Radical Scientology’s Operation Sleaze Out

Just when it began to look like it couldn’t get any darker than the last chapter…  

I have appended below OSA International’s “[Chuck] Beatty Handling Program.”   It is dated 2007.  It is genuine and will be proven so in a court of law if and when need be.

When I  likened David Miscavige to J Edgar (Mary) Hoover some months
ago, I was not stretching things. The Beatty program is the proof.
Hoover was renowned for using the Federal Bureau of Investigation
to collect blackmail material on Congressmen, Senators,  Civil Rights leaders and even Presidents.  His specialty was creating dossiers covering their sexual peccadilloes.  It was the exposure of this decades-long
conduct nearly forty years ago that spurred the evolution of
ordinary citizens not much caring to know about the sexual secrets of
others, even public figures.

But not even Hoover, by now an infamous icon for the concept of
public corruption and twisted evil, to my knowledge went out and
attempted to frame his targets with sexual embarrassment.  He was
just investigating what was there. 

Not so with Miscavige, as the following program makes clear.  Clearly, the dark premise on which they based their sick operation has been proven to be false. Otherwise, with all their operatives – including by the way the
infamous Dave Lubow (who was assigned targets on this op) – and
unlimited money they would have procured the “goods” and used them.
 They haven’t.  Incidentally, I think if anyone of us were subjected to over three thousand hours of evil purpose sec checking on the RPF as Chuck was, there is no telling what thoughts such mind control would have conjured in our minds. 

I would like to express my admiration for the target of this dark
op, Chuck Beatty.  On three counts.

One, he had an opportunity to specify deletions or include
explanatory notes, just as was done with an earlier OSA Op published on this blog. Chuck declined.  He said to go ahead and publish it in full – let
the chips fall where they may, let the truth be known.  Chuck is a
braver man than David Miscavige will ever be.

Two, Chuck spoke out about the abuses at the international Radical Scientology headquarters before there was much of a network to protect a whistleblower’s back.  For that Chuck is a lot braver than a lot of us.

Three, while Chuck does not (or last I checked) consider himself a
Scientologist, he has made it quite evident through his commentary
on this blog that he wants to see the Church of Scientology reform
by foremost following the policy of its Founder.  Chuck has also
demonstrated to my satisfaction that he duplicates, understands and
can think with LRH policy far, far beyond any  level David
Miscavige has demonstrated.  So, I suppose it is only fitting that
he is targeted by Miscavige in the unprecedentedly vicious manner
in which Chuck has been targeted.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant”.    –  late Supreme Court
Justice Louis Brandeis


 February 21, 2006




OSA NW ORDER 64 How Intelligence is Run


 Beatty was in the Sea Org for 27 years, the last 8 of which were spent on the RPF.

Based on several write-ups that Beatty did and reports in his file, he is fixated on the 2D and has been suppressing being a pervert for years (pornography, transvestite activity, masturbation and had a huge button on the size of his penis which was actually a ruin for him). It is very likely that he is no longer under restraint in this area, that he is involved in porn and possibly looking at kiddie porn since he has an interest in this area in the past and it is easily accessible over the net.

 Beatty’s history on staff shows him incapable of applying standard tech. He got removed from every post he held. He had over 120 PC folders and 3,256 hours of RPF auditing but committed continuous overts and out tech and got nowhere. Beatty compulsively outflows and has been a key instigator in stirring up and turning ex-Sea Org members and getting them to post their disaffection and natter.

 He is continually promoting for ex-Sea Org members that he can contact in order to get them to come out publicly and spread more black PR in order to discredit the Sea Org, the Int base and COB. He feels safe behind his computer but he is basically a coward in person and is easily influence. He says that there are six people above him (in the hierarchy of enemies) including Arnie Lerma.

 When Beatty was routing out, he signed non-disclosure agreements but he realized that the Church was not going to this and he has since actively promoted to disaffecteds that the Church won’t attack you for committing further SP acts. Beatty has not wanted to get into any legal confrontations with the Church. He does not make much money and doesn’t have a big drive to make a lot of money. He likes low level work. He has wanted a simple life where he can pay his rent, eat and have a little expense money and pursue his “intellectual” interests, which for him entails documenting the lives and experiences of ex-SO members.

 Beatty works at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette selling subscriptions to the paper. Getting him fired from this job would accomplish nothing in terms of getting him to cease his anti-Scientology activity. He has felt that the paper would come to his defense if he got attacked by the Church, however when Ken Shapiro sent out an email exposing Beatty to the XSO message board, Beatty did nothing except complain and claim that OSA was behind it.

 Beatty seems to be protecting his new found status on ars and with the XSO board. He really considers himself to be a big, intellectual, intelligent person and an expert on Scientology, which he is working to reform. When repeatedly confronted by an ARS poster asking him what the real reason was that he left the Church (hinting that Beatty wanted to be free to be a pervert) Beatty blew the comm cycle. Information was previously but out there about Beatty’s real history in the Church, which is a lot different that what he represents. 

Beatty is also protecting what little money he has, as he has to survive on it. If someone actually came up with a viable legal threat against him, off our ground, he would more than likely back down.


 To end CB’s black PR of Scientology.


 1. Crimes on Beatty found and documented.

2. CB dismissed as an attacker or totally restrained and muzzled.


  1. Take full responsibility for the execution of this program. INV CHF

 2. Read and word clear this program. INV CHF 

3. Study the following references:



OSA NW ORDER 64 How Intelligence is Run


 4. Arrange a meeting with the Pittsburgh PI and get briefed thoroughly briefed up on the actions that he will do with regard to Beatty.


5. Individually brief any other resources on what their role is going to be in the handling of CB.



  1. As Beatty is one of the key instigators that is causing trouble externally, ensure no cross orders are issued to cut across this handling .

          INV CHIEF

 2. Use HCOPL 23 Aug 79R I, Debug Tech at the first sign of a bug in getting the targets done.


 3. Coordinate and clear all actions with Legal and an attorney per OSA NW Order 60 Legal Approval.


 4. Continue to get data from the established line and report this up each time new data comes in.


 5. Get financial OK before expending any funds for professionals while executing this program.


 6. Get in a line so that any new messages or postings by Beatty are being monitored daily and that any key traffic is being distributed to those with targets on this program.


7. Maintain security and “need to know” at all times.



  1. Get Shapiro to send another email to selected people on XSO about his “upset” with what Beatty is doing on the basis that what Beatty is doing is dishonest and underhanded. This will be done to DA what Beatty has been saying and to discredit him.INV CHIEF

 2. Have Shapiro continue to send out messages to the XSO people challenging Beatty’s behavior i.e. and expose that Beatty is forwarding enemy objectives by exposing his close connection with Touretzky and Kent (a known arm terminal).


 3. Set up several more people on the XSO message board and get them making postings to DA the lies and tell Beatty that he needs to knock off what he is doing. These postings are to point out the falsehoods and that Beatty is trying to come off like an expert but in reality he failed at every post he did and couldn’t apply tech.


 4. Each time Beatty posts or puts out a message, get the XSO posters to counter this and attack him. Get him exposed as a dupe of Touretzky, Steven Kent, Arnie Lerma and the gossip rag, the New York Post.


 5. Get an XSO resource onto ars to attack Beatty like Shwartz does to Touretzky and others – by hammering him daily with postings that invalidate him, expose his true motives and discreditable activity.


 6. Find an email for Beatty’s sister and brother (in Nevada) and get the XSO resource to email them, giving them data about the real reasons he left the Church (as per his own write ups).


 7. Get Shapiro to register the domain name TruthAboutBeatty.org.


 8. Review all the postings that CB has ever written and select quotes from these postings that can be used against him, and post them on the TruthAboutBeatty.org website.


 9. Collect statements from people who knew stating how he failed on every single post he had when he was on staff and any other relevant information that can be used to discredit CB. The information on the site is designed to 1) discredit and 2) DA CB. Post the information gathered on the TruthAboutBeatty.org website.


 10. Get the TruthAboutBeatty.org website registered with Google and optimize the website so it is the N. 1 website when searching for Beatty’s name on Google.


 11. Compile a DA on Beatty showing his connections and support of Lerma (neo-Nazi), Henson (convicted hate criminal), Touretzky (racist) and post the full DA on the TruthAboutBeatty.org website.


 12. Get the DA on Beatty sent to media contacts to discredit him as a source and cut these lines.


 13. Make Schwarz aware of the TruthAboutBeatty.org website and suggest to her to get quotes from the website and post them to ARS and other newsgroups.


 14. Get Schwarz to mirror the Beatty website on her personal site.


 15. Concurrently, get the West Coast resource to run a series of defeatist messages to CB i.e. that fighting against Scientology is not worthwhile, that there are a lot of other things he is interested in and should pursue and that Scientology will always be around.


 16. Get the West Coast resource to direct CB into creating on other things, such as traveling, doing renos, and several other things CB likes to get done and get him to “retire” from attacking the Church.


 17. Beatty is currently living with his sister in Pittsburgh. Have the PI get Beatty signed up to receive kinky materials (at the house).


 18. Get Beatty sent urls to sites which would have the kinds of 2D materials that he is known to be interested in.


 19. Get Beatty sent materials and urls for local sex locations that he would be interested in going to.


 20. Concurrently get the SF resource in comm with Beatty and have him push to get involved with someone on the 2D. He will take any opportunity to get Beatty to go out and start meeting girls at bars, clubs, etc.


 21. Concurrently, get Sam, local resource to build up his line with Beatty so that they are able to do social things together.


 22. Have Sam verify if Beatty is into downloading child porn (this was an area of interest in the past). This will need to be done by getting the trust built up so that Beatty talks about this or shows him what is on his computer.


 23. Conditional: If Beatty has downloaded anything that appears to be child porn, get this reported to law enforcement right away.


 24. Conditional: Once this has been reported, get law enforcement to follow up and take action.


 25. Conditional: Expose this and get CB dismissed as an attacker.


 26. Review the actions that have been done and work out what further actions need to be done to get Beatty to cease attacking Scientology.


 27. Execute any additional targets to get Beatty to cease attacking as per the above review.



455 responses to “Radical Scientology’s Operation Sleaze Out

  1. This is beyond sickening…it’s got to be illegal. My hat’s off to you Chuck. One of these days, justice will prevail.

  2. Impartial English Girl

    WHAT?!? In the name of ALL that is holy – this stuff emanating from DM is sick and vile in the worst degree.

    “17. Beatty is currently living with his sister in Pittsburgh. Have the PI get Beatty signed up to receive kinky materials (at the house).” and the following “suggestions” just say it all .

    So what they are, essentially, saying is that Scientologists’ contributions will be directly used to pay for and to subscribe to dubious and possibly illegal (certainly immoral) porn outlets for the purpose of smearing the name of a former member of their organisation…? I’m racking my brains – but just cannot imagine ANY justification for that. Is it just me?!

    What a scumbucket DM is. I know who I’d rather go out for a few beers with – and (whatever the allegations) it’d be CB as opposed to CoB.
    The twisted, sick, perverted little maggot that inhabits DM’s carcass is utterly repugnant. The fact that these tactics even exist in someone’s mind is ghastly enough. I feel too disgusted by this to even have pity for Miscavige. This is inhuman.

    Good luck to CB.
    IEG x

  3. I don’t think they even change their OP programs today. Same style of crap, and in some cases the exact same steps they are doing against Marty, Mike, etc… THIS IS WHAT YOUR DONATIONS BUY!

  4. Do you have a copy of the original program authorized by AVC? Whose initials were on this program giving authorization? Curious to know how far up the ladder fingerprints were left on this.

  5. Barbara Schwarz

    Would you (Mosey’s husband) and Mike Rinder stop writing my names in these disgusting programs?

    I have NOTHING to do with them. If I would be involved, how come there were never such websites on Tory or Chuck Beatty.

    I believe that those are former Mike Rinder programs, which died when he blew. These programs never were communicated to me and I never would have participated because they are not my style.


  6. Man, same old sleazy OSA crap. Other than the name change, GO –> OSA, the tactics and evil intent are the same.

    They ought to be arrested for this stuff.

    And this was our ‘church’ !

    Chuck, you were/are more of a Scientologist than these guys ever will be.

    Good on ya!

    Do well!

  7. This BLOG record is just superb. I have heard of Chuck Beatty, and seen pictures and videos of him on the internet and have gathered just from that information alone that he is a very quiet, keep to himself type person. That virtue alone is what caused him to survive as long as he did in the Sea Org.

    And now to hear that the “Church of Scientology” responded to his good nature with 3,256 hours of Security Checks? That is insane, illegal if they can be sued for it and just nonsense. People that go from raw public to OT VIII don’t even do that many hours of auditing to get there, so how can it be possible that this kind of treatment of him in the RPF “helped his spiritual abilities”?

    This Church of Scientology is a very sordid organization of very sick people that even draw up plots against people called “OSA Operations”.

    How can anyone bear allegance to such a group headed by a person who autorizes these things?

    Wouldn’t it have just been easier for the church to ask Chuck if he was really happy in the church or not using the tech and route him out per policy should he ever decide to come back?

    An Italian woman named Maria Pia Gardini says it best, I quote her here:

    “Stacy, in the 9 years that I was in Scientology, I think I saw them apply policy once or twice. They don’t use it.”

  8. William Johnson

    So you knew about this for years, and did *NOTHING*???

  9. martyrathbun09

    Geez, OSA is quick to respond. Ya think they have my blog mirrored?

  10. martyrathbun09

    Say hi to Neal O’Reilly, Charlie Earl, and Gavino for me.

  11. martyrathbun09

    I guess I’ll just chat back and forth with the OSA operatives tonight. Geez…

  12. Tony DePhillips

    That is insane.
    A cult gone mad!!
    For them it is IMPOSSIBLE that they are doing something wrong and worth blowing the whistle on. They won’t get in their ethics and so attack the ones trying to get their ethics in. Having been an Ethics Officer and having done many ethics and Chaplains cycles I know what HE&R can turn on while trying to get someone to confront something that they don’t want to. The insanity is being exposed and we are getting TA, let’s keep it going until we get the full EP!! F/N, VGI’s , cognition and dm blown.

  13. Tony DePhillips


  14. martyrathbun09

    What a relief, a real Scientologist on record here. Hi Tony!

  15. martyrathbun09

    Good comment Raul.

  16. Marty — That IS Gavino! 🙂

  17. Marty — They are glued to it. They wait trembling in front of the screen for whatever may be coming next. What a miserable existence. “William Johnson,” nearly as original as “Larry Johnson.” There’s a lot of johnsons hanging out at OSA it seems….

  18. Tony DePhillips

    This put you in comm pretty fast..
    That is hillarious. I can see you sweating over the computer screen all worried about what dm will say. Poor thing, wake up!!! snap fingers!!
    How do you wake up?

  19. Tony DePhillips

    Right on!!
    Nice seeing you the other day Quicksilver.

  20. Barbara Schwarz

    I have nothing to do with these black ops programs, and you know that very well.


  21. So typical of OSA and the Sea Org. This is yet another example of using information from a persons pc folders in an effort to hurt and control them.

    I also think its worth noting that when a public walks in to a place like Flag with a ruin concerning the 2D, or doing their job or whatever, they are told it can be handled with 36 hours of auditing ($20,000) to 72 hours ($40,000) – depending on what the registrar thinks they are capable of paying. But when a Sea Org member goes out 2D, or has a non standard course room or pisses off the wrong person they some how need 3,000 – 5,000 hours of auditing. Of course this is done while the person is used for slave labor for $15 a week and kept shut off from the world including their own immediate family for 7 – 12 years. What a bunch of shit.
    If the staff member then decides to leave and say anything negative about their experience, then this cult spares no expense to ruin the persons life further.

    The OSA staff never get that they themselves have become sick criminals
    and dupes of a criminal cult. Amazing.

  22. Tony DePhillips

    Or Harry Johnson which would be more apt in this case.

  23. What do you think she could have done? Written a KR? Dumb OSA twit . Why don’t you go back to doing what your boss wants – finding some way to stop auditors from being made, altering tech, increasing your real estate holdings and calling credit card companies to increase card limits while the poor PC sits there in the reges office with a hunted look on their face; afraid to go to the bathroom until they are told it is okay.

    You goons are spotted a mile away. You want to dance? Hit me up on the blog. Leave Marty alone. He is busy actually applying LRH. I’ll dance with you. Come on.


  24. I guess that would be a no then? I’m an ex who has dealt with these things, who has been a victim of OSA BS, and it’s a very legit question – not OSAOSA everywhere. If you have these docs with initials on them it would go a long way to out the people authorizing and running these harassing ops. Names need to be named, not so much the victims of this terrorization – they get their names splashed everywhere- but those who commit the acts of terror. Thats one of the major problems with the fight against the cult- victims names & all they had to endure but nary a word about the fiends “carrying out orders” and committing the crimes against them. (besides DM who everyone is well aware he is dirty & somewhat untouchable) They didn’t cancel the Nuremberg trials because Hitler was dead – they prosecuted his ministers and trials for lower level Nazis continued for decades after the war. There is a very good reason the chain of command on these ops need to be revealed. If CB can stand to have his name run thru the wringer with these accusations we should at least be naming the people committing the overts – regardless 0f whether they are “just following orders” – crimes are crimes and orders from DM do not wash anyone’s hands of guilt in these situations.

  25. My god this is sick. You out ethics skum will pay for all of this one day real soon.
    “you can run but you can’t hide”. Your criminals period and your acts will destroy you.

  26. martyrathbun09

    What a racket, huh?

  27. martyrathbun09

    She’s not there Tony.

  28. Wow Marty. This makes me want to read everything Chuck ever posted about his experiences in the SO and Scientology. Having seen the dox on him it would seem he really rattled little Davies cage pretty good. I will be going over to XSO and the ESMB to see what sooth he was speaking.

  29. martyrathbun09

    I doubt it.

  30. martyrathbun09

    I may not agree with a lot of his statements; but I will vouch for one thing, he is calling it as he sees it from his viewpoint.

  31. I think we ought to increase the transparency and accountability by exposing who actually wrote this program.

    It is a good idea to keep a log on anyone who originates such defeatist messages, people who attempt to re-purpose you, or invalidate what you are doing as an Independent. These people are DM/OSA agents.

    And regarding the alleged negative “facts” included about the target of this program, the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation, column “The Handling of Truth” is the best reference. Even at 1.5 we have “Blatant and destructive lying.” But this is a covert program (1.1), thus it’s level is even worse than 1.5. At 1.1, we have “Ingenious and vicious perversions of truth. Covers lying artfully.” Here is the “Ethic Level” of the program’s author (also 1.1): “Sex criminals, negative ethics. Deviously dishonest. Perverts honesty without reason.” Wow, what a coincidence. Wasn’t that what the writer alleged about the target. Here is the “Actual Worth to Society Compared to Apparent Worth” of the writer of this program: “Active liability. Enturbulates others. Apparent worth outweighed by vicious, hidden intents.”

    LRH’s book, Science of Survival, is dead on. The perverted wannabe sex deviates are the ones writing and executing the program against a 27-year Sea Org veteran, who spent 8 years in a concentration-camp mind control gulag rampant with DM’s own patented Reverse Scientology and Black Dianetics.

    I mean, just to put this into perspective: Chuck Beatty was a VOLUNTEER who contributed 27 years to the service of mankind, working 17-hour days for pennies a week, sacrificing personal advancement and interests for the greater good… and all this pathetic idiot program writer can say is that he “failed”?

    Excuse me, but I how is it a volunteer can “fail”?

    When an organization is given hundreds and even thousands of VOLUNTEERS who will work for FREE, for two and even three decades, 7 days a week, 15-20 hours a day or more… and something goes wrong… that is not the failure of the volunteer. That is the viciousness of the man at the top who intended to destroy all such volunteers and to discredit their voices from ever blowing the whistle on the corruption.

    Unfortunately, for DM, Chuck Beatty has the courage to state what he has observed and what is true for him despite repercussions. And in that, Chuck Beatty has set the standard for all independent Scientologists.

  32. Just an observation: J. Edgar Hoover liked to dress up in women’s clothes. I’m pretty sure anyone can see the connection between that and his obsession with documenting the sexual habits/peccadillos/crimes of others. Not too big a leap to guess why dm is also so fixated.

    This program smells like the putrid, rotting remains of a once living organism. If you had any doubt that the church is dead, just take a big whiff of this. Sickening.

  33. Take a chill pill Gavino. It will all turn out ok for you in the end.

  34. Barbara Schwarz

    I would like to see that too. I should check my e-mail as to when I got a message praising Mike Rinder and maybe the name Chuck Beatty was dropped too. (But I am telling you, nobody has the guts to tell me to run a black ops because anyone knows that I don’t do things like that.)

    To me it looks as if this Chuck Beatty program was backdated from 2006 to 2007.


  35. Barbara Schwarz

    I am not Gabino, for crying out loud, Mike. Now I feel sorry for him. I always feel sorry for those who are wrongfully accused.

    It’s not a far way from my blog to this here.


  36. martyrathbun09

    Gambino, you are pathetic.

  37. I can’t even read that insanity.
    Admittedly I got past ” Beatty was in the Sea Org for 27 years,” but not by far.
    Give me a break.
    27 years in the SO… unless you are Missy Catch-It Baby, most likely no one could be evil that long.
    Of all the atrocities in the world right now, this one is the closest to the skin, in’it?

  38. martyrathbun09

    Maybe Mike will post the roster of OSA INT Intell and their seniors once again if you ask him.

  39. Another example of how the church makes its own enemies.

    My deep appreciation and gratitude to Chuck for all that he has done in getting the truth out and into the light.

    I noticed that one of the targets was for the Internet Inv I/C to “Get financial OK before expending any funds for professionals while executing this program.” which confirms that these are hired by the church and not by lawyers making the church completely complicit in its attacks.

    Tick, tock…tick, tock!

  40. martyrathbun09

    I know. In the last from that address I put in the spam folder, Gavino tried to explain that he is using a proxy IP address to protect himself from me! Mike, how pathetic has it gotten that they are down to bypassing Barbara Schwartz?

  41. martyrathbun09

    Good catch Karen.

  42. And the DSAs are the maggots. Zero ARC, KRC, or knowingness. It sure isn’t Scientology.

  43. Barbara Schwarz

    Watching Eyes is Neal Warren aka Gregory Hall, Carol. How can you befriend an abuser like him? He is completely perverted.

  44. Thanks Tony!
    Yes, we had a great time visiting you & your wife & the rest of the gang!
    A fun time was had by all 🙂

    Can ya believe this stuff?? This is the same crap I used to see written up by the GO back in the ’70s … what a bunch of crims – all under the guise of ‘greatest good’.

    Looks like Defamation to me … and at the very least, the intent to commit these crimes.

    OSA – rather than drive yourselves further into a hole, how about reflecting on why you got into Scientology in the 1st place?

    Like REALLY … what was it that interested YOU in Scientology in the 1st place?

    NOW, look where you are.

    Pretty sad, isn’t it?

  45. Would you publish this if the target was an Anonymous member DM was after instead of Mr Beatty ? I think we know the answer but thanks for your judgment call on Hoovers transvestism. The scientologist, be it onlines or Indy dearly loves it’s homophobic swipes doesn’t it ?

  46. martyrathbun09

    Dude, you don’t even know who you work for. But I do.

  47. Thanks Mike. Back in early 2006, when the program’s targets were going on, I noticed Barbara Schwartz’s postings were just cut and paste the “Kenny Shapiro” email style, and thus to me, it was rather not even either of them, but someone in OSA.
    For a while I was trying to figure out, WHO in OSA it was.

    I eventually concluded that multiple people were sharing the Barbara Schwartz and the other internet names, in particular the “Roadrunner” person who posts still on ARS today.

    My guess was it was Gavino sometimes, then Bill Yaide, then some operative cooperating non Scientologist internet person who was paid or was game to play along.

    The outright claims of denying some fact, could be “true” if the actual person posting switched, to refute the charges against them, is how I came to that conclusion.

    I mean if “us” on ARS, or me, said: “Roadrunner, you are Bill Yaude!” And then Gavino answers for Roadrunner, and says “No, you are absolutely wrong!”, then that’s a “true” statement for that instant.

    I came to conlude that multiple people were using these “names” of the people posting/trolling.

    Is that a correct conclusion, Mike?

  48. martyrathbun09

    Carol – allowed this one just to share just how sick these OSA Intell pups are.

  49. Thank you Marty.

    This is what Parishioner donations BUY
    This is what they do with 501C3 Tax exemption dollars.

    This site link has been Emailed to all my law enforcement friends to read and look over the use of LAW ENFORCEMENT after setting an ex member up with a STING.

    DM’ CULT is a malicious, vindictive, vengeful “Church” using tax free $$$
    to hire PIs to do malicious, vindictive and vengeful acts against SO veterans and those that speak against the Cult ~~ Authors , journalists etc.

    It is good to know that their programs can be quite ineffective. (Example Anderson Cooper took Larry King’s 6pm prime slot and Anderson airs 5 hours straight on CNN daily in PRIME Time~~ a huge promotion …..so much for DM’s pulp fiction magazine.)

    Chuck Beatty is alive and well. I reached out to Chuck in my early days for lots of good communication. 7 years in the RPF for slave labor while 3000+ hours of polygraph interrogatory “Security Checks.”

    No wonder DM’s Scientology has a popularity rating below Radical Muslim and Atheism.

  50. Is this sarcasm? (honest question) where has Mike ever posted the names of the OSA Intel Ops & seniors? I’ve only seen DM discussed and some first names in the comments here. I thought I had seen most of his public statements, but certainly could have missed something. A lot of people, mostly victims, would love to see such a list. Many times OSA has a lot of lower level SO members or hired hacks do the dirty deeds themselves – monitoring your house, black pr to you neighbors, calls to workplaces, etc… But it’s hard to nail down who is actually ordering them to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in levels of guilt and the seniors creating & ordering these programs deserve far more scorn than the puppets carrying out the orders – many time under duress.

  51. The goons who work for the sociopathic runt swim in their own swill. What a sordid existence… Pol Pot was a better friend to mankind.

    Welcome to the church of misscabbage.

  52. DFB aka Dfb99

    Where does Anonymous fall on the Chart of Human Evaluation?

  53. Watching Eyes

    Well folks, it was too taxing to pick which troll to post this under so I just scrolled all the way down to the bottom to make my own comment.
    For anyone wanting a repayment/refund here’s where you need to write. These are government agencies and WILL respond to you. Your complaint will not be ignored.

    For the IAS here’s the one to use. It’s in California.
    Plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    EIN number: 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the the mail. Do it.

    For Flag or the Ship this is the one in Florida. It’s under the Attorney General’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & ENFORCEMENT.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

    Go for it. The Dwarf and Moxen & Kobra (oops, I mean Kobrin) HATE getting inquires from gov agencies. If enough complaints show up on government desks, the CofM risks an all out gov investigation.
    Know this, you will get your repayment although sometimes they drag their heels. They CAN’T deny a repayment unless that’s another piece of LRH they’re no longer applying. But guess what, then it’ll be time to clue in the IRS……..en masse.
    A refund; the jury’s still out on this one. Currently they’re being stinkers about it and the Kobra is busy writing denial letters. But, the key thing here is to get these requests into a gov file which is why you need to cc the above two agencies.
    If you live outside the US, cc your Ambassador to the US in addition to the US Ambassador in your country.

  54. Chuck. Your conclusions are pretty accurate. I believe there were efforts to stir up Barbara Schwartz who was nuts and would just get rolling on someone and become a total pain in the ass with non-sequitur, imaginary allegations and claims. Whether she ever did any postings concerning you or not I dont know. But if there were things that seemed to be from her back then they probably were written by her. She was like a Chuckie doll that could be wound up and pointed in a certain direction and she would keep going and no matter what was said or done in response (even if nothng) it simply motivated her more. Yaude and Gavino used different accounts and identities and I believe had other people that posted on newsgroups and elsewhere to either defend or divert attention. Gavino isnt very good at it. Yaude may be better, I dont really know. But I am sure the identities were pretty much interchangeable — anyone could write using the name of a known troll. And of course you are right — if someone then accused one of the trolls of being Yaude, Gavino could answer and say “I’m not Yaude.” But what does it matter anyway, they are all synthetic personalities!

  55. DFB aka Dfb99

    Marty, he’s no operative. And I think we’re all naturally interested to know if this came to you UPS or FedEx and what the tracking # was and also the name address and phone # of the person who sent it to you.
    Simple questions. No hidden motives.

  56. I wish you would share with us who Anonymous works for because my check from Big Pharma is THREE days late and I have no idea who to contact.

  57. Sunny. Here you go. Obviously it changed over the years but the key people were: Linda Hamel (Invest Aide or D/CO Production or ultimately CO OSA Int). Ben Shaw Invest Aide or D/Invest Aide. Charlie Earle various posts dealing with external attacks in Invest. Neal O’Reilly, same as Charlie. Gavino Idda Internet. Frits Kevenaar Internet. Gloria Idda Internet, but more as a webmaster of the Scn site. Kathleen O’Gorman (KO) Data Off in Invest. Donatella (cant remember her last name Invest Pgms Off. Janet Beatty (Chucks former wfe) Clearances IC. Kirsten Caetano External Security.

  58. Chuck, with all of that abuse, you still write lucid, sane comments on the blog. I always read your comments because they are intelligent. You know policy and you are a good man.

    Failed every post. You’re joking: Everyone in the Sea Org fails every post they been on. That’s DMs design.

    Anyhow, I am appalled. This is really a far cry from HCO Manual of Justice. It’s like the HCO Manual of Justice Expanded, RRRRRR (Assisted by the “Board of Directors” CSI). I NEVER ready LRH on this, except for Fiar Game and that PL is CANCELLED. Gambino, look up the word cancelled, use it in lots of sentences, then clay demo it. The write a 100 word essay on what you are supposed to do with a cancelled HCO PL. Turn this in to your Supervisor.

    ML Tom

  59. martyrathbun09

    WE, Thanks for your incredible TR3 and TR4.

