How Radical Scientology Rips Off Medicaid

Wake up.  This is not an exception.  This is Standard Operating Procedure.  As one former Corporate Scientologist put it to me recently, Radical Scientology is all about “razor blades in apples.” 

The James Gang – Part Two 

by Haydn James (T Paine)

Though I’ve written about the Miscavige and Radical Scientology’s abuses I’ve witnessed, perhaps out of some misplaced British sentiment of allowing justice to take its natural course I wasn’t going to publicly say too much about Dr. Juan Villarreal. But recent events with my friend Mosey Rathbun changed my mind.

And while I am going to hold back much of what I know and play those cards close to my chest, what Marty wrote about Dr. Juan Villarreal having no qualms when it comes to walking over others to play the big man with the IAS and gain favor with Miscavige is right on the money (no pun intended).

You see, I worked for Dr. Villarreal from May 2008 to Oct 2009 in an executive capacity at his dental practice in Harlingen, Texas along with my wife Lucy and my youngest daughter Katrina who worked in his dental lab — three members of the James Gang were employed by him.

Shortly after arriving in Harlingen I found out that Dr. Villarreal had donated millions of dollars to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) and many other Miscavige bogus schemes. The walls of his office were adorned with plaques and photo shots of prominent Scientology executives handing him awards for those financial contributions. In fact, the last act of my predecessor (while he was turning over the job to me) was to arrange a line of credit for Villarreal with a local bank in excess of $100,000 so he could keep on donating to Miscavige/Scientology. That wasn’t the first line of credit arranged for that purpose and it wouldn’t be the last.

Rather than list all of Villarreal’s many donations to Miscavige it would be easier to just list the Miscavige schemes to which he hasn’t contributed money except I can’t think of any. But the IAS was the main recipient by a long way; Villarreal is up there in the rarified heights of the top few status tiers. And in October 2008, as I recall, he flew over to England to the annual IAS money-fest to be lauded, stroked and pressured out of more funds.

Like many people I believe in some form of social justice. But I’m certainly no communist, I believe that if a person makes a bucket load of money they are entitled to spend it on whatever they wish. And with a gross income of around a million dollars a month, as the sole owner of Harlingen Family Dentistry, Dr. Villarreal’s bucket of cash was certainly overflowing. But quite apart from the fact that his donations help fund and support the abusive Scientology regime, there is a burning question which has to be answered: Did all the money (many millions of dollars) Villarreal donated to Miscavige’s Scientology over the years really belong to him?

I say no way, and for three very good reasons.

First reason: Villarreal made part of his wealth and profit by grossly underpaying his office staff over a period of years.

Harlingen is a rural town in one of the poorest counties in the United States and jobs are hard to come by. Dr. Villarreal knew the score, he admitted to me he knew the score, so took advantage of the scene and built his large practice (which consisted of around 20 dentists, hygienists and key dental assistants, plus 100 or so medical and admin support staff) by keeping many of those support staff close to minimum wage and in Texas that meant $7.25 an hour when I was there.

And when it came to salary review time I didn’t envy my HR manager having to tell some of the employees that Dr. Villarreal was only willing to give them an annual pay raise of 25 cents or even as little as10 cents an hour. The HR manager found it hard because some of the employees broke down, burst into tears and were at a loss to understand why they were not worth more (they were of course). But in a small town like Harlingen they had nowhere else to go (we received applications by the sack full every month from people seeking jobs) so they put up with it.

While we were there Lucy and I helped a number of staff write pay increase proposals so compelling they couldn’t be refused (we even wrote parts of them ourselves) and had some success in raising pay and are proud of that but even so I felt bad.

And Villarreal took further advantage of the local unemployment scene. Three or four times a year he ran a course at his practice that trained students to be dental assistants which on the face of it sounds great. But the truth is that every few months 10 to 12 young unemployed people from Harlingen would scrape together $2400 or so (many borrowed the money), pay it to Dr. Villarreal, take their course in dental assisting and land a job at Harlingen Family Dentistry only to be paid by Villarreal more or less what a floor cleaner would earn directly across the street at the local MacDonald’s while the practice raked in between $70,000 and $100,000 a year for the courses.

When I was there Dr. Villarreal explained to me that he had been in business for 23 years so all the above has been a long term situation.

Second reason: Dr. Villarreal made his money in part by utterly refusing to fund basic medical healthcare for his staff.

My HR manager briefed me one day that, shortly before I arrived at Harlingen Family Dentistry, he had spent many hours researching and compiling a staff healthcare proposal with a number of viable options. Around the same time Villarreal was planning the construction of his new and palatial 10,000 square house (which is now built) he rejected all such proposals. Despite being able to afford it and despite his staff being a hard working bunch they would just have to find healthcare elsewhere or go without.

And as many of his staff were single moms with at least a couple of kids and were paid so little by him, he knew Medicaid would pick up part of their healthcare tab, which is ironic because around $5million of his dental practice’s annual $11 million income came straight from Federal Medicaid funds (a direct bank wire of between $80,000.00 and $100,000.00 per week, yes per week). So he was raking it in from Medicaid at one end while making them pick up his tab at the other.

Third reason and most importantly: Dr. Villarreal stole from the monthly support-staff bonus sum to fund the IAS and other Miscavige ponzi schemes.

The hundred or so support staffers were on a bonus system whereby if the monthly income and production targets which Villarreal set were reached, a percentage of the practice profits would be shared amongst them. The profit was calculated by subtracting all the practice costs and overheads from that month’s total income. Problem was Villarreal counted the repayments of loans and lines of credit taken out to fund Miscavige and Scientology as practice overheads (which they are obviously not). The hundred or so support staffers (who are not Scientologists) have no idea that, for some years now, they have been sending contributions to Miscavige’s Scientology.

I was the manager; the control of finances was done at board level. So the first I knew of all this was when Dr. Teegardin (Scientologist, local mission staff member, dentist and Villarreal’s financial comptroller) came to me one day with my wife Lucy present and complained about how Villarreal was including Scientology funding in the overheads of the practice and thus shredding the support staff bonus sum. She specifically cited as an example one support staff member who would receive $200 less that month as a result and asked for my help in “handling” Dr. Villarreal.

There were other times Dr. Teegardin complained to me about Villarreal’s handling of the practice’s finances (we’ll leave those things for another time and place) but to be clear, Teegardin stated that Villarreal included direct payments to Miscavige’s Scientology as practice “overheads” and this certainly bears further investigation because you can be certain that if you add up all the bonus sums that were wrongly denied the 100 or so support staff over the years at Harlingen Family Dentistry it must total quite a sum.

If you think all this sounds rather cold and ruthless, you’d be right, and before too long the members of the James Gang that worked for Villarreal would experience that ruthless streak first hand.

One morning at the dental office in late Sept 2009, towards the end of a production meeting, Dr. Juan Villarreal dismissed some of the other staff which left just four people with him in the room: two dentists who were Scientologists along with Lucy and me.

Villarreal had recently returned from the Freewinds (IAS HQ) and explained to us that, as a new OT 8, he was now a reg (salesman) for the IAS — and as head of the local minuscule Radical Scientology mission he had a whopping quota from Miscavige to raise $50,000.00 for the IAS in a matter of a few days.

He went on to apply pressure to the four of us to donate to the IAS, asking us to name our current status in the IAS and telling us to move up the status ladder.

I told him in no uncertain terms that there was no Scientology policy basis for the IAS; none whatsoever so it shouldn’t even exist let alone fund raise, there was no LRH policy basis for fund raising, and as I didn’t recall ever paying a penny to the IAS I had no status.

He made a cynical retort that I seemed to have a policy answer for everything, which does happen to be true but it was news to me that L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology policy was subordinate to a Miscavige scheme. And of course, in hindsight, I realize that at that moment I missed his withholds big time. I had trashed the idea of giving ANY money to the IAS, I had inadvertently told him that what he had been doing with the practice finances for years was just plain wrong and at the same time I had yanked away his many justifiers. He didn’t thank me for it.

Needless to say that IAS fund raiser interjected into the dental office conference did not go well. And it was clear that when Villarreal went to Dallas Org shortly thereafter he discussed my comments with top level church executives who happened to be there at the time working to turn it into an “ideal” org.

Not long after that Villarreal fired me from employment at his dental practice. Not satisfied with just that he also fired my wife Lucy and fired my 18 year old daughter Katrina, three members of the James Gang in one fell swoop.

The fact that he put three members of the same family out of work all at the same time, effectively stranding them in rural South Texas, 1500 miles from their family home (a house they could no longer afford to keep) didn’t seem to bother him in the least.

Later Villarreal thought nothing of having his staff lie, in writing, as to why he fired each of us and I have the documents to prove it. But I shouldn’t be surprised; while I was working for him he was prepared to have one of his staff lie for him on the witness stand in a case where a patient was trying to sue him.

All this and the fact that he had earlier told me that I was the best office manager he’d ever had tells you the lengths he was prepared to go to protect his and Miscavige’s money making schemes.

But it goes much deeper than all this. Clearly Dr. Juan Villarreal specializes in doing exactly what Miscavige habitually does:

  1. Paying low wages.
  2. Denying health care and sponging off Medicaid (check out the Sea Org).
  3. Extracting donations from people whether they agree or not.
  4. Condemning, punishing or discarding into the wilderness anyone that disagrees with him.


And like other Radical Scientology “businessmen” Lucy and I have had the misfortune to work with since we left the Sea Org in 2006, its clear Dr. Villarreal does these things because he is either cut from the same cloth as Miscavige or he’s a coward and acts to avoid punishment. Villarreal certainly complained to me about how he was heavily harassed and punished at Flag and the Ship. I’ll let you, the reader, decide.

Regardless, as with the attack on Mosey Rathbun, I think it’s an act of extreme cowardice to treat vulnerable employees shoddily and rip them off in order to fend off or buy off punishment from above (Miscavige and his Radical Scientology hierarchy) but that’s what Dr. Juan Villarreal and many others do.

Its time Radical Scientology businessmen stopped being cowards and started acting like human beings because right now they act less than human.

As for the James Gang – we know our rights and will see justice done, not just for us and not just with Dr. Villarreal but for others too and on a broader scale. 

T. Paine

182 responses to “How Radical Scientology Rips Off Medicaid

  1. Haydn — Thanks for the explicit write-up about Dr. Villarreal and how he runs his practice. I’ve had the same conclusion before and draw on it again at this time: It’s better to do it correctly in the first place (on Source!) and not bow to outside pressures to do it otherwise (off Source!). Hallelujah

  2. Haydn — Thanks for letting some of the sordid story of Pancho Villareal see the light of day. Pancho is nothing more than a Dear Leader Mini Me. And his days of “glory”, too, are limited. As the old saying goes, Karma’s a bitch. Be well my friend.

