Flavio, A Stolen Son – by Renata Lugli

Blogger’s introductory note:  The following is a mother’s account of the attempted destruction of her family.  I cross flowed much of what Renata relates.   It is very timely in that one year ago – almost to the day – on the eve of Christmas 2009 David Miscavige’s anti-Marty mission invaded the Lugli’s home attempting to recruit Claudio and Renata to team up to ambush their son Tiziano – and failing that attempting to get the parents to disconnect from their son.  Almost a year later, their other son Flavio was sent into their home as a missionaire working for the same Miscavige mission, spying and attempting to get his parents to disown and disconnect from Tiziano.  That they kept their equillibrium through all this doing everything in their power to keep the family together speaks volumes as to their character.  Regardless of the outcome, one things is certain, they survived this ordeal with their integrity not only intact but strengthened.

I would like to tell my personal experience in Scientology from a mother’s viewpoint, which is my main beingness, regarding my two sons, Flavio and Tiziano. What I had to live through myself with regards to what has happened to them, was the main reason for our departure from the Church, besides all other facts that we included in our Resignation Letter -(https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/claudio-and-renata-lugli-are-free/.)

Flavio and Tiziano were born in 1977 and ‘78, and my husband and I were both in the Sea Org at that time, we joined in ’74 and left in ’82. During that time one could still have kids in the Sea Org, and regardless of the amount of work that was absorbing our lives, I have always tried to give my sons all of my attention and communication, trying to give them, to the best of my abilities, an ethical education and a spiritual growth towards their self-determinism and mental sanity.

Flavio always demonstrated to be very loving and caring towards his father and I. As a child his extreme kindness and pureness of heart, coupled with a big urge in helping others was clearly visible. His decision to join the Sea Org was of no surprise to us, in fact we hoped for it at the time, knowing that it completely aligned with his urge toward helping others. We were joyful when we found out he had signed his one billion year contract, because we thought the Sea Org to be the most sane place to be on planet earth.

I was there at Flag in ’97 as I was about to start my Solo Nots Certainty as a public Scientologist, when Flavio came over to give me the news he had activated his SO contract. The way he said it left me in a state of disbelief, and that moment was terribly painful to the degree that still to day 13 years later I can vividly see that scene. Flavio looked at me condescendingly, his eyes were expressing complete resentment toward me, as if all of a sudden I became his biggest enemy. He was completely changed, the situation was incomprehensible and for me, a complete shock.

The last time we said bye to one another we were in complete harmony! What could have happened in these few hours?


I was trying to fill the vacuum thinking that his reaction was caused by an hypothetical wrong handling, maybe some incompetent gave him a PTS interview and indicated to him that I was his Suppressive terminal. Or he might have gotten the beginning of an indoctrination, from some high roller exec with his posh uniform, which told him Tone 40 to cut his umbilical cord to his family so that he could align with the standards of CMO FSO. Or they might have had him sign a pile of confidentiality agreements so that anything he will have said would have been a violation of highly confidential subjects. My mind was fishing for a rational reason, but to no avail.

I remained at Flag at the time, and it took me a whole year to finish the Solo Nots Certainty. It was a horrible year for me, with sleepless nights, an avalanche of wrong indications and wrong C/Ses. Flavio never called me throughout that year and in that entire time I only saw him for maybe 40 minutes, even though we were living only a few blocks from each other. I then decided to “end cycle” on this, telling myself that Flavio will eventually see the mistake he had made and then everything would come back to normal.

How wrong I was…!!!

I think I had committed a big mistake by not dealing with it more aggressively at the time, so that he would have eventually told me what really went down. But there is a reason for this, thanks to all of the repetitive errors of my Case programming, I was completely introverted, PTS, my anchor points were all squashed in and my beingness shrank. These were all errors that have been accumulated starting from ’87, real GAEs, perpetrated by alleged Class XIIs and incompetent C/Sing – which had nothing to do with me, as if he was C/Sing somebody else’s folder.

In 2005, after 18 years in borderline hell and almost as a miracle, I was able to handle this situation with my auditor Cristina, for whom I am still grateful to this day. I took back my once lost life, and at this point I was able to clearly see what situation had developed with Flavio.

Right after this de-PTSness, I tried talking to my son on three occasions, but it seemed impossible: he would get restimulated to the point of becoming ill, he would become so overwhelmed despite the fact that my approaches were really delicate on him.

Only now I am able to understand what really happened: Flavio had certainly received an heavy SRA from HCO CMO (Severe Reality Adjustment – a technique elaborated at a certain point in the SO, by which an individual gets overwhelmed by several people yelling at him, insulting him, etc. with the end result of having shoved in an idea to make him behave in a certain way) and this acted as a real IMPLANT on him.

Throughout his 13 years in the SO, the only relationship we had was “social”. He would call every once in a while and would be extremely brief. His communication was full of good roads fair weather, as if he was always handling an alleged PTS situation on our part, or there were PR phone calls where he would inform us about how everything was amazing at FLAG. These were a few minutes long, stolen time between a short meal, always with the prefix “I don’t have time right now”, “I have muster”, “I gotta do the roll call”, “I have to go handle…” – and every time I asked him anything, the most common answer was “I can’t tell you, it’s confidential”. Especially on this “I can’t tell you” part, LRH says something that is very frightening to me:

The simplest and most common implant – and its lightest but not least deadly form – is the command to withhold. Implants could be said to be methods of preventing knowledge or communication.” HCOB 11 Apr 82 – Sec Checking Implants

But for us, the most painful thing, was not the very brief phone calls, but that tone of unexpressed resentment that you could sense every time he would speak to us. We understood that that trust, that love and appreciation that he had always treasured for us, had crumbled – and we had to learn how to live with it for 13 long years.

In an effort to alleviate this pain, we were hoping that with time Flavio was going to be able to realize what caused his departure from his own parents, but we were completely unaware on how the Sea Org had completely transformed since the time we had lived it (and on this part alone we could say so much…).

Many times Flavio got sick, one of which was really severe. His health was getting so precarious since he joined, all the time friends would come back from Flag telling us how Flavio was spending sleepless nights, especially during the infamous and unchecked fund raising for the Basics, and the never ending IAS regging. I don’t’ know if many of you know this, but every FLAG staff has a weekly regging quota that has to be met, no matter what, and until he or she reaches it, they cannot go to bed.

If we were to give you details, it would take a book to express what me and my husband went through in these years, but we are more and more convinced that in these 13 years, Flavio had received so much mental conditioning, and not only directed towards us, that we utterly believe that his mind had been stolen by his “church”, the same church that had STOLEN OUR SON.

The events surrounding Flavio that follow, cross with what was happening to his brother Tiziano.

Tiziano attested to Clear in 1990 at Flag. In 2001 he went back to the base for his OT Preps and they put him back on the CCRD to verify its validity. He re-attested in a new unit of time Clear (actually a state called The State Of Clear – CERTIFIED). In ’08 he went back at Flag to end cycle on his Preps and route onto his OT Levels, but he got hit with an R-Factor that he is not Clear – unfortunately this is pretty much in fashion these days. I’m not going to explain the details of this event, for he wrote a great account on all that happened on his post (https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/01/21/tiziano-lugli-breaks-free/), but I’d like to add what me and Claudio had to go through for the next year and a half because of this.

We knew that what Tiziano was going thorough was extremely delicate, so about 2 or 3 times a day while at Flag, we would talk to him, and he would tell us what was happening. We were always confident that the truth would give good indicators, and that Tiziano would never oppose to the truth, no matter what that was. But as time passed, so was any progress on this cycle, until it just got stuck; even though Tiziano did more than could be expected, and we were witnesses of all this as it was occurring. Sec Checks were the only auditing action he was permitted to do, as we know being the number one auditing action ordered by C/Ses at Flag, and YES, Tiziano had to be REFORMED, he had to stop giving FSO penalty stats by giving Red Tags repeatedly at the examiner. Nothing came from Claudio writing a detailed KR to RTC Int in order to debug the situation. We were all beyond overwhelmed by now, especially since we knew that Tiziano did the impossible, not only financially, to try to get onto his OT Levels, and endured beyond any limit of toleration.

We could hear him distraught, as he was confessing to us that he saw his Bridge shutting in front of his eyes, for he would have never compromised his certainty on being Clear and he would have never been put on Dianetics.

After all this he decided to be done with these evaluations and handlings, and got the hell out of Flag with very bad indicators, telling everyone to go screw themselves, and once back in LA he requested his folders to be sent to Senior C/S Int.

In the meantime Tiziano and Jamie’s wedding date arrived, and we all decide to take a brake from all this and go celebrate this event in great harmony.

And here Flavio comes back into the scene in 2009.

After pulling many strings we were able to get him to participate to the wedding. As soon as he arrived, he urged us to go read the Freedom Mag, in answer to what was happening in Clearwater with what the SP Times had published. It was pretty logical for us to then go look at what the SP Times actually wrote to fully understand the situation. Once we looked at the content and watched every Video online, we told Flavio that if the data that is being exposed were true, we all would find ourselves in a huge mess!

Back at Flag Flavio reported on everything that is nowadays considered the biggest crime that a Scientologist could do: GO ON THE INTERNET.

Right after, Marion Pow and Mike Sutter, showed up in front of our store in Brescia ITALY, all the way from Los Angeles. These are two people that work directly for COB – their purpose was to try to have us – two sinners – redeem ourselves, by first of all expressing their disapproval for the fact that we had looked on the Internet and we got all of the “entheta”. They tried to obliterate the image of the “Number One SP Marty Rathbun” with a huge Dead Agent pack, since he was considered to be “the WHO” of the whole situation.

Our answer to this was that due to our current case condition and having achieved a state whereby NO ONE can tell us what to do or not to do, we didn’t need anyone’s approval regarding the decisions we take. We took the time to instead press on the fact that our sons, for one reason or another, have been completely messed up by the church. And knowing their authority we requested immediate actions: for Flavio to make sure his health condition would go back to at least normal, and that whatever the absurdity that went down with Tiziano was, would once and for all get handled.

The whole back and forth – merry go round – lasted till 4AM. And do you know with which sentence did Marion ended the conversation? The same one she used to begin: “but why did you guys go on the Internet?”

Meanwhile in LA, where Tiziano and Jamie live, the resignation letter of the renowned and Oscar winning director Paul Haggis hit the news. Tiziano wanted to look deeper into it, landed onto Marty’s Blog. The rest is pretty much known. Tiziano and Jamie got on a plane and go to Texas.

Marion Paow, Mike Sutter and this time along with a third guy, Hansuili Stahli, showed up at our door steps in Italy in the middle of the night. They immediately informed Claudio that Tiziano and Jamie were just with Marty in Texas, and that the situation got out of their control, that his folders where look at by Ray Mithoff, and that Tiziano was absolutely NOT CLEAR, but that without any doubt Marty told him he was.

Right after popping out Marty’s SP Declare, now 20 pages long, they started telling Claudio what an incredibly out ethics person our son was, and they wanted to show him Tiziano’s crimes contained in his Folders that they brought along.

This is classical OSA operation: DEFAMATION.

I was already in bed that night, so I didn’t have to receive that entheta impact, as my husband did through that nasty request. Claudio refused categorically to look into Tiziano’s folders, telling them that he didn’t have any interest in knowing any content of it for it is CONFIDENTIAL, and that it would have certainly not changed the opinion we had of our son, because for us he’s always been an open book.

When Claudio told me all about the meeting, I expressed the desire to not see them for the entire time they spent in Italy – from the 23rd to the 31st of December.

I found their approach to be beyond anti-spiritual, I did not want to have anything to do with such people that didn’t even take any responsibility for what FSO had caused Tiziano, letting him leave completely BIs. But here they stood, with their weapons ready to shoot at him and us as well if we didn’t reform. They asked Claudio what kind of a behavior would he be having with Tiziano, in the event that he wouldn’t repent and reform by doing the A to E steps – hence doing a subtle introduction to the subject of disconnection. Knowing exactly where they were going to go with this, and before they asked for a formal disconnection agreement, he told them that we would have NEVER and NEVER will disconnect from our son.

They left soon after, but that was only the beginning. As a matter of fact, the subject of disconnection, was once again brought up by his brother Flavio, an act that was gruesome to say the least.

We got a phone call from Flavio inviting us to have a video conference via Skype, a planned meeting a day in advance. We talked to him that night on the phone for about an hour and on Skype the next day for two and a half hours, and the theme of the conversation was only one: convincing us to disconnect from Tiziano, a discussion he had been taking from several angles. It was pretty hard for us watching this family massacre as it was about to unfold: using our son Flavio to convince us to shoot at his brother Tiziano. Claudio and I found each other in an atmosphere that resembled a gangster movie more then an ecclesiastical scenario, with no respect whatsoever to unbreakable family ties.

Flavio was reading us aloud exerts form the HCOB PTS and Disconnection, the same one that the so called liar Tommy Davis was claiming didn’t exist in front of millions of viewers on CNN. Our efforts in trying to explain that LRH cancelled it long ago were in vain. As soon as the intimidation tactic failed to get anywhere with us, including telling us the consequences we would be facing in the event we would not disconnect with Tiziano, plan B from OSA came into play: MORE DEFAMATION.

