2011 Rolls In Like A Lion

To learn all about Jimmy Rebel’s (John Aaron Williams – but, he’ll always be Jimmy Rebel to me) Training Center please click on this link:


Feel free to share your New Year’s resolutions with some folks who are apt to share agreement with pro-survival ones.

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  1. Dave’s gonna be PISSED!!!

    Happy 2011 Marty!


  2. Let’s get these all across America. Bay Area next please!

  3. Marty, you are bringing LRH back into people’s lives by directing them to training. Ability and one’s control of life through training is where it’s at, Big Time.
    This is the best way to start off the new year!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your use of Standard LRH!

  4. Hey Marty, It occurred to me that, as you know, criminals never announce their actual intention. They put out false PR to cover the real plan. Like Hitler: “We have no intention to invade Poland. We want peace with Poland.” Next day: Germany invades and crushes Poland.

    I think Hitler… I mean Miscavige… has intentionally wiped out training so people HAVE to go into his Idle Orgs for auditing. (He thinks).

    In the words of Miscavige’s own most oft repeated phrase: “IT’S INTENTIONAL!”

  5. I love it!! John Aaron you Rock, you are an amazing guy and so loyal to LRH…
    Thank you for all the work you are putting in…. It is an amazing 3 Dynamic project you are doing and you have all my best postulate and support!!
    You are also one of the many Independent example of family values. Your family is one of the most Ot and theta I have ever met…
    Love you guys!!

  6. This is so damn awesome!!!! Go Jimmy Rebel and company. 😀
    Marty, I remember the time period at CC and I remember you being there and how fabulous the Academy was doing. We got that PL into use in Joburg and the org rocked. Exciting times ahead. Happy New Year to all!

  7. Right on John! Listen, in the mid-70’s we boomed Detroit org with that HCOPL. We had the halyards humming! It just created a boom. People love to train and become auditors. Then we did it again in EUS in the mid 80’s and again in ANZO after that.

    This is great news about the academy and it is indeed going to be a great new year.

    ML Tom

  8. Marty,

    Totally awesome news!!!!

    Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!!!

    I know 11’s going to totally rock.

  9. This is the best news I’ve heard all year.

    Very well done! Please keep up the incredible work!

  10. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!!!
    We are not close to Geogia but now we have Checksheets! Standard Ones! We can open our own academy’s! LFBD.
    Auditors can be trained. The Bridge is re-opened to us all.
    Best New Years present we could possibly have.
    So happy!

  11. Kathy Braceland

    This is AWESOME news!!! What a wonderful message to end 2010 on a huge high note and to kick off 2011 to a beautiful start. Yay!! A place to get standard auditor training…ahhhhhhhh…as it should be. HUGE kudo’s to all you guys and a very, VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  12. Simply Revolting

    Sooth, Marty.

    Led Zep lyrics… Oh yes, indeedy…

  13. Scott Campbell

    Fantastic news Marty!

    Imagine a future where independent practitioners of Scientology auditing can be found in any city, setting their own rates, answering only to the well being of their PC’s, by their own determinism.

    Ability and rationality will once again find purchase in a world blighted by disability and insanity. Things will turn around.

    Here’s to another year of helping mankind. Salute!


  14. Marty, Thank you for the intoduction and the story on what happened at CC. Training IS the most vital activity in Scientology. We Independents must wear the Hat. This took a lot longer than I thought it would. Also thanks to Steve Hall, Dan Koon and Jim Logan. I am glad to be a part of this team. JAW

  15. Scott Campbell

    Hi John,

    Congratulations on your new Academy!

    I just read your write-up on the link provided by Marty – wow, great story. I can see that you are a being of the highest integrity and sincerest desire to help mankind.

    I sure that your students will be well served by the Master of Qual, Jim Logan.

    What an exciting time!

    Happy new Year!


  16. Scott Campbell

    My New Year’s Resolutions,

    Finish my auditing “clean-up” and continue onto my next bridge action.

    Get back into reading LRH – starting with Science of Survival.

    Continue to reconnect and have fun with with my ol’ buddies who are now indie!

    All the other usual crap like lose weight, exercise, blah, blah, blah.


  17. I can’t think of any better way to celebrate the opening of this new year, that this. Get trained!

    On your OT levels, you will want the best auditor available….;)

  18. Theo Sismanides

    Intention is cause. I can just feel the intention now!!! Across the planet, guys and over the ramparts!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 2011 rocks already!!!

  19. I have to acknowledge this post Marty, thank you for that!

    I trained full time thru 2003-2005 at the CC academy thru class 5, it was a great place and a great time.

    The only thing I had to dodge though was getting recruted for SO, because I never wanted to be. I still remember my name being on the recruiters boards as prime target (public training full time, single, young, bilingual).

    But anyways I do give testimony to that CC was a good place those years.

    Maybe someday I can reconnect to that with the independents.

    Kudos Marty, I hope you can create a great academy, or whomever does it I wish them the best.

  20. Happy New Year from Germany.
    And pls do not compare DM with Hitler. Hitlers main job and the job he had been payed for has been to prevent communism from taking over europe and finally the world. He did his job. DM is just a little wants to be great and admired but not even able to destroy on any larger scale.

  21. Floating Needle

    My TA is floating!

    I what to get sup trained and open up a study center too! \

    This is really going to be a great year!

  22. Watching Eyes

    Letting people know where they can go to get trained and what LRH says about it is a perfect way to start the new year. Everyone needs auditing but only training will ensure the future of the tech.

    note to dwarf: In case it hasn’t dawned on you, you’re now totally bypassed. You are irrelevant to the field and the survival of the tech.

    ps. Great hat.

  23. Gee George,

    I happen to be an arm chair historian and don’t see how Hitler “saved” the world from Communism.

    The fact is that after World War II the Soviet Union moved into a level of Geopolitical primacy as a Super Power. A global position it would have probably never achieved if Hitler hadn’t of violated their Non Aggression Pact with his poorly conceived Barbarosa Offensive.

    Much like Dave and his backing elitists efforts to create some kind of Pax Scientologia of some kind while preventing the spread of Psychiatry.

    How’s that working out?

  24. THAT’S what I call a New Year’s Release! Great announcement Marty, and what a job by Rebel, MOQ, and all involved in getting this launched!

    Once again, the Course to OT, launched by Ron back in the 1960s, is open!

    Thank you all so very much and have a great New year!

  25. Awesome!!!!!great way to start a New Year. Happy New Year to all and to those who put this all together a big thank you.

  26. That’s a great idea F/N!

    Actually there was an LRHED called ‘Making Auditors’ or something like that….

    (Back me up here Danno AKA Joe Howard)

    that trained supervisors very fast and later became the Mini Course Supervisors Course.

    If someone reissued it……

    hint hint hint….

    We could make tons of Course Supes as well!

    Also while we’re on a roll of “bright ideas”.

    (I guess it depends on View Point)

    Maybe someone could come up with a C/S course of some kind so we can handle the flow of auditors who will probably be auditing and setting people free and all that …..causing all kinds of problems for the lil’ SP I/C (my new name for Dave) who is trying to keep a lid on the subject so as to not upset his quote friends unquote.

    Sorry Dave the lids off 😉

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  28. This is going to be the end of Miscavige.

  29. Marty-

    This is the most phenomenal and theta video I feel that you’ve done this year. And Happy New Year to you as well! I’ve always believed that Ron’s advice on getting trained was paramount to clearing the planet. I spent a lot of time in Clearwater experiencing the aftermath of those who only went up the auditing side of the bridge…not pretty. Those who were getting trained standardly(this was way back in the day) were such a pleasure to be around. I am so happy to hear about the training center in GA, as getting fully hatted as an auditor is a failed purpose for me for the last 25+ years as I never seemed to stay out of ethics for very long. My postulate for this coming year is about change…..positive and major changes in my universe, as well as the universes of others. Peace….~

  30. Dear wonderful friends,


    I found this today on the back of the “The Time Track Of Theta” lectures by LRH, and wanted to share this with you. It did not say which lecture from which this quote was taken.

    “And what are all these people studying, and where are they trying to go, and what are the trying to get? They’re trying to get the source of Man and trying to discover the extent of, and recove the use of, all of his latent powers of personality. And that, actually, is the complete goal in this search, not necessarily to uncover the gods and shake them by the right hand. Let’s recover Man and find out if Man was ever a god. And if he was, why did he stop being a god?” — LRH

    Love to all,

  31. Sorry, typos. Correction of quote above:

    “And what are all these people studying, and where are they trying to go, and what are they trying to get? They’re trying to get the source of Man and trying to discover the extent of, and recover the use of, all of his latent powers of personality. And that, actually, is the complete goal in this search, not necessarily to uncover the gods and shake them by the right hand. Let’s recover Man and find out if Man was ever a god. And if he was, why did he stop being a god? ” –LRH

  32. RJ,
    Two LRH ED’s you are discussing. LRH ED 306 Int 26 Sept 1979 Making Auditors which discussed the 1978 revised and streamlined checksheets. In this issue he also stated “Each of the stops on making auditors traced back to Omitted Tech and then Entering Arbitraries. … If you run into any stops or difficulties in future, take a look to find what Tech has been omitted and what arbitraries have been entered and you will be able to unblock the flow.”

    That is what I believe is being done with the new checksheets from Dan Koon.

    The other LRH ED 138 Int of 28 March 1971 entitled Training Auditors.
    In this references he stated “.. to help you and get you going, I am giving you with this ED a checksheet and pack of a MINI COURSE SUPERVISOR COURSE. This is intended to be done AT ONCE on anyone you have connected with training, supervisor or administrator.”
    In this issue he also stated “The valuable final product of your training department is AUDITORS WHO CAN OBTAIN ROUTINE STANDARD RESULTS WITH STANDARD TECH AND GIVE PCs WINS. … If students don’t come to you, then students who can’t use the materials are giving you bad word of mouth.”

    The entire checksheet is part of LRH ED 138 Int and this is a 4 day full time course. That is all an Independent needs to offer training with supervision.

    Yes, RJ, the lid is off and no one is going to put the toothpaste back into the tube. This is an incredible start to a new year!

  33. Miscavige,

    You are being bypassed.

    This places you squarely in Danger.

    Bypass being a psychopath who hates everybody.

    Wait…….you say you are perfect?

    Well……..then I guess we’ve gotta put in some justice on your tiny ass.


  34. Scott Campbell


    Seein’ you just’a settin’ there with your cowboy hat on reminded me of a song I heard once:

  35. Tory Christman

    Fantastic news! Yes…..here’s the deal on my end: People are, as you know,
    L E A V I N G C of $! As they do, they go on the Net, often call me (and some others) …and if they want auditing or training, I pitch they can get it in the field, from you all, minus the abuses of C of $/M.

    So I need names, and Phone #’s of people on the West Coast and East Coast who want PC’s. I’ll be happy to pass on your names…….but good God, if the last 3 days is any indicator, I’ve kept one/day from joining, who have $$$ and were being royally worked over by C of $.

    Congratulations to ALL who have helped this year (and many years earlier) to expose the abuses of the Cult of $cientology! Davey boy—-as I’ve told you many times: You can run, but you **cannot** hide.
    This is OUR year: 2011! Happy New Year to ALL 🙂 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  36. What wonderful news to end off this year and welcome in the next. Wow! This is it, folks. More and more free theta, and back up the spiral we go!!

  37. Lady Minn,

    I absolutely LOVE that quote. If you look at all the posts from the various people on this blog we all fit into that search. We just have the added Devt of handling the PT suppression on our ability to look, to reach and to know. Everyday I lift the veil further and I really appreciate your help along the way (as well as others un-named now).

    I want you to really enjoy the New Year we all have ahead. This is a whole new game. I’m not from Tejas but you guys give em hell for me – ok? (Every true Texan I have ever know had that big space, big think and to hell with the stops attitude and I believe you fit right up their at the front of the pack.) I tip my hat to you Lady Minn!

  38. A watershed moment for Independant Scientology with this training center with such qualified staff.

    Special Admiration and thanks to Jimmy Rebel, Jim Logan and Joe Howard for making this happen.

    Happy New Years, Marty and all those here to celebrate!!!

    It’s going to be a great one!

  39. Very Well Done John. It has been a little over a year since I left the C of $ and I have seen the independent movement grow at a remarkable rate. I wish you the very best in the coming new year. Thanks to Marty and all of you. My family will be moving to Texas next year. We want to get out of California and Austin looks like the place we want to live. I think David Miscavige s days are very numbered. As Tory says “Tick Tock …Tick Tock” little Davie’s time is running out. Amen.

  40. If something works, one should stay with it.

    Also, what about all the great auditors that were once with the church of scientology and left because they couldn’t deal with the situation at the org they were with?

  41. The BEST gift to all!!!!
    Thank you Marty, Jim Logan, John, Dan, Steve H and many who are supporting this amazing training center.
    We definitely need one in each city and country soon.
    2011 will be the best ever year for all, especially all the Independents Scientologists.

  42. Awesome news; that’s fantastic! What a way to kick off the year!

  43. Great news!!
    What about opening a training center in Europe? Let’s say…..in FRANCE!!
    Marty, you have at least one supporter in FRANCE, me. I feel so alone here. Where are you French Indies??!!
    REGIS MARTINEZ (ex staff member- FRANCE)

  44. Scott Campbell

    The definitive version:

  45. Thanks SA,

    Yes it was the 28 March 1971 one entitled ‘Training Auditors’ I had in mind.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year ol’ buddy 🙂

  46. plainoldthetan

    My postulate for the new year is that Jimmy Rebel’s new training center turns out graduates in LRH-specified checksheet time.

    By unreasonably demanding Class VI internship completion “flublessness” of ALL levels of auditors, training time has extended from two weeks per level to up to SEVEN YEARS per level. (I know this because I know a woman who has returned to her home country for a month each of the last SEVEN YEARS in order to try to complete Level Zero…and is STILL incomplete on it!) If training worked the way LRH wanted, she’d be through with NED by now!