  3. In short: A slavedriver. A capitatlista, a criminal mind. I met that type of business man only in SCN and I worked for such a guy about eight years. NO FUN. Just because of these type of business man, Marx developed his stupid philosophy called communism.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Good historical observation. A fundamental GPM in all its compacted mass.

  5. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    Thank you Hayden.

    It’s broken down pretty simply, huh?
    Where in writing does LRH allow Fundraising?
    He doesn’t.
    And for all of you OSA Scum that don’t follow LRH policy, Including YOU Sylvia, please answer that question and then you will know that you are on the wrong side. You all are protecting the Golden Age of Squirreling in the C of M.


  6. John Fennessey

    Hadyn, nice report. Glad your out of there.
    It seems logical for us to look for scientologists to work for as they can appreciate what we know, but a guy like you can do very well anywhere. Especially on his own. Best to you and your family.

  7. Unbeleivable but not to discounted with such people like that.
    Such mis -use public funds from Offical State support, or otherwise. Getting themselves invold in disloyal activities as such and having a record of it less found out maybe from past, who knows! And a scam artist as Dm is and has been found out to be , does not surprise me at all. Why? because it fills his pocket under any means possible with False Programs / and convincing scams and he shows no remorse of such MISUSE . I doubt that he didn’t know about it . Never under estimate such Types by know means at All With such type promises , Rewards ,False Recongitions until they beleive or see different . !!! and counter act- OH OH then !!! The world is a different place and assessments of people for any thing in way of work employement, or otherwise in any section of community one has to think very broad and take what risk factors of comparale magnitude have fallen into traps by proven evidence .Ones view has to be extremly wide and not limited to what can happen .

  8. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Haydn!
    That painted a clear picutre of the scene. Good luck on the legal side to get some justice.
    The guy sounds like a real schmuck.

  9. Hayden,
    Thank you for this informative piece. It seems Mr Villarreal wasn’t up to having three such bright people as you, your wife and daughter. Out exchange breeds criminality. If not corrected, it will only get worse. Thanks for your courage! 1SP

  10. Awesome post. Thanks very much.

  11. All employees of Harlingen dental need to read this. Can someone go post this on the front door as the employees enter? Better still use the old OSA technique of flyering all the cars in the parking lot. If you have their addresses, mail it to their homes and notify the local papers.

    I sense that you indeed have a lot more to say. Don’t hold back if you have to file medicaid fraud info. One way to make sure the agencies are going to act is to also copy the letter you send them to local news media. I think that’s why I got the Int/Gold Base jury duty exemption voided. If the jury services staff didn’t act, the media would have publicized it.

  12. Keep it coming, Marty!
    I’ve been getting anonymous e-mails through a hushmail account trying to “trash” you as a screaming SP.

    I took them to task. Pointed out EVERY SINGLE OUT-POINT in their own stupid e-mail! LOL It was quite funny.

    But, you are hitting them hard and hitting where it counts! Keep taking them down! It amazes me how the screaming they accuse you of… is actually coming from their side of the board. 😉 LOL

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  13. Has anyone reported to the State government possible Medicaid fraud? I would venture to say that if someone is under that much pressure and involved in that much financial irregularities, it would not be surprising that medicaid fraud would also be part of the picture. It wouldn’t be hard to do, and its the fastest way he can make extra money to meet those quotas. Phoney billings to the state? State funds used to pay for “religious” services. An audit from the state?

  14. “Did all the money (many millions of dollars) Villarreal donated to Miscavige’s Scientology over the years really belong to him?”
    While this guy sounds like typical pond scum, you haven’t made a case (on this board at least) that the money he spent wasn’t his to spend. Are there crimes that you haven’t yet listed? (If holding on ’till a more strategic time I understand)

  15. Uh huh, that’s what I’m talking about!

    Just Me!

  16. The crazy truth about Dr. Juan Villarreal is this seems to be a similar story to many other high rollings COS members. In the courtyard of ABLE Int there is a plaque of the highest donors for ABLE. Right at the top of the list in the #1 spot is Dr. Villarreal. Quite sad when you look at the higher purpose of what ABLE is about, and how he does quite the opposite with is low income, probably not that educated staff (college degrees, etc..) trying to make a better life for themselves.

    The COS also allows their class 5 and SO staff to file claims through the medicaid and public health systems. Through my many years on staff I know several Class 5 staff who because they had no health insurance and had health issues so opted to go on public assistance. They got food stamps, housing assistance, medicaid, and if they had smaller kids they got more assistance. This is accepted as we are helping the planet so it is okay to take from the SP government.

    What about all the SO members in LA who go to County for free health care, or get on MediCal to pay for their healthcare as the SO orgs don’t ever approve stuff. I know dozens and dozens who have had heartaches on the job in the SO and have landed up applying for government assistance because they have no medical insurance to cover their treatment. This is one of the biggest reasons Shaw health center fell apart as many orgs owed so much money to them that they couldn’t survive. Megan Shields is in Glendale now and has gotten away from treating Church staffers, unless you pay at the time of service.

    I could go onto to name more high rolling SCN’s who pay their staff peanuts, all the while donating large sums to COS and its many projects. But you get my point, this is not isolated and we all know at least one person if not more in our own areas who run this scam.

  17. Thanks for this expose, Haydn. I was among those foolish enough and intimidated enough to fall for the IAS scam back in the 80s and 90s. Any light shed on those helping to perpetuate the fraud is much appreciated.

  18. It’s good to know that all one has to do to go OT8 is PAY!!!

    Ethics? What ethics? We don’t need no stinking ETHICS!

  19. Seems like a typical WISE business. I’m afraid Dr. Villareal will defend his rightness to the death.

  20. Old school, When a person comes into Scientology he is asked what is ruining his life and told Scientology will handle that for him.

    Then you find out up the line certain staff (O.S.A.) are being hatted and ordered on how to ruin someone’s life.

    And then you find out the Church is profiting off of sick people’s misery, ruins, to keep the doors open instead of just selling and delivering Scientology.

    This is called “bait and switch” no matter how the red tape with paper makes it “legal”.

    It is also called conflict of interest.

    A board of directors also has certain legal obligations, known as duties. While the details may vary from state to state, here are some common legal responsibilities for members of non-profit

    Take reasonable care when making decisions for the organization (called “duty of care”)
    Act in the best interest of the organization (called “duty of loyalty”)
    Act in accordance with the organization’s mission (called “duty of obedience”)
    Stand aside when there is a conflict of interest (called “recusal”)

    It is also called Bad Faith.

    Dishonesty or fraud in a transaction, such as entering into an agreement with no intention of ever living up to its terms, or knowingly misrepresenting the quality of something that is being bought or sold.
    Intent to deceive. A person who intentionally tries to deceive or mislead another in order to gain some advantage.

    Think of this as a new crime that has been listed.

    You can add these to the crimes that have not been listed yet.

  21. Old School. If you were one of the staff members whose production bonus didnt get paid out due to a church donation, would you feel it was his to spend? I think not. In any event, as you noted, this is not the time or place for details. And even though WISE would never see the outness or admit to it, the auditors and investigators from the State Attorney Generals office, State Labor Commission and/or the IRS would be looking with a different set of eyes.

  22. Thank you Hayden and Lucy too. Excellent, easy to follow and read.
    I’m missing something about what happened with ‘attack on Mosey’ but I haven’t read the blog for a few weeks. Perhaps you are refering to her Clear cycle. In any case all you out there putting truth on the blog are heros in my book.

  23. In the 90’s WISE Int held up Villareal as a “stellar sample” in its magazine Prosperity – i.e. by the supposedly “top administrative experts” (WISE). And they applaud a criminal!! But then again, that applause is not genuine but “paid for” – shines a not so nice light on WISE, the SO – well, RS!

    Maybe I’m venturing out a bit too much but wouldn’t it be logical that RS publicly applauds only those that are criminal and willing to sell their souls?

  24. Lucy — Really? “This is one of the biggest reasons Shaw health center fell apart as many orgs owed so much money to them that they couldn’t survive.” More info, please! H

  25. In the late 80’s the IAS Radical Reges used an unauthorized, unpublished handwritten note from LRH as an ‘enlightenment’ sales tool to get their victims in a spiritual chokehold, forcing them to vomit out money. The note essentially said that most people were no different than grass, almost zero theta existence with no influence on anything and only Big Beings who were not grass could do anything valuable, defined by the reg’s slant as meaning to pay money to save Scientology from obliteration. If you didn’t have the power to do this, you would not only personally never make it out of the trap, but you were contributing to the extinction of all life.

    They made you cry uncle and either admit that you were simply grass to be stepped on or mowed over or crapped on or…or…you were an actual ‘Big Being’ who could prove it by making it go right to find more money to give to them.

    You would sit there stunned, looking at the LRH note, listening to the pleas for help, not wanting to be grass.

    If you didn’t pay, you were ridiculed and invalidated as not even worthy of being grass, you weren’t even hay, hardly pond scum and you slithered out of the IAS office feeling like a skittering nocturnal crustacean.

    However, if you paid, they theta-bombed you with gifts of exhilaration and agreement that YES! YES! HALLELUJAH! you were NOT GRASS afterall! And with your head raised high you could leave the IAS office as a genuine certified Big Being destined for the top of the tone scale, worthy of an eternity of the glory and magic that accompanies such a giant leap in responsibility that you just graced upon yourself, with their help, by refusing to be merely grass.

    And you could walk around feeling proud for ten or fifteen minutes knowing you were not grass, before the next reg with a turbo-powered lawn mower came at you like you were a newly discovered field of freshly fertilized, bright green, overgrown lawn.

    The Cult of Spiritual Extortion has lived by the creed and squirrelly use of that stupid note for quite some time.

  26. Pumpkin — You’ve missed the fun. See recent blog entry “Gnats and Losers”.

  27. Many People need Medicaid and if he is picking about he program I am not for it.

    If the doctor is ripping the program off it is fraud and he should be reported. In some states dental might be pulled from the Medicaid program due to budget cost. That was in the local paper here.

    People can die with bad teeth due to infections. Now he is just giving the program a bad name and ripping off the clients it serves as if he is doing fraud can you tell how many that could be helped with that money that is not getting help.

    He is doing what Walmart does and people wonder why I say the tech is not going to save the world.