I can only tell you that as soon as Flavio started shooting defamation bullets against his brother, I started screaming like a mad woman until I literally lost my voice. I screamed about FSO, having ruined both of my children, I screamed at him for making me pass 13 years of pain and sorrow as I was noticing his progressive derangement since he joined the SO, I screamed about FSO asking me to destroy my own family with disconnection. At this point Flavio got silent, and changed tactic, going full on good roads and fair weather. I mean they all got silent, was OSA thinking we were the dumbest, stupidest folks on earth? They thought we didn’t know they were behind the computer directing every move Flavio was making? Who knows why the line would suddenly drop and be back only a few minutes later… They didn’t however make Flavio disconnect from us. I guess they thought it would be more detrimental to do so, as well as we had not been declared yet, they actually started having him act “really nice”.

Because we didn’t disconnect from Tiziano and we went on the Internet, OSA was  monitoring us from 360 degrees. Here is the rundown:

–       Sending over to our shop about a dozen OTVIIIs, and another dozen calling us over the phone.

–       When we would cross the path with other Scientologists in town they would change their way as not to bump into us. (apparently the ones who were not briefed to do OSA’s bidding, were instructed to stay away from us so as not to become educated.)

–       After 5 years of not hearing from my auditor at Flag, I all of a sudden get a phone call from her.

–       An OSA bot named Gloria, that works for them as an auditor, came to my shop trying to handle me into going in session with her.

–       Numerous times I’ve noticed being followed by PIs and others using Cell Phones to record my conversations.

–       A dear friend of ours was barred from talking to us, because we were on OSA INT lines.

–       Flavio was being used to monitor us: it was very evident, although he kept trying to be as normal as he could, and his communications was carefully planned, but you can’t fool a mother!

But now it all starts to get juicier! Flavio has recently come to Italy because his grandma (my mother) was dying and had expressed her desire to see him after so many years and to finally meet his wife.

Once in Italy we were noticing Flavio to be spying on us. He was looking at my cell phone, Claudio’s phone, the home phone, both of the house computers, and was asking his father if he was still going on the Internet. All of this thinking that we wouldn’t notice him doing it. He’s very naïve, at times I would get a call and he would try to check caller’s ID of people calling me, I really started to get upset at this point, not at him necessarily, but at those terminals that forced Flavio to do this kind of a job, completely in opposition to his beingness…and he obviously got caught doing it, which was another BIG mistake for OSA.

Besides what could have been the reasons they gave Flavio to coax him into becoming a rat, I was sure that he didn’t feel any good about doing what he was doing to his parents, hence his continual Missed Withholdy face.

At a certain point Flavio asked me some very personal question that denoted parts of my PC Folder were given to him, I realized the defamation tactic had been played on myself. That was IT! I was furious, because the evil that I had been perceiving, coupled with the clear vision of what grim last resource had been used by OSA, made me decide…It’s OVER! I’m gonna depart from all this evil.

So we decided to tell Flavio WHO his FRIENDS were.

We were completely done playing a game that lasted a whole year full of third party that had only as its purpose to destroy our family.

But by his many reactions: “I can’t be listening to this…” – “don’t tell me anything…” – “I’m not interested…”, it was evident that his thoughts were blocked.

His ability to decide and analyze was reduced to ZERO.

He had been programmed to such a degree that he would reject anything that would have not been aligned to that programming.

He left to Flag the next day.

Here ends my story of Flavio, a stolen son.

It does not end however, the pain and the rage of the betrayed trust that still lingers inside of us.


204 responses to “Flavio, A Stolen Son – by Renata Lugli

  1. Ciao Renata.

    Just as Tiziano saw the light, and you and Claudio saw the light, Flavio TOO will see it. Take heart.

    I could feel the 3P law in action during the events you describe back in 1997.

    Sta forte.

  2. Mother of God, what a tragic story. Renata, this video may be of some help to you. http://vimeo.com/15963095
    I found it on Jeff Hawkins site and it’s really quite good.

    Your son will come back to you and you’ll be there for him when he does. If possible, take all attention off all the negative OSA type things and just flow Flavio lots & lots of admiration and ARC. He needs it now more than ever.

  3. Renata,
    Keep speaking the truth. Since last fall, you, Claudio and Tizano have broken free of Radical Scientology’s chains. Three of your family are now free. The truth will make Flavio free, too.

  4. “We were joyful when we found out he had signed his one billion year contract, because we thought the Sea Org to be the most sane place to be on planet earth.”
    The above is exactly how it happened in our family–I thought it was my son’s salvation to do it. How wrong I was!

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  6. Dear Renata:

    I read the full posting.

    Hold on there. This will come to an end.

    Just hold on.

    I can tell you after a year of dealing with this kind of things that the shadows are vanishing.
    My family is on my side more than ever before.
    I have the support and communication of my true friends.
    On line staff and scientologists currently on lines respects me and even have communication with me without fear of SP declares.

    They are learning the BIG LESSON:

    My only sorrow is now for the ones that still have a slave valence and keep on following other-intentioned orders.

    Follow your heart and uptone; spiritual common sense and you will always be right.

    Be strong…

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  7. “Flavio was reading us aloud exerts form the HCOB PTS and Disconnection, the same one that the so called liar Tommy Davis was claiming didn’t exist in front of millions of viewers on CNN.”

    When I pointed out the Tommy Davis lie to my son, he said, “He wasn’t talking about THAT kind of disconnection.” Now that is BRAINWASHED.


    Dear Renata and Claudio, I understand how you feel and I want to say that all what you said here is true, and you are right, that ‘s the way they program young people at FSO SO, there is not your own thinking anymore, which is one of the aims of the real Snc philosophy… too sad but true … and the disconnection thing totally true!!!!! I myself had to fight to get back my family..Will say keep your postulate that he will see the real true and come to sense or with all that is happening now and the amount of people departing the C orf $ of DM, things will for once change and we will have our Philosophy back.. I will postulate with you as OT that we are, that you will get back your whole family……. hope to see you at our next event..
    infinite love… ciao

  9. Flavio will end up seeing the light and escaping from the chains SCN currently keeps on him so tightly. Little by little the chains will loosen and he too will be FREE from the grips of DM and gang! keep pouring out the LOVE and admiration the theta will get in so he can get OUT!

  10. Crimes jeeze, Controlling people throug pain and sex. I hope you all do a lot of more of those crimes. Because real crimes like abuse and violence seems ethical conduct in the COS while love and affection are criminal.

    Alsoo what church breaches confidencialty like this

    “Right after popping out Marty’s SP Declare, now 20 pages long, they started telling Claudio what an incredibly out ethics person our son was, and they wanted to show him Tiziano’s crimes contained in his Folders that they brought along.

    This is classical OSA operation: DEFAMATION.

    I was already in bed that night, so I didn’t have to receive that entheta impact, as my husband did through that nasty request. Claudio refused categorically to look into Tiziano’s folders, telling them that he didn’t have any interest in knowing any content of it for it is CONFIDENTIAL, and that it would have certainly not changed the opinion we had of our son, because for us he’s always been an open book.”

  11. It’s data like this that make my blood boil!

    Our own story has many similarities, and the pseudo-disconnections that have now transpired in our family are sickening. The tearing apart of families and relationships are the crimes that will destroy the church completely.

    Thank you for writing this to help expose what is going on & my heart goes out to you for the ‘stealing’ of your son, and I postulate that he comes to his senses soon!

  12. Oh, and here is my bet for what they did to Flavio the first day to alienate him from you: they pounded into him the idea from one of the green vols that “anyone who quits the Sea Org is a degraded being.” This datum is why ex-sea org who go to Flag for auditing get treated like scum. There is also the datum used as the excuse for cutting out the second dynamic of sea org members: “Children (families) are not native to a thetan.” Only heavy third party such as this could have made him betray the loyalty he owes you for your love and caring when he needed it to survive as a child.
    And the answer to the second one (children are not native to a thetan) is “BODIES are not native to a thetan. When do you intend to get rid of yours and talk to me without it?” LOL

  13. Wow, Renata, as a mother who has a 20 year old son that has disconnected from me also, I want you to know I feel your pain, because I have and do live it, every single day. I appreciate so much you telling your horror story, and it is a HORROR STORY for a family, and someday soon, I will tell mine. You have given me courage. It is not easy to talk about such disturbing things and intimate things on a public platform. We only do it to inform others of the blatant disregard and disrespect for family and the second dynamic that the “Church” of Scientology exhibits at the present time. If you need to talk to someone who COMPLETELY understands, I am available for you 24/7 day or night. My email address is: LadyMinn@hushmail.com. I have learned a lot about disconnection, and would do anything I could to help you. In regard to the “DEFAMATION” aspect of your story, I have found LRH HCO PL 21 Nov 1972, Public Relations Series 18, HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA very useful. By your actions, I can see that you are already taking the basic steps outlined in this HCO Policy Letter. I read this policy letter every few days. It has helped me the most in dealing with this situation, as my son has been told horrible lies about me, to get him to think I am a REAL SP, so that he can say, “I am disconnecting by my own choice and determinism”. That is the latest trick of those that “coach” these vulnerable young adults in dealing with Scientology Independent parents. Tell them lies so that their disconnection is by choice, and not “ordered.” It is a true exercise in mind control, making these children think they are operating on their own determinism.
    The Church has to hold on to DISCONNECTION as a practice because if they didn’t, the truth would be quickly told to all of the parishioners, and the Church would be truly empty. This is a last ditch effort to hold onto what they think they have, and is very silly, as LRH says not even 16″ armored plate can stop ideas. I don’t have the exact reference in front of me, but the basic idea is that even DISCONNECTION can’t stop the TRUTH. The rate of defections from the Church is climbing daily, the word is out, and only the very stupid will hang on to the clutches of this phoney empire. It is very hard to endure the disconnection of a child, but I have every faith, confidence and positive postulate that our children will be returning home soon. Nobody can erase the basic love we have for them, and the love they have for us. The truth existed before the lies, and the truth will blow the lies away. LRH told us that, and I believe him.
    My heart goes out to you,
    Catherine von Ach

  14. Reneta, this is tragic. It is so not what was intended by LRH. You and your husband are very strong and loving people and I for one am happy to know you.

    I can only say to those of you agreeing to this, take out your code of honor and start writing your O’s and W’s line per line. My God do yourselves some good and start confronting what the hell you are contributing to.

  15. Roberto, this news makes me so happy to hear of it! Thank you for telling how things are going with you after this difficult year. I also hear in your news that it has been a year of triumph!

  16. Renata and Claudio,
    I have never met you, but your story made me cry. I, too, was once part of that Sea Org group. The SO of today is nothing like the SO of yesteryear. I think it is time for the retirement of the group think of superiority, of know-best, of make wrong and of allowing and enforcing disconnection between family and friends. I know how I would feel if that was attempted with me. Actions such as you described are simply suppressive.

    My postulates are that your family will be reunited back to solidarity. Your son Flavio, will in time, see the truth that surrounds him and compare that to the truth of being in a loving family. I am sure he feels it inside at this time.

    We, as a group of OTs, have the ability to postulate a new reality. This new reality will have love and integrity of families as LRH would have desired. Flavio will feel our postulates. Flavio can change his direction and return to his true friends.

    This song is for Flavio. It is also for all of the children who have been unjustly removed from the ARC of their families. It is also for all SO members who are not allowed the freedom to think for themselves and act upon these thoughts in life. It is time for a change in the Sea Org and everything it currently is doing counter to the original purpose. It is time for a change in the Sea Org which are counter to the very basic truths of Scientology and of the essence of a theta being.

    Though no one can go back..
    and make a brand new start,
    anyone can start from now,
    and make a brand new ending!

    “Time for a cool change”

    Cool Changes lyrics

    If there’s one thing in my life that’s missing
    It’s the time that I spend alone
    Sailing on the cool and bright clear water
    Lots of those friendly people
    And they’re showing me ways to go
    And I never want to lose their inspiration
    Time for a cool change
    I know that it’s time for a cool change
    And now that my life is so prearranged
    I know that it’s time for a cool change

    Well, I was born in the sign of water
    And it’s there that I feel my best
    The albatross and the whales they are my brothers
    It’s kind of a special feeling
    When you’re out on the sea alone
    Staring at the full moon, like a lover

    Time for a cool change
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    Now that my life is so prearranged
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    I’ve never been romantic
    And sometimes I don’t care
    I know it may sound selfish
    But let me breathe the air, yeah
    Let me breathe the air

    [Instrumental Interlude]

    If there’s one thing in my life that’s missing
    It’s the time that I spend alone
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    That it’s time for a cool change
    Yes it is, yes it is, yes it is, yes it is
    It’s Time for a cool change

  17. Floating Needle


    Flavio WILL return home. And he will do it soon.


  18. one of those who see

    I have no words. That the subject that is supposed to free beings and bring joy causes this kind of pain is absolute treason. Horror is a word that comes to mind.
    I want to thank you for writing your family story. It had to be so difficult. But, it is of upmost importance that people see what is actually going on. This is the torture of families.
    This can not go on and it will not.

  19. Renata, this is heart-wrenching.
    I am flowing theta and love to Flavio now too.

  20. OSA you are a real sick buncha puppies.

    One wonders how you guys and gals sleep at night.

  21. Tony DePhillips

    Dear Claudio and Renata,

    My heart goes out to you..
    After having left the “church”now for over one year and having looked at all the overts of this now cult I have almost become numb to it’s overts.
    Your story is chilling and grotesque to say the least. These low life scum that do this kind of thing in the name of “saving the planet” sickens me to the core. What an obscene farce, trying to break up such a beautiful family. One that would be the envy of most on this planet. These OSA bots that try to rip this family up are like maggots crawling on a beautiful dove.
    I am glad that you have thrown the maggots off and I pray and will work diligenlty to help you bring justice to the filth that is now the church of savagery.
    Peace and love to you.

  22. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Roberto!

