An Important Difference Between Radical Scientology and Independent Scientology


The following lecture passage succinctly differentiates between where the Church of Scientology is headed and where Independent Scientologists are going. It is LRH from History of Dianetics, 28 December 1954:

Phenomenna, Phenomena. Phenomena. Phenomena. They wouldn’t have turned up, don’t you see, if we hadn’t been going in a direction of ability. We’re trying to discover ability so, naturally, disabilities announce themselves and all the phenomena there is, actually could be cataloged under disabilities. So you see the direction of research? Do you see why we got someplace in Dianetics and Scientology? We’re goin in the opposite direction. We just reverse things. And instead of trying to write down, “The number of insanities are…” (fellow by the name Kraeplin did this) – number of insanities are catalog, catalog, catalog, catalog; category, category, category; catalog, catalog, catalog, catalog, category, category, category and unclassified. It’s real cute. That’s the most enormous list you ever saw in your life.

It didn’t get anybody on the road. Why? He was going around looking for disabilities, looking for disabilities, looking for disabilities, looking for more disabilities. And of course he’d find a disability, he’d simply fix on it because that’s what a disability does. So research and investigation of disabilities would continually wind people up in trouble and with set ideas – with catalogs. It would wind them up with an enormous variety of disabilities, were they able to take their attention off the last disability they’d found. But they don’t.

Let’s get a case. He starts into examination of himself and he goes right straight along. He’s doing fine, by the way, he’s just swell. He’s a hit at parties, he can play the piano with his shoes on, he can do all kinds of things. And he goes into his case on self-examination to discover what is wrong with him, since the last five girls that threw him over has given him some clue there must be something wrong with him.

So he says, “Let’s see, what’s wrong with me?” And all of a sudden he turns his attention a little bit introverted and he hits some kind of a psychic trauma. He wants to increase his ability, you see, and he hits this little trauma and it says, “The thing that’s wrong with you, Joe, is you’re no good.”

And he says, “Well, I’ll look around and see what else I can find.” [laughter]

There goes your case, fixated on one idea. Everywhere he goes, he has that idea in front of his face. What happens, though, if you actually, actively start increasing his ability? His attention comes right off that circuit – ping! And of course, another one will pop up. You take his attention off that one, another one will pop up. Off that one – another one. Off – another one! This is the reaction of the mind going toward freedom. Freedom lies beyond barriers. And as soon as you start to go in the direction of freedom, you’ll find some barriers. And the trick is not to stand around and look at these wonderful barriers inside the head.

Let’s find out how able a fellow can be and how free he can be. And if we discover this, we will discover immediately why research and investigation in the field of Dianetics and Scientology will continue to expand – because the direction toward ability is the only direction it has ever really had. The more able we can make a person, the freer he is. The more dynamics he is surviving along, the more beingness he is.

And so we are able, if we pursue ability. If we pursue disability, we are disabled.

And the first and foremost of these abilities is communication.

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  1. So true. The ethics and punishment culture that existed in the SO at the end of my days was exactly the opposite of what he is describing in this lecture. It was all about finding out what was wrong with you and using ETHICS to fix that and nothing you ever did in ethics was ever considered good enough or accepted by seniors to fix whatever was “wrong” with you. You were unfixable and labelled as such by Comm Ev instead. Many good veteran Sea Org members were considered “deadwood” and listed out in a program to be gotten rid of and kicked out cuz they had too many “disabilities” after YEARS and YEARS of service.

  2. To the Church it means that:
    1. Public survive on the 1st and 3rd dynamic only (if you have money – if you do not have money, go get some – 9th dynamic only).
    2. Org Staff survive on the 3rd dynamic only. Not allowed to survive on the 1st or 2nd.
    3. Sea Org – no dynamics, not even the third because one is not surviving through a group, just orders from a mad leader. So he is a slave = no dynamics.

    Indie Scientologists – Survive on as many dynamics as they can as well as they can. Barriers are only from the bank. No others. We have the tech, we don’t have to jump through hoops to get it.

    ML Tom

  3. I ran into the very points in this wonderful LRH data. And I would say that the main reason I left is because I was not being allowed to be free in my thoughts and in my very evolution of beingness. Instead, I was being forced into a mold that was not me, and it was driving me into a deep dark place that I knew Scientology was not supposed to send people.

    That place was not good for me, but it certainly was to the benefit of the little man who incredibly made his way to the top of it all.

    You will not find your OT beingness in the Church today. It is rigged to make you think you will find it there. You will most likely find it when you leave and get corrections with an independent standard Scientology practitioner, of which there are many. And after you leave, you will realize that you were not practicing Scientology. It can be quite a realization.


  4. Boy, that’s exactly right Marty. Mudcabbage is cataloging all the reasons people won’t follow him: He’s out ethics. She’s not Clear. He isn’t OT. She never got real Scientology. The books weren’t compiled right. LRH didn’t know how to make real auditors. No one’s needle ever really F/Ned. They weren’t real Sea Org members. He is an SP. She is an SP. You’re all SPs. You’re all wogs. He’s in Treason. She’s in Confusion. Everyone is trying to stop me and stop Scientology.

    He’s just busy, busy, busy rooting out disabilities like a crazy pig chasing his tail — faster and faster… boy he’s going to get it. He’s catching up. He’s relentless! Never gives up! He’s almost got his own tail!

  5. I agree Christie.

    The downward spiral started when they tried to introvert not just the SO but the staff and public in general on their possible overts.

    This is the card they play with what they call the “Truth RD”.

    If you observe anything that is off policy and out tech and report it then you are “spreading Black PR” and therefor you must have “overts”.

    Because we all know that management has only the best intentions and that you, you low down scum are just *unable* to see this as the “truth”.

    Yeah sure.


    Anyway its interesting that they concentrate more like actually fixate on NOTs (they now call it “the level” as if no other level exists) which is basically NED for OTs that like lower level Dianetics is targeted in the direction of disability and have pretty much scrapped the original OT levels which are directed toward increasing a thetan’s native abilities.

    Speaking of native theta abilities!

    I found that operating as a thetan fully exterior from the Church of Squirrelotology was one of the most therapeutic actions I’d taken in a long time 🙂

  6. Jean-François Genest

    Nice post Marty. Yes, B-I-G difference.
    I vote for ABILITY ! 🙂 Cheers to Independent Scientology & Dianetics!

  7. This is such a basic truth. Just as an auditor wants to work to increase the amount of what is right with a being and not just put attention on what is wrong. An ESTO is working with a positive postulate that the person is capable and willing and hatting them in that direction. Ethics was to keep the edge there and keep forward motion. Now, it seems, ethics is the force to push one rather than removing an impediment from ones basic good postulates as a being. This is one of the major differences from how it felt to be onlines as public or staff in the early and mid 70’s and by the late 80’s or 90’s, as this theta concept was being replaced with brute force.

    The Independent field allows all beings the right and ability to expand in what is good and right. To help make one capable of overcoming all obstacles and things that are bad. We understand and believe that all are basically good. With that understanding our use of ARC is to increase Understandings – not to enforce compliance to some hidden standard.

    This difference is why I believe the Independent movement will move forward and overtake the existing Church structure. A hundred years from now the actions of the few, as Independent Scientologists, will be what history records as a major player in the change in our civilization.

    That is what I believe will accomplish LRH’s dreams and postulates for a better future for mankind and for all life on this planet. He believed in this rightness and to not counter this. In Ability 73 early May 1958 entitled Assists in Scientology LRH noted :”In an assist you can always count on the fact that the thetan himself would, if he could, do the right thing. If you work on that postulate you will never be wrong.”

  8. DITTO what Christie said.
    Jeez, what a concept:
    “And so we are able, if we pursue ability. If we pursue disability, we are disabled.
    “And the first and foremost of these abilities is communication. ”

    Thanks, Marty. Great reference.

  9. The main difference is that we are H-A-P-P-Y!

    ML Tom

  10. Along with the obvious things, I think of the Meter.
    The alteration of the definition of instant read and FN that happened in the late 90’s and was enforced from Flag on all the trainees, autitors and CS’s.

    I think it introverts the hell out of you when the auditor and meter arent matching up with you as the PC. It did me.
    As an auditor it introverts and invalidates you because you are forced to do it that way which feels wrong, OR be an “out-tech, SP, squirell with MU’s” or whatever you would be branded.

  11. Scott Campbell

    Wow, wow, wow, Marty.

    Incredible reference. That is exactly the problem. In fact I would say that it is THE lowest common denominator of the questions, “To be, or not to be?” Succumb, or survive? Thrive, or wither? and so on.

    Not only that, LRH puts it in terms that are easily understandable to anyone.

    Thanks for putting this out there, brother.

    Pursue ability!

    L, Scott

  12. True.

    The first course most Scientologists probably did was the Communication Course. Hell of a course. Seems we are enjoying that ability gained and expand our freedom with more communication. I further believe that many of us have experienced in a very first-hand manner that by saying things we have been told we couldn’t say, barriers and inabilities believed to be formidable were found to only be shadows we easily could walk through.

    Christie mentioned the perverted use of Ethics within that Radical Church (RC) – certainly a correct account. Ethics has been substituted thoroughly with a moral code and the “handling” of violations against that arbitrary code became punishment only. Where is the idea that one can as-is something? Where is the idea that “man is basically good”?

    “Scientology is communication”, “when in doubt communicate”, “man is as alive and successful as he can communicate”, “communication is the universal solvent” – what happened to those fundamentals? That RC, as an organization, is extremely out of comm with the world, doesn’t originate ideas and comm to beings and entities outside of it and enforces “no communication” within its members, even within family members (and I am not referring to the practice of Disconnection only) for which Scientologist can openly and honestly talk to another Scientologist about the church, management, expansion, problems, justice, policy violations etc.?

    While real communication solves matters, Scientologists have thoroughly learned the lesson that honest communication is dangerous within that church and gets you into trouble. How more dead do you want to get?

    And yet, the solution obviously is more communication, real communication. And that’s my wish to all still trapped – communicate! For it is the universal solvent and will dissolve that RC too.

