Have a Brighter Day

L. Ron Hubbard wrote the following words in Science of Survival:

To raise a person on this Tone Scale, it is only necessary to recover or convert theta from entheta — remove, in other words, the stores of turbulence from a  person’s life or render them unrestimulated.

An auditor is not trying to cure anything.  He is simply raising tone. Incidental to raising tone, psychosomatic ills commonly vanish and aberrations disappear.  But this incidental. The task is to make human beings happier, more effective, better able to accept responsibility and aid his fellow man. That the person processed gets “well” in that period and stays “well” is a bonus.

Anything which raises a person’s tone can be considered legitimate processing. This includes, of course, nutrition, environment and education, as well as processing.  Simply taking the person to see a movie he wants to see may raise his tone. Processing achieves permanent raises in tone. If it is illegal anywhere to process people, then it must also, sequitur, be illegal to make people happy.  And if laws exist against making people happy, somebody had better overthrow that government quick.  For it is a death government, so entheta that it will bring about the death of the state and those within it.

Have a brighter day:

65 responses to “Have a Brighter Day

  1. I just want the beatings to stop!

    Yeah, I think that, in the Church, Movies are ‘frying other fish’. Talk about a group that bans happiness, The C of M!!

  2. We must also take care to not display a sense of humor, lest we be labeled a Joker and Degrader.

  3. Gimme some of dat! 🙂

  4. That’s an event I’d sure have fun at!

  5. Marty, thanks for the neat music video, it made me smile. I come from a racially mixed family, grew up in churches that sang like this; there was always so much joy. I don’t really mean for this to be posted. it’s too identifying, and I still hope to stay in some kind of contact with dear ones still in the Scientology organization. Just letting you know that your blog is appreciated..
    Pax tibi

  6. Ron was in a curious position at the time of SOS.

    He had kidnapped a daughter (Alexis) to Cuba….he dedicated the original edition of SOS to her. I have an original copy.

    Diana was NOT the person this volume was dedicated to.

    I will never let go of my ORIGINAL copy of SOS.

    SOS is such a priceless book – while Ron was spanning every conceivable tone level (in Cuba), he was DOCUMENTING each tone level at the same time!

    HELLUVA guy!

    RON? You gotta LOVE him!

  7. I love this quote, Marty. That’s what it’s all about…

  8. Who do you leave that copy to when you drop your body ? Remember the congressional library isn’t safe because of the cof$.

  9. Dear Leader goes to movies every week with his entourage and gets the latest videos to watch. Of course, this doesn’t happen with anyone else – one might ask the SPs at the Int base in the “Hole” when the last time they watched a movie or did anything to get uptone! Where’s Heber and Shelly?

  10. Marty or is that Maestro,

    Thanks for the “group processing” via hip hop with a cast of thousands! An A-bomb couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face.

    Now on to the rest of the day….

    Humming along.

    Tom Gallagher

  11. Well then, there’s no help for me! Appropriate or not, if it’s funny, I’ll say it and suffer the consequences later! Degrade? Nope. Joker?
    Damn right!

    Poor Marty, I’m forever posting smartass snipy little remarks all over the blog. I can only imagine how often he rolls his eyes at me.

    Someone get me in-session! STAT! Get me outta my 1.1 sense of humor! (1.1 toward DM, that is. You know, matching his tone for “good” communication. 😉 See? There I go again! Sheesh!

  12. Martin Gibson

    Just wondering what the correct contact email is for you, Marty. I sent an email to your aol.com address, received a fast reply saying send more data, but nothing after further data was sent. Is it back under your control or is the hushmail, which I have sent an email to, the only one to use. Am waiting for response, sorry for the must-have/cant-have flow, if you are picking it up, its a hang-over from the church cycles I have had that went ‘bely up’.

  13. Kirk Franklin-Intro. You have to see this video.

  14. “Processing achieves permanent raises in tone. If it is illegal anywhere to process people, then it must also, sequitur, be illegal to make people happy.”

    And this is why so many people hate Scientology. They have been told they are “illegal” pcs or otherwise disqualified to be made happy through the use of Scientology processing!

  15. Marty: honest question. And I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself.

    Q. Is the current S.O.S. worth reading? okay to read?
    or should I just find an old copy?


  16. MissBridgett

    Thank you for posting this, the video is so ‘happy’ & fun…just makes you want to get up and dance! Don’t even know what they are saying or singing about…but it sounds so upbeat I will probably be bopping around for the rest of the day. 🙂

    Just a little off topic~ but I was raised in a strong religious (Christian) faith and went to church regularly. I learned all my ‘memory verses’ as a child, learned all the songs sung universally around the world in most faiths/denominations, said my prayers…and even sang soprano and alto/soprano in the choir for many years.

