Scientology in Seattle

On Tuesday night thirty Seattle area Independents gathered for an evening of high-toned cameraderie.  On Wednesday afternoon we stopped by the local Idle Org to see how we compared in number and relative tone.  Here’s the raw data:

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  1. So, wow. I loved the “Neutron Bomb” strategy! Cracked me up.

    The main question I have is: How did they know you’d be there? They hired a security guard just for your benefit? Really?

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  3. Made me laugh. Nice normal, pleasant comm cycle with the security guard.

    DM’s “neutron bomb” – perfect appellation. I shudder to think how stressful it must be to do the weekly FP – the expenses of a building that size with public traffic that looks to be that of a very small org or mission.

  4. That org looks about as busy as every other org. I wonder if the remaining flock are able to notice just how empty their orgs are.

  5. Axiom 61:
    An organism is rejected by theta to the degree that it fails in its goals.
    Source: Handbook for Preclears

    Or in my words: A SP has as his goal to convert theta into mest as he cannot confront theta.

    By the way, I could see a light burning through one of the windows.

  6. Thank you for the show. That building is a monument of a squirrel.

  7. Jeez! That place is like the morgue!!! Nobody wants to be there, not even the dead!

  8. martyrathbun09

    Illegal surveillance – including improper intelligence use of airline reservation computers.

  9. Tory Christman

    The “church” of $cientology’s standard op—–security and zero public.
    Hope you’re comin this way, too! 🙂

  10. What a great Guy the Security Guard…
    Soon they will wear a mask when hired by the Church…. feeling kind of stupid for what they are doing…
    Big hug to you Mike, Tony and his wife!!

    Silvia Kusada

  11. Tory Christman

    Every time Stacy traveled, they knew where she was going, and called ahead saying, anonymously, that there *may* be drugs in her suit case. Thus this Huge test. I asked how they knew? She thought it was via Credit Cards—that they somehow had access to that, and thus knew where ever she was going. (Like had someone working at Master Card)—No?

  12. “Donate and get your new Idle Org status”
    should be:
    “Donate and get your Spiritual Dead Certificate status”

  13. If you go to Pac Base orgs you will see the same thing. Walk through any org – LA org, ASHO, and AOLA and it is a ghost town comparatively to the days of booming orgs. The days of hundreds of public on the briefing course are over. I am just waiting for the days for when they start hiring actors to act like they are public and going in and out of orgs to create the image of booming orgs. and going to civilian uniforms to disguise the difference between public and staff to give the appearance that the orgs aren’t Morgues.

    The other thing that is happening is because of the number of SO members who have left, who are on the RPF and low recruits, sea org staff have really taken a hit. The once booming St. Hill size orgs are down to a fraction of what they were.

    The days are numbered………

  14. TroubleShooter

    Whew, long time no on the blog! I’ve been staying abreast through short briefings by 4 different friends of mine while handling the hell out of life but got to come on again myself this morn to find the local tour of the Seeidle org in Washington (sorry I couldn’t resist that).

    In the case that it’s not known I thought I’d share what I know about how the Class V orgs staff and public are billed and drilled in how to deal with the “black hats” who come by the orgs to protest etc including especially a driveby by two of the top executives of Scientology now whistleblowing…

    The DSA’s are all instructed to brief staff and public about the “handling” they are all expected to participate in during such a visit. They instruct all to stay inside, bring your lunches so you don’t have to leave the building, stay away from the windows, and NEVER engage anyone in a comm cycle if your run into one of THEM! They generally also are to cover the windows with curtains so you can’t see anything inside. All coming and going from the building is re-routed through back or side doors.

    Since it was clear that it was known you might come by that org it’s no surprise that it looked like the guard was the only life in the place.

    That being said I was told by a Seattleite that the staff numbers had dropped like a sinking ship after the pomp and circumstance was over.

    I always enjoy the videos.

  15. Churches are places where people go to when they look for security (spiritually as well as, sometimes, physically). The idle morgues are the only “churches” that have guards to secure it from people coming in!

    Reverse Scientology and a very reverse way of looking at life in general.

    A person is as alive and successful as he can communicate. The C of M and its followers enforces disconnection, refuses to reconnect and are out of comm with about anybody.

    That guard was in communication because he was not a member.

  16. Couldn’t understand certain words. Marty, what did you say to the guard to which he answered “Can’t say that!” and you guys cracked up?

  17. The waste that the CofS leaves in its wake is staggering. And I’m talking about just the nuts and bolts stuff, not the massive waste of spiritual opportunity caused by their incessant squirreling.
    Fiscal foolishness at a grand level.
    Much like our government, it is unsustainable.

  18. George,
    That was a candle–they can’t pay the power bill.

  19. George, the light burning was the local OSA Rep, Internal Dissension Division. The sun never sets on Independence.

  20. And those 30 included a full range of people from former and no longer Scientologists to those highly active in the Freezone, enjoying each other with respect, admiration and lots of laughter. It was a pleasure to be amongst a growing group of close friends and to have you and Mike share in it.

    And even the excellent Seattle downpour of rain couldn’t dampen the mood or chill the warmth of the evening.

    Please, don’t be strangers!

  21. I love this!! I hope you and other independents do more of these org visits across the country. This is exactly what the church does not want! This is what they fear!

  22. Guys, wish I could’ve been there last night. Tony and Marie-Joe, next time I’m in Seattle, dinner is on me!
    Just Me

  23. Hmm, I wonder if there is away to make multiple airline reservations to multiple destinations without forking over the money for an airline ticket. Even if you don’t go anywhere, it would drain funds from the “war chest” and send DM into a tizzy.

  24. The guard plays too, so funny!

  25. Lol. At least the security guy is uptone. But then, he is getting PAID.

  26. The MISSION I was staff in in the 70’s was busier than today’s idle “orgs.” And it was a hell of a lot more fun too!

  27. That security guard is more of a Scientologist than David Miscavige will ever be. 🙂

  28. Come down to check out the Pasadena org. It’s really nice inside and when you get kicked out there’s a great bar right across the alley.

  29. Oh also, besides the Pasadena org having no customers, they don’t seem to know who Marty Rathbun is. You might want to go introduce yourself there. Tell them you have an upcoming book for them to sell!

  30. 😆 LM@O over here! Bwahahahaha! 😆
    Y’all are just too cute, making his day!

  31. I LOL’d @ the security guard.
    Hey, know what would be cool? If a nice-sized group of those “thirty Seattle area Independents gathered for an evening of high-toned cameraderie” walked by the org at the end of dinner time on a Friday night and nicely asked for a tour of the building. They would not get one but then they could hang out outside for a few minutes and nicely greet all the staff and students as they arrive back from dinner. No inval or eval on the CofS’ers, just some of that “high-toned cameraderie”. That would have an effect. Kinda like “This is what Scientology in Seattle _could_ look like.” Subtle and classy. Also, quite a statement and dePTSing action. Be there and communicate, baby.

  32. Wow!

    Just think of the pressure the staff are under just to pay utilities, ‘rent’, phones and taxes to have the building revving in neutral – not even producing a product – that’s stress!

    It would be interesting to see the state of other ‘Ideal Orgs’ around the planet – no doubt they are also huge black holes. Very sad that this has sunk this far.

  33. I have a good friend who is a Los Angeles Sheriff investigator. This investigator is actually jealous of Scientology’s intelligence gathering capabilities!
    There’s the seemingly infinite budget for hiring private investigators; the ability to (illegally) tap into the Sabre computer reservation system; the use of “gaslighting” techniques to freak out targets; the use of fake identities; the pretense of investigating government security clearances in order to gather intelligence on opponents; and the incredible zeal to work 100 hour weeks, dig through dumpsters, with hardly any pay to destroy people who simply wish to state the truth about Organized Scientology. I’ve been subjected to all the above.
    Police and Sheriff investigators can’t do any of that. They can’t even run a license plate, unless it’s for an “on task” purpose.
    That’s just not fair!