    I am for auditing but the church from the get go had the ethics and tech and now look at it. It could not keep itself clean. This system of things encourages groups to go this way for profit.

    And people wonder why I am for the Venus Project. The new movie Zeitgeist Moving forward will be on line on the 25th.

    This is standard practice in the business world now as society rewards out ethics all over the place.

    Then the poor pay for it all and they can just go die. The middle class does too. Then add wars to it all and you got what you got. Scien the church never was going to make it because it had one flaw at least that it was based on and it is a fatal one. Every church goes this way and every group does too. The flaw is system wide.

  28. “If you were one of the staff members whose production bonus didnt get paid out due to a church donation, would you feel it was his to spend?”

    Yes, I would. IF he violated a civil (written) contract I would sue if that were the case. The write up doesn’t specify whether or not he violated a contract. It stated that he was ripping off a gov pgm, which the facts as stated don’t support. Sorry, that is the reality of it whether we like it or not.

  29. Um, I ONLY commented on an alleged crime that this write up didn’t support. I have NO idea why you are addressing this post to me. I suggest you read what I wrote. It has NOTHING to do with your reply to me. I am VERY aware of the out ethics in the Church. I recognized it years ago and disconnected.

  30. Been reading this blog since the beginning.. like the beginning beginning.. I like it much better than the Ex -Scn natter board… but back to the topic, Born and raised in Scn and have been working for Scientologists since I was about 12 years old. ALL of them without exception have been as described in T Paine’s post…. The sense of entitlement that comes with donating money is something I will never understand and I have been around it my entire life. I found my parents IAS Patron plaque when cleaning out the house when it was foreclosed on… I kept it as a reminder of what I will NEVER do. I got my first “wog” job after leaving staff and the bullshit a few years ago and have been a cherished member of the team since the day I started. I have gotten raises and bonuses WITHOUT ASKING. I have had raises offered at former employers with the caveat of doubling it if they put it straight onto account at the local org. because its a tax write off you see, when I refused and took the 1/2 bonus amount I was ridiculed at a staff meeting and fired 2 weeks later for not being “on board with the rest of us”. Ridiculous .
    Marty, you have helped bring clarity to a life I thought I would view as a lie and never be able to tell anyone about. I thank you

  31. this post made to close the open HTML italics tag somewhere above it.
    Hope this works.
    Michael A. Hobson

  32. If he was counting donations made to the IAS as overhead for his business, then it would be considered fraud by general accounting standards as well as tax evasion. Personal income is not overhead. To be straight up about it, he would have to pull it out of the business as personal income before donating it and then handle the accounting for that on a personal basis. Otherwise he could pull out all the profit for any personal reason, lie and say it was the cost of doing business, count it as overhead and scam his team out of the deal he made for sharing profits of the practice. Sounds like a financial irregularity case has been presented with facts, no?

  33. Your thinking could possibly be legally correct in a limited contractual sense, but still not ethical according to the circumstances described.

  34. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for pitching in meme.

  35. I think it is time we actually recognize how dm has done what many others spent their lives to UNDO —

    He has created, in our free country of America, a CASTE SYSTEM.

    The caste system is what Gandhi fought against and died for.

    The caste system is what Martin Luther King fought against and died for.

    It is actually remarkable that here, in our free country we find a group of human beings, who just like me want to be happy and just like me bleed red blood, and yet these people are willing to place themselves at the top of the caste system in order to curry favor and ostensibly gain their immortal freedom by stepping on the backs of their employees, families, bankers and friends.

    This dentist is not alone in his shoddy practices. Take anyone at the TOP of dms caste system. Not one person, in my cursory look at a recent IMPACT mag did I find who was a kind, warm, generous person.

    Over the years I’ve seen many of them climb up yet another notch in the caste system and along with that climb instead of more compassion and genuine care for their fellow beings came enormous arrogance, hostility and I’m guessing — deep deep pain within themselves.

    It’s truly quite something how one person has been able to reverse scientology and create this abonination: A CASTE SYSTEM


  36. Old School.
    Since you feel his taking your production bonus’s are his right, I am sure he would like to hire you.
    And if you get tired of your bonus being ripped off after a while, there is an issue called “past practice”, often used in labor law to seek redress of grievences.
    And if the language used in the article including “rip off” does not meet your definition of rip-off, what do you call setting up wage scales and benefits so as to force employees to use government programs? Does Parasite sit better with you than rip-off. Or would you just consider him a smart businessman? Leveraging government funded programs to maximize his profits. I am sure some would see it that way but I am equally sure there is a moral line being crossed, if not a legal one.
    There was a time I would have naievly believed scientologists would set the bar high on all counts involving employees. But we see what status seeking, greed and the pressure of fundraising for IAS has done. Rex Fowler being one recent tragic example.

  37. James Gang
    Always good seeing you with your fight on 🙂

  38. Actually, I believe the employees have a case – they have been deprived of their bonus. And that should add up to quite a bit of money he has ripped off from the staff. The “agreement” could be in writing but it also could be in any kind of paper form, a “battle plan”, a “weekly quota” or whatever – as long as it can be established, and I am sure it can, that Villareal has promised bonuses if a certain quota has been reached. And the general conditions for the bonus (i.e. deduct all business overheads first) should be available somewhere too. At which point it is a matter of documenting that he has deducted his expenses for his (private) donations (interests, even repayments) from the “bonus sum” – at which point, I’d say, he’s up for bankruptcy.

  39. As a former employee of a WISE company, I can only agree with this article. It seems quite established now that most WISE employers are conditioned to pay their employees as little as possible in order to facilitate funneling as much money as possible into Mestsavage’s praetorian guard.

    If you are a WISE employee, you are most likely being shafted. Compare the pay and benefits of your colleagues in the “wog world”, and you will see. When your WISE boss increases his stats with LRH admin tech, you will not see much of that increase in your pay, if at all.

    Thank you for such a clear and detailed account of this dentist’s warped devotion to a squirrel. It is very sad, and unfortunately, all too common.


  40. Fancy,
    “the church from the get go had the ethics and tech and now look at it. It could not keep itself clean.”
    Yes it’s true. But we are using tech and ethics here and now. Just because we failed to apply it as a group doesn’t mean we can’t fix it having learned from our mistakes.
    I think we have a better chance of correcting ourselves than being doomed to failure until the world around us and the ‘system’ changes.

    “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

  41. I had watched the Zeitgeist movie on the tv whilst out visiting three month back or so. I saw uptone people presenting and speaking in the movie but it made me wonder without the tech of Auditing and ethics, would the proponents of the alternate system also not be able to keep themselves clean, in the out ethics enviroment.

    Even Atlantis went corrupt I was told but they did not have the Basics tech uplifting. To get people into the above 2.0 on the tone scale band was LRH’s intension was it.

  42. It is legally correct. However, I was commenting on the accusation that a person was stealing from a gov pgm. Which the data in the post doesn’t support.

  43. Thanks for the well written account of the James Gang involvement with Fat Cat IAS donos.

    The points brought up really shows that even though JV seemingly got to the top of the RS bridge some of what I consider basics such as applying mores in life as stated in the way to happiness have no impact on his own life. Seems that he’s not heard of the “golden rule” that many good beings on this planet do apply and subscribe to. It would seem that if you looked at the definition of a Scientologist in the dictionary, one would not see his picture there.

    Then again, what is being followed by example is Dear Leader’s insanities of harassment of others as described in yesterday’s blog entry – involving JV and two other duped minions to do bad things against the Mores that LRH stated in TWTH. How happy are these cats still drinking Kool Aid freshly made by RS?

    Perhaps TWTH is just numbers of booklets sent to Colombian Police or African countries for “upstats” which can be mentioned by Dear Leader between the gilded vertical fake columns and data therein not to be applied in life.

  44. That is what I was thinking and then those who need the help don’t get it. That is what I posted below.

  45. This whole topic with healthcare in the SO could be a whole discussion in itself, but I will cover a little more ground for you. I suggest you start asking around and before you know it you will have gathered your own data on the topic.

    Shaw Health center for years had Dr. Megan Shields, Dr. Gene Denk, and Dr. Stephan Price as the main provider (stephan price I think owned the bldg or something like this). Because of their proximity to the base, they became in a sense the main health care providers for SO staff. However through the years staffers would end up there for some health problem, bad back, etc and expect to get seen. They may or may not have had payment with them, or even if they had an approved CSW from their individial orgs Shaw Health center now had to collect funds. You can only imagine the back and forth of trying to collect funds from various orgs for their staff members medical bills, well it didn’t happen and a lot of money was owed to Shaw for medical care from various orgs. So in a real world scenario you would cut off the staff members from receiving health care – right? well wrong because pressure was placed on these three Scientology medical providers they were coerced due to ethics pressure to just keep providing healthcare, and in most cases for no exchange. The only way out of this very out-exchange system was for Dr. Shields to completely move out of the area. Gene Denk was under heavy suppression from the church for years, probably relating to his involvement in LRH’s death. So his way out was to drop his body. And then you have stephan Price who I have no idea what has happened to and if he continues to run a chiro clinic. I had heard he was trying to sell the bldg, but don’t have current info.

    There is a bigger situation with which the church is very out exchange on. Every SO staff member should be covered under Workers Compensation by the church? If they are on the job for 18-20 hrs a day 7 days week, where does the line get drawn on personal health issues vs work related health issues? The solution has been that they send them to county or the free clinics around the base to get health care now that Shaw is pretty much defunked and megan shields is not within walking distance or a short bus ride away. If you have a heart attack while on post is it the SO’s job to pay for healthcare, or should you go get on public medical assistance? Well it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is ethical, moral and the correct thing to do, however the church seems to think they are above the law that all the other corporations in america have to pay for!

  46. It will make little difference. You can have a reform and then it will go the same way in the future in this system. Open one’s eye to the pattern that has been since man started to use money.

    The tech will not survive in this system. Groups always goes this way.

    You quote the same thing that the Zeitgeist Movement does. If one is staving one will do what ever and any thing to survive.

    Most groups goes down and they may reform from time to time but it never olds on long. The reformers move on to their next life and there it goes again. The whole system needs changed so people like DM can’t grab the power in the first place. Otherwise you will get another DM and there you go again.

  47. correction:

    “but it never olds on long”

    Should be:

    but it never holds on long

  48. Tory Christman

    Thanks so much for posting this, Marty and certainly Hayden for the Info!

