A Workers’ Paradise for Tom Cruise

The document below is one of hundreds of reports written by staff members of the Gold base on the movements, statements, likes, dislikes and other personal matters concerning Tom Cruise.   I doubt Tom is fully aware of  just how closely David Miscavige micro manages Tom’s life.  I doubt he will become aware – if he didn’t wake up through my correspondence last year with his personal attorney (posted on this blog), he might as well be under the late Australian psychiatrist Harry Baily’s deep-sleep therapy.   Letter to Cruise’s attorney for info, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/top-gun-and-hired-gun-put-on-notice/

Now, a few words about the internal despatch in bold italics below.

From the sounds of it, Miscavige had already weaseled his way in between Kate and Tom  – note the staff member picks up Tom to take him to see Kate for breakfast at 2:30 pm.

Note that Tom wants a church corporate discount on a Ford Excursion, utilizing the church’s fleet account.  And of course his wish was granted.

Note his reaction to JB’s super-delux, over-the-top paint job on his motorcycle.  See the job at, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/05/23/miscaviges-annihilation-of-tom-cruise-part-one/

Also note that the church clearly set up Tom’s communications network for his bus on the set.  Tom Willis was at the time of this despatch an executive of the Church of  Spiritual Technology (CST).  LRH gave CST executives the duty, among others, of policing the Religious Technology Center (and David Miscavige) to prevent the type of private personal inurement – violative of the church’s tax exempt status – that is evident throughout this despatch, including the work of Willis himself.

The “Silver Screen” is Tom’s personal bus – pimped out to the nines by church staff, the subject of several upcoming posts.

Now, with respect to the final paragraph, I highly recommend that those who have not already seen it, please watch the church’s Freedom magazine video A Worker’s Paradise at the following link, http://www.freedommag.org/special-reports/cnn/video-a-workers-paradise.html

That video was done in a feeble attempt to discredit  CNN’s Anderson Cooper and all those former church members who appeared on his one-week AC 360 special series last April.   The video footage of the 500 acres of manicured, green oasis-like property is accurate. 

Now, realize that the reason there are no people in those videos is that David Miscavige has locked all several hundred base staff up, so that Tom Cruise may have the run of the 500 acres.  Miscavige doesn’t want anyone “enturbulating” Tom, so the workers must remain behind closed doors, slaving away while Tom romps through his 500 acre Workers’ Paradise.

While I still hope Tom one day comes to his senses, I must admit I have little sympathy for his viewpoint that his multi-acre Beverly Hills estate is like a “prison.”  Particularly, when several hundred actual prisoners must stay locked up in order for him to escape his mansion.

The document:

COB COMM RTC                                     28 July 2005 



Dear Sir;

 As info, Mr. Cruise got up at 2:30PM to have breakfast with Kate.

 I brought him to Building 50 to pick her up and he asked to see the Harley Davidson so he could show Kate. I pulled out the Harley and he sat in the middle of the road outside the garage and said he could sit here all day staring at this bike – it is the best Harley and best paint job he has ever seen.

 In the same garage on the other side is Mr. Bellin’s FORD Mustang – he thought that it was AWESOME and asked me if I could get a FORD discount on this.

 He told me that he bought an old GT for Steven Spielberg and maybe he should get a new one for him as a thanks for the film, like same color as the old one and give him a new one as well. 

I told him I would get him brochures etc.

 He asked Kate if she would like one to drive as he really liked it and wants one. She said yes!! And was already trying to figure out a color!

 He also asked about the Excursion and a discount and I told him yes that Josh had informed me and he would be getting the FORD discount.

 Additionally, I told him that his Triumph went in for chrome triple clamps to match the rest of the bike and that the guy at Triumph went out looking for a black Rocket III and there was this gorgeous red gem.

 The guy asked me how it was done as it was spectacular and I told him that there were only 3 motorcycles like that on planet earth and it was totally proprietary.

 Mr. Cruise loved this.

 Also he told me that the Message system made such a difference already – he does not get disturbed at all – and can communicate from within the coach. He wanted to know if it could communicate straight to the Blackberry’s of his staff and I told him we were working on this and that it looked totally possible [Note: Tom Willis has this being done and should be done by tomorrow night ready for install – I did not tell Mr. Cruise this, as Mr. Willis just got this nailed]. 

He asked how Silver Screen was doing and I told him it was doing very well and that JB was up there. I told him the executives of Marathon know who the coach is for but not the workers and none of them had seen the designs. I handled this by removing the personal pictures in the renderings and put a full set on the side of the coach for all workers to see. Since doing this, workers have been originating working late and on Saturdays to get the coach done faster as they have never produced anything like this before. And that the feedback from the audio personnel was that they were learning so much in doing this coach on quality of audio as well as how much a Crestron can do [Note: Marathon has never had the ACs controlled by Crestron and we figured out how to do this as apparently for years this has been a problem for them – I did not tell him this part].

 He was very happy about this.

He asked me when COB was coming back and I told him I did not know.  

He mentioned again that he loves the Husqvarna [TC 450] and that it is awesome.

 Additionally, he commented that he loves being at the base and does not want to leave just like the Ship there is so much space. He said that his LA house is like a prison – he is stuck behind a gate. He said again that the base was the best place in the world for him. 

This is ok.


294 responses to “A Workers’ Paradise for Tom Cruise

  1. Tom Cruise, David Miscavige and Marty Rathbun are all working to destroy the Church of Scientology. At least Marty is honest and overt about it.

    I’m still postulating a reformed church because I want others to have the wins I had with Scientology.

  2. Leaking documents and photos. More truth being exposed!!

    As covered in my book, SCIENTOLOGY – ABUSE AT THE TOP, myself and a few others had to work day and night to find “hip” Scientologists for Tom Cruise to hire for his household. Scientology’s Sea Org members are working their guts out to please Tom Cruise with very unusual favors so he will keep promoting for them and donating big bucks.

    He calls his LA Mansion a “prison”. Poor Tom. Whenever he came to the Int base in Hemet, we had to be “invisible” or put on some act that we were part of an awesome assembly line that operated like a well-oiled machine – NOT!

    I just read Jeff Hawkin’s book, COUNTERFEIT DREAMS where Miscavige asked Jeff if he ever saw Tom’s muscles. Jeff said, “yes” and Miscavige exclaimed, “YOU HAVE???!!!” – Jeff clarified, “in the movies”. Then Miscavige went on to say how he is very strong (he’s probably studied his muscles up close) and he was going to personally have Tom Cruise come to the Int base and personally kick his ass because of all the non-compliance.

    Yeah – Miscavige and Cruise appear to have a real special thing going on…

  3. With goodies like this, at church expense, I think getting Tom to cognite on his situation is the real Mission Impossible.

    I mean, really. A discount? He must be worth well over $250M, as a conservative guess. I cannot believe what I just read.

    Also, as a side note: I spoke with some non Scn friends in Australia this after noon. They mentioned the news on the CoS and the piece with Mike and Marty. They were horrified at the kind of abuse people are getting. So, be advised, your words of truth are reaching a very, very large audience. My friends are not BI’s on Scientology, but very against the tacticts the church uses in present time.


  4. Go get him Marty!

    Even the mafia (as depicted in movies and books, anyway) left a guy’s wife and kids alone.

    I discussed some of your tactics with a PR expert – he believes you are handling DM very well, especially in light of your resources.

  5. I am curious how to authenticate something like this (?). Don’t be offended, I doubt every unproven thing.

  6. Scott Campbell

    Absolutely disgusting.

    The fawning, careful and sycophantic language toward DM in this comm is completely revolting.

    This clueless douchebag diva Cruise is something else. The unexamined life indeed.

    I have no words for the depth of sorrow that I feel for the Sea Org members trapped in this nightmare. I can only hope that the stumbling monstrosity that the church of scientology has become will soon fall.


  7. Yeah it’s kinda eerie the fact there is not a single worker in this so-called “Worker’s Paradise” reminds me of the legend of the Flying Dutchman or those mysteriously abandoned ships that have passed through the Bermuda Triangle (ya know since we are on the nautical theme of the Sea Org) or a scene from the Twilight Zone.

    By the way who designed the place?

    Albert Speer?

    To hear the announcer brag about the pretentious audaciously odious vapid emptiness of the place was beginning to make me nauseous. Thank god they shifted back to your nice quaint little abode to keep the watcher grounded after viewing megalomanic central.

    So much for the vid.

    Sorry Marty I’ve burned up any sympathy I’ve had for Mr. Cruise when he dumped Mimi and then passed off the black PR that she was “psycho” while he was nailing Nicole over at Dave’s Brothel AKA the Int Base.

    I know he was your PreOT and all that Marty and he probably seemed like such a nice guy in session which they all are when they are in session because they are basically good but to me from my perspective Tom is part of the problem.
    Davy is nothing but a corrupt pimp who gloms onto what he considers the powerful and mighty and that the perversion and corruption is mutual.

    I think people like Tom on lines (and there seems to be to a lot of them listed as Patrons Uptheiranus) have been a contributing factor to the perversion of the subject than Miscavige would be by himself.

    In fact Thoughtful and I were thinking of a project, a expose’ of some of Scientology’s biggest contributors.

    And maybe someday we’ll get around to it.

    People like Minkow, Dayton, Van Sustren, Coale, Slatkin, Wiseman, Jensen Khashoggi, Gray, Moxon, Yingling, Fields etc who all have flowed power to the little pompous jerk because they want him to make Scientology in the image of what they want.

    In other words Miscavige is the dupe and facilitator of their basest desires.

    This is obvious when you see Tom described in your essay like some kid in a candy store.

    Anyway that’s my take on the scene.

  8. In line at the grocery store checkout today, one tabloid had a story about Tom and Kate, and another had a story about John Travolta. It looks to me like there is trouble in paradise.

  9. MISTER Cruise. Just plain folk.

    Just got an email. This is the “4th Dynamic Weekend” when the church rakes in millions more to keep its aristocracy and peons system in place. Right. The “4th Dynamic.” Well, I’m no communist, but is it really necessary to dramatise France, circa 1780?

  10. Marty,
    One thing this shows is that Yvonne Gonzalvez is Queen of the Toady Butt Kissers Society!
    The second reason there is nobody in any of the Gold videos is that Dave doesnt want to have to re-shoot everything every time someone blows. You know the problems he has had with the Tech Films. Solution: no people. Same solution as his Fully Automated Robot Tech (FART) Div 6es.
    Hope Tom also gets to use the Church Bulk Mail permit for his Christmas Card mailings. Maybe he also gets his vitamins from the Base MLO at bulk purchase rates.

  11. Going through supermarket checkout lanes, I cannot help but notice the lurid articles now being written about John Travolta. From this memo, Miscavige’s fixation on celebrities and his desire to exert control over them is pretty apparent. If a celebrity failed to cooperate, Miscavige wouldn’t release any damaging information about them, now would he? This is merely speculation on my part. Hmmm.

  12. Well, this must be hitting close to home, given the spam email I just got promoting a “hate” site about Independent Scientologists…..from an anonymous coward, of course.

    Here is a link explaining how to report 501(c)3 violations to the IRS.

    I certainly do not believe either Cruise or Miscavige deserve feeding from the public trough, unless they are wearing orange jump suits and have seperate cells…..

  13. Thought Provoking

    I hadn’t realized the degree of propitiation towards Tom was at this level. It is no wonder why he has not progressed, he is in a theta trap. I suspect that this is the intended result.

    This dispatch clearly shows DMs intent to cater to every one of Tom’s whims and his expectation that staff are to take care of it, period!

    It seems that Tom himself is doing a bit of propitiation towards Spielberg as well. So who is mimicing who?

    Tom being indebted to DM theoratically makes DM more powerful than the “great” movie star. But, really, it just shows how deranged DM really is and that he needs to GO, sooner not later.

  14. Karl Marx :
    From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

    David Miscavige adaptation

    From each Sea Org Member according to his ability, to David Miscavige and Tom Cruise according to their need.

  15. And a link to the actual form:

    Click to access f13909.pdf

  16. TC is proving LRH totally correct: MEST is a trap. TC obviously didn’t believe it and now he is trapped in a multi-gazillion dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. He is trapped by his refusal to believe that less MEST means more freedom not the other way around. The finely manicured Gold Base is another prison, just larger. I wonder sometimes just how much he knows is going on outside the filters and blinders that DM has in place on his life.

    When this all implodes there is sure to be some collateral damage (Jenny Linson, Lisa Schroer, Angie Blankenship and Henning Bendorff are four who come to mind right off the bat) but I think TC will receive the worst of it since he is DM’s most significant enabler.

  17. In the early 1950ies LRH discussed the subject of games. He stated that there are

    1. game creators
    2. players
    3. pieces
    4. broken pieces

    It seems to me that Mr. Cruise has become a “piece” … moved around according to the wishes of those who “play” him.

