The Hijacking of International Association of Scientologists

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  1. Janet Light used to be the biggest DM supporter I knew – totally over-the-top applier of Simon Bolivar policy to Miscaviage. Practically threw rose petals on the ground in front of him wherever he walked. I hope you’re paying attention Bob Keenan, because you’re next if you haven’t been done away with already. Mike, I hope you’ve reported what you know to the FBI. Having said that, judging by how they regard whistleblowers such as Wikileaks, I don’t have high hopes for the US Government doing anything about crimes that are similar to what they commit on an hourly basis.

  2. Mike and Marty,
    Thanks for the story on Janet & how she ended up in the Hole as she had been DM’s golden person for a number of years and treated him like royalty. I do know the people you spoke of – Janet’s Phillipine communicator was married to Carl Light, one of her sons and is her daughter in law. Unless DM made them split up like Janet’s other son Danny Light from Valerie.

  3. I have only one comment. David Miscavige is STUPID. Look at the revenue that would have been generated (with fair pricing) had Scientology been allowed to expand on a global scale utilizing standard ethics, tech, and admin. 24-28 years at the helm? How far would he have gotten had he started his own business in the wog world? In truth, the power of LRH’s discoveries is so strong that it took DM 25-28 years to dismantle the official Church. I have heard and read those who proclaim his brilliance, his “quick thinking.” The major characteristic of the reactive mind is its INSTANTANEOUSNESS!

  4. Overall, appalling. But, Mike, you cracked me up talking about the uniforms being brought out of moth balls for the imprisoned to become “commanders” of enforcement while they themselves were being escorted by enforcers. It really would be funny if the outcomes weren’t so sick, twisted and harmful.

  5. Tony DePhillips

    It seems like everything that dm lays his hands on starts acting as insane as he is. The less vias between him and whatever, the crazier it behaves.
    He actually is SOURCE. The source of insanity!

  6. EISM we don’t the govt to screw this up. As a team we can get the product. Marty is doing a fine job of showing us what is possible consistently.

  7. Monique Yingling (a non-scientologist attorney) helping Miscavige orchestrate a palace coup over the IAS? I guess where you find the money, you will find a lawyer. Now we know who REALLY is running the “church”. Sounds like she is playing DM for all he is worth………..

    What a dupe.

  8. This is NUTS. I loved the part about the uniforms being taken out of moth balls. I can see it now…hey I want the jacket with 3 bars, no I want it, here you take the one with 5 bars. Gawd!

    Unfortunate for Janet that she gave in to going to Int.

  9. Another fine example of the insanity of it all under DM. This story reminds me of the chaos in the cris in Roman Catholicism over Pope Pius IX’s doctrine of papal infallibility. Lord Acton went to Rome to avert the crisis. The Old Catholic separation followed this doctrine. In that context he wrote a pronouncement in April 1887. If it were today he would write how this fits the situation of DM pretending to be the anointed infallible one.
    It is as follows:

    “I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption, it is the other way, against the holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or certainty of corruption by full authority. There is no worse heresy than the fact that the office sanctifies the holder of it. ”

    This idea and this alone is what makes DM thinks he is automatically the head of everything Scientology related. Whether CSI, AST, CST, IAS, RTC, etc. He thinks he is the boss of all, and as a dictator, and can force and mold the minds and thoughts of his minion. We are free people, with our own thoughts, ideas and dreams. With the use of LRH tech we are moving on up a little higher. DM is just moving on down even lower. One day, his name, will be associated with the horror and brutality mankind is capable of. Only because of the time frame on earth does it appear to be less brutal than despots in the past.

    Yes, we are back! The sunlight of truth will force the rats and vermin to scatter into the dark – alone, and looking at their long black future. There fate in this will be worse than any RPF’s RPF. I don’t forsee volunteers to help them, until at the last, we get to cleaning out that corner of the litter box.

  10. Yep, a musical could be made about DMs church..

  11. Interestingly enough, got spammed by OSA or their hired lackeys bringing up some article on an anti-marty blog, which refers to a lying and twisted account written by a Kool Aid revert and ex Gold staff – JY Bresnard. This poor guy was out and talking to old friends earlier. He somehow didn’t realize he had been thrown under a bus and run over after years of dedicated service, opting to and probably persuaded to revert to Kool Aid drinking habits, disconnecting from Indie old friends, due to his daughter/familial connections.

    The spam came from Hushmail, so it was reported to that company as such. Please keep on running the truth rundown, M&M and doing what you’re doing! OSA and their minions are pathetic in their reverse tech ineffective actions and is a big joke.

  12. Keep EXPOSING!!! Many, many people are reading this blog and the word out on the street is STAY AWAY from SCN, it will steal your life, your money and most importantly steal your soul.

    STAY AWAY, SCN is bad for your health and well being!!!

  13. Thanks for the story.
    Shopping on 5th ave,getting high salaries while rank and file staff get a pittance. Sounds like Janet Light and DM were made for each other. Perfect marriage. Falling out amongst thieves. Modern day scientology version of the st. valentines day massacre. Its hard to feel sorry for any of them. Eventually their cannibalism will finish them all off.

    The only casualty here is the person who truly could use the tech to help them and their family or group and who never gets it due to the crimes of this group. Lots of blame to go around.

    Long live the independent field. May IT flourish and prosper.

    Keep it comming Mike and Marty.

  14. Another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Another capable being nullified in DM’s ‘Only One’ universe.

    I think I’ll coin a term: Iniverse; a universe completely inverted – that is, aberrated and so much so it’s an aberration of aberration.

    “…inverted. That word we use occasionally, which means that
    THAT aberration had become, in its turn, aberrated. ”
    St Hill Special Briefing Course tape, 23 Feb 65.

  15. Oh, by the by, on the wind noise on the microphone, take a piece of open cell foam like the stuff in a cushion or pillow, and cut out a piece thin enough to let sound through, but enough to cover the little mic and you’ll handle the wind noise. There was probably a little piece of gray open foam that came with the camera for that purpose.

  16. Holy Crap!!!!!!!!! seriously people being brainwashed into captivity i get but litterally kidnapped into “the hole” i don’t get it….why isn’t anything being done about this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  17. Could you tell me, What does MOD mean, as in “Scientology Kidnapping.MOD” on the vidio title?

    You sure do alot of fishing.

  18. Looks like Janet could have blown but being a social personality she probably needed some motivators for years of criminal regging. Speaks for the other 100 + cavemen punishing themselves so badly.

  19. Mike and Marty:

    Of the incidents that you witnessed you should really go and file a police report, or go to the authorities (FBI). Chances are they won’t act on any of your reports due to the delay in time, but at least you did a formal report of the incidents for future legal reference.

    The other thing is I would contact Sabre, Amadeus and Worldspan (3 largest travel ticketing systems) and file a formal compliant about all of the air travel tracking that is done illegally. They can pull your record locators and tell you what authorized users looked at your record. I can’t find the data, but several years ago Sabre really started cracking down for security purposes on agents pulling information from travel passenger records that they had not personally booked themselves or were involved in the person’s direct ticket booking. Sabre will cut them off so fast, as well as any outside agent who is using the system to look up data. Start a comm line with Sabre and others and get them on your side. It is a bad PR nightmare for them if “people” think that anyone can access their records.

    The other way to get data about air tickets without using any of the agent systems, is you get a travel agent with an ARC number (all agents are required to have this in order to book anything) and then call the agent help lines with all of the airlines. They can verify that you are an agent with your ARC numbers, and they will most likely give you all the information if you tell them you are trying to help a customer. They keep notes on your record of who calls in about your record (every time you fly a record is created of your ticket). You can file complaints with the airlines that your information is being accessed illegally without your permission. They might even instruct you how to deal with it in the future. Also don’t book via any online 3rd party travel booking agency (orbitz, travelocity,..), always go direct to each airline. Security is tighter and they control their data, as opposed to 3rd party booking agencies.

    Legally it might be hard to get DM and his goons for abuse and human trafficking, but what can take them down is all the illegal things they do using other companies. (airlines, etc..). Their illegal intel methods might just be the thing that takes them down!

  20. Marty: “Hey, Mike!”

    Mike: “Yeah.”

    Marty: “Tell me the story about…”

    Love it.

  21. Forgive me if I sound ignorant, but is Janet Light the same person as Janet McLaughlin?

  22. I wonder if any posters to this blog understand how intriguing this subject is to people like me who have never been involved with scientology except via the internet. The stories are incredible! For me, the journey started with this question: What is Scientology? After several years of research, because the internet is HUGE, and having never been to an org, and not knowing a single scientologist, I still don’t know. Its not my place to say. However, I feel comfortable that you (independents) know what you’re talking about and are being truthful. I’ve visited the anti Marty sites and IMO, they lack creditability because all the posts are written by the same person named Joe. Additional, the subject never changes from “Marty and Mike are bad and doomed and so on and so on”.

    I was also creeped out by the secret video recording of Marty at the airport. What kind of church follows and records its former executives and than posts the video online? How long did they have to follow you to get something so “damming”? If the intent was to discredit Marty, it backfired. All that video did was convince me that the CO$ is freaking off its rocker. Seriously, that kind of behavior is strange and very difficult to understand. Also, the audio recording made by a recent famous actor of Tommy D. saying that once you depart, you can never come back is telling. What kind of church dooms anyone to hell, except those gay haters in TX who protest military funerals?

    I’ve followed the stories in the Tampa newspaper, Jeff’s blog, pretty much all the sites by former SO, IAS and INT staff. I am even learning the language! It feels kinda strange knowing so much about Amy, Tom, Tory, Marc and Clair and many others having never met them. Their stories and others have convinced me that the CO$ is no place for me or my money! Have you ever though about making a movie about your experiences? It would have to be better than Battlefield Earth!!


  23. All who read this. The original purpose of the IAS has been hijacked along with the remaining structure, funds and future activities of that group.

    This is not really the type of music I usually listen to, but, it was fitting of the dishonorable actions done to bring down the final independence of the IAS. As the Independent movement grows, the essence of this song is fulfilled. As more see, read and know the truth – more draw the line.

    Epica – Never Enough, lyrics

    Can’t you hear me screaming once again?
    Voices you can’t hear
    Because you are consumed and in content
    With everlasting greed

    Don’t you see me on my hands and knees?
    Begging and bleeding
    You’re smiling as you bite the hand that feeds
    But will you never see ?

    Always watching what your eyes can’t see
    Feeling what your arms can’t reach
    Thinking you are in need
    Always hearing what your ears can’t hear
    Feeling what your hands can’t touch
    Thinking you are incomplete

    It was never enough that I gave to you
    All of the horror that you’ve put me through
    Now can’t I make up my mind this time ?
    This is where I will draw the line

    Sacrificed my life to be with you
    Why did you leave me?
    There’s nothing more from me you can consume
    Cause you are incomplete

    Always watching what your eyes can’t see
    Feeling what your arms can’t reach
    Thinking you are in need
    Always hearing what your ears can’t hear
    Feeling what your hands can’t touch
    Thinking you are incomplete

    It was never enough that I gave to you
    All of the horror that you’ve put me through
    Now can’t I make up my mind this time ?
    This is where I will draw the line

    Never again will I be with you
    No promise eternal carrying us through
    I finally made up my mind this time
    This is the end
    I’ve drawn the line

    Never enough to devour your greed

  24. I remember Janet stalking around the Int Base in 2004, physically striking Gold staff and castigating their seniors for not hitting their juniors “so she had to do it.” Unfortunately those who were Miscavige’s willing henchmen never connected the dots and saw their own demise coming. I can just see DM pulling out all the uniforms and dressing up his Hole puppets to do his dirty work. For DM, the Church, the Sea Org, all of it, is just his own private puppet show.

    My ex-wife, Catherine Fraser, had been in the IAS prior to coming to Gold and had been tight with Janet. She loved the high-flying jet-set lifestyle and the London shopping sprees where they could spend thousands on Armani suits and Hermes scarves. Now she’s locked down at the Int Base, trying to get the County to close Gilman Road to make their isolation complete. One wonders what she thinks of all this – or if she thinks about it.

  25. I’m not sure if you publish this comment but I’ll give it a try.

    I’m SO but not OSA and noticed that the dispute is mainly what you guys are saying but that there is no proof, no photos, no tapes, no affidavits.

    There were injuries according to you guys, but where are the doctor’s statements?

    I’m aware of physician’s confidentiality but in criminal cases, they have to work with the authorities.

    What I wonder most about is: why don’t you guys go to the FBI or other authorities and have David Miscavige and his helpers who imprison and abuse others ARRESTED?

    How do you want to convince people like me who do not just want to trust what you are saying but want to see proof or governmental agencies acknowledging your claims?

  26. Hi Marty and Mike;

    Does the ‘hole’ still exist?

    Do you know who is still in it?

  27. Sapere Aude, perfect, says it all!

  28. Yesterday I received the latest, greatest IMPACT Magazine (Commemorative Edition) from the IAS. (Have good comm lines). WOW! It is nicer, by far, than any mag I have ever received from Scientology. I am in my 40th year as a Scientologist. It is GLOSSY and over the top! My first thought was, on thumbing through it, The IAS no longer exists for the “Church” of Scientology, The “Church” of Scientoloty exists for the IAS.
    If I didn’t know that the IAS exists as David Miscavige’s private slush fund, I might be FOOLED that the IAS actually funds humanitarian projects. But, have no doubt, when you look at the trophys presented to those who have contributed, literally millions and millions, you KNOW what is being valintated, and it is just that: THOSE MILLIONS DONATED WITHOUT EXCHANGE, for GOD KNOWS WHAT!!!! Private scuba diving trips in the Caribbean Islands, endless PI’s to watch the Independent Leaders, endless cases of Scotch, endless fees for attorneys like Monique (THERE IS NO DISCONNECTION POLICY) Yingling, private jets, chiropractors, hairdressers, chefs, apartments and suites all over the world, including the Freewinds, and lord knows what else. (My guess is endless deposits to private Swiss and Lichtenstein bank accoutns.) THIS IS WHAT YOUR FEES REALLY BUY!
    Heard it from Sea Org Staff many years ago, long before the Independent Movement, that IAS only uses 1% to 6% of monies donated, for “grants” for causes which are advertised and petitioned for in donations. Atter that, my only donation was for pizza, if we met our quota, so that we could go home before 1:00 or 2:00 A.M in the morning when the local IAS tour would come and give us “quotas”for donations, ususally $30,000 to $50,000 in a small WUS org. (Austin Org). Having been on staff, although for short periods of time, I always thought, what if this money were donated for training and processing to the local org; the staff might actually get to eat that week and pay their rent/mortgages and HAVE A LIFE! But no, this money, taken from local parishioners, who could have contributed to the local org, thought they were donating their money to a HIGHER CAUSE!
    I am so glad that I am free of this deception, and only hope that the word goes out to those currently deceived. It is no fun to wake up one morning, and realize that the funds you thought were going for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, was actually going for someone to have a lavish lifetstyle and to suppress the actual cause that you thought you were supporting! If my getting “sudden” on you makes you feel bad, just realize that everytime someone says their piece, the load gets lighter!

    Love to all , Lady Minn

  29. Tory Christman

    Thanks for another Fishing Video! Love um…and I’m waiting for you both to catch a fish.Oh! Here ya go: You *have* caught HUGE Fish—-I can feel DM and gang ringing on the end of the line, teeth gritting, gnarling “Let us off the hook you two!” Sorry, pal, you’ve been warned. 🙂

    Speaking of uniforms::: Yesterday I was with one of the Anonymous picketers. He wanted to stop by the Army Surplus as he’d heard they had Sea Org coats, and he wanted one. Sure enough—-they had a TON.
    I asked the man working there: “When did you get these, and where from?”
    He said, “An organization brought in 1,000 of them, about 2 years ago”.
    I said, “Was that the “church” of Scientology”? He said, “Yup”.
    Nice—brand new P. Jackets and Rain Coats—very nice, $49.
    Inside it had the Sea Org Symbol and “Sea Organization” under it.
    Expansion? HA!!!! Army Surplus in Burbank (Victory Blvd) for any who *may* want one, also. 🙂

  30. Mike,
    I want to thank you for your input and participation. I looked at this blog both from the viewpoint of a Scientologist, now Independent Scientologist, and those they may have never heard of the subject. I would have to acknowledge your tenacity to follow what we say. From the inside we understand the language, the nuance, and the import of pieces of data. I can imagine at times this may be difficult for you.

    I do want you to know that the abuses you read about regarding the management of the Church are the actions of individual people. If you read the original writings or listen to LRH speak you would get the flavor of what Scientology is. We believe we are spiritual beings, that we and you are basically good, that with a little help we can make the world a better place. Even the Independent believes this. Otherwise, why would we post or try to change things.

    It really is too incredible to seem true. It is hard for us to believe it at first, I am sure it was even worse for a total outsider. Enjoy the journey and hopefully you will learn more about the true value and basics of Scientology and not just about the organization, the Church of Scientology, and the mess it has become before the world.

    We, as Independent Scientologist’s, recognize that you are a member of the human race and as such your input is part of our group. Welcome!

  31. Tory Christman

    “The original purpose of the IAS has been hijacked along with the remaining structure, funds and future activities of that group.”

    To me, IAS *was* from day one–a rip off, from the HASI memberships, which many of us were.
    I was a lifetime HASI member. When IAS was created, a bunch of us asked:
    “What about our HASI memberships? Where is this in writing?”

    The man I spoke with said:
    “You know….it’s only the auditors who are coming in, asking me that. There is nothing….ya gotta pay”.

    Which purpose was hijacked? IAS *is* and always has been a rip off, imnsho. I got my money back, and suggest each person asks for theirs, too.

    Office of the Chairman of the Board
    From: David Miscavige


    Dear Loyal Scientologists,
    Suppressives are working hard day in and day out to sully my reputation in an attempt to distract me from expanding the Church.

    My policy all along has been to ignore this noise, to keep my nose to the grindstone, my head down and my spirits up while I got on with the task of saving this planet. But there comes a time for anyone when enough is enough. Now is the time to for me to confront this situation head on.

    The SPs are saying I beat my staff and keep them locked up in trailers with steel bars on the windows, that I make them sleep under their desks and pay to eat slop, that I give them rug burns, that I punch, kick, choke and spit on staff and that I not only encourage, but demand they carry out such heinous acts against each other.

    It is being said I make people stand in trash cans holding degrading signs about themselves while cold water is sprayed in their faces, that I constantly and unjustly accuse staff of crimes they couldn’t possibly have committed, that I make them defecate in bags out in the open and force them to clean sewers with their bare hands, toil in unhealthy bilge water and scrub latrines.

    They are even saying I squirted Heber Jentzsch, the president of the Church of Scientology International, with glass cleaner and then blew powder into his face, that I had a demeaning puppet made in his likeness and that I would mock, taunt and humiliate him with it.

    Their blares include accusations of me calling staff vile names, that I use coded acronyms to degrade and invalidate, that I conspire with attorneys and private investigators on how to harass former Int Base staff, randomly punch people in the stomach and face, guzzle vast amounts of Scotch every night, ogle my own biceps while I conceitedly display them to impress others, that I demand that my dog, dressed in a captain’s uniform complete with epulets and rank, be saluted by my executives, that I’ve ruined my best friend’s acting career, hauled my wife off to a gulag, wasted funds on gambling, jewelry, private jets and fancy motor cycles with custom paint jobs and that I hoard gold, jewels and money, that I own numerous expensive cars, an elaborate wardrobe consisting of exquisitely tailored suits, shirts, power ties and handmade Italian shoes and that I squander parishioners’ donations through irresponsible wasting of Church funds.