    When I first got onto OT 7, David Miscavige arrived soon after (1990, Sandcastle-Clearwater, FL) and as he ripped anything “Fun” off the walls, told us “The party is OVER. We are now going after businessmen, Doctors, etc. So YOU ALL are EXPECTED to look, and act, as such”. It was amazing to be a part of—but I do believe for many of us it was the beginning of the end of that trap (Being a loyal member of C of $/M).
    I later worked at 3 different “W.I.S.E.” organizations, ALL who were targeting Doctors, Physical Therapists, Dentists. It’s a huge issue….as Davey boy realized these folks had the Money, and the Power connections.

    Thanks for the specifics on this, Hayden. My best to all 🙂

  49. This is a noteworthy example of exploitation. Below from wikipedia a criterion of exploitation which has been an issue of Sea Org culture from the early days and was capitalized on by mission holders and Scientology business people. WISE was not created so much as to prevent exploitation of Scientologists but rather exploitation of the org and its comm lines, the org being the all powerful item that must be protected at any costs.
    Criteria of exploitation (as unjust benefit):
    “Taking something off a person or a group that rightfully belongs to them
    Short-changing people in trade
    Directly or indirectly forcing somebody to work
    Using somebody against his will, or without his consent or knowledge
    Imposing an arbitrary differential treatment of people to the advantage of some and the disadvantage of others (as in ascriptive discrimination)
    Using somebody to buy/provide things for you and never paying them back.”
    Freeloader debts originated to prevent exploitation of the Sea Org but it was the staff who ended up being exploited the most in the long run. I recall being on a garrison mission to LA Org and needing auditors as the DofP. Several staff had either completed their contracts or were about to and none had receive the agreed upon training or auditing they were entitled to per their contract (Grade IV and Class IV). I became an advocate for them as I needed auditors. I knew there would be a hurdle from higher ups about them not being eligible for training/auditing once they left staff but I never got that far. The culture of that time (1974 and beyond) was that it was ok to rip off staff and not give them what they signed for. That is not a statement against LRH or even Scientology, but it is a comment on the culture of the staff itself. Those who would have been on the receiving end of my proposal did not feel worthy of receiving the auditing or training. It came out in different ways but none felt they had any rights in the matter. Even if I could talk them into their rights, they did not have adequate interest or appropriate emotions. So, were staff exploited? Most staff in the Sea Org were taught or “programmed” with out exchange and forced to accept it for cultural reasons, not necessarily policy reasons. Sea Org culture was also notorious for staff not getting their study in order to get the job done. Of course, no job can ultimately get done without study. The Sea Org, from at least the 70’s onward, was a machine that would utilize any warm body volunteer or “volunteer” that would come along. If one of these warm pieces of meat was smart enough or read enough policy, he could counter to whatever extent he was capable of the inertia of exploitation. I will readily admit, however, that hiring highly paid Ivy League grads would have been a disaster. Somewhere in all of this is a big cosmic joke that I have not quite put my finger on. Might have to do with “what you ask for you will get”. Applies to both the org and the individual. Personal responsibility.

  50. “Sounds like a financial irregularity case has been presented with facts, no?”

    There is no such thing as a ‘financial irregularity’ case. However, IF he is misstating tax deductions, then he is breaking the law. IF, Haydn has data to this effect, the IRS would be VERY interested. Tax evasion; isn’t that Al C. went down finally? It is probably how DM will also go down…

  51. Priscilla Smith

    You may have an illegal termination/job discrimination case, but you need to take legal action fast before it goes out of the statute of limitations. I didn’t see any instances of Medicaid fraud, just that Dr. Villareal underpays his staff and doesn’t pay for healthcare for his staff (unethical but not illegal). However, if you can prove that funds sent in from Medicaid were directly re-routed to the IAS and/or he was filing false insurance claims, then you might have something the government would be interested in.

  52. Tory Christman

    PS: “Its time Radical Scientology businessmen stopped being cowards and started acting like human beings because right now they act less than human.”
    It was amazing to me, while an employee at “Survival Strategies” (1990’s) to have Harvey Shmedeckie (sp?–now passed on, by the way) and Dan Owen totally attack me, create lies about me, and threaten me. When I said I wouldn’t go along with their threats, Harvey screamed at me to “GET OUT!~”
    That not being bad enough, my GF and I stayed up all night writing a KR, using ALL LRH Policies, explaining step by step how these very policies had been violated. The people working there where supposed “OT’s” and “LRH Management Tech consultants”…so they KNEW these policies!

    Would ANY of them even LOOK at our KR? No. Then I tried to turn it over to W.I.S.E. International, figuring certainly THEY would care. Did they?
    HELL NO. That was when a shred of light began to creep into my own, personal Miscavige–Truman show. It was $$$, not Policy, that drove these folks, and the W.I.S.E. Companies ALL pay a % to WISE Int.

    A shock for me to realize. I know for many, certainly for Hayden, you know what I’m speaking of. To those lurking, all I say is “Read, LOOK, listen, learn the facts on BOTH sides, and then make up your own mind.”
    (And keep in mind: C of $ can NEVER say “look at both sides”, and that alone should help you SEE).
    My best to all, Tory/Magoo

  53. One excellent write-up.

    In Miscaviges church you have to be in good graces with Miscavige to get up the “Bridge”. Two most important qualifications are 1) spending money as you are told and 2) like the taste of his boots. “OT VIII” wings patched together with paper (money) can be predicted to come crashing down – if he or she ever indeed took off the ground. If Miscavige decides Villarreal has slipped in using his instruments spilling blood in his expensive shirt, the doctor will be under the bus (not silver screen 🙂 ) tomorrow. Now who is he going to turn to for help? I dont know if Mosey would be willing… yet she could be the only one left for him, who knows.

  54. Bullseye, Loki.

  55. Theo Sismanides

    Haydn, a Sea Org member who abides by LRH policy and is expelled by Miscavige, one who has raised the stats in a Class V org and contributed so much is not going to be liked by one who treats bodies’ teeth. You and your family were not meant to be there in the first place.

  56. There is another aspect of this. I have had dental work done by 2 Scientology dentists, both of whom I considered friends. In both cases, I was talked into dental work on teeth that were causing me no problem, later sending me to wog dentists on an emergency basis to repair their work. In the first case, I was told a cap on a front tooth should be replaced. The cap had been there for years. Within months, when I was out of town on Thanksgiving, the tooth developed a nasty infection and needed an immediate extraction. In the second case, I was convinced that fillings I’d had for years needed replacing. I had them done on the upper right side first.Again, within months and out of town, one of the molars broke in 2 and required a crown. That dentist reluctantly told me “I hate to say this, but your previous dentist didn’t do you any favors.” I now go to that dentist, who cleans my teeth every 6 months. He has never told me that the fillings on my left side need replacing, as I had been elsewhere informed. I still think my latest Scientology dentist is a good guy, just well initiated in financial gain first, patient well being second.

    Haydn and Lucy, thank you for your input. Methinks Dr. Villareal is about to regret messing with our Mosey.

  57. Haydn, wow I never saw that side of Villarreal. When I first met him he was pretty shy and a bit introverted. Gawd what a horrible change. I have heard that some of these so-called bigtime dentists contributors pay very low wages. I always felt you rewarded people well for their dedication. This contributing of funds from companies, corporations, individuals has to stop.

    Wake up is right. These guys are going to have some big explaining to do. I just wonder how many more Juans there are out here scamming pe0ple…many I would guess.

    Haydn, thank you for exposing this.

  58. True, the data in the post doesn’t support the accusation of stealing from gov’t pgms as per the letter of the law, but overall seems to violate the ideal spirit of the matter, to me anyway.

  59. Slavemasters are all the same.

  60. Hadyn,

    Thanks for the article.

    It reminded me of my stint on a WCC. At the time, WISE was wanting 10% of a company’s income for their cut. Personally, I thought this was steep … 10% of CGI was a big chunk – really the profit for a lot of companies.

    The real awakening came when I was advised that this was 10% of GI ! Hell, anyone who know business knows this is off the wall. It was also apparent that the WISE guys up lines had no concept about business – it was ALL about the money.

    I also toured with one of the Cont CO Wises and was embarrassed to reg Scientology businessmen in this manner. Although the usage of some policy in business can be very helpful, WISE had no real interest in seeing businessmen do well without becoming a Scientologist, and then only if the big donos started. WISE has a pack of confidential policies which are actually re-worded HCOPLs under the same policy name.

    These confidential policies are only available to WCC members. The general gist of these altered policies is to get the businessmen on lines at the local org … later on this was changed to ‘route them to Flag as they are professionals with MONEY’.

    In short, Villarreal & others like him are dupes and then take on the characteristics of a suppressive. Money becomes #1 and exchange in abundance is the furthest thing from their minds.

    Similarly with the IAS … they care nothing about policy or ethics, they care nothing about their purpose to Protect the tech & Scientologists – they have their own rules, make themselves look like they are part of the church, promote disconnection and their total motivation is MONEY. And when they don’t get money, they act like thugs.

    The IAS, along with unethical employers like Villarreal, are criminals.

  61. Loki,
    I agree with your viewpoint on this. Walmart and other giant corporations have been publicly chastised for doing the same thing as this dental boy, underpaying employees by manipulating the guidelines and skirting the edges of the law so their employees qualify for gov’t medical and other benefits at the cost of the American taxpayer. All for the purpose of getting richer and richer while at the same time also driving small shops and stores completely out of business.

    Laws shmaws, how about doing what’s right? That concept has gotten buried in the blackness of out of control, lustful greed by the blackhearted.

  62. theystolemychurch

    A contract does not have to be written. If he verbally told the staff that this is how the bonus program worked and then spent that money on another purpose… he broke the contract.

  63. I know there was a dental renovation company in Anzo in the seventies – the daughter got into scientology. Next thing you know the receptionist is a scientologist and has set up an OCA testing centre and selecting people to the org – so people go and pay with healthcare and a lot of it goes to the org. I worked there for a while – Geddes Dental – Vicki Dickey (Daughter – on Anzo rpf), so not new. it’s being done in Northern territory prisons too.

  64. Spot on WH.

    And anyone who doesn’t play ball becomes an out-Caste.

    Scientology was meant to be the game “where everyone wins”. Thought the operative word there was EVERYONE.

    RS clearly plays the opposite game at a time when much of the rest of the world is paying more for their groceries just so some guys in a village thousands of miles away and in a completely different country can get a fair price for their crops. RS members are so out of step with the rest of the world (and going further backwards by the day) its become a joke (though not at all funny) which is why I refer to them as less than human.

    The big prolem for current members though is the fact that RS is really a caste of one, the rest have no real status. No prizes for guessing the identity of the lone member.


