Yvonne and Ken Schick – Give me a T for Texas!

 A couple years back some Texas big wigs rammed through a deal with a Spanish construction company to build and operate toll roads (with millions in kickbacks,and free interstate travel forever lost) across this great state. In response, more than ten thousand ranchers, farmers and common folk marched on Austin. Didn’t take long for the deal to get canceled. A seventy-something year-old sod buster was interviewed at the time. He said words to this effect: people think Texas is run by the New World Order; I got news, when the beginning of the end the New World Order happens, it’ll start right here in the heart of Texas.

I’m not sure what that all has to do with this, but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I received the following announcement from a couple of major league O.T.s from Austin.

Yvonne (OT VIII) and Ken (OT VII) Schick are free and clear and independent. Ken was head of the Austin OT Committee and Yvonne was its Exec Sec. The Schicks are IAS Patrons with Honors, Ideal Org Humanitarians, SuperPower Key Contributors and have donated out the wazoo to library campaigns, planetary dissemination, you name it. Most would consider them among the leading OL’s in the area.

Give me a T for Texas!

Ken and Yvonne Schick

Dear Friends,

For a thetan there are two very essential rights: One is the right to his own sanity, and the other is the right to leave a game.”  LRH, PDC, Dec 3rd1952 

Ken and Yvonne Schick hereby announce that we are withdrawing our support and leaving the organization of the Church of Scientology. 

We know that we have both benefited from auditing and training we have received.  We respect L. Ron Hubbard and believe that his intention to help his fellow man was sincere.  We still consider ourselves Scientologists in that our spiritual beliefs about the nature of man and relationship with his fellow man and the universe are consistent with the principles of Scientology.  Furthermore, we will continue the application of Scientology in our daily lives.

We know that the staffs at all the orgs are filled with very caring, very dedicated individuals who would do anything to help their fellow man. 

Some of you receiving this are our closest friends in the world with whom we have shared play time, work, the ups and downs and joys of life.  We realize that this decision will mean the end of our friendship with some.   We will let you decide if that is your own determinism or one enforced upon you by others.

All of that said, we can no longer support what we feel the organization has become under the leadership of David Miscavige.  We feel that LRH started a church for the purpose of bringing spiritual freedom to man and that Mr. Miscavige has morphed it into something else entirely that appears to be mostly about money and his personal aggrandizement.  We have each personally experienced the “forbidden cognition”: that our church is declining, that there is an SP behind that decline, and that the SP is David Miscavige.

There has been no single incident or source that brought us to this point.  Rather it has been years of personal experiences along with observation of events and data that finally started coming together.   For most of the last 20 years, any doubts or reservations we had were categorized as something that would get handled eventually.  We began to violate our own sense of personal decency and core values in order to be “on board”, “KSW-in”, members of the team.    

More recently, we decided we must resolve our doubt and our evaluation led us to conclude that Miscavige has grossly altered LRH tech, has focused the largest percentage of the activity of the group on fundraising in one form or another, is intent on milking every dime out of every member, and (quite frankly) has gone psychotic.  For any of you who want to know more about how we came to the decision, we suggest you think for yourself and look for yourself starting with the websites that report information Mr. Miscavige does not want you to have.  We were especially moved by the letter written by OT VIII Luis Garcia.  He did a very thorough job of documenting the exact points that were there for us.  We recommend reading Luis’ letter; A Letter From Garcia.  We also recommend: Friends of LRH, Leaving Scientology, and Marty Rathbun’s blog

Our decision is made.  We do not welcome any handling from anyone who might feel so inclined or be so directed.  If anyone shows up at our home unannounced and uninvited, we will assume it can only be a “mission” and you will be asked to leave with no further discussion.  That said, we are not cutting our communication lines or disconnecting from anyone who wants to call us friend. 

We do not know if retaliation will be unleashed against us.  One factor that motivated us was the malicious attacks we saw against people who decided to leave the group.  Perhaps you will be told how very “evil” we are.  Perhaps information we gave in session or to an MAA assuming confidentially will be broadcast.  Ask yourself, “What kind of church does this?”

To those of you who already know this just is not what LRH intended, we hope that our leap will give you courage to do the same for your own peace of mind.

To those of you who want to leave but feel trapped by family and business relationships, our hearts go out to you.  Keep looking, stay true to your personal integrity, and you will find a way.

To those of you who remain loyal to Miscavige’s org, we ask that you simply LOOK.  Just like LRH advised us.  Look at the real results, not the PR.  Look at the effects being created in the general public.  It has been a downhill ride since that man took over LRH’s church.

We are grateful to the bold men and women who have had the courage to leave the church run by Miscavige and then speak out publicly so that the truth is told.  We appreciate that there are committed individuals who want to keep alive LRH’s purpose and technology for helping others. 

We wish all of you the brightest of New Year’s with all of the spiritual freedom you have dreamed of for the ages.  “Flourish and prosper.”  LRH, The Way to Happiness.

Sincerely,  Ken and Yvonne Schick

OT VII completion and OT VIII


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  1. Ken and Yvonne,
    Welcome to the world of the Independent Scientologist. This is where you can continue living with admiration for the wonders of LRH tech and your personal integrity intact. You will find us a friendly, uptone and really on-source group compared to what you have experienced in the other group.

    Enjoy your new found freedom – to be, to do and to have as you see is optimum for your dynamics. You are most welcome to the group and I am glad to walk and be at your side. LRH would be proud in my opinion.

  2. Ken and Yvonne, Thank You, Thank You! Such a clear and pure statement.

    Welcome Friends!

  3. Let’s hear it for these great Thetans from the Great State of Texas! Welcome!

  4. Yvonne & Ken….Two words sum up my reaction from reading this courageous communication.


    Thank You

  5. Yvonne and Ken
    Beautiful. Just beautiful
    Welcome 🙂

  6. yeppie ya yeah, Hello Yvonne and Ken . The best what you could do for yourself to make your year 2011 successful. You will gain a lot of friends here . I´m very happy you are here – and who knows… perhaps soon some of your friends are here too…;-)
    love Anna

  7. Haven’t posted in awhile but this event prompts a hale and hearty welcome to a couple of tremendous Texans!

    You’re gonna’ be hard-pressed to find any finer beings.

    Welcome Yvonne and Ken.


    Vic Krohn

  8. A very big welcome to you both! LRH, wherever he is, is cheering you on for standing up against supression and the many gross vioaltions of KSW.

    I know there are many more to follow you. How could anyone read your cogent, complete and clear words and not be compelled to want to follow you on the path that LRH asked us to walk?

    I am so moved by your story. As I have always believed, the quality and quantity of beings coming out is going to grow faster than we can imagine.


