want the cover of “Religion”
    when in the Law courts to protect themselves against charges.

  189. Just for information.
    I cannot watch this I think promo trailer. Message is that it contains content from Believe and Sony Music Entertainment. It is not avaliable in my country. (= Germany)
    Very well done Sony Music Entertainment.
    In other words: corporations decide what info I can look at and what not.

  190. “Its not buried in the sand CU. Its buried elsewhere…”

    Lol..;) Good one Mr Rinder..:)

  191. TC considers DM “The leader of leaders” – and he knows; he’s met them all! (IAS event 2004 St Hill)

  192. People are just Safeguarding the enviroment trying to clean up after themselves.

  193. Monks do not get married.
    Monks do not get pregnant
    Monks are not forced to have abortions
    get routed out due to pregnancy.

    Haydn, right on a ” CON JOB ” undisclosed by recruiters for the SO and undisclosed to PARENTS who let their kids join the SO.

    There was a very specific reason on the Flagship Apollo (and it was relatively rare) when someone chose to have an abortion.

    The ship would be at Sea for days at a time far from any hospital, and anaesthesia facilities in case it had to go C-section and so on.
    A Birth could be high risk.

    A Pregnant couple sometimes elected to go land bound and were never ” shipped to a failing Org or Mexico ” as that punishment issue stated. They were sent to a FOLO (now called CLO) and LRH and MSH ALWAYS SENT A HAND SIGNED CARD FOR THE BABY ARRIVAL ALONG WITH A GIFT FOR THE SO MEMBER’S NEW BABY. “Welcome to the Team…..” that kind of card.

  194. martyrathbun09

    Read Clay Shirkey’s Here Comes Everybody: How to Organize without Organization. That will give you insight on how real Catholic church reform began. Then, you’ll see all this noise here ain’t as pointless as some would have us believe.

  195. Friend-

    I noticed the same thing immediately about Mike.

    Mike- Welcome back!

    Tom Gallagher

  196. Now that my nausea has subsided…
    Tom Cruise,

  197. “Most Sea Org members confirm that they want to be in the SO and when they later change their minds, courts say that they should have thought of that before.”

    That is absolutely NOT what the courts have to say on the subject; they say that people should be allowed to come and go as they please. Sadly, this was not the focus of the Headley lawsuit, which would have found it on much firmer ground.

    “List all you know about what he did and does in a survey. Ask law enforcement officials and judges etc. if they consider these crimes.”

    Physical abuse of staff members? That’s felony assault. Holding people against their will? It’s called felony kidnapping. Harrasing former members? Stalking. How’s that for starters?

  198. Maybe the person who took over the Church of Scientology missed his true calling as an interior decorator for men?

  199. Windhorse.
    Darius is on facebook!/darius.wilhere?ref=search

    PS I did a typo in earlier post
    I mean to type “Tom Cruise, an UNauthorised Biography”
    not “authorized” as typed !

  200. Damned good Post Jim Logan !
    Beautifully stated.

  201. Karen,

    Thanks, didn’t you mean “Unauthorized Bio” by Andrew Morton? If so, he mentions my name twice and called me a butler. I never talked to him at all and never been a butler that I know of. That’s how accurate I perceive his bio to be, he didn’t know I also did TC’s wedding to Nicole.

    In ’90 when TC married Nicole, he didn’t have any properties in Telluride, Co. His office was run by Andrea Morse (before DM started changing and org boarding it & staffing it). Andrea and not Mimi twinned up with TC on KTL and LOC which were the first courses he did at the Int Base before the levels. She and his sister Lee Ann who worked in his office – arranged a luxurious log style house rental for the wedding and orchestrated most of it, unlike what Andrew Morton wrote.

    I arranged food to be purchased and delivered to the Int Base. The pastry Chef – Pinuccio Tisi, his wife Antonella, my then wife Jackie and I were picked up at Hemet airport by TC’s pilot and copilot in his personal jet with all our supplies and flown in to Montrose which is the closest airport which a jet could land to Telluride. Each couple had a rented Jeep at the airport and drove out to Telluride staying at a hotel called the Ice House, 10-15 min away from the rented house.

    Nucci and I & our spouses helped Andrea & Lee Ann to set up the wedding, bringing in rental furniture, flowers, flower bower set up for the wedding and so forth. It was mentioned that Emilio Estevez was supposed to be attending a the best man, but didn’t and DM filled that spot with Ray Mithoff as the minister. Ted Horner took photos. These guys didn’t show up until day before the wedding or so in which was a small Xmas party.

    Most of us met at the ski slope the next day around Noon and that was the last I saw of the couple before they went on their honeymoon. Did some cleaning up, packing and handling loose ends at the house before we flew back to Hemet.

  202. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you for your story. I empathize with you.
    David Miscavidge is Bleeepingly DELUSIONAL indeed.

    If ever there is an avalanche that hits Telluride, Colorado, will the Gold staff be blamed for that too? It makes me actually WANT to cause such a cataclysm WHILE Dev T-om Cruise is there.

  203. I have known people who were damn OT, but they seem to be the ones who couldnt give a damn what “OT” level they are.

  204. That’s good to know.

    FYI, I don’t regret any of the money I gave to the Church. I only regret that DM and Co have misused it.

  205. It is sitting fine in the PDF file. DM is not gone yet. Speaking of wich !
    “And I’m going to introduce to you right now. One of the best auditors in the world who is an instructor at St Hill on a volunteer basis a very interesting man, your greatest interest in him should be in fact that he is one of the greatest auditors in the world. I’m very proud of this man, he’s quite a guy. I could stand here for the next fifteen or twenty minutes, he runs a small empire by all by himself on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. Make some of you business executives faint if you realize how much he has and he works down at St Hill because he believes in Scientology and he wants to get the show on the road – Reg Sharpe. And now uh, I think you better take a seat there Reg”

    In future versions of this lecture – it is changed to:

    “And Reg is going to do a little bit of auditing here…”

  206. Yeah Sinar, I wouldnt stake my life on facts contained in that book 🙂
    In fact, the story about the wildflowers is also a distorted picture. Yes, that field behind the G’s WAS planted in a hurry. It was after Dear Leader went out to the G’s and looked out at the view and saw the field was a mess of dust and weeds. He ordered that it be handled immediately. He was concerned it would not create a good impression on Tom. Had nothing to do with any “fantasy of Tom Cruise” though it sounds cool to say it (don’t worry, I am not going soft here, just like the truth to be known: good, bad or otherwise).

  207. Maybe that’s why DM outlawed children. The FLDS was raided because of suspected child abuse.

  208. Jim,
    You nailed it exactly with: …”By having Tom accept the ‘gifts’ of Sea Org members time and effort to dress up this extravagant MEST, Tom’s integrity is compromised:”….

  209. Jim — Good point. Should add this to the write up I did about Dear Leader and PAB 13.

  210. Bizarre.

    Like Marty’s not doing anything.

    I think some entheta was intentionally injected into the blog the last few days and this is an attempt restimulate it.

  211. He audited Marc Headley while on his levels. 🙂

  212. That seems to be common. Look at Tommy Davis too.
    Something about DM sucks the life out of you like a vampire. Your skinliterally turns grey.

  213. Perhaps also the beginnings of fixation with Mest to impress games condition and creation of Mestology.

    Though I still like those real Havana Monte Cristo #2s!

  214. Mariachi El Bronx

    Bravo Bobo!! you hit the nail squarely and firmly on its head. TC is the rope tied around scientology’s neck and the Anons are fiercely pulling each end. I really hope this hits the main-stream press, this is just real bad ju-ju for both DM and TC.

  215. Mark,

    I was out in that flood, one of the first on the scene along with Mark Ingber of all people who was in his whites. The sheer force of the torrent and the boulders it carried flatten the wrought iron gates on its the way past and under the G units. As debris became stuck in the crawl spaces water force built up quicly and there was a chance they would be washed away completely so the game became getting rid of the debris so water would simply flow under and away.