    I had heard the commentary about Scientology being a ‘Cult’. And considering my upbringing, you might think I would not even feel like I could or ‘should’ walk into the door of an Org, but I did, and I suppose how we find ourselves at the doorway to knowledge is not the most important thing….Someday, perhaps I will tell the story about why I did go to an ORG…and how I really became a Scientologist…and how I now KNOW Dianetics is TRUTH and that auditing WORKS…(or perhaps those that know me and love me best,…already know that story…and that is enough for this lifetime.)

    Which ever way I found my way there…I just wanted to say IMHO that Dianetics and Scientology tech can be incorporated into the lives of EVERYONE on the planet…no matter what ‘religious’ beliefs they hold on to. Scientology is not an antithesis to Christianity at all…or any other faith for that matter, I think people would be quite surprised to find this out!…in fact…I found Scientology to be more like a scientific religious philosophy that heals and enhances our spiritual wellbeing…One can go to church and sing in the choir…and also KNOW that Dianetics and auditing are beneficial, and that Scientology tech can also be applied to their lives to help them become happier more sane individuals…

    What I also KNOW…without any doubt, is that most Scientologists within the church and Independents too are very nice people. Most are uptone and very positive individuals. They are a fun bunch to be around…and I miss my friends here at the Org. where I currenty live. I wish this situation and all the obstaces were resolved within the CofS…I know wishing doesn’t make things happen…nevertheless…It would be very sad indeed to see REAL Scientology fade away…

    Thanks again for adding this ‘happy’ video. It was very uptone and really made me smile!

  17. Tony DePhillips

    Hey!! What you are saying is suppressive!! The mind must be monopolized for the greater good. We must charge people lots of money to help them because they are downstats and must exchange for help. I feel that only one group should control all the tech and nobody else and it should be metered out to those who are willing to be good boys and girls. If others were allowed to help people unfettered then things might actually start getting better around here and that must be stopped at all costs.


  18. OTVIII The mud you tried to fling didn’t get far. It’s on your hands.

  19. ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ marvelous LRH excerpt! ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

  20. And another one! 😎 splashing in here like a dolphin today.

  21. DFB aka Dfb99

    Were you around Ron at the time or something?

  22. Beautiful Marty
    … and allows creations to all of us. Each one of us can really add his/her personal touch into the creation of theta into the society…

  23. I always felt this very strange… there is nothing like a nice laugh, pleasure moments to give you energy and enthusiasm and to get closer with your group…

  24. Yes, that’s how they spend their study time. Then DM goes into session with his favourite auditor (the copper rods).

  25. Nice tune!

  26. Not sure where my previous post went…no matter…Thanks again for the video Marty, very uptone!

    This is for YOU…and all those striving to ‘make things go right’….

    “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.” ~Author unknown

  27. More often than not, I find that reading Marty’s blog raises my tone level. Therefore, reading the post and comment on “Moving on up a little higher” is legitimate processing!

  28. Kathy Braceland

    All of that was awesome Marty! I’m grinning from ear to ear….

  29. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    My allegedly original “by L. Ron Hubbard” copy of SOS Copyright 1951 dedicates the book to Diana Hubbard, not Alexis.

    It is the Sixteenth Printing, October, 1975

    Previous printings are:

    First Printing, August 1, 1951
    Second Printing, August 20, 1951
    Third Printing, September 10, 1951
    Fourth Printing, October 1, 1951
    Fifth Printing, July 5, 1952
    Sixth Printing, September 10, 1953
    Seventh Printing, September, 1955
    Eight Printing, October, 1958
    Ninth Printing, January, 1964
    Tenth Printing, November, 1967
    Eleventh Printing, June, 1968
    Twelfth Printing, August, 1968
    Thirteenth Printing, July, 1971
    Fourteenth Printing, April, 1973
    Fifteenth Printing, January, 1975

    Watch the CofS’s squirrelling in action right HERE.

    The altered 2007 “L Ron Hubbard Library” version of SOS does not list the previous printings, does not dedicate the book to anybody, and deletes and alters most of Ron’s proper acknowledgement.

