Tony DePhillips at the Shack

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  1. The Badass Kingpin of the Pacific Northwest!:) Nice to see you, Tony and congrats on your Muy Caliente Status Meritorious! I’ll have a cigar with you on that one!
    Y’all keep on auditing down South! Theta is as Theta does and I do believe it’s floating on over via the Gulf.

  2. I enjoyed your talk with Marthy Tony
    thank you for sharing it.

  3. Tony, what a nice down-to-earth guy you are!

    What keeps amazing me is the list of long-term, dedicated, contributing and truly active Scientologists (SO, staff and public) on this blog.

    The c of m is emptying out (declaring) its best people believing to condemn them without realizing it actually frees them. It’s strictly a matter of ripping out the boards your boat is made of in an effort to keep afloat. And the more water you take the solution obviously seems to be: rip out more boards! Strictly nuts!

    Pater Niemoeller said some timeless words regarding “doing nothing” when the Nazis took out those that spoke up against them.

    It seems fitting to adapt the words of Pater Niemoeller:

    They first declared those working with LRH directly and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t one of them.

    Then they declared those courageous enough to oppose destructive actions and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t one of them.

    Then they declared all producers of real products (not merely “stats”) and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t one of them either.

    Then they came to declare me but by that time nobody cared about their declares anymore.

  4. I have a big smile on my face listening to this video!! Great and thank you Tony for speak out!! Big hug to all the family… you, your wife, Marty, Mosey and all other great people part of our IND team!!

    ““Now, thereness is simply a part of communication. It is the creation of a station or a terminal from which one communicates. And that is thereness.
    So thereness and communicatingness are punishable things by those who desire to entrap.
    And they are good things to those who have some tolerance for and some desire for freedom.”
    5 June 1955 ‘Anatomy of Spirit of Man Congress’ Lecture #9

    Yuppie 😀

  5. You seem like a cool guy Tony, and I echo Marty’s words of gratitude for what you do. We in the Brotherhood of SPs do kinda have a hat and a responsibility, I feel, in making others aware of the truth they don’t / won’t see. From the moment I I decided to leave I set about telling as many onlines folk as possible about the truth in the Church. It’s a challenging and thankless job sometimes, but very rewarding when you do see friends come into the sunlight. Hardly a week goes by now when somebody in the UK gets in touch and asks about what they aren’t being told in the “church”. Would I want others to have the knowledge I now have? Damn right I would! Thanks Tony and Marty.

  6. I just want the beatings to stop!

    You refused to be his whipping boy so you got Declared and attacked.


    I just gotta say, you don’t look very worried about OSA. You look very calm and relaxed. I guess they are not having much of an effect except pushing more people to become Independents.

    I’ve never seen an organization (OSA) that has everything backfire on them practically all of the time!

    Thanks for working for US, OSA! (Inadvertently, of course)

  7. Hello Marty & Tony,
    Seeing your video made my day. Imagine that – two people able to comfortably utilize Scn for THEIR benefit and to be able to openly discuss it without having to worry about the abitrary opinions and backlash of a controling cult. Amazing…..

  8. TroubleShooter

    Marty and Tony,

    I know some Scientologists in Seattle who have spoken to me about the third dynamic engram that the Church machinations created when you were treated the way you were Tony. The product of fear to create soldiers who march to the beat of the IDEAL drum with the command to “don’t question our authority…or you could be next…” permeated the space. It certainly sent a shock wave through the Scientology community to have the most upstat public couple’s heads put on pikes I’ll give him that!

    But it’s the blatency in his consistency with hitting upstats that I’ve been thinking lately that I have to admire. DeMonology’s bold, unashamed, unabashed, violations of LRH tech and policy to bowl people over and exile them from his kingdom have found me all over the tone scale on all flows but lately it’s been pure admiration for it’s ugliness.

    I saw sometime ago on the blog that Seattle lost their Snr CS and one of their lead auditors (his wife), right before the grrrrrrrand OHpening (with an emphasis on “grrrrrrrrrr”. I recall you saying Tony that you’d heard they both left to handle some supposed family medical scene…it seems that much like what was done to Karen Jentzsch – there’s an inner circle party-line demanding to be spread around that a psychotic break occurred and this prompted the Snr CS to leave in order to care for his WIFE…a staff auditor with years of auditing experience…she just went loopy…right???!!!! Sniff the air??? that’s the smell of rat carcass. Tony, do you know about this? They might need a real life-line, a REAL terminal…

    I’ve seen over this past year that the more exposure of the reverse Scientology DeMonology perpetrates the more coal DeMon pours on the fire. He’s so crazed and confident that he’s stokes his fires with each blog article that’s exposed his true colors, he’s forced the public more than ever to fix their attention on the IAS and DONATE or else the IAS regges with their nazi valences will talk to your DofPs and MAAs and you know what THAT means…ca-CHING or ELSE!

    It’s absolutely stunning how he’s followed this blog and used it to further his sick and twisted joke he’s been getting away with every second of every day making a mockery of a community of some of the best people, taking liberty with LRH tech and policy that has left me speechless and captive to the images of him snickering his way down the time track as he secured his position here and secured his position there to build the stage where he can pervert our religion in the very light of day taunting all who see and mezmerizing all those who can’t/won’t see.

    Sometimes I still go to that place where I feel so played, so stupid, so suckered and for several years so stopped by this perpetrator of reverse ethics, tech, admin. How could I NOT see what is SO in my FACE to see now – the emperor has no clothes, he’s naked for crying out loud, he has been for a long time, no clothes, none, absolutely stark naked (sorry for the images). Mostly now though I am fascinated by how well he’s done it. Pure evil in motion right before my eyes, present time touchable 3 dimensional mass on how those damned theta traps way back on the track and run out in auditing exist not just on the whole track but right here, right now.

    Since my own EP of the DeMon process I’ve been engaged in what has been a delicate task of deconstructing my life of over 25 years in Scientology as a highly trained OT, while reconstructing it to exclude his evil interventions.

    I do intend that casualties of DeMonology will join the ranks of those who build and man the trojan horse…it’s just a matter of time DeMon, truth prevails, watch yourself now because the walls might have ears. If you were in comm with your environment you would perceive that, but that’s our advantage, you can’t! Do NOT buckle under the pressure to step down DeMon, you must keep on charging ahead because your juniors and field love you and believe that you’re the second coming and we’re ALL counting on you to go down with the ship I mean to get the ship off the shoals so GET ON WITH THE SHOW and don’t disappoint! To COB!!!! hiphip HOORAY! hiphip hooray and so on.

    Thanks for the video Marty, seeing you guys together and seeing Tony live and personal like that was really good.

    Truth prevails, Onward and Upward,


  9. Thank you Marty. Nice video.

    I feel sorry for the people still in the church that are just throwing good money after bad. I wonder what happens to all the monies raised for a building and it’s renos that never gets finished?

    The whole Ideal Org program is a house of cards. My crystal ball says it’s gonna get very messy before it’s all over. Scientologists might be blinded right now but when the truth is finally undeniable, they’re gonna be pissed as I believe many of these building will never be finished and will sit there and rot.

    Aren’t people going to feel entitled to have something to show for their donations? When they realize that ain’t gonna happen? Then what?

  10. Great to see you Tony and Marty.The Truth shines through. “Justice is Coming”!

    Love Carol

  11. Wow! Wonderfull.
    Real Scientology exists.
    Theta, courage and auditor beingness flying off the screen!
    Go guys…..

  12. Tony, hope your enjoyed your stay. Just having come out of session you seemed pretty relaxed. Combination of persistant heat and a persistant F/N. That SP declare didnt seem to excite you any more than a supermarket flyer would. Its becomming like the ‘Student of the month” bumper stickers. Eventually everyone gets one.
    These declares seem more like political assasinations. Didnt LRH say the only crime in this universe is to communicate. We are all pretty guilty.

  13. What an idyllic spot. And you both looked relaxed and content. Very nice, indeed.

  14. Right on Seattle Kingpin!!!
    You look great, man!

    See ya when you get back!

  15. Eileen Clark


    It is so good to see you there in that wonderful place, with Marty and Mosey. Y’all enjoy y’selves, heah?!!!!

    Love, Eileen

  16. Nice video. Thank you Marty and Tony. I feel that what you are exposing is helping to free people who have been trapped for so long.
    On October 16th at 6:00 PM there is a protest planned at the LA org. The event that is being protested is an IAS event and it would be wonderful if some of you out there would support this protest by showing up.

  17. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Tara,
    Would love to share a stogie with you sometime!

  18. Barney Rubble

    Great stuff Tony, although I am familar with your story, it was really cool to see it shown to the world. Glad you’re cleaning up the endless sec checks and having wins.