  9. Watching Eyes

    Ken & Yvonne,
    Congratulations on declaring your independence. Very nice photo. Was it taken in Clearwater? Wouldn’t that be ironic, and kind of funny, to now have it posted here.
    In leaving the dwarf’s cult, you’ve left behind the entheta and continual regging. A whole new world is out here among the independents where LRH’s tech is alive & well. I’d say we’re a happy group where nobody bugs you, nobody cares how much money you have or don’t have and true honest to God help is available if & when you want it. Welcome.

  10. John Fennessey

    Ken and Yvonne. A pleasure to meet you.

    Its rare these days to read a statement which displays such a deep sense of relaxed conviction. You both are obviously very comfortable in what you know and who you are.

    There was nothing canned about your statement. You individuality, ability to evaluate and sense of decency is evident. Welcome and best wishes.

  11. Ken & Yvonne,

    Beautifully written! I wish I had written it myself.

    … and yes, Flourish & Prosper!

    Do well.

  12. Hi Guys,

    I didn’t know you well but of course I do remember you fondly. I am happy to see you join the Independent Scientology community. I’m glad you found us. Welcome!

  13. Welcome to the Free World Ken and Yvonne! Glad to have you here. We can’t have enough Texans in our midst…

  14. It is clear that you thought long and hard and were very thorough in really handling any doubts you had about the church. I can see that you are very caring individuals and your intention that this resignation will be understood by others, especially your friends, rang out clearly.

    I hope that the whispers of Scientologists being in doubt and leaving the church in droves has allowed those that know you to have a moment to pause and look rather than immediately cut the comm line. If all Scientologists were honest and applied the code of honor when they receive the news, I am sure they would see that you are loyal to LRH.

    You have graciously provided all possible scenarios to those you are connected to and love. So along with your instant, new found friends here in the Independent field I wish you many continued strong connections with those you have grown to know as Scientologists in Austin.

    You are both very warmly welcome! Your in for some amazing wins as you fully realize what it is like away from the suppression of the church.

  15. Hey Davey…!!

    “The Eyes of Texas are Upon You…!”

    YEEE HAAW! Oh my gosh, Ken & Yvonne. I know we have not met, but you are definitly on my list now! How the Austin Org has lingered the way it has, and you SEE IT! YOU REALLY GET IT! THANK YOU!!! I am SO glad and proud and profoundly grateful to you both for taking the matter into your own hands and stepping into the light to speak from your own DETERMINISM!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Darn right, Marty! It’s all coming from Texas… and in a big way! There is so much positive, pulsing THETA coming outta this state right now, and the numbers are growing exponentially!!

    Y’all! Texas is where it’s at! Deep in the heart of TEXAS comes a thump with DM’s name on it! YES!

    I’m sorry… I’m a little excited. I’ll go chill out a bit.

  16. Welcome Ken & Yvonne!

  17. OT edelweiss

    Yay! Congratulations! I liked your simple and truthful announcement. Welcome to the free world. OTE

  18. T!

  19. Ken and Yvonne are extremely well known Scientologists- probably as well known and respected in Texas as Claudio and Renate Lugli are in Italy. That they have made this announcement is another important step in bringing the attention of Scientologists all through the United States the dark to place to which the Church of Scientology has been led. Scientologists don’t want to look. They have too much of their lives, friends and finances invested in supporting the status quo. The big club is too close. And so they have become themselves, at last, PTS to their own middle class. Read it and weep for this reference now describes thousands of Scientologists around the world. It is not that they don’t know something is wrong. It’s that they can’t bear to look and if they did peek, they are too terrified to even whisper. What this is all about is de-PTSing at many levels. Even then there are a lot of Scientologists who are not going to step away publicly- they can’t for whatever financial or otherl blackmail DM and his ethics enforcers are wielding over them. But every single time a huge OL steps away it’s a jolt to the status quo. Each jolt puts attention on the panorama of outpoints. People step back from supporting the nuttiness. If there are enough jolts eventually there will be too few pushing the machine forward and it will grind to a halt. LRH set up Scientology to run on the income from service delivery, but without constant income from donos, income at the int base would simply disappear. Enough jolts and the donos will stop flowing, the events will empty out, the real scene will start to present itself and people will start looking to LRH for answers- not DM. And when they do there will be no way to hide the state of the Scientology org structure. DM is dumb beyond all recognition, he crashed the orgs and though he could cover the crash with donos. But whats that famous saying about fooling some of the people…? Thanks Ken and Yvonne, for another jolt to the system. Think of it like applying the paddles to a patient whose heart has stopped and doesn’t even know it. He ain’t gonna like it, but he might live.

  20. Ken and Yvonne, welcome and Happy New Year! Wow this team of Independents just keeps getting bigger and better. I look forward to meeting you sometime soon. Very nice post.

  21. Beautifully expressed, Ken and Yvonne. Glad to have part of the Indie movement. The good news just keeps coming. Saw this just now about Lawrence Wright’s New Yorker article on Paul Haggis which has now grown into a book: http://gawker.com/5725832/the-scientology-expose-weve-been-waiting-for.
    The Whack-a-Mole game at OSA and Building 50 keeps getting more intense.
    At some point these guys are going to start blowing fuses and simply burn out. Money isn’t going to help anything then.
    By the way, Ken and Yvonne, demand your donations back. They were fraudulently gained, I am sure.

  22. Dear Ken and Yvonne,

    Thank you for your most eloquent statement. It reads like poetry. And Marty, thank you for a succinct and relevant introduction.

    Along that line let me mention that my favorite LRH message was RJ-67. Therein Ron spotlighted the “bad hats” centered out of the City (London). These bad hats have been shown the light of day (an effective disinfectant) thanks to the ever expanding use of the internet.

    Yesterday I ran across an animated video that I hope helps folk’s understanding along the lines of economic and monetary history and literacy. As a student and practitioner of this subject I hope the video attached assists good folks to fill in some blanks.

    I believe this link is also relevant regarding the sociopathically-inclined Runt who has imploded the organization(s) LRH founded. Part of the secret is that, I suggest, DM is IRS approved. The question is: Just who approved the IRS?

    ML and admiration,

    Tom Gallagher

  23. Welcome Ken and Yvonne! Yippi Ki Yay! Glad to have your Texas brand of theta aboard. Things are getting better and better!

    OSA, are you paying attention? Another VIII and another VII. What is it going to take for you guys to get in comm? Sheesh! I’m going into the goldenrod paper business because it is going to be BIG in the very near future. I can get you a good deal on it.

    ML Tom

  24. Very nice to meet y’all.

  25. Tony DePhillips

    Nice to have you here Ken and Yvonne!!

    Welcome to the other side…

  26. Wow.

    YOU are incredible man!

    Just look at your writing…

    “How could anyone read your cogent, complete and clear words and not be compelled to want to follow you on the path that LRH asked us to walk?”

  27. Hello.

    Very welcome.

    This is brighter every day.