    Later that day my wife Lucy was one of those that had to go into the crawl spaces under the units to clean them out regardless of snakes and black widows.

    We were both at that “briefing”. I think close to the front row. Miscavige was practically levitating and frothing he was so nuts. But as Jackson reports, after the “briefing” he promptly went off and played video games with Yager.

    We both came to the same conclusion as you and Paul, Int was nuts and we had to get the hell out of out of there, we just took a slightly different route.

    Of course now we know with more clarity who had made it so nuts.

  216. totally agree!

    The same ”rundown” made me also see and realize that the truth was beyond fiction!

    There I got all my answer and from there on , all the pieces of my puzzle came together
    in a whole piece
    of amass mind manipulation shit!
    That concluded years of doubts!

    Thank’s to Tom Cruise and David Miscavidge for showing again a true human fact –
    The insanity the humanity came through- and is still going through – as human abuse in cults and master’s domination – environments under the label of ”religions and church” are resulting since thousands of years !
    And the search of lots of slave for masters and their truth and domination!
    Many Thank’s! It speaks by itsellf!

  217. The Many Faces Of,
    Is this Pat Broeker?

  218. Faithfully, That is the most ignorant statement I’ve heard in a long time — “perhaps a million people to join”? Divide a million people by all the orgs and missions in the world, that’s about 3,000 people per location. Do you see 3,000 people on the Bridge anywhere? No, not even Flag. My local “Ideal Org” has perhaps 15 people on lines at any given time. And none of them came in because of Tom Cruise. Sorry, but this is just an gooney blubbering statement. Do you still believe babies come from storks? The world is flat? Santa Claus? The tooth fairy?

    Given the natural randomity in population distribution, if TC got in anything like a million or anything even remotely close you’d have some orgs with 60,000 or 90,000 people on the Bridge from Tom Cruise, and others with only 300 people from Tom Cruise. The fact is, there is probably not an org in the world with even 3 people who “came in from Tom Cruise.”

    So your delirious, glowing, rapturous, convulsive numbers dancing in your head are complete delusion and you have the most serious case of false data any one has ever heard of.

    You don’t even know what Scientology means and you are NO Scientologist, Sir.

  219. JP,
    The I/C was actually Greg Wilhere and James Byrnes the 2nd. All SO basic courses (welcome to the SO, grooming course, SO basics, SO ethics, leadership, mission school, officer’s hat, etc.) had to be redone, plus group conditions, conditions and exchange by dynamics, drills – fire, flood, intruder, earthquake, electrical and others done repeatedly.

  220. I already tested Marty’s standards with a spoof satire script on DM and all I can say is that Marty’s standards are actually pretty high.

  221. Thanks Sinar.
    Thanks for all the history. great post.
    Yes, I corrected myself further down this blog ~~ it was a typo
    I meant “UNAUTHORIZED biography.”

  222. DFB,
    It’s inevitable, as something expands it takes on new areas and sometimes those new areas aren’t all that ‘smooth’.

    The fact is Scientology is a compelling and important subject. It is racketing up the time track. All sorts of beings involved one way or another. Many more to come.

  223. Faithfully,
    In answer to your question “That means that the Cob says that LRH didn’t bring as many people in the orgs?” You said (I quote):
    “COB says that nobody in history brought more people into Scientology than Tom Cruise”
    Clearly LRH would have something to do with the history of Scientology don’t ya think? So yes. TC would have to have brought in more people than LRH in order to qualify for that distinction.
    As there are no hard stats I guess we’ll never know if this is anything more than the Chairman of Bullshit’s imagination will we?

  224. Errol Flynn, Vivien Leigh, Cary Grant.

  225. It’s 3 feet. Tom can almost dunk it.

    Karen thank you for sharing this. It’s beautiful.

  227. Veritas,
    My head is still spinning from the DM announcement of Cruise as, “THE MOST DEDICATED SCIENTOLOGIST I KNOW” introduction.

    W T F ????!!!!

    This? While staff, sea org and public were watching him say this? Those who had actually been hard-working and honest and dedicated for decades, having audited thousands and thousands of people, handled gazillions of situations, sacrificed and forfeited much of their lives to the cause? And DM announces some hollywood actor as the most dedicated Scientologist he knows? Does he just not know anyone? Is he that delusional, I wonder? Or was he purposely trying to be insulting?

  228. Faithfully
    OK, assuming you’re not a troll… (hangin’ on tight to the halo here);
    Do you have any opinions of your own?
    I see a lot of ‘COB thinks’ or ‘COB says’.
    It’s very dangerous to form an opinion based on someone else’s words and very telling that you Like to justify your own viewpoints by pointing out that they were formed because of something that COB did or said.
    Gotta look for yourself buddy, for REAL.

  229. F:
    F wrote: “Here is another one: A religious leader awards himself with designer clothing while the other members just have simple clothing. Is that criminal or illegal by that religious leader?”

    You need to go check this out yourself as it seems you don’t believe anyone here. Go to this tailor on Wilshire Bl in LA: Ask him how much tailored clothing he’s done, from suits, tuxedos, tailored egyptian cotton shirts, ceremonials, etc. He even does housecalls on trips of 1 hour 45 minutes one way to the right customers at the Int base.

  230. I see your point in all this. What is however missing is Transparency, meaning, exactly what was the Exchange, if any, and exactly why SOs are contributing to the MEST of 1 particular Scientologist.

    No such deals should exist that cannot be freely inspected by anyone. No Backroom Deals or Backscratching we cannot know about.

    Same as the run-of-the-mill conduct of the IAS. No Books made public, yet you may be a Patron and could be considered to be in lower Conditions/Enemy Line if you were to ask to see them. Actually, all that will happen in all practicality is that you will be looked down upon and ignored.


    Thus Exposure would have to occur from another medium.

  231. Haydn,
    Later that night, a whole bunch of us were up on the North side, sandbagging. The line extended maybe a hundred people or so and I was getting really cranky about the whole thing. I remember I yelled at a guy there (can’t remember his name, but I know his face. I liked him.)

    Diana H was on the line and she came up to me, put her arm on mine and said ‘Jim, quiet down. This is NOT important.’ I looked at her, sort of in my own froth, and she held me in her gaze for a good long time. I came out of it.

    I’ll never forget that comm cycle with her. She seemed exterior to the insanity, a voice of calm, a longer look. To this day, when I consider the Int Base, I always seem to sense her and it is comforting to make that contact.

  232. On the SUBJECT of TOM CRUISE and the Church and DM influence,
    or DM’s “external influence”

    I am of the opinion that here is no better hard hitting Video than the one hour French Documentary show which aired in August 2009 in France
    (English subtitles)

    One Day One Destiny (Tom Cruise Scientology )…

    to see all 8 parts so you don’t have to search for all 8 parts on You Tube

  233. Cruise did such a bad acting job in the Valkyrie movie, that it also should be illegal.

  234. Ouch!

  235. Karen,
    I’ve seen a couple decoy seeming ones on facebook. I’m not so sure he’s been declared, but he’s in LATAM I last heard.

  236. JBarbera,
    Me too.

  237. I remember this now. Wasn’t allowed to see my wife and kids for 6 months. No libs, nothing. The drilling was really over the f&$ing top. Yes making us march around really helped world wide dissemination. Opps – I mean that was our previous purpose. It had by then become TC projects, of which I was on a number, and DM’s events. LRH? Who? It was at that time it became clear to me that I was going to leave.

  238. WE is me, Watching Eyes. 🙂 Faithfully was taking me to task for calling him out on a few points he made.

  239. His spendings on himself tells a lot about him but it is not enough to remove him.

    He has received CSI/RTC Salaries which has been estimated to have earned him and his Wife together approx. $ 3-4 Million since ’87, never mind other benefits he receives being the Cult’s “Spiritual Leader”. Yawn. He’s become a Millionaire playing COB.

    As soon as the complete IAS Books become public he’ll be removed. Too many Lies told. More pressure is required to have them opened.

