Stat Analysis of a Dead Radical church

I have commented before that LRH admin technology has long since been banned in Miscavige’s church.   Only in the independent field are those breakthroughs currently in use.  The core of LRH management tech is the multiple viewpoint system.  It is only possible where independent, uncooked, unaltered data is provided from many different viewpoints of the current scene.  For several months now, we have for the first time in decades made that possible with respect to Scientology. Thanks to Steve Hall, Jeff Hawkins, Amy Scobee, Marc Headley,  many other whistleblowers, bloggers and web site and forum operators; and all of YOU contributors.  Only here are we free to utilize Data Series Evaluator technology.  And only here do we pay heed to honest statistic analysis.

With inexorable promptitude (phrase borrowed from early eighties LRH ED tape) Samuel  submitted an enlightening stat analysis.  On the weekend when corporate Scientologists are being plied with false stats, false claims, and false braggadocio of the International Association of Shills annual implant, our own Samuel provided us with a verifiable statistical analysis of the state of Scientology.   Witness the Phoenix. Here it is for your review:


Update with two year graphs:


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  1. Impartial English Girl

    Most interesting. I use the same “Statistics Analysis” website as that used in this survey to monitor my own, non-Scientology-related, website (I recognised the layout of the graphs and style of the terms of reference in the report) and have done for a few years now. I can therefore vouch for its impartial accuracy and consistent reliability (in case any nay-sayers are tempted to argue that the data may be corrupt).

    You can get anyone to say anything – but raw statistics NEVER lie. The Phoenix is, indeed, rising!

  2. Samuel asked a computer geek to correct him if he’s made any errors. I’m a computer geek and here I am 🙂

    In the first graph points 2 & 3, as well as 4 & 5 are identical. This is expected. Take #2 (, it’s really just an alternate name for #3 ( Put another way, visiting #2 takes you to a default which just happens to be the same name as #3. The software obviously considers two things that expands to the same value to be identical.

    But at least we know Dave doesn’t have to feel immediately threatened by Tommy. Dave still ll beat Tommy to the post in a close tight race – 683 vs 629 hits per month. Yes folks, you read that right – got a grand total of 683 hits in a month…

  3. Tony DePhillips

    Nice stat analysis Samuel.
    I will take truth over PR anytime!!

  4. What you call the “Missing” ones most probably are (a) Field auditors as groups of 1 person, (b) individual WISE companies, and maybe even FSMs. The justification for this is quite simple: They are “on the org board”.

    Further stats just posted:

    I think someone at Int must be standing on his head all day to be enthusiastic about the up-stats.

  5. Dear Marty,
    I just love the way you write! Thanks for bring this forward.
    Thank you for your work on this.
    Enlightening graphs. I am only amazed by DM’s nerve, the way he blatantly lies over and over again. He is so delusional, it boggles the mind! The data on the missions and orgs says it all.

  6. Great stat analysis. The dwarf may not use LRH tech but he can’t escape the fact that graphs don’t lie.

    Hey OSA, how long are you going to continue to support this? You guys know the real truth. How loud were you clapping at the sham event?

  7. Now I grasp what Demonius Maximus meant when he spoke about “unprecedented expansion” 😉

  8. Guillaume du Houx

    The stats are convincing.
    I would not state that the CoS is dead, not yet. Dieing, yes.

  9. Thanks for the great stat analysis.

    I would love to see actual numbers of local active members too. This would also tell a tale.

    Years ago, a Gung-Ho or DCG would have to actually have to qual to raise their status. Even a Mission had a fair job to do to qual to become a Class lV/V ORG (single hatted posts, etc).

    With the numbers I have seen in some of the Missions & Class V Orgs in recent times, they would not qual at all. A good example is the Mission where I live – it has 1 staff member and another one or two part-time. That barely qualifies as a ‘group’

    I expect the numbers of Missions & Orgs that ACTUALLY qualify would be LOWER than the sorry numbers we see above.

    Truly a sad state of affairs.

  10. Very Well Done Samuel.
    Super Stat analysis.
    Even though is pretty good for hits,73K, visitors only go there ONCE !
    What’s with that ?
    Do they Google “Scientology” and get turned off ?
    Marty’s blog has a MUCH higher stat 86K AND
    a far higher monthly repeat visitor count.

    Tommy Davis, of the OSA INT site ~~ 600 hits.
    WhyWeProtest in constrast 30,000 to 40,0000 hits.

    If you combine the hits of
    Moving on Up a Little Higher
    Ex-Scientology Message Board
    Leaving Scientology
    Why We Protest


    The stats represent the phrase


  11. Very interesting. Site traffic should be skyrocketing with all of the “far-reaching, broad-public campaigns” going on that we’ve paid for. But then again, from what’s been described, most of the money raised for these campaigns never really get used on them…

  12. My photography page on Flickr gets about the same number of hits a month…

  13. It’s really destimulating to see numbers and facts, to LOOK. Thanks Samuel!

    Works with replacing the word “Cop” with “Church”…

  14. Stats don’t lie.

    Lower life forms lie (like David Miscavige or our government).

  15. Samuel;

    This post is AFB……………….

    Absolutley f**king brilliant


  16. This is really good. I know people have tracked other Scn stats for years and they show a major downtrend except perhaps for IAS Gross Income. There are other hidden stats too, some hidden or “occult” and some not so hidden. One such is “people in the hole.” Its hard to monitor on a weekly basis. There are also “ARC Xn Public” and “Goals Thwarted” plus a host of others.
    Another “occult stat” is DM’s astrology. Remember, astrology is the science (it is actually a science but an arcane one – I do not pretend to be an expert. The art of astrology is the non-linear aspect of forecasting). I have retrieved DM’s birth date and location but not his exact time. Most municipalities require the person’s I.D. themselves to get it. I will try some other sources but help is still needed. I can give here, however, a few examples from “canned” astrology sites which indicate his planetary placements. They are accurate but are more general than we all would like. Here are just two and see for yourself:

    SUN OPPOSITE NEPTUNE: These people often seem as they are not fully in this world, or in their bodies. They may have trouble accepting reality, or create realities of their own that do not fit in well with the realities of others around them. They may be highly intuitive, with spiritual or occult interests, but their intuitive feelings may not always be reliable.
    An outside source may seem to interfere with goals, creating dreams that are either unrealistic or that may steer them off course. However, if they learn to feel their true inner voices and intuition, they can learn to follow their dreams.
    If there are other aspects to support instability, they may struggle with substance abuse, or mental and emotional problems. If not, they may just have a hard time following a practical route or path in their lifetimes. They need to develop an inner strength to keep themselves on track.

    THE MOON SQUARE OR OPPOSITION TO JUPITER impairs the reasoning faculties and brings the person trouble through litigation, lack of fore-thought and indecision or dishonesty. People with these aspects are too fond of ostentation aid display, extravagant beyond their means, lavish in their expenditures, prone to take desperate chances in gambling or speculation to rehabilitate their fortunes and doomed to loss, slander and sometimes bankruptcy on that account. These aspects are also bad for health in a woman’s horoscope especially; they indicate digestive and liver troubles.

    In the next couple of weeks he has Venus transiting Neptune and because Venus is retrograde he will be revisiting all of the following:
    Could also mean inspired creative talent making music, poetry, art, film, photography; loss of talent, losing money, misappropriation of funds, funds from illicit sources, loan sharks, bankruptcy, theft; loss of values, finding values, giving away everything of value, idealistic self-sacrifice, ‘victim of love’, ‘sacrifice for love’, erasing, forgiving and forgetting a love relationship, dream ‘lover’,’ lover-boy’, ‘escort’, or most ancient of professions .
    Miscavige is born 30th April 1960 in Philadelphia.

    He is in trouble and the trouble is facing him RIGHT NOW. If I can get his exact time, we can pinpoint SO MUCH. These are quickie examples and general and “canned” but they are obviously accurate. They are obvious.
    Remember…..astrology is synchronicity and synchronicity is the precursor to the TAO. As above, so below.

  17. Nice…. Nothing else…. just … nice.

  18. The stats tell the story. But I think we need to take into account the amount of money the church throws at getting their web sites placed on page one to invite hits. Take away their money and the comparrison gets even worse. The subject has been scandalized so badly there is no outside interest.
    The SO fleet is dead in the water. The only future is the independent field.

  19. Alex Braverman

    Well well well, the little dwarf is going to have to face the music now.
    David Miscavige, what is your answer to all these FACTS?

    Anxiously awaiting your reply,

  20. One set of ‘groups’ missed out are the ‘Dianetics’ Foundations, one at every Org and Mission.
    I’ve been keeping track of Orgs/Missions since 1998. The official number of Orgs has always been about 130, not 90 as suggested. Missions in 2009 were at 322. The peak was in 2007 with 383.
    What has to be considered is which stats are likely to be real and which fantasy. The number of Orgs/Missions is not something that can be faked much. Similarly the number of completions listed in magazines can’t be filled with ghosts, someone is going to notice!
    As regards ‘membership’ figures, the overriding impression is that no one cares. The CoS World and National totals don’t match, and European spokespersons freely admit that by ‘members’ they mean the mailing list.
    When Tommy Davis was asked about the 2008 Survey that showed there were less than 50,000 Scientologists in the USA, he had no answer at all. He just ‘couldn’t account for it’. And yet on they go, repeating ‘millions’ and destroying their own credibility.

  21. I have a hard time trusting certain people as Amy, Jeff, Marc, etc. on matters concerning admin or any other LRH tech who were in Scientology but say that they are no Scientologists anymore.

    That does not apply to Marty or Mike and others because they know the value of the tech, but the others who are throwing Scientology away are telling me that they did NOT understand it.

    Did you guys ever ask yourself the question where DM would be if he wouldn’t be the boss? Probably on the side of those who say that they are no Scientologists anymore.

    Think about it, folks.

  22. Samuel — Great job.

    One other stat to add to this equation. How much money Dear Leader pours into trying to get poeple to visit his sites. Hell, he even pays for banner ads on Marty’s blog and others. Let alone TV ads. Radio. Print. There is a LOT of money being spent to try to out-create Marty sitting in The Shack.

    I bet someone who attends an IAS event is going to come out with some statistics Dear Leader rattled off about how there is a new person every 1/37th of a second who steps on the Bridge by looking at a website or some other absolutely meaningless factoid that would be utterly disproven by the stats you have compiled.

    It would be a valuable exercise to go through the IAS event and list every stat/claim made in the event and post them so they could be verified.

    It’s a way of saving the poor souls who have to attend the ovatathons from having to listen to this because I guarantee as soon as he hears that every claim he makes is on the web to be corss-checked, he will stop saying them.

  23. Michael Brown

    “Remember, astrology is the science (it is actually a science but an arcane one – I do not pretend to be an expert. The art of astrology is the non-linear aspect of forecasting). I have retrieved DM’s birth date and location but not his exact time.”

    Remember? Remember what? That “Astrology” is a science?

    Holey moley. I don’t think so.

    How can there be a causal relationship between the relative position of the lumps of rock and gas floating around our sun with the specific moment a baby left its mother’s thin fleshy protecting incubator 50 years ago?

    It’s obviously arrant nonsense, no matter if the poor benighted marks have been conned out of their copper groats with this pretended ‘knowledge’ for donkey’s years.

  24. What I like about your blog is that real news break here on a blog of a man who says he still is a Scientologist and not on the natter boards. I hope that will not change.

  25. He doesn’t reply to you.

  26. Mark and Mike, can you imagine any scenario to unify with the C of S again?
    What would be necessary for you to unify again?