    LRH says in C/S Series 52 that “A COURSE GRADUATE BECOMES AN AUDITOR BY AUDITING. That means lots of auditing.” NOWHERE does he say that a course student becomes an auditor by tedious loss-filled endless drilling. Yet, the GAT has changed academies into loss-filled robotic drill factories. And the C/Ses, whose job it is to turn course graduates into auditors, have become unthinking robots themselves. (I’ve elsewhere told the story of the student auditor who asked the Senior C/S West US “In what reference did LRH say that Misunderstood was a Left-Hand Button?” and the Senior C/S West US replied: “The reference is the GAT drill.” He had to say that, of course, but I’m still waiting for SOMEONE to tell me what the G.D. LRH reference actually IS!)

    Even the orgs have forgotten that the ORIGINAL PURPOSE OF HGCs WAS TO HANDLE CASES TOO TOUGH FOR THE STUDENTS or HANDLE STUDENTS WITH TOO MUCH CASE TO SUCCESSFULLY TRAIN…god I wish I could find that reference…but HCO PL BOOMING AN ORG THROUGH TRAINING specifically says “When our Academies did less business and orgs concentrated on HGCs, gross income declined. … We’ll still have HGCs, but we must not count on them for income.”

    And QUALs (bless their souls) have dissolved into dust with their functions being replaced with a Jack-In-The-Box drive-through technology: Get a cram, go to ethics, do a GAT drill and back in the chair.

    When I trained, my Qual terminals were frighteningly good AUDITORS and C/Ses who knew what was up and what I needed when they sat me down and had me go through a 2-minute description of what happened in the session.

    The destruction of training has been an insidious cancer rotting the Church from within.

    I hope that Jimmy Rebel and his crew can restore some of its true luster.

  47. Scott, Thumbs up – Like!

    And to Marty, your message stirred reflections on goals and purposes abandoned for this lifetime. Quietly provocative…

    Wishing ALL Y’ALL a Happy New Year!


  48. Happy new year to everybody and lets make tons of new auditors!!!

  49. Hi RJ,
    I am only looking at the stats. Not at what historians have to tell.
    Stat 1: Amout of communist parties in europe and amount of votes they got on elections. (some had 20%). Before WW2 and right now.
    Stat 2: It is true that after WW2 communism increased. But had been limited to Soviet territory. Add Cuba. But look at right now.
    Add to it a major goal of WW2 to encourage small countries to separate from soviet union. Goal had quite a commlag. But look at it right now. And the past WW2 germany did still work on that goal.

  50. Wow, great news! What a beautiful new years present. All my best wishes to Jim, Jimmy, Steve and Dan with the resurrection of Standard Tech. I like to thank everybody who contributed over the years to the freeing of LRH Tech for their guts to fight suppression and I like to wish all independents a happy and prosperous new 2011!

  51. Fantastic news, Marty! And happy New Year to all.

  52. ++++ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! ++++

    ***** Excellent News Marty. ****** You are so right.
    This little cheap video will have a much much bigger effect to Scientology then the whole multi million $ New Years Event Clearsound, State of the Art super duper Video from the CoS.

    You know, how I imagine the Indies, like the American Indians the Cherokees, Blackfoots or the Mochicans.
    They were people who lived aligned with the nature, were helpful and had a lot of wisdom. They had a very pronounced sense of pride, honour and independence. They were successful warriors and willing to fight back. With the distinction today we have the LRH wisdom to never let a conqueror to conquer us. Never!

    “A person can have an independent attitude toward existence, regardless of what is going on, and make things better or worse at will, to the degree that he retains his confidence and faith in himself and his ability to make postulates.
    He can say he feels this way, and he feels this way. But he has to be able to trust himself, to say that. He should be able to say, ‘I can persevere; I can succeed,’ and then succeed. He should also be able to say, ‘Well, I guess I’ll fail this time,’ and simply fail. He would have to be alike unimpressed by winning or losing. He would have to be somewhat unimpressed. …
    What do we call this? We call this SELF-DETERMINISM. An individual, then, is as capable of happiness or livingness – I would rather call it livingness – he is as capable of living as he is capable of determining the actions of himself and others by a simple postulate.
    And an individual who can do this is a giant amongst his fellows. And an individual who can’t, has been, is, and always will be a slave.”

    LRH, Anatomy of the Spirit of man Congress, Lecture: Component Parts of Beingness, 4 June 1955.

  53. Oh yess! This will be a ‘look back on’ moment up the track.

    My local org is bribing people to go in at the mo’. Their stats are down, Independents stats are UP!

  54. Love the hat Marty sittin down there on your seaside ranch. Humphrey Bogart would have been proud. I will be visitin this year because my Badge of Honor is comin up.
    Lova ya Man! The Best to you and Mosey!

  55. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the great quote.

  56. This thread is a precedent of sorts. It is the first time I can recall seeing a formidable esprit de corps around the subject of actually MAKING AUDITORS that is outside of the CofS (not to say theirs was formidable). Its all rather low key and could be easily viewed as “insignificant” as it does not have all the salacious details of the many atrocities we sometimes read here, often suffered by our old frienhds or colleagues. The salacious details can also make for a good entertainment factor, aside from the by-passed charge that is released. If the subtle implication of MAKING AUDITORS takes root and grows, it will build like a slow gradient. Although it was stated to some degree, but never with enough impingement, auditors are not the same as Scientologists. Auditors are or were Scientologists but its an almost incidental association unless you get in the deeper existential aspects of knowing how to know, etc. Scientologists are not auditors by definition although they are supposed to be. The world does not need Scientologists. It needs auditors. Auditing was a dynamic within the dynamic and auditing was the baby and the church was always full of bathwater. Keep this dynamic alive!

  57. Lisa Hamilton

    Thanks for the briefing and Happy New Year!

    I do remember doing Chinese school on the LRH ED which had the reasons to train in it. We took them to heart and attempted to build a large Briefing Course, but of course mgmt had more attention on the Reg area and what was happening there.

    John Williams is definitely not PTS to the scene and is flourishing and prospering. I was sorry to hear what Mark Pisani had to say and what Tiana Lake (Snr MAA) did in an attempt to get money. Both Mark and Tiana, were, at one point anyway, dedicated to clearing the planet. Now, they are dedicated to keeping out of trouble by regging money. I would definitely help either one of them get out, so hopefully one day they will reach.

    Take care and keep up the good work and the briefings,


  58. Marty — Good video and I love the hat. Great announcement! We will make it happen. Happy New Year to us all!! H

  59. Thanks for posting this Marty! I’m very excited to see independent training! Let’s Play!

  60. SA and RJ,
    One of the first issues John/Jimmy sent me was that exact LRH ED on the Mini-Course Sup Course. It’s well in hand.

  61. Good video. This is future.

  62. For a good eval you need to look at all the stats and follow the money trail. Before WWII the Rockefeller, Morgan and Rothchild banks had no power but some money. They loaned money to Hitler who put it in the war industry. But that was mainly owned by those banks, so the money came back via their I.G. Farben, Standard Oil (Bush) and other companies. They ended up with a rich industry and Hitler had to pay back the loans in order to continue his war industry, so he stole it from Poland, Austria, etc, doubling all profits and perpetuating wars.

    The second false flag was Pearl Harbour which forced America to build a war industry. The banks printed money and loaned it to America that put it in the war industry, which was of course owned by those banks and so again they got the money back into their own pockets, winding up rich from both sides while leaving the American government in huge debts and so they took control of Congress.

    page 179 http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Fascism/Wall_Street_Rise_Hitler.html

    Nowadays they play the same game of printing money and producing weapons for both sides. They run the entire world into a financial meltdown while possessing hundreds of trillions. So, indeed Hitler did his job but it had nothing to do with decreasing a communist threat which doubled after the war when the Russian territories expanded and a cold war almost ended everything in 1962. His job consisted of third partying Germans, Socialist, Jews and Communists to the enrichment of a few suppressive families who now dominate the world with their military industrial complex, false flag wars, (il)legal drug dealing, terror media and financial racketeering.

  63. Ops also Steve Hall,

  64. Flytrike,
    I LOVE this quote. I have instinctively always known this but never seen the LRH on it.
    Thanks – make so much sense to me in life right now! 🙂

  65. LRH’s viewpoint from Dianetic Today chapter 1:

    I consider all auditors my friends. I believe they have a
    right to express themselves and their own opinions. I would
    not for a moment hamper their right to think. I think of
    auditors and Scientologists as the Free People.
    Just as they consider one another their people so I consider
    them my people…..
    I don’t expect auditors or Scientologists to instantly
    agree with or seize upon whatever I say. I would be offended
    if they did and would feel they weren’t a Free People.
    Since they are intelligent I expect them to think over
    what’s said, try it and if it’s good for them, use it…..
    I sorrow when I see somebody accomplishing less than
    he should because he thinks I wouldn’t approve of it. In
    churches and OUT I count upon initiative and good judgment.
    The most decent people I have ever known have been

    Cheers to training!!!

  66. Wow, what a validation, Sapere Aude! You have made my New Year’s Day and with your good wishes, I know 2011 will be the best year ever for all of us Indies and OT’s (Operatin’ Texans AND Operating Thetans!) I love your posts, too, as you always have so much truth in what you say. I am glad you enjoyed the quote — yes, we are definitely into an adventure. “Dianetics is an adventure. It is an exploration into TERRA INCOGNITA, the human mind, that vast and hitherto unknown realm half an inch in back of our foreheads.” — LRH.
    You may not be from Texas, but you definitely have the viewpoint! Hope to meet you soon, and the very best to you and your loved ones on 1-1-11!

  67. Kathy Braceland

    Most excellent message Marty. Yes! Get trained! LRH stressed the importance of training countless times.

    I posted this LRH quote some time ago but it deserves repeating here with this lastest message from Marty and John: “50% of the gains are from auditing, 50% of the gains are from training and 50% of the gains are from DOING. Thus, training is 100%.”

  68. What exciting news to start off the new year! Happy New Year to all and thanks to all who are contributing to the motion.

  69. Metaqual,

    Actually I can’t see one being a Scientologist (meaning knowing how to know or one who changes conditions) without being an auditor.

    It seems the Orgs have resisted this point for too long and look where they are now.

    Led by a moron who doesn’t even know what an F/N looks like.

    Miscavige despite anything else is the lowest common denominator.

  70. Hi Erwin, I tried to email you via your bright-idea site but it came back with a mailbox full message. Is it still a good address?

  71. POT,

    There is no reference that I know of that says that Misunderstood is a right or left hand button.

    For instance in the HCOB Nulling and F/N ing Prepared Lists Ron talks about using it as a button if the list doesn’t read or F/N.

    However in other references he talks about a Misunderstood causing a item to read particularly the HCOB Auditing by Lists.

    Therefor one could consider it either a left or a right handed button like protest as covered in the SH lecture 229 of Jan 10 63 ‘How to Audit’ which is also referenced in the Tech Dictionary.

    My opinion of the Golden Arches of Tech was that it was a failed effort to removed any “questionable tech points” from the tech as covered in C/S series 43 under the section regarding Auditing Inval and also was a covert effort to “train” auditors by bypassing the actual education in the subject gained by actual study and experience.

    In either case it has been a dismal failure that should have been scrapped like its earlier predecessor known at the time as “Auditor Expertise drills”.

    Of course as we know once an authoritarian like Miscavige gets a “bright idea” it is usually a serv fac, safe solution, fixed idea or an arbitrary of some kind that has to be “enforced” ruthlessly so as to make himself right and others wrong , to dominate others while resisting domination and to enhance his own survival while hindering the survival of others.

  72. I disagree George.

    You forget that China went communist as well as Cuba and that although many of the the Euro-coms don’t call themselves “Communists” they still cling to Marxist philosophy.

    Also many of the satellite states that have since been “liberated” from the Soviet are in many cases Stalinist and are still being held by Apparatchiks of the former Politburo or Presidium.

    And there is still a Nomenclatura NKA Oligarchs within the old CCCP.

    To quote Shakespeare’s Juliet:

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet.”

    Or not so sweet as the case may be.

    So Hitler and his supporters like Miscavige and his “friends” really have made no salutary contribution to Geopolitics or the subject of Scientology.

    The only things that Hitler actually accomplished was building the Autobahn and the Volkswagon.

    Right now I can’t think of anything that Miscavige has accomplished but it’ll come to me 🙂

  73. Hi and happy new year. I don’t think that DM is good for SCN but I wonder about him as a private person.

    Marty, Mike, Gary or others, did you see his private side? How was he as friend or private Scientologist? Was Scientology real to him? What did he really think of LRH? Did he mention some of his auditing or training wins or past live or OT experiences? Was he ever exterior? Did he grab the C of S on his own or had he help? And if he had help, who helped him to gain power?

  74. Wow, what a Happy New Year briefing Marty! This is fantastic news from Jimmy Rebel, Dan, Jim et al. Thank you so much for all of your good work and taking the steps necessary to get the checksheets back on Source and providing a safe place where Auditors can actually train within the true spirit of Scientology. And that my friends defines the Indie movement!

  75. Scott Campbell

    You guys might not have seen this form the last post comments so I’m re-posting it here.

    A good (indie) buddy of mine just called me this afternoon and told me he did one of those things where he said, “Ron, show me something that I need to see”. He said that his attention was immediately drawn to a PTS/SP course pack on his bookshelf. He walked over, grabbed it and opened it up to this…

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

    Issue I

    Org Series 28

    Personnel Series 21


    A few days ago when I found that musical chairs and flubbed hatting had unstabilized some areas, I wondered whether or not this might stem from some social aberration that was very general in the societies in which we are working.

    And it seems to have been the case. I worked on it a bit and found this:


    This is quite true. In Scientology 8-80 the base of the motor is discussed. It holds two terminals in fixed positions. Because they are so fixed, power can be generated.

    If a thetan can hold a position or location in space he can generate POWER.

    If he cannot, he cannot generate power and will be weak.

    We have known this for nineteen years. It applies here.





    In processing, picking up this chain of lost positions achieves very good gains and rehabilitates a person’s ability to hold a job.





    A basically insecure person who feels he is unable to hold his position in space is sufficiently strengthened by hatting to feel secure enough to do his job.



    When a person is secretly afraid of others, he instinctively will not hat them or hats them wrongly and tends to transfer or move them about.

    When a person is insecurely posted and insufficiently hatted, he can try to weaken others by trying to prevent their hatting and trying to get them transferred or even dismissed.

    This is apparently the social aberration at work.

    The answer to a sane org and a sane society is not welfare and removal. It is:

    Recruit them

    Train them

    Hat them

    Apprentice them

    Give them a post.