    Glad to see things are looking up. Thank you for helping me to step up awhile back. You were (and are) an inspiration.

  23. Tony DePhillips

    Disconnection will be the achilles heel of this travesty of a “church”. They keep fashioning their own noose and by god I will be happy to pull the lever when the time comes.

  24. As a mother of 4 sons, my heart goes out to you. One of my sons was forced to un-invite me to his wedding this past October because his wife’s mother, a ‘good Scientologist’, demanded it. I have not spoken up about it fully, but I intend to very soon. My other sons are 100% behind me.

    This, too, shall pass…


  25. S.A., very beautiful song and aesthetic video, so appropriate. Thank you for this. Love, Catherine

  26. My Dear, Bella, Renata. Your story made my heart weep. As a parent, whose children have disconnected, I understand. Also, I want you to know that Flavio chose to treat his parents this way. I am sure there was out tech preceding this, but it is still his choice. My oldest daughter chose the same path with me when she first joined the Sea Org and tried to condescend me. I slammed her ethics on the 2D. That popped her out of it.

    Who knows, maybe this is our payback for what we put our parents through:
    Karma can be a bitch sometimes.

    ML Tom

  27. Tory Christman

    Dearest Renata and Claudio,
    Argh—–the pain, the tragedy this phony “church” enforces on young ones and families~~It IS why I started speaking out, 10 years ago, and it is the main reason I continue to picket and do media interviews, to this day.

    I don’t believe that is the end of your story of your stolen son…there’s LOTS more to come, and all good, too. Please keep speaking out, and being pro-active. One of my friends (a Dad) had lost his daughter to the Sea Org.
    He started bring flowers every few weeks. They wouldn’t ever allow him to see his daughter. He persisted doing so. Finally, due to the PR flaps he was causing, just by bringing flowers every week, they kicked the daughter out of the Sea Org. Once out—she woke up, and is free, totally from C of $ and their abuses.

    Keep at it…….There is little *love* within C of $, certainly not in the Sea Org. So I tell all parents…love your children. Write to them on the Net…keep telling your story. OSA copies EVERY post made about anyone, especially SO members, and their families. Talk to them, on- line. Visit—call, MAKE NOISE! You are their parents…..don’t let them slip away into darkness. Remember this: Sunshine disinfects 🙂

    My best wishes are with you both and your entire family. We have worked for years to help families and getting people free, and shall continue at it…..including your son!
    Trust me on this, it will happen.
    *hugs* Tory/Magoo 🙂

    PS: And to Davey boy—-Don’t forget: you can run, but you cannot hide!
    This kind of Karma—there is no bathing it away. You’d best let the kids go, man, as it’s only getting worse for you, day by day by day.

  28. Kathy Braceland

    Renata, Flavio will see the truth. It may be one piece at a time but he will see it. I know he will be very happy that you are there for him when he does. I’m looking forward to hearing of that reunion!

  29. Your humble servant


    This is an incredible, heart-wrenching story. Who could have ever conceived, 30 years ago, that the Sea Org, the most ethical group on the planet, as it was, or at least at it was intended to be, could become the epitome of evil? I don’t think the S.O. has any ability anymore to get ethics in on the environment, meaning the eradication of evil and suppressive acts and conditions in the environment. Today, it can only exert the force of psuedo-ethical, suppressive duress upon its own members and former members, in a fruitless and destructive effort to compel complete conformity. In doing that, it is heavily contributing to out-ethics in the environment, not to mention within the the S.O. and the C. of S. How dare those OSA robots discuss Tiziano’s case state in the first place, much less make an absurd pronouncement that he is “absolutely not Clear”? I never thought the day would come when the actions of the Church of Scientology would remind me of the movie The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but that day is here.

  30. What a tragedy! Your family’s story brought tears to my eyes.

    I was very fortunate to meet your son & daughter-in-law last July. They are both WONDERFUL people.

    To me what the Church is doing with all the food & sleep depravation & constant briefing of how the environment is sooooo dangerous & that the SO members are the only one that can save the planet is equivalent to an implant. People’s awareness is reduced from their body ruds being all out of wack & from all the evals/invals & arbitrairies that are thrown on their lines. They are then being fed a false reality of what is going on around them & out in the world. So much, that they can’t even see what is in front of them anymore.

    More of us need to speak out & keep exposing this. Please all of you reading this forum tell us your stories & share the stories you read here with others. I can see the tides are turning but we can all together make them turn faster.

    Renata & Claudio, your theta comm line with Flavio is more powerful than anything else. OSA would like you to think otherwise but keep the love, admiration & care flowing like others have stated above. This is one of your most powerful weapon to blast through the implants. You have my very best postulates that Flavio is coming back NOW.

    Sending you all big hugs from Seattle,


  31. OSA, we’re not stupid. Only stupid and blind ones are those committing daily overts. Go look in the mirror. The scene in Scientology is so far from the ideal.

    OSA put on your real hat, quit acting like a PTS intelligence bureau under Nazi rule. Review the follies of the intelligence organizations in Total Espionage and realize you are walking … no running down the same path. You OSA boys took over the valence of the SP. You use intelligence, which already threatens to become suppressive in the hands of the not quite bright or sane, and you use it to squash all these trained auditors and OTs in the field who have walked? Wow. Just wow. Why did they walk? Ask that.

    If we were 1000 years ago you’d be trying to burn us heretics to a stake. Don’t you see that your actions mirror those old dramatizations but are put in modern circumstances?

    I listened to RJ68 the other day and LRH pretty much starts that off apologizing for the harsh statements about auditors being out-tech, stating that it was only actually a few and that by and large auditors were doing their jobs. LRH knew humility.

    You know, since DM has taken over the Church I have not heard ONCE any sort of “we screwed up” or “I was wrong” or “I apologize for …” nothing.
    DM is so concerned about his image being perfect and that all the mistakes are everyone else’s under him, but that all the rightness is always him when he “has to step in to correct things”. Really? I mean … REALLY!?! Isn’t that odd?

    Come on guys, re-read the Data Series and start THINKING and LOOKING with the data. Your handling by trying to harass Marty to death or attempting to harass any of us is failing. And the more you tighten your noose, the more Scientologists on the inside will slip through and break out! We are growing – we aren’t green meat. We are seasoned veterans, trained administrators, auditors and OTs. Your handling isn’t working as is evidenced by our growth and that’s because it’s based on a wrong why. It’s time to re-evaluate.

  32. Makes one ponder…What is native to a thetan? The list I come up with is very, very short….

  33. Thats why SCNists don´t disseminate. They do not want to get the clueless “WOG” into such a ruthless chicken shack. :-PP

  34. Renata, thanks for exposing these systematic attempts at destroying your family. It’s a recurring phenomenon to me: I thought I had heard it all but then …

    However, Savage Miss Cabbage, the Reverse Technology Center and the “Friends of OSAma” can NEVER truly win. FAMILY happens to be a DYNAMIC and a Thetan NEVER gives up. They only can restimulate and inflict pain – for a while. Too much truth, too much publicity (communication), too much light and the “fastest growing depiction of nerds” WILL crumble.

    The URGE to have an intact family happens to be inherent in ALL children, parents and even relatives. This urge only grows STRONGER when affected by the many actions aimed at destroying families. They have lied to and hurt too many. They have created an army of hurt families and they ALL want their families back. And as much as what you wrote and do certainly does and will help my family so do I hope that what I do (and will write about) helps yours.

    With Love,
    from a parent who knows

  35. Renata,
    having two little sons, I feel with you very much. Actually if I were not being at work, I’d already be crying without any restraint.
    But hope dies last so keep the hope that Flavio will come to his senses. As soon as he’s out, he can be rehabilitated rather easily, even that implant which is currently so destructive.
    Also kudos for keeping your own integrity through all that ordeal.
    Hearty regards from the Czech republic and please believe that Flavio will be celebrating the next year’s Christmas together with you.

  36. Renata ~~

    Thank you so very much for sharing. It is heartbreaking, the betrayal of what is done to us who were part of the “Church.”


    Here’s the THREAT LETTER from Alexander Jentzsch as manipulated by “Office of COB” down to Elliot Abelson’s cohort Lawyer Donald Wager.
    Click here~~

    Renata and family.
    I am with you.

    I let my son join the Sea Org when I had full authority to not give parental consent. I let him join the Sea Org in spite of my Valley of the Shadow of Death within the Sea Org and personally experiencing DM’s atrocities and use of overwhelm and kidnap.

    I was a fool. Little did I know how they would turn my son Alexander Jentzsch against me and not only force a disconnection against me but go Legal on me


    Alexander Jentzsch was the subject of a crime, a felony when we was 12.5 or 13 years old. Several people at FLB have come forward to tell me all about it. I did have the right to be told what occurred. This is what happens when a FELONY occurs ~~

    The OSA drill for this sort of thing goes something like this:

    1. Convince all parties that they are responsible and grossly out ethics, they have put the church at risk and they need to withhold what happened. “For the great good…cover up anything that might not be good “PR” for the Church”

    2. Get both parties immediately out of the state, in this case Florida.

    3. Follow up to keep the “flap” secret and/or make it go away.

    I had entrusted the Sea Org with my son. Minimally, I had parental rights to be told when a CRIME and FELONY occurred. It was was completely withheld from me. Alexander was not able to tell me about it
    literally IMPLANTED to withold, that is why your reference really struck a cord with me

    The simplest and most common implant – and its lightest but not least deadly form – is the command to withhold. Implants could be said to be methods of preventing knowledge or communication.” HCOB 11 Apr 82 – Sec Checking Implants

    When I wrote to Alexander

    Note from Marty: This post was received like this, ending mid sentence. I alerted Karen by email and I presume she’ll follow up with the end of it later today…

  37. Thank you for writing this, Renata.
    It is a tragic, terrible story but very important information about how insane life in the CofS has become.
    Hopefully, the story will have a happier ending when Flavio wakes from the trance and realises the truth. I pray that day will come soon.

  38. Independent Scientologist

    I used to lament the fact that I did not have any other family members in Scientology.

    Now I think my lucky stars that that was the case – it allowed my wife and I to declare our freedom with relative ease.

    My heart goes out to families that are not so lucky and wind up being torn apart by the church.

    What a mess!

    – Ron Matlock

  39. I’m glad to see the link to Steve Hassan’s video. This is a textbook example of cults and mind control. There are reasons that Flavio can’t think for himself, but fortunately this sort of brainwashing can be undone.

  40. Renata,
    I’ve raised three boys and you know what I think?
    This too will pass; it’s all part of being a parent. Flavio is healthy and he is your son.
    Meanwhile, do not take any crap from these jokers.
    Next time they come into your house, kick em in the balls an tell em “that’s for Flavio”.
    He’ll be back.

    Full Moon Ride

    No fingernail moon,
    that’s not tonight.
    We can see through the darkness,
    with moon beam light.
    Flaring nostrils over the trail.
    Puffin and blowin,
    like a mariner’s sail.

    It’s a full moon shining,
    against our backs.
    Always livin’ the future,
    no time to make tracks.
    With nothing to lose,
    and everything to win.
    Just makin’ love last
    in a world fulla sin.

    It’s always the stars,
    that show the way home.
    In a life that is shared,
    and not lived alone.
    They say ya can’t walk,
    in another man’s boots.
    But I disagree,
    cuz we have the same roots.

    Yeah, I know your strengths,
    just as you know mine.
    But it’s our weakness that shows,
    the answers we find.
    Now aint it a hoot,
    when ya think about that?
    It don’t even matter,
    if you’re skinny or fat!

    Have a safe ride home for the Holidays!

  41. I have sadness for your situation, Renata. I am sorry. I can sense your fire. It’s good that you keep communicating.

    I am right now confronting a situation where my 13 year old son is being frozen out by a teacher in a Stockholm scn-school because of my independence. It is breaking my heart that this teacher can act like this against my son.

  42. Tony DePhillips

    Beautiful poem Cowboy.

  43. Renata my heart goes out to you and your family. This is another tragic example of how the C of S breaks up families with their cult mentality of control and disconnection.

    A year ago we were fighting to get our daughter home for Christmas from Flag, she wasn’t a Sea Org member but was training at Flag as an org staff member. Only after my ex-husband threatened to fly out and get her was she allowed to leave Flag. An MAA had told her that Flag doesn’t want trainees to go on a leave of absence because most of them don’t come back. The MAAs there prepared her for dealing with her “disaffected” family. When she arrived she was a shell of her former bubbly self. She had a physical situation needing medical care caused by being on her feet 70 plus hours a week. She was being used full time plus as an FSO course supervisor. She was sleep deprived and we soon learned she was at times denied food for not making sales quotas, and was given only beans and rice. Keep in mind she was supposed to be a student learning how to do a job for the Twin Cities Org. Flag has created an “apprenticeship” where they use Class V org staff on training as auditors and supervisors long after their training is done. These staff should be back in their orgs, but instead are working as slaves for Flag.

    After getting her some sleep, good nutrition and medical care I had her look at the Declaration of Human Rights that the C of S touts as something they support. I asked her to compare that declaration to how she was treated at Flag. A light bulb went off and she recognized what happened to herself and others as human rights abuses. It didn’t take long for her to start getting back to herself.

    The operating basis in the C of S is to indoctrinate the Sea Org members and staff into believing they deserve the mistreatment because they are downstat and need to be corrected. It’s no different from how an abused wife often believes she provoked the attack and deserved it. The abuser convinces his victim of this. The victim is threatened with more physical harm or a loss of money, shelter or family if she even thinks about leaving.