  19. Way to go Tony!

    This is part of what I always dreamed Scientology should be about.

    Two or more like minded people sitting down and communicating about recent events and being honest about it. No ulterior motive. This was very rare in the church as I recall . You guys have made my day.


  20. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Samuel,
    I agree with your take on things.
    Funny you used that quote becasue I used that early on in this blog when I used to post as Alex. Always loved that and it is true. You can only stand on the sidelines for so long until it is your turn to be chopped up. If you wait too long there may be nobody left to help you.

  21. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Sylvia,
    You are a true fighter and a believer in truth and I think you are a very theta and beautiful being.

  22. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Brother!!
    You have always been an inspiration for me.

  23. Tony DePhillips

    Hi JWTBTS,
    Hard to get too excited after a great session and where there is a truly safe space created and no regging afterwards. I kept looking over my shoulder waiting for the IAS regges to pounce, but they never showed. Just a calm wind, a warm sun and my own thoughts drifitng along…

  24. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Matt,
    I told Marty about you being in the “non-interference zone” and we had a good laugh…
    For you who aren’t in on that private joke I will let Matt explain it if he wants to.

  25. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks troubleshooter,
    Good observations.
    You and we have not gone through this for nothing. There is a ton of value in the philosophy and it’s practice if done in a truly dafe and caring environment. It is worth fighting for and I look at this as an evolution. We are all getting better and better everyday. Remember that. The only way you lose is if you give up.

  26. Gentlemen:

    You’re two of the nicest kingpin SPs I have ever witnessed.

    As John Sweeney would say- Carry on!

    Also, thanks for the update on the knuckle draggers manning the implant stations. Someday they’ll see the light of day, too.

    Regarding the shack- I say get it while you can. Ah, there’s that song of the day!

  27. TroubleShooter, thanks for your kind words. You’re right the Emperor has no clothes but for years I was mocking him up with the greatest outfit. I couldn’t see what was in front of me. Really glad I can see now. I have absolutly no regrets for our decision to leave the Church.

    To set the record straight we never heard or said that the Senior C/S’s wife had a psychotic break. What I knew is that years ago one of the Senior C/S family member had a psychotic break & he had taken a break from training at FLAG to care for this person. When we heard that him & his wife were off the lines to “care for a family member” we assumed it could be for the same person. That’s if even this story is true. It seem offly odd that they would be both completly off the lines expecially at such a crucial time for the Org. Something doesn’t add up like so many things with the DofM.

    The Senior C/S & his wife are really good people. I hope they are seeing the truth. We are here for them if they need any help.


  28. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Let me get this picture clear;

    A well-meaning parishioner donates $125,000 to his church. Then the church says he’s a kingpin of an evil person?

    Errrr, I forgot. The Church of Reverse Scientology penalizes upstatistics, the best way to continue to crash their stats. From the brilliant minds of Despot DM and his slavish thugs.


  29. thank you!!
    Please keep in comm. Know that I’m here if you need anything… we are a very beautiful strong team!!

  30. Marty and Tony, great to see you guys. Tony, we’ll have to get together when you return to the Great Northwest.

    Marty, here is my semi-satirical piece on the “grades of SPs” that you mentioned:

    “I bet you didn’t know there are ‘Good SPs’ and ‘Bad SPs.’ Well, there are. In fact, there are many classes of SP. And it’s important that these different classes of SP not communicate with each other.

    “Management SPs: These are the people who have been ‘declared SP’ but are not permitted to leave the Int Base. People like Guillaume Lesevre, Marc Yager, Heber Jentsch and a reported 40 or 50 others. They stay in the ‘SP Hall’ – for years. Of course, they can’t communicate to other SPs.

    “Tame SPs: These are the people who, although declared SP, are ‘working on their A to E steps’ and paying off their Freeloader Debt. They are quiet, compliant, and don’t make waves. And they even do certain chores, like spying on other SPs and reporting to OSA.

    “Good SPs: They aren’t necessarily doing their A to E steps, and they are not paying their Freeloader debt, but at least they don’t speak out and they don’t make waves. They are quiet. They may read the chat groups and internet sites, but they don’t post under their own names. They don’t make any trouble for the Church, at least not openly. They are nice and quiet.

    “Bad SPs: These are the ones that make trouble. They write about their experiences on the inside. They reveal the abuse, the lies, the fraud. They talk to others. They post. They demonstrate. They speak out. They are not quiet.”

    We should add to that list Bad-Ass Kingpin SPs like yourself and Tony.

  31. Tony DePhillips, You sure put your Anchorpoints way out. My hat’s of to you.

    “Despite the amount of suffering, pain, misery, sorrow and travail which can exist in life, the reason for existence is the same reason as one has to play a game—interest, contest, activity and possession. The truth of this assertion is established by an observation of the elements of games and then applying these elements to life itself.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  32. Wow, every week Dianetics and Scientology history is being made and documented on this blog. It’s really exciting to watch and read it all unfolding.

  33. Thought Provoking

    Hi Marty! Hi Tony!
    Well, getting labeled Kingpin of the northwest could only mean one thing. You are effective in what you do!

    As an opinion leader. others look up to you and what an example you are setting. I see application of the Code of Honor, The Way To Happiness, ARC triangle and more. Sounds like a lot of tech being applied, to me!

    If you look at the actions of the church, they are the complete opposite. It’s not hard to evaluate their intentions at all. It doesn’t matter how much they try to dress it up, the church is dead.

    Great to see a video on the blog. Marty, you look great, as usual. Tony, so nice to see you taking time to get some auditing. You look great! And, now you are just a bit more real to me, thanks to the video. I’m slightly envious but very happy to see that the soldiers in the field are being taken care of. Thanks , Marty!

  34. beautiful interview ! 🙂

  35. Very happy for you Tony, thanks for that chat at the Shack.

  36. I felt real chilled watching that.

  37. Lovely interview, chaps!

    Walked by an Idle Org the other day….got that old Lynyrd Skynyrd vibe….this is for the little man enabling us all to define our own freedom.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Oak tree, you’re in my way…

  39. Tony DePhillips


  40. Tony DePhillips


  41. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Idle Org.
    I will see you real soon.

  42. Tony DePhillips

    You got it Eilleen. Perfect duplication.

  43. Alex Braverman

    Hi Tony!
    It’s sincerely a privilege and an honor to watch the “Badass SP Kingpin of the Northwest” on this debut video – at the shack with Marty. To quote the brilliant writing of Peter Frigo; “Two or more like minded people sitting down and communicating about recent events and being honest about it. No ulterior motive. This was very rare in the church as I recall . You guys have made my day.”

    Ditto that, you guys made MY day, ‘thanks!


  44. Woohoo! That’s my Honey 🙂

    Here’s more details of that story for those who are interested (Hope you don’t mind me filling up the blanks, Honey).

    Seattle Org had found a building that everyone was excited about. But one day, a SO member arrived, Steve Vanderloop (?), & told us that our building was rejected because it was too small. He was here on a mission to find us a bigger building. Needless to say a lot of people went really BIs (displease). Especially when he said that our building would be the one on Harrisson Street. Oh, it was bigger allright, but it had no character at all, hardly any parking, no foot traffic & the purchase price nearly 3-4 times the price of the other bldg. As we were OLs in the area, Steve took us aside to convince us & make sure we were “on board”. I’m sure he did the same with a few other people. To me the whole thing didn’t make sense financially. He finally convinced us by saying we would be allowed to take a mortgage & Management knows what they are doing, they wouldn’t let us down & would make sure this thing would be a success. So we went on a big campaign with others to convince the field that this was the right thing to do & we signed up & encouraged others to donate $ for the down payment & to sign up to commit for 10 years to pay $$$/month to cover a mortgage. In the mean time, the earnest $ was put down & we had a year to come up with as much $ as we could to put down. During that year we had to pay for inspections, plans & other expenses which I don’t remember all the details of but what I do remember is that all this was totalling about $300-400K. It was all fine providing we would get the building. A few months before the deadline approached we were suddenly told by the Landlord office that Management would not authorized us to take a mortgage. We had to come up with some astronomic sum of $ or the deal was off & we would lose the building & all the $ we had invested so far. It was insane & that’s what Tony wanted to write a KR on. Granted when he called the ED he was pretty agitated, so he was seen as the source of enturbulation. Others were numb! This was an enturbulating situation!!! We had put ourselves on the line financially & many others had too. How could Management allow us to potentially lose all our hard earned $?

    Well Tony told what happened at FLAG. He spared you a lot of the details but “being their whipping boy” says it all. We were both pretty disaffected for a 1 1/2 year after that.