  60. martyrathbun09

    A requirement on this blog is that one pay attention. I did not say Anonymous. I said you, big fella. Adios.

  61. Watching Eyes

    Anytime! I guess I’ve made it my unofficial post to let people know what to do for a repayment/refund. It’s kind of like a bee in my bonnet. Every time I see a troll that bee just starts buzzing all over again.

  62. Thank you Marty. This is an important post. This is stuff we need to know about.
    I worked with Chuck. We started in the S.O. together in May of 1976. Always liked him. Always will. (And even though I worked with him and saw him GETTING PRODUCTS, I didn’t know he had the cajones to stand up to this bullshit).
    Linda McCarthy

  63. How on earth did Babs Schwarz go from my posting to writing about Watching Eyes. Talk about non-sequitur! OSA you lose.

  64. Steve, that was a brilliant use of the tech. Well done and even more well said.

    ML Tom

  65. Watching Eyes

    I meant to post this right after I read that disgusting, vile, ops program but got sidetracked with my other comment.
    I’ve followed your postings on other sites since day one. I’ve always admired you and your posts. I figured you were taking some heat for being out there, communicating and exposing. However, never in my wildest dreams did I think you’d have to put up with something as vicious as laid out in that ops program and coming from a “church” no less. But know this, only a deranged pervert could have written such a program.
    One unintended consequence of OSA’s ops is now you’ve got more admirers than ever. Chuck, keep up the good work, be well and be happy. You are making a difference.

  66. Ray Randolph

    Not only is the empire decidedly on fire….. It’s clearly leaking like a sieve as well… to mix two (probably incompatible) metaphors. I for one am finding the whole thing very enlightening and entertaining.

  67. Here’s a small excerpt of just a few of Chuck’s many writings, and carefully selected & assembled as a informational handout for parents concerned about their kids being recruited into the Sea Org:

    Chuck’s writings have been an incredible valuable source of info over the years he’s been speaking out. He keeps an archived collection of the best stuff here: http://www.freewebs.com/chuckbeatty77/index.htm

  68. Kevin Mackey

    Chuck is a bloody legend and has my undying respect for allowing this slur on his character to be published in it’s entirety.

    This exposes what DM’s church “really is”.

  69. Probably posted above. Was alerted by a cross post to ESMB.

    This is Chucks site to help EX SO to have a safe house. I’m
    the London contact.


    Note that in Australia protesters are saying via megaphone that
    there are safe houses for ex SO, and that their contact point is the local police station. Thanks Chuck for that inspiration. 🙂

    Having been on forums for years I read Chucks initial posts. They
    are notable for saying how much he liked everyone he worked with.
    You know, high toned stuff. From a guy on the RPF for 7 or so years.

    You gals who want a guy, Chuck is I suggest a real catch. 🙂

    He’ll love anyone anytime. Despite all provocation to the contrary.

    Shades of ” Greatness”.

    Go Chuck. 🙂


  70. Thank you Marty for posting this in all its horrifying details. It is truly sickening considering what they put Chuck thru before he got out.

    And /SALUTE to Chuck for yet again upholding to his high standard of letting the whole truth be known. (And I’m curious to know if you had any inkling of the maneuvers being pulled on you after this written?)

  71. Benjamin Cisco

    Seeing this sickening and criminal plot against Mr. Beatty just makes me want to donate some money to the exSeaOrg cause. Your shooting yourselves in the feet again OSA.

  72. Tony DePhillips

    Yeah, Lunamoth on the rampage..watch out OSA-bots I don’t think you can hang with the big L.

  73. I got one of these ‘Schwarz’ emails a few weeks back and it was so patently OSA it was ridiculous. Good job fellas, totally professional and impenetrable.

  74. Tony DePhillips

    dm has failed his post and all the Bots just keep not-ising it. How is it that so many Sea Org members “fail their posts” and dm is considered the second coming of LRH by the Bots?? They have lost their ability to see the truth and that is what they are supposed to be improving in that group!! LOL what a joke!!

  75. Chuck, who allegedly failed on every post, failed so badly as the long time Course Sup at the ITO along with Al Baker, both of whom trained literally thousands of students, that he was promoted to RTRC in 1989 to basically work out all the routing forms for all of Scientology, something you would definitely want your Number 1 Fuck Up doing.

    Unfortunately for Chuck, the Snr C/S Int at the time was Jeff Walker who was either a complete dick as a thetan or else wildly out of valence. Chuck wouldn’t put up with Jeff’s crap and was removed from RTRC before he bashed in Jeff’s head with one of the heavy RTRC tape dispensers.

    If Chuck could have held out just a bit longer all would have been cool because Walker was shortly busted for out-2D and RTRC would have retained someone who would have become one hell of an Admin Compiler.

    Chuck, I will look you up if I make it to Pittsburgh.


  76. Mockingbird6

    “Failed every post.” Well, how about the post of “living as a sane, decent human being.” There’s one DM has failed at, but Chuck and most of the rest of us are gettting better at it daily.

  77. Chuck Beatty was one of the pioneers out here in the real world yelling at the top of his lungs that the “emperor has no clothes” and wasn’t afraid of any attacks and consequences.

    He was single handedly responsible for getting many former Sea Org members in communication again after years of being disconnected from one another. Me included.

    While some may not agree with everything he writes or says, who cares? Isn’t that was freedom of speech is all about? Also free will? We have the right to review all points of view and make up our own minds.

    He was one of the first to predict that major changes wouldn’t occur until someone like Marty or Mike spoke out and he was right.

    Major Kudos to Chuck for STANDING TALL!

    And thanks to Marty, Mike and all the others on this blog and elsewere for taking the ball and running with it. LRH I think would be proud of the efforts going on to save his tech. In fact, he would be on the outside helping to lead the charge in my opinion.

    As to all those OSA robots. Take a look in the mirror. If DM can do this to others, don’t you think he would do it to you too? Is doing these sort of things the REASON you got into Scientology? I thought we all got involved to help people, not spy on them and try to set them up.

  78. “This site link has been Emailed to all my law enforcement friends to read and look over the use of LAW ENFORCEMENT after setting an ex member up with a STING.”

    You Go Girl!

  79. I’ve been fortunate enough to have moved to Pittsburgh and I actually only live about a mile away from chuck. We’ve spent many evenings talking about our experiences in the SO. I’m honored to know him.

  80. Kathy Braceland

    To the OSA guys: You know this is the wrong thing to do. You know that you never use session material to hurt someone or for any other reason than to help and better the individual. You know that anything said in session is said in trust. You know that what is said in session is nobody’s business except for the auditor and C/S. And they make it their business so they can apply standard LRH tech to help and better the individual. You know what you’ve done and continue to do is treasonous. You have betrayed the trust of every decent person that ever walked through the doors of the church. You have betrayed LRH’s trust. I sincerely hope that the cruel things you’ve done to others, does not happen to you. I hope none of you are treated so horribly.

    From your own viewpoints, you’ve just got to ask yourselves, what would Ron do?

    To David Miscavige: Dave, I just want you to know that there are a lot of highly trained, skilled, veteran, standard auditors out here in the field. There are also a lot of real pc’s, Clears and OT’s that all truly made the grade. We all want to better ourselves, others and conditions in life. We are doing just that and will continue to do so. All of us are making the world a better place to live each day. And we’re training even more auditors. And more Clears and OT’s are being made. Free theta is in abundance. You may want to refer to LRH’s Science of Survival and Chart of Human Evaluation to learn what I’m talking about.

    It is impossible for you or anyone else to stop us.

  81. Tony DePhillips

    You are damn right M-6!!

  82. Tony DePhillips

    Here is a rare clip of Chuck training for handling all the OSA bots he has to deal with:

  83. Scott Campbell

    Well Marty,

    You know what LRH says, (paraphrase) if a tough auditor can’t crack a psycho, there was no-one there in the first place.

  84. Jean-François Genest

    «Where does Anonymous fall on the Chart of Human Evaluation?»
    → Occasional underhanded displays of action, otherwise COWARDLY
    → Relays only malicious communication.
    → Active liability. Enturbulates others. Apparent worth outweighed by vicious, hidden intents.
    → Ingenious [cunning] and vicious perversions of truth. Covers lying artfully.

    Interesting that OSA staff and hired hands also fall perfectly into these descriptions.

  85. Scott Campbell

    I wonder if all the Johnsons “stand at attention” when DM enters the room!

  86. thanks Mike.

  87. Jean-François Genest

    My hat is off for Chuck Beatty! You go Mate! Θ
    Good work Marty. This posting is getting very good TA, and hitting the soft spots of lurking OSA staff with a sharp dart. ♠ As the owners of Rolls-Royce would say, “Mmm, we should sharpen that dart even more…” 🙂

  88. Raul Batista

    Karen #1:

    That is a wise idea. Most certainly. I had a stress attack on the day I discovered that instead of telling my loved ones good news about the Church of Scientology I was studying LRH tech at, that I should actually be notifying the police in my area of what was going on in that church instead! It is one of the most unimaginable thoughts imaginable.

    Today, thanks to people like Chuck Beatty and Mark Rathbun information like this helps a person trying to educate authorities in the area about the dangers the Church of Scientology poses to people while at the same time on the edge of the sword, making MUCH MUCH easier for those authorities to understand what a person such a myself could have been doing involved in a group like that in the first place.

    The Independents have endured much through their years in Scientology, and their smiles and warmth to other people is what is most needed and wanted in this world today without a “Church” making people wrong for enjoying their freedom. Who is the “church” to say who can enjoy their life and who can’t and give a reason why the people believe?

    Today, I do the old “Thetan Hand Technique” and just wave my hand in the air at the stupid church and silently say “Go away!” without fear, guilt or any confusion.

  89. Chuck, my hat’s off to you buddy. I know you have spent hundreds of hours helping people, even while being subjected to these atrocities.

    I know you’ve generously spent dozens and dozens of hours on the phone mentoring anons, suggesting how to make protests more effective. You spearheaded the movement to expose the beatings at Gold Base.

    “Stop the Beatings” could be heard all over Southern California.

    You are one courageous, dedicated, loyal man. If the statement “I don’t care what they say about you!” ever applied, it does now!


  90. Scott Campbell

    Karen#1 is back on the case!

    Right on, Karen. Good “Date Coincidence” spotting on AC’s promotion on CNN after the C of S D/A and Black PR campaigns against Marty and Mike backfired.

    How was your holiday season? Screaming Affluence, I trust?

    I look forward to your regular postings once again.


  91. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    AND to twist the knife more they make you pay a Freeloaders Debt for the 3000+ hours!? Damn, Marty, it just plain disgusts me that the church I joined has this kind of mental rape going on STILL!!!

    NEVER AGAIN! (cranking up my OT postulates….)

  92. Chuck,
    You are bad to the bone!
    And I mean that in the good way—if I were ever under fire it’s people like you I’d want on my side.

  93. Scott Campbell


    Thanks for letting Marty post this. It helps us all in the decisions that we must make.

    Thanks as well for proving that Scientology does work and no matter the demons of the past, they can be vanquished once and for all with the correct application of LRH’s tech.


  94. Hilarious! Tons and tons of burnin love to you’all – g

  95. Barney Rubble

    This is an incredible post. Chuck, you and I had a brief comm cycle by email. I will watch you back for life.

  96. Thanks for letting this program emerge for all of us to see. And Chuck, this one will get you a lot of friendly thoughts from others – no kidding.

    I have no doubt that there have been dozens of very similar smear programs. Here is one that finally saw the light of day. It was about smearing Mr. Cazares, the Mayor of Clearwater :

    Meanwhile, the Guardian Office was working on “Operation Italian Fog.” … “The purpose of this Op,” he said, “is to actually get real documentation into the files of Mexican license bureau of bureaus stating that the Mayor got married to some Mexican gal 25 years ago who is not his wife so puts the mayor in a position of bigamy. This can be accomplished either by a bribe or a covert action. Once the docs are planted, it is cleverly exposed that the Mayor is promiscuous and a bigamist.”

    ( source: http://www.holysmoke.org/cw07.htm )

    And a final thought : Where are the valuable final products of decades of such dirty ops ? Unprecedented expansion – exists only during the show business of Miscavige’s events. Saint Hill size orgs – exist only as a few almost empty buildings. An excellent public reputation of Scientology – doesn’t exist at all.

    Maybe GO/OSA should have resorted to “clean hands make a happy life” in the first place !

  97. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Sounds like they are committing conspiracy and entrapment. If anyone in the Cof$/OSA signed off on that financial request, that’s a felony in my book. I hear the clinking of matching stainless steel bracelets in some OSA/Int/DMbot goon’s near future – (postulates are a beautiful thing, mais oui?)

  98. Hey Barbara Gambino (makes a better impression than just Gabino I think) Any way since there is a light being directed on the overturned rock you OSA critters are scurrying out from I thought it would be appropriate to put in the refference I am sure you are” applying ”
    Here it is:
    Limited Distribution:
    OSA NW
    LRH PRs


    (This is a defense paper on material developed after 18 years of ceaseless attack by a foreign enemy. Nothing in this paper advocates physical violence or invites the physical destruction of persons.)

    In these days of “cold war” when actual warfare is impossible due to atomic weapons, the warfare is waged in the press and public in the form of ideas.

    If you uniformly apply the tactics and strategy of battle to the rows we get into, press or legal or public confrontation, you will win.

    The enemy uses ” groups” and meetings of groups like one would use squads.

    If we and they are considered as two hostile and opposing nations at war, then a huge array of tactics and strategy become visible.

    One parallels in the field of thought what is used and done in the field of battle in other ages.

    You don’t have to know too much about the tactics and strategy of warfare to apply this but it helps.

    The end product of war, according to Clausewitz, the authority on it, is (condensed) “to bring about a more amenable frame of mind on the part of the enemy.”

    But there are also wars of attrition. We are engaged in one where total destruction of us has been the enemy’s aim for, at this writing, 19 years. This is barbarian warfare, thus the enemy must have had very positive fears and terrors about us. Since he fought for total attrition. In this case it is not safe to hope for any half-way win. We must ourselves fight on the basis of total attrition of the enemy. So never get reasonable about him. Just go all the way in and obliterate him.

    It is bad warfare to fight battles on your own terrain, in your own subject area. It is not good to fight in the territory of allies. Fight battles wherever possible only on enemy terrain, in and about his subject and his people, not ours. You can gauge your relative success by this. When all your battles are fought on his terrain, you are winning.

    A good general expends the maximum of enemy troops and the minimum of his own. He makes the war costly to the enemy, not to himself.

    Copyright (c) 1969 by L. Ron Hubbard.

    All Rights Reserved.

    HCO PL 16.2.69 II
    Reiss. 24.9.87


    One cuts off enemy communications, funds, connections. He deprives the enemy of political advantages, connections and power. He takes over enemy territory. He raids and harasses. All on a thought plane – press, public opinion, governments, etc.

    Seeing it as a battle, one can apply battle tactics to thought actions.

    Intelligence identifies targets and finds out enemy plans and purposes, enemy connections, dispositions, etc. It is fatal to attack a wrong enemy. But it is good tactics to make the enemy attack wrong targets or persons himself.

    Good intelligence pinpoints who when where what.

    Good PRO plans an action and operations fights the battle.

    Legal is a slow if often final battle arena. It eventually comes down to legal in the end. If intelligence and PRO have done well, then legal gets an easy win.

    You can win a battle even without legal and by PRO alone.

    You intend to win it without legal wherever possible.

    The prize is “public opinion” where press is concerned. The only safe public opinion to head for is they love us and are in a frenzy of hate against the enemy. This means standard wartime propaganda is what one is doing, complete with atrocity, war crimes trials, the lot. Know the mores of your public opinion, what they hate. That’s the enemy. What they love. That’s you.

    You preserve the image or increase it of your own troops and degrade the image of the enemy to beast level.

    Always be ready to parley but watch for tricks. Don’t give the enemy breathing space.

    Capture and use his comm lines. A press magnate on your side is a big win.

    You have in one of these publicity wars all the factors of modern wars complete with artillery, cavalry, infantry.

    For example at this writing, all fighting has been on our terrain; they knew our generals we didn’t know theirs; they had all the press, funds, government control. We are reversing this. We are fighting now on their ground. But we have a long way to go.

    We will make it all the way providing we look on this in terms of active battle and not as a “if we are saintly good we will win.” The people who win wars have a saintly image but they win the war by clever and forceful use of the rules of tactics, strategy and battle.

    Wars are composed of many battles.

    Never treat a war like a skirmish. Treat all skirmishes like wars.

    HCO PL 16.2.69 II
    Reiss. 24.9.87

  99. Chuck,
    I gotta say you are one tough thetan. Man, oh man.

    Talk about enduring shellacings. And you still write some of the most compelling, enthusiastic comments about the Ideal Scene of what LRH management could be that exist on the internet.

  100. This kind of stuff just makes me cringe with embarrassment at ever having been assocociated with this criminal organisation posing as a church.
    With these insane actions, the CofS dooms itself by its own hand. Pathetic!
    Kudos to you, Chuck, for allowing this important info to be published.

  101. For the record;

    I trained under Chuck Beatty and Greg Saunders around 1980-1981 with excellent results. He was always very professional and a model SO member IMO and had the courseroom F/Ning between 9:00am to 11:00pm daily for the 10+ weeks I was there doing the Pro TRs and Metering courses at the ITO.

    What great times! Thanks Chuck!

    BTW, Chuck did you and Greg ever get that sailboat fixed up and into the water back then? Gregs mom was worried about the trip you were planning down the coast and around Key West. Yes, young and reckless thetans you were. Ha!

  102. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Joe, I love the way you communicate!
    ARC, Gary 🙂

    “Chuck, who allegedly failed on every post, failed so badly as the long time Course Sup at the ITO along with Al Baker, both of whom trained literally thousands of students, that he was promoted to RTRC in 1989 to basically work out all the routing forms for all of Scientology, something you would definitely want your Number 1 Fuck Up doing.”

  103. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Chuck, Love and Goodwill to you! You have been and still are a True Friend to LRH and us all.


  104. I tried to read all entries before posting and didn’t make it.

    I was a student from GO Denmark that was strong-armed to do the OEC/FEBC program at Flag in late 81. I knew I was going to miss my son’s first birthday (Nov. 20th 1981) but I was going to be back as soon as I possibly could. I loved studying LRH as much as I hated being away from my husband and son and I knew the only way I could really succeed was to get through the courses asap so I studied really hard. To the best of my knowledge I got through the program faster than anyone who had English as their second language. Thanks to Chuck Beautty. He helped me through all the intricacies of the English language. I remember studying the term “second to none” which made no sense in my language and he coached me through with ARC and without evaluating. He was an absolute gem, he was an icon, that was whispered about in breaks as to how good understanding he had of the subject and how he could convey that to all students.

    Fast forward to 2005. I had Googled my husband’s name and gotten onto “entheta” sites ( up until then I’d been a good Scientologist who would not endanger my eternity). Anyway, I was confused, upset, in danger of destroying a life I’d worked really hard to create. The only ones I’d confessed my true identity to on OCMB was my brother and my ex-husband (God bless them, they kept my identity secret for 5 years until I was ready to “come out”) and then one day I manned up the courage to call Chuck Beautty , who had the guts to post his phone number on the internet. I had a 2-3 hour conversation with him, which was some of the best hours I’ve spent in my life. The man is everything he presents himself to be, honest, sincere, curious, adventurous, exploring, caring, considerate, human – the kind of human who’d never allowed himself to be demeaned into a one-size-fit-all-robot. He dared to recognize himself as a human, warts and all. Yeah, what a crime.

    Chuck, I don’t know if you remember me, but I remember you. You’re a giant amongst giants in my book.

  105. The person that could write this program is psychotic, by LRH’s definition.

    Chuck, you are a giant. I applaud your fortitude.

    New Year’s prediction addressed to David Miscavige: 2011 is going to be far, far worse than 2010 and 2009.

    Note to OSA and operatives: Get out while you can. Bring dox, turn state’s evidence. It is the right thing to do.

    Marty: Please, keep it up. This particular posting really got to me…

  106. Beautiful and exactly correct, Steve.

    As far as I’m concerned, Chuck Beatty (like any victim of this kind of attempted character assassination) gets the full benefit of any doubt, is absolved of any sins or transgressions, gets a clean slate and possibly just may be a saint! All because an attack by such a perverse organization as the
    c of m must be viewed with complete contempt, and is so assuredly an evil fabrication that its automatically affords its target “full immunity.”

    OSA discredits their own accusations by virtue of their own complete lack of virtue.

  107. Bravo, Watching Eyes. Every time you do this I love it!

  108. Marty partially explained in an answer to my question on another thread a day ago, that DM micromanaged and oversaw the whole OSA Network Orders evolution. If you want to see why OSA is stuck doing what OSA does, you might go to Wikileaks and read the “Frank Oliver” subsection of Wikileaks Scientology. OSA is shackled with responsibilities that they should NOT even be held responsible to execute. The Guardian’s Office policies should NOT have been made into OSA’s marching orders, and DM was key in keeping those Guardian’s Office policies in play and keeping OSA doing what OSA’s been doing.

    Scientology today ought to focus on it’s positive and skip the covert intel stuff entirely.

    I today support any professors, reporters and academics who wish to get into the detailed history and atmosphere from which OSA evolved.

    OSA I would agree with Marty, OSA is executing mainly DM’s expected role for OSA today, and it’s mainly been to protect himself from this avalanche of criticism that rightfully is being directed at Miscavige.

    A lot of the OSA people, like Kathy O’Gorman, Neil O’Reilly, were former GO people, and knew the drill already, and were ready to carry on the old GO stuff in the new OSA.

    The legal cases in early 1980s caused a massive demand for new personnel and the buildup of personnel in OSA Int, and I guess it was also separately considered unthinkable NOT to continue the covert intel gathering and ops against the enemies like Mayo and other critics and “enemies” of the early 1980s period, so I guess DM and others considered OSA being in the same mold as the old Guardian’s Office with the same divisional layout, the OSA Network Orders seemed the logical solution, to keep in place the stuff that had earlier gotten the Guardian’s Office in so much trouble.

    There’s a whole huge context and history that this program on me fits within.

    There’s a whole context of almost ALL of the misplaced counterattacks against Scientology’s “enemies” which is just so NOT the correct target.

    To me, the simple solution, is reform OSA, repost all the OSA staffers elsewhere, and disband the old Guardian’s Office policy setup entirely. It’s just NOT religious, it’s only serving wrongly to protect (and it fails miserably) DM. It’s a wrong use of wrong tech, by someone who should not have been beating up and doing the insane abusive things that DM’s been doing these last many years.

    I forgive all the OSA people, I liked all of them, I don’t hold any of this against them. Nor against Kenny Shapiro, I liked Kenny, and he was my Section/Unit In Charge for a time on the PAC RPF in 2001. I wouldn’t have done what he did, but I don’t hold this against him. Jim Dincalci’s forgiveness site taught me a good lesson, which I think Scientology fails at, which is how important and easy and beneficial it is to forgive people.

    So many people at the time of this program was being implemented, and the smearing and making public of my transgressions and faults as a person, when this happened, I was given universal support by people on ARS and Clambake and XSO chat sites.

    So this is kinda a replay of 2006ish. Back in 2006 people on ARS knee jerk assumed I was doing something good, if OSA was smearing me.

    Tory, Arnie, Gerry Armstrong, Dennis Erlich, the psychologist person who posted on ARS, Eldon, Zinj, Hartley Patterson, so many of the best and smartest posting critics on ARS, Prof Touretzky, Prof Kent, my boss at the newspaper, my family, Patty P from New Haven, all the ex Int Base staffers posting then on XSO, Mark Fisher, Jeff Hawkins,) none even the slightest bought the OSA smearing.

    People in 2006 concluded that my posts leaking the news of DM’s beatings in the 200s, were the cause of the wave of smearing I got.

    Thanks especially to Mick Wenlock for even setting UP the XSO chat site, that was huge in the building of communication and ex Int Base could read Jeff Hawkins’ posting on XSO about DM’s beatings. Amy and Mark Fisher posted on XSO about DM’s beatings.

    It was my leaking of these stories about DM’s beatings in lae 2005 on ARS that directly led to this OSA pgm to muzzle me from further discrediting DM. .

    OSA HAD to cover DM’s ass, and cover their own asses since DM would eat them alive if they didn’t do something, and I was the one relaying the bad news on DM, so OSA did this perfunctory program, a cut and paste program for sure, on me. So my self admitted transgressions and faults were all packaged up in the OSA cookie cutter programs for this type of handling, is my educated guess.

    The program failed because it was way too late, with all that communication going on between ex Int staff, and Marc Headley just pouring out NEW info on Clambake about Int Base insanities by DM, in Marc’s postings as blownforgood in early 2006, by mid 2006 I was no longer the relevant head to be put on a pike (DM’s of course the correct head on the pike, but OSA couldn’t target DM of course.)

    The XSO chat site was huge in just getting communication going. SO a huge thanks fo Mick Wenlock, who’d been posting on ARS for years.

    I just happened to be the compulsive outflowing blabber going through my own learning curve, learning a hell of a lot by carefully reading what wiser minds were saying on ARS, and by leaking new news in that tiny window of time until Marc Headley began posting.

    Little Bear Victor posted a huge amount of realistic info about Int Base recent years’ life on Clambake, in 2006 or 2007 also. To me his postings are still today hugely important historically and very excellent Int Base history to add to Amy’s and Marc Headley’s books, and Jeff’s book.

    And now Marty’s site, this site, has a huge amount of unprecedented info on Int Base history, and DM behavior history.

    But I was a small enough fish, and knew it, that I could blab and not worry.
    I knew the really juicy important details would be told, and now have been told, and the St. Pete Times series is just the icing on the cake for my hopes of the 2006 period.

    Dan Garvin in 2004 told me OSA just didn’t have the man power to muzzle and harass everyone, and Dan being ex OSA, I took his word, and Dan, John Peeler, Tom Provenzano, and Karen Schless, all inspired me.

    And of course Arnie Lerman and Gerry Armstrong, and Dennis Erlich, all who are in a class of their own, in terms of ex Sea Org members who continued NOT to be muzzled, and really stand up against the evil official Scientology was exuding.

    I was just a tiny inbetween instigator, and I was just leaking stories from other people who actually had to come along and correct and fill in the gaping holes in my knowledge of recent years’ Int Base history. And out tumbled the latest insane behavior of DM.

    And then this program that wrong targeted me.

    It didn’t do anything to stop the ex Int Base staff with the raw firsthand experiences of DM’s abuses.

    By the time this program was initiated by OSA, it was TOO LATE. The new wave of ex members willing to speak up was rolling forward.

    The program just was doomed to fail. People wanted to share history, and the history pointed increasingly at DM.

    In Dec 2005 the Janet Reitman Rolling Stone article had come out, and Maureen Bolstad, Shelly Corrias Brit, Karen Schless Pressley, Bruce Hines all went public in that article. I was pushing for others to talk on the record then with Janet, and it wasn’t time yet for them.

    When Marc Headley was giving direct firsthand experiences as blownforgood, I really became dated and no longer an OSA target.

    I then shifted to wondering and putting out the hope for Marty and Mike Rinder to someday surface.

    And the recent last two years are pretty well known.

    Things were out of control ever since Jeff, Amy, Marc Headley, and Mark Fisher all coalesced cross corroborating (Jackson came along in there also, corroborating Mark Fisher’s story), and Larry Brennan came out witnessing DM’s early years violence against poor John Aczel.

    There were sort of pacts between these ex Int Base staffers who were enough OUT of DM’s control, so the backlash on DM was inevitable.

    I’d say others who before me inspired me to blab like I did, were John Peeler who posted in late 1990s or early 2000s, and Tom Provenzano and Karen Schless, those 3 were the only ones who’d gone the least bit public with news about Int Base life, when I looked on the internet in 2004 for Int Base news.

    I so much wanted MORE ex Int Base staffers to tell recent years history.

    And I still do.

    I’d love today for Pat Broeker to tell his stories about DM!

    You just can’t muzzle people’s communication about their lives. People will want to talk about their experiences.

    Recent years’ upper ranks Scientology staff life has been pretty rocky, and the history is now out, thankfully, in Amy’s, Jeff’s, and Marc Headley’s books.

    So this program on me, I judge it compared to all that DID get exposed after this program.

  109. OSA, How is it that the CoM with its “tech perfection” has so many 10, 20 & 30+ year veteran “SPs” so many OT 7s & 8s declared or resigned even with 6 month sec checks?

  110. Barbara Schwarz is incapable of stringing two rational sentences one after the other, from what I’ve seen of her stuff on her web site and A.R.S. This post making a comprehensible statement is alone proof it’s not her.
    Michael A. Hobson

  111. Hopefully Chuck will one day receive an apology.

    Gary Weber’s apology to Gabe Cazares
    “I want to apologize to all that I harmed in the name of “saving the planet from evil doers” in believing that I was doing “good”. I have placed this letter of apology and my story on the web at http://www.lermanet2.com/garyweber/ as part of my continued journey of recovery”


  112. Tom,

    I loved working under and adjacent to you Tom. One of favorites.

    Loved working for Linda. Loved working under Jim Logan. Loved working under Dan Koon.

    God, the whole Sea Org experience, for all it’s crap, it was my life.

    SO, being eternally optimistic, I’m so glad, even though I am an atheist materialist (so I don’t believe in souls), but I do love all you people I enjoyed working with.

    Hey, Tom. Remember when you went out and re-recruited Al Baker to rejoin the Sea Org, and you did! I always remember you for that, and really wish you and Linda reached out to Al today. Al was the best all time admin course sup, bar none. I was lucky to work for him and Linda at the old FBEC (Flag Bu Exec College).

    I don’t think I failed as course sup, despite any of the politics surrounding my 1981 bust.

    Of course we all fail. The man for which the “Jokers and Degraders” policy letter was written, in 2005ish, that man wrote some of the most hilarious comments on the XSO chat site, which are exactly ditto about how we all supposed “failed” and in the end graduated to the RPF, and then got out of the Sea Org.