  13. Firebreathing Frog

    Great quote.
    I remember when I started in Scientology back in 1978.
    Boy, it was fun then.
    I came in that org, and saw people communicate. They would acknowledge each other. They will listen to me and understand what I wanted to say.
    This was the group I wanted to be in.
    At that time, outsider was the “squirrels”. They could not duplicate scientology nor apply it.
    Fast forward to present time – Today, the outsiders are the Independents. The Squirrels are inside the church.
    The CO$ violate LRH policy on donation.
    The CO$ currupt LRH tech – changing definition of the F/N, unapprouved drills.
    The CO$ canceled LRH program to get orgs up to the size of old Saint Hill as per LRHED339R and replaced this by a squirrel program to illegally reg donation to buy empty building.
    The CO$ has also became the Church of Squirreling.
    So sad.

  14. What a great quote. It makes a huge difference for me personally. You can try to introvert, self-list, find out “what’s wrong with me” and never unstick from whatever you find. Amazing. This actually shifted my whole viewpoint on life and how to go about living it. Not just in auditing, but in life. Thanks for the free case gain. No more self-listing! Just living and reaching higher levels of ability.


  15. Enhancing or working towards the rightnesses of people is how to raise a child, bring out the best in your associates, or maintain any sort of relationship. Just about anything you’re doing, if it involves people, has to have this as a basic premise to build from.

    And if you do that, you’ll find they don’t want to disappoint you…and that speaks volumes for the basic goodness of them.

    Conversely, one can operate like Miscavige which is a fixation on the wrongs/negatives and screw up all manner of things.

    Introversion or extroversion—which do you want?

  16. John Fennessey

    Marty, I have been following your blog and I enjoy your references to the LRH philosophy which I found so attractive back in 1973 when I took my first service.

    I remember my first actions in the church. The excitement, the wins, the freedom and abilities. The HOPE. It seems like long ago in a galaxy far away.

    I fully support the Independents. Your like the Christian St. Paul writing his “letters” to small groups of christians spread about and which wove a fabric and built the Christian church. Its clear to me that the independents here and other places are now too numerous to be considered isolated and there are networks and groups forming and increasing in size as we speak. That surely will lead to more people being exposed to the type of wins we all value. More focus on ability and less focus on disability. Wonderful.

    The existing Church of Scientology has been so badly damaged in terms of repute and organizational excess that it is not a vehicle able to achieve the goals of scientology, in my opinion. Tragic, but true. The amount of time and resources required to rehabilitate its public image alone is enormous, and the will to do so would have to exist from within, where it does not appear to exist. Its simply time to move on.

    You have an incredibly rich and gifted group of contributors here. If LRH were here today, he would be posing front and center with this group. Of that I have no doubt.

    Wishing you and the Independent field continued success and expansion in 2011 as you keep the best of LRH’s legacy and tech alive and well.

    John Fennessey

  17. martyrathbun09

    Thanks John. Have a great New Year.

  18. Thanks for this. It makes sense that communication is the most important ability regained as one goes up the bridge. Ron said a number of times, that a thetan communicates through telepathy. In the church, it does not seem to occur to people that they can telepathically contact LRH. Nope, that must be squirrel since it is not other-determined.

    I was watching a recent Phil Spickler interview on Youtube, recorded on 12/18/10. This one is his best so far. He describes LRH’s ideas on clearing through the use of help. Basically, a person could clear himself without auditing, by taking sufficient responsibly and “living his way to clear” by operating on the basis of help on all flows, on all dynamics, all the time. Phil says that he knew a woman who did just that.

  19. Oh yeah, don’t forget the importance of running help on flow 0, self to self. Help yourself too.

  20. Amen! And, Hallelujah!!

  21. Nice!!

  22. Great stuff.
    This was going on at Flag in 82-83. Staff were invalidated, good men and good women, invalidated to almost nothing. My survival was threatened because of it and I lost all interest in staying in the S.O. I left shortly after.

  23. Thanks Marty for the GREAT post.
    WOW! this really hit home for me. I was so focused on my disabilities that my life was such an effort on all my Dynamics.
    After I resigned from the COS 4 months ago, my focus has completely turned around. Now I’m surviving well and my life is fun again. My abilities are moving up up and up…..Awesome place to be!!! I’m PROUD to be an Indie!!I
    🙂 Lori

  24. There are many datums that LRH wrote about. Of course the sum of the parts are what make scientology Technology workable. If you take any one piece and fixate on it, you can get into a lot of trouble with cases, management, admin, etc… There are some cornerstone datums which I think are the foundation to all of the tech – ARC and granting beingness. How can you do this if all you can find are the disabilities?

    When was the last time you entered an org and a staff member actually cared about you? When they listened to you that you didn’t have the money to buy 4 intensives for your next sec check, but said lets see what service we can find that you can afford and get you moving up the bridge

    Look around for yourself, ask your SCN friends: How much movement have you made on the bridge in the last 10 years besides sec checks, repair programs, and buying materials?

    Now you tell me what is wrong with this picture!

  25. John,
    Wonderful to see you here under your real name!
    Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

  26. I sware, you could write a doctoral thesis on any number of gems LRH spouted in the early 50’s. “Ping!” and his point was made. DEEP. TRUE. HUGELY philisophical and encompassing all while only taking up a few paragraphs and less than two minutes of speaking.

    The whole time I was reading this, Marty, I was see a flash of every newly found “psycosis” that has come out lately, mostly additions: cell phone addition, internet addition, internet porn, internet games, internet anything each has its own addition.

    Modern “science” is so fixated on what is wrong with people, and which pill to give them for it, no one even bothers trying to “fix” anything anymore. Fixing the problem has fallen so far away from the equation, it never even comes up. At least they’ve kinda stopped lying to themselves about “fixing” problems, and look to just terminate the malfunction. They don’t say they are fixed, they are “in recovery.” Recovering Alcoholics like to say they have a disease.
    [i]Disease: (n)
    1) A pathological condition of a part, organ, or system of an organism resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress, and characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms.
    2) A condition or tendency, as of society, regarded as abnormal and harmful.[/i]
    Number one can be fixed. The flu, cold, infection, etc. You can do something about it and get a recognizable result.
    Number two, condition regarded as abnormal and harmful, well hell! There is some music today that fit this discription. Does that make that music a disease? Certianly not! It makes it annoying as hell! But all you have to do is flip a switch and not listen to it!

    The vast majority of psycologists and psyciatrists became such because they were so busy in college trying to figure out what was wrong with themselves, they ended up 6-8 years later with a degree, and figured they were then experts in the subject.

    Riddle me this: did they ever “fix” themselves after all?
    Answer: Nope.

    Carry on, Marty! Doing just fine! Don’t let ’em tell ya otherwise!
    Damn those torpedos, etc., etc.

  27. this really makes sence. thanks for digging it up Marty.

  28. Yes, Marty
    All DM & company see are “DISABILITIES”. It’s pitiful and sad.

    That shows his constant effort to “FIX” it all that has led to so many unusual solutions.

    The Orgs prior to DM did focus on inprovment of ones abilities and the as-ising of the barriers to them and was quite successful IMO.

  29. Bryon,

    Here’s an LRH quote in some way supporting that :




    LRH, Clean Hands Congress Lectures

    Cheers to the brave and free here!

  30. What, you mean telling an OTVIII that they’re Not Clear, programming countless intensives of Sec Checking followed by the Orwellian “Truth Rundown” before routing them back to the Purif and then a few intensives of Objectives isn’t making them freer?

    When I first got on the Bridge, this lifetime, I had zero attention on the lower actions. All I was interested in were those little boxes on the Grade Chart above Clear that said, “Abilities Gained”. I wasn’t trying to lose anything.

  31. Christie, well stated.

  32. Hy, great on no more self listing!

  33. Marty, thanks for the post. I am sure it hit home for everyone. I know it did for me. WE are all able beings and we are free and it is great!

  34. Scott Campbell


    Good points. It’s interesting to me how you made the point of Sea Org members being slaves.

    My friend (who posts as KA) also made this point recently. You have further clarified it by stating that being a slave = no dynamics. This ties right in with LRH’s definition of slavery: “being positioned in another’s time and space” (Scn 8-8008 Glossary).

    Isn’t it great that we have this forum to comment on, discuss and think with this stuff? It really helps the ol’ cogs to engage and start turning again. This is really what is needed to re-vitalize the vast, abused and abandoned field of Scientologists out here. Communication!

    L, Scott

    P.S. Did you see my response to your Q regarding my buddy’s orchestra?

  35. Scott Campbell




  36. Lucy,
    Yep, I can tell you what’s wrong with this picture, and then, in the spirit of the Opening Piece, what’s RIGHT!

    Wrong: An SP is at the ‘helm’ of the Church, plain and simple. All that ensues from that fact includes using ‘Scientology’ in such a way as to create a conditon of doubt in beings. This is the technique of the Chaos Merchant, to be 50/50 with good and bad and that’s exactly what DM does. He has all the outward trappings, all the PR, some bombastic ‘wins’ and a facade that all is well in the world of Scientology right up against the facts that are observable to those in that world – all is far, far from right. In fact, the chaos that seems to be prevalent, the muddy field, the bad press, the ridicule, the hatred, IS exactly what DM wants. That’s what’s wrong.

    RIGHT: The actual facts that the entirety of the operative material of the body of work is available – to anyone. There are plenty of meters made these days, outside DM’s orbit of insanity, that are perfectly functional and work just like they are supposed to, there are plenty of places to be quietly with another and there are steps that can be done, each with another, to move with certainty up the Bridge and recover one’s ability and increase one’s sphere of influence across their dynamics and make the whole scene that much better.

    Scientology is yours, mine, any person’s. It’s there, it can be reached and it can be learned and used. No license from David Miscavige is required. He lost that power of ‘can’t have’ some time ago.

    One of my favorite stories of ‘how I got into Scientology’ was from an old friend from Int. He and a buddy found books in the library in New York city. They’d never heard of the Church of Scientology. They audited each other on Objectives in a quiet spot in the public library. Went exterior. Blew out totally. It was only when they read 8-80 and needed a meter that they went on a search for where to get one and found a Church.