  34. One of the more disturbing aspects of the idle morgue strategy is that it appears to be a reflection of what I believe to be Miscavige’s apocalyptic worldview. In 2005 it was reported that the church had spent 2.5 million dollars to construct a vault in the New Mexico desert where the Hubbard’s writings, engraved on stainless steel tablets encased in titanium capsules, are allegedly being stored and archived. The idle morgue strategy was announced in 2004. Current members supporting this strategy note with pride how these buildings will meet the increasing demand and be viewed as places where a new civilization is being established.
    Because these buildings remain empty, it is obvious that the stated purpose is not the true reason the strategy continues. While it is difficult to argue that Miscavige’s greed is the not the primary motive, these lavish expenditures seem to reflect his need to leave large footprints that will not go unnoticed by future generations.

  35. At the last St-Hill event, actors were actually hired to sit in the audience and cheer DM. The cast calling adverts were posted on WWP.

  36. The bar is Lucky Baldwin’s. Recommended. A nice pub known for their annual Belgian Beer Festival.

  37. I really think the COS is significantly vulnerable on this point even if they may have tried to isolate their culpability through lawyers who hire PIs who do the dirty work. They clearly use such information and is not reasonable to think the information came “cleanly.” I wish someone would dump the details on this one. There has to be logs of who accesses what records.

    If you have some knowledge of how it works I bet you could work with the Feds (it may even be a Homeland Security issue!) ahead of time to set up a trap and put them out of this particular business.

  38. DFB aka Dfb99

    Strange how the hired security guard had better confront, was higher toned and had more willingness to be there and communicate than the alledged Scientologists in the “Ideal” Org.

  39. martyrathbun09


  40. Tory, I’ve observed OSA can find out when ANYBODY is traveling on commercial flights. They follow constantly and consistently the commercial air travel plans of certain people. Mike and Marty are two of those people.

    I’d expect they also know when any “friendly” churchies are traveling too, just to spy on them to feel more secure. OSA and Miscavige are all about the spying. That’s all they know how to do at this point. Nothing constructive. Nothing positive.

    Just Me

  41. In addition to having their own travel agency and using that to illegally track your intinerary, they have your Social Security number, your driver’s license number, your passport number — all of the private information they need to track you. This applies especially to SO members who routinely have to surrender all this personal information. It’s all about total control. Really creepy.

  42. Tony DePhillips

    Sounds great!! Anytime!

  43. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 hilarious 🙂

  44. Tony DePhillips

    My wife and I enjoyed hosting a fun party for all the Pacific Northwest Indies and Marty and Mike. We had a great group of people and lots of good food and drink.
    One of the things I always wanted from the church but could never quite get, was TRUE friendships. Within the church it was always “what service are you on?” or “How much have you donated to the Ideal Org??” Now with the new group forming up we have friends who actually care about each other and are intersted in how things are going and support each other.
    I recomend that if you are interested in creating groups, to start having some get togethers and start building groups. New groups. It is a lot of fun.

    We had about 30 people in attendance. That is about 1/3rd of the size of a local Org event. And we are just in the begining stages.

    One thing that has really struck me lately is that dm cannot truly inspire people.. LRH used to inspire me and I was active. dm does not inspire and people are leaving in droves. I also realize that the postulate IS already in motion. The independent delivery will continue to expand and the cult of miss savage will continue to dwindle. It is already happening. It is going on NOW. You are all part of it. For God’s sake help build a better Independent Bridge..

  45. Tony DePhillips

    Ciao Silvia.

  46. Marty and Mike,

    Great meeting you both in my home town!

    People, there’s a lot of warmth behind Marty’s baby blues. He and Mike are smart, funny, kind and in comm with everyone when they attend a gathering of independants. They also crack eachother and the whole room up pretty hard with old “war” stories in the SO.

    Well, I drive by that Idle Morgue several times a week and it’s damn near as empty as lock-down mode when you guys roll into town. The location sucks and you can’t see the facade (pun intended), from more than a block away. In other words, the org is basically hidden, hard to get to in typical Seattle traffic and offers almost zero parking.

    Did I mention there is no lunchroom? No storage for student materials? Students literally have to find street parking and walk for several blocks with their meters, etc, in tow.

    Our testing center (Life Improvement Center?), is an underground dungeon with no windows, no sunlight, etc, on a violent and dangerous drug-dealing intersection in downtown, often strewn with police activity.

    One of our local, trusted moles reports an average of two to four students in the Academy on any given day of the week. Six of the basic courserooms (yes, they’ve created multiple basic courserooms for different services), are not only empty, they have no supervisors posted……. instead, using them for things like daycare. And the Morgue has been open since July 24th of this year!

    My mole tells me that muster usually draws an estimated twenty staff per Day or Fdn. What happened to the reported “170 staff” at the time of the Grand Opening?

    Wake up Seattle staff!!!

    ARC Marty and Mike!
    And much ARC to that evil SP known as Tony DePhillips!

    Some day Tony, the terminals who tossed you under the bus will be crying for forgiveness on your doorstep! At least the ones who still have a shred of integrity, that is.

    🙂 IO

  47. Tony DePhillips

    I also wanted to sat how Marty and Mike still exemplify what the Sea Org had meant to me. They could be running full on to handle their first dynamics if they wanted to. But instead they are helping to keep the dream alive for all who are intersted. Despite the personal attacks and other discomforts that they live with they still keep fighting to keep the dream alive. They stayed up late talking to people, always intersted in helping others who have been harmed. They slept a few hours and got onto other pressing Indie business and were always uptone while doing it. It gave me a good glimpse into how they must have served while in the Sea Org and only an insane lunatic would have blown off such dedicated and able Sea Org members.
    My dream is to see dm totally humiliated after the abuse he has dished out to so many good and able Beings. Let us all continue our good work until that glorious day, all the while flourishing and prospering.

  48. Exactly, the creeps know your mother’s maiden name and can just call your bank, credit card companies and pretend it’s you to track your whereabouts and purchases. This is latent tracking, for the present it’s up to the PIs and for future the computer reservation system.

    How about keeping track of someone for two decades?

  49. Marty and Mike,

    Great to see you guys. That wonderful get-together inspired me to write a post about what the Church calls “the Dark Side.”

    This seems to be the new face of Scientology: empty buildings patrolled by hired security guards.

  50. I do know that back in the late 80’s, early 90’s a special OSA project had “plants” working for AOL in order to disrupt anti-Scn message boards.
    It wouldn’t surprize me if they had someone working reservations at one of the major airlines. That individual (‘s) might be able to access anyones travel plans through their computer system.

  51. That was funny, “why dont you start yelling at us and we’ll drive away”


  52. Alex Braverman

    Of note: the security guard at the idle morgue was paid more, that day, than any staff member inside. For standing at the door. He was, literally, paid to block access to this building.

    Strange ‘church’.


  53. Yes, true. I did’nt see any fifth dynamic.

  54. You gave me a hilarious picture here. Security guard is hired, shows up wearing an Anon mask! LOL

  55. Marty, please fill in the words I couldn’t make out.

  56. Floating Needle

    There’s also another theory on that…
    that all those hermetically sealed titanium capsules contain parishioner donations in the form of gold, silver and platinum.

    It’s just a rumor, because the crew storing these capsules never saw the contents. But very plausible considering the track record and current scene.