  28. Congratulations and Thank You for standing up!


  29. Your humble servant

    Ken an Yvonne,

    Thank you very much for this cogent and heartfelt communication. I realize that it was not easy for you to make this change but that duty called you to do it. Having now looked, I am certain you have done the right thing, and I am sure that things will be better for you from here on out. It is a change you should not have had to make, but you did have to make it. Thank you.

  30. Ken & Yvonne!!!! Welcome back to Scientology!! I was so happy to read your post that I started crying. Shear joy. I have been thinking of you two lately and I am so glad to see you here. You may not remember me, but maybe you will as I address the group about you below.

    For anyone who does not know Ken & Yvonne, I want to share with you my experience with them. I got in about 19 years ago in Houston. When I got in I was in heavy grief from the death of my mother and was really not functioning well in life, but I read Dianetics in an attempt to help myself and then routed myself into the Houston mission.

    Shortly after joining I started volunteering ALOT and was eventually asked to run the new Diasnetics and Scn bookstore downtown. I was not a staff member, I was an employee. (???WTF???) Anyway, the location, area etc., were never surveyed beforehand and the help I was promised never came, so the store eventually closed.

    The store closing was blamed on me, and I was told I had “Crashed an area of Scn”. I was put in lowers, harrassed, yelled at and eventually booted out of the mission for not having insurance on my car (remember I no longer had a job to pay the premiums) So this is where Ken comes in.

    Since I was fairly new and looking to the EO, ED and other staff to protect and teach me, I was really devistated when they accused me of crashing an area. So, Ken was on the OT Committee and he is actually the one who put up all the money for the store. So about a week or two after the store closed, I was in the mission and feeling really bad about being blamed for the whole thing, and Ken came up to me and he said “If anybody could have made that store go right, it was you. You did not crash the store. The store crashed because it was never handled right from the beginning.”

    Now, for those of you who don’t know, Ken was a very successful businessman at the time (as I am sure he is still doing well) and him validating me REALLY helped me get through that rough time. I have never forgotten that one moment of kindness and acknolwledgement and as a matter of fact, I have looked to that one single moment in my life many times since to give me courage, strength and hope.

    Ken probably has that effect on many individuals that he comes across. He probably doesn’t even remember me or the incident, but he is such a big, powerfull, smart and caring individual that I have never and will never forget that brief talk we had as it was such a good ack that I have drawn on it many times since, just thinking “At least somebody believes in me”.

    Ken, I don’t think you have ever known what a source of strength you have been for me in the years since, just from that brief interaction. Thank you.

    So back to the story, here is where Yvonne comes in. So the store closing had already been announced and the date set, but while the store was running I had heard rumors in the mall that we were a “devil store” and crap like that, so I decide to have a Christmas party as a PR event. After all, Devil worshipers would not have a Christmas party. So the store was going to close either way, at least we can go out with a good opinion from the other stores in the mall.

    So we planned this huge event (largest single day raw public contact in the history of the mission – probably since too) and had a party. I got items donated from 18 other stores in the mall to have raffles with as give aways (good PR for us and them), had an ex-oiler attend and had a great turn out.

    Yvonne showed up to help with the party and I just have to tell everyone what I saw. So, we are doing the raffle and Yvonne was drawing the numbers. I will never for get this. We were having alot of fun and she was pulling numbers to see who won what, as everyone was given a free ticket when they came in.

    So, she is pulling the tickets, we had just done a purse and we were going to give away a golf tie and I said “Oh, that would be cool for John” (the ex-oiler) and we were all joking around and John said “well I hope I don’t get a purse, the tie would be better” And Yvonne pulls out a ticket and it is John’s ticket. So he wins the tie.

    Then someone else said “oh, I hope I win the (whatever it was) and Yvonne reaches in and pulls their number” Then someone else gets what they want. By now everyone is laughing because it looks like the fix is really in.

    And Yvonne was laughing too, so she says “I better put this basket behind me so people don’t think I’m cheating” So she puts the basket behind her and reaches in without even looking. So, right after she put the basket behind her, one of the staff members who I also adored (hope she and her family comes out soon) was walking by just as Yvonne was getting ready to pull another ticket and commented “I really like that purse” And what do you think Yvonne did? She reached right in the basket behind her and pulled that womans ticket. It was absolutely hillarious and very fucking freaky!!! 🙂

    Well, OT’s apparently don’t need to see, because she still kept pulling tickets for anyone who said “I want this or that” She did it for raw public, staff, volunteers and everyone. It was so funny.

    It was one of the most amazing and memorable things that has ever happened before me.

    Anyway, I relate all of this to let anyone who doesn’t know them see how very OT and theta these two really are. They have impacted me greatly and probably never even knew it.

    Ken, Yvonne, I love you both and always will. You made a tremendous impact on me in a very brief time and I am so happy to have known you both. I have thought about you often through the years and even more here recently, wondering where you are and if you had gotten out yet. I am so happy you are out now and know who was behind the suppression.

    And Ken, I had talked to you briefly by phone a few times after I was booted asking for advise in business and you tried to help me with that. I want you to know, I made it. I am doing well and would love to catch up to you and talk to you and Yvonne personnally to let you know in my own voice how much you inspired me and how happy I am that you are out here.

    Ken and Yvonne coming out should have a great impact on the mass exodus because anyone who has ever met them couldn’t have any question as to their loyalty or being. They are devoted Scientologists, and like the rest of us, they have seen and know the truth. The indy field has won a few true warriors for truth today.

    Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Freedom Fighter

    Don’t mess with Texas!! Welcome, Ken and Yvonne!

  32. Yippee Ky Yay, Yvonne and Ken! Welcome to the bright side of the road. No doubt your action and very beautifully written words help many more take the next step in their freedom. Woop!

  33. Well said!

  34. Freedom Fighter

    Great video, TEG. I just watched this a couple of days ago.

  35. Ken and Yvonne Schick

    The Brightest Newyear to you two

    “Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard

  36. Tony DePhillips

    Incredible story!!

    It reminded me of a time when I worked for Sterling Management as an ethics officer. I went on the road with Greg Hughes to help handle some tours regges. I was new at it and I felt that Greg Hughes couldn’t care less really about making me feel comfortable. We were all sitting around a big table full of dentists and all of these men were very rich and experienced in life and I felt like the odd man out. Not that any of them were responsible for my condition or anything, that was just what was going on. After several minutes of my feeling VERY introverted and everyone ignoring me, one of the dentists looked at me and got in comm with me. He granted me a ton of beingness and I soon relaxed and things balanced out. I was in my mid 20’s at that time. I never forgot that person. I don’t know his name but I was very thankful for his help at that time. He stands out on my time track as a true Scientologist.
    My point is that there are some very good and caring Scientologists out there. The cult of mudcabbage has been working hard at getting Scientologists to be cold hearted people, interested in the bottom line only.
    I think we here are changing all of that.
    Thanks for that story Fucati.