  18. Marty, thanks for exposing this to the world and for all you do, as usual. One thing I don’t get is why you are holding punches. I know from experience that you have your reasons that will end up being more effective. But I want to bring up that we all know what you meant by putting some of DM’s closest relatives in a penitentiary where they belong and the destruction of PC folders (an ecclesiastical high crime as well as destruction of evidence, yet another felony). They do not belong in jail because you say or don’t say so. They just belong in jail because they do by their own actions.

  19. I’m reminded of the so-called “Christian Mafia” in the USA (google that term if you want more info).

    Idealistic young kids are hoodwinked into what they THINK is going to be “urban ministry”, only to wind up raking leaves and doing free landscaping and housecleaning for wealthy, politically influential Christian congressmen, Christian businessmen etc.

    I speak advisedly on this…one of my daughters fell in with the local college Christian group, and was delighted to be “invited” to one of these urban ministry things. We never tried to force her into any particular philosophy, so this was all up to her. Note: it was always a NIGHTMARE to be around her on family cleaning days (full pout!) and her own room looked like a wild animal den.

    So…they fly her cross country and then put cleaning and gardening utensils in her hands!


    She’s never gone to a church since except for weddings and funerals.

  20. I was a divison head at CST and I can tell you that we did not check up on David Miscavige. David Miscavige was in Comm with the CO (Russ Bellin) on a daily basis, giving orders and making sure he knew about everything that we were doing. It was made clear that we were responsible for the trademarks and copyrights but it was also VERY clear that COB was running the show. We did not police RTC in anyway shape or form. Most weekly reports, from division heads were routed throught the D/CO’s to the CO CST and then onto ASI (norman Starkey) and finally to COB RTC. In other words the entire org reported to COB RTC on a weekly basis. my weekly report (as the Estates Sec CST) was sets of binders with pictures and captions of all the work being done at each CST site. Also at this time COB RTC was Running Russ B on projects to get the MArk VIII’s built in japan.

    I know that Russ and Tom V got busted down to the hole, Marty do you know what happend to Jim Issacson? He was the DCOI CST for quite some time. Tom Willis and his brother Eric were both in HCO CST at the time along with Wade (can’t think of his last name.)

  21. Yeah – there’s something GAY there (not that there’s anything WRONG with being gay!)

    I don’t think the two of them will ever consummate this, but…the subliminals are heavy.

  22. Yeah Tom — the creepy emails started up right away (from “martyrathbun@hotmail.com” an account he doesnt have). Probably someone just went to an internet cafe or the public library and opened up an account….

    Made me think that there must be a lot of names that could be used to get email accounts to send to onlines Scientologists directing them to Marty’s blog, Jeff’s blog, Steve’s sirte, the SP Times or whatever. Most Scientologists would open an email from “BruceWisemanCCHR@hotmail.com” or “SharronWebberFSSO@hotmail.com” and the variations are endless. And I know there are a lot of people out there who have email addresses for online Scientologists. This was a really good idea from OSA that could reach a LOT more onlines Scientologists than they will be able to reach “Independents” (and of course their problem is that Independents will take one look at their drivel and puke — many Scientologists will look at what they see and it will match their reality). This is literally something that ANYONE could do. There are a lot of readers on this blog that wonder if there is anything they can do to change conditions?

  23. Mike,

    I love the way you think.

    I figured OSA would eventually receive the usual blowback from their typically inane actions in due course but your idea will likely speed the process along.

  24. Mike, I just got the same e-mail supposedly from Marty. Its definately some OSA idiot. I got the same stuff a few months ago but this time I’m not going on their webpage. I don’t like viruses.

  25. SirArthurConanDoyle

    Tom screwed the pooch the minute he accepted the IAS Freedom Medal of (…puke – sorry dog) valor. He is goone folks, off the deep end. If he had any “valor” (puke) he’d have not accepted that seriously bullshit title of “the most dedicated Scientiologist I know.” I’ve ended cycle on Tom, John, Kristie and gang. They’re whores – valor? I spent years in the RPF, years at Gold and years at Pac and the HGB working HARD, work that Tom has never imagined. Ive slept on filthy floors covered in dust paint and dirt day in and day out working flat out. That’s dedication, and I’ve seen guys even more dedicated than me nearly kill themselves many times over and never waiver with determination – Toms been at best a namby-pamby wishy washy dillettante (excuse my spelling) actor. He knows nothing of dedication much less valor. It is a real shame, but that’s reality.

  26. Yeah I know that “Mister” Cruise prefix almost makes ya wanna hurl which is why I use it in jest.

    Its this new idea that has gone viral through the Church in the last few years.

    I believe it’s called being obsequious.

    Before that everyone went on a first name basis including Ron unless they were your direct senior and you happened to be an SO member

    I remember some SO Twerp insisting on being called Sir.

    So I spent a little time in ethics.

    Guess he didn’t like the fact I included “F*ck you”.

  27. Allow me to be irreverent.

    It appears Dave fell in love. These things can happen.

    Never-the-less, the Chart of Human Evaluation on the 1.1 gives a tested viewpoint of outcomes.

    As such, was Shelly disposed of for another?


  28. Thanks RJ. I cant take any credit here. It was pure OSA genius. I could never have thought of such a thing myself.

  29. Lol. I like your line of thought there Mike. Interestingly (perhaps) the originating IP address of this particular piece of black propaganda is, which belongs to the cable netblock of a small internet provider with presence in Arizona, California and Missouri. (See http://npgco.com/npg/?page_id=68). With the time stamp showing an originating time of GMT – 7, I would guess this originated from their Mammoth Lakes net block….which just happens to be in the same neighborhood as the Twin Peaks CST site….
    Davey, is that you? Bypassing OSA?

  30. Yeah Sarge. Not to mention being slimed. Ya gotta take a shower after you expose yourself to that stuff. I always get the idea it is written by a dirty little man sitting at a computer giggling insanely as spittle dribbles down his chin… Wait, I think he might be holding a dictaphone…

  31. Tony DePhillips

    Great IDEA Mike!!

  32. Tom — back in the day there were a number of public Scientologists who did nothing but go around and sign up with small access providers to have numerous “safe” email and IP addresses for OSA to be able to use. Bill Yaude used to do this, along with a bunch of other people. So, this is probably one of those accounts. What’s so silly is that while there is some sort of legal deniability as to where this originates (ie there is no direct connection to the church) it is not a legal issue. It is PR. And even a blind man could see that this emanates from the Church and makes them look like underhanded, sleazy idiots (surprise??).

  33. After a little more invest, this originated from the St. Joseph, Missouri netblock for NPGCO….I can think of only one or two “Scngsts” in that area….

  34. I have never been an LRH fan (though I like some of his “quotes”) but I have to say that it is my impression that it would be totally uncharacteristic for LRH to toady up to anyone, nevermind toady on the level that DM does with Tom Cruise. Movie stars tend to expect this crap — it is a huge failure on DM’s part not to put the kabosh on it.

  35. Tony DePhillips

    It never ceases to amaze me, the depth of degradation that people can attain.
    Here is Tom Cruise, one of the highest paid actors on the world, trying to get an S.O. discount on vehicles and using church labor to handle his personal needs?? This is disgusting.
    I used to admire some of these actors. But I really am getting sick of them being little prima donnas. TC is NOT the most dedicated Scientologist in the world. He is a little spoiled brat that DM is pumping up ( no pun intended), and I can’t wait for the inevitible part of it all caving in on them real hard!! Maybe I have evil purps, but on that day I am going to laugh my ass off!!

  36. LOL! Tom Cruise is a petty cheapskate! And oh so glib.

  37. That makes us soul bros Mike!

    Since I used to work in the notorious GO which is probably why I loved your idea.

    Do you think there’s hope for people like us?


  38. RTC=Reveling in Tom Cruise.

  39. What about the filthy raincoat and his other hand on something else?

  40. Just clearing my words here: a Husqvarna TC 450 is an off road dirt bike:


    I wonder how many Int Staffers got to ride them, and what the business justification was?

  41. Only seen the cashmere coats.

  42. martyrathbun09

    Wade’s name was Star, right? I don’t know what happened to Jim. I believe I saw him on an Anon Organge CSt Mile High raid in the past few months. IF that is the case, maybe he is over HCO. Or in HCO. You can probably google it,

  43. martyrathbun09


  44. A special dedicated beautiful song for our great beautifull pair of dedicated planet salvators 😀

    ”big brother is watching you ”
    How much data files and reports on how much of people in how much cities and countries he is collecting????

    Wow..his file cabinet should be Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeeee

    By the way why isn’t there an online special ”dear Leader” so we can talk to Dear leader – ask him for favors, prayers, blessings, help to buy food , car , birthday party – vacations on the deadly asbestos boat ..goodies rebates …etc –
    please Dear Leader be closer to your parishionners!

  45. martyrathbun09

    Good take at that, RJ.

  46. Tony DePhillips


    Just the fact that whoever this person was had to report to dm about what was going in with tc is pretty damn weird. I thought we were supposed to be Cloearing the planet, not catering to some actor wanna be superhero.

  47. The more glamour, the more disgust

    Don’t kick a man who’s on the floor already. He might learn to like it.

    It’s not the kid reaching for more candy. It’s the piece of MEST, the broken piece so much misused that even the hallucinatory, faked idea that someone really cares for really him is better than no real, true attention at all.

    That’s what he says on the famous video – of course turning the flow, really he can really help. That’s what discounts and an empty building emptied for him tell him. That’s why all this illusionary estimation and devotion are so great for him that his glamourous home has become a prison for him.

    Poor Tom. He’s got to face up to a much smaller / bigger prison he’s in. Himself.

    No outside things nor kicks can do or even start that for him. Probably better to leave him alone, so he can see where and what he is, should he look. That he craves so much to be given shows he’s on the floor, but perhaps not beneath. There might be some hope … if he gets a chance to reach for.

    Kicking him holds him between the illusion of really him being given to and the delusion of really him being meant by the kicks. The synthetic being held in place by these flows is better than no being. Something to clinge to.

    For a chance, give him nothing. Not even kicks.

    That’s just a viewpoint contribution to the tech estimation to perhaps consider when justicing his “holder by giving”. I’m not more his defender than I’d be everyone’s.

  48. yup Wade Star, thanks Marty, he was the Dir Comm.

    That was Arthur Bolstad in the Anon Orange video along with Russ’s wife (ex?) sarah. Jim’s wife Joyce was the Qual Sec up at CST. Heck Jim Issacson would be about 80 in PT. He was on the ship with LRH, A very fair and good man.

  49. A cashmere coat works just as well.

    Probably has the big and tall size to cover up the putz play.

  50. martyrathbun09

    WordPress is acting up for the first time since January, when they hacked and crashed the blog. No visits have registed for the first two hours of the new day and the blog won’t allow me to export and save the blog. I am off the rest of the night – I have a life. Just making a record in the event we are not connected in the morning. Bring it, Dave.

  51. Nah — doesnt need either big or tall….

  52. It’s true Amy.

    Anyone who was staff at the base knows that those facilities exist. But they are RARELY, if ever now, used for staff.

    In the mid nineties, when we built most of the facilities such as the par course, redid the baseball field, made the lake with the water slide, we perhaps got 3 to 4 days off PER YEAR to enjoy the facilities. It was like family style picnics for July 4th, Christmas and Sea Org day in exchange for a year of working 14 to 18 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    But by the late 90’s and early 2000s, these were gone. Christmas dinners were what you could expect instead of a trip to Big Bear. Sea Org Day was mostly vanquished. These great facilities were not allowed to be used.

    In the beginning, we would get exercise time. RTC, CMO Int and Exec Strata from 12 to 1 and Gold staff in the evenings after work. But this went away for Gold staff almost as fast as it came and it soon followed for the management orgs. Maybe in all those years, a few months of using the par course and great facilities.

    But everyone who has been at the base in the 2000s knows the “good days” if you can call them that, are long, long gone. The base facilities are Dave’s and perhaps the few friends he decides to share them with. The base is pretty much Dave’s Neverland Ranch.

  53. 3 Swing Floating Needle

    THAT would be a very good thing to do RJ. The biggest mistake I think we make as Independents is to blame “COS.”

    Marty is a least naming the midget as the source of problems, which is true, but the people who carry out these destructive orders are as much a part of the problem as DM.

    I think when attacking back people should direct their comm to the actual individual… at least that is what I am doing. Although OSA directs alot of this crap, the people who actually carry out are responsible as well.

    Like David Lebeau, his whole existence depends upon Independents… what a parasite!