    But in later years, the smarter ones, skipped the RPF part and just got the hell out.

    It’s a whole unstoppable thing, talking, communicating.

    I do believe in communication.

    Thanks Tom!


  113. Hey Linda,

    My comments to Tom above, I loved working with you and Al in the FBEC, really had I not had that change to work with you guys, I doubt I’d have succeeded later as course sup on my own, and the 1981 summer bust off the 1981 FEBC Pgm was politics. I loved supping, should have been like old Mike Spalino at AOLA, and just been allowed to been a course sup my whole damn Sea Org career, and then I’d NOT have ejected, or maybe, I likely would have ejected in recent years, since now the OEC/FEBC is dead.

    God, what a interlocking mess or crap the Sea Org’s become. Al’s gone, routed out, and I hoped, since Tom was the one who got Al to go back into the Sea Org in early 1980s, that maybe you and Tom could reach out to Al today.

    I loved working with you Linda. thanks for those years!


  114. Barney Rubble


    EXACTLY. Perfect conotaion.

  115. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Marty!!

  116. Barney Rubble

    Gary Saunders in a facebook OSA police and DM bot, stay away from him.

  117. Tony DePhillips

    Great point!!
    While in the cult of muddcabbage, I had “heard” that dm had done the PTS/SP course 5 times as if this made him an expert. Well, he shoud retread it AGAIN because the dumb shit still aint got it right.
    On another point if someone did come into the church with “2-d fixations” and they left after 25 years having had tons of sec checks and evil purp handlings then why didn’t they handle this supposed abberation?? Does this mean they were squirreling and could not handle the persons case problems?? Don’t they know how to ge the product that they promote??

  118. Barney Rubble

    Correction: Greg Saunders IS a facebook OSA facebook police. I can confirm this over and over.
    He is dangerous.

  119. I always put things in perspective. Gerry Armstrong and Arnie Lerma and others received just whole magnitudes of crap from OSA, so please don’t even think any of this hurt me. Also, I expected it. In my over itsa compulsive outflowing posts, at my site, you see just how MUCH support from the whole gamut of ARS, Clambake, XSO chat sites.

    I was a lull period in Scientology history, speaker-outer, and the juice, the revelations I blabbed were the firsthand experiences of Jeff Hawkins, Mark Fisher, Marc Headley, for a tiny tiny window of time, before they each went public. And Amy’s corroboration of Jeff’s stories.

    There’s a WHOLE huge context into which I fit, and I did a huge amount of reading in my year, from the day I routed out (March 31, 2003, until I started posting (July 2004), and I was a sponge still learning the score.

    When 2005 rolled around, my pet internet blabbing project was trying to get ex Int Base staff to just tell history.

    I was writing tame lame DM is really trying to improve Scientology’s bad ways type postings, and I had no f-ing clue.

    Jeff Hawkins calls me out of the blue in Oct 2005, and informs me I am 5-10 years out of date, and DM is being Mr. Insane staff beater.

    I got leaked Marc Headley’s tales of DM’s violence and a few insane incidents of DM’s via an anonymous ex Int Base staffer, and again, this was Oct/Nov 2005, I found out just how wrong and lame my comments (which were better than nothing, but my info was out of date compared to Marc Headley’s and Jeff’s comments).

    So really, I knew that eventually Jeff and Marc would speak out.

    It takes a person, per the ex cult member “experts”, a certain amount of living in the real world again, to build up the gumption to communicate about their lives without fear or retaliation.

    So, really, in context, there were blood spattered beat up and WAY more courageous ex Sea Org members already, for years, the likes of Gerry Armstrong, Arnie, Dennis Erlich, already who’d been royaly raked over the coals.

    I had the top A list critics on ARS, I read their stuff and learned a hell of a lot.

    I lived in Pittsburgh, and one of the A list ARS critics, Professor Dave Touretzy, he lives here, and I got the cream of the crop advice from him and other A list “Religious Freedom Watch” vets, who ALL took the dastardly OSA smear campaign stuff as a feather in their caps.

    I attended the East Coast Suppressive Person conference hosted by one person I have to give one of the biggest thanks to, Patty Piendiaz, and her postings and compassion to me, as I was at first getting chewed up as the naive Candide ex Sea Org member who’d landed on ARS, and so I had a whole bunch of smart cookies and compassionate already been there and dumped and cheerful “SPs” to draw their experiences and wisdom about OSA’s dirty tactics.

    Naw, in context, Frank Oliver and Skip Press and Dennis Erlich’s views and Gerry Armstrong’s views about me, are probably some of the best views, which I would more longer range think will be borne out to be true when my tiny role in this ex Sea Org member history is viewed.

    The people who had to go to court due to being sued by OSA’s lawyers, those people had their backs pressed up against the wall, with no help.

    Dan Garvin, like I said in one of my answers above, Dan’s advice and thoughts about OSA’s lack of teeth, lack of manpower, to do what they did to other of the past A list real critics, I just knew I wasn’t in the Alist category.

    And the people I was leaking info from, and then look at right now.

    Marty and Mike have really got the business.

    Nothing like that ever came my way.

    I love encouraging people to communicate their history, and think people simply CAN’T be stopped from communicating.

    I just don’t have the time to keep up with things, and really, the big cheeze players who lived close to DM, their stories and experiences about recent history are just way more important, and they are now all pretty much free to talk.

    I’d love to see Pat Broeker add his two cents on DM, and I would love to hear what people who lived with LRH have to say and fill in LRH’s history.

    Let people communicate, and things will sort out.

    This program failed since muzzling me just missed all the others who had the real goods on DM, who were the ones who have now led up to this blog, and it’s a whole new chapter in Scientology history.

    I see this all as inevitable. I think saner minds and arguments always ultimately have the final say, even if it is unfortunately after some people get trounced on, like OSA evolved into this machine that today serves DM’s protection (which it fails at, since DM’s not protectable, the people have now spilled the beans on him).

    This program I have so many questions to ask Mike Rinder, but I think it’s best to just let the next new subject come along, and let independent Scientologists do what they think right. I’m positive that includes NOT setting up a GO/OSA intel/ overt/covert ops operation

    I only see things positive coming since the abuses in Scientology’s history inevitably will fall by the wayside eventually.

    This site is such a huge breath of fresh air in Scientology history.

  120. Let us differentiate…

    It is one thing to expose serious crimes discovered in the course of a real investigation such as might be done by a law enforcement officer or by an investigative reporter or by a PI seeking facts and evidence. Along the same line, it is legitimate to report observed child or elder or spousal abuse, drug labs run in the neighborhood, drive-by shootings, assaults, robberies, and terrorist acts.

    It is quite another thing to frame someone, to lie to law enforcement, or to set up a sting based on confessionals and priest-penitent conversations when one has come to a church for relief and help and forgiveness.

    27 years on staff, 8 years of that in the RPF. Cast out. That’s tragic! It’s not about toughness; it’s about KRC/ARC/CCH. Whatever happened to these fundamentals?

    I know OSA people must feel under attack – some of these people are/were smart, decent people. They are looking in the wrong direction in dealing with noise in the independent field: lots of it is the noise of whistles blowing and fingers pointing up (down?) at someone… guess who!


  121. I believe Donatella’s last name is Terrintino, now Kevenaar.

  122. Yea,

    I knew. Barbara Schwartz’s comments against me, were 100% as stated in her target, sheesh!

    Kenny Shapiro’s email was written like someone in OSA crafted it based on culling my “Life History” and the Legal docs and my own North Korean prisoner of war mindset good boy RPFer who knew my only way I’d be let out standardly was to give up the goods on myself so OSA would feel confident they had me by the balls so they could feel confident to let me route out, since to route out of the Sea Org you had to have approval. And one tiny hitch was DM had years earlier made the offhand comment to someone, and we know his offhand comments are taken SERIOUSLY, he commented, unfortunately for me, that I should be “salvaged.” So believe me, I felt it, and a lot of really nice fine Sea Org members on the RPF tried like hell to “salvage” me, and even though I did NOT want to complete the RPF, I have to thank those people too (Maj Wheelis, Clark Morton, BOTH tried like hell, and I love them both for trying, but I just was a “goner” for succeeding on the RPF). Stefan Castle Lewis gave me some great auditing, Bill Price gave me some excellent auditing, Vanella Leserve gave me a lot of good auditing, Micho Danilovich gave me good auditing, I mean they ALL had my best intentions, but I just was NOT one to have auditing, and really only when I got some Introspection Rundown (I’m such a twisted turned about critic of SCientology), the goddamn first part of the Introspection Rundown, if you look it up (tech people who now that rundown), there’s a part where the auditor or C/S find the incidents in a person’s life that have acted like a massive wrong indication to the preclear, and they don’t even fly the ruds, they just take you in sesssion and indicate that that particular moment in your life acted like a moment of introspection. That was probably in all my history of Scientology auditing, the most explosive moment of “relief” was the moment Rich Gilbert by my folder study, and Bruce Hines was the C/S, that caused me the most “relief” in all my 120 folders of preclear history, and it was while I was on the Int RPF.

    So, I thank and respect all the intentions of all these Scientology Sea Org vets, almost all one for one more competent Sea Org members and overall more productive people, I mean in the end of the, I really liked almost everyone I worked with and met in the Sea Org. Some people I particularly liked more.

    It’s a wierd game.

    I knew I was setting myself up with my transgressions admissions, and knew that someday OSA would try to nail me. It happened, it is what was their role, although I now appreciate that Marty fills in OSA history with how DM oversaw the actual scriptural foundations of OSA, and OSA’s obviously being used to target people like me, who are just so NOT the correct target.

    but that’s what you get for getting involved.

    finally, when I was in the PAC RPF (the LA RPF), good old OSA staffers Ed Parkin and Gigi Scudilari with the RPF’s RPF Master at Arms, exactly at the time I was amongst the group of about 15 PAC RPFers who all wanted to route out at the same time.

    To route out standardly, you have to cough up something that OSA can write into some legal docs, so they can hold it over your head, like is obliquely mentioned in my program, where I signed these things, and I knowingly violated the legal docs I signed. Yea, you have sign that crap.

    I asked Ed, I said Ed, “Do I have to sign those things to get out?” And Ed, by his hedging OSA Int staffer built in hedging style answer said clearly in my 27 year Sea Org member mind able to see the writing on the wall, I realized YES. To get out “standardly” I’d have to basically North Korean style let OSA have the goods as blackmail over me keeping me from blabbing.

    the final doc I signed, is on my website, and I got good old top gun lawyer for Scientology Elliot Abelson to send me a copy. (I have to digress to thank Arnie and ESPECIALLY thank Gerry Armstrong, because when Elliot called me, the first person I called AFTER Elliot called me was Gerry Armstrong for his advice.) So in the end I get my copy of the long winded BS legal doc that I signed giving up my rights to speak about Scientology history and my life, and Marty on this blog, which is what is priceless about this blog, Marty mentions how absolutely worthless legally those legal docs are.

    Ah, there’s so much tiny details crap in this program on me, I could go on for hours.

    In context, in the whole analogy of the frog in the pot of water slowly warmed up till the frog’s boiled dead, in that HUGE Sea Org multi year context, in the myriad layers of rules and built up misapplications of the rules, it’s jump out of the damn pot or be boiled dead.

    Thanks again for this blog, and Marty and Mike’s input on OSA matters is just priceless history to those of us who were curious as to what was going on inside the heads of OSA people and in the RTC bosses above the OSA people, so thankyou Mike and Marty!

  123. Joe and Gary,
    First, to Chuck, thank you for what you have done. In case someone doesn’t understand how working out routing forms fits into seniority for a “failure” posting. This was part of WDC ED 86-3 – the Int strategy known to be LRH’s last Int strategy, and the final one he authored. After that he goes on to Incomm and then to ASI. I guess only if you fail on a post do you get promoted to a senior org. OSA – do you really believe others are as stupid as you seem to be, when you state such falsehoods.

    Chuck, I was a student under you and Linda (Spanky) and I do NOT consider either of you a failure. Now, THAT was a big full courseroom with F/Ning students. It was truly a life changing event and there are hundreds of us out here that remember that experience and the incredible wins obtained from the study of true LRH.

  124. Thank you Chuck for allowing this trash to be published. It’s this sort of thing that really helps expose what Scientology has become.

    Out of interest (and I might have missed this) who authored this?

  125. Karen, Yes – Precisely!

  126. Thanks Mark,

    If not for you, Jeff, Marc Headley, Amy, right there in 2005, making that pact, Jackson too, since Jackson saw DM beat you up, believe me, if NOT for you, the real first hand experiencers of that DM violence, I wouldn’t have felt compelled to really keep pushing!

    Your stories, your communication, really, you guys amongst yourselves, it must have been a whole good feeling amongst you guys, when you all started talking amongst yourselves, even being able to talk about it in the first place, after years of having that suppressed.

    Thank YOU guys, and thanks to Marty and Mike.

  127. yea, and thankyou since NO OTHER CITIZEN in Riverside County has done as much as you!!!!! (Well Ida Camburn is in a permanent class of her own.)

    And your work will pay off!!!

    I liked the “Free Heber Jentzch” myself, since there is such a huge wide gamut of people wishing Heber well!

  128. Agreed. I got tiny compared to the A list critics and “enemies”.

    I was just a lull period easy target, since of my over itsa compulsive outflow on ARS, but mainly because like I said above, unfortunately the focus on DM is ALL it really takes (Marty’s absolutely right, and I’m sure Mike will corroborate it, and ironically if there is an enemy of Scientology who ALSO knows this it is the mega all time ex Sea Org critic my vote for all time longest best critic, Gerry Armstrong) is just criticize David Miscavige, and the OSA dogs (as decimated as they are today) will be set on one.

    Gerry attacked DM hilariously on Gerry’s site, for years.

    And in reflection of what spurred OSA to do this quickie perfunctory cookie cutter program on me, was my being in the right place to leak the DM violence recent years stories from Jeff Hawkins, confirmed by Amy, and Marc Headley, at a time when the 3 were just leaking into and not talking publicly yet.

    So, I have to defer credit, and this explains why I really can’t accept the credit.

    And also, I took the Pro TRs Course EP seriously, almost like a service fac seriously.

  129. I love you Jim, like I said in my answer to Tom M and Linda.

    Hey, have you seen the savescientology site? That has some real smart cookies thinking things really out.

    Yea, maybe someday, in 5 years, things will be settled down. I’d declare an amnesty, first off. Lots of missions to sort out prices, how to disseminate the tech in the internet age, etc, etc. Lots of people like the Swiss man in EU/Russia and also Ralph Hilton, they’ve been doing Scientology in the field.

    There’s so many ex Int Base staffers and older Apollo vintage and a few even earlier vintage people, I wish you all well.

    Yea, it’s not my Scientology, since I am an atheist, but I am happy if people sort it out for everyone’s benefit whatever they choose amongst themselves.

  130. Thanks.

    Actually Mike Kerli came along and fixed that sailboat up ultimately, and yes I believe he did a good bit of sailing, and I think even some EPFers for a spell got to go on it, since Mike Kerli became the EPF I/C.

    And there was also Clark Morton, he separately did a stint with Dave Engelhart, they retrieved I think one of the famous Sea Org small vessels that had been sold, the Sea Org bought it back, or something, and Dave and Clark sailed it back to Clearwater, from I think Miami, they sailed it like on recruit tours once or twice.

    but I think you’re talking about the Mike Kerli boat, and that was used for some time.

    Oh my the Pro Trs course. Were you there when Dan Koon and Melanie Murray came and finally debugged the course?

  131. Ditto!!

  132. I’m sure others experience this too: I sometimes feel sick when dealing with the Church of Miscavige. Some of the stuff coming out of this church is like dirty, toxic waste. This sickening feeling can linger with me for an hour or so.
    This clown Miscavige is making nothing out of some of its staff, making them do sick acts, sickening them. I’m going for a long walk this morning.

  133. Thanks, that’s very kind of you.

    It’s so funny, things are so turned around over history.

    I looked up to people in my first year at the Flag Land Base, in almost the same way.

    Hana Eltringham was hugely compassionate in my eyes.

    I really looked up to Greg Wilhere, and just almost one for one, the execs in the FSO were incredible.

    I think in life, when people hold their ground and just treat the person in front of them decently, that makes a huge impression on us.

    I myself, likewise, considered almost one for one, the people in my first year at the Flag Land Base, in 1976-1977, in that light.

    It was even then, disheartening for me to see people leave for all the seemingly mysterious reasons.

    Yea, those phones, the first time phone calls usually go on for over an hour easily.

    I figure that this might be our first and last conversation, and I’m glad you found it helpful. I felt it my job to also try to help people over any hurt and misunderstanding they received while in Scientology, since I really don’t think it really was anyone’s intent to use Scientology to just sucker and squash people.

    There used to be a sidejob, a “double hat” that all Flag management people held, and I loved that sidejob.

    It was called the “Org Flag Officer” and David Hartley was the OFO Chief (Org Flag Officer). I loved that side job, and doing the XSEAORG phone line, today, when I can help a few people out one way or another, I kinda do the same as what the old Org Flag Officer hat was supposed to be all about.

    If we could just magically do a repair list on people messed up by Scientology, I think even some of the people in OSA, people who are familiar with the Book of Case Remedies, and the C/S 53, and the GF 4o XXX, I mean, those repair lists, and sort of the cramming officer hat, and knowing the intricacies of the staff screwups that occur over the years, that I observed while doing my sidejob Org Flag Officer duties, I took that stuff seriously. So I tend to try to smooth out any of “our” messups on people who came Scientology’s way.

    I’m glad you liked our talk.

    I think most long term ex Scientologist if they got any good out of Scientology, they let it seep out Scientology in a good way, if they were on “help flow” jobs, and I was for many many tens of thousands of hours on an outflow helpflow job when I was course sup. LIke I said in one of my posts above, I should and would have liked to stayed on that job my whole Sea Org life.

  134. Thankyou! One of the irritating simplest things that got to me, was getting a straight answer, and of course, causing that irritation, and the act of deflecting people OFF of the criticism, itself achieved the product.

    Persons like Barbara were a natural.

    Even though she’s so easily dismissable, for her content, the fact that she has just sucked up SO MUCH time, of people’s interest, she just is like a magnate pulling people to her, she’s got to be the all time lifetime achievement troll, of trolls, on ARS.

    I played with her a few times, and we had some somewhat sane conversations up to a point. I found flattering her in a mild and sincere manner did bring out her actual nice qualities.

    There is such a wide variety of opinions about her, she’s such a uniquely stable ball of irrational contradictions, when she got into her under the Salt Lake secret base life as daughter of LRH, or whatever her beliefs about who’s her dad were.

    She’s quite a character, and one way I rated the trolls, was how quickly they responded.

    I figured that trolls taking multiple hours, or a 24 hour period to respond, were thus MOST likely doing targets on my handling program, since I took the delay to mean they were getting their answers crafted and sidechecked before they answered me.

    Such a huge amount of crafting that went on on ARS by trolls.

    Again, thanks so much for even taking a moment to answer on Barbara S!

    What’s gonna happen to OSA, since all the OSA staff are year by year dwindling, and no one seems to be being promoted to OSA and take over these gaping holes in their staff lineup?

    The “Mike Rinder Blew! You Can Too!” protest signs really produced BIs on HGB staffers!

  135. Hey Chuck,

    Don’t underrate yourself.

    You really told it like it was with honesty and integrity.

    To me you were one of the stars of ARS.

    As I told you personally many times you made ARS worth going to.

    I rate your posts right up there with the ARSCC Librarian.

    Another favorite of mine.

    I’m glad you’re here with us.

    And OSA……

    I suggest you watch this video closely:

  136. Wow!

    Joe talk about a psychic connection.

    I was personally busted by Jeff Walker too when I was auditing as a non-SO at ASHO when he was posted for a short time as Senior C/S Int.

    Well now I feel honored 🙂

  137. He was an employee, not a volunteer. 🙂

  138. Nice one, Karen.

    Also of potential interest to law enforcement is this from Investigations Section Stats. It can be viewed at pp 75-79 of the Frank Oliver bundle.

    At page 79, it reads:


    This stats measures the number of complaints against
    attackers that were acted upon by authorities.

    This is defined as the number of complaints filed with
    anyone who is in a position of authority and acts upon the
    complaint and thus impinges on an attacker (e.g. judicial,
    governmental, civil, employer, landlord, etc). Each time
    the complaint is acted on counts 1. Not cumulative.

    Stats affect ethics conditions. Ethics conditions affect work and living conditions (work hours, pay, rations, etc). Thus, OSA investigations staff actually have a powerful incentive to get law enforcement to investigate a perceived enemy.

  139. Yes girlie, its sick but its SOP OSA. And its more worse than that. I myself have been witness (because involved) in(attempted) fair game practice against SCNists IN GOOD STANDING. The cycle was not carried out. Not because
    OSA came to its sense, but just because the attorney who was supposed to sue them refused the cycle. (no chance to win the case). OSA shoots everybody who is standing in their line of fire. You see there is no more differentiation=insanity. ARC

  140. Thanks for this post. Lucky me that in session or else never talked too much about my sex wishes and dreams.
    Maybe, big maybe, they use other case stuff (non sexual) too to cave in or get rid of members or ex members. Is there any programme that focuses on other “tech”? Like “pulling” withholds or overts and then not getting down the chain to EP intentionally to finally try to cave in the person? Or knowingly adress case stuff that is far above the level of the PC to try to get him insane?

  141. The advent of Chuck Beatty onto the scene IMO has been the tipping point of the critical movement against the church of scientology. Those accounts of what really happened at Int Base were the information that really made me decide to leave the church of scientology once and for all and to become a critic. So thanks Chuck, you were instrumental in the fight against the abuses.

    A note to the people of OSA: you guys one day will all end up in jail. Yup. It’s the overt motivator sequence that will do you in. All what goes around comes around. You have done overts (and you know it), now expect the motivators. Be certain they’ll come.

    Come clean. You don’t have necessarily to write up all your own overts and withholds. You just need to stop suppressing and not-ising the awareness that is building up inside of you. The awareness that you are fighting on the wrong side. That awareness is the truth and down deep inside you, you know it. Let it be. Stop suppressing it. And then defect.

    Out here there are thousands of people who are ready to back you up, find you a job, help you with the accomodations. You have a future OUTSIDE of the Sea Organization.

    Look, if you leave now you can also be right. By leaving you are not saying that for 10, 20 or 30 years you were wrong. Like many of us you didn’t realize what was going on. By leaving you are not saying that scientology was all a scam. If you want you can continue scientology on the outside, you can study, you can audit, you can train. There will be no suppressive hounding you.

    But most of all if you defect now you’ll not end up in jail. You know it is coming. Look at the long term trend of your invest and handling statistics (or external threats). What lies at the end of a long term downtrending stats?
    A catastrophe and you know it is coming.

    Defect now. Miscavige will not save your ass when there is going to be real trouble. The Ias will not save the staff ass (if you are in OSA, you know this has never happened). How will you pay for lawyers, for defense, etc?

    Jump on the other side of the Berlin Wall. Out here there is freedom.

    Paolo Ruggeri

  142. chuck
    This is for you! ♥

  143. very good, thanks you

  144. Longer Johnson

    “… and has been suppressing being a pervert for years (pornography, transvestite activity, masturbation and had a huge button on the size of his penis which was actually a ruin for him). ”

    I think the OSA bot just described about 95% of us males. I get constant Internet spam and late night infomercials that try to sell me some new wonder drug which will make my penis 10 times larger. Clealy I’m not the only dude who want’s a longer schlong. It’s funny that this church lady think’s that these sort of activities, none of which are illegal, makes one a “pervert” – who are they to judge?

    Another thing – if Chuck Beatty is such a failure, why did the church hang on to him for 27 years? They always could of off-loaded him; per LRH policy you’re not supposed to hang on to people who can’t hack it. Employers tend to fire failures; they don’t employ them for 27 years. Chuck also worked at very high levels on the org board in the Sea Org; places like RTRC, INCOMM and ASI. To be approved to work at places like that you need good test scores and need to have a good production record. A slouch or “DB” can’t even get past the front door at places like that.

    One more thing – at the beginning of this black ops program are listed several LRH references. I never read them but I can’t imagine that LRH would condone this type of sleaze being perpetrated by Sea Org personnel using church monies. What’s even more disturbing is that they were putting all this effort in just to try to silence a whistleblower; I’m glad they failed.

  145. Chuck,

    Yesterday evening I tried to read Marty’s post and the OSA program about you. But after a few hundred words, it creeped me out so much I couldn’t finish it. This morning, I tried again – and this time it read completely differently. It sounded like what a few sad little kids might write if they belonged to a secret club devoted to describing a world that never existed. Such a waste.

    As others have said above, I read your posts here carefully. You’re a great observer, with much information to offer. You seem to say what you mean and mean what you say. Your integrity and your abilities to forgive and love are admirable. You sound to me like a man who is rich in friends and at peace. Congratulations!

    Just Me

  146. Dan,

    Like I said numerous times, you and Al Baker gotta me some of the best seniors I ever had.

    Yea, you sat some 6 feet away from me, and you know that old tape dispenser, the ones with the cement inside, I was unfortunately unable to take Jeff’s blastings, and I hated like hell to see him blast you.

    But on the other hand, I’m a careful cautious fly on the wall type of observer, and years later Janis Grady said Jeff was really a good guy when he got out. I wish him well.

    and also I observed Jeff when he was being “watched” in his final months at the Int Base before he blew, and Jeff had mellowed out.

    Jeff and Brian Livingston, and old Leon Steinberg would just be HUGE, if they talked their histories. And Ron Shafron, and John Ausley, and so many other Apollo vets who lived the tougher years under LRH on the Apollo.

    I just hope, over andover, that somehow the older vets talk publicly now.

    NOw that the atmosphere is lightening up!!!

    There are so many people along the years to thank as the communication about Scientology history comes out of people’s mouths.

    When you came to unbug the TRs Course, well it was LRH who laid out the TRs Course EP, and the course students had to Chinese School that EP amongst all sorts of other of the then LRH advices to the TRs Course.

    I took that EP seriously, and the EP is something I’m exhibiting I hope.

    So thankyou Dan Koon!

  147. Steve and Aeolus, very smart!

  148. From OSA’s natter we know their own crimes (apart from their black ops).

  149. Chuck,
    You don’t believe in souls but you believe in communicating.
    Who is doing the communicating? Who originates? Who perceives?

  150. Right, they made him an instant hero!
    Thanks OSA for being soooooo stupid.

  151. It has been proven for decades by independent Scientology groups that they can survive without engaging in this kind of criminal harassment.

    These groups were usually attacked by Co$. So they were forced to set up some defenses. But they didn’t “over-defend” by setting up smear campaigns, infiltrations, harassments etc.

    These groups promoted LRH’s work ( and pointed out the obvious faults of Co$ ). They offered the tech for much smaller prices. And survived, year by year.

    So my conclusion is that OSA’s strategy of smear campaigns, infiltrations, harassments etc. is not needed for the survival of a Scientology group. The outpoint : added inapplicable data.

  152. DFB aka Dfb99

    Yeah, as a group now, I would say it ranges in the lower part of the 1’s.
    Their materials, websites and general level of group communications is 1.1.

    Anonymous SF post above is 1.3 / 1.4 I think.

    Even if someone has a “common enemy”, you should look at stuff like that. For example, their actual motives and tone level are hidden with PR and a social tone.

    Unfortunately, I think this draws in some people who agree with the false motives and PR so they join up, but I think they may be missing the 1.1 nature of the group itself.

    Like when Hitler (oh here he goes..) said he was going to make a strong Germany and whatnot, he probably had a lot of good things promoted as PR, I’m sure some supported that and didnt catch on to the 1.1 aspect until it was too late.

  153. Kathy, your wishes for OSA are in vain: having committed so many overts it’s impossible to escape the inevitable motivators and the closer to Davey they live the harder the impact. I wish OSA lots of confront, enough balls to face the truth and unlimited ability to take full responsibility over their own overts, those of their seniors and their juniors (that includes you Davey!).

  154. This is a classic example of how OSA operates and then lies about hiring PI’s for purposes of litigation. Their actual reason, purpose, and goals being to discredit and frame the targets.
    This is a crime, and if the attorneys are in on it they are just as guilty.

  155. Hmm. I wonder where card-carrying DM bots are placing you two on the tone scale.

  156. The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations. This [policy letter] does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP.

    Somehow from reading that policy letter I don’t get the impression the practice of fair game has been cancelled. Have I missed a PL?

  157. Ahh! That’s the good stuff that makes me want to read this blog. Keep the leaks going Mr. Rathbun!

  158. I had to re-read this a couple of times. The biggest thing I take away from this is “120 PC folders and 3,256 hours of RPF auditing “.

    Per LRH, there are no “failed PC’s”….just failed auditors and C\S’es.
    HCOB 15 June 1972 C\S Series 80 “DOG PCS” says, in part:


    So where the hell is “RTC”….the “Guarantors of Standard Tech”?
    Oh, wait….never mind. The “head” of RTC couldn’t audit his way out of a paper bag, and NEVER keeps “the code”. And likes bright shiny buildings more than helping his fellow man…

    Chuck, what amazes me is that in spite of it ALL, you have retained your humanity, sanity, and willingness to help others. Me, all I got was a stupid SP declare…man, you got your own OSA OP!

  159. Chuck:

    Your name is legend as an FEBC sup. I have friends and an ex who trained under your supervision and had nothing but raves. Reading your comments above, I’m awed at the calibre of individual that you are. For all that help and service you rendered, thank you. It influenced my life because my ex utilized his training to advise me with several business ventures that were successful. So .. your help rippled to me as I’m sure it did with many others.