  37. Freedom Fighter,

    It’s relevant to our relative concept of survival. Free beings are looking for a fair game. Glad you benefited as well. “Money” also needs to be a store of value besides a medium of exchange.- Tom

  38. Fellow Traveller

    Hell, Marty, you can have the T and all remaining, what is it 25, letters in the alphabet. You and Ken and Yvonne of course need none, but the the O for OT as in Operatin’ Texan would be appropriate.

    Don’t mess with Texas or especially any of it’s true members.

    A Hearty Howdy to y’all and welcome to this rodeo! Most pleased to make yur acquaintance.

    Bruce Pratt

  39. Dear Ken and Yvonne,
    When I came to the blog tonight after being gone all day I was speechless! In shock! Thank you for your very wonderful statement, and welcome to the Independent movement! It is so wonderful and so freeing. The wins and gains and rehabilitation of case state are incomparable. The Scientologists here, in my opinion, are the best and the brightest and the ones who couldn’t stand to see what was being done to the Legacy of the Tech. Thank you for being willing to speak out, despite the possibility of loss of friends, being called “evil”, and any other acts of retribution that have been visited upon those who leave the Church. It is a scary proposition, and it is very obvious your decision was not done lightly, and that you took great care to investigate the FACTS and that you LOOKED, and didn’t listen.
    In one of my many conversations with CJC PAC, he told me about you and what you were doing in Austin. This made me want to meet you back then. (A year or so ago.) Now that you are Independent, I can talk to you! Wow! Just a couple of days ago, I wrote on the blog to Dean Blair that I was happy about his plans to move his family to Austin because it was very lonely here. I had no knowledge of any other Indies in Austin. Well, I am not alone anymore! Two more Operatin’ Texans!
    Much love to both of you, Catherine von Ach
    P. S. We have a lot to talk about. I was head of the OT Committee for many years in Austin. Would love to hear about what projects you were working on!


    Ivone, Ken what a pleasure to see that you decided to LOOK and took a decision toward freedom and to keep your own integrity!!! you are welcome to our group and welcome to keep LRH Tech as Ron Intended it to be , to help others…I had the honor to know you personally and hope that in the future we have the opportunity to see LRH Tech applied as it should be….Welcome one more time…., things are changing…….

  41. Now you have gone and done it! I made it through Yvonne and Ken’s announcement with attendant F|N, VGI’s, and now after reading your wonderful background story have gone into co-existence of tears of joy….!
    Thanks for the great background info! And welcome Ken and Yvonne!

  42. Magnificent. Well said, Yvonne and Ken.

  43. Yvonne Schick

    Ken and I are overjoyed at all of the beautiful acknowledgements. It is good to feel known and welcomed in a community of like-minded individuals. I would love to respond to each of you personally if time permits. I have read so many of your earlier posts. I bit of data here, a viewpoint there, it has all contributed to our understanding and certainty of our actions. Thank you for all the positive support.

    ml, Yvonne

  44. Scott Campbell

    Ken and Yvonne,

    Thank you very much for taking the bold step of coming out and declaring your independence! The clarion call of freedom has bolstered the courage of another pair of OT’s who want nothing more than freedom for all.

    Tell me true, who dares to damn anyone that chooses to pursue such a noble goal?

    As for you, Marty… You wrote:

    “A seventy-something year-old sod buster was interviewed at the time. He said words to this effect: people think Texas is run by the New World Order; I got news, when the beginning of the end the New World Order happens, it’ll start right here in the heart of Texas.”

    It might as well have said:

    A couple of years ago, a fifty-something year-old daredevil was interviewed at the time. He said words to this effect: People think their lives are run by David Miscavige; I got news, when the beginning of the end of David Miscavige happens, it’ll start right here on the coast of Texas.

    Just a little detour on your way to Austin:

    L, Scott

  45. Yvonne Schick

    Hello, Old Friend. Your grand acknowledgement is appreciated.
    ml, Yvonne

  46. A high end bugging device has just overheard and recorded the following at the Int base:

    DM: Lou get me my G&%D*#m grounding rods!! These “CS” are just a bunch of SPs who are out to get me.

    Lou: COB those double width copper rods are supposed to be held in your hands. Oops, Oh S**t…….. Security unloose DM’s straight jacket.

    DM: Those Mo****F#@&ing Texans are running an implant station……. (continued mumbling that is unintelligible).

    Lou: Dave don’t put that rod where the sun don’t slime, I mean, shine…

    DM: One of these days Lou one of these days…..

  47. Yvonne Schick

    Remember you fondly as well. We were delighted when we saw the post of your story. There are a lot of really good guys still on staff at Flag. I hope more of them are able to get out and enjoy real freedom.
    ml, Yvonne

  48. Yvonne Schick

    Thank you for sharing these fun stories. It just goes to show how we never know what impact we can make with the simplest of actions. Someone asked me what I was going to do now that I’m out. I responded that I was going to work to put a little more theta on the track of anyone I encounter. Your comment validates for me the value of that. Now keep paying it forward.
    ml, Yvonne

  49. Fabulous! Welcome and thank you for speaking out. A brilliant write-up too! It is obvious that you are two very mighty fine people. 🙂
    Much love,

  50. Yvonne & Ken,
    An organization that would WASTE people like you is so far off the rails, it doesn’t deserve your support. Thank you for standing up for yourselves and for LRH. ml 1 SP

  51. Yvonne Schick

    Love this quote. It is at the heart of our coming out. Being honest about what we saw was very freeing for us.
    ml, Yvonne

  52. Yvonne Schick

    Thank you, Mike. We have always felt Aussies and Texans were much the same breed. Thank you for all you have done and are doing to get the truth made known.
    ml, Yvonne

  53. Welcome Ken and Yvonne.
    Have fun on your new journey of FREEDOM!!!
    We left the COS game and now on to a BRIGHTER and MUCH BETTER game….The Independents!!!
    🙂 Lori

  54. Scott Campbell

    A true classic, Tony. One of the all time great recordings.

  55. Wonderful story about two obviously wonderful people! Thank you for sharing that with us!

  56. Tony DePhillips

    I think the Indie movement has officially become a juggernaut.

    Step right up!! Now you too can become a Founding Indie member for the small fee of $2,000.
    You can become a Lifetime member of the Independent movement.
    This membership gives you:
    1. a license to survive
    2. free M-9’s on the KSW series
    3. Unlimited O/W write-ups and the meter checks as well!!

    Hurry!! This is for a limited time only!!

    Oh sorry…bad dream…cold sweat..

  57. Standing ovation for both of you! Thanks for your courage! Would love to hear more of your story. Sending big hugs from Seattle!

    Marie-Joe DePhillips

  58. Wow very cool!

    Well another Texan tells Dave where to stick his “Church”.