    Here’s how the story ended regarding the purchase of the building. A handful of big donors came through with large donos but since it was still not sufficient to cover the whole price tag, the Execs, to their credit, defied Management orders & got a mortgage anyways. I’d like to think that Tony’s outrage had a little to do with them daring to go against orders. The mortgage was paid off within a year & all the $ for the renos was raised before we moved into the bldg.

    An interesting thing was the Fundraising I/C told me that when the Landlord office found out about the mortgage they were absolutely terrified to tell DM. We both thought it was an outpoint for them to be so terrified (now we know why). At the end apparently DM just said “good for them! They must have really wanted that building”.


  45. Tony DePhillips

    It is so nice to be able to freely communicate. It is what you can’t get in the church anymore. Scn was always and is very important to me. But Scn is the right to evaluate data and to think for yourself. I never wanted people in the church to tell me how to be and think. Marty is using basics that have been lost in the church. It isn’t so important what procedure is run as long as the person cares and creates a safe space. IMHO. All I know is that I have had great wins and I never had to see one regg or have anyone try to sell me a book package and that blows charge right there!!

  46. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for filling us in. We miss you.

  47. Tony DePhillips

    I Hear you Peter. Wouldn’t you like to have a good friend to listen to you and use some logic on sorting things out? Well this is what was happening. Two friends talking it over and enjoying it.
    Have a nice day!

  48. Tony DePhillips


  49. Tony DePhillips

    Nice summation Wayne.

  50. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Jeff,
    You crack me up man. Will love to hook up when Iget back. I think I still owe you a dinner.

  51. Tony DePhillips

    You are a cool Cat…

  52. Mosey & Marty, thanks for creating a very safe environment for Tony & being such great Hosts. Sending you two a big hug!


  53. Tony DePhillips

    I love you baby…
    Thanks for backfilling for me.
    See you soon.
    Hugs and kisses.

  54. With all due respect Jeff, I would put you in the Bad-Ass Kingpin SP category also 🙂

    BTW, I’m still working on your book (sorry only read a bit every week) & I’m really enjoying it. You are an inspiration!


  55. Great interview Marty and Tony!
    I’ve been out of the church for just a short time and it feels great!!!!
    Life is a lot BRIGHTER now and there is a whole new world out there which I’m enjoying every minute of.
    Thank you Marty for your site and sharing with all of us. Your Theta has definitely helped me get through some tough times.
    Still seeing “how things play out” .

  56. cool vid! 😀

  57. Tony and Marty, thanks a bunch for making the video!

    It’s great to be able to put some audio/visio together with the posts and comments, to get some “mass” as it were, with the significances.

    Seeing and hearing you guys really brings it home, how very theta you guys are.

  58. Well, this particular “non interference zone” has been achieved at Flag by many, after spending small fortunes. With the help of COB this zone can now be achieved easily in orgs around the world, especially where they have sent their auditors to Flag for special training (for years and years) under the watchful eye of RTC. A person knows that he has achieved this zone when he would rather pick up two warm turds before he would pick up two e-meter cans. After having reached this zone I have named it “The Leave Me The F@#* Alone Zone”.

  59. Tony & Marty,
    Fabulous video! Great to see charge blown and happy people.

    There were no regges, but you were awarded Kingpin status which in my book is pretty high! 😉

  60. Thought Provoking

    Welcome Luke!

  61. Tony DePhillips

    Thats right Sinar and I didn’t have to pay a cent for it!!

  62. There is a point that I should add. It usually takes more than just an auditor to bring about these results, it takes a team, which is why it is important that there is an organization behind him. It takes squirrel “Ethics Officers”, squirrel C/Ses, criminal registrars (the more the better), injustice, OSA enforced disconnection, a little prison camp action (where possible) and lots of bright happy untrained robotic staff to help hold the channels of the river of inval, eval and out tech one will need to experience to fully enter the “Leave Me The F@#* Alone Zone”.

  63. Tony DePhillips

    Your welcome Dean. Thanks for what you are doing too!

  64. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Thought provoking,
    Yes, some good tech is here. Things I was no longer able to get from the “church”.
    When you really look at it, what does a person really want from Scientology? For me it was a safe space to confront life and learn and grow. I never imagined it would turn into what it is now. Did you? I mean Scientology is part of life. Just go in and try to itsa about the out-points you see in the “church” or dm. And you will quickly see how much they will let you “look” and “think for yourself”. It has become a robot factory. If you make it through you will have had to somehow convince them you are a good robot and are willing to ignore the out-points. You have to be real good at running the thought stoppers on yourself. I could never do that. Well, that’s not totally true becasue absolutes are unobtainable. I did it a bit. But thankfully I blew out of it and have moved on up a little higher.

  65. Tony DePhillips

    The pleasure is all mine…

  66. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks AB,
    Try it some time it is not hard. It is actually fun and enlightening. A true adventure. The PI was pretty lame. I only saw one. But WTF, is this what you want your church money going to, following a couple of nice people around who are just trying to get away from suppression and put some ethics in on the out-ethics chumps in the “church”. If they are so clean, why would they give a shit what we have to say??

  67. Tony DePhillips

    What am I chopped liver??

  68. Tony DePhillips

    I’m trying to reduce some of that mass, but I get your point..

  69. Tony, thanks for your video story. You look so relaxed, which just tickles me. Marty and Mosey are great hosts, aren’t they? Love to you all.

    Just Me


    The Good and the Bad and the Bad-Ass Kingpin SPs having a ball, – heck there is no better place than the REAL SP hell outside where they are in intense communication!

    Thanks for the outrageous laugh… still rolling….hilarious

  71. Marty, I was always suspicious that Scientology can be correctly and honestly applied 🙂 Keep doing it! You are going into the right direction! 🙂

  72. TroubleShooter

    Hello Freetothink,

    Good to hear from you Marie-Joe.

    I hope that their Snr CS IS reading this blog now and so knows that you’re there for him.

    I didn’t mean to say that Tony was the source of the Snr CS’s wife having the psych break. I recall Tony’s comment being that he had thought he was caring for another family member for medical reasons – it’s in my own pursuit of what IS happening there that I was told by another Seattleite that it was his WIFE who allegedly had some sort of type III episode in the org. That’s the insiders explanation as to why the Snr CS post in Seattle is not filled with in this new Ideal Org, can you imagine that! an “Ideal Org”???!!!! In any case I don’t buy the story. I know she’s been a stable terminal there for a long time and the former Snr CS always helped with a heart of gold. It IS just another example of people being indispensable within the regime.

    You and me both mocked up the threads of gold on our “trusted leader”. I always thought I was pretty sharp and then I woke up…

    Tony, thank you for the encouragement. I believe in the Aims of Scientology and won’t go away with my tail tucked. The day will come when we meet in person and I look forward to that.



  73. Stark staring mad. Unbelievable….no comment.

  74. So nice to see two friends talking things over – openly! At the edge of the bay 🙂

    Seems to me you are both living this quote from Mark Twain and are inspiring us all to do the same:

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
    – Mark Twain

  75. It was great to hear of some auditing wins in the field. We get so little of that.

    After all, that is what we are here for, yes? To share our experiences to learn from them, and to go up the Bridge as LRH laid out for us.

    At the end of the day, when all the battle stories have been told, it is the wins in session, the repairs done to VGI’s, the OT levels comped, the rehabs, the restoration of the workability of the tech, the saving of lives and the making of OTs in larger numbers is what we are all here to experience.

    Suggestion: Let’s have more auditing wins shared, if at all possible. It really puts it there for us all.

    Thank you Tony, for your win. To hear you share your auditing win was a rare treat. And thank you Marty for the video. More please.


  76. Tony,
    I’m so jealous. What’s a girl got to do to get that kind of status????????
    Oh well, I guess I will just have to try harder.
    What stood out to me in your video was your dedication, commitment and loyalty to both groups in juxtaposition before and after discovering the truth. In the immediate fall-out of being forced to change sides and discovering one’s trust has been so devastatingly betrayed it is really good to know who your friends are.
    Thank you for being you.

  77. Scott Campbell

    Hey Tony,

    Nice to put a face with the name.

    You really come across as one squared-away cat. Thanks for being an opinion leader in the Pacific Northwest. I lived in NW Oregon for about five years once. Beautiful country. Us web-footers have got to stick together!

    Congrats on hooking up with Marty, the Capo di tutti capi of kingpins!

    Kingpins! Fah! Who the fuck comes up with this stuff anyway? All I see is a couple of nice guys willing and able to help others. What’s wrong with that?

    Unless your an only one…


  78. Yet another satisfied customer of the church of miscavige.

    Tony, good job in following what you feel is right in your heart no matter what the consequence may be. It’s what I did 7 years ago and I’m now glad I did. One must think of what’s best for the long run not the short run.