  160. Tony DePhillips

    Greg Saunders married my ex wife Judy after we divorced in 1985 and she went to Flag. He also did my 2-d FPRD list auditing as a Nots auditor.
    He later left the Sea Org and Judy was RPF’d and stayed on the RPF for 13 years. I got in comm with him and he told me that his new wife had gotten a free auditing program at Flag becasue she had been bi’s . I tried talking to him about the out-points and he agreed that there were some but he wouldn’t get into it with me. I am sure that Judy has told him that I am a delcared SP now. She tried to handle me to get back onto Solo Nots after she got off the RPF and was put in Qual at Flag Sandcastle. I think she was allowed off the RPF because of this blog putting pressure on the church about that time for all the Sea Org abuses. So in a lot of ways we all here helped her and she doesn’t even realize it.
    That is the latest that I know of on Gregg.

  161. Someday, maybe next week, maybe even last week, someone in OSA will find the courage to engage one of their OSA compatriots. It will start with the sentence: “Can we go somewhere and talk? I think we may have a problem.”

    Out of that will come a new target.

  162. Thanks Chuck. You were always a hoot to be around. You found life interesting. I’m willing to bet the 7 years you spent in captivity was your own personal research into “MAN AT HIS WORST” (referring to your captors at Happy Valley). That’s how high toned I regard you.

    Oh man, we tried to bring Al on board but he disconnected from us in a heartbeat. We sent him emails since, but he refuses to go into comm. Right now he’s busy setting up his muscial career and handling his kids. I think he doesn’t want the battle. Who can blame him. Al has an IQ of 500 and he battled idiots in the Sea Org for most of his life. He’s done. He’s moving on. I think his tenure in the Sea Org soured him on any 3rd dynamic. The boy knew how to train though. No one would listen…

    I suped that ’81 FEBC. It was mad dog. John and Jay were as batty as they come. I thought someone put LSD in the water in CW it was so crazy. If it wasn’t John and Jay loudly criticizing students they were training it was Bill Franks waltzing in and out of there screwing with students. I remember John kept the a/c down around 50 degrees in the courseroom and the students literally dressed in winter clothes while they studied. They were shivering and catching colds on the OEC/FEBC in August! I Finally I asked him why he kept the temp so low. He said; “Did you ever see, on the news, people in New York and Chicago when it snows and its cold and you always see them running? I keep it cold because I want the students moving that fast like that.” I said: “The reason they were running is because they wanted out of the cold and into somewhere warm, you idiot”. He said: “Oh, okay, well you be in charge of the a/c then.”

    Your bust was because you didn’t kow-tow to the freaks. Simple as that, Chuck.

    Well, we’ll get it right next time around Chuck and I am sure you will be there. It just won’t be the same without you 😉

    ML Tom

  163. Tony ~
    Well DM can do the PTS/SP course until he’s blue in the face. Ain’t gonna change the fact that he won’t ever be able to admit he’s an SP!
    “I AM NOT AN SP!!!! Gimme $15,000 and I’ll show you how!”

  164. There are plenty of Big Fish like Chuck, and it’s always interesting to read plans after the fact.

    What happened to all the “little people,” the wogs of ARS? Back in the 90s, I attracted some attention, but it seemed petty, childish and immature; especially having my bike illegally towed from a Sizzlers parking lot. I wrote up the experience for a local San Diego website:


    Mind you, this was all pretty entertaining to me. I don’t scare easily.

  165. No, you got everything right. But if it’s Policy, Davey will have it reversed throughout his Temple of Doom.

  166. Jonathon Barbera

    Come up to Present Time!

    Barbara Schwarz is a good person trying to do what she believes is best for Scientology based on the limited data available to her.

    I’m sure we’ve all made bad decisions during our relationship with the Church of Scientology!

    When I returned to ars in 2007 and read Chuck Beatty’s claims of abuses at INT Base, I didn’t believe it. I called him a rumormonger. I claimed his informants using the pseudonyms “BFG” and “fishdaddy” were sockpuppets invented by “critics” of Scientology. (I even went so far at one point as to justify the violence as appropriate to a martial arts dojo where the teacher often strikes the student.)

    Chuck Beatty is a great guy and I have a lot of respect for him. I completely understand his viewpoint of dropping Scientology and spirituality when you consider the out-tech he experienced in the church.

    Each of us can only do what we believe is best using the data available. We have to evaluate importances and differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources of information.

    How many Independent Scientologists have ever reached out to Barbara Schwarz and gotten into communication with her?

  167. Rory Medford

    Does this really SURPRISE anyone? DM and C of S will go to the deepest depths to destroy anyone who criticizes or speaks out. They are evil and mean at all levels. Their meanness and evil is what is going to destroy them and for sure expose them.

    The time to grow in the INDEPENDENT field is right now, the PR is the worse it has ever been for Scientology. People as a whole feels SCN is dangerous.. Do a survey of 100 people and ask them this.

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word SCIENTOLOGY?

    The results speak for themselves, try it!

  168. I’m not OSA, and I would ask the same question.

  169. Sam, awesome thanks for posting this.

  170. DFB aka Dfb99

    I don’t

  171. Here’s a Scientology demotivator for you. When Tory Magoo first left, we heard a lot about the home life of Idda Gavino. How he would watch ball games while hammering away at his computer. The incredibly long hours the poor sap put in would be admirable in another context, but in this case, his act of loyalty was also an act of futility.
    Is the internet contained and controlled thanks to Idda and the lurvely “Luanne’s” efforts? No.

    If anything, Gavino’s efforts have been repeated footbullets. They just haven’t learned that their tactics are detrimental to their cause; making organized Scientology something people might want. They call people names. They post copypasta that clearly shows they didn’t even read what they’re commenting on.

    Gavino has dedicated an entire segment of his LIFE at this. It never succeeded. It never will succeed, because people who read his posts are familiar with Scientology, Inc.’s brand of non-communication.

    I’d be real interested in hearing Gavino’s take on the past twenty years. How does he perceive his contribution? Was it effective? Was it worth twenty years of your life?

    Sup, Idda? Dish!

  172. Wow, the downward spiral for DM sure is a tightening as more data like this surfaces – retributon is gaining momentum. I get the strong premonition that the storms of storms is brewing, one in which we will all be caught up in. Time to dust off the humanitarian hat one as that’s the only one that will be left standing when the smoke clears. In the meanwhile – tally ho & good hunting.

  173. LMAO~Geez, nothing better to do in DM’s church but sit around thinking about Johnsons. Or better yet, getting paid for it!

  174. High 5!

  175. Theo Sismanides

    In all this MESS and CONFUSION, in all this “controversy” of who is right and who is wrong, in all this degraded activity of which we just read and in this fight for “Truth”, I only keep one stable datum, OSA guys:

    How on Earth was I persecuted as a TU DIR for insisting on HCOBs on translations which were/are NOT applied?

    How on Earth did this happen?

    How on Earth can you justify this from your “WE ARE THE PROTECTORS OF SCIENTOLOGY” Viewpoint?

    In this Confusion (and Disgrace for ALL of Scientology) we NEED TO FIND THE REAL ENEMY, right OSA?

    And the Real Enemy is the ONE who denies STANDARD TECH, right OSA?

    And WHO denied me (and many others, if you care to search and look) STANDARD TECH?

    How on Earth those HCOBs were not applied at that time?

    How come Walter Kotric threw me off post as a TU DIR EU for insisting on HCOBs? What crazy game is this, now?

    And what crazy, dishonest and dirty games are you playing there?

    But stick to Standard Tech if you dare, so that we don’t get too much confused, even though all of the world can see how much degradation there is in this CHUCK BEATTY “PROGRAM”.

    So, OSA, you ARE NOT THE PROTECTORS OF SCN ANYMORE. You protect something else.

    So “PROGRAM your asses” and cover your back, (that’s all you are protecting anyway) and whoever stands behind you guys, literally and metaphorically, because you are so BENT now that you are a very miserable and pathetic bunch of people. So cover your back cause there is a rocket coming your way.

    And the rocket IS Scientology and ON it, it is written STANDARD TECH.

    How about those HCOBs!!!! Hmmmm? Anybody cares to talk about it or do you prefer to persecute people who gave their best for LRH and Standard Tech?

    No response is expected of course. Our response is Chuck Beatty who is here with us now! Thanks Chuck for abiding to Standard Tech no matter what!!!

  176. Barney Rubble

    DM hasn’t been in a course room since 1990, per my reports. Remember he hates LRH.

  177. martyrathbun09

    Gavino is a good kid at heart. I look forward to seeing him and gain and perhaps assisting in rehabbing that good.

  178. martyrathbun09

    That’s because you are ignorant of the more than 1,500 pages of this blog. If you really want to learn, go to study.

  179. Barney Rubble


    Yeah I know Greg left the SO. But I know for a fact that he snoops on facebook looking for ex-so members who have indy’s on their friends list. Like a Ken Shapiro.

  180. Lest we forget, SP’s don’t make case gain ( referring to the little guy ). dm is the joker in the deck- see HCO B ” Jokers and Degraders” newly to see a most accurate description of dm and what he has done to those around him. The magnitude is significant.

  181. martyrathbun09

    You make an insightful connection there.

  182. So, how did this wonderful program go? A six week timeline, excellent policy applied, and debug tech applied if it got off the rails. I assume the product was gotten? That Chuck is no longer a “threat?”

    How cussing ludicrous! This is incredibly stupid. Just like the other programs of this ilk, it shows the true colors of those “in charge” AND YET is completely ineffective.

    At the end of the day, this a program of a group that is so far gone it cannot stop committing crimes, and then starts committing crimes so blatant and yet ineffective that it HAS to be a cry of “STOP ME PLEASE!” This is the program of a group literally asking to be dissolved.

    Chuck, I have read your postings for years. My hat is off to you. Thank you for exposing this, and for enduring it. Back in the day, my belief was that crap like this was the exception rather than the rule, and now I know that it is the rule, not the exception.

  183. So sick!

    My admiration for those who suffered and somehow managed survive such attrocities just keeps soaring.

    It will be a happy day in heaven when these scum sucking slimebags are called into a court of law to answer for what they have done. The TA on the whole planet will BD on that.

    Marty, do you have any docs on the OPS being run on you and Mike? Now those docs I’d love to see.!!!

  184. Interesting that Neal O’Reilly and Kathy O were senior people in the GO ever since their San Francisco days. Janet Beatty/Finley also was an SFO person. Her,then, husband Michael Finley used to do ops for the GO.
    The DNA goes back a ways.

  185. Yeah, sure.
    You don’t even have real world identity on this board, so why should anyone just believe you on your say-so, “Barney Rubble” ?
    Michael A. Hobson
    Former SHSBC Course Admin & Tech Films I/C ASHOF

  186. These dirty-ops pgms also reveal that OSA knows their non-disclosure agreements aren’t worth the paper they are written on (When Beatty was routing out, he signed non-disclosure agreements but he realized that the Church was not going to this … [note: I believe this sentence is garbled and should read something like: … that the Church was not going to follow this up/file suits].

    Earlier video posts pointed out c of m can’t do a thing about distributing material on the internet/applying the tech in broad daylight (see the video, I’m not trying to be a lawyer here).

    The c of m is working on its destruction on several sides: (a) making life on staff and as a Scientologist so horrible you don’t want any more of it (b) dirty-illegal ops that will get them into jail and most importantly (c) having no legal ground whatsoever to prevent the free distribution of the material but “advertising” they can (d) no legal possibility to prevent the application of the tech outside of the c of morons.

    c of m / OSA seems to be fixed on activities that cannot be won while throwing lots of money and manpower onto their moronic programs.

    The only “win” seems to have been to prevent the application of any tech inside of their own walls. Well done guys, take a Gin, I mean, win 🙂

    Chuck, thank you for taking so many bullets and beating a path for others to follow.

    OSA, despite your criminal mud-slinging, take a peep (we know you can’t look) and you might just realize that Chuck is now even taller and stronger. Maybe you wanna give it some thought during your way to those downstat berthings you call your homes. If any decency is left in you, keep on walking past that AB building and call anybody you know outside or simply call the police – even they will help you.

  187. Tory Christman

    Like Grasshopper, I’ve been reading your postings and talking with you, happily, for years. You and I have been on the front lines for years, and isn’t it just fabulous to have Marty send you this program? Hearing the inside FACTS from Marty and Mike has been enormously helpful in truly cracking open the Scio (C of $)-Truman show. I know for me….I KNEW they were doing that S***t, but seeing it in Black and White, AND having all others see it, too, really helped heal even more things, for me.

    Great job to you, Chuck, for your persistence and continuous helping of MANY other people. You’ve been there, and thankfully so!
    Bless your ever lovin heart! {{hugs}}

  188. After reading this latest DM abomination I was reminded of an LRH ref. It’s where he talks about a gov’t devolving into only 2 functions; taxes & police.

    Now, DM has reduced the church to these two, High pressure donations (taxes) & OSA Ops (police)…

    Chuck, you ARE a big thetan.

  189. Mockingbird6

    Marty, If I asked a question and got the response, “Go read the 1500 pages of this blog,” I would not be much interested in communicating further or reading this blog. Even seeing you say this to someone else is a cutting of comm and I don’t think that’s what you want.

  190. (quote from an essay on Nazi Germany)
    “People in general, Ordinary Germans had little to fear if they remained ‘good Nazis’ and law-abiding citizens. They were encouraged to report suspicious behavior by friends or neighbors, and there were even incidences of the younger, indoctrinated generation reporting their parents to the authorities The police were allowed to arrest people on suspicion that they were about to do wrong and all local police units had lists of potential ‘Enemies of the State’. This list was given to the Gestapo, secret police, who from 1936 onwards were free from review by law courts, and therefore had the power to do as they pleased. Those who were arrested were transported to a concentration camp and stayed there until it was felt they had learned their lesson. The Nazis encouraged Germans to spy on their Jewish friends, and it was very common for Jews to be tortured and forced to confess to crimes they hadn’t committed.”

    Just like in Nazi Germany, the people enabling the power of the organization do not know the worst of the crimes committed against humanity and believe they are doing something good. However, all the power, in truth, flows up to enable something like this program against Chuck Beatty!

    Here is a great movie clip that is fitting.

  191. Barney Rubble

    Tony knows me and can vouch for me Michael A, as does Marty and Rinder. Lighten up.

  192. I’m sorry what?
    Excuse me?
    “come up to present time”…???
    Was that command addressed to all of us?
    Is this a group process?
    Could you direct me to the reference on exactly how this is run?
    Or perhaps your evaluative pretended auditing (actually invalidation) is addressed to a particular person? If so which person are you attempting to C/S and ‘audit’ over a long distance comm line? I’ll have to see the reference on that one too.

    I won’t speak for everyone but I personally don’t know Barbara Swartz and feel no reason I should propitiate to her. If you do, by all means go ahead.

    As for your group confession – thanks for telling us but if you have something you feel guilty about you really should talk to Chuck and straighten it out with him.

    Please do excuse the sarcasm. Wrong indications bring out the worst in me.

  193. martyrathbun09

    M6, thanks for the advice, but I am quite aware of who I am dealing with. My only source of information is not this blog, by a long shot.

  194. Thank YOU for going public too, after all that you went through!

    My first enforced “watch”, door locked, key in someone ELSE’s pocket, and me having literally to have to agree to this confinement, the choice I was given is I had to accept it, or else the person would sleep in a chair outside my berthing dorm, I mean how the Sea Org does the stuff it does to its own, it’s a acquired group agreed upon self punishment, and that all needs to be retired.


    I’d love to see all of OSA’s filing cabinets of their past programs and current programs on handling “enemies” made public.

  195. 😀 glad you like it. It’s one of my favorites.

  196. Hmm … well, I just did a bit of a search on Barbara.

    Astonishing stories to be sure!

    I must admit, she seems quite a complex person. 🙂

  197. Yeah, Chuck, those days in 1976 were fine days. Bright, shiny, enthusiastic, caring supervisors and S.O. members we were. TO THIS DAY, I get compliments on that courseroom and the compliments rightfully so always mentions Al, you and Ray Facteau. I loved working with you – what’s not to love — you’re cool headed, kind, interested and standard. No HE&R, just went about your business.
    Yeah, maybe, had you become a sup for life, things would have turned out differently — but you have to consider that after 1996, a courserooom became a different thing: how do you describe it? I guess it just became an inspection point for RTC and untrained messengers. I once got called out on the fact that the index finger on my left hand was moving when I was giving a target to a student. I shit you not.
    I hate to say it, but I don’t remember the circumstances of your removal and/or bust in 81. Hell, I don’t even remember what happened to me:)
    Too sad about Al. We gave it a whack. I know he left with guns blazing, but when we started to enlighten him, he just said we were condemning 6 billion people to hell. We’ll pick him up later, I suspect.

  198. this is good info. Knowledge is power and the more truth that is put out there the better . In my estimation.
    Keep on keeping on Chuck and Tory you both have my full support.
    cheers D

  199. To repeat an important point in the above:

    “Always be ready to parley”. Two way comm – imagine that! Maybe OSA terminals should word clear this.

  200. dm,
    A few years ago, I had the honor … at that time to meet you in person.
    Knowing what I know now, I hope to having this opportunity again to be able to spit in your face and especially make sure my dog is well trained to pee on your leg!

  201. I think you’re confusing Gavino with Bill Yaude. It seems unlikely that Gavino spends much time watching ball games on TV. Bill, on the other hand, has been playing with us on ARS and IRC for years under various names, such as ‘RonsAmigo’ and a bunch of others. And, despite being 3 times declared he’s a ‘public’; not SO. Over at the Sherman Oaks Mission as his HQ I think. Gavino’s his boss, and SO.
    If I remember right, you can get a glimpse of him in the first Panorama show; sitting in priest drag in a hallway with some others as the camera crew rolls through.

    Joe Lynn

  202. Theo Sismanides

    Chuck this is wonderful! Maybe your whole (Sea Org) life never ends and I bet you did and can do that with many people. That hat you wrote about. From what I have noticed from your writings here you are a modest guy who knows his Scientology. But though modest, I think that OSA, didn’t know the power of the beast and messed with the wrong beast here, Chuck the (Un)Beatty(able) !!! Thanks for your unbeatable spirit, Sir!

  203. Rory Medford

    You can go into ANY org across the globe or …

    Any mission across the globe or…

    ANY entity related to SCN and what will you feel?

    just about everybody is walking on EGGSHELLS
    just about everybody is MISERABLE
    just about everybody is eating hand to mouth
    just about everybody is drinking the same kool-aide
    just about everybody is walking the BRIDGE TO NO WHERE
    sad tale but true

    oops almost forgot EVERYBODY is asking for money with no return
    they are CRUSH regging EVERYONE and that is a FA CT I mean EVERY particle that enters the C of S they CRUSH reg and that is a direct order from COB

  204. The Nazi Quote in PT.

  205. OSA – some more reading material for you on this subject. Number of times over equals certainty.

    OSA operatives and execs are out of control Who is lying here. The attorney Yingling, or ?

    Case No 00-5682-C1-11 Pinellas County Fl (McPherson vs CofS) Affidavit of Monique E. Yingling.

    “No entity replaced the GO. However, certain functions the GO was originally formed to conduct are now carried out by the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”), … Specifically, OSA deals with legals matters; … As discussed in greater detail below, none of these activities operate in a manner similar to the old Guardian’s Office.”

    “All GO directives and issues of any kind were canceled across the boards.” … “The Office of Special Affairs is not an autonomous groups. OSA International is part of the Flag command Bureaux and the highest OSA management position is that of CO OSA INT. … These measures guarantee that the office handling legal matters for the Church will never be autonomous.”

    Yingling further stated “Accordingly, on July 13, 1981, with no advance warning to the GO, a coordinated series of five CMO missions were sent out to take over the Guardian’s Office. The first of these missions, headed by David Miscavige, met with Mary Sue Hubbard to convince her to resign. This was essential as the GO consisted of around 1,500 staff who were loyal to Mrs. Hubbard. During a stormy meeting she refused to cooperate. She finally relented when Mr. Miscavige told her that regardless of what authority she attempted to invoke, when both public and staff Scientologists were briefed on the crimes of the GO they would demand the GO leadership step down. It would result in a war of wills involving the entire congregation. She would lose, and there would be a lot of bad blood created to the detriment of the religion. Realizing the outrage that would ensure and that the GO would lose any such struggle, she wrote her resignation.”

    The fact is that Yingling wasn’t even representing Scientology at the time and therefore actually knows NOTHING of the what occurred with MSH. That this account doesn’t reconcile or match other witness will for now will set-aside. But, the fact of “a war of wills involving the entire congregations … and there would be a lot of bad blood created to the detriment of the religion” appears to be an honest assessment and it is happening now, here, in the public arena for the entire world to witness.

    This court document states Guardian policy was canceled across the boards and OSA is not autonomous. Therefore the responsibility for illegal actions against a citizen of the United States becomes the legal responsibility of CSI directly. I noticed that Yingling failed to disclose that PR functions as well as Intelligence functions were also moved into OSA. Her legal disclosure stated only Legal functions.

    Therefore, either OSA is running renegade or the legal structure of the church is actively condoning and persueing illegal actions within the borders of the USA. Not nice. GO staff went to prison for much less than this. OSA staff will at some time also go to prison for such activities.

    The fact that none of this did anything to Chuck would indicate it was based on falsehoods, lies and just plain evil purposes on the part of the OSA staff involved. If he really was bad then the product of this Project would have been gotten. I also found it rather disgusting they attempt to add credibility by citing LRH HCO PL’s, as though this makes it legit in someones eyes.

    How about some pertinent HCO PL. I know you are aware of it.

    “We are not in the business of being good boys and girls. We’re in the business of going free and getting the org production roaring. Nothing else is of any interest then to Ethics but (a) getting tech in, getting run and getting run right and (b) getting production up and org roaring along.” HCO PL 1 SEPT AD15

    From SO ED 2191 INT Non-Existence MAA I/C International
    Daniele Chervin MAA I/C Int under Estab Exec Int in the Exec Strata
    data 31 January 1983 = The idea is to get 3 MAAs plus one Ethics Admin on post in each org (17 Person Ethics Section for big orgs per HCO PL 20 June 68 ETHICS OFFICERS, Page 482, OEC Vol 1), putting Ethics in standardly so that standard Tech goes in with orgs expanding as a result.

    Bottom line, Chuck is living life, your orgs are NOT expanding, YOUR ethics are out, and some OSA staff can decide whether to become ethical and responsible or the other option, what they wish to pack into the tiny bag they get to take with them for the stay in the big house.

  206. Marty,

    I’d just like to thank you for posting this “program” and


    I’d like to thank you for allowing Marty to do so.

    The following is from an affidavit made by Miscavige in 1994 regarding the GO:

    41. As a direct result of the GO corruption and its ultimate overthrow, the Church embarked on a complete corporate reorganization, in part to prevent such criminality from ever occurring again and to make sure a “new GO” could never come about. This is where CSI and RTC came into existence and the reasons for their place in the Church hierarchy are clearly stated in the Church of Scientology International reference book What is Scientology?

    NOVEMBER 1, 1981

    The Church of Scientology International was founded, signaling a new era of Scientology management. A strong standardized corporate structure was required to facilitate the rapid expansion of Scientology and maintain high ethical standards in a widespread international network of churches. This followed a series of Sea Org inspections that discovered that the Guardian’s Office (which had been established in 1966 to protect the Church from external attacks and care for its legal matters) had become entirely autonomous and corrupt. The Guardian’s Office had been infiltrated by individuals antithetical to Scientology and had become an organization that operated completely apart from the day-to-day activities of the Church. Their secret actions in violation of Church policy had resulted in eleven members being jailed for obstruction of justice. Sea Organization executives overthrew the Guardian’s Office and disbanded it. Part of the measures taken to ensure a similar situation could never recur was the formation of the Religious Technology Center on 1 January 1982. L. Ron Hubbard bestowed the trademarks of Scientology to RTC, whose purpose is to safeguard the proper use of the mars and ensure they remain in good hands and are properly used.

    Pretty much every thing said in the preceding paragraphs and quoted from the more recent edition “What is Scientology” has turned out to be a deception or a lie and the above program is proof that Miscavige perjured himself in civil court.

    Especially in the following quote:

    “As a direct result of the GO corruption and its ultimate overthrow, the Church embarked on a complete corporate reorganization, in part to prevent such criminality from ever occurring again and to make sure a “new GO” could never come about.”

    Not only did they fail “to prevent such criminality from ever occurring again and to make sure a “new GO” could never come about.”

    But with this program they even managed to out do the GO in their excesses!

    Especially when you add this program to the program against Tory cited in a previous post and others that haven’t been posted directed against Scientologists who weren’t even considered “enemies” of the Church such as the even Founder’s son Arthur and his daughter Suzette.

    The fact is that the FBI’s chain saw massacre of 1977 only revealed one such program conducted by the GO that would even compare to the above programs directed against Paulette Cooper known as ‘Operation Freak Out’.

    So much for “prevent(ing) such criminality from ever occurring again and to make sure a “new GO” could never come about.”

    Not only did the new management structure fail to *prevent* it!

    But they expanded it under their new ‘Office of *Special Affairs*’ controlled entirely by the Sea Org and answerable to RTC which was supposed to prevent something like a “new GO” from “ever com(ing) about”.

    What a bunch of phonies and frauds!

    Especially that lying sack-o-shit Miscavige who lied in the affidavit.

    OSA you are not only a “new GO” but you are more sick and demented than the original!

    Think of that while you’re reading this post.

    You bunch of criminal perverts.

  207. Chuck,
    you state very humbly that others have carried a heavier burden in their fight against Co$ abuses.

    Yet your contributions have saved or greatly helped a number of former staff. You told what needed to be told on the blogs. And you were some kind of John The Baptist, paving the way for Marc Headley and others who had even heavier stuff to tell.

    In my book, everyone has a role in evolution.

    And you have been doing something effective – very well done !

  208. martyrathbun09

    Right on the money.

  209. martyrathbun09

    Really right on the money.

  210. Notice the plural here, in the Schwarz post? – “Would you (Mosey’s husband) and Mike Rinder stop writing my nameS in these disgusting programs?”

    Is it a Freudian slip?

    Sounds kinda like “I am OSA, my name is Legion”.

  211. That was an awesome video.!

  212. Bullshit. Even today’s Church management (DM) represents S.O as being similar to priests in a monastery and thus justifies abusing them by saying they do not have the rights of employees in our society, because of their religious vows. Those who are RPFed themselves have answered public or official inquiries by stating they are there willingly, ie as volunteer penitents, out of their misguided feeling they must “protect” the Co$ from bad PR.

    They are not legally classified as “employees” at all. Look at the Headley case.

  213. If they were “employees” they would have all the rights of employees and protection from abuse under State and Federal law. They do not, by the Co$’s own representation.

  214. John Fennessey

    Chuck Beatty, reading these posts by and about you make it evident that you possess the ability to differentiate, forgive and hold your position, against not insignificant opposition. Your sane and powerful by definition and its more than a little impressive. Best wishes for a bright future.

  215. Anon SF, this is stupid. The issue is that Hoover himself, as a person of that generation, was conflicted about his own behavior, viewed it as very discreditable, and questioned his own”normalcy”. Thus a salacious compulsive interest in the sexual behaviors of others, kinda like the kid building a case that “All the other kids are doing it!”, in case he ever got caught.

    Some of the most apparently homophobic people have proven to themselves be gay. I believe there have been 2 or 3 instances of such legislators resigning in recent years, who had sponsored homophobic legislation, only to be outed themselves.

    I think you’ve tarred yourself with your own brush.

  216. I don’t normally post on these blogs. I’ve been away from Scientology for a very long time. I do however read this and several other blogs to keep myself informed about the current state of Scientology. I was on staff for 15 years at a class V org though, the majority of that time as an HGC auditor.

    What I want to say is this. A PC folder contains a record of the PC’s case being processed along with his programs, FESes etc… Therefore, what is really in the PC folder is NOT THE PC (shouting this last); the contents are a record of the PC’s case that has been being handled.

    Given that, I can think of no crime more heinous than violating the auditor / PC relationship by disclosing case details publicly. When someone throws a PC’s case back in their face, it invalidates their case gain and just about ruins any chance of getting that PC back “in session” again. This can be extremely injurious to a PC. IMO, it’s one of the highest of high crimes one can commit in Scientology.

    You can’t really murder a thetan; but this crime is about as close as you can get to it because it can keep someone stuck where they are at spiritually.

    Good luck to you, Chuck! It’s great that you are still standing despite the attempts to do you in!

  217. Dear Chuck,
    I don’t know what to say other than this “Program” is so disgusting it makes me want to puke. It is my hope that OSA didn’t get too far on this, and enturbulate you during this time period. We can rightfully call this program FAILED, as you are still being here, communicating, and helping others. My hat is off to you for continuing to help despite all that was done in an attempt to destroy you. I can’t even imagine being in the RPF for 8 years, and getting over three thousand hours of RPF auditing. It is a great credit to you that you told of gains you had gotten on some Introspection rundown steps. I actually had several cognitions about wrong indications that I had gotten on the many wierd ethics handlings to which I was subjected, that introverted me greatly. So, thank you very much for the case gain. There is nothing more freeing than unsticking from those points of introspection on the track!
    I had my own terrible experineces with OSA on a local level, but it is a long story, and I don’t want to distract from yours. But, because of this I have total empathy with you. After seeing the post and reading your responses to the many comments above, I can honestly say that you exemply LRH’s essay on “What Is Greatness?”, and you have shown that you continue to love others, despite all reasons that you should not.
    All my love to you, and thank you for what you do for those who have suffered while in the Sea Org,

  218. I agree 100% that this kind of OSA program needs to be shown to the police. The police need to KNOW that the church does these things behind their back “i.e. – make it look like crimes are taking place in new units of time by people” that the church is actually causing and then Scientologists show up on the scene or behind the scene the heroes to help the police. Has anyone ever questioned “Why do Scientologists want to help the police so much?” “Instead of Scientologists why don’t the become police officers?”.

    The church knows what it is doing. It knows this is illegal. It is illegal to forge someone signature to receive pornographic or kinky materials, yet this program “passed through OSA legal”?