    Well, today, it’s all available and the rightest thing I can think of is that YOU and ME and ANY person can reach for it and DM has NO ability to stop anyone in fact.


  37. I just thought of something: Scientology runs out the Church of Scientology/NO Scientology. Cool!!!

  38. Great perspective, John. And so true.

    When I found Scientology in the late 70s I felt that same excitement you describe. The wins from lower level auditing were SO huge that even today, at the other end of the Bridge, the Survival Rundown from 1980 is still one of the high points, changing my life entirely. I went full blown exterior and remained that way for so long that, although it “settled out” it became normal. All of my auditing from those days had similar transformational effects. That is what inspired me to auditor train.

    I find ultimate irony in what the present church has come to represent, to wit: fixation on MEST, validating people according to their bank account size or credit card limit, introversion, use of force vs. intelligence and ARC and accenting disability instead of ability. Had this been the church I found in the late 70s, I never would have stayed.

    Discovering the true spirit of Scientology outside the church is my best holiday gift. And in the spirit of this post I’ll add the following from one of my favorite references, Accent on Ability from 1954 where LRH says:

    “Our accent, from the first, should have been upon ability.”

    “Thus, Dianetics was not really the modern science of mental health, but was (and i think all of understood this basically) the Modern Science of Ability, for I have never had a preclear who did not hope, through processing, for other than to gain new ability or to regain his old. He was not there to be processed out of his psychosomatic ills and aberration.”

  39. Tom M-

    “The main difference is that we are H-A-P-P-Y!”- So true- Many CoS members I know will say they are Happy but obviously are not. No or little Bridge progress, heavy debt, chronic crush regging, chronic inval to those not giving enough, poor or bad results, stops on your Bridge, no wonder they are not happy and we are. Thank you for this seemingly simply yet profound observation. We are Happy.

  40. Hy, it’s great to see you here. You were always one of my favorite Flag terminals. Even as a reg – you pushed, but always with a desire to help, never to the point of being offensive (at least with me).

  41. LRH was a researcher and discoverer. He wouldn’t waste his valuable time typing comments on blogs and message boards.

  42. Like the ability to simply enjoy the day. To laugh and smile. To relax in the company of a friend and talk about whatever you choose. To read anything on the internet you please. To be able to buy an ice cream and be glad you did. To walk at midnight and wonder about the stars.

    Ah, the freedom to be, do and have.

    To choose.

    It takes ability to be a slave, but…

  43. Theo Sismanides

    An auditor, all he/she does is RAISE Tone Level. Chasing one’s disabilities like DM is NOT auditing. LRH just explained that through this reference. Marty and true Scientologists and Standard Tech auditors stick to raising tone level, not punishing beings for their reactivity. Thanks Marty!!! This is the true Spirit of Scientology. Happy New Year guys!!!

  44. Christie

    How true…

    And the amazing thing is that ethics has very little to do with finding out what is wrong with you. No enforced “blame, shame or regret,” no punishment, no invalidation, no evaluation.
    By definition ethics is designed to assist you in your pursuit of “optimum survival across the dynamics.” Or, to put it in other words, it is a set of tools that YOU can use to gradiently bring your dynamics up to the point where YOU consider them “optimum”. You can use ethics to help you find your way along the path to your “beingness, doingness and havingness” goals, across the dynamics.

    If that isn’t occurring it sure ain’t ethics.


  45. The BIGGEST difference is the Independent movement CARES about YOU and your well-being. The C of S cares about how much money they can extract from you!!!

    The C of S has a whole is ONLY interested in STATS and MONEY!!! The COB is the KING of stats and money and everyone else follows dear leader in a blind stupid way!!!

  46. Barb Smith

    Personally I think LRH would use any working communication line that he could find.
    He dedicated his life to communicating his thoughts and discoveries in the hope that they would be useful to others in order to improve their lives and the lives of others.
    I somehow doubt that he would have considered this blog”beneath him.” Without communication lines LRH’s time would have been truly “wasted”.
    I think this blog and some others are doing an admirable job in
    making real LRH available broadly. I can only hope that it will continue and expand.


  47. Thoughtful,

    You can sure paint a good picture!

  48. Marty

    Thank you

    Although this blog does deal with the “outnesses’ and “inabilities” and “hurt”, it does continue to direct one towards ” Moving On Up a little Higher.” In fact I find that it is the embodiment of this posted LRH quote. It is obviously no accident.

    Thank you for all you do, and may we all continue to “move on up a little higher” singly and collectively.

    Our added postulates for the best year ever, to you and Mosey, and all, for 2011.


  49. Nice post. There’s always a lightness of being addressing the subject of what abilities or potentials one has or is possible – great subject and direction, exciting and fun. Any idiot can and does focus on disabilities and rave about them for eternity, blah blah blah… only generates more disabilities.
    I don’t wish to be too bland by stating the obvious but it’s something that needs to be said every now and again. DM & his followers are NOT Scientologists. By simply looking in the tech dictionary under ‘Scientologist’ one finds 4 definitions of which by simple observation don’t align with anything the individuals adhere to within the 3rd Dyn entity claiming the title of Church of Scientology.
    It takes guts and determination with high adventure to actually be a Scientologist. Blindly following a loser will reap no reward except the ‘comforting solidity’ of case. Boy, there’s a better game to play than that.

  50. In the inception of the SO allready lies it’s defeat.

  51. A little off subject but would anyone like to comment on this? I just got it as email;
    “I’m still smiling, I’ve been smiling ever since. What expansion! What
    outreach into new areas! The numbers we are reaching with our tech are
    almost unbelievable. The stories of individuals who are opening up new
    areas are so inspiring. We were on our feet a lot throughout the event,
    cheering on each sector. And then we got a glimpse of what is going to
    happen in the coming year. What new orgs are on the horizon, when Super
    Power will be released, and news about the coming technical release, and
    much more.

    This is an event that every Scientologist will want to attend. Each one of
    these events is a piece of history of our church and being part of it is
    such a privilege.

    If you are getting this, it’s very likely you will go, you are the
    most active, most on purpose Scientologists in your area. But I’ll bet you
    know people who just don’t usually go to these events. Encourage them,
    bring them along, go pick them up in your car and take them.

    At every org, there will be parties afterwards where you can
    hang out with your friends.

    I know you’ll be as amazed and keyed-out as I am after this event, and for
    sure, you’ll want to jump in and do more to bring about world clearing!

    See you in the New Year!

    ML Kaye Champagne
    Chairman, Flag OT Committee “

  52. that’s right. Every time someone questions the current state of affairs and what policy the church is operating from, they (OSA, DSA’s. etc) bring out their DA packs against the big Sp’s, their list of stringed together references that really don’t add up to what they are trying to convince you of (example: ideal orgs are on policy and what LRH wanted). and then they scare you shitless that if you don’t come back to the real “side of LRH” you will be a lost person with no ability to have spiritual gains. And while they are bringing up your case data that they have gotten from your PC folder and your ethics folder to remind you of how much help you really need because you are one FUCKED up person who has to have the church in order to be fixed.

    If only people really knew how imprisoned they really are in the current COS.

  53. Please Barb,
    Stop wasting your valuable time on this blog….

  54. This LRH quote is exactly what I thought the group environment would be like when I first got into Scientology in 1973. The unfortunate dichotomy of the actuality of the environment, even in the early ’70s, is quite evident to me now in retrospect. I joined the SO eight days after finding Scientology and was quickly indoctrinated into the heavy handed ethics environment, the screaming in your face, name calling, injustice procedures…all of it in direct opposition to the intention of this essay of Ron’s. Even so though, one could still get real gain, express oneself fairly freely and feel like you were someone worthy, like someone who could help, like someone who could make a real difference. It still messes with my head.

    However, nothing in those early years even remotely compares to the environment of today’s “church of scientology” where the only thing one obtains is the “ability to introspect endlessly”, and where the only ability that is important is one’s ability to donate money for real estate and suits levied against its own people.

    The above quote exemplifies the best of LRH, the man I’d like to remember as someone who’s true nature and intention was to give mankind the gift of truly discovering the best of himself and others. Thanks Marty.

  55. Barb Smith,

    Huh? He gave over 3,000 hours of lectures which he had recorded on tape. And he traveled practically around the world doing it. “Waste of time”?

    That’s some big-time “blogging” in my book!

  56. Yes indeed! What ever happened to Ability mag? Remember Accent on Ability?
    The whole point of Scientology is to increase ability. Anyway, that is the whole point of Independent Scientology!

    Great post, Marty!

    Happy new year to all of you!

  57. Anne;
    “No or little Bridge progress, heavy debt, chronic crush regging, chronic inval to those not giving enough, poor or bad results, stops on your Bridge, no wonder they are not happy and we are.”

    I had a cog from this statement: I remember when I had a bookstore officer at ASHOF that birdogged SHSBC course purchases and had the person who bought them debit them for books. The Bookstore stat was the same as the SHSBC purchases. This BSO would debit like $25,000 worth of books. The BSO was protected by ASI so I was stopped from handling her. Finally I got smart and called the guys who bought the SHSBC packages and then debited them 2 weeks later. I talked to three of them and to my surprise they were sad, ARCXen. Big ARC break. The BSO had told them that “You’re not going to do the course anyhow. Why not just buy the books, HCOB volumes and Tapes and do it at home?” “You don’t have time to be an auditor.” and so forth. She regged them and talked them out of their dream of becoming a Class VI auditor. The went sad affect. This gave me enough ammo to bounce her out of there, but it also gave me insight to these “fund raisers” who fleeced these public of their hard-earned money. I can see the exact moment the public goes into agreement with giving up his auditing, his OT sections, his new house, his Class VIII course, his kids going to college when he writes that check for $150,000, is a huge ARC break followed by unexpressed resentment.

    We all know that auditing doesn’t work in the presence an ARC Break and because he tried to get this ARC break handled once in auditing and ended up in ethics for bitching, he will never get case gain again in the Church of Scientology. Hence, little or no case gain as y ou say.

    ML Tom

  58. Scott;
    Yes! This forum is great. Nothing like this could exist in DMs camp. Here we get to help one another and push the tech around a little for digestion. Nothing wrong with that.