  54. OMG OMG OMG!!! What a pack of lies. The golf course was put there for LOCAL PUBLIC to play on so the base looked like a friend to them–no staff ever play on it! Anderson should be able to watch all the slave staff (none) putting out there on the green. That pretty swimming pool area was built in the early 80’s for Hubbard and it was off limits to staff. When he was no longer around it got used occasionally for staff parties, but there are no staff parties there and haven’t been for years. Anderson should have seen the Christmas and New Years 2005 activities–a gathering of all the crew in the dining hall, hearing about how ineffective we were and how we had to get it together and do better, raise a glass of sparkling cider and toast to LRH, then back to work! The room they showed as a “staff apartment” was one of the big high-rolling exec rooms–Anderson should be able to see a squished, totally de-personalized little dorm room for 4 people where most everyone else lives, when they actually get a chance to go there and sleep. The “executive quarters?” Give me a break–that was built for Miscavige and his staff. Anderson should see the Estates crew exectives’ offices in the garage! The studios, yes, they look like that when all the dead-tired bodies are swept out and the rooms are aired out from funky overnight smells. They were made to look like that so when we brought pros in to help get things done, they’d think it was really cool. Anderson should see these very same studio facilities during an event “evolution” where staff have been up for days, on the job, getting a glimpse of everyday work there. These studios were made really nice for when Miscavige comes in there and makes the editors redo their edits to rework their music compositions he could be in a nice cushy space. But please, notice the NO PEOPLE in any of the shots. Slavery is slavery–it is in the definition of how the people are treated–doesn’t matter what their rooms look like. They are mentally controlled, physically restrained by fences, and forced to work unbelievably long hours under mental duress and bullying brought on by seniors or each other. What they read and see is controlled. Then they get told their work was crap (but with more vulgar language) and not acceptable so fix it before you try to get any sleep. The very people who created this video were probably drooling on their keyboards and drooping over in their chairs in a “mad production rush” to Get This Done for COB!!! It is truly a charming place to live and work. I’m so sorry I left. Anderson definitely has not seen the other side and it will be kept from him if he goes to see the other propaganda. So let’s get it straight who is the pro here–Anderson and the CNN producers or the people who put this slimey, slithery two-faced video together?

  55. What’s with the total lack of any kind of Scientology lingo or abbreviations in this report to DM?

  56. Tom should just have his Beverly Hills mansion towed to the base. He could put it right next to Davey’s place. They could install a tunnel between the houses. Get secret walkie-talkies. Cans on strings. Send a carrier pigeon back and forth. Install closed circuit TV so they could see which matching shirt to wear. Work out together. Watch movies together at night and eat popcorn. Hold hands more often. Skip through the tulips together. Go bike riding. Shooting. Beat staff together. Katie understands. Tom needs Dave.

  57. Your humble servant


    I find your statement that Marty is “working to destroy the Church of Scientology” to be inappropriate, inaccurate, and bizarre. Marty has worked heroically to defend himself and others against completely unwarranted and inexcusable attacks and dirty tricks, while at the same time exposing the criminal acts of David Miscavige and his sycophant supporters. How you could conclude his doing all of that amounts to “working to destroy the Church of Scientology” is beyond me.

    As you should know from this blog, Marty’s view is that the official Church is already “dead.” To the extent that that is true, Marty did not bring about it’s demise. Rather, the very abuses he is working hard to expose did so. Marty’s work (and blog) is not tending to “destroy” the Church but is very likely the best hope of bringing about a reformation, if such a reformation is possible within the present, official church structure.

    I am glad that you have had wins with Scientology. I have too, and so have many others who contribute to the blog.

  58. Marty — I guess this post really hit a nerve. Full scale spam attack underway. I wonder if all the babble they try to post is actually taken from Dear Leader’s dictation?

  59. Yep, I can confirm that exercise time dropped out by late 1994 and even then very few were taking it. It came back in a time or two as a brush off attempt later on and lasted maybe two weeks each time.

  60. Gato’s description is 100% accurate, except for one small point: some of us used to go golfing on Sunday mornings when we were supposed to be cleaning our apartments. Mike, Kurt Wieland, Lyman Spurlock and I would occasionally get in a quick 9 holes during CSP (cleaning) time. My slice was never cured. Maybe I should have given it up in a sec check?

  61. You may be right about the slice Dan, but your irons off the tees were often the longest drives as we hacked away with woods into the woods…

  62. becomingAware

    Way back when the RAV in CMO Gold supplied the audio gear for the studio to use on TC in the movie ‘Far and Away’.

    The SO did TC’s theater in his Brentwood home including two 35 mm projectors and all the video systems, sound systems and control systems.
    This was all ordered by COB to CMO Gold to make happen. RAV, Gary Lew, Video Tech Gold, David Lingenfelter, and Steve Marlow also in RAV were the three that did the work or oversaw the contractors that did the work.

    The seduction of TC has been going on from the beginning.

  63. becomingAware

    Follow up. RAV unit = Ron’s Audio Video unit which normally took are of Ron’s personal production lines and equipment.

  64. [b]Mike:[/b] Probably someone just went to an internet cafe or the public library and opened up an account.

    Made me think that there must be a lot of names that could be used to get email accounts to send to onlines Scientologists directing them to Marty’s blog, Jeff’s blog, Steve’s site, the SP Times or whatever. Most Scientologists would open an email from BruceWisemanCCHR@hotmail.com or SharronWebberFSSO@hotmail.com and the variations are endless.

    I already posted on that a few Months ago, which went pretty much without mention.

    It’s called “Spoofing”, and you can do all that from your Home Computer without it being traceable.

    Even better, Ground Mail cannot be spam-blocked.

    I have done all the above in my local Area, which cost me about $ 500.

    3 inactive Churchies have since connected up with the Freezone.

    But the ex-SO motivator Press Dramas/Church Reformation Efforts only go so far. I sent links Auditors in the Freezone.

    DM’s PR Campaigns continuously keep the Flock dead-agented, and has become mostly a controversial political Game that is of little benefit to your average offline Public.

    Most inactive Scientologists see no Way to move up the Bridge in Light of constant financial CO$ onslaughts, limited Means, and Inability to get away for Months or even Years to do the OT Levels, etc.

    Its mostly these Guys that will say goodbye to the Church when Hope exists that they can continue to move up the Bridge in the Freezone.

    Since far more Offliners exist than Churchies, they are much easier to bring onboard.

  65. A friend of mine saw the “Freedom Video” showing the quiet Int Base. It was on the Anderson Cooper 360 show. She has no experience with Scientology but has a lot of experience as a court report on special victims cases. She is very empathic and sensitive. It was obvious to her that the witnesses were coached and lying and said it would be obvious in any court situation. Further, she later stated that the video looked like it was put together by a pompous pissy fag. (no offense intended towards homosexuals)

  66. Weeellll, us even lowlier slaves never dared venture out there. You fellows had wives to clean the place anyway on Sunday mornings. What would have happened if a Gold staff member was caught out there? I can see it–“You have so much spare time to go golfing?? Then get this and this and this done PLUS all your othere targets for today or you’re going to be weeding that golf course!”

  67. Rosa-

    ABBRS and lingo Scientology-style emanate from dm in his attempt to outdo the actual founder. Your implication?

    Perhaps I missed the bus. NOI (no offense intended)

  68. Metaqual-

    OMFG. Spilled my drink and snorted the rest out of my nose. “A pompous pissy fag?” Who dat?

  69. I’m an IAS lifetime member Scientologist and my tanker is getting up there in miles…think I’ll call David Miscavige and get that FORD fleet discount for myself too. Anybody got his number?

  70. Why should Tom Cruise have to pay all that money to send those thousands of Christmas cards to his adoring fans? Huh?
    Nope, the church DEFINITELY should pay for that. Besides, they owe him.

  71. Wow, I would actually love to see those spam postings.. Hours of great entertainment!!

  72. Pingback: A Workers’ Paradise for Tom Cruise (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) « My LRH

  73. Fellow Traveller

    Ah, RJ. Hope? Dunno. A future, DEFINITELY.

    Bruce Pratt

  74. Jonathon,

    Pointing to rubble and debris what´s left of the church isn´t the same as the act of destroying. And Marty along with several Indies are delivering Scientology, remember? I personally received straight Bridge from famed Indie auditor Ignazio – with great wins – something the church was not planning to do and hadn´t done for over a decade.

  75. Thanks FT.

    Really it was a rhetorical question.

    Actually since Mike left OSA has become more adept at shooting themselves in the foot than anything else and I’m sure this latest spam attack on Marty’s site will be their latest foot bullet.

    The last time they brought it down. It doubled Marty’s traffic.

    Who knows what another DOS will do.

    Triple it?

    Probably the best thing is to do nothing.

    However doing nothing ain’t all that much fun 🙂

  76. I remember RAV from back when Dave Wilson and P. J. Severtson were there.

  77. I knew Jim and Joyce. I never worked with Jim directly, but I do remember he was fair and even-tempered. Joyce was, well, I must say I had mixed reactions to her, but I ended up liking and respecting her in the end. They were both in the LRH Comm network when I was there.

  78. Me too! My email address, OSA, is g.hopper@ymail.com

  79. I concure I might have some of those accounts mike refers too or I might not 😉

  80. One thing I love about Captain Bill is that he never held back. Crazy as a loon… Or was he?

  81. Dear Jonathon, are you drunk or on some kind of drug trip? Your statement is rather ridiculous for obvious reasons. Take a walk to EP!

  82. Scott,

    Dir Vehicles is Yvonne Gonzalez and Comm is Laurisse “Lou” Stuckenbrock.

    This photo shows some of the people as mentioned in the despatch.

  83. DM is very protective of his treasure; one dedicated SO member I know is out today for being so evil as to say to Tom “hope you had a nice day” after a day spent in private cruiser.

  84. Mike & Sarge,
    These guys are crystalline pure evil, was totally shocked at the entheta. I really pity the sickie who put it together as it is totally anti-way to happiness.

  85. The grossness is committed with astounding audacity and documented for mankind in minute detail and probably stored and tabbed in Dave’s vault …

    HCO PL 13 Jan 69 II UNUSUAL FAVOURS also contains this line: “This policy [assigning Treason for such] also includes standing about and doing nothing when somebody is flagrantly violating it.”

    OSA bots – take a look around your own worker paradise.

    Remember LRH commenting on the PDC lectures on the concept of earlier philosophies on how the world was held up by elephants standing on a turtle and what did the turtle stand on? Mud. And what was below the mud?

    Right – it was mud from there on down. Probably the natural habitat of David Miscavige and Tom Cruise seems to have joined him by special invitation only.

  86. Tory Christman

    Yes, most of the critics of Scientology, and people out know my story—but here’s my experience re Bill Yaude. First off, he was originally my auditor and most trusted friend. So when he asked me to help him “handle” the critics on the Net, (In the 90’s)- I said Ok.

    At the time, I knew nothing of the Internet—nor would he tell me what he was doing. It was all “Top Secret” (to the point where we had to sign a waiver NEVER to tell DM, Any Executives, Any Auditors, Ethics officers, etc. I said, “This seems like GO crap”. He: “Tory, Trust me. Would *I* do anything illegal? This is all TOTALLY legal stuff. All I need you to do is go open up some accounts that we can use”. Having no clue what that meant—I said I’d do it.

    Ok, my mistake–but at the time I totally trusted him. He said he wasn’t telling me what they were doing with the accounts, so they couldn’t get me into deposition forever. This way I could honestly say: “I don’t know”.
    First off, back then (and probably still) he told me they were hiring computer geeks to do that end of it, as I knew none of them knew much.

    Long story short, a few key things: We always used phone cards, so it couldn’t be traced to C of $ (although some of the critics got a photo of me opening one from a security camera). Also, we always used money orders-so that was untraceable, too. It goes on and on—finally I realized they were acting like the mafia, so I went and LOOKED on the NET.
    (Yaude had lied to me about our friend, Nancy Maney, telling me she went insane due to reading the Internet. I know that sounds insane to believe, but back then I trusted him, and again, had no clue re the Net, and of course believed all “SP”s were super evil, so I was literally afraid to even look on the Net.) Once I LOOKED, I saw they had spammed all of ARS (the main
    newsgroup back then) with baking recipe’s! Shocked, terrified, suddenly in that flash I got that this was NOT why I got into Scientology (to stop free speech), realized Yaude was NOT the nice Class 8 I thought he was, and OSA was FOS.
    Needless to say, I left, forever, within a short time after that, and have written about this, as well as made videos about their actions, as well as what I had to do with it.

    Yaude, FYI, had literally created 10 different identities, and he ran them all—all different people, different locations. The KEY to figuring it out,
    (as some are very good) is can you talk to that identity or meet with them?
    Yaude always has it set up so there’s no way, and there ya go.

    He may act as you describe, but keep in mind he’s a Class 8, Senior C/S,
    OT 7 and works at the “church of $ceintology, Sherman Oaks in his day time hours. He does all the rest of this OSA crap in the early am and late night, plus week-ends. (To the OSA Floor mats reading this: WTFU!)