    Stories are relentlessly published as to how I smashed a phone booth with a tire iron, that I bully everyone around me, forced LRH’s daughter to fold my underwear and clean my toilets, that I blackmailed my rivals to achieve power, that I’m engaged in elicit sexual affairs with my juniors, lie in court, caved in Mary Sue Hubbard and relished her subsequent breakdown, that I have grossly altered the tech by mutilating LRH’s writings, butchering his tape recorded lectures and counterfeiting his HCOBs and PLs.

    There are those who even have the temerity to state that I forged LRH’s signature on his last will, that I betrayed him with my lies and kept him off the lines and in hiding so he would not discover my treachery.

    They continue, despite the risk of legal counter-action from me, to sling accusations that I work for the IRS, that I ruin people’s cases, that I myself refuse to be audited, that I’ve used physical violence against PCs I’ve audited, that I’m responsible for sending Lisa McPherson into a psychotic tailspin by personally C/Sing her case for which I am truly unqualified and do not hold proper certificates.

    Numerous former Int Base Sea Org staff who were once my trusted and loyal senior executives, with their titillating blogs and exploitive books, accuse me of using organizational funds to impress celebrities by throwing expensive parties, that I have exploited slave labor to build luxurious hangars, offices and club houses outside the church, that I commandeered LRH’s personal residence, wasted seventy million dollars constructing an opulent and inappropriate administrative castle for myself, that I arranged to have a personal state of the art gym built that is off-limits to everyone except myself and Tom Cruise, that I live in decadent luxury and hedonistic comfort while my overworked underlings suffer deprived, underpaid, poorly nourished, sleep-deprived lives in constant fear that my unpredictable wrath will bring them even more misery or that their coveted path of salvation will be heartlessly ripped away from them, dooming them for eternity.

    Armed with witnesses and stacks of legal affidavits countering these accusations, I was confident the apostates would slither away, back into the shadows from which they came, silenced and impotent once again, ending this incessant onslaught against my character. But alas, this has not occurred, as evidenced by the continued growth of insidious internal dissention resulting in an exodus from the church likened to frantic tourists jumping from a burning cruise ship.

    I could, of course, muster the entirety of our vast and mighty legal forces to once and for all bring to their knees, but I now see that engaging in further reprisals very well may enflame the enemy’s resolve even further, resulting in a proliferation of the covert leaking of my internal confidential matters which they post on their blogs like a zealous army of Wikileak soldiers.

    So, let me set the record straight here and now, and this may come as a shock to many inside the Church, but yes, I am guilty of all the above and more. The business of being in charge of saving a planet is not for the meek. It is not for the light-hearted or the squeamish who cannot bear the sometimes unbearable heat of the kitchen, who flinch at the idea of having to sacrifice a few in order to save many.

    The empires of Rome, Egypt, America, Microsoft, Pfizer, the vast wealth of the Catholic Church, and yes, the powerful and explosive forces of our Scientology empire, none of these were achieved through weakness, but through extreme commitment, dedication, sacrifice, ruthless demand for compliance and unreasonable expectations.

    I have had to push beings beyond any degree of acceptability or social graces, causing thousands to forfeit their freedom in order to achieve our aims. Yes, emotions have been bruised, patience expended, marriages destroyed. Many have suffered loss of case gain, toiled impossibly long hours under constant threats, tolerated beatings, humiliation, invalidation, injustices and recriminations have been rampant.

    Many have suffered brutal lack of sleep, neglect of medical conditions, forfeited and forgotten children, non-existent dental care, scarcity of funds, zero days off or vacations, rigidly suppressed communication, broken and obliterated families, controlled sex and punishment for unauthorized thoughts.

    So yes, there are those whom have suffered greatly from my zealousness as leader of the only existing force capable of saving one and all from hell and obliteration not only on this planet and this universe but all beings on all planets and in all universes for all the time there ever will be.

    I care little about the casualties I’ve had to leave in the wake of my battles. Such is the nature of war. That this approach culminated in the disintegration of my own conscience matters not. I beat people in order to bring wonderful buildings to life, I choked others so that we could have wonderful new books with nicer covers and better quality paper, I starved staff in order to build a monumental printing and audio/video manufacturing conglomerate, I abused in the name of good.

    The speech lessons, body language tutoring, ornate stages, endless stream of dictation, reams of orders, roomfuls of detailed writings were all so that you, the loyal Scientologist, would benefit in the long run.

    I shudder to think of where we would be today had I not ruthlessly slammed the accelerator into overdrive towards impossible targets. We would have the same old rundown shoddy buildings, hokey book covers, mis-arranged materials, hippy-looking do-good staff, single-swing FNs, LRH’s lectures would be interspersed with coughing and comments, laughing and stuttering. Scientologists would be distracted with fun and laughter while the world crumbled, our staff would not have spiffy uniforms and the world would not respect us.

    There would be no automated state of the art video dissemination centers to dazzle new public, dissemination would be willy-nilly thrown to the winds of uncontrolled communication and individual ideas. There would be no Golden Age of Tech drills to produce procedurally perfect auditors who do not leave PCs stranded with incomplete FNs or shoot them up the Grade Chart with incomplete objectives and grades.

    Without being guilty of exerting inhumane amounts of extreme pressure, we would never have achieved the single largest dissemination and recruitment cycle in the history of the Church, culminating in the wholesale conversion of an entire nation, the Nation of Islam, to the tenets of Scientology. We would not hold in our ranks the most popular movie star of our time. There would not be billions of dollars in our coffers, no vaults to protect our scriptures from the inevitable disastrous calamities that await us, no tax-free status with the IRS, no cooperation with Interpol, no widespread collusion of power for us in the Hollywood entertainment business and a significant reduction in the amount of prestigious real estate holdings which we are proud to claim.

    Immediately before LRH departed his body, he said to me, “Dave, please get the job done.” And so I have gone about my business. It might not have been the way LRH himself would have done it, but his managerial reign had come to an end and it was now up to me and me alone, less than optimally trained and without case gain.

    The most heinous charge of all is that I hate L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Scientologists. In response to that I simply ask that you cast your eyes across the vast machine of productivity that I have built, witness the availability of abundant materials, observe the accumulation of our wealth and vast resources, the territories we have conquered, the array of monumental new buildings, inspirational events, the continued enthusiastic support and participation of our remaining dedicated parishioners, and last but not least, the straight up and vertical statistical graphs which speak volumes unto themselves.

    Yes, the SPs howl and scream and object to my methods of achieving this Golden Age of Expansion and no doubt they will continue to do so, but I shall not be deterred from my mission.

    Without revealing too much at this time, I will say that I am working very hard behind the scenes to put the next phase of my mission into gear, the Platinum Age of Total Compliance, which will shake the rafters across the globe, rattle the stars and finally set the stage for the inevitable BIG push towards putting Scientology in the driver’s seat of the entire planet.

    Get ready for a lot of work, I have only just begun.

    David Miscavige
    Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center
    Ecclesiastical Leader of the Scientology Religion

    *Disclaimer: Of course this wasn’t written by Miscavige. Like he could be so eloquent.

  33. Out Of Retirement

    Another interesting point in question. I already know the answer but this is not my BLOG.

    Has anyone ever truly said and answered “What is David Miscavige’s true criteria upon which a Sea Org member that is worthy is allowed to stay and one that is not is either “thrown in the hole” or just expelled?”

    Seeing as how I was called Einstien earlier, I think I can now wear that title in earnst.

  34. Tory Christman

    PS: A Funny Story about David Light, a huge “reg” for years, no doubt still is:
    I was picketing outside of AOLA, and saw David Light—who had taken my entire inheritance, over $100,000. A bunch of Sea Org were standing outside the Canteen across the street. I yelled: “DAVID LIGHT???”
    He kind of stood out, shoulders back listening.

    I yelled: “I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!”

    He dove into the building, hiding.
    To anyone lurking, hiding IS the op bases of the Sea Org and most of the public. Your ref is:: The Know to Mystery Scale, with Hiding at the bottom.
    Don’t end up like these people “in the hole” (they are not kidding about that)—-it isn’t nice, you *are* being lied to –by people “in”. Read, look, listen, make up your *own* minds. (And to Marty and Mike—please keep fishing 🙂

  35. Like a steak, right through DM’s heart, just keep on fishin’ and informin’, guys!

  36. Please get a windscreen for the microphone, the audio will improve dramatically if you do.

  37. That was a brilliant post OTDT

  38. Yes Steve. Light was the prior married name for a long time (to David Light) & McLaughlin to her current husband Cullum (spelling?) as mentioned on the video.

  39. You might be a trolling OSA using a new pitch but let’s assume you are genuinely concerned. My advice: Trust your own eyes (observations, that is) as nobody really is going to do the convincing for you.

  40. To all who are still “in” looking across the fence and into this blog. Wake up and look and make up your own mind, PLEASE. And then do what your own integrity demands you to do and walk out of that “church”.

    To any and all type of law enforcement official somehow getting to know about the data discussed on this blog or who is reading or monitoring this blog. Do what YOUR heart tells you must be done. Don’t wait for others to do something about it. Walk into that “church”.

  41. I totally agree with you Tory.

    If anything was “hijacked” it was the original HASI and the purpose of memberships in general.

    Also there are all these special statuses or more accurately bribes that keep the slimiest of the fold out of ethics and protect them from whistle blowers inside their money laundering operations known euphemistically as “WISE businesses” based on Hubbard* Management Tech.

    (*Hubbard being Elbert Hubbard author of ‘Message ot Garcia’)

    If there is anything that the IAS has managed to “Standardize” in Miscavige’s Government approved and sanctified Squirrel Group it is the art of corruption.

    Taking his advice from his Consigliere Yingling. Miscavige reminds me more of a Capo than a “Religious Leader”.

    Sorry I have less sympathy for Janet Light than for Mary Sue and the GO who was taken down basically in the same way using the same methods of “shock and awe”.

    The only difference now is that instead of the competition he is now taking down his most trusted co-conspirators. Those who assisted him in the overall destruction of the Church.

    Soon there will be no one left running this ‘Truman Show’ (apt metaphor Tory 🙂 ) except for the mole Miscavige and his “friends”.

  42. Newbie, get out while you can. Read the enitre blog and related blogs and sites. Your integrity deserves you read it all. Stop letting yourself be used like this. Your too obvious.

  43. Your back with a new name. But the seething 1.1 tone is still there. Too obvious. Get a new org post. You suck at this one.

  44. Newbie: I’m sure this has been answered by a lot of people – and there are a number of good answers – all covered in earlier threads.

    Here is a question you should consider: Why would a litigious organization like CoS permit such libelous and inflammatory statements to be made, as are made on this blog, without threat of court action?

    There can be only one answer: Because the statements made here are true and would bear up under testimony.

  45. I got the same mail.

    Personally, I’m waiting for someone to mail me the F&R of the supposed uber-standard comm-ev he got. Do you think I’m wasting my time waiting? 🙂

  46. It’s the video format. The .MOD file format is used by various digital camcorder.

  47. Thanks for clearing that up.

  48. Tory,
    I agree to most of your response. Not meant to irritate, but what I am talking about is the stated purpose of a united membership. Originally your HASI was to be accepted. Obviously even that simple action was altered.

    “Clarification on HASI memberships

    The Church of Scientology has recently adopted the International Association of Scientologists official membership system. All churchmembers are encouraged to join the International Association of Scientologists due to its very pro-survival goals and the many benefits offered from this system. It was never the intention of the Church to not honor the previous HASI membership where this had been secured by the public. Although this HASI membership is no longer available the benefits of this are still available to existing members and will remain so for the duration of their membership.” (quoted from SO ED 2892 Int)
    (from IAS magazine “Impact Issue 1” (1985))

    We were told it was a new membership organization. It also had the purported purpose of collecting enough funds to maintain organized Scientology if the IRS took everything. Once that was settled several years later, there has never been a large donation purpose to the IAS other than to coerce others into giving money. In that you and I fully agree.

    I too, had the HASI membership, but in the corporate sort out the HASI ceased to exist in order to transfer title of copyrights. Once the HASI was taken out for that purpose a new organization was created to handle the membership functions. I would rather have the original HASI, just as I believe you would, but that was gone in the takeover by the new regime.

    When I talk or original purpose of IAS I am speaking in reference to general membership and protect from IRS loss. Beyond that I have never agreed with IAS funding activities.

  49. I’m sure she thinks about it. Every moment, chugga, chugga, chugga goes the think. Never a quiet spot. No simply being there comfortably and doing nothing. The constant noise and chatter, whirring, clanking and banging of perpetual mental machinery.

    No space. No quiet, easy space…


  50. Newbie9999,
    I didn’t know SO members were allowed to have internet access. This puzzles me. Are you doing this in secret? If you are, isn’t that an admission that something is terribly wrong?
    My troll alert flags went up while reading your comment. You could be legit and somehow are managing to go on-line and read this blog BUT, aren’t you just a little bit concerned that it’ll come up in your next sec check? This isn’t making sense unless you’re OSA.
    Why would you need a gov agency to validate the claims made by countless people? Are you saying you’re not seeing what’s going on or is somethin’ wrong with your eyes………and integrity?

    In keeping with my previous promise when I spot a troll (or in this case a likely one) here you go folks:
    Trying to get a Refund / Repayment?
    For anyone wanting a repayment/refund here’s where you need to write. These are government agencies and WILL respond to you. Your complaint will not be ignored. OSA hates getting letters from a gov agency. It puts them on gov’s radar.

    For the IAS here’s the one to use. It’s in CA.
    Plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    EIN number: 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail. Do it.

    For Flag or the Ship this is the one in FL. It’s under the Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & ENFORCEMENT.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

    Go for it. If enough of these show up on their desks, the CofM risks an all out gov investigation. Know this, you will get your repayment although sometimes they drag their heels. A refund; you might not get it. Currently they’re being stinkers about that one and Kobrin & Moxen are in glee writing denial letters. But, the key thing here is to get these requests into a gov file which is why you need to cc the above two agencies.

  51. Filthy lucre. That’s what this is. Obtained under pretense, like any criminal would. David Miscavige is a criminal. The IAS is his org.

  52. Ditto.

  53. I’m sure lots of staff and public have pondered the question as to why all the psychosis regarding the regging of the revised basic books and IAS donations. Now the answer is laid out very clearly and simply. It was just a little psychotic sociopath named Miscavige trying desperately to prove he was right and others were wrong.

    I’m sure DM showed the IAS stat graph to Janet and the others in “The Hole” as proof that she was just a criminal and he was right and once again “saving the day”. Of course he would fail to mention all the destructive stat pushing he created through his team of flying monkeys.

    I love that the internet records all this truthful history. DM’s smoke and mirrors evaporate a little more with each passing day.

    He’ll be the last one to hold onto the illusion that he was ever anything other than the miserable, cowardly failure that he is and has always been.

  54. ***Standing O!***

    Even the line cadence is there. Dan Sherman may be calling to hire you as his ghost writer.

  55. OTDT,
    Thank you for this – a sheer masterpiece designed to communicate the truth!!!!!

  56. Let me google that for you…

  57. Out Of Retirement

    That is a great answer. The world all around is falling apart and destroying itself from its implants and lovely uptone on policy people like you show up to call people names.

    Keep up the good work.

    You might want to try reading what some people say before you write as well, it helps.

  58. Just got a copy of the latest IAS mag, with all those pretty pictures of the ball and all the trophies.

    All those funds going to other than training auditors and making OT’s.
    And the band played on….


  59. All I can say is OMFG! Lurkers and fence sitters still in doubt, follow this up. When was the last time you saw Janet? Did she suddenly disappear like so many others? Where’s Heber?

    I’m so glad I got out and have nothing to do with this cycle. Pay the IAS and this is the product you get in exchange…KIDNAPPING…the rest of the stories you are being told about handling the 4th dynamic are all a cover up.

  60. Hello Newbie,
    Try the fact that the Church spokesman, Tommy Davis, said on audio tape that the church has affidavits proving that 50 beatings occurred to a total of 22 people over a period of some 2-3 years at the Int. Base. Then take a look at the HCOPL titled Knowledge Reports, where it talks about the group that allows a guy to “stick pins in Joe (Bill?)” and how it says that THAT is an OUT-ETHICS GROUP! That is by the church’s own statement! Once you have accepted that it says what it says, and that Int is an Out-ethics Group, then you will start noticing more out-points until you have to wake up and do something about your own support of an out-ethics management.

  61. A most cogent piece of writing…
    Cicero reborn in spirit.


  62. Newbie,
    The large number of firsthand witnesses can no longer be ignored. You don’t get 15+ individuals who all worked directly with or for Miscavige — all who were eye-witnesses to his violent abusive behavior — making up these stories. It is simply a fact that David Miscavige is a physically violent individual.

    Here’s a list of some of those eye-witness accounts:

  63. I never liked Janet Light. For many years she enjoyed this priviledged, first-class, high-fallutin lifestyle while the average Sea Org member ate rice and beans. The IAS has been an out-exchange, corrupt organization since day one, while at the same time creating a “dangerous environment” for Scientologists with all their bullshit emergency briefings (crush regging) about how the sky is falling. I wonder how many Scientologists went broke or bankrupt, thinking they were “saving Scientology” by giving all their money to the IAS. I think Janet Light being locked up in the hole is karma for all her crimes against Scientologists, perpetuating a sort of a fraud within a fraud. I actually think both her and Miscavige should be locked up in a wog prison for their financial crimes, but I guess “the hole” will do for now.

  64. “It is no fun to wake up one morning, and realize that the funds you thought were going for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, was actually going for someone to have a lavish lifetstyle and to suppress the actual cause that you thought you were supporting!”

    This was one of my biggest ARC breaks with the church. I REALLY did want to help the 4th dynamic, felt good about doing something, promoted it to lots of non-Scientologists only to find out it was all a lie.

    You get “sudden” any time you want, it indicated to me!

  65. Quite a nice peice of work!

  66. Sheesh! Didn’t mean to stir up all these angry responses. Any SO member or staff member who I know has Internet access or knows where to go to get it. Although, I don’t work at INT.

    My most important question was: why didn’t anyone of you go to the FBI to arrest DM and his helpers?

    This is a legitimate question. Please enlighten me.

  67. Okay, let’s say it all happened as you say. Why didn’t go anyone to the FBI?

  68. Lady Min, I Love when you get ‘sudden’. Sometimes it’s a good thing. Love

  69. What goes around, comes around…but, I am sorry to hear that Janet and Collum have been treated so vilely, as all the others in the hole have been.
    It is all about choices, isn’t it?
    Any lurkers here should take heed.

    *I* also would like to know if you guys caught a fish after recording this segment..????

  70. Sapere,

    As expected the new regime lied.

    My wife and I who are Lifetime HASI members were forced to buy yearly IAS memberships in order to take services as public or even to receive an FSM commission.

    Promises, promises “Deliver what you promise” fuggetabatit!

    That SOED was nothing but boiler plate.

    Just like the preamble at the beginning of the GAS drills that says the LRH Reference takes preference over their squirrelly rendition of it.

    Sure sure…

    It’s like the org became infected with politics after the take over or take down or whatever.

    Say what you legally gotta say then ignore it.

    A skill that I’m sure they acquired from their “friends”.

    Anyway a friend of mine who is a Class VIII forced them to accept his HASI membership and he received no discount for services or books because discounts only apply to the new membership now.

    Again so much for “Deliver What You Promise”.

    Dead issue.