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  220. Chuck, you are the same ever-lovin’, ever-valuable person that I knew at Flag and the same ever-lovin’, ever-valuable person that COS kept slaving for them for years.
    Thanks for all you have done and do to continue to actually help mankind.

  221. Dear RJ,
    Thank you for this revealing post! I was familiar with the data, but had not closely noted the dates. It makes what happened at the Flag Missionholders Conference even more disgusting. This is the one held, I believe, but am not sure, in December of 1981. I attended as a public person, and went with the AGI (Assistant Grardian for Intelligence, also known as B-1 or Beaurea 1, the inetelligence arm of the Guardian’s Offfice) for Austin. I have mentioned more than once on this blog, how David Miscavige bragged about “busting” Mary Sue Hubbard, and what an outpoint it was for me, as I had never seen Sea Org members show her anything but the utmost reapect. However later in the conference, Bill Franks, then ED Int, got up and told the story of how he had been held at gunpoint while tied (if I remember correctly, it’s been a long time ) to a chair. This was so incredulous that hardly anyone in the audience, mostly Misssion Holders, could believe it. We were told about the WDC being formed, or Watch Dog Committee. A day later, Annie, (Taska?) flew in from Int, and she was asked, “Did you really hold Bill Franks at GUNPOINT? She said, “Yes”!!!!!! Then she gave some excuses about why this was necessary. I did not know at the time that DM and staff at Int were claiming how they were going to make sure that the actions of the GO would never happen again! What hypocrisy: THEY, SEA ORG OFFICERS, WHO WERE RIDDING US OF THE “HORRIBLE” GO , ADMITTED TO A ROOM FULL OF PUBLIC MISSION HOLDERS AND OUTER ORG STAFF, THAT THEY HAD BEEN HOLDING ED INT AT GUNPOINT JUST DAYS BEFORE! I wonder how many laws of the land that broke, like kidnapping, etc, etc.? To me, it just shows that the corruption and abuse started on Day One of the “new” Sea Org, and the “new” OSA! Here I go again gettin sudden’, but this just plain makes me MAD, and I already am a MAD Mom!

  222. martyrathbun09

    Great post Dude.

  223. Hi Chuck,
    I fondly remember you and all the crew from ITO: Saunders, Tom Newell, Baker, Mike Kerhli, Kristine Marquat, Joe Rae Tibbits, Ferrara, Chuck the MAA, etc. You got such great products on us unwashed masses who descended from the outer orgs to do the TRs, sup and FEBC training. I’ll never forget one time where you told me you had gotten the word that I had to cut my hair because it was “out PR” (LOL). As background this was at a time when we had protesters driving by at midnight at the FH honking at us trainees living 16 to a room and struggling get through our courses with no sleep on work study when the money from our orgs ran out so the hair was the least of my worries. But somehow you got us through all that.
    I am surprised you don’t consider yourself a Scnt as in my mind you certainly exhibit that character more than most I’ve met but I respect your viewpoint and just wanted to acknowledge all the products you got back then and obviously even more so now with your endeavors since.
    Well done and take care.

  224. one of those who see

    Received this LRH quote from Patrick Howson at Bridge today:
    This quote is excerpted from the lecture Testing, delivered on 15 November 1956.
    “It’s perfectly all right to be nice to people. It isn’t a weakness at all; nothing weak about being nice. In matter of fact, if you aren’t, you’re in the soup.

    “You could say that the only times for which you were suffering are those times when you weren’t nice enough. When you weren’t kind enough and when you weren’t unmean enough and those are the only times from which you’re really suffering. …

    “The only thing you should ever be tough about is insist that the other fellow ought to stand on his own feet, too. And the only way you’ll ever communicate that to him is to communicate it to him in a very nice way. Then he’s liable to receive it.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

  225. DM has failed his self apointed post ? How can you fail something when you yourself are the examinator.

  226. Valkov,

    This was probably one of the reason they got rid of the non-SO and illegally cancelled Ron’s FO regarding the hiring of non SO staff.

    So they could point to remaining SO staff and say that they had taken an oath of poverty and were willing to live on 50 bucks a week.

    Another reason is they didn’t want to public to know what nefarious activities they were involved in.

    For instance upper management was stealing up to 60-70% of AOLA’s GI instead of the usual 10% for management fees.

    My 2d who worked in AO Div III at the time received her pink slip for reporting this financial irreg and after that a whole evolution began to get rid of the rest of us.

    Despite the fact that the SO did not have enough tech trained staff to replace us.

    Turns out that they totally cannibalized and unmocked NWC and the UC in order to get the staff they needed for the Service Orgs.

  227. Years ago, I posted on alt.religion.scientology for a brief period. I exchanged some postings with Barb Schwarz. She’s quite complex and mysterious. I don’t believe that anyone in OSA including Miscavige was capable of running that woman. I heard that she was kicked out for not following orders. There you go. Personally, I never had problems with her.

  228. Scott Campbell


    Whatever happened to Mike and Janet? I used to know them.


  229. Right on!


    Here’s what Miscavige says in his own words:

    From “The Man Behind Scientology”

    “In 1981, as Mary Sue Hubbard appealed her prison sentence, Miscavige said he and others concluded she had to go. When none of his superiors would confront the founder’s wife, Miscavige stepped forward.

    “I thought if I do something and it’s wrong or I don’t achieve this, I’ve had it. I’m toast,” he said. “But if I don’t do something, after seeing what the GO had been engaged in … I’m convinced I’m toast anyway.”

    During two heated encounters, Miscavige persuaded Mary Sue Hubbard to resign. Together they composed a letter to Scientologists confirming her decision — all without ever talking to L. Ron Hubbard.

    He saw the one-on-one meeting as the only way. “I knew if it was going to be a physical takeover we’re going to lose because they had a couple thousand staff and we (the “messengers”) had about 50. That is the amazing part about it.”

    MARY SUE HUBBARD: The founder’s wife was ousted by Miscavige from her high post in Scientology in 1981.
    Indeed, the scenario is hard to imagine in any other organizational setting. A 21-year-old employee, five years on the staff and with only a modicum of power, manages to oust the boss’s wife by arguing that is what the boss would want.

    “People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”

    Today, Mary Sue Hubbard lives in California and Miscavige says the two are friends.”

    Again all lies.

    From what I understand he “convinced” to step down the same way he convinced Jane Kember to step down by forging a telex from Ron and cutting any comm line to the Ol’man about it with the help of Pat Broeker.

    There are also rumors that various threats were made to Mary Sue regarding her children and since she’d lost Quentin due to questionable circumstances that were never fully resolved by her own investigation.

    She backed down.

    The line that the “the two are (or were) friends.”

    Is complete unmitigated bull shit!

    He kept her under virtual house arrest after she resigned as ‘Controller’ and hated her so much that he has since tried to obliterate any memory of her by writing her out of Scientology history in a completely Orwellian manner.

    The only actual truth is that he seized power after the coup and continues to hold on to it despite the deleterious effect it is having on the Organization.

    If there is anyone who should step down it is Miscavige!

    As I wrote the guy is a lying sack-o-shit.

  230. Last target of program reads: “27. Execute any additional targets to get Beatty to cease attacking as per the above review.”
    Boy- was that program not only a 100% COMPLETE FAILURE, hey OSA- THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING. Not only did Beatty continue to speak out about the truth, now you guys are completely exposed for what you are actually doing: Committing sleazy criminal acts. There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to make an important decision. What will yours be?
    I suggest you get out now, while you still can. The end is very very near. You can still be a part of Scientology if you want to. You no longer have to fear excommunication, because Scientology exists on the outside, along with freedom, something you currently do not have. Be true to yourself. The door is right there. Just walk through it.

  231. Hear. Hear!!!

  232. On a high note John puts it to music. Long live the new moment and movement: The Independents!

  233. Bill Yaude posted under MikeSmith3 and SRCS (abbreviation of Senior CS). His senior was/ is Rhea Smith who he is devoted to.

    RonsAmigo was not Bill Yaude. Rons Amigo was a top FSM at one point, at OT 8 ~~ I believe his name was Jim…..something can’t recall.

    Good on Marty wanting rehabilitation of Gavino.
    I express the wish that Charlie Earle can open his eyes one day to see the criminality of Miscavige and to cease thinking he is protecting the “Church.”

  234. Scott Campbell


    Well said. I love your compassion. You are one who will never be convinced that anyone is irredeemable. That is a quality that I admire most in a being. After all, if you look too closely, everyone could seem a little kooky. But if you back up an gain perspective, everyone becomes perfectly understandable.

    SOS is THE reference material for this subject. Thanks for indicating it for us.

    L, Scott

  235. Lady Minn,

    The mission to smash the GO was led by Kerry Gleason and a team of CMO Missionares who literally kicked in the doors at GO WW while threatening the staff there.

    They acted in a similar manner to the FBI by hitting all other Cont AG Offices simultaneously.

    What I found out later was Bill Franks was removed from post because he refused to go along with the carnage and destruction that occurred then and culminated with the notorious Mission Holders Conference when the “Sea Org took over”.

    Ron himself wanted to salvage the GO by placing it under the new Exec Strata but the conspirators involved in the coup were going to have none of that.

    They wanted total control and they considered the Franchise Network and the GO a threat to their absolute power.

    What happened in the early ’80’s was a no knock raid and a terrorist assault.

    A charade calling itself Organizational restructuring.

  236. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Chuck,

    I’m getting through a cleanup/life repair cycle right now and then when I’m ready I’ll put out the rest of the story.

    Does anyone want to touch this?

    What will your post be tomorrow?


  237. Jim Kalergis.

    RonsAmigo was JimKalergis, husband of Barbara Kalergis.
    Very nice couple.

  238. DFB aka Dfb99

    I had a funny thought earlier.

    One of the last things I did onlines was like four or five intensives of different sec-checks. I didn’t know thats what I was programmed for when I purchased the intensives. I got the “I am not auditing you” from the auditor.
    Therefore, I am thinking I received no auditing. I purchased auditing.

    I’m sure theres probably a policy that says intensives can be used for “not auditing” and auditing. Just sort of ironic or something- the whole “Not Auditing” thing.

    “Wow, I just came from a session of not auditing and I feel GREAT!!”

  239. Been trying to word how I feel about Chuck and your post states it perfectly!

    Chuck is the embodiment of a decent person – free from bitterness and rancor!

    An inspiration.


  240. XOSA,
    Yes, an issue of Unclean Hands it would seem. Especially considering the DM affidavits denying any such activities.

  241. Tom,
    Precisely. On the CS Series on Failed Cases and RTC’s superb inability to apply Scientology. It would seem a case for CST’s Board’s to wear their hats re RTC’s Assignments and the failure to uphold the three critical conditions of those assignments. Unless of course these Board’s are in need of bypass…

  242. I don’t remember Dan Koons or Melanie their at the time, I believe that came after I went back to my Org.

    I was John Warfels Warfels Warfels twin, I was the student that was thrown against the wall by the other Sup, I forget his name but I sure restimulated him and he I. Both of us handled in Ethics and in high ARC with each other afterwards.

    What happened to the Margaret the course Sup ITO? She was great also and the young girl in Qual that said she was the only Natural Clear that LRH spoke about in a tape lecture.

    Anyway, be well.

  243. Ditto on that post.

  244. I agree CD,

    From the viewpoint of the FDA, the WFMH, the World Bankers and other enslavers of Humanity.

    Miscavige has been a roaring success!

    Well done Mr. Miscavige for bringing us one step closer to the abyss of World Tyranny!

    I’d say it’s time to knock back that bottle of JW Red in celebration.

    (hopefully you’ll die of alcohol poisoning though I doubt it.
    Poison probably considers you an ally.)

  245. Bryon, That line jumped off the page for me as well.
    The OSA Bots reading this should also look at the line” It is fatal to attack a wrong enemy”
    Solution is just look higher in your collapsing structure till there is no one higher and you should feel some relief if there is any self determinsim left.
    So for you OSA guys it is just a simple concept no harm can come to you from that exercise since I didn’t force feed the cognition you can have some gain from it.
    Go Ahead make your day!

  246. Epic song is Epic

    “Something inside so strong”

  247. Tony DePhillips

    They wish they could use their johnsons, but alas, no such luck. I think they have johnson envy.

  248. Raul Batista

    My feelings exactly ExScnDude, from the viewpoint of person having their case thrown back in their face at them. I can attest 100% that I will never, ever, ever allow myself to be in session with an auditor from the “Church of Scientology” or sit in one of their training academies again. I don’t have any BPC or O/W’s on that factor. The Church of Scientology is not a place where I any longer feel safe believing the people there can be trusted. It is not a safe place, they are not trustworthy people right on up to the man at the top David Miscavige.

    I believe people CAN make case gain but NOT in a Church of Scientology.

  249. Scott Campbell

  250. Tony DePhillips

    You should read the rest of that reference. Karen #1 posted that a few months ago and it is the best LRH on not disconnecting from Scientologists that I have ever read. If you could find it and repost it that would be awesome!!

  251. Raul Batista

    You are right. An Italian woman by the name of Maria Pia Gardini says it best. I quote her here:

    “I had already paid, they didn’t refund you what you paid. You paid for NED? OK. You couldn’t do NED? Thank you.” Thank you for your donation.

    As long as you pay for it, and as long as you are paying them to deliver it, if they tell you that you must “jump out the window” as part of drill {LOL} you will be declared suppressive you don’t! My goodness. I must have had 50 broken legs by now for going in auditing.

  252. Tony DePhillips

    Smooth TEG.

  253. Found it, Thanks to Dizzy post.

    Tom Newell was the other TRs Sup and

    Kristine Marquat Course ITO was also awesome.

  254. Tony DePhillips

    Let it flow Lady Katherine.

  255. Chuck, I think it is a misconception that one can’t be an atheist and use Scientology. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about Scientology is that if something isn’t true for you, it isn’t true. What freedom lies in that concept for someone sincere about evolving.

  256. Chuck, correction: it was me and Jim Sydjeko. Melanie was on the earlier mission with another girl Audrey Fischer who royally screwed it up.

  257. Every single Flag Trained PTS/SP specialist that fired back to PAC was transferred out of Qual / HCO / or Div 6 within a year. The most absurd transfer was the Flag Trained Magistrate Dir I&R at ASHO being transferred to Bridge as a Sales Trainer.

    One of the biggest worldwide indicators of SCN’s sqirreldom is the complete lack of HCOs in orgs 15 years after the “New Era of Management”. If there were actual HCOs in place….well, you could say that if you took a fully established HCO as well as all the illegal orders flowing like Niagra from DM…that an org just isn’t big enough for the both of them. And THAT is why there are no established HCOs around the world.

  258. Marty,
    You are surely a nutcase. You are consistently operating within the hallucination of LRH not being insane, which I believe we can all agree he was. Continue within your own private matrix and groovy website. After all, it’s your world and it minimally supplies us outside of the matrix with interesting reading.

  259. Matt,

    I remember you as the Treas Sec FSO when I was training there. Your wife Mary, in my opinion, was one of the most ruthlessly on-source people I encountered in my time at Flag. She was a world class LOC Sup.

    What does one do with a world-class LOC Sup? Make her am Esto and then later RPF her of course.

    I don’t know anything about how it went down with her or the both of you, but I’m told she won’t even discuss the word Scientology any more or speak to anyone about it. It’s truly incredible how strong competent people can be beaten down and degraded to such levels on the RPF.

  260. Scott Campbell


    After reading your comment, the thought just occurred to me that there is a reason an organization such as the Institutional Church of Scientology cannot successfully, consistently and indefinitely crack cases and produce clears, OT’s and Auditors.

    Group Bank Agreement. Until we audit out the 4th dynamic engram, Group bank Agreement will always be a factor in the long term viability of groups.

    Thankfully, I think we have struck upon the answer here. Independent Scientology. Only with the proliferation of free and independent practitioners of SCN can we “get mankind’s ruds in” and finally be able to spot and handle the 4D engram.

    And just a point of clarification here, “Independent” does not mean “Individual”.

    “FOURTH DYNAMIC ENGRAM, l. the basic aberration of the planet. (LRH Def. Notes) 2 . the humanitarian objective is to make a safe environment in which the fourth dynamic engram can be audited out. By engram we mean the mental block that prevents peace and tolerance. By fourth dynamic we mean that impulse to survive as mankind instead of just individuals.” (Ron’s Jour 68) -LRH

    Man, I’m all excited. My promo and marketing mojo is workin’. Lemme run a couple ‘a slogans by you.

    Slogan: “Independent Scientology, widen your sphere!” “Independent Scientology, improving your universe for all of us” “Independent Scientology, it’s your world and that’s the problem…”

    Well, maybe not that last one.


  261. Annie Taskett.

  262. Would refund / repayments apply to Freeloader debts that got paid?

  263. Don’t forget Chuck Murray. A true original. Wonder what happened to him after he left in 1982 and became a lawyer.

  264. Folks – this exscndude is a real live, actual living, breating auditor. This is what an auditor is made of, what one is because this is how he percieves a pc. Dude, please, if you are not auditing, get back into the chair. You are needed.

    ML Tom

  265. Barney Rubble


    I know that infamous incident. We’ll talk more later.

  266. To me that seems like grounds for requesting/demanding your money back, if you were paying for “auditing”and were being debited for “not auditing”. Additionally, a fraud report to the gov authorities seems merited.

  267. Chuck was my sup on the FEBC back in the early 80’s. Loved the guy. Only time I ever got 100% on an exam. Good product, Chuck.

    In case anyone is interested, I just had my biggest win since starting Scn in 73. A guy I audited all the way from the bottom just attested to CLEAR.

    Here is his success story.


    I have achieved a new state of being and enjoyed myriad cognitions that fueled my new freedom doing the New Era Dianetics Program with Les Warren, a superbly skilled auditor. My senior realization is that I am a spiritual being and my wins are mine for eternity. I live in present time and have the new found ability to look at life and see things clearly, unencumbered by my past track. I am at cause of my life and can dream, postulate and create my future on my terms. I am happy and positive about the possibilities and joy in life. I am deeply grateful to Anita and Les Warren for opening the door to limitless horizons and for their enormous care and support. I acknowledge Mary and Franklin Freeman for their generosity of spirit and willingness to share their acumen of the tech.

    3 January 2011

  268. Awesome song and video, Sam! Fits Chuck to a “T”.

  269. Chuck ~~

    I am very proud of you and what you withstood on your own those years before there was huge support. You stood proudly against the EVIL and the CORRUPTION masquerading as a “CHURCH.”

    When you shared with me Elliott Abelson’s letter and your response, I really believed that was about it. So much more is now revealed and once again your willingness to agree to Marty posting all shines the light on their DARK side.

    No one gives a damn what case is run in pc folders, but the violation of using PC FOLDER DATA to attack the pc is UNCONSCIONABLE.

    You are a good and honest man. May you live many long years and continue to do what you are best at in exposing the ABUSE.

  270. I guess Janet is still at Int – see Mike Rinder’s post above – she had married Chuck Beatty in the SO.
    Mike Finley is on Facebook:

  271. Thanks Karen, that’s very interesting. While I knew at least a half-dozen names, my only connection with Jim Kalergis is as a particular demon for Phil Scott. Needless to say, I wouldn’t be inclined to see him as a particularly ‘nice’ guy, although, granted his ‘beingness’ as an OSAOp we got along OK. Certainly at the time the ‘Church’ was pursuing levels of evil that make the current scene look a little tame.
    You sound like you have stories 🙂 Who was ‘wgert’ and, was he a 4 man crew, one of them ESL (my pet theory) or a single droid? Kind of makes me wonder which of the *other* participants were moles. Certainly a few.

    Joe Lynn

  272. Chuck, you communicate like Saint, you have nice things to say about the people you worked with, even Scientology you say you no longer are a part of.

    God, I wished the Sea Org members and Scientologists would be as bad, corrupt, perverted and utterly failing low-life creatures as you are in their words. Then we would have a Scientology movement we all would wish to be a part of.

  273. To all OSA and OSA-minded people monitoring this site, engaged in all sorts of “programs against enemies” – a little good-night excerpt from the Way to Happiness:

    The ruin of another’s life can wreck one’s own. Society reacts—the prisons and the insane asylums are stuffed with people who harmed their fellows. But there are other penalties: whether one is caught or not, committing harmful acts against others, particularly when hidden, can cause one to suffer severe changes in his attitudes toward others and himself, all of them unhappy ones. The happiness and joy of life depart.

    May you find the strength to live up to that simple moral code.

  274. LJ, This is an excellent point that you made: “Another thing – if Chuck Beatty is such a failure, why did the church hang on to him for 27 years? They always could of off-loaded him; per LRH policy you’re not supposed to hang on to people who can’t hack it. Employers tend to fire failures; they don’t employ them for 27 years. Chuck also worked at very high levels on the org board in the Sea Org; places like RTRC, INCOMM and ASI. To be approved to work at places like that you need good test scores and need to have a good production record. A slouch or “DB” can’t even get past the front door at places like that.”

    The answer to your question is that he did NOT fail. He WAS good enough to be promoted. Except when someone takes off, the MAA’s and Qual people have to scurry around, look high and low, and find dirt on the person, somehow, and some executive then does a briefing and makes sure the other staff are told what a jerk he *really* was, what he did wrong, etc. Exaggerated stuff, lies, BS, you get the idea.

    I once worked with someone who was VERY good at what he did. He got himself into quite a bit of personal trouble and man, everything he did and accomplished on the job did not gain him any leeway in what was levelled against him. Per policy he should have gotten away with murder. (Figuratively.) But no, he had to be degraded in reputation when he was not even there to defend himself. I think he had already been shipped off to the RPF. Since I was aware of his productivity, I was anxious to see HOW in the world he was going to be made to look really bad.

    Well, the woman who had to do the announcement about how bad his production really was could only come up with one thing–and it was from a sec check where the person disclosed that didn’t feel he did as well as he should have on a small project. The only thing anyone could find production-wise on the guy was something he, with his own integrity, felt he could have done better! And he’s in the RPF for the personal troubles!

    I had heard several of those “briefings” where someone who blew then got “exposed” for what a bad staff member they really were. I actually believed them at first, not really knowing the people closely, but this one time I knew the person and it was total BS. It was one of the first things that made me go “Hmmm….”

    It’s a characteristic of a psycho, or in this case a whole bunch of them, to make it so miserable that the good staff leave. And that’s what’s happening. Good staff over here, dramatizing psychos over there. (Even the psychos can stop and get the heck out and not be psycho anymore–have to add that in there.)

    But yes, many many very smart, qualified, trained, intelligent, high-IQ people who are also caring and still want to help have gotten out and were later the target of all the made-up crap about how bad they really were. Not.

  275. martyrathbun09

    Accurate rundown.

  276. martyrathbun09

    VWD Les and Anita, you two are stellar!

  277. Watching Eyes

    You got me. Should it? It wouldn’t fall under a repayment and it’s definitely a new slant on a refund.

    When you read the LRH on paying freeloader debts it’s very clear why the policy was written……….for people who truly were freeloaders; just went on staff to get the auditing & training and then left. When you consider people paid off freeloader debts after having worked for a wage of something like pennies/hour for years on end, that hardly fits the intent of the policy.

    In the current cult of DM, LRH policy doesn’t seem to be held in very high regard. Money and control rule the day in the dwarf’s world.

    Is it worth the stress of bringing the cult back into your life to get back money paid for a freeloader debt? Only you can decide that one. Just don’t let it consume you if you do take it on. Remember, DM’s cult is truly a suppressive group.

  278. In the absolute worst case scenario he’s a nutcase that believes in transparency, decency, respect and courage; he maintains his conviction, sense of humour and dignity in the face of relentless human darkness and below-the-belt behaviour from complete cowards which makes him infinitely less nutty than most of us non-Scientologists taking pot shots on the Internet.

    It’s more than interesting reading, I find it inspirational even though I will always be a non-believer in any religion, including Scientology.

  279. Chuck — This is EXACTLY what I wanted to say but couldn’t come up with the right words. Hallelujah!

  280. Outstanding post! All of it!

  281. Marty’s words couldn’t be any truer – you guys ARE SUPERSTARS!!!! Many people reading the post do not have the information to understand the significance of this success story and the magnitude of this win and I hope that one day it will be shared. This success story reflects nothing less than the miracle you all created from your labor of love. Your compassion, care, sense of humanity continue to bring home to me why we are here. Not only did you salvage an individual who was unjustly blocked from getting services by DM bots many years ago (despite many efforts to get services), you got an attestation to the State of Clear! How magnificent and wonderful! All of you who continue to practice Hubbard’s to actively forward the survival and well-being of others, despite the troubles it creates for you – you are all heroes. And it just go to show how committed you are to helping others. Les, Anita, Mary and Frank my hat off to you. And also – Marty – when things were dark – very dark and desperate – and I reached out to you for help, you took immediate action to help – and now look ! not only is someone’s life saved but out of the ashes of ruin it was brought to a higher state of existence. The phoenix rises from the ashes.I am profoundly grateful to you all. SCIENTOLOGY IS ALIVE AND WELL OUTSIDE.

  282. Thanks, RJ. I’m including Marty’s earlier comments on the subject as they are quite relevant.


  283. Keep your shoulder to the wheel Les! You inspire many people. Makes me want to get trained.

  284. Criminal Organization comes to mind. With Mob Boss Miscavige.

  285. Good “comm”guys.

  286. Agreed!

  287. I am so moved by this and freesprit’s comment that I can’t find the words to express myself. This is why we are doing it. Thank you all and well done!

  288. Dear Samuel,
    Wonderful reference! Especially applied to those “”engaged in all sorts of “programs against enemies””! I had a very big cognition after seeing this. There have been two Scientologists, one of them an OSA terminal, and the other an Ex-GO terminal, who considered me an enemy and did engage in a “program” against me, some of which, I am only now becoming aware, due to Marty’s posts of OSA programs of Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty. This was while I was an active, on-lines Scientologist, and occurred over a period of many years. I have always wondered why they looked so unhappy and miserable at times. Now I know why! Thank you very much for this. This is a life changer!
    ML, Catherine

  289. Your humble servant


    I am quite sure there exists no policy which says it is all right to use paid preclears’ (or pre-OTS’) intensives for “I am not auditing you” sec-checks or procedures. This was done to me and I studied the policies. If you will forgive my interpretation, “I am not auditing you” is only for use on individuals who are undergoing ethics investigation by the ethics office. Usually that would mean staff or some public accused of some offense. Springing “I am not auditing you” on preclears in the HGC (auditing center) is simply a gross violation of tech. Read the HCOBs and policies.

    Quite possibly some directive came down from David Miscavige or RTC under his directions that said it all right to do that, but it is still gross out-tech. It is also out-exchange because people are not getting the auditing they contributed for.

  290. Can fully confirm the accuracy of this “damage the reputation rundown” if someone fell from graces – this is at the CLO EU – the lady that fundraised the money for the Tel Aviv Idle Org was received as a hero, given the red-carpet treatment on her return, presented on silver platters at base briefings etc. etc. the who nine yards. When she took off shortly afterward it was a systematic remove anything good in her “rundown”, Walter doing his best at musters to remove everything good in her (what a yerk! – shortly before that he had praised her virtues).

    The sad thing is that the staff do their own inventing and “find” little incidents (they call them “indicators”) which they “not ised”, went “reasonable on” etc. which to them proves so well (provided they had some clash or axe to grind with that person) that the person was an SP all the time. At which point nattering about that person almost becomes a virtue.

    They only don’t see that they could well be the very next for the same “rundown” – and it is a “precision” rundown and the only “rundown” always delivered promptly. Like clockwork. Well, tick tock …

  291. Thank YOU Janis! Communication of real firsthand history on the XSO chat site has been huge behind the scenes for so many ex Sea Org. Eternal thanks to you, Mick and Nancy and Holly and Carl, and all others on XSO, Rob Williamson, everyone. The 1980s era muzzling of the Apollo vets who lived years with LRH, while paying people off to stay muzzled worked, in combination with the huge legal cases of the 1980s, today, since DM decided in the 1990s (I hope Marty and Mike tell MORE why the Scientology legal strategies were finally and thankfully STOPPED), but since the lessening of the legal tactics, that left only the covert intel gathering silencing muzzling, and today not much paying off of ex members.

    So this phase of the unraveling of the totalitarianism of institutionalized in Scientology is slowly progressing. Hopefully this GO/OSA phase intel Bu 1, and all the covert ops stuff, finally dies away too!

    Thanks so much Janis, you were just huge. Thanks to Mick and all of XSO chat site.

  292. Martin Ottmann

    You can’t be Barbara Schwarz. The real Barbara Schwarz would come on this blog and ramble about how Marty Rathbun is only an imposter and that she was legally married to the “real” Marty. That would be the one thing that make post on this blog.

    Additionally, her writing style is quite different. You are fake! You are trying to discredit this blog by putting her name on it and create some havoc.

  293. Ditto! It is comms like this which finally label the trolls, and it is important to unraveling the earlier ops on the chat sites. I wish a whole history were done of the OSA/volunteers ops on the chat sites.

    I can’t thank you Zinj enough for your excellent “hatting” and opinions on ARS when I finally got on ARS in 2004ish.

  294. Martin Ottmann

    I have read quite a number of internal OSA and GO documents after I had left. This one on Chuck Beatty surely makes it to the Top 5 of the most disgusting documents. Chuck, you emerge out of this pile of human garbage as a saint!

  295. Les,
    To you and a new Clear – smmmmoooooooooooch!!

  296. Jean-François Genest

    ► At 30.0 = Postulates 🙂

  297. 1) What the “little fish” being targetted in their local areas can do is inform themselves as follows:
    a) Read the “Frank Oliver” leaked OSA docs/scriptures on the Wikileaks site, carefully, and find and read the two scriptures listed at the top of this program on me above
    b) Read about the raid recently in Italy, by Italian police, where they confiscated the local Italy church of Scientology’s dirty operations files!

    Put two and two together. Your local Scientology church, or the continental area church will have a Department of Special Affairs, and THEY will have the “handling programs” that include you, the “little fish.”