    PS: No I didn’t, but I just did and commented on it there.

    ML Tom

  59. Priceless quote, Marty! Night and day difference in concentration on abilities.

    Especially the last line – “And the first and foremost of these abilities is communication.” This is the the point that RS – radical Scientology attempts to control & stop, thus creating insanity.

    A friend recently got a tour of the Pasadena Idle Org which opened last summer or so. Did you know that in the course room, the clay packets for demos sitting on their shelves have not been opened from their original plastic wrappings? Goes to show how much “training” goes on in an Idle Org after months of being open.

  60. Bryon,

    Bob Marley and the Wailers did a great song titled Pass It On, about “clearing through the use of help”. I particularly like the chorus.

    What your hands do,
    It’s your own eyes that’ve seen.
    So won’t you judge your actions
    To make sure the results are clean?

    It’s your own conscience
    That is gonna remind you
    That it’s your heart and nobody else’s
    That is gonna judge.

    Be not selfish in your doings:
    Pass it on. (Pass it on, children)
    Help your brothers (help them) in their needs:
    Pass it on.

    Live for yourself and you will live in vain;
    Live for others, you will live again.

    In the kingdom of Jah,
    Man shall reign.
    Pass it on;
    Pass it on;
    Pass it on;
    Pass it on.

    What’s in the darkness
    Must be revealed to light.
    We’re not here to judge what’s good from bad
    But to do the things that are right.

    On a hot, sunny day,
    Follow the shadows for rescue.
    But as the day grows old,
    I know the sun is gonna find you.

    Be not selfish in your doings:
    Pass it on.
    Help your brothers in their needs:
    Pass it on.

    Live for yourself, you will live in vain;
    Live for others, you will live again.

    In the kingdom of Jah,
    Man shall reign.
    Pass it on;
    Pass it on;
    Pass it on;
    Pass it on. (Pass it on)

  61. It brings back memories of my ethics officer telling me “I’m sorry but you will have to do your ethics formula again. Your amends were not quite effective enough. You may require a security check as well”.

    What a picture this brings to mind, the reality of Scientology.

    Thank you to the person that posted it.

  62. Tony DePhillips

    I have been in communication with Hy Levy who was one of the top regges on the planet at Flag. I have known him for years and always respected him. He came out as an Indie a couple of weeks ago on this blog. In one of his emails to me I was shocked at some of the stuff they had to put up with in the Sea Org. This is a total fixation on disability rather that ability. Here is a guy signing people up for services to the tune of millions and he gets treated as a total downstat. Please read the following excerpt from an email I recieved from Hy:

    “On the smear stuff, I’m not so sure that other S.O. staff will know what is crap and what isn’t. Remember I was there when other staff were smeared at staff meeting and the gasps from the audience meant they bought what was being said and were “horrified” and “shocked” to hear it, but they believed it. A few might not believe it. Realize, they are still “in” and need some explanation that aligns with why I would leave and still makes them right for staying “in”. If they saw it was bs then THEY would have to question why they are still “in” and most aren’t up to that point. I saw it myself when others were smeared, but I was in the minority. Realize that to see it is false information they would have to have negative thoughts about who would write something like that and lie about someone. That would mean getting past their own self-imposed (with help from others) “thought-stopping”. It is REALLY ingrained that anything you are told IS the truth and this despicable person (even if you knew them to be otherwise) is a real “SP” and for some reason went to the “dark side”. It provides a ready explanation for everything. That is what I expect.

    The ones that matter now are those who are out and they will know it is bs, because they went through it too. People have said it is similar to jonestown and are waiting for the kool-aid to be served. I hate to break it to them, but they have been serving kool-aid for a long time. It is the whole environment and “moral code” that has grown up along the lines that “if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem”. ANY criticism is forbidden. It’s hard to really get this across if you haven’t experienced it. Even defending someone who you knew to be a decent person is considered agreement with them and what they did. It makes YOU the next target. Me, I was a black sheep anyway so I didn’t care much about that. I also was very productive so that protected me a lot. My seniors would often intercede if I got in trouble by backflashing a CMO messenger or similar.

    By the way, backflashing is a very interesting concept. You can read what LRH wrote on it. This has been used to label ANYTHING which is other than blind obedience to the most heinous “handlings” or orders or treatment. If you are accused, even in front of others, of something you didn’t do, and you even open your mouth to defend yourself you are “shut up” with cries of “Did you see how he backflashes me???” (from the senior making the accusations). So there was no way out. I always backflashed anyway as I felt my silence acted as an admission of guilt and I wouldn’t do that. When I did, my peers who were there and knew me, often tried to get me to shut up, just to stay in “good” themselves.

    I look at Book I and the tale of Lake Tanganyika (look it up if you don’t remember it) where fishermen caught fish by using “shadows” to make it look to the fish like they were caught in a cage. All of this was covered by that one reference. Many times I stood up to this tyranny (and many times I just sucked it up as there was nothing to be gained by fighting it except even worse penalties) and nothing bad happened to me. Sometimes I even won. But this was rare and then I was considered “under watch”. The ONLY thing that saved me was that I made so much money that no one would dream of doing anything that would stop me from continuing to do that. It didn’t mean I didn’t go through horrendous sleep deprivation, beans and rice, “pigs berthing” assignments, lower conditions, and more. It just meant that if I suffered through it for a bit it would then go away and I could get back to normal.

    One of the strangest handlings which was used reperatedly, was, let’s say the stats were down and you had to stay on post until they were handled. Usually on a Wednesday night. Then let’s say around 2 or 3 am your senior got pissed and since you hadn’t handled it yet you had to go to the galley and scrub pots, floors, etc.
    Like somehow that was going to handle the stats. You were already dead tired and still had to handle the stats. So the solution is to go do something else instead, get even more wiped out, lose the time you could be using to come up with a solution??? Huh??? Well the idea was “mest work would be theraputic”. (In a way it was as you the had a “rest” from all the yelling and screaming and invalidation and could destimulate from that.) Bull! From where I sat it was simply, the senior did not know how to handle the situation (using standard tech or policy) and instead decided to dramatize THEIR evil purposes on their juniors and torture them. That is very real to me as once in a while when I went over my seniors head to a relatively sane exec, then this got canceled and we went back to work.

    Anyway, I can’t seem to paint a full picture of what it was like but I hope these litlle incidents help to make it a bit more understandable what things were like.”


  63. Latest leak from confidential sources at Int:


    Reverse Technology Center
    Office of COB

    Subject: New Objectives Processes


    “Look at that Reg” (Thank you)
    “Walk over to that Reg” (Thank you)
    “Pull out your wallet” (Thank you)
    “Pay that Reg” (Thank you)

    Run over and over until PC is fully exterior to all available funds.

    NEW CCH 1x:

    “Touch that IAS trophy” (Thank you)
    “Let go of that IAS trophy” (Thank you)

    Run repetitively until PC expresses remorse for not having a higher IAS status.

    NEW CCH 2x:

    “Look at your family” (Thank you)
    “Disconnect from them” (Thank you)

    Run until PC is free of all family members.


    “Look around and find a building the Church should have” (Thank you)

    Run until PC originates wanting to increase their Ideal Org contribution status.


    1A. “Don’t look at the internet” (Thank you)

    Run until PC expresses guilt over having thought of looking at the internet. If no guilt appears, then run 2A to stated EP before returning to 1A.

    2A. “Why did you look at the internet?”

    Run until PC says the real reason they looked at the internet was to make David Miscavige wrong.

    These processes are now mandatory prerequisites for ALL candidates before eligibility for OT IX will even be considered. They are to be run for a minimum of 1000 hours.

    Minimum auditor qualifications: New HQS Course, All Basic Books memorized with multiple packages donated, MAA Internship completed, high donor status in all categories, video approval from RTC, no internet connection, no known connections to Rathbun, allegiance sworn to COB.


  64. This makes it very clear what things were like. This is the trickle down from the insanities perpetrated at Int by Miscavige. This is the exact op basis he used and popularized — “no backflash”, “you’re part of the solution or part of the problem” and most especially, ANY defense of anyone who was now considered a “donstat” or “SP” or “CI to COB” was an instant ticket to sec checking, being put under watch and hazing of the worst kind. THere are a lot of people who post here that have experienced this complete inversion of Scientology admin/ethics tech. Yet again, its exposing Dear Leader’s Radical Reverse Scientology.

  65. Now right here Barb, is where my Academy training is really going to pay off.

    In the reactive mind Barb: BLOG = BLOG = BLOG = BLOG = BLOG.

    All BLOGS are the same to the reactive mind. It can’t tell the difference. It can’t differentiate. It doesn’t KNOW, THINK, REASON or FEEL on it’s own.


  66. Scotty,
    Your buddy’s project is SMOKIN”!!!!!
    I went to the website and watched and listened for quite a while, totally enthralled. SMOKIN”!!!!

  67. Ditto. He’s good with this language stuff and imagery.

  68. Toocuteforwords


    Can’t leave out that your FaceBook friends need to be verified on a weekly basis by OSA.

  69. OMFG!!!!

    At this point I don’t think you’re joking around OTDT! This is probably “real”. God help those still in. Black and Reverse are the operative words.

    By the way Marty, thanks for another great LRH reference that nails it. The psychotic RUNT currently in charge of the destruction of Ron’s work will go down in the annals of history for what he is: The greatest inhibitor of Man’s spiritual progress.

    This psychotic RUNT hates thetans. That’s a fact. Just look at his “products”.

    Never-the-less, Happy New Year to the Independents! Here’s unbridled spiritual freedom and the continuity of LRH’s ideas, ideals, intentions and postulates.

    Lil’ Runt- Fuck you for the damage you’ve orchestrated. Pay backs are hell.

    ML, Tom Gallagher

  70. Happy New Year Theo!!!!!


  71. That’s a day in the life under DM, spread as a cancer all the way down.

    Hy, I have found in you a kindred spirit – Mr. Backflash!

    I remember one where the Security Chief Kenny Seybold came at me one day screaming ‘you’re out of valence you SP’. I thought this was rather odd so I backflashed and said ‘How the fuck do you know my valence to say I’m in or out of it’. He got really puzzled.