    The justification one of the little rodents (you know the ones currently gnawing at the pillars of the bridge) from OSA gave me was that they legally couldn’t use Hubbard’s name anymore for any Scientology entity.

    (I’d like to see that law in writing)

    Which was the reason for the switch.

    In other words utter BS shoveled out by their so called “legal” advisors supposedly in order to give the Ol’man a needed degree of separation from the organization.

    (maybe they should have told the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Institute this interesting piece of legal legerdemain)

    No the real reason they did it was so they could resurrect the stinking rotting corpse of the Safe Environment Fund and try again while the Ol’man was too busy being distracted by the comedy team of Broeker and Miscavige and their crazy antics plus trying to wrap up the OT Levels and his fiction Decology.

    In other words to use espionage slang.

    We were played.

    Like we were being played when we were told we needed a whole new Corporate structure for the sake of legality.

    Yeah that worked out well!

    If that was such a brilliant legal strategy then why did we suddenly have the IRS baying at our door like some kind of rabid dog threatening to do a full audit on the organization.


    Because they suspected a shell game in progress.

    Like the DEA sometimes the IRS wasn’t quite with the program of “protecting Intelligence Assets”

    However probably with the help of some of Dave’s “friends” on the inside and threatening black mail against the IRS Commissioner they were able to “win” them over.

    Pure speculation on my part but the result isn’t.

    Anyway after the glorious “Victory” the IAS became the only game in town because it 1) had 501ciii status and 2) because most importantly in order to be considered a “Scientologist” you now had to be a member of the IAS according to the formerly so “Secret” Closing Agreement.

    No longer does merely “improving conditions” mean you are a Scientologist anymore.

    Now being a “Scientologist” means either being slave labor on staff or giving every last fricking dime you have to International Association of Sleaze Balls and kissing Miscavige’s sorry corrupt ass.

  71. Newbie9999

    I will not repeat what others have posted. If you have access to google then just type “int base + razor fence”. Don’t even write Scientology, Sea Org or anything. Just search what is in quotes “int base + razor fence”.

    The top site will be:

    Now LOOK at the fence and security. LOOK at the photos from the air of the base and where the RPF is. I didn’t make any of this up. There are so many people following this issue that google – of the whole world – gets the International Scientology headquarters and RPF when you simply search “int base + razor fence.”

    I was SO. I have observed much of what has been reported. You are either a real newbie or completely unreal. I won’t invalidate you. Just do what the others have said and LOOK for yourself. Ask the public what they think of the reg cycles for dono’s, IAS, ideal buildings, etc.

    LOOK and you will see the main push is not to train as an auditor, receive auditing or go up the bridge. The main push is for MONEY, pure and simple, with NO exchange. You write mostly to do with criminal cases. This requires one such as you, on the inside, knowing of abuses or violations of local, state or federal laws to go to the authorities.

    I don’t need to “convince people like you” nor do you need to trust what is said. Just LOOK for yourself. Are the stats up? What are the Continental or International stats for student points, WDAH’s, Paid Comps, New People in and Started on a Service. What are the Cash/Bills ratios of the orgs you are near. Is the GI divided by Nbr on staff going up? Is your org expanding at unprecedented rates? If you decide to leave the Sea Org, is it a simple cycle to route out? Are you allowed your personal integrity and right to think for yourself? Why is your access to phones, internet, computers controlled? Where did LRH state you had to CSW for your earned liberty time off if your states are up? Go back to your Welcome to the Sea Org Tapes – Its a PRO world and you are being PR’d to that RTC and David Miscavige is the greatest thing for Scientology. I say bullshit. The world of Scientology is growing smaller every day.

    I was recently informed of the following in an IAS promotion for their dissemination campaigns:

    “They can also visit the Video Channel and meet Scientologists from every walk of life in hundreds of different videos. With 9,000 videos and more than 67,000 pages of content in 17 languages, this is now the largest online presence of any religion in the world. Since its launch, more than 63 million people have visited the site and more log on every day. This massive Scientology dissemination campaign is all funded by grants from the IAS and the US IAS Members’ Trust.”

    You can’t even find proof that 63,000 visited the site. Much less the bull of 63 million. You are being LIED TO. Only an insane person would think they are going to reach the world in 17 languages with 67,000 pages. Hell, just google for Church of Scientology, Scientology or Dianetics. If there is a search anywhere in the world is it taking you to this site??? Then where did the 67,000 find it – the tooth fairie.

    I can tell you there used to be many Class 4/5 orgs with over 200 staff. They were booming. You couldn’t find a place to park. It was fun. That does NOT exist anywhere on earth today. Don’t take my word for it even if I have been there, done that. I am an OT, tech and admin trained. I do know how to look and observe what I see.

    If you want a win – the world starts with TR Zero. Be where you are and observe for yourself. Is it the way LRH would want it – your org, your observations, right now. Is it??? After you have looked come back and post what you observed. Then we can compare apples to apples. Start.

  72. I am not calling you any name. I don’t know the answer. You stated “I already know the answer but this is not my BLOG.”

    No one censored your comment. Obviously, none of us are working with DM right now. The world is falling apart. I would like your help in answering so you have the floor to tell us what you already know. I believe your answer will be allowed to be posted so you can help all of us to understand more.

    This is not flippant. I don’t know the answer and you say you do so please enlighten me. I am listening.

  73. It does indeed help to read what people say before one posts. I read what you posted on the Seattle issue and here. And your simply a plant. And not very well potted one at that.
    Take your own advice and read this blog from the beginning. Then maybee you can actually put your efforts towards helping fix that world which is falling apart.
    Your mind is not inquiring and your heart is not concerned. Your as phoney as they come.

  74. Out Of Retirement

    Enlighten you? Perhaps. I am not uneducated on the subject of what this BLOG is all about. I understand.

    David Miscavige HATES SP’s and despises without reservation ANYONE that anyone that is reasonable in any way, in any slightest manner or hint, about the truth of their existence. In other words, to say “I know there are SP’s in the world, because L. Ron Hubbard says so, but I get along with them just fine”, will wind ANY Sea Org member up in “The Hole” or declared.

    That is the whole entire basis of everything he does. EVERYTHING. I am not personally acquainted with David Miscavige but from what I have seen of him, I do not agree on this methods, but I do agree on that point. If there were really no such ever as SP’s, there would be no reason for auditing and training.

  75. OOR/Einstein,
    Not sure if you really do know the answer (which is obvious to those without preconceived notions) as to the “true criteria” as you state.

    The qualifications of the Int Base is the highest in the SO – your Dear Leader has gotten rid of roughly 2/3rds of them through: overwhelm, offloads, transfers to other Conts, RPFs, and hiding them like his own wife Shelly. This does not correlate with any 2.5% or 20% figures.

    Note that those at the Int Base through getting their jobs done created up statistics International stats until ’90 or so, so were productive.
    So, it’s kind of obvious that “true criteria” of DM is ALL the productive ones who know, follow & back up LRH and his legacy. Oddly enough, guys like JY seem to think it’s their fault and mess up as the why of their being kicked out of there. I’ve seen him and those guys at HEM really tackle mountains with no sleep and handle situations.

  76. Wow Newbie,

    You certainly are a Newbie as in FNG.

    Aside what my friend Sapere.

    I’d like to answer in my own special way 😉

    If you really think the FBI gives a damn then you really are a Newbie, Newbie.

    How long have these allegations been circulating on the internet?

    A rhetorical question.

    Because its been a hell of a long time!

    I sure complaints have been filed with various Federal Agencies for just as long.

    Compare the USG to the Trojan Man after the glorious IRS “Victory” and that famous line you hear in the radio commercials:

    “My job here is done!”

    (As Trojan Man rides into the sunset)

    Anyway a lot of us were screwed and we didn’t even get the pleasure of a thank you and a cigarette afterward.

    Yeah go ahead and call the FBI Newbie and while your at it call the DHS and then maybe go to the IC and lay out your grievances I’m sure they’ll be riveted by your pleas and may get to your concerns after “surfing” another one of those Terrorist SOBs they happened to pick up for a bargain on the Hindu Kush.

    In the meantime we’re going to do something effective like get the word out.


  77. RJ,

    I know we were lied to. My comment had to do with the “PR” purpose, we were told about the IAS, and how even this has been totally hijacked. There isn’t even a pretext of covering the lie anymore. It is at that level of arrogance. Pay up now or NO indulgences for you and no bridge either! Sorry, that dog don’t hunt here anymore. I know you are with me on that one.

    A lot of detail on this is at (including SEF):

    It’s all history now. HASI is defunct, LRH name is owned, the current structure is motivated by MONEY and getting people up the bridge – only good for getting more prospects/sheeple before the IAS reg.

    The future is the Independent Scientologist. Once Scientology was accepted as a religion, and with the findings of the recent court case of the Hadley’s, there is no way to stop or control how one practices their own religion. Therefore, we are free to be Independent Scientologists.

    In the end the forceful merging of boundaries between the different levels of corporations will forever drop all pretense of separation. Once the corporate veil drops for all to see it will be game over. We don’t have to clean up that mess – we just walk away and flourish and prosper.

    At that time, my friend, you and I will have a nice conversation over a beer – the same as how I met you in the past. You think on that, but when the time comes, you will remember our past meeting of the minds.

  78. Carol – Thank you.

  79. Scott Campbell

    Best advice I’ve heard all day.

  80. Scott Campbell

    And they’re catchin’ fish too!

  81. You can get your questions answered by reading the blog. First, calling law enforcement is not the culture of the Sea Org, especially for minor things like physical abuse. Remember, the being always pulls it in. Second, law enforcement did indeed investigate “the Hole”. Everyone said they were there by their own choice. Refer back to reason #1. Third, this is a psychological operation going on, similar to People’s Temple and many other operations. Fourth, there may be government agencies using individuals in this extreme programming environment (including DM) as guinea pigs. I wish people would read the blog before asking stupid questions.

  82. Tory, quite amusing. Those jackets and trench-coats are probably leftover from ’87 when there was a Uniform mission to make the entire SO have uniform uniforms and these items were gotten in bulk directly from manufacturers.

    Perhaps the new ones will look like vampire airline attendants or Black SS?

  83. Scott Campbell

    Sapere Aude,

    I don’t know that I would mourn the loss of the “final independence of the IAS”. It was an abomination in the first place.

    LRH specifically forbid the creation of membership-only organizations which confer status based on donations received.


  84. Awesome! I could hear the trumpets coming in towards the end, and a swelling ghostly chorus launching into “Onward ricebean soldiers….”

  85. Newbie,
    It can be harder than you think to get law enforcement at any level to act on a report like this, let alone the FBI. Firstly, the person would have to report it immediately for it to be taken seriously. In an isolated and controlled environment without full access to phones and complete freedom, it wouldn’t be easy to report it. In addition to those physical restraints on reporting it, there are the mental and emotional restraints someone might feel. This includes questions a person could have about whether or not it is their own fault (“I pulled it in”) and a desire to protect the group from “Out PR”.

    As I understand it, when Int staff (or other SO) say they want to leave, they are not usually able to leave immediately. Sometimes it can take months to “route out”. This process can also involve signing confidentiality agreements, confessions and other such affidavits that limit the person’s legal standing once they leave.

    Then there is the issue of feeling threatened that you will be disconnected from your family and your Bridge/”eternity”. After all that has gone by and the person finally leaves and is free to report it they are accused of being “anti-religious” and “disgruntled former” members.

    All of that being said, I believe some of this is getting reported to authorities, and as more and more come out and offer corroborating testimony, investigations may heat up. Time will tell if this is true.

    But, I don’t need that to happen to know that what I have witnessed personally is unacceptable.

    Finally, it is not disputed that there has been a pattern of physical violence at Int. The official church response confirms this. The only question is which finger pointers are the worst offenders, or as they say on the playground, who “started it”.

  86. Yes. I too was very motivated by 4th dynamic concerns. Eventually the IAS is what drove me away from the whole organized scientology scene. It became obvious over the years the 3rd and4th dynamic campaigns were a sham, and were not actually being carried out.

  87. Scott Campbell


    “it was now up to me and me alone, less than optimally trained and without case gain.”

    I love it man, effin’ brilliant.


  88. Out of Retirement

    “David Miscavige HATES SP’s and despises without reservation ANYONE that anyone that is reasonable in any way, in any slightest manner or hint, about the truth of their existence.” I know there are SP’s. But DM hates and despises anyone who makes case gain, has wins and see’s the suppression he causes daily. If DM thought he could use an SP against any Independent Scientologist and get away with it he would.

    I personally know people declared or sent to the hole and it had NOTHING to do with being reasonable or getting along with SP’s. The entire basis of what he does is fight imaginary wars, battles and conflicts in his own head. He is not in PT.

    Many who post here HAVE MET DM PERSONALLY and were not reasonable about SP’s. We may agree that there are SP’s and they are a cause of great turmoil but don’t think this has anything with why David Miscavige does what he does. NOBODY abused, struck, demoted or demoralized by DM does not believe in an SP. That have looked into the black hole and experienced it for themselves.

    You may agree that SP’s are bad. But, why DM acts as he does is not because of his stand against the SP. He is the one being suppressive. Read more of the blog and get the facts about his history, his reign of terror and his operating basis of attacking anyone he feels doesn’t agree with him, wants to forward Scientology with LRH tech, or he just that day wasn’t in the mood of liking how they greeted him.

    If you cannot see the suppression for what it is then you will have to handle that problem in your own universe. We have seen it. Sorry, but your answer as to his motives doesn’t pass the smell test. Even if your motives are good your ability to confront him for what he is needs to come up the line a bit. If you agree that SP’s are the real trouble in this sphere of living, then realize you are reading about one in the exploits of DM. This is true. Keep reading and listen to the stories of those who have been there, you may learn much from them.

  89. I agree Scott!

    Two thumbs up.

    OTDT’s writing is better than what you get on SNL or Mad TV.

    The guys a freaking twisted genius!

    We love you OTDT!!!!!!

  90. Freedom Fighter

    The thing that stood out to me in this video is what happened to the guy who said what was being done is illegal and off-policy. He was ganged up on, locked in a closet, and detained for hours. It explains, to some degree, why no one at Int. jumps off the 6-ft-high fence and knocks the crap out of DM or any of his thugs. As much as I like to fantasize about what I would have done if DM or any of his bootlickers had laid a hand on me, the fact of the matter is that I’m no match for multiple people at a time. It’s another example of how DM uses overwhelm to control those around him.

  91. Newbie9999

    I am not angry. I just stated the facts as I see them. There is crime all over this country so to the FBI this would not even be a priority. You have to have dead bodies, dirty politicians, drugs, guns, etc. That is what gets their attention. In the big picture of things the total size of the Chuch population is a tiny drop in the bucket.

    Many have been forced to sign statements and affidavits just to be allowed to leave. Some have blown but don’t have actual evidence and it is just the statement of one person against a made up statement from someone else. That is not proof.

    In civil court, DM could spend more money than any single one of us has, so that is a no go. The truth is all we have to do is communicate the truth and when enough people inside the church will actually LOOK at the facts and products the giant bubble of hot air and lies will deflate.

    I don’t know where you are in the SO but I can tell you there will be sec check questions about going on the internet. This is even asked of public when they go to Flag for services. I also want to point out that internet access and the freedom to search and go anywhere on the internet are not one and the same.

    Sorry if you think these are angry responses. We are the same people who have been lied to, cheated, harassed and some of us have had families ripped apart, disconnection and other dramatic intrusions into our lives.

    Most will not just assume you come here, say I am SO, I have internet access, where’s the proof, etc. and do so with total innocent intentions. You have to demonstrate a willingness on your part to look, observe and communicate what you found. If you are sincere then please do what I originally wrote. LOOK for yourself and compare this to the LRH writings.

    Spend time to actually read past postings on this blog. You will get more of the full story and this should answer many of your questions or it will lead you to search other data on the internet to answer your questions.

    Good luck on your journey for truth. Please keep us informed of what you see and what you find.

  92. Roger that Sapere babe.

    We’ll lift a few brewskis and laugh about all this at some point soon.

    Just like ol’ times 😉

  93. Out,
    OK, ‘David Miscavige HATES SPs’. There’s the datum.

    Now, where, in ANY aspect of Scientology as written or spoken by LRH, does it say ‘hate SPs’?


  94. splog,
    I didn’t get this mail, however I did get a Comm Ev, done by RTC with Warren McShane as the Chairman done in Feb 93. I did the exact Recommendations, completed IN WRITING, A-E after more than a decade, and was still, yet, despite, in spite REFUSED restoration to good standing.

    There is unfortunately NO such thing as justice as any kind of means of running a 3rd Dynamic engram available in the Church of Scientology under David Miscavige. It is IMPOSSIBLE. This ploy is a bait and switch to return to the slave camp, former detainees.

    Colorful terms yes, nevertheless, applicable and will be until such time as David Miscavige is duely declared a real, true Suppressive Person and the disaster he’s wrought on the Church confronted and corrected. Then we’ll have a shot at real justice within the Church of REAL Scientology.

    P.S. Mike Sutter is a lying sack of shit.

  95. Hey, Newbie,
    Write to me directly at

    I dare you. Go on. Write.

  96. Mike,
    Buy, obtain or get in some fashion or other, the book Handbook for Preclears. Read it. DO IT. You will know more about Scientology than David Miscavige does in short order.

    You will NEVER know what Scientology is by reading the internet. Unless of course you read the actual materials and even then you have to actually DO it.

    Honestly. That’s the answer to your question. Good damn question it is too 🙂

  97. Scott,

    I stated in reference to the fact that every other unit, corporation, external viewpoint, etc had been taken down. The IAS, as an “independent” activity was the last of them. The status game was always crap. The original was annual or lifetime membership. I agree IAS turned into an abomination, but with it fully under DM, the suppression and money machine was jacked up in speed and ferocity.

    Otherwise, you and I agree on how the IAS was off-source.

  98. Superb evaluation Mr. P.
    You’re good 🙂

  99. Newbie,
    This new line, from DM/OSA is another lose. Jeebus, you guys suck at this game.

    If, there is even the tiniest scintilla of sincerity in your postings today, then I will see an email from you. My address is posted above.

  100. Newbie,
    This is a bit like asking an abused wife to turn in her husband. She has already invested so much in the relationship and she under her husband’s abusive control that she will usually say ANYTHING until she has a chance to get away from him and think things through for a while.

    I am certain that you have seen things that don’t quite make sense. Why does your Church force families to disconnect when one gets “disaffected”? Why does your Church require you to tell them that you look at “entheta” websites? Why does your Church put you on an E-meter and Sec Check you?

    It’s all about control; in this case spiritual and mind control. REAL Scientologists are supposed to look for themselves and make up their own minds, right? If that’s so, then why does DM’s Church try to keep people from looking?

    There is plenty of information out here in the Real World. Look at all the folks who have left. Look at all of the Execs who have left. Look at all of the St. Hill org members who were with LRH and are now declared SP.

    The Orgs are not “booming”. There are only about 40,000 Scientologists left world wide. Do some math-look at the stats for the Freewinds and Flag and ask yourself if there were really 10 million Scientologists worldwide, then if only 10% of them went OT, how big would Flag need to be?

    Good luck-I hope you figure all this out while you still have a shot at having a real life.

  101. Sherman is in the Hole for having not spoken so eloquently on behalf of the little tyrant. My vote is this is comment of the year. It deserves a post of its own. Thanks for the succinct sarcasm.

  102. Why is anybody even bothering to respond to Newbie? His comm is 1.1 with more than a dash of pure make-wrong.
    Newbie is probably DM!