  65. martyrathbun09

    I disagree. Of course I disagreed in 2007 when the notion was implanted in us by news media that nothing could be done to recoup the trillions of dollars ripped off from “homeowners.” Any prosecutor worth his salt could have repossessed the better part of Manhatten and the Hamptons (from the criminals who profited) and we’d have had no TARP, etc. Old School is not technically right. Old School, though pretending to be oh so literal, is dead wrong. Fraud is prosecutable crime, pure and simple. Problem is this country, from law enforcement to politicians to media to banks to individuals profiting off the whole out ethics, rip off exchange economy, is so out ethics it wouldn’t dream of it.

  66. martyrathbun09

    And Carol, you just connected the dots. This is reverse Scientology/Black Dianetics in action.

  67. As a dentist myself I can guarantee you that if this doctor is acting in this manner and mistreating staff and abusing funds, then he is most definately mistreating patients. All one has to do to put the kibosh on this guy is to uncover the crimes he’s committed on patients (bad treatment, malpractice, overdone treatment, treatment paid for and never delivered, etc.) and the walls will come tumbling down. State licensing boards don’t like a plethora of complaints – especially when government $$$$$ is involved.
    Now I could be wrong and the guy could possibly be a top notch ethical dentist surrounding himself with other top notch ethical dentists but something tells me that the anatomy of overts is in full play here. Just sayin”.

  68. Wowza good point Lucy.

  69. QuietDisobedience

    Not to mention the fact that Sea Org staff have no healthcare and are (in my own experience) sent to the emergency rooms for medical care so the church doesn’t have to pay for it. They let the state pick up the tab since the staff members make so little money they qualify for programs like ORSA and Medi-cal (in CA). I was sent to wait many, many hours in emergency rooms for things like a sprained ankle and other basic non-emergency medical care. Just another way the church saves it’s precious money and abuses the system.

  70. Exactly Tory!

    Money, money, money … that’s all that matters.

    Re: Harvey … I knew him for many years … he was Ex GO from the ’70s. At the time he & his wife were pretty decent although behind the scenes was another story. I did see the notice of his death btw.

  71. Fancy
    You are TOTALLY wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….
    Juuuuuuuuuuust kidding 😀
    I respect for your opinion and that you have different beliefs.
    I disagree completely, I think that our technology is powerful enough to erase the group bank that creates this madness and restoring the basic goodness, humanity and truth in all of us will bring about a sane world which CAN and WILL change.
    But hey, if we fall on our heads again maybe you can bail us out with the whole zeitgeist thing. Meanwhile I’m sticking with what I know (Scientology).

  72. Roland Aldridge

    None of what he is doing is of any consequence *except* that if he deducted Scn IAS contributions from his reported profits, the IRS might get very interested. IAS donations at least used to be not charitable donations, which means that they can not be regarded as expenses and are thus not deductible. If he has been deducting them, the IRS might regard this as tax evasion. If so, and if you report him you could get a nice payoff from them.

  73. Tony Dephillips

    Love it!!

  74. “Big Beings who were not grass could do anything valuable, defined by the reg’s slant as meaning to pay money to save Scientology from obliteration.”

    But the “big beings” were running the show in Scientology, and other big beings were supposed to save Scientology from obliteration?

    Ha! I knew somewhere there would be a reference on Marty!

  75. Now that’s an off purpose activity! I have had on more that one occassion that competely degraded feeling because I just didn’t have the money to poney up at one of these events having contributed at the one just before. It just struck me now how destructive these fundraisers are. It didn’t matter that I had spent the past 25 years using Scientology, introducing and getting the tech applied to others, many times working late into the night and on weekends for the purpose of expanding the good works of LRH. For the duration of the event, I felt like I’d let my group down.

    This is probably a typical scenario of the average Scientologist. When an activity takes the most able, dedicated public and staff and pushes in their anchor points real hard demanding that they forego all personal finance policies to help (fraudulently promoted causes) the church and then to chastise them and say they are degraded for not doing so is simply overt suppression of Scientology and Scientologists. Then to compound the first crime by using said funds for purposes not intended (DM slush fund) is pure evil.


    This is no different that TV televangelists soliciting money for their own personal profit. I gave up my own first dynamic bridge for these 4th dynamic causes and I was robbed!

  76. Haydn, thanks for sharing and for sticking up for your rights.
    “We know our rights and will see justice done.”
    I second that as now I also know my rights….
    All I can say is “Justice is Coming” VERY SOON!!!!!!

  77. Dm is creating nothing more than zombies…he hooks people in with his “this is a special project” project! We want more upstats to work with.
    Well I’ll tell ya what, the true upstats in the world that run Corporations would never fall this because they don’t have to. This little crim rides on the coattails of others and the quicker you believers find this out the faster he goes down.

  78. Thanks so much for providing this info, Lucy! It’s fascinating … H

  79. Dear OSA,

    Please be sure and send out an email defending the doctor and slamming Marty.

    They are fun to read, are filled with vast generalities and verify that Moving On Up A Little Higher is indeed having an impact.

    Now, if you offered up any actual stats and didn’t use a hushmail account, perhaps I’d be a bit worried I joined the wrong team.

    Actually…….let me think about that…….not really!

  80. Hello Haydn-

    Thank you for providing the details in your write-up about the scene concerning the Vampire Dentist, Dr. Juan Villarrea. It’s a god damn shame what the psychotic runt, Lil’ Dave, has done to everything I (we) hold dear. Here we are at the point where OT VIII’s, to be in good standing, have to demonstrate the same sociopathic lunacy as their “leader”. Thirty-five years ago it would have been beyond my imagination that Ron’s work and organizations would be so thoroughly reversed and defiled.

    I’m attaching a link to your story posted elsewhere for the benefit of those who may not have had the opportunity to read it.

    You’re the real deal. It’s an honor to be touched by your theta.

    ML, Tom Gallagher

  81. Oh… my gosh.
    Sorry, I’m so late to the game, been buried in my own work.

    But all of this suddenly explains why the rats are not jumping off the ship that is Miscavology: mutual out-ruds. I was trying to figure out for the longest time how people can be so TRAINED and still buy into DM’s bullshit. It’s because they literally bought his bullshit! They’re just as tainted as he is! They must deny in order to justify. Hey… there’s a Cochrhan t-shirt for ya:

    “If you justify, you must deny!”

    Sorry, that was tacky. Funny! But tacky.
    Also answers a lot for me.

    OKAY! Done.
    I can now wash my hands of that SOB of a “church” and move on… just a little bit higher I guess. 🙂

  82. Sorry for derailing the original post. I got on a roll about “healthcare” and “COS” I couldn’t stop!

    Whether you look at Juan Villarreal, or the actual Church actions regarding government programs (medicaid, Medi-Cal, etc) it is all out ethics and out exchange, and illegal.

  83. Does Villarreal really care about his patients?

    Does DM really give a f*&kabout parishioners including Dr. Villarreal?

    See answer below:

  84. Thankyou Hadyn,

    From your details of this all, it sounds like the IAS Regs are complicit in this.

    It is time this blows up in the media in the USA.

    Overseas, like in France or Belgium, if people are willing to rat on what the IAS Regs are doing over in France or Beligium, I bet French of Belgium prosecutors would gladly prosecute the churches or “IAS Regs” [whatever corporation the IAS Regs exist as] over there.

  85. Haydn and the rest of the James Gang, thank you for telling this story and I hope that you are doing whatever legal follow up can be done. I hope that all the staff who have lost bonuses get a chance to recover them.

    This is yet one more example of how the IAS creates criminals. One has to wonder if there was no IAS would Villareal have ended up this way or would he have been a more generous and benevolent person? How many others have gone beyond endangering their own finances and are now endangering the survival of others. I would hazard a guess that those who have contributed the most to the IAS and those who exchange the least with their staff are probably one in the same.

  86. I don’t know about Texas, but in California a simple complaint to the Labor Department about being shortchanged on bonuses (pay) would trigger an investigation and their action. I know of businesses that were crushed in this manner, simply for having employees on “salary” when the Labor Department ruled they should have been paid hourly. Businesses were made to pay “unpaid overtime,” to each employee, plus penalties and interest for the duration of their employment, up to three years.

  87. I remember that. I told the Reg it looked like fate to me. Either I was one (big being) or I wasn’t and that I had no desire to go into debt to prove to them I was a big being. Consider me teeny weeny. WTF. lol It’s horrible to reg someone like me that didn’t give a damn what they thought of me. As I told many friends and selectees, who cares if Joe Reg likes you or not if his affinity is based on money. Next week when you buy something he will LOVE you.

  88. becomingAware

    Nicely written Haydn. Puts it right down there on the table with a SLAP.

    The people I meet there were professional and deserve to be treated as such, not as the recipient of scraps tossed off by a King.

    The next time you and Lucy are in Texas please stop by and visit. We miss you.

    David and Mercy

  89. Yes, OTDT and lets give people the reference: for anybody who wants the facts on that one rent the documentary “The High Cost of Low Prices.”

    Seeing that stopped us from shopping at Walmart. We long ago
    stopped going to dentists/chiro’s who are church members. Who wants to pay the IAS premium that gets tacked on to EVERY service? I just want my teeth fixed and my spine adjusted: I don’t want to fund miscavige and his Pinkie and the Brain plans to take over the world…

  90. Thanks for mentioning the kleptocracy and these financial terrorists. Or as Max Keiser puts it, if you took accounting fraud out of the American business model, you’d have nothing left. Can the average Joe do something about it?

    Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver.

  91. Marty, I totally got it!

  92. You’re a smart Doc, DH. We’ll leave it that, for now.

  93. If there’s any documentation of the IAS shakedown by Villarreal prior to firing the “James Gang,” oh, I do believe the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission would be interested. That sort of thing is the EEOC’s raison d’etre. One’s employment should not be contingent upon one’s donations to a church (And I say that as a former resident of Utah, where a significant percentage of the population could lose their jobs if they didn’t pay tithing, but it’s too d*mn bad churches can act like that.)

  94. Depends on if he runs his business as a corporation or not. Corporations are allowed a deduction of 10% of profit (not of gross receipts) as a tax deduction. Sounds like he went way above that. I think the IRS should be looking into this. Some tax interviewer might gain a feather in his cap by finding a lot more money the IRS could collect, plus penalties and interest, and maybe, proving deliberate fraud, a jail term for the perp?

  95. Yes, one time I wouldn’t give to one of the LA reges who used to smother me with compliments, and the next time I saw him he turned his head away as we passed crossing the street. Wowser!