    This is so strong in truth it would de-aberrate the bulk of the crime out of a society.

    And it sure will put an org in POWER.

    L. Ron Hubbard

    It is entirely relevant to the subject of this post as well as a salient adjunct to accomplishing it’s purpose.

    Well done, buddy. THAT is Scientology.


  76. This is a monumental development. I know John Aaron to be a very clear thinker who is passionate about this project. This is just what is needed to have a big success with it!

    Jim Logan is one of a handlful of the the most knowledgeable tech terminals in or out of the Church, and Dan Koon probably knows more of the ins and outs of tech issues than anyone.

    This is truly a superstar tech team.


  77. Thanks for the great news. From what I understand, standard course checksheets also include word lists for a standard Primary Rundown, which is particularly exciting.
    Also I was wondering, and I’m sure people have thought about this, about independent tech films. After all, Joe is publicly out of the CofM so people cannot study the original LRH TRs film, at least not in the church. People who studied directly under LRH could demonstrate TRs etc. and put these videos in the public domain.

  78. http://www.tennessean.com/article/20110101/NEWS06/110101006/Nashville-Religion-Calendar

    JAN. 9
    Church of Scientology: The Ghost Town Gun-Ghost, 2:30 p.m., 1130 Eighth Ave. S., Nashville. A musical show followed by this humorous tale by L. Ron Hubbard about cowpokes confronting outlaws in a ghost town. Contact Julie Forney at 615-687-4600 or julieforney226@gmail.com

  79. What David Miscavige needs to understand is that sometimes the battles and problems one has in the outside world is a reflection of what is happening on the inside.

    Sometimes when one handles the problems on the inside, the problems on the outside world disappear at the same time.

    I truly believe that there is a parallel connection between the two.

  80. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    LRH was (hell, IS) one self-determined OT!! Love that LRH quote flytrike. Thank you.

    Marty, you definetly define “self-determinism” here. Your statement about auditing/auditors reminded me that I’ve never felt more alive than facing a PC and being there with them and their wins. It’s funny that no matter how much “WOW” you get personally from auditing, someone gives their cog and WHAMO!, you’ve both been freed again! 🙂 – Love that LRH!!!

    Thank you Marty and Mosie and Mike and Chrisie for “Moving” us up a little higher.

    Happy New Year to you ALL!!!


  81. I remember years ago the large poster of the Tech Lion. I held auditors in awe, for their ability to actually DO something about conditions. I have always loved going in session for the magic that auditors bring.

    Training people to audit, helping them with cramming is the coolest thing I can think of and I look forward to helping John Aaron with this purpose.

    There’s also a new site up, http://www.savescientology.com that lays out and answers the question ‘what did LRH intend, actually for the future governance of Scientology?’

    This structure, unheard of by many and not understood by those that have heard, IS the answer that was missing at the event that announced LRH had left the body back in 86. It will be clear why it was omitted by DM if you read the various sections.

    What has become clear to me these past couple of years is the number of incredibly able beings who are involved in the restoration to the ideal, ethic and rationale of this movement Scientology. Steve Hall’s latest posting on the Scn Cult site is an example of the caliber of being confronting and doing something about the Existing Scene and the attainment of the Ideal.

    This New Year has started out with a roar. The lions are many. Here’s to them all!

  82. Moving Forward

    Marty, what a great story about booming CC through training. Every ED or CO I’ve known has virtually lived in the reg office and I recall acutely my frustrations with that scene. It was great to hear about this being put to rights for once!

    I’m truly happy to hear that training is getting underway in the Independent field — and spearheaded by someone I knew and liked very much back in the day to boot! Congrats and good job to all of those involved!

  83. Beautiful New Years message for all the Independents, Marty. I’d gotten word that some big projects were in the works but this surpassed my expectations. Can’t stop smiling from ear to ear!

    Flytrike, this was one of my favorite excerpts when listening to the Congresses. It kept running through my mind and was very instrumental in my leaving the church. I was tired of being a slave, knowing that I had once been a giant! Even now, this reference still has a lot of meaning in my life. Gotta love the LRH being brought to the blogs! 🙂

  84. plainoldthetan

    RJ: My point was not that I don’t understand that Misunderstood falls in the category of “crossover button” (like Protest), as I assert I do. My point was that when the Snr C/S WUS was asked a simple question he didn’t refer to LRH as source , but instead referred to a GAT drill as source. Robotic!

    P.S. I wrote this idiocy up per the instructions in the front of the GAT pack in 2002. I have NEVER received a response. Neither did my course supervisor. “I’d like ‘How to Stump RTRC’ for $250, Alex”.

  85. Just when DM and OSA thought their all nighter about how to deal with Scientology being delivered in the field was ending, another bomb hits:

    Read it and weep, COB, Sir!

    Read it and rejoice, everyone else. This is how LRH wanted it to be in 1982.

  86. Columbia, from my personal experience with DM over nearly 27 years, I don’t think he had any friends, particularly in the last 10 years or more. I never, ever witnessed anyone every joking with him the way friends naturally do. Things were always unrelaxed and uncomfortable even in social situations away from post. Others will be able to corroborate my observations.

  87. RJ,

    I well remember Marty querying me on the decision to declare the MU button as a right hand button during the piloting of drills in 1996. He and Richard Reiss (who was at Int at the time) would pilot drills over in Qual and give me their feedback.

    You have laid out the issues that covered my decision to make it a right hand and I admit that it was more arbitrary than other decisions made during the compilation of GAT. I don’t think I have ever used it other than when a prepared list was not reading.

    As for the rest of GAT, arbitraries in its implementation, among which were 1) blanket invalidation of every auditor everywhere since the beginning of time and 2) not doing second and third evolutions to come up with drills for SHSBC and Class VIIIs have pretty much doomed it to failure.

    For example, the rallying cry of the SHSBC, “Auditing is what you can away with,” apparently strikes at the very heart of “GAT.” Yet, when one grasps that understanding (gained on the SHSBC) must be preceded by duplication (the Class IV or V level of GAT) and that judgment (Class VIII) can only be attained after understanding is attained, it is perfectly logical that beginning auditors should know the basics of auditing by rote as a first step.

    The deep ocean currents of LRH’s development of the tech are very steady. The surface chop such as my arbitrary declaring MU a right hand button disappear in the wind (or when one does the SHSBC).


  88. Dear Marty,
    Dear Friends,

    Those news are the greatest news of the last years. This concept is simplicity in itself. No need to reg anybody, no need to become ias first, no need to do all kind of arbitraries first, just start to study and then audit. All arbritaries and stops gone. No need to sign lengty forms or to explain why Scientology is a church but isn`t really one. No need to tell you can’t be audited because you have seen a psychiatrist or ………………..ad infinitum…

    In 1950, without the Internet and the available communication technology of nowadays, LRH sold 1 Millions Books in some months and a huge demand for his services was created.
    If this would have happened in 2010 with the Internet it would probably have amounted to 150 millions of book sold and would have stormed the world in a few months and millions of Co-Audit teams would pop up. Also there wouldn’t have been the need to create a church to protect it against attacks as it would have been no possibility to stop its spread over the Internet and Lrh would have developped all kind of Tech for the Internet.

    Lets get Dianetics and Scientology out of the last century and create a modern Dianetics and Scientology.
    You wouldn’t like it when you buy a computer and the saleman tells you that first you need a computer with DOS and study it fully before you’re aloud to get a computer with WIndows 3.11, then 95 etc….it would take years to get to a computer with win 7.

    It has the possibility to spread over the Internet as fast as Facebook, Google or Wikipedia. I know Steve is working on that !

    One idea would be to have a central database, which is designed by scientific criteria, where all auditor are reporting (anonymously) about each pc, results, effectiveness etc….Universities around the world would love to study it, and we could prove to the establishment that we can heal all kind of Illnesses and states of mind. Et voila, it becomes trough the universities and the millions of people applying it common knowledge for mankind. We could achieve that in just some years ! No need for an organisation or a church, we have the fourth dynamic that is already an organisation by the internet. So let`s just use it.

    One year ago I thought I`ve lost many years of my Life while being a member of the Church of Nonsense. But
    Moving Up On a littler higher each new day to full OT by just rehabilitating all wins ever achieved and they were ……(no word exists for it).With the postulates for 2011 I’ll have catched up with everything I wanted to achieve as a Scientologist for this lifetime, so those years are not lost years but a win !
    This wouldn’t have been possible if Marty didn0t start his blog and all of you writing your comments.
    A big thank you to all of you and a Happy New Year !



  89. Tory Christman

    ***Happy New Year, 2011, to ALL *** May 2011 rock for all who want it to, and be better than any have expected! That’s my wish, this year. 🙂

  90. Fence post to fence post wide F/N!
    If you want to create change, training is the by far the most effective way to do it.

  91. Jim,


    Getting my dictionary out now…

    Will also forward to many people.

  92. I just read the whole site! WOW, WOW, WOW!

    Key point…those who created the site were in good standing as of its posting. That is what I call some excellent “under the radar” work!

    Wonderful to have a site that details the legal aspects of the corporation in a way that can be duplicated easily! Awesome complilation!

    Fantastic start of the New Year! Training is going back in with the arbitraries (earnestly) removed, auditors are auditing and DM is being moved up the ethics gradients once more. The tech is being applied, correctly, in the field. Now THIS is Scientology! We have made SO much progress in so little time. It really is changing at high velocity…never estimate the power of an operating thetan!

    Having a hard time containing my enthusiasm…I am so happy that I gotta go take a walk! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  93. DFB aka Dfb99

    Wow, I like that site Jim. The information is presented in a way that is easy to grasp and access. The layout is really good.

  94. http://www.savescientology.com
    Wow……..Tic… toc… tic…toc… by Ron’s 100th birthday. What a dream ………..:) 🙂 🙂

  95. Marty- Thank you for ringing in the New Year with this paradigm shifting news. In the back of my mind I often pondered the issue of how real LRH style auditors would be made en masse and in a timely manner. And here it is!

    Here’s a toast to our friends who are making this happen!

    By the way, if it’s not been mentioned, the psychotic runt hates auditors.

    Happy New Year and ML,


  96. Here’s the irony for those who don’t want to be trained to be an auditor: the successful actions of auditing are the successful actions of living. In every undertaking I can think of, the basics of auditing apply across the dynamics. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a deck or selling a car. You ask a question, you observe the conditions of the situation, you get responses, you keep asking until you get the answers which end the cycle, then you go onto the next process.

    Auditing is communication. To succeed in anything requires communication: and continued communication until until you arrive at increased understanding and completed cycles. The successful actions involved in chopping down a tree are basically the successful actions of auditing– but using a different medium of communication and applying that medium to a dynamic other than another person.

    Going to the store, buttering your bread, studying chemistry: when you apply causative communication to any activity you rise above the circuits and automaticities to become Knowing Cause over that subject or area or condition.

    When you’ve succeeded in some area, you’ve somehow learned and applied those basics that make auditing successful. You’ve used a comm cycle to effect a desired end result.

    Being trained as an auditor goes way, way beyond merely having someone sit across from you in a chair and running an auditing session on a preclear. A fully trained auditor can effect change across ALL the dynamics.

    All of them.


  97. niiiiiiiiiice!

  98. Sara Finning

    Wow! Brilliant web site. Gives the facts, with diagrams. No HE & R. Just the facts, clearly and concisely.

  99. Freedom Fighter

    Awesome!! Tic . . . toc . . . tic . . . toc indeed!!

  100. Freedom Fighter

    Love it!! This is great news!! I may finish my Academy levels yet!

  101. Hi Dan,
    Good to see you here. I remember talking to you on the Pro Metering Pilot where you came in for an inspection as for more than a year we had no completions. I think the Quals Sec (Yvonne) came up with the solution that we only had to list twenty items so as to comply with Davey’s Perfection Standard, the basic flaw of GAT. How can someone who has never audited equal the TR’s and metering skills of a Cl VIII that has full auditor beingness, experience, knowledge and judgement; can’t be done. There should have been different meter and TR courses or qualifications for different auditor levels so we could learn on a gradient. You’re right about the drills as on my CL IV refresh they did a lot for memory and knowing patter. But drilling rote to perfection took out understanding and confront as well as the comm cycle. The supervision of those drills made want to leave the academy badly. Later the F/N and imposed ethics (punishment) became major GAT and auditor killers. I’m glad that you put back original check sheets and that the Code of a Scientologist gets restored.

  102. Shannon,
    And thanks for the ‘donation’ with the Christmas card!!!

    I’m sure I can use $3 of Australian money somewhere – maybe Australia!


  103. Freedom Fighter

    Wow!! This is amazing data!! Also love the corresponding LRH quotes. Kudos to whoever put it together!!

    I think it’s also a key point that they tried to handle the situation internally and found that they had to go public in order to get any traction. If they get declared after creating this site, given its stated purpose (http://www.savescientology.com/purpose.html), it will be a HUGE outpoint. HUGE!!!

  104. JH,
    This is very insightful documentation. This was also published by the C of S in 1988 or thereabouts in a booklet entitled “The Command Channels of Scientology”. It was a blue booklet with the S double triangle on the cover. I have posted data from this before. Even then, all staff who read this should have understood that RTC was not the senior body of the church.

    This booklet stated “The Religious Technology Center (RTC) is not part of International Management.” …”The WATCHDOG COMMITTEE (WDC) is the highest eccliastical authority in the Church.” …”The purpose of the Watchdog Committee is to establish competent and functioning management units which direct the various sectors of Scientology and which get these sectors to accomplish their individual purposes, to the result of the continuous expansion of Scientology.” … “CMO International … has the function of executing WDC orders …” … “The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR INTERNATIONAL is the top management post in the church.”

    Therefore, for OSA PR to imply COB is the head of the church is a lie. For COB to speak for all of Scientology management is a lie. For COB to imply he is the source of all correction of the tech is a lie. In fact, in relation to LRH policies, the post of COB is a lie as LRH NEVER created this post.

    My other question or comment is that I read DM resigned from the SO to be the head of ASI. Therefore, to rejoin the SO, he would have to sign and redo his Product Zero, EPF, etc. If this was never done then his status as an SO member is also a lie.