    Anyways, that’s what I know about it. Also, lastly, here are OSA Int’s
    3 goals re the Net:
    1) Distract off of ANY “hot” topic (Whatever they don’t want known)
    2) Degrade anyone they want degraded
    (Speaking of this, I spent 5 hours being interviewed by the Rolling Stone Magazine, Janet, only to read one line after my name, by you, Mike Rinder, -who has never met me—“Oh she’s a Kook” or some such put down. I’d appreciate it if you’d fill me in on if there was some sort of program re myself, or at least get in touch with me, as we’ve never even met or talked-although I think I worked under you once when at RPR? Either way, obviously you’ve had some “3P” on your lines re myself, or at least tell me what’s up, in more detail, re where this opinion came from)
    3) Slime the area so people don’t even want to post there.

    Sick stuff, the darker side of $cientology—but truly did help me wake
    up and SEE it for what it IS, vs. what I wanted it to be.
    Best to all,

  87. Using the word ‘fag’ derogatorily is indeed offensive to many homosexuals. The disclaimer doesn’t make it any the less offensive – it simply means that you have an inkling that what you are saying is wrong, but haven’t quite worked out why you (or indeed your ’empathic, sensitive’ friend) shouldn’t really do it. You are sneering at the object of your scorn by identifying him as an effeminate homosexual. This apparently makes Teg snort his beer out through his nose, and cry out , “Who dat?” (a traditional mockery of uneducated black speech patterns).

  88. Not really speculation, just a very well observed plus point to follow up. Didn’t TC recently announce to not speak about Scientology anymore; why was that? He is aware of Marty’s accusations and officially states not to believe them.

    He is in a precarious spot now that his own auditor, the very best Scientology has to offer, speaks up so loud that he can’t help but hearing it. To now maintain integrity would be about the most difficult bind he’s ever been in. He is a public figure and is made fun of for every mistake, every sneeze, every jump and every wrong word he ever uttered. He can’t help but having to try to talk to Davey exactly the way Marty has tried for 6 months.

    Unfortunately he is in a very difficult negotiating position. He backed up the Church all his life, he has condoned atrocities, he has accepted huge presents from Davey, he has made him his bff, etc. To now leave the one thing that has helped him his whole life, might not only endanger his eternity but would constitute the biggest media flap ever, being attacked on loyalty, courage, feeble mind, duty, etc.

    If you can’t get out of it alone and if for some reason you can’t talk this through with the very best auditor you’ve ever had, I’ll be glad to work with you on this.

  89. While not diminishing Mister Cruise’s work, let’s face it, he’s just a fairly good actor who got very very lucky with the right combination of looks and scripts, a good work ethic and being in the right place at the right time. It just so happens that some one at the top of this particular profession gets millions, and worldwide adulation, whereas an equally talented and hard working plumber at the top of his game, for example, gets thousands. The intoxicating mix of multi-millions and adoration from millions of fans can easily turn people into demons. Throw in a self-importance button and a lower than average IQ and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. The endless sorry trail of over-paid young football (soccer) “stars” here and their exploits in the UK is rather pathetic evidence of that.

    In the case of TC, in retrospect, it seems he was ripe for the subjugation by Dear Leader. What is quite shocking to me though, is the degree to which he has gone into DM’s valence. In fact when Marty told me about this a year ago I frankly didn’t believe it, and decided to see for myself. I wrote a short but succinct and clear letter to His TCness outlining my concerns about his BFF and had it hand-routed to the Ashdown Park Hotel where he was staying for the IAS event by courier. The concierge confirmed it had been routed directly to him so I know he got it. So he knows. He definitely knows. You can take that to the bank. He may or may not have personally tortured Sea Org staff with DM but by complicity he is as guilty.

    Mister Cruise, if by any small chance you are reading this, your window of opportunity for coming clean is getting very narrow indeed.

  90. Seriously Mr. OSA bot did you stay up all day waiting for Marty’s new post so you could try to slot your little OSA bot enemy lines in as early as possible?
    Incidentally if you’re so convinced that David Miscavige is working to destroy the Church then why do you promote his products? I see no desire for reform on your ‘Helium’ posts:
    Walks like a troll, Quacks like a troll and… yes… IT IS A TROLL!!

  91. “not that there’s anything WRONG with being gay!”
    Nothing WRONG with being a bigoted homophobic either.

  92. Your humble servant


    I looked at the link expecting to find that Jonathan might in fact be an OSA bot or a troll, but I don’t think he is. I think he is a well-intentioned person who sometimes writes more than he understands!

  93. martyrathbun09

    Correct Sinar. Yvonne (Dir Vehicles) Gonzalves is the one in the shades and light blue, striped shirt to the right of Katie, and Laurisse Stuckenbrock (Lou – COB COmm) is the one on Miscavige’s left.

  94. Someone doesn’t like having his dirty little Tom-secrets revealed.
    Hi DM! Ever wondered if Marian, Cass and Lee Anne are reading this blog?
    I sure would hate to be on the wrong side of any one of those women when they wake up to the truth. I’m pretty sure it won’t be long now. Perhaps they’re onto you already? How long do you think you can keep 3 very smart, able women fooled?
    Keep it going Mike and Marty.
    The squirrel continues to scream and will do so until the inevitable end.

  95. martyrathbun09

    Mike, frankly I think the spam messages are far too civil to have issued from the sewer pit.

  96. Any Scientology celebrity who allows their name and likeness to be used to recruit people into a destructive cult is completely irresponsible, and complicit in the crimes of David Miscavige. To find Tom Cruise completely oblivious and receiving monetary incentives from the cult is totally shameless.

    Scientology celebrities like Tom Cruise should be boycotted, and their events picketed, until, like Paul Haggis, they DO something about what they have done to others.

    Targeting Scientology’s celebrities to get their ethics in and to get them working to stop the abuse in the Church, and to oust David Miscavige, is a very good idea.

    You guys on this blog are some of the best critics I’ve ever seen!

    Who is the next Scientology celebrity to take responsibility for allowing their names and faces to be used to recruit people into a destructive cult?

  97. Marty — the spam is not meant to be reads per se, it’s meant to overwhelm the message board with stuff. As Tory mentions later on in this thread – when ARS was spammed, it was recipes, or news reports. BY THE 100’s.

    Anyone reading the board would give up trying to find something intelligent to read.

    I know — I used to read that board back in 2000 when I was able to navigate the internet and the first thing I did was try to find my old friends. I went to ARS well before I considered myself no longer a scientologist – before I found my buddhist path.

    Sometimes I just couldn’t read it because I had to scroll through 100s and 100s of spam messages.

    The spamming IS just an attempt to overwhelm your board.

    Because you are moderated, it doesn’t work. Except to crash wordpress.


  98. Marty, I just wrote a long comment about how OSA spams … and that they aren’t vile messages but recipes or newstories. Anything to glut the board with unreadable stuff and stuff someone would have to wade through to find worthwhile comments.

    Most people give up.

    And that message is lost — this is my second attempt to comment about spam.



  99. Still here. Still communicating, Marty.

    Even with a life.

    Being a critic of the Church of Scientology now is like doing the backstroke in a swimming pool, with floaties on, spouting water up and smiling at the sun.

    Davey – you will never be able to shut anyone up. It will never work.

    Go away.

    Don’t you have the police bribed in Bulgravia yet?

    Or are *they* even on to you there?

  100. Does DM ever read any of this blog?

  101. WH — you are of course correct. And there were two different attacks last nite. One was as you describe. An attempt to overwhelm the blog with hundreds of nonsense posts. Every one from a different identity (just names from a list of 10,000 names with a randonly generated number at the end “Dylan429” and then a one or two line garbage message “the president should be ashamed of himself, isnt anyone doing something about it?765” again with a random number at the end so no two messages are identical, even though the same text may be repeated 50 times. The second attack was someone getting email addresses (“martyrathbunn”) that look like Marty and sending them to anyone on this blog they have email addresses for, directing people to the OSA “martyrathbunsmotherwearsarmyboots.com” websites so they can get the “real truth” about Marty. Not a bad idea from OSA really, and I commented on it earlier here that this is something that many people on this blog could do if they so desired, far more effectively than OSA can do!

  102. Yes, with a flashlight under the covers when he goes to bed. He doesnt want anyone to see him….


    Should be changed to:

  104. Barney Rubble

    Dave Wilson, ah yes. In the most recent IAS Mag, he is pictured as a BIG donor. I knew him on the ship. Hard to believe.

  105. It appears you have taken on the task of speaking for others. However, don’t include me on your list.

    When you assumed that, “Who dat?” is a traditional mockery of uneducated black speech patterns, let me point out that in my neck of the woods it the pronunciation style of a young person or child.

    You might want to consider your own denunciations are a tad prejudiced.

    “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”
    –Sun Tzu

  106. LOL Funny u r probably right about that

  107. Today is my birthday and not one person from Church of Scientology called, wrote or stopped by to wish me a happy birthday after years of harassing me.

    Are all of the staff saving their money to only buy DM his annual birthday gift so that Tom Cruise doesn’t “per policy” punch them out?

    The best birthday gift I could give anyone would be to do something ethical for the Church of Scientology to key-in over for decades to come.
    I guess I was successful.

    Happy Brithday to me and to you too.


  108. brahman wrote: “I am curious how to authenticate …”

    Your best proof (at least for the time being), is the utter lack of lawsuits by Bert Fields or Yingling (TC’s and DM’s lawyers, respectively) for libel and slander. Marty is reaching thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of people with these posts over the last year+.

    DM and TC have hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal, with a long history of willingness to sue. If Marty were lying, why aren’t DM and TC suing?

    Their silence is their admission of guilt, if you ask me.

  109. Religious Technology Center International
    1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
    Los Angeles, CA 90028 U.S.A.
    Phone: (323) 663-3258
    Fax: (323) 667-0960

    I used it in my fraud complaint with the State of California Attorney General’s office, now that the CoM has dragged their heals for a year in my ongoing request for a refund.

    For anyone else who wants to file a complaint in California, here is the form to use:

    Click to access ct9.pdf

  110. David Miscavige is a strange one.

    He travels the world encouraging people to educate themselves to higher levels through the LRH wisdom of Applied Scholastics, but yet he has no high school diploma himself with which to prove he does not have a vested interest in such a thing. Many parents would be frightened of him.

    Tom Cruise is supposed to be in the Sea Org NOT just an honorary Sea Org member. Tom Cruise’s acting career is pretty much over. Most of his fans are screaming female groupies and bored housewives. David Miscavige is allegedly the head of the Sea Org but is never seen in public in Sea Org uniform. He and Tom are good out ethics for each other. They are not the epitome of perverted technical end results the public are supposed to find “acceptable”.

    Most people I have spoken to have told me Tom Cruise is not one of their favorite actors and most have not even heard of David Miscavige. I never even heard of David Miscavige until 2002.

    Life is full of suprises.

  111. David Wilson was RAV until ’78. and ended up as RPF MAA with Bill Lazaroni as the Bosun. He never went back to that post. He got married around that time to a Gwen and both left.
    Steve Walker was RAV in ’79-’80, as separate location in Hemet; got married to a Liz when the Hemet location closed down; and both left,
    I did a project in ’82 to establish RAV at the Int Base and got the current RAV Gary Lew (Luigi) on post, Jon Horwich came from Flag (with Roanne and her nanny) and ran the area in about ’83 on as Snr RAV & between the two came up with “Clearsound”.

  112. Mike,
    Very good points. Though Tom paid for it, I got food for his wedding to Nicole from Sysco and bulk food suppliers thus getting a bulk discount for him as well. He definitely got free labor from Sea Org personnel 14 years before being anointed as the Best Scientologist (BS) by his BFF.

  113. There is no way Tom Cruise doesn’t know whats going on. I’m almost positive that he believes somehow all these minions owe him for all the money he’s donated to the “church” and because we all know how brainwashed WE have been at one time or another, it’s not surprising to me that these SO members buy it hook line and sinker. They actually think Mr. Cruise likes and respects them. Unfortunately it will be their downfall.


    Get over the pc stuff. Whether you’re gay or straight, man or woman or trans-whatever, grow a pair!

    “I’m offended” – battle cry of the WUS (as in “wus”, not “West US”).

  115. Just a Reader

    Happy Birthday, Lawrence. I am not a scilon, I have not, and never will, harrass you – but Happy Birthday, anyway 🙂

  116. Just a Reader

    Good book, Amy. And I have read Jeff’s blog/book. Haven’t picked up the actual published book yet, but will eventually. Good work, all this exposing.

  117. Just a Reader

    Oops, this ended up in wrong place . . .

  118. Interesting point that is evidentiary of the lack of a Scientology technology-permeated environment.

  119. Just a Reader

    Good idea, Mike 🙂 In fact, GREAT idea, lulz :-()

  120. Good god. Is there a customized sec check for Int staff, other than the question, “What are your crimes?”


    Stuff like that, I wonder? Seriously.