  240. Me too!

  241. Its true Jimbo, there were a few who could maintain their calm and cut through the craziness.

    In reading your comm I remembered another moment it hit home to me how much I knew I had to get out of there.

    In the weeks that followed the flood there were frantic and crazy renovations that went on day and night. And despite weather warnings of oncoming high winds the heat was on to plant a bunch of fledgling trees to make the base look pretty for Cruise on a now, now, now basis.

    Within a few hours of the trees beng planted the high winds arrived. Of course the trees should not have been planted, we should have waited but “wait” and “common sense” weren’t in the Int vocabularly.

    I’ll never forget the surreal sight of a host of staff, each person clinging to and holding up a single tree against the howling wind, exposed and out in the open, all the next day! One human per tree. And it struck me that trees were more important than humans at the Int base, more important than Sea Org members who were nothing more than slaves.

  242. During the time period in question I was very involved with my org and knew everybody who was on services, new public etc.

    I am not aware of a single person who came in because of Tom Cruise.

  243. I wonder what percentage of the 50,000 Scientologists in the world the millions that Tom brought in makes up? Does anyone know math here?

  244. Open communication should smooth out a lot of that.
    I would like to be able to practice Scientology and call myself a Scientologist without people sneering.


    This is incredible, how blind Tom must be to not see what is DM doing to him…all this make me sick and more even to see what my fellows SO must have gone through in doing this… thanks for show this so no body miss what the C of M is doing with the tax exempt money from the mermbers.

  246. Faithfully wrote: “If you are convinced that somebody is a criminal, and you haven’t got enough proof, then you got to prove it.”

    Please see Marc Abian’s response above, which stated: Physical abuse of staff members? That’s felony assault. Holding people against their will? It’s called felony kidnapping. Harrasing former members? Stalking. How’s that for starters?

    All of these things have been documented by multiple witnesses, over a period of many years.

    Tell me, if the Dalai Lama or the Pope were accused of these exact same things by MULTIPLE former monks, priests and nuns, do you think that the Pope or Dalai Lama should be allowed to hide behind the cloak of “religion” to avoid criminal investigation and prosecution?

  247. Yeah that’s my usual concept of hanger as well.

    Something to hang my jacket on.

    You really had me going on the Cruise saves Scientology thing.

    ‘Cause there are quite a few SO who believe that aside from the diminutive dim wit that Cruise is some kind a messiah as well.

    Sure sure these perks probably represent a fraction of what Cruise has pumped in Miscavige’s sinking ship but it’s still corrupt.

    Probably Miscavige missed his calling.

    Instead of being the Cob he should have become the dictator of some third world nation.

    Maybe the CIA should ship him to Afghanistan.

    Along with Tom and Kirsti 🙂

  248. ensifer, go back and find the article(s) on JB’s blowing (a few months back). You should get a clue from those articles where these pictures are coming from, imho.

  249. I (but likely not for long, as I’m getting a repayment).

  250. I twinned on TRs once in the mid-90s at CC Int with a girl that was Nicole Kidman’s “stand in” on Far and Away. Over lunch break one day, she told me that Tom Cruise required that she take Scientology courses if she wanted to remain working with them. She said that it was her understanding that the Cruises require all their employees to “do Scientology”.

    I think back in the mid-90s (before Internet use became widespread), there was a lot of unspoken pressure building up in the young Hollywood crowd to “do Scientology” just to make connections.

  251. I’ve watched some newer video’s of Mike, and I have to say, looking at this clip you can see the strain of being in the RPF. Is this what the RPF does to a person? Mike looks so much more healthy now.
    If this is what the church cult does to people in the RPF, I have to say it makes me utterly sick to my stomach. This is not any kind of humanity!!

  252. I sure wish she would blow and start to speak out. THAT would be huge.

  253. Is it possible to criticize this blog, Marty Rathbun or Mike Rinder and not be associated with OSA or not be a troll?

  254. They say that a man in prison starts looking grey and pasty after awhile because they don’t often see the sunlight and have a very poor diet. But I think that a person in prison actually gets a better meal then what these RPF’s get.
    Folks! This behaviour is so cult like it is sick to the core!

  255. Jean-François Genest

    Tom Cruise ←
    Please WAKE UP !!!

  256. 4 days and counting …..! And a whole hour. I just cannot wait.

    (And I agree with the others about how much healthier Mike looks now … yowza. What a poignant [and dark] example of the Vampire Empire. Wow.)

  257. Scott Campbell


    Absolutely brilliant analysis.

    The profound truth of what you say here cannot be denied even by the most hardened robot scientologist.

    It is my sincerest hope that what you say regarding Cruise will come to pass. Perhaps he can help us to solve this problem after all.

    Good goin’ Jimmy! MOQ is on the beat!


  258. Bobo, don’t know if you caught it from posts several months ago, but those who were part of editing that now infamous “Tom Cruise black turtleneck video” (that was eventually leaked and then attempted at being suppressed), state that it was DM who oversaw the editing of that video.

    From all indications, it was DM who implanted, filmed and then broadly distributed the crazy in Tom Cruise.

  259. Scott Campbell

    He must be a pretty good auditor then.

  260. Scott Campbell

    Gimme Cmdr. Wally Burgess over James Byrne any day.

    Just Sayin’


  261. Some assumptions:

    1. Tom Cruise and David Miscavige are aware of Anonymous, Freezone, and Blogs like this one and discuss these issues regularly.

    2. Both of them are well aware that David Miscavige’s days as COB are almost certainly numbered.

    3.This one is more of a guess, I suspect that Tom Cruise is being groomed to take over as COB if David Miscavige is ousted from the Church of Scientology.

    The reason I suspect this, is that no other high profile Scientologists are given such access into David Miscavige’s world (at least no evidence of this on public record) nor are given such gifts. Tom Cruise has already demonstrated that he has no problem with SO members working to supply him these gifts. I think time will find us with a Tom Cruise being announced as a new COB in say, a ten year time frame.

  262. I am going to come to defense of James Byrne. I actually learned something valuable from that man. Yes, he could scare the crap out of people but he knew when to stop and underneath all that, (unlike DM and some others I will not mention) had ARC for people.

  263. But what a vapid, other-determined way to get into Scientology. Oy vay…

  264. Faithfully you’re either a troll or a total moron.

  265. An extravagant airplane hanger isn’t the only thing David Miscavige provided Tom Cruise. He also offered Cruise an array of beautiful, young female Scientologist parishioners to choose from, screened them, tidied them up and sent them to Cruise for his sexual pleasure. Now THAT is called pimping & pandering and it is most definitely a crime.

  266. “It isn´t really boredom or you wouldn´t comment”.

    Damn Right Jim !!

  267. I don’t know Jackson very well, but have spoken with him a couple of times in the past. I’d love to see this video, if it exists in a public place – a good chuckle, even at one’s own expense, can be therapeutic and put things in perspective.

  268. How else did you justify it?

  269. Sounds like the whole subject of putting a ruthless ethics on someone was thoroughly duplicated and adopted by Thomas after David’s skillfully dedicated indoctrinations. Except, he’s got no clue how bad he’s being played. At least I hope so. Just my guess. P.S. Katie, try to use Internet cafes for now. It’s ok to know the truth.

  270. I´d say Mr. Sweeney is looking mighty good, too ! Amy… I´m so jealous for that kiss 🙂

  271. You’re just too good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off of you.
    Love this promo!

  272. Alex Braverman

    WTF! ? !
    *My sincerest apologies for shouting here, around my friends.

    Alex Braverman

  273. Alex Braverman

    Me too!

  274. What bugs me here is that there IS child abuse in the Sea Org: child labor. And although most Sea Org members that come in as kids did so at 15 or 16, potentially making it barely legal, occasionally kids are recruited at the age of eleven or twelve. For gods sake, dear Feds, why on earth are you not on this like hawks?