  72. We of the Church believe

    We of the Church believe:

    “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;”


  73. Kathy Braceland

    You’re right Samuel. The more communication, the better. Communication IS the universal solvent.

  74. Tony DePhillips

    Funny Thoughtful.
    That is one crazy pig. I could see it spinning like a whirling dervish.

  75. Tony DePhillips

    And it was squeeling real loud too!!

  76. Tony DePhillips

    Great point DFB.

  77. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!!! Good one!!

  78. OTDT, you are funny….great post!

  79. Well Hy “you know you were only as good as your last reg cycle”!!!!!!!
    This type of treatment was normal for any upstat reg. I love the fact you did not agree either did I.

  80. TD & Hy,
    You know what I find amazing about what you said, Hy? Well, aside from your astounding clarity and painting such a vivid picture of the ethically decrepit environment of mud and horse manure stench you had to experience, but it’s the fact that you were even able to find a relatively sane exec left in that bunch of soul-pawning hypnotees who have the temerity to call themselves executives. Those shrunken dupes have slaughtered the original magical and spiritual symbology and ideas their Sea Org uniforms once portrayed and stood for.

    Miscavige’s ability to manipulate circumstances on such a wide scale as what he has brought about in the church are almost admirable. Almost. My Expanded GITA must be unflat.

  81. “Lil’ Runt- Fuck you for the damage you’ve orchestrated. Pay backs are hell.”

    What he said…LOL

    To paraphrase Robert Duval from “Apocalypse Now”…
    I love the smell of righteous Indies telling the little psychotic fuck (and any of his SO minions) to put it where the sun don’t shine…in the morning.
    (or any time of day for that matter)

  82. @Barb: Ron Hubbard “wasted” his valuable time riding his motorcycle, driving and/or shooting photos practically every day; and, he “wasted” his valuable time with his family every day. On the Apollo, he “wasted” his time writing short postings to the OODs (Orders Of the Day) practically every day. He also “wasted” his time writing a couple of non-scientology Science Fiction novels in the 80’s.
    Your notions of what Ron Hubbard would or would not do if her were around today apparently are not based upon the actual history of his past activities.
    Michael A. Hobson

  83. Too Cute,
    Note pre-req of “no internet connection”.
    There will be no Facebook accounts allowed.

  84. “Smells like…Victory”

  85. Let’s see, I believe it is one of the characteristics of a suppressive person that “their” activities are all-important, while “your” activities and interests and accomplishments are a “waste of time.” Sorry that you can’t help showing your true nature, Barb Smith.

  86. With you on this! Aaaah!! (As in the sound you make after a sip of great coffee or cocoa, or just sitting in front of the fire watching the flames dance.

  87. Yes, I remember all those wonderful events that told “what WILL be done next year,” etc. And most of those beautiful plans never happened. Smoke and mirrors and computer-generated “future stats.” LOL

  88. Just want to wish all the Indies success and happiness in the new year.

  89. I never got into much trouble in the SO
    but I saw exactly what Hy was talking about. It totally didn’t make sense to me. I was just unhappy. Reading these blogs blows so much charge. I can see how when you are in you just go along with the flow. You think that something is wrong with you since everyone else seems to have no problem with it. The other suppressive thing is the interpretation of the leaving and leaves Policy between married couples. I hung in there because my wife seemed to be hanging. I dared not communicate with her about my feelings as I would be accused of trying to pull “another staff memeber” out of the SO. Same thing for your children. Once you are in the trap there is no getting out as a family unit. Easy in difficult out! You are lied to on the way in. The picture is painted to handle your worries and concerns knowing full well that once you sign on you will lose everything you hold dear if you discover the lies and want to leave because you were misrepresented.

  90. Jean-François Genest

    I am currently having a little Bosun Party at home, an LRH-ordered party, a tradition in the Sea Organization at this time of year, with beer, cheese & crackers, music and fun, and I am thinking of you all.

    I am sending out a TOAST to all my Independent Friends the world over.
    CHEERS to our movement and to the coming year!

  91. Hilarious, JLo! I had a similar incident with a few years ago with this backflash BS, but it’s not in my nature to sit there and take shit from anyone, especially not from a little turd. It landed me in the mother of all ethics cycles, but a small price to pay.

    You can draw analogies to the Salem witch trials. If you float when we throw you in the lake, you’re a witch and we’ll burn you at the stake; if you sink, you were innocent. (Though you’re dead, all the same.)

  92. In fact, I see writing and publishing HCOBs and Policy Letters as being very much like blogging. He kept a record of his daily activities, thoughts, and discoveries in that way, and made them available to others by publishing them in real time, just like blogging.

  93. Scott Campbell

    Right on, Tom.

    I agree. No free thought in that camp. This forum and subject matter indicates to me that this is actually what we need most right now.

    Will check out your comment on back-post now. Tks.


  94. I second that. Great post Marty!
    One of the true basics of scientology. Illustrates the principle that one tends to get an increase of whatever he puts his attention on. And we know what kinds of things Miscabbage puts all his attention on.

  95. Scott Campbell

    Jimmy, the first time I saw the Orchestre Surreal perform was when my sister took me to see them as a surprise after we came out of the S.O.. She didn’t tell me what it was, but when we got to the concert venue in Laguna Beach and I saw the orchestra musicians tuning-up, wearing these wild and eclectic outfits and costumes, I knew it was going to be something special.

    Imagine my surprise when I see my old buddy Ross come striding out from stage left, raise his baton and launch the orchestra into a fully orchestrated 12 tone arrangement of this:

    My smile went from ear to ear and didn’t stop…


  96. Scott Campbell

    Exactly Kathy,

    “Theta the solver” could just as well be called “Theta the communicator”!

    Gives me an Idea…


  97. Scott Campbell

    Ann Howe,

    During the entire time I spent in Scn (until recently) I never addressed what I originally got into SCN to handle. I did a comm course, was blown out – then immediately crush regged after giving up a 2D withhold to the reg after my first “Enlightenment” cycle.

    After enlightening me on the bridge, the whole track, the meter and auditing, He asked me if there was anything that bothered me that I did not feel good about doing. This guy was a trained auditor and OT III. I trusted him. Like everyone else at the mission, he seemed like he really cared about me. I felt safe, so I told him a 2D withhold that I had never told anyone else.

    Within a couple of days, this guy was calling me up at midnight or later, pounding on that button – tone 40!

    Oh my GOD! I immediately lost trust. I no longer felt safe telling anyone anything.

    Nevertheless, the next thing that happened was an S.O. recruit tour came to the mission. I got called into the mission for the event, decided that this group was worthy of help and joined the Sea Org.

    10 years and an OT VIII delivery org called Freewinds later, the rest is history…


  98. Scott Campbell

    Barb, You sound like one of those idiots who usurped the S.O. # 1 Comm Line from LRH back in the 70’s.

    Just sayin’


  99. Scott Campbell

    Jimmy, you crack me up. Totally insouciant to the death!

  100. Wow!

    Probably the reason Kaye can’t stop smiling is probably because she toked a spliff before sending that email.

    I just drove by the Complex tonight and the place looks like it was hit with a Neutron bomb.

    I mean the only expansion I can see is probably in her mind.

    Kate I suggest you grab some munchies and go back to watching the Cheech and Chong special before you embarrass yourself any further.

  101. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    OTDT your a frickin’ genius!!!!

    You made that up…..ah….right…?

    It’s not real…is it????

  102. Scott Campbell


    Thanks for posting this from Hy. Lake Tanganyika reminds me of “The Allegory of the Cave” from Plato’s “Republic”

    Both paint an effective picture of how “shadow ideas” can be used to create a self-imposed prison which is relatively simple for those who cast the shadows to maintain. If one remains imprisoned by his ideas of what the shadows are for long enough, he too becomes but a shadow of his former self.

    In order to regain oneself, one cannot remain subject to the shadows.

    That’s why I say “fuck it”. Say what’s on your mind. Let us know your experiences. That is how people wake up and see the truth. They read a blog or website and say, “Hey, I know that guy” and “I remember that” and, “That DID happen!”

    With that, the spell is broken and the shadows become as insubstantial as the light and absence they are made of. No more power. No more significance. Just the truth.

    And for those still into self-abnegation and letting others tell them, “You are responsible for your own condition – and by the way, your condition is BAD!” Here’s a little conundrum for ya’.

    It’s not natter if it’s true, right?

    The question is, who’s making it true?


  103. Scott Campbell


    You’re killin’ me, man.

  104. Scott Campbell

    Here’s to many future Independent Bo’sun’s Parties, Jean-François!



  105. @Mockingbird6: I’m calling foul on this post and I can’t comprehend why the moderator let it through. <b<We are not in the business of labeling people suppressive just because they happen to disagree with us about something. That behavior is one of the hallmarks of McSavage’s mob and it doesn’t belong here at all, in my not so humble opinion.
    Michael A. Hobson

  106. Tony DePhillips

  107. Scott Campbell


    I’d like to make a (facetious) toast to Kaye Champagne.

    “Champagne to my True Friends… and ‘True Pain’ to my Sham Friends”


  108. Tony DePhillips

    Cheers!! Bonne Sante!!

  109. Yes, a Bosun’s Party for the New Year! Cheers to you, Jean-Francois, and Cheers to all with wishes for a Happy New Year! Postulates for abilities gained all ’round – according to the goals and dreams each of you has set across the dynamics. Postulates to pierce the veil of ignorance, not-isness, and fear that surrounds our friends and release all to see and know the truth!
    Bonne Année
    Ein glückliches Neue Jahr
    Gong Xi Fa Tsai
    Buon Anno
    and …


  110. Independent Scientologist

    Today is my birthday, and my wife Michelle and I have been reviewing the very bitter sweet year that 2010 was for us.

    I lost Scientology and regained Scientology, lost my upper Bridge (so I thought) and regained my upper Bridge, lost old friends and gained new friends, and on a personal note lost a beloved African grey parrot and acquired a new parrot.

    I consider myself unimaginably lucky that the tech is available at all, and that I am in a situation where I can take advantage of it every day.