    One must try to have the courage of one’s convictions. One must live by principles, for in the end, that’s all you have.

  79. Marie Joe,
    It is our pleasure having him! Next time you must come along!!!
    Love Mosey

  80. Thanks Thought Provoking its great to be a part of this Theta and Fun group!!!!

  81. Tony, nice to see a face matched with a name. Thank you for your information and also thanks to your wife, Freetothink, for giving more details about the whole scene up there. Washington is beautiful, by the way.
    Frankly, I could not flow power to the Ideal Org Program because it is simply not based on LRH. SFO needed an Org building,in a bad way,due to its location, which originally was good. The environment changed and it became entheta. Still, the building was considered ‘the why” for all downstats etc and it was a huge consideration by the public that they couldn’t bring in people. A new buidling was going to fix everything. I always contended that the building was a huge “situation”, but it was not the why. I contributed a small amount of money in the beginning, but then I saw people give away all their money, and others putting their businesses on the line etc. Yet, management did nothing to match funds. They sold the new building idea with false promises of “no more moonlighting”, “floods of people coming in”
    and the biggest lie, “the new world corp would be coming in to audit everyone and the ot7’s would no longer have to go to Flag for 6 month checks.” A friend of mine joined staff (again!) as an OT 7, thinking that she would get her auditing there. She fullfilled her contract and of course to this day there is no NWC. Why? They haven’t kept up their other stats. Obviously, the ‘why” was not the building. Furthermore, the div 6, which is incredibly small, was designed by DM. The idea was that the field would be the div 6 to the Org. Sure. Then, they started regging the public for the building accross the street because their new one really wasn’t big enough. OOPS! The public was already over regged and tapped out. I don’t know what happened with any money that was regged, but the cycle was ended with a pr excuse. What a mess. And the regging for staff that took place was unusually desperate and extremely entheta in many cases that I know of very personally. Talk about reverse Dianetics. I’ll save that story for another blog. It happened to my own son!!
    It is interesting that the “I’m not auditing you” out tech “r factor” is used in every situation from not wanting to join staff to disagreeing with authority or group think. It is always followed by out tech overt pulling and crime detecting sessions. I can ‘t believe the number of people, even fellow OT’s, who agree to sit for that and some end up joining staff afterward! It seems to be a squirrel version of a danger condition handling mixed with o/w pulling. So, yea…the whole Ideal Org thing is insane and so many people have their finances ruined. Does management care… LOL!!!
    I hope you keep telling your story loud and clear so that maybe other upstat, honest, hardworking folks will wake up before getting their help flow stomped on,their beingness invalidated, and their money..poof!

  82. Great to hear you are having excellent Wins in Session.
    That’s what its all about. Lots of Auditing & Training in the Freezone/Independents is the best DM Antibiotic.

  83. Hmmm, seems like a rather nice location to have a ‘shack’. Perhaps if I saved hard, I would be able to have a ‘shack’ there as well?…

    Anyway, thanks for speaking out like that Tony, I’m sure this makes it easier for others to face up to the truth. Just telling the truth is perhaps more powerful than we can imagine.

    I really know what you mean about being manipulated into being what others wanted you to be. I too got into Scientology because I wanted to be free – free to be me. But the further I went, the more it seemed that I was being coerced into conforming to the image of an ‘ideal Scientologist’ (not really ideal, but a perverted parody created by the current management).

    I felt that I was losing my identity and my self-determinism (incidentally why I chose this online nickname). I couldn’t stand it. And when I resisted, I too got a load of invalidation and sec-checking and was even accused of ‘suppressive acts’, which in reality consisted of reading critical material on the interwebs. I felt like I had no choice but to leave and I’m so glad I did.

  84. theystolemychurch

    I can attest to that “zone”!!!! Especially after that “auditing” at flag…… :{{{{{{{{{

  85. Thanks Marty and Tony for the video, and for your courage to go public and revealing the truth about the so called church. And Tony, congratulations on the Kingpin Award!

  86. Hey Tony,

    Nice video … so you’re the kingpin of the Pacific Northwest now? Wow! You forgot to mention the fact that you were one of the FIRST in Seattle to actually DO the Ethics Specialist course and use the data. Glad to see you are being OT wherever you happen to be and earning such a nice title in the meantime.


  87. Hey Kingpin of the NW! Great to see your mug at the Shack, and hope to see it again soon back here in the good ol’ beautiful autumn of the Northwest. And good on ya for speaking your mind, sticking to your shooting guns and doing whatever the heck you feel is right to do! Sherry

  88. becomingAware

    MP – Thanks for the good laugh.

  89. An observation: Marty sits and listens to someone else attentively and interestedly for ten minutes…why do I imagine that a certain little someone we know is incapable of doing this? Real basic stuff…

  90. Jeff – You forgot one other branch of SPs.

    REAL SPs: DM and his immediate enforcers. They label other people SPs so as to paralyze thought and escape detection. Remember DETECTION, is the first rung of “Detection, Routing and Handling”.

  91. Awesome video guys!

    Just two blokes sitting by the river telling it like it is. One thing comes through loud and clear for me – that Tony isn’t making this up. The sincerity is obvious, there’s no lying going on there and how he describes it is how it happened.

    Tony, that picture your describe of the reg events sounds exactly like the events I’ve been in done here. I’m sure that exact event patter got played out all over the world for the last several years. Everything you described just sounded so familiar!

  92. Dean,

    I remember you so well from the mission in Cinti so many years ago. Thank you for standing up today and those tomorrows for those things we here hold dear. Would love to join you and all but it would take a long plane flight.

    Sincerely, Tom Gallagher

  93. After watching this I’m compelled to kick back with a jazz tune and a cigar or two! Awesome!

  94. Quote from Mr. Cali’s forum you might be interested in. It is in relation to the video of you at the airport.
    As for Marty, he is an asshole. But even assholes deserve their privacy. OSA/Office of RTC following this guy around is making him go a little paranoid – but then again, when we see a video of him looking at others suspiciouslly and while he is doing this HE IS BEING VIDEOED then he is not really paranoid is he? Or insane on this either. He is damn right for being suspicious.

    Marty makes me sick, but the Church makes me even sicker.

    Marty has not actually done anything other than start up an independent movement. The way they watch him is unjustified. It is well beyond a joke and it is intimidation at it’s best.

    I don’t think even people in Anon think this is OK.

    If Marty was to sue the Church for harassment, hell, I would appear and stand up for the guy. 100% I mean that. I will never forget what it was like getting a call from my mother to tell me that a PI pushed his way into her home. I didn’t appreciate the goons at the train stations and near my residence in Sydney either for that matter. Or the calls to my place of employment.

    In fact, if Marty was to launch a court case against the Church for this sort of thing, he might be pleasantly surprised how many people would back him and stand with him.

    Differences aside, some behavior is just disgusting. And one thing all ex-SO members have in common that we can agree on and back each other up on is that we are tired of having our private lives breached.

    Fuck the church. If Marty goes at them for this, I am backing him. On my fathers grave I swear this.

  95. Great to see you Tony & Marty. You look as relaxed as I feel after getting out. Just the financial freedom is amazing ,to feel you can keep some of your hard earned money and to get some back.
    Sydney Idle Org must be a similar disaster they raised money for the reno of the building they already owned. Then moved out to a rented duilding at a huge cost of money and time. Then when the 6 or 12 month lease was up and they couldn’t extend it and had to move back into the still unrenovated Org. What a management stuf -up!
    I wish their main OT 7 financier @ OL , Tim would see the light like you Tony.
    Peter Smith

  96. Marie-Joe,

    An interesting story. Thanks. I’m very curious to know who owns the deed to the Idle Org property. Can you fill us in on that?

    And– kudos to you and Tony for all you’ve done.


  97. martyrathbun09

    He really has a sane and sound grasp of that technology too. I am impressed.

  98. martyrathbun09

    You are defintely the undisputed Queenpin of the United Kingdom. No doubt.

  99. I read a newspaper article today about a terrorist’s final threat, “Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun. Consider me the first droplet of the blood that will follow.” This is true suppression and shows how off point DM/OSA has become in declaring and ousting so many hundreds (possibly thousands) of good people that could have a truly awesome effect on the state of man. What a huge waste of parishioner time and money spending our millions in fighting DM’s demons that he created! Shame on you!

    Yea, yea, yea, some went public on TV or announced publicly, honestly I could give a damn, exposing DM is a godsend for us that instinctively knew something was rotten to the core with no hope of ever getting any correction. Their overts are justified, it’s either that or sit back and continue to watch DM destroy the Church which he pretty much has, now how is that “the greatest good”? Who is committing the greater overt, the CofM allowing the continual onslaught on LRH’s tech or the whistle blowers exposing it? Yea, yea, yea “they could have handled it on standard lines”, we all know how ineffective that is, never will happen with DM squirreling at the helm squeezing his copper iron rod pole to ward off suppression!