    It is brainwashing. Your son, my daughter (at one time) and countless others are not thinking for themselves. They have been conditioned to obey and comply through sleep deprivation, food deprivation, physical and mental ABUSE. The unthinkable and hugest outpoints seem “normal” to them. On top of this they lie about the abuse and cover it up to protect the perpetrators who they mistakenly believe hold the key to their eternity.

    It has been exactly a year since our daughter came home. Today she is in college maintaining a 4.0 GPA as she works towards a double major in Communications ,and Spanish. Shelby has a part time job, and also volunteers at a hispanic community center as a tutor helping low income kids. She has time with her boyfriend, friends and family. She will study abroad in Spain at some point before she graduates. She is the bright, bubbly, on the verge of a giggle girl that she was before she went to Flag. Shelby has thanked her dad and I many, many times for persisting on getting her out.

    The love you have for your son is greater than the brainwashing that has been done to him and in time he will see the light. Let the C of S and the world know you and your family will NOT stop until you have your son back. If they have an ounce of common sense they will realize that keeping Flavio poses a greater risk to them than letting him go. The C of S has always underestimated the persistence, power and love of a mother when she is fighting for her child.

  44. Renata,
    You are a good mother – your goodness shining like the brightest star in the night sky.

  45. Catherine,
    I know what you mean. I am still choking back tears. This brings all my hurt to the front.
    You have hit the nail on the head and this is what is being done with our loved ones. It’s gross and it’s sick and it is what is CREATING the enemies of the “church”. I can’t even think of it as a church anymore.

  46. Renata,

    Reading this just rips my heart right out, you know? I mean, what kind of 2-bit black operation would launch an assault on Motherhood? Who would have imagined that OSA has become “The Wall of Fire”? They will learn eventually that certain things ARE sacred, and all actions have consequences. In the meantime, hang in there. We have your back, and if there is anything you need, let us know.

    – Tom

  47. Renata,
    Your story hit me hard today. This story killed me. I shouldn’t have went so far down tone on it. Sitting at my desk, here at work, just having finished reading it, I just can’t hold back the tears.

    I so much wish you didn’t have to go through this pain. I don’t believe any gains I’ve had in this cult were worth the losses. At all.

    In a video of Jason Beghe speaking to German government, he hit the nail on the head when he said we are up against a mindset of “we are the only chance this planet has” and “greatest good for the greatest number”. If you are heavily indoctrinated to believe that scientology is the only hope this planet has – you will not feel wrong leaving “dead bodies” in the wake of “saving a planet”.

    Oct 24th Twenty Ten, my little 19 year old Jeremy disconnected from me too. He is not even in the SO. He is not even staff!!! In fact, he had not even been a “real” scientologist but for a few months – HOWEVER his new found girl friend Sarah Coziarh (daughter of St. Louis org’s PES, Barry Coziarh and Ex-Scn’st Cathy Coziarh) demanded he disconnect “for real” or she would have nothing to do with him. Suddenly, it became his “personal integrity”. I won’t go into more detail, as my story is posted earlier on this blog.

    I’ve tried dealing with my loss by following the advice of some to just keep the love and comm there for him. I sent him weekly emails of good roads good weather. Invited him for Thanksgiving, Christmas and such. Tried to let him know when his dad (who is remarried) was in the hospital – all comm completely unacknowledged. It was starting to make me feel worse, some what obsessed with checking my email over and over to see if he responded, only to suffer odd additional losses of not having any comm from him. I decided this was too much reach and was making me dwell on the loss.

    I switched gears a few days ago and decided to withdraw. I have not sent more emails. He knows I love him. He KNOWS what he is doing to me. His overt is huge. He chooses to hurt me and his little sister (who is really really silently hurting). I finally had to just convince myself that it was/is his CHOICE to do this. He is choosing his girlfriend, basically, even though the “church” reinforces that he must disconnect – I don’t think he really would have if the girl had not been involved. I see this as OUT-ETHICS.

    Today I’m crying again, for the first time since he left……I know the pain of having a completely beautiful loving relationship with my son only to see him stab me in the back and not look back.


  48. You have also hit the nail on the head: DISCONNECTION is a blatant severing of ARC/high-tension, theta, affinity lines. It IS one of the prime reasons, the fundamental WHY’S for the current scene under the Cof Miscavige.

    He falsely declares a person suppressive and then cuts the ARC lines. He actively, intentionally and with full malice creates enemies of Scientology.

    With all the ranting on the OSA sites about ‘squirrels’ here’s what LRH said in the Manual Of Justice:
    “When you punish a man you punish also his family and friends. Even if you slayed the man you would then still have his friends and family as your enemies. If you slay everyone he knew- why, they have friends and families, too-and at last you’ve got a whole populace against you.
    You punish a man. He goes away to join the ranks of the squirrels.

    “You swell the opposition. Don’t do it. ”

    In 1968 LRH cancelled Disconnection. He says exactly why in RJ 68 – a reiteration of the above Manual Of Justice and the awareness that severing ARC lines creates a muddy field, a lessening of tone, a further aberration of the society. The ‘HCOB’ re-introducing this practice is NOT written by LRH. It contradicts long-standing policy and actual LRH technology.

    False declares and subsequent false disconnection, enforced, are swelling the ranks of the opposition. Daily.

  49. ADDITIONAL COMMENT: My beautiful new found friends (all SPs!!! *rolling my eyes*), have put such positive postulates in the air of “your son will come back”. While I so much appreciate that and watch the calendar for predicted dates of such – my mind can’t help going to the hundreds of others whose children disconnected 5, 10, 15, and 20+ years ago to never come back around. Once such story, a mother’s children didn’t even attend her funeral.

    Perhaps what I need to do is start putting my attention on stories who children DID come around. Anyone care to point me in the direction of such happy reunions??

  50. Robin,
    They sleep upside down hanging in a closet – like any vampire bat.

  51. Dear Renata,
    A few short months after joining the Sea Org at the age of 21 I disconnected from my mother after being convinced she was an SP. Many years followed of my questioning this ‘item’ as it never seemed to make sense but there was enough squirrel auditing to hold the idea in place.
    In 1994 I was RPFed and my mother was unable to find out where I was. True to form my ‘SP’ mother threatened to go to the press unless she was able to speak with me immediately.
    I was sent home by OSA to ‘handle’ my mother.
    I returned only to ‘route out properly’ which I succeded in doing.
    It was in large part because of the constant pressure from my mother that I finally left the Sea Org. When I did leave I was wracked with guilt for many years feeling that I had abandoned my group.
    With the wisdom of years and the gift of hindsight, I am eternally grateful to my ‘SP’ mother for loving me enough, despite what I did to her, to do whatever was needed to get me out. This was no easy task as I was blinded by my loyalty to LRH and my friends to see the truth of the hypnotic spell I was under.
    You are doing the same for Flavio. Some day, when he is free, he will thank you for it. The spell of the Pied Piper of Hamlin can easily be broken with the power of a mother’s love. It is only a matter of time…. tick tock tick tock.

  52. Tom,
    Funny you should mention my own similar. Way back when, green as green could be, I did exactly what MSH wrote about in the issue on ‘creating antagonism’. It was brutal what I did. I eventually came back to my parents and with complete honesty told them how and why I’d been such an asshole.

    That’s all it took to handle this and within their lifetimes, both finally understood the real aims I have as a Scientologist and the validity of what I do. I helped both leave this life as comfortably and with as good a send off as I could, and with both wanting to know ‘how do I come back, where can I go’ and both easing out of well-worn bodies to begin anew.

    I have full faith that one day Flavio, as a well-intentioned being, will gain enough KRC to step back and cognite on the actual scene he’s experiencing and with enough personal integrity and character face up to what has occurred. I know full well the parents and family he has are there when he does.

  53. Natalie,
    The determination, by LRH, that Human Rights and a humanitarian aim and course for the Sea Org and Scientology were to be the forward thrust occurred in 1968 and is expressed on Ron’s Journal for that year, put out in Feb 69.

    In this same tape he disavows ‘heavy ethics’ and in particular ‘disconnection’. He apologizes for any hardship endured as a result of these policies of ‘fair game’ and ‘lists of withholds’ and ‘disconnection’.

    The Church of Miscavige, begun in the early 80s, is diametrically opposite to the Sea Org and Church of Scientology LRH postulates in RJ 68.

  54. When my oldest (then 16 ) was at Flag to do some training, he was hounded constantly by recruiters. He was even pulled off course and when my husband wrote it up, he was told that he was wrong and was lucky that he didn’t have to do conditions that time. My son would call me and I realized this wasn’t my son talking. He was just parroting what the recruiters wanted him to say. I was very upset and told my husband that I didn’t want to speak to my son anymore as he was not himself. My husband promised that he would bring our son home and no way let him sign up for the SO. This was the beginning of the end of our involvement.

    Don’t let up. If you constantly and loudly make yourselves a pain to the COS and Flag, they will want your son out of there. Of course, he will be upset at first. But in time, the programming will start shutting down and you will have your son back. Fight for your son.

  55. Absolutely correct, wrong why, wrong handling. The correct why is:
    (self) created antagonism. Dear churchies: I propose the following handling.
    YOU Causatively:
    Issue an amnesty for alle SCNists and Ex-SCNists. INCLUDING ALL SP-DECLARED persons. (The amnesty issued in 1989 and 1993 did not include SP-Declared persons. Its injustice, off policy. The devil knows why
    it was done this way.
    2) You let every SCNist decide what HE THINKS what his out ethics is or was, and you accept it without Q+A.
    3) you cancel the RPF and get everybody out of it, right away. 50% of all noise about SCN is about the RPF. If you don´t need R/Ser or lazyboys on your lines just let them go, let them study in a public course room until they qualifiy.

    You make a public announcement, as a press release and in TV around the planet, that the church is going to make up any damage, for every individual. this need to be worked out properly and does not mean that you hand out one million dollars to everybody who was target of fair game .
    But its is necessary that you state that: “We have done mistakes” and the statement must be honest. (Church Terminals is trying always to appear perfect, right, super professional and holy. ) AND THIS IS NOT TRUE.
    Everybody on this planet knows that he isn´t. Even SCNists.

    You cancel every freeloader bill for ex staff which have been producing for a minimum of 5 years.
    You give these individual free session, to fix every ARC Break and get the
    case in good shape. If its a wog, you invite them for a nice dinner and ask them what you can do for them as a liability project.
    You stop all extra regging for IAS, and Ideal orgs, and let then the public allow to use his income for the bridge. You want 10000 on solo nots?
    The target could be done years ago.
    In short: restore SCN as ist was exactly when LRH ran the shop.
    Then get the Tech in, sit together with all tech experts and fix it, just fix it.

    This suggestion can be worked out better than I did here, but I bet if you do it, within 8 weeks 80% of all the shit noise around the planet will disappear.

    Then care for the rest the real SP´s. They are sitting right now in a silent corner smiling and pleased about the useless ongoing fights and blaming .
    Think about it, really look.

    If you do not do it this way th

  56. Renata, Your writing is so true and so full of hurt. I am in a very similar situation. What drives me mad is what is so clear to one when he has had time to step back and think is not so clear to one who is under the manipulation and implant, they are under a spell, they are under black dianetics. It is a curse and our efforts will pay off soon enough for the truth always prevails in the end.

  57. Cowboy, love it! I’ll be first in line for your “book” of poems.
    Love Carol

  58. Thank you so much for communicating.
    Your words will have a positive effect on others, perhaps more than you will know.

    This entire scenario is just more factual evidence that Miscavige is not engaged in Scientology, he is running an implant station, right here on good old planet earth.

    IMPLANT, 1. a painful and forceful means of overwhelming a being with artificial purpose or false concepts in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him. (Aud 71 ASHO) 2 . an electronic means of overwhelming the thetan with a significance. (HCOB 8 May 63) 3 . an unwilling and unknowing receipt of a thought. An intentional installation of fixed ideas, contrasurvival to the thetan. (SH Spec 83, 6612C06)

    SHIFT OF VALENCE, that merely means taking on the identity of another mass. (5410CM12)

    In my opinion, Miscaviage and his goons have temporarily succeded in getting good people to shift into his desired valence. Our love and continued communication will allow them to wake up and pop out of that installed, phoney beingness. Continue confronting and exposing the evil without allowing our own affinity to alloyed, that’s the ticket.

    Just picture welcoming him home with open arms. He’ll be back:)

  59. Oh my goodness! It difficult to remain composed after reading your story, my heart goes out to you. Your resolve is remarkable, thank you for sharing and holding your space. Truth will find a way, it always does for those game enough to embrace it.

  60. Seeking-As-Isness


    I am glad to hear that Shelby is doing well and expanding.


  61. You´re welcome.

    Triumph in many ways.

  62. Thank you Natalie, it is so great to hear that your daughter is doing so well. I have been wondering about this. What a success story! Your persistence and willingness to speak out is greatly appreciated, and an inspiration to us Moms who are still suffering from Disconnection. “The C of S has always underestimated the persistence, power and love of a mother when she is fighting for her child.” Truer words were na’er spake! Thank You.
    Lots of love, Catherine

  63. You´re welcome.

    There´s nothing to fear now.

    OSA and Church of Scientology don´t represent a single problem for me now.

    As simple as that.

    If someone takes courage and come to the light with this; that´s fine.
    If the decision is to remain in the shadows; that´s fine too.

  64. I posted this under another name but it didn’t go through. So here is a quote from LRH in the Manual Of Justice on the whole subject of false declares and bullshit ‘disconnection’ that DM carries out with malice:
    “When you punish a man you punish also his family and friends. Even if you slayed the man you would then still have his friends and family as your enemies. If you slay everyone he knew- why, they have friends and families, too-and at last you’ve got a whole populace against you.