    Maybe we should call ourselves the Republic of Scientology.

    Since we got so many of those damn Texans.

    I thought I’d post a Texas joke.

    (note email and physical address and phone number have been changed)

    Surfer Dude “You know what’s bigger than the State a Texas?”

    John Huston “Thar t’aint nothing biggern than Texas!

    What could possibly biggern’ Texas?”

    “A Texan’s mouth.”

    Just kidding 🙂

    We luvya guys out here in the crunchy Granola state.

    Right Tory?

    And welcome to both you

    Yvonne and Ken.


    Cat Daddy

    (name changed to protect the guilty)

  59. Ken and Yvonne, just beautiful, welcome aboard! There’s so much good stuff happening right now I’ve actually been kind of stunned into a happy silence recently, so I’ll just put up this quote here to commemorate your announcement:

    “Therefore, be ye lamps unto yourselves, be a refuge to yourselves. Hold fast to Truth as a lamp; hold fast to the truth as a refuge. Look not for a refuge in anyone beside yourselves. And those, who shall be a lamp unto themselves, shall betake themselves to no external refuge, but holding fast to the Truth as their lamp, and holding fast to the Truth as their refuge, they shall reach the topmost height.”
    – Buddha

  60. Scott Campbell


    What a story. I loved the heartfelt sincerity in your recount of those pivotal events in your life. As you say, those are the type of moments that we draw upon for strength in trying times.

    I would love to hear about your reunion with Ken and Yvonne.


  61. Yvonne and Ken Schick

    Wonderful declaration, Wonderful Texans ~~ super Warm Welcome.
    You have no idea how many friends you will make, and how many will embrace you ..it is quite something. And Ohhhhhhhh the Freedom to say and think whatever you damned please. Oxygen for the soul.

    Bear hugggggggggggggggggggs

  62. Scott Campbell


    Fantastic Video. Thanks for turning us on to it. This problem is part of the 4th dynamic engram. This too shall pass. Forwarding it all around.


  63. Me too Yvonne. I think it’s that “screw you” attitude that identifies us as kindred spirits 🙂

  64. Wow, Great letter Ken & Yvonne!

    Welcome to true freedom!

  65. I’m feelin’ so good I even found a new theme song for DM. A little birdie told me it’s been on his mind so much lately he’s had trouble sleeping and it’s been hard to keep enough Scotch in stock for him….

  66. Raul Batista

    You {Ken and Yvonne} both deserve a warm welcome. You bring to light something a lot of people are sensitive about. In recent months sit back and count how many OT VII’s and OT VIII’s have walked out of the church.

    The figure is somewhere around more Clears than AOLA produced last year!

    Where is David Miscavige going with all of this harsh brutality as self appointed leader of a religion that is not even his, a religion that LRH wrote for everyone!

    It might be best to quote Betty Davis as Margo Channing in the film “All About Eve” –

    “Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy night!”

    Welcome both of you.

  67. Gosh. That is very nice of you, Roberto.
    Thank you in joining me to welcome our most esteemed OT’s to our fold. My words are pale a feeble when compared to Yvonne and Ken’s courage and dedication to truth. I still feel I came up very short in expressing my welcome to them.


  68. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Scott,
    I shit you not, I was looking for some ZZ top because of their Texas connection and couldn’t find one that “indicated” to me. You hit a home run with that one.

  69. Isn’t Texas located in the heart of Italy? You know….the boot, balls of steel and all…

    Welcome Ken and Yvonne!!!

  70. Big hello and welcome to you both.
    Nicely and concisely written. What more need be said? It is what it is.
    Happy New Year!!!!! You certainly helped all of us have one.
    Linda McCarthy

  71. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Tony and Scott you are soooo right… Aahhh, fond memories of seeing The Doors at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara back in ’67 🙂

  72. Raul Batista


    I would like to expand on something you just said.

    With all the fuss David Miscavige is making about being a Scientologist and being the head of Scientology, don’t you think it would be more professional and becoming of him as a person, as a 3rd and 4th dynamic thing, instead of Scotch to have a glass of Cal-Mag? Wouldn’t that really truly be the LRH thing to do in a situation as physically demanding as DM’s job?

    Can you picture, if an INT Baser were to walk up to David Miscavige and tell him “Sir. Don’t you think Cal-Mag might be a better choice than Scotch?”

    I am sure DM would say “Go F*** yourself, and get the hell out of here, you’re declared! OUT!”. But he would mean it, as funny as that is.

  73. Congratulations on leaving the Church of Miss Cabbage. I wish you the best in your new journey.

  74. Scott Campbell


    I remember well a time on the ship when I was making some suggestions to one of my engineers (who happened to be Australian) regarding how to go about making a repair.

    He immediately became BI’s but was wouldn’t tell me why. Finally I made it safe for him to tell me what was bothering him.

    He said, “Look mate, I don’t mind you telling me what to do – just don’t tell me how to do it!”

    Ahh, the crux of the Aussie case!


  75. This is a great story. I love this. Thanks for sharing.

  76. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Tony,

    We’re on the same wavelength, Brotha.

    Send me an email at neobliviscaris@hushmail.com so we can set up a chat.

    Remind me to tell you something. You’re gonna laugh.


  77. Scott Campbell

    My heart started beating a little faster there for a minute, you fuck!

  78. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Ken and Yvonne,

    Operating Texans, in deed!! Welcome to the best place on Earth.

    Love and ARC,
    Gary 🙂

  79. “The stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!”

    And truly, they are! My second home…

    Beautiful statement, very loving. As OLs in your area, and Texans’ long standing sense of independence, your words will have great and positive effect.


  80. Welcome Ken & Yvonne. It has been almost exactly a year since Exilda and I declared our Independence on Martys page. Your writeup will inspire others. I love the statement of “forbidden cognitions”. We have found over the past year and a half that there were many forbidden cognitions and getting decultified allows your thinking to flow freely again. Which I am sure that most who read Martys blog know on a very personal basis. It is really good to see more OT VIIIs and OT VIIs cogniting on the evilness of Miscaviology. We look forward to meeting you sometime soon.

  81. Hello. Thanks for the sanity, every bit helps and I’m glad you have decided to be free.

  82. Thank you for speaking out. I feel inspired by your announcement.

  83. DM needs another song, addressed to him now. I hereby Deputize all Indies as the Texas Rangers Special Unit 3 Feet Behind DM’s Head.

  84. Theo Sismanides

    Yvonne and Ken, welcome to the Independents!! It’s so good to see OTs coming out and speaking out when the Church has been manipulating so many of us for so many years now. The second decade of the 21st century will mark the Independency of Scientology as a philosophy and religion. We are part of it now and the movement is moving forward. I trust we will ALL do a good job now not like the past when we left everything fall into one man’s hands and a bad man he was, when we were persecuted for speaking our minds and pointing out Tech and Policy Letters and no one stood up against that man. Now the times change and our responsibility is much bigger. The joy is big but the responsibility is bigger since we are the New Frontier for Scientology. Scientology depends on what WE do now on this planet, not what Miscavige does because that is NO Scientology.