  27. False stats do lie. But Cob’s stats are really down.

  28. LRH validated the subject of astronomy as a lost art in one of the ESTO lectures. He said that Mary Sue was studying it at that time, IIRC. Sorry, I can’t give anything more specific than that. Maybe someone else on this blog can.

  29. Barney Rubble

    I think the Data Series is LRH’s best writing (admin wise).
    Samuel, your comment post agree’s with me .

  30. Michael Brown

    I have no issue with astronomy, mate.

  31. martyrathbun09

    I don’t think they ask anyone to “trust” them on matters of LRH tech or admin. I don’t ask you to trust me either for that matter. You cannot deny they have contributed mightily the to the mulitiple viewpoint data system we’ve got running.

  32. HS,
    He’s probably right!!! Of course in terms of square feet of Idle org space and real estate acreage which probably also is the fastest growing religion in those terms from parishioners direct donations.

  33. martyrathbun09

    And DM condemned her a “squirrel” because of it at Int.

  34. I’m not M&M, but I can’t see the concept of anyone unifying with something that’s dead, Anatoli.

  35. No doubt, the Internet is a big part of life but is it everything?

    Correct me if I am wrong but Scientologists are auditing people, are on course, read books, talk to people, give touch assists, teach kids, workout, go into the sauna, help guys buried under rubble, go to meetings, maybe Scientologists and new Scientologists are not geeks enough to be on the Internet all the time? Maybe their life is more like it should be (more interaction with real people)?

  36. There are a lot of caring people who work in public service, which is supposed to be what the government is. Individuals who are corrupt need to be held accountable, so they don’t hide behind generalities like “government”, or “Church”. It’s one of the greatest cons of all to use an agency or organization whose purpose is to uphold and serve the good of humanity as a front to con and scam. Like the Dragnet clip, there are real cops whose duty truly is “To Protect and Serve.” They don’t take likely to the abuse of a badge (impersonating the law to con people), just as Auditors don’t take lightly to the abuse of the Code of a Scientologist.

    As a citizen of the United States, one of the countries I love dearly, I hope law enforcement wakes up to the ways they are manipulated and used by individuals working in the “Church of Scientology” who abuse the civil system and public servants as pawns in Black Ops the “Tchurch” puts on a facade concern about “the law” but in actuality has been documented and caught abuses government time, resources and money for arbitrary reasons and hidden agenda, i.e., to slander whistleblowers via False Report, whisper campaigns, bogus reports and other dirty tricks documented.

  37. To Wayne Froemke (AKA “Safe”)
    Hello Wayne, a bit over a week ago you talked about that her are NO scientology orgs operating, rather than a few individual auditors
    I promised you to correct you on this matter and send you the stats.
    Even though I have posted them before you seem not to have been online for a while and might not have seen the stats. Please let me know what you think and whether we are talking apples & apples, or whether you still need to see something else to see that SCN not only can but is applied and will continue as a technology.
    Now, keep in mind that I do make no effort of simulating an org in structure as I do not believe that this structure, even though workable LRH, is not working.
    But our group does have a hundred staff even tough over half are part-time.
    We also own our own building, and are profitable.
    While the is only one group there are two locations – one in Taiwan an done in the USA.
    By the way I just realized that I forgot to put the 25 purif comp since Feb. 14 2010 (the day we left the church and emptied the LADAY course room by about 20 fulltime students which at the time was a good 80 % of all their students)

    What is NOT included in those stats is the consulting, which is concentrated mostly around marketing to small business owners, which I do all over the USA as well as in India with about 15 employees.
    Sure the consultation includes things like internet etc which have little to do wit LRH ( except that he calls it a high crime not using technology to the fullest and thus even that is quite on policy)
    You can see a example of how basic LRH gets thought without much fanfare but in a practical useful way.

    Just as all the scientologist, staff members and sea Org members, still inside need go to sites like Marty’s blog, Scientology cult etc, to see that they are taken for a ride to PTS, all the people out of the church need to see that Scientology IS delivered on all fronts. (in business, and on a spiritual level)
    All Indies need to know that it is possible to make a leaving delivering LRH as long as it is NOT delivered with the purpose of delivering LRH but with the purpose of improving someone’s life in an area HE/SHE wants improvement.
    NON of this : “ you must realize you are a spirit, and must have certain cognitions, or LRH is source and that’s it ” shit must ever enter you delivery, and you will have the most happy and profitable existence you can imagine.
    I know so; Hellen and I are experiencing such an existence.
    So please, show your friend who are out (and in as many, many know us and this might help them to start looking) this site, so that start their own version of a scientology business.

  38. It won't be long now

    Amusing isn’t it……..the dwarf’s ” straight up and vertical” is really just “flat and floppy”.

    Oh, and by the way………OSA operatives………whatever you do, DO NOT laugh or even think about the “little one’s” flat and floppy, the next time he starts screaming about stats. Cuz….. if you do, he’ll KNOW (or your sec checker will!) and yur ass will be grass. 🙂

  39. I was thinking this same thought just a few hours ago and wanted to just write it down for the record.

    What really, really TRULY is the unique item here, is that when a persons hears about Scientology today, the church is put on hold while the person goes and “looks them up” on the internet INSTEAD of taking their word for it and coming in for a free lecture or what have you to orient them a bit.

    It is like a hidden automated treason against the church that the church is unable to act on as publicly as they present their own views to the public, because in fact they caused it.

  40. Pretty grim, but accurate, representation of public sentiment of COFS – downward public perception. I would bet that if your were to plot each time the church PRs open up their mouth (on TV or Radio) in “defense”…. code word for attempting to crush anyone with ANY dissent – their numbers drop further. They are a PR train wreck.

    On a more petty note; It makes laugh that despite ALL the money, events, fancy buildings, multi media, armies of reg’s that the site run out of “the Shack” , by Marty and contributors, generates comparable traffic to the entirety of Scientology International! When you put Marty’s site up against DM personally ( it is 133 to 1 – advantage the shack!

    Knowing what a prideful, ego maniac he is – THAT HAS TO DRIVE HIM CRAZY!

    Tomorrow I think I’m going to sleep in through my “CSP” so I’m fully rested for an afternoon of NFL football with family.

    Thanks Dave… Even if my teams lose tomorrow I can think of the butt whopping you are receiving (at the hands of Marty and the Shack) and laugh my ass off!!

  41. Stats don’t lie TL? Remember Mark Twain – “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    All stats potentially tell the story people want told or hide the story they don’t want known. Take DM’s site for example, I went and looked. Blech! Not only is it uninformative and visually bland, it links to a picture of Miscavige… shite! That’s enough to kill anyone’s desire to revisit or link it. So there you have it… the explanation for the crappy amount of hits on his RTC domain. If it had some hot porn on it or a snappy little Windows game it’d be getting 500,000 hits a month.

    While the graphs are interesting I’d be more curious about GI stats or actual numbers of HGC hours and student attendance. Not that anyone is likely to reveal those numbers.

    What I do know is that staff are being fed stats that support the expansion storyline. I just got a letter from Flag where the young gal writing is trying to appeal to my sense of duty and encouraging me to return to the fold and be a Mission Holder again. Here’s a quote from her missive: “You should know that missions are flourishing and prospering all over the planet with several thousand to mention.”

    Weird way she phrases that, huh? The comment tells me she is taking the stats at face value, much like you and I might have back in the day TL. So even if staff knew the analytics on internet traffic it’s not as if that would impinge on the firm belief they already have. Thousands of missions? Thousands?

    I emailed her and asked how she knew so much about my history prior to 1982 but all I got back so far was an email suggesting that I visit official Scientology sites for the real story on how the expansion is going. So I TR3’d her cause I want to know whose bright idea it is to try and get me to run another mission. If the money is good… ya never know!

    Anyway, I’m gonna link these graphs for my oldest son to review because he’s some sort of genius-guru-geek when it comes to this stuff. I’m very curious if the analytics actually provide anything more than snapshots for marketing data and design.


  42. The one stat that is upsetting Dear Leader at the moment is this one:
    Giants 4, Phillies 3.
    Go, Giants!

  43. Very important point Mike.
    DM has an unlimited budget for high end web design for the 1400 + interlinking websites that Alexa states link in at
    * Sites Linking In: 1,453

    There is a way you can raise your profile on Google…SPLOG our High Tech Computer Geek can chip in here. If you cross link the sites, you can count a “hit” when actually the visitor went to an extraneous site which linked into the main site. A click to Our-home .org (for on-line parishioners) could theoretically “pump” the stat of SPLOG will be able to explain this better.

    The main point is that Marty is a humble Word Press Blog without the Cross linkage of 1453 sites and Marty’s blog daily hits speak for itself.

    This does in no way demean the value of the Legacy of LRH tech.
    It just shows the results of the pathway DM is driving the cult.
    There is a new phrase mouthed all over the place, a new “buzzword” phrase in the Orgs.
    When an order is completely off the wall such as “You are to REG for IAS all evening, forget about your normal post”
    the buzz phrase is
    If a staff member weakly queries the LRH reference, the response is
    To hell with Admin and Red on White.
    To hell with “RTC safeguarding the Tech”……..
    ThetaNetworker who posts on this blog reminded us (on his blog) of the wonderful statement at the 1986 event of LRH’s passing made by
    Cmdr. Norman Starkey the then-Executor of Ron’s Estate, saying:
    “Source does not pass to Int Management. There was and is one Source.”
    What happened ?
    COB orders and micro manages every action, every strategy, every management program from his own Verbal dreamed up Policy and Tech.

    The actual STATS being revealed here are a true Testament to the result of ~~

  44. DFB aka Dfb99

    Most missions are probably bogus. You could probably count on one hand the missions that are actually delivering Scientology in any volume worth mentioning. Selling someone a starter package and having them sign some papers doesnt mean there is any delivery of Scientology occuring. Missions for my org are non-existent. One opened, had staff problems and quickly couldnt afford the rent so they closed up and are now operating out of someones house or something. To my knowledge they did not get one person into the org.
    The previous mission for that area did the same thing- opened, moved into someones house and then closed down. One or two others in recent years did the same thing- opened and then shut down. No Scientology was delivered, no Scientologists created. Another one may still be open, but only “by appointment” the last I heard. Which to me means no Scientology delivered. I’ve also heard of a couple “Mission Starter Packages” being sold, but no missions from them. Not sure what happened on those.
    I think (I know) they may be counting missions and groups that are non-existent and/or have zero production. It’s all a stat push/falsifying stats.
    DM is a big stat pusher. I guess he fooled LRH with it.

  45. In addition to Helmut’s production, Max Hauri just posted pictures of his two weeks in Kiev training independent Scientologists. He had about 100 students, as I recall, making that probably the biggest training activity in Scientology nowadays.

  46. I can only speak for myself, Anatoli, but I can say this:

    First, recovery from this is very difficult. Christ was resurrected, but the Church will not likely be so lucky. If anything, we should sow salt in the smoldering remains to as to prevent its like from sprouting again.

    But, let us say that Mr. David Miscavige is removed from post, and the apparatus that fed and supported him is ripped out, and that what remains is a group of people who deliver standard Scientology at a reasonable rate, without the HE&R. I would go. But, I wouldn’t consider my involvement with the group a factor in whether I was a Scientologist or not.

    So, I guess my answer is “no.” I would not unify with them, but I would associate with them.

  47. Scott Campbell

    This is interesting . I actually Googled “Typical Gemini (my sign) traits” the other night. This was the first time I have done this in my life. I was surprised at how accurate it was.

    I then looked up my wife’s sign and was again blown away by how uncannily accurate the personality traits, attributes, etc. were for her as well.

    Does anyone have any insight into the basis of how this system works? It actually seemed to me to have potential as a plausible guide for career/life choices for individuals. It just indicated.