  96. “And keep in mind: C of $ can NEVER say “look at both sides”, and that alone should help you SEE).”

    Tory, if the church looked from both sides, it would be looking at itself and seeing its own evils. That sounds a lot like the characteristic of a suppressive person, that he can’t afford to look at himself and see the wrong in himself. Hmmmmm!!!

  97. A little bird just flew in my window and said, “This is defeatist crap.”

    I don’t know who “Fancy” is, but the little bird said “Fancy” is a 1.1 troll who’s mission is to water down the Independent movement by A) alloying it with Zeitgeist people who have nothing to do with Independent Scientology and B) preaching flagrant defeatism.

    The bird asked, why is she on this blog? By her own statement she doesn’t agree with Scientology philosophy, doesn’t agree with what we stand for, and all she’s doing is “pushing” her Zeitgeist thing.

    Or is she?

    That got me thinking. I don’t know anything about Zeitgeist or the Venus Project. Maybe they are great projects. I for one am not criticizing them since I know nothing about them. Yet there are many other worthwhile projects and interests out there. But I don’t have DOZENS of people from these other projects on my facebook. I DO have dozens of Zeitgeist people as “friends” on my facebook… Does that seem strange to you?

    Apparently Fancy has been busy, busy, busy suggesting friend requests by the score and unwittingly I approved them at first.

    For a long time I didn’t know where they were coming from. Then I found out they were all being suggested by Fancy. How sweet. I confronted her on it and she said she was “an elderly person who lived alone and was trying to help.” She also admitted she had been sending “friend requests” daily. At first it was just a couple per week. Then it became several a day, then I noticed. What the…?

    I was wondering, “Who are all these Zeitgeist people and why do they ALL want to be friends?” I’ve never even spoken to any of them, don’t know a thing about their movement but apparently they all know me (not).

    Fancy is not real… is not a real person. IMHO, this is intell: a covert operative using a synthetic identity.

    Do you get lots of friend requests from Zeitgeist people? Apparently that is Fancy’s little project she’s been executing: an attempt to water down the Independent movement with inapplicable faces.

    Apparently the strategy is, if you can’t beat them, nullify them (nullification — the tactic of the 1.1) by watering them down with inapplicable people so it becomes unclear who they are.

    Thanks to “her” anyone looking at your friends on facebook will not simply see a bunch of Independent Scientologists (which would send a strong message) but lots of faces even YOU have no clue who they belong to. It’s a ploy right out of Science of Survival: standard, run of the mill, 1.1 movement nullification.

    I like the little bird. I have invited it back more often. Meanwhile I deleted Fancy from my friend’s list.

  98. The unreal desire to rip off most of the profit of member companies wasn’t the only way that WISE showed it knew nothing about running a business. Time and again we were impressed with the fact that they wouldn’t survive in real life business doing whatever ‘bright idea’ they’d come up with to implement, like the day they announced that staff members couldn’t work for Scientologists and said Scientology business men would have to fire their employees who were on staff, even if the employees had been introduced to Scientology only after working for the company. That ‘bright idea’ died a wimpish death after the suggestion was made that they needed to speak directly to the staff members and have them quit instead of setting up employers for religious discrimination lawsuits. LOL

  99. Awesome analysis WH. You are totally correct and in two words, you summed up what was once only the Int base and is now the whole of the Church of Scientology: a caste system.

  100. Ding, ding — right on all counts mirele.

  101. Scott Campbell

  102. Change the names here and there and you have a nice summary of Rex Fowler’s bonus system. Although Fowler’s was more overt (apparently) about funneling money into IAS.

  103. Ahh yes … I forgot about that.

    There was also a time that WISE pushed member companies to set up WISE Academies within their businesses. Of course the push was to get ALL staff onto Wise courses – didn’t matter whether they were Scientologists or not. Big protests on that one both from member company owners who could not afford to hire staff to run the courseroom, and protests from non-scientology staff who had no interest in the subject.
    Nothing like creating good PR by ramming something down one’s throat & threatening their employment!

    I had to handle one mega dollar lawsuit one of the WISE members got himself into when he forced non-Scientology staff to do courses at the local org or be fired – stupid stupid stupid.

  104. T Paine ,your post is awesome in that it inspires action on all who read it to regard our fellow man of any faith with decency,fairness and true compassion .
    These are the traits that Radical Scientology are devoid of while professing to posses them.
    This matter of treating employees like abject subjects by the “successfull” Scientology business persons has been my disgust of long duration .
    Authoritarianism is what breeds this type of culture and it must be stamped out for the deadly virus that it is.
    I applaud your courage and determination.

  105. Haydn. What a fantastic post, so very well written. Thank you!

  106. Got your valid point about the permeated blindness about the general state of rip off exchange being ignored or not even seen.
    However, regarding gov’t pgm fraud, unless his staff applied for and collected gov’t pgm money based on an income qualification that was lower than he was legally obligated to pay, and that would have disqualified them if they had been paid the money he agreed, I don’t see how it was a violation of the law. Violation of the ethical thing to do, yes, but the law, I don’t see.

    Overall out-ethics and out-exchange, yes. Civil employment violations, yes. Contractual breakage, yes. Possible accounting fraud, yes. Possible tax evasion, yes. He very well may have committed frauds against gov’t pgms, and it would seem to go with this package, but I just don’t see that data in the post.

  107. I’d practically walk a hundred miles naked in a blizzard on broken glass to avoid shopping at Walmart. Saw the same documentary you referenced.

  108. I know there’s no such legal case as ‘financial irregularities’. I made that statement when I thought your were only referring to the general financial ethics of the matter, rather than the alleged gov’t pgm ripoffs.

  109. VillarREAL is a VillarFAKE!

  110. Not every OT 8, but many, especially the untrained.

  111. becomingAware

    I’m wondering why DM is so desperate to raise money. Is it to keep Flag running and to purchase fuel for the Freewinds as the tech is so far out that public are not paying the bills? Surely there is interest accruing that would cover expenses and build the palaces. Perhaps the money isn’t there any longer and went somewhere and/or to someones.

    Haydn brings up the Medicaid aspect of this. It was going on when I was there 20 years ago. There are some long term immoral if not illegal issues that run deeper than just being cheap.

    I have no insight but sucking the money from anyone that walks near the CoS must be more than just psychotic behavior. I sense a desperation.

    Anyone else see this?


  112. Thanks Haydn. The James Gang is a formidable gang indeed; Haydn with his mighty pen and Lucy with her blazing 6-gun laptop. The two younger James are sharper than razors and are tough cookies as well.

    Haydn, Lucy, I am proud I am youses friend.

    ML Tom

  113. Tony DePhillips

  114. Tony DePhillips

    How idiotic can they get???

  115. That was a generalisation, however squeezing the life out of people in this way seems to fit a certain kind. If any good is in this man where is it ? He seems to enjoy his wickedness or regards it as normal.

  116. Tony DePhillips

  117. I agree Marty.

    People like Villainyisreal get away with this sorta crap because the system allows them to do it.

    In fact he kinda reminds me of Wallmart.

    Basically the same MO.

    They make Fagin look like a humanitarian philanthropist.

  118. 40 Yr Scientologist

    Very astute, Thoughtful. What makes Fancy’s activities even more suspicious re: getting Independents associated with Zeitgeist, is the reported obsession the Tucson shooter has with Zeitgeist.

  119. Awesome post, Haydn. Roar!

  120. OS, I am not an employment lawyer (could I be a lawyer, OSA??? 🙂 ) but weather or not it was legal depends on how he structured the bonus system, and how Texas law treats this kind of thing. Bonuses are usually discretionary.

    But, legal aside, it is sleazy to have a bonus system like that. If this guy lists IAS and other CofM donations as business expenses, which thus reduce/eliminate the net profit the bonus is based on, then yes, it is sleazy, and since the amount of donation is totally up to Villarreal, he totally is giving the bonus pool to the IAS at the expense of his employees.

    Now, I worked for a very nice young super-gung-ho Scientologist a while back who donated PAYROLL money to the IAS, leaving his staff unpaid. THAT, my friend, is illegal, and had I a clue at the time, I could have easily taken him and the company down just with the wage dispute. But I was an idiot when I was younger, alas. A very good friend told me once “Don’t worry, I was once young and stupid, too.”

    At the end of the day, the only people who make money from a Miscavige-ite Scientologist-owned business is the owner, NEVER anyone who works for him or her. NEVER. AND, they believe they are above the law because all disputes CANNOT be taken to the legal system, only to the most idiotic and stupid “ethics” organizations known to Man, the “WISE Charter Committee.”

    My career took off when I stopped working for Scientologists. Period.

  121. Interesting story about Megan. She is a good egg, I can totally see how this scenario could have happened. Pressing the duty button. Treas secs telling her “what’s the matter – is your practice so hurting that you have to beg us for money?” When I was at BPI, there was a Treas Sec there who used to actually tell that to creditors to whom we were 90, 120, sometime much more behind. There is some HCOPL where Ron says to act haughty about your bills, and she played it to the hilt. She was also as dumb as a stump. I had to work around all that and try to get supplies we needed for production from vendors who were pissed off at us for not paying our bills.

    By the way, since I was non-SO, I was paid minimum wage (for what is normally a professional position) and heathcare? Yeah, right. I got my first healthcare coverage in my life from the first legitimate “wog” company I worked for. A great place.

  122. (To Marty, looks like we have a non-closed “em” tag making the subsequent posts italic…)

  123. They played that trick once on me. I looked at it and thought “what the cuss is this?” I said, “that’s interesting” and walked out.

  124. Fancy, the whole system has changed. It is called Independent Scientology.

  125. Ah, Dan Owen. Now, there’s a peach for you!

  126. Isaiah is said to be the oldest book in the Bible/Torah. In chapter 58, which happens to be the scripture read at Yom Kippur, the people of Israel were complaining to God that they do all the right religious fasting and praying, but God never answers their prayers!

    In response, God comes out swinging and His issue with them is this:

    ““Yet on the day of your fasting, you do as you please
    and exploit all your workers.
    4 Your fasting ends in quarreling and strife,
    and in striking each other with wicked fists.
    You cannot fast as you do today
    and expect your voice to be heard on high.
    5 Is this the kind of fast I have chosen,
    only a day for people to humble themselves?
    Is it only for bowing one’s head like a reed
    and for lying in sackcloth and ashes?
    Is that what you call a fast,
    a day acceptable to the LORD?