  103. This video explains a lot to me. Definitely expands my KRC on the subject of the IAS, and has blown some charge I had on some past IAS cycles. Thank you.

  104. Here is some enlightenment. Think with it.

  105. That was one of the biggest betrayals for me as well. I used to proudly “disagree with the physical universe” for the IAS and try and persuade, or at least encourage, others to do so as well. It’s embarrassing and I feel completely duped, humiliated and ashamed for having done so and put my family’s financial well-being at risk. Imagine when some of the Freedom Medal winners finally get the truth, that they were completely used to bilk hundreds of millions of dollars for what they thought was a good purpose. I even got up with one of them during a reg event to jokingly get my new pin “whole track warrior style”, which would have been jabbing my new status pin directly into my chest as a display of courage, not that we actually did that, of course, but I thought I was really helping and being a part of something good. What a crock of shit. Makes me sick.

  106. Another tidbit of truth.

  107. I can’t wait for the day when DM including that drunk lawyer get hand cuffed and dragged off to jail.

  108. Tony DePhillips

    Newbie 666,
    You are too lame to almost even ack, but it is somewhat fun so I will.
    First of all the Sea Org doesn’t have internet access. This I have observed for myself at Flag. They keep the Sea Org away from anyone that may give them any “data” because it is so “dangerous”. You are a lame OSA bot. Feigning to be a lame Sea Org member. You are wasting your life away and that is the real sad part. You don’t even know it but one day you will WAKE UP and realize that you pissed your life away.

  109. Tony DePhillips

    You sound oddly similar to Snowhite. Except now you are putting out a bit more anger and trying to look like you are “sort of ” on board. YOU are an OSA-bot. I would bet $50 bucks on it. If you are not then give Marty your name and where you are from. Then maybe someone will take you seriously. BOT!!!

  110. Tony DePhillips


  111. Thanks for sharing this Jeff. When I knew or observed Janet, she operated with the reptilian part of her brain. Any ARC was feigned…for the most part. That was in Clearwater. Someone like her was not goaded into bad behavior by DM. Instead, he provided them an opportunity to act out their inner desires. Mithoff, Lesevre and Wilhere were not the same as that. They saw glory and power of some such sort of status….I’m confident they didn’t want to hit anyone. Maybe you get get together with some old Gold Staff and make your book into a movie. There’d be a lot of spin-offs. Could be a whole new tv show too. C.S.I. Hemet (pun noted…there are no accidents)

  112. Scott Campbell


    No need to explain.

    You know I love you bro. Just keepin’ it real for the “audience”.


  113. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Mike for the communication.
    If you want to find out what Scientologyis then read some of the books and get some auditing from an auditor outside of the “organized” church.
    That way you can side step all of the bullshit that we are telling you cn happen to you inside if the cult of miss savage.

  114. theystolemychurch

    You both are really good at explaining Scientology to people. Respect!

  115. Jeff,

    This is so terribly sad. One can’t help but speculate that she–like a beaten wife–is thinking that only if she can make it right with DM, it will all be good again. But of course, it never is. Robert Vaugn Young was on to the truth.

  116. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Jeff.
    I am glad you got out of there when you did. I am so happy that you have a good life now. Wow…what you must have gone through.
    I still am curious though, you MUST have gotten something out of Scientology for you to have stayed so long. It wasn’t ALL a big hoax to you was it?? You are much too smart to be hood winked for so long..

  117. Yeah, dude, how about going down to your CIC and looking at some STATS??! While you’re at it, go look at some long term stats.

    The entire point of this blog is not DM, but what he is holding down.

    I feel like the guy in the Geico commercial who throws the box of tissues at the puss lying on the couch.


  118. Karen B. and Valkov. This is an example of what helping on the 3rd and 4th dynamics should be like. I have family who have helped as VM’s and not just for the photo op. Real Scientologist’s are caring, compassionate and loving people. Enjoy this success – it will make up for part of what we didn’t get from the IAS fundings.

  119. Again, dude, what makes you think they haven’t?
    You must be an SO member. No one else is that naive.

  120. Tony DePhillips

    I think I need a cigarette now too OTDT….

    I can just see the BOTS reading this and saying “Yes!! keep up the good work DM!!”

  121. Tony DePhillips

    Matt!! Matt!! Matt!!

  122. Tony DePhillips

    Why don’t you go get your objectives put in???

  123. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe it is because I still have a few unhandled evil purposes and love to tease and bait idiots who try to trick and enslave others. I despise them and it is fun to mess with them. They think they are so clever and never really get that most can see right through them.

  124. Jim, I don’t understand why you want me to email you. Why shouldn’t the others read this too?

  125. OTDT, having a degree in Post Modernist Irony from UC Berkeley and having known DM for 27 years, I can say with a good amount of certainty that you have pretty much captured how this man thinks. He actually DOES justify things in this way and to this degree.
    You nailed it, and beautifully.
    Job really well done.

  126. That’s what I did and do, Samuel. I need evidence not just he said/she said.

  127. Because they give a damn? Don’t try to shot me, I just say it as I see it.

  128. Hi Mockingbird, I found that tape. But he says it was done by the prison warden of the whole track.

  129. RJ, if the FBI doesn’t do a thing then probably they can’t act on the he said/she said accusations either? Maybe these guys are thinking the same as I do: need evidence more than people just posting on the Internet.

    What I want to know is what you guys wrote to the FBI and what the FBI replied.

    Did anybody complain to the DOJ, Attorney General? What did he say?

  130. Loki, as a Scientologist, I want facts. All I ask is if you guys addressed the authorities and what they replied. Why is that “being used”?

    Nobody told me to post here.

    You want people to believe you but they may not ask any question?

  131. I’ll post the mails. G’head. Write.

  132. Newbe9999

    Look and know.

    Find the truth, brother – sister.


  133. Nationwide Title Clearance, a Scientologist run business/forclosure mill/robo-signer scam, is now headlined on Huffington Post for suing lawyers calling them on their shit:

  134. Newbie, You asked for evidence, I gave you evidence. You wanted proof. 15+ individuals constitutes proof. If you are really looking for evidence and proof, then you have it.

    Do you really need someone else to tell you what is obviously right in front of you?

  135. Scott Campbell

    Hmmmmm, indeed.

    Somethings coming to me… ah, yes.

    “The hardest task one can have is to continue to love his fellows despite all reasons he should not.

    And the true sign of sanity and greatness is to so continue.

    For the one who can achieve this, there is abundant hope.

    For those who cannot, there is only sorrow, hatred and despair. And these are not the things of which greatness or sanity or happiness are made.

    A primary trap is to succumb to invitations to hate.

    There are those who appoint one their executioners. Sometimes for the sake of safety of others it is necessary to act. But it is not necessary also to hate them.

    To do one’s task without becoming furious at others who seek to prevent one is a mark of greatness — and sanity. And only then can one be happy.

    Seeking to achieve any single desirable quality in life is a noble thing. The one most difficult — and most necessary to achieve — is to love one’s fellows despite all invitations to do otherwise.” — LRH

  136. Okay, I understand that some things aren’t easy to prove, and I have seen stats falling and raising. Entheta on org lines bring stats often down and not all is caused by those inside orgs.

    I have a real life.

    The FBI or police doesn’t act on low stats but on criminal wrongdoing.

    This blog is filled with allegations and opinions.

    I repeat again what I want to know: what are the criminal claims you guys are making, what claims did you report to the FBI or other authorities and what did they reply?

    My last posting for today. I’m not sure if I will be back. Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on your replies.

  137. Scott Campbell


    Instantaneous, unpredictable, suppressive.

    DM in a nutshell.

  138. The fence doesn’t look inviting but somebody could also steal on the inside and trying to get away over the fence from the inside.

  139. Scott Campbell

    Hey Jim,

    I know the percussionist in you will appreciate this.

    “I need more cowbell!”

  140. Can’t argue with logic like that……adding in a little evil purpose myself, perhaps.

  141. martyrathbun09

    I don’t want to convince people like you. Sayanora.

  142. martyrathbun09


  143. OTDT,
    And funny!

  144. Moving Forward

    So, you believe that the application of Scientology at Int has failed to such a degree that a razor-wire fence needs to be put up to prevent SO members from stealing things and leaving? Yes, this makes sense.

  145. Moving Forward

    Sadly, there are plenty of people still in who will lie and say none of this ever happened in order to try to protect the PR and legal standing of the Church – to them, that’s of higher importance than the truth. And most think it really is the right thing to do. In a perversion of LRH tech, they believe it is the ‘greatest good’. But this is reverse Scientology and it’s this exact mentality that has allowed everything being discussed on this blog to happen.

  146. Moving Forward

    I really love that essay. Thanks much for posting it!

  147. Moving Forward

    I think it may be something along the lines of the people on this blog being uptone and willing to give new posters the benefit of the doubt; not assuming that people are so openly dishonest, as this Newbie person did in basically stating that dedicated SO members are so out-ethics that things like razor wire fences need to be put up to keep them from stealing things and leaving.

    And if it’s just an OSA troll it really doesn’t matter to me. I don’t mind wasting my breath a little bit and I think some of the responses have been a great addition to the growing record that is this blog. That person is doing what they think is right because they’re still stuck in the mud. I’ve been there, I had that mentality to some degree, too.

    I hope this person is a troll because for sure the person will get in trouble for reading this site if they aren’t (even onlines public do), possibly even have to face the RPF, and I wouldn’t want to wish that on them.

  148. Why not stay on topic, “Newbie”? Which is the IAS.
    The IAS is a good candidate for “Most Suppressive organization in the world”.
    I so nominate it. Do I hear a second?
    Can you think of any other organization that has done more to:
    Undermine the survival of orgs worldwide, by impoverishing public everywhere by reging them for donations with no exchange, instead of encouraging or even letting them by auditing and training at their local orgs?

    Also by constantly demanding that staff “double-post” as IAS call-in and Event set-up, thus taking staff off post and making it difficult or impossible for them to do their actual posts?

    Can you think of any organization that has kept more people off the Bridge and prevented more people from getting training and auditing?
    If you can, please name it! Because there is no organization that has done scientology more harm. It is very fitting that the IAS was launched in1984.

    The IAS is and has been for along time the most aggressively and thoroughly suppressive organization on the planet. It has done nothing but attack and undermine delivery of Scientology services to the public, until now delivery of LRH auditing and training is virtually non-existent.

    Top IAS reges rake in 6-figure incomes as they openly denigrate scientology auditing and encourage people to “donate to the IAS instead. You’ll get more case gain.” Meanwhile S.O. members eat rice and beans.

    You and the other troll here have come out from under the bridge because the topic of this blog is the IAS – Chairman Maoscavige’s personal fundraising scam. You want to divert discussion away from this.

    I think you can look forward to protesters outside orgs carrying signs with messages like
    and many others. Because they are all true.

  149. Concerned Citizen

    Once again, “International Human Rights” day, celebrated worldwide on December 10th, is about to pass us by.
    I would like to contribute a post.

    In little more than 50 years, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been looked upon by many as perhaps the single most important document created in modern times. It is the universally accepted world standard for human rights. It learns extensively from humanities’ blood soaked past, raw and jagged as it has being and proposes life-preserving measures, but it also addresses the questions of dignity and freedom of conscience. It is seen as an essential foundation for building a world in which all human beings can peacefully coexist with tolerance and respect for one another. It envisions a future in which all men may look forward to living in dignity and peace, free to pursue the attainment of mans full potential

    For centuries Religious persecution has been used as a political tool for the propagation of hate and division among human beings. The lack of accord in religious ideologies created a fertile otherness, in which to breed that hate and division.

    But through history, there have also being numerous instances of religious freedom. For millennia, most Vedic traditions as well as Asian religious institutions saw religious freedom as natural.

    Later, ferocious warrior and conqueror, Alexander the Great, saw the value of it and sought to set an example decreeing the rights of all his subjects to their own beliefs and religious practices.

    In King John Sigismund’s Transylvania (now a part of Romania and Hungary) was issued the first known modern edict of religious freedom in 1568.

    Many struggles for religious freedom ensued in the centuries since then. A major step forward was taken with the advent of the new Country in America, formed in the basis of fundamental liberties, prominent among them, religious freedom.

    Thomas Jefferson, among innumerable other distinctions was, as he himself wrote in his grave stone, author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom, and Father of the University of Virginia’ a man I hold in immeasurable esteem and from whom to this very day I learn, wrote:

    from “Notes on the State of Virginia:”
    “Is uniformity attainable? Millions of innocent men, women, and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity. What has been the effects of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites.”

    “Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

    L Ron Hubbard himself recognized these truths and embraced both the declaration of Human rights and especially religious freedom. His main contribution to the world faces even today, a hefty measure of intolerance.

    It is no secret that the Official Church of Scientology loudly proclaims its respect for these ideals, and then tramples of the very rights of those who serve it, and seeks to circumvent the rights of those seek to practice Scientology independent of its jurisdiction.

    The hypocrisy of this fact is inescapable.

    Fortunately, we have also learned through the ages, that the surest way to lose a right is to fail to exercise it. We here every day do exercise those rights.

    I urge everyone here to adhere to the principles pronounced in this declaration. Let us celebrate the many abuses that those who speak up prevented and continue to work towards the attainment of the ideals in that declaration for all in all parts of the world.

    “He who has conquered weakness and has pushed away all selfish thoughts, belongs neither to oppressor nor oppressed. He is free” James Allen

    “Hatred is never ended by hatred but by love” Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.

    Happy Human Rights Day.

  150. Uh huh…..

    Your response tells me one thing and that is that you didn’t bother to read my post Newbie.

    So any further response would be a waste of time.

    However I will say this.

    And that your agenda in my opinion seems to be to prove that no crime has been committed because the forces of “law and order” haven’t intervened.

    A naive view at best.

    Evidence in itself of another form “brain washing” or “cognitive dissonance” or what have you which is claimed to be endemic to those who ascribe to a “cult” by those who supposedly “know” these things.

    Only they ignore the most insidious cult of all and that is the cult of the State.

  151. OTDT

    In my Christmas deluge, I have almost no time do anything but work, and occasionally take a little break, catch up on Marty’s blog and low and behold I read the above riveting post, more rapidly paced and spellbinding than any Alfred Hitchcock Movie !

    Beautifully written. Absolutely accurate.
    Satire and tongue-in-the cheek is powerful

    Carry on ! More posts like this !

    Greeting and thank you to all other posters…..I read them all on my breaks……I keep abreast.

    Happy Holidays and Bright Blessings to all.


  152. You do realize that your fixation on the FBI says more about you than anyone else?

    Oh, and the earlier comment about why people who were assaulted didn’t get a doctor report. I wasn’t there, but last time I looked, it doesn’t take a medical degree to attest to injuries.

  153. Thank you.

  154. Newbie. Your just a plant.

    Most here suspected it, but being willing to communicate the truth, many gave you the benefit of the doubt. But just as the church of scientology betrays, you do as well. Just another piece of a phoney beingness. Your a sad act.

  155. I have concluded you don’t want any answers. Good bye.

  156. Newbee,
    Asking for proof and the desire to be convinced is asking for agreements and that is how the bank is build. We’re in the opposite game of taking it down and that’s done by inspection so you can make up your own mind and increase your self determinism and freedom. I hope you’ll spend enough time on the dozens of questions by Sapere and Fancy and look forward to see you back (one day) with your own conclusions. It may be a long road but you got to start somewhere and if not here and now, you’ll do yourself and your juniors or seniors a great disservice as you can postpone and non confront it but that increases the problems for all.

  157. Newbie, you asked;
    “What I want to know is what you guys wrote to the FBI and what the FBI replied.”
    “Did anybody complain to the DOJ, Attorney General? What did he say?”

    Well, this isnt bpi, so please dont repeat it,but another round of raids are planned. They plan on hundreds of agents taking part. All the allegations were found totally credible. Even the IRS has a component going in. It took time to get all the ducks in a row. There have been so many valid complaints against the church in the press that they cannot ignore it any longer.
    You were right, they need more hard evidence, and this is how they plan on getting it. Where there is smoke , there is fire. They know this.
    You will see the letters sent in and their responses in the media, along with the rest of the country.
    Thanks for your interest in protecting religious freedom.

  158. Tony, you reponded to Out of Retirement with this;

    “You sound oddly similar to Snowhite.”

    Bingo. Take any prize on table 2.

  159. if u only new how many people from the melbourne field are watching these videos.its like everyone is coming out of the woodwork and having dinner partys just too talk about them.keep going guys,cant wait for my parents too elope to the indies…oh there were 12 people here last night wathing the vid….and then the phone calls started from sydney about the vids…

  160. Tory Christman

    I doubt they were leftovers from 87—-they looked far too new, and they style wasn’t that old. Funny about the Vamp Airline Attendants—good call 🙂

  161. Which is exactly why I posted the refund/repayment info. I think what he wanted and has succeeded at is diverting a lot of attention OFF the IAS matter.
    Take a look at it; this guy had the 2nd comment after M & M’s IAS video went up. He was sitting in wait, saw that video and got to work posting a comment geared to get people’s attention onto anything else. Kind of worked for some.
    Folks, you gotta stay vigilant. DM & his crew are pretty good at what they do…….. but we’re better. Take that OSA!

  162. Not saying that DM is any sort of nice guy, BUT … what he is doing, which is doing everything in his power to max out cash flow in the short run at the expense of the survival of Cof$ and/or even Scientology … makes sense IF someone were to believe that there IS NO LONG RUN.

    Back in 1980, at a Scientology mission in Connecticut, is when I first started hearing about a cabal of top banksters that were out to totally bankrupt the planet by the year 2000. The talk back in 1980 may have been a bit off time wise, but if you follow what is going on in the world via the web, it doesn’t take a genius to see that there is a planet wide currency crisis and the eventual collapse of fiat currencies world wide is imminent.
    DM could easily have friends in high places/intel that most of lack access to as to when this will occur, which without any specific intel is no more specific than months to years, perhaps even just weeks, but I doubt that.

    In otherwords, if the house of cards that is the current money system is about to fall, which would probably take Cof$ down with it … if you were the evil leader and saw it all coming and had intel as to the time table, why not grab every last cent you could?

    Check out this link:


  163. “Happy Human Rights Day.” I concur! Hallelujah!!

  164. I blame Marty. He is too busy trying to learn how to fish . These guys should be shown the door sooner rather than later. He is like a little kid holding a cat in front of the dogs face so the cat goes ballistic. Having fun Marty?

    The evil empire is sending them out in teams, like the Sith’s from star wars. Newbie and Out of retirement can stay a team and twin up on the RPF when they get sacked for being so obvious.

    But Watching eyes is correct. Their goal is to divert the attention. Fortunately the bull-bait allows us to sharpen our own positions and restate the facts concerning abuse,etc. Overall its an innefective tactic as the defense of anything is untenable. Its a delaying tactic of a retreating army.

    Anyone who posts here with their “questions” that they are “honestly trying to get answered” is full of shit, especially if they say they are on staff. Think about it, would any of us have done that, then or now? NO.

  165. Scott Campbell


    You’re actually helping them by doing this. Getting them to look.

  166. Good point about Janet Light being reptilian. I don’t think being married to David (the Shark) Light for all those years did her any good. Imagine living with him.

    I saw them one Saturday morning on the Freewinds years ago, sitting together in the canteen, dressed in civies and watching a dull movie. I was in the corner writing and contemplating the grey, stagnant fog that hovered around their faces. No one else was watching the movie, just them.

    They sat, straight-backed and not speaking a word, completely zero ARC, never once looking at each other for the entire time. No joy whatsoever. When it was over, they stood up silently and walked out of the room. I was dumbfounded by what I saw.