    Regarding the stat reports, well done on putting the truth out there, Samuel. I would hesitate to call it any kind of analysis or eval though. A more comprehensive collection of stats, sits, outpoints and pluspoints is needed for that.

    That being said, I wouldn’t put it past the church to speciously arrange visits to those sites by existing parishioners and staff in an attempt to “get the stats up” on the roller-coaster parts of those graphs as well.


  48. That is a valid point, Mr. A. It may very well be true that Scientologists don’t use the internet.

    However, most people do, and most people use the internet to research anything they want to find out about. Even if someone goes to a Library, they will end up on the internet. So, if only Scientologists are likely to use Scientology-oriented web sites, that means that no one new is looking at these sites to found out about Scientology. The numbers are flat and declining.

  49. Hey Helmut – looks like you guys are doing great work! I would love to compare your Level IV comps to LA Day’s.

    I hope Wayne comes by and sees this.

  50. Maybe something to do with gravitational pull on planets and moons and how this might effect the body and brain and frame of mind of a person. Also, possibly the interaction of wavelengths, rays and related molecules that then effect the electronics of bodies and thus thetans, as known and predictable patterns. Just my synopsis and adjudication of the possibility for applying the label of ‘science’ to the subject. Lots of mythology and superstition in the way of this, though. Guess that’s why it’s also an art.

  51. @Anatoli: the existing “Church of Scientology” is so completely and thoroughly corrupted and so completely removed from it’s original spiritual purpose, philosophy and technology from RTC and Int Managment all the way down to the public membership that there is nothing left there but a demonstration of the Hell all of Earth might become if this Black Scientology is allowed to continue unopposed.

    What you suggest is comparable to asking the Jedi Knights to “unify” with the Sith.

    If you do not yet understand that C of $ has become the very Dark Side it was meant to eliminate, and if you still think that we are even remotely interested in any sort of “unification” with that, then all I can tell you is Find Out Where You Are, because you are clearly in Confusion.

    Michael A. Hobson

  52. Scott Campbell


    I agree with Sinar that the C of S is essentially dead. What Marty and Mike are doing is creating an effective “Experience Model” for others to follow. The Independent movement has proven that people can achieve the Aims of Scientology outside of the C of S proper. Indeed, one can now do their entire Bridge, Training and Processing -as an Independent!

    This fact alone will account for any perceived “loss of organization” endemic of the Churches demise.

    M&M are on the front lines, exposing Miscavige’s lies, but remember, anyone outside of the church who is giving/receiving auditing &training and getting others or going oneself “Out the Top” is contributing greatly as well.

    My two cents.


  53. How do you know the reason they threw it away was because they didn’t understand it? Is that the only possible reason? Maybe they disagree with it or just don’t want anything to do with it because of an upset or it could be many reasons, not just not understanding it. Maybe they were betrayed in the name of help. Maybe they have transcended it. Only they know, not you. I understand the admin and tech extremely well, but there are parts of it I want nothing to do with any longer, for my own personal reasons.

  54. Thank you Marty very much for your comment on the Multiple Data Viewpoint system now made extinct by DM.
    This was only system that we could use to do proper and effective evals on the individual orgs by taking their existing scenes and their departures from the ideal scene closer to the stated Ideal Scene.
    Boy ! has that been perverted over the years by this little runt of an opportunistic reptile DM.

    We used to encourage people to write copies of their reports to Flag Data Files so whenever an Eval would be ordered the evaluator would have enough data to work with presuming of course one wanted the org and Scientology to prosper .
    In the early 70’s I had been in an org the benefited greatly from one of these LRH supervised evals that resulted with the “real why” musical chairs ceasing the “who” was made to desist with calm and stability setting in on the org.
    Yes your comment for me opens up a whole array of survival actions that could have been with real Ideal Orgs occurring.
    Perhaps looking at this area gives us all new hope for our future.
    Thank you for being there and communicating.

  55. You’d have to rely on first-hand observations being reported as to # on course, auditing hours, etc. and eyeball the official stats for those in order to cross-check and compare against the web stats. But these days it makes sense that the measurable interest level via the web will give a prediction of the eventual stats of # new people in who could then possibly fall into that category of on course or auditing or in the sauna or hauling food to Haiti.

  56. Yes – 349 Class VIII’s and 1070 Class VI’s EVER. I’m one of the Class VI’s. It took me five years on a night schedule to do it, so it is not easy.

    Not too many – the run rate for Class VIII’s is nine per year (349 after 40 years). Most of them were no doubt made long ago.

  57. Thank you, Samuel. Truth revealed, indeed.

    And you are welcome on my input on Walter
    Kotric in relation to LRH from the earlier threads.

  58. Pingback: Stat Analysis of a Dead Radical church (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) « My LRH

  59. I understand that MSH knew her bible as well, and would know which quote to use in support of which Scn datum.

    My current favorite is Romans 12:21 “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”

    That’s my plan.

  60. Scientologists in various strata {Class V Org, Mission, ASHO etc.} come on to their posts every day and PRETEND to be raising the stats of the org so actively that no one questions it. AND then, when a real public person comes in with questions that person is attacked not helped, and what I just said is the reason why. This is the rule of every Org I have ever been to EXCEPT AOLA. But the stories from there from people who were there are just as terrifying.

  61. Keep pretending everything is hunky dory cuz whoever sec checks you won’t know how to read a meter anyway to tell the difference.
    Get out and ACT Yourself! 🙂

    (I’d like to see the blown auditors stat, myself.)

  62. Oh how things would have been different if Mary Sue had laid a can a wup ass on Dickhead Davy (the lying sack of sh*t) but she was too much of a lady.

    Calling her or anyone else a squirrel just epitomizes his little criminal mind.

    There I feel better now 🙂

    Anyway Sam you’ve done an excellent job of once again exposing the duped duplicitous little pretentious pretenders fallacious fantasies.

    Now he’ll probably have to find a new mantra.

  63. What is more important to note is the low quality visitors that they do have. As Samuel demonstrated, Marty, Steve and Jeff’s sites have returning visitors. The SCN sites have the same visitors all coming once which means they are paying to have the people show up, but the people are splitting and not returning.

    In all likelihood, the traffic they are getting is expensive paid per click traffic so they can show visits to their sites. When in reality, nobody is reading anything they have.

  64. Thanks Hartley.

    They lost a lot of “Scientologists” under the IRS closing agreement since after that only those who are affiliated to a Church of Scientology are now considered such.

    On the other hand”Mission” has become loosely defined as a post office address.

    Most “Orgs” these days wouldn’t qualify as City Offices under OEC policy.

    If you see any actual “completions” most of them are for basic courses which at one time were never counted on the orgs overall completion stats.

    Never mind the same people doing the same level over and over again in the endless squirrel cage known as the Church controlled by the “Man Behind Scientology” who now practices TM.

    Of course there is one stat that we know is actually going up and that is the number of people posting on Marty’s board.

    By the way Hartley nice of you to drop by.

  65. Yesterday, my night, I have sent Marty an updated analysis, showing a 2-year trend for the stats in the PDF file – maybe he wants to post that as it includes data up to the end of Semptember 2010 (and goes back to September 2008). If anything, the picture only gets grimmer.

    I find the various comments interesting – the multiple viewpoint system is a great system as it brings many additional points from where to view the same thing and therefore understand it better. I like those “staying on the subject” the most. Has nothing to do with whether you agree with me or not.

    Data Series 5 “Information Collection” is a great PL which also states that the less data you have the more precise your analysis must be. That we do NOT have all the data we wish to have for analysis is obvious. Read the comments what SHOULD be inspected. You and I know that the Tchurch carefully hides (true) data, no address lists of its “empire”, Well Done Auditing Hours, Public Regged Paid Starts, lists of Completions, Number of People (names) completing courses and auditing rundowns, on and on. How about cash/bills of orgs and missions and idle morgues?

    My motivation for this analysis might not have come through fully: I’m NOT trying to convince anybody of anything (look yourself and form your own conclusions). The data is the data and you think with it or not. And that is first and foremost intended for those not quite sure about the C of S but starting to look. See ONE outpoint and you start looking, see more and you look harder. Isn’t that the most natural thing a being does?

    I strongly believe that if we find some things (plural) – visible, undeniable – outpoints that COMMUNICATE to a corporate Scientologists, each one for him/herself will start whatever analysis of data he or she has in front of his/her nose! Isn’t that what happened with each one of us? We had all the outpoints sitting in front of our noses for yeeears but only really acted and left once it was undeniable to ourselves, once it really communicated to us!

    My believe is that many corporate Scientologists are likely to accept a “light gradient” – hell, these stats are the lightest dose I could imagine, particularly when compared to what Marty, Jeff, Steve, Mike, Amy, Marc, Tom etc. etc. have published on the net, interviews and books. That’s nothing compared to the real stuff. BUT, I believe it has potential in someone starting to look for themselves (have tried it with a sick (sic!) OT VII recently and it ended up in a completely open talk about the state of affairs of Scn and it worked for me).

    These stats are publicly available, corporate Scientologists may go there. Play around and search for all the orgs, groups and missions YOU would like to have included – do your own analysis. It’s worth more than anyone digesting it for you as it will be YOUR analysis.

    I have used There is There is

    Karen#1 is among my favorite posters – as she ADDs to what is being discussed. I know it is true what she said about PAYING for just over 30% of its “visits” ( – check the tab “clickstream”). In the 2-year analysis there is the highest ever PEAK visitors on that site in January 2009 (time coincident with Marc Headley filing his suit on 5 January 2009). The visitors then slump again to their previous downtrending level and in June 2009 they again start to climb for a few months (time coincident with the websites of Steve Hall, Jeff Hawkins, Marty Rathbun starting their blogs AND the SP Times Truthrundown starting to air). There’s a lot more but I didn’t mean to write a book (nor to leave such a long comment).

    Once I have more which I believe is of use to opening the eyes of corporate Scientologists I’ll make it available (sure, I’ll leave my 5 cents or 1 cent comments too as it is fun and I love reading yours too). But we are not talking to ourselves here – that is not my purpose. What can we do with it, is what motivates me.

    Love, Samuel

    PS: this is for Jeff Hawkins – sort of a belated (and disrelated to this subject) – it concerns his interpretation of “acceptable truth” and “theta = good news only, even if false” on this and his blog. Just found a nice quote in Data Series 5 which matches what my understanding always has been:

    “Good” news when it is a falsehood is an outpoint. (LRH)

  66. Thanks for the explanation. Per the total they do count the same visitor twice – that was my point. Also, both sites (OSA and RTC) even went lower in September.

  67. This is really a sad story.

    Per my own evaluation I found out that beetween 30 to 70 % of the traffic to is generated by google ads. This means that the C.O.S is paying huge amounts of $ to Google.
    There is even much more to it. Go onto the websites of New Era Publications and try to find a catalogue of all the published materials of L. Ron hubbard. You won’t find any, just a totally confusing website trying to sell you the Basics or a golden I don’t know what. They oblitared the works of LRH.

    Some years ago David Miscavige announced as the entrance point to the bridge and being made with the most advanced available technology. This website is dead !!!!!!!!! No traffic at all and in fact made of the most puerile technology that is about 10 years behind to our times and gets people away of Dianetics in a second, thinking about how nuts Dianetics must be.