  100. martyrathbun09

    So true.

  101. Barney Rubble

    Actually it was called the Universe Corps. DM and company pretty much wiped it off the face of the earth in the late 90’s. So you and other OT’s were lied to. Too bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if LRH ED 339R has been cancelled by DM.

  102. Back in the the day when the org was on a heavy foot traffic street we use to body route in about 10-20 people nightly to get their free OCA test. Shame on that new building with no foot traffic, all part of the DM plan of destruction, once again an onslaught on LRH advices.

  103. This one’s dedicated to the Badass Kingpin SPs WorldWide:

  104. This is a typical S.O.M.A.T.I.C. !

    i.e. Sea Org Madness AT Its Craziest.

  105. Marty and Tony,
    It was wonderful to see the video.
    It was wonderful to see UNDERSTANDING and DUPLICATION in a comm cycle.
    That does not happen in the “CHURCH”. It is domination,/hierarchical, Alpha DOG treating a parishioner like a mutt pariah.

    On the Flagship Apollo Sea Org Members who had just spent a few minutes with LRH one on one would often speak of an F/Ning Tone Arm the rest of the day.

    I will tell you WHY.
    In communication with LRH he UNDERSTOOD you. He DUPLICATED you. HE ACKNOWLEDGED you. His comm cycle was flawless. He has all his attention units on YOU and what you would say. He UNDERSTOOD and ACKNOWLEDGED with high ARC.

    It was the magic of the comm cycle that go so many folk drawn into Scientology counseling in the first place.
    They sat in session and had the full ATTENTION of the auditor, the acknowledgments, the duplication.
    The public got hooked.

    It seems obvious that a human being seeks UNDERSTANDING and DUPLICATION more than anything at all, spiritually.
    The Church, as I see it now dramatizes Heavy Hussar treatment of superiority, destruction, attack, disconnection and any OUT of ARC action you can think of.
    The complete opposite of everything in all the very many HCOBs on ARC ! Heaven help you if you challenge DM and do not toe the Party Line!
    Now comes the vindictiveness, the revenge, the smearing campaigns, the OSA ops, the FAIR GAME.

    Recent reports from ex -RTC demonstrate how DM seeks to install in staff an image of COLD CHROME STEEL devoid of ARC, detached from ARC but oozing superiority and rank and dramatizing DOMINATION for SUBMISSION.

    It seems obvious that a human being seeks UNDERSTANDING and DUPLICATION more than anything at all, spiritually.

    I think this is the biggest OMISSION in current “Golden Age of Tech” (disputing with the auditor FN or NO FN), and repeatedly challenging the pc for witholds ~~ gone is the DUPLICATION and Understanding.

    Tony and Marty thanks for demonstrating good comm cycles. The way they should be.
    Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of the Independent movement
    is the ARC and understanding within ~~ devoid of the DM superiority and attack vibe.

  106. Freedom Fighter

    “Yea, yea, yea, some went public on TV or announced publicly, honestly I could give a damn, exposing DM is a godsend for us that instinctively knew something was rotten to the core with no hope of ever getting any correction. Their overts are justified, it’s either that or sit back and continue to watch DM destroy the Church which he pretty much has, now how is that ‘the greatest good’? Who is committing the greater overt, the CofM allowing the continual onslaught on LRH’s tech or the whistle blowers exposing it? Yea, yea, yea ‘they could have handled it on standard lines’, we all know how ineffective that is, never will happen with DM squirreling at the helm squeezing his copper iron rod pole to ward off suppression!”

    Exactly! Well said, CR. So many can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Sure, it takes swallowing a big lump of coal realizing that things got this way because each one of us collectively let it, but it’s far more honorable to do whatever it takes now to set it right than it is to continue to defend someone who is doing everything they can to sink the ship.

    I’m reminded of the Service PL where LRH talks about damning the rules if they’re getting in the way of providing service (don’t have this to hand, so if anyone can give the exact quote here, I’d appreciate it). Well, people aren’t being serviced on a grand scale — haven’t been for a while now — and, worse yet, they’re being driven insane by the mother of all squirrels.

    So, in the spirit of this PL, to hell with the rules. We have to do whatever it takes to get things back on track. It’s what LRH would expect if playing by the rules wasn’t getting the job done. What are you waiting for?

  107. Hey Tony, hey Marty. Nice video you guys made! Love it!

    Looking forward to getting the full de-brief when you get home, man. Sounds like everything is going according to what you’d expect though. 🙂

  108. Oh, and I love the term “Kingpin”! 🙂

  109. Totally hardcore inspector Dan Brown or another one? I noticed Dan Brown was out with a kid and wife. And what’s with the massive amounts of new names the last few weeks? It’s surprising. Amount of new names is affluence.

  110. T-bone I like it!

  111. Marty may be an asshole, but he seems like a pretty good asshole to me, LMAO.

  112. I am doubled over with laughter at the image of dm “squeezing his … rod pole to ward off suppression!”

    Talk about having an MU…

  113. Amen and thanks Karen for a quick and accurate summary.


  114. Welcome, Luke! Many adventures to come your way!

  115. Thought Provoking


    Absolutely spot on! ARCU is what it is all about!

    When I was ordered to do the PTS/Sp course I had the most incredible wins reading the chapter in SOS titled Affinity, Reality and communication. I’d read a paragraph and completely blow out fully exterierized as if I’d just had a major release in session. One of the rare times that I really couldn’t study a minute more and just had to have my win. I’d come back later and read then next paragraph and zoom! Another major release. This went on for days. It was the most fun I’d ever had on study.

    I think this blog is so successful and so interesting because there is so much ARCU in it. Even when we disagree we are granted beingness and allowed to continue to communicate and inevitably we are able to find some points in which we DO agree.

    I am so glad that we have such strong tech terminals such as yourself to interact with. You really enhance the posts with your personal reality of working with LRH, showing that DMs dramatizations are not how LRH handled things and are just another corruption of the tech.

  116. You badass kingpins made my day. Love the Shack! Love the videos!

  117. CR,
    What you said is very interesting and reminds me that as part of working for LRH, there were some datums which might not be generally known.

    At WHQ in La Quinta, when LRH was working or writing an PL or bulletin all personnel working at his house or in the vicinity would be told to not make noise which would disturb him. He did need to concentrate on the writing. However, “advices” or ordinary dispatches were rattled off usually on a dictaphone or tape recorder – rat tat tat and snap and pop.
    Thus, a compilation of “advices” seems to be a different animal to me and could be manipulated or edited by the compiler which might not necessarily be what LRH would write in a PL or Bulletin. Perhaps Dan could expand on this.

  118. Thus I would be suspect of a bunch of advices compiled by Dear Leader or such as there may be omitted data such as the circumstance of the writing of the advice and so on.

  119. Sam,
    Perhaps you will need to do a video with Marty? 😉

  120. That made me laugh!

    I posted a song for you guys below.

  121. Barney Rubble

    It’s true he does it on a regular basis, per what I’ve been told. Not kidding!

    “Squeeze the rod please, TKU, squezze the rod please again TKU” (Pre session squirrel fashion to set the sensitivity).

  122. I second that! And Queen Troublemaker Extraordinaire too!

  123. Congratulations on your Kingpin status Tony! After meeting you in person in July, I had no doubt you were destined to become a member of royalty. Great to see you kicking back at the Shack. Thanks for being who you are.

  124. one of those who see

    Hi Guys!! We are all going to be just fine because Auditors Audit! So well done to both of you. And what a beautiful spot. Wow!
    Great to see a video. Thanks for the info on your “ideal” org cycle. Correct Marty. Another example of reverse Scientology. A person that is concerned that the thousands of dollars he has donated may be wasted is not allowed to speak up! If so he is recalled to Flag so they can look for his crimes!
    I don’t go into “the buildings” because the Church of Scientology…isn’t there.
    It’s at The Shack and in Dominick’s Auditing Room and at Marty’s Wedding. It’s on this Blog and in our hearts. It’s where the tech is being studied and applied in freedom and ARC. And where man is truly thought of as basically good.

  125. one of those who see

    Hey! Does Tony get a big ass trophy for da Kingpin ting??? (said with heavy New York Italian accent)
    I know Iknow. We don’t do no stinkin’ trophies!

  126. Mockingbird6

    My friend in Seattle said that the amount of money that would have been lost if the mortgage had not been taken was about a million dollars.

    Not only that but he said it would have totally killed the enthusiasm everyone in the field had for donating anything more. Too bad it didn’t happen that way. Woulda saved a lot of guys a bundle!