    Some years later, I saw that she had a new last name and a new photo of herself in which she actually looked happier and I thought, “Well, that looks more like her true beingness.”

    She must have reinfected herself from the contaminated environment and influence from the Hitter In-Charge. David Light always looked like he wanted to hit somebody.

    People wind up being kicked out and put into the hole and RPF anyway, with many eventually leaving on their own, so I still don’t understand why someone doesn’t simply balance out the flow before they leave and just haul off and deliver a nice, calculated powerhouse right to the jaw of the next person that hits them. It would be the right thing to do.

  167. Scott Campbell


    Pretty soon you guy’s will “chuck a sickie” from the org and get Scientology at a mate’s rate from the new “down under” Indie field!

    Keep us posted on Indie delivery in the Land of OZ, mate.


  168. WE,
    I saw your comment. You know I always appreciate your diligence in this. I was willing to grant some beingness and steer Newbie to some facts but it is very obvious facts were the last thing wanted. Below I kept on the IAS topic. Thanks for your backup. Now back to topic at hand. Enjoy your day, as Independent’s we always have a day of freedom.

  169. Valkov,
    Thank you, I really enjoyed this data. On the subject of “Human Rights” this is also in the title of the group CCHR. I know IAS likes to take credit for everything CCHR does. Wonder why they hide its original creation.

    CCHR was created by Mary Sue! It had a much cleaner purpose then, which was to clean up the abuses in the field of psychiatry. IAS just sort of stole the name and made it into some psycho attack dog. Just like other things – CCHR has to make the total environment around it entheta, evil, suppressive, etc. Yeah, makes sense to show how dangerous the environment is.

    So back to the subject, Human Rights is a very good thing. Too bad we don’t see more of it for the SO members and the Scientology field.

    Someday, someday – the wall will come tumbling down and the vermin will have no where to hide. Thank you for your help in this journey toward freedom for all. We are already free, others need a little help.

  170. CC,
    I really enjoyed this cogent piece. This is truth. This is really what part of the game is. I posted under Valkov above but thought it fits here also that CCHR, although usurped by the IAS as an attack dog against a dangerous environment was originally started by Mary Sue. It was to clean up the field of mental health. IAS, under DM, has turned it into a destroyer of things.

    Last I read LRH gave us the tech to change things. Not just destroy what we consider we don’t want. Yeah, guess it slipped my mind, that must have been part of the “old” tech. I never saw any GAT materials for learning how to make this a better world. It changed to – my way or the highway.

    Anyway, here is to real Human Rights. Freedom and dignity for all who live here. Only the evil need to stay in the controlled zones. That isn’t all who disagree with DM, more like DM and his henchman.

    Lets flourish and prosper and enjoy Happy Human Rights Day. Thank you.

  171. No matter what I try, I can’t get sound on any of the video to come on. Is anyone else having this problem?

  172. Sapere Aude,
    I recorded and watched the whole show. It was very moving and what I liked most about it was that these acts were all done to better the lives of the people in need with no other agenda than to help.

    There was an interesting parallel to the work that Mike and Marty are doing with the clip of the man who had once planted land mines as a soldier in the Khmer Rouge and is now removing them one at a time so that no more can be hurt frome their destruction.

    We all make mistakes. It is what one does after recognition of these mistakes that is really important. I am glad that Scientology has found people like Marty, Mike, Jeff et all to help us correct the mistakes we have all made which resulted in the collapse of the church. It serves us well in defining Scientology as a philosophy rather than an organization that calls itself a church. There is nothing holy or spiritual about the COS.

  173. Out Of Retirement

    Thank you Saper, Jim and Scott for your very important feedback on this.

    NO! NOWHERE In L. Ron Hubbard books does it say *HATE* SP’s in those exact words. It is David Miscavige’s personal choice to decide to not get along with whom he pleases. But, there is the Fair Game tactic, that has never actually been cancelled.

    Depriving an SP of property, or ruining one utterly by revealing such a person’s “hidden background” to their professional partners is a form of love?

    Many people here are OT, people that have actually done the levels, and there would have been no need to even do them is a long time ago a certain being had not mocked up something that only later L. Ron Hubbard would tell people was the act of an SP on the whole time track. That being, and the associated creatures are the one and the ones that started this whole mess in the first place that people should be here on Earth with case today.

    For a person to walk down to the drug store after having completed OT V and see an SP working behind the counter and just say “Oh. There is one of them now, from way back, well I’ll just act like their not there”. To the betterment of who? I cannot disagree with that one point knowing about events like the Holocaust which many people were an unwilling part of.

    Why flow any kind of power to any one that caused this Earth to be this way?

    David Miscavige has people to everything for him. He NEVER has to go out and mingle with SP’s. When he goes to an event so give a speech, if an SP is also a guest, it is because someone from the Org he is giving a speech at invited the SP to be there on account of the speech he will give. I cannot agree more with that truth.

    I do not know that what you say is untrue at all, that David Miscavige has harmed people in the church behind the scenes and is willing to do so given the slightest opportunity. I have read several paragraphs of people that were beaten by him, or abused in some way, but they seem fine now, not deformed or maimed at all for life. So, I am reading but not commenting on all, until I do get more facts and can verify that not everyone’s fate that has left the church, was brought on by something they either did or didn’t do that shouldn’t or should have been done.

  174. Newbie,
    You don’t need nor want evidence. That is obvious by the posts and answers further down this blog. What you need is Reality. You are so unreal, and with your head so close your nose is brown, that you can’t handle the truth when it is given to you. Every piece of data given to you was rejected by you. Go home. When the sh.t hits the fan and this charade of the kingdom of DM implodes I know we will know who you are by all the stains on you from being so close. Bi.

  175. Tony DePhillips

    Nice tune.
    Thanks or posting it S-A.

  176. OTDT Darlin,

    Forget about the cigarettes…break out the big, honking cigars.

    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  177. Marty,
    I have a complaint for the video editor. The end of this video clip was cut short and we didn’t get to see your catch!!! We are all left with a big mystery!

  178. Newbie9999: Because your diction is slipping startlingly, and your logic is increasingly specious, I’m not sure I’m speaking to the person who began as Newbie9999, but I’ll give you a final reply.

    Newbie: “Because they give a damn?” If you’re too busy on your “SO” post to go back to The Truth Rundown and come forward, settle for the BBC Panorama production. Does Tommy Davis look and sound like he doesn’t give a damn?

    Newbie9999: “Don’t try to shot me, I just say it as I see it.” I wouldn’t “shot” a newbie for saying what he saw – if he looked, first. You, however, show no evidence of having looked. That means you are a CFR or a DFR or a troll. I won’t “shot” you, or shoot you, but I will ignore you completely.

    CFR – can’t f**n’ read
    DFR – doesn’t f**n’ read

  179. Out,
    I apoligize for not fully tracking with your comm in response to myself, Scott and Sapere. What I’m sorta getting is that DM has selected out for randomity, ‘SPs’. Having selected this area, he has reliquished cause and now is effect (by choice, so as to have randomity). Now, being effect of his own decision to be so, he is justified in seeing/experiencing SPs at every hand and attempting to avoid being effect by not-ising the SPs. Which is in fact a not-ising of his own postulate to be effect in the first place, which of course ends in the problem persisting.

    And this makes sense how?

  180. You forgot to mention that the IAS is used to fund attacks on groups that really are applying standard tech in the field. Giving them any money at all is a HUGE overt.

  181. No mail from Newbie. Neither is there any mail from the hundreds, if not hundreds of average SO members with iPads, laptops, cell phones and various other internet connected, open accessing devices, as they meander in the Worker’s Paradise DM has provided them.

    Too busy getting the stats down?

  182. I think Moving Forward’s reply would come closest to mine. I would add a couple things: Can we dispense with this notion that it is “he said/she said?” The accusors are in fact many, and while acquainted, are not discernably involved in heading in the same direction with Scientology. And they relay the same stories about certain events or similar stories about different events. It takes a closed mind to read and watch their stories and conclude they are all lieing.

    The denials come from those who must still rely on being in the good graces of DM in order to, as they believe, have a chance at securing their eternity. On motives alone you can infer who is telling the truth.

    Another thing to consider when talking about the Feds: it is reasonable to think that those with the greatest knowlege of wrongdoings within the COS may not have the cleanest of hands themselves. Maybe that is a button newbie9999 is trying to push.

  183. SO members do not have access to Marty’s site. There are filters in place that prevent them from looking and getting this type of data. Also their schedule with non-stop production pressure and 24/7 control down to an inch of their lives does not ever permit them to go out and post blogs for hours at an internet cafe or library.

    Newbie9999, I honestly feel sorry for you being in OSA/RTC wasting your time, sleep and efforts just for the sake of one sick jackass lunatic. If you cannot see that, you deserve to be where you are.

  184. The “most ethical people on the planet” would steal stuff from their own Church? Who’d a thunk it?

  185. “lucy” wrote:

    “Legally it might be hard to get DM and his goons for abuse and human trafficking, but what can take them down is all the illegal things they do using other companies. (airlines, etc..). Their illegal intel methods might just be the thing that takes them down!”


  186. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Mr. or Mrs. Newbiee,

    My name is Gary Morehead. aka. Jackson. I was the Security Chf at the Int Base. I’m gonna assume you knew me.

    First fact, you post here anonymously. I don’t. This is a FACT.

    2nd Fact, There is NO REASON for you to not post with a factual identity. Tell us your name, post, where and how you can be reached etc.. No second rate excuses as to why you can not. If you don’t state the truth, by definition you will be lying. You then can not be trusted.
    I can assure you that I am trusted. I tell the truth! Another FACT.

    Let me remind you of something…. Axiom 38

    ” 1. Stupidity is the unknownness of consideration.
    2. Mechanical definition: Stupidity is the unknownness of time, place, form and event.
    1. Truth is the exact consideration.
    2. Truth is the exact time, place, form and event.
    Thus we see that failure to discover truth brings about stupidity.
    Thus , then , we percieve that we can achieve a persistence only when we mask a truth.
    Lying is an alteration of time, place, event or form.
    Lying becomes alter-isness, become stupidity.
    Anything which persists must avoid as-isness.
    Thus, anything to persist, must contain a lie.” LRH

    If you have done your home work, you will know as FACT that David Miscavige reads this blog DAILY.

    Once you post your identity and FACTS, count the seconds it takes for “HCO” to “BRING ORDER” on your ass. Funny thing is, all you did was bring forth FACTS and look for FACTS. You will not be afforded FACTS by the “HCO BRINGING ORDER” mob I can guarentee you. You know as well as I do that the sun will rise and set tomorrow right?? Well you and I know HCO will bring order unto your ass if you do post here with your own facts and identity… you know… FREEDOM of SPEECH.

    Having said all of that, whay are Sea Org Members so scared of David Miscavige when they thenselves have not seen him beat staff or committ crimes? Are you fearfull because of what you have “heard?”. If not then….. Go ahead, test the water. It’s fine, really!

    Another fact, your life will be totally different from that moment on. It will be a life changing event! For ever and ever.

    Question? Have you watched MY St. Petersburg Times Video or read the article?

    I walked the walk pal! I saw David Miscavige physically beat Marc Yeager and others. I saw him make church execs deficate into bags in the broad open amongst many many other things. These are undeniable facts.

    Have I reported these you ask? Yes I have. Is that good enough for you? I am going to suppose it is not. I ask you then, what should I do?

    I will do my Jimbo one better…. here is my e-mail AND phone number. I ALWAYS make my self available to those who have questions and to those in need of or ask for help.

    Phone: 626 712 0668

    You will find a very willing person on the other end to answer questions or to help someone in need.

    Have a good day!

    — Jackson

  187. Freedom Fighter

    Valkov, you get a strong second from my camp. I’ll add to what you’ve written by pointing out that the IAS is also the biggest Merchant of Chaos group I’ve ever encountered — even more than the press. “Donate now or you, Scientology, and the whole world as you know it will cease to exist!”

    Where’s my fly swatter . . . ?

  188. FF: “It’s another example of how DM uses overwhelm to control those around him.”

    Yes, it goes back to the recurrent and multiply faceted use of overwhelm: in this case, overwhelming force.

  189. Theo Sismanides

    If you need evidence why don’t you tell me why the Translations Series HCOBs are not applied and why was I persecuted as TU DIR EU when I insisted on their application? Go figure out!

  190. Theo Sismanides

    Moving Forward, you are right, they do it in order to try to protect the PR and legal standing of the Church or even more precisely that of Scientology.

    However, as more people are going to know that Scientology is Independent AGAIN, they are no longer gonna do that. Actually less and less are going to be protecting the so called Church. Just a viewpoint.

  191. loki | December 11, 2010 at 10:07 am | Reply

    Newbie, you asked;
    “What I want to know is what you guys wrote to the FBI and what the FBI replied.”
    “Did anybody complain to the DOJ, Attorney General? What did he say?”

    Well, this isnt bpi, so please dont repeat it,but another round of raids are planned. They plan on hundreds of agents taking part. All the allegations were found totally credible. Even the IRS has a component going in. It took time to get all the ducks in a row. There have been so many valid complaints against the church in the press that they cannot ignore it any longer.”

    Fascinating thread.

    If there is a real cat and a real bag the cats out of it.

    This post for real?

  192. Completely nonsequitur. The reference is an HCOPL. It says what it says.

  193. “Monique Yingling (a non-scientologist attorney)”
    I realize that Monique was long seen as a ‘hired gun’ rather than an ‘in’; especially when she was functioning as a purely ‘tax attorney’. But, in the meantime, there are a number of Yinglings who have shown up on completion lists, and, it seems unlikely that Monique would be thrilled at her progeny being Scientologists if she weren’t herself one. Maybe Mike, who has been the target of her ‘less-than-tax’ input, can shed some light.

    Joe Lynn

  194. Hery Newbie 666″How do you want to convince people like me who do not just want to trust what you are saying but want to see proof or governmental agencies acknowledging your claims?”
    Your attempt at discrediting is very weak at best and let me simply tell you why.
    As you are on fenced in on the inside and forbidden to freely exchange ideas with the very people you are supposed to be salvaging let’s give you a task to do if you really are honest about ” your” doubt?
    Go about in casual attire and hang out in cafes or any place where people congregate and strike up conversations where you ask them what do they think about this Church of Scientology without letting on you are a Scientologist.
    I already know the majority of responses you will get so “while keeping your TRs in’ don’t be shocked.
    All this bad PR cannot be relegated to the” SP’s” because you will get enough instances of persons knowing of a friend of a friend or family member etc.that had an unpleaseant experience with this Church of $.
    You do this task enough times and the objective to “salvage the planet” (IAS claim in their promo) on the present course Church of $ is embarked will be obvious false PR.
    This drill can be done by anyone Scientologist or not.
    The bottom line is the Church of $ has horrible PR and getting worse due to their altering from their original scriptures and concentrating on bilking their members for all they are worth (new Int stratedgy).
    Now do you have the guts to do it or not is the question .
    Face it the veil of lies and deceit is coming into full view as one poster earlier here stated a quote from Ghandi “the means is the end”.

  195. What have I learned from the IAS ?

    It is so easy to create a dangerous environment – and then make the good guys hand over their funds to solve the danger.

    What do the good guys get ? The feeling that they are good guys.

    What do the bad guys get ? The money.

  196. Scott,
    I believe one was freed from the RPF last week and I am sure there were smiles all around. I expect Shane is enjoying his freedom. I also expect splog to be rather happy also. You guys have your own side of the ocean to handle. I am glad you guys get together, watch vids, chat and create a new game. This is the Independent Scientology movement. No structure. Just the tech and thetans free to think and act for themselves.

    And I agree with Scott 100 percent on keeping us posted on your wins and activities. I presume many of you are already involved, via the blog, etc. Carry on Mate’s! Cheers!

  197. Concerned Citizen

    Amen Amen,
    We’d do well to remember that once we too were blinded so, it was the care and patience of those who care that gave us the chance to see. If we extend that to others, we might shine more light than we ever thought we would. Making someone wrong for being blind does not wake them up one bit. We want to wake people up don’t we? Good for you moving on.

  198. Tory Christman

    Newbie9999—-Here is what you are running into. ALL of us who are here, have in one way or another, witnessed the Office of Special Affairs and their attempts to “get info”, or slime people exposing their abuses.

    Yaude (who works for OSA) used to ask me, back in the 90’s when I was still “In”, to “Go on the Net, type in NOTS and see if you can find who says they have NOTS material,
    and tell me”. I tried it once, didn’t like doing it, so I gave up—but I KNOW that program is still in place.
    People are doing what is right. What have you done? That’s the question. Anyone can sit at their typewriter and “question…
    Why don’t you do_____?”
    First off, it’s none of your business–per your own tech as a Scientologist, you are in “non-E” here, and are coming in demanding info? GO CLEAR NON EXISTANCE!
    That’s my first thought.

    Secondly, even if someone answered you, you can’t handle the truth—so it’ll
    ALWAYS be “just this one more thing”.
    I’ve watched you all, posted with you all, for 10 years.
    This IS your drill, which you fail at, over and over and over.
    Turn in your “Stats”::::: FAIL.
    PS: Davey boy: Tick tock, Tock Tock……:)

  199. Tory Christman

    LOL! I just posted this above, Newbie9999:
    “Secondly, even if someone answered you, you can’t handle the truth—so it’ll ALWAYS be “just this one more thing”.
    I’ve watched you all, posted with you all, for 10 years.
    This IS your drill, which you fail at, over and over and over.
    Turn in your “Stats”::::: FAIL.
    PS: Davey boy: Tick tock, Tock Tock……:)”

    Thanks for proving my point. This IS what they do: twist things OFF of the Facts, onto one line that has *nothing* to do with the point, to “prove” your point. FAIL, and FAIL again. Thanks for the Saturday laugh 🙂

  200. Tory Christman

    WE……….100$ correct.
    Thank you. To anyone reading this:
    IAS—They never delivered what they promised.
    Money on Account—every dime counts. It’s your money-
    get it.
    That’s a good start.
    Stay on topic, and enjoy the day~ ! 🙂

  201. Loki and Watching Eyes,
    An attempt to divert, yes. Will it ever work here, NO. The only thing can be to divert us from one example of insanity under DM to another example. As a defense diversion can only work when diverting from something good or defensible. Suppression is never defensible. It comes across as a drill for us to spot the outpoints.

    We will merrily carry on exposing, discussing and educating about the suppression and insanity that reign’s in the DM kingdom. I am glad I am on the side of the good guys. What a bum feeling to be those that try to “handle” us. First they get a failed purpose on “handling” us, then they get knocked around in ethics for being reasonable, and then they have to go back to post with those “doubts” planted in their head from what they read after having just experienced personally what they thought we were “nattering” about. Now the real doubts.
    Ah, tis the season…

  202. No Joe,
    It’s Agent 99, a hired “PI” or bot with no knowledge of being in the SO and acting in that beingness with intelligence of the “Get Smart” series & lines similar to the Jerry MacGuire film: “Show me da Money!” perverted to “show me da truth” in TR3 mode, showing up at the first reply of the blog.

  203. Sure. Janet has two sons – Danny & Carl Light who were also working in the IAS Danny in Clearwater and Carl at the Freewinds. Not sure if they’re still there, as they would probably be loyal to Janet.

  204. OOR,
    I want you to go to a Tech Dictionary and look up hate. I will make it easier for you
    “HATE, 1. a total ridge (5904C08)
    2. around 1.5 on the tone scale affinity has almost reversed itself. Its dissonance has become hate, which can be violent and is so expressed. Here, actually we have a factor of entheta repelling theta. (SOS, p. 56)

    I will agree DM hates. He doesn’t just hate SP’s. He hates whomever he wants or doesn’t want to. As the definition states he can express this as violence – which he has many times.