    6 “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
    to loose the chains of injustice
    and untie the cords of the yoke,
    to set the oppressed free
    and break every yoke?
    7 Is it not to share your food with the hungry
    and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—
    when you see the naked, to clothe them,
    and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?
    8 Then your light will break forth like the dawn,
    and your healing will quickly appear;
    then your righteousness[a] will go before you,
    and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.
    9 Then you will call, and the LORD will answer;
    you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I. ”

    The chapter is headed “True Fasting” or in some bibles “True Religion”.

  127. Good point Steve! Tons of Zeitgeist people who I don’t know either on my friends list as suggested by Fancy. Fancy deleted me from her friends list because I posted on this blog that the Venus Project had nothing to do with the Indies.

  128. Cheers Haydn,

    …If Villarreal does these things because he is either cut from the same cloth as Miscavige or he’s a coward and acts to avoid punishment? I know him well from being at Flag when I was a Chaplain there and yes, he did get hit and missed countless times by ethics, because the fellow is dishonest, but… he is not of the same cloth, he is definitely a coward. Sergio

    Villarreal certainly complained to me about how he was heavily harassed and punished at Flag and the Ship.

  129. I think you are right, Sam. While I no longer have ANY faith in a VERY large group to keep itself from dramatising all the worst aspects of Earth militarism/religious games, we ALL have the potential as individuals and as individuals working TOGETHER to make new postulates and achieve positve results/change.

  130. How much one buys into this whole pitch (or did) I think depends to a great degree on how real to one is the concept of “the end justifies the means.” Re-look at the beginning of KSW. Is Scientology (which used to be synonymous with the “Church of Scietology”) the only hope for mankind in the past trillions and trillions of years? And the only way to stop the intense suffering of the billions and billions of folk on Earth? If it is (and I’m not arguing the point here), then as with what was done re: Chuck Beatty, Paulette Cooper, etc, the crush regging and in effect, STEALING from folks right and left, can be justified as a valid price to pay for the ultimate survival of us all. Now, I don’t myself agree with that, strictly on an ethical basis and a way to live, BUT the “kicker” in all this viewpoint above is that by violating the most BASIC underpinnings of all Scientology (axioms 1 and 2, wherein it is the the static’s own capability as an individual to postulate, and the ARC Triangle, which, when one being or group violates it, NEVER ultimately turns out well or productively), the church has shot itself in the head big time. By committing these crimes against humanity (which is what they are, violating the basic rights of beings), the folks who have called themselves “Scientologists” have sent worldwide PR of Scientology into the toilet these past thirty years and have probably prevented the expansion of Scientology and thus the “saving” of all these billions of folk by HUGE orders of magnitude. One part of KSW (along with others) that I do agree with heartily is that we now know that Miscavige and numerous other “Scientologists”, no matter what their case level or post is, never assimilated “straight Scientology”‘s most basic ideas.

  131. Thoughtful,
    Thanks for turning on the light. What a perfect way to discredit the Independendent movement to some lookers. Show the members being affiliated with another practice. This would be a big no no to some lookers. I am not critcizing others beliefs here, just commenting.

  132. martyrathbun09

    Well put Joe

  133. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that data Sinar.

  134. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Heather. A perfect reference for another post I am working on to make an entirely different point. And quite apropos to this thread too of course.

  135. martyrathbun09


  136. “I’m wondering why DM is so desperate to raise money.”
    I think that’s a good question David.
    The effect created is to other-intention people away from the bridge and the mainline admin tech which LRH stresses. This has to be the intention behind raising money because it’s the only end result and he sees that. It’s not like he has an honest argument against what we’ve been saying here. It’s been laid out for Dave in so much detail on this site alone, never mind KR’s he reads, that the effect is like he’s received 10,000 crams. So it’s not a “can’t duplicate policy” point like in KSW. Just like with the basics courses, the only intention possible is to make less auditors. Doubting this means doubting that:
    1. DM can think logically.
    2. DM can duplicate policies which LRH labelled in so many words as the FOUNDATIONAL policies which underpin expansion.

    Probably more than any other single point in the management series, LRH stresses the workable finance system. He capitalized the words “EXCHANGE and PRODUCTION” probably over 1000 times in HCO PL’s. Another top thing mentioned in PLs is the creation of auditors, over and over again.

  137. Watching Eyes

    It’s way beyond desperation. More like a psychosis driven obsession straight out a GPM.

    Seems to be a held down seven in the italics department. Doing a test here to see if I can get them to turn off. Testing 123

  138. A multiple choice question RS businessmen get easily confused by and flunk big time:

    A man is as valuable as he can …
    1. Serve others?
    2. Make Money?
    3. Fund Miscavige?
    4. Make money and fund Miscavige?

  139. Thanks for the info Lucy, I didn’t know about that.

  140. Oh, were you the person she was blabbing about regarding her “making a mistake”? She really relies on the “weak valence” (totally 1.1): “means well,” “only wants to help,” is “a single elderly person,” “made an innocent mistake,” etc., to cover her program of nullification. On facebook she goes by the name of “Fancy Kat.”

    No offense to the Venus and Zeitgeist people, but I believe we as a group should delete these inapplicable people since — regardless of their value — they’re were inserted there to alloy our movement. And I use the word “alloy” as in the code of honor: “7. Never permit your affinity to be alloyed” and this bitch is trying to do exactly that.

    I really believe she’s a synthetic valence — actually it’s Charley Earl or some other idiot from OSA writing this crap and not an “elderly lady” at all.

    Maybe someone wants to do a little project to list out the IDs of Zeitgeist people common on our facebook “friends list” and everyone can have a delete-a-thon. We can rapidly undo Fancy’s little project and flush her down the toilet back to where she came from.

  141. Holy freaking crap 40 Yr! Wow! This is heavy and a MUST READ: Here’s how the article starts out:

    “Jared Loughner’s Zeitgeist Obsession

    “The two-hour video is anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-capitalist, and Jared Lee Loughner became obsessed with it. Zeitgeist, a conspiracy-theory documentary released in 2007, has spawned its own cult following. According to Loughner’s friends, the accused Tucson gunman was one of the cult’s most zealous converts. And many of Loughner’s otherwise inexplicable obsessions — from his fascination with currency to his rantings against illiteracy to his paranoid fears of “mind control” — parallel ideas promoted in Zeitgeist.

    “The first disclosure of the movie’s influence on the mass murder suspect’s beliefs came in an interview Wednesday with ABC News. “I really think that this Zeitgeist documentary had a profound impact upon Jared Loughner’s mindset and how he views the world that he lives in,” Zach Osler, 22, told ABC’s Ashleigh Banfield. Osler’s father confirmed that influence in an interview published Sunday by the Arizona Republic. “He wanted to watch [Zeitgeist] all the time,” George Osler told the Phoenix newspaper. “It was cool at first. But then it got weird. It was all he wanted to do.” …

  142. Good one Scott!

  143. WE — the held down italics 7 has been cured.

  144. The sooner that crooks like this get their comeuppance, the better.

    CofM membership is no excuse for this sort of thing – NO EXCUSE.

    I hope his criminality gets utterly exposed by the “wog law” he so clearly flaunts.

  145. I just took a look at my friends list on facebook and here are some names of people who seem to be Zeitgeist/Venus project people with no apparent connection to Indie Scientology. I am not criticizing these projects in any way, but am wondering does anyone actually know these people? Again, I’m all for friendship, but I’m not for not for 1.1 people like Fancy Kat running programs to alloy our group affinity with synthetic friendships that aren’t genuine.

    Anelixis Wmc, Daniel Lazar, John Doe, Kim Baker, Lee Jai Clark, Alex T. Stadlauer, Alfred Henry III, Elliaz Zeitgeister, Franky Snatra, Kim Baker, Mark Contreras, Oliver Osagie, Peter Rbe Perez, Richard Naplava, Thomas A. Anderson, Torgny Richardson, Tracey Garteiz, Vtv V-radio, Zeitgeist Michigan

    I would love for any of these people to say, “Hey, I’m into Zeitgeist its a good thing and I’m also friends with Indie Scientologists.” But my suspicion is I bet these people don’t have a clue who we are either.

  146. “The three great rights are so bound together as to be essentially one right. To give a man his life, but deny him his liberty, is to take from him all that makes his life worth living. To give him his liberty, but take from him the property which is the fruit and badge of his liberty, is to still leave him a slave.” —George Sutherland, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1921

  147. I agree Thoughtful.

  148. Boyd,
    You are right, LRH does talk a lot about “EXCHANGE and PRODUCTION” but unfortunately when it comes to APPLYING those noble ideas to the staff that work their guts out for his (and their) cause, he set it up for them to lose.

    I’m gonna take flak for this but LRH set up a basic out-exchange system right there in the management “tech”.

    Finance people can help me out here, but isn’t the amout of money sucked out of organizations, right off the top, somewhere around 40%?
    Then the Org has to pay its bills, set asides, old bills, building fund, and whatever else…THEN a small pot is divvied up for the staff to get their “units”.

    So the guy who does the work, produces the income with 70-100 work weeks is at the very bottom of the Totum Pole when it comes to getting a fair “EXCHANGE” for their “PRODUCTION”.

    So to me, it’s not surprising Scio business owners have adopted this immoral and despicable attitude and treatment of their staff. At least in the sense of “PAY”, they’re just doing it the way the Church and LRH did it. Aren’t they?

    Can you imagine any Corporation, say like Sears, taking a big percentage off the top from one of their stores BEFORE the staff had been paid a decent or competitive wage, and the rent or mortgage had been paid along with all the other bills and inventory?

    I have found a great deal of wisdom in LRH’s philosophy as written in the Green Volumes. There’s also some glaring, gaping incongruities as well.

    And I think if we’re honest about it. Mistakes.

  149. Watching Eyes

    Good job!

  150. That is true, Old School. You can screw your employees, but if you screw the IRS you are HAD.

  151. I was at a Walmart right before Christmas. There was this older lady (late-60s-ish) working there moving a cart of merchandise… dragging her oxygen tank behind her.

    Honestly, that says something more about our society (and maybe her family) than it does about Walmart specifically.

  152. martyrathbun09

    Intelligently applied, LRH policy is dope.

  153. martyrathbun09

    Your are one sharp dude.

  154. martyrathbun09

    Sounds very much like the Radical Scientology viewpoint, doesn’t it Steve?

  155. I have a good auditor.

  156. “I’m gonna take flak for this but LRH set up a basic out-exchange system right there in the management “tech”.”

    As you should because of the following.

    “Finance people can help me out here, but isn’t the amout of money sucked out of organizations, right off the top, somewhere around 40%?”