  127. The “Ideal Org” project(s) struck me as ridiculous on its very face, the first I heard of it. Why is it not challenged on a logical basis by more staff/public? Perhaps this might explain. I was with the Flag tour once during the late 80s…as a gag, the featured speaker had the staff play that jet plane sound from the Beatles’ “Back in the USSR”, and then RIGHT after that, “appeared” walking swiftly up the aisle, wearing a winter coat, as if having JUST arrived from the airport. It was an innocent gag, no deception meant, everybody was meant to laugh it off, but I was astonished how many public that night took it literally!

    Just as one example, a mature woman next to me said “Wow! It always takes me a LOT longer to get here from the airport”.

  128. THAT is the astute question! I asked the same question of a good Scientologist friend – he went directly to the local OT VIIIs and quizzed them on it “The building’s going to belong to the local org, right?”.

    “Oh yes!” he was (falsely assured).

    I do not have all the facts on this, but I would HIGHLY doubt that a local org could be allowed ultimate control of such an asset.

    This is a very important question to settle, since if in the end, the COB owns these buildings? It would be the scam of the century.

  129. Tony, thanks so much for the video. You reminded me of my last few trips to Flag and how grateful I am to be free of that “toe the line or get sec checked” mentality. I applaud you for having the cajones to stand up and walk. I truly believe the higher one goes on the bridge, the greater the suppression from above. Gee, it almost seems like someone doesn’t want others to go free.

    You and your wife are good people. Thanks for standing up and being there.

  130. P.S. And thank you too Marty, for giving us all a safe place to get some standard tech. The Shack rocks.

  131. Hmmm, who might you be to have this kind of information?


  132. Sam,
    It’s ’cause girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. But I am looking for a “badass song” for the “Queenpins”.

  133. Hey Tony – great to see you at the Shack. Pretty cas and laid back eh? Enjoyed our corner conversation at the Independent’s Day celebration and hope that we (including Mariejoe) can meet up again soon and party.

  134. Stop Altering The Tech!

    Awesome! Love the response about the IAS regges not being there after session! What a difference huh? Seattle is dear to my heart as it was my first org back in the early 90’s when Mark Arnold was a reg there. I hope he and Tammy see the writing on the wall soon…

  135. Hi Jewel,
    Yeah, I hate that poof of the money thing. Hey, I made some go poof recently, into MY hands! Ha ha ha!

  136. *+*+* Effervescent serenity+*+*+* Now that’s a treat. Just great to see this clean, good comm and presence. Cheers Tony and Marty!

  137. Karen,
    That’s the LRH I know.

  138. Boo Yeah Sinar! LRH advices are a different thing than HCOBs. For chrissake. A does NOT EQUAL A. Imagine, making every freakin’ utterance of yours ‘gospel’. What a crock.

  139. Nice to meet ya, Luke 🙂

  140. Tony De Philips,
    Dude, you gotta get serious, dude. This whole lightness thing, not enough solid. NOT.

    Dude. Are u feeling me?

    Hey, I can get Cubans. I live in Canada. CUBANS!! Somebody, PLEASE come here and enjoy the Cubans. (But only from June to October, cause that’s the fishing season.)

  141. Merci beaucoup Marty and Tony
    I am so happy to reed this blog almost every day!

  142. p.s. Better a King Pin than a bowling pin.

  143. Loved the video Marty, more please!
    I really miss the Shack, I had a great time, I hope the boat winch is still working.
    Well done on Mosey getting to clear, I just found out on the blog, great job Marty!
    Give her my love.

  144. martyrathbun09

    Thanks DA. Will do. The winch is tempermental, but serves in the clutch.

  145. Imagine that, an actual duplication of that which emanated from cause. Jeesh, what’s next? Understanding??!? What is the world coming to? I’ll bet some damn As-Isness took place there too! Scoundrels!!!

  146. High “5” to Marty & Mosey for creating and maintaining the SHACK. VWD to Tony & others who go to the SHACK for some well done standard auditing a’ la original LRH technology.
    Sharing this video for all to view is awsome IMO.
    There is a saying that one picture is worth a thousand words.
    A video outputs 30 frames (one picture) per second. This SHACK video delivered 664 seconds resulting in 19,920,o0o words. It is now on the internet for world wide viewing. This video will drive the retired cameraman nuts. I just realized I’m wrong….der leader is NUTS!!!
    Now you know why these two thetans are called Kingpins.

  147. You are the man!!! Keep pouring out and flowing the truth about your experiences and share what you went through with your friends and family and people still in SCN so they don’t have to experience the same.

    Great job!!!

  148. Speaking about that part of the body, it happens to have a lot of pleasurable nerve endings.

  149. No worries about the “kingpin” getting bowled over – OSA throws nothing but gutter balls.

  150. not bad interview….marty you probably are a good man…i dont know you…but i am sure you are…

  151. Loving the whole Shack theme.

    Reminds me of ‘Somewhere Down the Crazy River’

  152. Tony DePhillips

    Me too!

  153. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Karen,
    You said:”That does not happen in the “CHURCH”. It is domination,/hierarchical, Alpha DOG treating a parishioner like a mutt pariah.” That is funny and so true!!
    You also commented on LRH using the comm cycle and the good results that would get becasue he would understand.
    You are so right. The “church” today does NOT UNDERSTAND. And that is expressed in many ways. Marty and I talked about this while I was at the Shack . How important the basics of Scientology are. NOT buying the basic book package but ACTUALLY using the comm cycle, creating a safe space, ARC. letting people handle their finances using the finance policy. etc etc. Marty IS a great auditor for that reason.

  154. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks LO.

  155. That’s how the anti-Perfume crap came about in the Sea Org, first … then trickled down to the orgs.

    LRH made some comments about coal tar-based (aromatic benzene compounds) cheap “fragrance” you see in just about all U.S. chemical products from bath soap to cleaning solutions. These remarks were turned into a ban!

    Then the ban on *artificial* “fragrance” got applied to all perfume of any kind, despite the fact that natural aromatic oil scents from plants have nothing to do with “cheap coal tar-based fragrance”.

    Just one example, out of hundreds, I’m sure.

    Michael A. Hobson

  156. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Mosey and Marty,
    Thanks again for the hospitality.
    Mosey makes some real good spaghetti and meat balls and Marty thanks for turning me on to your breakfast taco spot!!

  157. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Luke.
    Welcome to the Truth Rundown..

  158. Tony DePhillips

  159. A reactive M.I.N.D. creates the S.O.M.A.T.I.C.

    i.e. Miscavige In Narcissistic Dramatizations

    HS: “i.e. Sea Org Madness AT Its Craziest”

  160. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Just me,
    Yes they are very nice to be around and I love the area where they live. It is so peaceful. Nice hearing from you.

  161. Tony DePhillips

    That was good Windhorse!!

  162. plainoldthetan

    Karen: LRH says in lecture PATTERN OF THE GPM (6304c30) that he never sec checked anyone, he audited them with sec checking. What a remarkably sane and gracious attitude.

  163. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Centurion,
    Here is another win of mine. Getting the chance to itsa all of the craziness (maybe not all) I have experienced with the “church” I blew ridges and mass connected to never being able to talk about those things without getting introverted with checking into MY overts and withholds. It was a real thought stopper within auditing in the church to introvert you every time you wanted to itsa a valid out-point. The proof is in the pudding; when given a chance to do so I had huge wins and got to complete all the incomplete comm cycles connected to those subjects which are very near and dear to me.
    And no comm lags on the f/ns either that was REAL NICE…

  164. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Sam,
    What’s in a name? Especially one that some dumbasses from OSA try to tack onto you. We all know you are in the elite BADASS SP group anyways. What would be the name you would like? How about Black widow?? LOL. Let me know if that is a wrong item…

  165. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Scott,
    I hear ya on the names.. Pretty goofy eh?
    You should go to the Shack sometime I think you would enjoy it a lot!!

  166. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks At Cause.
    Nice thoughts.

  167. martyrathbun09

    Hey! Good to see you made it back in good spirits. Don’t be a stranger.

  168. The longer I’m out and not considering the church my church any longer I get this great feeling of fun and safeness like I did back in 1977 when I did the clearing course. It was fun then, it was safe and I trusted everyone.
    I’m glad Tony is getting auditing and doing well, I get the feeling you’re feeling like I described. Nice!

  169. Tony DePhillips

    Wow Jewel!!
    That was quite a good write-up about the situation. And you did it so calmly. I have a hard time not getting my blood boiling when I hear if this kind of stupidity couched as “Standard LRH” and “The Sea Org is unfallible” kind of bullshit. This kind of thinking has ruined many a persons life.