    2011 is looking bright for me – I’m hoping it’s a year with only peaks, no valleys!

    – Ron Matlock

  111. I wish all of you a wonderful New Year full of creation and Love….

    Silvia Kusada

  112. LOL, LOL, LOL,
    This is so incredible funny…….
    OTDT, this is your top joke; best of the year!

  113. Tony:
    Thanks so much for posting this.
    Hy Levy:
    Thanks so much for sharing and writing up the insanity, greed and off the wall treatment of SO members at the Flag Land Base.
    Every post like this confirms what a correct action it was for me to exit the Sea Org and then exit this CULT which has become abhorrent as a “Church”.

    One of the strangest handlings which was used repeatedly, was, let’s say the stats were down and you had to stay on post until they were handled. Usually on a Wednesday night
    Then let’s say around 2 or 3 am your senior got pissed and since you hadn’t handled it yet you had to go to the galley and scrub pots, floors, etc….
    (In a way it was as you the had a “rest” from all the yelling and screaming and invalidation and could destimulate from that.)

    That’s right, dole out SLEEP DEPRIVATION
    to a trapped SO member who cannot easily walk out the door.
    Use thuggery, meanness, viciousness and the rank of seniority to punish a willingness staff member by enforcing work and no sleep out of GREED for STATS.

    All under the umbrella of a “Religion.”

    Religion indeed.

    I wait with baited breath to see what the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals does on the Headley case. No one can predict the 9th Circuit rulings.
    Hiding DM/SO atrocities under the guise of “Religion” will not make it in this culture. It is has a finite time spam.
    It is NOT LRH.
    This too will end.

  114. I’ve been studying 8-8008 a bit recently and my opinion is that the key points of a being’s rehab AS a being lie in electing oneself cause on the dynamics (responsibility) and gradiently upgrading one’s ability to create one’s universe (while treating other beings with ARC/respect and particularly respecting THEIR OWN rights at “universe creation”).

    Somewhere along the line in Scientology’s evolution, the tons of great data that LRH presented morphed gradiently into a RELIGION and then a CHURCH (capital letters here intended to convey the very “gravitas” and “seriousness” of these words). And with all the baggage of authoritarian Earth religions that insisted on controlling every aspect of their parishioners’ lives (hello Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

    I was so taken with all the wonderful LRH data in 1970 when I joined staff that this latter aspect kinda “snuck” up on me. Hard to believe with a 35 year tech career that I only started to fully look at this and cognite on it this past year. But the precursor of today’s Church is all in Keeping Scientology Working (and I do NOT mean the parts about keeping the tech’s application pure; after a long career as an auditor and CS, I have full reality on those points that Ron makes). LRH first “dead agents” democracy and the general idea of people having other viewpoints (all in opposition to his ideas of the 50s) and then hits very hard in the last portion as to how OTHER people who call themselves Scientologists have to behave. One’s dedication level (and right to participate in the religion AT ALL) is hereby laid out and how OTHER group members need to ENFORCE this attitude. One no longer has the “right” to decide for oneself how one will approach the data of Scientology. And so the current game begins (actually began a few years earlier). From the early 60s through the early 80s, an ever growing emphasis placed on how Scientologists were violating the ever growing moral codes of the church and how they needed “ethics” handling with increasing force and punishments (even imprisonment for the members of the most “elite” group), as well as full (attempted) control of every aspect of parishoners’ lives (including control of all comm lines, as well as their finances and sex lives). And is their anyone who even wonders why there is now a fascistic “church” (with – along with the prisons – the requisite uniforms, “commanding” officers and “command intention” that one is supposed to follow unquestioningly). All wrapped up in a package with a counterfeit “aesthetic band” attached to it and the usual promise of Earth religions that OUR religion is the ONLY way to eternal salvation (so best be good, less you are condemned forever).

  115. Modern “science” has no ability nor ambition to resolve or fix anything; to the contrary, it specializes in increased classification, complexity, stupidity and thus danger so as to jack up their extortion racket. It’s a Control Op by the elite (in charge of but not elected by the people they represent), just like Reversed Scientology. And just as Davey pulls inevitable motivators and backlashes, so does Psychiatry. So there’s hope; as of 1-1-2011 the largest part of the scientific health scam in Holland will end. Over the past few years the enforced addiction to benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, etc.) had already been brought back through funding cuts. After government had pushed health food heavily, a sudden drop in suicides followed and (the only) two major drug research companies blew the country. Mainstream psychiatry and media alike report on the over prescription of antidepressiva here. About 5% of our population is still on antidepressiva (25% in America) but from tomorrow on only 1,2% (including elderly or heavily depressed) get them reimbursed. We have officially by far the best healthcare in the world and Europe is watching us closely, so a big 4D win can be expected as many countries will follow. But that’s due to Standard Tech and has nothing to do with Davey as his CCHR campaigns are non existent here, proving that stats can go up in absence of his contra productive Tech. He is pretty active in America but there Pharma sales and health stats are just about the exact opposite of ours, showing that great deterioration may accompany a scene contaminated by his Reversed Tech. We all have 8 Dynamics and at some point we may have thought that our donations to the IAS, CCHR, WTH, etc, helped those area’s, whereas in fact they may have harmed them. It’s my postulate for the new year that some of us recognize that and increase responsibility (no donations per definition) for 4, 5 and 6 as well.

  116. Great way to start the New Year. Thanks Marty for reminding us. Like the way you are auditing the 3rd and 4th dynamics! Focusing on abilities and the rightnesses of the being is the way to go. Happy New Year!

  117. Great post, Marty! BINGO! Even outside of the formal session this is true. Every time I have put my interest in someone’s disability, things got more solid for me. When I applied accent on ability in my relationship with others, MY universe got better. Every major gain that I have had resulting in expanding my dynamics was a result of addressing ABILITY and inversely every fail I have has on my dynamics was because I focused on disability. This reference is SO real to me and can be applied to anything.

    There was another wonderful reference in which LRH talks about his experience with the Black Feet Indians and how they go about telling the children how good they are, even when they are obviously up to some mischief. I decided to try this idea out one day to see how it worked. I had a young student who had taken a classroom chair and was about to swing it with full force straight into a pole. As he was mid swing, I said, Thank you for taking that chair in for me. He abruptly stopped what he was doing, looked slightly bewildered, smiled and said,Yeah, that’s what I was doing. The fact that I didn’t yell or scold him had actually startled him into good behavior.

    And the greatest thing about this reference is that it undoes all the errors that preceded it. All those earlier screw ups and mishandles just melt away. Just knocks the shame, blame and regret out of this universe.

    Thank you for all that you have done to create this universe of able beings who communicate freely and expand on their dynamics. You and Mosey have a fantastic New Year, I can’t imagine anything but great success for you both. I’ve mocked up the same for me and mine and if we have the same locale for the 4th, I’ll be there for sure. It’s so nice to be genuinely excited about the future!

  118. Well, lookie here…traditions still do exist! What a bright idea! Have a wonderful party and I will TOAST to a kick ass year for the Independents around the world, may more people wake up and find real truth and freedom! CHEERS!

  119. Give this man an award for the best undercover Op of the Int base! Woodward and Berstein would be so proud!

  120. Sherb — I had the same thought you had upon reading Marty’s blog post! I dived into the bookcase and retrieved the Tech Dictionary; then looked up the definitions of “Scientologist.” There are four, exactly as you state:

    1. one who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scn technology. (Aud 73 UK)

    2. one who controls persons, environments and situations. A Scientologist operates within the boundaries of the Auditor’s Code and the Code of a Scientologist. (PAB 137)

    3. one who understands life. His technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life. (COHA. P. 12)

    4. a specialist in spiritual and human affairs. (Abil Ma 1)

    I totally agree with your conclusion: “It takes guts and determination with high adventure to actually be a Scientologist.” Thanks! H

  121. Hy,

    I am glad you are doing so well. You helped me quite a bit when I was at Flag and showed your true colors – a great thetan who cared about the public.

    Have a great New Year!

  122. Great update and news, Erwin!

  123. Mike,
    They are referring to the point in PAB 13 On Human Behavior:
    “Those things which the preclear could do (a) were without real value…”

    I agree that a single datum/fact does not a suppressive make. We are not going to dramatize the absurdities of the CofM. Good point.

  124. The scene started getting really weird after the G.O. bust. 1978?

    The road to hell is often paved with good intentions.

  125. Scott Campbell


    You have an uncanny ability to point out solutions to problems that others are groping and grasping for.

    Your statement, “I just thought of something: Scientology runs out the Church of Scientology/NO Scientology. Cool!!!” – totally indicates as the correct handling.

    When in doubt, run it out!


  126. Scott Campbell


    Fantastic news!

    I’ve always admired the value Dutch people place on the well-being of themselves and their society. You are setting a good example for the world to follow.


  127. OTDT,
    Speaking of Expanded Give and Take, I think that process has undergone a revision, to be part of the issue you mention below, and it has now been found by DM that LRH was wrong on the original points to be addressed; it’s supposed to be ‘can’t have’ interspersed with ‘must accept under duress’ and the rest of the concepts were an ‘error’. Not sure if it was transcriptionist at this point but I’m assuming DM knows and as his proven track of tech developments warrant – he’s to be trusted implicitly.

    ALL HAIL DM!!!! Fig Pile! Fig Pile! Fig Pile!
    (He likes figs. In piles.)

  128. Jim,
    By using long-term stop-action cameras zeroed in on the words of many books and bulletins, DM made a startling discovery that the wrong type of ink was used in their printings. A strange slippery ink was used on the pages which caused many of the words to slide completely off the page or slip around nilly-willy on the page, causing mass incomprehension and chaos. Thanks to his swift actions, these materials have all been restored to original status.

    Additionally, and strangely enough, a similar phenomena was found to have occurred with the tape recorded lectures, the words actually sliding across the surface of the tape to a different section or simple falling off the tape completely. These also have been restored, thanks to DM, who personally read every single word of every single book, policy, bulletin and directive, as well as listening to every single taped lecture, sacrificing the entirety of his sleep and personal time for the last thirty years.