    Welcome once again, I am proud I am part of this group here!!!

  85. Tory Christman

    Dear Ken and Yvonne,
    FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations to you both! You must feel fantastic 🙂
    Please realize there are *tons* of people OUT who will be happy to talk with you. Luckily, you have many right here. There are more…and more…and more….and more leaving, too 🙂 Enjoy your new life, and welcome home.

  86. Independent Scientologist

    Ken and Yvonne, hopefully you will recognize the names Ron and Michelle Matlock. We were both staff and public in Austin, and public in Houston as well.

    Welcome to the independent field!!! Michelle and I “woke up” in late June of 2010, after I had a horrendous experience at AOLA trying to get onto my OT levels, and Michelle was getting heat for making unauthorized observations and thinking unauthorized thoughts.

    I would really appreciate getting an update from you about the scene in Austin, when you get a chance. You can contact me at independent_scientologist@hotmail.com.

    I consider it big time news – and great news – that you two are out!

    – Ron Matlock

  87. Hallo to you Both What a lovely simple write up and I enjoyed and Congratulations welcome.

  88. Karen
    Being there and communicating.
    What a concept 😀

  89. Very well said.

  90. Ken and Yvonne,
    So many times it seems things happen one brick at a time and then every once in a while a whole section of the wall comes down. Your actions here have the effect of a whole section of DM’s wall coming down.
    Thank you—you have my gratitude and my respect.
    Dean Thomas

  91. “All my ex’s live in Texas” for DM.
    Now that is too damned funny!!

  92. martyrathbun09

    What are you doin up so early?

  93. Something for the Texan in everyone…

    Texas Is On Fire

    You slipped into the night,
    You made darkness,
    of the light.
    My soul you thought,
    You had bought.
    But this will be the hardest,
    that you’ve fought.
    Cuz Texas is on fire!
    Is on fire!
    Is on fire!

    You say I’m weak,
    Truth says you’re wrong.
    It’s those flames from the shack
    That’re burnin’ so strong.
    Cuz Texas is on fire!
    Is on fire!
    Is on fire!

    Let the people have,
    their stolen dreams.
    Cuz you’ll never know
    Or so it seems.
    That Texas is on fire!
    Is on fire!
    Is on fire!

    I’ll never give a quarter
    To your courts,
    Or to your orders.
    You can’t stop,
    my way of livin’
    Cuz there’s a gift,
    that keeps on givin’
    It’s those flames from the shack
    That’re takin’ it back
    Cuz Texas is on fire!
    Is on fire!
    Is on fire!

  94. Caesar Alarcon

    Don’t mess with Texas or Texans.
    You got that.

  95. 🙂

  96. Ken and Yvonne, welcome to freedom! You’re announcement is beautiful and it’s very warming to see such a great beings able to make selfdetermined and ethical decisions (the one thing Davey desperately tries to stop). It tells that the people who are putting out the truth, do a wonderful job and that’s a good sign for the future. Thanks for contributing.

  97. Very nice insightful video. It points out the Who behind 4D engrams of war, mass drugging, crisis, debt, revolution and even pandemics. It also tells the price people pay that dare to stand up and why not many do. As scientologist we’ve paid Davey for ha, handling that octopussy; no need to say why is has grown so fat. The tool behind its impact not reaching the same proportions of the thirties yet, is the internet, the same tool that soon brings down Davey.

  98. Ken and Yvonne — What a well-written “Dear Friends” letter! It is very A to B and leaves no statement open to interpretation. I love the “hidden cognition” aspect! Thanks for taking the personal initiative to communicate. We embrace you. Hallelujah!!

  99. W*O*W. Great poem!! Thanks! H

  100. Congratulations on reaching the inevitable conclusion. I have a question for you Yvonne and/or Ken. What would you say is the current general mood of your (former) peers, i.e. high level OTs who are still in the Church. Are most of them in a state of mind where they are thinking about breaking, tied to family or what? This would be very interesting to know at this point.
    With regard to anyone reading this board who is still in, you remind me of the kid in school who kept wearing their jacket after winter ended. It was an old habit and despite the fact that it was warm, he still wore it out of habit.

  101. Ken and Yvonne,

    Sincere congratulations to you both. I read your Co$ resignation letter yesterday and was impressed by your cogent, straightforward analysis and lovely writing. BTW, I did my first Scientology services at the Austin org in the early 1970s and remember my time and the good people there with great affection.

    Someone’s comment earlier about Texans and Aussies having much in common made me think that Aussies and Austinites have perhaps even more in common. As the teeshirt says, “Keep Austin weird!” As in not-other-determined.

    Again, very well done to you both.

    Just Me

  102. Wow…the Shicks! I’ve heard of the two of you from mutual friends in Austin and I know that you are highly regarded. Your declaration will bring more awareness to the Independent movement and the realizations that you shared will resonate with your friends and validate their own knowingness. So, a big Texas thank you for speaking up!

    P.S., not sure if you know that one of the favorite Flag NOTS auditors of all time, Loic, is out of the S.O. and living Austin now.

  103. Sorry, meant to spell your name right…The Schicks!

  104. Yvonne Schick

    Perfect! Perfect! and a personal favorite of mine.
    ml, Yvonne

  105. Yvonne Schick

    The story goes: A Texas Ranger stepping down from a train in a riot-torn town and being met by the locals who said, “They only sent one Ranger?” His reply, “You only got one riot, don’t you?” assured the Rangers’ place in Texas lore. “One riot, one Ranger” personifies the image of the Texas Rangers held by Texans.

  106. Gotta feed the horses first thing–keeps em in a charitable mood for when Texans come and visit!

  107. When word gets out about Yvonne and Ken, other OTs who see the outpoints but feel their ties inside the church preclude them from looking will take pause. A big pause. This announcement is a big hit on the richter scale.

    Ken and Yvonne are stalwarts in the USA OT community. Any attempt by the church to discredit these two will backfire in a HUGE way. They have done too much good, supported more than most public, and are endearing individuals. They are not easy marks to discredit and they will be listened to.

  108. Kathy Braceland

    A BIG warm Texas style HELLO and WELCOME Ken and Yvonne!

  109. Hi, Magnolia, are you in Austin? Also is Loic and Independent?

  110. Spectacular vid. Great haveing the “money”

    Happy New Year

  111. Sorry, typo. Is Loic and Independent?

  112. Gracias
    DFB aka dfb did some rockin melody and put it to lyrics.
    It was fun–maybe he’ll post it.

  113. Lawrence Wright – OMG! This guy is a major writer and this book could be huge.

    By the way, he’s also an Austinite.