    Also, the way Computer Technology is used today in the C.O.S is laughable. They are still working with 20 years old DOS programms, the staffs are not educated in computer technology as common people are. They fear computers and can’t use them to the fullest as LRH asked for. The whole email traffic still goes through HCO, is printed out and then routed to the terminals. What a waste of time, energy and money. Most staffs don’t have access to a own E-mail account.
    Here an example of an Email I recently got from an AO:
    Haaaalooooo, Tauu! *****!!!! Guätä Tg! Tg,tg tg – t-g….. ! Wie geht es dir??? Scho lang keis telefon im gliechä Office becho!!!! Bald ist der IA- …. S Event!!!!!! Chunsch auuuu – uuuuu ???? Was machsch eso und Marianne? Freut mich von dir zu hören!! Alles gueti! *His Name*
    The guy wasn’t able to duplicate my name and thought I’m somebody else. It needed 3 E-mails from my side to him, to understand I’m not the person he thought, even the person had a totally other name and I signed with my name and the email went to my adress with my name.
    Another sad story is that in the days of the Internet the C.O.S is still forcing their staffs to write letters by hand. So we get about 5-10 handwritten letters per week that are partially unreadable are full of grammatical and orthographical errors and are only written for the purpose of having a stat.

    Our OTC is still, after me having protested several times about, sending out E-Mails from time to time to their members with the addresses in the cc:. In the last 3 years I would have been able to collect about 2000 E-Mail adresses of Scientologists out of cc:. I destroyed them all as it would be a criminal act in Europe to use them.
    The OTC chairman of my Org, an OT 8, is sometimes sending E-Mails around in a very childish language (it seems he’s illiterate) without using the spellchecker.
    I could tell you many more stories I’ve experienced in the C.O.S not using computer technology the right way but the post would be too long.

    Somewhere LRH talks about the perfect dissemination programm and he thinks that would be just a postulate going around the Planet (sorry I can’t google the reference, perhaps somebody of you know it).
    Look at the success of Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Wikipedia and thousands of others. It took them just some years to grow from nothing to a postulate going around the world. We can do the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In the advent of the Internet about 20 years ago David Miscavige knew nothing better then just trying to stop and fight it, intead of using it to disseminate, probably foreseeing it will be his own Vietnam.
    If LRH would would have been still around then, he would probably have written new policies about how to use it to the fullest for our purposes and we would have now a cleared planet. As simple as it is.
    So lets use it to bring freedom to Mankind. I postulate that it the near future somebody of us will have a great and simple idea about how we could do it. I suggest that all of you start to think about it or perhaps we could gather together for a conference of computer geeks, marketing and PR experts for a brainstorming. I think Steve, as being very quiet in the moment, is working in this direction and will come up with some nice surprises.
    There is enough available data on the Internet (Marty’s blog, WWP, Ex Scientologists board, Facebook, and hundreds of others) to evaluate trends, needs, feelings and purposes of the different publics we are talking too. This is a gargantuan amount of information delivered for free to make a big campaign out of it.
    Marty and Geir were able to handle our “worst ennemies” through communication alone (I^m talking about anonymous) to help on our cause, even donate for it, and some of them are getting interested into the philosophy. So its seems not to be a problem at all.

    Much Love

    aside note: David Miscavige became insane when he tried to stop the Internet and now he wants to stop everything !

  68. Karen, yes, I am fully aware of the hoax done to “get this stat” up. It obviously IS an important stat to corporate Scientology (i.e. Dave incorporated) as otherwise they would not spend a dime on it, yet they “pay” parishoner money to get attention (in the same vain, though taken to a new gross Highest Ever with the extras filling the empty seats of the 2009 IAS Event). See my comment on this alsow below.

    But this Tchurch isn’t even causing its stats anymore – as LRH pointed out an org is doing. Only a LIVE organism can do that – not a dead radical Tchurch (see their “peaks” in January 2009 and “affluence” following June 2009 – time coincident with Marc Headley filing suit (Jan) and the Truth Rundown airing AND Steve, Jeff and Marty starting their blogs (June).

    It’s a dead church, completely out of comm with the world, even though it’s mouth (piece) is still making motions.

  69. Stats aren’t just “down”……they are HELD down.

    Miscavige is a marvelous exemplary of this principle. Scientology orgs have not been “just happening to shrink” with astonishing rapidity.

    You’ver got a man at the top who is resolutely determined to NOT use Scientology Admin tech (except perhaps, in reverse).

  70. OVATHON !
    beautiful word creation
    It will become a standard word

  71. Ensifer, interesting points. Regarding the value (or no value) of my analysis – I believe the value of any analysis is proporionate to the degree that it is your OWN analysis. If one follows someone’s analysis (and agrees with the way of logic presented) fair enough. Otherwise, one simply does one’s own (which you do – and that is good).

  72. I occasionally go on Church sites to see whats going on.

  73. “Even though is pretty good for hits,73K, visitors only go there ONCE ! What’s with that ?”

    Could it be because it doesn’t get updated as much as this blog does? Marty posts a new article every few days and sometimes, everyday. Not to mention people coming back to read and comment what he posted. Just trying to be fair.

    Also, we have to see the fact that higher numbers are good but we must evaluate the importance of those numbers. For example, the number of visitors on a web site is alot less important the a number of new standard tech auditors made or the number of new clears made.

  74. Anna Marie Woodward was the former ” data chief” and left working for COS in around 2002. About a third of the way down this page you can see her comments on COS expansion. I believe this is Hartley’s

    Anna posted on OCMB for a little while, unfortunately that
    website is down at the moment so can’t link to it. From memory, she
    said that cash/bills for all the delivery orgs, I believe not including flag, had crossed [ ie more outgoings than incomings] some years previously. She also took special interest in book sales, and commented that despite appearing in 15 more languages book sales worldwide remained static. Also stats from around 1986 to the time she left were slightly declining.

  75. Cross checking and truth verification will drive Davey nuts and his audience away. You can’t just take away all that beautiful forced attention from his illusionary grandiose greatness. He is not going to be amused either hearing that he is out created by Marty, especially as it’s done through exposing his crimes. And when mainstream media pick it up (BBC) our stats take off even further, so we can prepare for another vulture earthquake as soon as September and October stats get published.

  76. Anyone know if TC could be bothered to show up at Saint Hill this year for the annual implanting of false stats hidden between rolling thunder claps?

  77. Love it ! 🙂

  78. All the more reason to believe it to be valid and worthwhile!! 😉

  79. Anatoli,

    It’s far less important what one claims to be than what one does. Less important what one claims to understand versus what one actually understands and demonstrates. One does not have to be a Scientologist to understand and apply the information.

    What you decide to be is a matter of choice. What labels you prefer to assign yourself is a matter of choice. Significance is less important than the underlying reality.

    So don’t bet your house that Amy, Jeff, Marc and others who have left the church are not applying the truths they found there. Perhaps, they are merely also rejecting the lies they found there.


  80. I’m sorry, but I see all this and can’t help screaming:


    The stats are non-e., and have been for years, and if we could only access the long-term stuff you would see the CoS has been in non-e for 20 years or more. It’s hard to see because FLAG has public, but they are basically servicing the long-term people trying to hurry along and get their OT’s outta the way before the house of cards comes tumbling down.

    Go into any Class V org and see what kind of bodies in the shop (BIS) they have. JACK SQUAT! When a stat is nill and then blips up high briefly then back to usual nill, you have a one time affluence and long-term non-e. I know. I LIVED in that org! Drove me nuts! And don’t you DARE try to correct the E.D. and point out facts to them because that means you are an SP!!! AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!

    Sorry, had to vient.

    But, getting backt to my original point: the Church is in Non-E statistically, over the long term, if we could get our hands on those numbers, which ain’t gonna happen. Anyone on-lines reading this who IS on-lines is hearby assigned a condition of Confusion. Walking the line between CoS and Reality is kidding themselves. It’s time to throw all your chips in, call their bluff and let all hell break loose. Find out where you are, Who you are, and DIS-associate from the bastard that is intentionally KEEPING STATS DOWN!

    Sorry, I’m an FEBC. And I’m personally offended by down statistics. And having been declared from THAT GROUP… is my proudest statisic from the group yet.

  81. This is an aside, but is a relevant issue.

    Officer “Bubbles” is upset because commenters have lampooned him.
    He is trying to legally harass them.
    This article is worth reading…–officer-bubbles-sues-youtube-and-users-over-cartoons

    Officer “Bubbles” , just like Miscavige, begs for ridicule…

  82. Guys and dolls, I am shocked. Shocked. Shocked by the lack of understanding of true OT-your-highness-ness.

    An OT operates at cause. An OT can create something from nothing. An OT is not dependent on the creations of others to formulate reality. Just think creative processing taken to the nth degree.

    Stats? I’ll show you stats by comparison with which you’d call that a valley.
    Greatness. Friggin’ artistry. Creative genius.

    I am ashamed of our SP-unwillingness-to-support-der-leader-ness. Ashamed. Today, I have experienced an epiphany. I’m braiding my horse hair for self flagellation (as opposed to self abuse, which I now see as so wrong and criminal.) I’ve loosened the strings on my purse, flowing power to power.

    Unfortunately, my purse has been emptied by earlier contributions, but I’m expecting power to flow back at me at any time. After all, Der leader understand power, understands that a one way flow begins to stick. And…and…and…a stick in time saves nine. A stick a day keeps the doctor away. Sticks and stones… Give a man a stick and he can eat for a day; give a man a beating and he’ll feed you for the rest of his life.

    So, I’m thinking more clearly than ever before now–even though my clear status has been rescinded.

    I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny Day.

    So, take that you SP bastards posting here.
    It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sun-shiny day.
    Fist clenched. (but not in that way)
    Bright, bright, bright sun-shiny day!


  83. It’s not about trusting others. It’s all about trusting what you have observed yourself and then saying what you have observed (integrity, look – don’t listen, what is true for you is true for you or whatever other wording you like).

    I don’t see eye to eye with Jeff, for instance, on how he interprets certain policies – doesn’t do a thing to the accuracy with which he reports about what happened (some of which I have other data that definitely confirms every word he says).

    Opinion or Fact – that is the question and by that, my friend, thy shalt live

  84. Sorry, I don’t know how to embed JPGs on this forum

    In May 2009, Scientology declared there were only 1,070 Class VI auditors worldwide, and only 349 Class VIII auditors worldwide. Documents posted here:

  85. Exactly right.

    Re “Paying to get this stat up” see also my reply to Karen#1 and a comment blow. He “must” get this stat up because it is open for anybody to see and it doesn’t matter to him “how” it gets up (e.g. he would never admit that his crimes being exposed DOES increase the traffic on this site – which it does) – it’s always interpreted in “isolation” and only ever is “proof” of “public demand” (question is only, demand for what, his head, most likely).

    There are many other aspects on how corporate Scientology (as represented by OSA, as they control these sites) tries to get this particular stat to look good (“stat push”, nothing else). There are 143 (!!) “unique referring sites” ( with the purpose of getting more traffic onto this one site (though a failure).

    An analysis of the IAS Event Claims is a very good idea. I trust (and hope) the event will be available for download – hopefully soon. Whether unedited – even better – but no matter in what version – and then we all can feast on it and take the phony flesh from the phony bones.

  86. martyrathbun09

    I’ll put the extended two year analysis up with it momentarily.

  87. Karen ,


    Corollary to “This is straight from COB” — “This is Command Intention”

    As to what happened to Captain Morgan Starkey? As soon as he was no longer needed to be the Executor of the Estate (ie once exemption was achieved and the assets of the Estate were distributed), Captain Morgan became as expendable as an empty bottle of single malt whiskey. Dear Leader couldnt do anythiing until then as he could not change his appointment as Executor. But that job had a limited life span. You will notice his career trajectory resembled a drunken sailor following that…

  88. According to several texts I’ve had this morning… ‘the IAS event was incredible’ ‘We are THAT close’ ‘There is going to be adverts on UK TV’, don’t you want the products of that campaign’ ‘Go to http://www.ias to donate NOW’ etc,etc.