    You and I can totally agree on the Hate issue. You believe it is hatred of SP’s. I believe it is hatred of whatever – at that tone level no communication is possible. He just hates. Hates the staff, his food, his berthing, his travel arrangements, and anything else he directs the hatred toward.

    The point is that as the head of Scientology this hatred and psychotic behavior is destroying an organization where in many staff and public believed they could get total freedom. Much like the IAS, this has become a “ne plus ultra” of bait and switch. The end result is a lie.

    Only the true data will fit on the road to truth. It is true there are SP’s and over the long haul they have created the mess we have today on planet earth. It is just as true that the LRH tech to handle and move out of this “crap bucket” also exists.

    I believe you agree that SP’s have made your life less survival oriented. Well, DM is one of those SP’s. Just look over the facts and compare to what LRH says about true SP’s and you will know this for yourself. That knowledge will help set you free, help lift a burden from your shoulders, and help you move forward to whatever goals you have.

  205. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    G’day pickaboo, it’s about time Melbourne followed Sydney’s lead! We did try, two years back nearly half the Sydney field left the CofS forever. I sent a letter to everyone I knew in the Melbourne field.

    Good luck, and thanks for working on those stragglers from nth of the border!

    The CofS is on the ropes in Australia and the big hits are still to come. 😉

  206. Sapere Aude, I watched the above clip on CNN and it truly touched me. This is the type of thing I wanted to participate in when I was part of the church. It was not there. It was about photo ops and that was such a turn-off. There are so many wonderful things happening in this world that one can do to help others and so much support for this type of thing. I just heard about what Bon Jovi is doing and it is great.

  207. OTDT, nice, got my attention!

  208. Tony DePhillips

    I will take the stainless steel cigar cutter please..

  209. Never liked any caste system. And this “CASTE SYSTEM” which IASA was presenting neighter.
    I have no problems with “authority”, if somebody earns it and deserves it and shows the proper behavour and applies his knowledge, no matter what rank and in which position.
    But this attetude of “being better” just because of a (false) standard an some
    magnetude of status-think combined with arrogance is not appropriate- actually it just sucks!
    So I even thought, when I still belived in the good cause of the IASA. And now it all makes sense, knowing now of the source of this sick status-think and the real purpouse behind it.

  210. Tony DePhillips

    Now that is sexy!!

  211. Karen B.
    Thank you for your response. There are many good people in the world trying and working in what way they can to better conditions. There is also a team in the former Yugoslavia volunteering to remove land mines. Just as many of us, when one sees the truth, the ethical being attempts to right the wrongs from the past. None of us are angels.

    I have always felt Scientology, the philosophy and the technology, were to make life for all better. There is no US vs THEM. Every person on earth is part of our dynamics. Some we may choose to help first. Some we will leave to the very last. I don’t believe any who post here have evil intentions to do in another. This is not to say that some wouldn’t mind if the person handled his case in some other lifetime for whatever reason. We are all basically good.

    Everything spiritual has left the COS except for some of the dreams and wishful thinking of many public and many of the staff. All of those who can’t, or won’t, confront the existing scene still “want” to believe they do it for a greater cause. This “want” will not make the truth any more pallitable when it is before their face and they cannot turn away from it.

    Even the stats being bragged about at events are all MEST. Buildings, books, specks removed from films, showings of films, etc. All are MEST. We don’t hear about student completions, WDAH’s, number of Clears and OTs, etc. These are theta products to be measured. Either the stats are down, or more likely, these aren NOT considered important enough AND the stats are down. What is bragged about, MEST stats, is what DM is proud of – a sad state of affairs we have here.

    The IAS status awards are only a measure of MEST. How ironic, something as theta and spiritual as true Scientology, and one’s ranking is by how much MEST (money) they gave. Not service, not auditing or making clears, nothing theta – your status is MEST. I don’t think this aligns at all with the LRH reference on what he thinks of auditors. He considers auditors the most valuable – not who gave the most money. That is about as low as it gets. No different than how staff are treated. They are meat bodies, to either move and boss around, or rudely play with and mistreat.

    When the day comes that the current public still forwarding and supporting this confront their overt – that will be a true severe reality adjustment. Not one to their body, this SRA will be straight to their soul, the essence of their beingness, and the person will then confront their level of goodness and badness and what they did when they had the choice.

    I bet after that the ranking, which is all a status is, will not be in the same order as the current status ranking in the IAS. Truth will prevail for all to see where one really is in relation to the rest of the group, and to the rest of mankind. I look forward to that day. I believe you do also. Thank you for being here and allowing me to journey at your side.

  212. Tony DePhillips

    Making them wrong feels so good though..

    Thanks Scott for the words of encouragement.

    My true feelings are that if these OSA bots are trying to keep people trapped then they are not good people in PT. Of course they are basically good, but now they are in a suppressive valence.
    Since they are doing the work of an SP I feel that they deserve to be spoken down to. That is an ethics gradient, speaking derrogatorily to others about someone. It is too low of a gradient, but it is in the direction of them getting brought to justice. Ruining someones financial future in the name of help which becomes betrayal is not a small thing. Therefore I have no mercy on these OSA bots. I hope that they get everything that they deserve. Just the fact tht they are in the condition they are in speaks volumes. I am so glad that I am not as blind and naive and evil as they are. I used to be blind and naive but never as evil.

  213. Pete, get a grip. You cannot possibly accept coffee break conspiracy theories from Connecticut mission field as prophecy.

    If anyone thought there was going to me a monetary meltdown, they wouldnt be amassing cash. Money is an idea backed by confidence. If a million bucks only buys a loaf of bread, you would be amassing flour, sugar, canned goods,etc.

    DM isnt wired into anything on fiscal issues. He may feel THERE IS NO LONG RUN, but it has more to do with the truth catching up to him.

    Squeezing every dime out of anyone they can is the church in its final phase. Its death throes, if you will. Flying down the road to riches and about to go right off the cliff.

    The IAS is not a strategy, its an accessory to a crime.

  214. IO
    Agreed, and in order to match their reality and maintain ARC you might have to add a little ev purp. That is what is real to them. That allows the Communication to occur and possibly their understandings would come up. Ev purp is really where they live – its just we would like them to live somewhere else. That area isn’t one we are familiar to live in nor do we want to dwell there. We are still enjoying moving on up a little higher!

  215. Scott Campbell

    Right on, Right on, Right on, Homeslasher.

  216. Out Of Retirement

    OK, Sapere, I have no quarrel with that. And I don’t want to frustrate you with “lack of mass” type questions. But, there was not always a David Miscavige in the church that you and others here describe.

    So, it can be agreed that David Miscaviges methods are not to everyone’s liking, not that I say you are wrong, but, Sapere, before there was a David Miscavige who was the big church SP then?

    I have to go run and do some Christmas shopping, but i will be thinking about you! 🙂

  217. Jackson,
    I am having a great day. I think Newbie has some truthful data from you to chew on. I notice, there hasn’t been any quick response. Either no internet anymore or your spoonful of truth didn’t match up to his trying to think with what he/she was told. I don’t think it matched up to any preconceived ideas either. Oh well, whether Newbie agrees or not doesn’t change what is true. You and I know, when the fake evil walls come down, the truth will still be standing.

    It never ceases to amaze me, that some think if they just keep repeating an untruth it will change into the truth. We know it doesn’t happen that way. What is true is what you find to be true – not what you want to be true. Observations are not the same thing as needs or wants. Observations of what truly IS trumps the needs or wants any day of the week, when it comes to comparing truth.

  218. Han.

    Using the button of the “ultimate good” as a cover for doing despicably evil things is a strategy that has been used on the whole track since time immemorial.

    Fictionally Soltan Gris used this strategy by setting up a “Charitable” Clinic in Turkey to alter the appearance of International criminal fugitives in ‘Mission Earth’.

    When I read that part of the book my immediate thought at the time (and this was back in the mid ’80’s) was the ‘IAS’.

    At that time being a good Scientologist hadn’t yet equated to what being a “good German” meant in the ’30’s and ’40’s but still I had qualms about it just like the average American has qualms about accepting the fact that their “premier” Intelligence Agency has been involved in dealing drugs, supporting criminal gangs and terrrorists and propping up despicable despots in the name of “making the world ‘safe’ for democracy” or “fighting communism”.

    So I dismissed that thought as “ludicrous” even though I had my disagreements with the IAS and thought they were somewhat fascistic and fanatic.

    For example they took a Pre OT that was OT Preps I had just finished doing an End of Endless Int Repair Rundown on and locked him in a small airless room for several hours while they “regged” for every last dime!

    Needless to say all my work was almost wasted and I had to do further extensive repair on int because of this.

    Of course I also dismissed the thought at the time that they were a “bunch of Suppressive and malicious little bastards whose idea of a good time was wrecking case gain and that they all should be declared and expelled” while I was repairing the case as well.

    But I digress….

    If there is any activity that is as unScientological and Suppressive as the IAS(Ps) that claims to be a “Scientology” activity I can’t think of one other than RTC.

    As far as I’m concerned they are both False Flags.

    False-Flag according to the ‘Historical Dictionary
    of International Intelligence by Nigel West:

    (Begin fair use)

    FALSE FLAG. The recruitment of a source by a case officer who misrepresents his own allegiance. This expedient may be the only way of acquiring cooperation, and it was a favorite strategy of intelligence
    agencies that would not otherwise expect active assistance from targets.
    For example, in the early 1950s Israel’s Mossad ran a false-flag
    office in the Federal Republic of Germany with the assistance of
    Ze’ev Avni to cultivate Germans employed on missile development
    projects in Egypt. Similarly, Robert Thompson posed convincingly
    as a Central Intelligence Agency officer in East Berlin to persuade
    NATO diplomats to collaborate in what he claimed were highly secret

    (End fair use)

    As you can see the definition doesn’t require that much modification if any to apply.

  219. Newbie, there are no cameras, iPhones, cell phones or any means of recording what goes on there. No one in the hole will be able to give you much proof unless they get out with leftover bruises or something, PLUS they need to realize fast enough that they can and should go to “authorities.” At the base there is no concept of going elsewhere for help with an injustice, physical or mental abuse, sleep deprivation, being confined, etc. They would have to figure that out while their injuries are still visible. They would have to come out of the frame of mind about how they deserved the treatment they were getting. I guarantee you they didn’t “deserve” it and everyone figures that out sooner or later. But the bruises are gone.

    The only way some of these stories could be better documented is if someone else got out and told his/her stories as well. Then the stories would start matching up.

    But do use your own powers of observation too. What group needs to call and call and demand attendance at an event and push SO heavily for more and more money? How many Class V auditors has your nearest “ideal org” made in 2010? How have you gotten up the Bridge or how are you going to do it? It used to be a LOT easier, more fun, and tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars less expensive.

    Or, if you’re a troll, think about it anyway. You’re workin’ for the wrong people. Get a real job, make yourself some real money and get out of the useless pressure cooker and enjoy your life. It *can* be done.

  220. @Newbie9999: You are Sea Org, not OSA and have Internet access to post on Church of Scientology’s #1 Enemy’s Blog on your own, unmonitored and not under the supervision of someone who *is* OSA? Really?

    What kind of morons do you take us for here, seriously ? You are almost certainly a troll, whether one of OSA’s , an Anonymous or one of the anti-Co$ so-called critics is pretty much irrelevant.

    As for evidence, we have multiple eyewitness accounts from victims or persons who directly observed such events. C of $ even admitted to a long term pattern of physical abuse at Int Base in public rebuttals to the St. Petersburg Times [i]Truth Rundown[/i] article series, posted along side the videos of those making the accusations.

    Michael A. Hobson

  221. Sinar,

    Would you believe that CONTROL’s incompetent bumbling “super spy” Maxwell Smart is actually Agent 86 and that it is his babalosious side kick who is known as 99

    The following is just another day on the job for our intrepid Newbie of making the world safe for Miscavige and his “friends”:

    Enjoy 🙂

  222. Yes Newbie, here you go, take careful note and you will get a commendation for turning in this great intel: The FBI has been informed, quite a great number of times, the DOJ, the Atty General, the CIA, ATF, DEA, CSI, NCIS, every group of letters you can imagine, and they are A-L-L out to get DM. 😉

  223. Do you know what the colors are for an issue/hard copy by COB?

  224. Tory,

    Are you saying that OSA actually urged people to post confidential data on the web!!!!!!


    I mean talk about a direct suppressive intention to overwhelm and suppress!!!!


    I revise my earlier statement to the effect that OSA makes the GO look like Girl Guides and Boy Scouts!!!

    They make ’em look like fuckin’ saints.

    I can’t think of anything more despicably evil that a “Scientologist” could do. Especially one as highly trained as Bill Yaude.

    Yaude if you are reading this I suggest you go all the way back to the comm course (in the independent field of course where there is a chance for you to receive Standard Tech) and work your way back to Class VIII again!!!

    Yes I know that Ron made up R2-45 as a joke but I’m pretty sure in your case he’d make an exception in your case!!!

    Sheesh and double sheesh.





    Sorry Tory.

    As Sargio likes to say I got a bit sudden.

    My ire in no way was directed toward you.

  225. RJ,

    yes, the “ultimate good” button … and the concept of “faith in” ( e.g. the IAS speakers or the c.o.b. ).

    “Faith in” being a low scale concept according to Scn 8-8008, as opposed to “faith” ( the real high scale thing ).

    What they did to your Int RD pc … hair-raising 😦

    One could ( and probably should ) make a sitcom of such occurences. E.g. an IAS speaker talking about promoting human rights … and right afterwards the doors are being closed and nobody / nothetan may leave until they have coughed up enough $$$.

    Wouldn’t that fit into another episode of South Park ?

  226. OOR,
    What makes you think part of Scientology is to have a “big church SP?” If that is what you think then I suggest reading some basic books. SP’s are Suppressive Persons, antisocial personalities and don’t want people to get better. My, and many others’, experiences in Scientology are that we did get better. LRH stated in a lecture mid 60’s that there have only been a couple of true SP’s ever on any organizations lines.

    We are discussing the actions of a person, DM, who just happens at this time to head the Church. The church doesn’t need nor want an SP. I notice you keep saying David Miscaviges methods are not to everyone’s liking. Can you name any person that these methods are to their liking?

    A suppressive person is out of PT and fighting non existent battles in their mind. They do not perceive the real present time so target those around them. The SP in their mind cannot differentiate between the non-existent opponent in their personal mental battle from the real people around them. These SP’s are not needed nor wanted for anything in Scientology. We only have to learn how to deal with this to get it out of the way of others attaining wins and gains.

    If you want wins and gains for yourself or others then you don’t want SP’s. Simple as that. Why you go down the road to thinking the Church had a big SP I don’t know. We are in present time and we have DM at the helm of the church. Why and how he got there doesn’t even change that fact.

    If your interest is some preconceived witch hunt into the past of the church then someone other than I might be the best terminal to chat with. My interest is in the here and now and make things better.

    I am not putting you off, I am communicating what my interests are within this blog. It is not to make everything bad, no hope or total failure. It is what is going on and why/who as well as solutions in present time.

    Hope your shopping was successful. No matter what your view I wish you a happy holiday.

  227. Here’s the IAS’s purpose:

    To unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world, so as to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard.

    Protect??? What a laugh. They could not care less about achieving the aims of Ron let alone protecting Scientologists.

    The IAS has fed us one HUGE bill of goods.

    They coerce, lie, lock prospects in rooms, cut across Org income lines, allow books & tapes to be ‘edited’, pretend to be part of the church when they are not, make threats, promote disconnection, ignore any KRs, ignore outpoints, and allow the very philosophy & people they are obligated to protect to be suppressed.

    I have no doubts that Ron would be dismayed at what the IAS has done.

    A total money-motivated corporation – no caring, no thinking of the overts they commit daily, and not a thought of the mess they have created in Scientology & the staff & public.

    The sooner they return all the monies, offer an apology, and disband, the better.

  228. Oh, and a note to Jeff Pomerantz …

    I really wonder how you sleep at night after putting on the big show at the IAS events.

    I’ve seen you on 2 different continents – same crap, same voice, same crocodile tears.

    We worked our asses off above & beyond – many giving when they had nothing to give.

    And what did you do? Collected 10’s of thousands, if not, 100’s of thousands, in commissions for our work.

    You didn’t even have the decency to donate one thin dime of your time for the cause.

    Simply disgraceful.

  229. Lady,

    Me too, I got it (3 copies) in the mail One Hundred and Forty Three freeking pages.
    1 picture of LRH, 8 full page pictures of Dear Leader by himself (with that strained smile), and tons of more group shots with his bots that went bankrupt for him. Disgusting.

  230. Scott Campbell

    Me too, buddy. Me too.

    Someone tried to get me into OSA when I first joined the S.O..

    No, no , no. Can’t do that. No thanks.

  231. Tory Christman

    Yup……..they *are* super bad, but not as you think. Here’s what I said:
    “Yaude (who works for OSA) used to ask me, back in the 90′s when I was still “In”, to “Go on the Net, type in NOTS and see if you can find who says they have NOTS material,
    and tell me”.
    See? He asked ME to surf around the Net. On ARS at the time were people (and still to this day I’ll see it):
    “Does anyone have any of the NOTS material”?

    IT was part of their investigation to find out
    was asking for it.

    They weren’t posting it……they were trying to find out
    who was giving it out, and who was asking for it. From there, I have no clue what they did, and again, I only did it once or twice and quit. However, that was how I found Andreas’ site—and that freaked me OUT. (He being a Norwegian
    Critic who created the site after seeing all kinds of facts around the net in the 90’s, but none in one place).

    Hope that helps 🙂 Sorry for the mix up—but OSA is bad,
    very bad, in the areas that they are bad at. And that I didn’t know, until I left. 🙂

  232. Newbie ca-poobie, eye-stick a stoobie, ee-legged, eye-legged, bold-legged newbie!
    Well Dude, you are foolish, because, in fact, several people DID go to the FBI and they are working on quite a lot….. You actually thought that the people on this blog could be put on the spot by YOU? Ha. You are hillarious.
    Don’t worry, the documentation is piling up in the files. Don’t worry, they’re onto it. Don’t worry, not only the FBI but several other gov-t agencies are working VERY HARD on this whole thing. And they are very thankful for people like you that INSIST to report it all. So don’t worry, you are on OUR SIDE after all!!!! Good job.

  233. Out Of Retirement

    Thank you Sapere. Once again you grab my attention fully. I will have to start talking to you more often! 🙂 Seriously though, you are correct about SP’s, and the current state of affairs of the world and the church and David Miscavige.

    So, no witch hunt here on my part. About that not everyone considers David Miscavige’s actions appropriate on any matter, I only empathize with the man a bit because in the past there are some things he has done some attributes I have read about that made me laugh. That is all. I don’t want be called a “DM sympathizer” but there is some good in all it’s just that everyone here *KNOWS* David Miscavige is an SP. Even that makes me laugh Sapere. 🙂 You win.

    But people, EVEN David Miscavige can get better if they just had the tech! 🙂

  234. Moving Forward

    Theo, I totally agree with you – it’s Scientology that these people are ultimately trying to protect, but they are unable to separate the Church from Scientology. And when people can actually do that, they will tend to withdraw their support from the Church.