    “You punish a man. He goes away to join the ranks of the squirrels.

    “You swell the opposition. Don’t do it. ”

    With OSA ranting on about ‘squirrels’ and such, it would do them well to see that THEY are creating their own enemies by violation of LRH materials.

    Disconnection, enforced, following a FALSE and specious ‘declare’ IS making the enemies. DUH!!

  65. Can you file a complaint with the authorities based on religious defamation?

  66. LDW,
    Spot on with these refs, especially the point on the valence shift. That’s spot on.

  67. Dear Renata,

    Thank you for sharing your gut wrenching story. I know, sooner rather than later, there will be a happy ending. This suppressive organization under the tutelage of the little sociopath will (and is) collapsing because of the misguidance and reckless disregard for basic human rights and decency.

    Regarding dm, I am reminded of a quote from another well known Italian, Marcus Tullius Cicero: (my edit in brackets)

    “[An organization] can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of [the church] itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of [the church], he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the [orgs], he infects the [public] so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    My best wishes to you and yours,


  68. Cowboy, great poem!

  69. Cowboy,
    Crack! Another-over-the-fence homer. I swear, you are a modern-day Bard. Keep them coming and I too want an autographed copy of your book.

    ML Tom

  70. This is a gut-wrenching thread today – but an important one.

    Many comments speak of being in a similar situation. I did a quick check to see who faces a family disconnection scenario in present time. If I didn’t make a mistake, those are the ones concerned from this thread alone:

    1. Karen#1
    2. Lady Minn
    3. Meshell
    4. Mockingbird6
    5. RenegadeX
    6. Sam
    7. Samuel
    8. Songbird
    9. Tom M
    10. winsmexico

    Would you care to add a comment to this comment if you are involved in a family disconnection fiasco right now? Would give us a quick count.

  71. Scott Campbell


    Thank you for telling this story and opening your heart to us. My wife and I are also going through a similar time. Like us, my wife’s mother, sister and brother all were Sea Org members in the past. And like us, all met with their own tales of woe. Nevertheless, they have remained on-lines, in good standing scientologists, (along with the other members of her family) towing the party-line (whatever it happens to be at the time) and disregarding or accepting inducement to misinterpret LRH.

    The difference between us and them is that we took off our “Rose Colored Glasses” and finally saw what the Sea Org and Scientology had become. Like you, we had had enough. No longer would we follow the program of “You have to go-along with us to get-along with us” that the C of S under Miscavige runs on it’s parishioners.

    When we could no longer stand to be silent, I chose Marty’s blog as a forum to come out publicly against the activities of the institutional C of S. At the time my biggest prohibition against coming out was “What about your (Karry’s) family”. Karry responded, “It doesn’t matter. They’ll eventually find out for themselves anyway”.

    Soon I aquiesced, dropped my concern for them and we came out publicly. The way I look at it now is, “Hey, we’re out – hopefully they’ll wake up and join us someday soon”. My hope however, is no longer just for them but for people like you, your family and your son, Flavio.

    My best wishes to you any your family, Renata. The love of a mother for her children is the greatest love in the universe. It is something that keeps us strong and makes us whole. No force separating a mother and child can hold that gap for long. Remain faithful to the love for your children and you shall be rewarded with their love and faith in you.

    Thank you for your strength, Renata. Your Code of Honor will protect you and yours.


  72. OSA, what are you thinking? You think you can win because you squashed the so-called squirrels back in the early ’80’s? THINGS ARE DIFFERENT NOW! We have the internet! Think about it! Look at your products! I know some of you who work at OSA–good, decent people for the most part. I’m sure some of you know what’s going on is wrong. Are you trying to handle it from within? Seriously? As stats crash around you and more and more people become disaffected because of the blatant out tech and incredibly bad PR of familial disconnection, do you honestly think that staying in will help? Please reply…if you dare.

  73. Flavio…we’ll be seeing you around.

  74. Using members to spy on their own parents to see if they are still loyal to dear Leader is about as low as one can get. I think even the North Koreans wouldn’t do that.

  75. Unfortunately, your story is all too typical of what this cult has become.

    It can buy big buildings which stand empty, try to fill events with hired actors and claim Tom Cruise creates 100,000 new Scientologists every 3.7 seconds but the truth is the show is collapsing.

    No group can abort its babies, destroy its families, rob and muscle its members and hope to expand. The Sea Org has become everything it hoped to oppose and it stands too deep in its own crimes and insanity to make a change.

    The most direct way to free its members and reunite family and friends is to quicken its collapse. The way to do that is to spread the word far and wide regarding the truth about this criminal organization.

    Here are some ideas:

    Make yourself available to media.

    Send a report to government authorities, local and federal.

    Write a book or circulate the books that are being written.

    Help fund the movie that Mark Bunker is making.

    Write to Scientologists that you know. Put the message on the outside of the envelope if you don’t think that they will open it.

    Demonstrate and invite media and select a spokes person.

    Communicate, communicate, communicate. This cult is helpless to defend itself against the truth. Every effort that they attempt just sinks them faster.

    Utilize this blog to share ideas and coordinate. Utilize anti abortion groups, civil rights groups, Anonomous, etc to make a stand.

    The Sea Org failed to protect the OT materials. As far as its purpose of putting ethics in on the planet and the universe – that’s like grabbing a terd to clean your window.


  76. The one thing that the current Church of Scientology does really well is make enemies. If you were to graph this stat of “# of Enemies Made” it would be straight up and verticle. It is probably in power by now.

    Is OSA so compromised that it cannot see that this is the case?” This is not what LRH envisioned. This is not what he wanted.

    But as a warning OSA, like a snowball going downhill, the number of enemies is going to continue to grow exponentially and will soon be totally out of your hands to control. The reference is HCOB PREDICTION & CONSQUENCES. It’s written by that guy with the red hair – the one who founded Scientology. Read it, good stuff.

    Interesting that if one knocks out FEBC training for Sea Org and Tech Training for Sea Org members then they won’t learn what LRH is actually about and then they will be able to become “educated” in the subject of hate and think this is what Scientology is.

    Any of you parents out there who have kids in the Sea Org learn from Renata. If your kids are showing aloofness or are condescending, tighten it up now. Slam ethics in early. Teach them LRH, the real LRH. And get them the hell out of there before it’s too late. .


  77. Well, thanks but I don’t think I’ll be quitting my day job any time soon.

  78. Jim
    Having a moment… 😀

  79. Bluecharm — Haven’t seen you post before. You bring great wisdom. Thanks! H

  80. I concur, Roberto. You helped me step up too. You are an excellent influence! Love to you and yours.

    ML Tom

  81. Nice Jim. That’s why you are the MOQ: You fix things.

    Your Brother,


  82. Bluecharm, Thank you for posting the Manual of Justice quote to the blog. The first time I sent the CJC PAC a notice of being Independent, I quoted what you have written above. It is very appropriate and relevant to this conversation. You would think they would listen to LRH, but they don’t. They just keep creating more and more enemies for the Church, and there is no more formidable enemy than a MAD MOM! Now there are lots of us out here, being very vocal and telling our stories. The society at large does not like the cutting of communication lines between parents and children. It is a very detested activity, and nothing brings more disdain for the Church than these disconnections, and the heartbreaking stories of these Moms. When will the C of S ever learn?

  83. +1 Mike
    +1 Christie

  84. H,
    It’s an a.k.a. that I used months ago. I missed putting that at the bottom which is how I used this name before. This is from my ‘other’ point of view, my ‘river rat’ beingness and a bluecharm is a salmon fly. I also had a glitch with my computer on posting so I was changing up the fields required to see if it handled.

    Just in case OSA thinks I’m ‘padding the stats’ of posts.

    Jim Logan

  85. Wow, Sam, what a story from the other side of coin, the kid who disconnected, only to be saved by the “SP” mother! Thanks for sharing this with us. Yes, the power of a mother’s love has got to be one of the most awsome forces in this universe….tick tock tick tock. I love it! It is only a matter of time for all those kids to come home!

  86. Sam,
    I understand.

    Having re-read this point myself this morning I find it so much exactly what is going on that I for the first time originated a comm to OSA and gave them this exact quote.

    It is right there as clear as day – they are making their enemies by violation of this material. They will and are right now, today, getting the result of a whole populace against them by doing exactly what LRH says DON’T DO. DUH!!!

    There is a point where stupidity becomes treason. That point has been reached, crossed and they are well into the inky black.

  87. What a great idea. Thank for the tally. This is an important stat! Seems it is straight up and vertical! Please add your name to the list if your are a recipient of DISCONNECTION. I was going to say if you are a victim of Disconnection, but there are no victims on this blog! We are cause!
    Love, Lady Minn

  88. DM and the Current C of S is on a crash course of imploding!!

    The Independents are gaining momentum far and wide, its really just a matter of time before all crumbles.

    all is not as good as they say and that is a fact by just walking into any org, mission or advanced org.. They are very empty and very idle and the PR across the globe is at an ALL TIME low since 1950… DM put that in your pipe and smoke it

  89. +1. You know how to say it, Jim.

  90. Put me on the list for that autographed book!

  91. my heart breaks for you renata, may peace and job come for you and your family 😐

  92. S.A. awesome thanks for posting this and have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

  93. Tory Christman | December 22, 2010 at 6:16 am | Reply Dearest Renata and Claudio,
    Argh—–the pain, the tragedy this phony “church” enforces on young ones and families~~It IS why I started speaking out, 10 years ago, and it is the main reason I continue to picket and do media interviews, to this day.

    I don’t believe that is the end of your story of your stolen son…there’s LOTS more to come, and all good, too. Please keep speaking out, and being pro-active. One of my friends (a Dad) had lost his daughter to the Sea Org.
    He started bring flowers every few weeks. They wouldn’t ever allow him to see his daughter. He persisted doing so. Finally, due to the PR flaps he was causing, just by bringing flowers every week, they kicked the daughter out of the Sea Org. Once out—she woke up, and is free, totally from C of $ and their abuses.

    Keep at it…….There is little *love* within C of $, certainly not in the Sea Org. So I tell all parents…love your children. Write to them on the Net…keep telling your story. OSA copies EVERY post made about anyone, especially SO members, and their families. Talk to them, on- line. Visit—call, MAKE NOISE! You are their parents…..don’t let them slip away into darkness. Remember this: Sunshine disinfects
    – make noise – your right to free speech

  94. Impartial English Girl

    What a heartbreaking account. Flavio and Tizianio are approximately the same age as me. I can only imagine the living hell that such obscene policies, such as that into which Flavio has been brainwashed and bullied, have on loving and right-thinking parents such as Renata and Claudio. There is NO excuse for this sort of thing. NO. EXCUSE.

    Sending much love to Renata and all who are affected by this evil. x

  95. BC,
    So true with your comment “False declares and subsequent false disconnection, enforced, are swelling the ranks of the opposition. Daily.”

    This is the public Scientologist applying PAB 53 of 27 May 1955 entitled “Ownership”:

    “I don’t intend to stop anybody’s communication line as long as it has a shadow of truth in it, but when a communication line is woven from totally self-interested lies, I will not only cut the line, I will make it bounce.”

    That LRH datum is what the Independent Scientologist’s applies on this blog. When Renata, Luis, etc come out as an OT and an OL and make know why the false communication line with the current Church structure is being severed. The current church lines are the comm lines “woven from totally self-interested lies” and it is the able and aware beings cutting and making that comm line bounce.

    This swells the opposition, not to Scientology, but to the lies and abomination currently promoting itself as the word and philosophy LRH left us. As long as the lies, the suppression, and the force is used the opposition to that will swell and the ranks of true Scientologists will continue to grow. The Independent Scientology movement or group will complete overwhelm the church in its size and impact upon the world.

    That is the group changing conditions with the application of the technology, not just a group collecting and bragging about the conquest of MEST. We are interested in the increase of theta, not the accumulation of MEST. We measure rising up to OT, not degrading down to an animation.

    As LRH stated in Ability Major 5 early August 1955 entitled “With A-R-C”:

    “…for our purposes the auditing of this extreme of NO LIFE is not then auditing. It is ANIMATING. Anybody can ANIMATE a pc. He can actually monitor his machinery with words alone. But auditing involves RAISING THE SELF DETERMINISM (pan-determinism) of the pc. Maybe you could imbue with life and then raise THAT into self-determinism. Maybe you do. But that is not AUDITING as we understand it. It is NECROMANCY. (Though I will admit we all practice it somewhat.) Auditing consists of DISCOVERING a spark of A-R-C and, by processes AND A-R-C fanning it into a proud flame.”

    So, we see SO members being ANIMATED into doing things they would not do with their own Self Determinism and pan-determinism intact – such as disconnection from family. The postulates of the parents and friends is to fan the flames of ARC and correct this.

    This is the truth, as LRH described and as you noted in your post also, and that is what will remain when the chaotic current situation collapses. The truth will still be there. The spark will again be fanned into a flame and we can continue on the journey of moving on up a little higher.

  96. Well me too… Especially after this comment… OSA will easily figure out who I am…
    +1 twin

  97. I’m getting more and more curious about RJ 68. Hope Davey applies his disconnection policy frequently enough to set all Scientologist free and get himsef in total failure asap.