    Hook ‘Em!

  114. I hate to cry alone 🙂

  115. Thanks for your reply. I am finally starting to get it how important posting your own stories are. I am glad everyone liked that, I was kind of afraid to post it thinking people might think it was too long, or that I was trying to make myself important or something, but now I am really glad I posted it and I am really seeing how important these posts are.

    I guess next I will post my story about how that tiny little weezel prick miscabbage personnally busted up my marriage and took my out ethics, robot husband on staff. (I should probably thank him, but I’d rather just call him a prick instead.) I have made mention of it before, but never have posted the whole story, I have been asked for a year now to post and, well I think I might get to work on it.
    Thanks for your encouragement.

  116. I’m sure I will run into them in my freedom activities eventually if nothing else. I can’t wait!!

  117. Mockingbird6

    Don’tcha hate it when your spell-checker rewrites a word for you and it’s wrong?

  118. Mockingbird6

    Dear Yvonne and Ken,
    You have said just what I would like to say, as have Mary Jo, Luis, Natalie, and many others, so well spoken. Thank you!

  119. Dear Yvonne & Ken,
    we are sooooooooo happy you are out and that you declared your Independence!!! Is such a joy everytime someone sees the real truth behind the Wizard of Oz curtain.
    You being OT VIII & OT VII share with us the responsability of KNOWING what is really all about. And what is really all about is FREEDOM and that cannot be achieved in the Church of David Miscavige, period – the only place that church leads is SLAVERY.
    Thank you for all you have done so far and for what you will do in the future!!
    Always welcome in Italy.
    Claudio & Renata Lugli

  120. Yvonne Schick

    Brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for such validation.
    ml, Yvonne

  121. Sam.

    I missed you ! See your Facebook messages dear

  122. Yvonne Schick

    Loic is living in Austin with his wife, Atalia. Such a sweetheart. He seems to be surviving well. Connected with the org here. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for him to be free to use his incredible skills auditing independently? I have heard rave reviews on him. I have his email and sent him my letter. I would be thrilled to help him should he decide to become an independent.
    ml, Yvonne

  123. I see some parallels between what’s happening and 1836 when Texas won her independence from Mexico. Mexico was also ruled by a small unscrupulous dictator. In the end his army was caught sleeping by the Texian army, and Santa Anna was caught in a disguise trying to escape not too far from Seabrook where I grew up. Y’all are living the spirit of Texas!

  124. I like this one very very much…perfect for Indies, even if we aren’t from Texas!

  125. That is a great vidio. I think I got the drift:

    Happy New Year

  126. martyrathbun09

    Hey, we lived in Seabrook too – 85-86. What about the Yellow Rose of Texas? Also known as Emily?

  127. Yvonne Schick

    Now you’ve gone and done it. Pushed my political button.

    This is a most excellent video. Just as a further intro to the group. I was very active with CATS from ’93 to 2000. In 2008, the Libertarian Party of Texas chose me as their candidate for the US Senate. It was a great pleasure to spread a message of liberty and freedom and hope for the US. You will appreciate this, the ship MAA later gave me her evaluation that it was a waste of time and resources for an OT.

    ml, Yvonne

  128. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    You are indeed THE Cowboy Poet!

    Our souls are on fire with the ARCU from Texas!! 🙂

    Gary (a villager roasting davey’s nuts with Texas fire – love to hear them pop!)

  129. “Look at the real results, not the PR.”

    Can’t argue with that. At least not if you are a rational human being.

    Well done Yvonne and Ken. This must have taken a lot of courage to face up to the truth after giving so much to the organization that has betrayed you so badly.

    I hope many of your friends get the message and start to wake up as well. I can feel an unstoppable momentum building. The demise of the Tiny Tyrant isn’t too far away now.


  130. I’m sure no one ever told Sonny Bono that when he was in politics. It is so like the church to educate its public on being more OT, encouraging them to stretch out their anchor points, disagree, etc. and then crush the them when they actually do it. Well, that suppression has been lifted…your goals are yours to pursue! Ain’t that cool!

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  132. Tony Dephillips

    Sorry. Poor attempt at humor. I felt it was innapropriate after re-reading it. It didn’t really capture what I wanted to say.
    I wanted to say we are a juggernaut and it would be great to have more people come out into the open as founding Independents. History is in the making.

  133. Yvonne,

    A fellow Libertarian!!!!

    Very cool 🙂

    Yes I can imagine the “MAA” saying it was a waste of time.

    Ya know if you are not sinking every last dime into St. David’s Cathedral then you’re “off purpose”.

    Obviously the lil bi….er I mean ethics terminal hasn’t read the HCOBs ‘Scientology Zone Plan’ or ‘What We Expect of a Scientologist’.

    Probably too busy reading SPDs and RTC Bulls to have time for policy or tech.

  134. Ken, Yvonne and us Indies,
    Share in a little ‘a that Texas love….



  135. Yvonne Schick

    Yes, very, very cool!

  136. plainoldthetan

    Very well done.

    It restores my faith in Scientology and Scientologists when I see OT VIIIs and OT VIIs who can observe and arrive at the correct and inescapable conclusions you have.

    Perhaps there’s hope for the rest.

  137. Yvonne Schick

    Oh, my gosh. Talk about paths crossing. We lived in Houston and had a sailboat in Seabrook at that very time. Were spending most of our weekends hanging out there.
    ml, Yvonne

  138. Yvonne Schick

    Dear Claudio and Renata,
    Needless to say, we saw your declaration when it was posted and it was a joy to us as we prepared to do the same. You helped boost our responsibility level on making our announcement very public.

    Likewise, you are welcome in Texas.

    ml, Yvonne

  139. Yvonne Schick

    Yeah, love the Italians and their joy of living. Happy if we can help there.

    ml, Yvonne

  140. martyrathbun09

    I knew you looked familiar. Let me guess, you all went to the Sundown Grill from time to time. The one with the ducks where the Clear Lake boat traffic passed by. Or at least the boardwalk at Kemah.

  141. Yvonne Schick

    Have you been snooping in my iPod? This is one of my favorite tunes. Loved the video. So many pleasure moments recalled.
    ml, Yvonne

  142. Scott Campbell

    It’s ok, Ton. You Goof. Where’s my email?

  143. Scott Campbell

    Ohhh, man. I woulda’ killed to see that!

  144. Scott Campbell

    Yeah, we don’t want any super-theta OT libertarian Texans in positions of political power. In the SENATE no less.

    That MAA has a crashing M/U on “Sphere of influence”.

  145. Ken and Yvonne, you are an inspiration for all other free thinking self-determined beings still ensnared in that cult masquerading as Scientology to wake up smell coffee and slam their Integrity IN. With your announcement, it’s even more obvious that the alleged “small” numbers of Indies don’t add up, with more of us filing in ranks behind the Independent movement, the more obvious which side of the line the true SP is on. …….tick tock.