    Marty’s blog, the new savescientologyDOTcom website and others are all communicating truth. The truth will ultimately dismantle the lies. At that time we shall simply see the confusion blowing off and the chaos that will remain until new stable datums of actual LRH reference materials are put into place. This new year, 2011, will historically be looked upon as a watershed year for changes in Scientology aligning it to basic truth.

    The command channels booklet can be seen at

    Joe, I agree, another blow up for a continuous all nighter. I think OSA should prepare for a long long all nighter. It is still just beginning and like a rolling snowball will gain speed and dimensions as it rolls downhill. LRH really wanted Scientology to be available for all of the people of the world and the more truth comes out the more this reality becomes possible.

  105. JH,
    PS: I didn’t post the booklet, found on mediafire, but I believe that is a full and complete copy. I found several other sites that also had the same thing. If anyone has an original and there are any differences I would appreciate what is different from the copy I read. Thanks.

  106. Scott,
    Reading the PL now, after all I’ve studied, getting up through and past OT III and going back to study again, its simplicity and its validity has never been more real. Great, superb, wonderful reference.

  107. Freedom Fighter

    Michael, this is absolutely correct!! Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve had people tell me that TRs are only for application in session (yeah, really). Blows me away every time as I know that’s not true. TRs are just as applicable in life as they are in an auditing session. If you can’t be there comfortably and observe what’s in front of you, for example, how on earth can you ever expect to control the outcome of your interaction with whatever or whomever you are dealing with?

  108. SA,
    According to the original LRH planned and executed dox, the Mother Church is CSI, and it is the senior ecclessiastical organization of the Church of Scientology.

    The Church of Scientology International IS a Church of Scientology, as are RTC and CST. Now, according to the Bylaws, approved by, directed to be written by and attested by and written by or for and OKed by, L. Ron Hubbard (all stemming from his Trust and being Trust Instruments, authorized as valid in Probate – done, signed, sealed, delivered) the Church of Scientology (any Church of Scientology) is NOT COTERMINAL with the ‘religion of Scientology’ – the actual LRH written and spoken materials.

    So, here’s what DM has to say about that:
    “David Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion.”

    This is from the Official Church of Scientology website echoed on the official RTC website.

    This is contradicting LRH’s Trust Instruments and the Articles and Bylaws HE signed off on.

    The senior ECCELESSIATICAL body is CSI and it is only senior as a Church of Scientology NOT over the religion of Scientology or the Scientology Religion or any such thing AS PER L. RON HUBBARD.

    COB RTC is the head of the Board of Directors of RTC, elected BY that Board and not in any corporate document established, authored, approved, signed, sealed or delivered by L. Ron Hubbard is that position ‘COB’ an administrative head of even RTC. That post was the Inspector General RTC, and the person L. Ron Hubbard personally posted to it was Annie Tidman.

    There is NO such thing in any LRH approved anything that says COB RTC is the ecclessiastical head of anything, and certainly not the religion of Scientology. Hell’s bells, he’s not the head of the Church of Scientology, not even the Church that is RTC, according to L. Ron Hubbard.

  109. Scott Campbell

    I just read the site, http://www.savescientology.com – Wow.

    A thought occurred to me while I was reading it. A murky gray area of the law is the Judiciary and Law Enforcement’s disposition regarding churches and the so-called, “separation of church and state”. This separation manifests because of Freedom of Religion under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. As a result, law enforcement agencies are reluctant to get involved in the affairs of churches.

    Keeping this in mind, I noticed that on KTLA channel 5 ( a popular SoCal TV station) “Scientology” was one of the sponsors of the 2011 Tournament of Roses – or “Rose Parade” as it is known. It is not however listed as an “Official” sponsor on the website. The sponsorship advertising consisted of various corporate sponsors such as Honda, Wells Fargo, Farmers Insurance, etc. each with their own graphic logos appearing on screen and an announcer stating the “brought to you bys”. The scientology sponsorship ad consisted of a Graphic on the screen depicting a box containing the text “Scientology Know yourself Know life” and an announcer repeating the text.

    My question is, why “Scientology” and not “The Church of Scientology”?

    I suspect that it is because the C of S could not secure a sponsorship as itself.

    This is a good tiding for us. This tells me that Scientology itself is not irreparably damaged.

    It also tells me that the C of S is up to it’s old tricks by promoting another “Biggest Ever” PR campaign to dupe a select group of it’s parishioners into redoubling their efforts to assist church expansion, i.e. “give us more money”. I suspect that it only aired in certain markets with the most on-lines scientologists.

    And so it goes…


  110. Michael,
    You’re GOOD dude, and I think you may even be handsome.

  111. FF,
    Y’all come see me and Mr. Jimmy Rebel down south. I’m sure we can accommodate your postulates. Their ours too.

  112. I got your point POT.

    However I was merely pointing out the fact that the references showing what type of button “Misunderstood” is is available to any auditor above Class III at least and that this fact should have been pointed out to the so called Senior C/S.

  113. Jim,
    I knew of the legal docs. I was commenting to show that even the manual produced by the Church for its own staff had the true data in it. It is just that those inside and on staff and in the SO are either too scared or so far down the dark-side they cannot see the truth. SO members and the average staff member have never seen the legal docs. They DO have access to the booklet. Could be, even that, is no longer available to staff or the qual library.

    You and I are in agreement. RTC is a parallel side corporation and no where in the legal docs, or official policy, does it rise upon the “mother church” as CSI. There were also additional doc’s in the agreements with the IRS for its 501 c3 status clearly showing that RTC isn’t supposed to run the church. When this begins to unravel legally there are going to be many named directors and trustees that will have the choice between telling a lie under oath or tell the truth and the results will fall as they might. That day is coming nearer with every tick-tock of the clock.

    I know you will run a great and standard courseroom. That is what really ensures the future of this technology. Having it available and having it taught and duplicated. May the force be with you my friend.

  114. LM,
    Thanks for the ack! Someday we shall meet. Until then we can meet in a common location of agreement, understandings and enlightenment – right here. This new year will be incredible!

  115. Ooops. They’re ours too, and theirs. There, I’ve got it covered.

  116. Joe,

    I’ve had quite a few questions on prepared lists read because of a MisU because I did a lot of review auditing and many PCs and Pre OTs I audited were in too deep to be W/Cled on the prepared list so we handled them per the HCOB ‘Prepared Lists Their Value and Purpose’.

    So I can attest to the phenomenon that a MisU can cause an item to read.

    Also since we are on the subject of GAT.

    Whose crazy idea was it to include running justifications as part of the MWH rudiment?

    This is an additive to rudiments procedure.

    Not only that but it violates the HCOBs ‘Standard Tech Data’ and ‘Case Supervisor Actions’ regarding adding a process to rudiments.

    Running justifications is a process that is part of Grade IV.

    Also if you look at the Distribution on the reference regarding Justifications it is limited to Sec Checkers and FPRD Auditors and is also part of a Major RD.

    Thus this in my opinion violates the section on “Integrity” in the HCOB on the Introspection RD and C/S Series 115 on ‘Mixing Major RDs and Repair’.

    Also as far as I’m concerned.

    Who needs to write drills based on procedures already covered in the HCOBs?

    This may have been a problem in the early ’70’s when you had to read several HCOBs in order to do say L&N proficiently or D&L or had conflicting BTBs.

    However now a days pretty well all actions of auditing are covered in its own HCOB.

    In other words there was no need to reinvent the wheel here and create a “drill” that itself conflicted with the HCOB which many of them did.

    Another thing was that there was several packs of drills dealing specifically with rudiments. Having the student do various interesting things in order to get a rud to “fly” such as use left and right hand buttons.


    According to C/S series 1 ‘Auditors Rights’ if the rud don’t fly on suppress or false then its something else which is covered on the GF.

    Having the auditor practically prep check the rudiment in order to get it to “fly” is what led to many of these marathon rudiments sessions that went on for hours!

    Doing a GF saves time and aggravation.

    For instance I found many times when a rud didn’t fly that the answer was many times contained in section 1 A-H.

    The PC or Pre OT wasn’t sessionable to begin with or had taken drugs or drank alcohol!

    Anyway most importantly Joe I think that the drills were originated off a *wrong why* to begin with based on a so called “eval” done by an incompetent moron who had based his findings partly on his own “why” which he forced on everyone else.

    So not only were the drills doomed to failure due to what you had covered earlier but also because they were based on a wrong item and that the laws of R2-10 , R2-12 and C/S series 78 would apply.

    Thus all auditors who have had any connection to the Church have been given a *wrong why or wrong item* and have suffered the subsequent “concentrated hell”.

  117. Your humble servant


    Thank you for all of that. These distinctions are hard to understand, but they are very important.

  118. Thanks for this, Marty. This kick-up in training and the quality of terminals involved is going to be a major factor in the evolotion of the independent field.

    This quote on Rebel’s website is so vital as we move forward.
    “Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man; it’s not safe for this universe.”

    The independent field is here to stay. Some will be standard and effective, some will not. But we’ve see what the monopoly version of Scientology looks like and it is not a pretty sight.

    My postulate for 2011 is ten more independent training centers set up in various parts of the country. Each of them training auditors who can and will audit.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  119. Your humble servant

    This is really great news. My own impression of the so-called Golden Age of Tech was that there was value in drilling procedures but they didn’t really teach people to be auditors. To me, the essentials of auditing were learning the ability to “grant beingness,” and learning the magic of the communication cycle wherein the “preclear” (person being audited) could bring about a vanishment of lies and unwanted conditions just by being invited to look with the help of the auditor. These items, and in addition, the practical application the auditor’s code points about not evaluating or invalidating, maintaining two-way communication, and other points, cannot be taught by rote drilling of procedures. Therefore, the “Golden Age of Tech” missed the mark and was also an invalidation of all earlier training.
    I have seen and experienced wonderful gains from real auditing. Miracles.
    So, I am very happy that Jimmy Rebel is doing this.

  120. Hello regis,
    Your name sounds familiar to me. I’m French, but currently not living in France, but I’m pretty sure I know you.
    C’est une tres bonne idée d’ouvrir un centre en Europe et cela m’interesse !
    Tu peux m’écrire a:
    Joyeuse nouvelle année !


  121. Exciting times!!!
    I already downloaded the checksheets. Very cool!
    Thank you, Steve, Dan, John, Jim and Marty. Scientology has not had such tremendous leadership in many years!
    Boots in the sky!

  122. Friend of Ron

    Can you please email me to my hushmail account “friendofron@hushmail.com” so we can coordinate on logistics.

  123. martyrathbun09

    SA, You are right. That booklet was roughly followed for three years after LRH’s death – for two reasons DM enforced it: a) it kept Broeker at bay, and b) it was required to qualify for tax exemption. Once a and b were no longer a problem, that booklet and everything in were thrown in the ash can.

  124. Marty,
    Thank you for the data. This is just another example of truth being tossed aside as inconvenient to the current “command intention.” The more the true data is known the faster this freak show shall unravel. In the future chaos of a crumbling and collapsing off-source organizational structure the real truth’s shall be the stable datum’s used to align the confusion and help restore a calm after the storm.

    In that calmness is where the people of earth will have even more access to the tech. The current independent movement is just the leading edge of that “storm of calmness” that is for sure in our future. I believe that is because, to us “Independents”, the true data from LRH is already our stable datum’s that we align confusions to. I look forward to the day we have calm seas and clear sailing for all.

  125. SA,
    You’re as savvy as any on the technicalities of these issues. I ‘piggy-backed’ on your comment to iterate some of the points at hand.

    You’ve also brought up something important, the IRS submissions and those dox.

    This is all going to unravel and next is to review what li’l Davey told those boys and girls.

    Jig’s up DM, dance is over, NEXT!

  126. Meanwhile at Flag New Years Eve regging is in full swing…….

    Do any of you know this gentleman ?

  127. Have a gamefull 2011 all you Independants.

    Cat Daddy

    “Time and tide wait for no man. A pompous and self-satisfied proverb, and was true for a billion years; but in our day of electric wires and water-ballast we turn it around: Man waits not for time nor tide.”

    – Mark Twain

  128. Tony DePhillips

    Congratulations on the new training center!!
    Marty, I like the black hat but shouldn’t it be white?? I guess not, that would be too much like little Lord Fauntleroy…

  129. Hitler HELPED comunism spread George.

  130. Hitler did not have a job he was a nutjob

  131. Tony DePhillips

    You too Tory!! The world is a better place because of you.

  132. Joe, thanks for the post. Nice site. You know there are Chairman of the Board for many, many corps around the globe. DM you have an admin post with no board of directors..no where did LRH set you up as the end all be all.

  133. Very exciting on the training center — especially seeing that Jim is the Supervisor! Looking forward to utilizing the center’s services in the coming year.

    Also, to whomever launched the http://www.savescientologyDOTcom .. brilliant job! This not only increases the ethics gradient on DM, but is a very useful tool for anyone researching the structure LRH intended vs. existing scene.

  134. What a way to start the new year–a new Training Center and a new web site full of info every Church member needs to know. Awesome!

    John Aaron, Jim, Dan, and Steve, thank you guys so very much for what you’re doing.

    Marty, Mike and all the rest of you amazing people, thank you for being here. I can’t tell you how valuable all this comm has been this past year. You are putting order in, and continuing on despite whatever chaos gets thrown your way. You all have my utmost respect.

  135. Raul Batista

    Scientology is not a religion, it is a money making thing and it doesn’t help anybody.

    When a person is at Flag “between sessions” relaxing near the pool, it does not matter if one has just had a 6 hour NED session. You are approached “Oh, have you heard of these books while you are relaxing between sessions? They are only $4,000.00!” “Waiting for your auditor? Did you know you could be on course right now instead of being idle by the pool?”

    Of all the god damned nerve! Since when does a host at a resort complain about someone there spending too much time at the beach?!

    Scientology is just to make money, not to help people. To them making money is helping people. THEM!

  136. DFB aka Dfb99

    Mr Logan.

    Is there any support for co-auditing?

    If one had a twin and wanted to co-audit?

  137. YHS,
    The latest entry into the issues, savescientology.com has a section on the Bylaws of CST. Article II of these defines clearly the distinction between a (any, including RTC) ‘Church of Scientology’ and the ‘religion of Scientology’.

    LRH made this distinction. DM has attempted to blur it.