    When I was in I’d hear people I respected and admired say these things and think ‘this person is so certain, they must have the inside skinny, THEY would not compromise their integrity by grossly exaggerating or parroting untruths’. Now I realise they were thinking the same things about their seniors when they got the blurb. This goes all the way to the top, ‘I really respect this person, they have integrity, this must be true etc, etc. The trail leads all the way up to McCabbage, in his emerald city

  89. Once! You are so inspiring!
    You’re post reminded me of this guy:

    Truly a WIN in the making. 😉 Who could deny such sanity???

  90. – BUMP –
    This is a great write-up/statement !

  91. Hmm, a little correction of your trend analysis. It isn’t long term Emergency (Danger). Because of the actual RANGE of the stats one HAS to look at viability. (Marty or someone can quote the PL) . Thus, the actual graph would be read as Non-E. 😉

  92. Well I have something to say “Straight To COB”

    This is just one more nail in the coffin for being off policy, out tech and and BULLY & A COWARD!

  93. Marty and Geir were able to handle our “worst ennemies” through communication alone (I^m talking about anonymous) to help on our cause, even donate for it, and some of them are getting interested into the philosophy.

    That is an interesting perspective though probably not completely correct.

  94. Try comparing to any AO or Flag.

  95. What a fiesty girl.

  96. We’re on the same page Lo, been trying to get some traction on this for a while and you seem to get it. Please read the article on “The Virtual Global Org” here:
    I’ve been planning to put together some webinars soon.
    Please get in comm through that site. We should collaborate.

  97. Thought Provoking


    Thank you so very much for compiling these statistics! Even with your mention of the scale being different it was hard not to have my jaw drop at the difference in magnitute of these graphs.

    I couldn’t help myself and did a very rough “superimposed” rendition with each of these graphs on top of each other. WOW, WOW, WOW! Can’t miss that visual and clear proof that the church is dead. It is funny that the “non standard” straight up and vertical is actually occuring…in the field. I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. What is occuring on this blog is impinging on the world.

    We are helping people we care about who are still in the church by providing them truth…Marty, Jeff’s and Steve’s blogs show that. This doesn’t even include the natter boards. The public, already aware that “something isn’t right” are taking the forbidden route (looking at the internet) toward the truth and freedom…proof from the multiple visits. WORD OF MOUTH is and always will be the number one dissemination tool. Easily observed as one looks at what has been accomplished in just one year.

    And the coolest thing about all this expansion is that it comes with returned understanding, resurgence of Affinity, increased integrity, free theta, LOTS of two-way-com, etc. One doesn’t need a meter to feel the charge blowing from people reading the blogs. The FNs and TAs just keep floating.

    As a Div 6er, what I’m about to say is blasphemy. But, I am so happy to see that the church stats are down. That means people won’t be getting squirrel tech and become part of the regfest that has become the church. I don’t want any more people hating Scientology because they never really got the real deal. I have always been one to “invite” people into the church, a natural phenomenon of the tech is its purest application. When the church started “producting public” on who they could bring in, I knew things were off the rails. I don’t know any public who hasn’t hesitated once or twice about introducing someone to the church. I’d like to indicate that you were right, you perceived something. Follow your instincts. True Scientology doesn’t need to be regged, it is naturally reached for…or withdrawn from.

    I have gained more respect for the subject of Scientology by my family and friends (non-Scientologists) by pointing out the truth of its corruption. Some of these people who thought I was way too involved in this non standard religion are now able to look at true Scientology for its own merits. I will never send anyone to the church again.

    Thank you to all of you out there who are helping to return Scientology back to its place in the sun. Actually, it is already there…just more people are discovering WHERE it is.

  98. Sword guy, Ensifer,
    You’re right of course, the only numbers that have any validity in this whole thing are WDAH’s and Auditors Made. The rest lead up to this. Without these, it’s just so much dev-t. With these, we have a shot at a whole new game.

    Sometime in the late 80s at the Int Base, there was a cramming marathon on the subject of taking the Gross Divisional Stats, the GDSes, of an org and doing an analysis of them to isolate the area that needed attention. This was done with no ‘substantive’ data, i.e., no reports on the circumstances of the org, just the stats. It was a drill on the Data Series issues using Stat Analysis to isolate the area needing further invest, it was getting the ‘big string’. This whole cramming action was on several ‘advices’ where LRH was basically repeating and reiterating what he’d written in the Data Series. It was a kind of ‘here’s an example’ and such.

    Samuel’s analysis is a presentation of the stats for a somewhat undefined ‘scene’. The org’s scene is represented by the GDSes. What is the scene represented by these stats Samuel has isolated?

    I’ll proffer a guess; it’s the scene of ‘interest in things Scientological as available on the internet’.

    In that scene, two stats are somewhat comparable, they are somewhat ‘cooincident’ in that if one goes up, the other goes up kind of deal. (I’m not sure this relationship actually exists, but for analysis purposes I’m using it as a premise). The two stats are the hits on the site at about some 70,000 and the hits on Marty’s blog at some 80,000 per month.

    These are both ‘pluspoints’ in terms of numbers.

    Analyzing further, with just the graphs Samuel has posted, it appears that the ‘sub-stats’ that lead up to the GDS of these two sites, representing a scene of ‘interest in things Scientological’ of the CofS, are trending down while Marty’s blog, Scn-cult are trending up and these sites have no ‘sub-stats’. That is, the ‘sub-stats’ of the CofS are either very ineffective at increasing the GDS or worse, actually pull it down. So, the analysis point is leading to the adverse effect of the sub-stats of the CofS compared to the pluspoint of Marty’s and Steve’s site, gained with NO sub-stats, that is, they attract interest in things Scientological, and continue to do so all on their own and they are increasing.

    My analysis indicates two areas of interest: the successful action of Marty and Steve (Jeff’s site included) and the unsuccessful action of the CofS, who spend outrageous time, effort and money on their promo to get a downtrending stat of ‘interest in things Scientological’.

    Marty, Steve, Jeff et al, get ‘interest in things Scientological’. The CofS gets a comparable graph at the main site, and then ‘no further interest’ except possibly adding to the interest in Marty, Steve, Jeff’s sites or even the so-called ‘natter’ sites, which I would think are actually just ‘BPC’ sites, and not so much ‘natter’.

    What is omitted, that is they don’t exist in either stats or substantive form, on the CofS sites, are the important stats in all of this; people trained and audited. Those stats are apparent if one reads Marty’s site (Helmet’s, Les’s, Max H’s, The Freezone Convention, and the various statements of ARCXs handled, purposes and action to achieve the higher awarenesses available in Scn auditing and training and so on, that can be gleaned from the various postings on these Indie sites.)

  99. Thought Provoking

    Great point, Quicksilver. Even when you can find the building it is still a facade…a camoflaged hole.

  100. Thought Provoking

    A very good and important distinction…organization (church or government) as separate from intent of public service. Thak you, wise one!

  101. The stat of what constitutes an org has been somewhat fuzzy as long as I can remember. For example, Brighton Mission 20 years ago consistently out-performed all orgs in Africa. That’s 11 orgs right there that barely qualified as viable missions never mind orgs.

    Joburg Day since got a shot in the arm so the numbers change. But every cont has it’s tenny-weeny orgs that still count as full-fledged orgs.


  102. Anonymous,

    As a multi generational Scientologist, one who is friends with about 200 scientologists “in good standing”, I have lived a massive shift in the culture of being a public scientologist. 20 years ago, more so 25 and thirty, there was a tremendous amount of “life living” as you describe, the public would come in and help renovate the orgs, or build new rooms, there were OT committee meetings doing everything from dissemination to helping improve staff conditions. Reading books, helping people, helping each other.

    Today of the 200 on lines scientologists I know, perhaps 1 in 10 is active on a daily and weekly basis. They don’t read books (read them all several times) don’t apply conditions on a weekly or monthly basis, are not consistently on course, and most (7-8 of 10) avoid events like the plague.

    Most of the “real” Scientologists I know are not in good shape, don’t work out frequently, they are very stressed about money, 80+ (+/-) are heavily in debt which creates major stress in their lives. They feel compelled to give more and often feel they are failures for not being able to do more. No one I know seems to be overtly disseminating scientology, those that are successful in selling scientology wait for a person to be in crisis in life and introduce scientology quitely then as a way to help.

    “Digging people out of rubble”; interesting you mention that because this is what I wanted the culture of being a scientologist to be: going out and helping those in real danger, improving conditions for others in the world. A few, very few, actually go out and help in disasters. With personal involvement in Katrina, 9/11, the tsunami, and the recent quate, there are rarely even a couple of hundred people Internationally helping (9/11 had the most, in my estimate, 250-400 over 4 months, with some only being there a few days to a week. Hurricane Ike didn’t have a dozen other than Houstonians, who were drectly effected. These people are under funded and no experienced, and no where near as effective as the media ops they are turned into indicate.

    Scientologists are not busy phsically saving people. I heard recently that Church Management had developed the whole plan for taking this planet, they didn’t need help from us public, they either needed us to join ideal org staff, the SO or give money.

  103. Web site visits are assumed to be correlated to popularity of the subject. It’s a pretty safe assumption in this day and age of the www. Ages ago, people would look up a phone number in the Yellow Pages and call if they were interested in an organisation. Nowadays they google it and visit the web site.

    I’d rate these numbers together with something like the Div 6A “Body Routed” stat – not a GDS by any definition but as long as the operating basis doesn’t change drastically, people body routed should show up in the major stats sometime later.

    You are quite correct in that these site visit numbers are not the products of the org, they are merely useful supporting indicators.

  104. I call BS.

    The biggest contributor to all of those things is the big orange ball in the sky and the moon. Both are largely ignored by astrology.

    As for the observed times where astrology seems to have worked out, correlation is not causation.

  105. Thought Provoking

    Helmut and Helen (and all staff),

    Very Well Done!!! Excellent example of Flourish and Prosper.

    Fantastic news about Max as well!

  106. A,
    Seems you’ve been watching too many event videos and Ads – that’s an unreal life and is just propaganda, like your dear leader portrays the Int Base as a worker’s paradise.

    The internet is a medium for truths which hides the actual dark practices of the Chairman of Buildings. The internet brings things out of the dark ages and disinfects like sunshine and creates more interaction with REAL friends which Mestology disconnects. Go back under the bridge!

  107. “There is a way you can raise your profile on Google…SPLOG our High Tech Computer Geek can chip in here.”

    Outside my main area of expertise I’m afraid, Karen. I deal with other areas of Tech. But there are many folks with deep knowledge of how that all works, someone will give a concise explanation I’m sure.

    One thing I can say, is that Google is very wise to tricks to pump up site rankings and when people try it they invariably sink lower in the rankings – Google’s software finds their tricks every time. To raise your profile on Google, you just need to do what Google tells you to do – post interesting content that other sites like and link to. You’ll note this is what Marty does – posts interesting content that then spreads like wildfire. And the Google ranking goes up.

  108. Typo: The internet is a medium for truth and dissolves those things which hides the practices of the Chairman of Buildings.

  109. Oops, forgot to summarize: Scientology is an important and compelling subject. Lots of interest. That’s what can be taken from the two main stats above. What happens to that interest? Comparing the two areas, us and ‘them’ (DMology) it appears what happens is that when the interest is pursued, it falls off on the DMology sites. Over here, it’s growing.

  110. BR,
    Totally agree, Thanks for the great analysis, Samuel!

  111. aotc, thanks for sharing that.
    “we are THAT close”. I had to laugh and i can really hear that being said and parrotted. And some want desperately to believe its true because they have been buying that fake rembrandt for so long. Its sad and pathetic actually for those who now need to believe the bullshit.