    The CofS’s 2007 squirrelled edition only says the following …


    To fifty thousand years of thinking men Without whose work Dianetics could never have been formulated. The credit is theirs not mine LRH

    However, what Ron actually wrote and published in HIS “by L. Ron Hubbard” Science of Survival is …

    Acknowledgement is made to fifty-thousand years of thinking men without whose speculations and observations the creation and construction of Dianetics would not have been possible.

    Credit in particular is due to:

    Anaxagoras Thomas Paine
    Aristotle Thomas Jefferson
    Socrates Rene Descartes
    PlatoJames Clerk Maxwell
    Euclid Charcot
    Lucretius Herbert Spencer
    Roger Bacon William James
    Isaac Newton Francis Bacon
    van Leeuwenhoek Sigmund Freud
    Voltaire William A. White
    Cmdr Thompson (MC) USN Will Durant
    Count Alfred Korzybski

    and my instructors in atomic and molecular phenomena, mathematics and the humanities at George Washington University and at Princeton.

    Blatant alterations and deletions of LRH works is perhaps what angers me the most about CofS.

  30. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Perhaps the works of the authors listed in the original SOS are now banned from reading by the CofS? What is the reason and intention of CofS deleting these men out of the original SOS?

  31. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    In my opinion, there is no time to dilly dally around. We’re in a race to preserve LRH’s TRUE works before the CofS gets a chance todestroy the pure originals.

    Also, from what I’ve gathered, CofS may be still holding onto works that have not been published yet, and may never be if this sit is not handled.

    RTC has done the exact OPPOSITE of what it has been commissioned to do. They have been deleting and altering LRH works, and this gets me into a practical “mad as hell” rage whenever I think about this.

  32. I’ve always considered SofS the bible of Scientology.

    Did much get altered in the recent edition?

  33. It IS a brighter day. Thanks for sharing that!

  34. Wonderful message, wonderful vid! Thanks much for the theta Marty. I’m happy! 🙂

  35. Scott Campbell

    Fantastic quote and video Marty. You made my day!


  36. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Here’s another quote of LRH from Science of Survival …

    “Actual experience demonstrates that man, once socially imposed controls and domination by others have been cleared away, is basically good. He is evil only when he is aberrated. Reduction of his aberrations discovers man to be well intended toward his fellows.

    The highest reason, in this world of complex interdependencies, depends upon the highest cooperation of the individual with his fellows and his environment and a constructive attitude toward life. The more aberration (engrams and locks) cleared from an individual, the more independent and the more cooperative he is.

    There are four valid therapies, if we wish to use the term loosely.

    First there is dianetic processing. This rids the individual of the pain and
    painful emotion which aberrates his reason.

    Second there is education. This indoctrinates the individual with the culture in which he lives and gives him the skills of survival, better enabling
    him to survive.

    The third is changing his environment into one which is less restimulative, is
    happier for him and in which he can better survive. This would include nutrition, medical care, and recreation.

    The fourth is regulating the amount of MEST which the individual should
    control. He can be given less if he has too much, he can be given more MEST if he has not enough for his ratio of theta, or the MEST which he is trying to control may be changed for him into another kind of MEST (sublimation).

    All four of these therapies do the same thing: they enhance the survival of the individual by giving him better tools of survival, better conditions in which to survive, better reasons for surviving. Any of these do one basic thing: they raise the individual on the tone scale. The reward of survival being pleasure, for instance, giving the individual pleasure raises his
    survival level. However, the last three of these are relatively ineffective if the individual has aberrations against pleasure or changing his environment or learning from life, and so we come to the conclusion that the first step toward a higher survival level would be ridding the individual of his aberrations. Within reasonable limits the rest should follow.”

    CofS, instead of helping, stops with their socially imposed controls and dominates staff and members. They operate truly in reverse of what they are commissioned to clear away, which results in evil, not good.

    … “man, once socially imposed controls and domination by others have been cleared away, is basically good.”

  37. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Note: I have a problem with #4. Who does the regulating and judgement of how much MEST one “should” control?

  38. Azul Celeste

    Great way to end my day! Woot! Thank you! /dance

  39. Ginger Spice

    Everyone……be sure to catch this program tonight (Thursday) on CBS.

    Great program about a church – VERY VERY similar to Scientology – with stalking, fair game, leaked confessionals, Snow White operation, and more……..Oh yeah, baby!!!!!

    It’s on CBS, 10:00 EST; series called “The Mentalist”

  40. Thats a really cool quote. Havent read science of survival yet, always seemed like it would be a really lengthy read compared to most LRH books!