    3) Encourage your local Department of Special Affairs church of Scientology staff member to defect, and make public all the dirty operations files!!!!

    4) Treat the people coming at you, whom you suspect are part (and you will likely NOT be paranoid, you will likely be right), in your suspicions that they are doing their little parts in the “handling program” on YOU!

    5) Make friends, and “turn” the ops who come at you.

    Look at Scientology and world history, and find how Scientology’s evil INEVITABLY will be the loser, and help the poor Scientologists to defect OUT of their evil games.

    Invite them to defect OUT of their bad tactics.

    And see if you can get your local church Departmtne of Special Affairs dirty files somehow leaked to your local media.

    Good luck.

  298. martyrathbun09

    And YOU, who made it happen!

  299. I heard he wanted (and got) his pictures out of the VM book as he was featured as the original VM in promo. And also that he wanted nothing to do with the Church whatsoever. Last heard he was a lawyer in L.A. He’s probably on the web. He was originally from Hell’s Kitchen in NY.

  300. Mockingbird6

    I beg to differ with the idea that groups cannot survive. The company I work for does not force anyone to work with no exchange, does not force customers to buy products they don’t need or want, and when a product has an error, it gets fixed at company cost, not at the expense of the customer! And it is surviving as a group, though individual life units to run the “posts” come and go at will.

    Now, I admit that the people running the company have gotten their heads on straighter over the years using Scientology, and perhaps this is the key to preventing the fourth dynamic engram from being dramatized: an ethical management that keeps the organization running on the correct channel toward the goals.

    Oh, and there are plenty of capable non-Scios working there so it could be that sane leaders attract capable group members, eh? Or at least don’t punish, degrade and banish them!

    Perhaps you could say that a failing group (CofS) is the outward symptom of a rotten management (yes, that’s been noted before around here.)

  301. Mockingbird6

    Please note that “one of the last things I did on lines was … intensives of sec checks,” are the parting words of a LOT of ex-scios. Davey sure knows how to get a product!

  302. Mockingbird6

    Hi Lady Minn,
    I have been asking myself for a long time how the SP/PTS tech “doesn’t apply” to OSA and I can’t come up with an answer. I guess they must keep their staff from reading any of that so they won’t start to ask themselves how attacking others will react on them. LOL

  303. That’s true. The Pro TR Course EP, and Grade Zero EPs have had admittedly permanent effects on me.

    Ideas and “conditioning” impact people’s behavior.

    The magical moment when LRH in that trailer was drilling you Dan, on appropriate TR 2 acknowledgements, THOSE moments are what lodged in me.

    LRH’s laugh in that tiny clip, which I wish were out for all to hear.

    SO thankyou Dan!

  304. Thanks, Scott! Yes, sometimes it takes a while to see what is.

  305. You, Patty P, and Karen d #1 are angels. Real angels.

  306. So true, RJ, so true. I don’t have the animosity to the GO that some have. As a kid, I looked at the GO as being a pretty cool organization. Yes, they went over the top, and boy, did the leadership pay for it – Henning Heldt and others in jail. I met Henning and Duke Snyder when they were released, and from my point of view, they were heroes, willing to put themselves on the line to get the job done.

    Their actions were dumb and illegal, but it was dumb and illegal for the cause.

    The purge of the early ’80s took out seasoned (and chastised) vets like Henning, Duke Snyder, Mary Sue, and others, and put in place a cadre of kids who HAVE NEVER GROWN UP. Personally, I would much rather have a leadership of people who met and discovered their limitations (like the old GO leadership and Heber, and for that matter, Independents) than any golden children who don’t get that blood is real, that jail is real, that the law is real (and should be respected), that children and parents are important, and that we are not in some cussing B-grade Sci-Fi film noir.

    Mr. David Miscavige and his co-renegades are teenagers run amok, and too many real people are paying the price. Time to ground the little cusser.

  307. A good reply to “I am not auditing you” is “then what the cuss ARE you doing?”

  308. and of course I knew all this. I was a “wooden” type of literal person, and to try to explain thus my predicament, I have to go into Scientologese mode here.

    I was a Flag Course Sup, I took the Code of Sup literally, like nothing MORE important, I remember so many incidents of being in dreadful fear of being Declared Suppressive person for allowing violations of Courses Their Ideal Scene policy, that for that alone, an outside world person unfamiliar with Scienotlogy would think of me in my heyday period as almost a walking example of religious fanatic.

    I took Hubbard’s policies so seriously, literally, it was a maze of interlocking rules with laws even from Hubbard about the weight that one level of his writings have other other writings, etc.

    Believe me, there I was, in my final almost 10 months, on the RPF’s RPF, wondering daily, hourly, WHY was it they were NOT letting me go.

    In the end, sometime around late summer 2002, I just carefully used ALL of my ingrained Hubbard rules, and handed my head to them, in my own North Korean style mindset. Submissively.

    I wrote in my own handwriting my transgressions and intentions, in the most self damaging way, and I did this for weeks, adding up to well over 200 pages (I was keeping somewhat track, I was racking up 5-10 pages a day).

    This was my attempt to give them the goods on me, and contained the stuff from which they smeared me, plus some other writings and legal docs I had signed stretching back into the late 1970s. I knew they wanted and needed the NON preclear folder goods, and so I gave it to them, thinking doing so would make them then I was ‘safe’ to be let go.

    It was the group expectancy and rules, the context, for which I dodged the pc folder confidential rules, and made it easy, made it easy for them to dodge that, and I wrote the stuff on myself to let them dodge it.

    And I knew some DAY, this day, this day being really THAT day, the Jan – summer 2006 period of them using my self written up admissions and other legal docs that were taken from MY writings, my “Life History” admissions, and the legal doc that I signed admitting the transgressions in the program.

    Remember this program was implemented in 2006, so this isn’t today, this is all blowing up, finally, in 2006.

    SO I gave it to them in 2002, gave them the needed goods, in my own handwriting. To dodge the pc folder confidential problem they might have been sensitive to violate (but they’d have violated even if I didn’t hand it to them on a platter).

    You see, all they cared about is their “stats” and the “stats” they DON’T want are the “Negative Images” stats. And all through my RPF years, and the main intentions I was battling in my head ALL through my RPF years (1996-2003) were my intentions to come out and do what I’ve now done the last 7 years, which is encourage history to come out of people’s mouths, and get into the public domain, since Scientology’s abuses need to cease.

    They want ex members NOT to cause negative images, and from day one, Dec 1995 when I was “busted” from Author Services Inc, the “threat” was that I was gonna go blab about Scientology dirty laundry and details that were “negative images”, and so the RPF was where I knew I had to go, even in Dec 1995.

    Anyways, being eternally optimistic, like I said to Janis way above, in this thread, at least Scientology (I hope Marty and Mike say MORE about this point) has stopped their maddog legal attacks that were a big part of the GO/US repertoire, and they only seem to be doing the character assassination and PI crap.

    They’ve at least cooled it on the legal maddog crap.

    Exposing their failed muzzling program om will hopefully lead to further wholesale leaking of OSA programs in other areas.

    Thanks for your concern though.

  309. Congrats! Well done!

  310. Yea, Chuck Murray, wish he would see this thread! Chuck was such a natural human being!

    I met him, by coincidence, and such a good human being, in the 1980s, that’s how I found out he was a lawyer in Long Beach, Ca.

    Someone could look him up in Long Beach, he’s there.

    And the final “Chuck” was Chuck Prenner (ex Harvard Professor computer expert who went onto be in the Incomm Mission and CO INCOMM)

    Chuck Prenner
    Chuck Murray
    Chuck McDougle
    Chuck Beatty

    The 4 Chucks of ITO

  311. Question for Marty:

    In the program, there’s that target about “need to know.”

    Who today would be the TOP “need to know” clique?

    I don’t mean for lower fish programs, but for the “upper A list fish” like who is in the “need to know” category of the PI and intel stuff that would be considered the most damaging today against THEM (meaning where they keep the ‘live’ intel gathering they are doing on you, Mike, JB, Sarge, etc?

    And you already wrote about the Pat Broeker program that you posted on this site, to me, THAT is likely THEY most hottest “files” to get into the public domain.

    Pat for all his faults, he could do some HEAVY “negative image” history on DM I imagine. So the files they have on Pat, would be interesting to be leaked.

    I mean there is SO MUCH files these OSA/DM top operatives (Warren McShane and top OSA people) have somewhere, all those files if leaked would just be a total blast to have out here!

  312. We’re all nutcases here, Cuch. You go on believing that, and enjoy the show.

  313. Tony,
    I got to know Judy pretty well in the FLB RPF (or Private Religious Retreat as Tommy likes to call the Rehabilitation Project Force).
    She was there when I started in 2005 and was still there in August 2007 when I left and yes, she had been in the RPF for about a decade.

    As I recall, the reason for her RPF assignment was that her courseroom in the Flag AO did not pass RTC inspection against the “Golden Age of Tech standards” so Judy`s head was let to roll. Talk about injustice, 13 years for not conforming to Miscavige`s squirreldom. I wish I could be happy that she is out of the RPF if she is now back in the AO. Bless her, Judy is a good girl.

  314. I wish I could mind meld what I learned in careful reading for years on ARS chat site (and Clambake and XSO, and now ExScn chat sites, and Why We Protest chat site where the young people never in Scientology have incredible insights), I urge lots of reading of other people’s views.


  315. Right, he has been a roaring succes in helping the banksters driving the world to the brink of disaster. But even there he’ll wind up a failure. Though they may succeed in America, China and Russia didn’t play ball and made agreements to trade in their own currency and skip the dollar (bye bye world reserve currency). Europe is hammering on the deficits and pushes America to go down on his brethren. Can’t wait for the moment they knock on his door …. tick … toc… tic .. to .

  316. Scott Campbell


    I get what you’re saying but would like to make a point of clarification here. I said that Group Bank Agreement would always be a “factor” in the long term viability of groups. Not that groups could not survive because of it.

    I feel that Independent Scn is the answer to the “management top-heavy” C of S. In as much as individuals are free to practice their religion without government interference, Scientologists should be free to practice Scn without C of S interference.

    In my opinion, this is the best chance we have to audit out the fourth dynamic engram.


  317. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Nomnom.

  318. Chuck, I don’t know you or you me. I haven’t read any of your postings and this ‘OP’ on you is hard to confront. The fact that you spent 8 years in the RPF really impinged on me. I spent only 8 months in the RPF before I blew and it was 8 months too long. I just can’t imagine the BPC. You say you are not a Scientologist. (?) And an athiest. I can respect that. When I left I didn’t want to have anything to do with Scientology. Ever again! What amazes me and why I feel so close to you is that you and I are here fighting for Scientology. Real Scientology. It reminds me of something that happened at the ranch at Creston. We had 3 main gates. One leading to the main house, one to the stables and one to the neighbors to the south. While LRH was alive the gates were always open except for one time. I would put some of the pregnant mares (female horses) out to pasture in the morning and then bring them back into the stables at night. One day after returning from town I got careless and while bringing in a mare, she got loose. She was very happy getting loose (Freedom!). I quickly drove around and closed all the gates. I tried and tried to catch her but couldn’t. I finally decided to let her go and since the gates were closed I could catch her in the morning. We had dinner and it was getting late when I heard the other horses in the stables causing a commotion . When I came out to see what was happening there was the mare that got loose visiting with her friends in the stables. She had plenty to eat around the ranch and plenty of water but what she didn’t have was friends. Freedom is wonderful but without friends it’s just a big prison. I’m glad you’re our friend. Love

  319. You obviously didn’t understand my question and were never in the SO dealing with theses forms & programs. I don’t give a shit who leaked it – if it was. My question was to AVC unit who signs off on these programs, also on any SO doc you can easily see the chain of command of who approved it by the initials on it. (Marty could easily verify & explain SO protocol on this better than me)

    My question was only to who the seniors were writing, authorizing and pushing this op. All SO doc leave a very clear chain of command and give lots of info on those seniors involved – none of that info was available in what Marty posted hence my question about info that would have been o. The original forms. No OSAbot would be demanding someone release more info about dirty ops nor demand the names of leaders running them.

  320. This thread has held my attention a little and I wanted to add a personal thought for Chuck. Well done mate and all the best for the future. I know what it’s like to be beat up but life isn’t so much about surviving the storm, but rather “dancin’ in the rain”. Fight a little but live a lot. If I could I’d buy the first round…

  321. Great story with so much truth!

  322. http://groups.google.com/group/alt.religion.scientology/browse_frm/thread/4a2cc7acfb36cc6d#

    is an example of France’s taking on official Scientology’s encroachment into politics and power in France.

    This is right up the alley of what Karen #1 is saying elsewhere on this blog.

  323. Incredibly warm and wise, Sarge. Thanks for sharing! H

  324. John Fennessey

    Sarge. you have communicated something very deep. I mentally winced. Your more than a story teller. Thanks for the lesson.


    David Miscavige has handled his own ethics.

    O/W Write-Up:

    1. In 1981 I accidentally failed to shoot Bill Franks.
    2. One time I accidentally twitched when lying to LRH.
    3. When I was at ASI pushing those soft-porn posters I accidentally masturbated five times a day.
    4. One night, I accidentally spoke to my wife.
    5. I should have hit Marty more.
    6. I stopped choking Mike Rinder before he was dead.
    7. I almost left one or two good people on post.
    8. I made prank phone calls to LRH.
    9. I didn’t laugh hard enough after I degraded people.
    10. I purposely pooped in my pants several times during an event to see if anyone noticed.
    11. I flexed my biceps to try to impress Louis Farrakan. When he didn’t react, I made a list of ways to do him in.
    12. I accidentally got case gain one time when I accidentally read a bulletin.
    13. Last Thursday I forgot to do my grounding rods process.
    14. I lied to Tom Cruise and told him his shoe lifts were bigger than mine.
    15. I let some exec blow just so I could chase her.
    16. I tried to audit one of my puppets and then I hit it.
    17. Twice I demoted my dog after tricking him into thinking he was getting promoted.
    18. I had a Chuck Beatty rubber mask made and wore it while I punched it, hurting myself a little.
    19. I purposely didn’t send the IRS commissioner a birthday present to see if he’d revoke the church’s tax-excempt status.
    20. I failed to laugh hard enough while I watched Jeff Walker on CCTV crawl along a ditch to escape the base.
    21. I accidentally gave some scotch to Lou who got drunk and when she backflashed I failed to hit her enough times.
    22. I almost wrote down a real overt.
    23. I posted on Marty’s blog, pretending to hate me, twice.
    24. I made the captain of the Freewinds wear an eye-patch and a pirate hat when he let the ship hit a wave I wanted to avoid.
    25. I angrily turned the bust of LRH in my office around to face the wall when I was thinking about how competent he was.
    26. I stole some of Tom Cruise’s face make-up and a pair of his socks.
    27. I made a new recruit wear a uniform three sizes too big because he looked at me funny.
    28. I rigged the Golden Era Musician’s instruments to be off-key so I could yell at them.
    29. I purposely made all orgs get bigger buildings so they’d look emptier so I could yell at them.
    30. I kept staff out of my new RTC building so my voice would echo louder when I yelled.
    31. I called in pizza orders to Marty’s house and blamed it on Anonymous.
    32. I hid in the glove compartment of Dave Lebow’s car outside Rinder’s house and made scary noises to try and frighten him.


    OKed by DM

  326. Sarge, well said. You have been on my mind and here you are.

    L. Carol

  327. Sarge,

    I believe those people who were last with LRH were with him for a reason.
    Sort of some kind of cosmic karma wholetrack reason.

    At least, in his and our minds.

    You’re an unbelievably nice and kind person, and I’m glad LRH had you with him.

    I was always partial to the stories from people’s mouths who lived with LRH, and I hope you share a lot more in the rest of your life, and I hope you have a long one.

    I worked with ponies when I was 13-14, and they always do come back to the barn for their stalls and food.

    The Sea Org was my life.

    Even though I wasn’t much at the Int Base, I did do some Saturday renos, and also of the HGB building. The ashtray between the elevators on the ground floor of the HGB, I personally installed that ashtray, and every time I walked in and out of the HGB, I look at it as if if were mine! It was, it is.

    I know already, that ex Int staff like to drive by the Int Base.

    It WAS their home, and they built so much of the place during Int Base renos Saturday, of course they want to go visit their home.

    To me, I’d like nothing better than the rules that keep things in divisive camps (radical Scientologists/independent Scientologys/ex Scientologists) to go away, so any of us could go back and ……


    We DID eat and sleep in the complex, out in all the buildings at Happy Valley, all over the Int Base, all over ALL of the Sea Org facilities, the ships, the old buildings all over the world.

    Those were our homes.

    Nothing except the wrongly applied extremist excommunication policies, which is why if I had the power, like is stated as a suggestion on the savescientology site, first big order of business is an international amnesty!

    Open the damn doors so people can go in and out of each others’ lives without it being a “suppressive act”.

    Thankyou Sarge.

    PS: I do not have too much negative to say about the RPF, I’ve written volumes about what I liked about it. Just the bureaucratic waiting to route out was extemely frustrating, which was influenced by the longstanding DM comment elevated to an order to “salvage” me, really, I think that order caused the delay, and different RPF fellow members (Rich Gilbert, Clark Morton, Maj Wheeler Sorenson, Micho Danilovich, Stefan Lewis Castle, Vanella Leserve, Bill Price, Vince Trent-great guy, Ryan Greeves, Alan Barram, and my final final sec check by Joan Diskin of OSA Int) things just so drag out today in the RPF for a booklength long explanation.
    I didn’t know for sure why my “route out” took so long until I pieced it together, until I got out finally, and in 2004-2005 Bruce Hines told me about that DM order. So there are multi layers of ironies of why things go wrong. DM issues a seemingly sane order, and no one wanted to be the one to non-comply with his comment/order, sheesh! That’s the funny but expected ironies that end up even MORE often than not causing the frustrating problems for Scientology! And Sarge, having living like the frog in the slowly heated up pot, after a couple decades in the pot, you get used to these types of idiocies, or not. Praise to those that jumped out of the pot and I hope all this talk changes history somehow.

    but I think everyone agrees disconnection/excommunication (applied in the extremist fashion current official Scientology executes it’s excommunication “right”) is a HUGE arbitrary that needs to be retired!

  328. There is a fixed idea (thought stopping) prevalent across all of Scientology organizations (not in the philosophy itself):

    (a) anything bad happening to an individual was caused/pulled in by that individual and
    (b) anything bad happening to the org was caused by others.

    A perpetual justification for anything done by an org up to the point where the defense of an abuse/criminal act etc. becomes impossible at which point it becomes the fault of some individual and we start at (a) again.

    Nice Merry Go Round .

  329. What a wise man you are, Sarge!

  330. Troll, you’ve posted something and your stat is up. You may now secure.

  331. Jim Kalergis as RonsAmigo on ars … jeez! So that’s how one of the early OT8s decided to spend his energy. How ridiculous. Thanks, Karen.

    Just Me

  332. Sarge
    Joe Carpenter was never more beautiful.

  333. Sarge, what a lovely story. Hugs.

    Your friend,
    Just Me

  334. Your post makes me think of one other of my Sea Org jobs, where I as the admin training courses supervisor, over the thousands of students (all staffers, a few execptions, a few ‘public’ got to train in the Flag admin course rooms, but not many) I had to read THOUSANDS of student essays.

    And you know, I had to absorb, and grade, these tens of thousands of admin student essays, all their postulates about how they would correctly apply LRH’s admin data.

    so, I just remembered this.

    If you spend years listening to students give back their ideas of how they will correctly apply Hubbard’s admin rules, minimally the effect on me was I had to absorb these thousands and thousands of opinions.

    I’m extremely tolerant of people’s opinions. Any Scientology course supervisor who loves that job, who likes that role, and I did, I loved being a course sup, then I see WHY I am so happy to hear everyone’s views!

    I wanted to be a course sup, or I wanted to be a nerd helper to one of the Int Exec Strata think tank top execs and help them answer and help their staffs under their zone of responsibility. That’s all I wanted to be.

  335. You deserve the Oscar Kha Khan Lifetime Joking and Degrading Achievement Medal of Valor. And there should be a Gerry Armstrong Nobel Prize for Humor Award separately, which YOU deserve. Gerry’s ARS humor is priceless on DM.

  336. There have been several comments on how MissCabbage claimed in affidavits that OSA is “new” and not like the GO. See the video and compare what has been done and admitted by the GO with the Chuck Beatty Program and try to see the difference … good luck.

  337. Love this little distillation of idiot fixed ideas. So true. Gotta mention a policy here though–the one where LRH discusses what the ORG needs to do to take responsibility for its ARCXen (upset about out-tech or injustice) field. So easy to do.

    But, that has been twisted into the org blaming the field for being upset! An org doing that is sealing its fate.

    C of $ of M adherents who are reading this: REALIZE THIS FACT. GET IT that the orgs are being trained in and pushed to make themselves right because YOU are wrong for being upset as a result of out-tech and off-policy actions. They think you need to toughen up and “unARCX” youself. No, all you need to do is read some policy about ARCXen fields and compare what you see in front of you. Are you going to wait until you are totally broke and deeply in debt before you take an honest look at this ultra-super-non-LRH mindset?

    I know whereof I speak. Back in the day I used to be an ARCX Reg and heard it all, and recovered students and pcs with proper assessments and sessions (free), real communication and taking the time to sort out out tech and injustices and screwy reg cycles. You will not see this proper ARCX handling in C of $ of M orgs anymore. Draw your own conclusions.

  338. Hoo hoo hoo hoo! This could be your Best Ever, OTDT!

    I wish the folks who created Looney Tunes could do a feature length animation of it!

  339. Oh man …

    Busted a gut on this list

    Terrific stuff! 😛

  340. You’re a real life angel! With one of the most beautiful laughs in the world.


    Please get in touch with Jonny, after reading his blog.

  341. Tony DePhillips

    You one funny and crazy sum-bitch .

  342. Wow that was profound Sarg.

    I feel the same way too.



  343. Oh Lord! You are just TOO much fun to read! Humor is SO therapeutic!

  344. I say this to you, as you would know Problems of Work, and the exercise LRH recommends, where he says “Go out and look at people.”

    Well I do that every day, all day long.

    I am a meter reader, and I chat with hundreds of people every day, and I love it.

    I’d also love to be a greeter as Wal Mart, as odd as that sounds.

    And I’d also love to be in Exec Strata, as an assistant, looking up the answers to some staff member’s question.

    And I’d love to have been OEC/FEBC/Admin courses sup or word clearer or course admin, for life, at the HGB.

    but the Sea Org at this time, whether it goes on or not, has to adjust to the realities of public word of mouth, in the real world.

    There’s some change needed. International Amnesty for one, and just never again label people SPs when it is NOT correct. That
    for starters would be newsworthy even.

    Major serious religions SOFTEN their excommunication policies, and it’s time in the Scientology’s cult history that it does that softening, in my opinion.

  345. Erwin,

    I figure they’ll just let Davy hang to dry.

    Like they’ve done to their loyal “friends” in the past.

    Davey probably thinks he’s a player when he’s just a pawn.

  346. Nice Chuck. Very nice and hearfelt. I agree. The Sea Org was my life too. I get exactly where you are coming from. Totally duplicate it.

    I got an idea; let’s me, you, Marty, Rinder go have a few beers with OSA execs and bang it all out. After all, when all is said and done and it is long over, we are all going to be friends again anyhow. So why not just bypass the HE&R and get ‘er done?

    What do you say Kurt, Linda?

    ML Tom

  347. or…
    “then I don’t have to answer any of your stupid fucking questions if I don’t want to.”

  348. GH,

    That was very perceptive!

    I was actually going to put “young Turks” there instead of “conspiracy” but I decided against it because it wasn’t totally “romper room”.

    I mean there were one or two seasoned execs thrown into the mix like Norm ,Guil and Bill but for the most part they were a bunch of snotty nosed kids still in diapers.

    Me I had a love hate relationship with the GO because some of them were my PCs.

    Personally I looked at Kember the same way that many view Miscavige.

    In fact when I got to the section of KSW where Ron talks about execs who couldn’t duplicate she was always the first persona that came to my mind till Miscavige came along.

    Anyway for the most part I got along well with the GO staff who were for the most part good decent people.

    Many very similar to some of the spooks I met or audited who tended to be amoral especially the BI Staff or GAS members working under cover.

    I mean let’s face it breaking the law is part of the game called espionage and the biggest overt to a spy is not breaking the law necessarily but getting caught breaking it.

    In other words bad trade craft.

    For the most part these guys were professionals at what they did.

    Not like these posers from OSA!

    This whole “Op” they ran on Chuck was not only sick and perverted but if they thought it was going to achieve their vaunted objective then they must be on frickin’ drugs!

    Also their lack of professionalism is displayed in the fact that they don’t even anticipate any blow back.

    I mean how stupid is that?

    Either that or arrogant beyond belief.

    Or maybe as I suspect both arrogance and stupidity which adds up to total hubris.

    The only reason I suspect that Miscavige and his cretinous OSA Ops who are as far as I’m concerned not only lack any professionalism at all are incompetent beyond belief is because someone is running interference on their behalf.

    They are like your typical squirrel auditor.

    Since they in their very limited and uneducated opinion have “gotten away” with what they are doing. They figure that they’ll continue to do so and ignore all contrary indications.

    I agree with you that the GO could have been salvaged because they experienced the blow back of their actions up close and personal.

    These OSA cats.

    I doubt it.

    Since it’s obvious they haven’t learned from their mistakes.

    Also because they are stuck in the valence of their ignorant and arrogant leader who is a typical no gain case.

  349. Scot

    Had a thought on your comment.
    You said: “I said that Group Bank Agreement would always be a “factor” in the long term viability of groups.”
    I also feel that this is a pretty accurate conclusion.
    It struck me though, that the whole 4th dynamic seems to act like a “unit being” to some degree. Just as it usually has “engrams” so it also has “free theta”. Similar to the what is observed in an individual, if there is more theta than “entheta” the “organism” will likely be pro survival in intent and action. As with auditing a person, it would seem that one needs to address the “engrams”, but our ultimate aim should always be toward making the “pc” (organization in this case) more able, more free, more uptone, more theta.
    That is our indicator of success.

    Just a thought.


  350. I totally got it Chuck.

    Hey if you’re ever in LA don’t forget to look me up.



  351. DFB aka Dfb99

    There’s still a part of me that appreciates this stuff.
    For example, the CAN handling was pretty damn good.
    I don’t know who worked on that, but it was well done.
    I think messing with individuals on a personal level is bad PR. But some of the legal victories have been well handled IMO.

  352. OTDT,
    Great… you made me have to get up off the couch on a Saturday night to post a note to tell you how totally funny that was.
    How inconvenient of you.

  353. I totally agree Gato.

    One of the stupidest moves among many by current management was to turn the BCR into one of these unwieldy excessively priced “Trade Paperbacks” making it difficult to mail ARCXn public and cost prohibitive.

    Totally ignoring what the Ol’man says in the HCOB ‘New Uses for the Book of Case Remedies’.

    Not only that but they completely ignore the data contained in that book.

    Along with what he covers in C/S series 96 ‘Delivery Repair Lists’.

    Now they are in total fail mode.

    Blame the public and the field for being “out ethics” and “PTS”.

    Sooner or later however they won’t have any public to blame any more.

  354. +1 Tony.

    As we’d say in the ol’days.


  355. Scott Campbell

    Are you guy’s talking about the Laissez-Faire, the Diana or both?

  356. Scott Campbell


    I can imagine that is an accurate depiction of your beingness when you were younger.

  357. Scott Campbell


    You are a truly beautiful being with a unique ability to sense and know higher truth.

    L, Scott

  358. Scott Campbell


    Sorry, but I have to say that your Atheist/Materialist colors are showing in this reply to Sarge.

    Sarge’s comment was that the horse wanted to be with friends, not with food or home. I grew up with horses, cattle, etc. as well and I’m sure that if all of the other horses were in the field, the lone horse would leave the food and “home” of the stable to be with them.

    Also, by the by, that slow-boiled frog analogy is an urban myth.


    Chuck, believe me that I know how deeply you’ve been hurt by others. It is an overt of magnitude to offend the dignity of a being like you with such callous disregard for future consequences.

    But consider this, would a life terminated by ceasing to exist make up for the damage done to you?

    Forgive them, for they know not what they do.


  359. Mockingbird6

    Thanks Scott, I understand your point.

  360. If the program on me seems “bad”, imagine what the programs are/were like for those on Religious Freedom Watch web site, google Religious Freedom Watch and laugh!

    those people have had to put up with some unbelievably disgraceful laughable over the top OSA crafted smearing “handling” programs!

    The people I’d seek advice from, and I did seek their advice, they’re listed on Religious Freedom Watch! Those guys know the score.

  361. Mockingbird6

    I originally thought it was terrific that CAN went bankrupt (when I was a BOT). Now that I know HOW it was driven bankrupt, I am disgusted.

  362. Thanks Karen,

    I heard fragments of the story from some of the actors involved but never had the full story.

    Interesting that the ubiquitous and sinister “van” comes into play.

    Probably the same one parked about a block away from us when Arthur came to visit us riding his soft tail.


    Ya gotta get that book written.

    It looks like it will an interesting read

  363. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Absolutely correct, my fellow cohort! Financial rape is not spiritual freedom.

    Gary (a villager carrying a torch… also manning the “siege machine”) 🙂

  364. Spot-on, Scott. I was blessed with working with the best when I started out, and I got to see Scientology as it is supposed to be. I totally identified with Kwai Chang Caine, learning from the feet of the masters.

  365. gato rojo said:

    C of $ of M adherents…

    but I read:

    C of Madherents..

    This post threw me up and down the tone scale – – I laughed, cried, got boiling mad…

    Chuck, a person who dedicated 27 years of his life to help others, to serve humanity, SELFLESSLY, but finally committing the “worst crime”- trying to keep his own integrity- is viciously targetted by (C of) Madherents. Yes, immoral, illegal, but those who know do not care, and those who do not know, do not look, or do not care to know the details.