  138. Tony, we are all supposed to wear Black Hats, we are “SPs”, remember? 🙂

  139. Thanks for this… So fitting to hear it again in this context – same wavelength, same exalting feeling. I have always been moved by the concept of America and I am moved by what’s happening with our beloved Scientology.
    Bless you Marty and all the kindred souls involved with this site and the whole “movement.”

  140. Dear Dean,
    Wow, you want to move to Austin, fantastic!! We need more Indies here! I am the only one who has announced, unless I missed something. I have been lonely here all by myself! Also, I am a REALTOR, and can help you find a place to live. Please email me at ladyminn@hushmail.com and let’s talk! My very best wishes to you and your family for a great 2011!
    Much love, Lady Minn

  141. I’m sorry, whodat, I had to smile on that one. I got my Badge of Honor almost 10 years ago in May, (3 May) to be exact, but I never had that viewpoint until recently. I was very embarrassed and ashamed and would never talk about it, except to tell CJC’s and the IJC what an injustice I thought it was. (My stats were at an all-time high and I was making progress on some very important dissemination projects.) About a year ago, I started calling it my “Burn Notice”. I got that one from old friend Trey Lotz! But not until a day or two ago did I call it my Badge of Honor. There is nothing more I’d like to do than to walk in that courseroom on January 10, wearing it! Oh yes, I love Marty’s “dockside chats”, too. That’s what I call them. But, you’re right, he is on his seaside ranch!

    ML, Catherine

  142. THANK YOU, Joe, S.A., Jim, Marty and other for the exposition on what LRH intended vs. the machinations of Dictator Miscavige. This new savescientologyDOT com website will be very helpful as it is more or less a safe entry point for people to become aware of what has gone wrong!

    I believe I even saved a copy of the blue booklet, but I also downloaded a copy from the site give by S.A.

    I’ve contended several times that DM managed to consolidate and hold power by fostering the IMPRESSION that LRH intended him to assume the leadership role (or LRH in some way blessed DM taking the mantle). Showing that DM is a false pretender to the (non-existent) throne pulls the lynch pin on him! He usurped his position, plain and simple. Once that is made clear, Scientologists can begin to unburden all those “stopped thoughts.” (By the way, I think he is more of a Stalin than a Hitler for the way he created his Hole, his GULAG, and the purges).

    I am pleased there will be a training line-up in the field! At the same time, I have some hope that the organization(s) can in some way be set back on the rails that LRH intended. I see value and strength – even necessity – in organization and structure.


  143. Thank you John Aaron Williams for doing this most important activity of opening a standard training facility. Thank you also to Dan Koon, Jim Logan, Steve Hall, and any others that are helping to make this happen. Also, Marty, thank you for posting this here. You are rekindling the failed purposes I had on learning to be a classed auditor. I have delivered many touch assists and nerve assists and the like, but could never make it through the Primary Rundown. I took a failure on it, until I learned that I had been made to look up thousands of definitions without a twin. I went ahead and did the Student Hat and other admin courses, but never made it past the Pro TR’s course on the auditor side of the Bridge. Later, with the release of GAT, I found myself re-doing the Student Hat by memorizing things and repeating it to a wall. I made some excuse about why I couldn’t be on course and never went back. Since this announcement, my failed purposes on training and being an auditor are being revitalized, knowing that I will get 100% Standard Tech the way LRH intended it; without stops or arbitraries! It is my perception that you are doing this for the whole Independent field. You are Kha Khans in the highest sense of the word; I am looking forward to training with this truly stellar staff. LRH could not be prouder, I am sure. There are not enough ways to say thank you for what you are doing. Hope to see in the courseroom soon!
    Love always,

  144. No, it’s full. You can reach me at:

  145. Watching Eyes

    I could barely stand to watch it so only made it through a couple minutes. The reg is Harvey Jacques. Sounds like he’s either in Taiwan or the audience is Taiwanese. He said he started with a target of $5,000,000 and is down to needing $8,000.
    I’m sure there are enough “big beings”, “OT’s” and “make it go right” people in the audience who will cough up the dough. And DM laughs all the way to the bank.

  146. Tony DePhillips

    Jim that is great that you are doing this.
    You set a great example of walking the walk!!
    What is your post?

  147. Jim,

    Of course I’m handsome. But, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my handsomeness might be defined by the number of Bulldogs that follow me everywhere I go. Ah, the adoration in their eyes!

    But, being human, I long for the longing attention of Collies. After all, why have what you can have when you can long for what you can’t?

  148. FF,


    And then TRs eventually cease to be TRs and simply become communication. Effortless, without thinkingness, just being their, granting beingness and communicating.

  149. Once again, I wonder if the Independent Scientology Movement should somehow incorporate as a church to enjoy the same tax advantages as the COS. Boy, that would put a fly in the ointment with the government and the current church trying to explain why the CofS deserves tax free status (while not applying the founder’s work) but the Independent Church does not (while applying the founder’s work.) What a conundrum.

    Even if no one was interested in the tax advantage or the religious aspect, the effort could prove amusing.


  150. Jim,

    Are you suggesting that they’re getting their postulates agreed upon there? What a whizz bang deal! All those viewpoints being assumed and putting out dimension points, reaching and withdrawing, contributing to the motion. Being, doing, having.


    A course room appears from nothingness.


    Students, supervisors, books, tapes, bulletins, drills. Learning and understanding going on like….

    The Big Bang!

    You devilish thetans, you. (Plural) What will we do with the status quo?

    Oh No! The Status Quo has multiplied and turned into bunnies and grasshoppers, procreating like made, wiped out by a sudden plague, returning as dinosaurs and gummie bears, building spaceships and proselytizing the hobbits.

    Wait, Too much change. I need my status quo! Where has it gone? I’m so very, very, very sad. Boo hoo.

    They just don’t make a status quo like they used to.

    Grumble, grumble.

  151. Tony DePhillips

    Oh yeah…my bad.

  152. Leonore,
    In the early 90s at the Int Base I began to see what was going on with DM. Conversations with my then wife, Annie Logan (nee Tidman, formerly Broeker) and observations of outpoints led to realization of the ‘dictatorship’ (as Annie described it) that DM had established over Scientology’s structure.
    It was during this period that I found from Annie that LRH never intended and had taken steps to prevent any ‘one person from having sole control’ and that LRH intended that checks and balances be in place so that if one person among the various posts at the top went off the rails the others would be able to handle them.
    One such post was that of IG RTC, a post that LRH personally assigned to Annie and which she was at that time not on and which fact was increasingly becoming an issue for her as she considered she had a duty and responsibility to LRH and his trust reposed in her with that assignment. She had realized for instance that the role she had earlier played, in collusion with DM, to remove a CO CMO I that LRH himself had posted, had come back to her in the ‘motivator’ (her description) of her own ‘removal’ by DM from the IG RTC posting by LRH.
    She said she ‘wanted her post back’ and began to take steps to achieve that and opened conversation with DM on this issue.
    I, at that time, from my post as a Sea Org member in Gold, and applying the policy on Staff Member Reports, wrote various reports on the outpoints I encountered, including any that related to ‘execs’ (one such report was on the egregious violation, by RTC senior staff, including IG Tech Ray Mithoff and COB Asst Shelley Miscavige, of the protocols and technology of KTL. This was a High Crime Report.)
    It was in that milieu that I was summarily removed from post and put under a Non Enturbulation Order. It was in these circumstances that DM began to ‘work’ on Annie, and in light of her adamant request she be returned her LRH assigned post of IG RTC and her earned rank in the Sea Org. She was denied both, while being mollified by DM with reasons why, such as the tenuous situation with tax exemption, issues with Vicki Aznaran and sundry justifications on DM’s part to refuse her.
    I was eventually declared, and Annie, following a blow to attempt to reunite with me, returned to Int to be held isolated and under guard for some two years while DM convinced her to shut her mouth. She remains at Int, incapacitated, to this day.
    Reading over the documents on savescientology.com, it became abundantly clear what exactly Annie was referring to in terms of the exact intentions of LRH with his Estate Planning and the checks and balances, the legacy of structure, that he explicitly left for the governance of Scientology . These are the corporate structures and powers and checks and balances represented by the Articles and Bylaws of CST, RTC and CSI.
    THIS structure, laid out on this new website, IS what LRH intended for the future of the organization of Scientology (INCLUDING the Sea Org as a Religious Order established by CSI) and answers the question of LRH’s final wishes for us as a 3D.
    This is the structure DM has attempted, by legal machinations untenable, through subterfuge indefensible, and by violation of the laws of the land very penetratable, to unmock.
    This is the structure, when put there, that will ensure LRH’s complete legacy, and includes the Central Organization, the Field, and every other aspect of success that has arisen in the 6 decades since this whole thing began.
    Independent Scientology is every bit as legit as the Central Org, a Mission, a Gung Ho group and some guy sitting in his living room, having bought, found, stolen or come upon in any way an LRH book, a meter and USING to the benefit of another Dianetics and Scientology.

  153. Hi Trey,
    I like your site and your results. Nice to see you here and doing well. I wish you lots of TA on your pc’s this year!

  154. friend,
    I wrote. You haven’t answered.

  155. df,
    Absolutely!! That is one of the prime purposes.

    I’ve been informed by Jimmy Reb that Interships are a definite part of the plan as well.

  156. MOQ 🙂

  157. Michael,
    Ahhhhh, so much fun and an infinity of time.

  158. David Miscavige is overloaded. Please help him.

    Int Management Org Board:

    COB RTC: David Miscavige
    CO CST: David Miscavige
    President CSI: David Miscavige
    ED Int: David Miscavige
    CO CMO: David Miscavige
    President Church of American Science: David Miscavige
    Sr. C/S: David Miscavige
    Issue Authority: David Miscavige
    OSA: David Miscavige
    Blackmail: David Miscavige
    Golden Era Productions: David Miscavige
    Renos: David Miscavige
    RPF: David Miscavige
    Compilations: David Miscavige
    Black PR: David Miscavige
    Legal: David Miscavige
    Illegal: David Miscavige
    PR: David Miscavige
    Ethics: David Miscavige
    Puncher: David Miscavige
    Celebrity Centers: David Miscavige
    Advanced Grounding Rods I/C: David Miscavige
    Spying: David Miscavige
    Harassment: David Miscavige
    Publications: David Miscavige
    Scotch Acquisition: David Miscavige
    Groundskeeper: David Miscavige
    Broeker Surveillance: David Miscavige
    Security: David Miscavige
    Sleep Schedules: David Miscavige
    Transportation: David Miscavige
    LRH’s Sofa: David Miscavige
    Face Squirting & Powder Blowing: David Miscavige
    Finance: David Miscavige
    Recruitment: David Miscavige
    Puppet Design & Manufacturing: David Miscavige
    Sales: David Miscavige
    Building Designer: David Miscavige
    Qual: David Miscavige
    Book Editor: David Miscavige
    Motorcycle Painting: David Miscavige
    Dissemination: David Miscavige
    Threats: David Miscavige
    Marketing: David Miscavige
    Nation of Islam: David Miscavige
    IAS: David Miscavige
    Freewinds: David Miscavige
    Screaming: David Miscavige
    Flag: David Miscavige
    Recorded Lectures Editor: David Miscavige
    PAC: David Miscavige
    All Class V Orgs: David Miscavige
    Asbestos Removal: David Miscavige
    Pillar Design: David Miscavige
    Missions: David Miscavige
    Celebrity Gifts: David Miscavige
    Objectives I/C: David Miscavige
    Suppression: David Miscavige
    Training: David Miscavige
    Lying: David Miscavige
    Gold ‘n Age of Technology: David Miscavige
    Clear Nullification: David Miscavige
    Golden Age of No-Ledge: David Miscavige
    Kicker: David Miscavige
    I Deal Orgs: David Miscavige
    Events: David Miscavige
    Proofreading: David Miscavige
    Workout Equipment: David Miscavige
    Choking: David Miscavige
    Ironing: David Miscavige
    LRH Interpreter: David Miscavige
    Accomodations: David Miscavige
    Slapping: David Miscavige
    Bus Renovation: David Miscavige
    Tech Film Editor: David Miscavige
    Super-Power: David Miscavige
    Movie Producer: David Miscavige
    Spitter: David Miscavige
    Floating Needles: David Miscavige
    Degrader: David Miscavige
    Freewinds Parties for Cruise: David Miscavige
    E-meter Design: David Miscavige
    Cruise’s 2-D: David Miscavige
    LRH Family Trust: David Miscavige
    LRH Family: David Miscavige
    All Sea Org Families: David Miscavige
    Blow Drill: David Miscavige
    All 2-D’s: David Miscavige
    Copyrights: David Miscavige
    IRS Liason: David Miscavige
    Org Board Design: David Miscavige

  159. martyrathbun09

    You’ve got church of Scientology mixed up with Scientology.

  160. martyrathbun09

  161. watching Eyes, I totally agree . Watching it made me think of SLIME!

  162. Jethro Bodine

    This video clip of the IAS reg only needing a little more to make his target reminded me how criminal the IAS is. Notice that he’s not providing anything in exchange for that amount; he just states that he needs that amount to make his target and that they therefore should give it to him. Notice, in typical IAS style, that he doesn’t even say what it’s going to be used for – IAS has zero transparency, just the way Miscavige likes it. I’m glad I’m no longer part of that cult; this video clip was nauseating for me to watch. BTW, this looked like a bunch of Taiwanese people had come to Flag for the New Years event – only to get regged by the IAS. Of course, no trip to the Miscavige version of Flag would be complete without it.

  163. DFB aka Dfb99

    Thats awesome Jim. Thanks.

  164. Jim,
    Thanks for the further data. This all shows more of his ignoring structure and simply his actions forwarding his own “cognition” that “Power is assumed.” That is quite different that power given with a post. He just assumed the position of power and used that very position to quell and destroy any opposition.

    He continues that to this day as COB RTC verbally declaring, RPFing, removing from post, or whatever it different corporate structures he has nothing to do with. Until security and those around him and under him simply refuse to follow an illegal order (currently they think these are legal orders when they truly are illegal) his assumption of power and reign of terror will continue.

    More on this on:

    If all public stopped paying monies, no public went in for auditing/training in any org just in the US alone this would come to a screeching halt. Immediately the domino effect would begin to collapse the ponzi sceme and no matter what threat from RTC the domino effect would continue. It is only supported by public, not internally by the SO. The SO helps but cannot keep it going without the public.