  57. BTW, where’s the SO? Aren’t they supposed to be providing security there?

  58. Always loved Seattle. Been going there since the 70’s. The Space Needle was always fun to go up in.

    Yes, that was one mighty fine looking building. But, was all that poshness paid for by org income? And, if LRH walked in and saw the emptiness set against the poshness, you could bet he would want to see the stats and just where that money came from to renovate.

    I would not want to be within 10 feet of his space when he started to see just how little delivery had to do with paying for it, and how much “bar-b-ques” and “fundraisers” did.

    I pose a question to any DM bots reading this: Would you be willing to give a tour of that org to the Old Man, and be within 2 feet of him when he sees the real picture? Be honest.

    I didn’t think so.


  59. LOL. Awesome video.

  60. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Just Me! Yeah—-they knew I was going to LAX, when I’d told *No One*. They “anonymously” cancelled my van to the airport, the plane was cancelled (probably an accident, but it was freaky) and the VP of OSA (Janet Weiland) came zooming up to me saying: “We know where you’re going and you are NOT going to see those people”.
    Me: HUH? This day was THE FIRST day I ever knew they did Fair Game, seriously black ops. All the “PR” shit I helped them with, I just saw as “helping the “church” DOH!

  61. Tory Christman

    Very true, EISM—and the weirdest is when you’re “in”, you literally have no clue. I trusted them….what a mistake. What a delusion~! I mention this, in case anyone is lurking. This is why I say “church”—get it?

  62. Tory Christman

    DFB: Good point. Funny to see.

    An LA side note for fun: Last night I sat down at the Aero Theater, to see “South of the Boarder”, where Oliver Stone was doing a Q&A after. I’m in the front row, and these 2 younger men sit next to me. We start chatting–what we all do. I mention my YT site (always like to educate people in the Industry), and the one guy had been hired before by Gold to do some special effects for their movies! Small world—and no, they weren’t ops. Ever amazing.

  63. martyrathbun09

    Jeff, we loved seeing you and the Portland gang too. Great post.

  64. martyrathbun09

    Yo, IO!

  65. The C of M have a “travel agency” which is actually just a CMOI External Comm staff member, for booking flights (others may have access to it, but that’s where it’s controlled.) They are able to use the airline reservation system as a “travel agent” to track the air travel reservations of anyone they want. The system they use is called “Sabre”.

  66. DFB aka Dfb99

    I get strange coincidences like that. They must not be entirely random. I’m not sure what it means.
    I was in a sauna and I must have been in purif beingness or something because someone out of the blue asked me if I was doing my purif (at a public gym, not near an org or anything). He told me him and his friend were EX-SO. I run into a lot of people who “used to be Scientologists” or “were Scientologists for a long time”. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe Scientologists just find each other somehow.

  67. one of those who see


  68. one of those who see

    Tony wrote: “It gave me a good glimpse into how they must have served while in the Sea Org and only an insane lunatic would have blown off such dedicated and able Sea Org members.”
    Exactly! The other day I was speaking with a friend. Ofcourse we could list tons of outpoints with the Church. Then I realized something so simple and close that it would be easy to miss it. I said, IF EVERYTHING WAS FINE IN THE CHURCH WE WOULD STILL BE THERE!! We had both been on staff. We love Scientology. Yet we have been blown off the lines.

  69. one of those who see

    Love to hear about the Independents getting together! I can feel the high toned, OT theta here. The Real Scientology.

  70. A good friend asked me this question:

    How does DM and SCN get away with what they do and say?

    I really did not have a good answer that made any sense

    anyone have a good answer?

  71. Also OSA has created a new* ratio.

    (*Actually the Stazi were the ones who used it most. Along with their Checka counterparts)

    Formerly known as tech/admin.

    It’s now number of informants, operatives, agents provocateurs, moles etc to Scientology public.

  72. Sam,
    They are able to notice but the “it’s me” introversion translates to the 3D.
    The reason the orgs are empty in the UK?
    “It’s the UK” (they think that the orgs are booming elsewhere).
    Fascinating the correlation of pushed-in anchor points on the two dynamics don’t ya think?
    Love, Sam…. 😀

  73. “Splutter”… Tea on the computer screen.

  74. Exactly right!

  75. Anonymous Staff Member

    There’s a CMO Mission in the org which won’t be leaving until it is “ideal” apparently. Right after the grand opening, many of the Missionaires that were in town were recalled for corrections. I guess Miscavige didn’t like certain things. The team that is there now was in Malmo for the last year. Not sure how Malmo is REALLY doing now.

    The service facilities are on the top floor so if your drive-by was during course time you likely wouldn’t see anyone here. The test center by Pike Place probably has more activity but I don’t think it’s a viable situation.

    And yes, as other people commented, the yearly taxes, utilities are going to sink this. It is overexpansion on a MEST level without the VIABILITY that LRH clearly talked about when deciding to purchase a building. I can attest that the pay is anywhere from $2 a week to a couple hundred depending on your position on the org board. That’s still no way to live considering staff aren’t Sea Org and need to pay rent/mortgage, bills, car, insurance, gas, food, clothing, medical (or some such), etc. and still have some left over to enjoy SOMETHING in life like going to the movies or something fun.

    Here’s OSA’s top dog in Seattle.

  76. Well said Tony!

    Miscavige inspires me as much as ….say…getting a root canal or a proctology exam by Homeland Security.

    Has as much charisma as Manuel Noriega (and probably works for the same people) and the intellectual capability of Sara Paulin.

    Tony you da man!

    Oh while I’m able to post here on Marty’s board I thought I’d post this message I received in my e-mail today because I feel it’s important to get the word out.

    I know it’s somewhat off topic.

    But I feel it aligns with our purpose of shining a light into darkness:

    Again Tony.

    I love ya man and if I’m ever in the NW I’ll look ya up and maybe we can do lunch.

    (LA speak for get together)



  77. *¨*♥ ❤ ♥*¨* *¨*♥ ❤ ♥*¨*
    Y’all ROCK!

  78. Tony,
    I loved this: For God’s sake help build a better Independent Bridge.

  79. 😆 I got that too!

  80. They hired a security guard for Marty and Mikes benefit because the HCO is staffed with a bunch of kids. The DSA office is two people and one of them was likely with the PI’s while the other one was likely upstairs in her office watching from a window.

  81. Samuel — I asked him if he had our photos in the black binder he had under his arm. Mike

  82. With each new voice, whether identified or not it feels as if an appreciative community is forming:

  83. Ciao Tony!!! a very big hug to you and your wife!! Smiling here thinking at the great time we had in Florida!!


  84. Tony, you said;
    “One of the things I always wanted from the church but could never quite get, was TRUE friendships.”

    I agree it was hard. That “end justifies the means mentality”, along with its betrayals, disavowels and many other faults made it hard for anything special to deepen and take root.

    But in the fresh air of freedom we now enjoy, I strongly recommend your connecting back up with those whom you felt a special bond. It can reach heights and mine depths which you will find very gratifying.

    The spiritual connection and shared service and purpose you have or had with others thrives in the light of freedom. It restores to friendship the attribute of “growth” and “trust” which it didnt offer inside the church. It allows friendships to become quite beautiful and special.

    I am glad you are finally finding it. And I am sure it will touch you deeply and you will carry it beyond the grave.

  85. I think there 169 more staff stuffed in her pants.

  86. They have a special license from the devil.

  87. They use a paid for service called Lexis Nexis which will get them into any data base. Costs several thousands of $ per month.

  88. My point – just in case I’m being too subtle is that what first appears odd, startling, confusing can actually become a beautiful dance not just to those asked to play the game but to those watching – who cannot help but wish to join such joy … that is what is happening as critics, ex’s, independents and those still in begin to smile together — it’s happening:

  89. Rory,

    The answer is that like our Government they are able to convince the remaining gullible public that they are surrounded by “SPs” or “Terrorists” that hate “Scientology” or “hate us for our freedoms” etc. claiming in both cases that the “why is god”.