  98. Tory Christman

    Cowboy Poet,
    Once again, you nailed it: Beautiful! Thank you 🙂
    (and to those lurking, always keep in mind, going home starts with literally walking across the street. Pick up the phone, come home)

  99. Wow, they get to sleep; I didn’t know that! Don’t tell me they get to eat as well, in stead of sucking.

  100. Cowboy, I think you’d have a hard time finding balls of any kind on these jokers even with magnification.
    But you are right, this too shall pass.

  101. Tory Christman

    + Tory *(re my 27 year husband, now unwilling to even speak to me. And to those who have read or heard their (c of $/OSA’s) 3P, no–I didn’t leave him: I left the Cult of $cientology). Thankfully, my son and I are in close touch)
    +skillions of other families who don’t post here, but have lost their children
    to the C of $/m-whichever you call it.

  102. Tory Christman

    “make Noise”—oh buddy added, ‘Your right to free speech”….correct.
    That’s exactly what I meant. However, let me say, people can have a “right” to free speech, but in this arena, until you USE it, it’s a right that ~could~ help yourself and many others…
    Please use your right to free speech….come tell *your* story. Every single story helps *tons* of people. Never forget that.

  103. Catherine and Carol,
    I am happy you enjoyed it. I wish all a happy holiday season and may your hearts be happy knowing your integrity is intact. Others, without a clean heart, won’t have such a happy wish from me – their choice.

    Again, thanks for being there and helping. I look forward to when this blog only has happy news because the BS has ended. Until then we all shall continue along the road to truth – truth in communicating and truth in knowledge. And then, the sun shall shine brightly and the stars shall twinkle above. Ah, a time of more fun and games for all.

  104. Your account of what happened to your family is deeply disturbing. Having been out for over a year now, you’d think I’d be over the shock of the church being the antithesis of what I thought it was and then I hear another story showing that despite Scientologists leaving in droves, they still practice barbaric black Diantetics in the present. No matter what PR spin they try to put on it, they are still as corrupt as ever.

    I feel your emotion connected to the loss of Flavio. Although my situation was quite different, I experienced a similar loss with my own daughter. I am happy to say that after many years, when I finally accepted that she might never return to her own valence this lifetime, she did. We have reconnected through impossible odds and our special theta bond has been fully restored. I tell you this to offer you hope. There is much validity to putting out lots of theta postulates and ARC towards the ones you love. I wished her peace of mind, love, happiness and courage. Eventually she got the message and started her journey back into my life. The only thing that I didn’t do is admire the beingness that she tried on, maybe if I had done so the journey would have been easier for me. I will add Flavio to my thoughts as one of those who needs a little extra ARC in his life in to help him know that his family loves him very much and that one day he finds the courage to look at the truth for himself.

  105. Samuel,
    Perhaps most of the “undercover” posters are trying to avoid family disconnection issues as that is the only leverage and power of Dear Leader and RS aside from fear which OSA attempts.

  106. Fantastic news, Roberto! 🙂

  107. Renata,
    Thanks very much for your family’s incredibly tragic story & for putting the truth out. The truth is the solvent and antidote for handling Dear Leader and his Radical Scn. The SO has changed from when you and I were in very much, similar to RS and is unrecognizable now as “command intention” has changed from it’s benevolent founder to the biggest SP in the sector having to ground himself lest he get blowback from his own actions and flows, which is inevitable if you’ve studied the PDC. Thus, greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics has also changed, this important factor unconfronted, unevaluated and rotely followed by Kool aid quaffers & addicts (who actually are in very low conditions on their very own dynamics).

    Please have a very Merry Christmas to you and yours and stay in good cheer as the truth will ultimately prevail! I hope more footnukes like the Freedom Magazine, Worker’s paradise videos continue to help the Indies as trying to suppress the Internet is similar to attempting Niagara falls. Not even ultra barrier can do that.

  108. + Cancel GAT. Cancel the IAS. Cancel the basics. Cancel all references you wrote or changed. And free everyone in the hole. If they wish to leave the SO, let them with no penalty or F/Ler debt.

    And publicly resign and go away like Nixon did.

  109. one of those who see

    Just want to be clear. I wrote “That the subject that is supposed to free beings and bring joy causes this kind of pain is absolute treason.” I am referring to the Church here. Not real Scientology.
    A real Scientologist applies Scientology to better conditions. That means higher ARC, fewer enemies, freer more self determined, more able beings. That means happiness!
    Enforced disconnection, enforced behavior, MEST orientation instead of Spiritual will lead to the end of the current Church Regime as led by David Miscaviage.
    My New Year’s Postulate: All families reunited in love & truth. We all continue on the bridge to total freedom leaving this bit of dev t and entheta behind us. We learned alot Sir. We will never fall into this trap again.
    LRH said in RJ 36 (this is from memory – feel free to correct)
    …Will you take advantage of the carefully marked trail upward?
    I hope you do my friends.
    For if you don’t, it will be very lonely in the sky.

    Can you see him? I see Ron surrounded by so many of his friends.

  110. one of those who see

    Tiziano, made me cry. 2 beautiful boys that belong together. I see a family united and real soon.

  111. RJ The truth is becoming very apprent that they (OSA Bots)are sleepwalking
    while chanting the incantations spoon fed to them by the impontent dwarf Davey.
    I see OSA as the torchers in an dungeon performing heinous acts on others for the pleasure of a very very sick and dimented dwarf.
    Question is are they also enjoying the perversions they are perpetrating.
    My gut tells me they have gone so far out of valence that they have a chuckle when they participate in the implanting.
    I was myself very shocked when I came to that conclusion in trying to assess the task of reforming these guys and believe me I would like to be wrong on this.

  112. Scott Campbell

    I usually don’t post anything of a political nature here, but just wanted to let others know that they can help to get an important piece of Federal legislation passed before the new Congress comes in.

    The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (S.372) is being held up and is in danger of being tabled until after the outgoing House of Representatives adjourns it’s final session at the end of the year. Click on the link below to see how you can help put pressure on Congress to pass this piece of legislation that the new congress will be hostile to.


    The Pro-Whistleblower Government Accountability Project is urging that citizens write their Congressional Representatives and urge them to vote on yes on (S.372) before it adjourns for the year.

    Legendary Whistleblower Frank Serpico, the New York City cop who blew the whistle on NYPD police corruption in the 70’s is an ardent supporter of the bill – that has run the gauntlet of government bureaucracy for some 12 years to get to this point.

    Read the bill. Get involved. Write your Congressman. Get it passed. This may be the last chance to do it for years.


  113. Scott Campbell

    Right on. Mat.

    All of those ideas you proffered are what will make the difference in bringing the truth to light.

    You’re right. Communicate, communicate, communicate!


  114. Scott Campbell

    When you click on the link above, there is a slide-show type changing picture on the upper left of the page. You can wait for the picture to change to the one for the Whistleblower bill and click on the link to sign the petition.

    I just did it. It’s easy.


  115. While I have read many stories that are somewhat similar, this one gave me a different feelings, perhaps the result of cumulative stories. Since leaving the SO 27 years ago, I have watched most everyone I knew who was left slowly leave (there are still more than a handfull remaining). Of course, one has varying reactions to different people as they go through their “Scientology crisis”, some positive and some negative, based upon your own experience with them. But only now, after reading this thread, do I feel inclined to have no respect for anyone remaining in the Church of Mestology, as if they have earned it or something. I do not feel ill will towards these people who have remained in spite of every reason they should quit. Those remaining are something akin to Nazis trying to persecute Jews from 1946 onwards. If you’re stupid enough to be inhumane on top of being politically incorrect, then you’re even more stupid to wear a Nazi uniform and expletives. There are some people I cared for very deeply in my SO days (who are not on this blog – I’m not referring to anyone here) that I do not even care to communicate with because they drank the Kool-Aid with far too much vigor and they knew they were doing the wrong thing by staying. They have left and while my ARC is low to the point where I do not desire any communication, there is no disrespect involved. This post, however, tells me that all remaining souls are inviting disrespect towards themselves. Do not misunderstand me. I am not planning to dish it out to them. It is just a visceral feeling and not one that I plan to cultivate but only communicate. I guess it is like watching a fight in school. Some will enjoy the blood and gore and even get involved in it. Others will just gawk and watch. There are those who will jump in and stop it. Others will walk away as it is disgusting. I would also like to acknowledge what Tom and Jim said about Mary Sue’s policy on not antagonizing family. That was a stable datum for me since even before I joined the Sea Org. I guess they cancelled what she wrote. I am going to go focus on happiness now!

  116. I am handling the situation with them directly and the first priority is to see my son being treated with respect for the rest of his schooling.

    In Sweden it’s illegal for school teachers to freeze out a student.

  117. one of those who see


  118. Sidewinder, wonderful program. Sidewinder and Barney Rubble:

  119. Oh they’ve got em.
    The problem with them is that they just haven’t dropped yet!

  120. My God, Renata, what a story. I can only say that I am glad Tiziano and you all are free from the CofM, and that Favio sees the light.

    I sincerely think it will take a catastrophic event for this situation to resolve. By catastrophic, I mean Mr. David Miscavige in jail, along with his fellow henchmen, and his lawyers in jail and disbarred. This is what it will take, and when that happens, those that were trying and suppressed with come out and try to pick up the pieces, and those that were truly under DM’s spell will either blow, walk around dazed for a while, or snap out of it. My sincere wish is that Favio snaps out of it.

    My thoughts when I was reading your story were that you and Claudio must be some special people for DM to take personal interest – and, indeed you are!

    The use of PC folder information in unconscionable – and shows that what we are dealing are people who have left the building. These people are doing it for power, for control, for ego, and for money, and for no other reasons. Talk about the self-importance button of the not-quite-bright! The not-quite-bright have taken over! And, unfortunately, they are not nice people.

    Luckily, they are not bright. I swear to God, I am done with this shit.

    [Note – I’ve been out of town – and, as always, lots of reading when I return!]

  121. martyrathbun09


  122. Tiziano, you are all class. I look forward to meeting you.

  123. Ida Camburn who died earlier this year, never saw her son again after the disconnection letter sent to her 33 years ago. She never stopped fighting for him until she died a few months ago. I weep for all disconnected families.

  124. Scientology can handle that, with plenty of heavy mest work and co-auditing. OSA terminals could really benefit from a standard RPF. These cases really need to be cracked.

  125. + my three children

  126. Tiz – made me cry too.
    I know you’ll be together soon. Stay strong

  127. Redneck Janette from Detriot

    You’re family will be re-united someday soon, hang in there! Children, brothers, sisters, and parents are re-uniting everyday! People are seeing the truth, it just takes some longer than others. Our hearts and thoughts are with all of you that are dealing with the family disconnection, as we are.

  128. I am not disconnected, although if I were on lines now, I would be asked to be from certain members of my family. Not that I would. I was connected to a disaffected father for a number of years when I did the BC, and no ill effects.

  129. Song Bird,

    Actually the “Squirrel Busters” were run directly by RTC.

    OSA was too busy with the Kristofferson case which is actually the only “win” they actually had thanks to Heber Jentze and the thousands of Scientologists who showed up at Portland.

    After that their legal “victories” are pretty dismal.

    With the exception of Mike whom I always thought was way too competent for OSA and the late Earl Cooley who had a brilliant legal mind they were and continue to be a bunch of losers who continue in their foot bullet jig toward hell.

  130. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    1 — Jackson

    My Mother, 2 Sisters.. Their husbands, 1 niece 5 nephews!

    And YES you OSA Shits… It does piss me off. This is what I give you in return….. A guarantee that DAVID MISCAVIGE will once again see to it ALL MIDDLE AND INT MANAGEMENT staff will NOT have any good times or visit with FAMILY over the holidays!!

  131. Actually spying on parents and relatives is a pretty common tactic of police states and authoritarian regimes which is what the Church of Scientology has become.

  132. Theta is sanity. Entheta is insanity. Neither theta nor entheta is an absolute.

    It’s nice to know that we have the opportunity and capacity to convert entheta to theta.

    No matter how much the members of the church justify entheta, it is still entheta, still insanity. And mutually creating entheta doesn’t make it any less entheta; it only makes it that much more solid.

    We aren’t mutually creating those insanities, so the solidity will decrease.

    Lucky us.


    ps. To the Lugli family: what a great bunch you are. One day, you’ll have a few more wonderful stories to tell. Opportunities to kid and embarrass. From a human viewpoint, bad experiences are to be avoided at all costs; but thetans just make good stories out of bad experiences. It’s all part of the adventure of living.

  133. ((HUGGS)) to Mrs. Renata Lugli. Only a parent could have spoken from the heart like this!

    From my experience in having both disconnected from loved ones while in Scientology, to having lost and later recovered some of my loved ones because I chose to leave, the simpliest think I can suggest is that you keep telling your son you that you love him and will never abandon him –that he should look at The Way To Happiness “HONOR AND HELP YOUR PARENTS” along with his code of honor, without influence, and make his own choices by confronting those things he sees that are not right by them yet continue to go on because others have allowed it. That he needs to think for himself, per the code and WTH, and never forget that he is loved.

    Disconnection is one of the main reasons I and others speak out and protest. Here is a video dedicated to informing the public about those who have lost a loved one through disconnection, to counteract Miscaviges lies to thre media that there is no disconnection in Scientology. You will see the faces of just a few of the many who share in your pain – but who never give up hope.