    Public always have the Independent route option. The current structure has no option and continues only by threat, force, and hiding the real scene. Bring on the light to shine into the darkness and cracks and crevices and watch it change VERY rapidly.

  165. Tony DePhillips

    What was I thinkin??

  166. Just saw this-looks like others are making a New Year’s Resolution, too:


  167. Tony DePhillips

    Marty, you are the Man in black.

  168. Jethro — Even sadder, this “IAS Reg” is the Captain FSO! LRH would hit the roof if he found the head of the top of the Bridge and “Mecca of technical perfection” was sp[ending his time trying to squeeze 8Gs out of some people on New Year’s Eve, making an utter grovelling fool out of himself, and on top of that, it was not even for services. How sad and pathetic it has become when the head of the supposed technical mecca of Scientology is nothing more than a poor imitation of an old time bible-bashing tv evangelist begging people to get on the phone and call in with their donations. The dignity of LRH’s Scientology has been destroyed.

  169. Thank you so much for this post, Scott.

    ditto what Jim Logan said.

    that PL is so powerful in it’s simplicity. I had been noticing too much hitting and not enough hatting at my own place of employment recently. Seeing this in a new unit of time, since the last time many years ago, gave me such a theta jolt, and truly made my day. 🙂 The ARC-building potential to be gained by applying this PL alone would totally change the world!

    P.S. yeah… LRH (truth, source,theta..) has a way of being there when needed…

    Happy and Prosperous 2011 everyone!!

  170. DFB aka Dfb99

    Outside of it now it really seems weird.

    Sending SO staff to round up Orgs public, lock them in rooms and demand money from them. “Hard Selling” them on giving money for no exchange. Working with them to arrange financing, personally calling to increase credit limits on cards, giving brocures for and recommending new credit cards, etc.

    I didn’t know LRH, but I assume he would not approve to say the least.

  171. Anon SF – this is Harvey Jacques, last known to be the Captain of Flag no less. I am ashamed and embarassed to say also he is English.. watching this gave me stomach cramps and nausea all over again, having been to so many of these “events”.

  172. Hilarious, OTDT! I haven’t laughed like this in ages.

  173. Jethro Bodine

    What these unsuspecting Taiwanese people don’t know is that once word gets out to the rest of the “Vulture Culture” that the Captain FSO was able to come up with 8 Gs that easily, they’ll be regged and re-regged for the entirety of their stay. I can just see them now getting woken up early on New Years Day to get a “very special insider-only briefing”, and about how all the “Big Thetans” (those who have money) in the room need to step up to the plate. Just more crush regging for no exchange. Beside the IAS, they’ll get regged by the Super Power people, everyone at Flag with a Basic Books quote, everyone regging for idle orgs, and so on and so on. The Taiwanese people will be leaving Flag with empty bank accounts, maxed out credit cards, but some really pretty commendations and honor statuses. Those commendations and honor statuses will come in handy when it comes time to do the OT levels, if and when they can find the time and money to do the “Bridge to Total Freedom”. Oh yeah, that thing.

  174. Jim,
    My information below is not to say the Independent movement should or should not be a church. It could be decided by some to have a church function provide training and certification of practitioners of the application of Scientology tech (auditors, etc). But something like an ICS (Independent CofS) or ISC (Independent Scientology-Church) would automatically be tax exempt even if never incorporated and it does NOT need a 501c3 status. I have never understood exactly why the LRH trust specifically required 501(c)3 status documentation.

    The data on this is partially as follows (from http://hushmoney.org/501c3-facts.htm):

    “Churches Need Not Apply

    In order to be considered for tax-exempt status by the IRS an organization must fill out and submit IRS Form 1023 and 1024. However, note what the IRS says regarding churches and church ministries, in Publication 557:

    Some organizations are not required to file Form 1023. These include:

    Churches, interchurch organizations of local units of a church, conventions or associations of churches, or integrated auxiliaries of a church, such as a men’s or women’s organization, religious school, mission society, or youth group. These organizations are exempt automatically if they meet the requirements of section 501(c)(3).

    Churches Are “Automatically Tax-Exempt”

    According to IRS Code § 508(c)(1)(A):

    Special rules with respect to section 501(c)(3) organizations.

    (a) New organizations must notify secretary that they are applying for recognition of section 501(c)(3) status.
    (c) Exceptions.

    (1) Mandatory exceptions. Subsections (a) and (b) shall not apply to—

    (A) churches, their integrated auxiliaries, and conventions or associations of churches.

    This is referred to as the “mandatory exception” rule. Thus, we see from the IRS’ own publications, and the tax code, that it is completely unnecessary for any church to apply for tax-exempt status. In the IRS’ own words a church “is automatically tax-exempt.”
    Churches Are “Automatically Tax-Deductible”

    And what about tax-deductibility? Doesn’t a church still need to become a 501c3 so that contributions to it can be taken as a tax deduction? The answer is no! According to IRS Publication 526:

    Organizations That Qualify To Receive Deductible Contributions

    You can deduct your contributions only if you make them to a qualified organization. To become a qualified organization, most organizations other than churches and governments, as described below, must apply to the IRS.

    In the IRS’ own words a church “is automatically tax-deductible.”
    Churches Have a Mandatory Exception To Filing Tax Returns

    Not only is it completely unnecessary for any church to seek 501c3 status, to do so becomes a grant of jurisdiction to the IRS by any church that obtains that State favor. In the words of Steve Nestor, IRS Sr. Revenue Officer (ret.):

    “I am not the only IRS employee who’s wondered why churches go to the government and seek permission to be exempted from a tax they didn’t owe to begin with, and to seek a tax deductible status that they’ve always had anyway. Many of us have marveled at how church leaders want to be regulated and controlled by an agency of government that most Americans have prayed would just get out of their lives. Churches are in an amazingly unique position, but they don’t seem to know or appreciate the implications of what it would mean to be free of government control.”

    === === === End of information from other site.

    It would really create some thinking by many if there was an “Independent Scientology Religious Fellowship”. Steve Hall had a really nice posting recently on how it is a spiritual technology and the button some had on a “church”. Auditing could still be what one considered his religious beliefs – that he was a spirit and this was a way for further enlightenment in life and livingness.

    The ruling against the CofSofCalifornia for the tax years 1970-72 was NOT a ruling against it as a religion, but a ruling against it being non profit as funds had inured to the benefit of an individual(s). Just thoughts and information for all of us to think about. WE create our future – it isn’t created for us by another.

  175. It looks to me like El Capitan Harvey was directed to the Taiwan group that reserved the private banquet room in the Hibiscus restaurant. I’m sure he thought they would be an ‘easy target’. He probably also used that line of only needing x_dollars with several groups that night. Harvey also probably knows where he’ll end up if he doesn’t, and so does it anyway despite hating doing it.

  176. OK, you’re handsome, piercing as a chemically sharpened salmon hook, and now grumbly funny too. This won’t do, won’t do at all.

    Cheap ass status quo. Guys steppin’ out all over the damn place.

  177. CD,
    Have a great one yourself.

  178. SA,
    THAT was quite something!! Oh my!

    We be talkin’, yessir, we be talkin’.

    I’ll teach you how to fly fish.

  179. plainoldthetan

    The set of IRS information is interesting but….does it cover payments to said church in the form of course fees, auditing fees, and idyllic org donations?

  180. addendum: ….. With the distinction today we have the LRH wisdom to never let a conqueror to conquer us, our mind and our hearts. Never ever!

    You are very welcome, Marty.
    This quote is my new years gift for you.
    Because you know what? I like you, man!
    Not because you have a cool black hat, not because you were a big shot in RTC, but because you are an auditor. You audit, produce results – stellar results.
    This one thing tells me, you cannot be crazy in your had.

  181. OTDT,
    What about ‘Putz’? THE post he’s really on.

  182. LO,

  183. OK, you’ve answered. Cheers.

  184. Tony,
    I’m really not sure what you were thinking. But I’ll take a psycho-analism type stab; have you ever seen your GRAND mother naked? I have…blech. Shhhhh, don’t tell OSA or it’s gonna be all over their websites!!!

  185. Tony DePhillips

    I am getting jaded with all your good humor. You are making it hard for yourself to hit a new highest ever. If you get any better I will start bleeding from my ears or something… just rolling on the floor laughing isn’t good enough anymore, I need to go into seizures…come on step it up!!

  186. SA,

    That Command Channels booklet looks incomplete. It’s missing a pretty central element: there’s no mention of CST (Church of Spiritual Technology) anywhere in the booklet.

    It would certainly explain why Scientologists are generally not aware of the existence of CST. I remember studying the booklet when I was on staff in the 80s, and years later being surprised when I learned (from the Internet) that that there was actually another entity above RTC (CST) which had the right to buy the Scientology trademarks back for $100.

  187. Mockingbird6

    Lady Minn,
    You’ve probably heard LRH mention that Scientologists keep coming up with their own words for things. Well, I think we’ve got one now:
    BADGE OF HONOR–I Love It!!!

    Anyone who doesn’t get a copy of their Badge of Honor can just get some goldenrod paper and print up a likely facsimile and wear it to the courseroom on Jan 10. Won’t that be a blast?!! ROTFL–M6

  188. Les,
    You have the St Hill of Independents. The model to approach.

  189. Sam and Flytrike,

    I think we all instinctively have known this. Garth Books has a song with this same idea. Enjoy!

  190. 😦 You didn’t mention the important job he has of being a Nipplehead.

  191. Margaret,
    The very first time the Church of Spiritual Technology was mentioned publicly to scientologists was by COB RTC David Miscavige in 2000 on the New Year’s event. Before that the public would only know it through the name L. Ron Hubbard Library. Most would have questioned by 90% of RTC income was supposed to go to CST. Author Services is also wholly owned by CST.

    It wasn’t a command channel for staff to know about. It is a MONEY and channel of Copyright control – probably intended to be kept in the dark.
    Marty commented on why the Command Channel booklet was written and then discarded from use about 3 years later. From this comment it wasn’t really intended to truly educate us on all lines of control and command – only what was thought we should know about. Now, the entire world can see it.

  192. Scott Campbell

    Sapare Aude,

    As an adjunct to your post, I found this at the IRS website.


    “Churches” Defined

    The term church is found, but not specifically defined, in the Internal Revenue Code. With the exception of the special rules for church audits, the use of the term church also includes conventions and associations of churches as well as integrated auxiliaries of a church.

    Certain characteristics are generally attributed to churches. These attributes of a church have been developed by the IRS and by court decisions. They include:

    Distinct legal existence
    Recognized creed and form of worship
    Definite and distinct ecclesiastical government
    Formal code of doctrine and discipline
    Distinct religious history
    Membership not associated with any other church or denomination
    Organization of ordained ministers
    Ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed courses of study
    Literature of its own
    Established places of worship
    Regular congregations
    Regular religious services
    Sunday schools for the religious instruction of the young
    Schools for the preparation of its members

    The IRS generally uses a combination of these characteristics, together with other facts and circumstances, to determine whether an organization is considered a church for federal tax purposes.

    Source: Publication 1828, Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations.


  193. SA,

    I actually remember CST being mentioned back in ’82 in an SOED of some kind discussing the Corporate Sort of the Church.

    Though I don’t remember what it said exactly I do remember the word “scriptures” used quite a lot in relation to CST’s functions.

    Marty do you vaguely remember anything like that circa mid ’82?

    Probably one of those things you read and put off to the side sorta like Bush did with the PDB saying something about OBL set to strike in the US or something like that you don’t think is important at the time.

  194. Regardless of tax exempt status, being a church, the CofS (CSI, CSRT, RTC, etc) are corporations and like OTDT’s post showing all of DM’s many (ahem) important positions, the problem is with the famous quote “David Miscavage IS Scientology”….. Oops. Not only opens the door, so to speak – pierce the corporate veil, it kind of rips it wide open. That famous quote may have been meant as homage to DM, but it may well be his very own crucifixion.

  195. 24 hours later this video has been removed by the user! Guess it was too embarassing and revealing. They got rid of it faster than you can say “lickety-split”. I saw it last night, was going to review it tonight, and it is GONE. Did it say it was for the IAS? I got that Harvey was regging for FSO income, but might have missed something. Since when does a Captain FSO do regging for the IAS, when the Flag Land Base is crawling with IAS registrars? On New Year’s Eve, to a group having a private party? Unbelievable. Bad taste. No class. Groveling sleazebag. Their countdown to 2011 was turned into a countdown of how fast they could write their checks! And I bet they didn’t even get kissed!

  196. L.O., ditto. Wow! I totally duplicated your wins. Yes, I have had a similar experience of years lost in hell, only to “catch up” and realize it was not lost. You expressed it so well, and so perfectly. Congratulations on all those wins! I know they will just keep on comin’ and expanding in 2011! And if this blog and our comments helped you, well that is even better. I know this blog did that for me, and your wins have made it more real that we are a true third dynamic that help and support each other.
    Much love,

  197. Does this qualify him to be an “ONLY ONE”?

  198. Jim,

    I am glad that my comments/questions prompted you to relate the inside knowledge and perspective that you have. It is really quite shocking how deviant the CoS is from LRH’s intentions. You may have expounded on this elsewhere, but I have not seen it so personally told. As more and more Scientologists venture onto the net and dare to connect the dots, first hand accounts such as yours here will be precious data in helping us all to see the truth.

    I will bookmark this page to share with others when the right moment presents itself.

    One asks oneself, How could things have gone so wrong? How could so many have allowed this situation to develop when we have all studied and word cleared KSW to the nth degree?

    For my part, as a former GO staff member, I considered myself effectively “dead-agented” whatever opinions I might have had. I kept my observations more or less to myself until I read the St. Pete Times and from there read other articles on the net. Those articles led me to one key conclusion: David Miscaviage gained his positon in a Machiavellian coup. He does not have and never had LRH’s blessing. That and the fact his stats are dismal.

    I’ve got to say that as far back as 1981, I suspected there was a very bad apple somewhere in the mix. Someone was then stirring up animosity between the GO and CMO. This based on many little and some large incidents. Later, when I saw DM speak on the ’93 IRS video, despite the good news (significant to me for several reasons), that man made my hackles rise.