  121. Jonathan,

    You don’t need gaudy buildings, robot div 6es and painted styrofoam stage sets to have wins in auditing. You need trained auditors, live humans and inquisitive minds with their questions being answered.

    I say let the former die its death, so that we can bring to life the latter.

  122. Thinking about DM’s end, what comes to mind is J. Edgar Hoover. That perverted bastard stayed in power for decades, with insiders knowing how corrupt he was, until he finally kicked the bucket, without being exposed, thrown out of office or killed. He seems to have used some of the same tactics: intimidation, humiliation, threats of exposure of confidential personal information and hooking up with the enemy. And he still has buildings named after him as a lasting legacy.

  123. Just a Reader

    My question is – Is that legal? Isn’t it a form of identity theft? It is still a great idea – but I’d be hesitant to do it, unless I knew it was not illegal . . .

  124. Recipe for Crazy Dog Margherita:

    2 oz. Herradura Silver
    2 oz. fresh lime juice
    1 oz. Grand Marnier
    Shake with ice
    Drizzle blue curacao down inside edge of glass
    Salt rim
    LOL & Enjoy

  125. I used to read it in the nineties and watched it slowly deteriorate into nonsense and repulsion over its lifespan.

  126. Aren’t these called ‘Denial of Service Attacks’? And aren’t they illegal?

  127. Yeah, that’s insane.
    “Tom turned left, Tom turned right. Tom stopped walking. Tom looked at the sky. Tom put his hand in his pocket. Tom’s indicators looked good. I didn’t tell Tom he stepped on a dog turd. I’ll clean his shoes and do Liability tonight. Tom sniffed the air.”

  128. What’s a cruiser?

  129. Ford discounts?
    The company has lost 37 billion over the last 5 years yet they give 1 guy whose worth around $600mill discounts?
    Did he do some free advertising for them or something back then as based on earnings/sales he didn’t help much.

    Perhaps they invested in ford? oh no Fleshbach’s fund was liquidated a while back after a massive 4 bad investments. Got to love the wins here.

    Hopefully the dox is real I’m guessing you can’t scan/show it for obvious reasons.

  130. Thanks Davey, for letting us know what successful actions consists of. But it makes me wonder why, after all that’s been said, a mere report gets so much TA; is someone not supposed to read it?

    Anyway, you have so many private accounts with unlimited funds and your pockets full of artillery, what’s the comm lag?

  131. If you read Captain Bill’s history, he seems to have very good insight into certain GO terminals such as Jimmy Mulligan and his wife Ann (used to be Burgess). Then, apparently he was seeing “Marcabians” or some such connected to all senior executives. If he was right, it is certainly hard to convince people that you are not off your rocker. I think Captain Bill was part sane but also part nuts. Now that memory comes back, I remember his folder being gone over in the internship with LRH instructions read allowed to the interns. It was XDn auditing with reference to the OCA where low on the left meant “out of valence” and “low on the right” means psychotic. I remember LRH was trying to lift him up on one or the other. Main thing is OCAs fluctuate and we’ve all suffered from “low on the left” or “low on the right”. I’d say that Captain Bill suffered from both at times. Even with his outpoints he would have been far better than DM.
    You know who else didn’t hold back? LRH. He spouted off his whole track and did not care what anyone thought. He was free in that respect. Captain Bill tried to emulate LRH in certain ways.

  132. You wouldn’t think that anyone could create more glutz PR than Tommy Davis, but Tom Cruise was actually able to do it. He became the poster child for Scientology and then when the public got to see his choice of unscripted actions, words and friends they rejected him and Scientology. I think Tom Cruise will eventually play the leading role in the removal of the “churches” tax exempt staus in the U.S. His ME,ME,ME its all about MEEEEEEE – I’M SOOOO GREAT mentality is destructive across his dynamics. Add Miscavige and his insanity to the equation and you have a double barrel butt hole.

  133. Happy Birthday, Lawrence!

  134. Personally, I think TC will never snap out of his hyper-hypnotic trance until one of the following occurs:

    A. Video or audio evidence on Miscavige shows him undeniably guilty
    B. DM comes clean
    C. Hell freezes over

    I’m undecided yet as to which will happen first, A or C.

  135. Hi Margaret;

    Could be, but I suspect that the COB etc., know damn well that if TC and Co. did sue Marty and Co. from what is on this blog, this blog would instantly go viral, and that is a worst case scenario for DM and his minions. Could you imagine what it happen if within a week or two 10 million people were crowding their way onto here, with the resultant media attention? The negative consequences on DM, TC and the CofS would be staggering. I don’t think either could survive such scrutiny even in the short term. And I don’t doubt DM knows that.

  136. Happy Birthday Lawrence!!! 😀

  137. In my opinion, more important than the culprits who forward the atrocities, is the IDEA itself existing in that culture that it is OK to commit these acts under any circumstances. The people can come and go, but if the IDEA remains with any agreement attached to it, it will be picked up and forwarded, even after DM.

    If DM dropped dead tomorrow, are there terminals at Int who would just pick right up where he left off? I think there are many of his clones who would step right into his shoes and keep on truckin’ down the same road.

    The idea and agreement and tolerance about it being OK must somehow be obliterated in that culture. Only increased understanding, however brought about, will stably achieve that.

  138. Hi Mike;

    My experience is that OSA always comes up with the best ideas first.

    It was OSA’s attempt to remove the newsgroup ARS and ACT that woke up thousands of nerds and got them all excited and started this whole game in the first place.

    It was OSA’s attempts to curtail copyright infringements that got all of LRH’s material out from the shadows and into the sunshine.

    It was OSA’s attempt to silence the ‘old guard’ that cause so many to stand up and shout!

    It was OSA that really began the whole picketing phenomena by picketing the residences and places of employment of critics.

    It was OSA who began videoing all the protests.

    It was OSA that began the ‘what are your crimes?’ mantra against protesters, giving us the same idea.

    It was OSA that began using websites critical of protesters.

    It was OSA’s fair gaming that got everyone excited and wanting to do more.

    It was OSA’s handling of the picketers that was so much fun and motivated so many picketers to keep on keeping on.

    OSA is the very reason why there are pickets all over the world, why there is the ‘anon’ phenomena, etc.

    We get all our good ideas from OSA! OSA tries them out and we improve upon them!

    We all owe OSA!

    Let’s hear it for OSA!

    Hip Hip Hurray!
    Hip Hip Hurray!
    Hip Hip Hurray!

    Go OSA Go!!

  139. For a second there, I’ll bet Dave thought Tom was cheatin’ on him.

  140. I’ll bet he “beats his staff” 😉

  141. Friendly? Whats that? C of S does not know how to do that, they have become to robtic and to serious to create a smile and a little love

  142. Apparently they’re doing follow-ups to the BBC story down in Oz, and the Co$ now wants “equal time” to rebut. Here’s the Sunrise segment, and the video taping of TC’s auditing is mentioned:


  143. Actually, Ken Mortensen
    was the SNR RAV in the mid 80s when
    Clearsound was put together. Horwich
    was off doing his own thing then.
    Clearsound is actually a result
    of several developments at the time.

    The key one was a project that
    I ran Jason Bennick on for LRH.
    That was the project to collect
    up all of the original tape
    recorders that each LRH lecture
    was recorded on so that the
    original EQs for each one
    could be gotten to help in
    the lecture mixing process of
    each LRH lecture. He managed
    to get every single type of
    recorders used.

    This helped to handle any
    noise or defects in the original

    There were many other projects done
    by RAV that I and others were involved
    in. Many were under LRH’s direction and he deserves alot of
    credit too.

  144. Hi Tory;

    I remember all that spamming, and they were using our own names as the source of the spam.

    A lot of the spam wasn’t recipes; a lot of it was cut and paste hatred from pro Nazi and pro KKK sites, and the same message would be repeated hundreds of times under each one of our names to swamp the discussions. It was wild. We knew we were getting close to something everytime that happened, so we just upped the discussions!

  145. Marty,
    Perhaps this subject and time frame is very sensitive. It’s been noted that the overall Int stats by quite a few who had access overall peaked and started going down similar to the appearance of Mt Fuji about ’90.

    During this time the Int Base Celeb Center was started by Dear Leader which resulted in the full Concierge and hotel service as shown in the Despatch you posted. Also as covered on other posts the condition mis assignments and wrong whys.

    Perhaps this is the fork in the road where Dear Leader started Mestology, from his unnatural relationship to his BFF.

  146. No offense taken. I just usually have to have my sci-definition page loaded up whenever internal documents from CoS are leaked due to all the lingo and abbreviations used in their communications. Surprised me to see none used in the document.
    Wondered if it was because it was associated with Tom Cruise. I’ve often wondered if he’s up with all the Scientology lingo used or if other DMbots speak to him like a wog – as in more special treatment so he won’t have to strain his brain learning new words/abbrv.
    Also, anything Marty can provide to verify this document’s source will give it much higher media interest, translating into greater pain for DM. “Cult Spying on TC” would be a fabulous headline to see at the supermarket next week IMHO – no way TC could ignore that kind of thing.

  147. I really didn’t care too much for Joyce’s C/Sing ability when I was an Auditor at the AO.

    Especially when she decided all by her lonesome and with no recourse to Standard Tech to omit the R3RA section of the PTSRD on PC’s “that weren’t up to running Dianetics”.

    She also added the arbitrary that if an Auditor had to query any C/S she wrote through cramming which totally violated C/S Series 25.

  148. I agree, I think Marty is doing a great job right now. The more people that leave the more power we will have. My fantasy is for the entire PAC Base crew to get up (all at the same time) and walk out! Let’s see how DM tries to get all of them arrested on trumped up charges then!

  149. becomingAware


    When did Ken Mortenson become Snr RAV and do you know what happened to him?
    I heard Luigi is still in but the others are out or on the RPF in PAC.

  150. Mark,
    You’re right, forgot about Ken Mortensen.

  151. In fact you could probably start with the following web portal and maybe after that work on WISE associates listed in their publication.



    Have fun 🙂

  152. becomingAware


    I agree completely.

    I think time in a SuperMax facility, such as ADX Florence, would change the viewpoint. Probably only take one.

  153. Happy B-day Lawrence!

    Just for you big guy 🙂

  154. Who Dats…Superbowl Champs. We dat.

  155. CoS likes to sue Anons who do it to them. So yeah, a legal case can be made for DOSing a site.

    It’s a risky move, very risky indeed. Tons of evidence gets left behind that you a) don’t know about and b) don’t control.

    Short story: don’t try it. It just ain’t worth it.

  156. Sam, I have to ask.

    Who are those 3 lades? The names don’t ring any bells this end.


  157. Barney Rubble

    Captain Bill was fine till he divorced his first wife Joan, then married that crazy psycho Daphne, thereafter he went downhill rapidly. LRH actually trusted him a lot. Those who were on the ship could confirm this.

  158. Hi Tory. Let me add to Bill Yaude’s resume. Last case supervisor on my case who did exactly what the untrained mission holder wanted him to do, ordered by telephone, wrote a program for me to do a security check immediately AFTER I finished some false purpose rundown lists and thorough ethics program, programmed by the senior case supervisor of Miami Org. No folders; no nothing.
    I’m a complete scumbag slimeball but not too slimy, of course, to audit Buenaventura’s public while I’m being subjected to this. But, my auditor there was a new Golden Age of Tech meter-reader so when I decided these people don’t give a shit about me and this is not what I want to grow up to be…I just secretly made my departure plans (all phones calls in the mission there were recorded) and then smiled for the auditor and – your needle is floating (after a good long stare). Poifect. Caught a flight out of LAX early the next morning and never went back.
    Stat for Bill Yaude:Grad V C/S, Clear, blown off staff and out of the CofM. I’m not “special” but I am living proof of how we come back and continue up the Bridge and YOU blew me off. Hang that certificate on your wall, Bill. Wouldn’t LRH just be soooo proud of you?
    Tory, the info you just gave about Bill’s underworld totally explains why he was nervous, paranoid, shifty-eyed, lighting one cig with the next, and hunchbacked the one time I met him in person.
    AND, Bill had been in the Sea Org and was NOT supposed to be working in a mission. Was he paying his tithes on the money he took from our mission to play senior case supervisor? Doubt it. Bill, you owe DM back-tithes, just check your stat graphs.
    Mwhahahaha 😉

  159. Bill Robertson publicly claimed to have received detailed telepathic instructions from a deceased Ron Hubbard – while he was still alive and well at Creston Ranch.

    That should be sufficient answer answer.

    Michael A. Hobson

  160. I agree OTDT.

    ARS hit its zenith when the Librarian posts were posted and then deteriorated after that.

  161. Thought Provoking

    It seems John Sweeney has a bit of weight in countries outside of the US. Both UK and AU are re-evaluating church status as a result of the BBC story!.