    I am looking forward to the issuance of the new Expanded GITA Rundown you refer to, just as soon as DM gets done piloting every item on the list. Hopefully, it’ll be leaked out soon.

  129. Joe,
    Bzzzzt, that’s the buzzer sound for ‘nope’. KSW is key. It’s valid. Was then, will be.

  130. Outstanding Erwin!
    Thanks for this news! VWD!

  131. OTDT,

    OMG! I have a confession to make – I read this blog because you make me laugh. As a staff member, I’m not supposed to, but…I just can’t resist.

    Y’all have a great New Year and please continue with your application of KSW. Many of us are cheering you on.

  132. Thanks guys,
    Just for fun I sneak in another postulate: before the end of 2011 I will have updated you on a major 5-6D breakthrough from the lowlands, and it’s not OT IX.

  133. The quote, ‘what we’re saying today is that you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem,’ is from Eldridge Cleaver from a speech he gave during the Presidential elections in 1968 when racial tension in the US was high. Martin Luther King was assassinated also in 1968 as an illustration.

    In any case, while it made sense in the context of the speech, it doesn’t make sense as a general statement.

    If anyone wants to read a fascinating account of a man who goes from being a Black Panther to an ultra conservative, read Soul and Ice which is a collection of essays by Eldridge Cleaver.

  134. Thank you so much for this post. When my mother had a stroke, the nurse insisted that “all people who have strokes should be on antidepressants.” I refuted this but the person to whom my mother had assigned medical power of attorney agreed to it.

    At a conference I got this person to “come around” but the medicos said it would take weeks to “wean” her off the drugs.

    The next day she was becoming very ill and the doctor took her off the drug immediately. Why? Because he knew she was dying and the drug companies do not want their statistic to show that a death occurred while the person was on their drug. Yes, cold turkey withdrawal so that she could die the next day without a “prescription” for the drug showing up in any statistical analysis.

    Older people are also drugged this way in the nursing homes so that they “don’t give anyone trouble,” even though it is detrimental to their already fragile health.

    Thank you for this information on Holland. I hope the rest of Europe does come to see it this way and perhaps someday the US will too.

  135. I also showed CCHR this data because it would be a massive string to pull and it was ignored.

  136. I’m not SO but I’m coming to your party too! Cheers!

  137. Yikes! It is like over the years, the SO and Scn culture has been distilled to its essence, except that where distillation usually takes out impurities, this distillation took out purities. All that is left is the impure crud and insanity.

    Now that I think of it, what else could it be? When you deviate off course, you keep going more and more off track. The only thing that sticks is bank agreement.

  138. “What new orgs are on the horizon, when Super Power will be released.”

    Around 10 months ago it was guaranteed that Super Power would be released in 2010.

  139. martyrathbun09

    It is Soul on Ice, not “and”. Interesting book, but nothing compared to Autobiography of Malcolm X that got Eldridge thinking in the first place.

  140. That’s great news Erwin!

    Personally I think Scientology the subject as opposed to the hijacked false flag organization may have had some indirect influence.

    Ron as well as Mary Sue plus many others who were either Scientologists or familiar with the subject did a lot research on nutrition in the ’50’s and ’60’s.

    They also spoke out against drugging.

    Such as Dr. Thomas Szasz who wrote a book on psychiatry’s and the medical professions addiction to psychotropics and antidepressants:

    So despite the Church of Subornology ‘s currently negative influence the actual tech still gets out.

  141. M6,

    Of course CCHR would ignore it.

    Since its become nothing but a traveling side show.

  142. Scientology did have direct influence. Davey’s freakshow fortunately didn’t amount to anything.

  143. You’re absolutely right; many years ago I went to CCHR and not only didn’t they have any pertinent data; they couldn’t care less. They were totally unwilling to do anything within public reality and even stopped regging me ?????? !!!! ????? to avoid it. Their income depends on psych expansion, so the last thing they want is the forced drugging to stop.

  144. Scott Campbell

    A good (indie) buddy of mine just called me this afternoon and told me he did one of those things where he said, “Ron, show me something that I need to see”. He said that his attention was immediately drawn to a PTS/SP course pack on his bookshelf. He walked over, grabbed it and opened it up to this…

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

    Issue I

    Org Series 28

    Personnel Series 21


    A few days ago when I found that musical chairs and flubbed hatting had unstabilized some areas, I wondered whether or not this might stem from some social aberration that was very general in the societies in which we are working.

    And it seems to have been the case. I worked on it a bit and found this:


    This is quite true. In Scientology 8-80 the base of the motor is discussed. It holds two terminals in fixed positions. Because they are so fixed, power can be generated.

    If a thetan can hold a position or location in space he can generate POWER.

    If he cannot, he cannot generate power and will be weak.

    We have known this for nineteen years. It applies here.





    In processing, picking up this chain of lost positions achieves very good gains and rehabilitates a person’s ability to hold a job.





    A basically insecure person who feels he is unable to hold his position in space is sufficiently strengthened by hatting to feel secure enough to do his job.



    When a person is secretly afraid of others, he instinctively will not hat them or hats them wrongly and tends to transfer or move them about.

    When a person is insecurely posted and insufficiently hatted, he can try to weaken others by trying to prevent their hatting and trying to get them transferred or even dismissed.

    This is apparently the social aberration at work.

    The answer to a sane org and a sane society is not welfare and removal. It is:

    Recruit them

    Train them

    Hat them

    Apprentice them

    Give them a post.

    This is so strong in truth it would de-aberrate the bulk of the crime out of a society.

    And it sure will put an org in POWER.

    L. Ron Hubbard

    It is entirely relevant to the subject of this post as well as a salient adjunct to accomplishing it’s purpose.

    Well done, buddy. THAT is Scientology.


  145. Erwin,

    As far as I’m concerned Davy’s lil’ Freak Show is a false flag op in the truest sense of the phrase.

    He can take his lil’ 501 c iii status along with his not so secret “Secret” Closing Agreement and rotate on ’em while holding on to his copper rods.

    Regaining Tax Exempt status isn’t worth the price we had to pay for it.

    As far as CCHR is concerned I hope Doc Szasz or his successor sees fit to hand those posers Eastgate and Wiseman their pink slip and dismantle that Circus show of theirs.

    Again well done on showing Big Pharma the exit over in Holland.



  146. Thanks Robin,
    Now you mention it, I’ll sneak in another new years postulate; the end of world wide extortion and tax racketeering by the financial cartels. Ultra rich banksters and super wealthy corporations have just like Davey been feeding off the public through predatory schemes, money laundering and massive tax evasion to establish a totalitarian One World Order. They’ve brought just about every nation on the planet into ever increasing debts and thus control them by force and financial blackmail.
    Before the end of 2011 that’ll be history.

    Eastgate and Wiseman will see CCHR goals accomplished despite their best efforts to the contrary.
    Happy New Year!

  147. Happy New Year to you as well Erwin.

    To celebrate the New Year I thought I’d post something by the Ol’man written back in ’57.

    (OSA its BPI so you guys will look like real idiots trying to enforce DMCA on this post.

    But if you’re up for another foot bullet….)

    Anyway Erwin it is very germane to the post and link you just gave.

    So here it is in its entirety.


    Begin Fair use:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Please write the enclosed letter to (1) your leading local paper, and (2) your
    representatives in Congress.
    America needs your help to survive and we need your help to spread and effect a
    postulate as a mass-postulate test. This test is to determine the amount of mest
    communication necessary to change the “mind” of a governing agency. In this last
    respect it is purely research. But it is also a good idea. Let’s do it. Your ability to
    postulate is workable too. Please tell us if you have done it.
    There comes a time in the history of any country when tax collection activities
    become a disease that its economy cannot bear. Such a disease is ordinarily healed by
    revolt, inflation, or financial collapse. The primary source of disintegration in all
    governments, whether ancient Egypt or modern America, is tax voracity or abuses.
    While fighting a cold front with Communism the US is violently co-operating
    with Communist aims by destroying her individual confidence and initiative with a
    Marxist tax reform. The basic principles of US income tax were taken from “Das
    Kapital” and are aimed at destroying capitalism. Unless the US ceases to co-operate
    with this Red push, Communism could win in America.
    The reform of all income tax laws is needed for other reasons. (1) To increase
    government revenues in order to support defense. (2) To prevent spiraling inflation and
    another stock market collapse and (3) to return the US to the basic principles of
    democracy as opposed to economic tyranny.
    The following program should accomplish all desirable ends. The only “losers”
    are the people now gaining tax bonuses and the Kremlin.
    If America cannot act rationally on this matter of tax abuse, she is condemned to a
    crash, another depression and Communist dominance in the world.
    Income Tax Reforms that would stabilise US Economy and could win an election:
    Charge as tax 5% of all gross income and forbid taxes on net incomes.
    Abolish criminal penalties for tax failures; substitute higher percentiles of gross
    failures to pay.
    Forbid use of employers’ or tax payers’ time to actually collect taxes from others;
    (no second party tax duties).
    Forbid payments of bonuses or awards to tax personnel or informants for tax
    Make tax personnel personally liable for all public actions if illegal or damaging.
    Forbid the payment of tax on tax monies paid; sums paid to internal revenue; tax
    payments to be an expense, all retroactive.
    Delete the political aspect from income tax; make it a financial transaction, not an
    advance of the principles of Karl Marx aimed to penalise leadership or initiative.
    Delete all criminal aspects from income tax law, not using penalties about taxation
    to arrest men whose other crimes are suspected but cannot be proven by other law
    agencies; the payment of tax, if it is to be effected, must not be associated in the public
    mind with the actions of gangsters.
    Use the income tax amendment to collect taxes, not fight capitalism or the
    inequalities of ability amongst a people.
    Forbid the invasion of privacy of personal transactions and activities in order to
    collect tax beyond the examination of a corporation’s books by a qualified accountant.
    Cease to penalise corporation executives exclusively because their accounts
    departments fail them—penalise only the accountants who refuse to work or who make
    the errors, since management to-day is becoming difficult where the person actually
    making the errors and omissions cannot be touched.
    Forbid complex forms for taxation purposes. Allow only forms which list income
    and calculate its gross percentage.
    If the ills of income tax practice are not cured by swift law, they will be cured by
    (a) Economic collapse, (b) Russian victory, (c) A revolt of the people, or (d) The
    abandonment of democracy in favor of a fascist state.
    America can no longer afford the deadly disease of economic punishment in the
    name of income tax. This, more surely than H-bombs is destroying her future.
    The aim of the Kremlin is to destroy the US economic system. In 1911, the US
    altered her constitution to admit a Marxist tax principle. This was the first germ of the
    present economic disease.
    It can be handled in such a way as to save civilisation or it can be ignored with the
    consequence of total destruction.
    A way has been hoped for that would give the government her revenues for
    defense without wrecking the economy. This is such a way since political popularity
    can be bought by it without sacrificing government revenues.