    I am thankful for people of this blog, people of good heart and good will, who refuse to stoop to such depths, and who support each other through freedom of speech, freedom of religion – true friends.

    Thank you Marty, for making this blog a place that brings out the best in us.

    I believe we can all feel honored too, that we are specifically NOT chosen members (or have been chosen to not be acknowledged as members) of the C of Madherents, whose members are all “saints” who know how to say yes, have never done anything bad, become willing to step on anybody at a moment’s notice and cover all group crimes with their money and their life (and their wife).

    The C of Madherents is now the number one oxymoron. A church where no praying is done, only preying.

    If you wish to become a human sacrifice – go to the C of Madherents.
    If you wish to lose your personal integrity, go there, never fear to ever feel guilt again.
    If you wish to be absolved of all crimes, you only need to sell your soul, once and for all.
    If you want somebody to watch your back for crimes, just give more money.
    Give all to your leaders. All money, all glory.
    Ask not how your leaders can serve you, be part of a greater force that only anihilates.
    Give in to your desire for power, money, whatever you want – feed the fire as it courses through your veins….. no one on the planet can do what you do, no one is as powerful. You have supported your leader to surpass all the others, to surpass Hitler, Stalin, and even the other small leader – Manson – who stinks in the California death row cell. The charisma of your leader has proven to be greater than all of these before him.

    The flames of your desires are unquenchable and consume all in its path. This is no time for morality, humanity, forgiveness – you are battling to own a planet, and the fire becomes bigger, even hotter. It cannot be stopped.

    Later, smoldering, then cold, dead as a stone, no human surprise at its finally ceasing to be – all oxygen extinguished by its own flames – like any ordinary fire. And no glory in its memory or the names of those who fed it.

    The only heros arising from the ashes, Chuck, Marty, Mike and the rest of those here and some we may still find hiding in the ashes hoping against hope that someone will find and save them, still alive.

  366. Very heartfelt post and you have my admiration along with Marty for the original posting! Your ARC is something to learn from.
    My only postulates are for your happiness and friendships for those that you love.

    I don’t mean to be off topic here but I saw a name (old friend of mine) that you mentioned on the RPF? Vince Trent. Is he still there? How is he doing? I remember when he first arrived at CC. He is a great guy, smart, warm sense of humor and very tone 40 type of being. Any info on him would be appreciated.
    My email is: afsharlady@aol.com

  367. I know stuff like this was going on in the Church but I had no idea it was done this way. Thanks for sharing.
    Now I know that Ken Shapiro is an OSA guy. Ken was involved in major out ethics situations on the 2D. He went out 2D with his secretary (who was just 18 or even a minor (I can’t confirm this one)) in PAC and was kicked out of the SO because of this. He wife left the SO and went to Italy, his son left the SO as well because of Ken’s out ethics.

  368. Boy, have you got his number! YOU are SO funny! Killer post and it’s probably EXACTLY right!

  369. OSA is not an intelligence organization, nor is it an espionage organization. OSA has nothing to do with intelligence. It is all about hit jobs. Thankfully, they don’t use bullets. This program and others like it are excellent examples of what the OSA character assassins do (or try to).

    Are the PIs trailing Mike and Marty and others gathering intelligence? No. They are trying to disrupt them. Why would they send away Mike’s mom when he visited Australia? Is that intelligence? No. It is, in fact, cruelty, manipulation, and stupidity. Why would they illegally send porn to Chuck’s sister’s house? Certainly not to “gather intelligence.”

    This makes me sick. It would make me sick if anyone did it, but it especially makes me sick that people who purport to be “saving” Scientology do this. Do me a favor, OSA, and try and “save” Communism or the KKK, will you? Stop pretending to “save Scientology.” In fact, stop pretending to be Scientologists.

    Yes, OSA and DM are out of valence. All SPs are.

  370. Tony DePhillips

    That was shocking…wow!!

  371. Well, Chuck, I can’t imagine how much fun it must have been to be in the RPF (and the RPF’s RPF) for eight years, so anything you wrote up during that time is obviously going to be biased toward “wrong-doing.” What the SO considers “overts” are a far cry from what real overts are.

    For example, I once thought Ron was wrong. Oh my GOD! Blasphemy! Once, I criticized a certain SO member for being like a Nazi. Heretic! Once, I kissed a girl whom I was not marries to. 2d pervert!

    I was almost beached for going to Daytona and having a fun weekend. We had some beer – sure I was underage. Since we had limited time, we drove at 90+ from Clearwater to Daytona (the driver was German and was used to the autobahn :-)). Sure, we invited some girls to our room.

    This was my clue that things were not as they should be. Here I was, in 1977, sixteen years old (and on my own, really unsupervised with no parental oversight, which is the real overt here, but that is a different story…) We had just finished an INSANE schedule, because the CB had caught fire, and the building had to be evacuated. The LRH tape library was in the CB (Clearwater Bank building), and water leaked into the vault, so we had to clear the tapes out and dry them off. Talk about “recovering lost tech!” We almost lost the entire set of LRH tape masters. This is, by the way, confidential, so don’t let them know I told you ;-).

    We did it. All was saved, dried off, and boxed up. I worked with a few people on that “Hill 10”, Marc Yager being one. So, we were given 48 hour liberty. My German buddy rented a new Chevy Chevette(!), and we drove to Daytona, and drove on the beach (and we drove into the waves, as well, pissing off a few people). We were four young men (and boys) letting off some steam.

    Since in Germany beer is food, I had a couple – certainly not enough to get affected. And, we invited a couple of ladies into the room. There was no sex involved (although we would not have objected).

    And we get back, and one of the members of the team tells about what a great time he had to one of the cussing CMO babes, and WHAM – the ax falls.

    I tell all this because technically you can say that what we did was “wrong.” I drank underage. We drove at 90+ (in a Chevette!). We lusted in our minds. I got a sunburn, which per some FO or another is another overt. All “wrong.”

    I had a Comm Ev on this. It was brutal. A person I thought was a friend turned on me. It was quite an experience for a 16 year old kid. Instead of beaching me (I was non-SO), I was given lowers and had to work out of them.

    So, while it was technically “wrong” and I was technically “endangering the group” and all that, I do not regret having taken that trip at all, and I am glad I did it.

    And, fuck them if they can’t take a joke. I had saved the fucking archives, and they were pissed because I drank a beer. Ron would have patted me on the back and said “son, you should have gotten laid.”

  372. Brilliant, as always!

  373. There is a lot of life and truth in this thread…
    Something tells me it will produce many great effects very soon.

  374. M6,

    Pendulum shift?

    The original CAN was under the auspices of the AFF which had some of the original alumni of Mk Ultra on their board of directors and funded Ted Patrick whose techniques of deprogramming would be emulated later by the CIA and used as part of their enhanced interrogation techniques.

    Shutting down CAN was probably one of OSA’s few actual successes.

  375. Dan, this is a very sharp observation and comment! Scientology by its own definition is non-denominational so is inclusive of “everything”. Forgot which tape it is on but I think it is the one where LRH introduces the term “Scientology”. He explains that it includes the investigation of everything in the search of truth – regardless what the field is called – I think he mentions Mysticism, the Occult and what not – it just doesn’t ex-clude anything. Scientology is a method of finding what works (and what is true should work). You comment broadened my understanding of Scientology.

  376. In the animated version, I think DM’s voice would be similar to Alvin the Chipmunk. This would go well with DM being able to fit in the glove compartment of the car.

    The DM who appears at Events as would be a life-size DM robot suit, with the actual DM riding inside the head and working the controls.

  377. TroubleShooter


    Your statement comes from someone I got into Scientology to join ranks with. I hope you have found a way to keep those help flows open because that’s the kind of purpose that makes life LIVING. Thank you for sharing this data it helped me confront my own help flows.

  378. TroubleShooter

    He’s in the CW area continuing to keep things stirred up and ruffling OSAs feathers…they have him in their crosshairs and are doing their version of pulling a string which is the nazi tactic of getting family and friends to report on their family and friends with the “or else” dangling overhead like spanish moss. The osa effort isn’t going to go anywhere because if they really pull the string they’re going to find the fabric of the “Scientology community” unravel and I don’t believe they really want to know just how disenchanted the field is generally. OSA has very cleverly been keeping their finger off the trigger in CW so far and IMHO it’s because someone there knows what a Pandora’s box is…

    Last time I saw Mike he was walking with canes and doing so very slowly and unsteadily but the “I can still bite ya” attitude was very much there.

  379. Scott,
    LRH was very able to create St Hill size orgs that were so successful in making Clears and OT’s that I don’t think all 4D engrams need to be audited. Being OT is a gradient, so it’s essential to take responsibility for the 4D as otherwise you’re effect of it (just by living as a part of it). To the degree that more are PTS, less Clears and OT’s will be made.

    Group bank agreement can be overcome by a strong individual leader like LRH or by group Policy agreement. That will work out as proven, providing the agreement is with pro survival Policy like LRH without hidden data and not to command intention, altered tech, etc.

    It’s a very good thing that free strong independent Scientologist are being restored every day now. Marty (and us) providing place, time, form and event gets an as-issnes and makes us able to fight back, regain cause, back in session and/or regain old wins.

    At the moment there are groups like Wikileaks, Ron Paul, A&E for Thuth, etc, that do a very good job of dePTSing the 4D by being hells bound on the exact place, time, from and event of war, terrorism, 911, financial suffocation, torture, suppression and other engrams. This way mankind can fight back and become cause, so it could be set up to go in Session.

    We’re a part of mankind and to the degree that mankind is PTS, so are we. As long as there’s no save environment (mankind dePTSed), no 4D engram erasure for mankind will happen. We’ve been paying off the WTH, CCHR, IAS, VM, Library, Narconon, etc, as our 4D activity but that money wound up at the bank. We never paid for the exposure of the real implanters; the banksters, neocon think tanks, the oil maffia, the industrial military complex, etc. To that degree we’ve not been causative over our 4D, to the contrary, through Davey we’ve damaged it and thus we’re effect.

    The lesson to be learned is that donations for so called higher causes usually make you less able as you shed responsibility to let another do the job for you. This is only good if you’ve a direct exchange and involvement and thus control. To the degree that it enhances your ability it could be called pro survival, if not: run away.

    Good programs increase your cause over the 4D PTSness and shouldn’t cost a lot but would ask fair exchange and yield results.

  380. Rory Medford

    You can describe SCN this way:

    Wham, bam, thank you ma’am Scientology is quite the SCAM!

    The story is simple, LRH came up with workable info to better man and he left it in the hands of a insane man which has made SCN unworkable, forceful, deceitful and most of all harmful to the mind, body and especially the SOUL! It has become all about money and stats!!!

  381. Yes, and I succeeded and loved that job as routing forms research and compiler, I admitted had a huge head start when I came onto that project, in that the “failed” previous routing forms project personnel, Roy Sarkovich, Ben Atwood. Jessica Pruit, and Barbara Foster, all had done huge amounts of almost 75% of the research and compilations. I just raked all their research through the policy strainer, and that took a year of research and piloting. It’s a job you had to love, and policy study and sortout was my favorite, and a reason I should have gone into Exec Strata as a deputy to one of them, but ED Int didn’t want me, oh well.

    Instead I went back to supping, and then got promoted to come do a project at RTRC on the OEC Checksheet, failed at that, due mainly to politics in AVC at the time, the opinions of what to stress in policy, is KEY to the atmosphere of the movement. There was NOT a fucking person in the movement with the fucking knowledge of all of LRH’s policy to actually, put correct stress in WHAT of policy to hold senior.

    We had DM as the problem then, I just didn’t know it. AVC was wooden, more wooden than me.

    It takes some REAL Exec Strata people who never actually came into existence, because it takes a LOT of time to think it all out, and dodge the earlier more “heavy ethics” and frankly overly pragmatic policy of LRH’s to truly think long range HOW to select what policy to focus on for the longrange building of the movement.

    It is clearly so hugely incorrectly being run in the threat of dire fear from the outside world’s institutions attacks atmosphere, for which OSA seemed a necessity to continue the Guardian’s Office roles, and for the unfortunate way to lengthy application of the first part of the WDC ED 83 Int strategy, the part about pushing production until it runs into “stops” and blow those stops off the lines with ethics.

    That blowing the “stops” off the lines with ethics part of WDC ED 83 was DM’s mantra in ALL sectors, and that’s what caused the ravaging of Scientology institutionally every since.

    He was NOT the man to be meddling with AVC and setting the tone in AVC when I was trying, on the OEC project, to be delving INTO the policy of the OEC and trying to get the stuff out of the OEC volumes which, I’ve written before, that Greg Wilhere pulled out of the OEC and FEBC, when Greg Wilhere back in 1978, spring and summer of 1978, Greg crafted what later got him in trouble, the “quickie” “technical degrade” “Special Executive Briefing Course”.

    But that course had drills and exercises which I directly observed the student execs, and it was only a handful, like less than 15 in all who did that checksheet, but the drills were slanted towards LRH’s EARLIER less heavy ethics executive .

    This is such a detailed beef I have, that the harsh critics might be correct, I’m “picking raisens out of turds” argument, but I feel due to what I’ve observed also, that this whole admin part of official Scientology IS still standing. So if that admin part is NOT going to fall apart and disintegrate, which I don’t believe it will, then at least SOMEONE should eventually DO what Greg Wilhere did, and what I was trying to do with the 1988 compilation of the OEC checksheet, which was FOCUS more on the earlier years of more positive executiving style, LIKE the Greg Wilhere “quickie” “Special Briefing Course” checksheet did.

    So, this above is how I was thinking.

    And it should have been how whoever tries somehow to salvage admin in the official movement HAS to be thinking.

    We don’t need the negative bash em up and blow the invented self created bungling stops off the line attitude by execs in the movement who conveniently can just rip things apart to scapegoat whoever is below them in the pecking order.

    Anyways, thankyou. I wish I could have had this conversation with Dan, and I think it was Mary Stein, but that was impossible at the time, since had I said all this, it would be a slap in the face of the DM style of blowing stops off the line as command intention DM stable datum.

    LRH even himself, in my opinion, was WAY too heavy, and he had been committing illegal acts, the money shuffling, while NOT for his own personal wealth, I don’t believe, but he was playing loose with society’s laws.

    Like Starkey says in the LRH funeral event, and I think Cooley too, LRH wanted his wealth to go to the church, and it DID. LRH did NOT live high on the hog like a Howard Huges, sure he had the perks that everyone else eating beans and rice weren’t, in the periods people were eating beans and rice, but LRH was NOT in it to show off his trinkets accumulate by the wealth accumulation. I’d admit he did act way more oppulent than I would expect of a religion leader, and I have a whole other bunch of critical thins to say.

    But I am MORE in the realist camp of opinion about LRH, the Ken Urquhart camp I call it. LRH was damn flawed. He was cruel when he made the elderly Sea Org member push a peanut around on the deck of the Apollo while dozens of Apollo staff watched. LRH ordered some bizarre punishments, the Kali exercise.

    I mean LRH had some outrageous brain fart moments where some bad stuff came out of his mouth and the critical books on LRH are a MUST to digest by people who are gonna have to “speak” FOR Scientology.

    OR, as I suggest, ADMIT all that is truly true, and unfortunately accurate and show LRH’s “case” flaws, I think because Scientologists have so much accumulated good in their heads and lives they’ve experienced from LRH, that inevitably they manifest and wish to forward that good.

    Even I who is NOT a Scientologist, by writing here, I think even I am caught up in that human natural inclination, mainly due to the knee jerk positive in me.

    anyways, back to the point of being promoted to DO the routing forms project, which I succeeded and got 3 Mission Status successful awards at Sea Org day for, 2 Affluence Projects and 1 Normal Project mission assignments, yea, I was not a failure on the research/writing aspect of the computerized routing forms.

    Whether the routing forms still are in use, there was the problem of their usage, always. At Saint Hill they used routing forms, and that’s why LRH said get into use routing forms in the orgs, in the early 1980s, and the “Routing Forms How To Write Them” policy of 1984, in OEC green vol 1, I was the first “Senior Routing Forms In Charge” in Senior HCO Int. That policy has all the reasons routing forms were thought to be important to the WDC ED 86-3 period. Phoebe Mauer compiled all of LRH’s despatch orders regarding routing forms into that 1984 policy letter, Dan and Russ Williams witnessed that, and so did I.

    One of the reasons I write so much, is only because no one else writes about ALL of the voluminous details of policy that the organization is built on, which is in my opinion a huge reason why official Scientology still carries on, DESPITE these last 30 years of incorrect emphasis on the negative policy and writings and advices of LRH and due to David Miscavige’s incorrect personal focus on the negative.

  382. Rory
    Agreed on all fronts except for
    ‘he left it in the hands of a insane man’
    DM explains (brags) in his own words in a 1998 interview with the Saint Petersburg Times how he infact gained control of the church:
    Had LRH in fact left Scientology in the hands of Miscavige he would have done it standardly. In writing.

  383. Sarge,

    This deserves a thread all of it’s own. In his pomp and all his glory, Miscavige is a poorer man than you or me. What friends does he have left?
    All he can do is dramatize his fears, and his efforts to “kill thetans” through overwhelm.

  384. And by the way, let us not forget how incredibly evil MK Ultra was. It is easy to be desensitized to “MK Ultra” as “oh, no, not again, not another dissertation on THAT.” But, my memory was refreshed the other day when I chanced upon a radio show on medical ethics and a doctor who was a medical student at the time at McGill University was being interviewed. The goal was to wipe someone’s brain clean, and then refill it with selected material. The method was to give LSD and ECT several times per day for weeks to people who were not informed, and without their consent, resulting in induced psychosis… and then, inducing semi-coma for weeks using drugs (wake them up once per day to use facilities)… and then, to “retrain” the brain with incessant repetition, day and night, of phrases, again, drugging the recipients. Needless to say, this was a fate worse than death for the victims involved.

    The capper was when the interviewer asked “even though this cannot be justified ethically, in some of the Nazi atrocities, some medical value came out if it. Was there anything of medical value to come out of MK Ultra?” Answer? “No. Nothing.”

    CAN was all about “deprogramming” which is essentially a much lighter version of MK Ultra.

  385. Joe,

    Spot on. One can be an atheist and a Scientologist. That’s what I am.

    Most people have atheism confused with something else and also have the 7th and 8th dynamics morphed into one thing. But we know they are neither.

    Atheism is quite simple – it means varying forms and grades of no belief in a creator god. But which belief system? Well it couldn’t be an imaginary made-up belief system that no-one holds to, it has to be an actual real belief system that other people do believe in, and the atheist rejects. There’s nothing abstract about it. The usual discarded system is the Abrahamic one as laid out in Genesis.

    Some truths I’d like to put out there to deal with misconceptions:

    Nothing in atheism nullifies the 7th dynamic,
    Nothing in atheism nullifies the 8th dynamic,
    The 8th dynamic is NOT god, it is INFINITY,
    The 7th dynamic is not, and doesn’t depend on, the 8th dynamic.

    Personally, I have rejected Genesis (and every other similar mythology out there) for the simple reason that they try to describe INFINITY and give it characteristics and human feelings. As soon as you do that, then by definition you cannot be talking about infinity anymore.

    Another reason which I’ve kept for last, is that the belief systems I have rejected and all control mechanisms to keep folk in line. This is the same reason why I am a Scientologist and also NOT a member of th Church of Scientology.

    See? No conflicts and inconsistencies.

  386. Yes – The GO and the Church was way out of line.

    One of the dumbest things I can think of was moving to Clearwater. I am not sure why Clearwater was chosen, but to move the controversial Church of Scientology to the freaking Bible Belt in the middle of freaking nowhere in the ’70s was a mistake, clear and simple. I was there in ’77, and it was not fun. We lied when we moved in, THAT was a mistake. Why lie? Because it was a Christian town, and we wanted to show that we wanted to fit in, and that we had Christian values. It is like the Amway rep not telling you it is Amway until he presents the whole scheme. It is INEFFECTIVE and a misrepresentation. It was all done in order to avoid initial bad vibes, sure, but the result is that it PERPETUATES bad vibes, and makes it worse, because now we are being dishonest.

    We never fit in. The division was palpable – it was in 1977, 1987, and 1990 (when I lived there for a brief period).

    This is all the legal things that were mistakes.

    Add to that the stupid activities of trying to smear the mayor, the SP times, and the actions against Paulette Cooper, and we get criminal derangement driven by fear of persecution. This stuff is wrong on its face. But it is even wrong from a tactical and strategic and purely mercenary perspective: IT DOES NOT WORK. It still does not work. It will never work.

    By the way, do we know who the GO people were in the Wallace interview?

  387. :-):-):-):-):-)


  388. M6,

    You are describing an Ideal Scene. It’s certainly attainable and if what you described is true than that proves at least one case.

    And it needs to be noted that the Current Scene in the CoS is nowhere near that Ideal Scene.

  389. Seconded!

    Anyone who understands the Auditor’s Code and abides by it will have pcs that get case gain. Simply because the Auditor’s Code is the full list of the few things that PREVENT case gain.

  390. Excellent, all of you! Love to see real Tech!

  391. “There’s hardly one of us who hasn’t asked himself the question, “Isn’t it better to be mean?” Almost every one of us has had the feeling that we were a bit soft. We didn’t like flying into the teeth of some human being and making him feel bad or making her feel bad. We’ve told ourselves, “We ought to be tougher. We ought to put up a better front; we ought to be… You know, know when to snarl, know when to show the sharpened tooth.” And I’m sure that we have walked away occasionally after we’ve loaned somebody five dollars or something of the sort and said, “When am I going to learn to be tough? When am I going to learn to be tough? When am I going to learn to be hardboiled and just stand right up to that little kid and say ‘No!’ When am I going to learn this?”

    And the motto behind this is “Isn’t it better to be mean occasionally? It’s only from being kind and a sucker” — synonym: being kind, being a sucker — “being an easy mark, so on. When am I going to stop being all of these bad, soft things and be a hard, forthright, capable-of-saying-no person? When am I going to be able to do that? Isn’t it better to be mean? I would be a much better manager. I would be a much better person if I knew when to come down with a slight slam. If I could just know, occasionally, when I should be mean, and if I just was willing to be mean, wouldn’t that be right. Isn’t it true that I should be more mean than I am? Isn’t it true that I should be harder, more forthright, much more positive. I should be able to just take the people out there and just sweep them aside? And isn’t there some rightness in being tough? Isn’t there?”

    And I used to ask myself this question. I used to ask myself this question. Everybody does. And I used to ask myself, “Isn’t there a time when I will finally get rough enough, mean enough, ornery enough, that people will flinch?” You know. “Something wrong with me that I don’t want to be mean. Something wrong with me.”

    And I used to think about this occasionally, and as the years went along I could spot times when I should’ve been tougher — you know, I knew it; sure of it — and very recently, very recently, ran a series of processes which were highly informative. Very informative. That person that’s willing to confront other things doesn’t ever have to say no, he doesn’t ever have to be mean, he doesn’t ever have to be tough at all. As a matter of fact, it’s a silly thing to do; it’s a silly thing to be. It is perfectly all right to be nice to people. It isn’t a weakness at all; nothing weak about being nice. And a matter of fact, if you aren’t, you’re in the soup.

    You could say that the only times for which you are suffering are those times when you weren’t nice enough, when you weren’t kind enough and when you weren’t unmean enough, and those are the only times from which you’re really suffering.

    It is not true that being mean gets anybody ahead anyplace. That’s really factual, really factual. Because being mean is going out of ARC with. And a careful analysis of games conditions and the processing of preclears demonstrates that if you were to run the process “Go out of communication with, go out of communication with, go out of communication with, go out of communication with,” he goes to pieces. Fascinating little test, isn’t it.

    “I should be mean. I should say no. I should say I don’t want to communicate with you. I should say I don’t want to have anything more to do with you. I should be able to say, ‘You do so-and-so regardless of the consequences.'” Willingness to mess somebody else up, you know, being hard about the whole thing.

    Well, if you run it on a preclear, you will just run out a few of his incidents of his doing that, but it’s a cut communication the whole way.
    When you deny your fellow man, the only thing which you can deny is to deny him communication. I don’t care how solid the particle is or how light and airy the particle is. You say “no”; you say “be mean,” you say “be very positive,” do this and do that; the truth of the matter is that you are denying him communication, one way or the other — being tough.

    The only thing you should ever be tough about is insist that the other fellow ought to stand on his own feet, too. And the only way you will ever communicate that to him is to communicate it to him in a very nice way. Then he’s liable to receive it.

    Being mean is simply going out of communication with things. And that’s always — always will be and always has been — very aberrative.
    So I’ve got the question answered and have a standard for conduct at least from a standpoint of aberration. The individual who is kind, who is decent and who does communicate and who is nice and who isn’t averse to conversation and saying this and doing that, who is tolerant, and so on, we find gets along beautifully. We find the things that he runs into in life run out. They don’t pile up on him and swamp him.
    But the fellow who’s mean and who’s ornery and who’s cutting comms all the way along the line, and so on, we find he’s in the soup.

    Now, I don’t know anything about testing, but all testing must be conducted against a hidden ideal or a known ideal. But if it’s hidden, somebody must know it. Somebody would have to know this ideal.
    You could test a fellow against a hidden ideal where you knew the answers to the test and he didn’t, but you had better know the answers to the test.

    Therefore, I can tell you tonight that a test which is measured on the basis of human kindness as a high and human meanness as a low is a standard of human optimum performance. That sounds very silly, and that’s a very obvious sort of a thing to discover, but nevertheless it’s a discovery.

    I don’t know anything about testing, but now I think I know how to make one. I think I know how a decent fellow would grade and how a bad one would grade because I know the answer at last to whether I should have been mean all those times or whether I should have been more kind. And I know I should have been more kind.

    Thank you. ” -LRH

  392. Kendrick L. Moxon

  393. DFB you admire the work of Kendrick L. Moxon.

  394. Valkov,

    Lil’ Dave’s the one with rabies-


    that simple.

  396. Chuck,
    Understood. I did get some real basic stable data doing the OEC-FEBC under you and Linda. There are policy details and there are the BASICs of the 3rd dynamic. Add to that the current state of education (or lack thereof) and we see our problem. The PRD to train a student to conceptual understanding has been entirely removed from the Scientology training line-up. Now, we have students – whether study of auditor tech or the admin tech of how to run organizations – rotely memorizing all levels of data as though they are equal. From that, we can only have failed cases and failed orgs.

    This is a loss of basics. You, in your trying to make checksheets, routing forms, etc would have seen the difference between basics fundamentals and minute details. Details may change, may come and go, but the fundamentals – they are there always. LRH understood this and wrote about it.

    Some key points I have never forgotten from my training (and you I expect will smile at) are:

    HCOPL 9 Nov 68 Standard Admin

    “STANDARD .. ‘A definite level or degree of quality that is proper and adequate for a specific purpose’
    BASICS means ‘something that is basic’ FUNDAMENTAL
    BASE means ‘the bottom of something considered as its support.
    FUNDAMENTAL means ‘serving as an original or generating source: being the one from which others are derived.’
    DERIVED means ‘formed or developed out of something else,’ which is to say something formed or made from a basic.

    Thus if we have the BASIC or base or starting point, and know it well, then from it we can develop more complex actions.

    We had to have the fundamental or basic laws of organization in order to develop the full structure of organization.

    Administration becomes STANDARD when we have the most important points or laws or actions and when we always use these and use them in just the same way.

    “The best organization is one which has a thetan over it, methods of working out its problems, basic actions and a good desirable product. It adapts itself to its environment or surroundings or conditions of operation so as to expand to greater or lesser degree.

    Such an organization must have a clear-cut purpose and fill a definite need in order to survive.

    Its services must be more valuable than what it costs to produce or furnish those services. …

    Where an organization violates these very fundamental things, it sickens and will eventually perish.

    Such is the persistence and power of a once-strong organization that it can continue for a very long while, feeding inward on itself. It gradually contracts and eventually becomes a memory only.”

    I feel he is saying the fundamentals or basics are what makes policy STANDARD. Now we see emphasis on details and the basics aren’t even stressed. Just as in training auditors we see no stress on ARC, empathy, how is the PC doing, etc. It is rote and looking for 3 swings of the needle.

    I am sure you were up against other staff who couldn’t differentiate between a comment, an order for a particular situation, or a basic fundamental the group needed to operate on. An example would be the addition of IAS, Planetary Dissem, Div 6 outreach actions, etc all added to the routing form to spend a night at the FH. The last time I spent a night at the Ft Harrison it took 5 hours to simply route in. I only wanted a room. NONE of these additives were a fundamental to a hotel!

    Now, those who understood basics, both in Tech and in Admin, are mostly either dead, dying or shot from guns and out in the wild. As you posted once months ago, it will take 10 years or more to replace the experienced Management staff to do evals, get orgs booming, etc. The Admin Tech has been altered or removed and the staff who knew and understood are not there. There is a generation of staff and SO who only know Scientology under COB – which really means they do NOT KNOW Scientology!

    Your contribution both inside the SO and outside posting continues to help in this action.

    In HCO PL 11 April 1970 Third Dynamic Tech LRH states:

    “The failure is that previous Third Dynamic Tech did not seek out and learn the basic laws on which it must have existed.” …

    “…the basic knowledge is there, recorded on tape and in HCO Pol Ltrs; and when known, understood and used, it gives us survival, expansion and prosperity. When it isn’t known or understood or used, only then do we sag.

    If a study of our Third Dynamic Tech is approached from the viewpoint that it is for use and when known, understood and used it will deliver an expected result, then one has a proper framework for the study of it.

    If one thinks it is a series of orders, or just some random ideas, then one will not have the use of it.

    The short span of men’s lives inhibits the full development of any one subject in one lifetime. Thus there is a lot of room for further expansion of our Third Dynamic Tech. But the basic laws can be found in it and many exact drills are contained in it and it has great value in any zone of application.

    What we now know and use of our Third dynamic Tech is all that has forwarded our survival so far.