    Sunrise even mentions abortions, child labor, disconnection and coerced cover ups. This one could be interesting!

  162. I agree that DM’s head would be the best one on a pike. He could even keep his hairdo.

  163. True,

    I don’t think Ron would have let Cap’n Bill take Art on a flag tour with him if he didn’t trust him.

    Personally I thought Bill was a nice guy with a wicked sense of humor, but I was a young impressionable teenager back then.

    I was saddened when I read about his passing.

    He had ARC and was willing to grant others beingness and didn’t insist on others calling him “sir” something that is totally lacking from today’s arrogant stock Sea Org members.

  164. Wow Sir.

    Regardless whether we agree on ideas, I do know one thing for sure. You went through all that because you thought it would help blokes like me. You did this all to make the world a better place.

    You went through total abuse solely for the purpose of saving yourself so you can save others. Buddhists would call such a person a “Bodhisattva.”

    Character there.



    To you and others who share your suffering, I say “thank you for your sacrifice.” And I tip my hat to you. It’s not much, but it is an acknowledgment of quality.

    Great hearts are hard to find.

    I don’t think you’ll ever give up on yours.

  165. Last I heard from Ken Mortensen was during the late summer of 2009. He was holding ASR AOLA.

  166. LOL!!!

    Maybe he should be made to stand up before the group and tell us all about it.

  167. Thanks for your post…I NEEDED a laugh from a troll!

  168. Not that there’s anything WRONG with being a cross-dressing homosexual, head of a chief law enforcement bureau.

  169. You’re actually not that far off.
    It’s more like “Have you gone into areas you are not cleared to enter?”
    “Have you been on parts of the property you are not allowed to be in?”
    “Have you done anything to deface the property?”
    “Have you had a critical thought about COB?”
    “Do you intend on not complying to an outstanding order?”
    “Do you think COB is wrong about ____ project?”
    “Do you have a disagreement with your projects or asssignments?”
    “Have you withheld something from COB?”

    There you go–fun for all! But I would rather write the customized confessional for the man himself….have fun reading through the rockslams….. 😀

  170. I’ve always held a special contempt for folks like Captain Bill, who hold (wittingly or unwittingly) the subject of Scientology up for scorn.

    Nice to get that bit about the influence of a crazy wife.

    If “marcabians” were that real and accessible and active on earth – any of us would have seen them. “Captain Bill” is just another personality disorder. He may have had many competencies, but once a guy starts wandering in the canyons of his mine, then tries to enlist OTHERS into the fantasy? He’s a gone goose.

    You just cannot get reliable data from a Captain Bill. It’s the old “the martians are out to get me!” thing.

    Get a job!

  171. I’m not actually offended for myself. Merely that I (a) prefer reading a more civil form of discourse and (b) was rather taken with the heartfelt arguments of George Takei (when he was appearing on the Howard Stern show) that the use of the word fag as a pejorative term is extremely offensive to him and other gay men. It rather struck a chord. Obviously if you are gay it can’t be much fun hearing the word ‘fag’ used to liken negative unwanted unmanly characteristics to homosexuality.

    As far as I know, there is only supposition (in public) about whether Miscavige is actually gay. Instead he may simply be a star struck, vampiric personality that has latched on to a creative person (per the ‘Merchants of Chaos’ issue from, I think, ’50 or ’51). He does appear to be strongly homophobic which indicates that he maybe either secretly gay (and a damned hypocrite) or be attempting to ward off the unwanted feelings in himself.

  172. You probably don’t need a sec check for Miscavige to get an R/S.

    All you’d probably have to do is read List 1 to him and watch the needle slam against both pins erratically dinging like a fire alarm.

  173. ‘Nuff said!

  174. Freedom Fighter

    Exactly. It’s known as a Denial of Service (DOS) attack. Here’s more data:


    From the above reference:

    “One common method of attack involves saturating the target machine with external communications requests, such that it cannot respond to legitimate traffic, or responds so slowly as to be rendered effectively unavailable.”

  175. Is DM going to have Cruise’s child? Or the other way around or both become pregnant with each other’s child….

  176. BR,
    That’s what it seemed like to me as well. Last saw him riding off on his bike with Daphne and didn’t consider the Freezone as an alternate to the LRH Bridge. Seemed a mix of EE Doc Smith thrown in. http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/s/e-e-doc-smith/

  177. Are you writing a horror book ?

  178. Bill was alright until he got into this Sector 9 crap with Sibersky, Franks, Gleason et al.

    Also he wasn’t the only one promoting what the “core story” as its called by the IC:


    Not to mention Ingo and his book ‘Kiss the Earth Goodbye’ and his exploits with a unnamed Government Agency in his book ‘Penetration’ .

    Or Hal’s association with a mysterious group known as ‘the Aviary’ who are said to be one of the groups responsible for the release of the phony MJ 12 docs.

    Putting all this disinformation, misinformation and possibly some truth mixed in with a whole lotta lies which is a trademark of tradecraft being involved in the whole scene is the fact that the Ol’man himself talks about alien visitations in his lecture ‘The Role of Earth’.

    By the way I’m not saying that I agree with Cap’n Bill’s rant about Marcabians since Ron never mentions them in any GO Directive that I’ve ever read but I can still see where he might have gotten the idea from.

    That said:

    ‘Ron’s Org’ which is the organization that Bill Robertson started has done a lot to preserve the original lower level tech more than the wrecking crew that is currently holding the ‘Church of Scientology’ hostage and they’ve been doing it since the early ’80’s when the comedy team of Broeker and Miscavige with their CIA backers were busy turning the Church into a mind control cult.

    Therefore if there anyone who is causing the subject to be “held up for scorn” it is the current Chairman of the Board RTC who according to the charter of RTC was supposed to maintain the integrity and purity of the tech.

    A job he has miserably failed at.

  179. McGins,

    Please contact me at auto160712@hushmail.com.

  180. They are Tom Cruise’s sisters.

  181. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  182. General Public Announcement.

    Obviously this last posting of Marty’s really hit Dear Leader where it hurt. Right in the vanity. Must have been really embarrassing when he had to let Tom know that Yvonne’s despatch showed up on this blog. Now there is nothing worse in the whole wide world than causing Dear Leader to be personally embarrassed. And in the eyes of the most dedicated Scientologist on the planet! OMFG!

    How can you tell that this hurt real bad?

    The spam has been going all day.

    This poses an interesting question. Which is greater — the number of embarrassing disclosures that will cause Dear Leader to burst a neck vein or the number of KoolAid drinkers willing to engage in a DOS attack on this blog?

    If I were a wagering man….

  183. That’s odd. The Sherman Oaks mission holders were Class VIIIs at least before 2002. Are you sure. They were both pretty cool people. I know they had problems with Yaude’s OSA actions.

  184. Tony DePhillips

    I get the feeling looking at this picture that dm is desperate to be liked and admired by tc. He looks like a guy who used to sell wooden rings at the Carnival and now he hit the big time and get to hand out with a CELEBRITY!! He has now made it in life. Instead of beer and pretzels with mustard on them it is steak and fine wine and he can be Top Guns wingman, OH YEA!!

  185. Tony DePhillips

    It actually has the nervous energy of a couple on their first date…

  186. Cat this is Steven King on steroids.

  187. Thanks Mike

  188. Are you attempting some sort of OSA damage control….

    WTF. Now Howard Stern’s interviews are used as your reference points??????

    If you don’t want to be “offended” you might consider reading and posting on SesameStreet.com.

    I’m left with the impression you’re DM. Is that you “Anonymous”?

  189. Rosa Parks

    Your post seems to be aligned with the general tone of this blog but some things just do not quite “jive” for me.

    You said:
    “What’s with the total lack of any kind of Scientology lingo or abbreviations in this report to DM?”

    Having reread the communication , with your comment in mind, I find that there is no technical information given. As a Scientologist of many years I cannot say that there is much there that would have abbreviations in Scientology.
    But I am curious why that was something that you particularly noticed. Are you questioning its validity on that basis?

    As far as your comment:
    “Wondered if it was because it was associated with Tom Cruise. I’ve often wondered if he’s up with all the Scientology lingo used or if other DMbots speak to him like a wog – as in more special treatment so he won’t have to strain his brain learning new words/abbrv.”

    Tom Cruise has been around in Scientology for some time now and I am pretty sure he will have an excellent grasp and use of Scientology abbreviations at his disposal. Besides the communication in question was not directed to Tom Cruise.

    And, of course, your comment:
    “Also, anything Marty can provide to verify this document’s source will give it much higher media interest, translating into greater pain for DM.”

    So are you suggesting that Marty reveal his sources so that OSA and David Miscavige and will know who else they can ruthlessly destroy? Doesn’t sound like a real good plan to me.

    But maybe I’m just getting the wrong impression about your communication.


  190. That’s right.

    Screw the tech and preserving Ron’s legacy.

    However when ya start exposing the sordid love affair between Loser Cruiser and the Man behind Squirrelotology.

    Them’s fightin’ words!

  191. RJ:

    I was dancing as I listened to this. My heart became light and full and my spirits was uplifted.

    Thank you and anybody for your good wishes this birthday.

    Someone was here today with me and found it hard to believe that DM takes target practice at pictures of Scientologists and critics he doesn’t like. I said “Yes. Why else do you think OSA takes all those pictures of people all the time?”


  192. Tara

    “Who Dey!” (Cincinnati Bengals)

    Just bein’ silly.

  193. Come on TEG.

    Get serious!

    Miscavige isn’t capable of constructing an intelligible sentence 🙂

  194. OT VIII(?)

    From the tech dictionary:

    Marcab Confederacy,
    “…various planets united into a very vast civilization which has come forward up through the last 200,000 years, is formed out of the fragments of earlier civilizations. In the last 10,000 years they have gone on with a sort of decadent kicked-in-the-head civilization that contains automobiles, business suits, fedora hats, telephones, spaceships. A civilization which looks almost exact duplicate but is worse off than the current U.S. civilization. (SH Spec 291, 6308c06)

    What’s your point? I assume you hold the founder in comparable contempt for sharing similar ideas.

    Just say’n.

  195. Oh

    Come on Mr Rinder – Dear Leader would habe been more generous than you are
    he would have , at least, post us (the starving wolve pack) the ip adresses ;(

    Nothing to eat tonight ;(

    All my prayers and compassion for hurt ”dear Leader’s EGO ” –
    ex-so children and I would gather all night long-
    ligh up candles and offer sacred rice and beans ritual-
    to implore your forgiveness and blessing –
    we – poor sinners parishionners-share your suffering for so bad vicious taughts we have within our small perverted insane mind – about you – Divine Holly Master, full of grace and tanned muscles .

    Definitively we do not deserve you ! lol
    ( I love composing sacred poetry)

  196. Yaude C/Sed for BuenaVentura from the side. Mission Holders for Ventura are different from Sherman Oaks to my knowledge. Tara would know for sure.

  197. keep exposing keep pouring out DM’s behavior and squirrel ways.

    He is a COWARD & a BULLY, oh did I also mention an evil wicked dude?

  198. @Misha: English, please!!!

  199. RJ-

    Consider though that’s why Sherman’s on the payroll. Spell and grammar checks. Heavy editing. Thong adjustments….

  200. Many happy returns Lawrence ~~ May this next year be the best ever !

  201. Mission holders of BV hired Yaude to C/S for them, yes. He’s ex-SO, yes. BV auditor=Wayne. BV mission holders=not trained, also MHs of Baton Rouge (where I was on staff 12 years to that day). I knew no one except Yaude from Sherman Oaks.
    So yes, Yaude gets a certificate for his product as above. He also probably has caved Wayne in by now, I’d guess.

  202. I feel sorry for OSA. They are forced to lie and defend a madman. Truth will prevail.

  203. Tara, Bill Yaude was auditing on Staff at Flag in the mid 80s (non SO at the time) and got declared for out tech. He was sent away and his wife Kathy was not supposed to be in comm with him, but they were secretly communicating all the time. The two Class VIIIs in Sherman Oaks were Francis Godwin and Billy McCall, both very cool people. Bill Yaude is a misguided ass kisser (IMHO)

  204. Humble little troll happy to amuse the important almighty OT VIII.
    Sorry didn’t quite catch your name; what was that again?

  205. If somebody did this without using a proxy, they would be retarded. Although OSA is full of retards, I think they’re smarter than that.

    Regarding Mike’s idea, there is actually software and some sites that will allow you to send email anonymously and from ANY email you choose. So why make a new dummy email address when you can send an email directly from somebody’s “real” email address?

    Do a Google search for how to do this.

  206. Yes – the EQ from the old machines were definitely a problem. Did any of you work with the early paper tape lectures or dictaphone recordings?