  275. CD How did you get so smart? You’ve been reading SA right?

  276. Oh yummy Anons are going to have a fun time with that. It will swell up the ranks again I suspect 🙂

  277. Another Awakened

    I’ll offer a view as to why “raids of Int should have happened long since” and haven’t. It’s because of the current paradigm of internally policing and enforcement of parishioner’s filing and paying their taxes…. or you loose your training and auditing (your entire “Bridge to Total Freedom” – such that it is in CofM) if you don’t. It’s an easy cash cow for the Feds! They don’t need to devote time nor personnel to Scn members – relying on their tax status settlement agreement to have an internal post called the TCO (Tax Compliance Officer) see to it the deed is done, or one cannot get services.

    Follow the money baby! As long as the resources needed for compliance are being absorbed by the church EOs and MAAs, you’re not going to see the spigot turned off any time soon via raids from the Feds….. IMHO.

  278. Bobo would you like the “church”to have been better the way is is ruiun by Miscavige ?

  279. Tom has gone silent on the subject. DM has his balls.

  280. DM thinks that the crazy is a normal thing 😉

  281. Using Scientology terms does not make me smart ;). It is my upbringing that kicks in.

  282. DFB,
    Let them eat caek 🙂

  283. good for you . every dollar they have to pay back will end up costing them twice that ammount at least.

  284. Beebercat, I really felt for Tom when he mentions on that tape that he would really like to be able to take vacations but……”No rest for the weary.”
    I’m sure he can empathize with SO, org staffers and RPFers who are in the same boat. But, then again, why should anyone else get time off when he doesn’t? Just saying……
    I was highly amused (NOT) when Tom, on the David Letterman show video, went into his glee of insanity episode about cutting off some poor passenger’s oxygen on a high altitude flight so that he and the co-pilot would have enough left for themselves to stay at that altitude and get where they were going faster.
    That spoke volumns to me about his character and sense of ethics.

  285. Hey John,
    I was thinking about all this stuff surrounding a simple rain storm, the vast significances attached to it by DM and such. It is really the reductio ad absurdem of another phenomenon we all experienced: “vast significance of mundane circumstance”.

    I watched a show, Nature, produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC), the other day on the phsysiological and psychological efffects of smoking weed. Aside from the chemistry and neurolgicial issues offered in the program (you can Google it and it does explain the recent findings, which recoptor does this and that and so on), the description of the effects psychologically was very accurately described by a couple of psychiatrists.

    What had occurred as a prmise of the program was that several people smoking weed had experienced a psychotic break. One of the descriptions of this episode by one of the psychs was the parallels between getting high and symptoms of paranoid-schizophrenia – “ assignment of significance to mundane circumstance”.

    In fact, DM’s insanity of assigning vast significance to the rainstorm by imputing to the Gold crew some sort of intention to harm Tom Cruise, or ‘sabotage’ DM, or ‘suppress Scientology’ or ‘ attempt to destroy the universe’ by any of the foregoing, is, technically, INSANE, and that’s either by ‘psychiatric standards’ or ‘Scientological standards’.

    Psychotic, in Scientological descriptions is a being not observing PT, but stuck in a past wherein added inapplicable significances are assigned to present time environments. PT spaces are overlaid with past facsimiles. The same sort of thing that occurs when a person smokes weed and gets high or has a psychotic break the difference only being degree of past assigned to present.

    OK, now my real point: consider the average Lower Condition assignment, Court, Comm Ev, RPF assignment, ‘séance’, sec check and so on, at the Int Base. Added Inapplicable significance was assigned to mundane circumstance.

    A guy is late to muster – he’s sabotaging Int Management and thus actively seeking to destroy Scientology.
    A submission misses a point – he’s sabotaging Int Management and thus actively seeking to destroy Scientology.
    A young man and woman are making out (wherever the hell they could possibly do so) or a person, in the privacy of their own space, is ‘auto-eroticising’ – they are sabotaging Int Management and thus seeking to destroy Scientology.
    A married couple gets pregnant – they are sabotaging… well, you know exactly what follows.

    What did OSA do to counter the facts of the Truth Rundown, these blogs, the various websites?

    They trotted out ‘confessions’. Confessions that we have all done at one point or another as Int Staff.

    Confessions of ‘sabotage of Int Management and thus seeking to destroy Scientology’.

    MY POINT: NONE OF THIS SABOTAGE OCCURRED. The Added Inapplicable Psychosis is ‘vast significance attached to mundane circumstance’.

    John, I apologize as a member of that group for any Added Inapplicable Psychosis that you had to endure when you came to that ‘Nut House’.

  286. An added note: ironically, or by the nature of wrong conditions assigned, Gold and subsequently the entire Int Base did go into Confusion upon the assignment by DM.

    What is the Formula for Confusion?

    Find out where you are.

    What does one do to do that?

    A Locational which is designed to remove the significances of the past mis-assigned to the present. To differentiate a past place from a present place. Compare where you were, to where you are, and blow off any facsimiles (past significance) from some other space and time confused with present space and time, and orient the being (see the Qs) so he can begin to BE (the next condition up) and act self-determinatedly, in the present.

    Int IS in Confusion.

  287. martyrathbun09

    Vast significance of mundame circumstances describes it all Jim. It is 24/7 inside now. Thanks.

  288. ????????
    I’ll require a little proof for that one, kkthx.

  289. I speculate that Tom Cruise is aggressively wearing massive ethics blinders and refuses to hear anything from anyone that puts a negative slant on his personal mentor and BFF.

  290. Dutch or Afrikaner?

  291. Scott Campbell

    I agree that James Byrne has ARC for people and is a genuinely nice man.

    However, what I was saying is that Cmdr.Burgess’ calm 8-C and ARC are more effective for training competence in my book.

    Mr. Byrne has more of a military basic training drill instructor type attitude, which is ok for emergency drills, but not much else.


  292. But it looked so good on The Wizard of Oz.

  293. “Regarding this unknown incident that can’t be known, can you now unknow the unknown knowingness knowingly?”
    “On this question, has anything been unknowingly unsuppressed?”

  294. He needs a SRA. Boy I’m sure glad we know know where that term came from. How many times I got told (ordered) to give a junior an SRA? I guess I was/am a poor subordinate. Thanks Marty and Mike for the uncover. There is much more work to do here. Someone is going to have to write a book of terms for FDSing. [Hey CD do you know what that is? I love your library!]
    SRA = Severe Reality Adjustment
    FDS = False Data Stripping

  295. Perhaps it’s not a hangar at all, that’s just a shore story. It could be a place to put a very large scale to put all the people on that Tom got in, so they can see exactly how many tons we’re talking about here. Rumor has it Tom has been working on getting heavier people in to get his stats up quicker.

  296. Fellow Traveller

    That nauseous comment about most dedicated was intended for only one. We just had to witness the narcissism.
    IMHO as I look back from a new viewpoint.

    Bruce Pratt

  297. Those ‘top’ donators just love to one up each other on their donos. King of the Hill. I saw Louie Colon and Craig Jensen vie for top Wise donator at a convention one time and they absolutely could not tolerate anyone ‘upping’ them on the dono board for a second. Their faces would contort into grimaces of incredulity if either was upped for a second. I also witnessed the Dono I/C of the event exploiting this for all it was worth.

  298. Revenimus,
    Faithfull could be naive and uninformed, possibly unsophisticated in his evaluation process, maybe even less than ideally intelligent. But for raising the points he did I say it’s unfair to sling him with a label of ‘moron’ or even troll.

  299. Your humble servant

    If Tom were honest and uptone, he would politely decline such gifts. There is nothing wrong with taking lavish gifts from a private individual, paid for by his own private money. There is a great deal wrong with accepting lavish gifts from a charitable or non-profit organization. It shouldn’t take any overly-bright or well-educated person to see this. One should ask himself “Why am I being given this? How does this fit in with the charitable purposes of this group? Is this really o.k?” I think you would have to be an insensitive clod not to wonder about that.

    If the President of the Red Cross was your buddy and offered to buy you a new house using Red Cross funds, wouldn’t you get the idea there might be something improper about this? Wouldn’t you at least ask yourself “Did the people who donated to the Red Cross donate their money to buy me a house?”