    The graphs Sam has posted here would be so out R for them they couldnt confront them and would insist they are lies, fabrications, or of no importance. The IAS and many rank and file are way out on a precarious limb, and here is Sam and others at the bottom of the tree with handsaws and chainsaws, and those with them yelling at those in the branches to get down. But its hard to get down because you have to shimmy back along the branch to the truck, then shimmy down the trunk, and all along the way there are people trying to stop you with warnings and threats. It only leaves one way to go: JUMP. Pick your spot and your moment first, but definitely JUMP.
    Oddly enough, you will not have left scientology at all, but allowed yourself the opportunity to fully embrace it.

  112. From other people that have been to AOLA BESIDES MY SELF, I should have said, I meant to say.

  113. Jim ~

    As Samuel said – the only value in assessing by “stat” is the value you assign, or perhaps the importance you assign to whatever story the stats are meant to represent. You and I might agree that WD hours and course completions are the key stats in analyzing whether Scientology is expanding or contracting… and we’d be right if we are people who judged success by those measures in our Scientology experience. I know I am and I viewed those two stats as key.

    But these “internet” stats are represented here with a storyline of a dead, radical church. Maybe. Maybe not. Ticks on a graph don’t mean a whole lot unless the person trying to make sense out of it has context to evaluate the ticks with. That’s what makes internet analytics a hazy arena to evaluate success with. So I guess what’s important to you, me or anyone visiting this site and seeing these graphs may not be important to the current management of CofS.

    All I’m suggesting is ‘buyer beware’ whenever stats are presented with a storyline. This blog has some good numbers for a variety of reasons, most of them anecdotal and therefore not indicative of the story that the CofS is dead. Hits just tell us that people are interested in visiting specific web sites, not why they are visiting or what they do after the visit. New material generates hits because of RSS feeds, as an example. Hits don’t indicate dollars or even buyers. All they tell us is that people are clicking… now it’s up to the owners of those sites to make a ‘sale’.

    Here’s an example – from this site – of a product that can be graphed:

    “I offer a simple program of rehabilitation of previously recognized abilities and education on universal truths and principles of spiritual growth. I do not offer a substitute for Scientology nor am in competition with the Church. I am only offering to share all the skills I have learned – from a wide variety of sources – to help those in need who once formally participated in Scientology but who now hold no hope nor intention of ever seeking help from the Church.”

    That’s obviously not the only reason for this blog to exist but it’s important because a) it’s a product that requires ex-Scientologists and b) it’s a product for generating income… a stat we can all agree is vital. So the question is – do the good numbers on this site mean Marty is now rich? Or will be soon? Nope. They just indicate (as you suggested) interest in the story. And Marty’s story is a good one because of his position in the whole drama. But the stats that tell whether something is successful in real-world terms are the ones nobody will willingly reveal… dollars and paid completions.

    My interest in this site doesn’t align one way or the other with my desire to see a dead church or a successful Marty. I come here because you do and with you a bunch of other people who sometimes think like me or are interested in how this story evolves and desirous of seeing something better come of Scientology than what it has been the last few decades.

    So, I guess that means the ticks my visits generate on this site and the official Scientology sites don’t mean shit.


  114. Of course, you are correct (even more so when deducting the paid-for, resulting-in-nothing “visits”)

  115. Anatoli,
    Taking a cue from Mike Hobson’s reply to this question, and hoping you have some familiarity with the theory and operation of GPMs, here’s a way to look at this. Let’s say that the Third Dynamic activities that go on that apply Scientology, real Scientology to the real results are an entity that will rise above the whole of the Goals Problem Mass phenomena.

    It would appear that the 3D, under the direction of its Dearest Leader, has become the Opposition Terminal to the Terminal that the original (Essay On Mgmt) type Terminal that Scn would be in his GPM. (Keep in mind, Scn as a Terminal is only if one is dramatizing a GPM. Scn is supposed to run that shit out so it isn’t just a continuation of age old GPMs.)

    The CofS under DM has dramatized the material given in a lecture ‘Ser Facs and the GPM’ from the Briefing Course lectures. The 3D ‘must be right’ computations of the CofMiscavige have been described in detail on this and other associated blogs/sites. That they ARE Service Computations, that is, pure idiocies that do anything but assure survival, rightness, and so on but in fact the reverse and are anything but pro-survival successful evaluations is evident as well by the very fact of this here blog. These Ser Facs/Computations, are the latest incarnation of an ‘identity’ that is assumed to achieve a Goal, and from which Opposition to the Goal arises or is invented so as to have a contest and interest and a game. It is the latest on the chain of identities involved in the GPM, both ‘for’ and ‘agin’ the goal. Like a GPM, at the end of it, it all collapses in a Co-Terminal, an amalgam of the various identities and a failure to achieve the Goal. A black mass of the bundle, left and a new Goal put out, identity assumed and an opposition found or invented. And on and on it goes.

    What we have going on here, with Mike, Marty, and all sorts of us others, is a freedom from this whole dramo. We have a good working KRC of the GPM. What we need is a de-aberration of the Group Engram bank that is manifest in the CofS 3D entity and with individuals free from ‘bank think’ we can re-arrange the myriad efforts of lots of beings to accomplish some Theta Goals in a more orderly and less ‘bank dramo’ fashion.

    What is happening is Scientology is being applied to run out Reverse Scientology and further, to even run out ‘Scientology’ so it doesn’t just become, as a 3D, the next Item on the GPM.



  116. Anatoli,

    Unifying will be very difficult. When you look at the culture that is presently with the church, there is a mix of a few ‘old timers’ and new staff.

    Rather than simple ARC-full communication and truly helping the person in front of you, ‘Command Intention’ is solely money motivated and this is, in large part, accomplished thru intimidation and coercion.

    The younger staff member & public have been brought up with this mind-set and really have no experience in what Scientology and a good comm cycle is. They parrot what they see and in a lot of cases, their version of Tone 40 is more akin to TR 8 rather than the ep of TR 9. While there is ARC, it is at such a low level that it would take some doing to move the current operating basis up scale. With DM gone, what are you left with? Fancy buildings with theta at an all-time low.

    Personally, I find it difficult to envision after an announcement made that DM is gone, that staff & public would be able to simply flip to a caring theta-filled environment. Newer staff have no idea what that is – they have nothing to compare it to. Older staff will have to start cleaning up the mess that is left – heavy public debt, all things that go into putting an org there, making up damage done & instilling confidence once again in the public. After all, the public and producing auditors & OTs are the reason orgs exist.

    A scenario like that would take years, if not decades.

    Currently, all materials and the bridge are available thru Independents. There is a difference between a squirrel & a splinter group. They are NOT all squirrels although the current ‘management’ would have you believe that every single Independent is squirrelling. This is simply not so.

    I shop around and evaluate when I buy something. Same with finding an auditor or courseroom – get info & make a decision.

  117. Agree with you all the way. Interesting, I did think about superimposing the stats too.

  118. Oops, further forgot that the ‘advices’ that were being drilled on Stat Analysis covered that with a very accurate reading of the stats, without ‘substantive data’ one could actually determine what was going on in a given area. That was the point of the drilling, and Marc Yaeger was overseeing this whole cycle as he was apparently pretty good at it.

  119. Being slowly strangled to death by an out-of-control, blood-thirsty, sadistic narcissist.

  120. Sorry, I meant to say astrology.

  121. I think he just yells into the air.

  122. That’s the line the sup used on me when force feeding me with the new FN definition, “This is straight from COB!”

    I have something for COB…straight from my middle finger.

  123. Here are the stats for freedom magazine:

    This is a site that CoS had broadly advertised all over the internet after the panorama show aired.
    The number of visitors has been continously decreasing since june and is now at 2,335.
    The peak in june is probably the result of their response to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, which was also highly advertised.

  124. Samuel, a belated thanks to you for your thorough work on tracking doen these statistics. I had done some work on this last year, including going through their “org locater” website and tabulating every single org. I posted these results and others in a Statistics section of Leaving Scientology. The more we inspect and track these things, the better. It is so easy for the Church to pull the wool over people’s eyes simply because no one cross-checks their information.

    I suspect that statistic of Applied Scholastics groups. It would be interesting to see what an actual inspection of one of those groups would come up with. It’s like Missions – they claim hundreds, but when you actually look for them, they are not what you’d expect. I went to visit the so-called “Portland Mission” last year. It was a tiny house with two young kids trying to run it. Nice kids, very idealistic. But only open two evenings a week. I just stopped by a few weeks ago and it’s now closed.

    Just one comment on the websites: for me, Marty, Steve, and others, blogging is a very part-time activity. I spend a few minutes a day on the blog, maybe half an hour to write an article. 95% of my time is spent on other things, my business and leisure. With the Church you know they have staff slaving over those websites, working constantly to get the ratings up, run ads and so forth. You just know it’s a flap every time OCMB or Marty or even Wikipedia outranks them. They are working very hard to keep the rankings as high as they are.

  125. RJ,

    Your statement: “Oh how things would have been different if Mary Sue had laid a can a wup ass on Dickhead Davy (the lying sack of sh*t) but she was too much of a lady.”

    Ditto that, and there was a moment when that could have happened. Thanks to these blogs I’ve deduced that David Miscavige made sure MSH was isolated enough that she was convinced she had to capitulate. Of course, her personal entanglements with the criminal case made her vulnerable, and he seized the moment.

    Knowing these things even 30 years after the fact blows charge.

    Yet we have the Code of Honor…
    “Never regret yesterday, life is in you today, and you make your tomorrows.” LRH

    And we shall.


  126. At what point does it become incumbent upon the Board to remove him?

  127. Samuel, you counted only 424 adresses of orgs and missions that you could locate on church websites. Some Anons have made the same work and counted 472 orgs and missions. Not much difference, but here is also list of all orgs and missions here, so you can see it in detail:

    Also an interesting conclusion from this low number of orgs and missions:
    “If there are 8-10 million Scientologists in the world and 472 missions/orgs officially listed by, there would have to be an average of 16,949 to 21,186 members for every single mission and org in the entire world. ”

    This makes it obvious that there can’t be so many Scientologists as Tommy Davis claims, that is if they exist, then they aren’t active in any orgs or missions, because else the orgs would clearly be full every day.

  128. Under the management of the leader of leaders, David Miscavige, these staffs obviously are forced to indulge just in gigantic Dev-T. Can’t help but feel sorry for them.

  129. I can’t wait to see the real deal about the IAS event!!!
    You’re right about thinking this person must have the inside info…hence what you actually observe yourself is flawed somehow.
    The fantasy/lies are laid in well when someone you respect/admire blows and you get told it’s because they had to take care of their poor sick mother. What a wonderful church/group that lets the senior auditor or executive take a LOA to care for their ailing parent…

  130. I’ve come to regard our sense of Gravity (Balance is a function) as the true Sixth Sense. I’ve considered that tides in the gravitational field might be exploitable as a sort of low-frequency carrier wave for “communication”.

    Otherwise, this:

  131. Samuel, All this ‘stat’ stuff gives me a headache. I think you did a great job but ya know this ‘ straight up and verticle’ crap reminds me of the movie ‘The Flim Flam Man’. There is no doubt its all BS to help keep the ‘masses’ in line. DM and company are selling a product. Unfortunately it’s called Scientology but we all know the product is PR. It’s all a big scam.
    I’m not a conspriracy guy but this whole scam DM is running is just a big ‘good old boys club’. All the big contributors do so in exchange for something and its NOT Scientology. Its about greed and nothing else. Several others that have commented wished the ‘Church’ would lose their tax exempt status. If that would happen DM’s house of cards would fall apart. As agressive as the IRS is with everyone else, WHY aren’t they investigating the ‘Church of Scientology?’. I can’t imagine the US Government is afraid of DM and the ‘Church’. There has to be a deal or some agreement that allows DM to do as he pleases to extort money out of people via IAS. This whole can of worms just makes me sick.