    I can imagine that now it would be a relative piece of cake with the digital craziness they have out there. The main problem would be to get the sound off the old tapes and digitized cleanly so that they could be worked on. Once digitized however, EQ should just fall away as a problem.

    There are now software packages for every old piece of recording and mixing equipment that’s out there – complete with designed distortion and quirks. Really nuts.

    One thing that I found annoying, though, was this incredible reach toward “perfect duplication” for the audio tapes. LRH lectures need to be clear, but they are voice recordings, for crying out loud! There was a LOT of time wasted on trying to get the perfect sound off the tapes. In the end, I have to wonder of some of the recordings were lost because the standard of perfection wanted was unattainable?

  207. Why would you think Mr. David Miscavige would know that? I sincerely think that he is so Narcissistic and so anti-social personality that he cannot perceive that anyone could possibly see him as anything but perfect and correct. If he doesn’t want people to read Marty’s blog, it’s because he hates Marty, not because he is thinking about consequences.

  208. Yea, that sounds like Joyce.

  209. u have to give DM some credit

    he continues to put on a good show and he still gets people to listen to him

    when will the show end? thats the million dollar question

    or does the show go on and on and on?

  210. Let me know when you do that so I can duck!

  211. There are some men who never experience same sex attraction. There are others who experience it, but do not act on it out of moral considerations. The term “bigot” refers to someone with fixed ideas, but the person who uses the term “bigoted homophobic” has some issues of their own. Having said that, I have no regrets about getting involved with the gay community. I have made lots of friends and certainly learned a lot about human sexuality. I think it is pretty safe to say that DM and TC have done plenty of consummating, although this blog may not be the place for more explicit specifics.

  212. George Takei is a great man, and I admire him, but he makes a hell of a lot of money being really, really gay. If he were truly offended by the word “fag” he sure would not be a regular on the Howard Stern show. I mean, he did a radio ad for the Hamburger chain “Carl’s Jr.” where we was wondering why they wanted him for a spokesman for the new Teriyaki Burger – “Well, it’s sweet, meaty, Aaaaa-sian… Hmmmm (laugh)”

  213. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Sinar!

  214. I mentioned before that Captain Bill came into the BC when I was on it and had us gathered up and talked to us about the Galactic Patrol and that we were the Elite of the Universe. Then said: “Any real OT can fry a chicken at fifty feet, but we don’t do it because it would be out reality.”
    I couldn’t help but like the guy, even if he was nuts. As you say, LRH didn’t care either about who heard him when he discussed whole track. Hell, if he did care, there’d be no PDC, Creation of Human Ability, or, bridge, for that matter.

    I think Bill saw Truth through a crazy lens. DM may or may not be Marcabian, but Bill saw through the bastard way back when, and if DM is not Marcabian, he may as well be – he sure is acting like one. I only met Bill that one time, but I knew then that he was one of us, crazy or not. I cannot say the same about other ‘leaders’ in the Church.

  215. Ah, the Lensmen. Far cooler than Jedi.

  216. A floating mansion of sorts. And if you don´t get what the offence was, me neither 🙂

  217. Whenever someone writes “nuff said”, it seems to mean that the question begs a huge amount of discussion and there certainly hasn’t anywhere near enough said. That certainly applies here, so thanks for the invitation to add my comments.
    LRH refers a number of times to the ability to run multiple bodies at the same time, if one is in good shape. I do not think this is just in confidential materials, since the RPF Bosun PAC, Jim Garrett, often referred to it. Although LRH was not in the best shape physically, would you argue that he was not in good shape regarding his case? If LRH describes uncovering spiritual abilities, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that he experienced and used these abilities? When LRH said that a thetan communicates by telepathy, was he only joking?
    I’ll tell you something I experienced in Bill Robertson’s organization. There was an incident which had been missed in my auditing in the church. Maybe my confront was lower when I was getting auditing in the church, but I think that I was not totally free to look at this particular subject, so it got bypassed. The incident was a present lifetime alien abduction. In the Free Zone, I was free to look at and discuss anything, and this came up. So, the auditor put in buttons, like suppress, invalidate, not-is etc.. Then he put in more buttons which I had never heard before. The one which read was something like “on this incident, has anything been commanded”? Damn straight, I had been commanded to forget it!

  218. This is what happens when the truth starts to bubble to the surface. The confusion blowing off. The cornered rat fighting and hissing for his existence. Well done!

  219. RJ, You’re right on the money. (No pun intended…..) He failed miserably because he doesn’t even know what the tech IS. The tech has been codified since 1965–we’ve HAD the correct tech. When he says at his podium “getting the tech out to the earth’s billions…” he is being one of the world’s greatest liars of all time.

    There is an LRH basic staff policy that says that a staff member should have his highest tech level certificate and his highest administrative training certificate displayed on the wall right by his desk. This is not the case at the int base, and it was not the case in any of his offices that I saw. If he had his true low-level certs displayed (probably all expired too) no one would ever have accepted his monkeying around with editing LRH’s books and no one would have given much credibility to his double-meaning “dispatches” that he would cc to 40-50 people or more. He just acted like he was trained to the top of everything you could possibly study.

    He is just one big seething mass of hot air, falsity and illusion. A true legend in his own mind.

  220. Tory Christman

    Davey boy has been screwed for a very long time, and I’m quite sure, deep
    inside, when his celeb’s aren’t around to kiss his ass, he feels us, he knows
    we’re here—and We ARE NOT GOING AWAY DAVEY BOY! :0

    So Mike—you may have missed my question awhile back, but can you please
    answer that for me? I’d greatly appreciate it. 🙂


  221. “A true legend in his own mind.”
    That sums up Miscavige el gato my compadre 🙂

  222. Amy:

    I am glad you wrote you wrote you book. David Miscavige is not portrayed but clearly defined and the viscious narcissistic ignorant moron that he is.

    That is amazing that he kisses Tom Cruises’ behind like that, after all Tom Cruise is not the richest man in the world or the one of the most powerful. The mayor of New York City is the 15 richest man in the world. He is a nice guy too.

    I wonder if someone of Mayor Blumberg’s wealth were to ask David Miscavige “Davie, can I live at INT Base too and keep my cars there with my friends?” if DM would say yes or no based on the finances or personal preference.

    Just a thought.

  223. Tory Christman

    Bobo:: Imnsho, you all who were on ARS literally were the beginning of the end for the Cult. I wasn’t reading it, but I watched Yaude, and knew how flipped out they were. Once I escaped out, they trashed me for years on there, posting slimy lies daily, hourly often. I’m quite sure their *main* concern with me was 2 fold: 1) I knew about the Top Secret OSA Int Internet gang, and no one else out did, that was out.
    2) I had personal experience with years of their medical
    abuses, and adding 1 and 2 together—they felt they *had* to slime me.
    (Yo OSA ops: WTFU! Is this *honestly* what you got into Scientology
    to do? This is it???)

    Tara—-well, I’m glad that possibly filled in a few holes re Bill Yaude.
    I had a similar deal, the night before I left. His wife called to say Bill needed to see me. I went over, and he asked: “What’s going on?” I said, “Nothing, Bill” (and thought: Oh thank GAWD!~ This is THE LAST time I’ll have to answer these morons F***#g Security check questions.)

    As I thought that, I got a big smile on my face. (LFBD). Bill, my auditor for quite awhile, jumped on it: “What’s THAT?” I said, “Nothing”. He:”No, no—that’s not nothing, Tory–that’s something. What is it?”

    That was THE Second I decided to post on the Net I was departing the next day. I knew he was on the Net every am and pm, so I said:
    “Let me just say this, Bill: YOU will be the first to know”
    I went home, and at 2 am or so posted: “Magoo Left the Building!”

    Ahhhh—such joy in freedom, isn’t there? I cherish it daily,
    and all who help expose the abuses of this insidious CULT.
    My best to all, Tory/Magoo

  224. Yes Magnolia that is who they were. (mission holders) I heard from someone that knew them that they both got heavily handled for objecting to Yaude’s doing OSA versus auditing/C/Sing. Not sure what happened with those two but they are no longer at Sherman Oaks.

  225. Barney Rubble


    I at first thought you meant Janice Grady. My fault.
    Not sure who Janet is but I think I will purchase-it will be a good read indeed.

  226. RJ,
    The Int Base property was purchased with existing buildings, some of these were renovated and converted. When DM took over in ’87 the Architect who was posted by LRH is Barry Stein, one of the Gold Musicians. He was ordered to do a “2 year plan” which was approved and included 8 berthing buildings, a Gold manufacturing building, etc. as it was projected that there be 1500 staff. Incidentally, these buildings were numbered according to this plan and some of these numbers stuck as names of the building such as “building 36” is the Gold admin and manufacturing building and Building 50 as per Yvonne’s despatch. Other buildings added became priority as Dear Leader’s plans changed such as a Film Lab building, the Cine Castle, BV, the RTC building, so that the berthing buildings finally got finished a couple of years ago, from planning stages over 20 years ago. The Par course, sportsfield were changes added. In the original plan there were fruit orchards put in and trees planted to provide more self sufficiency to the base. Those things were taken out as Dear Leader’s idea changed to make it a theme park setting with high maintenance large grounds crew.

  227. Thanks for the back story Sinar.

  228. What is going on here.

  229. Tony DePhillips

    That’ the point. There was no real offense, just maybe the “potential” of upsetting the “great one”.

  230. You are right about hitting DM’s raw nerve. Based on the reaction you are getting with the spamming, DM obviously does protest too much. Kind of reacting the way a person does who has something really BIG to hide. When the auditor gets close to that withhold or overt, the pc can become almost wildly out of control trying to keep the auditor from finding out.

    I’m sure Cruise would not be very happy if he knew that everything he said to staff members was being reported up to DM for his information. Many have been through this over the years with spies in our midst channeling the data to the demented one.

    Tom Cruise is still the biggest opinion leader that Scientology has, even if his career is in a tailspin. I just checked on Google News to see what is up with TC right now, and the big news is he is showing his rock hard abs while doing stunts for Mission Impossible 4 and reportedly is ready to make Top Gun 2.

    In other words he is going back to milk those previous hit movies from years ago and cash in making repeats. As Sammy Hagar the Rock Musician said years ago – when a band has nothing original left to say they start putting out “Greatest Hits” albums. This was in reference to when he left the rock band Van Halen. (He was right – Van Halen has been insignificant since).

    So keep hammering away at disclosing these stories regarding Cruise and DM. The fact is if Tom Cruise were to leave Scientology in public way, it would be devastating to DM the world over. The only way to do that is to keep revealing the truth about what DM has been doing.

    And then hope that trumps any private personal blackmail information DM is holding against Cruise to keep him in line.

  231. Nightmares Getting Less


    I remember Bill Yaude well.

    Was on the RPF with him in PAC in 1977.

    You’re correct, he was probably the most alert bot in the 200+ of us in that dump.

    He, for those who don’t know was a pretty good Auditor and CS at CCLA in the mid 70’s, but in my opinion he wanted glamourwith celeb’s and took the bait from OSA/GO as you describe eventually.

  232. Thanks Magnolia. I didn’t know them…hell, didn’t know B Y either. My original description of him was not exaggerated. Looks like he blew off Tory too. I bet there are plenty more he screwed over as a C/S – not to mention his OSA BS. Pure slime.

  233. Was DM his cramming officer? 😉

  234. I have no idea what to say in response to this. It just isn’t Scientology. Church staff working on Cruise’s motor home, his motor cycles, he gets (and asks for!) a discount from Ford.

    Is there any other celebrity who gets similar treatment? Are there church staff working on special favors for people like Travolta, Alley, etc.?

    At the end of the day, what will bring down this idiot is what the Church itself say it does. The idiotic video showing how great it is to be on staff at Int. Freedom Mag. Freedom alone should be proof that the Church is off the rails completely. For example:

    2005: Tom DeVocht, in charge of Church construction projects, is discovered to have signed millions of dollars in unauthorized work orders. He too, with this discovery, promptly blows. The only person he speaks to before leaving is Rinder, who later tells colleagues that he shook DeVocht’s hand as a parting message. Shook his hand? Leaving staff and the Church’s religious order is not only despised by all Scientologists, it’s cause for automatic expulsion from the religion.
    Why would Rinder shake DeVocht’s hand? Rinder provided no answer. But it remained a mystery nobody forgot, repeatedly probing to get to the bottom of it.

    (Italics mine)
    Are you kidding me? Mike (gasp) shook Tom’s hand and it is a mystery! Leaving staff is despised by Scientologists? Despised? And they admit it is cause for automatic expulsion! Automatic expulsion?

    In what policy, Mr. David Miscavige? No, really, OSA, please post the policy here.

    I know a lot of people who left staff in a variety of ways. Two very close family members blew from the SO back in the day – and they had their freeloader debt and things like that (bad enough, by the way), but they were not automatically expelled.

    Here is the church mag admitting its off policy BS.