    I think LRH always believed that going up the levels in Scientology honestly makes a person brighter and more aware. I think that is right. I am thinking that whatever levels Tom “achieved” in Scientology that he did not do so honestly, that he just “schmoozed” his way up somehow with a lot of false validations.

    I lost respect for TC when he embraced DM and accepted the “Super Superlative Freedom Medal Winner” (or whatever it was) award. I further lost respect when he jumped on Oprah’s couch and performed other disreputable public antics. I have no respect for him now and think of him as just a criminal facilitator.

  300. You got great standards, Marty. No self-kicking allowed.

  301. Of course it is possible to criticize, but then it better be valid criticism, and not regurgitated OSA bullshit.

    In other words, if the point that you want to bring up doesn’t concern your own personal experience with the person you want to criticize, then be very careful in what you say.
    If you’re not verifying your data you might end up being used as a “useful idiot” by OSA.

    For example, when I mention something about COB (or Tom Cruise, or anyone else), it is based on my personal experience from my years at the Int Base, or otherwise I keep my mouth shut (or my fingers still).

    Otherwise, if you only have it from hearsay, you should clearly state that it is so, and, perhaps, politely ask for a clarification on the matter.

    Just my thoughts on the matter of criticism.

  302. No Lucy, the taxes on a “gift” is paid by the donor – the church. Since they are tax exempt, they pay no tax.

    The millions that Tom Cruise has given the church, in exchange for this “gift” is also deductible for Cruise.

    This is so clearly a fraud upon the Internal Revenue Service, it should be an embarrassment to the Criminal Investigation Division for turning a blind eye again and again to these crimes.

  303. A,
    Chairman of Buildings would not even think about using RPF on his BFF’s properties, if this is what you’re saying. Only the best and top proven craftsmen in the SO, totally hooked on Kool Aid.

  304. We are right there with you Marty. We are ultimently all working to carry on Ron’s work.
    Lots of hugs.
    Happy Saturday 🙂

  305. Haydn,
    Wow, you did bring back some memories. That period of time as a group engram seems a blur of pretty nasty, and needless total insanity, and major milestone or fork in the road. Most on the base were pretty stressed out and not getting sleep 24/7, except Dear Leader and his video games in his personal lounge. It’s pretty well known that LRH frowned on video games, mentioning it in one of his last RJs and only Dear Leader with full access to satellite TV in his various spaces (office, conference room, 2 “Officers” lounges) is exempt from that.

    Quite a few good and very competent friends had very similar realizations and exited. This price, along with the seemingly beginning of the downstat era of CSI was paid willingly by Dear Leader in order to get on the good side of Tom Cruise in order to make him a spitting image of Dear Leader stuck in luxurious mestology and generating horrible PR for Scn.

  306. Bozz, I suggest you read Marc Headley’s book.
    And check this link out (scroll down):
    The girl sandwiched between Cruise and his mother, in the long pink dress, is then 19-year-old Yolanda Pecoraro. Flown out to Saint Hill to “escort” Cruise for the 2004 IAS event. She then had her entire Bridge paid for by Cruise at CCI and she is a happy camper who will most like stay quite about the whole thing.
    I’m sure time will reveal everything.

  307. Bingo Jim.
    And being in a state of confusion means wiffle-waffling and getting batted around with no viewpoint from which to take a stand, hold an opinion, maintain any kind of position in space.
    That’s why I keep saying “find out where you REALLY are” because I remember the feeling well.
    Living in a suppressive environment like that, where somehow you’re supposed to not only predict, but prevent rain and storm…that’s so flippin suppressive! If you can cause that, then you’re supposed to cause EVERYTHING! But don’t you dare cause anything good, no, you can’t do THAT!
    What a mindfluck!

  308. Wishful thinking Derek.

    TC is almost certainly insulated from the real DM goings-on. The only unknown at this point is if anyone in TC’s current close circle has been reading here, and has been able to find a way to reach through to Tom’s (and all of our) innate desire to seek the truth.

  309. Your stories really bring me to tears…what abuse of amazing people…and for WHAT?

  310. This hangar is why Sea Org staff suffer gross abuse. This is the product of all that psychosis. Great fucking product, huh?!

  311. And THIS is how Tom Cruise relates to the public now…as Les Grossman…slimy character from the movie Tropic Thunder.

  312. And compare the responsibility level of the Pope and the Catholic church leadership in handling abuses, with the responsibility level of Miscavige and his supposed Church(TM), in this AP article:

  313. Tom comes on at 1:19…doesn’t that attitude look familiar? Tom Cruise playing David Miscavige…what a winning ticket. NOT!

  314. thecountesskrak

    TC’s days as an actor are numbered as well, the only role that he is good at nowadays is in fat suit as the bald, greasy, hairy, unrecognizable Les Grossman. The joke is on him. Can’t wait for Mission Impossible 4!

    Even if TC did bring in tons of new public onto the Bridge back when he was still decent, there are countless numbers he has and will prevent from ever even being willing to hear about the subject as he is such a bad example.

  315. Sinar ~~~
    In this case the photo is the spitting image of Greg Wilhere.!/darius.wilhere?ref=search
    Also in mail received someone told me he was back in Los Angeles and out of LATAM.

    Marc Headley, the author of BLOWN FOR GOOD
    posted this on Darius Wilhere.
    Darius was declared and offloaded from Gold. His wife was made to divorce him and he was never to see his mom or dad again. Sandy was in great disagreement with this and protested. A few months later, Sandy got Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was sent down to PAC. If she is still around, that is where she is, PAC. She is miserable that she has lost all relatives and loved ones and she herself now has a terminal illness. Greg is still in CMO INT and married to Sue Gentry. Darius was sent to some middle of nowhere U.S. town and given $500 to start a new life. He struggled out there for awhile and eventually petitioned to be able to be undeclared and get back into the S.O. Here is where the story gets brutal. Darius is allowed to come back into the S.O., but in LATAM/Mexico. Darius speaks no Spanish and why they picked this location is most bizarre. Darius packs up his stuff and takes a bus to Mexico. Not too long after he arrives in Mexico, the car he is riding in is struck by a another car in a high speed street race and Darius is thrown from the vehicle and killed in the accident!!!!! But, as fate would have it, after 12 minutes in the afterlife, he is revived, lives and gets to spend the next year laying around recovering from a broken back, neck, ribs, limbs and various cuts an bruises. He is still in constant pain to this day and the best part is that he is selling off his belongings to raise money for his hospital bills as the Church is NOT paying for these!!!
    ABOVE is a story of what occurred to a 2nd generation Scientologist born and bred in the Sea Organization. Tossed out like a piece of trash. Shipped to Mexico as a punishment,. Parents not allowed to speak to him of check on his welfare.

    His father Greg Wilhere runs around servicing DM’s needs and
    disowns his own son “Declared SP” Darius Wilhere. Just another complete destruction of the Wilhere family by DM.
    David Miscavige ~~A “Religious” leader.
    Standard Modus Operandi.
    So what else is new ?

  316. Karen – I’ve been gone the past 2 days with spotty internet BUT was going to say EXACTLY the same thing …

    Darius — the spitting image of Greg. I wonder if this is a new wife?

    I’m unable to see his friends without friending him and he won’t know me from adam … last time I saw Darius he was 4.


  317. Amend- or whatchcaleit. I Agree!!!

  318. Maybe DM top-secretly enrolled Cruise as an undercover, plainclothes Sea Org executive emeritus co-charged with a mission.


    1) Sign Secret Two-Billion Year Contract
    2) Handle the women
    3) Get more gold pillars
    4) Prepare hangar, toys and secret code rings
    5) Prepare biceps
    6) Party on ship
    7) Obtain mutually interchangeable T-shirts
    8) Get more money
    9) Get new buildings
    10) Get Obama to twin with Louis Farrakan on Upper Indocs
    11) Keep an eye on Marty
    12) Get more lawyers and PIs
    13) Gang bang sec check Dick Cheney
    14) Open new org in Iraq
    15) Get more money
    16) Buy entire internet
    17) Terminatedly handle Marty
    18) Get more money

  319. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “We, Gold crew, got assigned a lower condition as a group, for a ‘theoretical incident’.”