  170. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Axiom 142,
    Your comm made me feel real duplicated. It’s nice knowing that there are friends out there who haven’t given up the dream.

  171. Tony DePhillips


  172. Tony DePhillips

    Yes Amused,
    Creating a mystery sandwhich are you?? That’s not very nice because now I’m hungry.

  173. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Sherry. I will share my pin anytime you need it. Because if you go to any important events you really NEED to wear that PIN and show everyone just how damned important you are, ya know??

  174. Tony DePhillips

  175. I will! 🙂

  176. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Splog, (love that name)
    Yep, all I have tried to do is relay some truth about what is going on. It is SO FRIGGING HARD TO IMAGINE that an SP took over Scientology. But it’s true. Just look at the data and evidence, you cannot escape it unless you run from the data which we see happening every day with the ones who don’t want to look. Freaky!!

  177. Tony DePhillips

    A kindred spirit.

  178. Tony DePhillips

    That was funny!!

  179. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Peter,
    Howz it goin down under??

  180. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Mr. Doakes.
    Everything happened as I had forseen. Tell Invictus that I will do the debrief ASAP.

  181. Tony DePhillips

    Your on a roll Bryon!! Sesame roll with cream cheese and pastrami.

  182. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Christie.
    I’m blushing right now..

  183. Tony DePhillips

    Ya get a night out wit da boys, if ya know what I mean??

  184. Don’t say my name here, I am under the radar.

    Straightwire yourself. You asked a friend about me recently and he reassured you.

  185. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Magnolia,
    Everything you said was true and real to me.
    You know the data that you don’t let lower case people audit higher cases because they can’t have the other getting that free? Well, that is what is happening in the cult of cabbology. They actually can’t let you become OT. An OT is not a quite whipping boy. An OT (or at least my version of someone heading in that direction) is a bad ass. He or she LOOKS and SEES things and they have the courage to say what they see and then they DECIDE what should be done and then they ACT on those things. You think the “church” will let their “OTs” act independently on their own???

  186. Tony DePhillips

    Yes Shannon, that will be cool when a bunch of us can party again. Probably won’t be too long. Tell your hubby I said hi!

  187. Tony DePhillips

    You always say such nice things..
    You must be a social personality or something..

  188. Tony DePhillips

    I will make it a point to visit you Jim. The notion of smoking a cuban with you and having you sense of humor around is irresistible.
    It is actually hard to get very solid around Marty. The man is pure insouciance.
    Hey Marty, if you read this, I wish I was having my coffee and smoke with you right now…. Awww, the pleasure moments.

  189. It’s ‘thought confusions’ Mike, from Data Series 1. An ‘order’ = ‘policy’ etc.

    It’s become systemmic. Worse, now utterances from a bumbling, incompetent, evil purposed nut ball, are even senior to sensible policy.

    It’s been posted here several times now but it’s apropos to this whole thing:
    “The more thetan you have present, the less policy you need and the better things run. Only a thetan can handle a post or a pc. All he needs is the know-how of minds as contained in Scientology. That was all he ever lacked. So, given that, sheer policy is poor stuff, as it seeks to make a datum stand where a being should be. That’s the whole story of the GPMs. So why not have live orgs?” Refund Policy 23 Oct 63.

    So now it’s ‘advices’ standing where a being should be, exercising present time observation, and those ‘advices’ aren’t even the advice in the first place. They’ve gone through the DM filter and come out as random, inapplicable gibberish.

  190. Tony DePhillips

    Bienvenue. Mon plaisir.

  191. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Summer Wind,
    It’s funny your “tag” reminded me of this song and it sort of reflects the carefree feeling I had at the Shack and reconnecting with real caring people.

  192. Tony, Seeing this video and knowing you just got a session and how cool that feeling is when your needle floats and there is nothing but ‘AMing’ going on I can’t help but think of one thing……’Freedom’. Is it freedom from ? To? Doesn’t matter. Just IS. OK, LRH was an asshole, LRH was a genius, does it matter. The Tech works and it works for YOU. Both you and Marty are keeping Scientology working. God bless you both. Love!

  193. martyrathbun09

    Tony, Thanks for the coffee; yes. But, you didn’t leave any of those prides of the Dominican Republic.

  194. Tony,
    Ahh…the breakfast tacos….can’t visit Ingleside without having at least 2! It was our pleasure having you…looking forward to your next trip. I will take you and Marie Joe fishing too, but not sure I can get Cubans 🙂
    Love Mosey

  195. WomanSetFree

    I know that zone 😉 Been there ever since the RPF in 1990!

  196. Whistle blowers committing an overt???
    To hell with the rules???

    How about public KR and enforcing the rules on the right gradient, how about starting to hint at KSW 6,7,8, 9 and 10? Marty is doing that on tv and by this blog in a more effective way than any one, ever, by far! He is practicing Standard Scientology while C of M still has you think you’re not following Standard Scientology by leaving that implant station. But you know that getting auditing while being connected to an SP would constitute the real High Crime.

    RTC, IAS, Cof S, Super Power, Idol Org, etc, have nothing to do with fair exchange, care for the customer, ARC or anything called Scientology. They’re illegal splinter groups that don’t even own the copyrights to Scientology but they pretend to and make billions off of it. Contributing, adhering or even letting it go by without a word would make you accessory, squirrel and criminal in one fell swoop.

    The ones on this blog and freezone are the very ones that did not leave Scientology; the bots did and they’re paying the prize for compromising their integrity. We only left the Squirrels and splinter groups which we’re not supposed to be connected to in the first place.

    C of M still has you think this blog is not a standard way to handle group PTSness. However, this is the largest education campaign and group KR ever written and published with the greatest volume and reach in history. Education happens to be the first things LRH tells you to do you do on a Standard PTS handling. Exposure of crimes happens to be the one thing that can curb them, which indeed happens to be the case. It’s easily compared to the exposure in quality and quantity of psychs and may even be the same thing.

    As-isness can only be reached by the exact consideration. Do whatever it takes, yes, but the more Standard Tech is thrown out, the worse your results will be and the more you’ll have to repair later.

  197. Thanks G! Heres to many good adventures to you as well!

  198. Tony DePhillips

    I think I’ve got it. Have we talked before? I mean really talked??

  199. Tony DePhillips

    My Bad…I’ll mail you some brother man..

  200. Tony DePhillips

    Couldn’t agree with you more Sarge. Marty and I talked about the same thing. If Scientology is to get you to a point where you can evaluate data you should be able to look at LRH’s work and ask “does this have value?” For me the answer is YES!! The auditing tech is awesome. LRH created that and that is an impressive body of work. Even if he were an axe murderer you couldn’t take that product away from him. It wouldn’t excuse him being an axe murderer but you would still have to conclude that the tech works. Absolutes are unobtainable, it is just about moving on up a little higher for everyone isn’t it?

  201. Hi Tony,
    Yeah! I woke up and saw the real truth with my own eyes.
    I’m NOT violating my own INTEGRITY any more.
    It feels great being so free!

  202. Thanks Tara, it is nice to meet you too.

  203. Yay Sarge! AMin’ on the Dock of the Bay! 🙂

  204. Why thank you! It’s always so lovely to be appreciated! 🙂 I do say nice things about nice things. And I bark and bite at not so nice things.

  205. ☼ βԼƐֆֆїɳɠֆ ☼ հɑքքìղҽʂʂ ☼ Șմղʂհἶղҽ ☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉☆Ӏօѵҽ☆҉↘‿↗⁀☆҉ɑղժ ☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉☆ℓιgнт☆҉↘‿↗⁀☆҉ Եօ վօմ

  206. and anyone who says “airy fairy” I say take a swing at me! It’ll go right through me. lol and anyone saying theetie weetie, I tot I taw a puddy cat…as I pick my teeth with a lightning bolt

  207. So are you going to continue auditing on 7 till complete now? What is Marty’s auditing and training level?

  208. Hey Tony – I saw this video the other night when it was posted – Good to see you!

  209. I dropped by the AO for the first time in 1975, I think, when it was on 9th street (I think). The big blue painting of LRH behind reception. There was a serene stillness there that was awe-inspiring.

    It was a hell of a juxtaposition – the serenity of AOLA, and the vibrant energy of ASHO in the days of the several-hundred BC students, with Paul Koval as the BC sup.

  210. Scott Campbell


    You know it Brother. I’d love to be there right now!


  211. Joe Pendleton

    jewel, to my everlasting (Flow O) shame, I agreed to one of those squirrel ethics sit downs because I wouldn’t re-join staff…..and thus started my current journey.

    Regret NEVER amounts to any good of course, but I wish I would have said to the fire breathing 18 year old CMO guy….”what policy letter are you applying doing a danger handling on me when my stats are up?”