    (yes I know it’s hard to believe that we the independents and critics have reached the vaunted position of godliness but there you go.)

    Any way even though Jeff and I have are differences at times I would like to link to an article that says it very succinctly with his trademark humor:

    Yes it seems we are the most powerful beings in the universe.

    Next to OBL and al Queda who with just a small band of terrorist numbering maybe in the hundreds has managed to have the most powerful Armed Services in the world chasing their sorry asses through out the Hindu Kush for almost a decade and send our economy into a tail spin.

    Yes I know an unfair comparison but I couldn’t think of a better one that exemplifies the situation except for maybe Assuange and Wikileaks who is being chase around the world by our “premier” Intel Agency.

    Well I guess you get the picture.

    Truth be told there are some who don’t want the truth to be told.

  90. “The independent delivery will continue to expand and the cult of miss savage will continue to dwindle. It is already happening. It is going on NOW. You are all part of it. For God’s sake help build a better Independent Bridge..”

    I think you and your wife can be thanked more than most, or more than anyone, for so much activity happening in that area. I heard sort of a rumor there was some delivery that’s going to be started in that area, sounds like plenty of people would attend.

    Also if just one org openly refused to run DM’s squirrel programs that would be all that’s needed. They could agree to follow orders but could say it would have to be clearly covered in LRH policies, if they want a more seemless transition (harder to attack). Other orgs would hear about it fast and Dave would lose any footing left to revoke trademarks. He can’t revoke trademarks from multiple orgs or maybe even one whole org or he might have a court case on his hands questioning the 1st amendment logic of one man’s interpretations determining the actions of thousands within a religious. Besides the possibility of weakening his legal footing or outright losing or delineating how delivery can continue without hassles, he can’t handle PR wise the media frenzy around a court case which would be created, most likely started by St Pete times, in a situation like that.

    Even sending in missionaires to cover his high crimes and enforce the squirreling would only make it worse.

    Either way that’s one possibility of many. Maybe seattle will take the leap someday. If anything of that magnitude does go down, or he tries to stop independent orgs, there needs to be a letter writing campaign from public to the exec councils of every org on the planet explaining the situation. Also there’s a whole lot of email lists out there from various orgs which I know some are holding on to. There’s a lot of outreach actions which I’m sure will go into effect if DM tries to stop exposing his high crimes against humanity or stop delivery. I for one have backed off contacting for a while and will go into overdrive if Dave tries anything serious. I think he knows about the factors involved and that any bold action from him is drawing a line in the sand which he’ll have to retreat from. OSA might be holding something over his head too. As far as I can see we’re free to do what we want.
    There’s a lot of people that would step up if Dave tries to squash delivery because that’s his signal that standard Scientology will not be tolerated and the squirreling and destruction must continue under pain of the law. I hope he gets overt because I’m very sure that would be the last straw.

  91. Rory,

    Theres an answer, but it’s long. Check the “Overwhelm” thread from earlier this week for one of the best ever summaries of how DM does it.


  92. Hey Marty, Mike and Tony what a great video. Like the Security Guard he is cool! If the CofM spent their time applying Scientology (which they can not do) a truly better world we would have. This is truly an example of the “Church” being dead”. To those still in and lurking wake the hell up. This is not nor ever will be again Scientology. Just know there is Scientology on the outside and it feels great.

  93. Can you ask the missionaires how disgusting it feels to replace auditor training with basics courses into the teeth of senior policy? I’m sure they’re seething with justifications but it would be a good question to ask.

  94. While we’re on the topic of Seattle, here’s my account of 7 years of fund-raising in the form of an article Steve posted for me on Scientology-cult:

    “Help us out of a JAM!”….he exclaimed, a large glass jar of the purple condiment held high in one hand for all to see, a microphone in the other. The guarded crowd at tonight’s “event” chortled and moaned at the attempted humor, a few faint claps in the distance. Our New OT Vlll Foundation E/D was auctioning off a jar of jam, and then a bag of potato chips, in order to buy his way into having an “Ideal Org”. “CHIP in!” He shouts. He proceeds to begin reading off the ingredients on the back of the bag, coercing the slightly disbelieving audience to mumble “Mmmmmm” in unison. And no…there is no dubbing anything in here. There are roughly 70 witnesses to this hideous display of personal-integrity gone bad. And then it was on to his neck tie. Around Twelve-hundred dollars, it seems, was the final price. His own wife was kind enough to bail him out of that one.

    In all the green vol’s one can read, you will find nothing by our founder to even remotely support the above.

    “Whooo’s NEXT!?!” The speaker system distorted under the strain. In the first several rows, random sets of shoulders jolted upward, then dropped, as if to say, “Ouch!”. But nobody had quite the audacity to actually cover their ears while sitting in full view of their peers. It was our Day E/D and his all-too-familiar tactic of scaring the bejeezus out of an entire room full of good people by throttling the mic and utterly screaming into it. And all the while, the fund-raising In-Charge was at the ready, stage left, with whiteboard and marker, anxiously scanning the audience for the next hand to go up, as well as the scrutinizing scowls coming from the uniforms in the back of the room. Pressure! Lots of pressure! A big haul was needed that night. And after 6 straight years of fund-raising, these guys had itdown. The Day E/D continued…”What you’re actually doing is taking energy from your 1st and 2nd Dynamic and transferring it over to your 3rd and 4th!!! So……who’s next!!!” Yep. He actually said this. Shouted it, in fact. One could offer an interpretation of the actual meaning: “We’ve utterly failed to stick to LRH and have thus taken up DM’s unusual solutions as our new operating basis. So, you turkeys had better go along with it and reward us with your upstat, personal production!” And the event grinds on…

    In these scenarios it is best to have an escape plan. You socialize and mingle around the food line early in the evening. You say all the right things to your local opinion leaders and you schmooze with the current SO missionaires. You prove that you can toe that line as well as the next guy. You tuck your integrity into your back pocket and you wonder if things will ever get any better. Unfortunately you doubt it, that is, if you have any ability whatsoever to predict 3rd Dynamic trends. You sit through the main portion of the event, the Chaos Merchant tactics. You learn all about the dangerous environment and how the new buildings will bring about world peace, save the economy and attract the CEOs of Starbucks, Microsoft and Boeing!

    It must be true! The slightly menacing lady from Int Management took the stage and said so.

    You know what comes next. Fund-raising! You wonder if you’re the only one in the room who feels like they just had their last firing-squad incident fully restimulated. But, before too long, you realize that you are actually just picking up on the way the entire room feels. As the fund-raising team takes the stage, you pull out your cell phone and feign an important call. You head for the restroom, Tone 40 all the way. Head down, never to make eye contact with the various staffers you pass by. But, you turn off at the last second and head for the back hallway. It’s long, it’s dark. There’s a side door nobody is guarding. You’re out! You spot a few staffers outside having cigarettes at 30 yards. You hear your name called from the distance and you turn so that the small group can see you’re “on the phone”. A minute later, you slink your way off the grounds, across the street and into your carefully-placed automobile. Never park in the main lot. You’ll never get out alive! You give a sigh of relief. You did it! You were seen by all the important people. You are on-record for having been there. You won’t have to offer any guilt-ridden explanations for why you didn’t attend. You got out before you had to watch the slaughter of your friends’ bank accounts and dignity for the umpteenth time. You head to the nearest bar and order a cold one, wondering how the poor folks at the event are making out and just how late it will go. You quickly shy away from that thought and suddenly get real interested in the football game on the flatscreen. You wonder when you’ll summon up the courage to make your break for real. When you’ll peacefully walk away from the whole scene altogether. You know the true tech works. You know you are on the verge of the Great Middle Path that Marty so eloquently wrote about. You don’t even recognize what your religion has become any more. You want to tell everyone the truth. You can’t. Or…can you? Your non-Scientology friends act interested in your plight out of basic courtesy but they couldn’t possibly have enough reality to even begin to separate LRH from DM. And so, you back-off on that line altogether. You realize that you are alone.