    In present time I wonder if we – the greater, loose 3rd dynamic of all Scientologists of whatever official standing- have been victimized by our own unexamined scientologist culture in that there is an undercurrent of disdain towards any kind of legal or standing societal systems. Social institutions are commonly discounted as merely “wog” dramatizations even when they have some stabilizing value for civilization. You even see this with so many Scientologist parents not insisting kids get through the most basic educational levels – though we have fabulous study tech to help us tackle the most sophisticated fields and deal with the most difficult of people! I am just speculating here that the documents defining the legal structure of our own organizations have been been ignored in part because sometimes senior execs have the attitude that legal structures are just gimmicks to mollify wog officials. The missing datum is that LRH authorized this organizational design and intended thereby to provide checks and balances.

    In considering why so many have gone along with the craziness and abuse, there is also the aspect of the uncanny sway that DM has held over others.

    I think it is critically important that people like yourself who have worked close to LRH document your knowledge and experiences.

    Thanks so very, very much.

    Also, S.A., it is clear you have a great grounding on these matters, too. Your contribution to this conversation adds light as well.


  199. Raul Batista

    You are right. I wish for the information that is Scientology to flourish and prosper in 2011 and that THE Church of Scientology goes out of business. Thanks for helping me put that into proper persepective.

  200. I believe the following applies to the IAS in particular, as the IAS is not itself a “church”. The who has ever received an Annual Report from the IAS? I haven’t. Anyone, donor or not, is entitled to ask for and receive a disclosure report from the IAS detailing how much they have received in donations, and how they are spending it.
    This is a repost:
    I do believe that DM is vulnerable through the IAS. Here is some information about the disclosure requirements for NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) in the USA. There are 3 links included for more information. The quote is from the introduction of one of the sites, and I have edited the post for brevity:

    “A surprising number of nonprofit organization administrators don’t realize that federal law requires most tax-exempt nonprofit organizations to allow public inspection of their recent federal annual information returns (e.g. IRS Form 990 and Form 990 Schedule A) and their application for tax-exempt status (e.g. IRS Form 1023 or 1024), along with nearly all associated material. Furthermore, the public access requirements have been significantly expanded, requiring that copies of these be provided upon request unless the organization makes these documents widely available. “Widely available” currently means publication of these documents on the World Wide Web in an acceptable format.

    The new rules promise a critical change in the accountability of public charities and other tax-exempt organizations to the U.S. tax-payers, who are ultimately supposed to benefit from the preferential tax treatment given to exempt organizations. Tax-exempt organizations will generally be required to make easily available to the public many details of their finances and operations that may not be included in their regular annual reports.

    The federal annual information returns and application for tax-exempt status are not substitutes for an annual report or an accounting audit, as they were primarily devised only to aid the IRS in determining if an organization qualifies for tax exemption. Nevertheless, these documents serve as valuable resources for members of the public who wish to examine a nonprofit organization’s financial and operational activities, by demanding a relatively consistent structure to the presentation of certain critical information, and by instituting a legal requirement for accurate financial data that is publicly available. A fairly clear picture of an organization’s finances and operations should be rendered by its IRS returns and application for exempt status together with an annual report and the financial statements usually accompanying it.”

    OK, who has ever seen an Annual Report sent out by the IAS? Who has ever thought to ask for one? Non-profit organization accountability is specified by law.

    Investment organizations like TIAA-CREF or Credit Unions automatically send out annual information to their participants.
    Fundraising organizations for any cause are required to keep records and make them available to anyone who asks.

    You can do “due diligence’ on any organization you are even thinking about contributing to, even before you give them a cent.

    Have you ever seen an IAS Annual Statement? Do you know of anyone who has? Do you even know of anyone who asked for one? Were they provided with one by the IAS? What was the IAS response?

    Here are the top 3 Google results for “Disclosure requirements for NPOs”

    1. NPO Public Disclosure Regulations Site
    NPO Public Disclosure Site … Furthermore, the public access requirements have been significantly expanded, requiring that copies of these be provided upon …
    http://www.muridae.com/publicaccess/ – Cached – Similar

    2. FAQs About the Exempt Organization Public Disclosure Requirements
    Sep 10, 2010 … Charities & Non-Profits Topics … In general, what public disclosure requirements apply to tax-exempt organizations? …
    http://www.irs.gov/charities/article…=96430,00.html – Cached – Similar

    3. Exempt Organization Public Disclosure Requirements
    In general, exempt organizations must make available for public inspection certain annual returns and applications for exemption, and must provide copies of …
    http://www.nonprofitexpert.com/disclosure.htm – Cached – Similar

    I believe the cult management is very vulnerable through the IAS, and possibly the other “donation” programs, but the IAS is key. Because, it is the oldest and most likely to be provable a scam and a fraud. Probably 90% of the money the IAS has raised since 1984 has not been used for the programs they promised us they would use it for.

    If every interested party (and that can be anyone, donor/member or not, as well as anyone who donated), were to demand annual reports going back to 1985 from the IAS, and also file complaints of even the suspicion of fraud, to governmental agencies, wouldn’t that have considerable impact? And possibly it’s own “viral” effect?

    News reports of an investigation into the IAS would unavoidably be seen by currently “in” staff and public.

  201. RJ,
    Regarding you hearing “scriptures.” Maybe this will put it into perspective.

    In a 1993 memorandum by the Church of Scientology International, the role and function of CST has been described as follows:

    “[…] CST […] is an autonomous church of the Scientology religion outside of the international Scientology ecclesiastical hierarchy. CST conducts an extensive program of activities to preserve and archive the Scientology Scriptures for use by future generations. CST also owns the option to acquire RTC’s rights to the Scientology advance[d] technology and religious marks under three narrowly defined sets of circumstances, each of which contemplates a serious threat to continued existence of the religion. CST is the principal beneficiary of Mr. Hubbard’s estate, provided that it obtains recognition of its tax-exempt status. […]”

    There were at times also references to the scriptures of the church – meaning all LRH had written in the books, tapes, HCO PL’s and HCO B’s, etc. Advanced materials as yet unreleased were also referred to as scriptures.

    Hope that helps.

  202. Ah, to hoist by his own petard I might say.

    [French pétard, from Old French, from peter, to break wind, from pet, a breaking of wind, from Latin pditum, from neuter past participle of pdere, to break wind; see pezd- in Indo-European roots.]
    Word History: The French used pétard, “a loud discharge of intestinal gas,” for a kind of infernal engine for blasting through the gates of a city. “To be hoist by one’s own petard,” a now proverbial phrase apparently originating with Shakespeare’s Hamlet (around 1604) not long after the word entered English (around 1598), means “to blow oneself up with one’s own bomb, be undone by one’s own devices.” The French noun pet, “fart,” developed regularly from the Latin noun pditum, from the Indo-European root *pezd-, “fart.”

  203. LM,
    CO FSO did say the target was for the IAS (and not the FSO directly but this could have been for the FSO overall target of IAS income.) That was a very interesting 29.2 mb video that was gotten rid of wasn’t it?

  204. This is wonderful!

    This is truly how we out create the CofM – create the products that they no longer can create. Let them screw around with little ads on parades, and making monuments to nowhere. Let us create AUDITORS!

    I am a Scientologist because I got training, not because I got auditing. Auditing blew my socks off. Training taught me how to do it.

  205. But I still have a question.

    I completely understand that a person can read an LRH book or policy and apply it and make it work and at the same time not be a member of the C of S. I got that part. There is nothing wrong or unethical about a person reading S.O.S. and discovering about Tone Levels.

    This is not a critical question, but it is one that is very hard to get answered. What makes a person in the FreeZone different from an Independent? Both are using LRH tech to help people on their own and there is nothing wrong with that. But why is FreeZone not the same as Independents? Is it because Independents are more standard? If I could define the differnce it would make my life easier.

  206. Ms. Christman:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I have watched DOZENS of your videos on the internet, listening intently for answers to questions I might have without having to register on web sites and talk to people I would feel I don’t know.

    I recently read something Pooks wrote on ESMB about your statement right here on this BLOG. I feel the same way as Pooks Tory. You have said so many times, {I can even post a link to a video of you saying so if you wish} that OT VII does not work. You have said it doesn’t work at all. And then you come here and you say you can’t wait to start referring people to Independents for auditing and training.

    Well, which is it, does it work, or doesn’t it?

    I see this a lot on the internet. It is contradictory to what one is saying.

  207. If you are saying this to “deliver an effective blow to the enemy” {i.e. the church of Scientology by sending people elsewhwere instead of to their church for help, that is one thing}. But what the Independents are teaching comes right straight out of LRH policies. So I can understand if you don’t want people to get hurt by joining the church. But, I was just very curious because I know I have heard you say in your vidoes OT VII doesn’t work.

  208. Leonore,
    There have been many that have wondered what LRH ‘missed’ in policy that would allow such a thing as has occurred with an SP usurping the topmost structures of the org board. The criticism that he didn’t predict and take measures to deal with such a thing. Well, he did.

    This corporate structure, contrary to what self-claimed ‘experts’ have portrayed is not merely for show.

    Scientology is a bona fide, legally defensible applied spiritual/religious philosophy. Decades have been invested in establishing that by many. With that comes certain valuable protections and with those protections comes a new problem. What to do should a scene such as we have comes to be.

    As was seen in the Headley’s case, the legal system is bound by the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to steer clear of any discussion, interpretation or meddling with any thing construed as ‘Scripture’. They cannot make a decision or even try to when it comes to what a Policy or Bulletin or tape lecture says, or importantly means.

    They CAN however thoroughly peruse, interpret and come to conclusions on what secular, corporate documents say and mean.

    This LRH Estate Planning IS LRH’s safeguard against the exact scenario HE set it up to defend.

    I know what you mean about the poo-pooing of other institutions of the society. There’s a sort of slippy group Ser Fac about that. That’s all that is.

    You can’t very well help and make inroads to advance when you are coming from a point of disdain and ‘you’re wrong’ then can you.

    Scientology runs out ‘Scientology’ and it’s evident to me that it is and lots of the most capable of us are kind of moving on up a little higher to an appropriate Tone to handle others. The lower the others’ Tone, the higher ours must be (and not fixed, but fluid) per the Chart of Human Eval. That higher Tone is hard to do if you are making the other wrong for not being there, in’it.

    I’d love to chat with you Leonore. Very interesting how many of you ‘ex GO’ guys that DM said were sooooo bad, are soooooo good. Hmmmmmm.

  209. Valkov,
    Superb post.

  210. martyrathbun09

    Interesting for the most part. However, to consider the Headley decision as a stable datum is investing more power into an extremist, ignorant, doctrinaire judge than she actually has.

  211. martyrathbun09

    Some are. Independents are not seeking only freedom from, they are seeking and finding freedom to.

  212. martyrathbun09

    Agreed. The evidence is preserved, don’t worry.

  213. odie,
    Yep, that wonderful gem from Sue Wilhere is bolstered by some two dozen other, similar sworn affidavits. Ooops. Piercing the corporate veil indeed, and provided by the Alter Ego itself! Oooops. And that’s to say nothing of the ‘official’ websites, the many events, the ‘Ideal’ org openings, etc., etc., etc.

    Ooooooooops. The DM-man Show is one soon to be isolated (as the money-grubbing lawyers take their leave lest they be caught up in the swirl as the bowl is flushed) li’l guy – holding is li’l bag o’ money, which, along with OUR Scientology is also NOT his.


  214. martyrathbun09

    You are correct. Don’t forget it was the then-current AVC Aide who swore to that. AVC Aide is entrusted by LRH policy to assure the on-policy nature of anything emanating from Senior International Management. In other words, the final word for the church.

  215. martyrathbun09

    I don’t recall off hand.

  216. Marty,
    It’s not MY stable datum, the Headley case that is. However, as the decision reads, it appears to be the Court’s. That is, the whole idea of ‘precedent’ is the Court’s stable datum. Such precedent as Serbian V Milivojevich, Bollard, Watson as fundamental et al, a many alia too.

    The precedent, as you well know since you yourself are one of the many able beings who worked so hard for so long to attain the protections the Establishment Clause affords, that DM counts on to keep the Wall up and prevent scrutiny of his self-dealings.

  217. Raul Batista

    Oh, I see. I knew there had to be an answer somewhere otherwise I would have left the church a confused person thinking “I am a Volunteer Minister, so if I meet someone with a broken leg and would like to do a touch assist on them should I tell them a FreeZoner did it or an Independent?”

    It was just a little question that was nagging me. I don’t see any problem that sir. Not that I am saying you have one, but I know the church seems to think that people do. If someone wants to read DMSMH and audit their mother in their living from from that book, then they can if they want to, there is no law against it.

    And just so you know, I really resent that the church makes a point of feeling that way about people.

    Enjoy 2011.

  218. Raul,
    One of these days it may occur, as you sit munching down a bowl of Coco Puffs, working Warlord, that a ‘disembodied spirit’ is going to show up and say ‘BOOO!!!’

    If that doesn’t rattle your spoon, then surely one day that Coco Puff fattened lump o’ lard is going to seize up, burst a vein and plop, down it goes. Now, if you aren’t in an opium-derivative induced stupor to keep up the scarcity of pain and enforcing thus the ‘must have’ of said pain to fixate your lone attention unit, you are going to find YOURSELF outside that body.

    In those likely fleeting moments, you’ll see what OT VII is yourself. Then pfffffffft…gone. Disoriented, not knowing ‘where’ you are since you can’t define ‘where’ not grasping ‘space is a viewpoint of dimension’. Time will pass and since you don’t realize you create time, and all your havingness is gone with the body, you won’t know just how long you’ve been lost.

    Then, one day, you’ll steal a family’s latest creation, little Joey. You’ll drool, poop in your pants, and work until you can make your leg move when you intend it to instead of your arm.

    You might even re-learn or learn for the first time, how to read. How to add up your allowance to buy the mostest Gummy Bears.

    Somewhere along the way you’ll hear or read the word SCIENTOLOGY.

    We’ll be here when you do – with the Comm Course and HARD TRs. If you’re ‘lucky’.

  219. RJ,
    The earliest publication I find given to staff and public was Oct 1993 the briefing pack given out at the “war is over” event. A small publication “The Description of the Scientology Religion” by the “Office of the President Church of Scientology International.