    GASP! Totally bizarre, and utter suppressive use and misapplication of “reason and the contemplation of optimum survival”.

    Perhaps the Condition of Confusion was correctly assigned. But not because of David Miscavage’s reasoning, but because of David Miscavage’s suppression itself!

  320. Margaret,
    Tom Cruise has a multi-million dollar enterprise. Tom Cruise is certainly NOT someone who just recites some memorized lines in front of a camera. His purchasing of United Artists demonstrates a person who grasps large business and can play in that arena. He may have character flaws like narcissism and bad judgement in public interviews, but he certainly is aware of what is going on around him. If Sea Org members were told not to talk to him or have eye contact with him, he certainly noticed it and tacitly agreed to it (BTW, TC is not the only celebrity with this astonishingly arrogant attitude toward hired help, but we’re discussing TC at the moment).

    Tom Cruise is aware of what is going on around him, I know his on screen persona is very charming (I have several of his films in my DVD collection, BTW), but let’s focus on what his actual actions are. The evidence presented on this blog is not flattering. If there are writings or interviews counteracting whats presented here, lets look at them.

  321. I recently saw OSA staff member, Cathy True “walking” in downtown Clearwater. She is a physical wreck and looked like something from the movie “Night Of The Living Dead”. I once knew Cathy when she was a healthy, happy person but that was many crimes ago.
    I can only hope that she will do what Mike and others have done and find the strength to turn their lives around.

  322. should read – and find the strength to turn her life around.

  323. Is this true? Under the screenshot of TC and the alleged arrnaged date. then 19 year old Yolanda Pecoraro it states:

    This is the 19 year-old (at the time) Scientologist girl David Miscavidge had salve-labor Sea Org members find for his buddy Tom Cruise. How’s that for fresh meat?

    This was before one other Scientologist they hooked Tom up with and of course before Katie Holmes.

    BFG, Marty Rathbun and others have written (on this forum and others) about these Slappy’s little projects to hook Tom up with Scientology hotties.

    What’s most interesting about seeing this clip on ABC Nachtline is this: from the time this event happened (late 2004 I think) until May 2005 this event was being re-played on TVs in the waiting areas of Orgs all over the planet. In May of 2005 when Katie and Tom first started making a big deal about their relationship, it was ordered that all DVDs of the event be returned to Int so newly re-edited ones could be distributed. When we got the new DVDs we saw that in true Orwellian fashion the clips with Tom and Yolanda had been cut out of all the new DVDs.

  324. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    David Miscavage is like the Wraith in Stargate Atlantis who, for their food, literally suck the life force out of humans to survive.

    Perhaps David’s psychosis of wanting people to fear him stems from the size of his little body. Perhaps he wishes he was the size of the Wraith.

    No David, I do NOT fear you! 🙂

  325. The video edit can be verified easily.

  326. Thought Provoking

    “Sorry, Marty…I guess I just got “sudden””

    I’m glad someone did.

  327. Slavery … the bigger Picture

  328. OTDT, I understand. It acted as an inval! held up as such and I’ve already speculated on the intent of such control ploys, and of course it’s simply a wrong indication!

  329. The bigger scam would be that Tom Cruise and DM are in agreement together so that Tom doesn’t have to pay tax on certain things. If the church is footing the bill and being a tax exempt organization both parties are off the hook on taxes. I really wonder how Clean TC’s finances and tax lines really are?

    Yes the criminal investigation division needs to start looking into their financial relationship with regards to taxes and who is paying for what. Its a fraud all the way around!

  330. Thanks Veritas because what you’ve touched upon with this clip gets to the heart of “what’s wrong”. The Church of Mestgarbage is but a reflection of the “system” that plagues mankind, namely, the creation of scarcity in the midst of abundance. All to maintain a position in time and space that is based on a lie.

    We the people (beings) need to come to an ultimate realization that we determine our own legacy. It’s really as simple as say no more bullshit on our lines. And putting a foot down.

    Wealth is represented in something tangible, at least on this planet. Not by some bureaucrat at a keyboard entering in some more zeros on a balance sheet. I could go on but I hope you get a taste of where I’m going and it’s conclusion.

    Regarding the “church” there’s a message in this song that resonates in me tonight.

    Much love– Tom

  331. Let me try this again with the right link:

  332. Derek, I largely agree with you — EXCEPT when it comes to the Internet and keeping up with the news and contemporary issues. In 2005, Tom Cruise didn’t even have an email address. He also admitted that he didn’t use/read the Internet in general.

    With regard to United Artists, Tom took the “creative role” and Paula Wagner took the “executive role”. She eventually stepped down (or at least was the scapegoat in some UA failure), and others with more experience took over.

    IMHO, Tom is an energetic, friendly, loyal and successful guy … but he has largely built that success by using the expertise of others.
    When he fired his longtime publicist, Pat Kingsley, in 2004, he removed one of the most important pillars of expertise in his life. And the “Brand: Tom Cruise” house of cards came tumbling down.

    It would be interesting to find out what led up to Tom’s decision to replace Pat Kingsley with his sister as his publicist (though his sister didn’t have near the experience, expertise or connections that Kingsley had). I would not be surprised if DM (or someone under his influence) had suggested to Tom that Kingsley had “counter intentions” to Scientology and thus had a “negative impact on his life”.

  333. I still hope he wakes up.

  334. IMO, the Sea Organization, administratively and by its very nature enforces a condition of Confusion. It would be impossible for anyone to be in the SO today and NOT be in Confusion and I see no way they could possibly find out “where they are” without a complete secularizing of that group.
    There’s more to it than simply going outside and doing a locational and then walking back in and writing a condition.

    How could an SO member ever get access to all the data necessary to be able to evaluate “where” they stood in relation to the rest of society and the world around them?
    It’s my guess everyone looking in here is probably “completing” their own confusion formula to some degree by finding out “where we are” as regards the catastrophe which is the Church of Scientology.
    Where are we with ALL our dynamics in relation to what has occurred?
    The SO will either have to be radically reformed or disbanded for this and many other reasons.
    The fine people of the SO have been betrayed in many ways and that they are locked into an impossible condition they have no hope to rise out of and further are deluded into believing they are in a higher condition to the rest of humanity…is but another dimension to the general tragedy.

  335. Dutch and liberal. But my upbringing is mostley through my immediate family. We did/do things our way.

  336. Ensifer, I assume they came from “JB’s” camera. There were earlier writeups on this. Things like these pics I just treat as anecdotal. It sounds true. I have no reason to not believe it. Would I swear under oath that it was true? I would probably swear that I have no reason to not believe it. You probably just want to write about it on your blog and not risk spreading a falsehood which is probably a good idea considering the subject.
    I like reading your blog. If it had comments I would ask you some questions.

  337. Well, whether it is PC or not, I *like* this performance.

    I wonder whether this character (from the film) might not be a deliberate and knowing mockery of McSavage .

    Michael A. Hobson

  338. Am I correct in assuming that DM doesnt like John Travolta? There must be something going on there because Travolta does way more for Scientology and creates actually good PR for the Church. Compare that to Tom who creates bad PR. People see Travolta and they like him. They are then willing to atleast be ok with Scientology. He is a buffer between the attacks of the media and governments and Scientology. He probably even gets people in the door.

    Yet, he is rarely if ever mentioned in events. He doesnt get a Platinum Meritorius Savior of Mankind Freedom Medal.

    I think it might have something to do with TC being more malleable and stuck in a valence that DM approves of.
    JT remains more true to himself and is less PTS. DM probably hates him.

  339. Thought Provoking

    Right on, Ann!

    I was the public reg through both the high and low of TC. Yes, there were increased reaches because of TC’s involvement but only a small percent started and that was a result of good ruin cycles by staff, not TC.