    For twenty years you were there. You donated money to the IAS to save the world even though you didn’t have any. You gave years of service. You helped. You defended. You stood up for LRH. You really did. And now, you are sneaking away. Have you become a coward? A victim? Is it a case of “poor little me”? You feel blatantly covert, abandoning your friends….. your group, your personal integrity.

    Your personal integrity? Really? Are you actually abandoning your personal integrity? Well, let’s take a look at that. According to LRH, in the Tech Dictionary, he states that Personal Integrity, “…is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know, and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity”.

    Well…. that about sums things up. What you now know is that your “friends” and your “group” (all very good people), have perhaps given up their personal integrity. And even though it’s uncomfortable as hell, you walk away. And after a few months of feeling like you’ve lost your mind, you read and learn from those on the Middle Path. It helps tremendously. And then, you begin to write, you begin to share, you begin to help and you know you’re gonna be okay…

    Written by Idle Org

  95. No storage for student materials? That’s crazy! Do you remember the cardboard boxes stored in the old days with meter, dictionaries, course pack, tech vol references, demo kit, etc., etc. How the heck do you transport all that to your car and back each day? And no lunchroom? Oh–my bad!!–I forgot, anyone rich enough to afford CofS services is certainly rich enough to trot off to a restaurant for lunch!! Ummm, wait a minute, what about staff? Oh, I get it, they don’t need to eat, that’s just case on post!!! LOL

  96. True,

    I remember they were on Lexis Nexis at CCHR back in the early ’90’s.

    They also have access to Sky Daton who in turn has direct access to Network Solutions as an ISP owner.

  97. Provided by His Satanic Majesty in person.

    Also meaning that any DMbot is really the devil’s advocate.

  98. Kudos for making the Security Dude look good! That was very funny!

  99. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Robin.
    Forsure we will have to do lunch and smoke that stogie too after some oysters or some great seafood..
    I still want to hear your story.

  100. Tony DePhillips


  101. Which reminds me.

    I think should show some sympathy for the little gnome in charge these days.

    Just for you Dave:

  102. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Loki. Words of wisdom..

  103. Lexis/Nexis (Legal/News) online archive absolutely does not have any access to airline flight reservations.
    Michael A. Hobson

  104. Tony DePhillips

    Truth is that groups are already delivering.

    A shout out to Les Warren who does incredible work from what I hear.

    I know there are a lot of other Scientologists who deliver the tech in the field who are getting rave results.

    I believe that we all have the right to freely practice our religion. That is a constitutional right. The church cannot stifle that. If it has a “monopoly” then that is not fair on any front whether business or religious. If it is dm’s true intention to help free the world he would let the tech run free. It will die of it’s own accord where it is not practiced standardly, just as is happening in the “church” now.

  105. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Idle Org.
    You are a true inspiration and I am glad to have you as a friend.

  106. …also a cute little Coffee Bean, in case it’s a little too early for Lucky Baldwin’s…

  107. Where is Janet Weiland these days? I was also followed and watched by her in LA. I really liked Janet and I thought she had a lot of ARC, but man when she turns on you watch out!

  108. Tony DePhillips

    Baby got back!!

  109. They use to use Joava Good who owned an outside travel agency who of course had full access to all airline ticketing systems. I know she had some financial issues with the church not paying for tickets and travel where she would get nailed by the airlines, but not sure how that got resolved. My gut is the chuch aka. IAS just pushed the bills off on Joava and expected her to donate or else she wouldn’t make it onto OT 7. Nevertheless she is a snake and will do anything for OSA.

    (Joava good is the mother of Jenny Good)

  110. Tony DePhillips

    That is becasue none of us really understand Scientology.
    Shoot that indicates.. I just have MU’s!!
    Maybe only dm know what Scientology is becasue he is rocketing it straight up and vertical!! Hey dm, should I start hitting people too? Is that a good way to ge the stats up before thursday at 2:00??

  111. Tony DePhillips

    Is that you William?? Mr. Shakespeare really does live!!

  112. IO — Wow, you nailed it! Thanks. Hallelujah

  113. That’s a video of one of the unhappiest-looking, massiest (and I don’t mean her weight) people I’ve seen in a while. That lady is not a happy camper. But predictable, given what she’s devoting her life to. Run, Anne Pearce, run! Run to freedom!

    Just Me

  114. Thx and I will for sure. Its still amazing to me but look what Hitler was able to do for many years. I g uess the kool aid takes really sweet for the people in the fold

  115. Windhorse, I LOVE these musical flash mobs! I laugh and sing (and sometimes cry for joy) just watching these wonderful recordings of events people have created with their bodies and spirits and talents. They really flip me out!

    Can you imagine a musical flash mob led by the musicians in this group? Jim on drums, DFB on guitar (and God knows what else he plays!), and who else? In some ways, this reminds me of that lovely Fourth of July weekend last summer down at Mike’s and Christie’s house.

    The holiday season’s coming … everybody, get your jingle on!
    Just Me

  116. LexisNexis offers great products and services, and my company has a subscription to it. But LN doesn’t let you into “any” database and certainly not to the Sabre airline reservation system, proprietary financial systems (like banks and credit card companies) or any other proprietary systems. The sabresonic airlines reservation system is described at .
    Just Me

  117. Speaking of special licenses….
    If you haven’t seen (and heard) the God Warrior, fasten your seat belts …….

  118. OTDT,

    Maybe she is related to God Warrior?

  119. Hey Tony, that’s Alanzo’s line – “You don’t really understand scientology.” He’s frequently telling me and anyone else who is pro-tech that, on Claire’s forum, as he evaluates it for me while invalidating me in various ad-homish ways.

    I guess we know where he learned to do it.

  120. Freedom Fighter

    When I first saw the building I thought you guys were visiting some sort of government agency. Looks like this one is also in a land devoid of body traffic — obviously by design . . .

  121. Very well described, IO. Perfectly.
    “Move energy from your 1st and 2nd to your 3rd and 4th”?
    Right. The uniformed vampires in the background are hungry, oh so hungry….

    I can almost hear their thoughts whispering, “Give us your blood, we need your blood and that of your children, give us your blood, give, give, give…..”

  122. 30 indie LRH lovers confront a questionable org – I have never seen or heard anything like that 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Yes, the times are changing !

  123. Freedom Fighter

    No kidding! That place has to cost a fortune to light and heat.

  124. Love them Rolling Stones….that’s hot!

  125. Just Me, I totally agree!

  126. Out Of Retirement

    Interesting conversation. Yet, WHY did Marty, Tony and Mike think they needed to go to this org in the first place?

    Were they there to sign up for services? Were they scheduled to give a seminar? Were they looking for some form of aberrated confrontation by which their arrests could be delegated?

    There is all this “Chit Chat” from many well known former Scientologists here, but no one bothers to ask any of these people “Why did you go to the church in Seattle for if you really truly don’t have any business there”?

    So, if you have a brain in your head you won’t wait too long for answer, because you won’t get one that is the truth.

    They are still uncertain as of yet whether or not people will accept them as credible individuals for leaving a group as well known as the Church of Scientology whose confidential scriptures have already made it to the local 6:00 p.m. news.