    This was a large part of my motivation for jumping in with the OG back in the mid-nineties. This new medium, which promises to connect people in ways we’ve only begun to imagine, was still a fledgling when Kobrin and Moxon started stomping all over the baby, seemingly with no concern other than to Win.

    And if you’re a Maya/Gaia Fan, the implications of directly connecting all of our minds via electronic messaging (our environment is becoming increasingly media-rich) ought to be staggering.

  133. Bozz,

    You captured my mockup and put it right in a butterfly jar filled with Mars Mushrooms. Who could deny the enthusiasm of my man Dean? If you’re going to be nuts, you might as well be thrilled with it.

  134. Google actually has a stat analysis available for those who have websites.

    What it does is it tracks key words that people type into Google looking for what you have, and it arranges them by number of hits. There maybe 20 keywords on your ‘subject’, and these are the words that people type into Google when looking for your ‘subject’. Google arranges these words in by number of times each word is used, and it can also be arranged by times periods, ie per week per month, last month etc.

    What this means is that you need to have on your first page as many of these key words as you can get. If you have all 20 key words, great. If you have the key words, maybe the first 10 or so repeated on that page several times, then even better. If you do so, you’ll get a big bump in profile.

    Google also lists keywords used by your competition.

    Google has more than just that, but I can’t think of them at the moment.

    Who ever gave you the domain name, can probably tell you how to access the Google analysis. It costs a few buck a month, I think, but if it ups your profile then it is worth it. I know for a fact in can up your profile from zero to first page over night, and keep it there.

  135. Hi Samuel;

    It would be an interesting thing if you could watch the before and after stats re: the IAS event, to see what stats raise as a result of the event. Wouldn’t that be hilarious if the CofS stats remained the same and the Indies stats had a little peak!

  136. “I can’t imagine the US Government is afraid of DM and the ‘Church’. There has to be a deal or some agreement that allows DM to do as he pleases to extort money out of people via IAS. This whole can of worms just makes me sick.

    I agree, Sarge.

  137. Where did he post them – I would like to see them and promote them — also would like to chat with him and anyone who is delivering scientology.
    While I do not really believe in hooking up and working together I believe in learning from each other.
    when the power FSM game started somewhere in the early 90’s – talking to the other power FSM’s and was one of the highlights for all of us.
    there literally are more ways to apply the tech and be successful than there are people.
    Thanks to Silvia K. who seems to want to publicize actual actions in the field, which as mentioned in my above comment, is supper important.
    The world needs to know the wins on both sides – student and PC as well as the delivering guys.

  138. From what I understand, the board is fake. DM controls the ‘board’ through pre-signed resignation letters. He is the board.

  139. LO, you are correct in guessing that I am working on something. And it will be a nice surprise when complete. Unfortunately for us, I am compelled to maintain security and not let the CoS in on my operations although I am very much here with everyone.

  140. Samuel, You’ve produced an insightful and very helpful stat analysis. Thank you very much! That is a fantastic demonstration of initiative and competence.

  141. Back in the early to mid ’80’s the Church of Scientology had one of the most advanced computer networks in the world at the time.

    There was CIR for Central Information Retrieval which could access any HCOB or PL by subject, date or title.

    (The system is now restricted for the use of big bucks WISE members only and has been antiquated by later technology)

    We had MERC which was an internal email system long before email was developed for commercial use.

    Back then it was mainly used by Military and civilian organizations on the ARPAnet.

    INCOM had all stats (important stats like PDC, WDAHS, STP, etc not board feet) from any orgs inception to PT so that they could do a comparative stat analysis of any org at any time.

    (Now the only thing that INCOM does is scan in ethics reports and CF files.

    I mean who needs stats?)

    Streamlines an electronic routing form mainly for students to insure fast training on course by placing any RF on a standard time machine for courses meaning that making auditors back then meant weeks or months.

    Not years or decades!)

    Now streamlines isn’t used at all because auditors are not being made in any quantity.

    Anyway thanks to Davy and his team of 5th Invaders they’ve managed to put Scientology back into some kind of electronic stone age.

    Pretty soon they’ll be buying kerosine to light up reception.

  142. Excellent job Samuel!! very well done.
    Marty I like this team work!!

  143. Hi Jeff, thanks for commenting – really was interested in your feedback. What you say about the addresses being a “number” without real flesh to it is perfectly true and I am well aware of it (as probably most on these blogs).

    Any visit to any org , for that matter, much less to some of these “groups” (i.e. some for of license-paying and registered person/people) shows that “nothing is really happening”. That includes Flag – you just need to look across the street and look at the Super Power building that just doesn’t get completed.

    What you say about the time you spend on the blog is absolutely real to me (though also a sign of professionalism). It just doesn’t take that long to write something, provided you know what you want to say and you don’t have to get it through 5 people with all sorts of fixed ideas that need to approve it and everybody in fear to make a mistake (whatever that might be).

    The C of S site, though extensive, is very static. Practically no life to it. Once done until replaced with another overhaul, in so many years, and in between it is constant pressure to “get the stats up”.

  144. Thanks for the link and correcting the figure. Perfectly valid math – with a perfectly obvious result: impossible that the number of claimed Scientologists is true.

    I would wish that journalists would start posing these simple questions to Tommy Davis in a TV interview and start pulling the string. It’s just one of the big lies – but innocent enough to make corporate Scientologists to start asking their own questions.

  145. DM does 3 things very well.

    1. Lies through his teeth with a smile

    2. Pretends things are great when they suck

    3. Bullies EVERYONE through his BS off policy crap

    Oops almost forgot the last and most important one:

    He will do ANYTHING to make himself look like a hero when in actually he is a bum

  146. Lets add one more:

    DM and his reggies will take every penny and more from you if you let them

    it has become all about donations and raping you of your hard earned dollars

  147. Scott Campbell


    Thank God you’re out here with us…

    Perhaps this truism will bolster your hopes and buoy your spirit.

    “I have faith deep and certain in the miracles that will flow from free men – and zero faith in what slaves or coerced mankind can bring to pass.” –Leonard E. Reed

    I’m with ya’ on your thoughts above, buddy. Nevertheless, we must forge ahead toward the future.


  148. I gotta say here that the statistics presented by Samuel in this post do not reflect any “products” of Scientology as a technology at all. He never said they did.
    They are more internet stats that are an indicator of PR ( promotion) value of various internet sites. They show “interest” in the site or some aspect of it, or to some degree simply “redirects” and may even be being falsely raised. Interesting and revealing but no real indicator of the intended “products” of the Church of Scientology or Scientology Technology.

    As far as the “real statistics” of the Church of Scientology, I would suggest they may have crossed the line into conditions below Non Existence. The statistics actually appear to be being suppressed, or “pushed down” as mentioned earlier on this blog. This is Liability at best for current “management” but I would suggest Treason or below. I am guessing that if the current Church of Scientology, or at least it’s current “management,” were to cease to exist at this point the statistics for the actual products of Scientology Technology ( as differentiated from the Church) would start to increase. That would indicate a condition below Non Existence at best.

    Probably the only thing that is keeping the True statistics of the actual products of the Technologies of Scientology “up” at all is due to the efforts and successes of the independent field applying real Scientology Technology.

    Unfortunately the current Church of Scientology appears reticent to be forthcoming or truthful about their “true” statistics.

    The current administration of the Church of Scientology is not applying the concept of “look don’t listen” at all but have reversed it to


  149. I agree and the first time in my life I really (!) felt sick in the stomach was (after I started searching the internet for data) when I hit upon a former IRS agent’s (not a Scientlogist) involvement in the FORMATION of CST (Church of Spiritual Technology):

    His name: Meade Emory (the entry on him in wikipedia:

    Overall website on this subject:

    The document documenting what I say above:

    Yes, something is very, very wrong in this picture. See my other comment above why I use the approach I take (sorry, Sarge, for the headaches on the subject of stats … 🙂 – hope you recovered.

  150. Mike,

    I always thought that Cap’n Morgan had more bluster than brains.

    Was it Ron’s idea to make him executor of Trust B or Lenske’s?

    Personally I thought it should have been assigned to Mary Sue, Diana or Suzette (not Art though even though he’s a pretty cool dude he just never seemed to have any interest in overall Scientology operations) not that swash buckling pirate!

    Anyway I thought his usefulness was pretty much over after the not so Secret Closing Agreement and the transfer of Trust B to CST (an entity whose purpose is still kept a secret from the general public where if its mentioned at all is noted as merely a “repository” omitting the fact that legally it is senior to RTC) and that at some point he would be quietly disposed of like it seems the rest of Scientology management who have also mysteriously vanished down the memory hole along with the original OT levels.

  151. one of those who see

    Samuel said “It’s a dead church, completely out of comm with the world, even though it’s mouth (piece) is still making motions.”
    This may be the most important point of all.
    Communication – one of the main basics that makes up Scientology. This Church and it’s Sea Org, Staff and public are out of comm!
    On a personal level. After my last cycle at one of the higher orgs. I thought…No one is talking To Me!
    I realize now that they couldn’t help me get up the bridge because they couldn’t even see me. I am specifically speaking about a D of P and C/S.
    In the Church we have reverse Scientology which has culminated into comm lines being cut all over the place due to Disconnection and the threat of.
    I will now rant a bit:
    1.Sea Org members should all have access to the internet and have cell phones so they can see what is happening in the world and stay in comm with friends and family.
    2.When staff get sent to Flag for training-same thing. They should be able to keep their cell phones. They put them on silent during course and call their friends and family back when they have a free moment. (Like the rest of us in the world!!)
    3.When a person is recruited, they should be instructed to get in comm with friends, family and employers so that they make this change as smooth as possible for everyone. Project prepares should be utilized where necessary.
    4. Once on staff or in the sea org, it should be valued that a person would visit family on a regular basis to avoid ARC Xs.
    5. Don’t be obnoxious. Being unreasonable does not mean calling someone 15 times in a day or after midnight. It does not mean that a person crossing a room to see a friend at an event gets asked 15 times “Did you buy the new release yet.????” This is OUT Of Comm.
    6. Scientology is about restoring people’s Self Determinism. Not overwhelming or invalidating or irritating them to the point where they sign up or buy.
    Maybe being unreasonable should mean that even though there is pressure to sell a particular release or to get certain stats up we continue to Contact, Handle, Salvage and bring to understanding. We enlighten a person so that through understanding he decides on his Own Self Determinism to buy the next piece of tech Needed by Him or the next intensive or course. We actually communicate with Reality.

    Some of the points above are just Manners.

    Scientologists should be thoroughly part of the world – not separate.

    End of Rant. You really opened the flood gates for me regarding your correct assessment of the Church being out of comm.
    And thank you for your work on the stats. Real stats are vital to know.
    As always – the truth shall set you free.

  152. So true Amigo.

    This “leave it to the professionals” meme had pretty much infected all of Scientology just before I left.

    In fact I was hauled into ethics for personally handling a major PR flap because I was merely only a lowly public at the time.

    I know others who’ve had similar experiences as well.

    The fact is that the organization currently doesn’t want the public to contribute in any meaningful way other than hand over all their cash, credit card ,any mortgage they may have and possibly their first born to be devoured by the SO monster.

    I got out about the time when a Field Auditor became nothing but a glorified FSM and they expected you to turn over any PC’s you had to an org where they could completely f*ck ’em up with out tech and wrong condition assignments.