    But, TC’s public acts of pychosis not only dried up those reaches, it vaccumed others who might have reached and then withdrew as a direct result of TC public outbursts. Whatever credibility he once had, vanished and may be difficult to completely repair. And, I would not be surprised at all if DM planned the series of steps which resulted in his loss of credibility. That would put TC at effect, indeed.

    The true successes during those times which resulted in First Service Starts was promoting Dianetics heavily and consistently. Permanent mall kiosks, fair displays, special event book selling campaigns. Thousands of books sold from this and these were followed up, nurtured, word cleared and given intro sessions and Dianetic seminars. CARING Div 6 staff created these starts, not TC.

    Dianetics as an intro line will never fail, it worked in the original boom and again in the early part of the last decade. Dianetics is the tech with instant results.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ TC. But, I’d welcome any celeb who was interested in improving conditions in their life, just like anyone else…the tech is there for anyone.

  340. Does anybody know about Technique 80?
    I’m reading my basic books and I’m on History of Man. I ran into this in the Route to Infinity lectures, I believe is the first time it came up.
    I tried to clear it up, but there is apparently no bulletins or anything I can find that tell you more about it. All I have is the definition in the glossaries and the brief description in Route to infinity. If seems like he dosent give any specifics on it is as a process. Is there a bulletin or something covering it? The Route to Infinity lectures seem like a public introduction to the Technique 80, but he doesnt really go into specifics, unless I missed it.

  341. Thought Provoking

    The non-Scientology public felt very invalidated after seeing the IAS event on Youtube, just like all Scientologists felt. Many individuals work very hard to help make things better on all dynamics. Take away the politics of most social programs and you will see very caring individuals who are doing their damndest to improve conditions for others despite red tape.

  342. Anonymous James Bond

    Marty, do you know Lisa Marie or Priscilla? What is DM’s relationship with these two gals?

  343. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Song, “When You’re Evil”, dedicated to David Miscavage

  344. DLC,
    “How could an SO member ever get access to all the data necessary to be able to evaluate “where” they stood in relation to the rest of society and the world around them?”

    That is just more significance. The formula is to shed these. To orient in the present physical environment. It goes back to the basics, the real basics, the Factors, the Qs and so on.

  345. Freedom Fighter

    Excellent video, Veritas! The main reason we made the decision a couple of years ago to pay off all of our credit cards and invest in gold and silver.

  346. DFB,
    I understand exactly what you are talking about. The Tech Dict def is pretty much it. It dealt with overts, motivators, DED-DEDEX (‘DeserED act and DEDEXplained/exposed). The tapes are ‘sparse’ as you have found. Technique 88 was pretty much the same in terms of explanation of the exact steps. These are early techniques and not laid out, 1,2,3 like later developments. Check your Tech Vols for any reference as well and especially the listings of the tapes. You’ll piece it together.

  347. Watching Eyes,
    My question wasn’t addressed to you! (I was using the word ‘WE’ as used in Faithfully’s post not your initials 🙂

    I was questioning ‘Faithfully’s use as follows:
    “WE, don’t try to turn this blog in another natter board”

    So ‘Faithfully’ – Who is ‘WE’?

  348. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    So true. I respect you for stepping back and looking at the forest for the trees, and having a great understanding of the importance of the larger dynamics going on.

    Of course, there’s a much broader picture to slavery, not just the CoS microcosm of the NWO.

    You and some others here may appreciate this short synopsis of the “bigger picture” …

    Why You Are a Slave

    Pay attention to the chilling words of President John F. Kennedy in the last minute of this video. They even apply to the CofS as well as the bigger picture.

    I recommend this book, “End the Fed” by Congressman Ron Paul (4 1/2 Stars out of 5 from 336 Reviews)

    The Church of Scientology has been completely out of communication and utterly negligent regarding the issue of slavery on the 3rd and 4th dynamic.

    At one time, I used to believe the CofS were the vanguards of Freedom. Of course, I no longer believe in that delusion anymore.



    a. The act or process of deluding.
    b. The state of being deluded.

    2. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand.
    3. Psychiatry A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness: delusions of persecution.

    Sentence examples: The CofS suffers delusions of persecution. Perhaps worse, dedicated Sea Org members have been operating under the delusion that success is at hand.

  349. Sinar ~~
    I believe it has been posted on the web and certainly in BLOWN FOR GOOD, the book that it was James Byrne that instituted the “overboards” into the pond on Highway 79 INT Base.
    That is, until Sea Org Members got very very sick and the overboards were shifted to the swimming pool.
    Forcing veteran Sea Org members to throw themselves into this is something only DM’s cult could get away with.

    The lake was a sludgy disgusting body of water 2oo years from Building 36. You could smell it from far away. Dead birds, fish, rotting bacteria
    advanced micro-organisms and Sea Org Members were thrown in for violating any of the very many rules and regulations.

    The Sadism of David Miscavige and his mad dog attacks have been going on for a while. Thank God for the Internet and daily exposure.

  350. The treasure trove of leaks.
    technique 80 or road to infinity ? phoenix lectures ?

  351. F:
    In case you didn’t check out the website of Dear Leader’s tailor, Mr Lim his clients list as per the website starting at A to D is:
    # Al Pacino
    # Albert Brooks
    # Allison Janny
    # Angelina Jolie
    # Anthony LaPaglia
    # Arnold Schwazenegger
    # Aturo Gil
    # Ashton Kutcher
    # Bernie Mac
    # Billy Crystal
    # Blait Underwood
    # Bodhi Elfman
    # Brad Pitt
    # Bruno Kirby
    # Burt Reynolds
    # C. Thomas Howell
    # Cambell Scott
    # Cary Elwes
    # Casey Affleck
    # Charlie Sheen
    # Cheech Marin
    # Chris Penn
    # Chris Tucker
    # Christian Slater
    # Christina Applegate
    # Christopher Lloyd
    # Christopher Walken
    # Costas Mandylor
    # Courtney Cox
    # Dan Akroyd
    # Danny DeVito
    Not cheap designer clothes for Chairman of (expensive) Buildings.

    F says: …”the Headley case proved that courts and governments recognize the SO as a religious brotherhood.”…

    You neglected to say along with this that US court records now recognizes that:
    * Sleep and food deprivation of Sea Org employees;
    * Heavy and demeaning manual labor as punishment;
    * Screening and censorship of employee communications;
    * Threats of job loss for those who refuse abortions;
    * Physical and procedural restrictions on the ability of Sea Org employees to leave;
    * Church-enforced “Disconnection” (utter rejection) of former Sea Org employees by their families; and
    * Harsh discipline against Sea Org employees who voice a desire to leave.

    So, Mestology now cannot say it’s just “Apostates”, Ex Monks, Ex Nuns are just complaining about the Pope of Scientology.
    Thank you for bringing these points up in a new unit of time as it does have a lot to do with Tom Cruise’s Hangar!

  352. F:
    You say: “Cob’s life isn’t that bad. He can shield himself from the bad news on the net by not reading it. ”
    Very true, he can hide in his compound within a compound with ultrabarrier on the walls, drinking his single malt scotch in copious amounts. However, he seems to be addicted to this blog!

  353. Karen,
    LRH also gave us a wedding present of a crystal set when I worked for him and got married in ’78 at La Quinta.

  354. The 1991 WIS? book had a stat at the back, “650,000 on a beginning service in X year.” If only 1 out of 20 of those 650,000 had gone on, i.e., with only a 95% blow rate, each Org Academy would have had more than 200 students in it in a couple years or less. Clearly that never happened.

  355. Faithfully, you make me long for the wonderfully fractured posts of the one and only Snow White, just like GW Bush made me long for the days of Richard Nixon.

  356. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “The Church of Scientology has been completely out of communication and utterly negligent regarding the issue of slavery on the 3rd and 4th dynamic.”

    I wanted to give a big “DUH” (to myself) on my own comment because the Church of Scientology is committing that very overt of massive slavery and domination. So no wonder they’re not vanguards for real Freedom and ANTI-Slavery.