  127. Scott Campbell


    I also burst out laughing at Marty’s “It’s David Miscavige’s Neutron Bomb strategy”.

    Marty, you guys are a crackup. What about the rest of the get-together? Was it a blast? What did you guys do? Any fishin’? Or just dishin’?

    Man, I gotta come to one of these get-togethers. I miss being with cats like you.


  128. Scott Campbell

    Floating Needle,

    Hey, you know what they say, “You can’t take it with you”.

    And if you’re a piece of meat, you can’t come back and get it either.


  129. Tony DePhillips

    I will tell you a little story about her. She used to rent a room from us at my house. When she moved in she had an old mattress about 3 inches thick that she put out in my back yard. This was in the spring. She left it there for months until after Hallowen I was doing a little junkyard run. She had put a pumpkin out for halloween also. I threw the old pumpkin and her now moldy and mossy mattress into the truck and through it all out at the junkyard. I figured I was doing her a big favor, not charging her anything. Just doing it as a friend. Well..when she found out she lit into my for “throwing her mest away!!!” It was like how dare you touch my mest without my permission!! I was like..”OKAY??!” Sheesh…take a chill pill.
    I guess when you are only making a few cents a week mest becomes VERY scarce. So much so that even junk becomes valuable. That is your OSA cheif in Seattle.

  130. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Tony.

    YOU inspire me!


  131. Tony DePhillips

    That hurt Valkov…

  132. RJ,
    You da man. No one else references a root canal and proctology exam in the same sentence.

    But I disagree – you compared DM to intellectual capacity of Sara Paulin. Sara would kick his arse. Maybe the capacity of a 12 year old Sara, but currently this is no match. We could compare DM intellectual capacity with Idi Amin. Remember when he spent 1/4 of his countries annual income on his coronation ceremony. Wasting millions on pomp and ceremony – now that is a more worthy comparison.

    RJ, have another coffee, without the Irish whiskey – wink and smile. The root canal bit you may have experienced, but, you need to go to cramming on your ability to get what is identical, different and similar. See Jim within 24 hrs and report compliance. This is the second time this year you embarrassed me. Sheesh!

  133. Scott Campbell

    Fantastic, Brother. Really captures the internal struggle of a typical on-lines scientologist.

  134. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Tara!!

  135. Tony DePhillips

    Actually she has been despised by the majority of our field for years. Of course nobody will tell her to her face because she weilds the suppressive power and some people are afraid of her. She can be very bombastic.

    Even the Fdn ED told ne in no uncertain terms that he didn’t like her. His wife used to work with her and couldn’t stand her.
    There is an LRH reference somewhere that talks about when an Org stays small,to look for the people that have been there the whole time and the SP is amongst them. Well, in her case I think he is right. She seems more than happy to administer the policies of the current regime.

  136. IO
    You painted a true word picture of that world gone insane. Anyone, who has attended one of these duplicates it exactly. So very well written. I applaud you. This is the truth that communicates. All who read this, if you still are part of this scene – please re-read this. Idle Org – a sincere Thank you!

  137. Tony DePhillips

    I didn’t know what you meant by your comment until just now seeing it on Jeff’s blog. Here it is so others can join in on the fun. This person IS actually much like the OSA person in Seattle. LOL!!


  138. Sinar,

    When I blew the security guards tried to track my wife’s mother’s maiden name to trail our credit card purchases and nada, thanks to my wife never puttng her mom’s maiden name on her bullshit Life History they could never trace where we were.

    If you or anyone else remember’s there was a big deal in the late 80’s where EVERYONE had to re-do their Life History (an “update”). Incredible.

  139. Tony DePhillips

    Another thing this clip makes me think is that all religions have extremists in them. I think it can be safely said that most religions have contributed to the civilizing of society but at the same time when those same religions are taken over by extremists then all hell brakes loose.

    One of my friends said that the current church regime could be equated with the fanaticism of the Taliban or similar ilk. I agree with him.

  140. I don’t think she be runnin’ too fast, that woman.

  141. @RJ: Sky Dayton isn’t an ISP owner any more and hasn’t been for years.
    Michael A. Hobson

  142. Incredibly well written, so realistic and true for so many, thinking they might be the only ones going through that. Man oh man oh scam.

  143. Hi Mike and Marty,

    Thoroughly enjoyed the get together in Seattle Tuesday, great to meet you both. Lots of cool people here in this area. Hope to see you again soon.



  144. Been there. Done that. You might have been writing about me before I exited stage left never to be seen again in an org.

  145. That’s a horrible looking building. Looks like a Federal Spy Building. This whole Idle Org thing is so ridiculous. What orgs are at their capacity and need more space? Maybe back in the 70’s. Maybe Flag because they keep stealing all the org’s public and keep bringing in more and more third world saps and dupes to train who really only signed up so they’d have something to eat and a place to live and have faith that if they drink the Kool-aid all the magic they’ve been promised just may possibly be true.

    When Dave came up with this program, had he just finished watching Field of Dreams or something? More likely he saw it as a way to use the big stash of cash to create the illusion that he was actually producing something so people would swallow the rest of his poisonous swill without question, like the Golden Age of Robotism and new FN-killing definitions and beatings and humiliation and counterfeit books.

    The reactive robotism and automaticities of the ‘Them’ versus ‘Us’ game on their part is comical, predictable, shameful, juvenile and just plain stupid, to say nothing of completely anti-Scientological.

    How in the hell could Scientologists individually or collectively think that by excluding and hating and ostracizing others they are going to make a better world? That is so unthinking, it’s retarded and ignorant, really.

  146. You got it Tony,

    Just make sure you got some strong expresso close by.

    Which reminds me you guys have some the best coffee in the world up there.

    Yet you send us Scar Chucks!!!!!!

    Is that some kinda diabolical conspiracy you guys hatched up there?

  147. What’s funny about this whole DM thing is that if he were to be comm-eved by somebody within the church with some balls, goldenrod officially written on him, an actual comm-ev held standardly by a real committee without permission, all his crimes and facts presented with witnesses and a recommendation made and it all published and distributed, what would he do?

    There’s policy that covers putting ethics in on one’s senior.

    Once DM’s done for and off the lines, will there be a Top Ten Reasons Why We’re Glad DM is Gone List?

    10. Tired of watching DM trying not to lisp at events
    9. Tom Cruise needs new friends anyway
    8. Sick of buying the same books over and over
    7. Good thing because we ran out of blood to sell to pay for services
    6. Now we can eat
    5. Now we can sleep
    4. Ran out of motorcycle paint
    3. Now we can revert to standard tech
    2. Finally we can undeclare the population of Earth
    1. Tired of saluting a dog

  148. martyrathbun09

    The feeling is mutual Roy.

  149. Awww, be fair guys…the view from the top of that building is great, on a clear day with no rain. So what if there’s no public inside???
    OMG!!! How far down are they willing to go?…really sad.

    Glad you all got together and had some real fun.

  150. martyrathbun09

    Read the post Einstein. I said why we went in the sole paragraph I introduced it with.

  151. Tony DePhillips

    No problem RJ.
    I love strong coffee and Ithink Marty and Mike will vouche for me on that.
    Ya, we send all the junk coffee elsewhere and keep the good stuff for ourselves..ha ha ha.

  152. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!! Good one M6.. Case on post. Ha ha ha..

  153. Out of Retirement;
    Relax, enjoy the conversation. Read the back pages of this blog and come up to speed on what we do here. Most of us are not “former Scientologists” we are “Independent Scientologists” – a very big difference. We do discuss truth, its just that some can’t always tell the difference, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Here’s a video – remember, just Breathe and you can enjoy what we have to offer.