    One father named Tony, – with his wife Sue have, after 2 years of protesting and writing the church, since reconnected with his daughter Rebecca- the church declared her PTS and let her go home to be where she belonged. Now they are working to reconnect the daughter’s boyfriend Nat with loved ones. These parenst never gave up. It takes perseverence, hope and speaking up. So keep speaking up and reaching in to that son of yours. May he soon wake up and come home.
    Best wishes,
    Mary aka Anonymary

  134. I agree GH.

    When I was on tech lines in the 70’s and 80’s we had all kinds of PCs and Pre OTs who had family connections to the Government, Psychiatry,the Media even a few who had Mafia connections and never had any of them disconnect because back then disconnection was verboten.

    Yet we rarely if ever had any problems if we urged the PC or Pre OT to *remain* in communication and handled any antagonism with Mary Sue’s PTS Type A handling PL.

    One wonders why if the Ol’man considered disconnection was the only way to handle a PTS situation why he would develop the Suppressed Person RD which is designed to put the person back into communication with the “SP” terminal?

    Actually it’s a rhetorical question since it is obviously being used a means of social and political control.

    As a means of manipulation or mind or thought control.

    But it also exposes their abject failure in their ability to confront and “shatter” suppression or their lack of understanding of the actual basics of Scientology such as ARC and the Tone Scale and the ability to use the com cycle.

    The irony is that they have made the so called “SP” a towering being that even their OTs can’t handle!

    Talk about “cowed associates”!

    Cowering in fear while OSA does its best to create more “deadly and dangerous SPs” so they can hit the fear button and extort more money from what’s left of their parishioners.

    In other words they create a dangerous environment.

    There is an obvious parallel to this whole scene.

    And here it is:


    You can pretty much exchange “SP” for “terrorist” or “communist” or any other “evil”.

    Very old “tech” but it ain’t Scientology.

  135. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, I felt you very near to me and very sincere.
    Your presence made me stronger because now I KNOW I have many TRUE FRIENDS like I never had before.
    You are my NEW wonderfull 3rd dynamic.

  136. +1 Husband wanted out of the SO and from there on out we were never permitted to talk to each other again. He disappeared. He was escorted over to our room behind my back while I was on post so he could get some stuff and was sent away. I thought we had been robbed until I noticed all that was missing were some of his things. We never even had an argument between us, yet our marriage was over. The legal dept. handled my divorce “for me.” He got out and when I left much later I found him and went to visit and make sure he was OK. He was, and we put back together a nice friendship. Too bad, OSA & Co., you lose, yet again.

  137. Renata, I am so late adding to this blog that I see you have already been told most of what my suggestions would have been. Just keep re-realizing to yourself that the universe will NOT uphold the entheta and WILL respond to the theta and the truth. So push as much of that out there in any form you can. Your son will perceive it, and he will eventually realize that he cannot live in an entheta-encrusted environment. You will win this.

  138. ROFL!!!!

    To both of you Jimbo and Erwin.

    Wrong metaphor on my part!

    Their not a buncha sick puppies at all but a bunch of vampire bats who really suck!!!



    I’d love to lay the blame solely at HSM’s feet but the guy has willing accomplices who are just as guilty as he is.

    OSA and Dave are like the dark angels of ‘Paradise Lost’ who’d rather rule in hell than in heaven.

    Or to play with the earlier metaphor.

    They want to be big vampire bats in a little cave.

    Hey you blood sucking OSAcrats show some moral back bone and walk away with as many dox as you can!

  139. Dear Renata, Claudio, Lady Minn, Karen #1 and all of you who are suffering in this very cruel way,
    I need to find an upside to all this pain and anguish. This is what I came up with…
    When the COM finally falls apart. All of those who have loving family out in the field will be the lucky ones. You will be there to give them refuge and whatever is needed to put them back together. We all will welcome them with open arms. They will have no shortage of friends and family offering and giving help. The Indies have and use LRH’s standard tech. They will be alright. Better than alright.
    I can’t wait for the time when we will be dancing in the streets and then rolling up our sleeves to pick up the pieces of what the current SP CO$ will leave in their wake. None of us knows exactly what this will look like but that’s OK. The love, theta and tech are all in place to handle whatever it is.
    Thank you for your touching and compelling letter.

  140. martyrathbun09

    Hi Renata. We are postulating a great Christmas and fabulous New Year for the Luglis!

  141. one of those who see

    Yes. Kind of joking, but not really -I said to a friend (both of us are under the radar. I post, she doesn’t-“we are in Soviet Union.” Said with Russian Accent.

  142. +1 L McCarthy

  143. one of those who see

    Yes Sinar, that is my reason for staying under the radar. family on staff and other relationships very important to me. Also, the effect disconnection would have on non scientology family members.

  144. one of those who see

    Hi Marsha,
    Here is something to contribute to your postulate. “I can’t wait for the time when we will be dancing in the streets and then rolling up our sleeves to pick up the pieces of what the current SP CO$ will leave in their wake.”

  145. Very true, as a side note. My kids were never sent to Scn schools although others looked askance when I told them I wanted to let then go to public schools to get some “stones” as real life was awaiting them out there after that.
    Although they both did get on the bridge they do thank me now for those experiences. They more quickly saw what a sham the DM show was and would not continue in today’s church for which I am very grateful.
    Through them, because our area is saturated with members, I’ve met so many kids of Scnt’s that want nothing more to do with the subject because of their being forced to go the these schools and do the various “handlings” being part of a Scn family may entail.
    They end up having such a warped concept of the subject that I guess is the product of today’s church. Although it may be sad on many levels, nonetheless through all the truths coming out here a change is coming and I thank you all.

  146. Tory Christman

    Congratulations on helping your daughter! What a joy to hear she’s studying what she wants, is healthy, happy, re-connected with her family and friends.
    Renata—may you have a similar success next Xmas, if not sooner, for your son, and the same to any and all parents who have lost their own children to this insidious CULT. My blessings to all 🙂

  147. Tory Christman

    Tiziano and Flavio—-may this sooner be VERY soon! Never, ever should loved ones be cut apart by any organization calling itself a “church”. Flavio–follow your heart, *your* heart—*your* love. It’s your life, don’t miss it.

  148. Tory Christman

    Me too, re your first paragraph, especially–only it’s now been 10 years for me. I wake up every day thankful of ALL the people who have helped me on this journey, and go to sleep wishing loved ones get free. Merry Christmas to you and ALL 🙂 It’s getting better, day by day—soon more will be free.

  149. Tory Christman

    Isn’t that THE most amazing thing? To leave the one group you’ve been part of, feeling like you’ll be so alone, only to find out there’s this HUGE 3D out here of very loving, able people? I always say: If everyone “in” knew how many were out and happy—they’d be on their way. Merry Christmas to you,and your entire family 🙂

  150. Wow good video. Was it a “remake” from a YFHR video ? or just that last bit. Human Right # 16

  151. RJ,
    I wouldn’t give them credit for squirrel busters. I believe Mr. Mayo was handed a tidy sum of money to cease his activities. Gerbode, in Palo Alto, continued. That isn’t really squirrel busting, now is it. More like appeasement and graft. They didn’t beat the squirrels, they bought them. Now look who is a squirrel when it comes to the tech. In your immortal words – sheesh!!

  152. Ah yes comrade.

    So Commissar Miscavige and the State Security apparatus is not aware of your disaffection.

    You realize of course what they do to dissenters in the Union of Soviet Scientology Republics?

  153. Ok, I get a bit frustrated here. My comments do not pertain so much to this story but to the reports in general. I’m a NON scientologist, but very much interested in reading this blog. But I have to say, with all the “lingo” and “scientology speak” it becomes REALLY hard to figure out whats going on without referring every other word to a glossary. SOLO NOTS? GAE’s? Ok, maybe folks like me aint your audience, but I still would like to get the message. Just a word to the wise. no hablo sceintology.

  154. Just that last bit, if I may answer for Mary.
    The Youth for Human Rights campaign really points out the unbelievable two-faced behavior of the Scn Rads. You can pretty well surmise that what is promoted in those nice videos is not what Radical Scn does–they do the exact opposite. No freedom of opinion and expression, no fair wage, no family, no proper education of children that were in the SO, no personal possessions, mental and physical slavery/lock up, unfair detainment, no acceptance of the protection the law could be providing, and more. Exact opposite.

  155. Sidewinder, That is probably what LRH would have done in a situation that has spiraled out of control like this and may even have gone a bit further on the amnesty.
    Can you tell me where does this 10,000 on Solo Nots target come from as it sounds a bit too similar to the Jehovah Witness only 10,000 will make it to heaven stuff.

  156. Renata,
    You are such a strong ally to have. I am proud to walk at your side – in times of sadness and in times of great joy. My family wish you an enjoyable holiday season and postulates of ever more success in your future. My spouse says shes loves you both.

    Some music to enjoy.

    Loreena Mckennitt: Never-Ending Road (Amhrán Duit) Lyrics

    The road now leads onward
    As far as can be
    Winding lanes
    And hedgerows in threes
    By purple mountains
    Round every bend
    All roads lead to you
    There is no journey’s end

    Here is my heart and I give it to you
    Take me with you across this land
    These are my dreams, so simple and few
    Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

    Deep in the winter
    Amidst falling snow
    High in the air
    Where the bells they all toll
    And now all around me
    I feel you still here
    Such is the journey
    No mystery to fear

    Here is my heart and I give it to you
    Take me with you across this land
    These are my dreams, so simple so few
    Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

    The road now leads onward
    I know not where
    I feel in my heart
    That you will be there
    Whenever a storm comes
    Whatever our fears
    The journey goes on
    As your love ever nears

    Here is my heart and I give it to you
    Take me with you across this land
    These are my dreams, so simple and few
    Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

    These are my dreams, so simple and few
    Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

  157. Sapere,

    Actually it was bit more complicated than that.

    I won’t bore you with the gory details but I will say that the current hagiography of St. Mayo is somewhat revisionary.

    Just as Miscavige’s total denigration of the GO is.

    Mayo and his merry band of miscreants were running an espionage op against the Pacifica base.

    They had members of the AAC FKA the Church of the New Civilization infiltrating AOLA and ASHO so they could steal meters and Ad Course materials including NOTs (which he claims to have written himself) for use in his operation in Santa Barbara.

    Of course this activity isn’t mentioned in his rambling and turgid autobiography I like to call ‘Deflections’.

    Anyway he was shut down fair and square when he was caught with these pilfered items in his possession.

    You would have thought this would have been the end of Mayo’s op because he moved to South America after that and he was pretty much outa sight outa mind.

    But oh no!

    OSA lead by Miscavige who learned about espionage probably from Vince Flynn had to turn the guy into some kind of martyr.

    So they tried to falsely nail him for drug possession using their “friends” in InterPol.

    Seems they just couldn’t let sleeping squirrels lie.

    Anyway the Church of Scientology ends up on the receiving end of a multimillion dollar defamation lawsuit after this which they settle outa court for a couplea cool mil and a gag order.

    That is after entering the NOTs HCOBs into the public record and raising questions about their actual authorship.

    That was OSA’s part in securing the “sekret scriptures”.

    They’re still trying to dig out that foot bullet.

    At this juncture I’ll end with my typical….


  158. Solo NOTs is New Era Dianetics for OTs (operating thetans), audited by oneself. OTVII. GAE is a Gross Auditing Error, generally done with the intention of using auditing to cause harm instead of help. Sorry about the nomenclature. There are nuances to these definitions that I really cannot include in this post because I am very tired and ready for bed. Please feel free to download a copy of the Dianetics and Scientology technical dictionary here: http://www.mediafire.com/?y3nzyx2zmgz. Although I don’t recall if “GAE” is actually in that dictionary.

  159. “You’re 2D oriented!” OMG, there must be something wrong with me, I’m 2D oriented (trying hard to shut that dynamic out of existence). This is the enemy line the C of M ran on me that effectively shut down my relationship with my non scn family as they were unworthy of me. But when the C of M tried shutting down my child’s dynamic , the demented one had no idea what he was dealing with….f u and go to hell, I’ll take a declare any day…it never came but then maybe now it will….go to hell..we’re happy and doing well and have each other and you can’t take that way!

    DM go rot in hell you have never known the true love of a child, tag onto Cruise as much as you can but it will never be the same, I feel sorry for their child knowing how many children you have ordered killed via abortions. They have no idea what a cold hearted bastard you are. Two faced and ice cold to the core. STOP DESTROYING FAMILIES! AND OSA STOP SUPPORTING HIS DESTRUCTION – walk away! THIS IS NOT LRH!
    Lugli family – there is hope, as no matter how hard they tried my family was always the back of my mind and Fablio will come to his own conclusions as well, it may take some time as it did me but it will come, that is for certain.

  160. I couldn’t resist!!!!

    I know this is OT as hell.

    But I thought WTF.

    Here’s a little Xmas cheer a coming your way.

    Even the CIA manages to brighten things up for the holidays:


  161. The week before I resigned I wrote up pages of times I violated my Code of Honor in the COS. I felt much stronger afterwards and was able to keep my Integrity IN from there on!!!

  162. Renata, terrible, sad story. I know you guys will persevere and never give up.
    The sun will shine in the end.

  163. Renata, may this NEW YEAR bring your son back home to you. My Postulates are with you and your family.
    Much Love, Lori

  164. Scott,
    Beautifully written. And thank you for your sticking this through. You’re a good man and I’m proud to know you and your wife.

  165. I know, Sidewinder and yes he would have done that personally over and over again.

    Oldfox, as for the 10,000 on Solo NOTS that is an email I get twice a month or so from Clive Rabey husband of Sherri Rabey (doubt they are still connected). Clive is the super power reg at FLB, last I knew.

  166. Helen,
    You can always send me a mail at slogan@eastlink.ca if you can’t get any of these terms defined by your glossary. I highle recommend you get a Scientology Technical Dictionary if you want to follow a Scientology type blog.