  235. loki,
    Ouch, that was incisive. I agree. 299 & 48%. That’s out of healthy respect for you :-O

  236. Moving Forward

    Sapere, I agree. Any attempt at diversion has just led to more discussion of the perversion of Scientology, suppressive acts by DM and the dishonest tactics of OSA on this blog.

    And you are right, this sort of thing won’t work on us, we know better, and often from personal experience. I have to say that it is not any of the regular posters on this blog who are the target audience for these posts, though. It’s the lurkers and those who are ‘on the fence’, so to speak. It’s just an attempt to plant seeds of doubt and counter some of the things everyone here has exposed. One of these clearly is that SO members aren’t kept isolated and not allowed on the internet. Well, many here know from personal experience and firsthand knowledge that the average SO member certainly does not have access to the internet.

    I know that about a year ago, a daughter of a friend went into the SO and had to give up her cell phone. SO members were not even allowed to have cell phones, except in certain cases (like public facing terminals or those on missions).

  237. Moving Forward

    Tony, I do not disagree that some derisiveness is called for in such cases; some practically scream out for it, like they truly want you to put their ethics in for being so dishonest and badly abusing Scientology. Any jab in my post was really directed to the OSA operatives writing on the blog, because the posters here, even the non or ex-Scientologist ones, apply more Scientology than they do.

    Communication is the universal solvent, after all. Honest and open communication. Why they are so afraid to say, ‘yeah, we are OSA and we disagree with what you guys are doing and saying and here is why,’ rather than the cat and mouse game they play is something I do not get. It’s more Hoover than Hubbard.

    One thing I always disagreed with was the heavy handed and antagonistic way the Church dealt with critics. It was not only self-defeating and often backfired, but it was just downright entheta and has always been perpetrated in a way that creates more antagonism.

    And I’ve maybe never done exactly what they are doing, but I have done some things (or at least turned a blind eye) that I now see has having been pretty evil, all in the name of protecting Scientology. I now see that it was only protecting those who were busy destroying Scientology. Most of us here were on that ‘dark side’ before and have come over to the light. As SO members, I have the strong belief that they are really good people doing bad things and, because they are good, they will eventually wake up to this fact and no longer support DM and his likes because they will see that they are contributing to the destruction of Scientology, not it’s preservation. And we’ll welcome them with open arms when they do.

  238. Moving Forward

    This post has made me reflect on the IAS reg events I’ve been to over the last 20 years (too many to count). Although I did notice a discernible increase in the number of events and the level of pressure and insanity at them over the last few years, they have always left me feeling a bit defeated and a bit of a failure because I wasn’t causative enough to be able to donate tens of thousands of dollars right then and there. They were always pretty make wrong — if you can’t donate, then you and your postulates must suck! You must be such a failure!

    Attendance at these things was always abysmal and the big money was almost always regged in advance. They would drag on forever uncomfortably and would end with mostly staff giving a few more hundred dollars that they couldn’t afford — something that always made me sad and pretty much enraged.

  239. Moving Forward

    Thanks much, CC. Though I’ve never really liked the term ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar’, I’ve always believed in the idea behind it. Most people are good. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and find that I get further being positive rather than negative.

    But this doesn’t mean that one just then allows someone to run roughshod over you, either. I recall LRH saying that officers can and should get mad if the ship is sinking. The problem is that DM and his like use this one line, act like the ship is always sinking and throw everything else out that LRH wrote about ARC, granting beingness, ‘What is Greatness’, etc, etc.

    So, it takes finding and trying to walk that great middle path.

  240. “Wouldn’t that fit into another episode of South Park ?”

    Love the concept Han!

    If we get OTDT helping us on the writing.

    It’d be a bigger hit than ‘Outa the Closet’!

    Have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch 😉

  241. The bad guys also get the “pleasure” of knowing they have kept/gotten thousands of people off the Bridge by getting them to give their money to the IAS instead of putting those monies on account for Training/Auditing services and in many cases bankrupting them.

    It’s a real “heads we win, tails you lose” for the SPs that are the IAS. They are laughing all the way to the bank and celebrating how they have driven people into bankruptcy or worse – perhaps suicide and murder.

    Don’t think for a moment they don’tknow exactly what they’re doing.

  242. My understanding is the IAS has consistenly refused to fund CCHR.
    And no wonder. CCHR would have to be a prime target for neutralization in the minds of Chairman Maoscavige and his cohorts, including the IAS. CCHR must have represented a great threat because as originally conceived, CCHR was in the business of discovering and exposing abuses in the field of mental health and human rights.
    There was a great danger the Co$ Management and the IAS would itself come under CCHR scrutiny, because DM’s abuses were exactly the kind CCHR was created to detect, expose, and deal with. After all, the CoS originally stood for mental health and human rights.

    I don’t know the timeline of exactly how and when CCHR was effectively neutralized and turned into a “front group” for DM, but it definitely happened and would be another area worthy of investigation and exposure. In the beginning, CCHR did some very good work. Before it was turned into the equivalent of a cheesy “carnival “house of wax” type show.
    I actually haven’t seen the exhibit, but I suspect there is still a lot of truth there, but now presented in such a way as to be relatively counterproductive.

  243. There are a lot of “applications” I didn’t mention.

    The IAS is not only DM’s personal wallet-stuffing organization, it is also his Gestapo. The IAS is senior to EVERYONE else in scientology. No one, but no one, dares say “NO” to the IAS. When the IAS says “Jump!”, all must say”YES SIR, How highSir?!”

    They are DM’s “Hey you” style management organization. Talking back to the IAS is like talking back to DM.

    They stuff DM’s and their pockets with money, but the other side of the coin is how effectively the IAS suppresses all of scientology by taking away the wherewithal(money) of the org’s staff and publics.
    Money is energy forsurvival. Take it away and keep it away,and the orgs and public wither an ddie. And that is what the IAS has been doing for many years.

    And they have been and are doing it knowingly and deliberately. That’s why I call the IAS the #1 Suppressive Group on Earth. It’s target has been and still is Scientology.

    “Their overts speak loudly in accusation.”

  244. I want to know: what are the criminal claims you guys are making, what claims did you report to the FBI or other authorities and what did they reply?

  245. Round up all fifteen witnesses, and go to the FBI together.

    It will work.

    Law enforcement is on your side.

    You don’t realize this until you see it in action.

    I was walking home from a restaurant with a group of friends late on a Friday night, when without warning one of the people walking in front of us turned around and *POP* one of my friends was lying on the ground, unconscious. Before I had figured out what had happened or who was lying on the ground, the people in front of us had made some sort of taunt, gotten into a car, and driven off.

    What would you do in that situation?

    I didn’t know what to do.

    Luckily, one of my friends had a clue.

    While the car was still driving away, he was already dialing 911. He called for an ambulance for the guy currently bleeding all over the side walk, and gave the license plate number to the police.

    A few minutes later, the ambulance was there, the police took our statements, the blood was cleaned off the streets…

    The police are there for a reason. The FBI are there for a reason. They will help you. You have the evidence. You have fifteen fucking eyewitnesses. What more could you – or the FBI – want?

    Stalling on this only helps the CofM.

  246. Right Jethro. There is no justification for Miscavige and other Sea Org members to have committed the overts they have against Scientologists. At the same time, if Janet Light, Heber, Yager and others don’t want to be in the current position they find themselves, then they themselves need to stop agreeing to these overts and taking part in them and being in agreement with them. (And I don’t PERSONALLY have any data at all from any of these people – like Heber or Yager – that they have ANY disagreement with Miscavige and the current regime – I’ve never seen ANY comm from them that they do not back up the current church culture completely).

  247. Excellent!
    Love the irony and truth.

  248. Declaring ED’s, Mission holders, etc, to then step in with a big team and pushing stats with lots of personnel, money and outflow to prove how correct the declare was, is his basic MO for all take overs. It’s how he got away with firing 80% of productive staff.

  249. You got a point on the FBI fixation. Newbie got scores of answers and he was sent to go out and look for himself so as to increase his ability and understanding. He didn’t, he can’t apply the most basic Scientology but instead fixes on asking a question that’s been answered many times.

  250. I think it should be extended to: overwelming mental, physical and legal force that one cannot fight back against. Janet didn’t want to come to Int and resisted many hours. If she’d legally owned the building or if she had been the highest legal representative of the IAS (something Davey would have never allowed), she would have had many hours to call the police and throw the 5th invaders out. She didn’t do so becasue Davey had the legal position.

  251. Tony, Sapere, Scott,
    You’re right. Cutting com has never helped nobody, not even Davey. Increasing your ability to handle or fight back, improves both sides and runs the group engram.

  252. Ah You’ll be geussing and geussing for a long time to come

  253. Sinar and all,

    As far as Danny goes, yes, he was probably loyal to his mother to a degree, not too openly, I assume but it must have been clear enough. Here is what my reasoning is based upon:

    Danny was in CMO for a couple of months and was then “promoted” to be an RTC trainee. This was in 2006. He probably was in the IAS before that, but that was before my time. He was then sent to Cat B EPF in late ’07 or early ’08. He was there for a while on a program and was then posted as a “lowly” Class IX at the AO. He was there last time I was there, which hasn’t been that long. He still is the same insouciant Danny as he ever was. Can’t beat that. He drives the AO Staff MAA nuts probably.

  254. Jim, you need to get Marty up to your place and teach him how to fish. Help him get it out of his system. I think he must have dove into the water with a spear gun because they are all showing up. This is like halloween on a full moon.

  255. Valkov,
    I believe the real original CCHR died with the GO takeover. I don’t think for years there was any activity on this line. I noticed many of the PR activities just stopped at that time. “Fronts” were resurrected when they fit into the new OSA PR strategy. Since that time, I never see reference to cooperation with other groups, church’s, etc. It is just the C of S taking all the credit.

    I think we also don’t see good work by others in Freedom. Another item taken over for another purpose. Freedom used to have information from other people or groups in it. Freedom started as a “Broadsheet” in the UK as a means of getting communication out. When the PR for the Church was really bad and the ban on foreign Scientologist’s in the press. Freedom was started up, communicating truth, going to the street and bypassing the controlled media.

    This is a similar function to this blog. Bypass the current controls and go directly to the street, so to speak.

    The first direct donation group was SEF, Safe Environment Fund. This was to raise money to help pay for the GO raid lawsuits to defend those who later went to prison.

    I don’t know who said it – Sinar or Karen #1 or Joe Howard may know – but I read where LRH was furious when he found out about SEF. I believe this is one of the financial irregularities discussed in the PL 18 Feb 1982 – Changing Workable Finance Systems. There he doesn’t discuss it directly but this was a change in a workable system.

    The real system, not the IAS alteration, is money is made for exchange with the public. People buy there books, packs, meters, training courses, auditing from organizations. The cost to deliver is to be less than the cost charged. The cost charged has a formula where-in 25 hour intensive (how intensives were in those days) was to cost an over blue collar worker (not highly paid) months salary.

    The IAS has been the tool to break the cycle of exchange. I don’t have the reference to hand but to paraphrase – exchange is what keeps the bank off the pc. There is also the fact that to take money and give no goods or services in exchange is the flip side to a person taking goods and services and paying no exchange. Both are criminal. Therefore by definition the IAS, collecting any monies beyond its true value and exchange to Scientology, has become a criminal organization.

    As far as any funding from the IAS. I believe, one would have to verify, but I believe the last time I read the issue a 501C3 non profit organization MUST spend at least 15% of its income on the stated non profit cause. That is probably the ONLY reason IAS funds any CCHR activities. Other than the means for DM to bypass and pay for his whims, then take credit how he handle to handle because all others were too incompetent, the only other funding will be to make up this 15%. Pittances are doled out to make some PR semblance of all of the efforts the IAS is making happen and takes credit for.

  256. What claims??? Sheesh!

    Put the old Snowhite back on … at least those postings were entertaining.

  257. I normally don’t respond to trolls.

    Newbie: When you say things like, “Why don’t they go to the FBI”, I laugh. This, coming from an SO member would be nearly equivalent to them saying, “Why don’t they go get psychotherapy if they are so upset.”

    No SO member would think of the FBI as anything more than just another enemy.

  258. FF and Valkov,
    Yes, totally a chaos environment mentality. Do you remember several months ago when the FSSO had a large target for IAS donos. She put out a letter about how we would lose the planet if we didn’t get this. Someone made a video cartoon of this. Too bad it is so true.

  259. Ev Purps Tony??

    Say it ain’t so Buddy, say it ain’t so 😀

    I actually got a kick out of the old Snowhite postings … I would actually look forward to the posts – too easy a target though, but great entertainment 🙂

  260. What a wonderful, whacky TA-getting posting this one is. The emergence of OSA through Newbie999 and the re-emergence of Snowwhite both TR-3ing and TR-4ing for evidence that we have given to the FBI is priceless.

    This is an Int-ordered fishing expedition because apparently OSA and especially their and DMs attorneys are afraid of the FBI and what we have given them. This is why they are prying us for what the FBI knows and what they have told us.

    Therefore this is our attack point back on OSA and Dear Leader – the FBI. They are crapping their pants on what we have sent to the FBI and what the FBI are saying back to us. Like we will ever tell them. But this is the focus of our attack.

    Therefore is all of us sent to the FBI instances that we know of in regards to human rights violations, human trafficking, 501c violations, extortions, felonious assaults and so forth, we can and will expedite the demise of the current regime.

    Please, send anything you can substantiate to FBI.Gov and watch the rabbits run.

    ML Tom

  261. OTDT,
    That ‘balancing’ of the flow does occur. Witness the various natter boards.

  262. Snowhite,
    Oh I bet you do want to know. Well guess what? Nobody’s going to tell you. Why would you want to know these things anyway? So you can get prepared? Worried about the Feds coming in? Surely the most ethical group on the planet has clean hands and has nothing to worry about. Right? Looks to me like M&M’s video on the IAS really has you guys at effect.

    Mike, Marty, you’re getting some great TA with this video. Must have struck a raw nerve with the info on false imprisonment, assault and kidnapping. Keep up the good work.

    The day is approaching when even the copper rods won’t keep the dwarf from totally flipping. What will OSA do when their little dwarf is only fit for a rubber room? Chloral Hydrate? Force feed him?

  263. Loki
    So true. It is about power. He wants the buildings, the money, your retirement. Hell, he would steal my daughter’s cookies if he thought it would help him in any way and dominate the little girl.

    Currencies change – but something is always “money.” Right now part of the IAS chaos is the world instability. They actually like have people scared of their future. If people think the world is unsafe, their future is uncertain, and their eternity is at stake – you can get them to do a lot of things in the name of “greater good” that are really out and out bald faced OVERTS.

    I remember years ago, the lie was the US is carpet bombing all of the country of Iraq. Then I remember how IAS reg’s told us the US was wiretapping ALL of our phones. Then how the bad and evil drug companies are going to be brought to heel before the almighty power of DM with the support of the IAS.

    Lets look at facts not IAS lies. 3rd quarter 2009 Pfizer Drug company sales $11.6 BILLION. 3rd quarter 2010 Pfizer sales $16.17 BILLION. During this time Pfizer bought another drug company for $67.3 BILLION.

    Only those listening to the IAS think the “war” on drug companies is being won. I can see from the above stats how devastated Pfizer is, sheesh I feel so so sorry for them, they were such losers.

    There will always be different conspiracy theories. Some even turn out to be real. What is 100% real all the time is an SP will destroy or pervert anything good. That is what has occurred with the IAS. An organization to be a membership to ALL Scientologists has become a money tool for the demented to control the donors! Control is the only thing being purchased. The protection of Scientology is not occurring. It is being altered and dismantled before our very eyes by the current anointed ones who assumed the position of power and fight any who rightfully could evict them from that position of power.

    The fact is that each and every one of us withdrawing power and support, stops propping up this charade, and assist in bringing about its collapse. With that collapse comes the removal of the very stop on the bridge for all of mankind that is hindering freedom for all. We, the Independent Scientologist, already have our freedom. The collapse of the IAS and its brethren ensures the freedom for all others.

    Lokie – you are so very correct in stating DM “may feel THERE IS NO LONG RUN, but it has more to do with the truth catching up to him.”

  264. Is it just me or does anyone else notice that various posts by “Out” are so different that I wonder if there is more than one person writing under that name or he/she is, at times, not sober while writing on this blog.
    At times I can barely, if at all, track what he/she is trying to say, the wording is so disjointed, and at other times it’s not so difficult.
    Some of the posts sound like English is not his/her first language and others seem, somewhat clear.
    I’ve noticed the same phenom with “Snowhite’s” posts.
    Whatever is going on…one thing is consistent. His/her posts really creep me out.
    Just saying…
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  265. A couple thoughts on the IAS:

    It drains parishoners bank accounts this preventing them from going up the already expensive Bridge. This has been covered a lot.

    It becomes a false conduit for OT energy. People have a third and fourth dynamic urge to act and make things better. This energy or urge is directed by the Church towards making donations. Donating $ = “OT”. This produces such oddities as “OT’s” and Scientologists being commended for giving a touch assist or completing the VM course and buying a jacket. Actually coming to the org a couple times a week to do your “Basics”.
    Coming in to the org twice a year to help with CF filing, etc. These are examples of third and fourth dynamic actions outside of the false donations conduit.

    How many people have been driven away or repulsed away from the org and services by the IAS? Crush regging, the first point above, the requirement that one buys a membership to get regular rates for services and materials. That is a barrier. A new guy wants to do his purif and objectives as his first major steps for example, but it costs a lot more unless he pays$4,000 (I think) for a membership. I think someone put a hell of a stop on the bridge right there. Talk about arbitraries.

    IAS reges are in a complete criminal non-responsibility with parishoner funds. What would LRH think of SO members coming to peoples houses late at night and demanding tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for no exchange? Conning people out of their retirement funds or an inheritance, or into massive debt with credit cards. It’s like they are con men. It’s disgraceful and criminal.

  266. OOR,
    Xmas Shopping? Thought DM had cancelled that, just like last year and year before.

  267. Loki “I blame Marty. … He is like a little kid holding a cat in front of the dogs …”

    Maybe more like holding up the fox in front of the hounds-in-training.

    An old dog like Marty gets one whiff of a character like newbie and knows its a fox. It’s us pups who have to learn to associate the scent with the animal. So each time we get shown a fox we get a little quicker on the sniff.

    I, for one, appreciate the exercise.

  268. Snobbish material elitism is hated behavior of any religion.

    Scientology ought to be a lot more humble and modest.

    Buddhism seems to do just fine without their top priests wearing Hermes ties and Armani robes.

    Miscavige is clueless about the world’s viewpoint about himself. He’s gone so way beyond LRH in overdreassing for “success.”

    Mike and Marty, I have a question. Who does Miscavige go to for advice or pal-ing around with? Does he even consult with anyone about his image? Are their professionals in LA or east coast, who he consults with regarding his image?

  269. If David Miscavige would submit to a sodium pentathol (truth serum) interview, I vote YOU be the person to interview and ask Miscavige about all the skeletons in his closet.

    Miscavige should just blow, and write his autobiography, and THAT would be unfortunately a bestseller, then go do some jail time, and donate the profits to a genuinely deserving cause.

  270. Hey,

    If you are really still in the Sea Org, why don’t you try to rise up to Int Base ranks, and go see for yourself, and THEN call Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept or the FBI.

    We need some internal Sea Org members to themselves stand UP, and do it while they are STILL in.

    Next time you see some yelling and shouting, and people using “8C” a little too forcefully, why don’t YOU call 911.

    I urge any Sea Org members reading this blog, reading this sub subject of reporting the abuse, to PLEASE call 911 next time you get yourself forcefully manhandled and you want to blow the whistle on the spot.