  154. Beautiful! A very high toned bit of play.

    If something like that were to happen at an Int event, dm would iose it – for good. Say a well-rehearsed rendition of one of DFB’s fabulous productions.

    Maybe the techie guys can figure out how to get room-filling volume out of i-phones, and put a flickering candle on the screen, too. Candle after candle would rise from their seats. What a sight! What a sit!!

    Ah, davey, the shenanigans you now have to worry about.

  155. Marty, Mike and Tony have the right to go there too.

    It’s best to look at things first hand for themselves and that’s just what they were doing. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

    I wish they would go to the DC Ideal Org and try and talk some sense into those guys, especially Silvia Stanard.

    You’ve heard of Paul Newman’s “Newman’s own” lemon-aid?

    Well, in my opinion, she’s really drinking the “Dave’s own” kool-aid. 🙂

  156. Woohoo!!! I had such a good time having this gathering at our house. Thanks to everyone that came & brought goodies to feed us all! It was a true team effort that made it a great success.

    I can’t remember having such a good time at any Org gathering before. Like it was mentionned before, there was no talk of “where have you been? when will you be back on course? how much can you donate?,…” Just great care & true interest in eachother. To Marty, Mike & the Portland crew, thanks for visiting us. Hope you come back soon! I can guarantee we will be an even bigger group next time. We already have a few new recruits 🙂


  157. Hey Roy,

    You and I know one another and we go way…back to the seventies.

    Clue- that cowboy bar in the early 80’s. Please give me your email address. If you are uncomfortable with that you can ask marty or mike for it. Love to hook up again, after all these years.

  158. Roy — Great to see you again too (along wth everyone else).

  159. Out of Retirement-

    Going by (on a public street; perfectly legal of course) to look at an Ideal Org never ceases to amuse. You see, except for the opening day (when they ship in staff and crowds) you will find the Org empty or almost completely empty. Day, night, morning, afternoon, makes no difference. It just cracks me up to see this bonehead strategy fail in such a public and obvious way. Try it yourself and have a laugh, (unless of course you are one of the suckers who contributed to this fiasco. In that case it will depress the hell out of you).

  160. How about:

    We can pick up where we left off when L. Ron Hubbard left the seen and get this slow rolling again!

  161. oops, I meant show rolling again. 🙂

  162. Moving Forward

    Well, the security guard was clearly briefed on you guys and based on his comment that ‘everyone has the right to freedom of religion’, I am guessing his briefing was something along the lines of you being terrible people who are trying to suppress religious freedom. He probably wasn’t expecting a car full of nice people who were very polite and not doing anything at all to warrant hiring him.

    After chatting with you guys and seeing how amiable you all were, one can only imagine what his conclusions were about this ‘Church’ and those who hired him.

  163. WHY are you posting here, Out Of Retirement? You certainly can’t be an up-and-up member of the church in good standing, because to read and contribute to Marty’s blog is an ethics situation according to Mr. David Miscavige’s regime. The only way you could be posting here is if you were directed or hired to do it. That would make you as “guilty” as Marty and team – except Marty and team are in the open, visiting a church that is open to the public, checking out how bustling (or not, as the case turned out to be) the ol’ stomping grounds are.

    WHAT business do you have here? To paraphrase your own question: “Why did you go to [Marty’s blog] for [sic] if you really truly don’t have any business there”?

    Come off it!

  164. A sincere thank you to you as well!

  165. Likewise, Scott. Some of the best experiences I have had in my life have been with friends who are also Scientologists “fishin’ and dishin'” Sometimes, literally! All y’all are friends of mine.

  166. Some news about Malmo:
    The three orgs Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo did a joint fundraising effort a few days ago. Lots of promotion. 150 confirmed and 130 showed up (including the organizers). At least they didn’t lie about the numbers.

    That’s an average of 43 persons from each org on a well promoted event with food, entertainment etc. Not good.

    Stockholm, where I live, recently lost 3 key staff and I would be surprised if they have more than 10 staff showing up.

  167. Well, that just sucks. You know, I am headed for Australia very, very soon. Perhaps I could put in a nice message from Mike to his family.

  168. Ha! Touche, mon frere!

  169. Hey Sapere ol’buddy

    The year ain’t over yet big yet 😉

    Edi Amin.


    Never thought of that!

    Maybe like Edi, Dave could drive his ATV off into the sunset somewhere and vanish.

  170. That’s okay AC.

    I knew what you meant.

    Thankfully intention speaks louder than words.

  171. Thanks Christie – 🙂 🙂 🙂

  172. Oh that’s right!

    He’s now a World Banker involved with the Carlyle Group.

    Forgot about USBX.

    They’ll probably be just as successful as BCCI 😉

  173. Obviously I meant to say:

    “The year ain’t over yet big *guy*.”


    Well like I said Sapere the year ain’t over 🙂

  174. *¨*♥ ❤ ♥*¨* *¨*♥ ❤ ♥*¨*
    you too Tara 🙂

  175. Anonymous Staff Member

    What’s that reference where LRH talks about an area of an org that can’t be staffed up has an SP in it? In her case, how many people have come and gone and not survived longer than a 2 1/2 year contract or less? Ok, not a lot because who the hell wants to work with her? As Tony says her reputation proceeds her and both staff and public fear her. But to name two higher caliber people who did try to work for her; Suzanne Stedman OT7 (wife of Fdn ED), Zoe Vineyard OT5 and I am pretty sure no one else has been in that office. She recently recruited Steve Bellingham to do some of the undercover stuff. But he hasn’t been there long enough and with an SO Mission around her pattern is to mind her P’s and Q’s about axing staff. To her it’s all about PR.

    My prediction is, understanding that 1.1 is a very dangerous thing, she uses Steve to try and “handle” the unhandleable scene of the Indies at which he will fail and take the heat for it. And if he succeeds any she will be right up front to receive the pat on the head first.

  176. You must realize that that is what the so-called Crusaders in the CofM think of us, right? “I am a DM warrior!”

  177. That is funny. A very close relative of mine says that a big butt like that is the result of 2D overts. Could also be the result of 2D fruity!

  178. Yes, the security guard was told about how criminal these people are and he was probably shown media on Anonymous and hate crimes and probably told a line about how “these guys coming by run Anonymous” because OSA tends to think every enemy = every enemy and it’s easier to brief your outside help with lies that paint your target in the worst light.

    And yes, these security guards, 9 out of 10 times don’t give a crap about either side. They just want two things. For no “incidents” to occur while they are there and finally the paycheck.

  179. I looked for the cast calling advert for the last event (2010) but couldn’t find it – can you please help me locate it (link). I know about and saw the cast calling advert for the 2009 IAS event though.

  180. Yeah Barney,
    I remember that you had to do updates every year of your Life History on Incomm computer terminals, or else you couldn’t log on to handle your despatches and would get chitted for staledating by the computer at Int.

  181. Tory Christman


    Correct, re Janet—on both counts.
    Where is she? I think she vanished shortly after
    I escaped out. Perhaps she’s in the “hole” with the rest of
    the Executives. Marty? Mike? Any clue?

  182. Hey Marty,

    Seattle. Fuggedaboudit! My “native state” is Brooklyn 🙂

    I’m a “security guy” in the Big Apple. Let me know when you’re coming to NY, and I’ll get you free tickets to the Museum of Natural History …

  183. Tony DePhillips

    Anne is that you???

  184. Tony DePhillips

    Good analysis A-S-M.

    I agree that she will try to set Steve and others up for the fall.
    She is their own worst enemy. So while they are looking for external influences for their failure, truth is that it is coming from within.
    Well…I guess dm would be a true external influence .