  153. Bigawatts, Thank you. The reason I get so upset about this obvious ‘stat’ fabrication and a lack of government intervention is that LRH would NOT sell out Scientology and DM must have. I think everyone has heard of the ‘DC Raid’ where the government confiscated e-meters and pc folders etc. Then harassment in the UK and of course the ‘Raids’ of the late seventies. I know there was more. There was attack after attack on LRH. I saw what that did to this wonderful man. I was there when he died. LRH NEVER compromised and NEVER sold out Scientology. Was he PTS? Just my opinion, yes. I sure would have been. WHY isn’t DM being attacked by the same agencies? Why are we the only ones? Where are the heavy hitters when we need them. DM has to have protection in my opinion while he continues to extort money and abuse people.

  154. Wasn’t Wayne/’Safe’ banned ?

    Joe Lynn

  155. Sarge you da man!

    Actually I’ve been saying what you’ve been saying for years and been accused of spreading some kinda “conspiracy theory” just because I don’t believe that someone who should be riding on the special bus for “exceptional” children is fully capable on his own of tying his shoelaces.

    Never mind bringing down the whole Scientology network on his own.

    Thanks for the back up Sarge 🙂

  156. Thought Provoking

    It is not an uncommon marketing strategy to write pieces in such a way that they come up high on the google search. There is a specific term for this type of copy writing, don’t recall the term but many firms do look for people who know how to write this way.

  157. Not banned, Marty just got fed up with his endless inane drivel and refused to post his comments till he (Wayne) lightens up and gets a life.

    He can still come by and read posts. He can even comment but if it’s yet more “make everyone wrong coz they don’t agree with my theetie-weetie assessments” then you won’t be reading those comments any time soon.


  158. Helmut,
    I sent your assistant an email with picts of this. WF (safe) hangs out on WWP – the Anon site, with about 90 posts mostly complaining about this blog as of yesterday.

  159. “4. Once on staff or in the sea org, it should be valued that a person would visit family on a regular basis to avoid ARC Xs.”

    Wrong reason. However nice thoughts. 🙂

  160. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    A.C., LOLOL! Ouch, but still funny. 🙂

    How about starting your own “org”? Call it the “Celestial Blue Flickr”! 🙂
    I’ll bet you’ll get more hits than all of CO$!


  161. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    I’ll bet the stats for OSA’s RPF are UP this month! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Gary 😉

  162. one of those who see

    Hi Terril,

    You are correct ofcourse. People would stay in contact with friends and family because they are part of their life. Because they want to. I was just making one point there. That not letting staff visit family on a regular basis causes ARCXs with Scientology.

  163. Pingback: Top Posts —

  164. Theo Sismanides

    This is very revealing stat. 9 Class VIII’s per year! very revealing!

  165. When I said “remember Astrology is a science” I was referring to my own verbiage prior. It is an ARCANE science meaning that it is ancient, based upon millenia of observation and recording. It is mostly lost. Astronomy was originally called astrology and they changed the name to water down the entire body of data as they did with chemistry. I will tell you a little story at why I became interested. Walked into the NY Astrology Center in 1989 and asked for a $30 program to learn a little. They said “don’t waste your time, buy only Matrix Software”. It was $800.00 PER MODULE and they said it was accurate whereas smaller programs are not precise enought. There were 4 or 5 modules and I said, “this is nuts. Who buys this stuff?” I was told corporations. Most of the books or booklets in the store were about financial futures and the astrology of pork bellies, etc. I later found out, years later, that the owner of the store (no longer around) was one of the top traders on Wall Street but he did not advertise his astrology interest. Thus, you see cars named after planets like “Saturn”, “Taurus”, etc. Suburu means Pleiades in Japanese. Major corporations use astrology for ADVANTAGE and choose time to reincorporate, etc. They employ astrologers and even channelers. Lee Ioccoaca used to have one. Again, they keep it low profile. Occultism is big in corporate America but secret.
    Also, Astrology is A-CAUSAL. It is not based upon tidal pulls, etc. It is the science of synchronicity which is also A-CAUSAL. A-CAUSAL ties to CAUSAL (regular Newtonian style) but the two interact and that interaction is mysterious and that is what makes life.

  166. WoW! EVER! That sure puts it in perspective.
    I’m sure you’re right too…mostly trained before GAT I would say.
    Okay, so what’s the stat since GAT? Anybody know 1 Class 6 or Class 8 completed since GAT?

  167. Actually it’s unfair to average the stat like that since the majority of VIIIs were made in the first decade after the release of the Class VIII course just over 300.

    Also you’ve got to look at the fact as well that VIII was no longer a requirement for the post of Senior C/S at a Class IV/V org after 1978.

    After this VIIIs were mainly used at AOs, Saint Hills and the FSO for OT review, original OT IV and VII delivery which were replaced by the “newer” OT Levels (a blatantly obvious tech degrade if there ever was one!) that only required phony “Class IX’s” (in reality Class IV/V Grads who had done the Advanced Course Specialist Course) and OT review was shifted to Sea Org Grad V auditors.

    In fact the only enticement to do Class VIII after this was that one could co-audit their new OT IV. However thanks to lil’ squirrel those VIIIs who hadn’t signed a SO contract were no longer allowed to co-audit this level despite what Ron’s policy said regarding this.

    (same for eligibility as well but that’s another story)

    In fact you needed dispensation from the holy pope himself to be allowed to co-audit OT Preps!

    Anyways with all the road blocks and barriers to training this days in the orgs it’s a wonder that anyone gets trained at all. Especially with the advent of Grossly Altered Tech or GAT as its called.

    However despite this a whopping 2 Class VIIIs were made after the Golden Age of Idiocy though they are probably either blown or on a lengthy RPF cycle for calling an F/N that didn’t swing back and forth the proscribed three times.

    The fact its even worse!

    After the little cretin with the help of Night line, the IRS and the SP Times proclaimed himself the eternal ruler of Scientology there has maybe been a total average of two VIIIs made per decade.

    Not that actually being trained on any level would stop the lil’ Scientology gremlin from bypassing all tech lines and C/S ing cases himself.

    I mean who needs trained auditors and C/Ses when you have Dave????

  168. Your humble servant


    I think you are much too hard on Wayne. I like Wayne and I appreciated many of his comments. Besides, biting personal criticisms of others who post on this blog are rarely justified. Why do it? Don’t think from this that I don’t like you and don’t appreciate your comments, usually, because I do.

  169. Most Kindergartners in technologically advanced nations can and do log into and use computers regularly. Children learn to surf early even if it is just for games (and good parenting today requires a sharp eye and discussions about evaluation of data and net safety). Children learn to use the internet for research in ELEMENTARY schools. Most kids have their own cell phones and computers.

    No way these kids will be accepting someone else filtering their internet surfing as they grow up. I’ve also notice many OT friends are NOT successful in encouraging their kids to take courses or join staff. Maybe it’s that the kids are reading on the net what Mom and Dad are afraid to look at (or don’t admit to looking at), and the kids see first hand the parasitic drain of their parents’ finances. No legacy to count on there…kids wondering if they’ll be saddled with having to care for Mom and Dad in old age!

    So goes the future, Dave.

  170. Sarge – THEY like what DM is doing. He destroyed what LRH was doing and did a damn good job. Only reason they would remove DM is if his antics become so outrageous that they are forced to move. They don’t care about the real issues. They would also try and skew it towards discrediting anything good Scn can actually do.

  171. YHS, I agree. I hope Wayne will come back and find the LRH he once sought, with the caveat the he NOT try to convince me or anyone else that something else is the solution.
    That is what David Miscavige has done, convinced many people that his brand of whatever the hell it is, is the solution. We know where that’s led.
    (I certainly don’t accuse Wayne of such SPness at all either.)
    I’d like to get my auditor hands on him…the tech can help him (unlike DM at this point).

  172. ExVet~You have a wonderful way of cutting out the BS right there! LMAO I love it! 🙂
    I’m curious too! Waiting for the IAS Event Report!

  173. Poifect! 😆 I’m rolling over here!

  174. That Poifect was meant for YOU! 😆
    I about popped out of my chair!

  175. I use which is free and reports on the latest 500 visitors – you can pay for more.
    One weighting on Google that can’t be got round is longevity – older web pages get priority. When I moved my website to another location it dropped off Google and took a massive drop in visitors which took years to pull back.
    But on this site I doubt keywords matter much. Knowledge of it spreads by recommendation rather than Searches!

  176. As someone who is in comm with those still walking the line, many of the public are under spititual blackmail. Scientologists are in business, have family on-line and/or on-staff, that would have vast consequences if they outted DM or spoke up. I know I said earlier they need to find their lower condition and work it, but even I know it is not so easy even for those who now see. To walk away from children, spouses, loved ones, business partners, etc. is the choice that have. UNTIL the bastard is brought down.

    I did it, but it wasn’t easy. Others have generations of family still in. The ramifications are huge, and I can acknowledge that. Which is why I’m all in favor of pushing this guys buttons hard and steady to expose him for what he is. And again… I think that day is much closer than any of us know. DM is gonna pop. My postulate is LRH’s birthday: March 13, 2011.

    Clean up is gonna be hell. LOL

  177. Oh dear, not that stuff again! is an old website put up by some ex-CoS members in California. While they were the first to take a crack at untangling the byzantine corporate structure of the CoS, they then headed down a false trail into supposing that behind DM was a cabal of non-Scientologist lawyers who REALLY controlled Scientology.
    Which is as likely as the New World Order, the CIA or the usual suspects of Conspiracy Theory running Scientology as an experiment in mind control. Yes, people do believe this.
    Without wishing to be rude, some ex-CoS members do switch from believing nothing on the Internet to believing everything on the Internet. There is a skill they really need to learn, it’s called Critical Thinking.

  178. “I had done some work on this last year, including going through their “org locater” website and tabulating every single org.”
    Why? This was done on WWP in 2009, with complete checkable listings, and I’ve been doing it since 1998 – trends tell a lot more than snapshots.

    By ‘groups’ they mean Dianetics (one in a drawer at every Org and Mission), every CCHR branch (ditto), Narconon, WISE, the lot. Plus every RPF I wouldn’t be surprised!

  179. Yes there are a few. I was one (VI). I personally knew 10-20 but I’d guess less than 100 total in the last 14+ years since GAT release. Very few VIIIs however. Not that 100 VIs is anything but FEW considering “8 million” Scientologists….

  180. My local org used to post the weekly Birthday Game telex listing all orgs (and missions?). Not sure if that’s still done but if someone could look at one of those, we could get a real count of orgs and missions. I remember 165 orgs at one point and find it hard to believe it’s dropped to only 90.

  181. Excellent analysis. I would love to be Class VIII myself – I have to say, I let Davey take me off the training side.

  182. But why was Mary Sue studying astronomy for? She was studying the stars? Well it sounds like she sure found her soul mate there wouldn’t you say?

    In the end it seems like she got fired out of the church faster than a flying comet in spite of her connections.

  183. Gary~Awesome job! Did you get to audit?

  184. Don’t know whether you will see this late reply to your comment:

    I’m interested in what you say. Please give me an outpoint in the document I linked to or in the story so I can pull the string (didn’t spot one).

  185. Artists deserve to make a living, so set your prices and maintain a standard.
    One of the simplest that I have come across and still use to this day is the power of happiness.
    Wearing our assets really does work because according to
    economist Daniel Hamermest, a drop dead gorgeous man can earn $250,000 more than his
    least-attractive counterpart over his career.

  186. I hardly comment, but i did some searching and wound up here Stat Analysis of a Dead Radical church | Moving On Up a Little Higher.
    And I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Is it simply me or does it give the impression like a few of these comments come across like left by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting on additional places, I would like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post. Could you list of the complete urls of all your public pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

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