  146. Marisa e Guido

    Yvonne and Ken, welcome to the ranks of true Scientologists who are not afraid to show their integrity. We are confident that your leadership will encourage others deserved to leave more and more turbid and ignoble gang of David Miscavige.
    A hug
    Marisa and Guido Minelli from Italy

  147. Go girl, go….
    Ron Paul may need some help in opening the books of the Fed and locking up the greatest crime syndicate in the history of mankind. Of course Davey, their best friend, protector and RS Tech provider, doesn’t want any effective investigation and exposure. At this moment the EU is giving the Fed a hard time and ethical research that cuts through their cover-up complexities is the last thing they need.

    They have hundreds of trillions off shore to extract ever increasing interest from ww governments, manipulate markets, evade tax, buy up infrastructure and create a new monetary system that they alone control. They use the collective sector to extract ever increasing amounts of currency from the economy to get a melt down so they can step in.

    Their printing presses make over hours because they’re in the full scale preparation for a financial meltdown, not unlike Germany in the thirties. They expect a strong or even violent opposition from the American population once they enforce total corporate (police) control. They know that information must be censored and thus they make internet control laws. Because of new terrorist laws everybody can be picked up for anything, even making a picture with a mobile phone, a post on a blog or a single anonymous hint can put you in bad.

    The government admits that every State has at least 1 or 2 fusion centers with total powers and as much government oversight as the Fed: None! They accumulate intelligence on leaders, whistle blowers, churches, ethnic groups, citizen, revolutionaries, etc. They forget to tell us that those are to be picked up first and stowed away in one of the 800 FEMA (concentration) camps to curb protests. They also forget to tell us that they have much more body disposal facilities much bigger and sophisticated than those in WOII.

    Go girl, go and expose the money trail while you can.

  148. Love that Ranger story, Yvonne!
    Some of those old boys could really command a LOT of space!

  149. No Robin,
    He read the HCOB and as usual he did everything he could to get the exact opposite implemented in his Catastrophedral.

    I still have a question on the automatic sensitivity adjustment of the super duper VII. Did LRH instruct that? I can’t recall having trouble with reads and F/N’s with the VI (hi TA or Not).

  150. I say Hip, hip, hoooooray

  151. Did you see the responses: If you use the Scientology trademarks, they can’t sue you because trademarks refer to business, not religion!!!! If they want to sue you, they’d have to make the case that they’re a business. Copyrights infringements by internet and discussion groups is also a no go due to fair use. Looks like your artificial monopoly is ancient history, Davey!

  152. Francesco Minelli

    Yvonne and Ken, continue to be an example, and ‘Our task now, according to Keeping Scientology Working, inform the world that the current administration of the Church of Scientology, through a slow, gradual change, has made SQUIRREL, distorting the intent of its founder LRH.

    Francesco Minelli & Luana Barbaglio

    Yvonne e Ken, continuate sempre ad essere da esempio,e’ nostro compito ora, in base a mantenere scientology in funzione ,informare il mondo intero che l’attuale amministrazione della chiesa di scientology,attraverso un lento ,lento cambiamento,l’ha resa SQUIRREL ,stravolgendo gli intenti del suo fondatore LRH.

    Francesco Minelli & Luana Barbaglio

  153. I was much impressed by your declaration. I find it quite ludicrous that contributors like yourselves have come to the final result that you have. A pity that so much energy was contributed before you saw the light. I myself fortunately realized what is going on fairly early on with the St. Pete Times articles and the bs that the Church is pushing. I am on the verge myself of making the leap of faith. Welcome to a world that I can only aspire to, but admire greatly as many of my friends have already taken the route out to REAL Total Spiritual Freedom.

  154. I’ve never seen anything in writing about meters needing a variable sensitivity.

    I asked several times for a reference and was referred to the ’96 Golden Arches of Tech event video.

    The predominant echo chamber.

    In the Book of Emeter Essentials page 13 section 12 Ron says:

    “By holding a constant sensitivity knob during an assessment or a process, you find out how the preclear is reacting on the needle relative to the start of the assessment or process.”

    Thus in my opinion having a meter that automatically adjusts sen would violate this.

    Also like you I never had any problem with the Mk VI.

    Speaking of the VII.

    I was at Flag when it was released and had the opportunity to use one for a session instead of my trusty VI.

    I can tell you I wasn’t impressed.

    Unlike I was with the VI when I first used it instead of my Mk V.

    Anyway needless to say I kept my VI instead of get one of those overpriced and overhyped VIIs.

    I mean it had a cute lil’ window that told you basically what your TA dial told ya and that stupid lid that would collapse when you put a dictionary on it while using it as a meter shield.

    Wooptee Dooo…

    When the Quantum came out anyone who was forced to do the (Un)Certainty course or the Golden Arches was forced to buy one because they worked with the “Hubbard” Reads “Simulator” and the look in system.

    Personally I hated the thing.

    The needle was too sensitive to static and didn’t seem to read properly tending to obscure F/Ns.

    I thought they had reincarnated the old Delta Meter which was just as “reliable”.

    Any way Erwin I suggest hanging on to your VI and only use the Quantum or VII if you got one as a back up.

  155. Looks like you’re right and we may may be looking at another expensive perverted resale. The Quantum needle was sensitive and obscured F/N’s under various circumstances. The instantness of the reads was perfect but so was the VI. My C/S told me to adjust the sensitivity mid session if the reads became too small when TA got low and I couldn’t figure it out. In the future we might find the original LRH instructions and (re)make a (digital) meter according to those. He found the amount of alter-is by humanoids on meters to be mind boggling, so I’m not that surprised. Somehow I kept both my VI’s, almost like I never trusted Davey’s super duper releases.

  156. Alex Braverman

    Ken and Yvonne Schick,
    Ken’s writing is spot on and to the point. I undoubtedly think that Ken’s testimony will inspire* other freethinking Scientologist to question what they are experiencing within the Church today.
    I sincerely appreciate the fact that you, being two highly respected people, have freed yourself so that you may continue to learn and grow to your greatest potentials – and that you openly invited others to join you. Nice.
    You’re truly on the road again, free from any repressing and misguided obstacles put forth by Mr. Mud Cabbage & Co. Happy Trails & Welcome!

    *Too many people respect the both of you, and your actions, it will happen.

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  159. To abuse any idea of faith to hide guilt, get rich, gain power etc. is just as wrong as you have pointed out. But to use what you learned to write books and make more money by showing the dirty underware of the system that makes you rich in money is even worse, which you will figure out if you live long enough – it is like treason. If you want to free your own sole, just stop abusing. Follow your own Bliss because your going to any way, stop abusing for your gain, – – and to thin own self be true. There is more – much more – – – but you are smart enough to understand this.

  160. This video doesn’t exist unfortunately.

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