    With now a huge number of ex members who’ve seen the abuse, there’s a public climate out here now to support any Sea Org members willing to stand up, call 911, and report physical restraints and battery incidents AS THEY OCCUR.

  271. Scott Campbell


    Beautiful sentiment and undeniable truth in your comment. We all would be wise to heed the thoughts of the great historical figures you cite in your post.

    Thank you for this important contribution.


  272. Yea,

    And specifically, Kurt Weiland, long term OSA guy, that Kurt played the role of gangpile summo squasher, that says a lot unfortunately about Kurt.

    The lesson is that Kurt Weiland and those at Int like him, willing to abuse so flagrantly like that, those individuals have LOST their minds, and are NOT acting like normal citizens, and they need to be parked in JAIL and reflect on their behavior.

    911 is the solution to that level of illegal restraints!

  273. Scientology events are essentially propaganda. This becomes very obvious when viewed from an exterior viewpoint.
    The purpose of this type of propaganda as I see it is to bypass the reasoning and decision making faculty of the individual and get them to accept some data as truth without further examination.
    This is a cousin to hypnotic suggestion.
    As a Scientologists who attended the event, I ask you, do you remember it all? It was two hours long. Do you feel you were honestly briefed on the vital statistics and scene of Scientology? Can you recall all the stats given? Can you tell me the state and conditions of any of the real statistics of Scientology such as auditors and clears/OT’s made?
    You may have left with the idea that Scientology was expanding like never before, but what gave you that idea? Was it propaganda? Maybe it was the anecdotal stories and reports of millions being “reached” with Scientology or some such mysterious stat.
    But what do those stats really mean? Do they have any effect on the VFP’s of Scientology? Are people coming into your org? Is your org making auditors and clears?

  274. Scott Campbell


    Yeah, those pesky interdimensional reptilians really chap my ass.

    The thing is, they can’t take the cold. Too many Thetans around makes them cold.

    The reason why people don’t haul off and his someone is because they are basically good and the idea of hurting someone physically is pretty foreign to them and probably doesn’t occur to them at the time. They just wonder why they are being hurt and what they did to deserve it


  275. Scott Campbell

    Should say, “haul off and HIT someone”

    Typo – oops.

  276. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for that Moving Forward. I see what you are saying.

  277. Marsha, you have a good eye. They may switch shifts. But OOR and snowhite both have one primary person in common, creepy 1.1 tone, possibly british.

    And to think some of us used to play those same games -SHUDDER–

    Church of lies, abuses,and false fronts, hijacked by a dictator and fueled by greed and pride.

    Hope these posters wake up and walk away. I am 99% sure they will, as we all have. The “when” is tied
    to their intelligence, integrity,confront and tolerance for abuse. All I can add is the water out here in the free world is fine, jump right in. You wont regret it.

  278. I was thinking more along the line of an immediate knuckle to facemeat flow.

  279. Everybody: GET YOUR MONEY BACK FROM IAS !

  280. Hey Marty and Mike! I luv your videos man and it looks like there could be a whole series of these out there just waiting to be discovered.

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I think these two ladies have a great sense of humour. The ironic thing is that the fact that you two guys can sit back and enjoy “life” in the simplest act of fishing while those still in are living in fear and cannot experience such simple pleasures like this is quite sad.

  281. NB9999, seems to me what you really want to know is “Do they have evidence on me?” Until then you can get away with playing the “he said, she said” card, lying thru your teeth to keep the robots in line. You can’t rest until you know, that’s the trouble with committing all those crimes against humanity, you can never rest and will always be looking behind your back. The IAS mag doesn’t fool, you’ve got that manic glee look.

  282. makes sense, that attorney should be disbarred, just on that one piece of information alone.

  283. CC, Thank you for the quotes and the hundreds of years of history in a nutshell. So appropriate for Human Rights Day. The concept of Human Rights, and that everyone has the same rights, is a high-toned concept which those dramatizing lower tones cannot get a grip on. Notice the low tone levels of the activities which errode human rights.

    On the subject of the CCHR display in LA, it is a very low-toned and ovewhelming attempt to coerce the viewer to feel like he must donate to make these horrible things go away. Trouble is, much of what is in that exhibit and portrayed as evil is what they are saying is the history of paychiatry. It is already gone! It is…history. So the viewer gets manipulated/overwhelmed in the name of Human Rights. Twisted, twisted, twisted. Now THAT’S 1.1.

    I prefer LRH’s early writings on the subject (compared to any later alterations) and due to my involvement in the SO for sooooo many years of course I knew very little from any other philosophers and tended to ignore them with a closed mind. To thank you again, it is so refreshing to read this little compilation. And Human Rights Day is marked on my calendar from now on.

  284. Joe and Loki,

    I want to bring some order to this challenge about going to the authorities if there really is an issue. I am tagging onto Loki’s comment “your just a plant” to Newbie9999.

    Readers of the blog, let me introduce some new/recent posters. We have “Newbie9999” who refuses to look at any data presented and keeps on the line that nothing is true unless the FBI investigates. We have “Tyler” who thinks the FBI will act if all 15 witnesses come forward. We have “Snowhite” insists there must be criminal claims, wants we was reported and the govt reply. We have “Our of Retirement” who agrees DM is an SP and SP’s are the problem (this is slightly off topic of IAS, but OK, I can deal with that.)

    Answer for all of you. The FBI is already investigating and tracking.

    I have said, just google the following: “int base + razor fence” and the first item on the google page is:

    There in is a picture of the razor fence (point internally and externally) and the following description:

    Unusually Strong Security Measures at Gold Base

    Gold Base has a number of unusually strong security measures, including razor-tipped fences, motion sensors, snipers nests and a large number of regular and infrared CCTV cameras. However, it is unclear whether the purpose of many of these security measures is to protect the base from outside threats or to keep unruly members inside the compound. The outer fences are lined with razors and motion sensors at regular intervals of approximately 20 ft. The facility also has infrared cameras, anti-protester speaker systems as well as floodlights arranged at regular intervals. There are are also “lookout posts” that are akin to snipers’ nests in the sides of the hills surrounding the complex.


    Now, do any of the named posters above think in this day and age of terrorism, the Patriot Act, the FBI isn’t tracking you and watching what you do. You have razor fences, motion detectors, “snipers nests” and infrared CCTV cameras. You have a history with the US Govt (GO-FBI raids on govt spying and infiltration) of less than honest activities. Get a clue. I would say you are already in deep doo-doo.

    I just don’t like the suppression of people and the philosophy and technology of Scientology as written by L. Ron Hubbard. Now continue to read the rest of the blog. Most has to do with the IAS and how it has been a tool of suppression and how it was forcefully taken over by DM. Some of the blog is about interactions with the above posters. Reading today is an interesting exercise in the despiration of some about what we discuss and disclose herein.

  285. Hi Mike, You see clear through it, don’t you. It is refereshing to see what somone else not involved thinks of the whole shebang. You mention things that don’t add up and don’t make sense, and you are so right! I for one appreciate your speaking up.

    I would like to also refer you to Hubbard’s early writings, things on which his later-emerging technology was based. (Late 40’s and 50’s) That’s the Real Stuff, the philosophy that those of us who were in wanted to support and make grow. That’s the stuff that is being called “old and inapplicable” so that all the present members will listen to is Miscavige. When we saw that it was being undermined we got out in whatever way we could and here we are.

    The film would definitely be better production-wise than BE, and it would be a coup to have all the same actors in BE have various roles in the indie Indie film. (Hint hint! 😀 )

  286. Theo Sismanides

    Newbie, where are u? It’s not just the physical abuse, which of course is a human rights violation, but it’s also the abuse of Scientology as a subject. How about HCOBs not being applied and staff being persecuted on insisting on Standard Tech? Just tell me why this happened and happens. So find out WHO YOU ARE WORKING FOR, which is the NEW Condition below CONFUSION found by Miscavige, the Founder of Lost Tech. So, where are u?

  287. Pretty close.

    Actually it’s black ink on a curdled cream colored heavy bond with the ostentatious RTC logo embossed on the top of the first page usually legal size meaning you have to bend the ends slightly if you want to place it at the bottom of your bird’s cage though it may have other uses.

    For the most part it contains nothing but tedious blovaitions from HSM of his latest “discoveries” which I’m sure are heavily edited to some semblance of coherence so they don’t appear to be the ravings of a lunatic.

  288. Theo Sismanides

    SA, words of Reason! tku you!

  289. Impartial English Girl

    Boys – I know you aren’t old, plenty of life in you yet – but when I view these clips, I think of this song – .

    SO GLAD you are free and able to enjoy these times together.
    IEG xxxx

  290. Theo Sismanides

    Wow, good to know! tks.

  291. Theo Sismanides

    CC, it is evident by the posts of people like you and many others here that Scientology, now Independent again, works once again on the 7th dynamic, that of spiritualism and spiritual freedom as LRH so laboriously and wholeheartedly worked some years ago and envisioned it would for Mankind.

  292. Sorry for the misdupe Tory.

    Still this action is just as bad as what they are doing is enticing the critics to post whatever NOTs material they have in order to nab them for copyright infringement.

    I’ve been on ARS when this activity was going on and it seemed most of the critics knew the game being played so they avoided posting it but there there was the occasional few who would.

    Most correctly suspected that it was OSA running some kind of covert sting op.

    I suspected it too but reserved judgement because naively I didn’t think that OSA would sink to such murky depths.

    So thanks for clearing that up 🙂

    I view anyone using these type of police state tactics of provoking others to commit crimes as more culpable than the actual perpetrator.

    So my message to Yaude and his team of covert operatives still stands.

    Anyway Tory I hope you have a Happy Holiday and if you ever want to get in touch with me you can reach me at:


    Since I live in your neck of the woods.

  293. Valkov,

    I was there when Dave’s 5th Invader Force took out CCHR.

    I know we had a back channel com line at Isene’s blog but I rarely go there these days.

    You can get in touch with me at:


    Anyway what you say is basically true many of the staff at CCHR were beginning to question the “wisdom” of the current regime and were beginning to wonder if they were on the same team.

    For us you might say it was the beginning of the end.

  294. RJ, Could you please tell us a little of this story? I worked my BUTT off setting up that display in LA, and would like a little closure on what actually happened. Do bring in a little sunshine to disinfect!

  295. I’ve noticed that there is only three things DM is good at:

    1. Running reverse Dianetics.

    2. Taking power in an organization.

    3. Eliminating people who he feels would get in the way of his keeping power in that organization.

  296. RJ,
    You forever amaze me with the things that you know.

  297. Tory Christman

    Ok…glad we cleared that up. Their view was the NOTS materials are theirs. I know this has been a long fight for the earlier Scios who left the “church”. OSA Sucks, that’s all there is to it. They pretend it’s to “Safeguard Scientology” when in truth, that group alone (The OSA Int Top Secret Mafia) has all by themselves done more to destroy their “church” than any other group.
    Yaude justifies it, feeling like he’s helping Ron. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I know he was a big gamer—and I think fighting the critics just became a bigger, better “game”, which of course he’ll never admit—but IF you watch what he does, that is it.
    Happy Holidays to you, too! Yes, let’s get together 🙂

  298. Okay Big Red,

    I covered this in a earlier post some time back which I’d like to revise slightly.

    The name of the company we brought down with the help of the FBI was actually National Medical Enterprises not AME which is actually the name of a Methodist church in South Central LA.

    That’s NME pronounced En-Ne-Me 😉

    For doing this good deed we got a lot of good media exposure for CCHR and the Church.

    I mean these guys were dirtier than a loaded Pamper and the FBI thanked us for all our hard work in bringing them down.

    (I didn’t do that much work myself since I was only the Staff Staff Auditor but I audited the people who did)

    The media loved the story because it contained all the things Ron writes about in ‘Scientology Five Press Relations’.

    Strange but the only stoney silence we ran into was from the Church itself for some strange reason.

    Go figure.

    Undaunted the team at CCHR went on to form a coalition of various groups to kill Hillory Clinton’s evil Health Care Plan which was a complete monstrosity.

    The only problem was about the same time CCHR was doing this TC ,JR, Van Sustren and her ambulance chasing husband were up at the White House making nice and getting a lot of face time with the Pres and the First Lady.

    Also contemporaneously we were getting a lot of flack from OSA who wanted us to go back on the offensive against Prozac which the staff basically ignored because they thought it was a losing proposition.

    So instead of listen to OSA’s idiotic edicts the ED Tanya decided that Hillory’s secret Health Care Plan would be our first priority.

    So we killed that sucker deader than road kill with the help of the coalition.

    I mean we scared up so much bad press that we had Hillory and her secret committee running for the hills!

    So it’s possible that we mighta stepped on one or two toes because shortly after this OSA decided that most of the staff were “unqualified” and started eliminating the staff who were non SO and replacing us with SO personnel or those who were willing to sign an SO contract.

    As they say no good deed goes unpunished.

    Same old story of what happened to GO WW happened to CCHR Int.

    Only difference was we never had our doors kicked in by the FBI and actually helped them with an investigation.

    But whatever.

    We were taken over by the Sea Org.

    I mean you could go into a lot of figure figure and get into various conspiracy theories of why it happened but that’s basically what happened.

  299. Because, if Co$ files a lawsuit, our side gets to perform Discovery and Mike and Marty most likely know exactly what to ask for they don’t want the world to see.
    Michael A. Hobson

  300. Wow. I get it. Another social betterment group ripped off of its own purpose line and absorbed into the church administration. While some guys at int are working day and night to promote the SBCs, clearly showing that they are not affiliated with the church, Miscavige and Co. are knocking them off their LRH purposes and putting them completely under the church. WHILE demanding the promo! All we did was promote lies–CCHR, IAS, Narconon, TWTH, APS…..the guy and his little botlings suck.

  301. You got it exactly DFB. It’s what RJ means by a “FALSE FLAG” operation. The IAS represents itself as a part of Scientology when it really isn’t a part of Scientology at all.

    It is an outside group posing not only as an essential Scientology group, but as THE Senior Scientology group. It then siphons off all the money that should be going to orgs and org staff, preventing public from paying for Tech services like Training and Auditing and thus preventing tech delivery and preventing folks from going up the Bridge(if Scientology had any Bridge left to travel, which is doubtful).

    It is a 100% criminal two pronged attack – they stuff their own pockets at the same time as they completely undermine and suppress the delivery of Scientology within the Church.

    No wonder folks have trouble believing it, it is a fiendishly clever and audacious scam that was slid into existence one plausible lie at a time.

    Yes it’s a criminal money scam, but what jumps out at me is that it is also a deliberate attempt to destroy Scientology, that has been very successful.

  302. Red,

    That’s it exactly.

    Not only that but you have all these SoCos or SBCs as you now call ’em being told constantly that they are secular organizations that have no affiliation to the Church.

    Yet we get His Satanic Majesty making these bloviations at the pretentious Gala (pay a thousand bucks a plate for rubber chicken and shcmoosh with Cruise) at CCI claiming that they are indeed part of the Church in that stupid “What is (not) Scientology” vid he put out a few years back that you need an airline sickness bag nearby just to watch.

    I mean can anyone say:

    Cognitive Dissonance!!!!

  303. As you know Sapere.

    It’s pretty amazing what you can learn with a little 20 gauge wire and few carefully placed bugs.

    OSA I’d start by looking under your desk and working up towards the light fixtures 😉

  304. Love to get together Tor.

    What you say about OSA pretty much confirms my hunch about ’em when I was a lowly FESer in the ASHO HGC back when they took over from the then disgraced GO and they sealed off the Annex between ASHO and LA Org on the third floor for their SCIF (in spook speak that means Secure Compartmented Information Facility)

    The place was done up in posh hardwood and thick carpeting while the rest of the orgs (you know the mere service facilities) remained linoleum and wall board.

    I mean even the GO weren’t that brazenly arrogant!

    Or extravagant!

  305. Fire Breathing Frog

    Hello Newbie9999
    Don’t worry about “the FBI or other authorities investigating David Miscavige for abuse”.
    It is being done and DM will end up in jail sooner than he thinks.
    No one is trying to convince anyone here; most people are able to duplicate other viewpoint and connect the dots.
    Here a couple of links about the governement investigating DM and the hole.
    Please, send my warmest regards to David.
    Have you seen this?

  306. Thank you Marty & Mike for the information.
    This cleared up a lot of things to me.
    Great Interview, Mike you are a great narrator.

    David Mis………. I mean, this little cockroach did with the same tactic, intention and carry out as he did it with Mary Sue Hubbard to appear with a bunch of “officers” to overwhelm her and take her down with one big bang. He did this in the early 80s and now in the late 2000. Hence he will do it again and aging and again whenever is needed to destroy somebody who has any kind of power and is a threaten to his power.

    LRH talks in one lecture about leading, leadership and that he was practically his whole life a leader. (sorry, don’t remember the name and the exact quote of the lecture but maybe somebody can help me out there) Then he brought up the idea or question, if somebody knows Scientology and can apply it well, he would be able to change and predict the behaviour of people., he could control them and there could be a potential threat for other individuals, when this knowledge is misused. But then LRH explains what would happen to such a persons, who uses Scientology not for the benefit of the individual, to unslave him, help him to get his sanity back, self-respect and self-determinism. He says, THIS INDIVIDUAL WOULD WIND UP MANAGING MEN (MANKIND) And LRH add to it: I DO NOT KNOW ABOUT A HOTTER HELL THEN THIS, if you wind up managing men.
    My question is here, what is dear little micro-manager-miscavidge doing all the time?
    He is trying hard to control, enslave people, and to put them into a state of other-determinism and consequently he is trying to manage men. Where will he wind up at the end? In the HOTTEST HELL as LRH predicted.

    Keep on fishing guys.
    Sometimes in future we will hear about the story: “Two men while fishing and telling incredible story’s, brought down a whole “Church”!
    I just like this legend!

  307. Enemy Lines

    There’s no way you are SO. You wouldn’t be allowed to go on this blog without being RPF’d. You would be shivering in fear. Nice try, though.

  308. Watch for this phrase: “He says/she says” every time DM is worried about a lawsuit, his stooges ask about evidence and use that phrase. It just shows DM brought up the subject in a recent dispatch or meeting. They are fishing.

  309. You don’t get to talk in Scientology – to your wife or husband, staff – anyone for that matter, about anything that happens to anyone. Furthermore, in the Sea Org – the husbands and wives are kept apart from each other – so there will be no proof.

    It boils down to “if many people are saying the same thing over and over – there is smoke and usually where there is smoke there is fire”! I am not Sea Org or staff however, I can see by looking at the true statistics of Scientology people – (doing poorly, failing in life – not succeeding) to see something is wrong. Not to mention witnessing criminal activity myself and have proof if you wish to see it – I can show it to you – that Scientology and its management is beyond criminal and the Organization does not even know it.

    Newbie9999 – let me ask you to look at it this way – If you had a really bad experience with Radio Shack – after you purchased a large screen TV. The sales clerk lied to you about what you purchased, promised the item would do things it does not, the management would not let you speak out against the lies – tried to sue you for speaking out. Would you need to prove to your friends that Radio Shack about your bad experience? Would they ask to see the video tape that this happened?

    You would not like Radio Shack, you would more than likely tell everyone you know that you had a terrible experience.

    I highly recommend that you look at this “mechanism” you are using – and see how this is going to help you in life – “needing proof after hearing the same thing over and over and over”. I find this to be a nifty little mechanism many active Scientologists say about crimes in the Organzation…..if they did not see it and were not there – it did not happen.

    Please think about it!

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