    Are you kidding me? The “joke” of the Church of Scientology forwarding Freedom for the individual is the hypocritical laughing stock of this universe!

    Yet, Tom Cruise is honestly that blind?

    With Tom in such limelight, no wonder many think that Scientologists are stupid. Abuse and stupid are difficult to tolerate. For good reason.

  357. martyrathbun09

    DM engineered the take over, as alluded to in an earlier post of mine, because he could control info into and out of TC through his sister, whom DM controlled as someone aspiring to get to the upper OT levels.

  358. Mark, I was in CMO Int the day of the famous flood, 10 August 1990. I agree that no one had seen Mt. Miscavige blow like that before. I was way in the back with the rest of CMO Int and I could feel it back there. In one way it was an impressive performance, since, as I recall, he was making grammatically correct statements but at a tone level of such rage and anger. Correct grammar and bloody rage don’t go together, so it seems to me that the entire show was calculated as an excuse to seriously dump on the low men (and women) on the base totem pole: Gold. Especially in light of a comment above that he went off to play video games with Yager afterwards.

  359. WH,
    It is his new wife. He was married to a nice young woman who was Marc Yaeger’s communicator with long blond hair and blue eyes who’s name is Becky Reiss.

    I worked with Darius at one point and he’s a very likable & cheerful guy with a good comm cycle & hard worker.

  360. martyrathbun09

    They apparently are two of his sheep.

  361. OTDT, you must be remote viewing! Op Tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum.

  362. Hello, I am Francesca and I write from Italy. I think Tom Cruise should be ashamed itself and apologize to the Scientologists. I assign to Tom Cruise the condition of risk.

  363. Glad the gold standard is gone. Now a countries infrastructure represents its worth and potentïal to bounce back. Alsoo Ddon’t build up a greater debt than you can carry as a nation !

  364. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Personally, I prefer my money to be in Certificates which can be cashed at anytime for a specific amount of something of real value.

    That way, governments and the banking system can’t keep stealing the value of my money … like these thieves have doing to us Americans in the past and are currently stealing from us now with their “monitized debt” (or “inflation tax” as Ron Paul calls it).

    I think gold and silver (and even platinum) are the most logical physical items to use for that protection from future theft.

    But the backing could be in oil, gas, electricity, cords of wood, cigarrettes, whiskey, M&M’s, or even toilet paper … any commodity.

    However, I happen to love gold. So do a lot of people. Gold is most likely easier to keep in a vault at a bank rather than barrels of oil. 🙂

  365. OTDT~You ought to be in pictures…if you’re not already!

  366. Thanks Jim

  367. Margaret,

    Let’s just see how it all pans out. I know celebrities have very charming persona’s and we like to project our own idealizations onto them. Perhaps it’s as you say and Tom Cruise is clueless as to what is going on around him. It’s not entirely impossible, as narcissists are very good at creating cloaks of illusions around their victims. If this is the case with Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, then it’s only a matter of time before Tom Cruise sees the writings on the wall and makes the decision to distance himself from the influence of the COB.

    BTW, I feel for you, I understand wanting to give a person you like and respect (at least his public persona) the benefit of the doubt. We’ll just wait and see what goes down.

  368. Funy than that 2 members of the Scientology Org Amsterdam are trying to get people to “invest”in gold.

    Money is nothing but thrust and agreement. try to built in depreciation of money in your lifetime earnings.

  369. I think those still in get no time to do anything else but work eat and sleep.

  370. Thanks Marty, I had forgotten about that earlier article of yours.

  371. Love it! I’d stick my neck out any evening for a live performance as that.

  372. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I find it interesting the the management of the Church of Scientology, whose mission is to “Get Ethics In on the Planet”, totally fails to confront and ignores the most gargantuan crime facing nearly every human being on Earth.

    While the biggest pyramid scam on Earth is robbing The People of their wealth, the CofS just stands there docile and does nothing, apparently completely oblivious (or perhaps uncaring) to civilization’s most monumental present-time problem.

    The suppression from literally getting robbed (unknowingly by many) by these planetary SP’s puts nearly everybody in a PTS condition. So why isn’t the CofS putting their sights on these real SP’s, instead of wasting their precious time wrongfully targeting false “SP’s”, such as Marty and Mike? What sane mind has time and resources for this stupid bullshit?

    For those who want to expand their viewpoint about this Grand PTP sham, which effects nearly everybody, I recommend the following book (She uses an interesting Wizard of Oz theme) …

    Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Freeby Ellen Brown

    4 1/2 Stars out of 136 Reviews

    “It’s frankly difficult to find a good book that will help a person become literate about our modern money supply. Most that are accurate are hopelessly dense and written for graduate students in economics….Ellen Brown has translated a dense subject into a readable and fascinating story….Web of Debt by Ellen Brown not only demystifies money, but provides some thought-provoking and realistc solutions to our nation’s dangerous dependence on a for-profit banking system that is sucking the financial lifeblood out of our nation….Buy it, read it, and get active! –Thom Hartmann’s Review of the Month for Buzzflash, April 2009

  373. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Correction: “I find it interesting that the management” …

    (We really need a “preview” mode so we can easily review our posts to make any corrections. Can you add that Marty? That can help prevent “absolute” typos. :))

  374. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Let me make clear, Ellen Brown does a fairly good job in explaining what happened in a way a neophyte can understand. That part is good. However, I don’t agree with some of her socialistic solutions. She is apparently OK with socialism. I am not.

  375. Same here!

  376. Gold Toilet Paper?

  377. Killer of a blow out question OTDT. Right to the heart!

  378. Cat Daddy,

    I put the Clean Hands Congress recording from my stash of reel to reel recordings not to prove a point about Reg being a well trained auditor. It was put out there for the public to hear so that they could see that Reg Sharpe, probably the only TRUE friend L. Ron Hubbard ever had in this lifetime or any other lifetime was discarded like yesterdays trash. To use a phraseology here people HERE will identify with, Reg Sharpe was the earlier-similar David Mayo; just another disposable person in a long sad line of people L. Ron Hubbard would ultimately discard from his life much like he discarded Alexis Hubbard and David Mayo.

  379. I am unimpressed by this Pope

    “Pope Benedict XVI goes to war with ‘atheist extremism’Pope uses visit to argue Nazi desire to eradicate God led to the Holocaust and Britain should respect its Christian foundations”

  380. I loved your comment. You could say being Psychotic is “being out of it” It meaning the present, reality and or present time.

    Yes DM might have had a Psychotic Episode and he isn’t on something like weed

  381. Thanks ya’ll.

    Reading all the available blogs and web sites is a near impossible task unless that’s all you have on your schedule. The links are very helpful as are a couple of emails I got with these and some other references. For the most part I ignore serious allegations on any issue unless they are meticulously sourced and documented. I do understand that most ex-Scn sites are less rigorous as a lot of “shared reality” is present… I wasn’t being judgmental, just asking for maybe a little more user-friendly way to understand the issues.

    This particular subject… a combination of people being held against their will and egregious misuse of funds is one I’m much more interested in than whether or not Hubbard was Satan-incarnate or a hapless victim of evil-doers.

    Oh, and DFB? You can comment on my blog. I moved it off wordpress to a private server and it took a few days for everything to catch up. I do have to moderate now, but I check daily. Thanks!

  382. Hmmm, did some monks build and give away a hanger that we don’t know about?

  383. Mike~I like the dancing, but my reason for posting it was more the nasty, disgusting body and tone at the beginning (like his character in Tropic Thunder, which I liked in that movie). The dancing…whatever, I like J-Lo as herself. I like Ludicris as himself. I just find it repulsive for Tom to be in that valence/character. But from all descriptions of David Miscavige behind the scenes, this is how he is and this is how Tom chose to relate to the public. (I would have loved to see Tom as himself getting down with J-Lo, personally.)
    I saw more faces disagreeing with the Les character in the audience…like ewwww, slimy!

  384. I sharpen my wooden stakes daily.

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