    You can see part of the booklet at:

    http://freezone.najbjerg.info/dokumentation/cst/ link to the Description of the Scientology Religion October 1993 by Office of the President Church of Scientology International.

    More data at:
    http://freezone.najbjerg.info/church-of-spiritual-technology website with writeup
    There is a transcript of the New Year 2000 Event entitled “The first fifty years” by David Miscavige and this also discusses CST.

    In the CST section it discussed being the recipient of the LRH estate for all materials, storing the scriptures and preserving all scriptures for the future.

    This may have also been an internal SOED before being published in a booklet. I never saw an SOED but I wasn’t posted anywhere this SOED would have been seen if there was one.

    You may have seen this publication from 1993. Other than this I find no publication for general org public or the field from that time frame of 92-93.

    CST wouldn’t receive the assets of the LRH estate until it had received 501(c)3 certification from the IRS. Before that it was a corporation without any Scientology assets. As this had not been completed by the time the 1988 book of Command Channels was written (written in part to get the 501(c)3 status) there would have been no mention of CST in the book.

    It seems murky but when you put the time and function on a chart it gets lets confusing.

    CST owned the copyrights and materials.
    RTC was licensed to side check the use and was to oversee correct useage of the materials and also license to non church groups (WISE, ABLE, etc).
    CSI was using the materials to get people up the bridge. This was the “mother church.”

    Details and money lines were attached. That is the basic structure that LRH intended. And, checks and balances were built in this structure. That is the summary.

  220. CD,
    His stats were down on the Nipplehead post, so he secretly comm-eved himself and did an overnight, all-night Solo-RPF to completion, the entire process accelerated through advanced grounding rod techniques. Subsequently, he abolished that post and erased all evidence of its existence and outlawed the word itself, imposing severe penalties for any reference to it.

  221. LM,
    Yes, it does, fully qualified. However, he continues to struggle with the surrealistic concept of ‘two’, what with his relationship with Tom still in full bloom and all. He and Tom already have plans for next lifetime to share the same body, as they both want to be the One but refuse to disconnect from each other, resulting in the ‘Shared Body’ strategy, the most prudent long term alternative to ultimately wiping each other out.

  222. Leonore,
    As to ex GO, I too, have that taint on my soul (and I bet we both wear it as a badge of honor).

    Prior to the removal of the GO there was an external viewpoint. Via the GO, any suppression, and attempt to control the legal structure was looked at externally. The average MAA, SO member etc, only looked for destructive of the subject of Scn via squirreling, altering tech, etc. These posts looked via the idea man was basically good. The GO looked at that but knew we had mad people right there against us. When the GO did its job the public/staff didn’t really see or feel the effects of the “mad men” attacking or subverting.

    Once that wall was breached, the external view of suppression was gone. The staff and SO member would not have looked or considered it was an internal suppression of the legal/corporate setup.

    The obedience to command and authority of the senior post would have kept them from duplicating what was in front of them. By altering and having staff removed for “other out-ethics”, etc. those that did begin to wonder and think about this was effectively sequestered from spreading this truth and awareness. More years down the road and we have what is before us now. A clusterf..k of alteration from the intended structures with checks and balances left by LRH.

    And this, my friend, has given rise to the Independent Movement. Outside that structure and not wanted to take it over internally, this movement is a giant in its effectiveness. The only purpose is free beings, free to practice and free to think and live on all dynamics. It is a David vs Goliath scene, and the only stones being thrown are arrows of truth. These pierce to the very heart of the insanity. It only appears messy due to the bleeding and time frame needed for a merciful death.

  223. In the Church no Tech will work except the basic trap of giving a temporary win which then forms the basis of endless regging. Through the constant inval, eval, suppresson and other mind control techniques you will introvert and loose your gains. Anyone on Church lines is per definiton PTS because of those lines and will not make stable case gain, period. It’s not the autiting or training level but the way it’s administered. Autiting a PTS is a gross autiting error as it caves in the pc, the auditor, the org and the public; it sends out the message that the Tech doesn’t work. It even confuses you about contradictory statements.

  224. martyrathbun09

    Jim, Those stable datums are unstable, all of them. The law is a flowing continuum. The Headley case is a pre-Darwinian regression back to the days when church and state and science and art were one; where one could be punished by the church or the state with impunity for not towing the white line. Maybe I’ll do a little series on the First Amendment since it seems there is some confusion out there.

  225. Raul Batista


    I agree, that may sound like a Scientology mindset. Some still have it and are not fully aware of it long after leaving the church. Even I myself sometimes when I am doing things, I sometimes look back and think if I believe I don’t know any better “How would a course sup handle this?”.

    It can take time to get over the hurdle of not being in the church for some. I mention that to Tory because another person did, someone I respect who is neither a Scientology NOR a FreeZoner.

  226. Raul Batista

    And what Pooks had pointed out on ESMB to Tory was that by her actually encouraging people to seek the help they are looking for among Independents, she may inadvertently route business to the church and the church may use that as leverage by saying “Well, our services are worth 10x better than what any FreeZone or Independent “auditor” can deliver.”

  227. martyrathbun09

    The truth can be not-is’d but it can’t be erased. But have fun trying.

  228. Raul Batista

    I am not saying I disagree with that. But, looking at it truthfully, is the church tomorrow or next week, going to become Independents or “FreeZone”?. It boils down to the same thing basically, the most bang for the buck.

  229. Grasshopper,
    Our own training center. We get our own training for eternity. This in its own way is just like the following song (just a different topic to study.)

  230. Tony DePhillips

    Great LO!!
    I too have had similar wins.

  231. Thank you Marty for telling this fine story about CC Int and reading what LRH said about the goals of an Org. It rekindled my purpose. And of course – I´m jealous that this new studycenter opens up in the US 🙂
    Happy New Year to all Independents , I love you all Anna

  232. SA,
    See, that’s what you get from a PRD, conceptual understanding. Holy Cats that’s funny. Hoist by one’s own fetart.

    “David Miscavige IS Scientology” Sue Wilhere, AVC Aide Int, RTC.

  233. It saddens me to see responses like this from you Jim. This is the kind of response expected from a DMbot, not you. I know you are bigger and better than this response.

  234. S.A., Thanks for the data. I was going to review the video to see where he said he was regging for the IAS, and it was gone! Marty, glad you got it preserved; it is an important piece of evidence!

  235. I think most of us Indies are still IAS lifetime members or donors at least. I think we have a (collectively very) strong case as we are the IAS, so we’re entitled to a full disclosure. Publication of the money missing or spend on laywers and PI’s instead of the promised promotion or the amounts transferred to RTC or elsewhere, would make a huge weapon in opening the eyes of overwhelmed Churchies. This could even prove bigger than the Garcia Letter.

  236. Raul,
    You don’t want answers so I will just give you some data to report on. Above you ask who to say did the assist on the broken leg. Answer should be neither. You do an assist to help another being not to get some personal selectee function. You challenge Tory for referring calls for training and processing and get off onto a discussion of OT7. She discussed the arbitraries, sec checks, etc put into that lineup and how it doesn’t work. No one is training on this and today’s post is about a standard courseroom setup for those of us who want to know and understand more of what LRH said.

    You then wander off about a Scientology mindset – whatever that is in your mind. I am an Independent Scientologist and I have no fixed idea of a mindset. Never saw LRH define this, refer to this or comment on it so must be something YOU have. Discuss that with you auditor or MAA. I am not here to change your mind about anything.

    Then you try to imply its the greatest bang for the buck. More of your BS. I don’t care if auditing cost $25 per hour in the Church. If you don’t get standard tech you don’t get the gains. Look back at your own auditing and training and see how well it has made you function. You can’t even go from A-B in your postings. If someone answers 1 you rabbit to 2 and then 3 etc.

    This is why I state you didn’t want any answers. You have the mindset. You and ONLY you are equating those wanting to train and be able to audit and get auditing outside of the CofS as wanting the greatest bang for the buck. You can’t put a price on that. I understand you don’t have anything else to compare to and think it is over money. NONE of us have discussed money – but you, Raul, that is what you think of.

    My suggestion, if you want a better life without registering on any site, is stop watching youtube videos and get out Self Analysis, Creation of Human Ability, DMSMH, or whichever book you feel you can confront – read it, find some data in it and see if it is true for you, read some more, find some more that is true for you and get yourself moving on up a little higher.

    Keep in your study tech and don’t read with the idea you already know the material or any previous fixed idea. Just read it in a new unit of time. The sun really is shining on the world by day and the stars twinkle above us at night. Life is just a game and you will feel better about yourself in the morning when you look at it that way. Start study today. Good luck.

  237. LM,
    The wonders of orbitdownloaderDOTcom. Enjoy your new found freedom to review videos for as long as you want.

  238. Sharon,

    You’re taking this waaaaaaaaay too seriously in my humble opinon.

  239. P.S. Sharon,
    I have another role to play, n’est pas? That of providing fodder for ESMB, OSA, WWP et al. Heck, if I don’t put in some ‘doctrinnaire’ stuff every now and again, I won’t keep somebody else happy.

    Damn it’s hard pleasing people. Maybe I just don’t try.

  240. Here ya go Jimbo,

    I couldn’t think of a more appropiate tune:

  241. Thanks Jim, I hope it is useful!

    The IAS is my personal hobby-horse whipping boy. I am still pissed at having been taken by them in their early years. I would like to see the equivalent of what happens when there is a “run on a bank”, with depositors withdrawing massive amounts of their money from it, it collapses.

    If each person who ever bought a membership and donated towards a status demanded an accounting, a return of their money, and reported their suspicions of fraud and malfeasance on the part of the IAS to state and federal government agencies, I believe it would be effective. Because that’s thousands of people. Anyone who has left the Co$ in the past couple of decades was probably an IAS member, if only on a yearly basis.

    Whether you paid in$300. or $300,000., demand an accounting and your money back, and report the IAS to government. Also to the BBB. The Co$ does not like being reported to the BBB. And I believe most BBBs do have a section that tracks NPOs.
    Trying to handle things “internally” has just protected and helped perpetuate the corrupt system. We have been sending our “KRs” to the wrong place – they ought have been sent to external regulatory agencies for sometime now!

  242. SA,

    I remember the booklet from the glorious IRS “victory” event that according to Miscavige newly elected chairman of the CTCC says was distributed by his “friends” at InterPol.

    What I’m writing about is a SOED issued circa 1982 after CST was incorporated in May of that year as a California Corp.

    The ones you linked to were broader issue than the one I read.

    I’m also quite familiar with Trust B which was transferred to CST as part of the “Secret Closing Agreement” with IRS.

    What I remember of the issue was that “the scriptures” as they were called were in the process of being transferred to a new entity known as the Church of Spiritual Technology which was now part of the new corporate structure of Scientology that included RTC and CSI.

    CST was as I vaguely remember was to act as a “repository” for the tech. Much like the project attempted in Rhodesia now Zimbabwe as discussed in his lecture ‘A Talk on Rhodesia’ and as far as I came to understand later based on HCOPL 24 January 1964 ‘Scientology Library and Research Limited’.

    Anyway that’s neither here nor there.

    If anyone was following along:

    The first clue to the existence of CST would be when the basic books had been “updated” and “corrected” of course “ensuring” that they aligned with the original manuscripts back in ’87 by Bridge Publications plus the new “Life Improvement Courses” issued by Botwo the squirrel which all gave the copyright holder as “L Ron Hubbard Library”.

    Actually if you look further behind the corporate “veil” you find that LRH Library is registered as a DBA for CST.

    What I’m saying is that I remember learning of the existence of CST long before the “Pope of Scientology” and newly appointed IRS deputy David Miscavige failed to mention its existence in his lengthy and turgid “victory” speech given at the LA Sports Arena and wondered at the time why he failed to mention it at the time when he mentioned all the other Scientology entities that had been granted 501 c iii status.

    A mystery.

    Till I realized later that it was a carefully orchestrated disinformation campaign to obscure the fact that there was an entity that existed above RTC.

    The point I’m making here was that if I knew about CST then others did as well back then and that the fact that its existence is only recently known to many Scientologist proves how those who currently control the Church (we’ll leave “who” as a matter for debate later) are effectively created a false parallel track where Miscavige as the COB RTC is the unquestioned “Spiritual Leader” of Scientology when in fact it is a bald faced lie.

  243. martyrathbun09

    Great summation RJ.

  244. Thanks Marty 🙂

    It blows charge putting the actual track there to counter all this dub in from the C of S’s Active Measures section.

    I think we all contribute to that.

  245. Even though you’re right on all points, I think gradients and ARCU apply here as a lot of confusion has been created (intentionally or not) by many conflicting posts, PR, groups, etc .

  246. Abso-cussing-lootley!

  247. Let the grasshoppers and bunnies procreate!

  248. SA,

    Actually I remember the reading the word “scriptures” as used in the above context in that 82 SOED which is why I still remember the issue.

    Even though I hadn’t seen it since.

    Sort of tossed down the ol’ memory hole like the FO ‘The Sea Org and the Future” or the reform code from RJ 68.

    I remember when I first came to ASHO and there was Cont Mimeo.

    At Cont Mimeo even canceled or revised issued were preserved so that you could refer them when reading the issue that canceled or revised them.

    This is fortunate because St. Mayo revised and canceled the HCOB TRs Remodernized yet the original issue was still in mimeo there to be reissued after St. Mayo took his ….er…sabbatical.

    For instance you should know as an former GO that as far as I know there is no actual issue that cancels the HCOPL ‘The Guardian’.

    You see at one point I believe there was an actual effort by the GO to inform staff of the corporate changes that were occurring which changed after MAC took over.

    Another example is that many of the PLs relating to Franchise are no longer part of Vol VI.


    Because Franchises were once considered sole proprietorships owned exclusively by the Franchise or Mission Holder.

    A definition that conflicted with power grab that Spurlock, Marlowe, Reynolds and company wanted to put into effect.

    To me it’s pretty obvious why the powers that be want to keep the CST a mystery to public and staff.

    The more public knew about the existence of this one organization the more likely that this house of cards that has been created with Miscavige at the top will topple.

  249. Don’t forget IBM

  250. Darnit. I understood everything you said there.

  251. Wow wow wow!!!
    This is cool! Way cool!
    Keep up the great work you rebels!
    I am so incredibly happy that training is now happening in the independent zone.
    Get trained! Yeah!!!

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