    Thus its wider understanding and use in our own organizations is the key to prosperity and expansion.

    An ‘old experienced Scn executive’ (who has a lot of this know-how) can go into a collapsing org and boom it. The data he is using is all in these policy letters. He knows it is there for use and he uses it in action.

    The elements he uses are in HCO Policy Letters.

    The data encompasses Third Dynamic Tech. It is applied very much like one applies the First Dynamic Tech to the individual.

    In its present state of development, like early auditing material, Third Dynamic Tech is used to think with, and only the bright mind will achieve its full potential in action.” LRH


    Both of the above references are in Vol 0 OEC for all to read.

    Chuck, you understood basics and were attempting to work under executives who either didn’t understand basics or unable/unwilling to apply them. As you are so very aware of from personal observation – there is a workable Third Dynamic Tech there and it is being suppressed and run as Reverse Scientology, just as the HCO B tech is.

    The Intelligence Op, disconnection, attacking former members, all of these are merely aberrations from the current executives. NONE of these are Fundamental Truths of the third dynamic. LRH says, as I quote, the organization must be able to adapt. The current church must adapt or it will become but a memory (and a bad memory at that) just as LRH wrote.

    It is easy to prove that these are not fundamental nor needed for the church or the subject of Scientology to survive. If International law forbid these practices tomorrow – changes could be made and they would not interfere nor disrupt in the least the ability of an auditor applying standard tech to move the pc on up in their quest for pan determinism and increased ability. A Dianetic session, wherein the pc fully views the engram, would still bring about erasure and FN VGI’s.

    These “policy” actions are not valid per the LRH references above. I would like to remind all that the justice actions, HCOPL on suppressive actions and the handling of are all just procedures. If the person isn’t PTS to that person and this cannot be “handled” then disconnection would be their personal option.

    And why is it the current management feels they can force disconnection down on us as Independents but attack us if we choose to disconnect from them?

    Chuck, thanks for being there, for communicating and for being you.

  397. For the record, Ken Shapiro’s Facebook page is

  398. martyrathbun09

    Like most things, was not as black and white as that by a long shot.

  399. martyrathbun09

    wasn’t that simple.

  400. Just a thought.

    You may want to consider renaming this Blog to “MartyLeaks.org”

  401. Thruth is simple, Lies are complex ? yes no?

  402. GH — This is an incredibly great comment!! I’m laughing … H

  403. Marty, you know Moxon and you know (sort of) Gary Scarff

    Gary infiltrated CAN on behalf of the Church of Scientology claiming to be a Jim Jones survior. Most likely in concerto with Moxon.


  404. Journey Continued

    Sunny V,

    It is not true that “All SO doc leave a very clear chain of command and give lots of info on those seniors involved”. While I was in and involved in numerous “operations” although the projects/programs would be reviewed by my senior/s they NEVER went through AVC or even OSA for approval. None of these activities left any evidence of a chain of command. It was all verbal approval.

    I very much doubt that the program Marty published would have gone through AVC. AVC, at least while I was in, was not generally involved in any way with OSA/RTC black ops.

  405. Exactly!


    CAN operated at a level of maliciousness that is hard to comprehend.

    In this case OSA was the lesser of the two evils.

    Unfortunately many think that because OSA was evil CAN must be good.

    Simpleton two valued “logic”.

  406. martyrathbun09


  407. Janet’s course admin in ITO at the HGB now.

    Mike I think is in Clearwater.

  408. Let’s hear from both sides shall we ?
    Tigger member of ESMB:

    “Why don’t you ask here?

    International Cultic Studies Association: Information about cults, cult groups, and new religious movements. ICSA studies psychological manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements.


    ICSA was formerly AFF…..American Family

    AFAIK (I was a member of CAN from 1991
    until CO$ bankrupted it.) CAN and AFF had
    some of the same members but were different entities. I think CAN may have come first.

    CAN was about informing the public, authorities and families about the danger of cults. It also offered information and guidance to friends and families of cult members and help and assistance to ex cult members.

    I was an officer in CAN OKC and took phone calls. CAN National never promoted
    involuntary deprogramming…..we were told to answer their questions and tto warn them about the dangers of attempting such. LOL…..I wanted to send a subscription to CAN NEWS to a $CN’st and Cynthia Kisser told me even that was a bad idea…..

    SCN’sts applied for membership in CAN and when they were only allowed to get the News letter, filed more than 50 lawsuits.
    Didn’t want them to show up at meetings harassing former members.

    Individual CANS all over the USA were sent Bogus CAN News full of lies and bullshit.

    CAN was a wonderful organization and did much good. It is sorely missed.

    Tigger ”


  409. Very good points Erwin.

    Also I’d like to make another one as well since the GO is being invidiously connected to OSA here.

    And that the fact that the GO ran all these SoCo (social coordination) activities such as NN, CCHR, Crimanon, the Social Justice Committee etc with out additional funding from the public and ran them effectively.

    While the IRS was still disputing their 501 c iii status.

    While OSA through their ABLE cut out continually has their hand out for cash from IAS or various IAS type funding programs have been not only less effective but have been detrimental even though they have their coveted 501 c iii status.

    Does this money go to helping people get off drugs or forcing psychiatry to seriously consider the Human Rights of their patients or to lobby to strengthen FOIA?

    No the bulk of it is used to fund sick, demented, sleazy and perverted programs as the one here directed against Chuck.

    Their 4th dynamic efforts like the “Ideal Org” scam is nothing but a facade, a front or a false flag.

    More money is being invested in dirty tricks and black ops and defending their indefensible actions in court than is being used toward the Aims of Scientology.

    Think of that.

    Any lurkers who are reading this or any OSA operatives who still have a modicum of conscience left.

  410. I grant you not all docs may have gone through AVC and many of darker ops would be mainly verbal, no documentation whatsoever. This is the core of the problem I suppose, we don’t have a document here we have typed text on a blog, hence the frustration. I have no way of knowing how to interpret this information because it is not an actual document. Maybe it didn’t go through AVC but I think questions like these need to be asked because data is missing. I know most people here hold Marty in high esteem and trust his writing implicitly, which is great. However I would very much like to see these matters furthered in the US media and anytime you to them with information of this type the first question is for actual documentation. When it’s just a post on a blog they view it as such.

    Marty is intimately familiar with SO protocol and I wish he would just fill in some of these gaps – if it comes down to protecting sources or something of that nature that’s fine – just needs to be said.

  411. Gary Scarff on Pitsburg Action News

    Gary Scarff “budding actor” , the get boy of mMoxon in that Time unit. Moxon “the minder”of Jentzsch. Best geuss Miscavige wanted him there. Maybe Mike rinder can shed some light on the inner decision process. With testimony and evidence a good fraude case could be made.

    just sayin’

  412. martyrathbun09

    Don’t hold your breath for the “US media”. They are corporately owned and protect corporate pigs. Like I said before, when need be I can and will authenticate in a court of law. But, that is unlikely to ever arise because the little one would have to materialize the cojones to come after me. Again, don’t hold your breath.

  413. martyrathbun09

    CAN obtained tax exempt charitable status on the basis that they were an “educational” organization, and NOT an “advocate” for any position pro or con. In operation, in fact, they were the latter. So abundantly documented was that fact that it played an important role in the church’s obtaining of exemption. The idea to make the applications for membership in CAN and then sue if they were denied on the basis of religion was mine. It worked because CAN was LEGALLY required, as an exempt charitable educational organization, to accept members from any faith – wicca, scientology, catholic, it did not matter. At the end of the day we are all the effect of barriers of our own creation, and are destined to ruin by them, unless and until we recognize the truth of it. CAN did not, and CAN died.

  414. Yes!

    And to the point of WDC ED 86-3, specifically the Int Production Strategy, the point is that was OVER played overly implemented, and it was throw the baby out with the bathwater in the Missions sector and WISE sector, and just WAY too much ethics, WAY overboard on SP declares.

    I’d love to someday lunch with people who are adept and want to talk in detail about the following:

    a) the Int/S traffic, all of it, to DM
    b) The tech, like Crashing MU Finding tech, the context of life around LRH at the moment he wrote that HCOB; False Data Stripping; I guess that would be you Dan Koon, or anyone familiar with the tech to the Superpower trainees
    c) All of what I would call the softening of heavy executiving policy, like Stats Push P/L,
    d) ALL of the traffic from LRH to ALL of the FLB unit people, from 1977 onwards
    e) LRH’s traffic to the FSO, from Dec 75 through fall 1976, but particular emphasis on ALL Flag traffic in EARLY 1976, particularly the FSO traffic.
    f) LRH’s traffic relating to The Way to Happiness
    g) ALL years of traffic to ASI
    h) All years of traffic subsequent to the Int/S traffic, to Int Management, namely CO CMOI and any IHQ units.
    i) all the LRH Ed’s and Ron’s Journals, which are really important when put in context of basic policy like The Magic of Good Management.

    The logical solution to fixing DM’s top management mess, is letting some people who are genuinely interested in the top ranks management rungs, to let them read what LRH wrote.

    And discuss it amongst themselves for a good stretch of time.

    Things I believe are so compartmented off, that few get a chance to even see it all, and think about it all, and weigh it all.

    DM’s strategic final decisions needed a LOT more contesting these last 30 years, and there have been few to contest him.

    I can see why skipping all the above, and just going independent is preferred.

  415. wow

    Thank you Marty for your informative comment. America is very “litigation minded”.
    I posted some youtube videos on ESMB about the 1994 reunited Families wich CAN had helped

    Reuniting families untill it went under.

  416. ITO 1981

    16th or 17th from the left! That you Les?

    This is one photo they didn’t confiscate when I finally routed out!

  417. (I was having trouble getting this to come in after Chuck’s list about things he’d like to sit and talk about. Hope it ends up in the right place. Here it is:)

    I loooooved the Debug Tech. Did the pilots and I have to say that receiving the procedures while also delivering them really brought home how powerful and helpful they were….ARE. When I went back to my org I was able to help many staff, got stats up genuinely, due to more production done correctly, and in many cases it was life-changing. Ahhh–survival and expansion of orgs!

    So of course it would get dropped out of use at the base. It required listening, caring, proper communication and metering, sticking with it, HELP–all those bad things SO members are not supposed to get per the new Radical Scn Law.

    All those Debug Tech procedures were some of my favorite things to do because they helped so much. Not sure if we’ll ever meet, Chuck, but if so the wins of the old ITO days would be great fun to talk about!

  418. CD,

    You should really have your friend Boris explain what a “false flag operation” is.

    Here’s the background on the AFF:


    More on the former CAN’s relationship to AFF and their relationship to the IC through “Artichoke” and “Ultra”.

    Giving a brief CV of CAN’s founders.

    “The American Family Foundation (AFF) is the “mother” of CAN. The AFF is composed of premier psychiatrists and psychologists [see AFF listing above] such as Dr. Louis Jolyon West and Dr. Margaret Singer, who were major participants in the CIA’s mass drug-pushing project. Known as MK-Ultra, the CIA’s project experimented with the use of LSD, the synthetic narcotic seminal in creating the rock/drug/sex counterculture…

    “Trained in group dynamics at the British Tavistock Institute, the ‘mother’ agency for most of the post-war Anglo-American intelligence and ‘dirty tricks’ apparatus, West set out to employ the manipulation of group behavior with hallucinogenic drugs. He ran ‘field studies’ in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in the early 1960s to study the effect of drugs on youth, at a time when LSD was making it into the ‘Bohemian’ groups via the numerous MK-Ultra experiments…

    “Margaret Singer is considered the grande dame of the Cult Awareness Network. Singer, who is also an advisory board member of the American Family Foundation, got her start as an Army psychiatrist, studying Korean War veterans and prisoners of war. She worked in projects with Drs. Edgar Schein and Albert Biderman, both exposed in Marks’s The Search for the Manchurian Candidate as running the parallel military MK-Ultra programs…

    “Together with Dr. West, she ran a survival and torture-resistance study for Air Force Intelligence at Stead Air Force Base in 1966… Also working with West, Singer studied the Haight-Ashbury hippie drug ‘culture.’ She interviewed hundreds upon hundreds of drug-crazed hippies and examined their LSD-induced religious experiences in order to build psychological profiles on them…

    “Singer was also involved with the New Religions Movement at the Graduate Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California…

    “Rabbi Arnold James Rudin and his wife Marcia are leaders of the ‘interreligious’ group within the Cult Awareness Network and the American Family Foundation. Rudin…participated in the formation of the New Religions Movement in America, along with such pioneers of LSD-induced ‘religious experiences,’ as Timothy Leary’s sidekick Richard Alpert. The New Religious Movement, centered at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California, was a project which spawned numerous ‘religions,’ New Age beliefs, and helped revive ‘old religions,’ such as witchcraft and Satanism.

    “At the 1981 New Religions Movement Conference, the Rudins ran protection for the growing Satanic and witchcraft networks by defining some cults and others as ‘conventional new religious movements’ which are ‘open and upfront about who they are and what life in the group would be like.’ Under the Rudin criteria, Satanism, WICCA, and other ‘old’ religions are classified as ‘conventional.’” [New Federalist Extra, “Warning: The Cult Awareness Network Can Be Dangerous to Your Health”]

    More on the above from an interview with para political researcher Alex Constantine:


    Also CD can you explain why if they are such a warm and fuzzy group as “Tigger” suggests why they had Orne, West and Singer known contractors working for the CIA and Military Intel on their Board of Directors?

    The same ones who established the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

    Another subject that I will allow Constantine to explain:


    By the way where are Tigger’s dox to counter all this?

    Just because he posts it on ESMB doesn’t mean what he writes is true.

    Nor would he necessarily be familiar with the actual operations and operatives involved.

    Especially if they were hidden under the banner of goodness and light.

    Again have that talk with Boris.

    I’m sure as an operative for CIA he’s run a few false flag operations himself.

    Also what they call “exit counseling” now is basically deprogramming lite using less coercive tactics.

    (You know the coercive tactics that wound Ted Patrick AKA ‘Black Lightning’ up in jail for kidnapping, extortion and assault.)

    In other words a euphemism.

    Don’t tell me that you are really that naive CD?

    If so I suggest you get in touch with Boris right away.

    So he can fill you in on the facts of life.

    Things are not always what they seem CD.

    Personally I thought it was a stroke of brilliance by CIA and the State Department that they were able to use Anonymous’ resources to demonize Iran on their behalf.

    I thought you guys had learned your lesson when you supported Assange and Wikileaks?

    But it’s obvious that you are still willing to be played by the IC.

    Of course the problem isn’t totally your fault since right now there are two competing factions in play.

  419. This is why people think Scientologists are……

  420. CD, you’re joking, right? How about this:
    “Church of Scientology, Good or Bad?” It kind of depends on whether you are looking at the CoS of 1965, or the CoS of 2010, doesn’t it?

    CAN may have started out as a decent organization and then been subverted, no? Just as the CoS was. I don’t know, just asking. It wouldn’t be the first organization that suffered that kind of fate.

  421. Well I agree on the before 65 thing

    In this thread you will find testimonies not unsimular as you see today from families who were reunited helped by CAN.
    LOOK and SEE for yourself.

    This one is precious. CAN the scientology version of the Boogey man:

    “Growing up, we were told that CAN kidnaps people and brainwashes them. For a while it terrified me that someone was gonna come up one day in a van or some such and try and make me stop believing in scientology, and they encouraged that thinking/fear. im reminded of some saying or something i heard when i was growing up, something along the lines of “people acuse others of crimes they have commited” or something like that. scientology acuses a lot of people/groups of a lot of things.”

  422. Oh yeah.

    Gaiman Jane’s probable eminence gris.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he was working for MI6 all along.

    “Operation Cat” and approving GO 1361 were two of the biggest tactical blunders that GO made.

    Aside from “Freak Out” which turned PC into a martyr or a Saint.

    Now that you mention him.

    I can imagine him hovering over Jane’s shoulder like some evil gargoyle going:

    “Jane I think that’s a splendid idea!”

    Just like the idea for the “United Churches”.

    Funny how Neptune under the Ol’man was run in absolute secrecy with full op sec while Clearwater became a frickin’ side show circus act.

    Part of the problem was that the mob wanted the FH under their money laundering umbrella known as “Resort International” and the Church bought the property right from under their noses.

    You can pretty much get away with pissing off the USG but when you piss off the Mob…

    Who just happen to be supported by some factions of the CIA.

    You could say it’s a symbiotic relationship.

    Anyway the series of mysterious deaths that followed and the eventual chain saw massacre of the GO followed.

    Funny that Hoover’s G-men didn’t go in like gang busters at the FH like they did in LA and Washington.

    Personally I suspect that there was some intel on organized crime connections that the GO managed to acquire that the FBI wanted to keep off the public record.

    You know according to Hoover “the Mafia doesn’t exist”.

    Of course this is purely speculation on my part.

    What isn’t though are the trials and tribulations of Ron and his family after the Apollo was dry docked and the SO moved to land.

    Moving from calamity to catastrophe you have the Mssn I/C directly involved in security for the Hubbards assigning the “special project” that became known as MAC to an incompetent camera man who couldn’t hold a camera straight if his life depended on it and had (and still has) less of a reality on Scientology than your average Comm Course graduate.

    And as they say:

    “The rest is history.”

  423. Exactly Sam,

    The impression that Miscavige makes with the help of the FCM (fawning corporate media) is that Ron left Scientology in his (IN)capable hands.

    Yet it seems that Miscavige himself can’t keep his story straight which is a problem with such a compulsive liar.

    Also people “listen” to him because he lies to them.

    Which is his main method of controlling others.

    Lies and subterfuge are the hallmarks of his reign so far.

    Lies create persistence and that is why Miscavige persists like and engram or a service fac.

    As far as I’m concerned he is a 3 D case phenomenon.

    Where he goes aberration follows.

    This “program” is a perfect example.

  424. martyrathbun09

    V, Thanks a lot for all you contribute here.

  425. Yeah I remember Ken Shapiro when he was a reg at ASHO.

    Him and Mike (Silver Tonsils) Silverman were considered reg gods.

    No surprise he got in with OSA.

    “Criminal Intent” comes to mind when I think of Kenny.

    The guy was a player just like his partner in crime (literally) Benjamin Franklin Cook.

    I think the guy’s still doing time in Club Fed for some Ponzi scheme.

    Probably getting yard time with his buddy Reed.

    Anyway Kenny probably fits in quite well with the OSA crowd.

    As they say:

    “The usual suspects”

  426. I SUPPORT WIKILEAKS and Anonymous does too. Even Asange although he is a leaderf*g as we say. Those are frowned upon mostley. For his balls of steel he is commended as the onley true Icon of Journalism in this day and age. If he did something bad in sweden so be it. let him have his trail. He will live.

    I SEE famillies reunited telling their stories of struggle and pain.

    All that you say can be true but those fammilies are together again

    All of your hobbyhorses CAN’t change that fact.

  427. This comment is for RJ:

    Gary Scarff AKA Smurf on WWP:

    “As one of the culprits that helped destroy the Cult Awareness Network, I can attest that the manner in which the organization was managed helped bring CAN down. President Cynthia Kisser had her back to the wall after CAN named Scientology as the No.#1 most destructive, criminal cult in the world. By being forthright and bold, it challenged the cult to respond and they did so aggressively, unethically & criminally.

    The organization charter of CAN had non-discriminatory clauses as applied to membership which, ultimately, pushed Kisser’s back to the wall. Kisser saw her role as protecting the organization and its members against the evil forces of cults like Scientology; in doing so, she violated the terms of her charter and IRS tax-exempt status rules, by denying membership to the known Scientologists (mostly DSA’s) in the CAN.

    This lead to mutliple lawsuits being filed against CAN via ‘Plan 100′ (potentially filing 100 lawsuits vs. CAN) and keep them going until CAN folded. The point of the lawsuits were not to win monetary damages vs. CAN, but to break them financially. OSA insured that each lawsuit were filed in separate court jurisdictions, so that judges would not be in the position of lumping like court cases together into one case. The individual lawsuits were filed by staff members in various cities with the attorneys & legal costs being paid by COS Int. (My lawsuit vs. CAN was filed in Portland, OR.)

    The legal costs of defending itself against Scientology-based litigation far outweighed the amount of donations CAN was able to solicit, leading them to file bankruptcy. In order to protect confidential records & documents that were part of the bankruptcy sale, Kisser went to auction with $25K. She was outbid by a Chicago attorney whom was later identified as Los Angeles-based Scientologist attorney Stephen Hayes. Hayes’ actions were coordinated with Rick Moxon and a legal team at OSA-Legal.

    My terminals during this operation was David Butterworth (now deceased), Aron Mason (allegedly in “The Hole” at Gold) and Moxon. Following the destruction of CAN, Cynthia Kisser attended law school and, today, works as an attorney in the Chicago area. Since CAN’s demise, Kisser has avoided all battles related to Scientology.

    To my knowledge, Mike Rinder was intimately involved on these black ops; Marty was not. That’s all I have to say on the matter.Smurf, Yesterday at 7:32 PM #4″

  428. martyrathbun09

    CD, you been bamboozled. Gonna stop posting these dreamt up stories.

  429. CD — My experience wth Garry Scarff is that he will say and do literally anything to get attention. It’s virtually impossible to tell when he speaks truth and when his very vivid imagination has taken over. When he claims to have “inside” type knowledge about things, you can pretty much be assured that’s imaginary.

  430. Thank you for your reply I will relay your message back to WWP

  431. Thank you Mike R. Will make note of this on other message board

  432. I don’t disagree with that assessment the corporate control and addiction to access/ close to power has made most of the media completely unreliable. But there are exceptions and the ones with real integrity and commitment to real investigative journalism can be some of the biggest ball breakers and sticklers for sources and documentation.

    I haven’t completely lost hope in all US media and if the more independent and progressive outlets can get a story going and it attracts massive interests, the big boys will eventually follow behind because for all their special interests ratings are still chief among them.

  433. Yeah CD,

    Just like those warm cuddly pics of the kid being brought back in the fold after his or her mind has been zapped by a ton of psyche drugs to keep the kid in line.

    Yeah right.

    Happy smily faces all around.

    The kid obviously smiling like an idiot ’cause his mind’s been turned to mush.

    Just like in those Merc ads.

    Hey CD,

    I had a friend of mind who was deprogrammed by the best Ted Patrick on the orders of his mother.

    Sure the guy hung around the ol’ bat just long enough to get her money after that and then got the fuck outta dodge as soon as he could.

    Yeah these photo ops are nice but they ain’t the real thing CD.

    I suggest you look behind the scenes.

    Things aren’t always what they appear.

  434. CD,

    I don’t understand why this comment is for me.

    I personally had no association with Scarff and was pretty much out of the loop as far as any strat regarding CAN.

    All I knew about it was that I had a couple of friends who signed up as CAN members as part of OSA’s overall game plan.

    I will tell you that when it was announced to the general public that the COS had assumed full control of CAN.

    That I wondered why OSA didn’t just shut down the whole stinking op but instead they assumed full control of it for some reason.

    Personally I thought that was a mistake.

    Especially considering their deep connections and associations with Mk Ultra.

    Sorta like the Democrats assuming full control of the American Nazi Party and continuing their operations.

    Talk about “invidious connections”!

  435. Scroll 35 % down on the page
    “In a religious-discrimination case CAN recently won, the California Court of Appeal ruled that it did not have to admit a Scientologist to its Los Angeles branch. The court described CAN as a group that educates the public on mind control by cults. “Appellant plainly admits that his purpose is to inform CAN-LA about Scientology so as to challenge, if not change, CAN-LA’s belief that Scientology is a destructive cult,” the court said. “This purpose is incompatible with CAN-LA’s work in counseling and providing support for ex-cult followers and the families of current cult followers.” Hart v. CAN, B065422.”

  436. That what you tell off is horrible. But we are talking alongside eachother or about two different things RJ

    I was refering to the 1994 youtube videos posted on ESMB with reunited fanmilies in it:
    Scroll down a bit

  437. Really CD I watched most of the vid of the first abductee and my impression was that the kid’s parents were basically meddling with the kid’s life, being overly protective and obnoxiously intolerant.

    The kid himself was being irrepressibly irresponsible and the Church failed to handle the situation with ARC and use proper PTS tech to find out what this kid did that caused the antagonism with his parents.

    My view.

    Sorry I view the individual as ultimately responsible for their own actions and that they have a right to their own life without interference from a bunch of meddling “do gooders”.

    On that note I’d like to close with a song that exemplifies this point.

    Hit it Billy:

  438. Marty did you attend any CAN Conferences, esp. the 1992 one in L.A? If so, what do you think about Richard Behar’s speech? Then and Now?
    RICHARD BEHAR, Author of the 1991 Time Magzine article, 1992 LEO J. RYAN award recipient speaks
    It seems he would beg to differ with you on the value of CAN. With people calling CAN now for information on cults, not knowing that Scientology OSA mans the hotline, do you really think the means justified the end product? Just curious.

  439. “Sorry I view the individual as ultimately responsible for their own actions and that they have a right to their own life without interference from a bunch of meddling “do gooders”.”

    Who kidnapped who ? Who implanted who ?

    Physicaly or Mentaly

    Fuck the church of scientology

  440. When you cry, you know you are still human.

  441. “Fuck the church of scientology”

    Well we can agree on that point CD.

  442. Impartial English Girl

    Yes, thank you Janis – what a powerful clip. I believe I’ve mentioned it in another comment on a previous post on this blog – my late grandfather was one of the first medics that was a part of the army unit that liberated a notorious concentration camp from the Nazis towards the end of WWII. Not long after the liberation, while they were trying to cope with the immensity of what they discovered, a few of the officers, repulsed beyond tolerance, headed off to the nearest town and brought back with them the local mayor and his dignitaries. All members of the Nazi party, believing that they were supporting the ‘best way forward for Germany’, the British officers gave them a forced “guided tour” of the camp (complete with piles of corpses, and much more besides) so that they could see what it was they had TRULY been supporting. Almost to a man, the Germans were sickened and appalled by what they saw – and, a couple of days later, so I was told, the local mayor committed suicide. He was unable to cope with what he found when the truth was revealed to him – or the fact that he had been unknowingly supporting such inhumanity. No-one felt good about the fact that this man took his own life – or, indeed, that he ‘deserved’ to die – his only real mistake was to have believed the propaganda put out by the leaders of his country and not taken personal risks by probing further. I guess I only offer this tale because I worry about the wellbeing of some, similarly-sensitive and unwitting, people within Scientology when the truth of what has ACTUALLY been going on is fully revealed to them. To find that one’s leader(s) have been lying and using resources provided by one’s financial donations or personal efforts to abuse and torture others on a mere whim is an atrociously appalling reality to be presented with – and, like the mayor I was told about, some may not be able to cope with the reality of what the ghastly little insect DM has been doing. I really hope he is going to be stopped soon.

  443. Dear Mr Rathbun and Mr Rinder,

    Thank you for posting the operation to discredit Chuck Beatty.

    The patterns you have documented in the Chuck Beatty operation have been very helpful, thank you again…

    If there is anything I can say or do to hasten further disclosures, tell me, as, if you do not know, I have an urgent, immediate, need…
    Arnie Lerma

  444. Dear All, sorry I’ve been absent from the fray of recent — severe health issues.

    Chuck, thanks for your perseverance. I want to read this blog a few more times so it sinks in that Mr. Rathbun and Mr. Rinder are letting more of the floodgates loose for the world to absorb and ponder as reality in the cultic
    world of $cn. I am both saddened and amused.

    Not sure how can help, but I am ready and willing. Evil abounds all around us. Yet being a part of it, an actual documented target, has words and concepts only talented scriptwriters dream of. And in this case, no embelishments are needed…..it’s all there!

    I feel like setting up a much overdue ~coming-out~ party to special invitees.

    P.S. A special “howdy” to Cat Daddy on her continued efforts to present CAN as an great organization of which I agree 100%.

  445. Gads!….this is such an interesting read. It’s both sad and humorous.

    Sorry to ALL for my absence in this fray of recent — a collection of severe
    health issues.

    Chuck, thanks for your perseverance. Mr. Rinder and Mr. Rathbun, thanks for opening the floodgates of $cn deception a few more mega-notches. These are scenarios only talented scriptwriters in Hollywood can dream of with reality based subjects…..which are often times elusive.

    If I can help, I can and will.

    tp http://www.thebridgemovie.net

    P.S. A kind “howdy” to Cat Daddy and 100% agreement that CAN was a very good organization.

  446. I posted the attached comment on Barbara Schwartz’ blog, which I just came across an hour ago. Time for me to disappear for a while. My intuition is drawn to you Marty and I doubt that will change. But everything is putting me in a state of tears, anger, and confusion. It sure is tricky sometimes being a concerned 44 year old male citizen, while my friends just watch sports or sitcoms. My comment to Barbara is below:

    Now I am even more confused. The photo of your Marty looks exactly like Mr. Texas to me! My heart feels empathy, but the confusion in my mind is telling my feet to now take steps away.

    Gosh, I hate being a member of the public trying to sort out all this CoS stuff! Nothing at Mr. Texas’ blog or YouTube channel concerns me, and actually I respect those who speak up about the problems with the organization (aka, Miscavige). But at the same time, being open minded, I want to understand and respect your view as well and learn everything I can about it. Also, I see the value in independent Scientology, because DM is destroying what LRH built. Yet at the same time, you all are more experienced than I am so I want to respect the anti-indie opinions as well. Combine that with all the CoS horror stories I read, and me being disrespected by Miscavige himself due to his inability to be honest with the public (me)…. well this is all just becoming so stressful and confusing.

    David Miscavige…. you are a jerk! Even without me being a member of your church and having little experience with the full teachings of LRH, you have still managed to push me around to the point of exhaustion. I am on the verge of dedicating my life to see you put behind bars. Me… a non-scientologist. Go figure.

    I think I need to spend some time alone watching old LRH videos and lectures, to help me find some discernment via the old man himself….

  447. deElizabethan

    Wow, am just reading this 3 years later and what I’m learning is great for these and all days too. Thank you Marty.

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