    And too many Scientologists and staff have gone into agreement with downstat actions and thus encouraged these things to continue.

    Well, I don’t really regret the cycle because it started me on this journey of self-discovery and I wouldn’t trade that for anything at this point in my life.

  212. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Marty and Tony show us that ARCU does exist easily! The biggest reason I observe and throw in my 2 cents worth on Marty’s blog is because of all the wonderful beings here. Yes there are a few beings “buzzing” around but what the heck, this is “our” place (everyone’s).

    I have experienced huge amounts of data and theta and and and 🙂 !

    What you stated is so true, Karen. My own wins in SCN have been stupendous and very enlightening. But what saddens me is that, as you’ve expertly observed/lived, is the loss of theta and wins for, my guess, 95% of public, staff and S.O. members just by being directly connected with COB mr. DiMwit’s space. From what has been stated here on the blog and others and from people I know personally, I got more wins from just doing the original Comm. Course at the Santa Barbara mission (now org) then most every one presently under DMeanies thumb-his-nose-at-LRH version of Scientology. THAT IS SAD!!!!!!!

    David Miscavige’s DAYS ARE NUMBERED!

    Karen, Marty, Mosey,Tony, Mike and ALL of my theta buddies here, THANK YOU FOR BEING INDEPENDENT!!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (the village ΘTater carrying a torch for DM).

    P.S. Tony – Thank you for your courage and holding your points in space! 🙂

  213. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hi Luke! You’ve arrived “home” at last! 🙂

    Here’s to your life being full of joy and love and sanity!!!


  214. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Luke, this is for your coming “home” and for all of the Shackers 🙂 (I think I spotted Marty and Mosey and Tony and Tara on the dance floor 🙂 )

  215. Nightmares Getting Less


    You’re quite correct on many of your recent post’s.

    I have a very interesting story to itsa about a cell phone chat I had with a DM Bot/ lover 2night.

    She once had a daughter in CMO not too long ago. It really ties well, with this story line.

    I think you have my email add still.

  216. Tony DePhillips

    By the way, it was Paul Koval who did my sec checks when I got recalled to Flag. And it was him that told me “You have a major out-ethics situation!!” When I told him that the Freedom mag didn’t handle me on Marty and Mike and the others.

  217. Welcome Luke! Put your seat belt on. You’re in for a wild ride!

  218. Shannon, looking forward to seeing you both again soon.


  219. Tony, ironically enough, the poor soul was perfectly accurate – but it wasn’t *your* ethics that were out. Good on you, Tony!

    Michael A. hobson

  220. Love it Veritas! I might borrow that from you. I can still see your pretty smile.


  221. Tony,
    It was great to see you doing so well at the Shack my friend. I must admit that I am just a bit envious of both your new status and your auditing in such a theta environment. As you are a being of magnitude, courage and integrity I would expect nothing less from you. Edmund Burke once said ” All that is necessary for the triunph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” You stand tall in the company of many” good men and women” who are fighting against the greatest tyranny of all, the attempted enslavement of free thinking and self-determined beings who are the “desperate few” who shoulder the burden of steering mankind away from the precipice.

    I look forward to getting together again and burning up a cuban and downing a few cold ones with you on the beach. Until then, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!

  222. Truly not to take away anything from Tony but several people have done some pretty gutsy things that would make them deserve the title. The whole “Kin Pin of the Northwest” is just a joke but the way some of the SO members & some of the staff & public have been talking to our friends about Tony is like they think we’re just working full time on pulling people away from Scientology. I could give you many examples but the point is I think they chose Tony because he has lots of comm lines & lots of people look up to him. So they have to make him look reeeeeal bad for the SP declare to make any sense to Staff & public in the field.

    Here’s an example. Some or our friends were told “Tony is suppressive. He requested a refund so the staff had to work without pay to pay him”. This is so ridiculous. We only ask for a repayment of unspent $ which only added up for both of us for both the Day & Fdn Org to $3000. It took the Org 5 months to send us a check & they only did after I wrote a KR to RTC stating this was my last attempt before seeking legal advise & reporting it to the Ways & Means Committee. I decided to stiffen the gradient because the Org had been totally out of comm with me despite several attempts. If you look at this, they claim to have 170 staff. In 5 months, each staff had to sacrifice on average only $17 so we can get OUR UNUSED $ back. See how evil we are!!! Their trick is they don’t give the data. They just throw out there that “because of Tony the Staff had to work with no pay!”

    In a way, I’m kind of jealous 😉 In all this, although they declared us on the same golden rod, the word is that I’m seriously PTS to Tony but Tony is the SP.

    They also assigned Tony cause on all sorts of different things that Tony has nothing to do with. It’s actually chocking sometimes but also hilarious.

    I guess what matters is that I love & I’m proud of my “King Pin”.


  223. No but we shall. It’s just more complicated now that I know how important you are in the eyes of the Gestapo, both local and out of LA. I’ll figure something out in due time.

  224. martyrathbun09

    Marie-Joe, thanks for exposing THE prefered tactic used by Miscavige to this day. It is out of J Edgar Hoover’s play book. Choose a target, then by any means necessary drive wedges between the target and everyone else (including his own kin) to bring down who he considers the area threat. Thank you for being so strong!

  225. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Amused,
    I think I got it now.
    Whenever you are ready. It can be done very covertly for your sake. For me I don’t care who I talk to becasue the cult has no power over me. How can a “church” tell you who or who you can’t associate with??? Let’s say you just wanted to have a comm cycle with an “SP” just to make sure you wanted to disconnect. Why couldn’t a person do that?
    Anyways, you know how to reach me whenever you are ready to talk.


  226. Tony DePhillips

    Good one Mike.

  227. Tony DePhillips

    Back atcha Brad!!
    You just rehabbed some nice pleasure moments for me…

  228. Thanks Freetothink, I got my seatbelt buckled because the ride is already beginning.

  229. Gary, thanks for the “take me home” video!
    Great tunes!

  230. Wut?

  231. This is a good post, MJ.

    Besides, we all know it’s the woman behind the man… 😉

  232. OMG Marc Broussard is a homeboy from right down da bayou! I see him every time I can. 🙂

  233. But that’d be Mary Jo and Tony. I got my own old man who’d be playin guitar with Marc! 😉

  234. Marty, I am glad you posted this interview with Tony, I am recently out, after resigning, and more and more I am very glad I did it. I feel my space getting calmer. I hope you are feeling good too Tony, you sure look like you are.

  235. Thanks Tony, thanks Marty. There should be an OT level that aknowledges the ability to break free of all suppression, at all costs. Both of you, and those around you, would qualify. What a win when you do. Almost worth the pain and suffering to get you there… almost. Didn’t Ron mention something about freedom? Ah, it has been a long time…

    I am starting to feel real lonely. I can smell like minded thetans all around me… If there is a club up here in the Seattle area I would like to be in contact. Someone mentioned Mark Arnold, I knew him, good people. And then I thought about all the people I had known in Scientology; Good people. All of them, to a one. And then I remembered what Ron had said about a thetan, and remembered that they are all good. So we have one tiny little prick kicking down the church. While the original structure cannot be saved, there is a pile of thetans that can restructure in a new, and dare I say, better way (s). Keep me informed please.

    -Always, in all ways,


  236. Hi Dave, I agree with you. There are very good people in Seattle & all around. Most Scientologists I ever met, no matter where they were from, are really good people. I trust that most of them will find their way through the madness of the CofM.

    You speak as you live in the Seattle area. I’m not familiar with your name but I would love to meet you. Send me an email mariejoe@comcastnet

  237. And Sam, here it is. A subtly bad-ass song for the Queenpins –

    As I was walkin’ ’round Grosvenor Square
    Not a chill to the winter but a nip to the air,
    From the other direction, she was calling my eye,
    It could be an illusion, but I might as well try, might as well try.

    She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes.
    And I knew without askin’ she was into the blues.
    She wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls,
    I knew right away she was not like other girls, other girls.

    In the thick of the evening when the dealing got rough,
    She was too pat to open and too cool to bluff.
    As I picked up my matches and was closing the door,
    I had one of those flashes I’d been there before, been there before.

    Well, I ain’t often right but I’ve never been wrong.
    Seldom turns out the way it does in a song.
    Once in a while you get shown the light
    In the strangest of places if you look at it right.

    Well there ain’t nothing wrong with the way she moves,
    Scarlet begonias or a touch of the blues.
    And there’s nothing wrong with the look that’s in her eyes,
    I had to learn the hard way to let her pass by, let her pass by

    The wind in the willow’s playin’ “Tea for Two”;
    The sky was yellow and the sun was blue,
    Strangers stoppin’ strangers just to shake their hand,
    Everybody’s playin’ in the heart of gold band, heart of gold band.

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