    Really – one of the vectors to getting DM and the whole apparatus taken out is to publish and point this crap out.

    Another over the top insanity comes from the church’s own site:

    It is Mr. Miscavige’s unwavering adherence to L. Ron Hubbard’s vision that has propelled Scientology so far and so fast in but a quarter of a century. It is what will continue to ensure the growth of this religion and what will finally bring about a world where all may rise to greater heights.

    Such was the dream of L. Ron Hubbard and such is the work of David Miscavige.

    What??? The dream of L. Ron Hubbard? The work of David Miscavige? The work of David Miscavige!?!?

    The whole five page fantasy site is over the top!

  235. Magnolia~Not to beat a dead horse, but I was told B Y was in the SO and trained as a Class 9 but left for financial problems, maybe heavy IRS debt and had CSWed to be on staff at that mission. Delusions of grandeur I guess. Silly me, assumed it was true.

  236. Good move Tory! I didn’t feel joy at all, it was the severe reality adjustment from hell for me…a huge loss and confusion I really didn’t recover from until finding Marty’s blog…10 years later. (I know….com laggy)
    But what is time? Nada. I’m excited again and it shows in my life. 🙂

  237. (Sorry about typos, and the italics – the blockquote is all italics! I meant the handshake part, as if that is true evil to give a colleague, former or not, a hand shake – and that it is a mystery why!!!)

    The point is that this crap relentlessly exposed, on the church’s own media, will bring down the edifice. Why? Because it is one thing to ridicule our beliefs (Wow! Space Aliens!). Scientologists are not going to fall for that, and of course, we here are not in that camp. But, relentlessly pointing out OUT TECH and OFF POLICY will force the issue. This is OFF POLICY. A REAL Scientologist has no choice but to look at that and decide. The key is to break through the barrier and the “thought stopping” – Ser facs.

    Automatic expulsion is OFF POLICY.
    Lionization of non-source David Miscavige is OFF POLICY (and just sick).

    There is a lot of others. I am stunned that they admit to auto-expulsion, as if it is a good thing!

  238. When will it end? I have the “under” on Ron’s 100th Bday, and I’m sticking to it!

  239. And my best to you, Tory!

  240. Well, maybe he’s been reading the bible, which sez: “Thy Rod and Thy Staff shall comfort Thee.”

    (That’s enough Valkov! Bad dog!)

  241. TEG, methinks you do protest too much. I think it’s your condescending ad homs that speak to me of this.

    I’ll back Anonymous on this one. He has a socially valid objection about the term “fag”, and his speculations about DM are standard psychological dynamics as they are taught.

    Perhaps if he wants to be offended, he goes and posts on WWP. He may have thought we had “moved on up a little higher” here on this blog.

    I sense no “OSA damage control” there. But that does sound like an attempt to dead agent his post on your part. Do you have some feelings about Anons you haven’t told us about? If Anons are not welcome here as far as you’re concerned, why don’t you and Publius grow some balls yourselves and come right out and say so?

    Do you know the origin of the word “fag” as applied to a gay man?

    Perhaps Anon objected because he, like myself, has a friend or relative who is gay and is a person as much and as good as you?

    So what are you, some kind of homophobic cracker? Can I next expect to hear the “n – word” from you, in reference to a Black person?

  242. HAPPY 85th BIRTHDAY, LAWRENCE, you wrinkly old fart. Ha! Consider yourself harassed. 🙂

  243. It takes at least as much courage to be openly gay in this society, as it does to leave the Sea Org and openly criticise the Dear Leader and his cult.

  244. The question, TEG, is not how Anonymous took your “Who dat?” remark, but how you meant it. It’s your intention that matters.

  245. I think we’re getting rather cliquish here, parsing every word of a new poster’s comments. It’s often better to take someone’s comm at face value and answer them straight. If they are being disingenuous, it will come out in due time.

    Does this comment of mine fit in with “the general tone of this blog”? I hope not too much. I am an individual, after all. How much conformity do we have a right to expect here?

  246. Wondering?
    Some of them look back to 27 years of sec checks, overt write ups, lower condition assignments and and more heavy stuff.
    My only wonder is, how anyone can survive that?

  247. Mark,
    “And then hope that trumps any private personal blackmail information DM is holding against Cruise to keep him in line.”

    I think that bff’s have mutual out ruds. A proven basic is Pat Broeker, who didn’t report Davey’s crimes to LRH (so Davey follows him for 20 years). I think that TC knows enough about Davey to not ever be harrassed if he’d left. But the more we can make him find out, the better.

  248. I think you’ll find that the Australian Govt’s action of looking into Tax Exempt status here is actually more to do with the actions of Senator Nick Xenophon and a group of dedicated Ex-scientologists rather than being a product of Sweeney’s excellent Panorama report. Just sayin’.

  249. I am NOT making a comparison, but a comparison of orders of magnitude/importance:

    While Mosey is the most cherished person, Marty has – TC is the most cherished person DM has. So – no wonder HIS OUTRAGE.

    While Marty is an accomplished Samurai in that battle – DM is as much cause as a punching bag. It is really amazing what all he obviously did NOT learn in 22 years of work next to such a calibre.


  250. Jonathon – you seem to be confused about finding ‘differences’ and ‘similarities’ in the subject matter of ‘the church’ of Scientology and the ‘subject matter’ known as Scientology. There are vast ‘differences’ if you choose to LOOK. I agree that there are wins, and huge wins to be had from the ‘subject matter’ known as Scientology. If you do not care to see and list and question the outpoints, then so be it. You say you are ‘postulating’ to HAVE a ‘reformed church’ – then the cycle is – ‘BE – DO – HAVE.’ Besides ‘postulating’ somewhere in an ivory tower – what are you DO-ing – and what are you BE-ing – to HAVE a ‘reformed church’? Sweeping the crap under the ‘church’ carpet – is NOT a solution. Please post ‘ what are you doing’??

  251. planetary clearing

    one of his targets is to reduce Scientology down to Div 6 Courses.

  252. martyrathbun09

    Here are THE TWO fundamental differences between me and DM. One, I deal in TRUTH. In more than 500 pages of text postings, NOT ONE SINGLE FACT CAN OR HAS BEEN CHALLENGED. DM deals in LIES. Two, my intent is clear by all who know what I do day in and day out. That is to free people. DM works to enslave.

  253. martyrathbun09

    Bullshit. “Who Dat?”, is the nationally recognized pep cry for the New Orleans Saints.

  254. martyrathbun09

    What is with the piling on? TEG doesn’t deserve this.

  255. ABSOLUTELY agreed. That’s what underlies all.

  256. martyrathbun09

    More fundamentally he is allergic to TRUTH. It has a like effect to water on the Wicked Witch of Oz.

  257. Valkov consider this passage from the tao te ching (chapter five)

    The Tao doesn’t take sides;
    it gives birth to both good and evil.
    The Master doesn’t take sides;
    she welcomes both saints and sinners.

    The Tao is like a bellows:
    it is empty yet infinitely capable.
    The more you use it , the more it produces;
    the more you talk of it, the less you understand.

    Hold on to the center.

  258. Are we having fun yet? Love this thread!

    GH, I was on the BC or maybe an internship at ASHO when Capt. Bill came in as temporary CO. When was that – 74? 76? I remember he had a huge presence, seemed to be a very big being. He put up all these signs all over the place, telling you what each space was for. Kind of dorky, but made an impression. Wonder how I could have missed his briefing, it would have made my day to find out I was part of the Elite of the Universe!

    Marcabians indeed! Isn’t there a “Marc Abian” who posts on this blog? Maybe he can weigh in and clarify that issue for us.

  259. Hi Grasshopper;

    If he is too much of a dipstick to realize it himself, then surely his lawyers would have told him.

  260. Tory Christman

    A no answer is as good as an answer, Mike. Thanks for telling me where you’re really at. If you ever want to change that, remember:
    “Communication IS the universal solvent”.


  261. You got that right, Panda. Sweeney contacted persons in Oz after Bryan Seymour covered the COSRECI business, including making enquiries in the UK. And Seymour covered COSRECI due to the actions of Nick Xenophon and Aussie researchers.

  262. A Word Clearing Moment.

    DDOS and spam are not related.

    DDOS is when a person or persons simulate thousands or even millions of people visiting a website at the same time. I haven’t seen any evidence of a DDOS attack on this site in the last few days.

    Spam is bulk unsolicited messages (BUM). Often spam contains commercial content, but it need not. It seems from comments today that the spam has been flowing. But not any DDOS’ing.

    DDOS’ing is illegal. Don’t do it.

  263. I guess TC is perpetually in some kind of “no interference zone” where it’s just him and DM in their own bubble reality.

  264. You are right, though, Marty.

    TEG didn’t deserve it. The “fag” reference was introduced by Metaqual via the quote of an acquaintance of his, and TEG simply responded to that in an innocuous way, clearly referring to DM. Thus, my apologies to TEG, who seems like a nice guy to me.

    Publius jumped in for reasons of his own, which is where I jumped in because TEG + Publius vs. the Anonymous poster seemed like piling on to me. Anonymous poster + me vs. TEG and Publius seemed to even things up.

    So let’s all shake hands and go lynch Metaqual’s “empathetic and sensitive” court reporter acquaintance! She started all this trouble by using the controversial term! (Of course it was in a private conversation, so she doesn’t really deserve lynching, either)

    Otherwise, my post re: use of the term “fag” stands on it’s merits. “Fag” derives from the wood faggots used to burn witches and homosexuals in the Dark Ages.

    It is as offensive as the “n-word” is in it’s own way, and refers to a class of people, so I have no problem with “speaking for others” regarding it.

    Would it have been wrong to “speak for others”, if the “others” were the Jews living in Germany in Hitler’s time? I think not. It’s rarely wrong to speak up for the humanity of others.

  265. So truuuuuuueeeeeeee 🙂

  266. I apologize, TEG. See my post above. You were no way a correct target for my post.

  267. Kirsi wrote: “I personally received straight Bridge from famed Indie auditor Ignazio – with great wins – something the church was not planning to do and hadn´t done for over a decade.”

    I am certain people can and do have wins from Scientology outside of the church. (You are preaching to the choir!) But imagine a Church of Scientology where people could go to study and benefit from Scientology while being happy about it. Not a church that tries to replace people like Ignazio, but a church that supports and is a genuine help to field auditors and groups.

  268. Jane asked what I was doing.

    In addition to other areas where I operate, I have created around fifty Scientology-related videos and uploaded them to youtube.

    Here is a link to a video you might enjoy. I uploaded it on July 4, 2009 because it was Independence Day:

  269. O M G ! Choke me with a chainsaw! This is gross!

  270. Yes indeed! Captain Bill’s message to us was in the early ’80s, right before they split off. Big being indeed – very bombastic. You can’t help but like the guy. He reminded me a bit of John Wayne.

  271. bobo, you give DM and his lawyers more credit than I do. These are the same people that blatantly tried to suppress alt.religion.scientology 15 yrs ago, tried to suppress the Tom Cruise video (which DM personally edited) three years ago and more recently put 19-yo lifelong S.O. member Daniel Montalvo in jail for escaping the cult of DM.

    DM and his lawyers, to me, seem pretty oblivious to the real world around them. They seem willing to do anything to harass whistleblowers, and they just keep digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole by doing so.

  272. Well thanks for repeating the last part of my comm. To be clear now… my point is in the first two sentences.

  273. George,
    My opinion, based on my knowledge of SCN tech, is the only way to survive it for long is to go into the valence of the attacker. Sort of a chameleon trick that thetans do to pretend to protect themselves from the illusion of harm and to gain the most valuable particle of all: admiration.

  274. His lisp is getting better, too.

  275. Valkov

    Point taken.


  276. Loved the lensman series. I always looked at my OT 8 bracelet and thought, “Lensman bracelet!”

  277. Proper cultural pronunciation of the English Language of Louisiana by folks of all colors.

  278. Keep heaving on them buckets of Truth, Marty!

  279. Kirsi, you don’t go up to a sick man, delcare him already “dead” and ~then~ decide to save him.

  280. Thank you, Marty!
    Some corporate aholes tried to trademark “who dat” but no fricken way! Too many saints fans (millions) sat in the stands of the games (over time) hollering “who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints, who dat, who dat…for YEARS! Yep, till it happened, hell froze over and they WON dat!

  281. Marty~This is totally clear to me, someone who had no clue who you were. I judge you by who you ARE.
    =0) 🙂

  282. D. Katie flips and spills all of the many, many beans.

    It’s highly unlikely, since from what I understand, she’s being compensated for her troubles. I’m not saying that TC would come to his senses or try to win Katie back in such a situation, but it would be a shitstorm of such proportions that the current show would get blown to bits.

  283. He’s not the first celebrity to go down this road. The last 60 years is littered with them – Manu Tupou etc

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