    End of Fair Use

    It’s interesting to note that many of the reforms suggested by this HCOB have already been put into action by IRS themselves and others were instituted under the Tax Reform laws of the late ’90’s.

    However major corporations have always been good at bending the Tax Codes in their favor and therefor creating inequities in the Tax System.

    Personally I thought that the creation of CATS and the “Fair Tax” idea was one doomed to failure.

    Yet it was the one used by Miscavige and his cohorts along with extortion and blackmail to bludgeon the IRS into giving the Church of Scientology its unique “benefits” under the ‘Secret Closing Agreement’ while the above HCOB was less threatening toward the IRS and would have not created antagonism with the Service.

    Anyway those are my thoughts on the matter.

    Maybe we as independents can also help making Ron’s postulate stick on the matter and possibly create a better economic environment and let the organization that calls itself the “Church of Scientology” go its merry way to hell.



  148. Joe, I find your post very interesnting as we have too look before the Misscabbage moron took over as “the seeds were there before” per David Mayo and Otto Ross.
    You can google them and pull up there side of the story.
    This declare on Ampriministics written by Ron himself around 1965 when he wrote KSW does show where things started go go off the rails in my view.
    It is a jolting read but must be looked at along with the whole positive package again is my view.
    I always keep in mind that LRH was a man and subject to the same emotions and fallabilities that we all have at times.
    Below is the wikepidia footnotes.

    FAIR GAME was canceled altogether in October 1968, with Hubbard stating that
    The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations. This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP.
    – L. Ron Hubbard[147]

    Hubbard later explained that:
    There was never any attempt or intent on my part by the writing of these policies (or any others for that fact), to authorize illegal or harassment type acts against anyone. As soon as it became apparent to me that the concept of ‘Fair Game’ as described above was being misinterpreted by the uninformed, to mean the granting of a license to Scientologists for acts in violation of the law and/or other standards of decency, these policies were canceled.”
    – L. Ron Hubbard[148]

    While the number of incidents involving so-called dirty tricks or unethical actions dropped in the years that followed,[149] several judges and juries have through their decisions or comments asserted that the tactics continued beyond Hubbard’s order canceling use of the term Fair Game in 1968.[150]

  149. @Scott: there is certainly insufficient information in “Barb Smith’s” post to make that sort of adjudication.
    Wasn’t one of the reasons you left the Sea Org, to get away from people just making up accusations from the flimsiest of “reasoning” ?
    Michael A. Hobson

  150. That PL is applicable in more than one way. Even though CATS might have looked good, the idea’s were used for suppressive ends. The Tax Reforms of the late 90’s have given us the greatest economic crisis since the thirties. Equal taxing might sound good but it made the rich richer and the poor poorer. It might be a good thing that executives and corporations get protected against invasive tax collectors but this got corrupted into executive and corporate immunity against tax evasion, fraud, extortion, money laundering, racketeering, etc. In America corporations got tax credits for leaving the country and increasing unemployment. We now carry a great burden because the work force has been reduced and big corporations don’t pay; they blackmail our government by moving to other countries as well and increasing unemployment further if they have to pay. In this way they can take huge profits out of our economy and thus money gets more scarce. Then the government has to borrow to sustain us and of course the big fat companies are more than willing to loan their loot to the government at 4% to extract even more and feed the spiral of ever increasing debt. The tax reforms panned out nicely for the elitists but catastrophically for the rest.

  151. martyrathbun09

    Accurate summation.

  152. Yes Marty,
    But thas is just the administrative side whereas the health care system precipitated the physical crisis. Through fear based marketing schemes that sold expensive and unnecessary medical, dental, mental and chiropractic packages, health cost were driven to unsustainable heights. Through direct to consumers advertising they hooked a quarter of Americans on patented drugs with lots of side effects. Those increased the amount of treatments and thus the collectively coughed up insurance premiums more than doubled. America acknowledges that more than 60% of all foreclosures are related to medical debts. Even though 80% of those were insured, they went broke because racketeering insurance companies that collected huge premiums due to increased treatments, didn’t pay the medical bills. So just about half of all foreclosures (500.000/year) are due to financial/health care fraud. This started the housing market to collapse and that was aided by the 7 million jobs that Bush had exported to China. The mortgage companies knew ahead (they even refinanced against 20%) that many Americans couldn’t sustain the payments and sold the mortgage derivatives to EU. And that’s how the crisis spread around the world. Of course, the elitists gained trillions from international governments that tried to keep their countries running by borrowing from them.

  153. Erwin,

    Stop looking at the dark side.

    The tax reforms also gave Tax Payers a Bill of Rights and also made it easier for the average person with enormous Tax burdens to settle for less tax than they owed.

    Not only that but the IRS no longer prosecutes people who owe taxes as they did in the past.

    As far as I’m concerned these are steps in the right direction and though it ain’t perfect.

    It’s a whole lot better than it was!

    Yes the rich still are able to evade taxes but if you actually read the HCOB you’d find that loop would be closed.

    Income Tax Reform would be relatively painless compared to the current complicated system of taxation.

    Add to that demanding the Government be more fiscally responsible and the scene would be much better than it is now where 70% of our taxes are being used to fund the MIC.

  154. Erwin

    Excellent. Provide links if you can. People need love and atention. Healthy food and exercise. The 1,2 % is a pretty good estimate of the bottomline.

    The Dutch are pragmatic. Results and Feasabilty win out in the end. It never fails.

    Alsoo the “Poldermodel”of governance means a hell of a lot of Comunication

  155. Countries that borrow have their own responsibility. People get the leaders they deserve in a democracy.

    Democracy is a verb. Use it or loose it.
    Erwin Unemployment is down in our country. It has been going down for a while now.

    Thanks to the German economy that is. Rotterdam harbour had its best year ever.

  156. CD,
    Here are some links. If you need more, let me know the specs.
    60 mlj. extra for health food in 2006:'Meer+geld+voor+gezonde+voeding
    Unusual low suicide rates in 2007:

  157. Robin,
    Thanks for the good news, I didn’t know that. But I still think it’s a good idea to confront the dark side and stating how Tax Reforms worked out, how it has contributed to ghost towns all over America with more than a million people a year loosing their home, how 10% became unemployed, how the deficit got to spiral out of control and how that has set off a world wide economic crisis. The price that everybody (except the elite) has to pay for the relief of some tax burdens and unjust prosecution is way too high. I agree that those basic ideas were good but the corruption by the elite upon implementation leaves a dark side that badly needs to be covered by some high powered footlights of truth. I even think it’s part of my Dynamics, so I have to take responsibility for it. Look at what Marty did when he discovered a shadow in a back alley cranny of a religion.

  158. I agree Erwin,

    There is still a long way to go.

    For instance most taxes are spent on quote Defense unquote and quote National Security unquote.

    More accurately handling blowback from the mad capped schemes of the Neocon traitors such as PNAC.

    One wonders if these guys were working for OBL all along.

  159. You’re right on the war spending; terror is a false flag dreamt up by PNAC and other think tanks, executed by Bush and Cheney to funnel tax money into the Neo-con war industry, leaving the country in debt and making the banksters and their industry double rich (I explained in the next post). That goes hand in glove with their overall goals of health, housing and job destruction, to extract ever more currency out of the economy to bring about a melt down so that the Neo-con banksters with their trillions in industry and off shore accounts can step in and buy themselves world domination.

  160. You’re right. Our governments should have arrested the crisis profiteers or frozen all interests on all bonds. Scared of doing either one they could (and still can) have collectively demanded that no money made in a country would be allowed to be stored in tax havens. Instead they borrowed and now pay billions interest every day. Holland is indeed well off but that’s because the IQ in Rotterdam increased remarkably since I came back from America.

  161. Doh!!!

    So er yaz sayin’ that de IQ in duh US of Eh decreased since ya left???

    Ya no, dems fightin’ wards!!!!


  162. What I find disturbing is that all the people on childabuse task forces suddenly were moved to terror task forces within the police apparatus of my country.

  163. CD,

    I gotta say that that’s like strange.

    Wa’sup wid dat?

    Any links?

  164. This one is for Erwin Chroughs

  165. OTDT is incredible, so funnyyyyyy. I keep laughing and he gets better every time. Thanks to all of you cheering us; that’s the real joke! I really feel bad for you guys as you have to contribute to something that hurts your dynamics and blocks the Bridge. It’s one of the things that puzzles me most; you all know, some more aware than ohters. What is needed for you guys to stand up?

  166. Thanks CD,

  167. Erwin,

    I’ll answer this as best as possible from my viewpoint and my reality.

    1) I don’t feel that I am part of something that is doing harm all across my dynamics. In other words, there are still many good things happening and that is what I contribute to. Keep the good flowing while you sort out the bad, so to speak.

    Refusal to follow off-policy actions is one way to keep one’s integrity in while continuing to strengthen wins.

    It is a personal thing, isn’t it?

    2) I don’t see my Bridge as being blocked but I do see it as being done only on my own self-determinism. Maybe it will take longer for me to get there, but I don’t see how you can sell your soul and go free at the same time.

    3) Others/us standing up? That I can’t comment on for others but I can tell you that the main thing I have seen is just the cut comm/out of comm situation for some public. What others may do I cannot say but the ethics gradient is going up as we speak mention outpoints.

    Does that help answer your questions?

  168. A bit of inside information I got from a retired policeman who was a detective ? for Organized Crime.

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