    There is no Finance policy that skims 40% off.

    Just because they do it does not mean that it’s part the “management “tech”.”

  157. So you’re already on it; VWD!
    When you see him in court, you could create a huge win for everyone involved. In the litigation you could expose the criminality of the organisations (IAS, Idle Orgs, etc.) that the stolen $ went to. He can’t pay back unless it can be proven that he was ripped off himself (he was lied to big time and you’ll be the first to educate him on it through the litigation).

    Then he’ll have to demand the $ back from Davey to pay his victims and fines. If you win we have a nice precedent on RS and he’ll probably be an Indy with many of his brethren to follow similar educational suits. It looks like the authorities are highly interested in the the biggest enablers of the Church, why not give them a little help.

  158. It could be argued exactly the reverse: that BECAUSE Scientology is “the only hope for mankind”, it is all that much more important for its members to behave as close to 100% ethically as possible, comporting themselves in all respects within the guidelines of the moral codes of the society within which they desire to expand.

    Sure, work hard. Be tough, knowing there will be opposition from vested interests and intolerance of something new and different as there always is. But behave ethically at all times. Set a good example in your public and private behavior, just like the question they have (or used to have) on the 6 month check at Flag.

    To do otherwise is to create huge risks for Scientology, leaving it wide open for attack from all sides – exactly the situation RS finds itself in today.

    Anyone, from the top down – from Day One to PT – who thought, or think, they can act overtly or covertly in violation of the norms of the society they are operating in, is IMHO dramatizing evil purposes to destroy Scientology. And, let’s face it, they’ve done a pretty damn good job of it.

  159. Thoughtful,

    Chances are that it was a lot more than just watching the Zeitgeist video that pushed Loughner over the edge.

    You’ll probably find that he was on psychiatric drugs of some kind.

    However someone is obviously trying to create an invidious connection here by associating the indies with Zeitgeist and the Venus project.

  160. So do I warn another dentist in the practice that the shit’s hittin the fan? I think I’ll suggest he keeps clean hands…

  161. I had no idea JV turned into this…

  162. DL,
    The other day I replied to a post by Tony saying it was a nice post, but I was talking about the overall sentiment of the post, and not to Tony thinking that probably Ron’s policies were getting too harsh towards the end. I’m guessing you saw that and you’re wondering if I share your disagreements with tech and policy, but I don’t.

    I don’t believe LRH’s later writings got too harsh, and I agree with LRH on PL’s, including the finance system. You’re 40% figure is wrong and the rest of your post proceeds from that. Almost any policy no matter how sane can be twisted into something besides the author’s original intent. When you have a very sane person writing policy, then you’ll usually see sanity (the highest reasoning) throughout their writing, with no exceptions. G’day to you.

  163. Well, help me out then.
    What percentage IS skimmed off the top…per policy?

    And in what organization(s) in the history of Scientology (Orgs or Businesses) was the staff pay ever fair and in-exchange…per policy?

  164. “the most idiotic and stupid “ethics” organizations known to Man, the “WISE Charter Committee.””

    Yep that pretty much covers the Kangaroo court they call “WISE” arbitration.

    Its pretty much rigged in favor of the high rollers AKA IAS Status members.

    In their eyes they can do no wrong.

    I’m sure if Charles Mason was a charter member they would have given him a free pass.

    They did in the case of Reed Slatkin.

    Until his crimes became so blatantly obvious and they tried to plausibly deny any association.

    Just as they probably did in the Fowler case.

    Even when I was in WISE “arbitration” was an inside joke.

  165. GH,

    Did you happen to know “Deacon” Dave Phillips when you were working at BPI?

    President of ABATE of California.

    Nice guy.

    I remember you non-SO at BPI getting the short end of the stick.

    Back then they were paying us auditors pretty good but they were paying Geeks who were programing the INCOM computers even better.

    I personally couldn’t understand how supposedly “the most valuable beings on the planet” were on a lower pay grade than an INCOM Computer Geek.

    Still don’t to this day.

    Here you guys were on the front lines of Dissemination yet they were paying you a pittance.

    Well at least they “solved” that problem by getting rid of all the non-SO and turning it over to Scientology slave labor AKA the SO.

    Personally I didn’t mind the fact that there was no health care or other benefits because we all thought we were working for a higher purpose and Scientology at that time was anything but the Corporate nightmare it became in the ’90’s.

    I was reading a comment by Hy where SO Staff were not allowed to smoke in public because of “PR”.

    How ridiculous.

    If someone had come into the Auditor Admin room at AO and gave us the same guff.

    They’d probably be hanging by their heels in the reception area next to that shark that was supposed to represent ANZO

    Anyway it also depends who you work for in corporate America as well.

    There are some jobs out there that are hell in a cubicle.

  166. Dave, Having been on staff for many years and seeing the gross income gobbled up by the FBO network leaving crumbs on the table as a normal procedure you are not wrong in your statement as far as my experience shows.
    The question is and was how come the Missions were able to pay their staff a living wage when the orgs with all their resources available did not?

  167. Excellent point.

  168. I’ll second that on the WISE “arbitration” being a kangaroo court that always favors the high-rollers.

  169. OF,

    I think that Dave was trying to insinuate or imply that there is supposedly some policy that exists supporting brigandage by an upper org when in fact there is none.

    Unless it on some invisible or hidden data line.

    Also just because the FBO did it.

    Does not mean such a policy exists.

    Unless you can reference one.

    Date and title please.

  170. It is all about attracting influential people, back in NZ in the late 60s Sir james and lady Joan Hort were treated like royalty (oh they are!) and have had influence in the UK. I am not influential so am only likely to be used as a worker – in tech, lowest posts on the org board???????????? If i became influential – things might change and I might have IAS money chucked at me to help me set up some moneymaking scheme.

  171. DL, I don’t think the percentage is a set amount nowadays, I think Hawkins covers this a little bit.

  172. Staff pay is in-exchange. Don’t know what you’re referring to.

  173. Joe Pendleton

    Right on, Publius.

  174. Tory Christman

    Exactly—for the Executives of C of $. However, for the many members
    who are now sitting in “Doubt” re ***something*** (they’re not quite sure what—but they know *something* is VERY wrong)….

    Having THEM look at the FACT that C of $ cannot (can NOT) say:
    “Sure—go ahead, look at both sides. We’re confident you’ll still stay
    with us”. The FACT that they ~have~ to try to STOP people from even
    looking, and CAN NOT say look at both sides, that alone is a KEY
    thing for people.

    How free can one be, if you must hide parts of anything? That’s my point.

    Love to all 🙂

  175. Tory Christman

    Glad to hear *someone* knows him and yeah….a bit more! Argh.

  176. Thoughtfull said:-

    “Fancy is not real… is not a real person. IMHO, this is intell: a covert operative using a synthetic identity.”

    This is not true. Fancy has been a freezoner for a long time. She is
    quite passionate re the venus project and is constantly suggesting
    I make friends with some of these people.

    I don’t particularly do much at all with facebook so don’t
    usually take up these offers. She is also intending to promote the
    FZ/independent movement to those interested in the venus project.
    She may have had some success with that for the IFA.

    Its a genuine div 6 wish.

    Its possible I should have taken more notice of her efforts. But
    hasn’t until recently been something I’m willing to take time of other projects to do.

    LRH in dissem material somewhere said that its maybe not productive to dissem to those who already have the answer. This
    may possibly be the case with the Venus project, but I don’t really know. It may be a fertile area for dissem. Or at least would have been before scientology was disliked even more than Al

  177. Thanks for the 411 Terril.

    Lord knows I’ve been guilty myself of accusing someone I disagree with or disagrees with me of being an “OSA bot”.

    Therefore I made a New Years resolution to be more tolerant and understanding.

    A distinctly different RJ for 2011.

    And if anyone doesn’t happen to like it.

    They can fuck themselves 😉

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  179. I KNOW there are some of you who were around when LRH found out about the Safe Environment Fund, a fund that simply gathered donations to help fund the lawyers for the defense of the “Scn 11” Janet was right there with him during that time, and I was at Int and saw all of his communications. This was probably the most angry I had ever heard him speak. Things like, we don’t take money for nothing, we EXCHANGE, We don’t run Bake Sales and on and on. If we need more money we DELIVER more services
    I mean he was so absolutely upset to the core.
    The SEF (Safe Environment Fund) just disappeared one day, and the public where never told why.
    When I was first approached by an IAS registrar, I asked “Haven’t you ever seen the LRH orders regarding SEF, and why we don’t do things like this.
    She said no, and she probably hadn’t. I was shunned by IAS from that day, and only bought the membership that I had to have to receive services.
    I am an OEC, FEBC, DSEC (when LRH was training us) and DM is dong
    exactly the opposite of Everything I was ever taught by LRH.
    I mean Exact Opposite. For those of you who have been in the SO when LRH was around, what do you think he would have to say about these huge gaudy
    idle orgs???
    He would NEVER place a Celeb above a Sea Org Members, Never.
    In fact Celebrities who wanted to contribute had to work to earn the status of Honorary Sea Org Member.
    Let’s just take every policy or memo that LRH wrote and do the opposite,
    that is DM’s move, and I can’t believe he isn’t aware of it. LRH did say that Scientology in the wrong hands could be very powerfully evil.
    That’s what we have.
    I’m too upset and angry to speak. I contributed years and years of my life to a good purpose, and now it is one of the most evil, untrained, unaudited, unpaid staff org I could ever imagine.
    People being on staff for 10 years and never getting Life Repair?????
    Just Sec Checks and PTS Handlings.
    Even though I am not going in the same direction as you, (I am training to become a certified Chaplain) but I so appreciate that you are and that you are being so successful.
    And I also know how much you and Mike risked to come forward. It is appreciated.

  180. Nancy,

    I remember when the SEF came to our Org.

    It was a big event like the IAS events are now with Heber out in front as spokesman.

    Anyway I was on staff at the time and was living on about 50 bucks a week from staff pay but I contributed all I had in my savings account to the SEF which was about 30 bucks.

    Then one day a GO Staffer told me that the SEF was history and the Ol’man had ordered it stopped.

    Anyway like you when I make the IAS SEF comparison IAS regs used to run the other way.

    You think maybe instinctively they know they are doing something wrong?

  181. I knew the kind Dr. when he was married to his second wife. that man has already been punished for any crimes he may ever commit. people dont link him, his only friends are purchased. he is constantly in court. the only reason to work with that man is if your qualifications dictate you either work there or at the local bugar joint..

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