  185. No one struts better than Mick.

  186. She was planning on eating that mattress.

  187. Hey Marty and Mike, Thanks for making time to party while you were here for such a short trip. I really enjoyed the stories and comraderie.

  188. martyrathbun09

    Great meeting you Doc.

  189. Out Of Retirement

    That is your opinion of the matter, and highly speculative in nature at that.

    Did anyone from the church there in Seattle come out and decide to compare their numbers and tone level with you?

    I didn’t see anyone except a security guard saying he had been warned about people fitting your descriptions showing up there.

    Showing up there for what? There is no valid reason to go. It is an unprofessional organization that will soon be out fo business from its own crimes. Why go to challenge them? If there is an injustice, address it legally like anyone else would. In a court, not by travelling there to say “Hey come on out and let’s compare tone levels”. Scientologists live on the telephones most of their lives with police in the area, so it is a given that go only can only stir up more trouble than already exists.

  190. Excellent putting anchors out-taking the fight home to the doorstep of the idle org(s).


  191. Out of retirement, I dont think so. Getting a jump on next weeks stats by posting early. You are an ambitious little beaver. I am sure you fit right in.
    Raise your confront on evil. Get your own house in order.

  192. Out Of Retirement

    To all of the people here that responded here, thank you, I am not one to back down from any kind of criticism. I am also not a Scientologist by past or present history, but I do read, and I do learn, and I do know, that the Church of Scientology is bad group of hats. Lock, stock and barrel. Not just their current leader but tracing all the way back to their founder L. Ron Hubbard who himself was filled with some pretty wild ideas.

    People like that are trouble in life, whether it be in a supermarket, a movie theater or in one of their actual organizations. Seeking out people like that will only inevitably invite trouble into the lives the people that do so.

    I think that Marty, Tony, and whoever else it is that went on a sightseeing tour of the local org, did not get much for their money, except a conversation with a security guard that was advised to be on the lookout for them. WHY Was he on the lookout for them?

    His being on the lookout for them and them being there to be looked out for, is not bettering anyone’s life. Not mine, not anybody’s. Not even their own.

  193. So all you “know” about “Scientology” is what you picked up on the internet?

    In my opinion you seem rather judgemental of a subject you know nothing about.

    Of a man you’ve never met.

    I remember that phrase that a lot of bikers wore on their T shirts when asked by the fun nazis why they bothered to ride those “dangerous” machines.

    Their response was:

    If I had to explain it.

    Then you probably wouldn’t understand.

    Now go back to your nice safe life of Government controlled and approved rubber baby buggy bumpers or whatever.

    Einstein or whatever your real name is.

  194. Out Of Retirement


    Whatever this means that you said here is up to you. It is is not even understood what you meant or are referring to.

    But if you mean about this BLOG? The video that was put here?

    All I am saying is that I think it is a bad idea for anyone for whatever reason comes to mind, to seek out anyone, including Scientologists, that one knows are bad hats. People that are bad news (like Scientology) only create more bad news with people that find them.

    I think if he is who he says he is, Marty Rathbun, then he could spend a lot of his time doing better things for himself and people than seeking out a group of people like that for attention. Or as he put it, to compare numbers and tone levels.

  195. Okay OOR a fair response.

    Guess you’ve never been under 24 hour surveillance and in Marty and Mike’s case harassment and Character assassination and now are able to stare down your aggressors and show them you haven’t wavered from your ideals and that you are still here.

    Not only that stronger.

    It’s all about persistence and willingness to confront the demons who have been chasing you down for years.

    Not only that.

    But it’s about getting the word out about how corrupt the organization has become and how it is hiding behind this facade of pretentious buildings protected by rent-a-cops.

    Marty, Mike and all the others should be acknowledged for their efforts in exposing the Government Approved Tax Exempt Fallacy that has become the so called “Church of Scientology”.

    Not only that but I admire them for their contributions

    You OOR can do whatever you want.

    In my opinion you are either a toothless critic who likes to criticize others merely to be “critical” or you are working for the bad guys.

    And this is the last message you will get from me because either way you are merely a troll.

    And I promised my mommy that I wouldn’t feed the trolls 🙂

  196. Back in the early-’90s, I was a sojourning Academy student up in Seattle – and was on-course there for several months. I remember the (old/pre-Idle Org) org and how busy it was – getting coached on e-meter steering and dating drills – and renting a downstairs room with my (then) wife at the Green Lake home of the org’s senior C/S. Looks like those days are loooooooong gone.

  197. Tony DePhillips


  198. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Cat Daddy!!
    How have you been doing?
    What do you do when you are not here?

  199. OutOR; I’m just curious. I can see some value to the consideration that to ‘pop up on the radar’ of an evil group may well result in backlash. It’s something I had to consider for myself many years ago, and decided that the social value of speaking honestly justified the risk. For other people, that would be a different and legitimate evaluation.

    But, what I don’t get here is why you’re *here*. You have no past history with Scientology, apparently no particular interest in either the theory or practice or even the anthropological study of ‘cults’. And you at least imply that you disapprove of contact with dangerous elements, unless there’s some payoff.

    So, what’s your payoff here? Why would you even be reading this blog? Much less sticking your neck out to express an opinion in a public forum that inevitably *means* that you are now a part of the ‘show’?

    You object to M&M&T’s visit to the Org as a futile yet hazardous effort, but, why are you here? (not to say I think the Indies are gonna come getcha :))

    Joe Lynn

  200. Interesting that Seattle org’s decline pretty much coincides with what this blog has said over and over about the decline of Scn on a WW scale. From about 1990 onward Seattle org shrank, it was not TOO bad in 90-91 but after that it really started dying. There was some real dumb ideas coming from Management (anyone surprised still?). The Goodwill Games fiasco, if memory serves, we were to prepare for the massive influx of public that would be generated from this leatherbound DMSMH that was being distributed from donos (too bad it was an OP with one page completely messed up, I think out of order or typo’d to death, don’t remember). Anyway, the org moved into a larger building (that’s now a Rite-Aid store) on 3rd and Vine which it couldn’t afford and that “massive influx” that Management promoted, never happened. Anyway, by the late 1990’s there was less than a dozen staff members in each org considering in the late 1980’s there were over 130.

  201. Go Les! And be sure to communicate if there’s ever any problems.

  202. Tony DePhillips

    Yes. The Goodwill games was a fiasco and another lame incompetent job by the Sea Org. They made the local Org lease a huge new building way more expensive on the hopes of Charles Lakes qualifying for the Goodwill games. He was into Dianetics and they were milking him for all he was worth.
    I raised my hand at one of the breifings to get us pumped up and asked ” What if he doesn’t qualify?” The Sea Org lady looked at me as if I was a turd.

    Well…guess what ?? He didn’t qualify so all the hype was for nothing and it had disasterous results for our area. Thanks BOTS, another fine mess you created with your phoney “tone -40”.

  203. Sorry for the late reply. Sleeping , being in the city with friends centre and work. Had Terril over a while back here in Holland 😉

    Work consist out of the making of molds for casting replicas. That ranges from Dinosaur skulls to little prehistoric pots. Alsso making molds for the casting of bronxes

  204. Alsoo my attention shifted or rather diversified out again regarding Internet Activism:

  205. I raised my hand at one of the breifings to get us pumped up and asked ” What if he doesn’t qualify

    Valid question is valid mon compadre

  206. Totally off topic, but please find out a way to shield the mic or see about getting another camera.
    I only have pretty cheap cameras, but I never this much trouble with audio.

    The videos will get more viewing with better audio. I want to see them, so suffer through trying to hear. But people less close to the issue might just stop before finishing the vids.

  207. Really, Sky with the Carlyle group? Why am I not surprised.

    Or was this a joke?

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