  41. Yeah I used to worry about the tech alterations. Good thing is its all been digitized and many people now have the tech, unaltered, so theres no problem. The more the CofS alters and degrades the tech and its application the less people will get results there and as the cofs has competition (freezone, indie) the cofs, not the tech, will die out on that basis alone!

  42. The reason might be they just can’t help themselves. A compulsion to alter/change things.

  43. Hehe OT VIII, Ive got a copy of Self Analysis in Dianetics, British edition which has MOCK UP/CREATE/IMAGINE, instead or RECALL as the processes listed!!!

    Pretty rare!!!

  44. e.g. Can you imagine that:
    1. You were happy.
    2. You received money

    From General Incidents chapter

  45. martyrathbun09

    Bozz, I’m not sure. The copy I read most recently is probably from circa early nineties. Maybe Wayne can give you an outline of revisions. He has been pretty vigilant in that work.

  46. martyrathbun09

    Sorry – haven’t had time for much of anything lately; the reason for which will be apparent soon. If you need some help NOWNOWNOW, please contact one of the many independents listed in the Independents section of blog.

  47. American irony? 🙂

  48. Bozz, go for pre-80’s version if possible (ebay, amazon etc).
    They changed one of the axioms in the book of the basics for over 20 years but then changed it back with the new basics 2007. Who knows what else they changed and changed back, or changed and not changed back!!!

  49. yeah i dont quite get the kidnapping part…?

  50. This is a video on it.

  51. Wayne,

    As Diana wasn’t born until after July 5, 1952, the Sixth Printing is the first that could have been dedicated to her…

    OTVIII, a picture is worth a thousand words. (You may just have a VERY RARE COLLECTIBLE.) Very curious…

  52. Martin Gibson

    Oh, I can wait. Just wanted to make sure data was going to right person.

  53. DFB aka Dfb99

    Ever heard of a wife making her husband clean out the garage?

  54. Thanks for the reminder, Marty.

    “Anything which raises a person’s tone can be considered legitimate processing.” LRH SOS.

    This PROCESS works for me,check it out.

  55. A little Play Time proccess

  56. WOW ! Hey thanks

  57. Thank you both. I also ready Wayne’s post earlier. Very interesting.

    In a world of beating up “squirrels” for “altering the tech,” you’d think more people would see this and speak up.

    Blinders are a very interesting thing.

  58. Not to reply specifically to the many comments, but the original copy that I have resides in a storage facility in the USA. I have sent a scan of the dedication page (acknowledging Alexis) to two friends who are still official Scientologists.

    The truth DOES get out there, y’know!

    Unfortunately, due to my world travel, I am too far from the original to easily pass you guys a copy (of the dedication page).
    HOWEVER……I don’t think the copy I own is THAT rare…? Right?!

    Others should be easily able to supply the dedication page, I don’t think the copy I have is THAT rare, though I would sooner shoot myself than sell the darn thing. I just got lucky. Having held it, I feel like I have had a chance to handle…. history.

    When I received the book a few years back I remember being JOLTED to see it dedicated to Alexis. Well.. for GOD’s sake man, Ron WAS married to two women before MSH, and he DID have a son and daughter by Polly Grub, and he DID have Alexis via Sarah. This is not even controversial! The fact that he did a Parental Kidnapping on Alexis in order to extort a favorable divorce settlement from Sarah is…known fact?

    Based on all the info available about Ron, at this point, having a such a copy of SOS can’t be THAT valuable.

    To me? I believe SOS is a work of genius. That Ron wrote it in the middle of kidnapping his own daughter (Alexis), in the company of the adopted son of a famous Hollywood producer, in Cuba (of all places!) to me is just some more really interesting drama concerning Ron’s life.

  59. I am sorry to admit this…SOS was too much a book for me to handle at the time I read it.

  60. @Jonathon Barbera: Exactly! One cannot hold out to someone the promise of happiness and then make that conditional upon doing exactly as they are told. Let’s all be happy slaves, says McSavage. Yeah, right.
    Michael A. Hobson

  61. Thank you. Glad I still have mine from 30 years ago!!

  62. OT VIII wrote: “I am sorry to admit this…SOS was too much a book for me to handle at the time I read it.”

    I didn’t get around to reading Science of Survival for the first time until some ten years after I was declared by the church. How is that for out-sequence? I joined staff then crew, blew from SO, declared for blowing and then began my study of Scientology!

    It took me some ten years to return to Scientology in a new unit of time. I wonder how many other people never got started in Scientology even though they were in the church for years?

  63. Welcome to the real world of a custody battle.

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