    Solo NOTs – Solo (audited solo according to strict protocols) New Era Dianetics for (those at a level of the Scientology Grade Chart of ) Operating Thetan.

    GAE – Gross Auditing Error as defined in the technical materials of Scientology written and spoken by L. Ron Hubbard.

    Any others right now?

  167. Theo Sismanides

    Renata and Claudio,

    Thank you for standing up against suppression and exposing the crimes that the C of M commits daily.

    I don’t know what to say about your situation. What stands in mind is YOUR WORDS,


    This is what they have become Antireligious and Inhumane. This is not a church now. We are the Church.

    I am sure many parents will support you and love you for what you do. Because it’s not only Flavio, there are many families and their kids like that.

    To Flavio:

    Flavio, I have been persecuted for insisting on the application of HCOBs on Translations from the Translations Series which in 2000 were not applied even though COB had “ordered” the LRH materials to be applied. And the…. HCOBs were not applied!!! I was the TU DIR EU. I was thrown off post for demanding they BE applied.

    I even went to Italy and met a Student on Class VI course who was stalled because the Tapes (Reel to Reel) had been destroyed. I found many dumped in the basement of CLO EU!!!

    So, Flavio LOOK FOR YOURSELF! Isn’t this what Scientology is all about.

    And the only ability one would finally gain my friend is to be able to not alloy his affinity for Mankind but also keep his integrity.

    Can you answer to me why me and others are being persecuted for insisting on Standard Tech Flavio?

    Your mother and father are good Scientologists. They raised you in Scientology. I wish I could do the same thing with my children. But not in this mess, no, no, no. I’d rather tell them myself and get them to read LRH themselves as they grow up.

    YOU are a GROWN UP Flavio. You need to see what is going on! NOW. YOU HAVE NO TIME to tamper with STANDARD TECH.

  168. Renata,
    You are so right about your son having been stolen. The person who’s occupying his body is a valence and as such cannot give and receive ARC. Once you realize there’s no point in pretending, your decisions become easier, even though still painful.
    One day the Church will either disintegrate and the real Flavio will come back to you – or there will be a Desmond Tutu appointed for “truth and reconciliation” by new management that will bring Flavio to you and apologize on his and his church’s behalf.
    You see, I’m psychic, I can tell the future.

    PS: Count me in also as someone who’s been disconnected from by relatives (fortunately not my 4 kids, they all stand by their mom).

  169. Great.
    Thanks for this.
    Especially thanks for your good wishes to my loved ones.


  170. Tory Christman

    To all here, especially those helping expose the abuses of C of $, and even those who are lurking, still “in”: May you join us all, soon! Here’s to each of you:
    *★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
    •。★Christmas★ 。* 。
    ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
    ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
    *° •˛• ☃| 田田 |門| ☃˚╰☆

  171. Here is a song for Flavio.
    My postulate is that he will hear this song in his own universe, it will resonate in his heart and will help to bring him out to where he truly belongs.

  172. I wish all the best possible Holidays. “Holidays” is another way of spelling “Holy Days”, which the Sea Org does not honor in any way,and apparently only denigrates them.
    But here is a song for the Sea Org, perhaps as it once was, in it’s very beginnings.
    “Calypso” was the great explorer Jaques Cousteau’s ship, but whenever I hear this song, sung by the incredible John Denver at his best, I think of Ron and his ship the “Apollo”, and the incredible dreams and ideals that existed then, in the early days of the Sea Org, which have now been so torn, tattered and dragged in the mud. The betrayal of the spirits of the men and women who “served so long and so well” seems entirely unforgivable.
    To me this song captures that shared spirit of service. May it live again someday. It is Flavio’s spirit also, and it was used to trap him. Unforgivable, even if it is Christmas.

  173. Robin,
    Once bitten by Dracula any princess dons the bat valence.

    There’s no escape from contagion of aberration in the bat cave, the most sophisticated implant station on earth, primarily serving ethical and intelligent beings.

    If the OSAcrats would walk away as far as the hole they erupted from, I pity the inhabitants of Transylvania.

    Don’t take this as an ack of Dracula’s accomplishments as he couldn’t dream up the Reverse Technology Cave by himself. He even had to suck that out of his victims. http://thisistrue.info/overview/2010/12

  174. The thing I will never understand about many people contributing to the blog is that they can simultaneously:

    a) tell horrendous stories about disconnection and other cult practices,
    b) treat reverently the man who made such policies – one L Ron Hubbard.

    I just don’t get it. Doesn’t the cognitive dissonance get to you?

  175. Jim — I shoulda known! H

  176. Grazie Marty,
    We are also postulating, with total certainty that it will be a wonderfull Christmass and that the New Year will bring for all of us Indipendents a great, great future.
    Best to you Mosey and all the Indipendents.
    Renata & Claudio

  177. martyrathbun09

    Read the blog from the beginning and I think your dissonance may dissipate.

  178. During the last three days I have tried to read what this criminal “cult”church has done to the Lugli family. This story has been near impossible for me to confront. I wasn’t able to digest this in one read. Way to many other families reporting similiar situations with family disconnection.

    So today with coffee in hand I come back to try for the third time to finish Renata’s story and read all the comments. I’m making my way through all the other stories as best I can and I click on Tizianos video.

    WOW this song put me to me knees. “I’ll find you in the morning…I’ll be looking at the moon, but I’ll be seeing you”. This gave me pause as I gazed at my screen through teared eyes. One brothers unconditional love for his brother who has temporarily lost his way.

    Mat Pesch has listed valid action points on this post for whistleblowers who want to make a difference. Let’s DO IT!!!

    The Flavio’s of Scientology will only see the truth if we continue to communicate to the world what this blog of Marty’s communicates.

    Renata, Claudio and all other mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who are in this situation, I want you to know many good hearted people are in your corner and they are postulating speedy solutions resulting in all family celebrating Christmas together.

  179. Renata, Your post was so moving, it has left me without words these last two days. Really, I have not been able to know what to say that could help in any way. Your post is such a graphic description of an organization which is operating on force, domination and nullification.

    Perhaps OSA and DM are acting like the criminal who wants to get caught. They are making so many mistakes, and as Jim pointed out, they are violating the thing LRH said NOT to do, and are instead creating more enemies daily.

    For every story like this that gets written up and communicated broadly, we are that much closer to fully exposing the true intentions of Miscavige and Co.

    The only positive thing I can think of is that it is completely unsustainable.

    I believe things will continue to deteriorate within the SO. As more of the trained, veteran SO members leave for “medical reasons,” who will be left? For every Hy Levy, you could put 20 of these teenagers in his place and you will not have replaced the theta, wisdom or the ability to think with LRH that this one man generated. I’m sure there are the exceptions, but basically, these new young SO recruits are trained on DMs version of the tech, and DMs style of handling public. Anyone who has been to Flag in the last 10 years will know what I’m talking about. This is unsustainable in itself, just from a public viewpoint. As the public dwindle, as the veterans leave, the pressure can only get more intense.

    You and your husband are OTs and you have integrity, theta and massive love for your sons. Like others who have posted here, I am certain your beautiful son Flavio will choose to come home to that rather than stay in the church forever. He just may need some time to be right about his choices for a while.

    Best wishes and much love from our family to yours.

  180. Just to confirm taht OSA cannot do anything, since I went public almost a week ago, nothing has happened to me. That’s because there is nothing they can do. I am not worried as the truth DOES set you free and that’s all I’m after.


  181. RJ,
    Lets get back to topic and what you spoke of we will continue some other time. Have a good holiday old man!

    Now lets send cheer and postulates Flavio’s way. I am sure he is getting a nagging feeling this holiday season that he should be in comm with his parents. No way this many OTs postulate and think and he isn’t feeling something. Well, Flavio, just make it go right and give them a call – or at least a card.

  182. Scott Campbell

    One thought occurred to me as I read of the Black PR techniques used by the Church of Scientology to impugn the character of those it is seeking to destroy.

    Typically what we have read is that the church will show unconfirmed “confidential data” to family, friends or associates of the person being targeted for character assassination.

    Representatives of the church often first bond, then brief the person whom they want to inform of the target’s “unethical” behavior or history. Sometimes this bonding involves astronomical sums ( a million dollars) etc. The purpose of this bonding is twofold.

    First the bond acts to prohibit the person being briefed from disclosing to others that he/she has been shown a person’s confidential Priest/Penitent Privileged information such as: PC/Confessional File info, Ethics File info and Life History info.

    Second, The bond acts in the mind of the person being shown the confidential information to confirm the veracity of the information being shown.

    Persons being so briefed are not given any copies of the documents used in the briefing. This aspect of informing the person being briefed on the “target” ensures that the C of S can deny culpability due to lack of evidence.

    The solution to this problem is simple. If approached by anyone to receive such a briefing, simply request copies of all of the documents being shown and demand that the person or persons delivering the briefing go on record such as videotape – as assurance that the information being given shall remain confidential and is for “information only”.

    If the C of S representatives will not agree to this, one should suspect the motive for the “briefing” and refuse to participate.


  183. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Jim.

    You know I feel the same way about you and yours. Look at another comment of mine regarding the so-called “briefings” being given to others in order to “Fair-Game” C of S critics – down toward the bottom of the comments – and tell me what you think. I’d appreciate your input.


  184. In 1983 my mother walked away from the C of M in disgust after witnessing first hand the abuses that have continued to be rampant in the current Scientology organization today. Yes, the very same. She followed her gut and with integrity intact, left. She announced the fact to her two children. For 25 years the “church” exacted constant pressure and defamation which resulted in her being disconnected from both of her children. As a result of independent thinking, evaluation and reason, both of her children woke up, snapped out of it and walked out of that quagmire of a “church” and into the light. Another family reunited. I have faith in the fact that every molecule of decency within even the blackest soul can spark again. These revelations, though upsetting add momentum as this corrupt organization speeds towards the cliff edge. Tory makes an excellent point, flowing love even from a distance will make a difference and if we continue to tell our story and continue to communicate the sunshine WILL disinfect.

  185. Scott,
    If it isn’t written…
    In this day and age it only makes sense to get undeniable evidence.

  186. Roger that Sapere,

    And on that note:

    Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays.

  187. Here’s one that happened just 3 weeks ago, Meshell.
    ❤ to you.

  188. @catdaddy, To answer about whether it’s a remake or not, I really don’t know. You might want to ask the poster at YouTube.

    @gato rojo – thanks for elaborating on that. Hunam Right # 16 comes from United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is Human Right #16 “Marriage and Family” as ironically demonstrated here in this scientology front group video by Youth for Human Rights International

    Hyprocracy knowns no bounds. Someone ouggh to tell tell them to clean their own house out before trying to tackle the world.

  189. Byron,

    Thanks for putting up this link. I didn’t know th Tech Dictionary was on line!


  190. That’s right CD.

    OSA once again snatches defeat from the jaws of victory!

    They managed to put Mayo right where he wanted them.

  191. Thanks to all of you dear friends for your postulates and the theta advices you have been giving me. They really helped me a lot in this crucial moment.

  192. Hy – glad to hear that. You weren’t my reg, but I was so accustomed to your friendly presence in the reg area and shouting hello to you. I noticed right away the “omitted Hy” when you left. So glad to know that you’re doing well. I read your story and experienced the Basics evolution from a Sand Castle public view and it indeed was a nightmare. Thanks for maintaining your integrity.

  193. What a touching story and one so similar to how my familar was treated when I was declared. I appreciate the candor in the story and know that exposing it for what it is, only contributes to one day, putting ethics in on the Church and how it interprets policy for it’s own benefit.

  194. one of those who see

    Perfect RJ
    Union of Soviet Scientology Republics!

  195. Hello old fox, i´ve been a few days off to relax. To answer your question, the data I remember well and given by RTC is that the requirements for the release of ot9 and ot 10 is the following: all existing ORGS Saint Hill Size, (Now changed into Ideal Orgs), and 10000 SCNists auditing on Solo Nots. I do not know if these targets LRH were made by LRH. ARC

  196. ok thank you all, I do not know what LRH would have done. It was my idea to solve the mess. But honestly, I estimate that INT MGMT is too arrogant to accept it. A programm from an “enemy page” pahhh. Let them know that I am still in the box!!!! And if the mess will not be fixed I also quit soon . ARC

  197. Renata,

    I don’t understand. You say: “His decision to join the Sea Org was of no surprise to us, in fact we hoped for it at the time, knowing that it completely aligned with his urge toward helping others. We were joyful when we found out he had signed his one billion year contract, because we thought the Sea Org to be the most sane place to be on planet earth.”
    And then in the very next paragraph you say that when he told you he was joining the Sea Org it left you in a state of disbelief and that the moment was terribly painful. ??!?? Why so painful if that is what you wanted for your son?

    In 1997 there was much information in books and on the internet pro & con about Scientology to help people make informed decisions. You agreed (with Co$) not to look at it; to not read both sides and decide for yourself. Happens(ed) alot, I understand. How about today? Are you reading both sides? REALLY reading both sides (about LRH and the longstanding track record of his church AND his Tech)?

    The dysfunction of the Church of Scientology did NOT START with The Asthmatic Dwarf. It goes back much further. Read both sides and decide for yourself. But do read both sides.

    Best Regards,

  198. Marty,

    With all due respect, that’s a pretty straightforward question that looms large over this entire topic. Can you give a straightforward answer? How do you square the two? I worry that it’s not possible.

  199. martyrathbun09

    Jeff, if you’ve already read the entire blog and that is not a “straight-forward” answer then may God bless you.

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